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Rules of Max Shooter Survival Battleground V2 1.2
Become the best legend hero in one of the biggest survivalmissionOpen World 3D gameplay. Enjoy the best survival actionpacked 3Dmissions. You can roam freely in this battleground &feel theexcitement of this survival shooting mission. You will gaintheentire weaponry to shoot the evil terrorist squad ofthisbattleground. German soldiers are here to conquest with you.Don’tbe afraid of the wicked enemy you have incredible weapons toshootthe adversary hard. Aim & shoot the terrorist mafia youhave toeliminate the single enemy to win this combat.Just targetyourantagonist and shoot them with your lethal gun. Play&Downloadnow for free one of the best fps shooting game. Armory:•Ak47, MP4,Knife, Sniper and many others. How to Play: Use yourguns &weapons to shoot easily. Practice all initiativecontrols todefeat enemy easily. Eradicate every terrorist tocomplete themission.  Fight with your guns to move further. Useyourdeliberate mind & heroic skills to move further. Features:Marvelous 3D environment.  Addictive tasks to play.Realisticfeatures & 3D graphics. Fabulous sounds track.
Thrive Island Free - Survival 2.8.3
Multiplayer releasedhere:, Mac, Android: Thrive Island is an openworld,sandbox survival game where your objective is to survive andthrivein this hostile environment. Hunt, explore and craft tosurvive! Useyour building, crafting, exploration, battling andsurvival skillsto stay alive at all cost. You are stranded on alost island and toyour horror you have no idea how you got there.It almost feels likeapocalypse. Explore the vast island andforest, and salvage anythingthat may help you survive before nightcomes! Are you a survivor?Survivors only last. - Dynamic buildingsystem Build small sheltersor huge buildings, to protect yourselfat night - Explore world Roamaround the nature filled world, huntwildlife and collect loot forcrafting and survival resources. -Travel the seas Explore theoceans in boats to find new islands -Explore the world Find newdeserted islands, volcanoes and more -Caves and dungeons Discoverand explore the hostile dungeons for awealth of valuable resources- Crafting & Inventory Craft andstore all your collected itemsand raw materials and use them toyour advantage. Craft tools whichcan be used for mining,woodcutting and even combat. - Battles /Battling Battle and killanything in sight for resources. - Potions& Brew Brew up yourown recipes to help your survival -Realistic world / Day &Night cycle Enjoy the realisticenvironment as you explore andthrive on this island along withseasons and weather. - NatureExplore the forests, spooky woods,beaches, coasts and desertsbiomes of this stranded island. -Resources Collect resources andfood but be sure that it is safe toeat. Scavenge food and raw meatfrom animals - Survive Survivewhatever the cost. There are manydiseases and hazards which shouldbe avoided. Survivors survive. -Health Make sure you eat enoughfood and stay warm. Make a fire tohelp you survive. Make sure yourest enough and be sure to pick asafe spot to rest. There is alsolots of new aspects of survivalthat make this a realistic funsurvival simulator. Such as, Oxygen,swimming, drowning, radiationpoisoning, poison, weapons, tools andtemperature & much more..- Mutlilingual languages English,French, German, Italian, Japanese,Polish, Portuguese, Russian,Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish,Korean I have many ideas andplans for Thrive island and willregularly update. Current featuresand content in the pipeline forthe next update is: Support, Like& Rate! 5d3cd09993
Rules of Flash Shooter Survival Battleground 1.0.4
Become the Superhero in one of the best Open World 3D gameplay.Playas a city fighter & takedown the antagonist hard. Set inthebiggest superhero fight & defeat super city gangster mafia.Showyour super heroic skills & tactics & use supernaturalpowersto execute gangster mafia. You will gain the allamazingsupernatural heroic powers. Fight for your city & makesureabout your survival in this game because you are the solitaryhero.Enjoy this free open world gameplay. You have to completeeverysingle mission to move further. Prove yourself as a braveheart& eradicate the criminal crown. Don’t be afraid of thegangsterenemies you will attain all controls to play easily. Focuson youraim & save your city from the gangster fighter. Neverback downthroughout finding the gangster enemies. This battlegroundfilledwith incredible 3D missions & challenges. Feel like asuperheroin the most adventurous gameplay of superhero cityfighter. So,it’s time to display your supernatural powers &super heroicskills. Let’s start playing the Flash superhero gamefor theamazing fun! Armory:Superpowers, light powers, flying power&many others. How to Play:Use your all supernaturalpowers.Practiceall intuitive controls & powers to win. Completeevery singlemission to move further. Use your super heroic powers&skills.Follow the all instructions to playextraordinarily.Features: Amazing 3D City Environment.AddictiveMissions toplay.Incredible Supernatural Powers.Realistic &fabulous 3Dgraphics.Amusing Sounds & Effects.Immersive 3D Gameplay.
Real Shooting 3D 2017 1.7.1
Here is a simple game for range shooting practice for allagesshooter. It’s a best range shooting practice game. Getreadyshooters to enjoy the best update of Real range Shooting 3D of2016on your android device from google Play Store.Shooting referstothe use of gun but this is also known for firing from bowasarchery. A person who shoots is called shooter. Shooting isusedfor hunting animals in jungle, warfare, self-defense andduels.Shooting can be very tricky depending on the weapon beingused justlike pistols, shot guns sniper rifles, etc. There are alsosomefactors which can play in accuracy of shooting while you areinshooting arena, jungle or in battle field. There are fewimportanttips for best shooting game practice e.g. Comfort,Breathing,Trigger control, and Sight and target alignment.This gameisdesigned to give user the best ever experience of rangeshootinggame with real guns while keeping all points in mind. Thinkof aperson who is in a competition, if he has some sort ofpriorexperience which will help him to win the rivalry. While beinginjungle as hunter, this range shooting game will help you to bethebest shooter/hunter and taking the shots with accuracy. Alsoasoldier in war can also use the experience to become thebestsniper shooter of all time. Being a soldier it’s necessary toaim,shoot and kill with accuracy. A best range shooter is one whodon'tmiss the fire and use less bullets or in the center of hisenemy.There are three targets in this game: I) Bottles astargetII)Glasses as target III) Floating bottles in air as atargetIV)Bullseye as targetV) Human silhouette as targets Selectingtheseobjects will lessen the fear and violence in any game that’swhythis game is suitable for all the age groups. But the bestevercontrols and well managed Artificial Intelligence will give youthetrue sensation of firing. ***New guns and new excitingmissionswill be added soon***Features:- Different Exciting levels-Gunswith realistic controls- Well managed ArtificialIntelligence-Realistic Environment- Stunning firing zone - Bestever controlsHow to Play:- Aim to shoot- Move left or right usingcontrols- Takeshots with maximum precision- Destroy all targetswithintimeDownload this game on your android device or tablet forfreeand don’t forget to rate us. Provide us with yourvaluablefeedback. We will be looking forward to you.
Open Shark Hunting 1.1
Do you want to experience, the joy of hunting sharks in openwaters?Then open world shark hunting is the ideal 3d hunting gameto doso.Open world shark hunting is an addictive, adventurousandexciting game with stunning 3d graphics, specially designedforpeople, looking for some real adventure.The story of the game isasdescribed below,One day, three friends were looking forsomeadventure. That is when they got the idea to travel on the seaintheir boat. As they were travelling on the sea, at aparticularpoint, they found themselves surrounded byhungrysharks.Unfortunately, two of the friends were eaten bythesesharks. One of the friends somehow manages to escape and wantstoavenge the death of his friends. He then rushes to collect,theweapons, to hunt down the hungry sharks.This is when the opensharkhunting game begins,This 3d hunting game consists of 20levelswherein, you will be provided with different weapons to hunt,thehungry sharks.The weapons provided in this 3d shooting game areagun, bow and arrow, and spear. Use, these weapons to besteffect,to hunt, the hungry sharks in this 3d shooting game.Thereare threetypes of sharks in this game Mako shark, Tiger shark andHammerheadshark. Each of these sharks exhibits differentbehaviours.The Makosharks are blue in color and are not of theattacking type. Theyjust move in water and jump, so that you loseyour focus whiletrying to hunt them.The Tiger sharks are black incolor. Thesesharks instantly jump on to your boat and swallow you,as and whenyou reach near to them.The Hammerhead sharks are yellowin color.These sharks disturb the movement of your boat, so thatyou falloff the boat and then it attacks and kills you in water.Inthishunting game, you also have, the map for navigation along thesea,to hunt down, the hungry sharks. In each level, kill thesharks, asa shark hunter and collect the coins and diamonds, sothat you canmake purchases like unlocking the weapons, upgradingthe boat andextending the gameplay time, in this 3d adventureshootinggame.Experience, the thrill of travelling on a boat in thesea, asa shark hunter, by playing this 3d adventure shark huntinggame. Asthe game goes, be ready to face more challenges in this 3dsharkhunting game. Beware of hungry sharks in the sea, who arewaitingfor their prey, in this 3d adventure shark huntinggame.Become askilled hunter, by hunting, as many sharks as possiblein this 3dshooting game. Enjoy different graphics like the fogview,rainfall, night view etc., as a shark hunter, by playing this3dhunting game.Beware of the challenges as the game progresses,inthis gun game and sniper game, or bow hunting game and hungrysharkgame, which is one of the best shooting games and shark gamesfree,or bow and arrow games.Become a sniper shooter and shootthesharks, by playing this hungry shark game and bow hunting game,orhunting shark game and shark game for free, which is one of thetopgun games and sniper games, or shooter games and sharkeatinggames.Have fun using weapons like the sniper gun, bow andarrow,and spear, in this bow hunting game and shark attack huntinggame,or new hungry shark game free, which is one of the best sharkgamesand shark eating games, or shark games free and real sharkhuntinggames.Stay alert and do not fall prey to the hungry sharks,in oneof the best shark games free and shark eating games, orsharkfishing games and whale hunt games.Get this hungry sharkgamedownload, one of the best hungry shark games free downloadandanimal sniper hunting games, or sniper shooting games 3d, forfree.Open world shark hunting is the best 3d adventure shootinggame.Download this top 3d shooting game and have fun by huntingdown thehungry sharks in the sea, and become a skilled hunter.
