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Qibla Compass: A Minimal Qibla Direction Locator 1.1
Naaz Apps
When offering Salat (Namaz), all Muslims need the exact directionofKaaba located in Mecca. Qibla Compass will find accurateQiblahdirection very easily.Features:- Find Qibla location anytime.Thislocation is fixed as the direction of the Kaaba inMecca.-Automatically detects your current location on start. Pulltorefresh your location.- Calculates Exact Qibla direction-QiblaCompass for Namaz can be used indoors- Can be used to getQibladirection offline as well (outdoors using GPS)- Nounwantedsettings, just get an accurate Qibla direction and degreesfromnorth.Note:** For accurate direction, always place your deviceon aflat surface and keep it away from electronic and metalobjects.**The app requires a device with a compass sensor.** Theapp requiresa clear sky view to work on flight mode.
Qibla Locator: Prayer Times, Azan & Hijri 3.1
Qibla Locator is all in one Islamic app with Qibla Compass,Islamicprayers times and Hijri Calendar and islamic Date converterwithholy Mecca Finder. You can use this app at any place in theworldto find qibla direction accurately. As Ramadan 2019 is goingtostart from 15-16 May ,Qibla app will help you to check Salattimingand find qibla direction.App Features:Islamic Compass withMap:•Find Kaaba Direction anywhere in Glob map.• Shows meccadistancefrom your place and location address.• Magnetic filedindicator.•Spirit level indicator.Qibla Compass:The Qibla is thedirectionthat Muslim should face when doing prays during salat ornamaz. Itis fixed as the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.• FindQiblaanywhere on the globe are you in. • App can use devicepreviouslast recorded Location to show mecca direction.• It can beuseoffline.• 15 Qibla Compass Themes.Ramadan Times• Ramzan 2019Timeswith Suhoor, Iftar and Imsak• Complete RamadanCalendar.SalatTimes/Prayer Times:• Shows salh times for every dayNamaz.• ShowsFajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib and IshaTimes• Alarmand Notification setting for every prayer time.•Daylight savingfor each prayer.• Multiple Azan Sounds.• JuristicMethods : Shafiiand Hanfi• Time Formats : 12-hour, 24-hour•Multiple languages tochose.Islamic Date Converter:• Get IslamicCalendar 2018.• ShowsGregorian and Hijri date.• Convert MuslimCalendar date toGregorian date and vise versa.• Hijri Calendar datein Arabiclanguage.The Qiblah has importance to muslims salaat andplays apart in different occasions. In the Islam Muslims are buriedwiththe body at right angles to the Qibla and the face turnedrighttowards Qiblah direction.You can give feedback and we wouldlove tolisten your suggestions by E-mail, Facebook, TwitterorGoogle+.E-mail:[email protected]: Your Location:In ManyDevice, It will ask to enable GPS to getexact location, Using Appfirst time kindly restart app afterEnabling GPSNote:- As PrayerDirection and Prayer times vary fromdifferent part of the world.Make sure first by selecting differentNamaz time calculationmethods in the setting screen.- Find Qibladirection by usingdevice on a flat surface to get accurate result.Make sure there isnot any electromagnetic field and metal objectsclose todevice.Your use of Qibla Locator: Prayer Times, Azan &Ramadan2019 is free of charge in exchange for safely using some ofyourdevice's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), andonlywhen you are not using your device. You may turn this off fromthesettings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation.
Qibla Compass & Prayer Times 3.0
Qibla Compass & Prayer TimesQibla Compass, Namaz PrayerTimes,Asma Al-Husna, Hijri Calendar, Salah ScheduleThis DailyNamaz/SalahSchedule is the all in one Prayer Timing or Namaz PrayerTimingapp. Get features like 2017 Ramadan Calendar, Namaz PrayerTimes,Qibla compass, 99 Names of Allah (Asma Al-Husna), IslamicCalendaror Hijri Calendar, Hijri Date Converter, Ramadan Duas allone oneapp.This Islamic app or Qibla Compass and Azan Times appisspecially designed for our Muslim Brothers and Sisters. ThisWaktuSalat App gives you Sehri Iftar Timings and other Islamictimingsduring the holy month of Ramadan. Ramdan as we know is alsoknownas Ramzan is the 9th month of Muslim Calendar orIslamicCalendar.This is the Holy month when the Quran wasRevealed.Download the all in one Islamic app or Qibla Compass andAzanTimings app and get all the Namaz Timings and other assistanceyouneed.----------FEATURES----------1. Prayer Time (SalatTimes):-This app shows Prayer Times or Salat Times and sunriseTimes. Fajr,Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib and Isha. You caneven set analarm for your Azan or Waktu Salat.2. Qibla Compass:- Asa mainfeature this Qibla Compass app shows you Mecca Direction.3.RamadanTime and Calendar:- This feature is yet to be added and willsoonshow you Sehri/Iftar Times to start and end fasting daily.Thisfeature is complete this Islamic Calendar App.4. 99 Names ofAllahor Asma Al-Husna:- Gives you English and Arabic meanings of99Names of Allah or Asma Al-Husna.5. Hijri Calendar andDateConverter:- This feature is soon to be part of this app.HijriCalendar and Date Converter will show date in Western FormatandIslamic Format as well as show you the Islamic Calendar 2017withIslamic Date Converter with date picker.6. Ramadan KareemDuas:-This feature gives you Ramadan Kareem Duas.Download the allnewQibla Compass & Prayer Times for FREE and get featureslikeQibla Compass, Namaz Prayer Times, Asma Al-Husna, HijriCalendar,Salah Schedule and many more.
Islamic Calendar: Athan, Prayer time, Qibla, Quran 1.39
Islamic Calendar Plus 15 Muslim AppsOne of the most popular appformuslims, gives you access to Islamic Calendar, Quran,QiblaCompass, Prayer times, Athan, Duas, Ramadan time table,Islamicgreeting cards, Zakat calculator, Tasbih counter, Masjidlocator& Halal restaurant finder with Daily Verse, Hadith andQuotereminders!App Features:• View current Islamic &GregorianCalendar dates!• View a list of Islamic Events for anyYear, Hijridate on App Icon, Moon phase for current date!• Hijricalendarcorrection setting allows you to correct hijri dates!•Qibladirection - Compass pointing to makkah• Daily prayer times-notifies you when its time to pray• 99 Names of Allah -withmeaning and description• Set Athan Alarms - athan plays whentheprayer time starts• Quran Majeed - in arabic uthmani script with40translations• Dua - 40 Rabbana Dua's and 100 Duas fromHisnulMuslim• Ramadan time-table for any location / any year•GreetingCards - send Eid and Ramadan greeting cards• ZakatCalculator -calculate the zakat easily• Tasbih Counter - see a listof commonazkar and counter• Masjid Locator - locate the nearestmasjid fromyour current location• Halal Restaurant Finder - assistsyou infind nearest halal restaurant• Works using device's in-builtGPS& Location services• Automatic DST settings for PrayerTimings•Now you can also get Prayer Times to work without GPS•QuranRecitations - Download in 3 Languages: Arabic, English,Urdu(Requires pro upgrade)!• Dua's Audio and 99 Names RecitationAudio(Requires pro upgrade)!• 5 Beautiful Islamic Calendar Themestoselect from (Requires pro upgrade)!• Quran Verse of the Day -Showsyou a random verse from the Glorious Quran every day. Theappincludes over 300+ Ayahs carefully selected and included in theappto give your day a great start. You can also set reminders togetthe daily notification at a time you want.• Hadith of the Day-Shows you a random hadith from over 200+ hadiths carefullyselectedand included in the app from the books of Bukhari, Muslim,Dawood,Tirmidhi etc. You can also set reminders to get thedailynotification at a time you want.• Islamic Quote of the Day -Showsyou a random quote from over 200+ quotes carefully selectedandincluded in the app. You can also set reminders to get thedailynotification at a time you want.• Islamic Quote Maker - allowsyouto make beautiful image with Quran Verse, Hadith or Quote onthem,customise it to you're liking and share it with theworld•Universal App - Works with phones and tablets!Download Now -it'sFREE!NOTE: The Islamic Calendar, like any other calendar isbasedon calculation, gives ONLY estimated dates and has an handyhijricorrection settings which you can apply. The calendar is notbasedon actual sighting of the moon, which is required for thebeginningof the month of Ramadan and Eid. Therefore, for thebeginning ofthese months you should contact your local masjid,organisation orscholar and do the correction in the App using theHIJRI CORRECTIONsetting. May Allah accept our good deeds andRamadan Mubarak!
Qibla Finder: Prayer Times, Azan & Ramadan 2018 2.3
All in one App for Ramadan 2018.Now Never miss your prayer whenyougo any where in the world and find accurate QiblaDirectioneverytime. Qibla Finder and Prayer times givers you allislamicfatures like QIbla compass, Islamic Prayer Times with AzanandAlarm, Muslim Date Converter, Ramadan 2018 Times, CompletePrayerCalendar.You can find Mecca Location in map to fromyourlocation.Note: Qibla Compass works only in those device,whichsupports magnetometer in hardware. For accurate measurement,Keepyour device flat and at a effiecient distance fromelectromagneticfields for precise pointing. App Features:PrayerTimes:- Alarm andNotification setting for every prayer time.-Daylight saving foreach prayer.- Salah times for every day Namaz.-Shows all Salattimes for Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghriband IshaTimes- Multiple Azan Sounds.- Juristic Methods : Shafii andHanfi-Time Formats : 12-hour, 24-hour- Multiple languages tochose.QiblaFinder:- Multiple Qibla compass dial to choose.- FindQibladirectionb in map.- Find Mecca distance from your place.-Magneticfiled indicator.- Spirit level indicator.Hijri DateConverter:- GetIslamic Calendar 2017.- Shows Gregorian and Hijridate.- ConvertIslamic Calendar date to Gregorian date and viseversa.- islamicCalendar date in Arabic language.Ramadan 2018Times:- CompleteRamadan 2018 calendar timings.- Sehri, Iftar andImsacTimings.Please, Give your feedback and rate our app so we canbuildmore islamic apps such this. we would love to listenyoursuggestions by E-mail, Facebook, Twitter orGoogle+.E-mail:[email protected]: Full Quran MP3 is free of charge in exchange forsafelyusingsome of your device's resources (WiFi and verylimitedcellular data), and onlywhen you are not using your device.You mayturn this off from the settingsmenu. Please see our TOS forfurtherinformation. our app then please share and rate. Jazzak Allah Khair.
