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Reflex Click
Reflex Click is an easy to play game where you can spend yourfreetime. Helps you develop your reflexes. When you click on eachball,throw the ball a different cord. The player must click theballwithin a certain period of time. Share your recording withyourfriends on social media.
Flip Flop Reflex Tester
FlipFlop is a reflex test game that you can measure your reflex.Youcan share your score and see your friends scores on PlayGameServices.Discover your level of ability.Upgrade yourskills.Havefun and show how fast you are.Speed up your brain now!
You have good hand-eye coordination? You can prove yourselfwiththis Game. If your reflexes are really good, you can scoregood.This game is basically a reflection time test and it's allaboutbeating your high score.Instructions: Tap on the screen andswapthe color of cubes in the center, to match onrushing cubes ofthesame color in time.You can connect with Google Game PlayServicesto share your score, compete with your friends and beattheirHighScores.Good Luck and Have Fun!
Fishing Classic
Fishing Game, Play and Enjoy It.Chơi câu cá cổ điển.
Game to test your Reflex
Reflex is a simple app to check your reaction time. Theaveragereaction time for humans is 250 milliseconds to a visualstimulus,170 milliseconds to an audio stimulus and 150 millisecondsto atouch stimulus. To compare your reaction time to others, justsignin with your Google Play Games account and take a look atthepublic leaderboard.Please note that, due to differenthardwareconfigurations, there might be a slight latency whendeliveringyour result, but not to an extent where it could greatlyaffect thefinal result. Feel free to contact us about anysuggestions orquestions.
Reflex Action
Reflex Action is a simple game to check your reaction time in4modes. You can compare your best score with the world record. Todothis, just sign with your Gmail account and select themode.Thisgame improves your reaction time and focus. Feel free tocontactabout any questions or suggestions. Enjoy the game. Cheers!!
Failling Man
Failling Man It is a game of talent and reflexes will love thosewholove the game.Our character is a crucial game against themanyobstacles when it starts to fall in the space stands out.Theonlyway to cross this barrier by touching the screen, you help toopenthe umbrella of our hero. Game takes you a game no matter howmanyobstacles due to continued steady you are, the morepointsearned.You should keep your eyes and your reflexes areconstantlyactive for the game accelerated schedule.Recently it ispopularwith reflexes and skill games.
Thief King
Stealing is fun! Thief King is the #1 series of challengingandexciting mini games that tests the limits of yourreaction.Stepsout of the shadows, sneak into the room full ofsecurities, stealyour way to the top of all thieves worldwide!Thief King challengesyou with different kinds of traps and ticklesyou with wittypuzzles as you try to take the honor of King ofThieves. Can youprove you are the smartest and most skillful thiefin theworld?Game Features:- A mind-blowing variety of variousmini-gamepatterns- Colorful polished graphics and cute animations-Free andeasy to play but challenging to master
Gyrate is a game which tests your brain's reflexes andobservationalskills.Simply match the colour of the pointer withthe same colouron the multicoloured ring, and don't even thinkabout letting acolour pass by without matching or matching thewrong colours forthat will end the game !Also, this game includestwo modes - eachwith a different kind of gyration and gameplay tomake the user’sexperience even more fun.Features: • Tests andimproves reflexes•Tests and improves concentration• Tests andimproves observationalskills• Highly AddictiveHow long can you gowithout ending thegame...?Credits:-Thanks to Lijo Joseph for hishelp in the testingand debugging processes.
Brain game, smart reflexes
Find the different object! You have 4 minutes to pass as muchlevelsyou can and win more points. Each level consists on a simplescreenwith all kind of objects moving around. At first there willbe justa few but as you pass levels, the space objects will becomesmallerand fill all the screen making it more difficult to findthedifferent one.Increase your concentration and reaction speed topushyour personal mark higher and higher every time!!!One morething, donot forget to share this new highs scores with yourfriends !!!
Sharpy Coordination & Reflexes
Sharpy is an exhilarating arcade game that will test yourreflexesand hand-eye coordination. The rules are simple: touchleft, rightor center following the indication flowing from top tobottom inthe middle of the screen before the time runs out.Getready, relaxand be quick because this is going to be one fast pacedmindteasing game, as you follow the instructions they willappearfaster and faster, you might think this is easy, but after afewcorrect taps you will have to really focus to be able to keepup,and just when you thought you have everything under controlwetrick your brain by switching all the colors in the game. Youwillbe able to train your brain to have a better hand -eyecoordination and respond better to color stimulus, while havingagreat time.Download Sharpy today and sharpen up your mind,reflexesand coordination.If you like casual games you will surelyenjoy thefast paced action of this game.
