Top 49 Games Similar to Twitty Bird Fly

Absolute RC Plane Sim
News: Drone support just added!Professional RC plane simulator -amust have for anyone flying radio controlled models. Probablythemost realistic behavior on mobile phones and tablets. You willfindmany lifelike models that fly just the same as real RC modelsyouown or have seen, in real RC flying fields. Do not fly yourrealmodel before trying this program! This app will save you many $andmany days in waiting for model parts. Don't crash yourmodels,crash ours! Crashing model here cost nothing. Learn to flywithoutfear. Rain or wind outside, start flying right now! This istheonly RC simulator that includes RC drones, boats and cars,inaddition to excellent simulation of RC planes andhelicopters.Great for experienced modelers, and even greater forkids orsomeone who is just starting in this exciting hobby. Widerangemodels, from starter models to expensive aerobatic and scalemodelsare available as IAP. In addition to the fixed point camerathatrepresents the RC pilot point of view, we have included followupcamera that follows the model. That is useful when you juststart,so the model never gets away. Notes: 1. This is not a game.You arecontrolling flying rc models that reacts like real flyingmodels.It takes some time to learn, and again, do not expect"arcade"style controls. 2. We have included 4 free models that willhelpyou learn flying RC models. All other models and landscapesareavailable as in app purchases (IAP).3. The onscreen controlsticksare just indicators! They are made small so they do notobscure thescreen. *** You do not need to keep your fingers on them***Sliding your finger any where on the right screen half affectstheright control stick , the same for the left screen part -slidingfinger there moves the left control stick. We suggest toselectbeginner settings at first few days before you cancomfortablyprogress further.
Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator
Infinite Flight offers the mostcomprehensiveflight simulation experience on mobile devices,whether you are acurious novice or a decorated pilot. Explore highdefinitionscenery in regions from around the world with our diverseinventoryof detailed aircraft, tailoring each flight by choosingyour timeof day, weather conditions, and aircraftweightconfiguration.Features:• Dozens of aircraft in a diverse fleet of airliners,generalaviation and military aircraft (free and paid add-ons)• Multiple regions featuring high definition satelliteimagery,accurate topography and all major airports with preciserunway andtaxiway layouts• Customizable time of day and weather conditions (real timeorcustom)• Realistic atmospherics with the sun, moon, and stars• Autopilot (supports control of all flight parameters, NAV modetofollow your flight plan, and auto land on select aircraft)• Easy-to-use flight planning system with accurate fixesandNavigational Aids• Engine startup and shutdown• Instrument Landing System (ILS)• Advanced replay system• Weight and balance configurationSubscribe to Infinite Flight Pro for an all-access experiencewhichallows you to fly anywhere in the world with live weather andourentire fleet of aircraft. Join thousands of other pilots andairtraffic controllers for the most engaging online flightsimulatoravailable today!Infinite Flight Pro subscription benefits:• Join thousands of other pilots for a globalmultiplayerexperience• Fly the world with millions of square miles of highdefinitionscenery with access to over 25,000 airports (noregionlock-in)• Enjoy all available aircraft• Act as an Air Traffic Controller• Fly through live weather and winds aloft• Subscription Options: 1 Month, 6 Months, and 12 Months• Payment will be charged to Google Play Account at confirmationofpurchase• Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turnedoffbefore the end of the current period• Subscriptions may be managed by you and auto-renewal may beturnedoff by going to the Infinite Flight Play Store pageafterpurchaseNote:Internet connection (WiFi or Cellular) is required to useInfiniteFlight.Privacy Policy and Terms of Service:
Avion Flight Simulator ™ 2016
Update: 10 new missions featuring USA Presidential Air ForceOne!Air Force One is used for transporting the president ofUSAAvionFlight Simulator ™ 2016 is a sophisticated flight simulatorthatincludes 12 planes, 4 detailed cities, and over 9 airports.Theplayer can fly anything from single-engine aircraft to jumbojets,with idealistic to realistic flight simulation experience. Thegamefeatures an immersive set of 60+ missions, dynamicreal-worldweather system, trees and interactive clouds.Avion FlightSimulator™ 2016 features 12 detailed aircrafts that you can pilot,withcockpit view: Cessna 182 - The Cessna 182 Sky lane is anAmericanfour-seat, single-engine light airplane, built by CessnaofWichita, Kansas.DE Havilland DHC6 Twin Otter - The DEHavillandCanada DHC-6 Twin Otter is a Canadian 19-passenger STOL(ShortTakeoff and Landing) utility aircraft developed by deHavillandCanada and produced by Viking Air. ATR 42 - The ATR 42 isatwin-turboprop, short-haul regional airliner built in FranceandItaly by ATR.Piper PA46 Malibu Meridian - The Piper PA-46Malibuand Matrix are a family of American light aircraftmanufactured byPiper Aircraft of Vero Beach, Florida. The aircraftis powered by asingle engine and has the capacity for one pilot andfivepassengers.A-10 Thunderbolt II - The Fairchild RepublicA-10Thunderbolt II is an American twin-engine, straight wingjetaircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic. It is the onlyUnitedStates Air Force production aircraft designed solely forclose airsupport, including attacking tanks, armored vehicles, andotherground targets with limited air defenses.DE Havilland Beaver -Thede Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver is a single-engined, STOLaircraftdeveloped by de Havilland Canada. It is used for cargoandpassenger hauling, aerial application (crop dusting andaerialtopdressing), and has been widely adopted by armed forces asautility aircraft.Canadair CL415 - The Bombardier 415Superscooperis a Canadian amphibious aircraft purpose-built as awater bomber.It is an aircraft designed for aerial firefighting andis based onthe company's CL-215 flying boat. It is marketed in theUnitedStates as the "Superscooper."Beechcraft King Air - TheBeechcraftKing Air is a twin-turboprop aircraft produced byBeechcraft. Theywere originally marketed as Super King Airs, with"Super" beingdropped by BeechcraftF-16 Fighting Falcon - TheGeneral Dynamics(now Lockheed Martin) F-16 Fighting Falcon is asingle-enginemultirole fighter aircraft originally developed byGeneral Dynamicsfor the United States Air Force (USAF). Designed asan air dayfighter, it evolved into a successful all-weathermultiroleaircraft. Boeing F/A-18E - The Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornetandrelated twin-seat F/A-18F are twin-engine carrier-capablemultirolefighter aircraft variants based on the McDonnell DouglasF/A-18Hornet. The F/A-18E single-seat and F/A-18F tandem-seatvariantsare larger and more advanced derivatives of the F/A-18C andDHornet. Boeing 777 - The Boeing 777 is a family oflong-rangewide-body twin-engine jet airliners developed andmanufactured byBoeing Commercial Airplanes. Commonly referred to asthe "TripleSeven”, it is also the first entirely computer-aideddesignedcommercial aircraft.Sukhoi Su-33 - The Sukhoi Su-33(Russian: СухойСу-33; NATO reporting name: Flanker-D) is anall-weathercarrier-based twin-engine air superiority fighterdesigned bySukhoi and manufactured by KnAAPO. Following thebreak-up of theSoviet Union and the subsequent downsizing of theRussian Navy,only 24 aircraft were produced.Avion Flight Simulator™ 2016features pilot cockpit view for all the aircrafts. Itcontains 5distinct commercial airports, 2 seaports and 2 smallairports. Ithas no in-app purchases and the aircrafts can beunlockedsequentially as you progress the missions. Airbus A380,Boeing747-8 and a military / war expansion pack is being planned
Airport Madness 3D: Volume 2
You asked for more airports!Airport Madness 3D: Volume 2offerseight new airports, new aircraft, more gates, and sharperdetail.Like the first volume, Airport Madness 3D gives playersa3-dimensional air traffic control experience, from a controltowerperspective. Push traffic as quickly as you can, whileavoidingmidair collisions. Choose good weather or bad, adjust thetowerheight to your preference, then do your best to manage jettrafficinto and out of eight different real-world airports. Listentohuman pilot voices as the aircraft obey your every command.Scanyour radar screens for potential conflicts between aircraft.Viewthe action from the Pilot Cams, the Sky Cam, Tower Cam orRunwayCam. • New York John F. Kennedy
San Francisco
Lukla Nepal
Chicago O'HareIn additionto a UI refresh, the big change sinceVolume 1 is the all-newCareer Stats page, which lets you track yourongoing performancehistory across all eight airports.It feelsreal!Our terrain isbuilt from real-world earth data. Airportdesigns are based onreal-world layouts. Game play has been designedby real-world airtraffic controllers and commercial pilots. Eventhe aircraft flightcharacteristics are highly realistic.
Airplane Fly Bush Pilot
Take to the skies and adventure through the wilderness,backwoods,and rough terrain as a bush pilot in this thrillingflightsimulator game. Fly 21 exciting planes, including a PiperCub, TwinOtter, C-17, and Spitfire through 8 differentenvironments. Testyour skills as you attempt landings onsnow-capped mountains,ice-covered lakes, glaciers, an aircraftcarrier, and even a cruiseship. You'll soar over remote fishingvillages and bays to delivergoods to inaccessible camps. Pilot youraircraft through day, dusk,night, wind, storm, fog, snow, orblizzard over bush terrainsimilar to Alaska and Northern Canada. Aflight simulator game thatallows you to experience the thrill andbeauty of flying over thisuncharted landscape. -Choose from 21different types of aircraft -bush planes, seaplanes, andmilitary-Choose from 8 differentenvironments - day, dusk, night,wind, storm, fog, snow,blizzard-Select difficulty level and playoption (joystick or tiltcontrol)-Successfully complete your missionto earn points tounlock more planes-Use boost to fly you to yourdestinationquickerTranslated into English, German, Italian, French,Portuguese(Brazil), Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, Russian, KoreanandJapanese.
