Top 24 Games Similar to Drawf world star castle jungle

Knight Adventure
You are a valiant knight and you must save a beautiful Princess!Sheis imprisoned by the Evil Sorcerer in The Castle. You'll havetoovercome many obstacles and traps to get to her. Yet there'sanotherand more dangerous threat - The Evil Sorcerer is going tocast hisspell and destroy the Earth! You'll have to run as fast asyou can!*Collect 10 hearts to get a new life.* Collect and useelixirs todash.* Collect daisies to get more medals.Choose yourhero -Pikelot, Agnarr or Lars!
Shadow Blade
Kuro is a young man on his quest to become the Shadow Blade. Hemustseek the teachings of the last remaining ninja master.Enhanced forMOGA!Includes Tablet Support!You will guide himthrough challenginglevels, around countless traps, sneaking pastenemies or right overtheir dead bodies. You have to be fast, bestealthy, be aware ofyour environment. You have to be a ninja.Shadow Blade is a fastpaced action platformer game for AndroidDevices with intuitivetouch controls. It features intuitive touchcontrols and an array ofweapons and challenging levels. Becoming aninja is at yourfingertips! There is also a free unlockableversionhere: the latest info and gamenews!•••
Samorost 3
Samorost 3 is an exploration adventure and puzzle game fromtheaward-winning creators of Machinarium and Botanicula. It isAmanitaDesign’s most ambitious experience to date and a loosecontinuationof the hit indie games Samorost and Samorost 2.Samorost3 follows acurious space gnome who uses the powers of a magic fluteto travelacross the cosmos in search of its mysterious origins.Visit nineunique and alien worlds teeming with colorful challenges,creaturesand surprises to discover, brought to life with beautifulartwork,sound and music.What the press said:“Possibly the mostbeautifulpoint-and-click adventure I've ever played.” -Destructoid“The bestadventure game in years.” - Kill Screen“Aworthy follow-up toMachinarium and Botanicula.” - PocketGamer“Arguably the greatestgame to come out of Amanita Design.” -PC Gamer“Samorost 3'ssetting is immediately entrancing.” -GameSpot“All of the music isincredible.” - GameZebo“Samorost 3 is agame that feels alive.” -Stuff
Chibi Adventure 1.0
In a time before time, a little townprospered,nestled in the magical forest of the Land of Chibis.Led by a king who was both kind and wise, the town hadflourishedfor centuries. When danger threatened, the town reliedon a tinyband of joyful warriors—the Chibis. The skill of theChibis and theguidance of the king kept the town safe. But theking’s long lifewas near its end.On his dying bed, the king called upon his last born—hisyoungestson, Prince Roland.“There is a secret I have kept from you my son,” the oldmansaid. “The forest is not our home. Our true kingdom liestowardsthe east, far across the two seas. More than 200 years ago,theEvil Witch of the North captured our kingdom. She destroyedtheChibi Empire and slayed many. To save what was left of ourpeople,we had to leave the kingdom and take shelter here.”“Long ago, I swore an oath to reclaim what was ours.Bravesoldiers tried to make good on my promise, led by yourolderbrothers. None returned. And now my time is over.”“Before my last breath, I ask of you, my son: Recoverourrightful kingdom. You have heard of the four magical swords?Youwill need all four to kill the witch. Your journey will notbeeasy. The world is full of perils, and the witch waits for youatjourney’s end. But my soul will not rest until my oathisfulfilled. You are my last chance. May the spirits bewithyou.”So the old King died. Roland was determined to make good onhisfather’s oath. What dangers would he face? Would Rolanddiscoverthe fate of his two brothers? Would he be able to gatherthe fourswords and defeat the Witch of the North? And so began thegreatestadventure of the Chibis.
