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The Book of Common Prayer 2.0
Igor Apps
Book of Common Prayer (ECUSA), based on the 1979 Episcopal Churchofthe United States of America editionAnd Holy Bible (KingJamesVersion)The U S Book of Common Prayer (BCP) is not and neverhasbeenundercopyright. Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of theChurchThisbook, "The book of common prayer (BCP), andadministration of thesacraments, and other rites and cermonies ofthe church, accordingto the use of The Church of England, togetherwith the Psalter orPsalms of David, pointed as they are to be sungor said inchurches;", by Church of England, is a replication of abookoriginally published before 1900. It has been restored byhumanbeings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form ascloseto the original as possible.The Table of Contents of BCP: TheDailyOffice - Daily Morning Prayer: Rite One - Daily EveningPrayer:Rite One - Daily Morning Prayer: Rite Two - Noonday Prayer -Orderof Worship for the Evening - Daily Evening Prayer: Rite Two-Compline - Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families - TableofSuggested Canticles The Great Litany The Collects: Traditional-Seasons of the Year - Holy Days - Common of Saints -VariousOccasions The Collects: Contemporary - Seasons of the Year -HolyDays - Common of Saints - Various Occasions Proper LiturgiesforSpecial Days - Ash Wednesday - Palm Sunday - Maundy Thursday -GoodFriday - Holy Saturday - The Great Vigil of Easter Holy Baptism-Concerning the Service - Holy Baptism The Holy Eucharist -AnExhortation - A Penitential Order: Rite One - The HolyEucharist:Rite One - A Penitential Order: Rite Two - The HolyEucharist: RiteTwo - Prayers of the People - Communion underSpecial Circumstances- An Order for Celebrating the Holy EucharistPastoral Offices -Confirmation - A Form of Commitment to ChristianService -Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage - The Blessing of aCivilMarriage - An Order for Marriage - Thanksgiving for the BirthorAdoption of a Child - Reconciliation of a Penitent -Ministrationto the Sick - Ministration at the Time of Death -Burial of theDead: Rite One - Burial of the Dead: Rite Two - AnOrder for BurialEpiscopal Services - Ordination of a Bishop -Ordination of aPriest - Ordination of a Deacon - Litany forOrdinations -Celebration of a New Ministry - Consecration of aChurch or ChapelThe Psalter, or Psalms of David Prayers andThanksgivings - Prayersfor the World - Prayers for the Church -Prayers for National Life- Prayers for the Social Order - Prayersfor the Natural Order -Prayers for Family and Personal Life - OtherPrayers -Thanksgivings An Outline of the Faith, or Catechism - AnOutline ofthe Faith - Concerning the Catechism
Prayer book 5.05
Roman catholic book of prayer for christians. The best andbiggestcommon book of prayer. The application includes a collectionofmore than 260 catholic prayers in the daily prayers, thecatechism,litanies, novenas, rosary beads, lace, an hour,Lamentations,Stations of the Cross, an exorcism, the 15 prayers ofthe holyBrigida, prayer from Pieta prayer book and others. Thisapplicationget you closer to god. Prayers are updated via theInternet.Charges are only new (missing) prayer. The applicationincludes adsthat do not interfere with prayer. - The application isdesignedfor tablets (you can turn on the two panels in theoptions). - Youcan search for prayers. - You can sort of prayersand group. -Provides two themes: light and dark - Color themesfully definable- There is a change in the size and color of thefonts - You canadd your own prayer and group - The application usesthe TTS (TextTo Speech) to read prayers (prayer companion) - Youcan shareprayers of others via SMS, email, etc. (facebook doesn'twork,paste prayer from clipboard) - You can copy prayers toclipboard(long press on prayer) - You can beckup/restore yourprayer to SDcard - You can request for prayer from other users oftheapplication in the intent indicated by you If you have anycommentson the application feel free to write me about them. If youknowthe prayers that are missing in the prayer book you write tomeabout them. I'll add them when you update the application. Ifyoucan help translate the prayers in your language please contactmee-mail. *** I THANK YOU FOR 100 THOUSAND DOWNLOADS *** Godblessyou! NOTE! Changing the font size of the prayers is availablefromthe beginning of the application. Hold one finger text andthesecond stretch it :) keywords: android prayer app, androidprayertimes
Daily Prayer: from the CofE 1.50
Aimer Media
Find complete services for Morning, Evening and Night Prayerfromthe Church of England with this official Daily Prayer app. Fromtheearliest days of Christianity, Christians have gathered atregulartimes each day and night to read the Bible, praise God andpray forthe world. Daily Prayer helps the Christians of today takepart inthis regular pattern of worship. For every day of the year,itpresents material for Morning, Evening and Night Prayer inbothcontemporary (Common Worship) and traditional (Book ofCommonPrayer) forms. All services are provided in full and includeBiblereadings (NRSV translation), psalms, canticles andseasonalvariations. The app also allows you to: - Access Morning,Eveningand Night Prayer for yesterday, today and a month ahead -Switchbetween Contemporary and Traditional formats with one click-Increase/reduce the type-size of all services The app is freetodownload and includes free access to online material up toonemonth in advance. To view material offline and access tomaterialup to 12 months in advance, a small annual subscriptionfeeapplies. Other features of the app include: - Details of theFeastDays, Festivals and Commemorations from the Common WorshipCalendar- Full readings (NRSV translation) without the need for aseparateBible app - Easy access to alternative texts within the appinsimple pop-up windows - Clear, clean, elegant typographythatmirrors closely the award-winning Common Worship design.DailyPrayer is the first official app to allow easy and elegantaccessto the hugely popular Daily Prayer feed from the Church ofEnglandwebsite. It is published by Church House Publishing, theofficialpublisher of the Church of England. For more 
Terms of service can be foundat Daily Prayer is the latest app inarange of official Church of England apps developed withAimerMedia, links to which can be found within the app andat .
