Top 48 Apps Similar to Xiaomi Flashlight

MIUP - Update MIUI 10 , MIUI Hidden Settings, News 4.0
soEpic Apps
MIUP App allows you to download latest versions of MIUIUpdates.Alsosupports forum and Store. * Latest Tech News *Download MIUI 10 ROMS* Access to MIUI Hidden Features. * RootChecker * Forum is used toaccess the latest News about MiUi. *Store is used to shop productsat amazing prices. Features:- --Daily Tech News with pushNotifications -- Full Device Test (fewerdevices supported) -- MiRoot Checker -- Download Latest MIUI 10 --Forum -- Store -- MiUpdate -- MIUI Hidden Settings -- Find DeviceStatus -- Country wiseStores -- MIUI Updates at your fingertips --MIUI FastbootROMS-------------------------------------------------------Apprequires following permissions: *WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE -Todownload theROMS.-------------------------------------------------------Note:-1.Downloaded update can be applied to Xiaomi smartphones byopeningupdater app and tapping on three dots and tapping on "ChooseUpdatePackage". 2.For Non-Xiaomi Devices updates can be installedto yourphone only through TWRP Recovery and device must be*ROOTED*.-------------------------------------------------------Supporteddevices are:- Xiaomi Devices: Redmi Y2/S2 Redmi Y1/LiteXiaomi MiMIX Redmi 5/Plus Redmi Note 5 Xiaomi Mi 6 Mi A1 Mi Note 3Redmi 5ARedmi Note 5 Pro Redmi Note 5A Mi MIX 2 Xiaomi Mi 5X XiaomiMi Note2 Xiaomi Mi 5c Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus Xiaomi Mi Max/Prime XiaomiMi NotePro Xiaomi Mi 5s Xiaomi Mi Pad Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 5Xiaomi Mi 3Xiaomi Mi 4 Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 Xiaomi Mi 4c Xiaomi Mi Pad 2Xiaomi MiMax 2 Xiaomi Mi Note Xiaomi Mi 2/2S Xiaomi Mi 4S Redmi 4ARedmiNote 4X Redmi 4X Redmi 5 Redmi 6 Redmi 6 Pro Redmi 4 RedmiNote 4Redmi 4 Prime Redmi Pro Xiaomi Mi 2A Redmi 2/Prime Redmi NotePrimeXiaomi Mi 1/1S Redmi 1 Redmi Note 3 Redmi 3S/Prime/3X RedmiNote 2Redmi 3/Prime Redmi Note Redmi 1S POCOF1-------------------------------------------------------Publisher:- soEpic Apps
Mi Wi-Fi
Xiaomi Inc.
You can update the Mi Wi-Fi app to version 4.0 now. You're abletotake control of your Mi Wi-Fi with this smart assistant onphoneanytime and anywhere. Major updates: 1. Device list: You canviewand manage devices connected to network, such as allow theiraccessto network and data or not, manage QoS allocation, and setnamesfor different devices. 2. Storage management: As the familydatacenter and a mobile hard disk on your phone, this app makes youbeable to manage and download files easily. It supportsslidegestures. You can find resources and manage download taskshere aswell as access to all photos and videos in chronologicalorder. 3.Tools: This feature helps you to learn more about MiWi-Fi. 4.Settings: You can view and change settings of MiWi-Fi.Recommendation: * Guest Wi-Fi: WeChat friends and theirfriends canconnect to Wi-Fi without password. * Share Mi Wi-Fi:Share therouter with your family. * Mi Wi-Fi info: Share yourrouter statswith friends. * Security: Protect home network fromunknowndevices, hacking, malicious websites, and downloads… *Routerstatus: You can view CPU performance and network speed ofallparts. * Back up photos & hard drive files: You can almostbackup everything you want on Mi Wi-Fi. * Tencent VIP: Exchangeyouridle bandwidth for Tencent VIP easily (only hard disk routerissupported). * Mi Cloud: Backups for photos and videos willbesynced automatically and safely to Mi Cloud (only hard diskrouteris supported). * Broadband speed: Telecom Tianyi canaccelerate theWi-Fi speed for its users. Learn more about Mi Wi-Fi
File Manager : free and easily V1-190912
Xiaomi Inc.
Mi File Manager is a free, secure tool that helps you findfilefaster, manage files easily, and share them offline withothers. Itsupports tons of cool features: quick search, moving,deleting,opening, and sharing files, as well as renaming,unzipping, andcopy-paste. Mi File Manager also recognizes multiplefile formats,including music, videos, images, documents, APKs, andzip-files. Weupdate our app regularly to bring you the bestexperience. With MiFile Manager’s crisp and clear UI, filemanagement becomes easierthan ever before! Key features Recent:View the files you workedwith recently without looking for them.Categories: Files areorganized into categories by their formats.From there, you canaccess to frequently used apps quickly. Storage:View your storagestats and manage all folders on your device.Cleaner: Free upstorage space on your device by deleting cache andjunk files. MiDrop: Share files with friends who are nearby withoutconnecting tothe Internet. Global search: Enter keywords to findfiles. Multiplefile formats support: Open videos, music, documents,APKs, andcompressed files with one tap. File compression: Compressanddecompress ZIP/RAR archives. Manage multiple files: Selectmultiplefiles for the same operation. Multiple languages supported:BahasaIndonesia, Bengali, Chinese, English, Español, Português,ру́сскийязы́к, українська мова, Tiếng Việt
ShareMe (Previously Mi Drop)
Xiaomi Inc.
Mi Drop has been rebranded to ShareMe. New name andfasterconnectivity. ShareMe - An ad-free P2P file transfer toolthatworks without connecting to the internet More than 200millionusers are using it. Just ask for it. ShareMe!! -Support allAndroiddevices -Share files without internet or mobile data usage-Sendand receive all types of files -200 times faster thanBluetooth,the highest speed goes up to 50M/s -Share files in 1 tap,withoutcomplicated step -Intuitive and user-friendly UI. [Mainfeatures]Transfer & share all kinds of files Quickly shareimages,videos, music, apps, and files between mobile devicesanytime andanywhere you want. Transfer all kinds of files to yourfriends infew seconds. Share files without the Internet Transferfileswithout using mobile data or connecting to the network at all.Freeof network connection. Free of internet. Free of mobiledata.Lightning fast speed ShareMe transfers files really fast, 200timesfaster than Bluetooth. Transfer files between all AndroiddevicesAll Android devices are supported! Use the preinstalledversion ofShareMe on Mi Devices or simply download the app fromGoogle Play.Intuitive and friendly UI ShareMe has simple, clean,anduser-friendly transfer files interface. All files are sortedintocategories(e.g., Music, Apps, Images) which makes them easy tofindand share. Resume interrupted transfers No worries if yourtransfergot interrupted due to a sudden error. You can resume itwith asimple tap without starting over. The only Ad-Free filetransfertool in market The only Ad-Free file transfer tool inmarket.Simply UI makes you feel comfortable. Send large fileswithoutlimitation Sharing photos, music, videos, apps, documentsand anyother file types of unlimited file size. Multiplelanguagessupported: Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Chinese, English,Español,Português, ру́сский язы́к, українська мова, Tiếng Việt Likeus andstay connected! Welcome to give us your feedback
Mi Calculator 10.1.3
Xiaomi Inc.
