Top 24 Games Similar to jumper funny bear Adventures

Sniper Assassin Zero 5.0
Gonzo Games LLC
The long awaited prequel to the popular online flash gamefranchise,Sniper Assassin. Meet the cast of Sniper Assassin beforetheir glorydays and discover how our hero became the legendarycrack shot thathe is.The game features challenging levels,gripping storyline,amazing graphics, and animated cut-scenes thatwill keep youimmersed in the game. Snipe unsuspecting enemies, gohead to headagainst armed snipers, solve challenging puzzles, andsave innocentlives!Features • Deep storyline and intriguing plotdevelopments tokeep you on your toes! • Challenging missions andmini-games• Windand distance missions• Multiple targets anddefense missions•Animated cut-scenes• Beautiful game environment•Enhancedinterrogation techniques!• Fun and quirky dialoguesVisitourFacebook at:
SNIPER ASSASSIN is the most excitingandchallenging first person shooter(FPS) experience that you havebeendesiring to play is now out on Google Play! If you are big fanofshooting game, there is little not to give a try of thisthrillingSNIPER ASSASSIN!A mob of terrorists have kidnapped array of innocent citizensandrequire heavy ransom to let these hostages go! Otherwise, theywillkill all of them! Police took actions to control thissituation, butit didn’t work! As a master assassin, you are hiredto infiltrateinsecure locations, destroy high-profile targets andrescue all theinnocent civilians! Sniper, take a deep breath andpull the triggerto make kill shot!Visit more classified locations in your hunt toeliminateterrors. You are the only elite frontier of this battle tofightagainst the high risk of this world! It’s no time fordiplomacy.It’s time for action!PROVOCATIVE ENEMIESMeet with different types of enemies, each with their ownstrengthsand combat objectives in this black opsNUMERIOUS CHALLENGING MISSIONS-Enter into occupied building to complete breach missions, clearallthe terrorist threats, and rescue all the innocenthostages-Save hostages’ life before they get killed-Find your best sniper vantage points and make kill shot beforeyouare killed-Survive a full on terrorist attack in assault missions and makeabravo kill shot of mobs of terrorist threatCHALLENGING MISSIONS TO COMPLETE-Test your accuracy and shooting skills in LEVELS tournament-Kill terrorist group and rescue all the hostages in CHALLENGE&SURVIVAL tournament-Search all potential terrorists and make kill shot beforetheyescape-As master assassin, lead your black ops to complete thisrescuemissionSNIPER ASSASSIN Features:-first person shooter action packed gameplay-challenging anti-terrorist mission to complete-provocative LEVELS, CHALLENGES and SURVIVAL tournament-huge array of weapons and equipment to use-advanced weapon upgrade system-destructive weapons and ammunition-complicated situation, hijacked buildings and cross firing-exciting map with realistic fighting arena environmentMaster sniper assassin, it’s time to take action!
Sniper Assassin: Gangster City 1.07
Sniper Assassin Gangster City 3D is aMissioncombat sniper shooter game. You are sent in to this moderncity ofgangsters which is full of terrorists, gangsters andgunners. Ganghas taken control of the city and you must save thecivilians fromthe shooting and terrorism in the city. Jump intoapocalypticmodern warfare totally for free in this Sniper AssassinBattleshooter game.Imagine yourself as the top secret undercover agent whosemissionis to attack and save the city. A city where, crime rateisincreasing day by day and the security forces are forcedtointervene in this situation. You are given best shootingcontrolsand top class sniper gun to fight against them. It would bethebest FPS sniper shooter adventure you would ever have.Each level is following the gangster story of the city. Youaregiven proper instructions before each level so that you cantargetthe right person not the civilians. Targeting cars,executingwithout notifying, targeting a specific person and manymoreexciting sniper shooting missions.Sniper Assassin Gangster City 3D is the most realistic gameof2016 having real time scenarios in combating andencounteringcriminal’s plans in multiple deadly missions, so becareful andinvade the enemies of humanity as a silent assassinhitman andhonor your commitment with your duty for country as itsgame of war& don’t let your people get in to fire age in thisgame ofwar.For all fans of action games, FPS games (First-PersonShooters),modern war games, and for all players who want todominate thebattlefield! This is the game they were looking for.Hope you willenjoy the quality of graphics and game play we hadmade foryou.Game Features★ 10 fun to play Missions (more coming soon)★ Each level shows more skill set of the★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★ Full zoom capability for closer look★ Bullet follow effect when hit the gangster★ Best War based terrorist game play★ Real time sounds for superb shooter experience likeneverbefore★ Smooth and realistic sniper shooter effects★ Exciting 3D Map with Realistic Fighting Arena Environment★ Smooth gun control and addictive game play★ Great level progression★ Professionally designed and expertly created shooting gameappthat you will love★ Best Shooting Game of 2016★ Also optimized for android tablet devices.★ More features will be added in the next updateHelp Us: games run on each significant android telephone andtablet.In the event that anyway you experience any issue whichdoesn'tgive you a chance to make the most of our work, pleasereport it [email protected]
Jungle Sniper Assassin 1.8
NeoSoft World
