Top 6 Games Similar to Ball Override

Merge Shapes 1.5
∞ Infinity Merge is a trendy sliding puzzle game. It is aBraintraining game where you need to match blocks that have thesamenumber of dots, shape and colour, until you reach Infinity.This isa very relaxing game (yet, challenging!). You can match 2blocksonly, but you can also match 3, 4 or even 5 blocks if youplay theExpert Mode. The more blocks you match & merge, thehigher thescore you get. Simple Game? How to Play this Puzzle Game?ThisMerge Game presents you one shape and colour for eachcombinationof dots, where red circles have 1 dot, orange crosseshave 2 dotsand yellow triangles have 3 dots, etc. All you need todo is toconnect the shapes, increasing the count and reachingInfinity.Unlike Classical Puzzle Games such as 2048 or DominoesPuzzle, hereyou have to build your game strategy properly so thatyou get thehighest score amongst the competition: -You will haveaccess tocoins and you can use these coins to apply the Hammer anddestroysome blocks or apply the Double Rainbow to get a piece thatwillcombine with any dot. You will get more coins by playing thegamefrequently, but you may also buy some coins or watch a video togetsome. As you match 3 or more pieces, you will be loading theComboBreaker. When it is fully loaded, you can use it and itwillupgrade 2 of your blocks, randomly. If you get stuck in thegame,you can shuffle the whole board for a second chance! So, whatareyou waiting for? Start merging & matching & connectingthemall! Game Features A Very Simple but Engaging Merge Game: •Masterthe puzzle game structure and achieve the highest score; •Matchblocks with the same number of dots, colour and shape; • Trainyourbrain without even noticing. Relaxing Game: • ∞ InfinityMergeprovides you a very relaxing gameplay, with a top design; •Enjoythe soft and sweet music; • No time limits, no life limits!SlidingPuzzle Game with Good Mechanics: • If you are familiar with2048 orDominoes Puzzle games, you will get used to Infinity Mergequickly.• Slide in 4 directions to merge the blocks • Use thePower-ups toreach the highest score you can FAQ How to unlock theExpert Modeand… what is the Expert Mode about? The Expert modeprovides you amore complex but also fun gameplay, with a 5x5 boardbut withoutthe possibility to use the central block. Play 10x thenormal gameto unlock the Expert Mode. How to save my progress inthe game? Onthe menu screen, click on the "Settings" button on thebottom left.Turn "On" the "Play Services" button. You will beconnected toGoogle play Games and you're progress won't be lost,even if youchange your phone. If you face ANY difficulties savingtheprogress, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. Do I need topayanything for the game? No. This game is completelyfree.Nonetheless it may take time for you to accumulate coinsandtherefore you can opt to buy those coins. You may also pay asmallfee to remove the ads (won’t be more expensive than the priceof acoffee). Do you like our work? Connect below: •Like: •Follow: •Visit: Concept, development, designandcopyrights: Badly Interrogated & Infinity Games
Rube Works: Rube Goldberg Game 1.5.1
Electric Eggplant
The first and only official Rube Goldberg puzzle game.Solveeverydayproblems in Rube’s trademark elaborate whimsicalstyle bycreatinghilarious machines. Is pouring a glass of juicejusttoostraightforward and boring? Try using ajack-in-the-box,magnifyingglass, string, and a cymbal-wieldingfriend to achieveyour goal.The more creative your solution thebetter! Fromaward-winningdesigner David Fox, designer of theclassic LucasArtsgraphicadventure games. Rube Works is widelyadopted by a growingnumberof elementary and middle schools and isfast becoming one oftheyears favorite educational games. Alignedwith CCSS (CommonCoreState Standards) and NGSS (Next GenerationScience Standards),RubeWorks is a standout app that effortlesslybridges the worldsofgaming and education. FEATURES: • Only officialRube Goldberggame,based on his original cartoons • Google PlayAchievements •18Challenging Puzzles • Beautiful Graphics • Supportfor tabletsandphones • Aligned with CCSS/NGSS • COPPA-compliant, noads,noin-app purchase • Text