Top 31 Games Similar to Cosmic Dash! VR (Cardboard)

VR Zombie Shoot (Cardboard Game) 9
Game Trigger
VR Zombies Shoot game is the most repulsive and amazingVRzombiesurvival shooting game with a great deal of excitingactivityandextreme commando shooting experience in mid of zombiecity. PlayVRzombie recreations mission with extraordinaryriflemanshootingaptitudes so you can survive longer in the zombieendtimes. Inspite of the fact that you have effectivelyexperiencednumerous VRzombie shooting recreations, yet this time,investigatesome savagezombie VR amusements missions in mostreasonable virtualreality.Simply put on your 360 cardboard VRglasses and appreciatethemurdering zombie recreations missions fornothing. As agovernmentagent expert sharpshooter commando shooter,kill all thedangerouszombies and wicked creatures which arewandering all overcausingsubstantial gore. You need to preventthese coldbloodedzombiesfrom assaulting the honest natives byutilizing executionerheadshots. Simply take out the entirety ofyour strategic weaponsandprepare for the ruthless VR zombiessurvival shootingamusementsmissions in this VR creature game. TheVR zombiesshooting gamewhich you can play by the Virtual RealityHeadset isthe mostexceptional cardboard VR FPS diversion as it hasdoublehighlightsto engage you in uncommon VR condition. Gainanopportunity toexecute the wicked zombies VR and lethal creaturestoenhance yourexpert rifleman shooting aptitudes in free VRGames.You are John,member of the Anti-Zombie Task Force, aprivatemilitaryorganization designed to find, track, and eliminatethezombies andhuman enemies as well. Who dares to stop thiscrisisbefore itbecomes global. So demonstrate your outrageousgorillacommandoabilities while making due in many hazardouszombieshootingmissions and slaughter every last creature before itispast thepoint of no return. Simply recall, you are the lastseekafter yourcountry. So make yourself a genuine commando shooterandadapt tofatal zombie end of the world in Virtual Realityzombieshootamazing missions. If you are searching for good VRGames, thenVRZombie shoot is the game where you will get all theexperienceyouever want in Virtual Reality Headset Gaming, withoutuseofexternal joystick or any VR Controller. Utilize variousweaponsandunlock missions to bring down the dangerous zombies in360VRdiversions missions. Simply aim the zombies andgunwillautomatically shoot the enemies. What you are thinking?Thisiseasy one. VR Zombie Shoot has been awarded the Best 3DFPSVirtualReality Zombie Game. Play this VR zombie shootwithoutcontrollerand appreciate the different VR shootingamazingmissions.Appreciate the genuine 3D activities of zombieassaultswith nittygritty surfaces and turn into the world no.1zombieexecutioner.How to Play: Game has a instructions screenalready,but still ifyou didn't get it. Insert you phone in VRheadset andthen If youtilt your head in downward direction, thenyou will moveforward,and if you tilt your head upward, then youwill movebackward. Justpoint out the enemies and gun willautomaticallyshoot them.Zombies will attack you from both thesides. So beware.You are notsafe ! ~Aim them And Bang them !! ~ *Get Ready toExplore fullyDifferent Virtual World of Zombies. *Unique enemies:SHERIFF,SOLDIERS, DOCTORS, MUTANTS and more! *Enough LifewithRegeneration system * Full HD 3D VR GraphicswithAdvancedLightening. * Full Control on Player Walk butnoControllerrequired. * GPU rendered particle effects. *DifferentEnvironmentand Reward System. * 3D Sound for awesomegamingexperience.Minimum Requirements : * A Cardboard viewer (VRheadset) * AndroidVersion Kitkat 4.4.4 or Higher. * Phone musthaveGyroscope Sensor.* Ram - 1 gb * Processor - Dual Core Take alookon our other gamesbelow "More From Developer" if you like VRHorrorZombies Shootingor VR Bot shooting. No games need anyVRcontroller. Just a VirtualReality Headset and a Android Phone.