Spider adventure
New adventure game to advance with rope swingIt consists of42stages in 3 worldsSpikes, lasers, and other obstacles goout.Thelast is against the enemy boss.Easy operation of screentouch·Please aim for the goal of each stagePlease collectcharactermarksCollected character mark can be used for chuckpointstart.Checkpoint is set in the middle of each stage
ThruBlu is a casual, minimalist 3-in-1 game that's both simpleandaddictive. All you need is a good impulse, patience andgoodreflexes. Give it a shot!
ZIGZAG RAINBOW a reflex game a game of color, Mindgame,anti-depression. Category: spinner, spider,Subway,speed...Reflexes are important for everyone and at all ages.With"ZIGZAG RAINBOW" you can improve your reflexes. "ZIGZAGRAINBOW"Shortly afterwards, you will feel your reflexes improve andyouwill react faster.Rule of the game:* Touch the screen to movetothe sides.* Avoid obstacles by crossing the sides.* If you hitanobstacle the game starts again.* Obstacles happen in real timeandyou have very little time to escape.* A fun and addictivegameEndless game mode Enjoy!* Phone and Tablet support
Online Belka Card Game
Online Belka is the favorite game of Karaganda and other citiesofKazakhstan.The goal is to win the game opening 12 "eye" intheparty or to get 120 points in the distribution.
Hate Me
Endless jumping game that is testing your reflexes andanticipation,make the best score and try not to throw your phoneaway. Jump onplatforms and don't stress out!-Hold your finger toload thejump.-Release to jump, the longer you hold the higheryoujump.-Anticipate plateforms.Endless jumping Game That Istestingyour reflexes and anticipation, make the best score and trynot tothrow your phone away. Jump on platforms and do notstressout!-hold Your finger to load the jump.-release To jump, youholdthe skirt The Higher you jump.-Anticipate Plateforms.
Rube Goldberg Machine Tricks
Make your own Rube Goldberg machine with simple controls!Havefunseeing how it goes from all angles!*Feature- Simple andfun!-Interesting mechanisms!- Try as many times as you like!-Unlimitedcombinations!Use a dragging motion to draw a line andcreate asimple trick that follows that path, and then try changingthetrick afterward!We plan to add many more tricks inthefuture!*Method of operation:- Trace the screen with your fingertocreate a path.- Lift your finger to create a simple trick.- Tapthetrick to swap it for another one.- Press the Start button tostart.Have fun by changing the angle and the zoom on the camera.-Soundeffects: turn them on/off from the options on the top right ofthetop screen.- Music: turn it on/off from the options on thetopright of the top screen.- Device shadows: turn them on/off fromtheoptions on the top right of the top screen. *If your smartphoneisshowing low performance, we recommend turning the shadows off.
World Of Cartoon Tanks
World Of Cartoon Tanks is a classic online shooter. Earn gold inthebattles in the arena. Buy the best tank, improve yourtank!Dominate! Fight with your friends anywhere, show them who istheking of the arena!Join the battle in the online game WorldOfCartoon Tanks! A variety of ammunition and vehicles - all foryourenjoyment! - Play online: many allies and enemies!- A varietyofmaps and arenas- Chat with friends in chat- Nimble fingers:themost skillful player wins!- Pick & Win: gain an advantageonthe battlefield picking up bonuses!- New content: we arealwaysadding something new in the game - new tanks, maps, andotherfeatures!- Take part in the global opening event and get moregoldand glory!- Stunning graphics, soft shadows andlusheffectsSubscribe for newsandupdates! game requires an Internet connection, use wifi formaximumcomfort.- Received coins, open tanks are stored on yourdevice. DONOT DELETE THE GAME before the update, otherwise allachievementsWILL BE LOST!We wish you a pleasant game, and goodluck in arenas ofWorld Of Cartoon Tanks!
Faster Thinking - Brain Games
Super simple , Addicting GamesWays to Train Your Brain toLearnFaster and Remember More.With Faster Thinking you can improveyourshort-term memory, speed up your brain, concentration,calculation,reasoning and English Skill... Turn your brain to hardtrainingmode!!Improve Your Reflexes by fast thinking and answerthequestion.Practice English for English Leaner . Super fun whenplayin a group, with your friend, your family.. and compare highscore,compare them with friends and people around theworld.Practice byplay this game for a few minutes each day for bestresults of yourbrain.This is a game for both children and adults ofall ages. soeasy to play and have fun.Challenge your friends withyour highestscores.Require sign in with google play game tosecurely store yourscores.And the last : I dare you to beat me onthis game :) !Waitfor what ? download and play this game now..enjoy.Thanks you all.
