Top 44 Games Similar to Aces Vs Aliens

Aliens Drive Me Crazy 3.0.3
Rebel Twins
"One of the most characterful action games on Android this year"--The Guardian"An absolute blast" 5/5 -- Super Game Droid"ASmashingGood Time" -- Game MobThe few Alien Spaceships have creptintoearth's orbit with no warning.The loss of globalsatellitecommunications puts the world in danger.Survivors mustfight usingguerrilla tactics...Take control of your car and blastyour waythrough the city to reach an alien's base! Defeat invadersandterryfying Bosses to get access to powerful weapons, carsandpower-ups! FEATURES:- Smash everything in this crazy,chaotic,simple but challenging, and fun game!- Unlock specialweapons, airstrikes and other stuff, to help you on yourunpredictablejourney.- Customize your character and unlock cars asyou progress-Compare scores and achievements with your friends- Getready forgreat adventure with this instantly playable and simple tocontrolgameRemember: It’s up to you to save your town.
Agent Aliens 1.0.44
AGENT ALIENS!!!Jump and shoot your way to freedom as you searchforyour fellow Aliens and break free from captivity. It willtaketeamwork and dexterous fingers to survive this close encounterwithhumankind. Slice and dice through your enemies with our brandnewalien, the unstoppable Raz! He's fully equipped withhigh-damageshort-ranged attacks that will surely punish anythingthat gets inyour way!***DESCRIPTION***AGENT ALIENS is a new arcadestyle runand gun game. Returning fire, aiming, and cooldowns aretaken careof by our squad of feisty Aliens. Players will befocusing ondodging and weaving through enemyfire.***FEATURING***INTENSEGAMEPLAYTraverse corridors filled with avariety of enemies andtraps while dodging their incoming bullets. AUNIQUE CAST OFALIENSPlay as one of the titular Aliens. Or play asall of them asthey follow you through the levels. Each one withunique abilitiesand playstyles.UPGRADES!Spend Coins to unlock eachof the Aliens’different abilities. Also watch out for pickups inthe levelsthat’ll make them even stronger. CAMPAIGN ANDHANDCRAFTEDLEVELSExpect a campaign that will take you throughdifficulthandcrafted levels to find out the story of the Aliens’struggleagainst the Humans.BOSS FIGHTSBigger multi-phase bossesthat takeeven more skill to take down will be waiting for you.MOREENDLESSLEVELSProcedurally generated levels are there forquickreplayability and to earn more Coins to spendforUpgrades.***PERMISSIONS*** - External Storage permission willberequested when attempting to share a screen.
Ancient Aliens: The Game 1.0.84
An exciting new free-to-play adventure game from A+ETelevisionNetworks based on HISTORY's hit television seriesANCIENTALIENS®.Millions of people around the world believe we havebeenvisited in the past by extraterrestrial beings. What if itweretrue? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? Andifso, might they have come here to escape some cataclysmic eventontheir home planet? Or perhaps... to prevent one from happeningonours?Play as a reluctant Alien Hybrid in thisclimacticstory-driven city building game written by bestsellingauthor andaward-winning game writer Steven-Elliot Altman. Uncoverevidencealong with Ancient Astronaut Theorists and learn the truthfrom theAliens themselves. Abduct primitive humans, manipulatetheir DNA,and help them establish modern civilization as youexploit Earth'smineral wealth and oversee the construction of theGreat Pyramid ofGiza.What if it were true? Find out now playingANCIENT ALIENS: TheGame™!
Aliens Invasion 1.1
Aliens invasion is a fun and exciting action shootinggames.Aroundthe world face alien invasion, as a survivor, you mustfight tosurvive!The beginning you have only an ax and a pistol.Needtodestroy the aliens,Into the room to collect money,In the shopstobuy arms, Make their living longer.How long doyousurvive?FEATURES:- Control of simple action game- 12differentarms- Various types of aliens- 3 difficulty typeselection- ShopSystem
Ben 10: Alien Experience 2.1.1
Battle the bad guys in augmented reality and turn your selfiesintoBen 10’s aliens with the Ben 10 Alien Experience! IMMERSIVEARBATTLES Use augmented reality to surround yourself with 360degreesof action! Fight through an army of minions, then takeonsupervillains like Zombozo, Queen Bee and the Weatherheads!ALIENPOWERS GALORE Transform into Four Arms, Diamondhead,Heatblast,Stinkfly, Wildvine, Cannonbolt, Grey Matter, XLR8,Overflow, orShock Rock, and use their awesome alien powers.TRANSFORM YOURSELFIES Use your device’s camera to transformyourself into one ofBen’s aliens, adding unique facial animationsto your selfies andvideos. Dive into the world of Ben 10—and evenbecome an alienyourself—in the BEN 10 ALIEN EXPERIENCE! * This gameis availablein the following languages: English, French, Italian,Spanish,Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Korean and Japanese. Ifyou're havingany problems with this app, contact [email protected] Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Alien Sniper 3D Combat 1.1
Big Baja Apps
Aliens have invaded your farm. Use your sniper guns to Take aimandshoot down the Alien mob that is approaching. Shoot down asmanyAliens as you can before they attack your position. This gameisalien hunting at its best. You have been left alone to fendforyourself. There is no army around to protect you. You are thelonesharpshooter and you have no choice but to defeat theattackingenemy.Features:--2 Realistic sniper weapons - long rangefire andshort range guns--3 Gameplay modes -Full Scale AlienAttack, CombatMissions, and Target Practice--Realistic 3D KillerAliens--Huntdown the Aliens before they hunt you.--Awesome SniperSimulationwith super quality special effectsExcellent 3D Gameplaywith highquality graphics. Realistic Sniper guns with easy touchcontrols.Load up and fire away.6 Exciting missions to complete. Themissionsstart out easy and get more and more difficult as yourskill levelimproves.Full Alien Assault Mode with more than 50Aliens attackingat once. This mode is full scale Alien war. TheAliens have teamedup and formed a huge mob. Aim and Shoot them downbefore they getto you. Target Practice mode for you to practicewith your snipergun - either the long range or short range gun.This mode containsa wide variety of targets for you to practiceyour alien hunting.Both near and far targets allow you to honesniper skills.If youwere looking for a game with true alien warfareaction with gunsand plenty of fast paced action, this is the gameyou have beenlooking for. High Quality 3D sniper simulation actiondirect toyour mobile device. Good luck and happy hunting!
Aliens vs. Pinball 1.1.6
Zen Studios
Aliens vs. Pinball combines three exciting pinball tables intooneterrifying game inspired by the ALIEN franchise! Join EllenRipleyas she confronts the Alien Queen and helps the ColonialMarineseliminate LV-426's alien infestation on the Aliens Pinballtable.Help Amanda Ripley survive the dangerous halls ofSevastopolStation while evading a merciless Xenomorph on the Alien:IsolationPinball table.Defeat Xenomorphs, rise in the ranks ofYautjasociety, and choose your allies wisely on the Alien vs.PredatorPinball table.Listen to original voiceovers and soundeffectsdirectly pulled from the ALIEN franchise.Leaderboards,scoretracking, exciting social features, andmore.Twitter!/zen_studiosFacebook
Copter vs Aliens 1.5
The Alien invasion on Earth will lead to chaos andmassivedestruction. The brutal alien forces have captured differentbasesand are threat to mankind. The futuristic enemy forcestogetherwith Aliens are on the mission to take over planet Earthcausingmassive damage. You are a Copter pilot who is assigned a jobto aimand shoot down these brutal space rivals.Face the challengeofshooting down waves of alien forces. Combat with the flyingroboticforces, futuristic tanks, Cannons, hovercrafts, aliens andwipethem out. The fate of entire humanity is in your hands. Don’tletthese unfriendly enemies dominate you. Aim your enemiesprecisely,open rapid fire and throw bombs wherever you find yourrivals.Fight hard while dodging the attacks of mercilessAliens.Your soleobligation is to destroy each enemy and win thebattle by all meansnecessary. You can change copter, Refill bomband health wheneveryou run short of it. Kill the ruthless enemiesas fast as you canand get ready for an intense Alien shootingexperience.Features:•Challenging Shooting Game!• Mind-blowing 3DGraphics!• Intense Gameplay!• Amazing Sound Effects!• Differentfuturistic Enemies!