Mine Passengers: Plane Simulator - Aircraft Game
Plane into our cube blocky commercial aircraft fliying enginegame!Avoid the plane crash of passenger aircrafts in this boeing747flight survival game!If you've always wanted to fly acommercialaircraft or an airplane and bring your passengers safelyfrom theairport to their destination, this is your game! Becomeanauthentic commercial aircrafts pilot and master theaircraftnavigation thanks to this boeing 747 flying game!To be atrueaircraft and airplane pilot in Mine Passengers you must be afast,agile and safe passengers flight hero!There is an emergencyandyour commercial aircraft is in danger while flying! The flighthasbegun and more and more planes are appearing in your radar!Takeyour favorite flying engine and your passengers to a safeplace!Fly the plane of this flight sim to keep your passengersalive!Yourmission in this passenger aircrafts survival simulatorwill be tododge them all!Choose your favourite commercial blockyairplane andbegin to show who is boss in this air survivalgame!This is aflight game that ends when you crash against anotherplane, but ifyou master how to fly the planes, you will be able tocontinue inthe air and beat the scores of these boeing 747 airplanejetgames!The more your pilot and driving passengers skills grow,themore your earnings grow which allows you to unlock new cubeairplanes!Plan your strategy from the cockpit of your Boeing747:check the speed control and the throttle, the steering, tiltandmaneuvers. Avoid a plane crash and train the flightemergencylanding in our airplane simulator!Features of this cubecommercialaircraft and jet game:✈ These airplane racing games areprovidedwith intuitive controls to save your passengers!✈Impressive speed!Complete the missions of this pilot simulator!✈Aerialleaderboards! Beat your friends in this flight survivalgame!✈Watch out! Master this survival game and don't crashyourairplane!✈ Free flight simulator! Navigate with your mine jetandfly to the top!Immerse yourself in this commercial aircraftandairplane game to show off who is the best pilot in theair!Improveyour airplane driving skills to unlock new survivalchallenges thatthe blocky planes propose you.Steer the aircraft atextreme speedwhile dodging all obstacles of these passengeraircrafts survivalsimulator!Download and rate this aircraft app nowand make sureyour passengers plane stay reliable in the air!Byinstalling thisapp you agree to the following privacypolicy:
Ding... the pilot has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign!Thingsare going to get dicey! Whoa Ho! Someone left the enginesrunningand now you get to pilot your own plane! Airplane! lets youhaveall the fun the big boys have by flying your plane from airporttoairport delivering cargo and passengers. No need to spend daysinflight school.
Extreme Landings
Take full control.Test your piloting skills and handle themostcritical flight conditions known to man.Cope with emergenciesandincidents inspired by real life scenarios in a climacticadrenalinerush.Start each engine individually, navigate between theequipmentdashboard panels and be ready to solve over 5,000possiblesituations in order to reach the highest pilotranking.Thesimulator includes 36 missions to accomplish, 216challenges topass, cartography and worldwide navigation with over500 accurateairports replicas as well as real timeweatherconditions.Features:- 36 missions (6 included + 30 availableforpurchase)- 216 challenges 6 of which in global competitions(18included + 198 available for purchase)- 20 HD airports (4included+ 16 available for purchase)- Fast landing mode withglobalcompetition and 5 fault levels. - Instrument Landing System,ILS-Speed autopilot, Route, Altitude and Vertical speed -PrimaryFlight Display- Navigation Display- Weather Radar formanagingMicroburst, Ice and wind- Advanced engine system withignition,faults and fire safety- Fuel management with weightbalancing,Jettison and real consumption- Landing gears managementwith manualunlocking system- Full control of the rudder, flaps,reversers andspoilers- APU management - Worldwide navigation with548 airportsand 1107 usable runways, real or customizable weatherconditions(available for purchase)- Cartography with over 8000waypoints(VOR, NDB, TACAN, DME, GPS, FIX)- Automatic FlightPlanningConfiguration- Cinema replay system- 3D virtual cockpitwithintegrated instrumentation- SRTM30 Plus real terrestrialelevation- MODIS VCF real coastline - OpenWeatherMap real-timeweatherconditions
Leo's RC Simulator
With more than 3.7 million's downloads, Leo’s RC Simulator isareally addictive flight simulator for airplane fanatics,realfanatics. If you are searching for an accurate flyingexperiencewithout the risk of crashing your real RC plane, this RCflightsimulator is for you.You will get 20 aircrafts when youinstallLeo's RC Simulator, and the rest you can download for freein the"Extras" option in the main menu.In other RC Simulators youwillobtain one aircraft and one scenery, and you will have to payifyou want to fly with another airplane or in another field.WithLeo's RC Simulator you can choose for free between more than60different airplanes and helicopters, and 5 sceneries, and ofcourseall of them with extremely realistic features.You will gethookedon the experience of flying in the various realistic 3Dscenarioswith a 360 degree vision of the world around.Features:• Afullfeatured radio control models simulator.• Photorealisticsceneries•Soaring, glider trainer, glider aerobatic and helicopter.• Manageall the RC simulator controls through a very simple andintuitiveinterface• Choose between different airplanes, helicoptersandscenarios• Customise the aerodynamic parameters of yourairplane(ailerons, elevator, rudder, inerce, power, lift, weightand size)•Get extra contents from internet (new airplanes,helicopters,scenarios, etc.). Please, note that the user experiencecan varysignificantly depending on hardware.
Flying Yacht Simulator
Are you fan of ship games like boat, yacht or sailboat? Everwantedto fly a Yacht? Now its possible with Flying Yacht Simulator.Sailin the open sea with your epic yacht or fly in the sky withyouryacht like an airplane.You are free in a world that you can dowhatyou want.Flying Yacht Simulator is made for all fans of shipgames,Simulation games and Airplane Flight gamesFlying YachtSimulator -GAME FEATURES:✔ Realistic Yacht physics✔ Improve PlaneFlightAbility✔ Stunning HD Graphics✔ Advanced airplane flightphysics✔Easy and Free to use✔ No WiFi? No Problem.✔ OfflinePlayInstall nowand feel the best airplane flight experience!
Helicopter Simulator 2017 3D
ENJOY THE BEST RESCUE HELICOPTER SIMULATOR 3D GAME2017HelicopterSimulator 2017 3D game is one of the most adventurousrescue gameof best rescue simulation games . We Sure you will beexcited afterplaying this beautiful helicopter rescue game.This isthe best gameof boat rescue game 2017. It’s easy to play the beachrescue gamehelicopter. This is good time pass life guard rescuegame in whichall the mission is on your hand.IT IS A UNIQUE BLENDOF DRIVING ANDARMY CARGO TRANSFER HELICOPTER GAMESIt is a uniqueblend ofhelicopter cargo transfer and rescue helicopter games withpowerful3d helicopter bringing you to a brand new concept offlightsimulation games to make you feel like an expert pilottransporter.An absolute treat for the lovers of helicopter flyinggames withcomprehensive game play of 10 missions.REALISTIC 3DGRAPHICS WITHDYNAMIC LIGHTING EFFECTSFly with Helicopter Simulator2017 3D gameenjoy beautiful environment. Hear burning sound andgraphics arevery addictive and attractive in free flight helicopterfree 3d2017 game. Enjoy helicopter off road rescue mountain andriver aremost beautiful part of this best flight game. It is reallysuper 3dhelicopter landing game of 2017.REALLY EXCITED GAME AND THEBESTOFFLINE ANDROID GAME 2017Helicopter Simulator 2017 3D is thebestoffline android game 2017. This is latest flying rescue gamethatyou have never experienced before. You will hear a real sweetsoundin this helicopter rescue free game.REALIZE THE HELICOPTERFLIGHTSIMULATOR CONTROLSIt’s is easy to play the army helicopterrescuegame for free. Helicopter rescue is a mission game. Yourmission isjust that fly your helicopter and drive carefully. Whenyourhelicopter is in air you must see the circle and cross them.Wemake an aeroplane in this flying for your help. When you crossallcircle land your new powerful helicopter atdestination.THEHELICOPTER RESCUE SIMULATOR DRIVE FOR LEARNINGThehelicoptersimulator game’s is visuals immersive you are tasked withmissions,so get in the pilot's seat, feel lovely drive and go onflyingtransport missions in awesome mountains environment!.Thisgame isfree to play and also optimized for tablet devices. Make itfunwith helicopter driving games with passengers. Helicopterdrivinggames beauty is Helicopter Simulator 2017 3D.AMAZINGHELICOPTER ISA MISSION GAMEThis is a rescue guard helicopter flyingmissiongame. Your mission is just that you fly your helicopter forbeachrescue 2017 game. We make this flying helicpter game forhelicpterdriving game lovers. When you cross all circles you haveanopportunity to land new powerful helicopteratdestination..Helicopter easy game requires yourhighskillsHelicopter easy game requires your high skills and it isyourjob to fly the helicopter carefully and not to crash it inthehills and mountain.With real helicopter mission controls, youwillbe able to experience the thrill of simulation games.Showyourflying skills by landing game into your deviceAre you lookingtotest flying skills and have an amazing time flying around inarealistic helicopter? Well buckle up and learn to flyhelicoptersimulator game..You are a great captain and you have toprove itthis time to become a successful driver. Show your flyingskills byplaying this helicpter driving and landing game.