Trix, pronounced Tricks or Trex, and also known as Ticks, isafour-player Middle Eastern card game. Similar to the Europeangameof Barbu, Trex takes on a cycle style in which there arefourcycles with each cycle consisting of five games. Each cycleiscalled a "kingdom" in reference to the fact that in each cycleoneplayer (the King) determines which contract to play in each ofthefive games.Features:1- all variants of Trix.2- Easy andfastgame.3- Facebook integration.4- leaderboards andachievements.5-very smart robot.6- sounds and good design.7-Multiplayer onlineversion is coming
It’s used to control UDIRC’s drones to fly, take photo,recordvideo, and share to the social network etc. It’s featuredwith easycontrol but with various functions.Main Functions:1.Realtimetransmission to experience first person view2.Simplecontrolinterface and the one button take off / landing functionsallow thebeginner to fly the drone like an expert 3.Gravityinduction mode,to control the flight direction with greatfun4.Flight routesetting function, to fly the drone in accordancewith the line youdraw5.Good media management system, to record thewonderful momentof life6.HD image and video
Brick Game
Brick Game is the compilation of the best games from themostpopular console of the 1990s. Do you feel tired of withcomplicatedand difficult games? Did you miss the favorite classicgames? Let'splay this game to feel nostalgic!Game features:• 18games in 1•Many level and speed• 10 different classic themes• 8bits sound•Share high score with your friends, family via socialapps• Submitscore to leaderboardGame list:A - Brick Puzzle Classic:Move androtate the falling blocks. Lines are cleared when they arefilledwith blocks and have no empty spacesB - Tank Classic: Movetank andshoot bullet to kill enemy. The speed and intelligence ofthe enemywill increase after each levelC - Racing Classic: Moveracer leftright to avoid enemy, the speed will be increase aftereach levelD- Snake Classic: Move the snake to avoid obstacles andeat morefoods to grow in sizeE - Supplement Shooting Classic: Movethe gunplatform, shoot block to the sky to fill the falling blocks.Whenthe blocks are filled, they will collapse upwardsF -ShootingPlayers Classic: Move the gun platform, shoot to destroythefalling blocks before they touch the groundG - BrickBreakerClassic: Smash a wall of bricks by deflecting a bouncingball witha paddleH - Frog Across River Classic: Control player moveand jumpto avoid all obstaclesI - Match Three Classic: Changeblocks ofdifferent shapes to match given blocks falling downJ -Brick PuzzleClassic II : After brick fall down, all bricks willmove right 1unitK - Brick Puzzle Classic III : After brick falldown, allbricks will invisibleL - Brick Puzzle Classic IV : Aftersomebricks fall down, all bricks will move up 1 unitM - BrickPuzzleClassic V : Instead rotate brick, in this mode the brick canbeexchange to other shapesN - Brick Puzzle Classic VI : Thereverseof original version through vertical axisO - Racing ClassicII:Control the racer avoid all obstacles on the road. The speedwillbe increase after each levelP - Ping Pong Classic: Controlthepaddle to hit a ball back and forth and compete against withacomputer-controlled opponent. The aim is reach ten points,pointsare earned when opponent fails to return the ball to theplayer.Q -Racing Classic III: Control racer avoid enemy in 3 lanesroad, thespeed will be increase after each levelR - Snake ClassicII: Movethe snake to avoid obstacles, through 4 holes and eat morefoods togrow in size
Hidden Secrets Free
The answer to each puzzle is a simple phrase in English, justinsertit to advance to the next puzzle. This phrase usually"makessense".Research can be essential to solve some puzzles, feelfreeto look up information and use third-party software. Good luckinyour challenge.This is the free version of HiddenSecrets,sometimes ads will be displayed. Buy the paid version toremove theads and support the developer.
Lift - Challenge your Reflexes
Welcome to Lift.Challenge your reflexes and brain power withthisunique game where you are presented with the name of anobject,which can either fly or not and you lift your fingeraccordingly.Ifthis object can't fly then keep your finger on thecenter pointedarea on the screen, else just lift up your finger andkeep itlifted until the next word comes.Simple huh? Let's see howmuch youscore. ;-)Good luck!