Mi Calculator will do the math for you. All newall-in-onecalculator for you. Regular, scientific, and mortgagecalculators,as well as currency and unit converters and much moreare all herein one place. 1. Basic calculator: Edit history andview previousresults in the regular calculator. 2. Scientificcalculator: Findtrigonometric functions, logarithms, and moreadditional featuresin the scientific calculator. 3. Currencyconverter: Daily updatedexchange rates in the universal currencyconverter. 4. Mortgagecalculator: Know the exact amount of the nextinstalment with theloan/mortgage calculator. 5. Converters: Freelyconvert units oflength, area, volume, speed, time, and mass in theunit converter6. Age calculator: Calculate your age accurately andknow moredetails about the birth date 7. GST calculator: Get theGST you arepaying for your goods (For India) 8. BMI calculator:Stay fit byknowing your BMI 9. Discount calculator: Know the exactdiscountamount you are going to get 10. Percentage calculator:Preciselycalculate the percentages with ease 11. Date calculator:Finddifference between two dates 12. Split bill: Split the billsamongfriends and know the amount payable
Xiaomi Inc.
Control your electric appliances with your phone using MiRemote.Whenever you can’t find your remote or feel like prankingyourfriends, Mi Remote will be there to help. We also have alltheinformation you need about your favorite TV shows, so youcanswitch the channel faster, or even watch the show on yourmobiledevice. Mi Remote brings watching TV to a new level!Supportedappliances: TV, air-conditioner, set top box, DVDplayer,projector, A/V receiver, camera, etc. Supported Brands:Samsung,LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Haier, Videocon, Micromax,Onida, etc.1. Most phones with IR blasters support Mi Remote andits features.2. All mobile devices can be used to control Mi TV/MiBox and othersmart TVs with standard protocols over Wi-Fi. 3. Allmobile devicessupport Mi Remote’s integration with TV scheduling.Supportedphones: Samsung S4/S5/S6/S6 Edge/Note 3/Note 4, HTC OneSeries, Mi4/Mi 4c/Mi 5/Mi 5S Plus/Mi 5C/Mi 5X/Mi 6, Redmi 4/Redmi4A/Redmi4X, Redmi Note 2/Redmi Note 3/Redmi Note4/RedmiNote4X/RedmiNote5A, Huawei Honor 3/6/6 plus Mi Remote. Life at thetips of yourfingers.
Xiaomi Inc.
Peel Mi Remote is a TV guide extension for Xiaomi Mi Remote by"PeelSmart Remote". Please make sure you have Xiaomi Mi Remotev.5.3.5installed on your phone. This Remote Changes Everything!Peel MiRemote revolutionizes your home entertainment experiencebycombining universal remote control and live or streamed TVlistingsinto one simple-to-use app. This is the only remote and TVguideyou need. Universal Remote Control Reliably control your TVandset-top box, using the built-in infrared IR blaster on yourXiaomismartphone. Hands down, the best Universal Remote app ishere. FindSomething Good to Watch Peel Mi Remote provides smartshowrecommendations and TV guide listings based on your preferencesandpast viewing behavior, all organized in an easy tonavigateinterface. Best of all, the more you “Peel-in”, the smarteritgets. Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use. Peel Mi Remote is supersimple.No matter where you live, what brand of TV or set-top boxyou own,or who provides your service, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Confirmyourlocation from 110 different countries, choose your TV provider,andthen pair Peel Mi Remote with all your home electronics. Itcanreplace your Samsung TV remote, LG TV remote, Sony TV remote,VizioTV remote, Dish remote, DirectTV remote and more. This is theonlyuniversal remote control app will ever need. Never MissYourFavorite Shows With the Peel Mi Remote you can easily setacalendar reminder so you never again miss a favorite show, movieorsports event. Simply tap on the reminder notification to“Peel-in.”Peel-in to Your Favorites Customize your Peel Mi Remotebyselecting your favorite channels and shows. Finding out whenandwhere your favorite programs and movies are available to watchonTV has never been easier. Personalize Your TV Program Guide&Listings Peel Mi Remote allows you to easily personalize yourTVchannel listing to match your local over-the-air, dish orcableprovider or streaming service. The best TV guide you can getishere!! Easily Discover Streamed Content Peel Mi Remote allowsyouto discover your favorite shows and movies on your streamingvideoservices. Whether you prefer Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Apple TVordozens of other digital content providers, Peel will help youfindsomething good to watch.
com.xiaomi.smarthome 5.5.48
Xiaomi Inc.