Pixel Staff
Fight your way through a side-scrolling 2D world full ofmonsters.Do battle with an epic knight. Interrupt an evil summoningandfight a powerful wizard. Quest into the skies and free amajesticdragon. Return peace to the kingdom and rid the evils fromtheland. A classic 2D adventure game for the 80's kid in everyone.Amust play for fans of 8bit and 16bit consoles. Adventure throughahand-crafted world in this free 2D metroidvania game.HowToPlay:Move left and right. Jump and attack. These are theonlycontrols. You will be granted a high jump and a float jumpbyreading books that appear after defeating powerful enemies.Collectheart pieces in red rooms. Two heart pieces will give you anewheart container. Collect staff shards in blue rooms. Fourstaffshards will upgrade your attack power.- Unique baddies-Ahand-crafted world- Fast-paced wizard staff combat- Retrostyle,low resolution pixel art- A game for the 80's kid ineveryone- Anadventure of pixelated proportions- Great for kids& adults-Free to playIf you like 2d platform games and sidescrolling gamesthen you will love Pixel Staff!This free game isbrought to you byHomeWorld Arts, LLC,the creators of Pixel Sword,Super Narwhal Boy,Jurassic Quest, and Jetpack Jumper.Powered byStarling Framework,Flox, Feathers UI, and Nape Physics.Music byKyle JeremyNeidig.Thanks for playing and have fun!
Illusion Castle
in this game you control Anya, a warrior who comes across astrangecastle on top of a hill, now stuck in this place, you haveto beatyour enemies and managed to evade this mysterious placewherereality and illusion confronts.ENJOY! * bugs and anyproblem,report me:
The Harmony Of Buku (FULL) 1.1.1
The Harmony Of Buku is a 3Dplatform/adventuregame based on classical platformers from the90's.This version is ofcourse ad-free!Features:* Begin your journey with Buku, a young hero whose job is torestorethe stolen music in the world.* Traditional and classical 3D platform design. Very similar totheold Crash Bandicoot games.* Sandbox mode where you can create and share your ownlevelsonline.* Fight your way through 13 levels and 3 huge boss fights inabeautiful cartoon 3D environment.* Search and collect all treasures to buy in-game items intheshop.* Fully customizable controls for platforming.* Try to defeat the developer in a brand new game modecalled"Vinyl" in which you can play each level against theclock.* Different quality settings to improve performance and visualsonolder or new devices.* 3 difficulty modes (Easy, Normal and Hard).* Music is composed by award-winning Swedish composer'ChristianAndersson'.NOTE: Please make sure the demo version runs decently onyourdevice BEFORE you buy the complete version of this game.Visit our Facebook page: follow us on Twitter: @THOBuku.The Harmony Of Buku is developed by Di Martino Entertainment.
Chronology - Time changes...
Chronology is a puzzle platform adventure starring The InventorandThe Snail. Try "Part I" with 3 chapters for FREE. ◆ "BestCasualGame of the Year" & "Best Mobile Game of the Year" @GameConnection Paris 2014 ◆ "When Braid and LIMBO had a prettybaby"(★★★★- Chronology, you manipulate the pastand thefuture, in order to fix the present. Play as the OldInventor andhis sidekick The Snail, and take advantage of theirspecialabilities - travel back and forth in time, stop time,manipulateobjects and solve puzzles.◆ Time changes everything -Solve puzzlesby travelling back and forth in - or freezing - time.◆Characterswith heart and soul - Switch between two lovablecharacters withdifferent abilities and combine their strengths.◆ Amind-bendingstory line. As the story unfolds, learn how the maincharacter hasalready played a central role in shaping the future ofhis world.◆A magical, colorful, vibrant and living universe thatmixeselements from different times and cultures.◆ Amazinglyanimatedcharacters, machines and creatures, inspired by HayaoMiyazaki(Howls Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro).◆ Fully voiceacted inEnglishFollow our social accounts to receive the latestnews andupdates regarding the magical adventure through timeandspace:▶Facebook:▶Twitter:
Adventure Games 1.00
Pinemo Bya
Quick to get the best adventure games collection in just one apponGoogle Play Store and the popularity ranking based on the numberofdownloads.This app helps your to finding the best and topadventuregames. Rankings and expert feedback from market the gamedecidedrankings.Application include best adventure games, differentkindsof games, Some kind of running games, action games, shootinggames,even some hidden object games and adventure game forkids.FreeAdventure Games app added the game images to help youselect forexcellent graphics.Feature:- Most popular and newreleases ofadventure games- Ease of access and installing- 2Dplatform- FullHD Games- Full 3D adventure Games- ExcellentScreenshots- 2 Playerand Multiplayer Games- Running Games, ActionGames, Shooting Games,Hidden Object Games
Ninja Sword Runner 2 1.0.6
Ninja Sword Runner 2** New and ready for Android!Ninja Sword Runner 2 is the new and exciting stick man ninjagameyou've all been waiting for. Run, Jump, and Fight your waythroughthe Stickman Ninja Warriors Standing in your path. battleNinjas ofall sorts, and defeat each Boss to earn Big points, watchout itgets more difficult over time! Post your scores on theLeaderboardand show the world your the best ninja sword runner!This free gameis similar to other endless runner games except withits own spin ongame play.** Features of game-Simple 2 Touch Controls (left to jump, right to attack)-Variety of Attacks and Combos-Boss Fights-Endless waves that get more difficult over time-Leaderboard-colorful 2D graphics-New sound effects!-More action and more fun than the first game!