Serbian Orthodox Prayer Book 1.10
Serbian Orthodox prayer book(Serbian Orthodox prayer book)Simpleandreview molitvennik customizable interface with manyprayers.Some ofprayer:* Daily Prayers* The symbol of faith* Psalm50* Daily Prayer*Prayer of Our Lady in distress and depression* HiBogorodici*Morning Prayer* Evening Prayer* Prayer Guardian Angel*Prayer beforeHoly Communion* Prayer after Holy Communion* Prayerfor mutualpeace* Prayer before learning* Prayer after learning*Prayer beforebreakfast* Prayer after breakfast* Prayer beforelunch* Prayer afterlunch* Prayer before dinner* Prayer afterdinner*God's TenCommandments* The two largest of Christ'scommandments* Hymn to St.Sava* Lauds* Contritely 50th Psalm*Prayer Guardian Angel* Prayersbefore Holy Communion* Prayer afterHoly Communion* The prayersbefore and after meals* Prayer beforelearning* Prayer afterlearning* Prayer at any time* Prayer for theopening of the mind*Prayers for Reconciliation and multiplicationof love* Prayer forprotection against the forces of evil* Prayerfor Parents and lovedones* Prayer for Children* Prayer for thosewho travel* Prayer forthe sick* Prayer in trouble* Prayer againstugly thought* Prayer forthe deadIf you do not have enough memoryon the phone, prayer can bemoved to the SD card.In the comments,you can write some prayersthey would like to see the updates.Ifyou like the prayer book,write a positive comment and assign astar program.All advice,errors encountered and the rest feel freeto send an e-mail.
Russian Orthodox Prayer Book 2.40
Russian Orthodox Prayer Book.Prayer list includes: * Ottchjenasch*Iisusova molitva* Blagodarjenije za vsjakojeblagodjejanijeBozhije* Molitva o usopschich* Molitva o zhivych*PjesnPrjesvjatoye Bogorodizje* Psalom 50* Psalom 67* Psalom90*(ponjedjelnik) - Archangjelu Michailu* (ponjedjelnik) -ArchangjeluMichailu* (srjeda) - Archangjelu Rafailu* (tchjetvjerg)-Archangjelu Uriilu* (pjatniza) - Archangjelu Sjelafiilu*(subbota)- Archangjelu Ijegudiilu* (Voskrjesjenije) -ArchangjeluVarachiilu* Molitva k Angjelu chranitjelju* MutchjenizjeSofii*Molitva djevizy o zamuzhjestvje* Molitva za russkiye narod*Molitvao spasjenii Rossii* Djesjat zapovjedjeye* and manymore...You candownload ad-free versionhere: this app and like it, please leave us a kind reviewandrating. Thanks.I'm open to suggestions so don't hesitate tosend mean e-mail if you find something is missing.Feel free topost acomment with request for prayers that I will try to add inupdate.