Just land yourself in a shooting battlefield which is full ofenemyshooters and wild monsters. As a trained sniper shooter youhave tofight alone against waves of enemy shooters without beingdamagingyourself.You are supposed to perform a mission cleanup intheJungle Area occupied by enemy soldiers. Use your best armysnipertraining shooting skills to eliminate the enemies.The wildbeastswandering in jungle are also a great challenge to you.Theymayattack you after listening the sound of bullet so be carefulandalso hunt them down with your trained sniper huntingskills.Thisfree fighting game makes your crazy in shootingadventures in adeadliest jungle where you are alone with yoursniper assassinskills you have no squad or team to give you a firecover. You haveto complete all the dangerous and challengingmissions withinlimited time constrain to win this dangerous waragainst yourenemies.So be accurate while shooting your enemies downalong withhunting of wild jungle animals.The blend of war againstenemies andhunting of wild jungle animals is a much challengingandadventurous task given to you as you are the best sniperassassinof your army sniper unit.So fight against your enemies tomake yournation glorified with victory.Also you have to surviveagainst wildbeasts of jungle such as lion,rhino,wolf.bear,boar andmany otherwild jungle animals.Hunt them down with your sniperhunterexperience to complete the mission cleanup successfully.Justbeconsistent and never give up at any level. Every level of thegameis full of thrill and shooting excitement for action adapters.Makethe best use of professional sniper shooting rifle whileplaying arole of best terminator shooter in a dangerous war. Showyourcourage and skills to save your land and innocent creaturesfromthe enemies’ assault attack.Game PlayThe game involves stunningandchallenging game play filled with shooting thrills andcommandotactics. Where you performed the role of a trained commandowho hasspecial abilities to face deadly challenges against badforceswithout any help. You will require to target your enemies aswellas monsters and shoot them up to clear the area from theirattack.Be aware your enemies are powerful that’s why survivalisimportant. If you die the mission will be a fail. Thats whyproveyourself as one of the greatest survivinglegend.Features⇛Challenging gameplay ⇛Stunning 3D Graphics⇛Addictive First PersonShooting in 3D Environment ⇛Forestenvironment with realistic soundeffects and responsiveaction⇛Access modern sniper shooter weapons⇛Smooth and easycontrolsFind us on your favorite network to hearabout our newestgames and other news updates: [email protected]://
Sniper City Assassin Challenge 1.0
Ready Hitman? Take place on the roof of this enormous cityandsniper them all with your rifle. Sniper City Assassin Challengeisa 3D action simulator game fully packed with action andshootingsimulations. The realistic city is taking over by crimeandviolence and it needs to be cleaned up! So we have to take downallthe enemies and save the citizenry from gangs and otherterroriststhat are trying to take over the streets. So buy newsniper riflesin the store and extra bullets and conquer the streetsfor realbloody action. Go undercover and become that Hitman thestreetsneed! So do not wait any longer and join this awesomeshooter 2016game now with your android device! So agent if you likethis gamegive us a rating and review and let us know what todobetter.Sniper City Assassin Challenge features:- Realistic3Dgraphics.- Easy gaming controls.- Fully packed withaction!-Totally FREE to play.- Gun store for new weapons.
Sniper Assassin 3D 1.8
Do you like sniper shooting games? Are you a fan of snipershooters?Try out Sniper Assassin - the latest 3D modern snipershooting game.Take on the role of Sniper X as you rescue hostagesand become theperfect sniper contract killer.Sniper Assassin thelatest snipershooting game available now on Google Play Store.
Army sniper assassin target 3d 4.0
Army sniper assassin target 3d - this istheshooting game!In the game army sniper assassin, your target killer sniperstoshoot and kill the enemies.Start a new super shooter game, in role assassin sniper!
Boss Sniper 18+ 1.3
Do you want to be called as the best sniper of this century? Thenbeready for an epic action in boss sniper 18+ where you are goingtoshoot down dangerous mafia bosses. This sniping mission isveryrisky as the criminal targets are surrounded by alert guardsarmedwith weapons. You are a special agent hired by theofficialgovernment agency specialized in finding out andeliminating secretmafia leaders and bosses, high profile murderers,drug dealers andstrong terrorist groups in the country. Aim andkill your targetcarefully without killing the innocent civilians.Each Mission hasdifferent scenario that makes the game unique andchallenging butyour main focus is to kill the target withoutfailing thelevel.Find out the bosses and murderers hidden indifferentbuildings, Gun down the boss before he escapes inhelicopter. Shootdown the crime kings of the city, mastermindsbehind terrorism andprove yourself as the real sniper of thecentury.Don’t miss anyshot or you will end up failing the level.Avail the promo offers,upgrade the rifles and accomplish missionsas a Master of thesniping world!Features: Promo Offers!Multipletargets!Amazing Gameplay!Different Rifles!UniqueScenarios!Challenging ShootingMissions!Amazing 3D Graphics!
Swat Commando Sniper Assassin 1.1
Urgent situation, private elite commando 3D assassin! We areholedup in enemy territory with no extraction point. We are damselsindistress with only you as our key sniper assassin elitecommandokiller on-board. Using your exemplary elite commandokillershooting skills, clear the area and secure the location. SwateliteCommando Sniper assassin is an enthralling game, a gameofprecision and speed shooting. Work your way through themilitaryelite commando killer installation in a systematic process.Being aprofessional swat elite commando sniper assassin, scoutthepremises and map the location in your mind. Afterconsiderableforethought, it’s time to unleash the elite commandosnipershooting killer. Beware, time and tide waits for none.Aftershooting the first military elite commando soldier killer,it’s arace against time as elite commando soldiers flee to activatethealarm. Shoot down all the army elite commando killersoldierspronto. Speed counts and each shot bring us closer tosafeextraction.Features• Engaging and addictive game-play•Simplisticsniper maneuverability • Aim-and-shoot military commandomission•Real-life sniper bullet sounds• Rescue militaryopHigh-QualityMission OpsTake down army targets with speed andprecision from thecomfort of a covert position.Shoot to KillMissiondirective ofsniper assassin is as clear as day. Shoot down all thearmysoldiers. No survivors!