VR Alien Bots Shooter 1.7
Game Trigger
Virtual reality Games are the games inwhichYou feel Yourself in the World of game. You will fight withtheenemies, shoot them and enjoy.Why You Should Download this Game Right Now ?* Realistic Graphics.* Amazing Alien Bots.* Get Ready to Explore fully Different Virtual World ofAlienBots.* Completely Different VR Experience.* Fully Sound Enabled Game.* GPU rendered particle effects* Best Shooting Game Experience Ever.* No Special Controller is Required.Minimum Requirements :* A Cardboard viewer ( VR headset).* Android Version Kitkat 4.4.4 or Higher.* Phone must have Gyroscope Sensor.* Ram - 1 gb* Processor - Dual CoreIn this Game, You will be on a Running Armored Truck withanautomatic gun fitted on it. You Just have to Aim theCross-hairwhich is a White color Dot on the Enemy and the gunshoots theenemy Automatically and you will be scored according tothat. youcan view the score simply by tilting your head. EnoughLife hasbeen given to player to kill the enemies and finish thegame thenCompete the Score with Your Friends.So guys what Are YouWaitingFor ? Just Install the Game, Finish it and Give Your ReviewsHere:)
BattleGun VR - FPS MULTI COOP 3.1
Def Studio
BattleGun VR is a FPS you can play on singleplayer ormultiplayer,with or without VR Headset, with or without Bluetoothcontrollerunlock VR menu, all maps and online mode with BattleGunVR gold: must have a gyroscope to be compatible. Descriptionofmodes - Singleplayer: Fight against waves of enemies strongerandfaster. - Multiplayer for 8 players max:      > COOP : Likethesingleplayer mode, you fight in cooperation withfriendssuccessives waves of enemies. You can shoot your friends iftheyare not the same color ofyou.      > VERSUS: Teamdeathmatchmode, you fight against the others players by color team,the firstteam which has 10 points wins the game. Play in 10 maps :-Training room - Forest (only in Gold Version) - Castle (onlyinGold Version) - Maze (only in Gold Version) - Winter (only inGoldVersion) - Spaceship (only in Gold Version) - City (only inGoldVersion) - Room (only in Gold Version) - Garden (only inGoldVersion) - Desert (only in Gold Version) Description ofcontrols: -VR Headset + Bluetooth controller (recommended) : Moveyour VRHeadset to see around you. Move your character, jumpingandshooting with the gamepad. - VR Headset type Cardboard V2 orHomidomini : Move your VR Headset to see around you. Press actionbuttonto shoot, keep press for walk. Tilt your smartphone to theright orleft to strafe. You can not backward and jump. WARNING withtheCardboard V1, or a headset with a magnet button, you will notbeable to walk. - Bluetooth controller + smartphone fixe tothecontroller : Move your smartphone to see around you. Moveyourcharacter, jumping and shooting with the gamepad. - Smartphone:​Move your smartphone to see around you. Press screen toshoot,keep press for walk. Tilt your smartphone to the right orleft tostrafe. You can not backward and jump. Each player can usehis ownecontrol for the multiplayer games. For local multiplayergames, allsmartphones must be connected in wifi: - Either connectedin localnetwork - Either using one of the smartphones in wifihotspot andconnecting the other smartphones on it (see Tip 3) Thisgame iscompatible with all VR headphones (with a bluetoothcontroller ifthe headset has no action button). Examples ofcompatibleheadphones: - Homido - Archos - Dive - FreeFly - VRBox -Cardboard- ... ~~~~ Tips ~~~~ 1/ If you have a second smartphone,you canturn it into bluetooth controller with the application"BTController" 2/ If the RV rendering is blurred, BattleGun VRiscompatible with the QRCode for VR Headphones. Make sure youscanthe right QRCode or build yourown( 3/Hereare the steps to play direct wifi between 2 smartphones (S1 andS2)- In S1 settings, start "Hotspot WIFI" - With S2, display thelistof WIFI connections and connect to S1 - Launch BattleGun VR onthz2 smartphones and launch "Multiplayer" - Launch server on S2-Launch client on S1 - Good game !
VR Ride - Ocean City 1.0
Funky Tokyo Club
Note: This app requires a VR headset such as GoogleCardboardorDurovis Dive. No controller is required. Take avirtualrollercoaster ride through Ocean City, a futuristicskyscraper citylyingin the middle of the ocean. Sound is important,use headphonesformaximum immersion! This app was tested andoptimized forSamsungGalaxy S3 and S5. If it doesn't run well enoughon yourdevice,please request a refund within 2 hours of purchasebyclicking the"Refund" button at the top of this page, or at"MyApps" in GooglePlay Store. Credits: This app wouldn't be thesamewithout theamazing sound effects provided by these awesomepeople:*daveincamas,Splash2.wav,CC-BY:*HerbertBoland,MetalWindDrone.mp3,CC-BY:*CGEffex,LargeSplashes.wav,CC-BY:*juskiddink,Flock ofseagulls.wav,CC-BY:*scratchikken,underwaterloop1.wav,CC-BY:*MrLindstrom,Windloop6sec.wav,CC-0:*inchadney,wavescloseup.WAV,CC-BY:*Adam_N,Tweeting.wav,CC-0:*u3190,GaspInhale,CC-0:*Yuval,stereo bubbles(straw),CC-BY: abigthank you to: * The Unity community and Asset Storepublishers.*Durovis Dive for their free VR library. *