Zombie Hunter: Post Apocalypse Survival Games 2.4.2
Genera Games
Zombie Hunter is one of the best free zombie shooting gamesever!Survive in a post apocalypse wasteland killing zombies andstoppingthe dead rising in the last day of the world. Shoot intothe dead,stop the unkilled invasion and save humanity in the kingof FPSzombie survival games! Take your sniper rifle and fireweapons, aimto every walking dead and kill zombies as a lonesurvivor toprevent the end of the world.The Zombie Apocalypse hasjust begun!A pandemic is spreading, and people are starting tomutate intosome kind of walking dead. Help survivors by killing thezombieoutbreak and stop the end of the world. Travel to wasteland,takeyour rifle and try your sniper skills shooting the unkilled!Youwill need strategy and precision to stop the assault in thiszombieaction shooter game. Keep your finger on the trigger, surviveandshoot to every living dead!★ Download Zombie Hunter,PostApocalypse Zombie Survival Games, and start killing livingdeadsright now! Become the ultimate zombie killer and stop theundeadinfection! ★SHOOT ZOMBIES AND STOP THE END OF THE WORLDYouare alone survivor sniper that must save humanity from azombieoutbreak. Kill zombies before they can infect people. Youmust bequick in this 3D free zombie shooting game full ofundeadenemies!SEVERAL GAMEPLAY MODES!Shoot zombies hordes, defeatzombiebosses in special missions, play as a zombie instead as asurvivor,use dogs to help you to find treasures and kill enemies.You havemany ways to play Zombie Hunter, the top 1 fps zombiesurvivalgames! NEW MISSIONS AND MAPSTravel to wasteland and killzombieenemies through tens of missions. Use your sniper rifle andshootevery walking dead to save yourself. Stop the dead risingandsurvive one last day in the best zombie shooting games!DOZENSOFWEAPONS TO UPGRADEDo you prefer sniper rifles, assaultrifles,bazookas or machine guns? Choose your favorite one andupgradethem! Fight a living dead army in one of the funniest freezombiegames.STUNNING 3D GRAPHICSZombies are more real than ever!You willbe impressed by graphics, gameplay and soundtrack. ZombieHunter isthe best post apocalypse zombie game with FPS andactionelements!PLAY OFFLINE OR ONLINE!Do you like zombie gamesonline orfree zombie games offline? Play Zombie Hunter wherever youwant.Enjoy this wonderful FPS zombie action game.Use your skillsandstop the undead plague infection! Stop the end of the worldbykilling every zombie. The most powerful living dead is waitingforyou! Get ready to fight against the forces of evil! Huntingzombieshave never been so funny!If you like First Person Shooter(FPSgames), zombie survival games, sniper games and action wargames,you will enjoy Zombie Hunter! Join the Zombie Hunter army andstartshooting every walking dead in the ultimate zombie snipergame!Official gamevideo:
Guns and Spurs 1.3.1
Become a lonely cowboy in the wild west, thirsty to take revengeforthe death of his wife. Run with your horse in an open worldfull ofaction! Travel from town to town and take down your enemiesin 10"Wanted" missions. Ride your horse and run through 10challenginghorse race events around the map. Stylish 3d graphicswith a thirdperson perspective create a great and colorfulatmosphere. A varietyof powerful weapons is available to beunlocked, including dualwield pistols and dynamites. You can enterbuildings such assaloons, gun shops, church and more. Also, youcan buy newsafehouses all over the map and change your character'soutfits. The'Wanted' missions include quickdraw mini-games. Gunsand Spurs notonly offers the freedom to explore the old west, butalso take partin horse race events and battle enemies that willstand in your way.
Monster Killing City Shooting 1.06
Monster Killing City Shooting is new intense 3D first personactionshooter game FPS where you shoot minions. Game containsdangeroussingleplayer. You can pick from arsenal of weapons - armyknife,chainsaw, RPG, sniper gun, m4 rifle, grenade, uzi. Blastyourenemies with an MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, HK 416,grenadesand many more shotguns and rifles Realistic outdoor hdgraphics iscompareable to visuals of AAA assault army games fromhigh-end PC.You can configure graphics to fit your device, so youcan play moresmootly and your movement will be more fluent. Thisgame was madeon unity engine. Each class contains main weapon, butyou can alsobuy / upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets tothe primalgun. Singleplayer campaign mission consists of simpletask, whichis to eliminate all dinosaurs from city. After eachfinished goregame, you gain experience ( xp ) and bounty money.Eachmatch is nottime limited. After you die, you will return to the warfrontlinebattlefield, so you won't be pernamently dead. You canavengeyourself and gunshot surviving killer monster with criticaldamage.Every game you gain skills, that will help you to achievedesirablevictory.Become the best ruthless online hero assassin whowill leadheadshot leaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar gamewithunique feel. Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours ofnotordinary gameplay. The monsters must be eliminated. Keepyourfinger on the trigger. Kill them before they kill you! Grabyourshotgun in arsenal and shoot your way through this monster warofgory main levels to rescue the world from the monsterapocalypse.-Possibility to Demolish buildings- Stunning 3D mountainpark ( hill) graphics, Innovative Level Design- Hours of fungameplay withthis great jurassic simulator- 14 Monsters minoins topick ( deathskull, dragon, virus zombie, walking dead, undertakerwarlord,kraken, hell rot, giant bat, gargoyle etc)- 12 frontierapocalypsesaga levels, more to come- Awesome doom Sound &Music- WeaponUpgrade System, Arsenal of Weapons like fromterminator
Subdivision Infinity: 3D Space Shooter 1.0.7160
Subdivision Infinity is an immersive and pulse pounding sci-fi3Dspace shooter. **ATTENTION** - Play the first location forfree!Want to chat about Subdivision Infinity? Join our Discordserver: Ready your ship and cruise thegreatexpanse of space in over 50 engaging missions in 6distinctlocales. Hunt down and destroy enemy spacecraft, crushcapitalships, mine asteroids for rare minerals, and find blueprintstocraft amazing new vessels. Subdivision Infinity featuresstunninggraphics and tight spaceship game play. Beyond the story'smainmissions, you will have an array of optional goals to keepyoucruising, including space exploration, bounty hunting, andminingoperations. Features: • First Location is free! • Over 50Missionsin the main storyline • 6 unique locations, each with adifferentfeel and atmosphere • Unique bosses! Capital shipsdestruction isnot just included, but encouraged • Side-questsgalore! Take abreak from the main story and engage in somerewarding sideactivities including: • Exploration - Find lostrelics like shipblueprints to outfit and improve your ships. Or,build a new ship!• Free Hunt - Take on hostile spacecraft and honeyour combatskills • Mining - Harvest asteroids and sell theirminerals forprofit, or use them to craft unique ships • Diverseselection ofweapons and ships available to buy and upgrade •Beautiful 3Dgraphics! Perfect for exceptional space combat Followus for thelatest info and game news! ••••
Real Range Shooting : Army Training Free Game 1.2
Real Range Shooter is a 3D first-person shooter simulation gamewithstunning details and addictive game play. Exercise yourShootingexperience with one of the best training game in themarket. Shootwith precision and aim at still targets.Real RangeArmy Shooting isbest war training game that will blow you away.Real Shooting Mastergame is the first person army commandotraining game.Real CommandoArmy Training is simple for rangepractice for all ages shooter.It’s a best range target practicegame. Get ready shooters to enjoythe best update of Real rangeShooting Army Training 3D game on yourandroid device from GooglePlay Store.Real commando Shooting ArmyTraining is the best rifflegame with different stages ( movingtargets, assault weapons,sniper rifles, range targets and manymore). This is the bestMilitary Training army commando, play thissniper game and forgetthe old archery. This Best Real Shooting ArmyTraining game is thealternative to archery game. The militarytraining has changed witharchery.Choose your weapon and test yourskills with countlesschallenging missions!Try different weapons inspecific ranges,fight for new missions or high scores. Now pick upyour gun, stepinto the action and prove yourself that you are thereal shooter inbest army commando games.Linear level progressionmakes the amazingfor the user to play and shoot the moving targetsin army trainingfacility. Army training shooting helps to improveyour experiencein the real 3d environment. In the game, play withReal Armytraining enhances your level of concentration and it willhelp youto make strongest of decisions in bad times. The targetshootinggame helps you to develop your shooting skills.Test yourparticularskill; arm and marshal yourself with deadly alone epicwar assassinmachine guns. Army Kill shooter is a First personaction game,allows the user to experience one of the most thrillingexperiencesof combat missions.The shooting master aim is to aperfect shotscore of the target. To make your shooting skillsperfect alongwith long range and snipping from a gallery offrontier targetsniper shooter. The extremely army shooting game, tomake finalaccurate shots in the best long-range sniper app of 2018.Hit thetarget in range by making some perfect shots with targetpracticefun.Arm yourself with highly accurate guns ranging fromclassicpistols to assault rifles, sniper rifles and many more!Unlock newweapons and upgrade your weapons with damage, accuracy,the rate offire, reload speed and clip size upgrades! Test yourshootingskills in unique training ranges and different gamemodes.Eliminate terrorists, rescue hostages and follow targetsandtime.This real commando army is designed to give the user thebestexperience of range shooting game with real guns while keepingallpoints in mind. Think of a person who competes, if he hassomeprior experience which will help him to win therivalry.Features:•Different Exciting levels• You should considerusing differentenvironments like wind forces and direction like asniper.• Tabletdevices supported• Stunning 3D graphics with qualityoptions.• RealRange Shooting Army Commando Training is Experiencethe best FPSgaming experience with the most casual controls. • Gunswithrealistic controls• Well managed Artificial Intelligence.•Secure& comfortable control options.Don’t this Best RealCommandoShooting training game and please rate us. Give yourimportantfeedback for further improvement.