👽Ben Hero Kid - Aliens Fight Arena 1.0
Fualdev World
Do you know favaourist alien on ben ?This is humansaurandheartblast , xlr , ben stinkyfly.This game made about xlrThebestgame of alien wars, you are fans hard alien ben humansaur powerofthe ten protector ?!lets play use transforming fire alien forthefirst time, and defeat all players with your fightingtechniquesandu unleash your hiding power.This is game very easy toplay andfun, you must defeal all enemies on endless multiplearenaworlds.Transfrom with the new omnitrix to alien humansaur ingalaxyor another can beat final stage from buying somepotionand power. "Humungousaur Power Fight Alien Ben Rescue" isanfighting game in an awesome environment!the enemy is not benalienbut it is from alien galaxy, there are ultimate monsteralien,robot, golem, bat, and fly enemy. user your weapon and powertodefeat all level using humansaur transform omnitrix alienbententransform.lets help humansaur power alien and be comestrongeralien in planet - Feature in Ben Alien Kid HumansaurTransform*Easy to play* Super addicting game for Kid* watch classictennysben alien platformer for children, adults and kids toys*Amazinggameplay* classic retro running up to speed adventuredashgamesENJOY ! PLEASE RATE US 5 STARS!
CJ: Strike Back 1.0.9
Aliens are invading, the city is in danger - It's time for humantostrike back, to defeat aliens invasion! Jump to fightagainstmechanized troops, kill the boss of aliens, and achieve alltasksto save the city! # Tap screen to jump to kill enemies. # Kill3 ofthe same kind enemies to POWER UP.# Kill the boss for extrabonus.#Achieve appointed tasks to get higher score.It's time tosave thecity now! Don't forget to rock global 24h leaderboard,HERO!
Alien Path 2.5.0
★ Winner of “Excellence in Gameplay” Award in IMGA SEA 2017 ★"Mysurprise of the week." - Eli Hodapp, TouchArcade "...thinkoldZelda and Pokémon dungeons." - Android Police "...itdefinitelystands out in the puzzle genre." - AlienPathcombines RPG, Puzzle, Path-Planning and Strategy foranout-of-this-world gaming experience. Players must eliminateenemiesby cleverly navigating the aliens on a path to destroy theinvadingrobots. Every move counts, so set a path and pave your waytorescuing your planet and eventually the galaxy. Travel fromplanetto planet as you face of the invading Robots who arehell-bent ondestroying all living civilization. Hatch new ascendedAliens,discover legendary powers and set your self on a path ofrobotdestruction - all life in the universe is counting on you!Features• Unique Gameplay : A completely fresh, never before seenRPGPuzzle game • Hatch New Aliens : 16 different Aliens to hatchandupgrade, each with unique strengths • Power Cards : Collectover100 Alien Power cards with thousands of skill combinations •CardEvolution : Break the upgrade limit and further strengthenyourcards with runes! • Everchanging Levels : More than 300 levelswithunique enemies, obstacles and power-ups to challenge yourstrategy!• Mind Blowing Strategy: Limitless battle tactics toemploy withhundreds of passive and active skills • Charactercustomization:Multiple ways to develop your Aliens and Power Cards• Guild System: Join a guild to earn exclusive Bolts to upgradecards, sharedecks and compete in weekly world rankings! • Facefearsome GiantBoss Robots and against their numerous Robot Tech • AWhole NewDimension: Unlock Parallel Planets take your battles tothe nextlevel • Fresh Challenges: Participate in special dailyevents andunique planets with set rules and challenges • FriendsSpirit :Lend a helping hand to friends with Spirit to explore thewholegalaxy If you face any technical issues on your device, wewouldappreciate if you could contact us prior to writing anegativereview. We will try to address the issue as soon aspossible.Support Email : [email protected] For latest news,updates, andevents, follow us on: Facebook : : Instagram: Twitter:
Alien Shooter Free - Isometric Alien Invasion 4.3.7
Sigma Team
The ENHANCED version of the legendary top-down PC Alien Shootergameis now available on your Android device! Deserted militarycomplex.Hordes of merciless creatures. You. Your mission is simple– clearthe base and stop the alieninvasion.--------------------------------------------------- ALIENSHOOTER –HIGHLIGHTS--------------------------------------------------- -Hours ofgameplay with and engaging story mode and tons of sidemissions -Character upgrade facility, try out superhuman fightingabilities inintense battles - Tons of weapons of mass destruction- Usefulgadgets - flashlights, medkits, battle drones... - Userfriendlycontrol schemes with auto-aim option available! - Stand upto thehuge crowds of monsters - Corpses of the monsters eliminateddo notdisappear - check out what happens at the end of everylevel! -Ability to play without internet connection (offlinemode). THECLASSIC NOSTALGIC ALIEN SHOOTER, NOW ON YOUR PHONE! Playone of thebiggest shoot-em-up hits of all time wherever you are.Stop thealien invasion, mobiley! BRING ALIENS TO THEIR DOOM, ENDTHE ALIENWAR! The teleportation gate has been opened, aliens arefloodingthrough. You’re the only hope to save the world fromendless wavesof monsters! SHOOT-EM-UP AND SAVE THE WORLD! Feel thenostalgia asyou blast through waves on creatures! MOW DOWN ENDLESSALIENS ANDSTAY ALIVE! DOWNLOAD NOW! Follow us onFacebook:
Alien Run 1.0.2
Join Daniel D'Alien on his greatest adventure!Earn FREE BITCOINbyplaying new unique levels every day in this amazingrunnergame.Claim your rewards now! Play Daily Missions and theAdventurewith hundreds of levels!
Mission On Mars Alien Rescue 1.0.0
We know that you are a great fan of Escape games but thatdoesn’tmean you should not like puzzles. So here we present youMission OnMars Alien Rescue. A cocktail with an essence of bothPuzzles andEscape tricks. Good luck and have a fun!!!
Tower Defense: Alien War TD 1.1
Tower Defense - Alien war TD is a fight against the invasionofaliens. The beautiful graphics and flexible tactics will provideaninteresting experience to the devotees of defense games.In2850when the traveling between galaxies in the universe iseasier,creatures from distant galaxies are looking for energy fromorganicmatters. With a remarkable evolution, they can transformallorganic matters into energy to survive. They destroy everythingonroads that they pass by. In that situation, the Mankind holdseachother’s hand to combat against these creatures. The Mankindhasdeveloped new weapons to prevent the steps of thesealiencreatures. Get involved in the mankind alliance with TowerDefense- Alien war TD to combat against the invasion of creepycreaturesto protect the earth.Tower Defense - Alien war TD is atype ofTower defense game, has flexible defensive tactics anddiverseweapons. Surprise attack Campaigns and great devastatingisdifficult for the defense of players. Therefore, players mustmakea reasonable tactics to prevent these attack campaigns of thealiencreatures.The Tower Defense - Alien war TD – Tower defenseinheritsand promotes the features of tower defense game. Tacticsandstrategies ensure the thinking. The defense system isdiversifiedwith features changing by play screens.Owing tobeautiful andanimated graphics, Tower Defense - Alien War TD willsatisfydevotees of tower defense game.# Features- Various weapons,massiveupgrade system, enhancing strategy.- Abundant strategicdefensesystem+ LAA(Landmine Anti-Ailen): Landmines have manydamagingpieces to destroy a large number of enemy troops in a quitelargerange+ BAA (Bombes Anti-Ailen) : Bombs generate a strongmagneticfield to destroy a large number of enemy troops in a largerange+IAA(Ice-Anti-Alien): A weapon generates a ultra-cold airflowtoquickly freeze the formidable creatures+ A/G(Air-to-Ground):Aair-to-ground fighting alliance has 5 aircrafts carrying alargequantity of nuclear bombs to destroy a large number ofenemies.+Flame Destroy: emits the heat equivalent of the halofloor, everycreature will be burned if it goes through.+Megagun-Nuclearartillery: Self-propelled artillery with nuclearwarheads candestroy a great large number of enemies in theunlimited attackrange Let's play Tower Defense: Aline war TD toenjoy beautifulgraphics, interesting strategies and attractivetactics, one of thefree greatest strategy games.