Anti-terrorist Sniper Team 1.0
Anti-terrorist Sniper Team EliteTop Elite Anti-terrorist Sniper army sets out huntingforterrorists, criminals, and gangsters!Take your rifle, join Top Elite Anti-terrorist Team, rocksfurysniper 2016!Anti-terrorist Sniper Team is the most exciting andchallengingfirst person shooter (FPS) experience, where you play astop classsniper together with your team to strike terrorists,combat covertterrorist activities and destroy terrorist bases. Oncedisparatesnipers are united together to take Eagle Action. Are youaccurateenough to scope terrorists from across the map? SWATforces, it’sno time to hesitate. Time to take real action anddestroy theterrorist organizations!Terrorist groups spread disorders and chaos in every cornerofthe world, from Paris to Rome, from Russia to Ukraine. Civiliansinthis area are in danger. The Peace Committee send you and yourteamto travel around the world to eliminate a mob of terroristthreatsand infiltrate high-profile target that get the way peace.You areunited elite snipers. There are no room for mercy, onlyforshooting!Anti-terrorist Sniper Team features:-realistic and challenging FPS experience-play as sniper together with elite sniper team toinfiltrateterrorist threats-travel around the world to combat terrorist bases-numerous missions-heart-pounding sound effects-ultra optimized graphics-huge array of equipment and weapons to choose from-LEVELS, CHALLENGES & SURVIVAL tournament to choose-destructive weapons and ammunition-complicated situation, hijacked building and crossing fireAnti-terrorist Sniper Team Gameplay:-slide to the left of the screen to control charactermovement-slide to the right of the screen adjust the target-use sniper rifles zoom to scope terroristsYou and your team are the only hope to destroy terroristthreats!SWAT sniper, it’s time to take action!
Army Sniper Shooter Assassin 1.1
A real FPS combat calls for black ops ondutyrevenant sniper guard to save civilians from terrorist attack.Playas brave soldier in this Army sniper shooter assassin. Theinnocentcivilians are at the mercenary of elite swat force. Waraction hastriggered between the army force and dangerous criminals.With yourmodern sniper vision; Hunt down the terrorists at warzonewith akiller shot. Fight to defend SWAT army base camp locatedatmountaintop. Deploy and Infiltrate the enemy convoy forces;Unleashyour unstoppable rage attack to ambush in war. Leadtheanti-terrorist counter attack and aspire to become the bravocadetin the best sniper strike game.Join the ultimate FPS game with Army sniper shooterassassin.Start hunting hideout terrorists in the arctic mountainthat hasturned into rage battle field. As secret agent; Breach theenemyterritory and take revenge with multiple killing tactics.Usemountain sniper training tricks and stick shooting your enemiesinsnow mountains terrain. Don’t let terrorist escape; Hijacktheenemy satellite and track their hiding location.Use the modern weapons like rifle, war machine gun, ak47&mp4 guns. Be disparate as steady furious killer and carriedoutelite army shooter 3D. Destroy and demolish your enemy camp.Beprepared for the terrorist counter attack; grab your ak47 &mp4from your wide ammo collection at military arsenal. Stickshootingenemy terrorists at snow mountain and defeat your opponentsin theblack ops assassin. The biggest challenge for gunner inthisshooting game is to aim precise the target in the heavysnowfall.Avoid shooting civilians at the mountain village and dosomeprecise target killing in the winter snow.Features:• Realistic 3D snow mountain environment• 10 Anti-terrorist counter strike duty missions• Thrilling First Person Shooter Game• Multiple modern weapons like ak47 & mp4 gunEnjoy shooting terrorists guard and dangerous Russian gangsters asatrained sniper school cadet. With the best first personshootinggame; enjoy realistic war action. With the thrill ofanti-terroristattack mission, play as lone sniper commando till thelast stand.Take headshot of enemy and eliminate terrorism throughthis furycombat. Use SWAT target shooting skills to become the bestshooterof the modern elite force with the last snipersimulator.
