Top 38 Games Similar to Acrostic LEGO W Woman

LEGO® Jurassic World™
Following the epic storylines of JurassicPark,The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, as wellas theglobal smash hit Jurassic World, LEGO Jurassic World™ is thefirstvideogame where you can relive and experience all fourcolossalfilms. Reimagined in LEGO form and told in TT Games’signatureclassic LEGO humor, this thrilling adventure recreatesunforgettablescenes and action sequences from the films, allowingfans worldwideto play through key moments and giving them theopportunity to fullyexplore the expansive grounds of Isla Nublarand Isla Sorna.FEATURES-Relive key moments from all four Jurassic films: An adventure65million years in the making - now in classic LEGO brickfun!-Wreak havoc as LEGO dinosaurs: Choose from 16 dinosaurs,includingthe friendly Triceratops, deadly Raptor, vicious Compy andeven themighty T. rex.-Customize your own dinosaur collection: Collect LEGO amberandexperiment with DNA to create completely original dinosaurs,likethe Dilophosaurus rex.-Populate and explore Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna: Put youruniquedinosaur creations in to paddocks as you complete specialFree Playmissions.
LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.6.1326
Play with LEGO BATMAN™, LEGO WONDER WOMAN™ or with LEGO SUPERMAN™inthis free and fun LEGO® DC Comics racing game. Chase or bechased!You can play as the Killer Moth™ or BIZZARO™ and escape thecitybefore BATMAN™ or SUPERMAN™ can catch you. Or would you ratherbethe superhero? This game is a fun and free racing LEGO®gamedesigned for boys and girls with the following ages: 5-12 Youcanrace through multiple environments and enjoy the ride withyourfavorite LEGO® DC superhero. Do you want to see your favoriteLEGO®DC Mighty Micros sets in action? * Swoop through the air intheLEGO® DC Mighty Micros Batcopter and swat Killer Moth™ out ofthesky! Throw Batman’s Batarang at the flying bug’s wings and sendthevillain crashing, but watch out for the cocoon gun. * Doomsday™ispowering up his Mighty Micros car and going in for the attackwithhis club. Watch Wonder Woman™ strike back using her mightyswordand shield as she zooms around the villain in her InvisibleJet! *Zoom into battle and catch Bizarro™—if you can! Who knowswhichdirection Superman’s imperfect nemesis will turn next inhisback-to -front Mighty Micros car. Use the blue Kryptonite tosapBizarro’s energy, but watch out for the green Kryptonite! Bumpthegiant fists against each other to see who will win thiscrazybattle. Features * Collect and play as your favourite DCComiccharacter and explore the 3 different worlds! * Great fun forkids5-12! * Become the hero or play as the mischievous villain *Funcinematics to watch and learn about the villains and heroes!*Bluetooth Game Controller Support LEGO DC Mighty Micros is freetoplay and offers no in-app purchases. For app support contactLEGOConsumer Service. For contact details referto Our privacy policy and termsofuse for apps are accepted if you download this app. Read moreon LEGOandthe LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2016 TheLEGOGroup.
Fashion Girls 7
Digital White
Dress Up Game Fashion Super GirlsCatWomanWonder Woman Cheetah Starfire Killer FrostHawkgirlSuperGirlCreate own image for Super GirlsWith Wonder WomanCreate own image for Princess DianaFashion Wonder Woman Games Super Hero HighWonder Woman Dress upIntergalactic Games with Wonder WomanWith Cat WomanCreate own image for Selina KyleFashion Cat Woman Games Super Hero HighCat Woman Dress upSuper Hero Girls with Cat WomanWith Cat WomanCreate own image for Selina KyleFashion Cat Woman Games Super Hero HighCat Woman Dress upSuper Hero Girls with Cat WomanWith CheetahCreate own image for Barbara MinervaFashion Cheetah Games Super Hero HighCheetah Dress upSuper Hero Girls with CheetahWith StarfireCreate own image for Barbara MinervaFashion Starfire Games Super Hero HighStarfire Dress upSuper Hero Girls with StarfireWith Killer FrostCreate own image for Caitlin SnowFashion Killer Frost Games Super Hero HighKiller Frost Dress upSuper Hero Girls with Killer FrostWith HawkgirlCreate own image for Shiera SandersFashion Hawkgirl Games Super Hero HighHawkgirl Dress upSuper Hero Girls with HawkgirlWith Super GirlCreate own image for SuperGirlFashion Super Girl Games Super Hero HighSuper Girl Dress upSuper Hero Girls with Super GirlFashion Super Girls Cat Woman Wonder Woman CheetahStarfireKillerFrost Hawkgirl Super Girl
barbi 👸 princess Driving baker GO ! doll berbi 1.1.0
toys Driving chelsea GO princess barby ! a 2D barbiphysics-basedgame The barbi toys most addictive drive car! bratzdolls princessberbi Control your princess car chelsea barby to mostrealisticcontrol to face the challenges of unique uphill &downhillenvironments Gain bonuses from tricks and collect coins toupgradeyour barbi princess barby Beautiful car princess and reachevenhigher distances barbi toys barbybratz dolls berbi barbybakergijoe princess barbybaking coco cake berbiFeatures ! berbiGO ! GO!GO ! princess barbyApp Description berbi princess barbiberbiprincess barbycupcakes coco bratz dolls barbi - bitfol andbarbitoys car GO baking berbi- Different scenarios. cake princessgames- Lots of cars. GO ! GO cupcakes bratz dolls - berbi vx Great2dphysics. turbotax baking princess games barbi - turbotaxBeautifulbarbi vx toys GO ! GO ! GO ! GO Love Driving- Face thebarbichallenges berbi bratz dolls of pasta vx unique GO ! GO ! GO !-turbotax Numerous scenes with pasta levels to reach ineachcupcakes barbi GO ! GO ! GO ! vx gi joe princess barbyfollowcakepasta barbi toys games chelsea fc toys baker bge berbibarbytoys gijoe barbi barbytoy chelsea fc GO toys games DOLLchelsea fc toy2015 baker DOLL barbi barbytoy 2017! bge princessberbitoy storybge chelsea barbytoy stores DOLL princess toy r usbarbi barbytoystore barbi berbitoy blast princess barby baker berbibarbyRememberberbi that we're always reading your feedback and arehard at workcreating new vehicles levels features and of coursefixing anyissues you may find So we'd really appreciate if you'dreport whatyou like or dislike and any issues you may have with thegame to"[email protected]" barby and please include yourdevice makeand model doll berbidoll houseken berbiaccessoriesprincess mattelbarbi ken berbiclothes princess head barbi set dressberbifashioncollector princess barby
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4
Play as Harry, Ron, Hermione and many moreasyou explore Hogwarts and engage in countless hours ofgameplayspread across 40+ levels based on the Harry Potter booksandmovies. Based on the first four Harry Potter books andmovies,LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 1-4 builds on the foundations ofpreviousLEGO® video games by offering a mix of fun, accessiblegameplay andlight-hearted humor – appealing to all ages. Playerscan explorethe wizarding world and feel as though they are atHogwarts.Features:• The Events of Harry Potter’s First Four Years at Hogwarts –LEGO®style! – including the Triwizard Tournament, the QuidditchWorldCup, the Basilisk battle in the Chamber of Secrets, theencounterwith Aragog and the face-to-face confrontation withVoldemorthimself.• Intuitive Touch-Screen Controls – take complete control overyourcharacter to explore, solve puzzles and duel.• An Authentic Harry Potter Experience, including iconiclocationslike Diagon Alley, the Forbidden Forest, the village ofHogsmeadeand Hogwarts castle – a grand, immersive 3-D environmentand one ofthe largest, most detailed LEGO® game locations everbuilt.• Play as over 100 characters – including Harry Potter, RonWeasley,and Hermione Granger.• Attend Hogwarts – cast spells, mix potions, fly on broomsticksandcomplete hundreds of magical tasks to earn points.• Character Customization – using hundreds of different LEGO®HarryPotter pieces.• Classic LEGO® Humor – enjoy the characteristic comedicLEGO®‘twist’ on events from the fiction.• Endless Replayability – use ‘Freeplay’ to discover areasofgameplay not accessible in Story Mode.• Collectables – pick up a huge variety of items throughoutthegame.