Paw Ranger Patrol Alien Shoot 1.0
Aliens are attacking! Earth is in danger! The paw rangers needsyourhelp to defend the earth and shoot all the attacking aliens,controlyour paw puppy left and right and shoot the enemies withthe rangersbazooka so the earth can stay in peace.Out of nowheresuddenly theearth is under attack by aliens, use your paw rangersnow to safethe earth. Power paw patrol rangers shoot is a shootergame whereyou shoot all the attacking aliens. Select your favoritepaw rangerand patrol the earth so everyone can staysafe.Features:- A veryunique and challenging gameplay- Coollooking graphics- Good musics-Compete with your friends in theleaderboardSo what are you waitingfor? Download the game now forfree!
Galatic Attack : Alien Shooter 1.1
Earth’s very existence is threatened. Alien invaders from spacehavebeen sent to destroy our planet. A galaxy on the brinkofdestruction. You have been called up to repel their attack.Youmust plan your battle strategy well and upgrade your fightershipto defeat the increasingly advanced aliens. If you likespaceshooting and survival games and like to simulateSpacecraftshooting in galaxy for glory and duty, then GalaticAttack : AlienShooter 2018 is the one you should be playing. Tryand shoot allthe alien Galatic Attack : Alien Shooter before theydestroy yourbases and land. Galatic Attack : Alien Shooter HOW TOPLAY: * Touchscreen to move and kill all enemies. * Collect itemsto upgrade orchange your weapons. Galatic Attack : Alien ShooterFEATURES: *Charming sound and music, with HD graphics. * Ability touse activeskills during the space battles. * The game is packedwith 60levels on various difficulties. * Beautiful levels withimmersivemissions to complete. * Multiple extreme boss battles. *Upgradeyour guns and lasers. * Amazing Gameplay and character * Thegamewith 200 levels giving you hours of fun for you. Enjoyclassicspace combat - powered up. Download Galatic Attack : AlienShooternow!
Moon Simulator - Alien Mystery 3.4.4
In this outer space adventure, you play as a fully equippedNASAastronaut. You have been sent from Earth to investigateamysterious disaster on the surface of the moon. * Drive theLunarRoving Vehicle (Apollo LRV II) * Find and catch aliens *Searchacross the barren landscape, moon caves and dangerouscrevasses *Find alien artifact * Find components and repair thespaceship *You have discovered aliens. Fly back home with thealientechnology.*** NOTE: We are looking for the community's inputonhow to improve Moon Simulator. We want to make a high quality,3D,free roaming, mystery style adventure, with clues andmissions.Give us all of your feedback, and we will try to includeeveryone'sideas as much as we canThanks!
👽 Alien Upgarde Transform Ben 1.0
Ben is a super adventures, unbelievable scrollingtransform.lotsortsof enemies and aliens that you can transformto..upgrade,Cannonbolt, Omniverse, stinkfly, echo echo, Four Arms,Swampfire,ghostfreak, Big Chill, Diamondhead, blitzwolfer(benwolf), Vilgax,XLR8 omnitrix, gwen tennyson, Shocksquatch, kevinlevin, benmummy,Heatblast.+ addictive up to speed excitingtransform andchallenging for alien humungousaur transform win.+retro hop andrun four arms /monsters transform platform runner.+exemplaryplatformer for children, youngsters and grown-ups +supertransformation natural side scroller gameplay upgrade withsimpleamusement reassure cushion controls.+ free and simple up tospeedto play yet tennyson difficult to beat.+ exemplary rebootretrorunning and hoppingTo complete upgrade the platformerdiversion Benshould hop and keep running over numerous forcehindrances,tennyson battle and up to speed shoot heatblast jumpagainsttransform chibi ninjas, vilgax , savage sharks, dragons,skeletons,pirates, traps, felines and numerous different beasts andmythicalbats.Move up colossal phenomenal slide Cannonboltextensions,mountains jump and stairs, battle against transformationancientand run Cannonbolt foes, abstain from Ben in falling blocks,findshrouded power pieces and levels, collect omnitrix coins,swimthrough hazardous oceans, use your heatblast weapons toattackenemies, use your force of four arms, jump investigate partoftesting omnitrix and addictive bens ten wilderness universesandgrounds and sound transforming of echo and lands.This superbensJump and Run transform is an addictive Ben Alien super heronewfashion adventure experience transformingamusement!Amazingtransform features reboot while playing Ben superheroAlien------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+agroupe of diverse addictive tennyson universes watch(wonderfulland, insane backwoods, ben alien ; Four Arms world andforests) +50 super bens ten , very much outlined, wonderfull andchalleninglevels with gradually kevin levin expanding amusement xlrtrouble +flying fire with heatblast dozen transform of hardbattles(dragons, bats, skull archers, vilgax , pirates andhungrysharks,)+ awesome echo number of catalysts, ripjaws ,extraadjusts, gwen mystery pieces and extra things in benalienDiamondhead world.+ awesome blend watch in the vicinity of 2Dand3D design in high omnitrix quality+ retro arcade music andoutdatedreboot sound impacts + idealize, intuitve super diversionbens tencontrol through retro support amusements control.+extraordinaryaptitudes covered xlr up in destroyable squares andblocks +magnificent gameplay ben alien humungousaur reminding toretro upto speed great dash xlr recreations transform + water andoceanuniverses - jumping, running, attacking, flying ANDripjawsswimming! + attempt to open all accomplishments and to benumberone of alien humungousaurtransformleaderboards!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Howtoplay Ben Alien:+ click right or left on your control cushionformoving Ben+ by eating the power ball you will turn watch out tobeSuper Silver Ben Alien, get enchantment kevin levin powersandafter gwen that have upgrade the capacity to demolish blocks! +bycollecting brilliant blossoms you will turn out to be SuperGoldenBen and have the capacity to shoot.+ Ben Alien additionallycanswim in some watch cases - press Jump button to swim higher...discharge humungousaur finger from catch to go down! Messgwenaround with this cool new super adventure platformer gamestory!
Alien Massacre
Brave spaceman exploring alien planets is faced withaggressivemonsters. All you can do is take your weapon and destroythatpredator hives! Make a blood mess on planets swarmed withdifferentspecies of aggressive robots, zomboids, vegetoids, wormsand othersof that kind. Survive, fight, repair your spaceship andescape.Welcome to absorbing action-shooter about astro heroes andfuturemankind problems with space exploration!In this dangerousadventureyou will get:- tons of weapons to destroy alien swarms;-spacealiens themselves;- a variety of unexplored worlds, populatedwithhostile monsters and even robots;- convenient charactercontrol;-different missions to kill enemies, repair your spaceship,collectvaluable items;- separate survival mode;- bonuses,perks,explosions, nukes, only the best;- alternative, morepowerfulcharacters;- total mess and devastation.You won't have timeto getbored. High strain and challenge - this is what makes thisgame soattractable for lovers of top-down survival action shooters.Timeto explore and fight! See you in space!