Memory Game Various Phases
The Diverse Phases Memory Game has been produced to provide funandlearning for all ages. The Game has several types of memorygamesthat are called Worlds. Some of the Worlds are Emotions,Flags,Insects, Animals, Sports, Traffic Signs, Fruits, MusicalNotes,Numbers and Letters.The main features of the Various PhaseMemoryGame are:- Three game modes "Individual, Player vs. ComputerorAgainst Time";- Scores for Every World;- Achievements onGooglePlay Service;- Three languages: "Portuguese, Spanish andEnglish";-Notifications;Memory Game Details Various Stages:- At thebeginningof each game you have time to memorize the positions ofthe cards;-When clicking on a letter, you see its content that canbe animage, letter, number, cipher or sound;- The first levels ofeachworld are easier because they have few cards and will increasethedifficulty as soon as you progress;- When you complete alllevelsof a World, your total time is processed and released intheoverall rank of the completed world;- The purpose of the"OnePlayer" game mode is to find all pairs of cards in theshortesttime;- In the "Player vs. Computer" mode you need to findmorepairs of cards than the computer, in the case of a draw anyonewinsthe computer;- Against Time mode is to find all pairs ofcardsbefore time runs out. All the time left to complete a levelisadded in the total time of the next level;The first MemoryGamewith the "Player vs. Computer" mode. Play against the computerandsee who will be the best!About the "Against Time"- Every dayyouget extra bonus time;- If your time is up, you can choosebetween 4options to continue.- If you can not complete all phasesof theWorld, you will need to go back to the first phase totryagain.Memory Game CategoriesVariousPhases:PuzzleCorrespondingMemoryChildrenEducationalAdultsThekeywordsforrelatedgames;ChildrenMemoryPuzzleEducationGameFruitsSportChildren'splayMemoryMemoryGamesIf you do not want to see the advertisementsin the game, we'vereleased the option to buy to remove them.Besure to download andenjoy.Thank you for visiting and interest inthe Various PhaseMemory Game.Regards,Multi-Phase Memory Game Team
Puzzle Games: Remove Red Block
We are glad to introduce to you the newest block puzzle oftheseason, remove the red block! Very interesting and addictiveblockcraft! Rules of the logic games is to remove all red blocksandkeep save the green. Some of the red blocks can not justdeletethem have to fold, they will stand on platforms that canberemoved. Even in the cube games has blue - neutral blocks, itisnot important to remove you from it or not, they performanauxiliary function.The puzzles is divided into 45 levelsofinterest, some of which will not be easy to go through towin.Passing levels, you get points for which you can buy funny hatsforthe green blocks in the future. The game will be passed whenallthe red blocks fall and one green at the same time not fall, andaslong as the blocks will not stop, the game will beconsideredpassed. Each block has its own animation, angry red,green andfear, as well, they have a voice, screaming when theblocks fall.This animation gives the game a special excitingatmosphere, thegame becomes more interesting and more fun.Downloadthis blockpuzzle mania now, it sure you will like it!Features:•Puzzle blockgames and casual games genre;• Perfectly drawn elementsandcharacters;• 45 exciting levels;• Funny hats for thecharacters;•All cubes it's funny animation;• Blocks screaming inthe fall;•Beautiful graphics and funny music;• Easy operation;• Oneof thebest of time killer games• There are no age restrictions;•Easy andfun to play;• Blocks games is absolutly free;How to play:Itisnecessary to remove blocks and save other.FollowUs:TWITTER:
Pocket Claw
A cute claw machine in your pocket!Introducing the freeclawmachine, Pocket Claw from Magic Cube!The characters of thepopulargames of Magic Cube are appeared as a toy in the ClawMachines.Meetand Collect them using various claws on various typesof clawmachines!- 2D Physics-based - Cute 2D graphics : Easy andfun toplay for everyone! - Magic Cube's game themed claw machines -10different types of claws - More than 300 cute toys to collect -13special prizes : Collect all the toys for each machine towinspecial diorama bases! - Make your own diorama with toysyou'vecollected - Share your dioramas on Facebook or Twitter! -Many moremachines to come in future updates -Support iCloud Save&Load.*Machines listInfect Them All : ZombiesInfect Them All:VampiresAmidauji KnightThe Lord of the RoadsThe Lord oftheRushFantasy Puzzle SagaRPS SagaTapmonVery BadCompanyGodStrikeFlying DoggyBarcode Kingdom Barcode Knight
Bounce Brick Breaker
Addictive & minimalist game for all ages.Monthly23isindependent one man developer who release game everymonth.Makeaddictive minimalist game for all ages.[Features]- Freeto play-Endless gameplay- score competition with players from allover theworldDownload for free.There is no in-app purchase.You canplaywithout internet connection.[How to play]- Tap to rise yourballsup.- When ball hits the brick, durability is reduced.Whendurability reduce to 0, brick breaks.- Get the green circletoincrease the number of balls.- When ball goes out of screen,itwill be destroyed. When all balls are destroyed, game isover.-Challenge to make yout high score!Visit ourfacebookpage.