Sniper Elite Shooter 1.1
With a sudden earthquake destroyed asecret,military, underground laboratory of biological weapons. Thedeadlyvirus has not developed far-sighted long years of war tocombatoverpopulation, suddenly breaks free and groundwater entersthesubway. Initially, it picked up the rat, but soon infectedanimalsbegin to attack people. With the human species begin tooccurserious mutation of body and mind, people begin to attackeachother. Never has our species is not faced with suchdifficulties.The virus begins to spread rapidly ... Our fearlesshero realizesthat he has no choice but to take up arms, becauseonly he can savehumanity from total exposure.Horror infected world conveys excellent graphics, a hugeselectionof different weapons: knives, pistols, grenades, machineguns,sniper rifles, grenade launchers, all left quite experiencedhand,easy operation, charming sounds and music, a large numberofdifferent zombakov, immersed in a world of fear.The ability to select the graphics mode. They will beconstantlyadding new levels. We will be very grateful to anyconstructivefeedback with suggestions ideas for new levels,weapons, monsters,and other observations, because we have created agame foryou.Things to download Action (Fps) is absolutely free! Withoutbuilt-inshopping!Kill zombies as possible fiercer, do not stand in place, donotforget to look back and watch your step, because the zombiesareoften attacked from behind and crawl on the ground. Blow theundeadgrenades and a bazooka, spreading them over the walls. Onlyyou cansave mankind from certain doom, because few dare to take uparmsand began to fight with a deadly plague. Prove that you havethecourage, intelligence and speed. Train speed of thoughtandreaction.If you like 3D shooters - the shooter definitely for you!Tell your friends about our game and our team will improve itforyou!Army Sniper killer 3d elite goal - Best shooter 3d game actionandshooting games, sniper 3d 2015! This shooter game Sniperkillerkiller 3D Games for free.The war against the elite special forces - SniperAssassinstarted!The game is a first person shooter - (FPS) vie Sniper 3d! Youwillplay against contra strike SWAT Comando 3d - commando againstthegangster! You will play against voynushki Swat SWAT! The goalofthe enemy. The second objective of the terrorists. You are a hero-the killer of terrorists who want to destroy the world! We needtodevelop military strategies of combat shock quickly andaccuratelykilling - shoot enemies! You're a contract killer whoescaped fromthe subway. It is necessary to free the world, to getthe title ofthe best sniper, and fight for fame and freedom!Night on the battlefield, you must pass through the defense andkillerroristy pick up a dead army friends! Accurate shots ofweaponsguarantee victory! Your gun and sniper rifle ak 47. At theend ofthe mission you have to kill the boss Counter Strike -terrorists!Terrorists have caused you to fight in the battle ofheroes will beonly one winner! The battle will be long andterrible mission!You are a hunter who hunts in the dead zone, thezombieterrorists.Now there is a real war adventure with a lot of snipersshoot!In this game you are a sniper survivor of an elite commandosniperArmy - Soldier! You are an army sniper - Special Forces ofRussia(Moscow) soldier and your mission is to use FLV shootingskills,aim and shoot at the enemy suicide and survival in thisshootergame. On the front lines in the war zone were not objecttodestroy, shoot the terrorists as they do not reduce you andyourcommando soldiers. Battle enemies with 6 state-of-the-artsniperrifles and many other weapons.Now you have a great opportunity to fight the enemies and toshowthemselves on the battlefield!Place the game - the urban jungle to avoid the desert,theAmazon.
Sniper Assassin Jungle War 3D 1.1
Sniper Assassin Jungle War 3D allows you to turn your phoneintochallenging environment in which you have to target enemies.Moreenemies you shoot more will be your energy to find and killthem.You are a soldier in the war zone to put your steps in thebattlefield. Guns are available to cope with your target. It is amodernway to fire using snipers. Take the head shots to clearmissionsand move forward in upcomming missions awaiting you. Movetowardsultimate destination in order to transform your sorroundinginto aassassin area. Every time get ready for the sniper in action.Ifyou are a shooting lover, pick your sniper gun and entered intothejungle to give challenge to your enemies and kill them to clearalllevels. Game Features:* Realistic game play sounds.* Firstpersonshooting.* Radar system is integrated to locate the enemies.*3Dshooting environment.How to Play:* Swap with the thumb to moveintoscene.* Tap shoot button fire a bullet.* Tap zoom in buttonforcloser view.* Tap zoom out button for normal view.
Modern City Sniper Assassin Fierce Shooting game 1.2
Do you love new sniper shooting games with fierce battle thenplaythis new game where you are an U.S army Sniper eliteAssassincommando working for your country’s top-secret war agency(SniperX) of special armed forces group and your role being aSniper Xagent is to sniper shoot with your Special US army Sniperrifle.Where you have to sniper shoot to kill, the most wantedcriminalsand Terrorists of America in multiple silent sniperassassinmissions & upgrade your sniper shooting skills. Allthosecriminals and terrorists sentenced to death by the top courtare onthe run. Grab your Elite Sniper and Kill them all withthesniper.Combat Missions added in Modern City Sniper Assassin 3DareSpecially designed like infantry war mission and FrontlineCombatmissions, where you are on a special U.S secret mission tohuntdown, kill those criminals and Terrorists in American city inthisgame of 3D war and book their tickets to hell. Being a SuperSniperAssassin 3D Hero, you have to safe and guard the victims whoareunder the attack of the criminals. You should not show anymercyfor these killers and terrorists. So, be an ultimate modernsniper3D hero and a real Sniper X hitman sniper shooter, as youcannotcompromise on the lives of innocent American trying to escapefortheir lives. So be ready for an ultimate sniper shooting tokillterrorists and Save the civilians in cross fire of combatcivil! Inaddition, take headshots in one of the deadliest assaultmissions.Big city is under gangster and terrorists attack. Theyarespreading extreme terror making survival of civil difficult.Theelite Special forces has assigned special sniper task to itsreal3D sniper survival who knows his duty to hunt down terroristandmafia forces and combat frontline brutal strikes ofgangsterenemies. The crime rate in American city is extreme highonly areal sniper shooter can save the modern city terroristfightingwith super assault Elite sniper rifle to eliminate alltheterrorists, murderer and dangerous criminals with specialservicessniper power. An epic battle against city terrorist hasjuststarted, where a real sniper fighter will fight for survivalandsnipe away the terrorists. It is a war against terror. This3Doffline war game contains dangerous wars against criminalshiddenwithin US society of civilians. There terrorists are here tostarta civil war. Therefore, you must play your role as it is yourduty,that you must perform for the country and your state is instate ofemergency so your role is key to frontline combat. ModernCitySniper Assassin 3D is a realistic offline war game of 2017havingbreath-taking scenarios in frontline combating andencounteringcriminal destructive plans in multiple warfaremissions. So, takecover, invade the enemies of humanity as a silentassassin hitman.Honor your commitment with your duty for homelandas its game ofwar 3D, & do not let your people get into Line offire. CitySniper Assassin 3D is a game with adventurous cityconditions. Onlya pro sniper shooter can save the city. If youhave, what it takesto be an American Sniper Legend then downloadthis City SniperAssassin 3D sniper shooting game and be the hero ofthe nation.Thegame is free. You can get the gold coins by shootingheadshots withyour elite sniper gun, so you can upgrade to othermore advanced USarmy sniper elite guns.Modern City Sniper Assassin3D is top eliteoffline sniper shooting and best action game of 2017so apply yourbest sniper counter strike skills and be victorious inthis modernwarfare. Game Features ︻┳テ=一 Dozens of deadly missionslike awarfare.︻┳テ=一 Huge variety of modern sniperweapons︻┳テ=一Sophisticated Sniper rifles︻┳テ=一 Latest Assaultrifles︻┳テ=一Customized weapons for long range shooting anddamage︻┳テ=一 Greatenvironment︻┳テ=一 3D Realistic Graphics︻┳テ=一Multiple currencies andrewards︻┳テ=一 Best ever game play ︻┳テ=一 Fullof thrill and chaos.