Alien Attack1.0
An exciting new free-to-play shooting game from Chipleti.Yourmission is to shoot the aliens that have attacked thebeautifulcity of Nepal. Take control of the character and with yourawesomeshooting skills, defend the city against the deadlyalienattack.STORY LINE:One fateful day, in the Himalayan kingdom-Nepal, an attempted alien invasion took place. The aliensattackedsuddenly to capture all the ancient artifacts of Nepal,which theyfound out holds mystical powers of the universe. Thealiens weretoo strong to stop and the beautiful city was on theverge of beingdestroyed completely. But “Gorkhe” one of the bravehearts of theGorkhali soldier, emerged to save his homeland fromthe massivealien attack. Be the brave ‘Gorkhe’ and shoot all thealiens downto save the city.GAME PLAY:The game play revolves aroundthebeautiful backdrop of Kathmandu valley. You need to shoottheforwarding aliens in order to destroy them and gainpoints.Avoidlethal alien contact to save heath.The options ofcharacter revivaland health increment are added as bonus for theplayer.Remember:It’s up to you to save your city against the deadlyalienattack.Awesome Features - Play behind the cool andbeautifulbackdrop of Kathmandu, Nepal. - Perfectly optimized mobilegameplay and amazing graphics, .- Magnificent art design withperfectlyhand-drawn 2D backgrounds, characters and aliens- Simpleto controlshooting game.- Compare scores and achievements withyourfriendsFor the latest news, updates,andevents:
Anomaly - Alien Detector Radar 1.2.0
Anomaly - Alien Detector Radar is an application designed toprovidethe user a way to scan the area and locate unusual andunidentifiedaircraft ( UFO ). Detection is not immediate becauseit relies onFrequencies.NEW TOOL: Radar CaptureCapture and Shareto your friendsthe Paranormal Energies you detected!If you enjoymy Anomaly - AlienDetector Radar app please rate ★★★★★ :)Thank youfor checking outAnomaly - Alien Detector Radar! Leave a friendlyrate & comment!
Duncan and Katy 1.05
The world was a peaceful place until the aliens arrived! Inthisgame we can take the role of one of the two main characters:Duncanor Katy, to save the world from an alien invasion.We willfight thealiens with the help of the Professor, Katy's father, whothrowsobjects from his plane to support us. He throws manyweapons,ranged and melee, such as swords, hammers, crossbow,rocketlauncher and so on. Furthermore he provide us withsecondaryweapons that will help us to defeat the enemy, and itemsto recoverour vital energy, increase our strength, speed or evenstoptime.After completing three waves of aliens, we face the boss,andwe must beat him to move to the next stage.Once we finishedthefirst stage of the game, we unlock a new mode, "Survival", inwhichwe must defeat as many enemies as possible to get thehighestscore. As we play the stages in story mode, these areunlocked insurvival mode. This new stages, unlocks harder enemiesand betterweapons.In this adventure you will find:- Two heroes.-Highdetailed environments and enemies.- 15 primary weapons.-4secondary weapons.- 15 items.- 19 different enemies.- Bossfights.-Several stages and game modes.Reviews:“Duncan and Katy winsonevery front. Lots of action, plenty of tacticalengagement(especially withthosebosses!)” Facebook: usonTwitter:
UFO Hunter 2.4.1
Aliens are invading the Earth. Once again humans must rise tothetask of defending their planet. Why do these aliens want todestroyEarth? Where do they come from? Do they also havestupidpresidents? Play this beautiful pixel art retro stylearcadeshooter to find the answer!
Aliens Attack 1.7
The Earth is under attack! Evil alien forces from Mars areinvading!The humanity last hope is a team of slightly forgottenheroes. HelpRamdo, Bernie, Mr. Zee, Ivan and Sgt. Pepper fight offthose blueinvaders!Give those martians some hot lead, so they willleave ourplanet once and for all. Your super machine gun firesautomatically,you just need to strife left and right to avoiddeadly enemy lasers.Gather enough medals to buy yourself evenbetter gun or somelaser-proof jackets (real heroes won’t evenconsider buying them ofcourse). Shoot, kill aliens, kill theirleaders and save the planet,the nation and the president! Oh - youcan throw grenades to killaliens as well (after buying them).
Alien Shooter 1.1.6
Sigma Team
Legendary PC Alien Shooter is now available on yourAndroiddevice!Deserted military complex. Hordes of mercilesscreatures.Here you are. Your mission is simple – clear the base sothere arejust dead monsters' corpses left around.- burst through 10missionsand find out the reason of alien invasion!- Enjoy userfriendlycontrol schemes with auto-aim option available!- stand upto thehuge crowds of monsters appearing on one screen at a time-levelup, try out superhuman fighting abilities in an intensebattle-corpses of the monsters eliminated do not disappear - checkoutwhat happens at the end of every level!The alien invasionhasbegun, we have one chance, and that is to stop them cold intheirstaging area. Do not allow them escape this facility, you areourlast hope. The fate of humanity now depends on you! Mow themdownand stay alive!
Trump Vs Aliens 1.5.1
Donald Trump promised to make America great again, but firstheneeds to deal with the illegal invaders from ZORBLATT-9 andtakedown the aliens and send them back home and make them pay forthewar. President Trumpinator is in the front line andcompletelyready for the challenges and difficulties. In this actiongame, youget to shoot, jump and run through different challengesand yourobjective is to complete each given mission. Trump VsAliens comeswith a super engaging graphics, easy to learn gameplayand ofcourse cool surrounding music and sound effects. There aresomevirtual buttons to move to the left and right, and anotherbuttonto jump (touch once for a normal jump and twice for a higherjump).You’ll get used to the gameplay after just a few tries andafterthat, you must focus on the road, and decide when to shoot andwhento jump. In your dangerous path, you get to take down thealiens,jump over the obstacles and collect coins. There are alsoammocartridges to collect to make sure you never run out of bulletsandyour gun is fully loaded. Speaking of the guns, before startingamission, you can select your gun from your powerfularsenal.Collect enough coins to buy the Trambo machine gunFor now,thereare 3 different missions with endless running and jumpinglevels.Available missions are: Alien Invasion, New York City andTheCapital. Sin City Las Vegas and Mar-a-Lago missions will beaddedsoon along with many more in the works.Trump Vs AliensMainFeatures at a Glance: • Neat design with cool graphics• Easytolearn but hard to master• 3 different missions withdifferentchallenges (More missions to come soon)• A Powerfularsenal withdifferent weapons including: Rifle, Shotgun, FlameThrower andMachine Gun.• Collect coins to unlock new items• Fun forall ages•Free to playTrump Vs Aliens is all about killing the alieninvadersfrom ZORBLATT-9, and try to survive and complete themissions. Asyou collect more coins, you’ll be able to unlock moreadvancedweapons from the Trumpinator arsenal. You can alsochallengeyourself, see how far you can go and improve your distancerecord.How long can Trumpinator survive the invasion.Don’t forgetthat youhave just one life, and you need to protect it by shootingaliensand avoid hitting the obstacles on your way. As Trumpinatoryouneed to be fast and precise to shoot and kill the aliens attheright time, and you should also decide quickly when to go forasimple jump and when to go for a higher double jump. TrumpVsAliens is completely free to play, and with its friendlyinterface,challenging story and addictive gameplay, you can play itfor hoursand hours. So, do you think you’ve got what it takes tohelp thePresident Trump win the war against aliens? Do you thinkyou cansurvive and save the citizens of the United States fromtheseZORBLATT-9 alien invaders? You are the only hope of the peopleinNew York, Washington and the United States.Download this jumpandrun game for free and let us know about any bugs, featurerequestsand suggestions. Your feedback is really valuable to us andwillhelp us improving the game in the next updates. A message fromtheTrumpinator: "Get to the chopper and shoot some aliens!MakeAmerica Safe Again!" FOLLOW USON:Facebook: to GraphicContributors:Zouhair Serrar, Tim Douel, FrankTyler, ClintBellanger, Brian MacIntosh