Oriland 2 Adventure
Free Style Adventure Game 2 Welcome Oriland you.Many Adventure2full Oriland you to Take World, Your goal is to reach thelastchapter end passing through the monsters in the world eachsectionwill be opened to a New Level Fill Your Next Adventure willallowyou entry into the world.New Multiplayer Update with newfriendslive in this experience! With new update has arrivedwithMulti-Player Support (online) with your friends armed, Rank&Win, and Dominate of the lower rank .. or the war againstthemonster together.Do not be afraid to get ready? PreparedwithVoices for yourself you will feel almost Oriland In Game 2,themysterious ambiance is waiting for you with Oriland 2.Youarecompletely free in your hands Management in the game, you'reaninja, you must use a good jumping Properties.Remember,monsterscan kill just by bouncing on them!Collect the gold with youImproveand Speed ​​Features Jumper, the more so that the enemy isinfront!This adventure game with dozens of different creaturesyouand Will Again dozens of different traps waiting.In theAdventureGame Categories Single Player Free Style Property with 2Oriland afirst!We wish you success with this Adventure Game. Everytime youcan make us back! Note that the game will develop withyourcriticisms. Please feel free to offer us your beingisrecommended.Follow us on the paper and StyleAdventure Game Oriland alsodifferent from each other with eachother from the New World, youready to Match 24 different HundredsBeast? Each with different 3DEquipped with Natural Sound andEffect Level Games Inside SelfThanks to the self-Speed​​hissedeceksin.toplayacag the Ýtemler theNext Dünaya tohazırlamalısın..b Adventure Jump And Improve Time ToBe One StepAhead of each of the enemy remember!Continue theadventure or NewLevel la.Jump on the monsters to kill!
Jogos de Aventura Cumplices de 1.0
Alvi Veradi
Aventura cumplices um resgate es unjuegodeaventuras que es muy emocionante.Este juego tomó el personaje de la película cumplicesregistroDescargar ahora y jugar. livre !!Esto es un no Unofficial de Cumplices, sólolosjuegosventiladores compañeros creando, inspirando por laseriedetelevisión. Si desea solicitar la eliminación decualquierimagenen razón de los derechos de autor, por favor póngaseencontactocon nosotros.Adventureaccomplicesonees un juego de rescue adventures es muyexciting.This game take personaje el de la accomplices film recordDescargar ahora y jugar. free !!Esto es un the Unofficial accomplices, sólo losjuegosfanscompañeros creando, inspired by la televisión serie.Sidesearequest eliminación la imagen en cualquier razón delosderechosauthor, please pongase nameplate nosotros.