Prayer Times & Qibla
Islamic Prayer Times application, another Prayer times reminderwithcool features:+ 11 languages (English, Français, العربيه,Espanõl,Italiano, deutsch, indonesian, hindi, Turc, Albanian[Shqip], اردو)+8 different adhan sound+ GPS Location Lookup(Automatic, Manual)+Qibla direction + Compass+ AlarmCustomization(Full Adhan, Adhan,Beep or custom tone)+ 12/24 TimeFormat+ GMT timezone+ Hijri date+Vibration profile while you arepraying.+ Flashing LED+ Adding cityand country name when youchoose the latitude and longitude+ CompassUI and animationimproved+ Turn On/Off sound for each prayer+Adjustment of Userinterface Design+ New featuresEasy to setup, allyou need isalready here just choose the appropriate methods fromthe comboboxes in the setting tab. 100% Accurate PrayerTimesguaranteed.Send your Feedback/issuesto:[email protected] remember me in yourprayers.Thisapplication allows you to pass a great Ramadaninshallah
Azan ALARM 2.4
According to Religious Azan TimesTime before thereminderQiblaCompassQiblah Map3D CompassA lot of library-IslamicsourcesdigitalRosaryFriday Time Auto MuteThe optional mutingtimewidgetsHijriCalendarWeather ForecastEnglish-Turkish languagesupportplenty ofsounds and alert options.Simple minimalist design.
Al Athan : Prayer Times 1.2
Al athan is a Very precise application to detect prayer timesbyuser locational athan : Prayer times is adan salat verypreciseathan application that detect user location and give thePrayerTimes based on itit very usefull and descent we made it toeverymuslim on the world to help them on dailyprayers,compassalsoapplication have much more options for everymuslim beside athan itcontains Qibla, compass,direction of qibla ,tafssir ahlam , youcan send congratulation cards of eid also theresal musabiha helpyou to remember allah in every moment and more alathan is veryprecise and you can use it without internet to detectyour locationbecause it contain three methode of calculation ofprayr timeswhitch is based on the GSM network and wifi detection byinternetor GPS activatedalso al athan contain some other uniqueoption likeselect your favorite athan voice notifier and you canactivateathan befor the prayer time in 10 minyou can also activateadaneven if the phone in silence modethere is calender for prayertimesbased on your locationDisplay of 99 names of Allah witheveryonemeaningprayer times,athan,salaat first ,salat,saalat,Horaires deprières et l'adhan,priere
Fajr Alarm Ringtones 5.3
In this app we have put a set of sounds to wake up forfajrprayer.We have carefully selected these fajr alarm ringtones toletyou put one of them that you will choose. So we have putjustislamic sounds in order to feel at the moment of fajr that thetimeis fajr and it is time to wake up to pray.Fajr Alarm ringtonesisthe app you want to select your ringtone of your mobile phone.Wehope you will like these fajr ringtones.
Prayer Times 3.0.12
Presidency of Religious Affairs "Prayer Times" ApplicationYoucanfind out about Prayer Times all over the world withthisapp.Features:- See prayer times of all cities on your list.-Foryour location are automatically displayed.- Find theQibladirection.- Set an alarm for the prayer time or ahead of it.-Viewnearby mosques on map (For Turkey)- Listen to adhan andadhanprayer.- View monthly Prayer Times,- Find out the Qibla time,Qibladirection, etc. for cities on your list.- Get informationaboutreligious days and nights and find out their dates.- See theverse,hadith, and prayer of the day.Note: Restart your phone if youcan’tsee adhan tones on the list while setting an alarm. Note: Ifyouencounter an error in the widget app, try again after adding anewlocation.
Qibla Direction Finder 2.0
Qibla Direction Finder is a Smart Phone app that helps you findtheexact direction of Qibla from anywhere in the world. You CanSelectyour location either from database or let the deviceautomaticallydetect your location.This app is not only a qibladirection finderbut you can also use it to calculate Prayer (Salat)times, getprayer (salat) notification alerts. Also we have includeIslamicHijri Calendar monthly view beside daily Hadith and QuranAyat forbetter guidance in daily life tasks.Features:* CalculatesExactQibla Direction* If you don’t select your location , Jeddah isthedefault location* Select your location manually*Automaticallydetecting your location* It will give Warning whenyour device isnot correctly placed (Horizontally)* CalculatesPrayer or Salattimes.* Islamic Hijri Calendar monthly view.* DailySahih Hadith *Daily QUran Verse* Sunrise and sunset timescalculation* PushAlerts ( Azan Notification ) at the time of Adhan*Auto Silence thePhone for Salat.* Important Islamic Dates markedwith their names.*Beautiful and Clean Graphics* You can Change yourlocationNote:ForAccurate Direction - Place Your Device Parallel toa HorizontalSurface (Floor, Table etc)- Keep Your Device AwayFromElectromagnetic Equipments- Calibrate the Device Sensor byMovingAround your Device- Although your location is Detected but wenevertransmits you location- Please check the setting before usingthisapp for salat times calculations.- Select Mazhab andcalculationmethod for salat timesSome of the graphics used in thisapp belongsto www.pixabay.comDeclaimer:Qibla direction applicationuses yourdevice sensor, it can affect the performance of theapplication ifyour device sensor has some problem or gotcompatibility issue.
Islamic Prayer Time & Calendar 5.4.4
This application is an all-in-one application that has thefollowingmain features:Calendar (Gregorian Vs Hijri)PrayerTimeEventManagerQiblah Nearby Places(Mosques,HalaStores,HalalRestaurants)Quranic Duas & Authentic HadeesDuasWeather andMoon phasesThe application provides a monthly viewof GregorianCalendar and the respective Islamic Calendar(Hijri)(التقويمالهجري)The Islamic calendar is based on a calculated lunarcalendar"Ummul Qura"(أم القرى)The application also provides amonthly viewof Prayer Times(أوقات الصلاة) based on the user'scurrent locationand timezone in the same screen.Features:*Option tosetIslamic(Hijri) day correction.*Highlights theIslamicholidays/events in every month .*Option to choosedifferentcalculation methods*Prayer time notification option withsystemnotification sound/Adhan(الأذان) selection.*Choose mediafromdevice for the notification sound.You can play your favoriteAdhanfor each waqt.*Option to automatically updatelocation,searchlocation and pick recently used locations*PreciseQiblah with theaccuracy indicator that alerts if the device needscalibration*Viewall your calendar events in one place and createnew events*SearchNearby Places(Mosques,Halal Stores,HalalRestaurants)*Shows weatherdetails -current temperature, wind speed,humidity * 56 Duas fromQuran displayed in Indo/Pak arabic font.* 31Duas from AuthenticHadees(Muslim,Bukhari,Tirmidhi)*Useful Homescreen/Lock screenapplication (widget) that showsGregorian/Hijridate,location,current prayer time(waqt) and the nextprayertime.*Application works without mobile data/internetconnection andoccupies very less storage and memory.*Please followtheinstructions given in this video below to calibrate themagneticsensor for a preciseQiblah. application(no advertisements) and provide your feedbackandsuggestions to improve.
Visual Qiblah 2.5.17114
Samer Joudi
Why Visual Qiblah?Visual Qiblah was developed to overcomethepitfalls and shortcomings of many other Qibla applications:★Northmeasured by mobile sensors may vary up to 90 degrees from thetruenorth, consequently Qibla calculated from north inmobileapplications may result in a serious deviation from theQibladirection. Visual Qiblah considers this reliability issueandoverlays the Qibla on Google Maps™ so that the user canvisuallyverify Qibla with nearby features, such as buildings,streets, anddo the needed alignment.★ Magnetic deviation, inducedby nearbymetallic objects (e.g. mobile leather case) and electronicdevices,can cause the sensors to behave unpredictably. VisualQiblahidentifies abnormal magnetic field strength and warns theuser.★Magnetic declination (the angle between true north andmagneticnorth) at user’s location is another source of confusion(e.g. Inthe South America magnetic declination reaches 17 degrees).VisualQiblah calculates Qibla from true (geographic) north.Additionalinformation about Qibla from magnetic north at user’slocation isalso provided for those who prefer to use real compass.★VisualQiblah uses formulae to calculate Qibla that are accurate towithin0.5 mm (0.020″) on the Earth.Visual Qiblah Pro includes 3DQibla,Qibla Search, as well as any future enhancement to Qiblafinding:★3D Qibla (Augmented reality) provides a 3D view of Qiblainreal-world environment (in-app purchase). This feature requiresanaccess to the camera.★ Search the map to quickly find Qiblafromplaces you are interested in. You can search for all kindsofthings, like addresses, buildings, or street names(in-apppurchase).