Commanders Call Snow Sniper 1.8
Commander Call Snow Sniper shooter uses the snow fall and snowbasedterrain to let you kill and assassinate enemies while theyguardtheir fortress on snow mountains. Commander Call Snow Sniperengagesyou to perfect your aim in snow conditions by giving youthe perfectcamouflage of a sniper killer to target your enemies.You canpenetrate, kill assassins while keeping yourself hiding inplainwith precision while you move around unnoticed in CommanderCallSnow Sniper. Once your missions are over you would be thebesttrained Sniper Assassin in the world of sniper shooter poweredbyCommander Call Snow Sniper. Commander Call Snow Sniper shooterisone of the best first person 3D shooting games. While youeliminateand target your enemies by playing first person sniper youhave toovercome the increasing difficulty of the game levelsthatCommander Call Snow Sniper 3D offers and lets you prove as thebestshooter in the world of sniper gamesYour country is facing agravedanger from a crime gang and they have their secret hideoutinmiddle of snow mountains surrounded by the best of shootersandsnipers to protect them from any attacks. As a veteran sniperyouhave been approached by the secret intelligence agency tohelpgovernment by shooting the terrorists using your experienceworkingas a sniper and killers for the government. Your assignmentis topenetrate the terrorist organization's secret base guarded bytheirtrained killers and shooters and kill them instantly as fastaspossible by making the bulls eye target to capture the enemybaseand ensure your Commander is proud of your work while workingas aSuper Sniper in the snow mountains. The success of yourmissiondepends on your skill as a shooter, killer and experiencedsniperwhile remaining stealth and camouflaged. You are the bestassassin,killer, shooter and soldier your commander has ever workedwith andtrained. You have the best experience as a the snowmountain sniperwhile working on overseas assignments and that iswhy despite beinga veteran your services are needed to ensure thebest shooter isused to snipe the terrorists guarding the secretbase and yourcommander would be proud of your services as theshooter, assassinand sniper to your country.Your target should beyour enemies basewhere you wreak havoc by utilizing your killerinstinct to secureyour country's future and by destroying the enemybase. Byachieving your target and completing your mission you wouldnotonly save your country but also get a chance to showcaseyourtarget sharpness, training capability of your commander to beatrained killer and assassin for the country's enemies.
Sniper Heroes 3D Assassin Game 2.0
Aim and Shoot! get yourself a to sniper gun and kill themallbecause you are hired to infiltrate the terrorists. SniperHeroes3D Assassin Game is a first-person tactical shooter thatemphasizesa less direct approach to combat, encouraging the playeras asniper to do master lethal strikes in stealth mode andkeepdistance from enemy soldiers for unseen because your life isatsteak. Fight the criminal war on crime and become the ultimatetopsniper shooterAim and Shoot to kill with lethal strikes!SniperHeroes is #1 first person shooter game that will blow youaway! Anover-the-top shooter in every sense, Sniper Heroes 3DAssassin Gametakes you on a whirlwind tour of the criminalunderworld. As perthe contract with American Army You are a moderncity sniperassassin ready to play your part in dangerous killerattacks andsilent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob of enemies atstreetlevel or take out the single high-profile target. Go for thekillerheadshot now!Step into the action as the latest installmentin thebest Sniper Assassin shooter games. Jump into apocalypticwarfaretotally for free in this Sniper Heroes 3D Assassin Battleshootergame. Why wait? Yeah! No reason - download now and eliminateallenemy with your weapon and determination. The best smartphoneFPSsniper shooting game with even higher intensity andapocalypticbattles.Are you ready to go on a top secret mission -Black Ops?The city's crime rate increasing day by day and thesecurity forcesare forced to intervene in this situation. Theformer specialforces soldier Tom, it's going to work to ensure thesafety of thecity. Intelligence agents involved offenders whodecipher betweenthe civilian population with a photograph of theoffender. Withoutharming civilians, you need to give considerationto criminalpenalties. Please note that this is a secret mission -Black Ops,you should not decipher for yourself camouflaged.For allfans ofaction games, FPS games (First-Person Shooters), war games,and forall players who want to dominate the battlefield! Enjoy thegloryof honor to become a top sniper assassin of US.Sniper Heroes3DAssassin Game Features:- Over 8 crime shooter missions tocomplete-6 unique and stunning locations- Real world weapons-UltraRealistic 3D graphics and cool animations- Addicting gameplay-Easyand intuitive controls- It plays as good as it looks-Everything upto the next level- Sharp controls, impressivegraphics- Dominatethe battlefield with a new tactical movementsystem- Enjoy theoriginal classy soundtrack.It will be thebest-rated FPS game onGoogle Play. FUN is absolutely guaranteed!