Owl Bird Simulator
Have you ever wanted to fly like bird? In this bird simulatoryoutake control over a mighty bird - owl that flies looking forprey.Hunt, level up, get stronger and raise owl family!* Hunt andlevelup to get stronger* Birds join your family at 5, 11, 25, 30level*Beautiful graphics, dynamic day/night change* Attack stealthyto dobigger damage* Easy controls to make your bird fly* One of thebestbirds simulators for todayAlso check our another gamesaboutanimals!Follow our new gamesonVK: our new gamesonFB:
RC Helicopter Rescue Simulator
Extreme Helicopter Rescue 911Fly real chopper havingamazingcontrols and experience a real simulator. For the first timeanadvance rescue simulator game Helicopter Simulator presents.Sobecome a lifesaver with RC rescue helicopter simulator. Bringthepeople to its destination fly in a realistic chopper neartheemergency. As you proceed through this rescue flight simulatorgameto save the people Rescue game Go as fast as you can throughtherealistic 3D mountain hills. (Helicopter game)RescueHelicopterPilot Simulator 2018Start levels with RC helicopter andreach thedestination point click on ladder button, pick the peopleandtransfer to the safe place include small shipping boat hadsomeproblems with their navigation. A small arrow shows thedirectionof accident area and a rescue team just knows theirapproximatelocation. Before the boat sinks the Rescue helicopterpilot findstheir location and rescues the people. This RChelicopter simgameplay is easy and having 3D graphics Rescue gamewill attractthe user to play this game at the end of the level. TheRescue 911different environment will make you more interest.Missions: Traffic Accident, Forest, and building fire: Fill watertank andextinguish the fire. Winching up: Rescue game Use yourRCHelicopter to rescue people After a car accident help thevictims(Helicopter game) Transport Destruction: grab the oldaccidentalcar with your electromagnet and go to the wrecking yard.Using amagnet Unload a container ship Clear the road Fire rocketstoremove all the objects.(Helicopter game) During a tempest gettheempty oxygen cylinders at the top of the mountain. USHelicopterRescue Simulator In some levels, rescuers have verylimitedresources and terrible flood. So you need to save as manypeople aspossible before their fuel runs out! Rescue Duty RCHelicopterFlight Take the rescue ambulance helicopter at times ofreal need!When you fly over the realistic city hill climb no morebusytraffic. Fly with the wounded to save them and become ahelicopterpilot. Rescue 911 Show off your helicopter flying skillsin thisrescue RC helicopter flying simulator game! ExtremeHelicopterRescue 911 Game Features: Realistic flight physicsDifferentEnvironment Huge open world, mountains, canyons, hills andforestsRealistic flying simulation High-quality chopperDifferent cameraangles Easy to play controls, use touches andtiltscontrols!(Helicopter game)
Airplane Flight Simulator RC
Take control of 4 radio-controlled aircraft in anairport!Accomplisha lot of variety of missions to become a realpilot.!! AirplaneFlight Simulator RC contains 40 levels !!Controla "Canadair CL415"aircraft to take some water and extinguish thefires.Take the "PiperPA46" aircraft to do some aerobaticsmaneuver, like loop, roll,U-turn, spin. You can also write in thesky with a red smoke. Usethe "Boeing 777" aircraft to dohedgehopping, take off and landduring a tempest, and dodge birdsstrike.Or choose the "Cesna 182"aircraft to race against RChelicopter. Example of missions :- Learnto take off and land on arunway- Emergency landing on the water-Control your aircraftduring a tempest- Attach a banner in youraircraft to do someadvertisement- Race against a helicopter- Takewater and extinguishthe fires- Land on a carrier aircraft- Dohedgehopping flight-Dodge birds strike- Explode balloons- Land youraircraft during anengine failure- Do aerobatics maneuver- Write anddraw in the sky-Fly upside downIn the free flight mode, you candiscover theairport and a lot of buildings in construction.Totallyfree,without "in-app purchase" !You must have (at least) a cpu of 1GHzin order to play without lag.
Flying Battle Tank Simulator
Do you love army car games? Maybe military aircraft simulators?Wantto fly your tank like an airplane? This game is perfect foryou! Youcan test your airplane pilot skills and tank drivingability at thesame time. Fly your plane around the world discovernew landscapes,Drive your tank, fight with the enemies and win thebattle.FlyingBattle Tank Simulator is totally different from othertank games. Inthis game as a commander you're driving a flyingtank rather thandriving in city and shooting criminals. Lock ontarget, launchmissile, bombard and takedown criminals be thelegendary super heroof the world. Flying Battle Tank Simulator ismade for all fans ofarmy games, flying car games, Simulation gamesand Airplane FlightgamesFLYING BATTLE TANK SIMULATOR - GAMEFEATURES:✔ Test your TankDriving Skills✔ Improve Airplane FlightAbility✔ Stunning HDGraphics✔ Beautiful Mountains✔ Realistic anddynamic auto physics✔Advanced airplane flight physics✔ Easy andFree to use✔ No WiFi? NoProblem.✔ Offline PlayInstall now and feelthe best tank flightexperience!
X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator
The power & detail of X-Plane Desktop...onyour mobile device. It's not a game, it's a simulator!▶ "Highly recommended." — Mel Martin, Engadget ◀▶ Over 1 million downloads! ◀Come experience why real pilots fly X-Plane.It starts with the flight model—the same flight model used inourFAA-certified desktop simulator—that’s complete enough to modeltheflex in your wings & the tilt in your landing gear.Add to that our desktop-quality aircraft with multiple liveriesandinteractive 3-D cockpits—so detailed you can do a fullstartupprocedure using the hundreds of buttons, knobs, &switches inthe cockpit. With working gauges, flight displays, &more,these cockpits are as realistic as those in our fulldesktopsim.But aircraft are no good without a place to fly them. That'swhyeach of our free regions features detailed terrain,lifelikecity buildings, & 3-D airports—complete withterminalbuildings, jetways, hangars, & more.▶ FEATURES√ 9 free tutorials, teaching the basics of takeoffs&landings, traffic patterns, helicopters, & more.√ 2-player internet multiplayer via Game Center (freeforeveryone)√ Fully interactive cockpits on many aircraft, wired to realsystemsmodels, with working gauges, displays, buttons, &switches√ Full startup procedures supported on many aircraft(optionallystart any aircraft from cold & dark state)√ More than 50 systems modeled, each of which can be failedoncommand√ Emergency scenarios√ Combat missions▶ AIRCRAFTThe app includes 2 aircraft (plus all 5 scenery regions) forfree.In addition, the following aircraft are available asin-apppurchases:• Free! Cessna 172SP w/ full interactive cockpit +4liveries• Free! Cirrus Vision SF50 w/ full interactive cockpit +5liveries• Airbus A320 Airliner w/ 3 liveries• Boeing B737-800 Airliner w/ full interactive cockpit (over280switches, buttons, knobs, & levers!) + 3 liveries• Boeing B777-200ER Airliner w/ 3 liveries• Boeing B747-400 Jumbo Jet w/ 3 liveries• Bombardier CRJ200 Regional Jet w/ 3 liveries• Douglas DC-3 Airliner w/ full interactive cockpit +3liveries• McDonnell Douglas MD-80 w/ 3 liveries• A-10 Thunderbolt II (“Warthog”) Fighter• F-22 Raptor Fighter• F-4 Phantom II Fighter• Beechcraft Baron B58 w/ full interactive cockpit• Beechcraft King Air C90B• Piper PA-18 Super Cub• Piaggio P.180 Avanti• Sikorsky S76 Helicopter w/ alternate livery▶ SCENERYAll 5 scenery regions are free for everyone!• Oahu, Hawaii• Grand Canyon• Seattle/Tacoma, Washington• Juneau, Alaska• Innsbruck, AustriaDownload X-Plane now to experience aviation likeneverbefore.
Police Plane Transporter Simulator 2017
Be a police plane transporter on a police transport missioninpolice plane transporter simulator 2017! Flying a policeaeroplaneis not an easy task as it requires plane pilot skills totake offand landing unlike other police transport games. If you area fanof police airplane games and enjoy playing police plane gamesthenenjoy the adventure of an airplane pilot car transporter whoridespolice motor bike, drives police cars and enjoys plane flying.Cartransport missions are specially designed for the players ofplanetransport games & police airplane games to add to yourairplanepilot skills. As car transporter, you will load police carsintransporter truck and would drive them to cityairport.Subsequently load police cars & motorbikes on policeplane forcross country transportation. The gameplay of policetransportsimulator is extremely thrilling and enticing which cannotbe foundin any car transport games. Combination of action in policedrivinggames with the essence of flying planes present in policetransportgames makes this police driving simulator one of the bestpolicegames. Practice the driving skills on police motorcycle andtrucksto be the police car transporter!Take up the duty ofcartransporter challenges in this police transport simulatortopractice your police car driving unseen in some policeairplanegames. You might have played police transport games withdriving,loading but the element of plane flying and landing inpolice planeflight simulator will make you the airplane pilotbetter than anyplane transport games. Driving motor bikes, ridingmotor cycles& flying airplane in a police plane transportersimulator 2017is extremely unique from many police plane games.Like top policegames, transport the automobile to the headquarter,avoid theobstacles and complete this transport mission. All theseuniquefeatures of this plane transport simulator places it in thefinestof police mission games. Merging the duty driver missionsfrom thepolice transporter games & adventure present in cartransportgames adds this in the category of best transport games.Playpolice transportation game with real missions asairplanepilot.Enjoy easy control with real driving and flyingsimulationunseen in any police driving games and live the dream ofbecoming aplane pilot. The numerous interesting missions that willkeep theuser engaged in police transportation like police planegames.Steer through the air traffic, follow control towerinstructionsand complete your transport mission. Download policeairplanetransporter game now!Features:Detailed models of policemotorcyclewhich is much different from other police airplanegamesFlawlesslytuned controls of best police gamesBest police cartransportergames sound and animationsHighly detailed environmentunmatched bymost plane transport gamesChallenging missions forairplanetransporter
Flying Drone Ambulance
Do you want to safe people from dilemma and to be a rescuedeft?Then this flying simulator is an excellent choice for you.Getready to rescue people with flying drone simulator where itisdifficult to reach people through road when they needimmediaterelief. It is an astonishing summation of flying dronegames andflying ambulance games. This is an ultimate rescue gamewhere youneed to safe people from trouble by driving a futuristicflyingambulance. So get ready for this thrilling FLYING DRONEAMBULANCE,the king of drone ambulance driving games.Game play ofthis rescuesimulator is fascinating. You need to safe people fromtrouble byproviding them quick relief through your speedy drivingand flightskills where it is not possible to drive on roads becauseof roadblockages or heavy traffic. Now you can probe the world withflyingrescue helicopter car. This is multilevel flying simulation,whereyou can control air ambulance above the road blockages andtrafficareas and pick injured citizens. In this ambulancerescuesimulator, you have to be best pilot to pick the injuredpeople andtake them to the hospitals. You have to be a smart driverof thisfuturistic flying car to run it on the roads or fly it onthe air,the ultimate goal is to reach the victimized place at theearliestto rescue people and take them to the hospital to safepreciouslives. You might have played many flying games to achievedifferenttargets and goals, but you would have never experiencedthisalluring game play in any other drone simulator games andambulancedoctor games.Flying Drone Ambulance Features:• Adventurouson roaddriving and flight experience• Tremendous real flyingambulanceexperience• Idealistic 3d city environment• Ten thrillinglevelswith breath-taking goals• Realistic sound effectsShow offyourrescue ambulance and helicopter driving skills to safepeoplecaught in disasters in this ambulance driving game. Fastenyourseat belt on this flying rescue helicopter car and ready tofacechallenging levels, which will definitely astound you.Certainly,you would have never played such exotic game before inthe categoryof drone ambulance rescue games. Speed up and hold thecontrol ofthis futuristic flying car and reach all those areaswhere it isimpossible to rescue. We assure you that you will have agreatexperience with this flying car game. So download this FLYINGDRONEAMBULANCE, supreme of futuristic games.