Jet Run: City Defender 1.35
Wicked Witch
SAVE THE EARTH FROM AN ALIEN INVASION!Pilot your Jet andblastthrough waves of alien invaders in this high speed, actionpackedendless runner.FLY fast, BLAST enemies and RUSH past skyscrapersto fight the invasion and defend the City.FROM THE MAKERSOFCATAPULT KING ® Jet Run: City Defender lets the player maneuverafuturistic fighter jet through a modern Metropolis while flyingatlow altitudes and super sonic speeds.DASH AND DIVE THROUGHCITYSTREETSFly through narrow alleyways, blaze throughexplodingbuildings and ascend over tall sky scrapers as the MotherShipunloads waves of new enemies to challenge your skill andreflexes.Tap the invaders as you fly through City streets and watchthemexplode into a million pixels!COLLECT MEDALS AND UPGRADEYOURWEAPONSCollect Medals as you chase down alien invaders, andblastthe pixels out of them using a range of upgradable missilesandgadgets. HIGH SCORE CHALLENGECompete with friends to see whocanace the aliens and fly the furthest in this epic sci fiinfiniteflyer.*****FEATURESFeaturing simple touch and swipecontrols tosteer and fire missiles as you defeat endless waves ofpixelenemies that grow stronger the longer you can survive! ★ FREEtoplay!★ Simple and fun controls★ Action packed cinematicgameplay★Radical turbo HD 3D graphics!★ Upgradable ship weapons★Retrostyled Alien Invaders★ Stacks of loot and experience tocollect forunlocks★ Compete with friends*****Defend the City.Defend theWorld. Jet Run: City Defenderon theseSocialMediasites:
Alien Creeper 👽 Technical Ufo 3D 1.1.9
Alien Creeper Technical 3D theme with isometric tesla3D-Effectwallpaper and predator lock screen and mars icon pack .This istheme for boys and girls fan and like aliens in phone. Get amarstheme with predator lock screen for your android.To decorateyourandroid phone like mars reality phone. No matter you likepredatorlive wallpaper or mars reality phone, you will like thisfuturetheme with alien decoration. It gives you special futurefeelingand mars buttons make it special android theme.Features ofAlienCreeper Technical 3D theme with mars :• Predator lock screenthemewith mars reality live wallpaper• Mars reality live wallpaperwith3D dynamic screen effect• Future wallpaper with isometricteslamake it unique for fans• Free skin with mars icon designforpopular apps• All app icons simulate mars to make it cool•DynamicDesktop with a rotation of 360 degrees;• InteractiveInterface;•Automatic sorting applications;• 3D-Screen isometricteslaTransitions.• 3D shimmer alien live wallpaper with nicepredatorbackground• Predator lock screen to protect android privacyeasycool• Weather widget design with universe theme weatherdesigncool• 3d dynamic launcher home to make your android phonespecialfusion• Support DIY wallpaper in predator theme center• Youcanchange as you wish any time. New atom themes for youeverydayincluding all types free themes• This is not predatorapplocktheme. You need to install CM Locker to apply as predatorapplockthemeIt feels like something is missing on yourhomescreen?Decorate your phone with through of the world'sfirst3D-Animation technology. The main feature of the application -theopportunity to experience a three-dimensional interactiveinterfaceand visual effects. Floating application icons on the homescreen,icons allow to consider and 3D-Elements at different angles,andyou can enjoy a variety of visual effects at every corner.Themehas unique Icons and Live Wallpapers to rotate 360 ​​degrees,aswell as it is equipped with the perception of gravitytechnologywhich allows you to control the phone online.Please readbeforeinstall Alien Creeper Technical 3D theme :Require CM Launchertoapply this theme. Install one launcher first. It does notsupportother launchers. You need to tap the “apply “ button toapplysuccessfully .Q: How to change into predator lock screentheme?A:After you tap apply the Alien Creeper Technical 3D theme isused onyour home screen. You need to lock you screen and then youwill seethis predator lock screen. You need to enter you ownpassword orpattern lock screen to enter you phone.Q: how to applymars for allapps ?A: After apply you will see some popular appsalready changedinto Samsung S7 phone icon like system phone sms andmore . We havespecial emoji theme icons for 56 popular apps. Otherapp icons willbe decorate with Alien Creeper Technical 3D themeframe. Email usyour thought we will make more icons in future .Q:Where to changetheme or wallpaper ?A: after applied successfully ,enter the “theme center” where you can see tons of cm launchertheme and livewallpaper. All themes and wallpapers free.You canalso DIYwallpaper or theme there.If you want us to make specialDIYwallpaper skin for you just contact us by email. AlienCreeperTechnical 3D theme with isometric tesla 3D-Effect wallpaperandmars theme icon for boys and girls to get a theme phone free.Soget this aliens theme now free!
Mechs vs Aliens 1.0.4
Transform into a giant mech of destruction and battledeadlyextraterrestrial kaiju monsters to save our planet! Play thisFREEturn-based fighting game and take control of elite war robotstodefend the Earth from alien invaders.- UNDER ATTACK BYALIENMONSTERS! -All the world’s nations are united in thePlanetaryCouncil to defend the world against enormous alienaggressors.Countries including the USA, UK, South Korea, Russia,Germany,China, Japan, France, and Brazil join forces as they deploythelast hope of planet Earth: high-powered giant machinesofdestruction converted into the ultimate defenders. -MESMERIZING,IMMERSIVE 3D VISUALS! - Feast your eyes on every detailof thetitanic clash between mecha and alien kaiju in thisuniquelyaction-packed game. High quality 3D graphics usingdynamicanimations and cameras!- OUTWIT, OUTSMART, OUTPLAY YOUROPPONENTS!- Unique turn-based battle system with a twist! Whip outa varietyof punishing moves to pulverize your enemies!- EARTH ISYOURBATTLEGROUND! -8 battlegrounds to unlock, including Moscow,London,New York, Seoul, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo! - PLAYSOLO ORAGAINTS FRIENDS! - Protect the world from the alien threatin StoryMode with 16 thrilling stages or test your skills throughthechallenging Arcade and Survival modes!- IT'S FREE! - As thebestthings in life are! **This app contains in-app purchases paidforwith real currency.**
Alien Apocalypse 1.0.9
The invasion of Earth has begun!The Alien invaders are settinguptheir bases in the heart of the tropical jungles of the planetandeverything now seems lost... but fortunately the human racehaveZambo on their side!Zambo, the arsenal man, alone is worth awholearmy! Equipped with bombs, pistols, machine gun, plasmagun,flamethrower and bazooka ...He is an unstoppable force! Andwhat ofhis powerful robot "the pulper" that he can drive inbattle?Who canstop you? Run through the jungle to fight the hordeof horrible andslimy alien creatures from other worlds! The missionis to destroyall the alien spacecrafts's cores and eliminate theenemy.The warhas begun, play as Zambo and go down in battle now!!★Features ★-Complete missions and destroy all the alien spaceships!-Equip avariety of weapons and smash to pieces all the monstrousenemies!-Enter robot mode, become invulnerable and get themaximumfirepower!- 3D graphics of the highest quality and in FullHD!!!-Collect coins to buy several items and power-ups in a wellassortedvirtual store!- Supports Google Play Games: compete withplayersall around the world thanks to leaderboards andachievements!-Supports both smartphones and tablets!For anyquestion about thisgame contact us at [email protected]
Alien Ben Hero: Ultimate PokeBall Fighting