Dino Run Jungle Jurassic
Dino Run Jungle Jurassic is a fast paced running andjumpinggame.Control the Hungry dinosaur and collect as much appleas youcan in this world.Simple game rules but it'ssurprisinglychallenging.Watch out for Trees, Urchinsand otherInsane stuff!Howto play:- Touch screen to jump and avoid obstaclesin your way!- Asan excellent dinosaur, you need to flip left andright to getthrough different barriers, avoid blocks and enemies. -Get readyfor free adventure.Features:- 100 % Free Game.- Variouslevels andchallenges.- Smooth control and thrilling pace.- Verywell-balancedand fun.- Stunning Graphics.- Race past obstacleswhile trying yourbest to collect all of the apple.Tips:- Collect asmany coins asyou can.- Avoid all obstacles you see.- Compatiblewith alldevices. Install this game for Free today!Run, jump anddash overand around obstacles in this crazy new endless runninggame!Enjoythe dinosaur Runner game & do leave a feedback thatwill helpus improve!Download Dino Run Jungle Jurassic Game now! Itis a fungame for everyone. Try it out !!!
LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes
Legends Unite! Batman and Robin joinforceswith other famous DC super heroes including Superman, WonderWoman,Green Lantern and more to stop the notorious villains LexLuthorand The Joker from destroying Gotham City. Batman fanseverywherewill enjoy this original story that’s filled with classicLEGOvideogame action and humor as players fight to put the badguysback behind bars!FEATURES:80 PLAYABLE CHARACTERSJustice League favorites such as Superman, Wonder Woman,GreenLantern, and The Flash can be unlocked as you progress throughthegame or accessed at any time through purchase via ourin-gamestore. Have Aquaman, Green Arrow, Cyborg and Hawkman helpkeepHarley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Penguin, and Catwoman in check!SUITS, GADGETS AND SUPER ABILITIESMaster abilities of suits such as Robin’s Hazard Suit equippedwitha Pressure Cannon, gadgets such as Batman’s Batarang, andsoarthrough the air with Superman as he fights crime withhisFreeze-Breath and Heat Vision!DYNAMIC CONTROL STYLESSwitch between “Classic” and “Touch Screen” controls to findtheplay-style that suits you best.
Wild Dinosaur Maze Run World 2019 4.1
Take control and play with Wild Super DinosaursCarnosaurus,Ankylosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus,Allosaurusand discover alongwith maze runner! This Maze game is tomove theCarnivores Dinos to its destination. Enjoy 30 startlingfree lostworlds along with Jurassic wild. This is most adventurousgame inthe play store. This dinosaur sim starts from the home base.Becareful, because in this dinosaur safari journey with a jumbleofaction and adventure. Experience survival taste and enjoy beingareal Raptor. The survival guide is simple: these are notvillainlizards. Discover the inspirational and alluring locationofextinctive wild nature ;run and gather your targets, and trytopass all levels. In superior extreme survival, arcade andrescuemode simulator, there are 30 levels of intense difficultyGiganticdinosaurs have to survive in enemy territory. They will bequick,deadly and ruthless to you. It's not a zoo park or lushnaturalJungle in the Tropics, even not inhabited by the T-rex ,rather ineach upcoming levels you are provided with new timeconsumingmazes. Interesting and challenging levels with adventurousandhorrific looks and beautiful graphics. EXPLORE the Maze, andunlocknew LEVELS! Game Features : - Multiple free Dinos To Choose.- UseMap to find the way out. - Easy And Smooth Controls. - Explorenewand free Maze. - Two exciting game modes. We welcome yourcomments,rating and feedback.
DC Legends: Battle for Justice 1.22.4
YOU CAN’T SAVE THE WORLD ALONE - Join your favorite JusticeLeagueheroes and villains in epic RPG combat. Recruit JusticeLeagueheroes like Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman andmore inthe ultimate DC experience. Join dynamic PvP battles andformalliances to clash against rival teams as you fight your wayacrossthe galaxy. Empower your heroes with epic super powerattacks,improve their stats and upgrade gear as you gainexperience. Thefuture of your team is in your hand - use strategyand wit todominate your opponent, defeat enemies in battles, andsave thefuture of the galaxy. UNITE your favorite Justice Leagueheroes andjoin the battle today! ASSEMBLE POWERFUL HEROES • Goodand Evil?Superman and Lex Luthor? Batman and The Joker? Bringtogetherunlikely allies to build your roster and clash againstrival teams• Assemble the best team by gathering heroes like HarleyQuinn,Supergirl and The Flash as you fight your way across thegalaxy •Amass power and assert dominance as your roster grows insize andstrength: put together the perfect strategy for everysituationELEVATE YOUR TEAM • Customize your heroes to win in battleagainstyour enemies in a clash for supremacy in the DC ComicsUniverse •Gain experience and new abilities as you dominateopponents iniconic locations like Gotham City, Metropolis,Themyscira and more• Upgrade your heroes to LEGENDARY status givingthem stat upgradesand a whole new visual persona BECOME THEDOMINANT FORCE • Fightagainst other players around the world todemonstrate your superiorstrategy and team-building skills andclimb the ranks • Participatein daily and weekly challenges to earnrewards and expand yourroster • Clash against other opponents inthe PvP arena to rise tothe top of the leaderboard and become amaster of the DC ComicsUniverse! What strategy will you use todefeat your foes and whowill fight this war with you? Prepare for aclash of heroes as youplay to save the future of the galaxy.
Astraware Acrostic 2.25.003
Astraware Acrostic is a quick-style word puzzle game - solvetheclues to reveal the words and find the vertical target wordthatconnects through them all! Perfect if you love Crosswords butlikesomething a bit quicker that you can fit into a shorter breakandstill finish a puzzle! There are 50 built-in free puzzles witharange of difficulties and sizes, so you can play offline atanytime. You get free unlimited access to play four new DailyAcrosticpuzzles each day, and compete on the global leaderboard andseeyour own performance! For an extra challenge there's afreeWeekender puzzle available each week with a larger puzzleandtrickier clues. The unique twist on this game are somenovelfeatures to boost your progress - highlighting in puzzle showsyouwhere vowels and consonants appear, and each time you get oneofthe horizontal words, the target letter is revealed throughoutthepuzzle! Still need a bit of a hint? (Everyone does, from timetotime!) - ask for a hint for a small time cost and ourbookend-hintsgive you the first and last letters of the word whichwe've foundare a huge help! Astraware Acrostic Top Features: - Freeunlimitedaccess to our Daily and Weekender puzzles, each with theirownonline high score table so you can submit your times and seehowyou compare! - 50 fully-free puzzles in a range of sizes togiveyou hours of play - Play any of the puzzles from the past weekandcatch up whenever you like! - Unlimited helpful hints-Play-boosting features so your effort goes further! - Newendlesspuzzle streams - watch ads or take short surveys to earnstamps,then play the puzzles you like! - Clues and answers arewritten foran international English-speaking audience whether youareAmerican, British, Canadian, Australian or maybe learningEnglishas a student. In-App Purchases available: - A variety ofpacks soyou can choose the difficulty range and sizes you prefersuch aseasy, family, vacation, tough or fun! - The free dailypuzzles havea short advert after each game - but you can switchthis off withan optional purchase. Astraware Acrostics arehand-craftedquick-style puzzles with a broad range of clues usinggeneralknowledge that are popular on the puzzle pages of manymajornewspapers. Clues might also include synonyms and anagrams,and theoccasional slightly cryptic puzzle too! If you love thisgame, youwill be pleased to know that we have other apps availablein thisrange: Astraware CodeWords, Kriss Kross, Number Cross,A-to-Z andWord Search, and of course Astraware Crosswords for thededicatedenthusiast!
