Top 10 Games Similar to Ninja Run

Ninja Run 1.0
PanLan Bds.
Ninja Run 3D Subway Game StyleHow to Play>>> Select Ninja>>> Buy power up item>>> Collect Coins and Dodge Obstacle>>> Let's RockShare this game to your friends.If it's fun
Ninja Subway Surfers 2.0
Ninja Subway Surfers : Run for yourlife!Game is nice and it is addicted, It's a fun game, It's reallyfun!Ninja Subway Surfers is a great game and this game will be thebestgame in the world.Download and Play now !
Amazing Ninja Run 1.5
Amazing Ninja Run is an addictingsurfingrunner game. In Amazing Ninja Run navigate and try surfingtheNinja through the perilous path on running map , over thetunnel,inside the barred area running away from thedangerousspider.The running map is ready for your surfing ninja. All you need todois press the play button to start surfing.In this game your ninja is an exceptional free runner andadangerous surfer who is surfing and eliminating all theobstaclesof his way. Run, jump, climb, slide, shoot as fast as youcan . Inthis game parkour the ninja has to move fast and shootincomingdangerous bugs , rolling drums.Ninja runs through various environment of tunnel and periliouspathor running map but beware of mountain stone falling andotherobstacles from above .Help surfer ninja from the dangerous monster spider runningafterhim.Game controls• Swipe to switch the left and right coordination• Drag back to slide• Drag up to jump• Tap to shoot obstaclesGame features• Ninja free runner game• Amazing 3D background• Excellent game controls• Run through perilious path and parkour• Shoot the dangerous spidersTake a deep breath and start surfing with Amazing Ninja Runfreerunner game for fun!
Running - Ninja Run 1.3
Inkling Arts
Think you are the best ninja around?Proveit!Put your ninja skills to the test and show everyone what youaremade of!The classic Ninja Run with the complete new form but sameoldlook is back to keep you busy all day long.Help the poor ninja run for his life, and avoid hittingtheobstacles in between. Special powers are there to boost the runandspecial prizes to appreciate your efforts.Ninja Run is fast and super addictive game. It lead you enteranMedieval Chinese world of Ninja, Blades, darts and lot morethatmost of us would have dreams of during our childhood.Run as long as you can and share your score with friendsoverFacebook. Ninja Run also allows you brag and compete yourscorewith your friends and define your supremacy.Features:- Classic Ninja Game- Addictive Game play- Attractive look and feel- Online Score sharing- Online competetionFor latest news on new games released :-- Like us on Facebook : Follow us on Twitter :
Yoo Ninja Run 1.3
Yoo Ninja Run is an easy racing/rush andfunrunning and jumping game.Cobo is a brave ninja.He was good at running, and only went tothefarthest place he could be stopped, the front is a dense jungle,hewalked past looking for treasure.Try to help the little ninjarushin the jungle and find the treasure.*How to play*1.Tab anywhere to begin game.2.Tab anywhere to jump turnover.3.Speed up tile contact will accelerate the ninja.4.Bomb tile contact will end the game.5.Fall off the ground will end the game.6.Be careful the ninja run out of screen.7.Run as far as possible in the endless mode.*Feature*1.Full screen play suitable for all devices.2.Easy and smooth control and beautiful animation.3.3 scenes and 24 levels available and more levels will be addedinthe future.
Super Ninja Run 2.0
Super Ninja Run it's a fun, freeandchangelinggame that puts your tapping and awareness abilitiesattest.Drive the black ninja faster and faster by tapping yourwaythruan endless forest adventure and collect as many stars asyoucan byavoiding to drop or front hit the challengingforestterrain.Let's see if your thumb Kung Fu is better then othersthumbKungFu. All this remain to be seen only by playing thiscoolgame.--- Game Features ----- Endless level action;- Nice graphics & features;- Awesome Ninja character;- Great for killing the time;- Great game for Kids;- Constant updates and bug fixes.For any problem that you may encounter please dropusanemail.
Ninja run 1.0
run jump and help your Ninja tocollectallstrawberry.avoid all obtsacle and find your way into this beautifulforestthatcontains many of the fruits.enjoy Free Ninja run, it's freerun jump andhelpyourNinja to collect all strawberry.Avoid all obtsacle and find your way into esta Thatbeautifulforestcontains many of the fruits.Free Ninja enjoy run, it's free
Shadow Ninja Run 1.0
Wellcome to Shadow Ninja Run, Gameisamazingrun and jump.+. Support hight score.+. Many maps.+. Share app to facebook, twitter , gmail ..+. Multi color background.+. Share hightscore to leaderboard.How to Play:1 --- Left Single tap = Single Jump2 --- Right tap = Slide
Run Ninja Run 1.11
Teddy Engel
Featuring an unique art style, compellingmusicand a fast and intense gameplay, Run Ninja Run is thethrilling newendless runner available on all android devices.You are a renegade ninja escaping from one of yourcontractmissions.Jump between platforms, avoid the arrows, gather all gems andruntowards freedom !Run Ninja Run is Universal so it plays on all devices ingloriousHD.Features:• Unlimited platforms, arrows and gems• Fast gameplay: Do a speedy run in less than one minute• Unlockables: 6 unique ninja suits with special powers• 3 kind of gems: Discover the legendary orange gem.• Gem Combos: Gather many gems in a row to increase the value ofallgems collected !• Gamecenter: Play with your friends and challenge them in2different leaderboards• Be social: Share your progress on Twitter• Achievements: 43 unique achievements to unlock. Becomearocketeer, tycoon or model ninja !• Uplifting music• Cartoonish art style and animations• Universal: Plays on most devices• Possibly the most thrilling endless runner ever!