Manage and communicate to devices. Connect devices tonetwork.Connect devices to each other. tips: device support aredifferentin different areas, please refer to product manual orofficialwebsite
ShotOn for Mi: Add Shot on Stamp to Gallery Photo 1.4
Shot On Stamp
◇ ShotOn for Mi is an app that add tags of “Shot On & ShotBy”to your pre-captured photos saved in the Gallery for FREE.Furtherdown, you can also customize the tags to show your own Shotondevice “Model”, “Logo” and Shot by “Text”on the photographs.✨Howit Works?➺ Choose Logo of your device brand➺ Add “Shoton”signature text➺ Add “Shot by” signature text➺ Finalize ShotOntextformats, size and position”➺ Select the Images from the Gallery(onwhich you want to add a tag)That's it!All of those selectiveimageswill be re-saved in the Gallery with a Shot on watermarkstamp ofyour choice.◇ Shot ON’s were only made available on dualcamerasmartphone for Mi but with the help of this application, youcanmark up your favorite images with a ShotOn Watermark tag onanyDevice and any number of Photos. ✨ Highlighted Features of theApp➺Editable LogoBored with in-built brand logos? Add your customshoton logo from the app! ➺ Editable Shot on TextUnlike other apps,youhave the option to edit Shot on tag according to yourpreference.➺Editable Shot by TextShot by tag is relatively new tagand at thesame time important one. Add your name and let thephotospeak.➺Classy Font Formats ShotOn for Mi app is loaded withgreatfont formats to take your shot on tag to a next level.➺EditablePositionTune the position of stamp so that it does notoverlap yourmasterpiece.➺ Editable SizeAdjust the size of watermarkso that itdoes not ruin photo aesthetics.➺ Other Brand LogosChoosefrom widevariety of ShotOn logos to get different look on everyimages youadd it to.Computing every feature together, this app getsyoucovered up from all sides so that you don’t have todownloaddifferent apps for variant features. You get it all inShotOn forMi Gallery.🎁 Why Choose us?✌ Free App Package✌ Add Shoton tagsdirectly to your pre-captured gallery photos✌ AdjustableShotOnStamp Tag Position✌ Functionality to add your customstamp✌Customizable “ShotOn & Shot By” TagsAll these featuresmakesShotOn for Mi on Gallery an exclusive package to fulfill allyourrequirements related to ShotOn tags.🌟 If you were on huntforsomething like this, this is the apt Shot on app specificallyforMi users and that too for FREE!Still wondering? Without asecondthought download the application NOW!You will definitely loveyourShot On photos! ;)
Tools & Mi Band 4.1.5
Get the most out of your Mi Band smart bracelet with Mi BandTools!Set up your own, individual and fully customizablenotificationsfor incoming calls and applications. Energize yourbrain during ahard day using the power nap feature, configuremulti-color custompatterns for each single notification, fine-tunecustom contentfilters and a lot more! This application works verywell withoriginal Mi Fit application (but is no way associated withXiaomi).This means that you can always have the latest Mi Fitversion andthe latest Mi Band firmware in addition to great andpowerfulnotification features. Features: • Display Text Support(see callercontact names & contents of notifications on your MiBand) •Application notifications (configurable per application aswell asglobally) • Incoming call notifications (configurable percontactas well as globally) • Continuous heart rate monitoring&notifying, configurable heart rate dashboard charts (Mi Band4, MiBand 3, Mi Band 2, 1S) • Sleep as Android Integration (Mi Band4,Mi Band 3, Mi Band 2, 1.0, 1A) • Alarm notifications(includingsafety sound alarm - vibrations won't wake you up? safetysoundalarm will trigger after few minutes) • Customrepeatingnotifications (you can set anything you like, for example:hourlychimes, change workout reminder, take a pill reminders andmore) •Fully customizable notification patterns (includingmulti-colornotifications, custom vibration patterns) • Notificationcontentfilters (only interested in SMS notifications for certainpeople?not a problem for Mi Band Tools) • Multiple notificationsperapplication (thanks to this feature, you can set differentpatternsfor single application, for example you can set WhatsAppmessagesfrom your boss in red and from your friends in blue) •Power Napfeature (need a short nap? Just activate this and Mi Bandwill wakeyou up by vibrations when you're done resting) • IdleAlerts (youcan set an alert so the band will buzz you if you'vebeen inactivefor some time). You can also control the interval,time frame andinactivity threshold • Configurable notificationstimes (evenseparately for weekends) and conditions (globally andpernotification) • Advanced settings (disablenon-interactivenotifications, shake to dismiss power nap, disablein silence mode,disable while screen is on, ...) • Missednotifications(notification is not lost when you are out of reach ofyour phone,you will get the last missed notification on reconnect)• Fullycustomizable widgets (daily fitness goal progress,braceletbattery, etc). • Export/Import Settings (to your storage orto thecloud) • Tasker, Automagic, Automate and Locale support(advancedand fully customizable action plugins) • Designedcompletelyaccording to Google's Material Design guidelines and bestpracticesin mind • Many of 'those little things', for example,applicationautomatically detects the dominant color of anapplication icon /contact picture and preselects it for you • Fullysupports alloriginal Mi Band bracelets (including the white-only 1Aversion forwhich Mi Band Tools automatically adjusts the userinterface tomatch the features supported by this bracelet version)• Works onall Android versions from 4.3 to 9+ • Many and many moreyet tocome! Localization: Please help us translate Mi Band Toolsintoyour language by translating some phraseson Thank you!Twitter: FAQ:http://help.mibandtools.comImportant: If you have any problem withthis application, pleasecontact us on beforedown rating and we willhelp you resolve your issue.
Mi Community - Xiaomi Forum 4.3.2
Mi Community is our official community forum, theultimateplayground for our Mi Fans to hang out together. It’s whereallyour questions or doubts about our Xiaomi products willgetanswered and where you can get the latest news and happeningsaboutXiaomi. More importantly, it is the perfect place to interactwithother hardcore Mi Fans like you! With Mi Community, you willbeable to join events, share your reviews, photos and meet newpeoplewith your same interests, but most importantly, have fun!!!Withthe Mi Community app, you can expect: ● Mobile optimizedreadingexperience of Mi Community on your phone ● Creating andreplyingthreads to be much easier with native thread publishingtools ●Built in messenger, now you can chat with Mi Communitymembers onthe go! (Why not drop me a message?) ● Weekly contestsand newdiscussion topics surrounding tech launches ● Most updatednewsabout Xiaomi's new products Mi community forum is rich incontentwith diverse sections, such as product-related sections ofRedmiNote 4, and Mi Band 2; MIUI related sections of Tips andTricks andMIUI Flashing Guide; as well as Mi Fan Club section. Withso manyinteresting sections that we offer, you will find yourinterestshere. This app requires the following permissions: ●Wi-Fi: Toallow the Mi Community app to connect to available Wi-Finetworksfor faster browsing ● Device state: To identify thescreen-size,android version, and analyze app crashes for improvingoverallperformance. ● Files and Storage: To cache images forbetterperformance. ● Push notifications: To notify users withupcomingthreads, news, replies, and PMs. Here are some reviews forMiCommunity: ● Kalpesh Patel: This app useful mi mobiles userveryuseful. ● Shashidhar J: MI community is a helpful communitywhichwe can share, win, show talent, everything. It's a good forumInever seen from other mobile company. ● Parth Gudhka: Great appforxiaomi lovers. You will get every information about xiaomiproductsand MIUI here. ● Karthik: It's best forum I ever used, loveMiCommunity. ● Nitesh Dm: Mi is awesome!! Best products..Bestquality.. Best UI.. Everything is just superb.. Keep it going..Youguys rock! And we'd love to hear any suggestions, questionsorcomments. Mail us at
Mi Fit 4.0.9
Mi Fit tracks your activity, analyzes sleep, and evaluatesyourworkouts. Lots of video tutorials keep you motivated, and helpyoubuild a healthier, more enjoyful daily routine.