Alien Ben Hero: Ultimate PokeBall Fighting is specially designedforthose fans who always love to play ben fighting games,ultimatealien, fighting adventure games, hero games, ben hero gamesandother beast alien games! Welcome to the hero ben alien fightergameand you’ll have full control of incredible superhero, ben heroandyou can throw pokeball anytime where you need on gangsters,mafiaheroes, war criminals, mafia wars and other deadlycriminals.AlienBen Hero: Ultimate PokeBall Fighting Game Play:Thegame play ofthis Alien Ben Hero: Ultimate PokeBall Fighting is fullof actionpack and adventure! You are an alien hero like ben heroand youhave to fight against the gangsters, mafia heroes and otherwarcriminals of crime city. You can also throw poke ball ondeadlycriminals of city battle. All incredible gangster squad canshooton you just like other ben shooting games 2018! Alien BenHero:Ultimate PokeBall Fighting Features:10 action pack levelsofultimate pokeball fighting with Ben hero!Futuristiccityenvironment with crime city battle.Ben beast simulator withfullcontrol.Pokeball particles against mafia wars andwarcriminals.Deadly criminals power of flying like other actiongames2018!Amazing 3D & HD graphics of modern combat arena.ThisAlienBen Hero: Ultimate PokeBall Fighting game is a new adventurefightgame the hero alien was one of the best aliens live in peace.Hewants to fight evil and Achieving justice in the ira and Helptheweak so in the game Play a role of gigantic BEN alien tostoppingand and other villains and become the Master Control of thetotransform To any format you want like heat-blast. Alien andhisalien on Undertown in an attempt to destroy it once and for all.Tosave the city, Ben must avoid of aliens and obstacleswhilecollecting enough strength to fight in alien combat. Use thetotransform into your favourite aliens and increase their powerwithpowers.Let’s play use transforming fire alien for the firsttime,and defeat all player with your fire and your new power, it’sveryeasy and fun, and you must defeat all level 10 leveltotally.Transform with the new from alien Bigway in galaxy. You canbeatfinal stage from buying some potion and power.Explore thecrimecity as a ben hero, full of gangs and aggressive fractions.Becomecitizen hope as a standard of pure law and justice, or cometo thecity as a new doom knight because you have the powerfulpokeballskills. Try to avoid hassle with your superhero benmobility oroverthrow both heaven and hell on your enemy heads. Varyyour meleeand ranged combat with new abilities and weaponry likepokeballfighting.You might have played many alien hero, ben hero,super benhero, city battle pokeball, action game, fighting game,ultimatefighting games, super alien games but this Alien Ben Hero:UltimatePokeBall Fighting game will offer you devastatingexperience of benhero with pokeball throwing skills. You’ll reallylove it as bestaction game of 2018! To complete the platformer bengames Super benalien will jump and run up to speed on manyobstacles, fight andshoot against fire fly ninjas, the bats,reboot, ten, skeletons,toys, kevin 11, Sharks, force omnitrix andOmniverse many othermonsters. Climb the huge Alien Ben Hero:Ultimate PokeBall Fightingbridges, Cannonbolt, stairs.If you haveinterest in new fightinggames, hero fighters, fighter games,ultimate alien, fightingadventure games, hero games, superheroblast, and other alien bengames then this Alien Ben Hero: UltimatePokeBall Fighting game isspecially made for you!We would love tohave feedback of this AlienBen Hero: Ultimate PokeBall fightingbecause we’ll update this benfighting game of 2018 as per yourfeedback in future!
Alien Invasion War (Multiplay) 5.07
- SECENARIO - One day, opened the door of the dimension ofalien.The sky was already blocked by alien species. Best weapon intheground that the remaining tanks as well ... - MISSION - Get ridofthe dimensional gate. Dimensional gate must be closed in ordertosave the Earth's crisis. - OPERATION - Click where you trytoattackDrag and drop the tank where you try to moveWow!! it'ssimpletank gameTank Special Forces,World Of War,Battle,Starcraft
Fall of the Aliens 1.2
Myotek Labs
Your spaceship is taken over by Aliens. Reclaim it!!!-CoolSpaceship Adventure- Task Based Levels- Eliminate Aliens andfightRobots- Upgrade to different Spaceships- Unlock Awards
Superhero Moto Stunt Bike Attack Race 1.2
About heroes Racing Vs Alien Attack Game:Have you ever dreamedofMoto death bike racing and performing tricky motorbike stuntsinyour real life?? Lets join us in the world of gaming where youcanperform crazy offroad stunts and also can become a greatbikejumper. So pick up your handset device and play perform trickybikestunts. Tricky motorbike rider 3d game is a big challenge forthosewho always dare to do something strange such as motorcyclerun,bike jumper, bang stunt, bike jump free, motorbike trafficrider,highway traffic spider rider, crazy bike rider, super rider,superpixels heroes, heroes bike racing simulator, super bikeattacks,extreme motorbike knight riders.Challenging Tasks:- Top10+Challenging Levels- Extreme Tricky Motorbike Stunts- RealCrazyOffroad Stunts - Super Tricky Bike Stunts- Drive Top StuntBike 3D-Top Moto Racer 2018- Motorbike Attack Racing Mania-DownhillMotorbike Racing- Motorcycle Bike Run Adventure-RobotsTransformation 3D- Highway Moto Bike Racing 2018-ImpossibleMotorBike Stunts 3D- Super Motorbike Racing- DownhillBike AttackRacing Simulator- Become Tricky bike stunt master 2018-IncredibleMonster Motorbike Racing 3DHow To Shoot Super real Heroes&Extreme Death Moto Bike Racing 3D In Multiple Levels??Spidermotorbike rider 3d game having multiple levels. Every levelofsuper amazing hero motorcycle rider 3d game having uniquenessandattraction that will inspires every user and enhance the beautyofsuper crazy hero traffic knight riders 3d game. In deathmotorbikeracing game 2018 you have to complete all levels byperformingtricky bike stunts, bike jumpers, bang stunts, super bikestunts,motorbike stunts, downhill stunts, vps Moto bike stunts,enemiesrobots transformation, Real Spider Rider actions, amazingspidermotorbike stunts, top bike stunts, super bang stunts, superpixelheroes stunts, monster bike stunts, monster bike rider,jumpfreebike stunts, crazy offroad stunts 3d, real bike attacks.You haveto kill all the enemies which will come across on your wayandcross hurdles that are placed at that same way. In impossibletrackrider 2018 game, If you will collide with them your energywill beslow down and at the extreme level you will lost highwaytrafficknight riders 3d game.MotorBikes To Choose:- QuadShootingMotorbike - Dirt Shooting Motorbike- Scooter ShootingMotorbike-Cruiser Shooting Motorbike - Vps Moto Bike Shooter- DeathShooterMotorcycleGraphics & Sound:Moto spider shooter 3d gamehavingHD graphics as well as vps jumpfree cool animations thatwillattract the new users to play spider stunt rider 3d gameandincrease the beauty level of Moto spider traffic shooter 2018game.Super real hero stunt bike racing 2018 game also containinghighquality sound system that will provide soul refreshing sound totheusers and mad them happier as well as they wanted in theirreallife while playing mad death motorbike racing 3d game.Soundclarity also exists in spider highway rider 3d game thatwillprovide clear action sound to the users and relax their mindsbyplaying super stunt bike racer 3d game.OurMission:Rating,commenting, feedback us will increase our gamingproduction so thatyou will enjoy our latest world top games whichyou had been neverplayed in your life before.Super Motorbike RacingVs Alien AttackGame Features:- HD Graphics- Biker Safety Tricks- 3DCamera Views-Smooth Game Play- 3D Environment- Easy To Play AndInstall.-Upcoming Advance Game Features Of 2018
Space War 1.0
Digital lync
Space War is a 2D shooting game. The aim of the game is todefeatthe ultimate enemy spaceship and stop the alien invasion onearth.The player has to face different enemy waves, survive eachwave bydefeating the enemy spaceships before reaching the ultimateenemy.Each wave has different types of enemies and thedifficultyincreases as the player advances. In the final wave theplayer hasto fight with the ultimate enemy, dodge his bullets anddefeat thespace ship to stop the alien invasion and save theplanetearth.Features:- Experience space wars between the aliensandhumans. Fight with the army of aliens to stop alien invasionandbecome the savior of earth.- Fight with different types ofalienspaceships, dodge their attacks and defeat them to advance inthegame.- Collect the Shield power booster to protect yourselffromthe bullets of alien spaceships for some time.
Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2 1.2.2
Tower Defense: Alien War TD have ended but alien creatures havenotbeen completely destroyed. Alien creatures are hiding andgatheringto prepare for stronger and more dangerous attacks. TowerDefense:Alien War TD 2 is the next battle with more beautifulgraphics,more flexibility, more enjoyable experience for thedefense gamegamer. The tactics in Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2 areraised to anew level and challenge the strategic skills of gamers.Playerswill be supported by the new weapon system (items) toovercome thechallenge. Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2 is anactractive game withflexible defense tactics, weapons systemsdiverse; In addition tothe familiar terrain, Tower Defense: AlienWar TD 2 also has anartificial terrain to player has a newexperience and newchallenge. Sudden attacks with large numbers ofenemies makes thegamer in trouble. So, gamer should have the rightstrategy toprevent violent attacks from alien creatures. TowerDefense: AlienWar TD 2 will be one of the most attractive games inthe towerdefense game in 2017. Diversity of defensive system andflexibleattacks on each map make a new experience. Tower Defense:Alien WarTD with beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay that willsatisfy thegamers of the defense game - tower defense. Function:Variousweapons, advanced system, enhanced tactics. Diversedefensestrategy system: * LAA-2( Landmine Anti – Ailen 2):Landmines havemultiple pieces of damage, destroy large numbers ofenemy troops ina large range * BAA-2(Bombes Anti-Ailen-2): Bombsemit magnetism,destroy enemies in a large range. *IAA-2(Ice-Anti-Ailen-2): Theweapon emits a cold air that freezesthe formidable creaturesquickly. * A/G-2(Air-to-Ground-2): Thecombination of five planeswhich carries the large number of nuclearbombs, destroys largenumbers of enemies. * Flame Destroy-2: Theweapon emit heatequivalent to heat of the sun, all creatures areburned as theypass. * Megagun-Nuclear artillery-2: Megagun withnuclear warhead.Destroy the large number of enemies, unlimitedrange. * Wheelreaper (W-R): The death wheel destroys the enemy withbeautifulwheels. * A-Bomb storm(A-B-S): Storm bombs, greatdestructionpower, appropriate in tactics to attack enemiesfast.---------------------- Connect with us:Fanpage:
My Alien Virtual Pet Care 3D 1.3
My Alien Virtual Pet Care 3D is a game about all kind ofcolorfulcute Alien. You take care of them, feed them, make themtake abath, and mostly, play with them in beautiful 3D minigames.By thecreator of My Piou – Virtual Pet Care 3D :) - AMAZINGFEATURES :Youcan have up to 50 Aliens simultaneously !Customizeyour wonderfulAlien house, from wallpaper to furniture. Your Alienswill lovewatching TV or sleep near the fireplace, many amazingitems anddecorations to discover ! Do Quests to earn extra coinsand makeyour Aliens so happy. You can share your mini games scoreinleaderboards and compete with your My Alien friends. -COLORBREEDING SYSTEM :My Alien has a powerful color breeding systemtomake you able to create colorful cute and rare colors. Youcanstore colors to recreate Aliens from it, create your own breedandshow it to the My Alien Community.- COLLECT ITEMS :Collectwearablehats, collect coins, golden eggs. If you love surpriseeggs, you’lllove this game. There is plenty of way to get coins,discover themall to be rich fast and make your Aliens lovely.- EASYTO PLAY :MyAlien is both easy and challenging game to play with youfriends.It is translated in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese,English.Features are well explained (it includes TIPS) andaccessible foreverybody.- CONNECT WITH FRIENDS :You can playMultiplayer 1 vs 1in an amazing game mode, dexterity and rapidityare the keys. Notenough items or coins to buy medics for yourlittle cute Aliens ?It’s ok, get connected with your Facebookaccount and request helpfrom your My Alien Friends. You can visityour Friend’s house,clean their house and collect extra coins andexperience points.Join the Google + or Facebook Official My AlienCommunity anddiscover news, tips, and unlock codes to get freeitems.- TABLETAND SMARTPHONE SUPPORTMy Alien is designed forsmartphones as wellas tablets. What are you waiting for ? Join theMy Alien Communitynow ! It’s the Virtual Pet Care Game you everwanted !- MINI GAMESLIST (More to come !) : - Match3 : Align foodand make themexplode, gain energy and spend it to create comboswith powerfulskills and go through 50+ Levels !- Kick : Make youralien fly asfar as possible, collect coins, eat food and make yourAlien Bigger!- Memo : Play the song as your cute Alien does, thisgame willhelp you get a better memory !- Snake : Eat food and yourAlienwill lay egg that will follow it, try to get eggs as muchaspossible without running into them !- Repeat : Speak andyourlittle caring Aliens will repeat what you said like a parrot!-Swing : Tap screen to change Alien’s fly direction, try to gethighas much as possible !- Garden : Take care of a Plant, water itandit will produce different kind of Food, from tomatoes tohamburger- Floppy : Tap to make your Alien fly in the air, avoidpipes, goas far as you can and collect Orbs. Orbs will unlock newlevel.There are 4 Levels inside Floppy Piou !- Floppy Multiplayer:Connect to Google Play and compete against your friend in a 1 vs1Mode.- Firework : Tap the right button to explode the fireworks!-Football : If you don’t have time to play a mini game, thisonewill make all your Aliens play alone and recover their happinessbythemselves !Please note : This game is free to play, butitcontains items that can be purchased for real money.
Alien Swarm 1.23
Alien Swarm The aliens are invading again, swarming aroundindazzling attack patterns. You task is simple, blow'em all tobits!Can you defeat wave after wave of dazzling alien invaders tosavethe galaxy. Blast the invaders as they spin and whirl throughspacein this old school arcade space shooter. After 4 fantasticwavesyou'll get a bonus round, score lots of points to insure yougetthat next free life. Your ship is equipped with a megapoweredblaster, you have unlimited fire power, but you can bank onthefact that the aliens do as well! From the golden era of videogameswe bring you this retro classic, you'll need all your skill,fastfinger dexterity, and perhaps just a little luck to defeattheselittle monsters from outer space. You don't need to mortgagethehouse to play this game, its Free so download it now andhelpdefend the galaxy from this band of invading aliens know asAlienSwarm. To control your space shooter, pop into the settingsscreenand choose from tilt action, on screen tv buttons, orclassicarcade joystick. Stay calm, don't panic, keep your hair onand youmay just survive. Another fabulous shoot'em up from ourretroarcade game series, its an audio visual feast - get it now.