rainbow works
BASIC CATHOLIC PRAYERSAngelusApostle's CreedGlory BeGuardianAngelPrayerHail MaryHoly RosaryOur FatherSt. Michael theArchangelPRAYERTO JESUSAct of ContritionAct of SpiritualCommunionAnimaChristiAngelic TrisagionChrist Candle of HopePrayerHoly FaceLitanyof HumilityNovena to the Divine ChildJesusPrayer In Visiting TheBlessed SacramentSacred HeartStations ofThe CrossIstasyon ngKrus(Filipino Version)Thanksgiving To TheTrinityMARIANPRAYERSChildren's Prayer To MaryConsecration ToMaryDon Bosco'sPrayer To MaryElection Prayer To MaryIn Honor of theImmaculateConceptionMagnificatMemorareOur Lady of GuadalupeOur LadyofPerpetual HelpPope's Immaculate Conception PrayerPrayer To OurLadyOf LourdesRegina CoeliPRAYERS OF THE SAINTS30 Days Prayer toSt.JosephDevotion to St. JosephLorica of St. PatrickMemorare toSt.Joseph Prayer for the Year of St. Paul Saint AugustineofHippoSaint Benedict of NursiaSaint BonaventureSaintCeciliaSaintClare of AssisiSaint EphremSaint Faustina's PrayerBefore EucharistSaint Francis of AssisiSaint Ignatius PrayerAgainstDepressionSaint JosephSaint Mary MagdaleneSaint MichaeltheArchangelSaint Pio Prayer of Trust & ConfidenceSaint TeresaofAvila PrayerSaint Therese of LisieuxSaint ThomasAquinasOTHERPRAYERSChristmas Anticipation PrayerCome HolySpiritDivine MercyChapletEpiscopal BlessingHoly RosaryIntercessionof Pope John PaulIIMiscarriage PrayerMorning OfferingPrayer AfterMassPrayer BeforeMassPrayer for EmploymentPrayer for Our Presidentand PublicOfficialsPrayer for Help Against Spiritual EnemiesPrayerforLifePrayer for Life Throughout the YearPrayer for theUnbornPrayerfor TravelersPrayer for Victims of HurricanesPrayerforVocationsPrayer of AbandonmentPrayer to EndAbortionsShortPrayerSpiritual Pilgrimage With Pope BenedictXVITeDeumThanksgiving for Mass
Syrian Orthodox Prayer Book 1.1
This app is a compilation of the Common Prayers of theSYRIANORTHODOX CHRISTIAN CHURCH of Malankara. It contains ordinarydaysprayers, great lent prayers and haasha week prayersinMalayalam.You can submit your prayer request through this app.
Prayer Book 2.6
Igor Apps
This Prayer Book contains hundreds of prayers for differentpurposesand occasions. Also you find here 10 Commandments withbiblicalverses to them and King James Bible. Categories: Common: -prayersfor Strength, Relationship, Money and etc. Daily Prayers: -DailyDevotional, Prayers for Protection, Prayers... CatholicPrayers: -Roman Catholic, St Jude, Hail Mary, Peace Prayer of StFrancis ...For Help: - Marriage Prayer, for Hope, Fertility PrayerForProsperity: - Financial, Business, for Employment.. Famous: -TheLords Prayer, The Benediction, The Serenity.. Prayers forHealing: -for Healing, for Depression, for Sick Child, MiraclePrayer,Forgiveness.. For Occasion: - for Meetings, Opening andClosingPrayers, Funeral, for the Dead ... Prayers for Others: -forChildren, For Family, Teachers, Soldiers ... For Wedding: -WeddingPrayers, Irish Wedding, Scottish Wedding ... Various: -Simple,Short, Celtic, Pastoral, Native American Prayers 10Commandments: -The Ten Commandments, also known as the Decalogue,are a set ofbiblical principles relating to ethics and worship,which play afundamental role in Judaism and Christianity. Thecommandmentsinclude instructions to worship only God, to honourone's parents,and to keep the sabbath, as well as prohibitionsagainst idolatry,blasphemy, murder, adultery, theft, dishonesty,and coveting. Youwill find here such well known prayers as "OurFather, Our God","God is Great, God is Good", Giving Thanks, MyChildren,The Angelusand many others. I hope you will enjoy thisapp!
English Orthodox Prayer Book (free) 1.20
The Orthodox Prayer Book contains most important Orthodoxprayers(in English): 1. Morning Prayers2. Prayers Before Sleep3.TheCanons for Holy Communion4. The Order of Preparation forHolyCommunion 5. Prayers after Holy Communion 6. The CanonofRepentance to Our Lord Jesus Christ7. Akathist to Our SweetestLordGod and Saviour Jesus Christ 8. Akathist to Our Most HolyLadyTheotokos9. The Akathist Hymn: "Glory to God for All Things"10.TheSix Psalms (read during matins)11. Akathist to the Theotokos,Joyof All Who SorrowAlso it has Miscellaneous Prayers:Trisagion,Before meals, After meals, Hymn to the Theotokos, Psalm50, theSymbol of Orthodox Faith. You can adjust the font size formorecomfortable reading via menu button. You can use tap forscrollingdown and up or you can use volume hardware keys forscrolling. Theapplication uses old language from the "Jordanville"Prayerbook.Theapplication does not have the advertisement and itdoes not need anInternet connection.