in English, Spanish, German,Italian,FrenchDesigned and Produced by Electric Eggplant.Engineering andArt byKalani Games. Produced by Heirs of RubeGoldberg.Originallypublished with Unity Games. ABOUT ELECTRICEGGPLANTFounded byDavid and Annie Fox in 1992, Electric Eggplanthasconsistentlygarnered kudos on its games, educational software,andbooks andapps for kids, tweens, and teens. David began hisgamedesigncareer in 1982 as a founding member of LucasfilmGames(LucasArts).During his decade there he helped inventtheclassicpoint-and-click graphic adventure genre. David is theGameDesignerand Executive Producer on “RubeWorks” ABOUTKALANI GAMES Kalani Games is agamedesign & development studioin Austin, Texas. Foundedbyindustry veteran, Kalani Streicher,Kalani Games has developedgamesfor mobile, social and onlineplatforms, pushing the boundariesoforiginal, innovative and newgame play experiences.KalaniGames.comABOUT HRG HRG (Heirs of RubeGoldberg) is afamily-run company ledby Rube’s granddaughter,Jennifer George.Their mission is to raiseawareness of Rube’s workand to license theintellectual property toappropriateentertainment and media partnerswho will remain true tothe spiritof her grandfather’s legacy. HRGworks in tandem with RGI(RubeGoldberg, Inc), the non-profit armwhose mission includeseducationoutreach programs for students andtinkerers of all agesthroughRube Goldberg Machine contests aroundthe ©Electric Eggplant and Heirs of RubeGoldberg, LLC
Robotmon 5.3.3
R2 Studio
🤖 News! Easy Mode: No PC required!! Supports Android 8.0 oraboveRobotmon is a javascript interpreter run on android phone. Andrunroutine tasks automately Below Android 7, Use Simple Managertolaunch Robotmon service first Above Android 8, supportsEasyMode,no needs PC anymore. Also supports PC launching Supportsmost ofAndroid emulators!! Nox, LDPlayer, momo, memuPlay 🤖RobotmonIntroduce Robotmon is a javascript interpreter run onandroidphone. And run routine tasks automately Supports screenshot,touch,image recognition, key input,... more than 40 APIs. 🤖Features •Root not required. Only first time to launch serviceneeds SimpleManager installed PC • Javascript for easy to use,supports ES5 •Integrated with OpenCV Apis, template matching,enhance images,find edge images • Free download open sourcescripts.( • TsumTsum script: Auto receivehearts,auto sending hearts, auto play game, and record hearts whosent,...• LineageM script: Detect HP/MP and auto use skills, autobuyitems,... 🤖 Usage Importand!! You should launch robotmonservicebefore starting scripts EasyMode (above Android 8.0) • Justclickrocket button at right-bottom to launch service UseSimpleManagerto launch service (below Android 7.0) (Require PC atfirst time) •Install Robotmon App • Enable developer options onandroid phone(Google for more information) • Enable USB debuggingon phone (fromdeveloper options) • Install ADB driver (phonedriver) on PC(Required on Windows, download the drive from officialsite of yourphone) • Connect the phone to PC, download theRobotmonSimpleManager (Windows:,Mac:, Linux:• StartRobotmon Service • Now start app and pick a script to run!Enjoy! 🤖More Information •Facebook: •Website: • Github: free to leave a message to ourFacebook fans page! 🤖 DevelopScripts and open source • Crossplatform developer tool, VSCodeExtension: •Open source scripts and apisdocuments: • Moredeveloper tools: 🤖 Accessibility Users canswitch on/offairplane mode on specified page through Accessibilityservice. Theapp will not collect users' information or perform anyactionthrough Accessibility service on other pages.
Hexfall 1.45
The goal is to score as many points as possible bydestroyinghexagons while defusing the increasing amount of timedbombs. Youwill have to combine hexagons to create more powerfulblocks andcome up with a strategy to gain control of the board andsurvivethe bomb invasion. Challenge your friends and yourselfthanks tothe built-in leaderboard and the many achievementsavailable.Includes: - Colorblind mode - Two game modes: Diamond andEmerald -Original tracks and sounds by Urbex - The ability to stopandresume your game at anytime - Online and offline scoring
Bugs and Numbers 2.1
Little Bit Studio, LLC.