Acrostics Crossword Puzzles 2.4.7
Acrostics, also known as Crostics, Anacrostics, andDouble-Crostics,are like crossword puzzles with a bonus prize. Theapp includes 50quality puzzles from Puzzle Baron, Acrostics byCyn, Penny Press,Acrostica and Lovatts Puzzles. Your goal is toreveal a hidden quotein a grid by correctly answeringcrossword-style clues. Thiscombination of crossword and cryptogramwill stretch your brain withan entertaining workout. Each letterin the quote is linked to aletter in one of the clue answers. Asyou fill in more and moreanswers, more letters will begin to fillthe quote grid, untileventually the entire quote is revealed. Youcan also do this inreverse. As words of the quote become clear,they will fill in theclue answers! Designed for fast and easyplay, Acrostics lets youconcentrate on solving the clues withoutall the erasing of penciland paper solving. The result is purepuzzle solving fun with no adsor distractions! Advanced playfeatures include automatic gridupdating and indexing, see relatedcells, multi-level undo, removeerrors, and hints. A wide range ofdifficulty levels will challengebeginners and seasoned playersalike. Acrostics includes more than50 additional puzzle packsavailable for purchase, each for aboutthe price of a mocha javacaramel swirl Frappuccino. Pick yourfavorite publisher or trysomething different. These will provideHOURS and HOURS of fun! Ifyou like word games, crosswords orcryptograms, acrostics are a funway to exercise your brain! QualitySoftware by Egghead Games.Contact us at [email protected] Westand by our products and will happilyrefund your purchase ifyou’re not completely happy. This appcontains puzzles licensedfrom:,,,
Mini Golf: Jurassic 4
Bit of Game
Well, we all love Mini Golf, right? I mean who doesn’t haveawesomememories of playing a few holes while away on vacation orvisitingsomewhere fun. What else does my head suddenly associatewith crazygolf? It has to be dinosaurs and the jurassic world, thefirstcourse I ever played at a young age was a dinosaur themed minigolfso that’s just what sticks in my head. The good thing aboutgamesis we can make them even better than the real world, we’renotrestricted by physics or cost. We can make the dinosaurs cometolife, have them walking around the silly putt course and evenhavethem interact with objects and the balls without having to haveacrazy animatronics budget. So welcome to the world of MiniGolf:Jurassic, where we have truly tried to give the real feel ofbeingin the prehistoric world but obviously in a kind of where wecanadd the course and levels too! You will encounter realcreaturesand prehistoric plants while hitting your ball along thecourses,over crazy obstacles, through tubes and tunnels and evenavoidingfalling track parts. We have started with a HUGE 50 levelsand 2games mode, making a total of 100 levels if you plan onplayingboth game modes. Modes: Classic: This mode gives youunlimited timeand an unlimited number of shots. The golf holes dohave a ‘par’but that’s just a guide and the levels can’t be failed.Challenge:This mode if for players who enjoy more of a challenge,rather thanjust getting the fun from playing. You have a set numberof shotsfor each mini golf hole and it’s game over, if you can’tfinish thecourse in that set number of shots. You can play bothmodes or just1, it’s completely up to you. You can even switchbetween gamemodes on the level select screen. We also have a levelbuilder, soif you’re not satisfied with the the holes we have, thenyou canhave a try at making you own. Why not challenge a friendtocomplete the hole you have made in a certain number of shotsandsee who can do it in the least or just let you creativity gowild,if you simply enjoy being creative. We also offer a variety ofgolfball skins which can be unlocked with credits earned fromplayingthe game. The closer you get to golf par or even below it,the morecredits you will be rewarded with! We have truly enjoyedcreating,testing and playing this jurassic golf game and wecertainly hopeyou enjoy it as much as we have. We’re happy toanswer any questionor fix any issues you have. Feel free to contactus or leave areview.
Wallpapers For Wonder Woman 1.0
Wonder Woman Wallpapers is a free Wallpapers Application thathashuge selections of wallpapers for Wonder Woman withhighqualityWallpapers optimized for all android devices andtabletsresolutions.Features • Wallpapers for Wonder Womandifferentcategories• Optimized for all resolutions ontablets/phones up toUltra HD quality• 2 Categories for the timebeing ( will add morelater )• Updated Wallpapers Each Week withoutupdating the app, wecontrol it via server.batman, joker wallpaper,joker wallpaper hd,joker wallpaper download, joker wallpaper hdfrom bat man, brucewayne, superman, clark kent, spiderman, ironman,iron man, captainamerica, thor, wonder woman, aquaman, arrow,flash, cyborg,deadpool, firestorm, captain cold, hulk, quicksilver,professor x,magneto, cyclops, beast, hawkeye, deadshot, vision,damian wayne,nightwing, superheroes wallpapers,superheroeswallpapers hd,wallpapers hd of marvel superheroes, all superheroeswallpaper hd,live wallpaper of superheroes, for free, superherowallpapers,superhero wallpapers hd, superhero wallpapers 4k,superherowallpapers live wallpaper, superhero wallpapers for free,superherowallpapers backgrounds, superhero games, superhero livewallpaper,superhero fighting games, superhero simulator, superherogames,superhero fighting, superhero fight games, marvelsuperherowallpapers, dc superhero wallpapers, detective comics,comicswallpapers, ironman wallpapers, superman wallpapers,batmanwallpapers, arrow wallpapers, aquaman wallpapers, flashwallpapers,deadpool wallpapers, shazam wallpapers, captain americawallpapers,thor wallpapers, spiderman wallpapers, quicksilverwallpapers,deadshot wallpapers, vision wallpapers, antmanwallpapers, Why usethis app ?The app is gonna bring you new andexciting wallpapersagain and again, and instead of you going on theinternet roamingaround finding wallpapers, it's this app who takesthe trouble anddoes the hard work, for you :)Copyrights AllWallpapers WereCollected from Various Resources And available onlyfor PersonalUsage With the Application , All wallpapers havecopyright of itsoriginal copyright holder , If you Believe thatthere is Acopyright infringement Please contact us viaemail:[email protected] .
Art Wonder Wallpapers Women
Premium wallpapers and backgrounds is a collection of the bestrealwonder woman movie Wallpaper , wonder woman cast HD wallpapersyoursmartphone or tablet. All heros Wonder women wallpapers havebeenpersonally selected so you have you favorite movie Wonderwomenlogo character in your smartphone.Wallpapers wonder womanartWallpaper . wallpaper is supported on most humanoiddevices,together with Samsung Galaxy J8, Samsung S8 Edge, HuaweiMateeight, Huawei Honor and lots of additional. Install thecharawallpaper for a HD home screen and to form your phone lookcool!wonder woman actor wallpapers Features:Amazing wonder womancomicwallpaper has dreamy fantastic wallpapers and dynamic coolliveeffects. we have a tendency to want you'll fancy this Wonderwomen2018 free Live Wallpaper on your phone.All the gestureeffectsmight offer you Associate in Nursing dynamic cool screenthat yousimply papyrus can fancy. Customize itinerant with dreamyfantastichigh 3D technology. Get this basement the game LiveWallpaper charafrisk pixel or Theme unengaged to beautify yourphone. wonder womanwallpaper live wallpaper to individualisehumanoid screen withdynamic cool feelings. If you're keen onelegant colourful, pleaseget this basement the game Live Wallpapercurrently.On the wildwonder woman 2017 Wallpaper background, yourSamsung or Huaweiphone are going to be shining and good.charadreemurr and wildrunning wonderwoman and hero effects to form yourphone special.Youcan realize additional HD hero wonder woman coolwallpapers as youwant.What you'll be able to fancy of wonder womanwallpaper:Various classes of Live wallpaper might be found to meetyourbeautify desires. More hero wonder women wallpaper for girlscoolLive wallpaper ar prepared for you.Supports completelydifferentmobile phones of every kind and types to satisfy your wantfor wildrunning live wallpaper.Daily updates with new livewallpapers foradditional news.***notice : I developed this app as aresult of iactually like chara undertale . ***** All characters, ,picturesand computer game content ar copyright of their severalhouseowners and usage for this chara undertale Defrag falls amongIf youhave got any concern and/or feel there's direct copyrightortrademark violation that doesn't follow among*** .
LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush 1.3.2
We wanted to make a LEGO run game that would be fast-to-the-funandhave heaps of things to collect and do. Right now we haveAndrea,Mia, Olivia, Emma, Stephanie and a bunch of their LEGOfriends inthe game for you to drive around with. There’s heaps ofmissions togo on, collecting things as you drive, fligh, jump, duckand dodgeyour way around other vehicles and obstacles on thestreet. Zobo isin there too, and when you collect him, you’ll turninto adifferent sort of vehicle. Even though it is a LEGO Friendsgame,it is not meant to be a game for girls only. If you or yourfamilylove run games, racing, collecting cool items, we hopefalling inlove with LEGO Friends game will come easy. - DRIVEthrough LEGOHeartlake City as your favorite Friends character! -COLLECT coins,ice cream, fruit, flowers, gifts, confetti bombs, anda specialcollectible item for each of the five Friends! - PURCHASEspecialcharacters or an amazing Stud Doubler! - CUSTOMIZE your carswithdecals, colored tires, and aerial toppers! - COMPLETE MISSIONStolevel up and earn more coins! - DODGE enemies coming right atyou!- DECORATE your cars with unlockable decals! - BOOST ANDTRANSFORMyour car into a jet by picking up Zobo the robot! - UNLOCKall 10playable LEGO Friends characters and cars by earning coinrewards!- MIX AND MATCH your characters, cars, and decals for atrue LEGOgame building experience! - SAFETY FIRST: Play in a safe,closedenvironment, with NO third-party advertising, links toexternalwebsites or hidden data collection. LEGO marketing contentandinformation is served, for instance LEGO news about LEGO setsandother LEGO games, in hope of inspiring creative play. Pleasenotethat you can download this game for free and it is free to playtheapp but additional content is available via in-app purchase.In-apppurchases cost real money and are charged to your account.Todisable the ability to make in-app purchases, change thedevicesettings. For app support, contact LEGO Consumer Service.Forcontact details, refer to Weloveto take your comments from reviews to our internal designmeetings,and talk about how to make our play experiences better.Please takethe time to tell us what you think! Child Safety andPrivacy isimportant to the LEGO Group. Please read more about themon policy and terms of use for apps are accepted ifyoudownload this app. LEGO, the LEGO logo and the FRIENDS logoaretrademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO Group. ©2018 TheLEGOGroup. All rights reserved.
LEGO® Scooby-Doo Haunted Isle
Scooby-Doo and The Gang have discovered a hidden treasure map andamysterious LEGO key that can be built to unlock any door! PlayasDaphne, Velma, Shaggy, or Fred, and help Scooby-Doo findthemissing pieces of the LEGO key, recover the lost treasures,unmaskthe villains, and solve the many mysteries of HauntedIsle.Who isyour favourite character?Shaggy might be the hungriest,goofiest,most-fearful member of the group, but the bond he shareswithScooby-Doo sees him through thick and thin. He might run atthefirst sign of danger, but when it comes to helping hisfriends,he’s always ready to step in! Fred is the glue that keepsMysteryInc. together, and his mind is always two or three stepsahead ofthe monster they’re after. He sees mysteries as a chessmatch, andnothing makes him happier than planning genius andelaborate trapsto catch ghosts, vampires, bogeymen and more!Brave,beautiful andbrainy, Daphne is the most enthusiastic member ofMystery Inc. Shenever leaves home without her camera and hernotebook becausesomeday she wants to be either a famous mysterywriter or aninvestigative journalist. Velma is the resident smartkid ofMystery Inc. Her hyper-analytical mind deciphers clues almostasfast as she can say “Jinkies!” Although the group tries tosticktogether, Velma often ends up wandering off by herself,searchingfor the next clue. A Great Dane with an even greaterappetite,Scooby-Doo reluctantly chases ghosts and ghouls with therest ofMystery Inc. Although Scooby-Doo is always up for anadventure, heprefers activities that end with an all-you-can-eatbuffet. Whenhis friends need him, Scooby-Doo will run to therescue! His bestfriend in the whole world is Shaggy, and you canusually find thetwo of them running away from a monster or snackingondouble-decker sandwiches in the back of the Mystery Machine.Forappsupport contact LEGO Consumer Service. For contact details referto Our privacy policy and termsofuse for apps are accepted if you download this app. Read moreon,the LEGO logo, and the Minifigure, are trademarks and/orcopyrightsof the LEGO Group.©2015 The LEGO Group. Allrightsreserved.SCOOBY-DOO and all related characters and elements ©&™ Hanna-Barbera.(s15)
LEGO® City 43.211.803
LEGO ARCTIC EXPLORERS HAS ARRIVED! Explore the mysteries undertheice with the new LEGO Arctic Explorers. Pick up ice blocks andopenthem to reveal what's inside! BE A CREATIVE LEGO® CITY HERO!LEGO®City is a creative mission-based game for brave6-8-year-oldeveryday heroes. Build cool vehicles to put out fires,constructbuildings, save minifigures in distress at sea, chasecrooks acrossthe City, explore the mysteries of the mountains orthe dangerousvolcanic excavation site! DEVELOP SKILLS THROUGH PLAYYoung LEGOCity heroes can experiment with the basics of physics andpracticetheir fine motor skills while dodging obstacles, reachinggoals,and saving the day in a thrilling race against the clock!FEATURES• BUILD ICONIC VEHICLES: Players can build their ownversions ofLEGO City vehicles including fire trucks, police cars,constructionvehicles, helicopters, coastguard boats, ATVs, and manymore. •BUILD A WHOLE CITY: Watch the City grow by spending LEGOBricksafter every completed heroic mission. • ENGAGINGENVIRONMENTS:Every area in LEGO City needs a hero: The city centre,themountains, the volcano, even the sky and the sea! • RACEAGAINSTTIME: A real hero can keep cool under pressure – eachmission mustbe completed before the clock runs out! • ENDLESSBUILDINGCOMBINATIONS: Combine vehicle parts to create yourownsuper-vehicles! • AGE-APPROPRIATE: Intuitive navigation and lotsofLEGO City humour! • SAFETY FIRST: Your child will play in asafe,closed environment, with NO third-party advertising, linkstoexternal websites, in-app purchases or hidden data collection.LEGOmarketing content and information is served, for instance LEGOnewsabout LEGO sets and other LEGO games, in hope ofinspiringchildren’s creative play. For app support contact LEGOConsumerService. For contact details referto Our privacy policy and termsofuse for apps are accepted if you download this app. Read moreon LEGOandthe LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2018 TheLEGOGroup. WHY PLAY WITH LEGO CITY? Nothing beats real-lifeheroes!LEGO City honours the creative problem-solvers whoseeopportunities in life when others see obstacles, who darebreakthings down to rebuild them into something even better, whocankeep their cool in the face of danger, and who take the time toeata hot dog and drink hot chocolate once in a while, too.Becausethat’s when all the best ideas happen!
LEGO® Creator Islands - Build, Play & Explore 3.0.0
Create your own world on LEGO® Creator Islands – a fun,freebuilding simulator game for boys and girls! Explore, build andplayon different, exotic islands with LEGO Creator sets thatyouassemble and use on the islands.Build your favorite LEGOCreatorhouses and cool vehicles like off-road trucks, planes andboats,collecting bricks with each build to unlock more funny andclever3-in-1 models, travel to new islands and meet theminifigures,monkeys, rabbits, cats and other adorable creatureslivingthere.Visit the different islands again and again to rebuildthemin new and fun ways and have a lot of excitingadventures.FeatureList-         BUILD,PLAY and EXPLORE with your favorite 3-in-1 LEGOCreatorsets.-         DISCOVERislands crammed with funbuildingactivities.-         EARNbricks to UNLOCK new islands, adventuresandmodels.-         COMPLETEspecialmicro-buildmissions.-         REBUILDeach 3-in-1 model into funnewdesigns.-         EXPERIENCEthe thrill of realbrickbuilding.-         EXPANDyour islands and save up to three games per device.For appsupportcontact LEGO Consumer Service.For contact details referto Our privacy policy and termsofuse for apps are accepted if you download this app. Read moreon the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2017 TheLEGOGroup..
LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise 6.8.6085
In LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise, boys and girls can usetheirimagination to create their very own LEGO minifigures andfunvehicles like cars, helicopters and trucks. Collecting coinswillunlock LEGO sets in the game that can be built with a feweasytouches – and which will become part of the game’s colorful3Dscenery for your child’s next drive-through. Create &Cruiseprovides plenty of inspiration for real-life LEGO buildsandimaginative play scenarios that you and your kid can reenact outathome – like how to mix and match your LEGO bricks tobuildsomething new, or how to interact with your creations. Play asfuncharacters like a ninja, princess, police officer and manymore!Features: *No in-app purchases *NEW levels with engagingscenery*NEW models – which means fun new build and playexperiences. Nowyour child can play with helicopters and bigtrucks! *Minifigureselector and lots of creative vehicles to mixand match – the moreyou play, the more you unlock! *Bright, fun andfriendly animationsand soundtrack *Intuitive icons and navigationfor easy gameplay –no reading or writing skills required *Virtualbuilding with LEGO®bricks *No third-party advertising *No links towebsites AboutLEGO® Juniors: LEGO® Juniors is designed to givechildren age 4-7 agreat first experience with the LEGO brickthrough iconic, fun andEasy to Build models. LEGO Juniors setscontain quick startelements and numbered pre-packed bags that canbe built withouthelp from Mum or Dad – which makes any smallbuilder extra proud.LEARNING MADE FUN LEGO® Juniors Create &Cruise is a freelearning game for boys and girls. You choose yourrole, edit yourcharacter and drive through a fun and friendlyenvironment. Thisgame is a fun educational game that will allowyour kid to develophis mind and motoric skills in one of the besteducation apps forkids. BRAIN GAME FOR KIDS This brain game forkids will developyour girl or boy and it is even fun to play byadults. It includesa “pretend play” feature that allows yourcreative kid to edit hisLEGO character and customize it in anoriginal way while cruisingthrough the environment. BUILD AND DRIVELEGO® Juniors Create &Cruise is one of the trending apps andgames in Google Play. Havingmore than 50+ million downloadsconfirms that this is one of thebest games for kids in 2017 and canbe considered one of the bestgames for girls and boys. LEARNINGTHROUGH PLAY Help your kiddevelop skills and understanding byplaying the best game designedfor kids by LEGO in 2016 and 2017.Creativity and play are the mainvalues behind this game and it is agreat experience for kids tolearn and understand play on digitaldevices. GAME WITH NO IN-APPADVERTISING & GAME WITH NO IN-APPPURCHASES You can be surethat your kid will be able to play in asafe environment. This gamedoes not include any in-game advertisingand parents can considerthe app a safe digital environment fortheir kids. Furthermore,kids cannot purchase anything inside theapp. FAMILY GAME FORPRESCHOOLERS This is primarily an educationalgame for preschoolersbecause it helps them to play and developtheir brain and skills ina 100% safe environment. For app supportcontact LEGO ConsumerService. For contact details referto Our privacy policy and termsofuse for apps are accepted if you download this app. Read moreon the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2017 TheLEGOGroup.
LEGO® Speedorz™ 1.3
Customize your animal minifigure, hop on a Speedor, and racethroughthe Kingdom of CHIMA!• Battle through the Falling Jungle, the Rhino Canyon andtheSwamps against the best Speedor riders in CHIMA• Win races to face new challenges and unlock moredifficultroutes• Face off against Laval and Cragger as well as other famousCHIMAcharacters• Unleash the power of CHI to boost your Speedor• Reach furious speeds and avoid obstacles to post thefastesttimes• Unlock new items to customize your character and collect studstobuy new Speedorz• Compete against opponents in the Tribe Cup• Boost your Speedor using CHI to become temporarily invincibleandsmash through objects without slowing down• Look out for helpful hints and tips on loading screens• Explore the world of CHIMA with links to new Videos and Newsfromthe website• Introducing Vault Rewards! Complete achievements to unlockCHIMAVault Codes. Use the codes on the CHIMA Vault website toreceiveyour rewards.
Combine this app with the LEGO® BOOST Creative Toolbox (17101)setto bring your LEGO creations to life and learn to code intheprocess! It’s never been easier. Take Vernie the Robot and theteamof awesome, codable models on an adventure: PLAY throughtheactivities in the app, UNLOCK levels and advanced coding blockstoimprove your skills and BOOST your own models and creations.Watchvideos to see cool pranks and challenges your robot friendshavebeen up to – they might be brick-built, but they have big,funnypersonalities (just try pulling Vernie’s finger) LEGO® BOOSTAppFeature List - Enjoy more than 60 fun ACTIVITIES:Step-by-stepchallenges suitable for starting levels that help youprogress andincrease your coding skills. - Endless playpossibilities with theCreative Canvas – once finished with the 5dedicated models, youcan build and personalize unlimited creations,and code them to doawesome things. Check out LEGO® Life forinspiration from ourcommunity. - Access digital LEGO® BuildingInstructions for all 5LEGO BOOST models included with the 17101LEGO BOOST CreativeToolbox Is your device compatible? Please to check if your device is compatible.Askyour parents’ permission before going online. LEGO® BOOSTset(17101) Feature List - Includes a LEGO® Motorized Hub,additionalMotor and a Color & Distance Sensor that can be builtandrebuilt into 5 multifunctional models. - Code Vernie todance,shoot the target, beatbox, use his hockey stick or even playagame. - Build the M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4) and try outthedifferent tool and customization attachments to train yourroverfor missions & battling other rovers. - Learn how to playasong and rock out with the Guitar4000. - Look after your ownpetwith Frankie the Cat. Be sure to feed it the right food—or itmightget upset! - Construct, code and operate the AutoBuilder toproducereal miniature LEGO® models. - Complete the 60+ activitiesin theapp to gradually progress, gather more coding blocks andincreaseyour basic coding skills. Rebuild your model to discovernew gamesand coding blocks – each model comes with dedicatedabilities andmissions. - Combine 17101 LEGO® BOOST with the LEGOCity 60194Arctic Scout Truck to control and drive the vehicle! Usethe app tooperate the forklift, examine samples with the colorsensor, helpthe whale back into the water and much more. - Combine17101 LEGO®BOOST with LEGO NINJAGO® 70652 Stormbringer and set theLightningDragon free! Use the app to control the fearsome beast,fire theshooters, create a color-sensing ejector seat and muchmore! TheLEGO® BOOST Creative Toolbox set (17101) is soldseparately. Forapp support contact LEGO ConsumerService: Our privacy policy andterms ofuse for apps are accepted if you download this app. Readmore on’sno third-party advertising. LEGO marketing content andinformationis served, for instance LEGO news about LEGO sets andother LEGOgames, in hope of inspiring children’s creative play.LEGO and theLEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2018 TheLEGO Group.This product is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled andwill requireaccess to Geolocation on your device. This will enablethe deviceto communicate with the model, however no personal dataabout theuser is being collected or saved by the LEGO Group.
Jurassic Pet Run Subway Rush Runner 8.5
Rush forward! Escape from the dinosaur, don't let it catch you,itwill be chasing you all way along. Surf the roads and subwaytracksin this Jurassic themed guard of the treasure coins which woucancollect as you run. Surf as fast as you can, avoid theoncomingbuses and trainsPlay Jurassic Racing, run as fast as youcan.Intuitive controls to run left or right, jump in the sky tocollectmore coins, and many other valuable items!Jurassic Racing isanendless running game, full of adventures but be careful,manychallanges and obstacles await you on your way. Challengethehighest score and compete with all players.Downloadnow!ebce0aeb0d
LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Fix Factory 1.4.2
FIX THE FACTORY IS THE COOL NEW PUZZLE GAME FROM LEGO®MINDSTORMS®FEATURING THE HUMANOID ROBOT, EV3RSTORM, AND A ROBOTFACTORY WITHBATTERY PACKS DROPPED IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES… MeetEV3RSTORM, thenew LEGO MINDSTORMS robot who can walk, rotate, grab,shoot and putthe misplaced battery packs at the NOGO factory backin their rightplace - if you tell him the right moves to do it!Butwatch out,it’s not as easy as it seems. And you never know whichchallengesthe floors inside the factory are going to present toyou! Fix TheFactory is an addictive puzzle game full of unexpectedobstaclesthat are guaranteed to challenge your logic thinking, yourspatialintelligence and your robot commanding skills. The game ispackedwith fun sound effects, challenging puzzles, cool robotfunctions,great level designs and a funky robotic soundtrack. Seeif you cancomplete all levels and earn the maximum score based on:-Leastnumber of attempts- Least number of moves- Least amount oferrors-Shortest time RECOMMENDED AGE: 8-99 yearsFor app supportcontactLEGO Consumer Service. For contact details referto privacy policy and termsofuse for apps are accepted if you download this app. Read moreon,theLEGO logo and MINDSTORMS are trademarks of the LEGO Group.©2013The LEGO Group.