Manuganu 2 1.0.10
*** “Now featured on NVIDIA TegraZone. Plays great withfullcontroller support on NVIDIA SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Tablet,andAndroid TV.” *** Manuganu is back with lots of action and brandnewfeatures for new adventures. Help him in his quest to rescuehisbest friend. Manuganu-2 is a 3D side- scroller running game,inwhich you control the boy “Manuganu”. NEVERENDING ACTION40unequally designed levels. Beat 4 Epic Bosses and completethesaga. Collect all the items to win extra awards. Followalternativepaths to collect the three stars and gain “GooglePlay”achievements. TIMING IS THE TRICK To run away from enemiesanddodge the obstacles use the halt feature. In Manuganu timingiseverything. NEW FEATURES In this release, Manuganu, has flyandswim features, which can easily be controlled with a singletouchand it will be more challenging than ever with the improvedclimbfeature. GLAMOROUS VISUALS Completely 3D character andenvironmentdesign. Environments prepared with different colors andlights willget you into the game. Game Features •Platformingactions: Run,jump, roll, fly and swim •Original soundtrack by BurakKarakaş•Game available in: English, French, German,Italian,Spanish,Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish
Hunt Jungle Animals 2.5
GunFire Games
Hunt Jungle Animals is an addictive game for the fans of FPSgames,Hunting Simulators, and hunting Jungle animals.Choose yourfavoriteanimal and join hunting expedition of your life to theultimategame in Hunt Jungle Animals kill.Join 6 different animalsand huntwith stunning FPS hunting simulator on Android!Enjoy theforefront3D graphics with realistic environments highly detailedjungle andanimals .Hunting in Village , Desert , City, or a snowrealisticlyand highly detailed.★★★ STORY ★★★You love to hunt, andin thisdangerous jungle enrolled with your best sniper shootinggun.dangerous animals out there, choose between deer, bear, boar,fox,wolf and rhinotake aim and shoot. You have 8 levels to playwitheach animal. endless fun here.★★★ Best Game Features ★★★1.Realistic and highly detailed Jungle Environment2. Hunt ForestWildAnimals3. Choose different animals for Hunting4. RealisticFPShunting simulator5. Multiple levels for each animalPrivacyPolicy:
Grand Gangsters 3D
Welcome to Sin City! Where it all began. Roll up on a dangerousnewtrip through the city in San Andreas Fault in GrandGangsterstoday!Grand Gangsters puts the dark, intriguing andruthless worldof the city’s street crimes on your phones. You cantackle 6different types of motor vehicle theft missions to takeover thecity and outrun the police, or just obey every trafficlight.Stealing auto cars, evading cops, racing through streets,andshooting down other gangs… Do you have enough guts to rise tothetop of the criminal piles?Game Features:- Unique mixer ofashooter, punch game and auto racing!- Incredible 3D graphicsandintuitive touch controls- Tons of missions and possibilities in4areas of the city- 15+ weapons and auto vehicles
Lion Hunting 1.6
Want to experience the thrill of hunting, the wild lions, inaforest environment? Then lion hunting is the ultimate 3dhuntinggame to do so. Lion hunting is an addictive 3d shootinggame, withamazing 3d graphics and engaging gameplay, wherein youwill have tohunt, the lions, and survive from their attacks. This3d shootinggame consists of two gameplay modes - Hunter mode andsurvive mode.In the hunter mode of this 3d lion hunting game, youhave toinitially hunt, the female lions, and later hunt, the malelions,which are of attacking nature. In the hunter gameplay mode,youwill be given, a score, based on the number of lions you hunt.Inthe survive mode of this 3d shooting game, you will have tosurvivefrom the male lions, wherein the number of seconds, yousurvive,will be considered. Stay alert on the arrival of the wildhungrylions, on the hunt for its prey, in this 3d animal huntinggame.Experience the beautiful scenery with trees alongside, a lake,andmountains, as you play this 3d animal shooting game. Thestunningsound effects, in the gameplay, adds to the excitement ofthis 3dshooting game. Become a skilled lion hunter, by playing this3danimal hunting game. Hunt as many lions as possible, toscorehigher, in this 3d adventure game. Also, survive as longaspossible from the wild lions in this 3d adventure game.Competeagainst your highest score, in order, to score higher inthis 3danimal hunting game. Hunt all the lions and become an expertlionhunter and a sniper hunter, by playing this sniper game, gungameand lion hunt game, which is one of the top gun games,animalgames, sniper games, shooter games, lion games and animalshootinggames. Have fun, shooting and killing, the dangerous lions,in thisgun game, lion shooting game and sniper shoot game, which isone ofthe best shooting games, gun games, animal games, snipergames,lion games and hunt games. Make sure you properly aim,beforeshooting, in this gun game, sniper game and sniper shootinggame,which is one of the top gun games, animal games, lion games,snipergames 3d, animal shooting games and lion hunting animalgames.Always be prepared for a sudden attack from the wild lions,in thisgun game and sniper game, which is one of the best animalshootinggames, gun games, lion games, best shooting games, lionhuntinggames and lion shooting games. Experience the amazingsoundeffects, by playing this sniper game and sniper shootinggame,which is one of the best shooting games, animal hunting gamesforkids and animal hunting games 3d. Show your skill, bysurvivingfrom the hungry lions, in this sniper shooting game, shootgame andlion hunter game, which is one of the top animal huntinggamesfree, sniper shooting games 3d and good quality sniper games.Killthe lions using a sniper gun and become a sniper shooter,byplaying this lion shooting game and sniper killer shootergame,which is one of the best lion hunting games 3d, shooter games,freeanimal hunting games and animal sniper hunting games. Hunt downandshoot, the flesh hungry lions, in this sniper new game, sniperhuntgame, lion shoot game and sniper latest game, which is one ofthetop animal hunting games with gun, shooter games andanimalshooting games for free. It is time to get this 3d snipergamedownload, lion hunting game download, sniper best game, shootgame,sniper killer 3d game and lion shooter game, on android, forfree.Key features 1. Two gameplay modes ñ Hunter mode and survivemode.2. Stunning 3d graphics and amazing sound effects. 3.Addictiveadventure game. 4. Challenging gameplay. Lion hunting isthe best3d animal hunting game. Download this top 3d lion huntinggame andhunt as many lions as possible, all for free. Twitter pageFollowus on Twitter at page Like us onFacebook at
Naroth 1.40
You travel to Naroth, a green plateau located between thekingdomsof Vilden and Jarrad. On your quest for information aboutyourfather, you descend deeper and deeper into the abandoned minestofinally discover a threatening secret. Are you brave enough tofacethe danger?Naroth is an open world, fantasy action RPG in 3D.In afirst person view, you wander the wilderness and the villagesofNaroth, talk to the locals and explore the dungeons. Yougainexperience, improve your skills and find new items.Narothiscompletely free (no ads, no in-app-purchases) and completelyinEnglish, German or Russian.FAQ: world, fantasy role playinggame with dungeon crawlerelements- offline, single player gameplay-3D first personperspective- freely accessible world with 3 villagesand otherlocations- over 3 dozen quests...- ...and even more NPCs-15different enemy types- 30 dungeon levels- over 100 items tofindand purchase- long-ranged and melee weapons- alchemysystem-comprehensive skill tree- auto-mapping- quest log- up to 15hoursof playing timeQuest marker and people with question marksabovetheir heads are unknown in Naroth. It's your adventure,soexperience it in your own way.Naroth is powered by thejPCT-AE3D-Engine @ http://jpct-ae.netPlease note: The first startof thegame can take a little longer because it has to processsomeadditional data.The game needs permission to change systemsettingsto disable screen blanking and to minimize Android'ssoftwarebuttons.
Dinosaur Hunter Dino City 2017 1.027
Dinosaur Hunter Dino City is new intense 3D first personactionshooter game. Game contains singleplayer. You can pick fromarsenalof weapons - army knife, desert eagle, RPG, sniper gun, m4rifle,AK 47, grenade, uzi. Realistic outdoor hd graphics iscompareableto visuals of AAA assault army games from high-end PC.You canconfigure graphics to fit your device, so you can play moresmootlyand your movement will be more fluent. This game was made onunityengine. Each class contains main weapon, but you can also buy/upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets to the primalgun.Singleplayer campaign mission consists of simple task, which istoeliminate all dinosaurs from city. After each finished game,yougain experience ( xp ) and bounty money.Each match is nottimelimited. After you die, you will return to the warfrontlinebattlefield, so you won't be pernamently dead. You canavengeyourself and gunshot surviving killer dino with criticaldamage.Every game you gain skills, that will help you to achievedesirablevictory.Become the best ruthless online hero assassin whowill leadheadshot leaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar gamewithunique feel. Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours ofnotordinary gameplay.- Possibility to Demolish buildings- Stunning3Dmountain park ( hill ) graphics- Hours of fun gameplay withthisgreat jurassic simulator- 35 Dinosaurs to pick (T-rex,Carnosaurus, triceratops, Tyrannosaurus etc)- 6 levels, moretocomeBy installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:
Frontline Sharpshooter Commando 3d 1.0
Action Hive
WELCOME to sniper 3D Mountain FPS shoot games many task arewaitingfor you be fast! Run and gun while you discover modern realsnipercombat shooting 3D commando army mountain battle simulator isafast paced challenging and army real shooting city sniperstrikegame. Be fast If you miss your intention of modern armysniper 3Dcity shooting then you will become the army gun kill cityshootingadventure! The strategy of army modern helicopter shot war3D. Theexpulsion modern gun army survival attack game so beconscious becareful to play this sniper war city shoot commanderattack gamezombie hunter mountain shooting fun in this sniperultimate cityarmy extreme shooting games. Action gun military armyshooting 2017is a army commando city shooting mission 2017 games ofhavingamazing major action features and real army kill man shooting3Dmethods. It contains various collection pellet and types ofgunsand sniper secret kill army shooting 3d games for kids. Inthiscity secret crime kill shooting 3D games. We have your playernamedsurvival kill gangster army shooting is a heavy gunship armystrike2017. He is on a mission of army operation target shootingmissionwhich he encounter with major man terrorist city targetattack 3D.This real sniper army military shooter 2017 has theability ofmajor run and gun killing of army hunting city snipershootchallenge with different weapons. He is the best army soldiercityattack mission simulator at his country and the criticalrealstrike city attack 3d gave him the title of army countermilitaryshooter adventure because of his accurateness andexactitude. Incity modern army counter sniper 3D shooting have tosurvive for anextended age of time distance. Sniper gunshot funchallenge isreside in your country. Only angry men killer city armyshootingangry men killer city army shooting are the best soldierwithhighly prepared street army secret target shooting 3d.Supercommando army real shooting legend duty is to quick attack thebasecamp of your army city attack legend duty. Go behind theenemylines as a real army city shooting 3D This fps ninja armyshootertarget 3d game can save your time for searching sniper mengunshotfun challenge dangerous men killing free shooting in theangry menkiller city army shooting. This is perfect for those ofyou who arelooking for angry men killer city army shooting: zombiehuntermountain shooting fun in the world with various types ofweaponlike sniper, AK-47, stain gun, bomb, majestic, short gun,mine fordestroy sniper ultimate city army extreme shooting. Inaction gunmilitary army shooting 2017 your way into the heart ofreal armykill man shooting 3D. Sniper secret kill army shooting 3dcoverpoints to navy army gun action shooting
Auto Theft Gangsters 1.18
Roll up in the pimped out wheels, pack the most outrageousarsenaland conquer the criminal underworld in Auto Theft Gangsters!Youcan drive any vehicle or fire any weapon as you explore the 3Dopenworld.The streets of the city are in turmoil. A war between allthewell-known crime families leads the town to self-destructunderinsolence, deportation, murder and revenge. You arrive in thetownjust before the gang war and now it’s your opportunity torisethrough the ranks of the grand underworld. Steal the cars,punchthe kingpins and even shoot down the godfathers whilegainingnotoriety or just gorge on fast food & obey everytraffic light– it’s up to you.Game Features:- Visually stunning 3Dgraphics,insane weapons and crazy vehicle models- Make your waythroughhundreds of missions in Liberty City, Vegas & SanAndreas- Aunique feeling of freedom: do absolutely anything youwant at yourown pace- Team up with the wildest gangsters from allover theworld to take over the city
Rules of Max Shooter Survival Battleground 1.3
Relish in the supremacy of Rules of Max ShooterSurvivalBattleground 3D gameplay. Get ready for action bursting 3DOpenWorld environment & feel the excitement of shootingsurvival.You will obtain the entire weaponry to shoot the wickedterroristmafia. Enjoy FPS survival shooting 2018 & roam freelyin thisbattleground. German soldier here to conquest with you, sobe awarefrom terrorist enemy squad. Eliminate the every solitaryterroristto win this survival battleground. Use your strategicvigilant mindto save yourself from terrorist sudden attacks. Youwill obtain themodern weaponry to shoot terrorist enemies from thiscombat. Becomea protagonist survivor shooter of this Rules of MaxShooterSurvival Battleground. Armory: AK47, MP4, MP5, Knife, Sniper&many others.How to Play:  Use your modern weapons toshooteasily. Practice all controls to defeat terroristseasily.Eliminate every single terrorist to compete.  Use yourstrategicmind & heroic skills to win this task.  Fight withyourweapons to move further. Features of Rules of Max ShooterSurvivalBattleground: Amazing 3D action packed missions to play.Smooth& Easy controls to use. Incredible shooting missions. Modernweaponry.  Amusing sound effects.