Sniper Killer Assassin Shooter 1.3
i6 Games
Sniper Killer Assassin Shooter is a brand new, realisticfirstperson action shooting game. Your role as the elite sniperbased inhidden sniper's nest, take out enemies army soldiers thatoccupythe area to keep the town safe. Complete each sniping levelbyusing your tactical M24 sniper weapon system rifle to take outallof the enemies in the area to advance to the next zone.Take outallthe enemy soldiers before your health bar is depleted, or youwilllose. Each new combat level comes more enemy soldiers withmoreguns who will move into position to take you down. Becomethesniper elite with you marksmen skills and become thedeadliestsniper to defeat the enemy army soldiers.
Sniper Assassin Combat Fighter 1.0
It’s the best super actionSniperAssassinCombat Fighter game. Destroy all the enemy assets andcrashtheartillery; it’s no time for mercy. The bestthrillingdestructionwar game!!! Most real high fire for miniguns aswellexplosioneffect for bombs and rockets. The world's mostpowerfulSniperAssassin Fighter here waiting for you! Install thebestSniperAssassin game now! You will enjoy the fighting feel.Game Features:- The weapons will reload itself and you have unlimitednumberofbullets.- Super realistic gaming effects take you intoanauthenticbattlefield.- Realistic visual effects and the world’s best battle music.- Very easy and responsive game controls.- Adrenaline rush guaranteed.- Experience unique gameplay.- Relax your pleasure of life.- Free regular updates.
Sniper Assassin - Army Warfare 1
Sniper Assassination is one of the best free shooting sniper gameof2015. Shoot and hunt enemy sky divers as they jump from theenemyCopters. You have a clear vision of the target, use yourmoderncombat sniper rifle to eliminate all enemy threats. Makesure pressthee trigger before the paratroopers land in thebattlefield. Makethe lethal kill shot and earn the respect of yourarmy brethren andwin the battle. Honor your contract by providingbackup for thefrontline commandos in the war. It is your duty asthe expertmarksman to take revenge and like a true warriorassassin becomevictorious in this desert warfare. So get ready toget behind enemylines and shoot the enemy villains in the topsniper shooting gameof this year.
Snow Mountain Sniper 2.0
Aim, Shoot and Kill the Enemy Soldiers Camping on SnowMountain!Drive Snow bike, rampage through the highest snow coveredmountainpeaks to get back your captured Army base camp from enemysoldiers.Pull the sniper trigger to shoot and kill the opponentarmy menwith fury. Hold your breath for the most exhilaratingshootingbattlefield experience with real-life 3D mountain valleygraphics.Aim for the head-shot using your Ammo to kill the insaneenemies ata distance before they get a chance to aim at you. Fireyour firstsniper gunshot wisely since it will alert the enemyhiding in themountain camp. Begin the onslaught assassin mission towipe awaythe enemy from your camp. Use your assassin instinct torampagethrough the enemy shooters using your modern sniper gun.Survivethis dangerous war against terror. The sniper assassinmission on asnow mountain is going to be very challenging. BecomeaProfessional military sniper Shooter and save the snowmountainbase camp from terrorist attacks. Let the thrill begin.Play as anElite SWAT Sniper Shooter and take down the most wantedarmy men attheir captured hideouts before the targets escape. SnowMountainSniper is a true simulation of an action packed snipershootermissions with fury and rampage.Your Army headquarter basecamp hasbeen captured by the terrorists to carry out insanelydangerousterrorist shooter acts. Keep yourself focused to determinetheright time to start firing your first shot. Play the part ofaspecial shooter army force commando in this visually stunningsnowcovered mountain environment. Start shooting using yourprecisionskills before the enemy opens fire. Snow Mountain Sniperis a firstperson shooter (FPS) to challenge your assassin skillsand deadlydrifts. Get ready for a thrilling FPS gaming experience.Targetterrorists capturing your base camp helicopters, drones,fighterF16 jets, army trucks and ammunition. Sniper shootingsimulatormissions involve fury fighting and precision shootingtargeting theterrorists. In Modern Snow Mountain Sniper helpAmerica fight theglobal war against terrorism. Join US Navy SEALs,become anultimate sniper shooter. Take up the challenge. Aim, shootand killthe terrorists and become US top sniper shooter. Save thevictimsfrom crossfire and exploding bombs. Aim the right target, goforthe headshots. There is a secret Sniper Assassin operationbeingcarried out in snow mountain peaks. Unfortunately theterroristshave captured the city surrounded by snow mountains. USNavy SEALshave hired you to eliminate a mob of enemies as thefrontlinesniper assassin commander to carry out the gorilla warmission ops,infiltrate secure locations and it’s their duty toeliminatehigh-profile targets.Snow Mountain Sniper Features√Exclusivesniper assassin war missions√ First person shooting (FPSgame)√ NoInternet connection required√ Challenging assassinmissions√ Simplecontrols
Army Assassin Sniper Strike 1.0.7
ImpTrax Games
Army Assassin Sniper Strike is another installment to ourexcitinglineup of sniper games. Step into the action filled FPSseries, oneof the best Army Assassin game available on Android.There is noarmy squad to assist you in this sniper strike, thereare noexplosives, so it’s up to you to resurrect the city from asurge ofdestruction.Take out all the criminals in the city and thesave thecity from a blackout that these criminals are planning.Most of thecriminals are ex Russian militants and marksman warfarecriminals,so you have to be very careful before opening fire. Onceyou havetaken the first sniper strike, you will be spotted andthesedictator militants will start shooting at you. As allthesemissions are in the city, there will be no air strike,tanks,helicopters or heavy weapons like, shotguns, rocketlaunchers, orassault rifles for you. Your armor is designed to saveyou fromgunshots but be careful, it won’t stay for long andexposure tobullets will damage the armor and eventually get youkilled. Thisis the time for you to prove that tactical ops are notonlyeffective in battlefield, but a major adversary in marksmanwarfareas well.This Army Assassin Sniper Strike game is designedkeepingin mind the modern warfare techniques and combat style.Theblackout will not affect your missions as you have the nightvisionand other tactical equipment to make your mission a success.Therewill be civilians around so be very careful and do not killanycivilians. Try to take headshots in all missions as it willsaveyou ammo and will kill the target in one shot.DownloadArmyAssassin Sniper Strike and more exciting sniper games FREENOW..!!