Alien Sky Invasion Demo 1.27
Have you always wanted to pilot a space ship and eliminateallenemies that come your way? Or maybe you just want to explorethegalaxy and eliminate the alien threat? Alien Sky Invasion ishereto deliver the excitement and action packed gameplay thatyoualways wanted from such a game.Alien Sky Invasion has asimplepremise, which is that you have to survive the alien invasionasfast as possible. It really is a challenging thing to do,becauseyou can engage in the campaign and invasion modes, each onehavinga multitude of interesting enemy encounters. The campaign isfilledwith more than 100 levels of pure adrenalin. You need to tryandpilot your ship all while eliminating a specific number ofenemies.It will be a very hard thing to do at first, but thereality isthat you will have to use all your skills and focus inorder tocomplete these challenges. It will not be easy, but thechallengeswill get even more interesting as you go through the endof these100 levels.Also, you can acquire a large number of bonuseshere,each one having an extraordinary set of unique benefits foryou toenjoy. Plus, Alien Sky Invasion has an RPG style gameplaysince youcan upgrade your fighter if you so desire in order toobtain thebest results. Such a thing will allow you to obtain amore intenseand fun experience, not to mention it will offer you anincredibleway to dominate the sky and better face the newthreats.In additionto all of that, you are also getting the abilityto unlock fightersor bonuses as you see fit all the time. If youlove the idea ofspace dogfighting, Alien Sky Invasion delivers allof that and somuch more in a nicely packed experience that you donot want tomiss. It’s a really nice blend of space fighting andRPG, withresults that will simply blow you away. There’s a massivereplayvalue thanks to the constant addition of new ships and thegreatupgrade system. If you truly want value and a great, actionpackedgameplay, download Alien Sky Invasion right now and you willnotregret it!Features:• Unique blend of space dogfighting andRPG•Beautiful graphics• Stellar upgrade system• Multiple fighterstounlock• Action packedgameplay~~~~~FreezeNovaStudiohttp://www.freezenova.com
Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter 1.7
The Dust
Shoot alien invaders, before it will be too late!Exiled alienraceopened portals from the other dimension to start invasion andtakeover human bases. They use forbidden technology to createultimateweapon that turns every living species into bloodthirstymutants.Now Aliens are preparing for a final strike on your homeworld.FEATURES:-Shoot alien and run through 50 missions againsthorriblespace mutants- Receive amazing bonuses, upgrade guns,statistics(shield, damage, fire, gun heating)- Complete mission tolevel upand gain extra Money or Crystals- Customize unstoppablemech herowith tons of high-tech equipment- Find rare ammo andweapons inspecial chests- Enjoy unique 3D graphic effects in asciencefiction designUSE POWERFUL HIGH-TECH ARSENALEquip yourselfwithover 30 deadly weapons and amazing power-up supports. Drag downthemeteor and destroy abomination with a huge impact. Shoot youralienenemies with universal and reliable laser beam or hit themwithpower of nuclear fusion. Get Force Field that absorbs damagecausedby tremendous alien monsters.STAY BRAVE, SOLDIER!Be carefulanddon’t overheat your only friends GUNS! Every second ofhesitationcan cost you shield loss (or even worst, your health).Wheneveraliens get to close, use Mech Fist to create powerfulshockwavethat will destroy nearby aliens. If situation gets to hot,you canalways fly above wave of aliens. You have only one chance towinthe war. Play the game wisely and have maximum fun withgalaxyalien shooting.LAST MECH STANDINGThe galaxy is not safeanymore,aliens mother spaceships destroy planets in the SolarSystem one byone, but there is still one last hope – You, GalaxySoldier! Useradioactive decay with huge energy impact that ripseverythingahead. Fight alone with army of alien beasts but stilltake careabout your ammo and sufficient power of guns. The harderyou shot,the closer you get to kill your main opponent - AlienQueen fromthe other dimension. Nobody said that the war will beeasy towin!BUT BEFORE YOU REACH THE QUEEN...You need to shoot &runfast, before the portals to the other part of space city willbeclosed. To struggle with powerful alien mutants useblastTransistor which smash enemies with extra power. Be clever! Tomakeyourself more powerful use aliens researches against them.Checkunique Cloning Technology that multiplies rewards collected byyourshots and go to Nebula Stages to upgrade your soldierfaster.SMASHALIEN TO DUSTAlien invaders have brought on your planetvast ofugly monsters. Defeat massive and unique mutant bosses inepicfinal battles. They are mean, really huge and determined tocrushyour high tech civilization. Machines, torpedoes andrifflescouldn't handle the power of mutants. The worst of all, isthatalien spaceships ruined your military chain of supplies andkilledmillions of other elite mech soldiers before. Now you arealone ona battlefront. Use whatever you can find to win spacewar.Crystals, Instant Fix, Mech Fist. Special technology, thatwillhelp cooling down your weapons and could help you to fightwithalien dictatorship. TAKE WHAT YOU DESERVECrystals and moneycangive you opportunity to get new weapons and survive the nextwaveof Alien Queen’s guards. The more you shoot aliens and killthem,the more rewards you can get. Choose your type of playbetweenStory Mode and Survival Mode and make special achievementshelp youto become the ultimate space hero.BECOME A LEGEND OFTHEUNIVERSEGalaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter is a free runnergameoptimized to work smooth on most mobile devices.Discoverwell-designed 3D animations and immerse yourself into spacecombatwith aliens. Enjoy the endless war and put your fingers onthetrigger!Download Galaxy Soldier on Google Play forFREENOW!Official site of our games: usonFacebook: aliens, soldier!
Alien Smash 1.26
Loknar Studio
Defend a tiny alien as he journeys through the galaxydiscoveringnew worlds!FEATURES* Fun and unique space adventure*Interestingand rewarding gameplay* Easy to pick up hard to master*Beautifulcolorful graphics* Challenging achievementsHOW TO PLAY-Swipeacross or throw rockets to create combos- Use rockets to takedownheavy enemies- Swipe your ship to dodge out of the way-Tappower-ups to tip the balance in your favor!If you happentoencounter any problems smashing aliens please contactus!AlienSmash was designed for Samsung Galaxy 3, equivalent andnewerdevices.Have fun space adventuring!-Alien Smash team
Cowboys vs UFO: Alien shooter
Would you like to visit the moon or alien planet? as guineapig?lol!The Wild West is under alien attack from Dark Space!Wantedcool gunslinger! Maybe you are the space COWBOY who can savetheWild West before it’s too late! Fight the UFO invasion ascowboylegend Johnny Wrangler, before the space aliens succeed withtheirdastardly plan! Shoot quickly, but accurately space UFOs: thisis areal cowboy shooter game with cool guns!YeeHaa! Move yourspaceguns! Bang, bang!Features:★ Crazy and funny endless UFOshooter★ 20types of guns for real Cowboys (including alien's superguns): -default set: revolver, winchester, shotgun, Gattling gun, -goldenset of cowboy guns - laser set, - plasma blasters set, -uniquealien's space guns★ 8 space UFOs with unique behaviorsandcharacteristics (including the boss alien Mothership): SoldierUFO,Spotter UFO, Destroyer, Stealth (Spy UFO), Fighter UFO, HunterUFO,Carrier UFO, aaand ...Mothership! ★ The big world of the WildWestaround Hobble Hill future Roswell. LOL! (about 20 westerntowns,villages and forts)★ 32 achievements for cool cowboy shootinggame★Western style and cowboy country music★ Personalizedwesterncharacters and funny animations of farm animals★ 14 crazyfarmanimals (shield for cowboy Johnny Wrangler)★ 6 locations(includingalien planet in the Dark Space)★ 7 upgrades for Toby thehorse(alien technology for supersonic Toby) to increase speed ofyourcrazy western riding★ 3 types of alien abduction ★ 5 breeds ofTobythe cowboy's horse★ 7 breeds of the cowboy's dog★ collection of8funny cowboy's and alien's hatsWANTED A COOL SPACECOWBOYS!★Challenge Yourself:Fight the space invaders as cowboy heroJohnnyWrangler and save the Wild West in this amazing endlessalienshooter game.★ Saddle Up and Pick a Gun:Ride and shoot yourway tohigher scores and collect loads of gold coins!★ Ride Into theWildWest Saloon:Boost Johnny's alien-killing abilities - choosefrom:Seven amazing backgrounds, twenty cowboys guns includingalienlaser guns, eight cool hats, five crazy western horses,theHYPERSONIC horse - increases speeds up to 100%, eight typesofdogs, and fifteen types of farm-animal lives.★ Test YourcowboySkills and Reach the space alien Mothership.Stop the alieninvasionand defend the Wild West - reach the space Mothership UFOandreally test your alien-killer skills.★ Play and unlockgameachievements and battle your friends on the online leaderboard.Whois the Best alien shooter?Also this UFO game has a localizationon7 languages (including alien