VR -Horror Zombie (Cardboard Game) 1.13
Game Trigger
Survive the Horror Maze among zombies and mutants hungryforhumanflesh. * Get Ready to Explore Horror Mutants and ZombiesinMaze. *Full Control on Player Walk but No Controller Required.*GPURendered Particle Effects. * Reward System.MinimumRequirements: *A Cardboard Viewer (VR Headset). * AndroidVersionKitkat 4.4.4 orhigher. * Phone Must Have Gyroscope Sensor. *Ram-1gb. *Processor- Dual Core,
VR Paintball (Multiplayer) 1.8
Play Battle Royale online (multiplayer) with your friends invirtualreality! Jump into the online world of VR Paintball FPS.Yoursmartphone must have a gyroscope to be compatible. *Playablewith acontroller or a V2 Magnet Switch (Screen Touch)* A fullyimmersive360 degree 3D VR simulator experience with good headtracking,compatible with these VR viewers: Google Cardboard,Durovis Dive,Fibrum, Color Cross and most other generic HMDs.Automatically jointhe online hub when the application starts! Wantto play with yourfriends? No hassle! Just open the application andyou will be ableto play with friends. Game Modes: - Battle Royale- Team Deathmatch/ Building (Coming Soon) There is no currentsingle player. When theapplication opens you will be put into anonline (multiplayer) hub.From there you will be able to selectwhat game you would like toplay. Before opening the app: - Eitherconnected in local network. -Either using one of the smartphonesin wifi hotspot and connectingthe other smartphones on it.Customization: - Change the color ofyour gun, the paint for thegun, your helmet, your body and yourbuilding materials. Choosefrom thousands of combinations and be thebest looking on thefield. Features: - Building (Energy) - Classes(Pistol, Assault,Shotgun, Sniper) - Battle Royale (Be the last onestanding!) - LootCrate opening to get painted items (random) - Dashbased movementsystem. Dash from place to place. - Earn coins fromin-apppurchases or by winning the Royale! - Emotes / Dances -Coming SoonControls: - VR Headset + Controller / Magnet Switch:Rotate your VRHeadset to see and move your character, shoot / build/ dash withthe controller.
BombSquad VR 1.6.0
IMPORTANT: Requires a gamepad to play (or a second devicerunningthe'BombSquad Remote' app) Blow up your friends inexplosivemini-gamesranging from Capture-the-Flag to Hockey - nowin VR!Works with anyCardboard or Daydream compatible headset.Includesthe 'BombSquadPro' upgrade (regularly $5) Featuresnetworkedmultiplayer,gratuitous explosions, advanced ragdollface-plantphysics, pirates,ninjas, barbarians, insane chefs, andmore. VRVERSION NOTES: -BombSquad VR requires an externalcontroller toplay. You can use theBombSquad Remote app on anotherdevice, but ahardware gamepad isrecommended. - BombSquad VR ismore demandingon hardware thanregular BombSquad. You may want toensure yourdevice runs theregular version of BombSquad well beforetryingBombSquad VR. -BombSquad VR does not currently supportticket-packpurchases orGoogle Play account sign-in, but you cannow link yourlocal accountto your Google Play account (or anyother platform'saccount) andshare progress.
Underwater VR 2.79
Become a hungry shark in this VR game. Chase and eatthecolourfulfish, find all the hidden objects lying on the seabed-- acrashedmerchant ship, a sunken submarine, ancient runs,medievalcemeteryand much more. Features: - Designed for CardboardandDaydream -Unusually huge gameplay area for a VR game (1km ineachdimension)- Multiple maps - Probably, the simplest evercontrolscheme for aVR game or VR app in this genre.
VR Hunting for Cardboard 2.5
Hunt in virtual reality while experiencing the thrill of beinginthewild nature.Use your weapon to kill animals as much as youcan,butbe sure to watch your ammunition as you can easily runoutofbullets. To avoid doing so pick up an ammo box whileplaying.Scoreas much as you can and share your results with yourfriendsandother players worldwide in our live leaderboard.Features:-Intense sound FX designed - Live Leaderboard - Easy tousecontrols(one tap to shoot, double tap to zoom) - Compatiblewithvirtualreality viewers such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear,etc.- HDvisuals - Atmosphere of wild hunt For bestexperienceuseheadphones.