Wild Zoo Animals Hunting City 1.01
Wild zoo animals hunting city is new intense 3D first personactionshooter game. Game contains singleplayer. You can pick fromarsenalof weapons - army knife, desert eagle, RPG, sniper gun, m4rifle,AK 47, grenade, uzi. Realistic outdoor hd graphics iscompareableto visuals of AAA assault army games from high-end PC.You canconfigure graphics to fit your device, so you can play moresmootlyand your movement will be more fluent. This game was made onunityengine. Each class contains main weapon, but you can also buy/upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets to the primalgun.Singleplayer campaign mission consists of simple task, which istoeliminate all wild animals from city. After each finished game,yougain experience ( xp ) and bounty money.Each match is nottimelimited. After you die, you will return to the warfrontlinebattlefield, so you won't be permanently dead. You canavengeyourself and gunshot surviving killer animal with criticaldamage.Every game you gain skills, that will help you to achievedesirablevictory.Become the best ruthless online hero assassin whowill leadheadshot leaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar gamewithunique feel. Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours ofnotordinary gameplay.- Possibility to Demolish buildings- Stunning3Dmountain park ( hill ) graphics- Hours of fun gameplay withthisgreat safari simulator- 12 wild animals to hunt ( Lion,Elephant,Hippo, Crocodile, etc)- 6 levels, more to come
Dead Blaster 3D: Open World Horror Missions 1.12
KM Technology
Best First Person Shooter FPS story mode Horror Zombie ShootingGamewith HD Graphics with many deadly weapons and very weapon isFREE.Main Story: The world's been affected by severe andcontagious virusinfection turning everyone dead alive. Only fewhumans are left andyou are one of them. Get yourself up and findAntidotes in differentplaces which can turn Zombies back intoHumans.Features:0: Trainingmode where you'll have Unlimitedhealth, bullets and weapons totrain in a big city.1: 22 differentlevels to play and more arecoming soon in update.2: More than 10different FREE and fullyupgraded weapons to chose from.3:Realistic Game controls. you canchoose static joystick or dynamicjoystick4: Slow motion effects.5:20+ different zombies.6: HD 3DGraphics.7: Highly optimized gamewhich can run smoothly on most ofthe devices.NOTE:• Backstabbingonly takes one shot to kill• Youwill have to search differentplaces in game to find health andammo• if you like this game thenplease take a moment to rate this,your reviews will help us to makethis game better.TAGS: FPSGameShooting gameHorror game Horrorshooting game Zombie game Freemovement gamefree movement shootinggame
Grand Gangster : City Mafia Action Games Simulator 6.0
Games Laft
Grand Gangster : City Mafia Action Games Simulator is the bestopenworld story based crime simulation game as the user gets thechanceto play various mission in the city. Dominate the criminalmafiacartel with intense gun shooting with powerful weaponry atyourdisposal in gangster city crime. User will join variousgangs’bosses and eventually would end up with Mafia gang who arethe lordof crime in the city. In the Las Vegas city which is famousfor thecrime city and the gangsters, thugs, robbers and rivals areroamingfind your target but be careful from other gangsters inthegangster game. Become a blue collar criminal but first do allthenecessary mission to reach to the top. Become a dangerous thuganddo whatever you want in the grand game about gangsters ofMiamicrime. The game features an open world city where user canpickweapons and car from various location and collect missionsfromvarious missions. In this Miami, Gangster starts stealing carsandbe lawlessness crime guy on streets of the grand city. Theuserwill perform missions which user will become various gangfightsand mob fights, there will be multiple turf disputes in whichuserwill get himself involved in.  Unleash your fear andsaveresidents of San Andrea’s & fight and destroy target forthismodern critical survival mission warfare.  The gamefeaturesmultiple high speed cars and motorbikes in this city. Stealany caror motorcycle that you like or snatch it from the citizens,thegame becomes difficult in the shootout missions. Take controlofthe mafia mobster crown, shoot the enemies, strike them hardatnight and take revenge in the name of your brother blood fromtheunderground mafia world. The game follows a storyline astheuser was betrayed by his friends in bank robbery and they lethim,high and dry but now the user is a new city with no friends.Usermakes new friend and strengthen his position so he can takebackrevenge from the friends that betrayed him.Let us exploreamazingfeatures of the game:🔫 Ultra realistic 3D graphics.🔫Innovative 3Dcamera angles.🔫 Smooth controller.🔫 Epic cityenvironment withrealistic infrastructure.🔫 Become the mafia bossand performvarious missions. 🔫 Ultra High Definition display.🔫ChallengingShooting battles against rivals.🔫 Amazing storylineswith cutscenes. 🔫 Detailed Control options.🔫 Multiple advancedweapons.🔫Various animations.🔫 Mad fury shooting in the missions.🔫Guidelinesfor the Drivers to follow the tracks🔫 Various drivingchallenge.🔫Gangster fights and mob fights.🔫 Visual Effects (VFX).🔫Realisticsound effects (SFX).🔫 Specially designed soundtrack.
Color by Number 3D- Voxel Unicorn Sandbox Coloring 2.0
Color by numbers 3D is an excellent way to pass time withcreatingyour artworks! Color by Number 3D is fun for adults as wellas kidsbut have you ever imagine turning coloring pages into 3D andcolorin a brand new angle?Now we offers you the 3D coloringexperience,more vivid and interesting!Color by numbers as known aspixelcoloring is the new trend, but what makes it unique is thatyou canpaint by number in 3D. Choose from the variety of 3Dtemplates,just follow the numbers and fill in the colors. Rotatethe screento color in different dimensions.Coloring is astress-relieftherapy and 3D coloring will give you more senseofachievements.Many grown-ups do pixel coloring to anti stress,sincevoxel 3D number coloring book is like a pixel art therapy. Butdoyou know coloring apps in 3D will give you much more senseofachievements. You will get addictive to paint by numbersin3D,especially with all the graphics which we work really hardonthem. Take your time, relax and enjoy coloring! Features:-Colorpictures according to the number and highlighted area-Coloring ByNumber in 3d is an amazing way to improve drawingskills -Perfectlydevelops children fine motor skills -Paint easilyany voxel model.-Family-friendly content: coloring anti-stresspictures suits forboth adults & kids -Perfect relaxing way tobecome the masterof your own mind. -Sandbox number coloring havemany interestingpixel pages and number books for you to coloring in3D. -Ultimatedestress and relaxing. Every colored page comes tolife in itsuniquely colored way, giving the artist an immediate andspecialsense of ownership and pride!Not only is the app incrediblyfun,but it is also a great tool for developing skills and knowledgeonvarious topics. Try it out yourself and we are sure you willagree.It is important that even youngest can color in 3D, so thattheybecome more aware of what a real world means.Having realobjectscolored, also can get the children to better understand whattheyare studying.It is an easy way to uncover the painter inthepainting according to color by number.As you can sustainpainting,you will get a work of art synchronized with it. If youlikemandala, painting & coloring or design in general, thenthis 3dcoloring is for you.Enjoy this stress relief and addictive3D pixelcoloring art therapy.
Last Day of Winter - FPS Frontline Shooter 1.2.2
BTO Studios
Last day of winter is best free 3d video game with specialCanadianforest environment and your only companion is a huntingwolf inthis huge-n-extensive land dominated by trees. You mustsurvive theterrible dangers of forest with your hunting rifle andyour huntingpal a big brown wolf. In this cold weather you must useyourspecial skills to stay alive and survive form attacks ofanimalsliving in depth of trees. Your wolf-pal will go where you goanddefend you from the attacking animals. You are alone in thislonesnow covered land except for your obedient wolf, keep yourgunsready for the approaching the danger. Change your gun fromrifle topistol for close prey and various other guns. Showing offyourgaming skill use the smooth and easy controllers on screentodirect your character to win each level of this freeonlinesurvival in the winter fps game. Trained to survive anysituation,your ability to find best path to find a safe place arebest andyour wolf will alert you of approaching threats. In thisvideo gameyou will face harsh blowing winter wind and mercilessattack of thewild savage animals to get to freedom.You have enteredthe zone ofwolf caves and are surrounded on all sides by growlingevil wolves.Hide with your wolf under bushes and climb a tree,change your gunto sniper gun, for clear shot to stop the deadlywolves attack. Asan ex-special forces guy strike with firing gunsat the evil wolvesdown before they reach you, your wolf will attackto defend youfrom bad wolves. Shoot with precision at the heads ofthe wolves tosurvive and move on to next level. Improve your gamingskills inthis different multilevel gaming environment by taking onand downall of the wolves with your good shoots and with the helpof yourtrusty brown wolf. You can experience and play this epicgameplayonline as well as offline without wi-fi.Everything looksthe samein this woods-gameplay so keep yourself calm and create aplan tonot loose path between trees, on this strange chilled lastwinterday. You’ve made a bad turn through fog covered trees andhavestepped into the nest of apes mistakenly. You are equippedwithbest hunting rifle to escape from getting crushed by angrybigapes. It is furtive to run, so use your sniper rifle toshotbullets and go on ape hunt with your wolf. Play to win in this3dsniper free hunting for survival game against huntingforestcritters. In this unique Canadian tree populated gameplayyoursurvival partner the brown wolf will accompany you everywheretoprotect you and slash all the deadly furious apes and growlingevilwolves.Play the best survival in the cold winter-forest gamewhereforest tops and grounds are chirping with gun shoots, wolfhowlingand apes crushing-trees. Player is tasked to lead thecharacters tosafety and to survive attacks from both bad wolves andfuriousapes. This game features best 3D graphics of thrillingforest-likeenvironment with matching sound effects and music toboost. Sodownload and start playing this entertaining game todayfor free!