Xiaomi MIUI Forum 2.0.2
Xiaomi Inc
MIUI Forum app is the only official app to access Xiaomi MIUIGlobalForum ( where you can come todiscoverlatest news and updates of MIUI ROM, Mi products, apps,themes,reviews, root tools, kernels, tutorials and more. Withmillions ofMIUI fans from all over the world, you can also makesome friendsand talk about ROMs, phones, technology and anythingyou'reinterested in. We're trying our best to make it a placewherebrilliant minds shall never be lonely!
Flashlight for Xiaomi 2.0
Free & no ads
A free, modern and lightweight flashlight withoutadvertisingdesigned and tested on Xiaomi smartphones.Key featuresof theflashlight:- without advertising,- is very light and simple,-youcan easily switch off - the phone does not lock,- has amoderndesign,- uses LED - illuminates with strong light,- isabsolutelyfree.Tested and designed for:- Xiaomi Redmi 4A,- XiaomiRedmi 4X,-Xiaomi Redmi 3S,- Xiaomi Redmi 3,- Xiaomi Redmi Note 3,-XiaomiRedmi Note 4,- Xiaomi Mi 5,- Xiaomi Mi 6,- Xiaomi Redmi Pro,-andall others!
Mi Drone V
Connect our App with Mi Drone hardware, explore new perspectivesatyour fingertips. Enjoy the flight and record beautifulmoments!Main features: 1. Real-time map view and flight parameters2. HDcamera to take photos and videos 3. Convenient shortcuts forTakeOff, Land, Return to Home, Orbit Flight, Dronie Flight,Tap-flyFlight, Waypoints Flight 4. Multiple safety system includeGPStracking, Return to Home when low battery, Return to Homewhendisconnected, Auto hover at No Fly Zone 5. Flight recordsincludedistance, minutes, times 6. Photo sharing to Facebook,Twitter andWeChat
Theme Editor For MIUI 1.7.2
* Stop your ads Blocker to be able to run it* * No Root * MIUIThemeEditor is the most powerful Xiaomi (MIUI) theme editor withitssimple and awesome UI and its wide set of options to helpyoucustomizing your phone easily. It's fully free and availabletoeveryone. You can pick, edit and save your theme quite fast.Neverhesitate to download it. Features - Multi option forselectingthemes : --- Picking from theme manager --- Browsingstorage - Editdescription - Edit system font to whatever you wantand choosebetween : --- Built-in fonts (built-in fonts support onlyEnglishlanguage if not working with you try to get font supportyourlanguage ".ttf" and select it by "choose a custom .ttffont"option). --- Browsing storage. - Edit apps icons by : ---Selectingan icon mask. --- Selecting dynamic icons. --- Importingall iconsfrom an installed icon pack. --- Selecting icons manuallyfor eachapp. - Edit status bar icons (battery, signal and WiFi). -Edithome screen wallpaper. - Edit lock screen wallpaper &style. -Editing notification panel background & icons. -Editingincoming calls background. And more discover it by yourself.Wehope you'll enjoy the app. If you like it, then please rate it5Stars. If you have any bug or suggestion, please contact us.Thanks
Flashlight Tile Fix Kenzo 1.7
Umang Leekha
This is a quicksettings tile and also a standalone torch app,youmay use it in any way, right now it's only for Xiaomi Redmi Note3,I made this as a workaround alternate to native flashlight tile.
Stylish Black Keyboard For Xiaomi MIX 2S 10001009
😎Mi MIX 2S keyboard is a brand new smart black keyboard forFREE😎MiMIX 2S keyboard offers an authentic animated black keyboardfor MiMIX 2S lovers😎Download Mi MIX 2S keyboard and make yourphoneunique and enjoyable!-About Mi MIX 2S keyboardMi MIX 2Skeyboard isa smart and magical keyboard for Android phones. Mi MIX2S keyboardprovides you with unique, smooth and fun typingexperience. Withblack style design and stylish elements, Mi MIX 2Skeyboard cankeep you up with trends among your fellas. If you are ablacklover, do not miss it!-Why Mi MIX 2S keyboard?😮 It is cool!😊Mi MIX2S keyboard brings awesome functions beyond yourimagination.🤗 Oncesuccessfully applied, you can enjoy:🤖SmartReply🤖Mi MIX 2S keyboardsuggests replies according to the messagesyou received. Stayingclose to AI helps you type less and saymore.🤩Popular Emojis andGifs🤩stylish keyboard comes with 1,000+most popular emojis andstylish gifs. It provides precise autoprediction.Just type a wordand our smart keyboard will suggestemojis for you.😄ThemeCenter😄There are 3,000+ keyboard themes foryou to explore!Including various categories of tech, animals,glitter, nature,cute ones, cartoons, flowers, love, luxury, coolstyle, business,simple type, sports, special for girls, etc. Theyare all FREE!Visit our theme center and you will besurprised!🌟Special Effects🌟Amazing effects distinguish this Mi MIX2S keyboard from otherstylish keyboards. All effects correspond toyour typing andgestures perfectly:Amazing 3D effects whiletappingDynamic particleeffectsGesture input animationWell-designedblack touch tones✨DIYThemes✨In our Theme Store, you can customizeyour own keyboard bychoosing background from various wallpapers oreven your ownphotos, button skins, fonts and touch tones! Come andcreate yourown keyboard. Uniqueness is only a DIY theme away!😉SmartTyping😉Triple your typing speed! stylish keyboard is designedtooffer faster and smoother experience. Enabled with AI tech, MiMIX2S keyboard helps you type faster and smartervia:PersonalDictionaryCloud PredictionGesture TypingVoiceInput🔍SmartSearch🔍Tapping the Search feature will direct you tosearch. Noneed to switch to a browser app.💪StrongCompatibility💪Compatiblewith ALL types of Android phones:Samsung,Sony, Xiaomi, Huawei,OPPO, Vivo, etc.🌐Languages Supported🌐stylishkeyboard themesupports 85 languages covering 138 countries.💎NewFunctions💎Selector: select text easily with the help ofarrowbuttons for further editing.Delete learned words: longpressunwanted learned words in prediction bar will remove them.💡Note💡Toapply this awesome keyboard theme with all its coolfunctions, youneed to download our smart keyboard app for yourmobile devicefirst.🙏 If you like this stylish keyboard theme,please do notforget to leave a 5-star rating and comment to helpothers identifythis wonderful keyboard. Thank you!