Cave Adventure Shooting VR 1.2
Tulip Apps
We all need some adventure in our lives!Manyofus, however, don’t want to take up an extreme sport, ordon’thavethe time or resources to travel frequently. But if youhaveanAndroid smartphone, adventure lies just around thecorner.Wepresent to you one such android adventure app forarealisticexperience of travelling through creepy cavesandhorrifying siteswith our ever new game “CaveAdventureshooting”.There’s something sinister about this place! Thesupernaturalforces,hiding beneath the veil of darkness, arewatching andobserving yourevery move ... and they don’t wantanyone to invadetheir territoryor mess up their system. So, theyhave appointedsome of their bestwarriors, and archers at numerouslocations tokill any foreignentity that they encounter. Murder thecreatureswith your besttargeting and shooting skills in CaveAdventureShooting VR. There’sno time to plan anything… Just trackyourenemies and hunt them downto win the battle againstthesesupernatural forces!ENEMY TRACKING:There is an enemy tracker/navigator at the bottom rightofyourscreen to give you the idea if an enemy is nearby. Usethetrackerto locate all the enemies and kill them.MISSION:Get ready for a hunting trip! To complete a level, you havetowipeoff the skeleton-like creatures from the entirearea,withoutlosing your health.- Archers shoot arrows at you from far away to kill you.- Warriors try to kill you with the battle-axe.Enemies can be shot dead only when you’re near them. Soapproachyourenemies to kill them with your ammunition before theykillyou!Remember: As the difficulty level rises in every level,theenemiescan approach you in the form of groups as well. Therearespecialpower-ups hidden inside the cave to help you kill awholecrowd ofenemies in one go.This phenomenal game, Cave Adventure Shooting VR, haseverythingthatan adventure game can have. It’s a whole package ofmystery,action,and excitement. From exploring the land of thedead, toexperiencingrealistic mystical caves, to shooting andmovingforwardstrategically, what more to ask for?VISUALS:Experience the real thrill and horror in Cave Adventureshootingwiththe highly immersive 3D environment, great HDgraphics,stunningvisuals and amazing effects.EASY CONTROLS:Control your shooter easily by moving around in the VR world;Aimtoautomatically shoot when your target is near. Thehighlyresponsivecontrols in the game are worth giving a shot!ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT:Cave Adventure Shooting VR offers endless entertainmentforashooter.As the player sets off on a quest to unlock the mysterybyshootingall the enemies, exploring horrifying caves, andtravellingthroughthe land of the dead. Challenge your fate with themostrealisticVR of all times in Cave Adventure shooting.How to play:- Slide your device into VR glasses and adjusttheGlassesspacing.- Tilt your Head to move within the environment- Track/Trace the creepy creatures with the enemy tracker.- Shoot when the target is near.- Beware of the dragon bugs if you wish to survive.- You can only shoot your enemies when you are near them.- Don’t let your health bar fall beyond a critical level.Cave Adventure shooting features:- Pick power ups to activate missiles to destroyenemiesingroups- Realistic 3D environment- High quality, immersive visuals- Advanced Virtual Reality features- Superb controls- User friendly navigation- Best of free adventure gamesCave shooting is a free adventure game. Rise withyourutmoststrategy planning skills to fight for yoursurvival!Pleaseinstall/Rate/Share our app to promote us!
VR Space Stalker 1.42
VR Space Stalker is a fascinating 360 VR space simulator thatallowsyou to use VR virtual reality glasses to immerse deeply intotheworld of space battles and adventures without leaving home.SpaceStalker – virtual reality game. Space Stalker VR game is aspacesimulator that will immerse you in an atmosphere ofdangerousadventures hidden in the depths of space. This is anopportunityfor you to try yourself as a spaceship pilot in the dimand distantfuture. Adrenalin chases through asteroid fields,mysteriousvaults, ancient artifacts, puzzles and arsenal ofdifferent weapons– this is just a small part of what you can seefrom the cockpit ofyour space fighter. Prepare for more complextasks, upgrading yourship, and solve the mysteries of deep space!360 VR emulator — 360degree freedom. Enjoy the authentic 360 3D VRworld, where anultra-realistic virtual reality with carefullycrafted sound anddetailed 3D graphics are merged together. Here youare waiting forclear, bright and colorful models and characters, aswell ascomplete freedom and an absolute unobstructed view of 360degrees(like 3D 360 degrees cinema). We’ve managed to create trulydeepand realistic space filled with interesting details,excitingbattles and dangerous enemies. Fibrum is a new word in thesphereof VR games Compatible with Virtual Reality (VR) glasses VRCinemaapplication requires a virtual reality headset(GoogleCardboard-like): FIBRUM VR, ANTVR, Carl Zeiss VR OneGX,ColorCross, Cynoculars, Durovis Dive, Fove 0, FreeFly,Homidocenter (V2), Merge VR, Nibiru, Puyo Box, Refugio 3D,Stooksy,Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, VR Smartview, VR View-Master DLX,VRTRIA, VRTXOne, Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses. In addition to the abovemodels, it ispossible to use the virtual reality headset and 3D /VR glasses ofother samples and manufacturers. VR games free trialThe appimplements a freemium system. During the whole trial period,youcan play absolutely free! If you like the app, register apromotioncode or purchase the app to use the application to thefullest andget unlimited access to it. To do this, just go througha quickregistration in Fibrum Platform. Fibrum VR Do you want toknow moreabout Fibrum VR applications? Install and try our mostpopular 3Dvirtual reality games (VRgames). Select one of the manyvirtualworlds: space shooters, westerns, crazy three-dimensionalraces,breathtaking rides, colorful and hilarious adventures as wellashorrors of zombie apocalypse. We have a 360 VR experience foreverytaste!
City Defender VR Demo 1.2.6
3DiVi Inc.