Die Zwerge
Jetzt zum Start des neuen "Due Zwerge" Bandes "Der TriumphderZwerge" für kurze Zeit mit 50% Rabatt!Ein A-BookvonBestsellerautor Markus Heitz.StoryQuest und PegasusSpielepräsentieren ein interaktives Abenteuer im GeborgenenLand!Dukennst und liebst die erfolgreiche Romanserie „Die Zwerge“vonMarkus Heitz? Dann sei selbst ein Zwerg, und erlebepackendeAbenteuer im Geborgenen Land mit dem interaktiven Roman"Die DritteExpedition" als A-Book. A-Books sindAbenteuerspielbücher für deinSmartphone oder Tablet: Bücher, beidenen du selbst der Held bist,mit vielen Illustrationen, Musik,Geräuscheffekten und spannendenWürfelkämpfen.Du selbst bestimmstdein Schicksal und kannst indiesem A-Book entscheiden, wie dieGeschichte ausgeht. Lies einenAbschnitt und wähle dann zwischenverschiedenen Möglichkeiten, wiedie Handlung weitergehen soll.Willst Du den Drachen wecken undkämpfen, oder lieber leisevorbeischleichen? Du entscheidest und duhast es in der Hand, ob duam Ende als Held gefeiert wirst oder alsDrachenfutter endest.Folgeden beiden Expeditionen in dieDunkelheit und finde als erster dielegendäre Waffe der Vorfahrenum das Land zu retten! SpannendeAbenteuer warten auf dich.."DieDritte Expedition" ist eininteraktives A-Book mit über 100Illustrationen und insgesamt über400 Seiten Text, geschrieben vonBestsellerautor Markus Heitz folgenden Funktionen:*Erstelle deinen persönlichen Charakterund gib ihm einen eigenenNamen. Das Buch passt sich deinemCharakter und deinem Spielstilan: Fremde sprechen dich mit Namen anund die Handlung ändert sichauf Grund deines Helden.* NimmGegenstände mit, die du auf deinerReise findest und setze sie klugein, um am Ende der siegreicheHeld zu sein.* Kämpfe mit Würfelngegen Orks, Trolle und andereMonster des Geborgenen Landes.* Setzejederzeit Lesezeichen undsichere damit deinen Fortschritt im Buch.*Ein epischer Soundtrackfür deine Reise in der Unterwelt.* Nimmdeinen Helden und seineHabseligkeiten in die folgenden Bücher mit(Folgebände erscheinendemnächst).* Funktioniert auf Smartphones undTablets.* SammleGoogle Play-Erfolge.Bei Fragen oder Problemenwenden sie sich bittean Support erhalten sieauch unter der Adresse Spiel derQuestor GmbH inZusammenarbeit mit Pegasus Spiele.Now for the launchof the new"Due Dwarfs" band "The Triumph of Gnomes" for a shorttime with 50%discount!An A-book by bestselling author MarkusHeitz.Story Questand Pegasus Spiele present an interactiveadventure in the landrecovered!You know and love the successfulnovel series "TheDwarves" by Markus Heitz? Then himself was adwarf, for intenseadventure in the land recovered with theinteractive novel "TheThird Expedition" as the A-Book.A-books areadventure game booksfor your smartphone or tablet: Books, where youare the herohimself, with many illustrations, music, sound effectsand excitingdice fighting.You yourself determine your destiny andcan decidehow the story ends in this A-Book. Read a section andthen choosebetween different ways in which the action to proceed.Do you wantto wake the dragon and fight, or rather sneak quietly?You decideand you have it in your hand, if you're going to end upbeingcelebrated hero or end up as dragons feed.Follow thetwoexpeditions into the darkness and find the first save thelegendaryweapon of the ancestors to the land! Exciting adventuresarewaiting for you .."The Third Expedition" is an interactiveA-bookwith over 100 illustrations and over 400 pages of text,written bybestselling author Markus Heitz, inter alia, with thefollowingfunctions:* Create your own character and give it a uniquename.The book adapts to your character and your style of play:strangerstalk to you with names and plot changes due to your hero.*Takeobjects with which you can find on your journey and put themwiselyto be at the end of the conquering hero.* Struggles withcubesagainst orcs, trolls and other monsters of the salvedcountry.* Setbookmarks and secure at all times so that yourprogress in thebook.* An epic soundtrack for your journey into theunderworld.*Take your hero and his belongings in the followingbooks (futurevolumes appear soon) with.* Works on smartphones andtablets.*Collect Google Play successes.For questions or problemspleasecontact Support they receive under theaddress game of Questor GmbHincollaboration with Pegasus Games.