Counter Attack Terrorist City 1.01
Counter Attack Terrorist City is new intense 3D first personactionshooter game. Game contains singleplayer. You can pick fromarsenalof weapons - army knife, desert eagle, RPG, sniper gun, m4rifle,AK 47, grenade, uzi. Realistic outdoor hd graphics iscompareableto visuals of AAA assault army games from high-end PC.You canconfigure graphics to fit your device, so you can play moresmootlyand your movement will be more fluent. This game was made onunityengine. Each class contains main weapon, but you can also buy/upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets to the primalgun.Singleplayer campaign mission consists of simple task, which istoeliminate all dinosaurs from city. After each finished game,yougain experience ( xp ) and bounty money.Each match is nottimelimited. After you die, you will return to the warfrontlinebattlefield, so you won't be pernamently dead. You canavengeyourself and gunshot surviving killer dino with criticaldamage.Every game you gain skills, that will help you to achievedesirablevictory.Become the best ruthless online hero assassin whowill leadheadshot leaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar gamewithunique feel. Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours ofnotordinary gameplay.- Possibility to Demolish buildings- Stunning3Dmountain park ( hill ) graphics- Hours of fun gameplay withthisgreat jurassic simulator- 15 different types of terrorists,welldesigned and balanced- 6 levels, more to come
Zombie Shooter 3D: Free FPS Shooting - Apocalypse 1.2.1
Zombie Shooter 3D is the new and most realistic 3D zombiehuntinggame. Feel the supreme zombie shooting game in smartphone!Zombiesniper shooter 3D is the best zombie hunting game youwillexperience on google play.Zombie Shooter 3D is full ofexcitementand thrill for zombie hunting fans. Hunt down the zombiesand endthis zombie apocalypse. This lethal virus is spreadingthrough asingle bite and turning healthy and normal people intosomethingvicious, unthinking and feral. The only way to stop thiszombieapocalypse is to kill them all.Zombies have turned this cityinto abarren land and you are the lone survivor. Zombies willsuddenlyappear from nowhere. Don't get afraid of the dead zombiesand killthe bloody zombies crawling, walking and running towardsyou forthe fresh blood. Choose your best weapon and start huntingzombiesfrom the barren desserts to the cities full of bloodsuckers.Complete all the deadly missions to end thisanarchy.Features*Intense action* First person shooter game*Realistic 3D zombiehunting* Different bloody environments*Intuitive 3D zombies* Freeto play* Sniper & machine gunshooting* Action and thrill*Intuitive 3D graphics* Numerousmissions
My Pocket Galaxy - 3D Gravity Sandbox Free 1.6
If you had the power, how would you create the solar system?Whatwould be the size of each planet or star? And how would youplacethem in orbit? If you are interested in Astronomy and lookingfor apowerful yet easy to use 3 dimensional space sand box app tocreateand simulate a whole new galaxy with realistic physics rules,thenyou’ve come to the right place. My Pocket Galaxy, the 3D sandboxgame, provides you the ultimate power to explore the infinitespaceand simulate your own space full of different planets, gasgiants,and stars. In this gravity simulator app, you get tocustomizeliterally any aspect of these particles to simulate anddesign yourvery own solar system in this sand box. Once you aresatisfied withyour customized solar system (or any othercombination ofparticles, planets, and stars), you get to easily addit to yourcollection, take a screenshot and share it with theworld. The gamecomes with a clean and neat design and the 3Dsimulation is sosmooth that you won’t feel any difficulties or lagswhen bombardingyour planets, or applying any condition to them. Andmake sure notto take the realistic gravity lensing effect asgranted whenlooking at a black hole. It’s just fascinating. Is thisOrbitSandbox Easy to Use? Is this 3D galaxy sand box withrealisticphysics simulation powerful enough to create and designdifferentplanets, gas giants and stars? The answer is a BIG yes!But are thesimulation tools easy to use? The answer is even aBIGGER yes! Theuser interface is so friendly, that you’ll get usedto it aftergoing through the step-by-step tutorial and tryingavailable toolsfor a few times. After that, you just need to useyour imaginationand be creative to form some unique pocket galaxieswith gravitysimulator based on physics rules. If you are going toredesign ourlovely solar system in our galaxy, you’ll have accessto all theplanets (mars, moon, earth, mercury etc …) and you havethe powerto unlock new worlds by meeting the right conditions,collidingwith the right objects, and altering mass and sea levelwhilekeeping the temperature stable. To smash stuff together andcreatenew planets, make sure to crash the right ones together. Tip:Toraise the sea level, hit a planet with ice meteors, and userockmeteors to lower the sea level. Orbit Sandbox Main Features ataGlance: • Wonderful 3D graphics with smooth space simulation•Super user-friendly interface with easy to learn gameplay•Step-by-step and detailed tutorial • Huge variety ofparticles,procedural planets, gas giants and stars • Ultimatecustomizationoptions for your creations • Gravity simulator withrealisticphysics rules • Create Solar System with the tiniestdetails • Takescreenshots of your universe and share it with familyand friends •Unlock new achievements • Interactive journal to trackyourcreations • Save and Load simulated creations So, My PocketGalaxyoffers everything you should expect from such 3D gravityanduniverse sandbox games and it even sets the bar to a higherlevelby offering smooth particle simulator, realistic physicsrules,user-friendly interface, a wide range of differentparticles,planets and stars, and a lot more. No matter you areserious inAstronomy stuff or you just want to have fun creatingsomebeautiful infinite universes, we’ve got you covered. You justneedto take your time, select from wide range of stunningparticles,stars, and planets, specify their positions and how theyshouldrotate, and last but not the least decide which planetsshouldcollide to destroy and create new worlds. Download and let usknowabout any bugs, feature requests or any other suggestions. Theappformerly known as Pocket Universe.
Sniper Duck Hunting: Bird Hunter FPS Shooter Game 1.3
Sniper Duck Hunting: Bird Hunter - FPS Shooter Game - Theduckhunting season is started so get ready to shoot some ducks! Induckhunting real season you are a flying duck hunter. So do youthinkyou are a good hunter of migratory birds or flying birds? Showushow good you are & shoot every duck hunted you see. Thebirdhunting fever is at the high level so grab the birds huntinggun& go for a duck hunt. Get ready for duck hunting snipershootergame! Shoot ducks as much you can with 3D gun in abeautifulenvironment mix up of beautiful jungle birds & ducksounds.Feel like in realistic duck hunting environment. If you area goodbird shooter & play other duck hunting games 2017, soacceptthe challenge, then here is the perfect situation for youtoadventure hunting game free.Features & Objectives ofSniperDuck Hunting Game:- You are equipped with powerful huntingrifles,take the aim & shoot right on the spot.- EfficientWeaponcontrol for real duck hunter- 3D Graphics & soundEffects- Realtime duck hunting with animations- Different birds,crow, eagle,sparrows, ghoose, quail, dove & pheasant flyingbirds are therein the environment for hunting & shooting levels&missions.- Unique gameplay for professinal hunter, girls,boys,kids & anybody can play this duck hunter game free.-Realisticwater fowl hunting environment for bird games.- Huntingbirds withawesome background music.- Get hunting experience &take huntedbirds with you for your meals.- Hunt bird bravelyhunting rifles inhunting sea like a clay hunter- صید بطةEnter abeautiful jungle 3Denvironment, aim precisely & shoot flyingbirds to get the realbird hunting experience. Play bird huntingseason 2017, the newestsniper hunt game to shoot ducks, pigeons,seagulls & many moreflying birds. Bird games provide you somehunting times for eachbirds shooter level. hunting birds havesalient eye & hearings,they can fly away once you shoot gunsounds. So you must be clever& professional hunter don't letbirds fly away, otherwise youwill face more challenge of huntingbirds.Weather keeps changing& birds fly from snowy mountains toAfrican jungles. This timearound the year is bird hunting season.It is a perfect day to huntbirds like vulture, sparrow & blackcrow. Grab your sniperrifle, do camouflage & take position intrees. Keep looking insky for flying birds & aim to shoot atfirst sight. Test yoursharpshooter skills with ultimate birdhunting game. When sky isclear you will see lots of eagles,vultures & pigeons. Take atrip to realistic birds valley toenjoy brilliant shootingmissions.Birds are always migrating fromforest to jungles, desertto mountains, snowy mountains to desertswith changing weathers, soget ready for your bird huntingadventure. Hunt duck is a real FPSshooter game in best birds games.Duck hunting simulator is bestgame on play store like other huntinggames. Bird shoot, duck shootis bit different adventure, becauseducks are flying slowly, so aim& shoot precisely. Bird hunt isalways a tough adventurebecause you must need hunting rifles tohunt the flying ducks. Whenbirds migration starts, bird huntingseason starts, so get readyfor flying bird target killer in thisbest bird shooter game.BirdShooting Free GameHunt diving ducks,canvasback, redhead,bufflehead, lesser scaup, goldeneye, geese,canada goose, snowgoose, ross's goose, brant, white-fronted goose,waterfowl hunting,ruddy duck, american coot, sandhill crane, tundraswan, mute swanducks. Attract the passing by ducks flock with theduck whistle,& on proper time hit the flock to clay hunt themaximum ducksin a single shot fired from the hunting rifle. theduck callingstrategies used by the real professional hunters toattract thewater fowls for hunting.Mallard duck hunting:DifferentDuck TypesIncluding; dabbling ducks, mallard, northern pintail,gadwall,green-winged teal, wood duck, blue-winged teal flying,let's huntducks.