Speedy Ninja
Speedy Ninja flips the endless runner on its head! Useyourdexterity and skill to overcome deadly obstacles anddestroymenacing monsters on the run, in the air – even upside downas onlya master Ninja can! Build your experience to unlock awesomenewcharacters, dragon mounts, and powerful weapons as you chasethehigh score on the leaderboard.** Includescrowd-surfing,cake-throwing, EDM artist Steve Aoki as an unlockableNinja!KEYFEATURES* Play Free! The best Ninja action endless runneronmobile! (In-app purchases available)* Dive under the rope todefygravity and avoid treacherous obstacles* Unleashscreen-clearingweapons to destroy waves of enemies* Ride mythicaldragons highinto the sky to build your special abilities* Upgradeyour Ninja,then rank up by topping the daily leaderboards* Completedailychallenges to unlock progressively greater rewards*Unlockcharacter skins to increase your power beyond max levels*Build upa friends list, then summon your allies to extend yourrunKEEP INTOUCHFacebook:
REV Robotic Enhance Vehicles
WARNING: AIR STRIKES IMMINENTThe expansive R.E.V.™ battleplatformhas taken to the skies. Drone vs. Car Combat: YOU pick aside.Eachvehicle comes equipped with advanced robotics andBeaconSense™ GPStracking, allowing for true ground-to-air combat.Take command ofeither vehicle with your mobile device and enter theR.E.V™ Realm,where you’ll be hunted by a legion of ruthlesscomputer-controlledA.I. Drivers. Do you have what it takes tosurvive?New Features•Quick and easy set up: Simply scan eithervehicle with your mobiledevice to connect • Battle Anywhere:R.E.V.™ can be played on anysurface, no track or floor matrequired!• All new campaign mode:new worlds, new enemies, newchallenges• Revamped ArtificialIntelligence makes battles even morechallenging • Powerful Weapons- Strategically pick your weaponsbefore a battle to ensurecomplete victory• Insane Speed - R.E.V.™is fast! Get real timebattle and damage updates as you drive!•Immersive Battles - Eachcar has intense sound effects to create animmersive battleenvironment.App requires R.E.V.™ or R.E.V. AIR™devices™ and R.E.V AIR™ are independentfrom each other and do notoffer complete compatibility. Pleasecheck in app game modes formore infoR.E.V™ App is a virtual gamingplatform that supports bothR.E.V.™ and R.E.V AIR™ by WowWee®.Immerse yourself in the world ofR.E.V.™. Battle your friends or AIopponents.
Onet Picachu
HOW TO PLAY:- How simple it is !!! Find all pair of the sameimagesso that the line adding two images is no more than3lines.FEATURE:- The nice and user-friendly interface- Lovelyimagesand effects- Exciting sounds- Much levels- Supportonlineleaderboard- Support offline leaderboard- Save Game when exit
COJI robot
Learn to code with Coji - the app-enabled robot who teachesyourchild the basics of programming with a smile =). "Perfect forearlyreaders and pre-readers, Coji uses a language that everyoneknows -Emojis! Kids will laugh along with Coji as they play avariety ofeducational games that introduce coding concepts such ascommandsequences and conditionals. Your children will also have funusingthe app to control Coji's actions - including movement,sounds, andselecting smiley faces and other emojis that will appearon Coji'sscreen. Parents will appreciate the emphasis on early STEMskilldevelopment, problem-solving, and memory challenges.""...acuterobot that responds to your commands"" - GeekDad""the cutestcodingtoy in development [...] combines emojis and coding so thatkids 4+can program the robot to both move and do things such asenjoy ahamburger emoji"" -""The robot is alsoresponsive toreal world tilting and shaking making it fun even forthose withouta smartphone in hand."" - Huffington Post"The COJI appincludesmultiple educational game modes:"SEQUENCE SAYSCOJI testsyour childmemory by flashing a series of emojis on his face. Matchthe iconsin the correct order to win, and watch COJIcelebrate.""COMMANDCENTERRecord and play back functions by boppingCOJI on the head...or turn your smart device into a remote controland simply driveCOJI around.""How to play:- Download the app andturn on your Coji-Open the app and choose your Coji robot- Selectthe game you wantto play""App requires Coji"
Call Bridge Card Game
Call bridge offline card game free is a addictive and popularcardgame of tricks, trumps and bidding which is popular inBangladesh.Call bridge seems to be related to the North AmericangameSpades.This game - Call bridge is played using astandardinternational 52-card pack. The cards of each suit rankfrom highto low A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. Spades are permanenttrumps: anycard of the Spade suit beats any card of any othersuit.Deal andplay are counter-clockwise.To succeed in Call bridge,a player mustwin the number of tricks called, or more trick thanthe call. If aplayer succeeds, the number called is added to his orhercumulative score. Otherwise the number called is subtracted.