Have you ever wanted to be a real superhero? In VR gameCityDefendereverything is possible! Protect the city fromenemies.Immerseyourself in virtual reality without leaving yourroom. InCityDefender virtual reality game you float in the airwearing arobotcostume. A great city with millions of people isbehind you.Protectit with your life blocking attacks from enemyforces, staystrong,stay focused, try not to miss any shots. A realrobotfight! VirtualReality have never been so real. City Defenderisone of those VRgames that will bring new emotions andexperiencein your life. Youcan play this VR game using VicoVR FullBodyMotion Controller if youwant to move your hands to blockenemy’sattacks. Or you can play itas any other cardboard game inanyvirtual reality headset you like.We recommend playing thisgamewith VicoVR Controller to move yourwhole body in virtualworlds.More info here:
Wild West VR - Cardboard 1.1
Wild West VR utilities the power ofGoogleCardboard to put you in an exceptional adventure full ofaction andadrenaline in the Wild West.You are one of the most dangerous cowboys in the West and yourheadis worth thousands of dollars. During your journey youfindyourself in one of the western villages surrounded by banditsthatare trying to hunt you down. Do what any respectful cowboywould doin such a situation – FIGHT YOUR WAY OUT! Shoot everyone onyourway to the gates of the village. Be wary about yoursurroundingsfor the enemy may hide.Features:- Full 3D immersion- Realistic 3D sounds designed specifically for this game- Engaging soundtrack- Incredible graphics that create lifelike atmosphere of theWildWest.- 4 different types of guns, one of which you can enjoyforabsolutely no fee- Dynamic damage system- Easy to use controls- Compatible with Google Cardboard
Bed Time Story VR 1.15
Bed Time Story is a Virtual Reality(VR)FirstPerson Shooter (FPS) game."Virtual Reality (GAMING) is the future!!"How long can you make it...The mischievous Plushy Alien race has invaded your bed roomandhasshrunk you using their futuristic technology. Preventbeencapturedby the Plushy's at all costs!Face your darkest fears to wake up.To face your darkest fears all you have to do is to putontheGoogle Cardboard (or other Android VR headset) equippedwiththemagnetic button. Control your character by looking aroundwithyourhead and pull the Google Cardboard magnet to fire!!!-No need for a controller, use your head to move, andtheGoogleCardboard magnet to fire-To share and like us on Facebook, shoot the Like and Shareiconinthe main menu-Intended to work with the Google Cardboard (Or any otherAndroidVRheadset with a magnetic button)-Gogetyours coming soon!!!Like us on Facebook!! and Share!! :) pick up your VR equipment and dive into therealitywhichyou've been dreaming about!"This game was created for the Archiact VR Game Jam.""Made by team Remington."
Asteroids-VR 1.4
NH2S Games
- VR headgear is required (such as Google Cardboard).-Controlturret to destroy asteroids. - Fighter will help youtodestroyasteroids. - Earn the money and use it for upgradingturretandfighter. - Experience realistic battle in space. Caution-Tabletis not supported.
Space Blast VR 2.1.0
★★This game requires google cardboard VR★★ 《Space BlastVR》isanexhilarating target shooting game. Gamer controlsthemaincharacter No.8, moving in four directions on thedifferentplanets,shooting space monster moving to differentterritories.No.8receives assistance from this fellow crew members,fightingalonghim to complete the missions. Complete control overthecharacter,moving in four directions, dodging the space monstersandstartattacking. little elf:We're caught by the monsters! Youareouronly hope to get us out from danger! Jump:Using "Jump" forNo.8tododge the bullets. Player movement: 360-degreevirtualrealitycontrol 《Space Blast VR》2.0 versionupdatedcontents:1.      LittleElves’mission - AddedLittle Elves’ to appear randomly on theplanet. -Rescue the LittleElves levels 2. Enhance game experience-Adjustments on playermovement and bullet shooting speed -Joystickis no more requiredafter updated 3. Points system (monster)- Getpoints by hittingthe monsters on planet
VR Commando Action 1.1
The Modern Era of Games is just to beginwiththis amazing VR based Commando Action game. Just wear the3DGlasses and enter the world of Virtual Reality by sniperbasedaction thrilled game and avail the taste of oculus rift.Invade theenemy camp and eliminate them all. The story of gamebegins with acommando dropped at night in a bad weather at a secretenemy armycamp near the dense Jungle border.You are a soldier in a realistic game, the VR Commando Action isanaddictive game which gives you an interactive andthrillingexperience.Mission is assigned to all commandos directly from the HeadQuarterand You have to enter enemy camp area, by using maps andclear theenemies in the Unit. With the VR Glasses feel a greatclash at eachpost, so show your strength to your enemy. YourMission includes todestroy all important enemy assets like Fuel andAmmunition dumps,target armor and military vehicles so as to breakthem. You havelimited ammunition so don’t waste bullets.Kill one enemy with one shot. Be careful, be aware, beconcision.Think well before any move.Look well your surrounding before advance. My commando! Be awareofhidden enemies in bunkers, buildings, posts and in bushes.Militarybase camp by your sniper commando skills and destroy theenemiesbefore they destroy you. Your mission is to stop enemies andkeepthem behind border line. You will really enjoy the real waractiongame in all levels, protecting your bases and military assetsfromair attacks and enemy commandos actions.Game Play:☆ Switch the game play and slide your Smartphone intoVRglasses.☆ Set your aim on enemies by 360º rotation for auto fire tokillthem one by one.☆ You can play easily by standing or using revolving chair.☆ Auto Select any weapon during action.☆ For enemy at far distance, use auto selected Telescope forsniperview.☆ The weapons will be reloaded automatically.Main Features:☆ 3D FPS (Action Packed game)☆ Complete Battle field real looking 3D environment☆ Amazing Movie Quality, best sound effects and sound track☆ Easy GUI and controls☆ Efficient weapon control and selection☆ Ground to Air attack on flying Helli☆ Designed for Players: Teenagers, adults & Family☆ Adventure, Action and Thrill
VR Wars 1.1.2
Become a starry knight and go to the center of the battlespace!FEATURES   - Virtual Reality Technology   - Managethelightsaber by a joystick phone INSTRUCTIONS   - Installtheapp on 2 your smartphone   - Connect them by wi-finetwork  - At one of the devices, press "START AS SABER"  - Thesecond phone, place a VR glasses (cardboard)   -Come on, win!