Ittle Dew
Adventuress Ittle Dew and her sidekick Tippsie crash onto astrangeisland, filled with loot and mysterious inhabitants. Itquicklydawns on the duo that this might become their biggestadventureyet. Ittle Dew boils down the classic adventure formulauntil thereis only fun left. Experience devious puzzles, timelessgameplay andlots of exploration! * Lots of secrets and shortcuts toexplore *Combine your tools in ingenious ways * Beautifulhand-drawn HDwobble graphics
Osqar Jungle castle Run 1.0
Osqar Jungle castle RunJoin the Super oscar world to start the exciting andadventuregameJungle Oscar Castle Run Free Run .Vito's need yourhelp.HaveFun ,And Don't forget to share the game with yourfriendsThankyou.How to Play ;-Tap the screen to let the Osqar run.-Collect Coins Rush as many as player can.-Run to the end of the road to pass the level.
Jungle Castle Run 1.0
Get the fun and amazing Jungle CastleRunwith100+ challenging levels now.Faced with the challenge of various dangers and fearwith100+levels, you need to escape the dangerous world frommonstersandobstacles.Let's roll, dash and jump to reach thevictoryend.Jump and run as crazy as you can in the jungleworld,collectingcoins as more as you can on the way, enjoy theadventuregame forfree today.Come to dash and write youlegend.1 2 3 GO!***How To Play***1.Tap screen to jump and dash.2.Do not contact with any danders.3.Use help to get more infomation about the map tiled.4.Collect coins as more as you can to reach the victory end.***Features***★★★★★ 100+ challenging levels★★★★★ Amazing game control★★★★★ Great pictures and beautiful animation★★★★★ Adventurous and lightweight
Jungle Run Castle Adventure 1.0
Temple Jungle Run Adventure Storyisthethrilling Endless Runner !Temple Jungle Run Story is a most funny playing swingingonvinesgame. Beginning to discover the mysterious journey tofindthe Apetemple Book. You must face a lot of huge tree or besmack!The gamehas tense rhythm, amazing graphics, and smoothcontrolfeelings.Though your ultimate goal is to collect coinsanddistance swingingon vines in the game to beat your friendshighscores!Temple Jungle Run Adventure Story is an innovativegametendingacross the planet, join the ever increasing book storysfansin theimmersive game.Before you download this experience, please consider thatthisappcontains• social media links to connect with others• advertising for some third parties : including the abilitytowatchvideos for rewardsThis game contains Google Play Game Services.How To Play Book :- Just tap the screen to make the super hero jump on subway.- Collect coins as many as you can.- Run to the end of the Game to pass level.Feature Book :- Endless fight with great graphics and fun animations.- Collect coins as many as you can, do not fall offthesubwayground.?- 5 DIFFERENT DOO WORLDS !- Exciting Powerups and upgrades- 3 Beautiful World: Desert,Castle,Jungle and Cave World- High-quality graphics and good Concepts.- 4 Bosses in 4 World- Avoid Bad-guys and Jungle animals !- There are many obstacles and height object.Temple JungleRunAdventureStory is the thrilling Endless Runner! Temple Jungle Run Story is a most funny playingswingingonvines game. Beginning to discover the mysterious journeyto findtheApe temple Book. You must face a lot of huge tree or besmack!Thegame HAS tense rhythm, amazing graphics, andsmoothcontrolfeelings. Though your ultimate goal is to collectcoinsandswinging on vines distance in the game to beat yourfriendshighscores! Temple Jungle Run Adventure Story is aninnovativegametending across the planet, join the ever Increasingstorysbookfans in the immersive game.Before you download this experience, please That Considerthisappcontains• Social media links to connect with others• advertising for Some third parts: Including the Abilitytowatchvideos for rewardsThis game contains Google Play Game Services.How To Play Book:- Just tap the screen to make the super hero jump on subway.- Collect coins as Many as you can.- Run to the end of the Game to pass level.Book Feature:- Endless fight with great graphics and fun animations.- Collect coins as Many as you can, do not fall offthesubwayground.?- 5 DIFFERENT WORLDS DOO!- Exciting powerups and upgrades- 3 Beautiful World: Desert Castle, Jungle and Cave World- High-quality graphics and good concepts.- 4 in 4 World Bosses- Avoid Bad-guys and Jungle animals!- There are Many obstacles and height object.