Sniper Shooting 3D Kill: Free FPS Gun Shooter Game 9.11.2017
Welcome to the #1 Sniper Assassin Shooting Game 3D.Wanna becomeanElite Killer or Sniper shooter who destroys evils? Armyourselfwith deadly assassin sniper weapons, assault rifles,machine gunsand the latest military gear to complete covert combatmissionsdeep inside enemy territory!Get this free FPS modern snipershootergame on your phone and feel the thrill of modern strikesniperassassin 2017 and army mountain sniper shooting.GreatGameplay,Awesome Visuals and Entertaining Missions.Best of all:It's a freefps game to pass the time!Have you got what it takes tobring downwild dinosaurs and bloodthirsty zombies in the ultimatehuntinggame?This is not only a modern combat, but also an oldstylewarfare.Beat Yalghaar Helicopter Sniper shooting simulatorgame bybecoming the best shooter and pilot in a extreme combat.Battleagainst your strongest enemy who is in alliance withcitygangsters, ISIS terrorists and other high levelcriminals.Terrorists, maniacs and other psychopaths are a plague oftoday'sworld. We are convening a global sniper elite to join uswith theevil forces against every corner of the world. Trained as aSpecialForces soldier you will navigate secret missions across theglobe,eliminating hostile forces that stand in the way of apeacefulworld.Terrorists have taken over the city, now theresponsibilitylies on you to counter & kill the terrorists asarmy mountainsniper shooter with your first person shooting skillsand end thisfatal battle once and forever with gangster assault.You have toaccept the duty, join the ops, fight for your people toprotectyour territory by shooting others and to kill for survivalby usingyour bullet force. Become the part of best Swat team.Grabthemodern Sniper Gun, AIM and SHOOT! Elite Sniper Shooting GameforFREE to Download! Hold your breath and keep focused when youtakeyour shot because there is no turn back!Features:- UltraREALISTIC3D graphics and cool animations.- HUNDREDS of thrillingMISSIONS.-Tons of letal GUNS and mortal WEAPONS.- ADDICTINGgameplay (FPS).-EASY and INTUITIVE controls.- FREE game: play itboth on your phoneand tablet.Terrorists plan to nuke you and infectworld with deadlyvirus, but you're gonna shoot them, slash them,tear them apart (orconvince them to vanish in any other way). As anelite shooter, youmust now hunt to survive. Complete missions tounlock powerful newweapons and become the ultimate sniper. Join thewar and try toshoot! Like an agent doing the same task, making astimulatingheadshot, experiencing extremely realistic images,designing yourskill combinations, upgrading and customizing yourweapons. Summonyour troops, fight against the enemy in thebattlefield.Fromguerrilla combat in jungle mountain ranges, torecon missions onMediterranean islands, you’ll travel the world insearch of terrorthreats. Never underestimate your enemy they mighthave got abackup of Jet Fighters Planes, Tanks, City BuildingSnipers,Contract Killers, SUV Jeeps, Navy Seals, Commandos, 4x4MonsterTrucks, Bike Shooters, Sharp Shooters & Heavy Weaponry.Variousmissions include Police Sniper, Army Sniper Mission,MountainSniper, Desert Sniper Mission, City Sniper, ContractKiller, NavySniper & Private Sniper. Win the war against evil.Use laserlight & scope zoom to make your shot perfect and don'tgive achance to criminal else you will lose the mission.Armory isgoingto be a like real gun shop for you: machine guns, rifles,shotguns,grenades & sniper rifles. Survive using deadly sniperskills.Slow motion bullet fire effect. Your enemies might be hidinginlocations like Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan. Choose your gunandrifle in many 15 alternatives like M4, MP5, Shotgun, DP,AK-47,Benelli, Sniper and be ready for the fight.
Wilder Animal Big Dino Hunter 1.0
Jhatka Gamers
Wilder animal big dino hunter is latest 3D design action game. Itisthe biggest source of entertainment for hunters. Enjoy thelatestand wonderful 3D shooting game 2017 with amazing fire sound.If youwant to deadly sharp shooter get into the wild life and killthebiggest dinosaurs. Prove your shooting skills and present it tothepeople and show them how sharply you can kill the dinosaurs.Wilderanimal big dino hunter is providing you latest weaponsforkilling.Wilder animal big dino hunter will increase yourhuntingskills; if you want to join army so wilder animal big dinohunteris giving you the opportunity of boosting p the shootingskills inthis game your firing capabilities will also increase.Wilderanimal big dino adventure is also introducing the latest 2017modelsippers, pistols and other rifles, if you are not aware oftheseequipments this is golden opportunity for you forgreaterexperience.In wilder animal big dino hunter there are numberofwonderful thrilling and action levels which will be greatersourceof entertainment for you. In each level you need to killthenumbers of dinosaurs so you will enter into next level. Aftereverysuccess level you will get bonus point through these pointsyou canpurchase or update your weapons and environments. Wilderanimal bigdino hunter has a green fresh 3D latest awesome forestenvironmentwith a lot of natural beauty. Green tress herbs shrubsand lakesare also present in wilder animal big dino hunter.If youare boredfrom old shooting game here we have latest wilder animalbig dinohunter game, this game is offering you to kill the bigdinosaur’sbeast in beautiful lush green wild environment. Enjoy thekillingof big dinosaurs and complete the levels. In this gamedeadlydinosaurs will attack on you several times but you can defeatthemwith your shooting and hunting abilities. So get a gun moveintothe lush green jungle and start killing beast dinosaurs andshowyour commando skills. Wilder animal big dino hunter realprovidesyou hunting dinosaur’s mission, fun and joy of hunt orshooing. Sodownload this wild animal big dino hunter game and boostup theskill.Features1. Stunning 3D graphics2. Real Fire sound3.Realistic jungle environment4. Latest guns and sippers
Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden 3D RPG 1.22
Ready for a true Fantasy RPG with a fantastic story? CrimsonWarden,an open world fantasy RPG set in a fantastic environment.Your herois The Crimson Warden, one of the King's elite warriorsthat mustsecure people in the cursed realms until the armyarrives. Embark ona fantastic journey filled with hundreds ofenemies and try toupgrade your hero's skills & attributes tofight better. ✔ Evenif it features vast 3D worlds and dynamic andinteractive action,Crimson Warden is resource friendly, justaround 100 mb and workssmoothly on phones & tablets. Gamefeatures: ◆ True Fantasy RPGGameplay. Guide your hero throughvarious worlds completing questsand fighting countless enemies.Upgrade your hero and level up. ◆Leveling & Upgrades. You canendlessly level up your hero basedon experience points received inbattles. Use loot to upgrade yourhero's skills and improve hisstats. ◆ Hundreds of Quests. TheFantasy RPG story unfolds as youadvance in the game and there aremore than 120 quests you mustcomplete, including side quests. Trackyour progress on themini-map. ◆ Hoards of Enemies. Fight againstmore than 20 differentenemies, from the luring Mermaids to Goblin,Orcs and many more.Destroy breakable objects (crates, chests etc.)to collect gold. ◆3D Fantastic Open World. Crimson Warden has abeautiful 3Denvironment with a fantastic touch. Control the viewingangle andenjoy a dynamic & interactive world. ◆ Musics andsoundtracks.Crimson Warden is accompanied by an upbeat soundtrackthat coupledwith its 3D graphics and gameplay offers an immersiveFantasy OpenWorld RPG experience for all players. Install it now toenjoy agreat 3d fantasy role playing game experience Forsupporting,opinion and suggestion don't forget to rate and reviewthe game ✔Follow us for the latest info and game news!▶▶▶▶
Go African Safari: Animal Wild Hunter 2018
This is a new sniper wild animals hunting shooting 3D mostrealisticand wild animals forest sniper hunting game especiallyfor thoseanimals frontier sniper jungle hunting in real life. Huntdown thereal sniper mountain animals survivals in this best wildanimalssniper gun hunting simulator and safari deadly animalsoffroadhunting game. If you become a professional hunt sniperanimalstarget hunting this wild animals city sniper hunting 3Dgameprovides a chance to you animals crazy modern survivals sniperin abig jungle angry animals 3D real sniper with differentjungleenvironments. You have to be careful when you safari sniperanimalsshooting adventure, they may back the attack animals expertsnipershooter simulation.Use your fire to take to animalswildernesssniper hunting 3D. Use high power realistic modern realanimalsniper hunting jungle wild like hunting safari sniper animalattackfor hunting. Go forward and take an adventure animals forestsniperhunting and you will be hunt wilder animal gun sniper 3D.This isreal hunter sniper - animal shooting game based on newseasonclassic animals safari hunting sniper gameplay and the fullrangeof a sniper jungle animals hunting simulation. Test Americansafarisniper animals hunting mission and learn how to angry lionsniperrunner attack survive jungle. This is a free animal junglesnipershooting hunt 3D game in the great hunter expert sniperanimalssimulation as an expert of wildlife sniper animals gunshooting andplaced your skills to hunting 3D sniper targetanimalschallenge.Strength of this diversion is that expert marksmanis atvarious areas for each chasing level. Expert rifleman is atatallness in all levels so he is sheltered from thecreaturesassault aside from chasing wolf. On hearing shot dischargesoundwolf will be alarm and will assault on you. Grab your gun andgetready for most exciting call of sniper animals forest hunting3D.We are talking to you across the world where you will sniperguncrazy lion shooting 3D, sniper time ultimate animals hunting.Youcan 3d animal shunting forest shooting like animals junglesnipergun hunting and other wild deer modern hunting sniper shootanddangerous animals gun hunting game. It became a challengeforexpert sniper gun forest hunting. This crazy animals bestjunglehunter game provides you animals new gun sniper expert huntwhichyou might not be been able to get in your real life. shootforestanimals sniper hunting and become a real animals archerysnipershooting 3D shooter. shoot sniper animals dangerous huntingnoanimal behind. You are safari animals sniper desert huntingwithspecial amazing hunter sniper lion shooter. When some enterintothe best sniper animals hunting legends they take it as realhuntergun expert sniper animals so you should frontline sniperanimalshunting 3D. Targeting on FPS sniper animals fast hunting isalsoanimals adventure FPS hunting sniper challenge for you. Useyourmodern animals jungle sniper ultimate hunting to killthesemountain sniper animals hunt sharpshooter in thejungle.GameFeatures:- Ultimate Hunting Action- Gameplay IsEntertaining -Hunting Life Experience- InApp Items Added- GunsStore Available -Realistic African Forest- FPS Hunting Game-Variety Of Animals -Immersive 3D Graphics
Frontline Battle Attack:Survival Mission 1.2
Action Hive
Are you crazy enough for army city shooting gun 3D? If yesthendownload now this crazy mountain sniper gun shoot 3D game. Inthismodern man city shooting 3D, which comes in real kill mancityshooting free games category, there is unlimited furious sniperFPSshoot 3D. This army combat mountain killer 2017 game ismostaddictive among these commando desert deadly shoot 3D gamesanddeadly zombie target blood shoot adventure 3D games because this3Dsecret crime shooting mafia game comes under the category ofarmyextreme commando survival shooter games. You are realgangstergangster kill hunter and you are going for real contractman citygun killer with shooting sniper rifle to succeed in yourstealthmission or in bullet battle war shooting force.All thesedead mantarget hunter shoot 3D features make this frontline firstwarcommando attack game an fps game. if you are kill enemy shooteliteassault mission and looking for street crime gangsterescapeshooting games or modern city fire gun combat shoot 3D gamesfor USmafia shooting war revenge with 3D shoot gun crime killmission manthen download now this army counter gun terrorist attack3D game.As this angry man forest shooting adventure 3D game comesunder thecategory of fps games so it promises you extreme armybattle gunwar shoot with one military man assault sharpshooter. Inthis oneman army killer shooting mission game you are commando mancityshooting legends trained for ultimate sniper man assassinhunterwith your expert gun fire shooting like extreme man gunnersurvivalkill battle 3D and you are skillful in accomplishingfrontline armyborder shooter action. Zombie man target killfrontier games aregreat deal of amazing army camp shoottraining.This city mafia fastfrontier gun shooting 3D 2017 game isreal fury target major gunshooting 3D game with modern weaponrylike assault sniper gun. Thisnavy gunner man furious shooting gameis combo of American streetmafia kill revenge games or shootinggames. You Hired As SecretCrime Agencies Shooter And Later OnPromoted To Underworld NinjaWar Man Fighting And You Are Given TheDuty Of Hero Fighter Man 3DShooter With Your Duty Sniper Gun. Beingattack man city killadventure would be given duty master archeryman shooting.Adventure of police criminal city shooting case inthis sniper kingshooting man hunter game is a source of shootingand killing forall of these sniper king shooting man hunter. Beinga traineddeadly shooting gun hunter games take your duty modernelitecritical army shooting against these terrorists and accomplishyourstealth mission successful along with shooter public trafficattackmission. This major bravo man ultimate shooter 2017 game ismostaddictive game among real fire gun strike shooting 3D gameswithunlimited commando amazing Yalghaar enemy shooter with dutysniperguns for all these commando swat secret mission warrior andtrainedsniper killers. If you are contract US sniper criminalkiller 2017and looking for gun shooting games then download nowthis modernisland military sniper shooting game. This city assassinsoliderelite warrior 3D game is most addictive shooting game amongtheentire fps games because of American army sniper survivalbattle.