RC Helicopter Flight SIM 2
RC helicopter is a helicopter flight simulator 2018 which willtakeyou back to your days as a kid. This helicopter simulatorgameallows you to be helicopter pilot and fulfill exciting tasksset ashelicopter mission.Experience helicopter flying unlike anyotherflight simulator 2018 games. with the smooth controlsandinteresting public service missions, RC helicopter is the bestRCsimulator game of the year. be a responsible helicopter pilotas,in this game helicopter flying his made use of byassigningimportant tasks such as cleaning the activity park for thekids tohave a great time around, delivering important documentsanddelivering toys to some little joy-less toy-less kids intheactivity area of the park with rc helicopter simulator2018.Unlikeother drone simulator games, you are the favorite guyeverybodylooks up to in this drone helicopter simulator 2018 game.There isfire in the park, you have to put out the fire, save theday and bea helicopter rescue hero!If you were fond of RC plane,RCmotorbike, RC car and RC drone in your childhood then this istheright place you have landed at. You have the best RChelicoptersimulator game that will bring the RC plane toy frenzyback, rightat your fingertips. Special features of RC HelicopterFlight SIM 2:• Best helicopter flight simulator game of 2017•Amazing controlsof the drone flight unlike any other dronehelicopter game• RCsimulator that has been specially designed totake you back to yourchildhood• Helicopter rescue and otherimportant helicoptermission• Multiple RC drone levels to enjoydrone flight with dronesimulator
Flying Helicopter Truck Flight
Ever dreamed of flying a helicopter in the sky ? Want to flyyourtruck like a helicopter? Flying Helicopter Truck Flight isperfectfor you!You can test your helicopter pilot skills and cardrivingability at the same time. Fly your helicopter around theworlddiscover new landscapes, Drive your truck do stunts and drifts!burn the asphalt road ! be the best car driver!You are free inaworld that you can do what you want.Flying Helicopter TruckFlightis made for all fans of flying car games, Simulation gamesandHelicopter Flight gamesFlying Helicopter Truck Flight -GAMEFEATURES:✔ Test your Sports Car Driving Skills✔ ImproveHelicopterFlight Ability✔ Stunning HD Graphics✔ Realistic anddynamic autophysics✔ Advanced helicopter flight physics✔ Beautifuloff-roadlandscapes✔ Easy and Free to use✔ No WiFi? No Problem.✔OfflinePlayInstall now and feel the best helicopter flightexperience!
Helidroid 3 : 3D RC Helicopter
Take the control of 3 little RC Helicopters in an entire housewithgarden and swimming pool !Accomplish a lot of variety ofmissionsto become a real pilot. Control a "RC Fire" helicopter inorder totake some water from the swimming pool and extinguish thefires.Usethe "RC Skylift" helicopter to move objects withanelectromagnet.Or choose the "RC Apache" helicopter tolaunchrockets and explode houses of cards Example of missions :-Takesome water in the swimming pool and go extinguish thebarbecuefire- Use the magnet under the copter in order to put allthe cansin the trash- Blow out the candles by flying them over- Trytofollow another RC-Copter, without being distanced- Landing onatruck in-move- Escort an electronic train, and remove theobstaclesthat are on the rail- Demolish houses of cards withrockets andmachine-gun- Save the robot's life from the fire- Passthrough theRings,as fast as possible In the free flight mode, youcan discoverthe one-storey house and the garden. Find the secretroom to unlocka new mission Totally free, without "in-app purchase"!Helidroid 3is a 3D game with a new physic engine, that let's youinteract witha lot of objects in the house.There are also aparticles engine, inorder to show water and fire elementsYou musthave (at least) a cpuof 1 GHz in order to play without lag. But youcan reduce thequality of the graphics in the option menu. Features: - Controlthe chopper with a joystick or the gyro / accelerometersensor.- 2types of joystick : "Easy control", used in Helidroid 1and 2 and"Real Control", used in the games like Battlefield- 3copters :fire copter (canadair copter) , transport copter, andfigth copter-Real 3D physics like a flight simulator- In somelevels, you haverockets and guns to launch missiles and destroycans coke or decksof cards to make chaos- Use Accelerometer sensorif the device doesnot have a Gyro sensor
Unmatched Air Traffic Control
In this simulation game, you're an air traffic controller at abusyairport. The goal is to guide planes safely landing parkingandtaking off, avoiding collisions between them.This game is muchlikethe actual operation of a busy airport, but with easyandself-explanatory controls. Is a great hobby that stimulatesmemoryand reasoning.Have fun and good flights
Air Control 2
The long awaited sequel to the multi million download hitAirControl is finally here! In this simple yet surprisinglyaddictivegame you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It isyour jobto direct airplanes to runways while avoidingcollisions.FEATURES★Worldwide locations: From scorching deserts tofreezing mountains★Multiplayer coop maps: Play with your friend onthe same tablet★Tons of different planes and choppers★ Zeppelinairships★ World'sfastest plane: The SR-71 Black Bird★ Avoid blazingstorms★ Makesnappy decisions when radio jam hits a plane★ Countlesshours ofaddictive gameplayPRAISE FOR AIR CONTROL:" of themostadrenaline charged games available for the androidplatform."-Android Geek Tips"Are you looking for the next addictingAndroidgame? Well, luckily, you’ve found it with Air Control! Yourspeed,agility, and foresight will be tested in this game ofnear-missesand crazy landings." -Best Android AppsReview"...exciting,addicting gameplay that you will be sure tolove. You need todownload this game!" -Best Android Apps Review
MAYDAY! 2 Terror in the sky
*** Better, bigger, more addictive: the #1 landing game in61countries is back! Face a brand new landing experience:challengethe most dangerous weather conditions and aircraftfailures to saveall your passengers. ***Welcome back to youraircraft, pilots! Haveyou made it safely back once? It’s not over…your passengers are indanger again. Are you ready to fly themsafely home? Mayday! 2makes you feel like a real aircraft pilot.You have just oneobjective: to land safely – easy to play,difficult to master. Willyou make it safely to the ground with newmissions, new dangerousweather conditions, and totally unexpectedaircraft failures?Keyfeatures:• Handle your device like an aircraftyoke.• Progressthrough increasing difficulty levels and upgradeyour ranking tobecome a pro pilot.• Manage heartbreaking airplanefailures.•Different types of surfaces: landing strip, motorway,rough ground,water, aircraft carrier…• Play free, unlimitedmissions.• Get onefree airport (San Francisco).• Buy new airports(Hawaii, the Alpsand Egypt)- with more airports available soon.•Unlock 5 differentaircraft.• Face the most diverse weatherconditions: heavy rain,fog, strong wind, turbulence, nightlandings, and the newthunderstorm scenario.• Relive your successesand learn from yourmistakes through the replay mode.• Share yourperformances with theworld.• Take control and choose your favoriteview: cockpit, clearview, external view.
Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free
Unleash your inner maverick, become a pilot and CONQUERtheskies!Get yourself the best plane and go HIGHER!+ UltraREALISTIC3D graphics and cool animations+ Tons of real-life planes:fromsingle engine props to SUPERSONIC JETS, from airliners tomilitaryaircraft+ Fun and challenging missions: emergencies,rescuemissions, rough landings, fires, races + Immersivescenario:explore a huge open map with tons of surprises in freeflight mode+Intuitive mobile controls and an ADDICTING gameplayThebest-ratedFlight Simulator on Google Play. And it's a FREE GAME.FUN isabsolutely guaranteed!Download the app for free now and don'tmissamazing NEW CONTENT on periodic UPDATESNot decided yet ifyou're UPto the CHALLENGE?Forget dumb repetitive games. In FlightPilotSimulator 3D Free, your duty includes racing against time,controla fire in the middle of the mountains, and land safely on atinyairstrip (or even on an aircraft carrier warship)● PlayitanywhereFlight Pilot Simulator 3D Free does NOT requireanyinternet connection. You can enjoy it in the subway, orwhiletraveling on a real plane, or in the car on the road, orduringservices in a temple (or maybe even on toilet!)● LimiteddatausageOur free game will not consume tons of data from yourmobileplan● Compatibility and supportWe're working hard(andcontinuously) so that all Android phones and tablets run thegamesmoothly. Please report any issues you may experienceto● AgeratingdisclaimerFlight Pilot Simulator 3D Free does NOT containviolencenor any other mature content. You're free to play ittogether withyour children of any age. We bet your boys and girlsare gonna loveit!
