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Flying Bieber - Just Believe 1.0
Flying Bieber - Just Believe is here, flapandfly Justin through 4 amazing levels and avoid theincomingmicrophones. Try your best not to kill Justin Bieber oryour roundwill be over. This game will give you the best experienceyou canget with great physics and clean GUI. You can see fromthescreenshots we also included nice backgrounds, our specialFlyingBieber head and a moving crowd below.Other flap games don't include our invincibility featurewhereyou can press your invincibility button and not die or getkilledfor 10 seconds!Coming Soon:* Brand new Selena Gomez Flying Head Character* Extra Justin Bieber heads* Flying birds on the screen* New Animated Flying Bieber* Justing Bieber AchievementsWARNING: This Game is ADDICTIVE & Will Take Your HoursAwayfrom You!Also Checkout:- Big Flying Balls- Pigs N Space- Flying ZombiesMake sure you visit us online for new images and updates aswepost them. Fatty Mike's Will continue to make a full lineofFlapping games themed for all users to select. If you don'tlikeFlying Just Bieber head you can fly Big Balls, Zombies orevenPigs.