Daily Readings
Teodoro Lopez
Have in your device the daily readings Missal of the CatholicChurchand a Prayer Book. Read the readings of new and oldTestament,psalms and gospel of daily liturgy. Mass readingsavailable inEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Prayer Bookavailable inEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Latin.
com.dezmonde.foi.chretien 3.05
Collection of the best catholic prayers and songs. Usethisapplication as your prayers book or your songsbook.Thisapplication contains these sections : - The Bible - AudioBible -The Stations of the Cross - Documents of the Vatican -Catholicwebsites directory - The Prayers * Basic Prayers * Blessingprayers* Prayers to Jesus * Marian prayers * Prayers of the Saints- TheSongs * Christmas Songs * Marian Songs - The Rosory - TheSaints ofthe day - Readings of the day - Access prayers shared byothres -Share your own prayers to the community - Catholic onlineRadiostation (60 Radio Maria stations) * Radio Maria Uganda *RadioMaria Burundi * Radio Maria Canada (English) * Radio MariaIndia *Radio Maria Malawi * Radio Maria Malta * Radio Maria PapuaNewGuinea * Radio Maria Uganda * Radio Maria Burundi * RadioMariaCanada (English) * Radio Maria India * Radio Maria Malawi *RadioMaria Malta * Radio Maria Papua New Guinea
Prayer book for Christians offline 1.7
English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian,Russian,Polish and Slovak language.For advertisement free versiondownload Christians contains following text prayers:The Lord'sPrayer -Our FatherRosary, RosariesChaplet of DivinemercyTenCommandmentsLitany of the Holy GhostSaint MichaelPrayerMorningOfferingGrace Before and After MealsGuardian AngelPrayer7 DeadlySins and 7 Heavenly VirtuesSix things the Lord hates
Laudate 2.45
Aycka Soft
The most comprehensive Catholic App . Available in English,Español,Português, Française, Deutsch, Nederlands, Slovenský,Italiano,Bahasa, Polski, Slovenski, Hrvatski, Việt, 简体, 繁體 andRomânesc.Daily Mass Readings, Order of Mass, Liturgy of Hours, NewAmericanBible, Latin Mass, Latin Liturgy of Hours, Rosary andLatin Rosary,Chaplet of Divine Mercy (on Rosary screen), SevenSorrows Rosary,Chaplet of St. Michael, Holy Wounds Chaplet, StJude Chaplet,Franciscan Crown Rosary, Stations of the Cross, Saintof the Day,Catechism of Catholic Church, Sacrament ofReconciliation(Confession), Daily Examination of Conscience,various prayers andprayers in Latin with English translation.Daily Prayer. Podcast forRosary and Stations. Daily Meditations.Podcasts of Daily Readingswith read-along text and meditations.Ability to bookmark prayersand create own categorized prayers.Export/Import for prayers. Editprayers on your Mac or PC andImport into Laudate. Daily Bible Verseon Daily Readings screen.Douay-Rheims Bible for offline use. SecondVatican documents, Codeof Canon Law and papal encyclical letters.Laudate app does readphone state but we don't read or keep any ofthe phone data.(Please read Laudate privacy policy) This feature ,to check phonestate, is enabled to interrupt playing on internalpodcast playerso you can answer the phone without podcast playing.Also, we readSD card to save and import files for [My Prayers]section. Ifyou're running into more issues please email us fromapplicationusing: Menu->Email Developer or send us with problems,and checkayckasoft.blogspot.comfor release notes and how to use it.
Prières Sacrées Gratuit 1.0
Mbemba Erman
***** Simple ********** Sans Internet ********** PAS DEPUB******Prières Sacrées qui nous aident dans les moments lesplusdifficiles et qui nous accompagnent durant toutelavie.**********App Pro sur Playstore*********Envoie toute remarqueàemaveran@gmail.comSimple ***** ********** ***** No Internet*****NOADS ******Sacred prayers that help us in the most difficulttimesand who accompany us throughout life.********** ********* AppProon PlaystoreSend any comments to
Католицький молитовник CREDO 1
Католицький молитовник CREDO Catholic prayer CREDO
Greek Orthodox Prayer Book 1.9.12
The first Greek Orthodox Prayer Book for your Android device isafact!A very useful tool for the believer who wants to haveaccessto prayers throughout the day.It contains the followingprayers:-Short Prayer- Morning Prayer- Tirade- Lunch Prayer- TimeIX-Vespers- Dinner Prayer- Small Compline- Salutations totheTheotokos- Small Prayer- Great Prayer- Sequence of HolyCommunion-Canon Iketirios to the Lord- Canon of the Akathist Hymn-Angel inCannes- Greetings of the Holy Cross- Resurrection Prayer-Psalm N'- Psalm PK '- Pure Virgin- Apolytikia Saints and Feasts-Prayer ofthe Armed Forces- Prayer of the Air Force- Prayer of St.Ephrem theSyrian- Prayer of St. Ephrem the Syrian (Evening)- Prayerof theFathers of Optina (Morning)- Beatitudes the LordAccess newfeaturesearlier by becoming a Beta Tester of this app. Just:1)Enrole tothiscommunity at thanks to PanayiotisPapademetrioufor the scripts.