Islamic compass qibladirection 1.0
Islamic world
Are you out of city? Are you travelling in some journey? Are yououtof country?Do you want to say prayer? And you lost thedirection ofQibla? No problem, the answer of all questions is onlyone, which isIslamic compass Qibla direction. Now no matter whereyou are? YourQibla direction is in your android, just get it inyour hand,compass will tell you about the direction of Qibla. Oneof importantand unique thing in Islamic compass Qibla direction isthe use ofapp theme, a collection of lovely themes, change it asper your mindand make change your theme anytime. One big edge ofIslamic compassQibla Direction is that you can find otherdirections also, on thewalk journey you can never be lost yourdirections towards yourdestination. Because your compass is withyou who will you guide youall the time.FEATURESA tool to find thedirections when you fear tolost your directionsWith the bestcollection of app themes, changeyour app theme any timeFree toolof compassGet your Qibla directionand say prayer in rightdirectionAn important tool, which must anecessary part of yourandroidDISCLAIMERThis application complieswith US Copyright lawguidelines of "fair use". If you feel there isa direct copyrightor trademark violation that doesn't follow withinthe "fair use"guidelines, please contact us [email protected]
Qibla Direction and Location
Qibla locator , Qiblah finder application.Asimple android application to find qibla. Qibla direction canbefound with different methods.1 Using google maps : In this method, you will see yourlocation'smap. We will draw a line directly to makkah. So, thisline isqibla. you can perform your prayer through this line . Ifyouselect your accurate location, this method will give you100%accurate results. This method is ideal for everywhere in theworld.It is very robust and correct. Android location servicesisrequired.2 Using compass in your device : Qibla angle's list is includedformajor cities in this app. Pick your current city from thislist.This compass screen, will show you the angle of Qibla compassforthis city. Keep your phone in a flat horizontal location. Itisvery important your phone is caliabrated and there is nomagneticregion affecting your devices comprass. This method givesmoreprecise results. but it is less reliable method than map, abitrisky. However, it may be preferred in situations that donotrequire internet. If your city is not in our list, thengpslocation services will be required. We try to calculate qiblaangleprecisely according to our algorithm.In our algortihm wemeasurealso world deviaton, the world's axial tilt. We getlatestdeviation calculation from NOAA National Geophysical DataCenter(NGDC) of US. In this situation, internet is requiredcalculation.Outside of Europe Middle East Region (EMEA) internet iscompulsoryfor correct compass calculation due to the deviation ofourplanet.With this application you can determine the angle of Qibla canworkall over the world.You can use this application via GPS sensor anywhere in theWorld.Makkah and Kaaba finder.Muslim prayers may use this compass app with their androidphonesand tablets. We are working hard to support all location.Using gpssensors, it is possible to calculate the correct qiblaangleespecially for Europe and Middle East, but outside of thisplacesare recommended to use google maps algorithm or may usepredefinedcity records.
Prayer Times 2.0.4
Description:Prayer (Namaz) is the second pillar of Islam andthemost significant act of worship which has to be performed byeverysane male and female Muslim five times a day. Keeping in mindtheimportance of this supreme act of worship and to make MuslimUmmahaware about the timings of each Prayer (Namaz) the Tauqeet andI.Tdepartment of Dawat-e-Islami have put in all their efforts andwiththe grace of Allah عَزَّ وَجَلَّ has launched the PrayerTimesmobile application. This app is based on the research of AlaHazratMaulana Al-Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan رَحْمَۃُ اللہِتَعَالٰیعَلَیْہ. Moreover, app has been designed beautifully withaneye-catching UI.Prominent Features of the App: 1. PrayerTimingsAlert: With this app you will get the alerts of starting andendingtimes of each Prayer. a) Starting Time: Whenever the time ofanyprayer starts you will get the alert in the form of an alarmandthat alarm is the sweet voice of Azan. b) Ending Time: Whenthetime of any Prayer is about to end you will also be remindedwiththat in the form of a notification.2. Jama’at Silent Mode: Thisisa very fruitful feature of this app, with this you can manuallysetthe Jama’at timings of the Masjid where you often performyourPrayer and your phone will automatically go on the silent modeinthose particular timings of Jama’at.3. Location: Location canbeupdated by the following methods: • Application willautomaticallyupdate the location of your current location throughGPS. • Usercan manually set the location as well by adding thelongitude andlatitude of the location. • You can also make anylocation asfavorite and use it again even without internetconnection.4. QiblaDirection: With the help of digital compass usercan find thedirection of Qibla anywhere in the world.5. Prayer TimeTable: Withthe option of “Month Times” you can view the prayertimings ofwhole month as well. 6. News Feed: In this feature youcan seeposts related with the commandments of Prayer and you willreceivea notification whenever a new post is added. 7. Live Chat:Withthis option you can ask Shari rulings and principlesregardingPrayer (Salah).8. Different Jurisprudence: User can seethe twoJuristic timings of Prayer i.e. Hanafi and Shafai.9.Calendar: Youcan go to your desired date in both calendars i.e.Gregorian andLunar.10. Spiritual Treatment: This application alsocontains 40spiritual treatments (Rohani Ilaj) of various diseasesandcalamities through Asma-e-Ilahi عَزَّ وَجَلَّ.11. AudioMadaniChannel: With this feature you can listen the live audiostreamingof Madani Channel.12. Share: User can share the app linkthroughFacebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and different socialmediaplatforms.It’s a user-friendly application so use it yourselfandpersuade others to make the most of it. You can share yourvaluablecomments and feedback with us at [email protected]
Sajda - Muslim Prayer times, Quran, Qibla & Dhikr 2.11.1
Sajda - recognized by more than 1 million Muslims as themostaccurate application to determine the prayer times, includingAzan,the direction of Qibla, Islamic Hijri calendar and so on.Quranreading & recitation with translations in manydifferentlanguagesSajda shows the exact prayer times in: -Turkey-Kazakhstan- Russia's largest cities- Singapore- Indonesia-England-Uzbekistan- The Republic of Tatarstan- The Republic ofDagestan-The Republic of Chechnya- Tajikistan- Kyrgyzstan-Azerbaijan- (sooncoming new countries)CHARACTERISTICS• Accurate,approved by theclergy prayer times for each country.• Adhan: visualand audionotifications of calls to prayer with different voices tochoosefrom mu'azzins.• Today menu widget to access prayer timesdirectlyfrom your device• Animated Qibla compass showing thedirection ofMecca.• A live broadcast of Masjid al-Haram mosque(Makkah).•Beautiful background pictures for your taste.• BeautifulQuran• NOADS at allSAJDA translated into:• English• Russian•Kazakh• Uzbek•Arabic• Turkish• Indonesian• Malay• (soonmore)қазақстан намазуақыты, врема намаза россии, ўзбекистон намазвақтлари, o‘zbekistonnamoz vaqtlari, тоҷикистон намоз вақти,татарстан намаз вакыты,нохчийчоь ламазан хенаш, türkiye namaztakvimi, sajde kz
Ezan Vakti Pro - Azan, Prayer Times, & Quran 7.3.2
***Another first new feature: PRAYER ON TIME: Prayerconstantlyreminds. Until you say OK.✔ Ramadan 2018 Special Module.✔Warningin Times Athan .✔ Reminder before entering Times .✔Automatic muteTimes .✔ I'm Praying Mode. (Automatic call rejection.Sending SMS)✔Based on your location from GPS ( satellite ) time tocalculate .✔Religious Objects Or Monthly downloads a month withtheir abilityto work without internet .✔ 2 cities to add.✔ WakeSaher .✔Reminder fasting Monday to Thursday✔ Friday Prayer Reminder(Interchangeable with short sound sela )✔ The Fellowship ofPrayer.✔ All the Qur'an. Voice.✔ Hatim Online Sharing ( Verse ,Time ,Page, Juz Based) .✔ Read verses autofocus to follow .✔ HijriDayand Month .✔ tracking auto accident✔ Qibla Compass .✔ QiblahMap.✔Find nearby mosque (Google Service )✔ Alerts multiple audiooptionsfor options .✔ separately for each prayer time and to selectthesound .✔ Feature Wake up to the morning prayer . ( High-volumesounds)✔ Library .✔ Sheriffs century .✔ for Tesbihat . (RelatedObjects automatically switched)✔ Arabic amulet .✔ The amuletofTurkish Meal and Transkiripsiyo .✔ Prayer of Supplication AndTime✔Hijri calendar converter.✔ Weather✔ Online tracking Kaaba .✔5-YearImportant Religious Day And Night.✔ Amel Book App✔Religiousavailable at the site of countries, cities and Counties .✔placeclosely for Non minutes plus or minus deviation from aselectedlocation to set the minutes . (Plus or minus 2 minutes, 3minutes ,etc.) .✔ 17 languages support.✔ Automatic work in thebackground✔Downloadable content has been minimized with theprogramsize.MEMORY PROBLEMS DUE TO MARKET *** installation fails,you canfind and install the classic version .** Important Note:Theapplication is moved to SD card widget NOT WORK **
Azan Oman : Prayer time Oman 1.2.6
Mazoul dev
Azan Oman - prayer time Oman is especially designed to indicatetheaccurate Oman prayer time ( adan Oman ) for the majority ofthecities of Oman, this application can also:- Indicates youtheaccurate Oman prayer time ( azan Oman) . - Reminder you beforeazanwith the ability to choose the duration for each prayer.-Omanprayer time can select or download your favorite adanorAl-Moazin.- Mute the sound of adan by making a long click ontheVolume button.- Il can help you to find the Mosques near youwithan accurate localization.- A Compass is integrated to showtheQibla direction wherever you are!- Times and rest time fornextprayer time on the bar of notifications - View monthly prayertimewith corresponding Hijri date is possible with Oman prayertimes.-Possibility to adjust azan times manually- More than 130Quranreciters are available in prayer time Oman . - Downloadingmp3Quran on your phone to listen without internet connection.-Offersthe different Duaa and Adkar (invocations)
My Prayers 2.5.0
My Prayers is an Islamic application with accurate PrayerTimesusing the phone's location (latitude and longitude) basedondifferent conventions and has static prayer time for thosecitieswhich have static time table for prayers. Also this appprovidesQibla Direction, Azkars (Hisnul Muslim), 99 Names of Allah,NearestMosques and more.Main Features:•  Accurate prayer timesbased onyour current location with multiple settings available(angles).• Static prayer times for those cities which have statictime tablefor prayers.•  Show a progress of the next prayer timeremaining.• Notification or Alarm for each prayer time with theability toadjust their times.•  Ability to forward notificationprayertime.•  Ability to adjust prayer times manually.• Automaticlocation detection using Network or GPS, or finding thelocationmanually by searching (Without Internet).•  Ability toselectnotification tone (Azan) from the SD card, system tone,oravailable Muazins in the App.•  Switching the phone tosilentautomatically during prayer times, with settings for eachprayer.• Show Hijri date with ability to adjust Hijri date.•  Allmuslimazkars (Hisnul Muslim) which contains 287 azkars with abilitytoshare azkars, favorite azkars, and notification for dailyazkars• Qibla Compass direction.•  99 Names of Allah•  NearestMosques,It's based on google maps and shows you the nearest mosquesto youon the map from the nearest to the furthest from you in aradiusthat you can selected 5-50 Kilometers.•  2 different widgetstodisplay all prayer times•  App fully translated to: English,عربي,فارسی, and کوردیImportant Notes:If you feel that the app isgivingyou wrong prayer times, do the followings: •  It is mostlikelyrelated to your settings. Go to Setting → Prayer TimeSettings toadjust it or.•  Refer to the official Islamicinstitutions orMosques in your city and send us the correct timesto take them inconsideration.Contact us:•  Facebook:• Twitter:•  GooglePlus:•  Email: [email protected]