Virtualizar VR 2.0
The first Chilean Virtual Reality application for AndroidandGoogleCardboard. Access our Demos and all our applications.Soonmore newsfor users. Access 3 scenes in 3D 360 -World Micro-DragonForest -Inorbit NEW! VR shooting game - Shoot the zombiegames inthe Demo ofour next action game
Angry Bots VR (demo) 1.0
** THIS IS A DEMO VERSION ONLY ** [ Important Note ]: Thisgameisbuild with very special way that you can enjoy thevirtualrealityin very AWESOME experience. - This app will only workonpowerfulhandsets due to the high-quality 3D graphics.Furthersupportinformation listed at the bottom. For any enquiriespleasecontactme via the support email. - Unlike Nightmares VR(Pro)version, youdon't need to use PC mouse or keyboard. Just usingyourhead tocontrol move direction. ---- Requires Google CardboardVRHeadset.Nightmares utilises the immersive power of GoogleCardboardandyour mobile device to create the experience of youbeingtheprotagonist of a horror dream. Warning: - Not for thosewithheartconditions or underlying health concerns. Features: -Manytype ofenemies - Free run - Awesome 3D virtual realitygraphics-Dark/suspenseful soundtrack written specifically for thisproject-Made for Cardboard Headset for VR experience. Notes andSupport:-To create a more immersive experience with highqualitygraphicsthe app is designed for NEXUS 5 and up, I cannotguaranteesupportfor lower spec devices, the below list noteshandsets whichhavenoted issues. Problems reported on: - Will keepyou updateasap.This app will only work in Google Cardboard orsimilar device,thescreen is split and not playable without lenses.Screenshotsarefor indicative purposes and do not show split screenview.Supportchannels: - Website:
VR Mage Vanguard 1.0
Looking for a cool VR app? Grab your Google Cardboard...ahem,Imean,gaze through the visor of your magic helm! Count Drakar, inabid tocontrol the realm, first launches an assault on theKing'smostpowerful ally, you, the Mage of Pelinore. What will youtellyourgrandchildren one day? That you let Drakar take controlofPelinore?Or that you, acting as the king's vanguard,defeatedDrakar's darkassault! Stand atop your mighty keep, andfend offDrakar's minionsof evil. Dragons, giants, bats and moreassaultyou from every angle.Don't let Drakar win.* (Mage Vanguardstartedas a VR Game Jamproject in the Spring of 2015, and has nowbeenpolished for publicrelease.) Right now this is a GoogleCardboardexclusive virtualreality game. If you have a GoogleCardboardcompatible headset, VRMage Vanguard is a good app to demoyour newVR headset to friends.You can get a VR cardboard headseton ebayfor less than $10.0. Lookfor Google Cardboard 2.0headsets.Features: -virtual reality gameplay using your phone andmobile VRviewer -super-hard gameplay. Canyou make it to the finalboss?-variety of enemies with boss battles.What is thegiant'sweakness? -premium game/no in app purchases. -360VR degreeview.Play standing up. -a buddy that helps you spot thebaddieswhenthey get too close. -works with a variety of newermobileheadmounted VR displays. -use blue tooth mobile device"Button A"orbuilt in VR viewer triggers to activate -no inapppurchases.*Requires either virtual reality head gearcompatiblewith GoogleCardboard 1.0 (with magnet trigger) orCardboard 2.0.Cardboard(with button trigger). Note that Cardboard2.0 can utilizea widernumber of phones since it utilizes a trigger.. *Button A onabluetooth mobile controller can be used to activateclicksonmobile head mounted displays that strap to the head. Usewiththefollowing head mounted VR displays (Any headmounteddisplaywithout a button/trigger will require a bluetoothcontrollerusing"Button A."): -> Google Cardboard 1.0 and2.0->Wearability(tap the screen to shoot on VR viewers likethese)-> Viewmaster(Pick one up at your local retailer i.e.Target,Walmart orToysRus.) -> Homido VR -> Archos VR Headset->FreeFly VR-> Stooksy VR-Spektiv -> Zeiss VR One ->VisusVR ->And more! *Note:Currentlyrequirescompatible Cardboard 1.0 (with magnet trigger) orCardboard2.0(with button on top) VR viewer to play. For mobile VRviewersthatstrap to your head, you may use a mobile bluetoothgamepad's"Button A" to shoot. (Some devices do not work withthemagnettrigger on Cardboard 1.0.)