Bugs and Numbers is designed for kids to practice a widerangeofmath skills. Organized into three stages, the app coverspremathto early fractions. Each activity is crafted for a basicsetofmath skills that introduces zany game play, fungraphics,andbeautiful music. Tap and count bugs to help them getacrossthewater in an egg carton. Match numbers and shapes at thebughotel,which happens to be an old refrigerator.INCLUDES:Counting,Comparisons, Identification (shapes,numbers),Patterns,Sequencing, and more FEATURES: • Designed forages 3-6 forthefirst 12 activities and 5+ for stage 3 • Visualinstructionsforeach activity • Most activities are self leveling•Multi-userprofiles • 36 achievements • Original, detailed,andvisuallyintriguing graphics • Each of the 18 activities hasitsownbeautiful, and engaging music • Humorous interactionsandsoundeffects • NO In-Apps / NO third party advertising •ParentalGateWe want and appreciate yourfeedback! Instagram:@littlebitstudioFacebook:@littlebitstudio Twitter: @lilbitstudio
Butterfly Color by Number - Pixel Art Sandbox Draw 2.6
Do you want to experience number coloring like neverbefore?Download Butterfly Color by Number and butterfly wings willbecomea painting canvas for your little artists. This app hasbutterflypixel art coloring pages to train creativity or todevelopcognitive skills and executive functions. Theseinterestingpainting games will encourage your creativity. So, catchthiscreative moment and be proud when you turn butterfly imagesfromthis fun app into small pieces of art. It is truly magical whenyoucan see someone's emotions expressed on coloring sheets. Colorbynumber pages are a great way to teach your kids or studentsbasicnumber recognition, how to use a legend, and it will give themtheopportunity to work on their fine motor skills. This pixelcoloringbook as a pixel art therapy helps you relieve stress andanxietyfrom reality. This is a great activity to practice yourdrawingskills and zen garden scenes for stress relief therapy. It’salsofun for any age to try to finish the drawing. Trainsyourconcentration and steadiness Or just want to color your ownway,practice your drawing and coloring skill. How To Play: - Firstofall, watch a video tutorial by clicking on the top left iconthatwill help you to know how to paint the pixel images. - Choosethebutterfly from the different butterfly categories you wanttopaint. - Stretch to zoom in and color the number boxes withthesame number colors. - Color drop in the same numbers blocksorpress on the paint bucket for quick coloring. - Identify thetargetarea by using the hints system appear at the top of the app.-Watch ads to get extra paint buckets or hints for relaxingcoloringexperience. - Complete the butterfly paintings with mandaladesignsand relax by doodling. - Use premium mode to remove all adsandunlock everything, from hints to unlimited pixel artimages.Features: - Perfect relaxing and educational activity forthe wholefamily. - Nature coloring with beautiful butterflies andrelaxingflower designs. - Good for relaxing and creativitydevelopment. -Color and recolor as many times as you want. -Feeling comfortablewith coloring wings and enjoy calming music. - Aperfectly relaxingway to become the master of your mind. - Manyinteresting pixelpages, butterflies, mandalas, and fascinatingpatterns for you tocolor. According to the numbers, sandbox colorprovides spectacularor masterpieces for relaxation, meditation,concentration,inspiration to friends, family and the whole world!These adorableinsects in the macrolepidoptera clade Rhopalocerafrom the orderLepidoptera, which also includes moths will bring apart of thewonderful nature on your phone and you will be dazzledwithfantastic colors that are at your disposal. While you areworkingon a butterfly that has his wings clasped you will imaginehimstanding on a colorful flower. This will tempt you to gooutsideand enjoy sun rays on your skin. Within the popularbutterflynumber coloring book, you will find so many new sketchesthat willgive you an opportunity to express your artistic skills.In PremiumSubscription: - You can subscribe weekly for $6.99 andgetunlimited access to all content. - Unlock everything withNewImages updated every day and Remove all Ads. -Subscriptionautomatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off orcanceled atleast 24-hours before the end of the current period.-Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal maybeturned off by going to the user's Account Settings afterpurchase.- Payment will be charged to google pay at confirmationofpurchase. - An account will be charged for renewal within24-hoursbefore the end of the current period at the cost of thechosensubscription.