LEGO® DUPLO® Train 2.3.0
All aboard! Driving the colorful LEGO® DUPLO® Train from stationtostation is any toddler’s dream. Your child will play the roleofthe train driver, load cargo, build bridges, stop atcrossings,help passengers, refuel, and lay new tracks to steer thetrainsafely around obstacles.Copying grown-ups and their activitiesisimportant to your 2-year-old toddler’s development - and fewthingsare as ‘grown-up’ as driving a huge steam train through thesceniccountryside, full speed ahead, horns tooting.If your toddlerisfascinated by trains, this simple game will provide newinspirationfor hours of creative play - with or without a LEGODUPLO trainset.Features:*Bright, fun, and toddler-friendlyanimations andsound effects*Intuitive icons and navigation for easygameplay*Cute, interactive DUPLO landscape with lots of buildingfunand surprises*Based on the DUPLO My First Train set andfamiliaranimals and characters*No in-app purchases*No thirdpartyadvertising*Parental gate to information about other LEGODUPLOapps and productsAbout LEGO® DUPLO®A preschool buildingtoyspecifically designed for children ages 1 ½ - 5 – small handsandbig imaginations! Preschoolers can learn about shapes andcolorshands-on. When the chewing-the-bricks phase fades out, thebuildingexperience phase takes over, helping to stimulate andimprove finemotor skills development. (And yes,bricks-poured-onto-hard-surfacenoises stimulate other senses,too.)BEST GAME FOR TODDLERS Thiseducational app for toddlers helpsthem develop their skills in aplayful manner. We believe it is oneof the best educational gamefor toddlers produced by LEGO whichfocuses on their development.This is also a great educational gamefor older kids because theycan play with the LEGO® DUPLO Train.EDUCATIONAL GAME FOR 2 YEAROLD KIDSThis is the best first app foryour kid. It was developedin order to teach digital skills, developcreativity through playand build motoric skills for your child.This is an educational appfor 2 year old kids which will contributeto their development.BEST FIRST GAME FOR KIDSIs your kid juststarting to play ondigital devices? Are you looking for an appwhich will help himdevelop his mind and understanding of thesurroundings? LEGO®DUPLO® Train is the best app for kids 2-4 yearsold. CREATIVE GAMESFOR TODDLERSThis is a great creative app fortoddlers which willhelp them develop their creativity. LEGO® DUPLOTrain is one of thebest role-play apps for toddlers in 2017 andallows your toddler tobe the train conductor and drive the trainthrough a kids safeenvironment. DRIVE, BUILD AND HAVE FUNBeing ableto have so manyrole-play possibilities, your toddler will be ableto play the appin endless ways which will allow him to put hisimagination intoaction. FREE TODDLER GAMESAll the LEGO® DUPLO® appsare free toplay and offer no in app purchases. This is one of thebest freeeducational game for kids under 4 and it is an app yourkid willenjoy. Visit the parents section in all the LEGO® DUPLO®apps formore information about the LEGO® DUPLO more build & play inspiration. tofind out more about other DUPLO apps.For appsupport contact LEGOConsumer Service.For contact details referto privacy policy and termsofuse for apps are accepted if you download this app. Read moreon,theLEGO logo and DUPLO are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2016TheLEGO Group.
FUN, ACTION-PACKED NINJA RPG GAMETHE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE™ app isafun, creative role-playing game for9-12-year-youngninja-in-training (and other adventurous heroes).Players areassigned important missions by Master Wu, and mustrescue and teamup with the rest of the brave WU-CRU – ninjas Jay,Zane, Nya, Coleand Kai – to uncover ancient secrets and hiddentreasures, andbattle against a lurking evil that threatens todestroy thepeaceful NINJAGO Island.FEATURES - IMMERSIVE ROLE-PLAY:Create apersonal LEGO NINJAGO avatar, learn how to master themostimportant ninja skills, and personalize your ninja Cru beforeeachbattle.- FAMILIAR CHARACTERS: Rescue and fight alongsideyourfavorite LEGO NINJAGO characters. - EXPLORE NINJAGO ISLAND:Collectblueprints, crystals, and hidden treasures to unlockNINJAGOvehicles.- ENDLESS GAME PLAY COMBINATIONS: 60+ levels tounlock. -AGE-APPROPRIATE: Engaging storylines, intuitive navigation(somereading skills required) and lots of humor!- SAFETY FIRST:Yourchild will play in a safe, closed environment, with NOthird-partyadvertising, links to external websites, in-apppurchases or hiddendata collection. LEGO marketing content andinformation is served,for instance LEGO news about LEGO sets andother LEGO games, inhope of inspiring children’s creative play.Whyplay with LEGONINJAGO?LEGO NINJAGO is an immersive story about goodand evil,centered around a group of five young ninja with eachtheirelemental powers, and their training in the capable hands ofoldMaster Wu. Friendships are forged, and evil enemies defeatedintheir battles to bring peace to NINJAGO Island – always withabalanced mix of danger, creativity, excitement and comicrelief.And even enemies can sometimes become friends, just asfriends cansometimes make mistakes. The role-playing opportunitiesare endless– almost anything goes in this fascinating, creativeuniverse.Comeplay with us on app supportcontact LEGOConsumer Service. For contact details referto privacy policy and termsofuse for apps are accepted if you download this app. Read moreon,theLEGO logo, NINJAGO and the Minifigure are trademarks of theLEGOGroup. ©2017 The LEGO Group.LEGO System A/S Website --- THELEGO®NINJAGO® MOVIE™ app Support
LEGO® Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin
There is a new threat in Ninjago, and hegoesby the name of Ronin. With help from his army of darksamurai,Ronin steals the Ninjas’ memories using an ancient weaponcalledthe Obsidian Glaive.In LEGO® Ninjago™: Shadow of Ronin™, it is up to players to helptheNinjas regain their memories and reclaim their powers beforeRonincompletes his plan and releases an even greater evil onNinjago.Players will battle through iconic locales from the TVseries,including the Ice Temple, the Toxic Bogs, and a mysteriousnewisland, as well as visit the mountain village of Spinjago,where theNinjas are currently training with Grand Sensei Darethand SenseiWu.GAME FEATURES:-Explore Ninjago: Battle through iconic locales from theLEGONinjago: Masters of Spinjitsu TV series, including the IceTemple,the Toxic Bogs and Chen’s Island.-The Obsidian Weapons: Uncover the secret behind these ancientyetpowerful tools.-Classic Villains: Defend Ninjago from well-known enemies,includingthe Serpentine, Nindroids and more.-Cool Vehicles: Drive, fly, stomp and slide your way throughlevelswith an exciting array of bikes, jets, mechs andevendragons!-Spinjitzu Power: Unleash an elemental tornado to smash yourwaythrough enemies and solve puzzles.-Improved Controls: Switch between “Virtual D-pad” and“Casual”controls with improved touch screen controls for an evenbetterbrick bashing fun!
LEGO® Life: Safe Social Media for Kids 2.2.1
Join the fastest growing community of LEGO fans. Conquercoolchallenges, get digital building instructions, watch funvideos,see creations from other LEGO fans, and even share yourowncreations. It’s all in a day of LEGO Life! A safe communitybuiltspecially for boys and girls, LEGO® Life is 100% free todownloadand 100% fun to use. Be inspired! - LEGO Life is full offun,inspiring, awesome and cool stuff. And it’s all yours. - Checkoutimages of what others are building – then try them out withyourown LEGO bricks! - Share images of your genius creations. - Getthelatest LEGO news about LEGO MINECRAFT™, LEGO City, LEGO Friendsandmore. Your LEGO Collection in one place! - Scan the QR code onaLEGO instruction booklet or search for your product on the apptoadd your product to your digital LEGO collection. - Build LEGOsetsusing Instructions PLUS*, digital building instructions thatletyou rotate, zoom and see your model in special ghost modegivingyou an intuitive LEGO building experience. Watch LEGO videos!-Chill out with mini movies and webisodes from LEGO Elves,LEGOFriends, LEGO City, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and LEGO DCComics™Super Heroes. - Go behind the scenes with videos featuringLEGOsets and LEGO characters like Kai from LEGO NINJAGO. Chatsafelywith the LEGO® Life Emoticon Keyboard! - Use the LEGOKeyboard tospeak a whole new fun visual language - Communicatesafely andpositively with LEGO fans round the world! Upgrade forfree! - Geta LEGO Account and sign in to become a SUPER USER onLEGO Life. Youwill be: - Share your amazing LEGO builds - Commenton all the coolstuff you see - Save your Avatar - Save the groupsyou joined -Save your Friends list Important information - The LEGOLife app isfree to download. - It’s suitable from 5 years and up,but kids andtweens aged between 8-12 are likely to enjoy it themost. - There’sno third-party advertising. LEGO marketing contentand informationis served, for instance LEGO news about LEGO setsand other LEGOgames, in hope of inspiring children’s creative play.- This appcontains the option to enable / disable PushNotifications. PushNotifications are used to alert our users when1) their creationshave been approved by our moderators and 2) whenthey have receivedlikes and comments on their creations. The LEGOGroup is dedicatedto making LEGO Life safe: - To fully enjoy theapp, kids need aparent or guardian’s permission to create a LEGOAccount. - Kidsuse a LEGO created Nick name when commenting orliking content. -All user comments are moderated. - Direct chattingis not allowed -Images revealing personally identifiableinformation are rejected.As part of the LEGO Account sign-up, wewill collect the followinginformation: - The country in which youlive - Your email address -Date of birth We’ll utilize yourpersonal information to manageyour account and review anonymiseddata to provide a safe,contextualized and excellent LEGO Lifeexperience. You can learnmore here upload a picture or a comment to LEGO Life, it becomespart ofour app. That means it becomes the property of the LEGOGroup. Italso means that we own the rights to your picture, theway you havepresented your model, your suggestions, comments orquestions (your“Material”). The LEGO Group has the right to useyour Material forany purpose whatsoever, without compensation. Ourprivacy policy andterms of use for apps are accepted if youdownload this app. LEGO,the LEGO logo, the Brick and Knobconfigurations and the Minifigureare trademarks of the LEGO Group.©2018 The LEGO Group.*Instructions PLUS is available for selectedproducts only.
LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Commander 1.0.5
Robot Commander is the official command app from LEGO®MINDSTORMS®.FREE to download on most smart devices; Robot Commanderconnectsvia Bluetooth to the EV3 Intelligent Brick. This easy touse appallows you to interact with your very own EV3 robots withoutevenconnecting to a computer! That means you can play instantlywithyour own robots!EV3RSTORM – with integrated voice controlsoftwareto command EV3RSTORM’s every move.R3PTAR – at the shake orflick ofyour wrist, R3PTAR slithers and strikes with cobra-likemovementsTRACK3R – at your thumb tips, you control TRACK3R’smechanicaltracks to steer your way out of danger, and hammer, shootor clearyour path using the interchangeable tools.SPIK3R – pinchcontrolSPIK3R’s clasping claws, whilst the joystick controlsforward andside movement, plus a shoot button commands thelightningtail.GRIPP3R – with the thumb-controlled joystick, steerGRIPP3R toyour target and at a touch of a button, lift and carrythe item toits destination. Once you’ve enjoyed playing with the 5EV3 robots,how about creating your own commands using theintegrated “Create& Command your own Robots” widget within theapp. About LEGOMINDSTORMS EV3Create and command robots that do whatyou want.Unleash the creative powers of the new LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3set tocreate and command robots that walk, talk, think and doanythingyou can imagine. Begin by following the easy, step-by-step3Dbuilding instructions to build one of the 5 cool robotcharactersand command them with your smart device or the includedremotecontrol. If you can think it, LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 lets youcreateit.LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 box is sold separately. Also availabletodownload on smart devices:LEGO MINDSTORMS 3D Builder - theofficial3D building experience from LEGO MINDSTORMSLEGO MINDSTORMSFix theFactory - the fun & challenging robot puzzle game app support contact LEGOConsumerService. For contact details referto privacy policy is acceptedifyou download this app. Read moreon LEGOandthe LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2013 TheLEGOGroup.
Recommended for kids aged 5-11. BATTLE THE STONE ARMY TheevilMonstrox and his Stone Army is attacking Knighton in search fortheForbidden Powers that will awaken an unspeakable force ofdarkness.Our NEXO KNIGHTS heroes must build and use their arsenalof NEXOPowers to rule the battlefield and save Knighton. BUILDTHEULTIMATE COMBO POWER There is only one way to stand achanceagainst the enemy’s Forbidden Powers – NEXO COMBO POWERS!Bycombing three single NEXO Powers you accomplish a unmatchedCOMBOPOWER – a key to victory. Strategize and find the right powerstohelp build the strongest combo you can think of. Scan it intothegame and see if you can beat the Forbidden Powers. CONTROL THENEWBATTLE SUITS The tech-knights have new gear; collect blueprintsforthe Battle Suits so you can control them yourself inall-newmissions. HOW TO COLLECT NEXO POWERS Use NEXO Scan tocollectawesome battle skills in the real world. The more NEXOPowers youcollect, the more powerful you become. Collect, battleand saveKnighton! LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™: MERLOK 2.0 is free to playandoffers no in-app purchases. Compatiblewith: For app support contact LEGOConsumerService. For contact details referto Our privacy policy and termsofuse for apps are accepted if you download this app. Read moreon LEGOandthe LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2017 TheLEGOGroup.
Jurassic Planet -Dinosaur Game
Jurassic planet is an amazing dinosaur endless runner game. Basedonother runner game games it offers the uniqueness of runningwithT-Rex, Raptor, and a unique dinosaur Dallasaurus.use inapppurchases to buy unique power ups like jumping shoes, magnetforcoin attraction, and othersYou can also get lives within the apptocontinue your scoreWe included a unique leaderboard which wewillintroduce in our update to allow our top players to startearningrewards within our app.
Live Wallpapers - Lego Rangers
Download this amazing Lego Power Rangers app and set it asLiveWallpapers or send it as gift to your friends by whatsup,instagram , facebook or kiks ... ,make your mobile moreattractive.Now everyone can turn thier android smartphones ortablets lockscreen into cool and Live lego Power Rangers with thisLiveWallpaper ,Forget those old boring pin Wallpapers orfingerprintlock screen and go for this amazing HD Wallpapers .Enjoywith thiswallpapers and background in HD resolution shown up whenyourdevice is locked, and just select an image from the app settingtomake change to your theme smarthphone, set it as defaultWallpaperof your screen if you have many Wallpapers apps on yourphone ,this one will be the best for you.This free HD LiveWallpapers oflego Power Rangers application suitable for kids,adults, men,women, boys or girls and work on most of the androiddevice inmarket. Don't forget to rate and review us and share thisapp withfriends and family on Facebook, GG+, Twitter, Instagram,Whatsapp,Linkedin, or any other social medias if you like it.Download nowand have fun with lego Power Rangers Live WallpapersHD!This appwas tested on Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Nexusand Nexus 6devices, please contact us if you haveanyproblems.Features:>>No internet required.>>Easy touse.So enjoy.>>Updated regularly for newwallpapers>>SimpleUser Interface>>Simple UserExperience with SimpleTheme.>>Easy to download and set aswallpaper.>>Easy toexplore amazing wallpapers from the HDWallpaper's Gallery.How touse?1.Open this app's settings,2.Selectthe Womens Day backgroundimages you want, You can preview the lockscreen thetype of the the directionof the speed of the can change the parallax effect by the Checkedbox.Ifyou have any suggested features or improvements please leaveacomment, or send me an email at [email protected] is not working correctly please let me know, I'll begladto fix that.Please post comments and feedback. When postinglowrating please describe what is wrong to give the possibility tofixthat issue.Download this amazing Lego Power Rangers app and setitas Live Wallpapers or send it as gift to your friends bywhatsup,instagram, facebook kiks gold ... make your mobilemoreattractive.Now everyone can turn thier android smartphonesortablets into cool lock screen and Live Lego Power Rangers withthisLive Wallpaper, Forget Those boring old pine Wallpapersgoldfingerprint lock screen and go for this amazing HDWallpapers.Enjoywith this wallpapers and background in HDresolution shown up Whenyour device is locked, and just select animage from the appsetting to make change to your Theme smarthphone,set it as defaultWallpaper of your screen if you-have ManyWallpapers apps on yourphone, this one will be for you thebest.This free HD LiveWallpapers of Lego Power Rangers app suitablefor kids, adults,men, women, boys or girls and Work On Most of theandroid device inmarket.Do not forget to rate and review us andshare this app withfriends and family on Facebook, GG +, Twitter,Instagram, Whatsapp,Linkedin, or Any Other Social media if you likeit.Download now andhave fun with Lego Power Rangers Live WallpapersHD!This app Wastested on Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Nexusand Nexus 6devices, please contact us if you-haveAnyproblems.Features:>> No internet required.>> Easytouse. So enjoy.>> Updated Regularly for newwallpapers>>Simple User Interface>> Simple UserExperience with SimpleTheme.>> Easy to download and set aswallpaper.>> Easyto explore amazing wallpapers from the HDWallpaper's Gallery.Howto use?1.Open this app's settings,2.Selectthe Womens Daybackground image you want, You can preview the the kind of the theleadership ofthe the speed of can change the parallax effect bythe Checked box.Ifyou-have Any suggéré features or improvementsplease leave acomment, or send me an email [email protected] casesomething is not working Correctlyplease let me know, I'll be gladto fix that.Please post commentsand feedback. When posting lowrating please describe what is wrongto give the possibility to fixThat outcome.