Steam Punks FREE 2.0
Monster Robot Studios is proud to presentSteamPunks!"If you’re into platformers you really need to get your handsonSteam Punks."-Supergamedroid.comSteam Punks is a action platformer RPG inspired byclassicsNintendo NES & SNES games like Mega man, Mega man X,Metroidand Super Mario bros.Elite Enforcer Dunns Calhan is on his mission to take on theBowlerGang and get back a stolen invention.Steam Punks features :Loads to explore and secrets to uncover.*Check Point auto save system for easy pick up andplaylevels!Awesome weapons:*Weaver Shot*Spread Shot*Rockets*Hook Shot*Mortar-Blade*Buzz Saw Boomerang*The legendary Alchemy Gun*and many more!Cool Masks with unique powers!*The Bowler disguise*The Adventure hat with treasure sonar*The Diving HelmetTons of Hidden power ups and upgrades :*Speed boots *Crash Helmet *Gun upgrades, bullet sp.bulletPow.*8 Hidden coins in each level*Bestiary: view all the beautifully pixelated enemiesyouencounter!*Mini Card game!The list goes on, but you should really just play it ;)Check out Monster robots other titles :*HEAVY sword*Mazes and Monsters*Bridge the Gap: Down with the Ship
Jungle Castle Run 3
Get modern mega Jungle Castle Run 3 with up 150+ Diffirentslevelsfor Android All People are playing it - can you beathighscores?!Get Enjoy with jungle castle with monkeybattleJungleCastle Run is a running game where you need to crossdifferentobstaclesTry game now and Enjoy !!Get modern mega JungleCastle Run3 with Diffirents up 150+ levels for AndroidAll Peopleare playingit - can you beat high scores ?!Get Enjoy With Castlewith monkeyjungle battleJungle Castle Run is a running game youneed to crossWhere different obstaclesTry game now and Enjoy !!
Zwiz Jungle Castle Run 1.2
Zwiz Jungle Castle Run is one ofthemostpopular and enduring series of all time.Amazing World of Jungle Castle is a journey of super Zwiz.Inheatjungle, Zwiz must pass so much threats to run to targetworld.Onhis road, Zwiz can use weapon to kill monster but weaponishiddenin somewhere.Zwiz Jungle Castle Run while collecting as many coinsIt has 80 levels of increasing difficulty plus itcangeneratethousands of random levels.+ Game Features Zwiz Jungle Castle Run +★★★★★ 5 unique Worlds with 80 Levels★★★★★ Many Challenging Levels★★★★★ Lightweight Game★★★★★ Amazing game control★★★★★ Good Quality Graphics★★★★★ Classic platform game style+ How to play +Use button to jump, move and fireWhat Are You Waiting For ? Now, the game Zwiz Jungle Castle Run and get yourcopyforfree , And stay with your friends to get to the highestlevel&enjoy
Spider Hero Run
the amazing spider hero run is an American man adventure gametimeMetal now and enjoy its great attraction! Not only you; kidswillalso find this game super addictive. running jumping insubwayworld like hero .3 different worldcastle worldjungleadventureworldpyramids Sahara worldSpider hero run is veryaddictive gamewith very simple and easy game play. Strengthen himby collectingspiders, insects and hot dogs in his journey. Tap onscreen for onejump and double tap for two jumps. Help him to passthe spidergears and unlock all the achievements.Features of SpiderHero run:-This game has one tap addictive game play.- Free to playany timeand anywhere for your relaxing and joy!- Simple andintuitivecontrol to help your magic spider get more healthyfruits.-Challenging game play will keep you competing against yourfriendsfor the highest score.- Engaging sound and music to cheeryou up.You will definitely love it and want to hear it again andagain.