VR Snowball Attack 1.0
Sol of Tech
The season of joy & festivities isuponus!This Christmas, get ready for an epicaction-adventuresnowballfight! Residents of this VR winter islandare attackingyour igloo!It’s your chance to defend your home! Canyou beat theenemies withyour excellent aiming & precisesnowball shootingin “VRSnowball Attack”?DEFEND YOUR HOME SWEET HOMEThe battle for snowball supremacy has begun! Snowsoldiers,It’stime to start declare a snow war against the enemies!To winthesnow fight against the enemies, strike all thecharacterswithsnowballs. The toon characters walk at differentspeeds, soyouhave to time your shot to hit when the characters areinyourtarget zone. Make sure to watch out for spooky pumpkins!IT PLAYS AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS!Are you ready for an epic snow strike againsttheenemies?Knockout all the cartoon characters to keep yourigloosafe! CrazyVR Snowball Attack, in a total of 3 excitinglevelsspread over abeautiful Christmas themed VR winterwonderland,offers the bestgame play of 2016.ENJOY FIGHTING WITH SNOWBALLS!Having a snowball fight is fun, but if you play itproperly,it'sepic! Show your enemies what you’re really capableof!Makesnowballs, aim and strike your fellows for anultimatesnowballfight challenge. Text your reflexes in snowballstrike tohit themaximum number of cartoon characters with snowballstoprotect yourigloo from any unwanted visitors.2 DIFFERENT GAME MODES:Time-trial mode:There is a time-limit to hit characters before they enterthesnowigloo. Attacking the pumpkins freezes the screen forfewseconds.Limited snowballs mode:Make sure you don’t waste any snowballs on pumpkinsasthesnowballs are limited. Attack all the other characters,walkingatdifferent speeds, to stop them from entering theigloo.IMMERSIVE VR GAME PLAY:This exceptional crazy winter challenge, offers youanexcellentimmersive experience in virtual reality. It isawonderfullycrafted VR winter game with a beautifulsnowyenvironment, amazing3D HD graphics and a game play worthgiving ashot!RULES OF VR SNOWBALL ATTACK:+ Opponent characters must be attacked with snowballs+ Avoid throwing snowballs at spooky pumpkins+ Don’t let the characters enter the snow igloo3 EXCITING LEVELS:+ First two levels are time-based: Strike maximumnumberofenemies in minimum time+ Third level is move-based: Don’t waste any snowballsasthey’relimited!VR SNOWBALL FIGHT FEATURES:- First-person snowball fight- Tasty ways to play: Target Score, Timed Levels, Drop DownModeandOrder Mode- Gyro meter enabled 360 degree rotation- Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as GoogleCardboardVRand 4DUD- Best VR visual design- Highly immersive user experience- Precise controls for snowball attack- Free VR snow game!- Smooth and easy FPS controls- Highly addictive VR winter gameHOW TO PLAY:- Strike all the characters with snow forsnowballsupremacy- Aim the characters to time your shot perfectly- Focus to throw perfect projectile shots automatically- Avoid hitting pumpkins with snowballsInstall VR snowball attack to enjoy this crazy winterchallengeinVirtual Reality.Stay tuned for more updates!For more queries you may
VR Wars 1.0.0
Virtual Reality is the new playing way,andthisis the best game to try it!Get your VR Headsey and fight against the enemy soldiers.Don'tletthem reach your base, or everythin will be over foryou!This game is compatible with Oculus Rift, GoogleCardboardandSamsung Gear VR, amongst others.
VR Immortals fight 4.2
Action/ fighting game with a bit of strategy and sciencethrownintothe mix in a rare and highly unusual fight with theimmortalsinvirtual reality. The game is focused on Virtual Realityand youneedto have a Bluetooth connected gear to play this game asthecontrolsare with the gear VR. You can rotate your head tolookright or leftand up and down. For action you need the vrgameswith remoteconnected with your game. It's a life and fightgame,each stagewill have unique ferocious format. Overview &BasicInformation.Play the Virtual Reality Game on your smartphonePutthe Smart phonein Google cardboard glasses Align your phoneincenter Check forblurriness... rotate lens for proper focusWearyour Google glassesand enjoy VR Immortals Game Note: For thebestquality VRexperience, players are recommended to use a powerfulorhighperformance device to Play This VR Game. CompatiblewithViewMaster, Fibrum, Homido, Lakento, Archos, DurovisandothersCardboard like headsets.