dev.rokitskiy.wfab 3.1.5
A NEW way to install the WatchFaces is available! Now youcaninstall the WatchFaces in the section "Local watch faces" inMiFit.There is also the possibility of choosing the old methodofinstallation (through the section "Online watch faces"). Youcanselect it in the left menu of the application. The easiest waytoset the WatchFace: 1) Open MiFit 2) Click on "Profile" 3) Clickon"Amazfit Bip" 4) Click on "WatchFace setting" 5) Click on"Localwatch face"
LED Torch Light 4.0
LED Torch Light is a free flashlight app instantly turns yourdeviceinto torch. This is the most beautiful flash light app youcanget.LED Torch Light Features:• The bright LED flashlight app.•Workswhen screen is off.• Excellent and unique design.• Fastestlaunch.•For devices without LED flashlight - uses a screen lightlike atorch light.• Simple and easy to use.LED Torch LightSupportsSmartphones:• Samsung Galaxy S4 • Samsung Galaxy S2 •Xperia Z • LGl90 • Moto G 3 • Huawei Mate S • Galaxy Note 3 • AsusZenfone 4 •Asus Zenfone 5 • OnePlus X • One Plus 3 • OnePlus Two •One Plus One• Nexus 5 • Xiaomi Redmi 2 • Htc Desire • Htc One •Samsung GalaxyS3 • Xiaomi 4 • Samsung Galaxy Note 1 • SamsungGalaxy S Plus •Huawei Ascend Mate 2 • Samsung Galaxy Wonder •Samsung Galaxy 1 • LGOptimus L70 • Sony C6603 • Sony Xperia E •Sony Xperia U• And +14585supported devices.Permissions:• Camera /Flashlight - Uses LEDcamera• Internet / Access network state - Ads
App vault 2.14.14
Xiaomi Inc.
It brings all the important notifications and app featurestogether.Here you can find the features you need most and use themwithouteven starting the app. You can call a cab, take a note, andview theresults of the game you missed all in one place.
Radon Kernel Control 4.2
Umang Leekha
Warning ! Rooted devices only !Radon kernel control iscurrentlyfully working for the following devices --Kenzo (XiaomiRedmi Note3 SD)-Kate (Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 SE)Compatibility will beexpandedto many more devices soon.Short list of features --Dashboard isunique and shows lots of useful information like load,temps,current, memory usage etc.- All the cards in dashboardareclickable, they will show you detailed stats when you clickthem.-Both custom and predefined profiles available for bothperformanceand display tweaking.- With custom profiles, it's easyto tweak allthe performance or display related settings within asingle page.-Floating overlay frequency widget available forcheckingfrequencies and temperature on the go.- Battery service ispresentto monitor on and off screen drain, just tap the batterycard indashboard to see them.- Gesture controls ( dt2w, s2w, s2s )areavailable if your kernel has support for them.- Misc sectiongivessome other tweaking like sound gain, vibration, tcp etc.-Quicksetting tiles to switch profiles are also available fornougat(7.1.1+) users.- Backup and restore options are availablesincesome users like to change rom often.
Flower Care Register 1.2
This application helps your register your HuaHuaCaoCao(Xiaomi)Flower Care Smart Monitor. Some webshops ship the domestic,Chineseversion of this device which does not work outside of China.Thisapp helps you overcome this issue and register your device toyouraccount regardless of your location. Afterwards you can usethedevice with the official app to monitor your plants. This isanunofficial app and we are not affiliated with HuaHuaCaoCaoorXiaomi. The code is open source and available onGithub: Everyimprovementand feedback is greatly appreciated. If it doesn't workfor youplease send your Android version, your device model and theexactbehaviour (aka what doesn't work). The preferred way is anissue onGithub, but you can contact me directly aswell.----------------------- The flow of theprogram----------------------- Enter the Flower Care username andpassword(used to sign in to the official application). Search fornearbybluetooth devices Select the Flower Care device The app getsarandom Chinese proxy from The app sets the proxyandchecks its IP with The app sends a login requesttothe huahuacaocao servers On successful login the app registersthedevice through the proxy ----------- Permissions-----------Bluetooth("android.permission.BLUETOOTH","android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN"):used to scan for Bluetoothdevices Internet("android.permission.INTERNET"): used to get theproxy data andcontact the huahuacaocao servers On Android 6.0 andabove: Location("android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION"): thispermission isrequired to scan for Bluetooth devices. The app doesnot access thelocation directly.
com.moofwd.upc 2.3.1
TIU Virtual UPC es la principal vía de registro para losalumnos,permitiendo que accedan desde sus dispositivos móviles adiversosservicios en el Centro de Información, a los múltiplesespaciosdeportivos y al campus universitario. Virtual UPC TIU isthe mainroute of registration for students, allowing access fromtheirmobile devices to various services in the Information Centerto themany sports facilities and the university campus.