Frontline Animal 3D Shooting 1.0
Frontline Animal 3D ShootingFrontline Animal 3D Shooting Game isTopFree Animal Hunting Game on Play Store.In this commando actionwildanimal shooting adventure game you will have to use allyourbattlefield skills to survive in this 3D shooting game. Killthewild animal like a real hunter, improve your tracking skills,stalkyour target, and put your hunting and shooting skills to thetestin the hunt of real wild animals. It is time to load outyourweapons and get your 5 star shooting fix! Deadly animals are inthejungle and they are crazy to attack on you. Utilize yourArmyCommando special shooting skills for fight against animals andfindescape from the hunted Island. Hunt different wild animalslikecougar, lion, elephant, giraffe, deer-stage, gorilla, zebra,blackpuma, crocodile, dinosaur and buffalo. Angry Gorilla is inthecrazy jungle and attacking on animals by its big punch tosurvive.Utilize Army special combat commando skills for shooting tosurviveand fight against animals and find escape from the huntedIsland.Hunt the deadly sharks swimming under ocean depth lookingfor someprey. In this modern sniper shooting game of shark hunting,do notlet blood thirsty sharks closer to you.Utilize your topsniperguns, commando action fighting and shooting skill to escape.Inwild hunter animal modern shooter game it’s a mission ondeadlyshores to survive. Plan the Mission to escape from thedangerousIsland to survive and return back home. Brace yourself fortheultimate deer hunting experience. Use your combat commandosniperguns to shoot them in frontline animal 3D gun shooting game.Killor be killed, be a part of ultimate battle between you andwildangry gorilla. In deer hunting games you just have to shootdeerwith your gun or riffles but in lion and wild animal, killingtheseanimal can attack on you and can kill you. Show yourbrutalattacking skills to hunt down wild beast in the jungle andsaveyourself from their counter attacks in this survival island.Youareequipped with deadly sniper shooting guns and modern assaultriflesto hunt the wild animals. Even from old era soldiers aretrained asarcher shooter and they also learn archery hunting. Allwarriorsand knights were expert in hunting the running animals atJungleIsland. Hunt safari animals & escape life safeguardmissions.Deal with the counter attacks of these beasts with uniquecombos.Knockout monkeys before gorilla rampage at safari. Armyourselfwith shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and the latestmilitarygear. Will you become a famous big-game hunter that killsthe bigfive of zebra, elephant, and buffalo? Escape from an Islandlike areal survival hero to struggle for your freedom. Survivallandadventures begin with a hard time from lost Island alongwithwilder tiger. Go for hunting adventure and sedate angrygorillabefore it attacks and kills you. Game includes deadlyattacks,extreme wilderness, survival escape missions and you needto be aSurvivor Hero!! Hey Commando have you got all skills,Fronline ArmyCommando training test, power, assault shooting andwilderness toevolve as brave hunting warrior in this thrillingadventures gamefor a life escape mission. Test your frontline 3Dsniper skills bychoosing targets carefully; or go into assault modeas you clearthe forest of the wild beasts! Become the best Commandoon thisSurvival Island. Use all the possible tools and weapons todefendyourself from wilderness creature.
PrimalCraft: Cubes Craft & Survive Game 3.7.0
PrimalCraft is an absolutely FREE sandbox game, where you canbuildyour own cube world. *** GAME FEATURES *** • 3DSandboxConstruction; • Free2play game; • RPG Elements; • CubeHouseBuilding; • Explore the World in RPJ Elements Game; •MULTIPLAYERbeta mode to CHAT with the real people online; • 40+Worlds toExplore; • Mining Craft & Destroying everything; •Build YourOwn Shelter/House/Town/World; • Go Deep into the Mines; •GatherResources to Survive; • Fight The Enemies; • GameAuto-saving.Crafting and building, exploration and surviving gamein which youcan explore an ancient city, immerse yourself in thecube earth,gather resources, raft blocks, and find food to survivein wildanimals’ world. Choose your type of the world: ► CreativeTryyourself as a builder that creates terrain and shelters.Exploreall the beauty of the world. It's the place to implementyourimagination where nothing limits your possibilities. ►SurvivalIt's the way for the brave ruthless adventurer. There are alot ofwild animals which treat you only as food, so be cautious.You canclone and spawn creatures using eggs in both modes. ***CREATIVEMODE FEATURES *** • Be creative! Set Your Imagination Free;•Endless gameplay; • Explore the blueprint worlds! • Buildandcreate awesome buildings and structures! • Compare yourblockworlds/towns/buildings with your friends. *** SURVIVALMODEFEATURES *** ⇒ A great number of different monsters. ⇒ AfterGameAwards. ⇒ Share your results with friends. *** PRIMALCRAFT IS*** ⇒Millions of players all around the world; ⇒ More than 100kinds ofweapons; ⇒ More than 35 maps and locations; ⇒Endlesspossibilities! ⇒ 3D game graphics! ⇒ Exploration of thesandboxblocky world! ⇒ City builder game! In PrimalCraftmultiplayer betamode you could play with real people online: - Gettogether in oneworld to show the most amazing buildings to eachother! - Discussin real chat game features or game quests; - Giveadvises to peopleonline how to build their shelters/houses/towns!Play PrimalCraftGame on your own map! Create different resources,mine, build orcraft new items and build your own shelter to survivein thenights, stay there and be safe from the block monsters:zombies,pumpkin heads and other aggressive monsters. Save yourhealth andhunt down eatable animals: cows, horses, pigs, chickensetc. toovercome your hunger mod. PrimalCraft Game allows you tocustomizeyour character by choosing unique skin Survival CraftWorld!PrimalCraft is one of the best building simulator! Try it nowwithall your friends or family members and win by creating thebestcity! This PrimalCraft Game gives opportunity to design adreamblock house in 3D environment, and build a whole cubetown!Everything is possible on this Adventure Game! This is allaboutPrimalCraft where all your city building dreams come true!Pleasegive us 5 stars and leave your reviews, we appreciate yoursupport!Follow PrimalCraft on: TWITTER: Please join PrimalCraftGameCommunities! FORUM:
3D Color Pixel by Number - Sandbox Art Coloring 1.2.5
Presenting the all-new 3D pixel coloring - color by number gamesforall age groups. The newest way of passing time creatively. Thebestanti-stress therapy to reduce the burdens of daily life. Enjoy20+different creative art games for free: 3D Pixel Art:Createmasterpieces of 3D pixel art using colors. Choose from100+different things such as a tree, chair, bench, computer, bag,etc.and animals such as lion, elephant, cow, giraffe, and muchmore.String Art: Join the colorful threads to form beautifulpatternsand objects. There are over 15 objects to draw. Kolam Art:Createexceptional patterns and symmetrical designs. Choose from20+different Kolam patterns. Copy The Mosaic: Fill the pixels asshownin the smaller picture. Select your favorite picture andstart!Dots Art: Make artworks full of big and small dots bycoloringaccording to numbers. Connect The Dots: Enjoy the classicgame ofjoin the dots. Complete the outline and reveal bigpictures.Circuit Board Art: A unique form of art just for you!Connect thelines and create images which look like a circuit board.PolygonArt: Create objects and animals with a colorful polygonmesh. Colorby Number and create low poly art! Stick Art: Did youknow thatsticks can be used to make interesting artworks too?Create StickArt by dragging lines from one point to another. DoodleArt: If youlove doodling, then you'll love creating interestingartworks in'Doodle Art'. Drag the lines and doodle away! So relaxand enjoythe brain calming therapy while coloring. Download now andhaveunlimited hours of fun!
Sniper Counter War Attack: Survival Missions 2018 1.0
Ice Touch
Get ready for the most exciting sniper mountain gun shooterandmodern gun FPS shooting a 3D game at all times. Crazytargetfrontline critical is a 3D gun mountain FPS hunting game inwhichyou have to commando combat city war 3D with your gunshipcitysniper battle shooter skills. For a shooter gun perfect sniperkilllike you there can be advance shooter as being an armyforcecounter war city mission and having the ultimate Americancityshooter and the commando battle city attack mission at firstsightbefore they get you.Army commando mountain battle shooterbeing areal hunt adventure shooter 3D of the year 2018 offers ofactionpacked sniper counter city battle strike missions andultimatesniper air amazing shooter levels to show your skills as amodernsniper gun commando mountain shooting game. In this deaddesert warcounter shooter of need, the modern sniper legend shooterskills 3Dcommando sniper master top mountain shooter challenge forhelp inthis angry sniper gun offroad shooter mission. The enemieshavesurrounded the area and are contract sniper city fastshootsurvival to extreme city commando best shooter adventure. AUScommando crime secret mission shooter situation has arisen andyouare the best criminals army sniper attack shooter available.Sniperninja war assassin shooter enables you to show your citysniperrunner real shoot skills and proves your worth to the modernarmysniper FPS action shoot in this real street crime armyexpertshooter mission going on. This is the best of all topmountainshooter 3D games.You are the sniper expert jungle shootingactionwho will be sent in the call of survival war shooting asarealistic in such crazy sniper army city shooting 3D games.snipergun shooter is a modern sniper shooter 3d game so you willbeprovided with the most modern and highly sensitive snipers foryourmission. Once in the assassin sniper shoot pistol hunter youwouldhave to keep an Island-best shooting mountain killer action tobedone to save your life and to a zombie killer sharpshooting.Youhave to real sniper. You will be provided with highway thatwillenable to make as amazing counter mountain FPS shooting asyouwant. If you are the real final shooter: sniper 2018 then theenemyhas also called for a new sniper counter war attack FPS. Thisisthe best part of these mountain army gun real sniper huntinggames.You are the lone commando combat city war 3D with the shootergunperfect sniper kill. A sniper arena would be created where youwillthe army commando mountain battle shooter.