Airplane Car Transporter Game -Plane Transport Sim
Are you ready to be an airplane pilot on in cargo planegames?Airplane Car Transporter Game - Cargo Plane Transportprovides aninteresting features of plane transport games &offers manyfascinating challenges of cargo plane flying & cartransport,unlike other car transporter games or plane flying games.Thisairplane pilot simulator is unique concept that isincrediblypacked with a comprehensive gameplay of car transportgamefeaturing flying the planes in an airport city. Enjoyairplanetransport & fly aeroplane or a truck transporterall-in-onegame. Merging the gameplay of airplane transport gameswith thrillsof driving cars, motorbike and truck makes this planetransportergame different from most car transporter games. Thiscargo planesimulator is one of the best transport games, with planeflying,car transporter and truck driving, all-in-one game. Fly yourplaneefficiently & transport vehicles to destination city.Unloadthe super cars at the required destination as part of abusinessdeal in this car transport game. Unlike most cartransporter games,transportation of cars is done with an engagingstoryline andextraordinary challenge modes unseen in other cargotransportgames. So get into action as a pilot on duty and take thiscargoplane transport simulator to an entirely new level. Become aplanepilot to fly planes with agility to perform car transportermissionand learn to drive a transport truck in this latest additiontoplane transport games. You might have played many cartransportergames but this cargo plane simulator comes with diverseset oftasks and exhilarating missions of plane and car driving,differentfrom other cargo plane flying games. Now, fly your planeto be aplane tycoon while you enjoy remarkable experience ofaeroplanegames & load the automobiles on the truck to get thehang oftruck transport games. The player will get to drive andenjoy avariety of vehicles including motorbikes, Pickup trucks,supercars, airplanes and transporter trucks, all in one cartransportgame. You will be the pilot to manage plane flight todifferentairports. All this makes it as the finest of cargo planegames& best transport plane games. If airplane flying excitesyouand you want to manage car cargo airplane in the airport city,thenplane driving simulator is the right choice for you. HDenvironmentwith smooth controls of driving in airplane pilot carkeeps theuser highly tied to plane transporter game that is exactlythe casefor Airplane Car Transporter Game. Become a trained pilot&steer your aeroplane on a runway like an expert pilot on dutyinplane flying games. Showcase your flying skills in airplanepilotsimulator for an exciting journey of plane transport games.Becomean expert truck transporter to take the cars throughplanetransportation in plane transport games. Enjoy real-lifeflyingscenarios and pilot duty to transport cars in your airbus.DownloadNow! FeaturesModes: Level Mode & Open ChallengeModeReal feelof the flight simulation in cargo plane simulatorChallengingmission of car transporter gamesMultiple vehicles likecargo planeTruck & Transport PlanesReal-time Plane Controls andHandlingunseen in other car transportation gamesAirlift differentvehiclesaround the globe unlike other cargo plane games
Air Control Lite
In this simple yet surprisingly addictive drawing game you takeonthe role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job todirectairplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.FEATURES★Classicgame mode as well as the unique puzzle game mode★Onlinehighscores★ Countless hours of addictive gameplay★ #1 Androidairtraffic controller gameTHE PRESS SAYS" of the mostadrenalinecharged games available for the android platform."-Android GeekTips"Are you looking for the next addicting Androidgame? Well,luckily, you’ve found it with Air Control! Your speed,agility, andforesight will be tested in this game of near-missesand crazylandings." -Best Android Apps Review"...exciting,addictinggameplay that you will be sure to love. You need todownload thisgame!" -Best Android Apps ReviewPermissions:Location:To use withhighscores.Internet: To submit highscores.Phone Stateand Identity:Used by offers provider to award miles for completingoffers.SDCard: To cache video offers.
US Army flight simulator - Army Tank transporter
Dare to fly US army plane and drive army tanks and army jeep inthisWOT (world of tanks) game. You have been assigned as US armyregulartroop in survival mission during the enemy army attack toperformstealth mission in this army transport simulator. Greatestthingabout this transport simulator is that it will give you alltheexperience of army transport games & US army games suchasdriving tanks to the US military base, Destroy enemy depot andhawkhelicopters and flight simulator with shooting, load thecargoplane & fighting army tank battle from battle field withnocivilian. Lead the convoy to reach airport safely and loadtanksand troops in Boeing 737 size military cargo plane and enjoytheflight simulator in military giant plane. Intercept and destroytheenemy hawk helicopters during the flight. This is a completewotplus military planes flight simulator.Its start from a sandboxcityin sea like an island with airport and military base. Some ofyourwar friends are trapped in battle zone with anti-terrorismswotteams & nypd personals who came here for investigations.Enemyis bombarding from sky with drone and planes and destroy thewholecity around base. You will assign as U.S army troop totransportthe tanks, troops and nypd to airport and load in theboeing 737size military cargo plane. Take a adventure full take offand flymilitary xplane using best flight simulator in this wot.Interceptthe enemy helicopter in your way like a warrior in moderncombat .Destroy them using your aeroplane fasten guns. Fasten yourplane inair and defeat that gangster of dirty war.Here is yourchance to bea cargo plane transporter of US army simulator. Flyarmy plane andfeel the intensity of war survival mission in thismilitary flightsimulator as a US Army agent. Realistic physics ofthis air planeflight simulator will give you real driving andflying experience.You will love driving the battle tanks andloading them in to armycargo transporter airplane. You know whatmakes it adventure timeand ultimate flight simulator? You will flyfrom one island city toanother meanwhile fighting enemy helicoptersin air. This is besttank game on store with best flight simulatorand shootingexperience to destroy your enemy in battle . it’s acomplete moderncombat experienceDon't wait, Download Now!Features:*Challengingmissions of US army* HD graphics and 3D models*Responsivecontrols* Realistic sound effects* Amazing graphicseffects
Air plane take off and landing Game
Be an airplane pilot to fly plane on the runway in Plane FlyingGame– Airplane Landing & Flight Sim. Enjoy the exclusivegameplay ofthis plane landing simulator to test your agility as apilot at theairport. Plane flying simulator offers a completepackage of flightlanding games to challenge your skills toefficiently manage planelanding & take off at the runway. Thisplane driving simulatoris a combination of thrilling airplaneparking missions presentairplane flying games and the adrenal rushof being in cockpit of ajumbo jet in plane landing games. Balanceyour airbus against thestrong winds, land your aeroplane, crossthrough the checkpoints topark the jet plane on a runway atairport. Fly plane in one of thebest plane games in the world, andlearn to control passenger planeson the skies. Plane pilotsimulator will provide difficult obstaclescausing the crash &your job is to avoid collision with otherplanes unseen in mostplane flying games. Cool and Smooth controlsto plane take off willmake your journey mesmerizing while you drivesuper planes to thedestination at airports.Enjoy the flying againstthe powerful windsin the plane flying simulator and adore wings incockpit in jumbojet, unlike other super plane landing games.airline parking,landing and take off with aeroplane flying inflight landingsimulator is simply going to blow your mind away andyou will sureto forget other plane flying games. Test your aviatorskills andfollow the instructions from the control tower to steerthe jumbojet to land the land it at airport in this finest of planedrivinggames. Realistic physics with easy controls for jet planes,superplanes and passenger planes in airplane flight simulatorwouldsurely fuel your love for aeroplane landing games, andHDenvironment with detail runways on the airport city will calmyouraddiction to plane pilot games. Thrilling challenges to flyplanecrash, dangerous obstacles and crashes and, jet planeparkingmissions are far more enhanced than many airplane landinggames& some interesting aeroplane driving games. Become theairplanepilot and master the skies through your wings in planeflightsimulator. Speed, alertness & tactics are the corefeatures ofthis real aeroplane simulator, so be very agile tomanage the planetakeoff on airport runway.Be a pro aviator in anairplane flightsimulator to manage flights at an airport city.Combining the funfacts of the airplane flying games & flightlanding with therealistic models of planes and airbuses make isPlane Flying Gameas the very best plane pilot games. Let theadventure begins withthe finest of all cargo plane games toshowcase the aeroplaneflying, driving and parking skills on anexhilarating flight ofplane landing simulator. Download Now andenjoy fly planes!-Detailed 3D runways which are very different fromplane flyinggames- Challenging airplane pilot missions from bestplane games.-Modern models & designs of planes un seen inairplane landinggames- Perfect controls to play plane pilotsimulator- Interestingexperience far distinctive from other planelanding games- HDmodels of cockpit, airbuses unmatched by passengerplane games-Sounds and animations- Follow the route map- Racethrottle andcollect checkpoints on runway
Flying Muscle Helicopter Car
Do you love Helicopter Games? Want to fly your car likeahelicopter? This Game is perfect for you!You can testyourhelicopter pilot skills and car driving ability at the sametime.In Flying Muscle Helicopter Car We have armed a super musclecarwith a guided missile, so you can lock on target, launchmissile,bombard and takedown enemy aircrafts.Fly your helicopteraround theworld discover new landscapes, Drive your muscle car dostunts anddrifts ! burn the asphalt road ! be the best cardriver!You arefree in a world that you can do what you want.FlyingMuscleHelicopter Car is made for all fans of flying car games,Simulationgames and Helicopter Flight gamesFlying Muscle HelicopterCar -GAME FEATURES:✔ 10 Game Levels including waypoints andenemyairplane shoot down missions✔ Test your Muscle Car DrivingSkills✔Improve Helicopter Flight Ability✔ Stunning HD Graphics✔Realisticand dynamic auto physics✔ Advanced helicopter flightphysics✔ Easyand Free to use✔ No WiFi? No Problem.✔ OfflinePlayInstall now andfeel the best helicopter flight experience!
Airplane Gunship Simulator 3D
Airplane Gunship Simulator 3D is an action filled 3D Fighterbomberplane flying game. Learn how to fly the AC-130 bomber planebycompleting special top-secret bombing missions. Learning toflywith an awesome army airplane and completing the toughestofbombing runs by dropping explosive missiles, bombingbases,hangars, watchtowers, and other military vehicles!FEATURES:-Intense bombing run missions- Choose from tons of uniqueweaponsand missiles!- Massive open world environment to fly andexplorein- Incredible HD Game graphics- Realistic Airplane flyingphysics-Dynamic light and sounds Have what it takes to fly theAC-130 andhelp win the war? Play the latest airplane bomberflightsimulation, Airplane Gunship Simulator 3D!