Best LED flashlight for Android phones is the bright torchlight.Simple torch light with minimalistic design. Suitable forcamping,hiking, cycling, backpacking, hunting, fishing, autoemergencies,home repair, family and outdoor activity etc. Features:★ Faststart from icon ★ Works on locked screen in background 👍Batteryindicator ★ Strobe light for SOS button ★ Low batteryconsumption -the app is optimized to use the battery wisely ★Always availablelamp - a powerful flashlight app is designed to beat hand whenneeded ★ SOS alert will help you to be prepared foremergencysituations ★ Minimalistic design ★ Very bright andpowerful flashlight ★ Use camera flash light for samsung phones ★Free flashlightapp ★ The light illuminates when you click an iconon home screenand works like widget. ★ LED flashing light from thestrobe can beseen really far in the darkness. It is your luckycharm :) Downloadfree flashlight now and enjoy :) Why does the appneed access tothe camera flash? - LED (flash) is a hardware part ofthe camera.To enable LED, access to the camera flash is required.Compatiblewith phone and tablet models: Motorola, Motorola Droid,MotorolaMoto G LG K7, G2, G3, G5 LG Optimus L5, L9 Meizu m3 noteHTC DesireHTC One Xiaomi Mi5, Xiaomi Redmi Note Google Nexus,OnePlus, AsusZenPhone Huawei Ascend Mate Huawei Honor Huawei P9Samsung GalaxySamsung Galaxy Note Sony Xperia Z, X, Z5, Z4, Z3, Z2,XA, Z3+ SonyXperia M2, M3, M4, M5 and many other models==============
Simple Gallery 5.1.4
DEPRECATED: This version of the app is no longer maintained, getthePro versionat customizable gallery capable of displaying manydifferentimage and video types including SVGs, RAWs, panoramicphotos andvideos. It is open source, contains no ads orunnecessarypermissions. Let's list some of its features worthmentioning: 1.Search 2. Slideshow 3. Notch support 4. Pinningfolders to the top5. Filtering media files by type 6. Recycle binfor easy filerecovery 7. Fullscreen view orientation locking 8.Marking favoritefiles for easy access 9. Quick fullscreen mediaclosing with downgesture 10. An editor for modifying images andapplying filters 11.Password protection for protecting hidden itemsor the whole app12. Changing the thumbnail column count withgestures or menubuttons 13. Customizable bottom actions at thefullscreen view forquick access 14. Showing extended details overfullscreen mediawith desired file properties 15. Several differentways of sortingor grouping items, both ascending and descending 16.Hiding folders(affects other apps too), excluding folders (affectsonly SimpleGallery) The fingerprint permission is needed forlocking eitherhidden item visibility, the whole app, or protectingfiles frombeing deleted. This app is just one piece of a biggerseries ofapps. You can find the rest of themat
Xiaomi Interphone Walkie Talkie English Interface 1.0
Xiaomi Interphone Walkie Talkie is a very great tool forteamoutdoors communications. However, now it only hasChineseinterface. With this APP we provide English interface forthedevice. All steps, buttons and menus are the same as thedevicescreen showing in English. So if you can easily useXiaomiInterphone Walkie Talkie if you know English Only.Also youcan joinFacebook Group "Xiaomi Walkie Talkie" to see moreinformation andfeedback us if you have any problems.
Mi 3.3.4
Advoco NetPBX® is a flexible cloud-based PBX solution withbroadfunctionality that you can access wherever you are. The appMiholds together your corporate communication and reaches out toallemployees wherever they are. The app Mi gives you access toanumber of services that you can manage from your mobile. Youcaneasily manage your status in the app to notify your colleaguesandpartners if you are available or busy. The Mi app makes it easytointeract and transfer incoming calls to your colleaguesandcontacts. The app requires that you are a user of Advoco NetPBX.
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Music - Music Xiaomi Mix 2 3.4.6
Yeah One Pro
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Music - Music Xiaomi Mix 2is a Stylish,powerfulmusic player for Android with bass booster, stunninginterface.Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Music - Music Xiaomi Mix 2 lets youmanage all yourmusic files quickly and easily. Supports almost alltypes of mp3,flac, midi, wav, aac files and other audio fileformats Xiaomi MiMIX 2 Music - Music Xiaomi Mix 2 with powerfulequalizer, easy touse UI and the Bass Booster option. Quick searchall music files,custom background skin, free to get this perfectaudio player andmedia player. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Music - Music XiaomiMix 2allows youto adjust your sound volume with a five-bandequalizer. It providesprofessional music genres presets for yourchoice, they areHip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal andClassical etc. XiaomiMi MIX 2 Music - Music Xiaomi Mix 2 is notonly based on artists oralbums, but also based on the folderstructure. Music Player willguide you find all the music files inseconds. One of the mostfast, gorgeous, powerful and offline musicplayer for Androiddevices In Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Music - Music XiaomiMix 2, The uniqueequalizer make your music sounds moreprofessional. You are free tocontrol the music style now. Xiaomi MiMIX 2 Music - Music XiaomiMix 2 offline equalizer will highlyimprove the sound quality andallow you to enjoy your favorite localmusic anytime, anywherewithout data networks. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Music- Music Xiaomi Mix 2can quick to show you tracks by artists,albums, genre, playlistand the music folder structure. Access yourmusic library directlyfrom the app. Audio player app that verysimple, light weight,giving you crystal clear sound with beautifulgraphics. ManyFeatures of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Music - Music Xiaomi Mix2 * MusicEqualizer: Music Player app allows you to adjust yoursound volumewith a five-band equalizer. * Music genres presets foryour choice,they are Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal,Classical etc. *Mp3 player supports all popular sound formats suchas MP3, WAV,AAC, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, MIDI etc. * Browse and play yourmusic byalbums, artists, songs, playlists, and folders. * MusicPlayer isan offline music player for Android. * Replaceablebackground skin,Gorgeous background skins for your choice in app *Music PlayerSupport notification status: show album artwork,play/pause, andskip forward in notification status. * You canCreate and editplaylist * Shuffle function to plays songs in arandom order *Repeat function to keep listening to your song overand over * Lockscreen controls with Full Screen Album Art. * Add toqueue feature.* You can set Sleep timer * You can Playlist reorder* Search foryour music quickly support * Plays all audio files *Plays song byfolder * Headset support. * Set song as ringtone *provide HighQuality sounds in playing audio files Thank fordownload thisXiaomi Mi MIX 2 Music - Music Xiaomi Mix 2 musicplayer. Don’tforget rate five star for app
YI Action - YI Action Camera 3.9.3
YI 4K Action CameraThe Best Action Camera Ever Period.4K/30 |120minutes recording at 4K/30 (battery capacity 1400mAh) | 8hoursstandby | Ambarella A9SE75 chip| 2.19” retina touchscreen |EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization) | 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi | 12MPstillimage | 155° wide-angle | Supports manual settingforshutter/ISO/EV/WB | 9 video modes |Easy social sharing | ¼Inchthread mount| Bluetooth4.0YI Community: Lifestyle for youngandinnovative people• Super cool image editing effects to enhanceyourphotos/ videos, HDR, Tiny Planet, Half Planet, Spiral Galaxy,andmore.• Support manual settings for shutter/ISO/EV/WB makeseveneasier to handle different situations• Up to 18 ways ofshootingvideos and 5 modes for taking pictures• User friendly UIdesignmakes super easy to shoot, edit and share your work•Supportshorizontal screen mode to enable the widest preview angle•Powerful video editing function to produce 6-30 seconds ofvideosin seconds. You can also add effects, filters andstickers.Everybody is a Hollywood producer!Share wonderful momentswithmillions of YI fans! Let’s explore the latest and mostinnovativeways to have fun with the YI community!YI Action Camera1Ultra-wideangle lens 16MP | Action sports high-speed shooting|Share on thego!1 Equipped with the world's leading image process,AmbarellaA7LS2 Features the 16MP Sony Exmor R CMOS, snap clear andcrisp HDphotos even in the most challenging light conditions.3Asphericlens of high definition optical glass, F2.8 large apertureand 155°super wide-angle enable to snap clear, crisp and colorfulimage4Panasonic high density lithium-ion battery core withlow-powerconsumption system for long lasting battery life5 10second videoclips to instantly share whenever and whatever youwant. We providethe editing, filter, music, etc. function to makeyour clip morecreative and interesting6 4 picture modes to capturethe bestimages: Photo (16MP), Time lapse, Timer and Burst mode(7pictures/s)7 Super smooth 4 video modes: Daily VideoMode(1080P/30FPS), Sports Mode (1080P/60FPS), High SpeedMode(720P/120FPS) and Super Speed Mode (480P/240FPS)8 On App squareyoucan discover and share those new, special and funny picturesorvideos. YI fans are gathered here to share their best contentandtips. What are you waiting for?