Al-Moazin Lite (Prayer Times)
Al-Moazin prayer times application, is a must have companion forallMuslims. With Al-Moazin, you will not miss Salat again even ifyoutraveled to a totally new country.GPS integration feature willhelpyou get accurate prayer times wherever you are on earth!(Paidversion only)You don't need to ask anyone for Qibladirectionanymore. with digital compass integration feature,Al-Moazin willshow you the exact direction accurately.Applicationis equippedwith a Hijri Calendar to be able to display and checkdates inHijri or convert Hijri to Gregorian dates and viseversa.Follow Mefeature will initiate an automatic location updatewhen you travelor change location. (Paid version only)Multiple setofnotifications related to Prayer times to plan whatever actionsyouneed related to Prayer times before or after. (Paidversiononly)Features list:* Islamic prayer times withdifferentcalculation methods: - Umm al-Qura, Makkah - EgyptianGeneralSurvey Authority - University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi-Islamic Society of North America - Muslim World League*Hijricalendar, and ability to correct it manually according toHilalsighting.* Qiblah direction based on phone's compasscapabilities*Follow me, update prayer time automatically whiletraveling usingwireless mobile capabilities. (Paid version only)*Fajr wakupnotification, additional to the default notifications setbeforeand after Prayers. (Paid version only)* Follow phone ringermodewhich make Azan notifications are played as audio, visualorvibration.* Visual warning for the time left before the nextPrayercomes in, using simple widget.We are also accepting betatesters.If interested send your Google play gmail [email protected] with subject "beta test", or download thebetaversion from the followingurl:
Azan kuwait : kuwait prayer time 1.3.4
Mazoul dev
kuwait prayer time is especially designed to indicate theaccuratekuwait prayer time ( salah time ) for the majority of thecities ofkuwait, this application can also:- Indicates you theaccuratekuwait prayer time ( azan kuwait ) . - Reminder you beforeazanwith the ability to choose the duration for each prayer.-kuwaitprayer time can select or download your favorite adanorAl-Moazin.- Mute the sound of adan by making a long click ontheVolume button.- Il can help you to find the Mosques near youwithan accurate localization.- A Compass is integrated to showtheQibla direction wherever you are!- Times and rest time fornextprayer time on the bar of notifications - View monthly prayertimewith corresponding Hijri date is possible with kuwait prayertime.-Possibility to adjust azan times manually- More than 130Quranreciters are available in kuwait prayer time. - Downloadingmp3Quran on your phone to listen without internet connection.-Offersthe different Duaa and Adkar (invocations)- تقبل الله مناومنكمصالح الاعمال.
Muslim Taqvimi (Prayer times) 1.2.9
Al Khorazmiy
Muslim Taqvim is a program for well organizing one's time toperformobligations of a muslim(a).There are many useful staffs:1.Alarm for5 prayer times. 2. Record qaza namaz.3. Compass to findQibladirection.4. Database of mosque locations - coordinates.5.Tasbeeh6.Hijri Calendar.7. Prayer times table. Sending table excelfile tofriends via email.8. Read The Quran in Arabic and listentorecitations of various recitors.
My Prayer
Azure Droid
This app calculates Muslims prayer times using the phone'slocation(latitude and longitude) based on differentconventions.ApplicationFeatures:- A widget that shows today'sprayers times.- A horizontalwidget the shows a time bar between theprevious and next prayer.-Notification for each prayer and Iqamahreminders, with the abilityto adjust their times.- Ability toselect notification tone (Athan)from the SD card.- Switching thephone to silent automaticallyduring prayer times, with settings foreach prayer.- Finding thelocation automatically using Network orGPS, or manually bysearching in the Internet.- A Compass to showthe Qibla direction.-Fajr (and Sahoor) Alarm, and it can beconfigured from Settings.- ADate Converter, to convert Hijri toGregorian and vice versa, andcalculate the prayers for that date.-Ability to adjust prayertimes manually.- Can be used in bothlanguages, English or Arabic,and with two colors, White orBlack.Implemented CalculationMethods:1- Umm Al Qura University2-Muslim World League3-University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi4-Egyptian GeneralAuthority of Survey5- Islamic Union of NorthAmerica6- Union ofIslamic Organisations in France7- Ministry ofAwqaf and IslamicAffairs in Kuwait8- Angle Based MethodAppPermissions:- Location:to get the location and calculate prayertimes for it.- Files &Media: to be able select MP3 ringtonsform the SD card, and store abackup of the app settings.- NetworkAccess: to get the location’sname, and perform a manual locationsearch.- In-app Purchases: toadd an option for users to support theapp and the developer.Formore information check the Info page fromthe option menu in theapplication.For bug reports (or bugs onspecific devices), andfeatures requests please email us or visitthe app's page.My Prayerwear app for smartwatches running AndroidWear has beenpublished.To Installit:[email protected]
Azan UAE : Prayer times uae 2018 1.3.0
Mazoul dev
Azan UAE : Prayer times uae is especially designed to indicatetheaccurate UAE prayer times ( salah time ) for the majority ofthecities of United Arab Emirates, like dubai prayer times orabudhabi prayer time , this application can also:- Indicates youtheaccurate prayer times uae ( azan UAE ) . - Reminder you beforeazanwith the ability to choose the duration for each prayer.-Uaeprayer times can select or download your favorite adanorAl-Moazin.- Mute the sound of adan by making a long click ontheVolume button.- Il can help you to find the Mosques near youwithan accurate localization.- A Compass is integrated to showtheQibla direction wherever you are!- Times and rest time fornextprayer time on the bar of notifications - View monthly prayertimewith corresponding Hijri date is possible with UAE prayertimes.-Possibility to adjust azan times manually- More than 130Quranreciters are available in prayer times UAE . - Downloadingmp3Quran on your phone to listen without internet connection.-Offersthe different Duaa and Adkar (invocations)- dubai prayertimes -abu dhabi prayer times
ISLAMUNA: Prayer Times, Ramadan Times, Quran, Naat 3.3
Islamuna - the most important and must have app for aMuslim'ssmartphone. You find here Prayer Times along with multipleAzan& Beep alerts for all day Prayers (Salah/Namaz/Salatuk).FullQuran Kareem with Multiple Arabic scripts (IndoPak &Usmaniboth) and Translation in 9 Languages (English, Urdu,German,Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish andTurkish).Sehar-o-Iftar time for the month of Ramadan as well as allyear.Moreover, Qibla direction feature enables you locate therightKaaba direction from anywhere in the world.Islamuna isdevelopedand offered by one of the most popular Islamicportal( as recognized by millions ofMuslimsworldwide.البحث عن أوقات الصلاة، وتنبيهات أذان، القرآنالكريم،السحور والإفطار، اليومية ادعية، نشيدس، اتجاه القبلةMainFeatures:•Prayer Times (Salah/Namaz/Salatuk صلاتك) with multipleoptions ofAzan Alerts• Quran Kareem (Read Offline) with MultiLanguageTranslation of Quran• Listen Audio Holy Quran with voice ofAbdulRehman Alsudais• Listen Naats & Nasheeds• IslamicCalendar(Hijri Calendar Dates) • Qibla Direction• Daily Surah•Weekly &Monthly Prayer Time as Yearly Calendar• 100+ Dua's forDaily Lifewith Translation in English & Urdu• Six KalimaswithTranslation• Asma ul Husna (99 name of Allah)• FastingTimes(Sehr-o-Iftar Alert) for Ramadan as well as All Year
Prayer Time & Qibla for India Zi 2.4
Prayer time with azan, including tahajud azan andwidgets.SelectShafi(for all other) or Hanafi method.Enable GPS toget accuratetime.Compass sensor is required in mobile to getqibladirection."English" , "العربية",,"ಕನ್ನಡ","മലയാളം","தமிழ்ப்","हिंदी"
Muslim: Ramadan 2018, Prayer Times, Qibla, Quran
Welcome Ramadan 2018!You can find Ramadan Timetable 2018 toseeiftar and suhour times.Muslim Assistant app is designed to easeandnotify your islamic duties.It is an app showing: QiblaDirection(of your location); Daily, weekly, monthly Prayer Times,nearbyMosques. App also has holy Quran, Dhikr Counter, 99 Names ofAllah(Asma-ul Husna), Islamic Calendar, Jummah Messages,Hadiths.Perfect for your ibadats, install now to discover our Halalapp!You'll be seing Iftar and Suhour times with Ramadan Timetable2018Azan alarms will notify you at exact time and 10 minutesbefore!You can close & re-open alarms, change sounds as well.AllNotifications are adjustable.Qibla Finder & Prayer Timesapp"Muslim Assistant" helps muslims to find Qibla and see prayertimesall around the World. The direction of Kaaba in Mecca (Makkah)ispointed out with an arrow on the map, so that you can adjustyourdirection before you start your prayer. App arranges prayertimesaccording to your City and Country locations automaticallyormanually. You won’t need to worry about missing prayer timeswiththe help of Azan alarms and remaining time display to thenextprayer time. Listen to Quran recitations and make Dhikrs withtheDhikr Counter as well. Its the best app to assistmuslimprayers!It's easy to set Azan alarms for each prayer time,you canalso close them If you don’t prefer so. And you can snoozethealarm to perform prayer later.✓ Ramadan 2018 settings will bemadeautomatically.✓ You can see Glorious 99 Names of Allah,AsmaulHusna, listen to the chant and dhikr the names of Allah onDhikrCounter! Also, you can see Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)✓Apphas Islamic Calendar, so that You'll be seeing RamadanTimetableand all islamic holidays like Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha,Laylats,Day of Ashura.. etc.✓ Don't forget to read Dua's daily, youcan seeboth Arabic and your language.✓ With the Dhikr Counterfeature, youcan make your daily dhikrs, add-remove them, mostimportantly savethem to dhikr later. ✓ You can read holly Qur'anand listen toaudio recitations from different Muezzins.✓ You canswitch betweenAyats, Suras and Juz's easily by scroll, and searchfor specificSuras. ✓ You do not need internet to see where theQibla is. MuslimAssistant app shows you Qibla direction even inoffline mode withthe help of its compass feature.✓ Depending yourlocation, you cansee New York Azan Times, London Azan Time, Sydney,Berlin, IstanbulPrayer Times and Azan Times for all the citiesaround the World, inaddition to finding Kibla direction easily.✓Your direction islocated accurately through the GPS feature in theapp. ✓ You canre-detect your location with “Find my location”feature to be sureabout directions. ✓ Each prayer time is displayedas well as howmuch time is left to the next Azan time. You canshare Prayer, Azanand Qibla app on Facebook and other SocialNetworks with yourfriends. We'll appreciate your help! ★ You needto hold your phoneon a flat surface and keep it away fromelectromagnetic fields andmetal objects. If it is necessary, youcan manually re-arrange yourlocation through pressing the marker.★Because app uses yourdevice's location settings to give you prayertimes, please kindlybe aware your location settings are up to dateand allowed. MayAllah bless us all!