Kids Computer - Alphabet & Numbers Learning
This adorable learn and play computer teaches children namesandrecognition of various objects.Kids Computer is an educationalgamewith multiple types of entertaining games that helps childrentolearn.Keywords:computer,toy,magic,magiclaptop,laptop,learning,kidslearning,babyphone,freegame,numbers,alphabets,funnyphone,toyphone,babylaptopDifferenttypesof objects like: ⁃Instruments ⁃ Vegetables⁃CommonFurniture⁃ Shapes⁃ Vehicles⁃ Fruits⁃ Flowers⁃ Colors⁃Numbers⁃Animals⁃ Birds⁃ ToyGames Listed as under:-Alphabet Learning: KidsComputer teaches the alphabet with objects that have theletter ofthe alphabet for example A is for Apple, B is for Ball,etc. thisComputer game also teaches your child how to write thealphabetswords letter by letter in a easy way with our intelligentkeyboard.and your kids also recognise object from hilarioussound.-NumbersLearning : This game will learn your kids to identifynumber andnumber learning.-Counting Game : also learn to your childhow tocount, but in a better way, the game will ask questions ofhow manyobjects does your child see, but the game is alwayscounting ingiving your child tips. -Colors Learning :The gamealso havebeautiful colors, funny faces, educational sounds, acutevoice.Features:- Free game for any 2-3 years old kids-Learningwith hilarious sound.- 8 Engaging games- Computer like realtoy-Hint is given to help in learning- Colorful pictures andfunnysounds make your baby smile for a long time!Thank you forselectingour game Kids computer games! We sincerely hope yourchildren willenjoy it! this computer can hold your kidsattention to wordsthis game and they will feel like they areworking on computerslike their DAD!!! …So Enjoy with FANTASTICFUN..
Dream House Days
The house of your dreams is a dream no more!You play botharchitectand landlord in this fanciful new sim, and it's up to youtofurnish your ideal abode with anything from arcade games tosaunasto convenience stores. Certain combinations can power upyourrooms...and their rent. Put an HDTV and game console togethertomake a game room, or a grand piano and painting together to makeafine arts room!Rise up the rankings of real estate fame andyoumight reel in some celebrity tenants, ranging from hit singerstosoccer stars!But there's more than just business at stake.Tenantswill look to you for guidance on everything from romance tocareerchoices. With your help, they just might tie the knot or landthatdream job!Build a dream home where dreams come true! And playwithfriends for special bonuses (currently in beta testing).* Gamedatais stored on your device. Save data cannot be transferredbetweendevices, nor can it be restored after deleting orreinstalling theapp.* Certain features require in-apppurchases.--Try searching for"Kairosoft" to see all of our games,or visit us at Be sure to check out both ourfree-to-play andour paid games!
Archery Black
The most entertaining and lightweight archery fun for all.-Makehighscore and compete with the world via real time livecharts.- Itgot multiplayer mode which enables you to play with CPUwithadvanced artificial intelligence. Beat it if you can!-Directlycompete with friends and random players via real time oneon onematches.- Simple tap to shoot gameplay where just a tap willrushthe arrow from bow to target.Kids and adults, boys and girls,menand women of all ages can play this game. This is a completefunpackage for family, party, office, solo, school, collegewhateveris the place, time, location, you can enjoy this gameanytime,anywhere. Go get it now!
Dog Sounds
Are you a dog lover? Do you like to hear a dog’s sound? Do youmissyour dogs and want to hear their sounds? Now you can hearvarioussounds from various types of dogs in our FREE Dog Soundsapp.Download our app and install it on your phone and you canaccessand listen to various dog sounds anywhere andanytime.Listening tovarious sounds of dogs can be a source of joyfor dog lovers.Hearing a puppy yip will bring back memories whenyour beloved petwas still an adorable little puppy. Maybe you arefar away fromhome and you miss your pooch. Just by listening to adog’s soundcan cheer you up. This Dog Sounds app is also perfectfor people orkids who want to learn more about dogs. You can learnvarioussounds from various breeds and also see various dogs’expression.You kids will enjoy seeing these cute doggies andpuppies bark andhowl with various expressions. Dog Squeaky Toysounds added too.DOGSOUNDS TOP FEATURES:• FREE to download andinstall.• 58 realrecorded sounds of dogs from various breeds.•Sounds are groupedinto these categories: BARKING, ACTION, HOWLING,BREEDS.• See thedog barking or howling while listening to itssound. • See variousdogs’ actions and expressions.• Loop optionavailableFor catlovers, don’t worry, we also have Cats Sound appfor you. Pleasecheck our other apps for more animal sounds app foryourenjoyment.We are an Indie app developer trying to bring thebestanimal apps for you. If you like our app, please support usbyleaving a rating and review.