-: Game Play:- You would be assigned targets in thedifferentlocations of the city where you have to conduct theundercover armysniper missions and kill the criminals using yoursniper strikeskills. -:Level 1:- There is a secret meeting going onin theopposite building. The army assassin has to shoot both ofthem tocomplete the mission. Do not let them escape from the roomor yourmission will be failed. -:Level 2:- An internationalcriminal isgoing to meet the mafia head at the park. You have toidentify theterrorist and shoot him before he reach the mafia headand give himthe information about the bombings in the city. -:Level3:- A Shiphas just arrived at the port and seven enemies areboarding thatship. The army sniper is aiming at the ship from thenearbybuilding and has full visibility of the ship. The hitman hastokill all of them before they get onboard. -:Level 4:- 3Terroristsare walking the street for the bombings initiative. Killthem allbefore the get out of sight. Do not shoot any civilian oryourmission will be over. -:Level 5:- A group of criminals aremeetingtonight in a dark spot in the city. They are equippedwithautomatic weapons, machine guns and pistols. Use night visionandkill them all on spot. -:Level 6:- Kill the drug cartel leaderwhois trying to escape the city in this ship. His security isveryhigh as he heard of the killings by city sniper. Kill himbefore heleaves the city. -:Level 7:- City School is under attackbyterrorists. They are trying to enter the school building butguardshave closed the doors. Kill all the terrorists before theyenter inthe school building. -:Level 8:- Gun down the Mafia leaderwhile heis trying to escape the city in his helicopter. Be veryprecise andquick in shooting as the helicopter will get the targetout ofrange in seconds.And many more interesting levels.If you liketheArmy Assassin Sniper Strike, please don’t forget to rate andreviewus. Write us at our email to give us your suggestionregardingsniper games and updates, your feedback is valuable to us.
Sniper Assassin Kill Shot 2016 1.1
Sniper Assassin Kill Shot – 2016 is a unique new SniperAssassinSharp Shooting Game – it’s a New Year 2016 Gift for thosegallant,brave, bold and courageous rebel Snipers who have the heartofLion. Sniper Assassin knows and love the art to Drill, ThrillandKill to fill the Sniper War Suspense. Sniper Assassin Kill Shot–2016 is one of the best and most thrilling free FirstPersonShooting – FPS, shooting games.In fact, your City Square inDownTown is under attack by callous, cruel, brutal andheartlessterrorists with destructive and devastated ill-intentionto killinnocent civilians and citizens, including kids, children,adult,old, men, women indiscriminately in metropolitan city to meettheirnotorious and venomous agenda. Enemy is to get erupt and wageavenomous war in city. The City Police vs Terrorists situationcomesin the favor of terrorists hence, on the special request ofCityPolice Chief followed by the trusted recommendations ofArmyGeneral Chief and National Security Adviser - NSA, you’reassignedspecial target to aim and kill the bad boys, enemies,militants andterrorists. You are dropped at the various rooftopsthrough roaringstealth gunship helicopter, to hit various multipletargets atdifferent locations in different attire in the shadow ofstealthgunship heli. You, as Sniper Assassin is well-equippedwithdifferent weapons and Guns like Beretta Pistol, M24, SR25,NegevMachine Gun, Galileo Sniper rifles and Assault Rifles, outofthese, selected can be frequently used and changed whereas,restare condition to be unlocked subject to your performance.SniperAssassin Kill Shot – 2016 is a vast game to clear five (5)multiplelevels as follows: 1. Snipers’ Valley You, in Snipers’Valley – TheSniper Assassin also famously know as Death Sniper, hasto find,pin-point, aim, hunt and kill Blue Briefcase boy terroriston CityDown Town Square who is allegedly carrying stolen city maps,EXTRAimportant, confidential and classified documents whichmayultimately help him to lead weapons of mass destruction. Therearealso Intelligence reports that Blue Briefcase is carryingtheformula of lethal atomic or chemical bomb. Simply, find andkillhim. 2. Assassins’ Square A Vest Man, having pistol in hand isjustpopped up in people crowd, he is carrying pistol and weaponsinhand and having intentions to kill many innocent people to createamassacre. Find and kill him immediately before he startshuntingdown innocent people from his closest areas. 3. Crimes’ RoofTopTwo enemies are standing nearby roaring helicopter, which isalmostready to take off in air after uplifting them, here, you’vetoexercise your best snipping skills after calculating airfrictionand air-waves pressure. Remember, you’ve very short time tokillthe enemies. Simply, Don’t wait to get late. 4. Los Vegas ThereareIntelligence reports that a most wanted Suicide Bomber hasenteredin Los Vegas by dodging Elite Police, SWAT and American NavySeals,now, American Army General Chief has assigned you a specialtargetto aim, hit and hunt on Headshot the suiside bomber. 4.MissionImpossible Drunk Driver is rashly driving a car with fullofdynamite / weapons of mass destruction, find and hit him fromtopin moving car in city. Features: ** Sniper Assassin Kill Shot2016is free to play.** Multiple guns: M24, SR25, Negev MachineGun,Galileo Sniper rifles and Assault Rifles, ** Five (05) ToughandChallenging Missions. to become a real sniper hunter hero inthis2016 hunting game.** One of the Best 2016 shooting games.**SniperAssassin Kill Shot 2016: Military Encounter is the bestcontractkiller game in top 10 best free sniper games in Google PlayAndroidworld for free.** To be a hunter empire targetingterroristsenemies of nation.** Speculate yourself to be in a worldwar 1defending and safe city base.