Flight 787 - Advanced - Lite
Our new Truck SimulatorReleased: memory (NOT DISK SPACE, RAM MEMORY)QUAD Core CPUWARNING: ifyouhave a problem about this game, please write to support email,weare usually not read comments. Also many properties includedonlyfull version, lite version for Try the game.THE MOSTREALISTICFLIGHT SIMULATORYou can flight with B737, B787, B747,A400M, A380,MD-11, CRJ-1000, F16 and UH-1Y Helicopter simulators asrealistic!*26 unique missions* 3D Passengers* 3D RealisticCockpits* AirTraffic* 8 Different camera angles* Radio TalkingSystem (TakeoffPermission, Fuel and Pushback, Landing Permissionetc.)* Autopilot,Flight Notes* Map Informations(Distance, Altitudeetc.)* DetailedInformations (Fuel, Oil and Engine Status)* SmartComputer Systems*Lights, Engines, Landing Gear, Flaps, Spoiler,Cabin Pressure,Automatic Runway Stabilizer controls)* Air brakesand Tire brakes*4 Different Speed Level* Attitude and StatusMonitors* CollectWaypoints* Random Flight Problems (Landing gearproblems, Enginefailure etc..)* Stall System (Perdövites)* Changeyour airplanetheme your favorite airways* 24 Different time andweathers (Rain,Night, Snow, Dusk, Rain etc...)* High DefinitionAirport andVehicles* Realistic Sound Effects* High QualityAnimations* 108Airplane themes* Take Photo* Record gameplay videoand shareFacebook, youtube, twitter, g+ etc.* Online Score boardsandTrophies.Official Web: YoutubeChannel:
Helicopter Simulator Rescue
Take the helicopter flight and find the people in need for helpandrescue to become the top helicopter rescue pilot. Reach tothehangar and select your helicopter from the range of manyRescuehelicopters, police, army and many more. Hold the flightstick ofyour helicopter to fly high in the chopper like real Apacheor MilMi-26. Firefighter trucks have failed to help the victimsofhurricane. Help those trucks to rescue the people stuck. Acceptthechallenge to help and rescue people with your chopperandextinguish the fire. Learn how to fly helicopter first byfollowingthe tutorial instructions. Polish your flying skills inthis bestsimulator free game.Park your helicopter on heliport afterthesuccessful rescue operation. Remain ready for the call fornextmission to rescue.Examples of missions:- Extinguish thefire-Rescue people from accident- Help police chasing thecriminals-Military base under attack- Parking lessonsGamefeatures:-Realistic helicopter flying physics- Loads of coolanimations- Reallooking offroad environment- Many challengingmissionsPlay for freenow to find more stuff. Join the helicopterrescue team now.
Sky Viper Flight Simulator
The Sky Viper Flight Simulator gives you access to the entirefleetof Sky Viper drones! Learn and practice how to control and flySkyViper drones in the simulator and then apply your new skillsinreal life. No drone required.FEATURES • Features the full fleetofSky Viper Drones • Each drone has dozens of challenges to helpyouachieve mastery • 3 custom camera-views including First PersonView• Free Flight mode offers 3 unique environments to explore. •Fullspecs and flying options for each drone.
Flight Sim : Plane Pilot 2
New and better version of flight simulator: plane pilot game. Soifyou are a flight simulation lover and you feel yourself anairplanepilot, don't loose time, get your airplane and feel realpilotexperience in our flight world.✈ FREE WORLD - best openworldflight simulation with contracts, buying home positions,saving atdifferent home positions, earning money like real pilotsdo.✈ TESTDRIVE - try any airplane you want to feel how each of themworks,what is different in parameters and physics.✈ TRAINING -ourtraining course will teach you how to control airplane. Youwilllearn how to do a takeoff, how to do flight maneuvers, how todo anexcellent landing with different airplanes and jets.✈ MISSIONS-flight simulator includes various missions where you can checkyourpilot skills + earn money. You need to pass checkpoints,farcheckpoint circles, do landings. Completing flight missionsyouwill earn money. Show your plane pilot skills in action!To givethebest flight simulation experience we have developed real daytimesystem for you. So you will get real morning, day, eveningandnight feeling. Also you will get a weather - wind system.Islandsare unique: winter snow island, desert island with nameColorado,tropic islands, rocky islands and more.There are manyairportswhere you can land or start game from. Airports are locatedonvarious islands across the sea.As a real airplane pilot yourgoalis to earn money doing contracts (transportation jobs fromoneisland to another) and missions (you can earn rank and stars ifyoucomplete flight maneuvers well).Home positions are the nextuniqueexperience in our open world flight game. You can use yourmoney tobuy home positions, then you can save game at that positionandrestart the game from the saved position. If you are a goodpilot,start right away, fly, earn money, buy better planes, buyhomes andcomplete hard missions. But if you are a starter, noworries, startfrom training and we will help you to become anexpert airplanepilot.Enjoy flight simulation and good luck onair!!!
RC Hovercraft Airplane
RC Hovercraft Airplane game, RC Hovercraft Airplane is the brandnewHovercraft driving simulator game in which you control of aexcitingradio-controlled hovercraft in the park, a skate park,water basinand a mogul field!Complete all 24 levels in a varietyof unique gamemissions to become the best RC Hovercraft Airplanepilot! ALL 24 RCHELICOPTER AIRPLANE LEVELS UNLOCKED, DRIVE AND FLYAROUND FREELY INSANDBOX MODE!Your RC Hovercraft can drive andhover over all typesof terrain like earth, water, snow, and evenfly the skies as anairplane in this driving game!Fully equippedwith airplane wings,your brand new RC hovercraft can fly like aairplane, an remotecontrol aircraft or a glider!This super coolhovercraft vehicle withtough air cushion doesn't touch the ground.It's hovers a few incheswith 3 super powerful turbines that keepit stabilized in theair.This RC Hovercraft Airplane is the mostmulti-purpose remotecontrolled vehicle in the world !!RCHovercraft Airplane is thelatest 3D radio-controlled hovercraftairplane simulation game onandroid!This RC Hovercraft simulationgame comes with 24 excitingand unique missions.You can expectentertainment like:- Slalom anddrift through the cones as fast aspossible- After a intenseblizzard, your RC hover craft can be usedas snowplow to clear thesnow- Land the RC Hovercraft Airplane onany runway, built on thetop of the tallest tree- Transportingimportant cargo- Push it tothe limit with your RC HovercraftAirplane against other RChelicopter. Can you be the fastest?-Chase and scare the naughtybirds that cause trouble in the parkRCHovercraft Airplane istotally free, none of those "in-apppurchase" ! All in-game bonusesare unlocked throughout the game, 3hovercrafts and wings to fly!RCHovercraft Airplane is the new andexciting hovercraft airplaneflying and driving simulator, with anew physics engine that let'syou have fun and interact with theenvironment and objects scatteredin it. It will also let youcontrol a radio controlled hovercraftcar , that flies like ahover-car, and drives off-road.RC HovercraftAirplane also comeswith a new particles engine, to show water andsnow more realistic.Sounds fun doesn't it? If you think so, thenpick up a controllerand get ready to play the new and entertainingsim game, RCHovercraft Airplane!
Airplane Pilot Sim
Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D 2015 is a highly advancedsimulationdeveloped for Android.Here at i6 Games, we have beenstudying toperfect the ultimate plane flying simulation, improvingthe physicsfor you the player. And finally, we're excited to giveyou theopportunity to play our brand new and exciting flightsimulator!Getready for the thrill of experiencing the controllingand flying acommercial airplane aircraft in Airplane PilotSimulator 3D2015!With realistic aeroplane cockpit controls, youcontrol theplane to fly safely through the air and help get thepassengers totheir destination on time.With 20 unique levels (moresoon tocome), your piloting skills will be tested to the limits.With theelements against you, you'll have to fly through toughsituationsin order to get to the destination on time in thisairplane flyingsimulation.The game also simulates weatherconditions as well asday and night cycle, with clear sky, tropicalrain, thunderstorms,turbulence and more!Become an Airliner Pilotand experience all thethrills in the exciting, new game, AirplanePilot Simulator 3D2015!FEATURES:-Realistic airplane cockpitenvironment. All of thenecessary controls to make the gamingexperience more realistic -20Exclusive, entertaining levels forthis game (More levels soon tocome!)-Expansive, detailed open worldenvironment (Including 7Tropical Islands, Urban City, ResidentialArea, Farmlands, andForest)-High quality buildings and airports-Accelerometers used tomake easy to play tilt controls-Interactwith functionalinstruments used in real-life airplanes -Uniquereward system forgameplay-Dynamic lighting and sounds of acommercial airplane andenvironment-Amazing on-board cameras tocapture every angle of theplaneAirplane Pilot Simulator 3D 2015uses real world simulatedelements:- Weather forecast: clear sky,rain, thunderstorms,-Turbulence- Day and night cycle- Plane crashesand smokes effects.