Coloring Lego Superhero Books 1.0
Draw Glow
This aplication coloring for kids with lego hero character. youkidscan learn how to draw coloring super hero favorit. Choicecolor andtap on superhero images. Very easy use for coloringlegosuperhero.Download this aplication adn Happy coloring...!
Dinosaur Park Explore Free 1.1.2
Let’s explore Jurassic with Triceratops! 4 differentislands,Pterosaurs, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus are waitingforyou. Now, go and download the dinosaur game for kids free.Playfuland friendly, “Dinosaur World” let the kids role play asaTriceratops. With super easy controls, children willenjoyexploring the Jurassic. Choosing an island, let yourTriceratopsstart the world exploring adventure. It’s super fun! •Exploring 4Jurassic islands • Six destinations, from the forest tothe bigcity • Great for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-5 •Nothird-party advertising Yateland designers and developers workhardto create applications which children love and parents trust.
LEGO® Dimensions™ 1.8.6
Take LEGO® Dimensions™ on the go with the official companionapp,LEGO® Dimensions Collection Vortex. You can exploreexpansionpacks, game videos and share your collection and wish listwithfamily & friends! The LEGO Dimensions companion appcontains awealth of information including videos, screenshots andexpansionpack build/rebuild instructions. App Features:* Learnabout theLEGO Dimensions Starter Pack.* Explore all of theexpansion packsincluding Level, Team and Fun Packs.* Keep trackofyour wish listto help you complete your collection.* Build yourcollection andshare it with friends to compare!* Earn all of thebadges to unlockan exclusive desktop and mobile wallpaper!* Scan aLEGO DimensionsPack box for quick information.
The LEGO® Batman Movie Game 2.80
Key Features:Access to official Movie Content includingCharacterBios and Videos. RUN, DRIVE & FLY: Play as LEGOBatman. Run,Jump and Grapple across The Bat Cave, The Street andRooftops ofGotham & Arkham Asylum. Drive your own Batmobile anduse theBatwing to fly to new environments! Battle Villain Bossessuch asthe Joker, the Penguin and Poison Ivy!BUILD A CUSTOMVEHICLE:Customize your vehicles. Unlock and modify epic vehiclesfrom TheLEGO Batman Movie such as The Batmobile, the Joker’sNotoriousLowrider and Bane’s Toxic Truck. Once modified, deploythem intothe game for an added boost to gameplay! Use them todestroyGotham’s most evil villains!DJ MODE: DJ your way to stardomin theDJ Mini Game. Tap your way to the beat of the rhythm and nailthatbeat! Featuring music from The LEGO Batman Movie. Each timeBatmanlooks like he’s ready to hang up his Batboots he hastheopportunity to save himself with DJ MODE!This appcontainsmarketing content for LEGO products and the LEGO BatmanMovie.
LEGO® Chima: Tribe Fighters
Pick your side, choose your tribe, andfightyour way through endless waves of enemies in LEGO Legends ofChima:Tribe Fighters!*Exclusively on Google Play, play as Sir Fangar by upgradingyourSaber-Tooth Warrior!*- Fight for the Protectors of Chima using the Lion orCrocodiletribe, or for the Ice Hunters using the Ice Bear orSaber-ToothTiger tribe- Go hand-to-hand with the Melee Warrior, choose distance overpowerwith the Blaster Ranger, or summon magical bolts using theTribeGeneral- Collect CHI to unleash devastating special abilities- Complete challenges and smash LEGO objects to earn studstoupgrade your characters' power, defense, andspecialabilities- Build your tribe’s flag and call in additional support tolevelthe playing field- 12 awesome characters and 4 unique environments in allTerms of Use– Policy – you are experiencing difficulties please contact
LEGO® DUPLO® Town 2.3.0
Let your young child build creative, virtual play houses withfun,brightly-colored LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, and play out everydaylifewith characters, pets and simple routines and scenarios theyknowfrom their own life. LEARNING LIFE SKILLS THROUGHPLAYDesignedspecifically for the skills your child is developing atthis age,LEGO DUPLO Town can help your toddler or preschoolerdevelop finemotor skills, understand the world around them,increasevocabulary, and express their views and ideas.FEATURES: -GREATFIRST LEGO DUPLO EXPERIENCE: With simple, intuitive symbolsanddecorations – and an entertaining bulldozer function – it’s easytolearn the basics of building and stacking. - BUILD AND BREAKDOWN:Just like real life, kids can build and demolish as manyhouses asthey want! Your child can experiment with cause andeffect, withbig virtual bricks designed for small hands. -EXPLORING: Funsurprises and hidden secrets await your curious worldexplorer:What happens when your child taps the sun? Or the clouds?Or when aDUPLO figure goes to the toilet? - REAL-LIFE ENVIRONMENTS:Themedplaces that represent real-life environments andrelatableactivities like making pizzas or playing in puddles! -ROLE-PLAY:Your child will meet, interact and play with familiarcharactersand pets that help develop social skills and encourageempathy. -AGE-APPROPRIATE: Bright animations, icons, and navigationfor easygameplay – no reading or writing skills required, and theautomaticsave function is perfect for both short or long playexperiences. -SAFETY FIRST: Your child will play in a safe, closedenvironment,with NO advertising, links to external websites, in-apppurchasesor hidden data collection.Why play with LEGO DUPLO?LEGODUPLO aimsto be your Partner in Play when it comes to your child’sgrowth anddevelopment from age 1 1/2. We work with childdevelopment experts,educators, and parents to ensure that all LEGODUPLO products –both in real life and in games like this – delivervalue, safety,versatility, and an outlet for creative thinking thatwill set thestage for a love of learning and play that will last alifetime.Thank you for allowing us to be part of your child’sjourney!Createand ConnectFor app support contact LEGO ConsumerService. Forcontact details refer to Ourprivacy policy and terms ofuse for apps are accepted if youdownload this app. Read moreon,the LEGO logo and DUPLO are trademarks of the LEGO Group.©2017 TheLEGO Group.LEGO System A/S Website -- LEGO® DUPLO® Townapp Support
Find the Differences: Blocks 1.0.8
It is rightly said that regular brain exercise makeshumanobservation skill more powerful. Playing with brilliant gamesis anamusing way to boost brain power, eye for detailing, andminuteobservation skill. The free android game Find theDifferences:Blocks is one such comprehensive android game, notonlyentertaining; it is a stress buster, brain stimulant,andchallenging game that keeps its users engrossed for longanddevelops better observation power.How to play the game:Thegameplay is simple. Post download the app Find the Differences:blocks,you will find two almost similar pictures of blocks on yourscreenand you have to find the differences between these twoblockpictures. These plastic blocks are of different size andshapeslike avenger models, motorman model or of army models, etc.Thereare at least 5 differences between each of the sets and youhave tofind these 5 differences as fast as possible preferablywithoutusing any hints. The features:The app Find the Differences:blocksis full of entertaining features. Check the features beforeyoudownload the game and stay amused for long:• More than50entertaining game levels: the app will offer regular updates toallits users,• The app Find the Differences: blocks is optimizedforboth android phones and tablets!• You will get the challengeoffinding 5 differences per level,• You can Zoom the image oftheplastic blocks for finding dissimilarities with better ease,•Youcan enjoy the leverage of app integrated support systemfordifficult cases (3 hints per level),• You will get your total“spotthe difference” game performance in STAT section: You canshareyour score in social networking sites like Facebook andTwitter,•You can off/on sound, music, vibration via setting menuaccordingto personal discretion.Download the app Find theDifferences:blocks and start playing finding the differences game.The mindgame is interesting enough; furthermore you will finditultra-addictive, and playing this game at least 3-4 times aweekwill help you to improve your cognition and observation skillforsure._______________________________________Disclaimer: LEGO itsatrademark of The Lego Group, which does not sponsor, authorizeorendorse this application. We do not claim in any way theownershipor the copyright which are property of theirrespectiveowners.Disclaimer: The Avengers its a trademark of MarvelWorldwideInc. (Marvel Comics), which does not sponsor, authorize orendorsethis application. We do not claim in any way the ownershipor thecopyright which are property of their respective owners.