Azan Saudi Arabia 1.3.7
Mazoul dev
Azan Saudi Arabia is especially designed to indicate theaccuratesaudi arabia prayer timings ( salah time ) for the majorityof thecities of Saudi Arabia like prayer time riyadh, thisapplicationcan also:- Indicates you the accurate saudi arabiaprayer timings (salah time ) . - Reminder you before adan with theability tochoose the duration for each prayer.- Azan Saudi Arabiacan selector download your favorite adan or Al-Moazin.- Mute thesound ofadan by making a long click on the Volume button.- Il canhelp youto find the Mosques near you with an accuratelocalization.- ACompass is integrated to show the Qibla directionwherever youare!- Times and rest time for next prayer times on thebar ofnotifications - View monthly prayer times with correspondingHijridate is possible with azan Saudi Arabia.- Possibility toadjustAdhan times manually- More than 130 Quran reciters areavailable inprayer times Saudi Arabia. - Downloading mp3 Quran onyour phone tolisten without internet connection.- Offers thedifferent Duaa andAdkar (invocations) that the Muslim may need inhis daily life.-Automatic display of the Azkar (wake up, morning,evening and sleepAzkars).prayer time riyadhazan makkahazanjadda...*********هذاالتطبيق صمم خصيصا للدلالة على أوقات الصلاة فيالسعودية للحفاظ علىصلاتك :- يعرض أوقات الصلاة في السعودية بدقةكبيرة.- تذكير قبلالأذان، مع القدرة على اختيار الوقت بين الدعوةوالأذان.- اختيار أوتحميل صوت الأذان المفضلة.- إيقاف صوت الأذان عنطريق النقر طويلة علىزر التحكم في الصوت.- العثور على المساجد بالقربمنك.- بوصلة تشير إلىاتجاه القبلة أينما كنت.- الجدول الشهري لأوقاتالصلاة مع التاريخالهجري.- القدرة على ضبط وقت الأذان يدويا. - اكثرمن 100 ذكر منالكتاب و سنة- أكثر من 130 القراء القرآن- يمكنك أيضاتحميل سورة علىالهاتف للاستماع دون اتصال بالإنترنتاوقات الصلاة فيمكةمواقيت الصلاةفي المدينةاوقات الصلاة الرياضاوقات الصلاة الدمام
1Muslim - Prayer times, Azan, Qibla 1.4
Our ad-free application will notify Muslims when to pray. Itisoffering a preset and calculated timing based on yourcityselection with various settings for adjustment in a verybeautifuland not least user-friendly interface, into which we put alot ofrethinking. If your observation shows that the app is givingyouwrong prayer times, try adjusting your settings. You canalsofine-tune the timing by pressing and holding time columnunder“Show all” screen.We have a variety of notification schemesthatwill fit most of your situations: beautiful Adhans withpossibilityto install your own. Our animated Tasbih featuresintervaladjustment from 10 to 100 right from the front-end. Justpress andhold the central bead for the additional interface. Thedifferentsounds and vibrations will give you necessary controlforcomfortable and precise dhikr while you are not looking atthescreen.The app also helps you to find the Qibla direction, butmakesure you are not using it next to other devicesgeneratingextensive electromagnetic waves as they can corrupt thecompassreading.We are doing our best to give you the best, so tellus whatyou think. Your feedback is very important to us! Whetheryou'dlike to compliment or provide feedback about a disappointment,yourcomments are welcome. Please note, while we appreciateallfeedback, we may be unable to respond to everysubmission.IMPORTANTNOTICE: There will be no notification for aprayer if you don'tallow our app to work under Doze moderestrictions on Android OS6.0+. To do so, you need to acceptpermission request during firstinstallation, or check "Ignoreoptimisation" (or similar) underyour battery and power savingsettings (or similar) We arecontinuing to develop and innovatingour app to serve you better,while keeping it free and ad-free. Nowyou can help us in coveringour costs for server, development anddesign by purchasing ourIn-App product or with donations.
Athan: Prayer Time, Quran, Azan and Qibla Compass
Stay on top of your prayers with Azan app, get accurateprayertimes, adhan time, azan alarm, recite the Holy Quran, Duas,logprayers in the PrayerBook to track your salat performance,checkRamadan, Eid, Hajj, new islamic year dates in Hijri Calendarandget connected to Muslim community.Enjoy several other featuresofAthan developed by the world's largest online platform forMuslims- IslamicFinder.Other interesting features of Azan prayertime areMosque Finder to find the nearest mosques, Qibla locator tofindaccurate qibla direction and Islamic Calendar to trackIslamicevents.Azan Alarm & Prayer Times:-Get the most accuratePrayertimings for thousands of cities worldwide-Listen to adhanfivetimes a day-View the remaining time for each Salat and seeaccurateIslamic prayer times of the entire dayAl Quran:-Read the AlQuranin English Arabic and 45+ languages with transliterationandtranslation-Bookmark to save the Surah and Ayah of yourchoice-Get2 free translations and themes-Shareability of any Ayahfrom theazan app on social media-Look up any word, Surah or Ayah inthe"search" bar-Adjust font size and switch translationsandtransliterations on/offMasnoon Dua and Supplications:-QuranicandMasnoon supplications with English translation-Dua of the daycardto strengthen your Imaan-Bookmark to save yourfavoritesupplications and share them with your loved onesMosqueFinder andQibla Location:-Find nearby Mosques, organizations,schools, andbusinesses, along with their contact informationanddirections-Integrated Qibla compass / Qibla direction forthousandsof cities worldwideGregorian and Islamic Hijri Calendar:-Stayupdated about all upcoming Islamic events with HijriIslamicCalendar (includes both Hijri and Gregorian dates)-EnjoytheHijri-Gregorian date converterPrayerBook:-Build apersonalizedAthan prayer time profile for yourself-Know your Salatprogresswith the help of detailed graphs and timelines-Trackprayers bylogging them in your personalized PrayerBook-Never missyour Namazand get notifications of namaz timings In-Apppurchases:-Now enjoya smooth Ad-free experience and 7 new Athansfrom all around theglobe-New Quran Pro in-app purchase for$1.99-Buy 2 additionalthemes through in-app purchase-Get 42different translations in 23languages.Note: If Athan app gives youincorrect prayer times, itis most likely due to your settings.Enable auto settings to getthe most accurate Muslim prayer timesfor your location.Follow ustostayconnected
Adan India : prayer times india 2018 1.3.0
Mazoul dev
Adan India prayer times India is especially designed to indicatetheaccurate prayer for the majority of the cities of India likeprayertime kerala or prayer time in delhi, this application canalso:-Indicates you the accurate indian prayer times with azan(indianazan timing and prayer times). - Reminder you before azanwith theability to choose the duration for each prayer.- Select ordownloadyour favorite azan or Al-Moazin.- Mute the sound of azanby making along click on the Volume button.- Il can help you tofind theMosques (masjid) near you with an accurate localization.-A Compassis integrated to show the Qibla direction wherever youare!- Timesand rest time for next azan on the bar of notifications- Viewmonthly prayer times with corresponding Hijri date ispossible withadan India.- Possibility to adjust Azan India prayertime manually-More than 130 Quran reciters are available in adanIndia. -Downloading mp3 Quran on your phone to listen withoutinternetconnection.- Offers the different Duaa and Adkar(invocations) thatthe Moslim may need in his daily life.-Automatic display of theAzkar (wake up, morning, evening and sleepAzkars).- prayer timekerala, prayer time in delhi, chennai prayertime ...