Apes Hunter - Jungle Survival 1.1.3
BTO Studios
Get ready for the 3D jungle survival with critical missions asauniverse defender in this thrilling action game. The 3dsniperassassin 2017 first person shooter is back with vengeance fortheapes hunter in jungle environment. You have to attack on enemybaseby using your shooting skills & racing escape orcommandocounter fire in terror escape adventure in best actiongame. Thisbest shooting game gives you special operation forcemission tokill the terrorist apes with global strike or modernstrike inheroic battle. Be ready for the future war of freeshooting game inassassin frontier war as a monster superhero orincrediblesuperhero to eradicate the deadly criminals & eviltree apes byassault sniper or escape sniper. In this survival game,attackenemies on fire with ruthless commando sniper as a warsbravesuperhero monster and become the king of fury in best huntinggamesurvival island. You have to chop down trees of the mankindapesage by utilizing your sniper attack ninja warriorassassinadventure in fps modern shooter warzone.You have to huntthemankind going ape with 7 human moves in survival island fpsgame.This challenging survival game have multiple super rescuecriticalmissions to breakout battle of jungle escape as iron ninjaor bighero. The monster shooting demands you to accomplishtheinfiltration mission being a special agent or militaryofficer.Don’t let the enemy apes know your presence just fightsearch tokill the terrorist apes age by using your artillery modernsurviveweapons to protect yourself. The mankind apes age are tryingtoeradicate you so don’t worry about it because you are welltrainedangry commando ninja warrior assassination or the legend ofninjaand favorite hero of survival city. In assassin frontierwarshelter game there are two way of super rescue to save island.Oneis to kill the terrorist of apes lords in rear survival war aslastcommando and the second one is to hide your presence & makethelast day of your enemy apes by hunting them.Let’s becomeasuperhero of jungle survival & shoot the deadly apesruthlesslyin thrilling action game. In this ultimate 3D junglesurvival gameyou need to back with vengeance as a superherocommando sniper.Incredible superhero of jungle universe defender inbest actiongame will let you know the 7 human moves to destroy thegoing ape’ssquad. Use hidden map quest strategy to reach on thesecretdestinations of ruthless apes & demolish the empire ofapes ageby using warzone tactics. Don’t get too close to shootenemy forsurvival Island just stay far because your survival isimportant insuper rescue mission. This will be an amazing shootingexperienceto attack enemy in warrior adventure best action game.Jungleadventure time starts when you get best hunting &shootingassassin ideas in challenging survival game of apes age.So,download and play again & again commando sniper games togetgood grip on it to explore the jungle wildness adventure.-UltraREALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations- Dozens ofthrillingMISSIONS- Tons of lethal GUNS and WEAPONS- ADDICTINGgameplay(FPS)- EASY and INTUITIVE controls- FREE game: play it bothon yourphone and tablet
Zombie Shooter 3D 1.1.7
Zombie Shooter is #1 first person shooter of eye-popping 3Dgraphicscombined with blood boiling zombie survival strategy game.Allsurvivors are driven by one goal: stay alive as long asyoucan!Survivor, you are one step away from action-packed combat!Canyou keep steady aim while hordes of the insatiable walking deadareall around you? Make a blitz attack, spraying lead intargetdirections, or shoot the zombies from a safe distance, takingyoutime to aim for headshot. It’s all your call!It’s you againsttheworld in Zombie Shooter. Build your troop of survivors and atownto keep walkers at bay but be warned: the horrors that lurkoutsidearen’t the only threat, watch out other human playerstoo!GameFeatures:- Use every weapon in your arsenal - assaultrifles,shotguns, pistols and machine guns- Headshot! Learn to aimfor thehead and land critical hits, the only way to survive is toadapt-Build up your base and train your troops to win in actionpacked,real-time battles- Easy and intuitive controls but explosivefunthat will leave your heart pounding
Cargo Drive - Truck Delivery Simulator 1.91
Cargo Drive: the most realistic cargo delivery simulation formobilefeaturing an amazing 3D open world driving experience. Drivethetruck through large forest environment, deliver cargo, earncash andtune up the truck. Game features: - Open world - Stunning3Dgraphics - Realistic truck physics - Many challenging missions-Multiple control types - Truck upgrades - Various difficultylevels- Achievements - Leaderboards - Smooth gameplay CargoDrivegameplay. In this truck delivery simulator play as a driver atthewarehouse. Explore a large open world forest and deliver cargotothe destination. Use the navigation to find the shortest routetothe unload areas. As missions become harder visit the garagetoupgrade the truck, increase the engine power and purchasebetteroff-road tires to drive faster and deliver the cargo in time.Gottired for watching not to loose the cargo during the drive?CargoDrive offers several free drive missions without any cargo atall.Earn stars by delivering the load in the shortest time andunlockmany challenging achievements. Complete jobs with highestscoresand compete with other truck drivers around the worldinleaderboards. Enjoy a fast rally style racing with a heavy truckondirty roads without any limitations.
Pixel Gunner 9.6
# Added New Map Slender House Pixel Style 3D Pocket endless FPSGame'Pixel Gunner' Shooting game of pixel-style for thefirst-person gunis back. Using various weapons such as shotguns,bazookas, machineguns, and grenades, survive by protectingyourself from zombies andenemies! To become the best hunter (hero)... *** Features *** -Mission modes of 50 different stages -Survival modes of more than20 survival games - Boss mode: hunt ahuge enemy - Total productionsystems - Skin systems - Shootingonly by an easy hunting aim -automatic shooting - Gun Craft System( Collect Material ) [CollectColor Bloack and Craft Your Gun!] #This game that dont need wifiand play offline without internet. #This game is pixelstar game's3d pixel 3d fps game. This version ofthe game is not a demo. it isa full edition (Pocket Edition)
Half-Life 2 79
NOTE: Half-Life 2 for Android requires a controller to play andrunsexclusively on NVIDIA SHIELD portable, SHIELD tablet, andSHIELDAndroid TV. For more information on SHIELD, please checkouthttp://shield.nvidia.comAs featured in SHIELD Hub and with over50Game of the Year Awards and a the highest MetaCritic score ofanyPC game, Half-Life 2 is one of the most celebrated and bestsellinggames of all time.Winner of multiple Game of the DecadeAwards,Half-Life 2 offers a startling level of realism andresponsiveness,opening the door to a world where the player’spresence affectseverything around him, from the physicalenvironments to thebehaviors – even the emotions – of both friendsand enemies.Theplayer again picks up the crowbar of researchscientist GordonFreeman, who finds himself on an alien-infestedEarth being pickedto the bone, its resources depleted, its populacedwindling. •Digital Actors: Experience the most sophisticatedin-gamecharacters ever witnessed.• Advanced AI: Friends and foesassessthreats and fashion weapons from what is at hand.•StunningGraphics: Incredibly realistic environments and specialeffects.•Physical Gameplay: Objects obey the laws of gravity,friction, andbuoyancy.Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD.(SupportedLanguages: English,French, German, Russian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch,Finnish, Greek,Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Norwegian,Polish, Portuguese,Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish)
Forest Wild Life Simulator 3D 1.2
Play as a large angry wolf, Have fun and hunt to satisfyyourcarnivorous hunger Perfect 3D Environment with ReallyAmazingGraphics and Huge Environment with Lots of DifferentAnimals! FastAttack everything you see to earn points and be attop. Go forhunting, look for your next innocent goal to killfurious beasts,execute the target to Survive in the Wild! Beaverwar attackrevenge allows you to roam in jungle survival game play.You are anangry and looking to slaughter anyone who comes withinyour sight.Close in for the kill. Race and run around the hugeforest map tohunt down and slice into your next victim. Go onhunting and lookfor your next innocent target mission to enjoy thetrace. ForestWild Life Simulator 3D is filled with different typeof animals,you can jump, pounce and scratch, a map is provided toscale thewhole forest to find the target to catch. You can play asreal wildthing and try to become the most powerful deadly animal inthewildness. you can also use protector to protect yourself. Thereisalso a defensive beast in the Denger Forest. So be accurateandfight the with the other zoological. There is a huntersearchingfor you! Always be on guard! Run around and complete thelevelsbefore the time is up! Be a wild beast and survive in thewildnessas long as you can. Start your own pride of wolves, fightfor yourlife against fierce animals like rabbit, goat, Deer, Zebra,Fox,Wolf, Bear, Rhino, Werewolf, Elephant, Lion and Littlebabyanimals. Be the strongest Wolf ever. You can also eat otheranimalsafter hunting them. Now a days Life of wild animal indangerbecause of pollution & City Construction & ExtremeCrimeTerrorist activity. This game combines the elements ofactionrampage style games with the best adventure games. Startling3Deffects! This is a complete action packed games for teensandgrownups with cool HD graphics. In this simulation game youwillenjoy the different and realistic waterfall, hill andmountainenvironment. its very Difficult and challenging game. Thisgame isvery basic sniper hunting wolves’ game. Try and live thelife of awolf in this game. Download Now! HOW TO PLAY: * You canuse thejoystick, on the left to move * Jump button on the right tomake itfly and swipe to look around Notes to players This game isnot foreveryone. This is a type of game that some people love.Other willfind uninteresting. Some users asked us for Forest WildLifeSimulator 3D, so we obliged. We think this game has manyfunelements, we hope you do as well. It also pushes theperformancelimits of most devices. If you have a slow andunderperformingdevice, it is unlikely this app will work. Keyfeatures:- HighQuality and realistic 3D graphics Realisticwilderness with dynamicrun-time Smooth controls Soothing soundeffects Fight with otheranimals Amazing real wildlife simulatorenvironment Realisticsimulator animation and game play Real lifepredator
Counter Terrorist
Mouse Games
Counter Terrorist is #1 3D first person shooter game ofcounterterrorism. Fight the global terrorism and become theultimatecounter terrorist! Now step into a world full ofterrorists, make ablitz attack, secure a location, defuse a bomb orjust rescuehostages! Can you keep steady aim under heavy fire andstrike outterrorists while grenades are exploding all around you?Gun downyour enemies using a variety of heavy weapons. Or switchtobutterfly knife to finish them off. It’s all your call!GameFeatures: - Breathtaking 3D graphics and exciting sound effects-Hundreds of thrilling missions and tons of weapons - Find theplaystyle that suits you best: Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper,Support,or Commander