Transporter Flight Simulator ✈
Looking for playing the role of a commercial plane pilot?Doyouwonder how does it feel to take control of a plane fullofpassengers? Try our new transporter & flight simulator game,wepromise that you'll enjoy your new role adventures. You willstartyour career as a beginner pilot, so you better start toaccumulateflight hours with one of the best simulation gamesavailable! Thiswill grant you money that you can use to unlock newroutes andplanes. Enjoy multiple flying experiences with a highqualitysimulation as you go through the missions of the simulator.Keep inmind: the goal is just not only to deliver passengers frompoint Ato B, they're real-life common people paying their ticketstotravel. You´ll have to make sure passengers feel goodduringtake-off, flight and landing by flying smoothly andavoidingtechnical malfunctions. That´s what makes us unique betweenothersimulation games! Which of the best simulation games offersyoufeel the adrenaline of dealing with day to day and alwayschangingchallenges? You'll get to know that not a single flight isthe samewith our simulator! ★★★ Are you ready to play one of thebestsimulation games & become the best pilot in the world?DownloadTransporter Commercial Plane Flight Simulator NOW for FreeonGoogle Play Store!!! ★★★Communication is the key. Talktopassengers during the trip so they feel more comfortable withyoupiloting. In this new concept of transporter and simulationgameswe will make you face the challenges of taking care ofmultipletasks at the same time: making sure you don’t run out offuel,getting your plane at the correct altitude, go throughturbulence& many more! Plenty of cool simulator challengingmissions,complete objectives to clear & win lots of money. Butremember,there’s time limit during takeoff and landing; you willhave to beflying under different weather conditions. You´re inthetransportation business now! Close the hatch; take control,andGood Luck!★★★ Join the Ultimate Plane FlyingSimulationChallenge!!! Download NOW Transporter Commercial PlaneFlightSimulator Free on Google Play Store!!! ★★★This SimulationGame wasdesigned thinking on Real-Time Physics Controls so we canbe ableto deliver to you a realistic feel while getting thesimulatorcontrols on your hands. Each engine is different, youshould beable to sense it with the best simulation Games! Amongother pilotchallenges inside of most of simulation games , weinclude 8different airports, more than 50 routes to fly, severalaircrafts,aircraft skins and much more goodies that can be unlockedorpurchased while making progress in your career. Gainexperiencepoints as you accumulate xp hours and successful rides.Want to itmake it more interesting? Try to learn how to deal withthe manymalfunctions and breakouts without making damage to themotor. Keepthe people happy and alive, so don´t crash! And, don´tshake toomuch the luggage. ★★★ Enjoy Piloting a Real-life Planewith ourSimulator & Start Building Your Pilot Career! Downloadfor FREETransporter Commercial Plane Flight Simulator Now on GooglePlayStore!!! ★★★Features of the game:- Smooth Handling, LiftingandDriving Controls - Totally Free Simulator!- 100% OriginalandEntertaining- Real Persons are your cargo! Be careful!-CoolGraphics and Responsive Interface ★ This is an amazing chancetoget one of the best and unique Simulation Games &FlightSimulator games completely FREE!!! Be the transporterhero:Download Transporter Flight Simulator NOW for FREE on GooglePlayStore!!! ★
Blue Angels: Aerobatic Flight Simulator
Become part of the BLUE ANGELS TEAM; try the aerobaticsimulatorlicensed by the U.S. Navy!Experience flight at 400 mphjust 18inches from your partner’s wing and face the challenge ofofficialmaneuvers aboard F/A-18 fighter jets and a C-130transportaircraft. An assisted driving system allows everyone tolearn eventhe most extreme stunts and thanks to the three playmodes, anyonecan experience the thrill of a real aerobatic pilotaccording totheir abilities. Do you think you are really an expert?Competewith the simulation mode and push your reflexes tothemaximum!OFFICIAL and SPECIAL MANEUVERSDiscover all the secretsofaerobatics with 3D briefing, take complete control and activatetheaircraft with the right timing on the rudder, landing gearandsmoke deployment! Take off, fly and run all opening maneuverswiththe C-130 “Fat Albert”, either "PARADE PASS" or "ASSAULTLANDING,"with no limits, and you just have to give it your best.Now you cansit in the cockpit as a soloist and perform an "AILERONROLL" tofamiliarize yourself with your own F/A-18 to then use allyouradrenaline in increasingly challenging and complex maneuvers uptoformation flying: the "DIAMOND ROLL," "DELTA BREAK-OUT," and"FLEURDE LIS" are just a few examples of all the possible shapesthat youwill be called upon to perform by covering all roles of thetrueBlue Angels pilots.AIRSHOWPlan your exhibition by composingrealaerobatics with faithfully reproduced official scenarios: NAFElCentro, NAS Key West, Reno, Elmendorf AFB and Baltimore.Yourultimate goal is to complete all airshows! You can do thisbyexecuting the real maneuvers in sequence or randomly. You havethefreedom of choice. For every maneuver, you decide what roletoplay: the #1 FLIGHT LEADER, one of the wings, the #2 RIGHT WINGand#3 LEFT WING, the #4 SLOT or one of the soloists, the #5 LEADand#6 OPPOSING SOLO. ADDITIVE MODECreate aerobatic figureswithadditive mode! Freely position the planes in the scenarioyou'vechosen and decide whether to make them take off. You canstart witha standard flight or high altitude and then take controlof eachaircraft in sequence. Aim nose up, make a loop, light thesmoke,fly as you like, and when you're satisfied, the session forthefirst plane ends and the second aircraft takes off. Choose toflyin free formation or DIAMOND, DELTA, ECHELON, and LINE ABREASTandmake spectacular combinations that you can relive with the useofmulti-camera replays.EXPERIENCE AND SCORESOur trajectorydetectionsystem will tell you how accurate you are and the moreprecise youwill be at all stages of the maneuver, the higher yourscore.Complete the figures to your best ability, exercise, win allmedalsand gain experience to rise to this level. This will give theyoubest scores and you will reach the top of theleaderboard!MAINFEATURES:- F/A-18 fighter jets and C-130 “FatAlbert” transportaircraft- Innovative formation flying and assistedguidance system- All official Blue Angels maneuvers, playable inall roles- Allconfigurations: takeoff, diamond, delta, echelon,line abreast andsoloist- Use Airshow Mode to complete a realexhibition with acustom sequence of maneuvers- Additive Mode tocreate youraerobatic figure- Special missions: free flight,exploratory,pursuit and C-130 JATO- High definition scenarios withRortos REAL3D TECHNOLOGY- 3D Briefing display for easyunderstanding of themaneuver- Innovative help system with threedifficulty levels tosuit both beginners and more experiencedpilots- Accuratetrajectory measurement system for evaluation of thescore- Bestworld performance rankings- 3D virtual cockpit-Multi-camera replaysystem with dynamic views- 3D exploratory areato deepen knowledgeof the aircraft
Jet Fighter Flight Simulator
Fly the F-18 fighter jet in this amazing flight simulator airattackgame, the war has just started with Russian naval warfare.Airstrikes against the navy gunship battle at its best in the opensea.Combating the Russian navy warship enemies, jet fighter planesanddrones to fight till the end. War is in the air, fight for thegloryand lead your fighter jets to take on the enemies in thisepic wargame. Ship carriers, jet fighters, navy gunship battleattack,destroyers and much more download and enjoy!!Features:- F18FighterJets- Navy destroyers- Ship carriers- Naval war shipsgunshipbattle- Amazing 3D environments- Drone attacks- FlightSimulatorgame
Flight Alert Simulator 3D Free
The BEST Landing flight simulator game for AndroidFrom thecreatorsof Flight Pilot Simulator 3D, the best flight simulator of2016!Now, be the pilot HERO that will save all the passengers: landyourairplane safely despite the dangerous conditions!+Immersivescenarios: bad weather, aircraft failures and extremeconditions.+Fun and challenging missions+ Beautiful scenarios withincrediblegraphics.+ Many realistic planes: try planes like theBoeing 747 orAirbus 320+ Simple but realistic controlsDownload nowand don'tmiss amazing updates!Play OfflineFinally an awesome gamethatdoesn't need wifi!
Airplane Flight Simulator 2016
Time to reveal your airplane flight simulator skills and beanextreme pilot to fly airplane over the Pacific Ocean &city.Enough off road driving, it’s time to play the role of anairplanepilot. Pick your favorite air plane and fly high into theskies.You will get the realistic flight simulator experience withrealplane flying over the city. Test your airplane pilot skillsinextreme weather conditions to reach the destination.Multipleislands to take off and control airplane landings. Thegameplay isnot just about flying airplane but real adventure ofaircraftflying & landing adventures. Fasten your seatbelt incockpitgive throttle to airplane control propeller, rudder andflaps ofyour airliner on airport runway stripe. Fly this aeroplaneinfinite in the sky horizon in free roam mode. 12 Missionsbasedgame race with time and combat with aerial obstacles beforetimergoes off. Steer handle and propeller, rudder use yournavigationmeter to keep on track you can’t glide this airbusairliner onautopilot. Control tower issued clearance to your AirbusBoeingaero plane gets ready to take-off.Airplane flight simulator2016 isrealistic 3D flight simulation for beginner level aviators.Startas rookie learner pilot in this airplane 3d flightsimulationaviation game. Choose Boeing airplane parked in airporthangar nearhelicopter helipad. Give 3D airplane throttle and runthe airbus onrunway stripe and pull the control gear to fly yourmajor privatejet. Fly your Boeing aircraft on the way point onnavigation routeby the arrows. Don’t destroy objective missionswith planes, Flylike a plane hero landing expert. Give preciseairbus throttle andtake off your commercial air plane from fleetrunway in this flight3D steering airborne.Ride your aircraft as itis ready to board. Bean airplane pilot to control your flight overthe city and islands.Flying an airplane is totally different tasksto master safeflight. Once the airplane is ready to board, just flyhigh into theskies. Get rush with infinite aviation experience inthis flyingsimulation. No autopilot facility in this plane so keepyour eyeson track gages. It’s simple retro style flying airplanesimulator.Don’t crash your flight jet in city helicopter andchopper parkedon airport hangar and helipad. It’s a non-combatflight simulatorfor takeoff and landing Boeing aircraft aviator aircrack fly hawk.Land your commercial aircraft carefully don't crashit duringlanding missions. Fly over Pacific Ocean. Fly safer inairbuscockpit view don’t crash the airliner as skillfully aviatorhandle,rudder and spoilers for safe landing back to land as.AirplaneFlight Simulator 2016 Features: • Free game and missionbasechallenges • High quality background sounds• Play asairplaneflight Pilot• An Awesome journey through differentenvironments•Real-time airplane flying experience• Fly over thecity andislands• Manual Airplane Flight & Landing controls•Wonderfulrealistic graphics to enhance gaming experience• MultipleGameplayTasks to Complete So what are you waiting for? Downloadthe“Airplane Flight Simulator 2016” Free 3D Game and enjoytheexperience of real airplane pilot landing & flyingadventures.Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help usincreating even better games for you.