Prepare for the most amazing ball adventure ever. Tap to changetheballs direction and make your way through an amazingglowingworld.Features:◉ 3 Game Modes: Levels, Score and Impossible◉Unlock35 amazing balls◉ 1000 Levels◉ Beautiful designed graphics◉Simpleone-touch controls
Atom Run
Action-packed retro-futuristic platform game"In 2264,anunprecedented disaster put an end to all living things. Onlytherobots survived - but when exposed to radiation, theybecomeuncontrollable!With one exception..."You control Elgo,asophisticated robot prototype with simple, intuitive commands.Yourmission is to find all the atoms and molecules that arecritical tocreating new life. Jump, push, run and avoid the manydangersyou'll encounter. Act fast, because your time is short!Don't worryabout dying - you have infinite lives. You'll behooked!Features& Highlights✔ Free Game✔ Action-adventure fastpaced platformergame✔ 2D game engine, 3D graphics✔ Precise andintuitive commands✔Original music composed by french electronicartist King Q4✔ AtomRun is available in: English, French, Italian,Chinese, German,Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Russian.The FingerlabTeam
Colors and Shapes for Toddlers
“Colors and Shapes for Toddlers” is a set of educationalanddevelopment games. Basic colors and geometric shapes.***Howtoplay?***The game features 4 main learning modes:- teachgeometricshapes ( rectangle, circle, etc)- teach the colors (allthe colorsof the rainbow)- teach the kids toys (cars, dolls, etc)-a maintest(check the knowledge of the child).Depending on the gameof thechild will be able to see and remember what are those, orotherobjects and forms. Kid may play with the shapes and see howtheyinteract interact with each other. For fixing of knowledge inthegame there is a global test. You will then need to specifytheissues at once on all the subjects in a random order.***Featuresofgame***- Your child become familiar with geometric shapes,learnhow to find objects in the complex.- A little will study thecolorsand try to affect in the subjects.- The child learns thewords,learns what are his toys.- The game will give you a fewminutes ofrest to mom and dad.- The opportunity to get acquaintedwith otherlanguages (If you change the language of the game)- Learnnames ofthe toys and how they sound- Game Improve abstractthinking,develop logic and memory- All the objects, shapes, andcolorsannounced- The original of the test for the fixation ofknowledge-A general review on each of the three themes- Training inthe formof the game- All levels are clear to the child, the game isidealfor self-learning- The game is suitable for children from 2yearsold.
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles
In the official Hatchimals CollEGGtibles app, you can hatchnewfriends from all over Hatchtopia! Once they’ve hatched, careforthem to keep them happy, play mini-games with them, and buildyourcollection! Explore different areas of Hatchtopia withyourHatchimal like flying up to Cloud Cove, or plantingbeautifulflowers in Glittering Garden. You can even keep track ofyour realcollection with the Collector’s Book. Hatch aWholeWorld™!FEATURES- Hatch your favorite Hatchimals CollEGGtiblesfromSeasons 1 and 2!- Over 170 characters to collect!- Playmini-gamesto earn and hatch new Hatchimals! - Care for yourHatchimals byfeeding them, washing them, and petting them!- Keeptrack of all ofyour Hatchimals with the Collector’s List!- Learnabout theirpersonalities!- More to come!SUPPORTED DEVICESThis appsupportsdevices running Android 5.0 and above. Updates mayaffectcompatibility.ADVICE TO PARENTSThis is a FREE to Play Game.NOAdditional in game purchases are required.
Color - AA Crazy
AA Crazy is a game which has 1200 great levelsThe design of gameissimple, everyone can play, included a big ball in the centerandattack other small balls in this body. Each level of AA Crazygamehave many small balls in the queue, player much be touch onscreento shoot there ball into the big ball, so as not to becollide theother balls or impediments.Let's download and enjoy AACrazy
Meccanoid - Build Your Robot!