VR StarElude 2.0.0
We realized optimal simple operation in VR smartphonegame.Thespacecraft will tilt when you tilt your own head. Youcanmoveforward while avoiding the looming obstacles. Tilt your headtotheleft = Dodge to the left Tilt your head to the right = Dodgetotheright You can continue the game three times. At first youcanstartthe game at a slow speed. After that, itwillautomaticallyaccelerated. If when you crash, after 3 seconds,youcanautomatically re-start. In this game, there is a normal modeandVRmode. It's a simple game, but can be excited. This gamerequiresahigh reflexes to the player. Whether you have ahighreflexes,please try. >VR Headset >3D virtual realitygraphics>Youcan check the highest score at any time.
VR Island Quest 1.12
Run through virtual reality (VR)obstaclecourses on the island and in the clouds, solve mazes, climba cowand fly on the back of a giant bird. Retrieve all the items ontheisland and return them to their owners.Features:- Can be played without gamepad, controller, magnet ortouchcontrols!- Intuitive VR head tracking controls for running, turningandjumping- 8 obstacle courses across the islands and in the clouds- 2 mazes- Auto-save whenever you make progress- Voice acting & an orchestral soundtrackThe game requires no gamepad, magnet or touch controls. Youcancontrol your movement speed, turn and jump with just yourhead.This game is compatible with VR headsets such as GoogleCardboard,DODOcase and Durovis Dive.The game will reset when you've finished it. Forresettingmid-game, look all the way up for 5 seconds and a messagewillconfirm this.I will update the game to provide a better VR experienceovertime and improved compatibility with other virtualrealityheadsets. Please rate this game and leave a comment if youenjoythis.I developed this game using the DODOcase SmartphoneVRviewer: virtual reality headsets are:Durovis Dive - VR One -
VR StarCombat 3.0.0
You can experience an incandescent galactic empirebattlespacewarfare. Keep your instincts sharp! A mysteriousGalacticEmpirefleet suddenly appears in Martian orbit. You are inyourfavoriteplane, the Mebius, and you are going to intercept. It'sastarquest. VR Games. (You can play in normal mode even ifyoudon'thave an HDD.) Wake up in VR mode! Use a virtual realityHMD.Theycome in a variety of carrier sizes. While bypassingthemeteoritespouring down on us Shoot down the enemy planes thatareclosing inon you. Depending on the number of planes shot down,youcan seethe story. The story is a total of 10 stories. Viewallstories Aimto complete the Star Wars Saga! - Change ofperspective.- VR mode/ Tilt (terminal tilt) mode / Touch mode - Theability toguide youinto enemy territory - Various mother ships. -Many enemyaircraft.- meteorite fall - The excitement of reality. -explosioneffect -flight simulator - Smart phone tilt detection -lock-onfunctionLeaderboard - Compete with users from all over theworld toshootthem down! Achievement - The achievement item isunlockedbycertain conditions! VR mode is automatic machineguncontrol*(laser is fired at regular intervals) In Tilt mode,touchthe righthalf of the screen to fire the laser. In Touch mode,touchthe lefthalf of the screen to control the aircraft. DrivenbyMoebius, afantastical Star War Protect the retreatingMartiandefense forcesfrom the Imperial Fleet!
Poppist VR for Cardboard 1.37
Enjoy realistic VR game with afreecontroller.A free controller is available at*To run this game, you must have a gyroscope onyoursmartphone.*Recommended specification: LG G3 or higher.*Privacy Policy :
Run4Fun VR Premium 2.1
Step into a stunning virtual world:A fantastic platform game designed for playing it withvirtualreality goggles (open dive, you can buy themhere: your head to the left and the screen will also turn, lookupand the screen will display up, and the same for the left anddown!Follow us on Twitter:
City Defender VR 1.2.6
3DiVi Inc.
Have you ever wanted to be a real superhero? In VR gameCityDefender everything is possible! Protect the city fromenemies.Immerse yourself in virtual reality without leaving yourroom. InCity Defender virtual reality game you float in the airwearing arobot costume. A great city with millions of people isbehind you.Protect it with your life blocking attacks from enemyforces, staystrong, stay focused, try not to miss any shots. A realrobotfight! Virtual Reality have never been so real. City Defenderisone of those VR games that will bring new emotions andexperiencein your life. You can play this VR game using VicoVR FullBodyMotion Controller if you want to move your hands to blockenemy’sattacks. Or you can play it as any other cardboard game inanyvirtual reality headset you like. We recommend playing thisgamewith VicoVR Controller to move your whole body in virtualworlds.More info here:
BlindSlash:VR Sound 1.05
World's first system : laugh charge!No billing required : laugh charge!Close your eyes and listen.Wear earphones and feel the VR sound!Game IntroductionLet's Smile!It will become a popular star.This is a cemetery!I can not see anything with a thick fog.Feel the sound of quietlyDepend on hearing.How to play-Prepare earphones.-Check your left and right and wear earphones.-Have an amazing experience.-Recommend to a friend.Please note: Please install only those who are listed below.-I like horror movies.-I like betting with my friends.-I like betting with my family.-I want to love my lover.-I want to challenge high difficulty.Blind slash when bored!