Flight Simulator Paris 2015
THE MOST EXPECTED 2015 FLIGHT SIMULATOR!!FlyWings is themostadvanced flight simulation already developed for your Android.Wehave been improving the physics for years, and finally we areproudto announce our flight simulator! Be prepared for therealexperience of flying an aircraft over Paris, in France! Choosetwoof the most famous airports in the world and fly with 10aircrafts,over 250 different missions! The game also simulatesweatherconditions with clear sky, thunderstorms, turbulence andmore!Become an airline pilot, private pilot, military skilled pilotoran acrobatic pilot! Your choice! We created 2 separated setsofplanes: - Small Aircrafts- Commercial AircraftsThose are theplanesyou can choose: - Boing B747-8F Freighter- Boing B747-8i-BoingB757-300- Boing B777-9X- Arbus A380- Arbus A320- SpaceBusOV100- GAMQ9 Rapine Drone- Cezna 172SP SkyEagle- Bombraider Leerjet60 XRWehave also created five of the main airports of Paris:-Charles deGaulle Airport (LFPG) - Paris Orly Airport (LFPO) -Vélizy –Villacoublay Air Base (LFPV)- Le Bourget (LFPB)- AérodromedeToussus-le-Noble (LPFN)- More to come on new updates...FEATURES:-10 aircraft - 250 missions - Exclusive missions depending onyouraircraft! - Detailed airports - Detailed world, with trees,cloudsand rivers- Functional instruments- Two types ofcontrols:accelerometer or touch to control the aircraft- DynamicinstrumentsSome technology provided by NASA: - Realistic terrainusing photosand elevation from NASA.- Using NASA utility FoilSim 3to calculatethe physics of the airplane (really realistic). - Usingrealairfoils from our library in the aircrafts, like NACA airfoilsandBAC airfoils. Real world simulation: - Weather forecast (clearsky,some clouds, raining and storms) - Turbulence and G-Force -Realclouds - Crashes and fire on engines. We are thinkingeverythingthat is possible to improve the best flight simulatorexperience!So please, feel free to contact us to give yourfeedback! All logosand airlines companies are fictional in thegame.Pilot, have a niceflight!
Carrier Landings
Landing on an aircraft carrier is one of the most difficult tasksapilot has to execute. The flight deck is only 150 meters long,justenough to stop the aircraft.Accept the challenge, take onoverthirty missions in the world's most dangerous andspectacularscenarios and join the best Top-Gun pilots.Take control,climb intothe realistic 3D cockpits and fly the most famousmilitaryaircrafts, faithfully reproduced.Exceed your limits and gettheexcellence in all 90 engaging challenges!Discover the REALWORLDTECHNOLOGY and begin now to plan your flight!WORLDWIDENAVIGATIONand FLIGHT PLAN with 500+ accurate AIRPORTS,DAY&NIGHT CYCLE,REALTIME METAR weather conditions, AIR SPACESCARTOGRAPHY with over8,000 WAYPOINTS.Try out the latest evolutionof the RORTOS flightsystem, already appreciated by millions ofusers around the world:unprecedented graphics, realistic weatherconditions and a REPLAYfunction that lets you review your flightmoves.For an even morethrilling experience, connect two devicesonline and activate themulti-screen mode.Featuring:* Game campaignwith 6 trainingmissions and 30 missions in 5 different scenarios (4availables forpurchase)* WORLDWIDE TERRAIN AND NAVIGATION SYSTEM(availables forpurchase)* 90 engaging challenges (72 available tobuy)* Freeflight with choice of weather conditions and time*Landingcompetitions with worldwide ranking* Multi-camera Replaywithdynamic CINEMA view* Aircraft carrier landings, airbaselandingsand emergency landings* Take-off, practice, transfers,recon andflights in formation with a flight guide* Verticaltake-off andlanding (F35B Lightning II, AV-8B Harrier II)*In-flight refuel*More realistic extreme conditions with wind, rain,snow andlightning* 3D virtual cockpit with integratedinstrumentation,rain/snow effects and 6 different camera anglesvisualperspectives* Radar with runway and aircraft carrierorientation*Realistic fuel consumption* Approach systemI.F.L.O.L.S.* Radiocommunication* REMOTE CONTROL: you can connecttwo devices and useone of them like a remote control with acomplete instrumentationviewAircraft: * F/A-18 Super Hornet * F-14Super Tomcat [availablewith Canyon]* C-2A Greyhound [available withArctic]* F-16 FightingFalcon [available with Canyon]* AV-8B HarrierII (vertical)[available with Arctic]* F35B Lightning II (vertical)[availablewith Arcs]* MiG-29K Fulcrum [available with Volcano]* F4EPhantomII [available with Volcano]* A-6 Intruder [available withArctic]*A-7 Corsair II [available with Arcs]* F-22 Raptor[available withFlight Simulator]* SU-47 Berkut [available withFlight Simulator]*C-130 Hercules [available for purchase]* EFTyphoon [available forpurchase]* Dassault Rafale [available forpurchase]Scenarios:*Islands* Canyon [available for purchase]*Arctic [available forpurchase]* Arcs [available for purchase]*Volcano [available forpurchase]* Flight Simulator [available forpurchase]CHECK OURCARRIER LANDINGS PRO FOR FULL BUNDLE
Chinook Helicopter Flight Sim
Realistic flight simulator of CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Jumpintothe detailed virtual 3D cockpit of this chopper and completethecarrier transport mission. Fly around and destroy any buildingorvehicle with a mini-gun.This game features extremelyrealisticphysics, sound effects and next-gen graphics. As in realhelicopterthis simulator requires practice to control thehelicopter.From thedeveloper of the #1 helicopter sim for iOS (AirCavalry - CombatFlight Simulator)Features:- realistic virtual 3Dcockpit- detailedCH-47 model & textures- minigun onboard-transport mission-extremely detailed environment with ocean and bigisland withcities, traffic, river, mountains etc.- realisticcontrolsCheck oursite for any news and
Flight Airplane Simulator 2018
Flight Airplane Simulator 2018Takeoff and land on improvisedrunwaysand sea ports.Become the pilot and fly your passengeraeroplane tothe destination. Use navigation map and steer yourairplane throughall of the waypoints to confirm you head to thecorrect destinationin flight for simulator. Go through all of thecheckpoints and landat your destination zone within the time toearn yourself moreparking stripes in airplane games. When you willarrive at yourdestination zone, slow down the plane speed and beready for landingin fly a plane. Be careful and don’t crash yourjet plane to thesurface while landing on runway in pilot forsimulator. Take controlof cockpit and park your fly planes on themarked zone to completethe mission in airplane for simulator. Takeguide on the route mapand fly your flight plane on that directionto meet check pointsthat are on different stripe colors in planegames. Fly youraeroplane on the sea and other mountain areas thatattract you mostin flight for simulator. Before start your planegame, check yourplane fuel and other technical things in plane forsimulator. Enjoyyour aeroplane journey on various locations toperform some stuntsin the air in aeroplane simulator.When you’reset on the cockpitthen drive your plane on runway to be ready forflying in the air inflight for simulator. Fly a plane on multiplecity areas to meetcheck points and collect flipping coins inairplane for simulator.Become the best pilot and fly your jetplane to provide pick anddrop service in flying games. Become thecheckpoint seeker and meetall the points to get coins insimulation games. When you willcontrol your flying simulator thenavoid all the obstacles that aregiven on your way in aeroplanegames. Use world’s best planes withrealistic detailed interior andreal cockpit room for pilot insimulator games. We will give youmultiple thrilling and adventurousflying levels in airplane games.In the initial levels you willfollow the guides and perform yourduty according to instruction inflight games. When you enter onthe middle levels then difficulty ofplaying also increases in 3dplane. When you will fly your airplaneon desert area be aware ofhurdles and avoid all the obstacles toclear your level inaeroplane games. We will give you short time toaccomplish yourtask in flight for simulator. Perform multiple taskson your jetplane to pick persons and drop them on other sea sidedestinationto make money in pilot games. You will take countlessfun duringplay this airplane for simulator. This plane game givesyou in-appto unlock jet planes and to remove ads.We will give youdetailed 3Dgraphics with high-level animation in simulation games.Enjoy yourplane journey with amazing aeroplane games environment.We willgive you touch screen accelerator handle icon withjoystickmovement smooth control in flight games. We will giveyoumulti-angle camera view with real flying plane ranges inpilotgames. Enjoy multiple gameplay modes such as transport mode,timemode and standard mode in plane games. When you will completeyourlevel then take rating stars according to your performanceinsimulator games. You will take incredible fun during playthisflight for simulator. Pickup your android devices andquicklydownload this aeroplane for simulator.Flight AirplaneSimulator2018 Features: • Detailed realistic airplanes gamesgraphics •Never ending environment for flying simulator • Bothtouch and tiltcontrols with pilot games atmosphere • Realisticflying gamesphysics available on devices • Unlock new andincredible designedjet planes
San Francisco Flight Simulator
Explore the city of San Francisco by air! Fly past the GoldenGateBridge! Includes 24 aircraft and multiple airports. Fly inwind,rain, at dusk or a on beautiful San Francisco summer day.
Sky Slalom AirFighters Simulator 1.2
Sky SlalomIf you like real flight simulator games, Sky Slalomisgive you a lot of realistic experience on airplane control. Youcanride F18, Su 35, F35, F16, F22, Su 47 and more. You will findlotsof army aircraft. War is close. Slalom on the sky. Show yourskillson airplane control and conquer the sky. Move the mobilegamingexperience to a different dimension with our aircracft game.Youwill feel like a pliot. Jet fighters are wait for you.Amazingairfighters simulator. Aeroplane games.SkySlalomSpecificationsRealistic aircraft riding experience andaddictinggameplayEndless worldRealistic 14 simple airplanes towarairfightersFuturistic 3D environmentRealisticsounds,graphics.Excellent airplane physics andsimulationDifferentbarriersNo time limit, only your aircraftdriving ability limitedyouChange your camera view to cockpitviewHow To PlayPlanescontrolled by phone joystick.Pass thebarriers.Rank show youaccording to distance.Go as far as you cango.By taking moreadvanced features aircrafts, you can passobstacles moreeasily.Download app and don’t miss this amazinggame.Watch out forobstaclesYou can support us by announcing yourfriends.Facebook:
Gunship simulator 3D
Gunship simulator 3DRealistic 3D simulation of your owngunship!Thereal 3D real flight simulator. Let you show your gunshipdrivingskills in the war! One of the best simulation game,definitely makeyou addictive flight simulation game: Gunshipsimulator 3D. Peoplelike Sims, like airplane simulation games mustnot miss!Gamefeatures:- Driving gunship, off, simulate operation,land, reachingthe target position, and then get rewarded.- Goodoperatingexperience, realistic 3D physics engine, sophisticated 3Dscenedesign.- Added a lot of levels, so make you be addicted totheflight.- Received, realistic simulation of air and seascene!-Multi-angle switching, let you experience a different flightvisualenjoyment.- Operating mode switch freely.- It's free.Nowexperiencethe thrill of flying simulator!