Elite Mountain Killer Strike 1.0.2
How many times have you fancied about beingaelite killer sniper shooter? Go on take a chance of being oneheckof a mobile sniper. Aliens want to capture earth andmountains.Military has sent you as a elite sniper shooter to trackthem downand hunt them down precisely as you are one expert of astrikesniper.Just killing a couple of mobile creatures as a elite commandosniperwon’t be enough, you have to shoot them down one by one towin eachlevel. In a world abundant with strike sniper and sniperassassinsthey have chosen you to be an alien shooter. Spill somealien bloodfor the sake of safety of your planet. You are a elitekiller sniperhunter don’t shy away of hunting them down.GAMEPLAY FEATURES‘’ Hunt down aliens in various locations‘’ Numerous sniper rifles to choose from‘’ Smooth sniper FPS controls‘’ Various types of aliens spread throughout the gameplaylevelsUnlike other alien games where you have to tap to death to killtheenemy here all you need is to aim and shoot. Job’s done. Let’sshowthe world how does a professional alien shooter looks like. Youarea elite mountain elite killer sniper.This mountain elite sniper assassin game is a MUST HAVE for allthesniper shooter simulation lover and freaks who fancy of beingasniper hunter.HOW TO PLAY• Touch and move the control to aim the enemy• Use the scope to aim the enemy from far distances• Use fire button to shoot• Aim for the head for kill shot, shoot once and accurately• The gun reloads automatically.HAPPY HUNTING!!!If you like alien games or being an alien shooter or you aretoomuch into sniper games do check our other games at: our facebook page at:
City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D 2.2
The City Traffic is under threat and criminal are snatching carsandescaping. Take the best kill shot to eliminate eachescapingcriminal in the car.This City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D isarealistic FPS First Person Shooting Game, in traffic and carsnipershooter game, you have to play the role of a deadly marksmanand anex-army SWAT commando and bravo sniper hunter with elite killshotskills and collateral damage to the criminals, don’t letyouropposition runaway in the snatched from innocent citypeople.Remember, you are a master assassin has been hired toinfiltratesecure locations and eliminate high-profile targets withlethalstrikes. Take your best slingshot.In City Traffic SniperShooter3D, your are assigned to eliminate the terrorist and otherenemiesof the state, the enemies and criminals are using the localcarsand transporting in police cars, trucks, taxi and othervehicles,your task is to blow them away on the way and don’t letthemescape, take the perfect kill shot and kill them all, yourmissionis your top priority, be a bravo sniper kill shot skilledtraffichunter and finish your job. Prove that you have the bestsniper andhunting skills to shoot down the traffic cars running onthe cityroads. You are an elite assassin sniper shooter and traffichunterwith modern sniper techniques, get ready to play your partinhunting down the criminals in dangerous attacks and silentassassinmissions. Eliminate cars with enemies at street level ortake outthe each single high-profile target. Aim, Shoot and Kill,be theperfect marksman and rouge army in City Traffic ModernSniperShooter 3D, use your modern sniper gear and rifle to taketheextreme headshot, this sniper rifle is especially designedforassignment like this, it has an extreme powerful zoom,unlimitedammunition with powerful piercing bullets, deadly muzzleandperfect barrel to take the best and extreme real killshotcriminals and enemies escaping in the cars and hiding in thecitytraffic. This is the perfect way to take the revenge ofyourcountry and proving to be the best marksman to hunt downandinitiate the war of revenge leading in crazy city trafficsniperand eliminating the criminals in killing and huntingbrutality.Being a hunter and elite SWAT command master sniperassassin andbest criminal traffic hunter, equipped with a sniperrifle engagein stealth mission, long-range targets and a mob ofenemy cars makethis a perfect traffic sniper hunter 3D and sniperfury assassinshooting game. Snipe, shot & eliminate criminals,cars, jeeps,suv, 4x4 and some escaped prisoners while you watch outthe carsaround the city in search of your targets in this trafficandhighway car shooter and sniper modern combat game thissnipershooting game gives you the opportunity to kill and hunt downcarsin traffic by using the latest Sniper Weapon on the roadwayandhighway passing by the city. This game of traffic and carcityhunter and sniper shooter is all about testing your shootingandsniping marksman skills. Can you shoot fast moving trafficandother armored vehicles, do you wish to destroy the enemyescapingin cars and armored vehicles on highways and city roads?This iscity traffic sniper shooter and hunter game gives youtheopportunity to hunt down the cars and vehicles by using thelatestAmerican rifle with sniper gear on the highway entering bythecity.