Islamic Prayer Times: Duas, Azan, Quran & Qibla 4.2
Ramadan Times is very useful tool that allow to follow yourdailyNamaz schedule properly during Ramadan 2018 and after thattoo.This is an all in one muslim application containing 11awesomefeatures such as: Islamic Prayer Times, Qibla Compass,IslamicCalendar or Hijri Calendar, Al Quran, Duas, Tasbih Counter,99Names of Allah, Mosque Finder, Ramadan Times (Sehri andIftarTiming), Zakat Calculator and also Kalima.Salat Times(IslamicPrayer Time):- Displays 5 Muslim Prayer Times: Fajr, Dhuhr,Asr,Maghrib and Isha along with Sunrise timing.- Set Waktu SalatAlarmwith azan.- Monthly Prayer Times shows Salat times ofentiremonth.Different Calculation method, - Different CalculationMethod,Method Hanfi/Shafi and Coordinated Universal time.- Alsoprovidessupport for Daylight Savings Time for salat timecalculation.-Beautiful widgets provided that will allow user toshow PrayerTimes directly on the home screenRamadan Times- This isa usefulapplication that will keep you updated on the correctprayertimings throughout the month.- Displays daily Sehri/Iftartime tostart and end fasting for Ramzan.- Full month’s Imsak,suhoor andIftar time in table format for Ramadan 2018.-Remembersupplications and salutations (Hadith and Dua) that arehighlyrecommended to be recited during the Month of Ramadanincluding theNights of Power (Laylat al-Qadr).Islamic Calendar:-Calendar Viewthat showing Hijri Calendar and providing equivalentEnglishCalendar Dates.- Muslim Holidays list provide for currentIslamicyear in the Hijri Calendar. Qibla Compass:- Find KaabaDirectionfrom the any part of the world.- Display distance to Meccafrom youcurrent location.- Offline Islamic Compass Use.Al Quran&Duas:- 114 Quran Surah for reading.- Complete Quran withArabic andEnglish language.- Shows all 132 Duas in Arabic withtheir meaningprovided.99 Names of Allah:- Display Allah Names withEnglishMeaning.- Asmaul Husna with mp3 audio sounds for allnames.ZakatCalculator:- The main purpose of Zakat calculator is toenableMuslims to find out how much Zakat they have to pay afterdeductingtheir liabilities and personal requirements from totalamount andproperty they posses.- This App helps the user who givesthe zakatand they can calculate the zakat(Nisab) in the rightway.Tasbih:-Tasbih Countert to recite name of allah.- Select thetype of Tasbihsuch as Verse/Surah, Durood, Allah’s Name andKalima.- Manage pasthistory to see how much Tasbih yourecited.Mosque Finder:- Findnear by masjids/mosques around yourlocation using this app.- Showaccurate distance and direction frommosque in cool lookingUI.Notes:- Enable GPS Location to find theexact Qibla directionfrom your current location and also needlocation to calculateaccurate prayer times.- Location service alsorequired to findnearby mosques around your location.Download andrecommend thisRamadan Times to your friends and family so that theytoo haveeverything they need during the Holy month at theirfingertipsduring Ramzan 2018. May Allah bless us in this world andhereafter.
Adan France: Prayer times 2017 1.4.7
Mazoul dev
Adan France is especially designed to indicate the accurateprayerfor the majority of the cities of France ( horaire deprierefrance) , this application can also:- Indicates you theaccurateAdan France Prayer times . - Reminder you before adan withtheability to choose the duration for each prayer.- Select ordownloadyour favorite adan or Al-Moazin.- Mute the sound of adan bymakinga long click on the Volume button.- Il can help you to findtheMosques near you with an accurate localization.- A Compassisintegrated to show the Qibla direction wherever you are!- Timesandrest time for next adan on the bar of notifications - Viewmonthlyprayer times with corresponding Hijri date is possible withadanFrance.- Possibility to adjust Adhan times manually- More than130Quran reciters are available in Moslim pro. - Downloading mp3Quranon your phone to listen without internet connection.- Offersthedifferent Duaa and Adkar (invocations) that the Moslim may needinhis daily life.- Automatic display of the Azkar (wake up,morning,evening and sleep Azkars).****Adan France est uneapplicationspécialement conçue pour indiquer les horaire de prierepour laplupart des villes de la france, horaire de priere france,dont lesfonctionalités:- Indiquer les horaires de prières ( heurede priere) avec précision.- Faire une alerte avant chaque adan ouheure depriere.- Sélection et téléchargement l'adan de votremoaadinpréféré.- Désactivez le son d'adan en faisant un long clicsur lebouton Volume.- Vous permet de Trouver les mosquées prés dechezvous avec une localisation précise.- Une boussole est intégréepourvous montrer la direction da la Qibla.- Affichage des horairedepriere ( heure de priere ) sur la barre desnotifications.-Calendrier mensuelles avec la date Hijricorrespondante.-Possibilité d'ajuster manuellement les horaires del'athan.- Plusde 130 récitants coraniques avec le téléchargement enmp3 du Quransur votre téléphone pour les écouter sans connexionInternet.- Thisapplication offre les différents Duaa et Azkar(invocations) que lemusulman peut avoir besoin dans la vie de tousles jours.-Affichage automatique de l'Azkar (réveil, matin, soir etsommeilAzkars).- Téléchargement des Adan préféré - Pakistandownload otherAdhan sounds and use them in the Adhan muslimapplication, like:Adhan macca, Adhan Madina, Adhan Turky, AdhanMohammed RefaatCairo, horaire de priere france Adhan - Mohammed Albanna - Cairo,Adhan - Syria, horaire de priere france Adhan -Syria, Adhan -Malaysia, Adhan - Oman, Adhan - Kuwait, Adhan -Dubai, Adhan -Indonesia,...*********هذا التطبيق صمم خصيصا للدلالةعلى أوقاتالصلاة لمعظم المدن الفرنسية للحفاظ على صلاتك :- يعرض أوقاتالصلاةبدقة كبيرة.- تذكير قبل الأذان، مع القدرة على اختيار الوقتبينالدعوة والأذان.- اختيار أو تحميل صوت الأذان المفضلة.- إيقافصوتالأذان عن طريق النقر طويلة على زر التحكم في الصوت.- العثورعلىالمساجد بالقرب منك.- بوصلة تشير إلى اتجاه القبلة أينما كنت.-الجدولالشهري لأوقات الصلاة مع التاريخ الهجري.- القدرة على ضبط وقتالأذانيدويا. - اكثر من 100 ذكر من الكتاب و سنة- أكثر من 130القراءالقرآن- يمكنك أيضا تحميل سورة على الهاتف للاستماع دوناتصالبالإنترنت- تقبل الله منا ومنكم صالح الاعمال.
Prayer times, Qiblah, Adzan 1.6.0
WARNING : Don't kill this app from your task manager or you canlockyour app to prevert task manager kill list, if you not do thatthealarm will not work. 'Prayer Times' is a prayer schedule apps(incl.Time of shalah, any prayer schedule in islam, etc). Withthis appswe can get any newest update time information of shalah,imshaktime, or iftar time (break-fasting) day by day. This appsalsoincluded with reminder/alarm (with adzan sound) that willactivatedwhen the time of shalah is come. You can also change thesound ofreminder by selecting your favorite tunes.There is no needto useyour data. You can use it offline later. This apps willupdatingyour newest schedule based on your location ( you can setyourlocation automatically, or manually by inputing yourplacecoordinates). This apps also giving a direction to kabah(makkah)by using calculation of android digital compass.NOTES :ForMIsmartphone user with MIUI OS. We advise you to activatingautostart feature.You can go to Menu -> Security ->Permissions-> Start Automatically, give a check to "PrayerTimes" apps toavoiding sounds of adzan not working when yourestarting yoursmartphone.For OPPO smartphone user. Goto OppoSecurity Centerapp->Permissions Management->Auto-runmanagement->Prayertimes->turn on. Adzan in "Prayer Times" appwill work.For Asuszenfone. Select Auto-start manager-Prayertimes-Allow. And reminderwill work correctly.features:* Nearbymosque (with distance andestimation)* Alarm adzan* Tasbeeh counter*Muslim holiday reminder*Turn the alarm tone prayer schedule*Offline schedule* Qiblahdirection* Vibrate in silent mode* Compasscorrection* Prayerschedule correction* Show current hijri calendar*Calculate prayerin specific date* City input manual and auto (GPS)*Alarm beforethe prayer schedule* Know the schedule of tomorrow
Ezan Vakti Pro Lite 3.2.1
*** PRO VIRTUAL FEATURES ARE REDUCED.*** WE RECOMMEND THAT YOUAREFREE:    PROVERSION:✔Matchingtime for 203 countries and thousands of cities.✔ Option tocalculatecoordinate time (GPS) on demand✔ Warning at Times ofPeace.✔Reminder without entering the time.✔ Automatic take-in attimes✔Compatible with Turkey Times.✔ Hijri Day and Month.✔Automaticaccident tracking✔ Cobble Compass.✔ Kebble Map.✔ Findnearby Cameras(Google Service)✔ Multiple audio options for alertoptions.✔ You canselect separate time and sound for each time.✔Morning Prayer WakeUp (High volume sounds)✔ English languagesupport✔ Backwardautomatic operation
Muslim: Prayer Times, Quran, Qibla Compass, Azan 3.3
AppSourceHub is happy to introduce special Muslim Companion ApptoTrack Your Prayers, Quran Learning, Fasting, Qibla LocatingandSadaqahTrack all your daily spiritual efforts for Islam,whichwould help you measure your status and continue to improve.MuslimCompanion app is specially dedicated to track your prayers,Quranreading, sadaqah or charity and Ramadan Fastin.A Unique All inoneMuslim App with multiple features of prayer times, Qibla,quran,Tasbeeh, allah names, Ramadan 2018 time table, duas andmore.AppFeatures:Track Prayers:- Track and Save your daily 5prayers withYour prayer type.- You can add 2 prayers Ishraq andQiyyam.Al QuranTracking:- Track your daily Quran Surah Reading.-Mark Each DayChapter and Ayat Completion.- Go to Website to readfull Quran bysingle click.Charity or Sadaqah:- Mark each day ofyour donation-If you share smile, Donate Cloth, Done some effort,Help a personwith money or other charityRamadan Fasting: - Keeptrack of yourRamadan 2018 fasts in Ramadan.- Use app else thanRamzan month totrack fasts like Sunnah, Kaffarah, and Nazrthroughout theyear.Muslim Companion Message Board:- Post a Messagewith Image toIslamic Community.- View Other Muslim People'sMessages and Posts.-Like and motivate others about theirmessagesDaily Diary:- Saveyour Daily thoughts or any other textswith image.Prayers Times orSalat Times :- Waktu Solat time of Fajr,Shrook, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib,Isha and midnight salah times.- Automaticand Manual option toselect place name.- 200+ country list in appdatabase to selectcountry manually.Qibla Compass :- AccurateCompass app to FindMecca Direction.- Shows Kaaba distance in Km.and degree fromparticular place.Al-Quran :- Besides English, QuranTranslation inUrdu, French, German, Persian, Malay, Spanish,Turkish andIndonesian is also included in application.- Arabicaudio for QuranSurah.Islamic Calendar :- Shows Islamic dates withEnglish date inSame calendar.- Get events of particularmonth.Islamic or HijriDate Converter :- Islamic Calendar 2018-Beautiful wheeler UI toselect dates.40 Hadith and Daily Duas :- AllHadith and Duas inArabic and Their English Meaning.- Daily Duas forbefore and afterfor every work like e.g, sleeping, morning, eatingetc.Tasbeehcounter :- Keep tapping on + button and it will start tocount, “-”will make count reverse.- Add multiple counter by addingname andcount limit.Mosque Finder :- Find any mosque near by yourplace andcomplete your namaz on time.- Different distance radius toshowmosques.Asmaul Husna :- List of All 99 names of allah withaudio.-99 Allah names in Arabic language with English Meaning andfulldescription to understand easily.Pillars of Islam :- ShowsBasic 5Pillars in beautiful UI with pillars.- Include completedescriptionfor each Pillar: Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, Fasting andHajj.Ramadan2018 Times :- Imask, Suhoor and Iftar Times for Ramzan2018.- WholeMonth Times Table View with Alarm.Please, You can givefeedback andwe would love to listen your suggestions by E-mail,Facebook,Twitter or Google+.E-mail:[email protected]: of Muslim: PrayerTimes, Quran, Qibla Compass, Azan is free ofcharge in exchange forsafely using some of your device's resources(WiFi and very limitedcellular data), and only when you are notusing your device. Youmay turn this off from the settings menu.Please see our TOS forfurtherinformation. - Qurban Aqiqah Adzan Kiblat Quran 1.1.7