com.yeelight.cherry 3.2.15
Play with lights, compose with colors. With YeelightAPP,controlling lights becomes such a fun and easy thing.Add,configure, monitor and control your Yeelight products onyourmobile devices with a touch of your fingertip. CompatibleYeelightdevices include bulbs, desk lamps, ceiling lights, ambiancelightsand all future products. Features: Remote Control Monitorandcontrol your Yeelight devices from anywhere in the world, aslongas they are connected. Rooms & Groups Group yourdevicestogether as Rooms or Groups for easy control. Moments Savethemoment of your devices to Scene for future use. SchedulesScheduleyour device to perform certain lighting effects on settimeschedule. Interactions Interact with your Mi band to turnyourlights off when you fall asleep. Scenes Updating specialpresets tochoose from for different user scenes. Friends ofYeelight: AmazonAlexa Talk to Alexa and control your lights. Justsay “Alexa, dimmy bedroom light by 50%,” and your Amazon Echo/Dotwill adjust thebrightness automatically. Google Assistant GoogleAssistantconnects seamlessly with Yeelight devices, so you can useyourvoice to control your lights. IFTTT IFTTT is a free platformthathelps you achieve more amazing implements by connecting withallyour APPs and devices. TASKER Tasker is an application forAndroidwhich performs tasks based on contexts in user-definedprofiles,clickable and timer home screen widgets. More ToolsYeelight is anopen platform, all developers are welcomed to submityour own toolsand share with millions of Yeelight users all overthe world.
Gulha Bajiyaa 1.2
Mi app akee roadha mahu roadha veelan hadhaane ecche neygigenulheymeehuna varah rangalhu app.Mi app gai fisaari gina baavai tha,kaikai husnuvaa varah hunaane. Dhen meega othee thimeehungehiyvareh.
com.micromaxinfo.misot 1.13
Micromax Mi SOT app is a tool which enables In-shop demonstratorstoupload sales data
Mi Robot Builder Global 1.7.4
This is the compatible APP for MI Robot Builder. By using thisAPP,you can connect your portable devices with robot throughbluetooth,and experience intelligent control of your robot withgreatdiversity of methods. Better than the traditional remotejoystickcontroller , this APP, going with MI Robot Builder, canbring youjoy, fun and creativity.
com.jacapps.stoneco 1.10.5
Stoneco Sales
Stoneco of Michigan is a top supplier of crushed limestone,sand,and gravel in Michigan for over 100 years. We carry a completelineof MDOT, ODOT, and commercial materials, perfect for anyprojectfrom a highway, to a parking lot, to a driveway, and manymore. Wehave multiple locations covering the lower half ofMichigan’s LowerPeninsula – convenient for both picking up productor arranging forus to deliver product directly to your project.Stoneco of Michiganhas been recognized by various entities yearafter year for safety,environmental excellence, and communityrelations. The app isdesigned to help you identify what productsyou need, where to findthem, how much you need, and how to getthem. Request a quote,place an order, set-up delivery for anexisting order, or contactsales, dispatch, or quality control.
Mi Claro 7.0.0
Con Mi Claro App podrá dedicar menos tiempo haciendo muchos delostrámites de Claro fijo y Móvil, la herramienta le permiterealizarconsultas, trámites, configuraciones de servicio y pagos delamanera más fácil e intuitiva. With My Sure App can spend lesstimedoing many of the procedures Claro fixed and mobile, thetoolallows you to query, procedures, service configurationsandpayments easier and more intuitive way.
com.rumasadev.miappa 2.2
MiAPPA (MIUI APP Advanced) is an additional application forxiaomismartphones or MIUI, can be used to view device info,manageapplications (advanced) and access all secret menu withoutrootacces. Main Features: - View Hardware & SoftwareInformationwith a single tap. - Manage all applications withoptionsUninstall, Clear Data, and Disable Apps. - Access Testing&Information (4636) easily. - Access Complete Secret Menu. -CheckDevice Status We recommend using this app in the latestMIUIversion or the latest Xiaomi Device Type, so that the featuresofthis application can work properly. - La comunità Italiana Xiaomi 1.5.9
SR Technology
Tutti i contenuti originali di a portata dimano.Tanti video, recensioni, guide, notizie ed indiscrezioni sulmondoXiaomi e MIUI. Inoltre offerte e sconti esclusivi per inostrilettori. - Personalizza il layout di visualizzazione - Scegliiltema che preferisci - Tante opzioni di sincronizzazione enotifica** Nei device Xiaomi, per ricevere le notifiche ènecessarioimpostare l'app in "avvio automatico" Ti piace la nostraapp?Lascia una recensione sul PlayStore! Alloriginalcontent of at hand. So many videos, reviews,guides,news and rumors on and Xiaomi MIUI world. Also offers andexclusivediscounts for our readers. - Customize the display layout- Chooseyour favorite theme - Many synchronization options andnotification* * In Xiaomi device, to receive notifications, youmust set theapp to "autostart" Like our app? Leave a review onPlayStore!
Mi-TCK 1.9.3
MIMOS Berhad
Mi-TCK is an app that generates a one-time access codeforauthentication. The authentication code changes constantly at asettime interval. Users can use Mi-TCK to access web applicationsthatintegrate with MIMOS Unified Authentication Platform (UAP).