World of Tom and Jungle Run 1.0
World of Tom and Jungle Run is aclassicendless‘run and jump’ arcade adventure game that is FREE toplayforeverybody! This is a cat and mouse chasing game thatishappening inthe jungle and city kingdom of mouse and cat.Littlemouse princessis kidnapped by the King Jerry Alexander II –theevil King of catfamily. To save the precious princess, theprincemouse will gothrough all obstacles, fighting enemiesandchallenges! He is thesuper hero of the mouse family.Princessmouse will be rescued whenall levels and missionsarecompleted.Help Tomas the Mouse to save the Princess - love of his lifeandlivehappily ever after in their little castle in the jungle.Worldof Tomand Jungle Run has beautiful graphics and smoothcontrolgamephysics. There are up to 100+ amazing levels whichmakes itone ofthe best running games. This NEW classic platformgameischild-friendly and challenging enough to keep youentertainedallday long. Collect CHEESE the favorite of the mousekingdomfamily.[How to Play]+ Tap to Jump and Run+Avoid obstacles (hitting into obstacles will cause death)+Collect cheese for points and supplies[Game Features]★★★★★ Beautiful Graphics★★★★★ Smooth running and jumping★★★★★ Interesting Gameplay★★★★★ Free to PlayDownload and play World of Tom and Jungle Run and enjoy thenewbestclassic running games!
jungle boy ll 1.0
emrah anlar
orman çocuğu vahşi ormanın derinliklerindeForest child in the depths of the wild forestgarçon jungle dans les profondeurs de la jungleفتى الادغال في أعماق الغابةboy daristana di kûrahiya daristanaζούγκλα αγόρι στα βάθη της ζούγκλαςmeşə uşağı vəhşi meşənin dərinliklərindəDschungel Junge in den Tiefen des Dschungelsdžungla dječak u dubinama džungleJungle Castle Run 2The Jungle Book: Mowgli's RunJungle Adventures 2Super Smash Jungle WorldJungle Adventures - freeAmazing World of CommandoJungle World of Mario 2Jungle Boy AdventureJungle AdventureTemple Jungle BoyÖrümcek çocukAdventures Of Super Smash Boyjungle boy in thedepthsofthe jungleForest child in the depths of the wild forestgarçon dans les profondeurs jungle de la jungleفتى الادغال في أعماق الغابةdarist size until other until Kuraha daristζούγκλα αγόρι στα βάθη της ζούγκλαςmeşə servant vəhş the meşən the dərinliklərindəDschungel Jung in den Tiefen des Dschungelsdžungl to dječak u Dubin up to džunglJungle Castle Run 2The Jungle Book: Mowgli's RunJungle Adventures 2Super Smash Jungle WorldJungle Adventures - freeThe Amazing World of CommandoJungle World of Mario 2Jungle Boy AdventureJungle AdventureTemple Jungle Boyspider childAdventures Of Super Smash Boy
Jungle Ben Worlds 4.9
Jungle Ben Worlds is a FREE Fun run game ,Aclassic prehistoric Platform with more than 100 epic levelsofnever ending fun ,Jungle Ben Worlds is similar to temple and jungle boy games andalsoothers Adventure gamesJungle Ben Worlds is a running and jumping game.It's very funandeasy to play.This is the ultimate ben run 10 game, it can be considered asaTemple game and also a ben jungle run and Ben goXLR8 Runninggame.Dash over obstacles and try to reach the jungle endwhilecollecting and get l'OmnitrixEnjoy with ben run 10 games and your child be like this topgamescoming on ben run 10 to jump from one building to another andgetOmnitrix you can and be careful not to fall because if you dothenadventure Misha will not be the new wanted Hero ben run10This game is always interesting and entertaining panda including.Itwill take only minutes to have synchronization on yourAndroiddevice.1.Just tap the screen to let the caveman jump and run.2.Collect coins as many as you can.3.Run to the end of western to pass the do you playDownload the game firstLog in to the game by clicking on the Play buttonChoose the level that you want ; EASY . MEDIUM . HARDben run 10 you had to do only with Sprint will have to jumpThen bypass all levels and deliver ben to its main objectiveFeatures:3 different Worlds !More than 100 levelsOne finger controlSimple one touch game play!Beautiful Themes, graphics and fun animation.Exciting game for all ages .