Muslim App All Your Praying Needs In One Application (English&Bahasa)Muslim App is the most complete and first tofacilitateMuslims in daily worship through the application . Wepresent themost comprehensive and accurate features.The features ofthe MuslimApp include Holly Alquran / quran / Qur'an, Qiblah /Kiblat, Adzan/ Adhan, the Mosque, the Prayer, and we are the firstapplicationswith the features of Qurban and Aqiqah.The Muslim Appapplicationprovides a scalable, fast, best and reliableservice,providequality products and guaranteed to the people,always be the leaderin service innovation, and always uphold theinterests of thepeople"All Your Praying Needs In One Aplication" -One Stopapplication for moslem
My Prayer: Qibla, Athan, Quran 1.0.32
My Prayer is a must have companion for all Muslims over theworld.100% free and without internet.My Prayer is the ultimate toolforgetting accurate prayer times and Qibla direction, no matterwhereyou are. Its modern and simple to use interface offers youimmensepower.Additionally the app comes with more options likereading theQuran, recite Remembrance and Supplication and beautifulwidget,which will let view time for the upcoming prayers in yourhomescreen.My Prayer comes to all Muslims with big new featuresthat isneeded all the day to all Muslims around the world like:PrayerTimes:★ Prayer times for 200.000+ cities in 200+ Countries:Fajr,Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha★ Automatic locationdetectionusing Network or GPS, or finding the location manually bysearching(Without Internet)★ Next prayer time is highlighted andshow timeremaining for next prayer.★ A Compass to show the Qibladirection.★Automatic detection of the best Islamic prayercalculation methodcurrently applicable to you.★ Choice your Madhab/ Juristic Method(Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki or Hanbali)★ Quick accessto all prayertimes via a beautiful widgetPrayer Time Settings:★Changinglanguage of the App★ Changing default settings ofprayercalculation method and Juristic Method★ Ability to adjustprayertimes manually.★ Turn On/Off sound for each prayer★ Abilitytochange alarm mode and to select notification tone (Athan)fromMakkah, Madina, Al-aqsa, Egypt and more.★ 12/24-hourformat★Activate / Deactivate the Daylight saving timeFindnearestMosqueHave you ever been in new place and want to go to thenearestmosque to you but you don't know how neither where isit.Theapplication "My Prayer" is the answer, It's based on googlemapsand shows you the nearest mosques to you in a sorted list fromthenearest to the furthest from you in a radius that you canselected3-50 Kilometers.Read The Holy QuranRecite Holy Quran withactualexperience, feels just like an actual Quran in your hand.Mostofthe applications requires 50 mb to 200 mb external datadownloadafter installation, but this app doesn’t need any externaldatadownload after installation.★ Go To: Allows app consumer tojump toany Ayah of the present Surah.★ Bookmarks: Allows the usertofavorite or save a particular part of the recital process inorderto continue from the same place where it left.★ Surah details:showinformation of Surah like, Maki/Madani, Total Ayahetc.★Translation: Option to Read Quran only in Arabic orwithTranslation in many language (English , french , Persian,turkish,Urdu, and more).Remembrance and SupplicationMy prayer isanapplication consisting of Beneficial Islamic Duas divided in25major Supplication (duas) and Remembrance (azkar) categories.Itwill help Muslims of all ages including Muslim kids and adultstoknow, learn, memorize, and recite different supplications fordailylife and other occasions.★ 25 Duas Categories meant forachievementin different instances are available:Morning/Evening,Restroom,Prayer, 40 Rabbanas, Eat/Drink, Dressing, Travelling,Family,Blessings, Protection, Forgiveness, Fasting/Ramadan,Hajj,Funeral/Grave, Rain, Random ....Tasbih - Remember of AllahMyPrayeralso provides you with Al-Masbaha "Sobha" which simulates therealone, you can simply choose a tasbeeha and then startusingAL-Masbaha★ the app can be used in many languages : Arabic,French,English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch,Norwegian,Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Urdu, Persian, Indonesian,Malay,Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali★ Supports phones and tablets
Listen Read Azan - Salat Times 1.6
6th Pro
Learn World Prayer Times, all countries salat times. fastingandiftar times.You can listen to the sound of the azan, theworld'smost beautiful. incoming calls to your phone, alarm sound,you canset the tone for messages and other notification sounds.Adhan /Azan dua.Muslims use the human voice to announce the timesofprayer to the community. The adhan is the call to prayeritself,and the person who calls it is called the muadhan.
Islamic Prayer Times Qibla Salat Locator 10.11.0
Islamic Prayer TimesQibla LocatorThe prayer times and Qiblacitiesworldwide.The method of calculation most consistent withreligion.From numerous visual observations were made to adopt areliablemethod of calculation.Imsak: abstinence Scheduleforfasters.Tracing the direction of Qiblah on Google Maps.Thecompassnumber with the calculation of the magneticdeflection.Detectingthe position. GeolocationWidget for PrayerTimesBeautiful Adhan forprayers times Protection Invocations andEvocations DuaPossibilityof moving the marker on the map and havingthe direction of theQiblah as well as the number of thecompassAlarm for Qiyam beforefajrTimes for Fasting and SahoorRamadan 2018Search prayer timesand qibla without internetReceiveregular Islamic information inthe application in Arabic, French,EnglishFree App without Ads.Please download it and rate it fivestars and share itAllâh ta`âlâsaid : { إِنَّ الصَّلاَةَ كَانَتْعَلَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ كِتَابًامَّوْقُوتًا } [sôurat An-Niçâ’] whichmeans: « Certainly the prayerwas prescribed for believers in histime ». It is a duty to checkthe times of prayers by observationand it is not enough to rely ona schedule based on the simplecalculation. See
Prayer Times: Azan, Quran, Qibla Compass 7.5
All in One Muslim Prayer Times App.Follow Your DailyNamaz/Salahschedule properly with Prayer Times 2018 app. This appcan be useas all in one as its contain 2019 Ramadan Calendar, NamazPrayerTimes, Qibla compass, 99 Names of Allah(Asma Al-Husna) ,IslamicCalendar or Hijri Calendar, Hijri Date Converter, RamadanDuas andeach day's Sehri Timing and Iftar Timing.This app isspeciallydedicated to Muslim Brothers and Sisters. Waktu Salat AppGivesSehri/Iftar timings for the holy month of Ramadan. Ramdanwhich isalso known as Ramzan is a ninth month of Muslim Calendar.Its theholy month in Islam because Quran was revealed in thismonth.Muslims fast for 29-30 days in this month and pay their dutyas itis is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. You canuseramadan app after eid al fitr too.Features:Ramadan TimesandCalendar:• App shows daily Sehri/Iftar time to start andendfasting.• Set Sehri and Iftar time alarm.• App shows wholemonthssuhoor and Iftar time in table format.• All suhoor/IftarRamadan2019 time Table.• Auto identify the location of the placeand showplace name and ramzan 2019 timing according to that.• Addlocationmanually with a 250+ country database. So App can be useramadancompanion without internet too.Prayer Time (Salat Times):•ShowsFive Muslim Prayer Times: Fajr,Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset,Maghriband Isha.• Set Particular Waktu Salat Alarm with azan.•Setfavorite Alarm ringtone for Namaz.• 7 Different CalculationMethod,Asar Method Hanfi/Shafi and Coordinated Universal time.•Next/Previous Day Waktu Solat can be seen.Al Quran• 114 Quran Surahforreading.• Complete Quran with 8 multiple Languages• QuranArabicAudio.Qibla Compass:• Find Mecca Direction from the any partof theworld.• Shows Islamic compass degree change in Live view.•CheckDistance to Mecca from a particular location.• Offline Use.99Namesof Allah:• 99 Allah Names with English Meaning.• Browse Allahnamesand meaning without internet connection.• Asmaul Husna withmp3audio sounds for all namesHijri Calendar and Date Converter:•ShowsCurrent Date in Western and Islamic Calendar Format.• FullIslamicCalendar 2018 Layout with both dates combine.• IslamicDateConverter with date piker in wheeler UI.• Manual Setting optionforHijri Date adjustment from -5 Days to +5 days.Ramadan KareemDuas:•8 Ramdan Duas in Arabic with sounds.• Duaspronunciations:•Complete Ramadan Calendar 2019• English meaning ofEveryduas.Ramzan Tracking:• Track Ramadan Month good works.•DifferentRewards to add on particular Day.• Add Specific Note toDiary.•Create Your Eid GreetingsPlease, You can give feedback andwe wouldlove to listen your suggestions by E-mail, Facebook,Twitter orGoogle+.E-mail:[email protected]: YourLocation:In Many Device, It will ask to enable GPS to getexactlocation, Using App first time kindly restart app afterEnablingGPS.Note:- As Prayer Direction and Prayer times vary fromdifferentpart of the world. Make sure first by selecting differentNamaztime calculation methods in the setting screen.Your use ofPrayerTimes: Azan, Quran, Qibla, Hijri, Tasbeeh is free of chargeinexchange for safely using some of your device's resources (WiFiandvery limited cellular data), and only when you are not usingyourdevice. You may turn this off from the settings menu. Pleaseseeour TOS for furtherinformation.