Mi Dash Cam 1.0.2
70mai Co.,Ltd
Mi Dash Cam helps you to record the footage during driving.Equippedwith high sensitivity image sensor and reliable chip, MiDash Cambecomes a perfect travel companion.Mi Dash Cam App allowsyou accessthe device through Wi-Fi connection. You could browsethe albums ofthe device, play back videos, or download videos toyour cell phone.All these operations do NOT use your mobile data.
com.prov.mdm 1.14
This app helps a new user easily install the newest version oftheIFS FSM mobile application directly from the Mobile Insights appItautomatically pushes notification and updates as they releaseforthe IFS FSM app It allows a support tool for the re installationofthe of the IFS FSM application in case it gets corrupted
com.cris87.micolor 4.2
INFORMATION: * 3330 Icons Resolution 2K SuperHD+(300 X 300)Pixel!*3300+ Supported Applications! * 125 HD Wallpapers withResolution2K (2000x2000)Pixel! * Each icon has been designed withextremecare of details! * Triple Icons Rendering Process! *AutomaticMasking for Missing Icons! * Dynamic Calendar for AppStock &Google Calendar! * Missing Icons Request directlythrough the app(3 Free for each release)! * Update PeriodicalsGuaranteed! *Support, Support & Info on Future and FutureProjects on MySite: USER INFO: • ThisIcon Pack needs acustom launcher to be applied. Pixel Launcher,Google Now Launcher,and any other launcher that is preinstalled onthe device do NOTsupport Icon Packs (Except for Asus ZenUI, LGHome, Xperia Home).There is no way to apply the theme to launchersthat do not havethe ability to change icons. So please check yourlauncher first ordownload a compatible launcher !!! • With the newAndroid 7.0Nougat operating system, LG Home has removed support forexternalpacket icons and does not support standard icon packs; •For fullcontrol of the Dimensions of the Icons, you must go to theLAUNCHER/ APPEAR SETTINGS and DISABLE the "NORMALIZE ICONS"function ...Action Required on NOVA LAUNCHER (and All otherLaunchers thatprovide this function) as the icons are Alreadynormalized and donot require this option; If you do not, you mayfind some smallersize icons! COMPATIBILITY: Most of the majorlaunchers on thePlayStore are compatible, ABC, Action, ADW, Apex,Atom, Aviate, GO,Holo, HoloHD, iTop, KK, Lucid, M, Mini, MN, New,Nougat, Nova, S,Smart, Solo, V, ZenUI, Zero. It can still be usedwith many otherlaunchers that support icon packages but are notspecified withinthe application itself, such as Arrow, ASAP, Evie,Cobo, Line,Mesh, N, Peek and Z Launcher, with Xperia Home And withtheCyanogenMod Theme Engine, DIRECTLY APPLICABLE IN THE LAUNCHERSETUPMENU USED THROUGH THEME / ICONS SECTION; NotGuaranteedCompatibility with the LG HOME Stock Launcher (shouldwork untilversion android 6.0 but I have no way of verifyingpersonally), Cannot apply to stock launches of Samsung, Huawei,Nubia, Meizu ...Icon Pack has been personally tested with noproblems with: NOVALAUNCHER; APEX LAUNCHER; EVIE LAUNCHER; ACTIONLAUNCHER 3; HOLALAUNCHER; YANDEX LAUNCHER; ZEN UI LAUNCHER; Specialthanks to D.Mahardhika for CandyBar.
Connected to music Bluetooth car charger, providing fmmusicplaying, exchange the song by shaking your phone and so on.
Bangor Township Schools, MI 1.3.0
The official app for the Bangor Township Schools, MI allowsusersdirect access to the most recent news, announcements andeventcalendars. Customize the app to display information relevantto aspecific campus and to receive important notifications fromthedistrict. Users may also access the directory of districtfacultyand staff, view dining menus, find the location of districtevents,contact campuses and departments, follow athletic scoresandupdates, and much more.
Mi-2DBC 1.9.3
MIMOS Berhad
Mi-2DBC is an app that generates a one-time access codeforauthentication. The authentication code is embedded in a QRcodeformat and changes constantly at a set time interval. Users canuseMi-2DBC to access web applications that integrate withMIMOSUnified Authentication Platform (UAP).
Ringtones iPhone X - iOS X Ringtone , iRing Tune 1.0
Globe Studio
Do you want free new iPhone ringtones?iPhone Ringtones forAndroidisbest app for you. iPhone Ringtones for Android is acollectionof thebest and most iPhone ringtones for Android phone.More than50popular iPhone ringtones and new iPhone ringtones here.Wehaveupdated iPhone x ringtones and iPhone 8 ringtones for thisapp.Youcan set them as your ringtone, message, alarm,notifications,orset ringtones for whatsapp.It's so easy for you tofindyourfavorite ringtones through top download, new ringtonesorsearchtrends.FEATURES- Set as ringtone / alarm sound/notificationsound- Latest 30+ ringtone- Working fullyoffline-Simple &Easy to use- Totally freeCOMPATIBILITY- Thisapp hasbeen tested onnumerous Android™ powered phones over theperiod of 5years. Thelatest testing has been done on Samsung Galaxyj7 &j2, SamsungGalaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7 & S8 & S9 too,Huawei p9& p9lite, HTC One, Xiaomi Redmi 3 & 4, Xiaomi Mi 6and Oppoplus& f1s.SUPPORT US- We hope you will enjoy ourproducts.- Itisour greatest pleasure if you like this application.-Give usyoursuggestion and rate this app to help us optimizeourproducts.LEGALINFO- Android is a trademark of Google Inc. andappis notaffiliated with nor in any way related to GoogleInc.-iPhoneis atrademark of Apple and app is not affiliated withnor in anywayrelated to Apple.- Samsung Galaxy™ is a trademarkofSamsungElectronics. Ringtones for Samsung S5™ | S6™ | Edge™ | S7™|S8™ |S9™ | J7™ | J2™ is not endorsed by or affiliatedwithSamsungElectronics.- Owner of this application do not haveanyright onthe content and audio present in this app.- Foranyquestions orconcerns regarding license, please share this free appwithyourfriends if you like it!If you like my app, rate us 5starsandleave a nice comment. Thank you very much, Good Day!
MI ACC Remover
Xiaomi Account Remover For Forgot Password User
com.micromaxinfo.sfa 1.0.18
Mi Visibility application is an application used by Micromaxsalesforce to create retailers and visit distributors. Basically Itisused to track sales force.