You are not just building a Meccanoid Personal Robot,you’rebuilding a friend! Meccanoid is a personality in its ownright –with an intelligence shaped by you! Meccanoid tells jokes,playsgames, etc…Meccanoid can be programmed 3 different ways:LIMProgramming, Ragdoll Programming, & Behavior Builder.BehaviorBuilder & Ragdoll Programming can only be activatedthrough theMeccanoid app.DO YOU HAVE A MECCANOID?Once you havebuilt yourMeccanoid, download the app to unlock additionalprogrammingfeatures!NEW!!! BEHAVIOUR BUILDER: The Meccanoid Appcontains a newfeature called “Behavior Builder”. Behavior Builderallows you toprogram your Meccanoid robot to perform actions andwait fortriggers to perform new actions. Have your Meccanoidintroduceitself and ask for a handshake before telling a funnyjoke! Press abutton on the Meccanoid’s chest to have it initiate anactivity.All your previous animations can be inserted into BehaviorBuilderand become part of the program.RAGDOLL: In this mode, youcancontrol Meccanoid’s arm and foot motors to make Meccanoidtwist,turn or move any way you want.LEARNED INTELLIGENT MOVEMENT:Programmovements and sounds by manipulating the robot like a puppetandplay them back with a push of a button.YOU ARE IN CONTROL!Theappallows you to create your own choreographed moves developed byyou!Record sound & motor movement and simply play it back.DOYOUNEED HELP?FAQs: Most of the answers you are looking forincludingdevice compatibility and how to sync your device are inour FAQs: TOVIDEOs: then click on “Howtovideos”INSTRUCTIONS: click “Customer Service” in theMeccanoid appPlease visit thesupport page to make sure yourfirmware is up to date.MECCANOIDAWARDSMeccanoid burst on the scenein 2015 and has already wonseveral awards around the globe!· 2015Last Gadget Standing at CES(Living in Digital Times)· 2015 Best ofCES 2015 – Best Toy (PCMag)· 2015 Top Pick at CES 2015 – Geek BeatTV· 2015 “2015 Toy FairSpace Age” Award (· 2015 “10 BestGadgets and Gizmos atToy Fair” Award (Popular Science)· 2015 “Bestin Class: Education”(Maker Faire Bay Area)· 2015 Grand Prix duJouet 2015 (France)· 2015Innovation Toy of the Year(Sweden)LANGUAGES:English, French,German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian,Russian, Norwegian, Danish,Swedish, Japanese,ChineseCOMPATIBILITY:With Meccanoid G15 andMeccanoid G15KS as wellas Meccanoid 2.0 and Meccanoid XL 2.0TheMeccanoid app is known tobe compatible with a select list ofdevices. See the following linkfor moreinformation:
Math Run
Need a fun way to get more math practice? Boost your mathskillswith this action-packed arithmetic game! Accelerate learningas youtest your speed and wit by running, avoiding obstacles, andsolvingmath problems in this action-packed edutainment app!Questions arealigned to the US Common Core State Standards (CCSS)forKindergarten to Grade 5. Math Run is a fun action-packedreflexgame that trains at various levels in addition,subtraction,multiplication and division. Great for children oradults!Earnrewards when you answer arithmetic questions correctly.Math Runincludes five playable characters, one for each type ofmathquestions posed during the game. Detailed educationalinformationfor parents and educators:‎Helpour cute animals escapewith fast reflexes and the power ofmathematics! Features:- Idealfor children and adults who want toaccelerate their arithmeticskills, perfect for elementary andprimary school math practice-Fast-paced reflex building runninggameplay- Math questionscomplement Kindergarten through Grade 5mathematics curricula- Speedthrough 8 stunning locations from all7 continents- Play as the cuteBaby Panda for basic math skills-Unlock 4 cute characters, eachwith its own math specialty- Gear upwith upgradeable equipment thatwill help you survive longer- Trackprogress with comprehensiveresults of math stats and learn frommissed questions- Play dailyfor a chance to win bonus items-Unlock more missions to receivebonus rewards**Please note that,while this app is free, it containsoptional paid content. You candisable in-app purchases by adjustingyour device's settings. **
Sort and Stack Freemium
Sort and stack! Your kids will get the knack! Animals andshapesattract in this stimulating app. Discover thisaward-winningeducational app featuring a variety of stacking gamesencouragingkids aged 3 and up to organize colors, build shapes andcreatetoys. Sort and Stack is a fun educational app designed forkids tobuild interactive skills, problem solve and think creativelybyencouraging them to identify, sort and stack shapes andpieces.Features: - Beautifully designed 3D toys for creativeinteraction -Easy and advanced play for each game for kids to growwith -Magical celebrations and sounds upon successful movesandcompletion of each game bringing joy and building confidence-Simple and engaging interface allows for uninterrupted play-Optimized for creative play About Croco Studio: Croco Studio isanaward-winning team of parent developers intent on creatingappsthat kids adore and parents trust. At Croco Studio we createappsthat encourage kids to learn the fun way. Please send usyourfeedback at We’d love to hear fromyou.