Al-Moazin 1.5.11
Goditi la voce più bella di Azan con E-muezzin.
Adan Algerie - prayer times 1.6.7
Mazoul dev
Adan Algerie is especially designed to indicate the accurateprayerfor the majority of the cities of algeria, this applicationcanalso:- Indicates you the accurate Adan Algerie Prayer times .-Reminder you before adan with the ability to choose thedurationfor each prayer.- Select or download your favorite adanorAl-Moazin.- Mute the sound of adan by making a long click ontheVolume button.- Il can help you to find the Mosques near youwithan accurate localization.- A Compass is integrated to showtheQibla direction wherever you are!- Times and rest time fornextadan on the bar of notifications - View monthly prayer timeswithcorresponding Hijri date is possible with adanalgerie.-Possibility to adjust Adhan times manually- More than 130Quranreciters are available in Moslim pro. - Downloading mp3 Quranonyour phone to listen without internet connection.- Offersthedifferent Duaa and Adkar (invocations) that the Moslim may needinhis daily life.- Automatic display of the Azkar (wake up,morning,evening and sleep Azkars).*********هذا التطبيق صمم خصيصاللدلالةعلى أوقات الصلاة لمعظم مدن الجزائر للحفاظ على صلاتك :- يعرضأوقاتالصلاة بدقة كبيرة.- تذكير قبل الأذان، مع القدرة على اختيارالوقتبين الدعوة والأذان.- اختيار أو تحميل صوت الأذان المفضلة.-إيقاف صوتالأذان عن طريق النقر طويلة على زر التحكم في الصوت.- العثورعلىالمساجد بالقرب منك.- بوصلة تشير إلى اتجاه القبلة أينما كنت.-الجدولالشهري لأوقات الصلاة مع التاريخ الهجري.- القدرة على ضبط وقتالأذانيدويا. - اكثر من 100 ذكر من الكتاب و سنة- أكثر من 130القراءالقرآن- يمكنك أيضا تحميل سورة على الهاتف للاستماع دوناتصالبالإنترنت- تقبل الله منا ومنكم صالح الاعمال.
Waktu Solat -Kiblat, Azan, Doa 1.6.0
Kamal Kornain
This application not only to display information related toprayertimes, Qibla and supplication/doa. We constantly try toimprove thecontents of this application.Main Features● Prayer timesand waktusolat based on your local timetables London Central Mosque(UnitedKingdom).● Accurate prayer times and waktu solat based onyourlocal timetables (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei)&selectable standard calculation methods for the rest of theworld.●Play azan as a notification.● Display daily Hijri andGregoriandate.● Find your nearest Masjid using our mosque locator.●ACompass to show the Qibla direction and distance from yourcurrentlocation.● Tasbeeh counter helps you to count your zikir.●DailySupplications / Doa lists.● Asma Ul Husna, 25 Prophets andAngelsin Islam.● Qasar and Jama’ guide for Muslim.● IslamicEvents.We arealways trying to improve and add more contents to ourapplications.Hopefully it can bring many benefits to us as aMuslim.
Prayer Times: Qibla Compass & Ramadan 2018 4.7
Prayer Times app for Ramadan 2018.A Beautiful All in one IslamicAppwith multiple features like Muslim Prayer Times with Azanfeature,Qibla Compass with Distance, Islamic Calendar, Hijri DateConverter,Near Mosque Finder, Multiple Tasbeeh, Counter, 5 Pillarsof Islam,Quran in Multiple Languages, Daily Duas, 99 Names ofAllah, Ramadan2018 Times with Table view. With Almost 11 differentfeatures whichhelps all Muslim Brother and Sisters in dailylife.Prayer Times andQibla app Features:Prayers Times or SalatTimes :- Waktu Solat timeof Fajr, Shrook, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib, Ishaand midnight salah times.-Automatic and Manual option to selectplace name.- 200+ country listin app database to select countrymanually.- Day Light Saving optionto change time for each salat.Tap on time to set time value.- Tapon Alarm icon to enable/disablesalat alarm.- Change the Azan Tunein settings or record your ownAthan and save it in device asringtone to use in app.- Countdownto next namaz time at the top,Current Date with Islamic Date andLatitude and Longitude of place.-Select the Madhab Methods(Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki or Hanbali)-Different methods ofcalculation from 7 Recognized Muslim ResearchCenters.- Adjustmanually angle for the Fajr and Isha.- AM/PM &24 Hourformat.Qibla Compass :- Accurate Compass app to FindMeccaDirection.- Shows Kaaba distance in Km. and degree fromparticularplace.- FREE Multiple 15 Compass Dials Theme for Qiblah.-WorkOffline.Al-Quran :- Complete Holy Quran in Arabic.- All 114Surahsof the Al-Quran.- Besides English, Quran Translation inUrdu,French, German, Persian, Malay, Spanish, Turkish andIndonesian isalso included in application.Islamic Calendar :- ShowsIslamicdates with English date in Same calendar.- Get events ofparticularmonth.- Shows Hijri and Gregorian Date at top ofscreen.Islamic orHijri Date Converter :- Beautiful wheeler UI toselect dates.-Convert Gregorian date to Hijri date and vice versa.-ShowsConverting result, a moment you change date.40 Hadith andDailyDuas :- Collection of authentic statements of theAllah'sMessenger.- All Hadith in Arabic and Their English Meaning.-DailyDuas for before and after for every work like e.g,sleeping,morning, eating etc.- Duas in Arabic and English.Tasbeehcounter :-Keep tapping on + button and it will start to count, “-”will makecount reverse.- Add multiple counter by adding name andcountlimit.Mosque Finder :- Find any mosque near by your placeandcomplete your namaz on time.- Different distance radius toshowmosques.- Shows all mosques with name and distance from placeinlist.- Click on mosque name to get direction.Asmaul Husna :-Listof All 99 names of allah.- 99 Allah names in Arabic languagewithEnglish Meaning and full description to understand easily.-AsmaulHusna Audio for each name.Pillars of Islam :- Shows Basic 5Pillarsin beautiful UI with pillars- Include complete descriptionfor eachPillar: Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, Fasting and Hajj- Explainedeachpillar in details by dividing it in chaptersRamadan 2018 Times:-Imask, Suhoor and Iftar Times for Ramzan 2018- Whole RamadanMonthTimes Table ViewPlease, You can give feedback and we wouldlove tolisten your suggestions by E-mail, Facebook, TwitterorGoogle+.E-mail:[email protected]: of PrayerTimes is free of charge in exchange for safely usingsome of yourdevice's resources (WiFi and very limited cellulardata), and onlywhen you are not using your device. You may turnthis off from thesettings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation.
Azan Azkar 1.4.4
The program helps you in maintaining your prayers, as theprogramcan determine your country Prayer times, and determineqibladirection.-Prayer Times in your Country-show next prayerandremaining time-Qibla direction-widget to show nextpray-searchnearest mosques-period alarm before azan-silent modeafterazan-animation while azan-copy or share muslim azkar-12 azansound, and you can choose from sdcard-muslimazkar-Bookmarkazkar*attention : this app under update , we add morefeaturesevery update , let us know your opinion about app , andleave yourfeedback.
Azan egypt : Prayer times Egypt 2017 1.3.1
Mazoul dev
Azan Egypt azan prayer times Egypt is especially designedtoindicate the accurate prayer for the majority of the citiesofEgypt like cairo prayer times or prayer times alexandria,thisapplication can also:- Indicates you the accurate Azan Egypt(azanprayer time in Egypt) . - Reminder you before Azan with theabilityto choose the duration for each prayer.- Select or downloadyourfavorite Azan or Al-Moazin.- Mute the sound of Azan by makingalong click on the Volume button.- Il can help you to findtheMosques near you with an accurate localization.- A Compassisintegrated to show the Qibla direction wherever you are!- Timesandrest time for next Azan on the bar of notifications - Viewmonthlyprayer times with corresponding Hijri date is possible withAzanEgypt.- Possibility to adjust Adhan times manually- More than130Quran reciters are available in Azan Egypt. - Downloading mp3Quranon your phone to listen without internet connection.- Offersthedifferent Duaa and Adkar (invocations) that the Moslim may needinhis daily life.- Automatic display of the Azkar (wake up,morning,evening and sleep Azkars).- cairo prayer times, prayertimesalexandria, egypt prayer times ...
Azan iraq : Prayer time iraq 2018 1.2.6
Mazoul dev
Azan Iraq prayer time is especially designed to indicatetheaccurate Iraq prayer time ( salah time ) for the majority ofthecities of Iraq, like erbil prayer time, this application canalso:-Indicates you the accurate Azan Iraq prayer time ( azan Iraq). -Reminder you before azan with the ability to choose thedurationfor each prayer.- Iraq prayer time can select or downloadyourfavorite adan or Al-Moazin.- Mute the sound of adan by makingalong click on the Volume button.- Il can help you to findtheMosques near you with an accurate localization.- A Compassisintegrated to show the Qibla direction wherever you are!- Timesandrest time for next prayer time on the bar of notifications -Viewmonthly prayer time with corresponding Hijri date is possiblewithAzan prayer time iraq.- Possibility to adjust azan timesmanually-More than 130 Quran reciters are available in Iraq prayertime. -Downloading mp3 Quran on your phone to listen withoutinternetconnection.- Offers the different Duaa and Adkar(invocations)-Iraq Prayer Time, erbil prayer time