Catholic Prayers 4.0
This app is a collection of Catholic Prayers-Daily Prayers,Basiccatholic prayers, Prayer to Holy Spirit-Holy Rosary -PrayerstoSaints and Novenas-Prayer to St.Thomas Aquinas beforeStudy-Prayerto St.Jude, St.Francis Assisi, Miracle prayer toSt.Anthony ofPadua-Miraculous Medal Novena Prayer, etcThe app isstill underdevelopment. Please drop us anemail( if youwould like to add any specificprayers in this app.Please email usyour feedback. Your feedback andcomments are well appreciated.
English Orthodox Prayer Book 1.01
English-language Orthodox Prayer Book Prayer list includes: *TheLord’s Prayer * Morning Prayers* Glory be to the Father* TheCreed*Prayers at mealtime* Evening Prayers* Morning Prayers* Prayertothe Holy Spirit* Prayers to the Guardian Angel* Prayer oftheMarried* Prayer for Parents* For the Sick* Selected Psalms*manyother prayersOptions:* 3 diferent themes* Favourites list*Changefont size* Send requests for additional preyersIf youdownload thisapp and like it, please leave us a kind review andrating.Thanks.I'm open to suggestions so don't hesitate to send meane-mail if you find something is missing.Feel free to post acommentwith request for prayers that I will try to add inupdate.Mobileprayer book
Oração livro 1.01
Portuguese-language Catholic Prayer Book.Prayer listincludes:*ORAÇĂO DO CREDO* PAI NOSSO* AVE MARIA* SALVE RAINHA* ATODECONSTRIÇĂO* GLÓRIA AO PAI* ORAÇĂO AO ANJO DA GUARDA* manyotherprayers +* selected psalmsIf you download this app and likeit,please leave us a kind review and rating. Thanks.I'm opentosuggestions so don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if youfindsomething is missing.Feel free to post a comment with requestforprayers that I will try to add in update.Portuguese is theofficiallanguage of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, CapeVerde,Guinea-Bissau, and São Tomé and Príncipe.
All Catholic Prayers, The Holy Rosary 3.0
All Catholic Prayers (The Holy Rosary) This applicationcontainsmore than 3000 catholic bible prayers and about 100 topics.You canuse day/night mode, search by title or content, the app hasgoodindex. Also you can bookmark your favorite prayers , copytoclipboard, share via sms, facebook or any otherapplicationHopefully simple and user friendly interface helps youto enjoy thecatholic prayers . Feel free to contact us with anycomments orquestions. Here is a large list of the topics and countof catholicprayers: - about Acts of - (306) - Advent - (17) - Angel- (56) -Ash Wednesday - (19) - prayers about Babies - (5) - Baptism- (7) -Basic - (222) - Biblical prayers - (102) - Birthday - (2) -Career- (6) - prayers about Children - (40) - Christ - (13) -Christmas -(22) - Communion - (78) - Confession - (10) -Congregation of theBlessed Sacrament - (11) - Consolation - (4) -Crucifix - (2) -Danger - (4) - Devotion Prayers- (16) - Disasters -(1) - Divinity- (15) - Dying - (68) - Easter - (13) - EveningCatholic Prayers -(30) - Faith - (51) - Family - (102) - Fathers -(8) - ForgivenessPrayers - (7) - to God - (69) - Grace - (11) -Guidance - (7) -Haiku - (38) - Healing- (35) - Holiday - (10) -Holiness - (3) -Holy Spirit - (73) - Home - (5) - Hope - (55) -InspirationalPrayers - (1) - Intercession - (10) - Invocation -(21) - JesusChrist - (119) - Lent - (26) - Life - (23) - Litanies -(23) -prayers about Love - (14) - Marian - (Mary) - (277) -Marriage -(4) - Martyrs - (3) - Mass - (56) - Meals - (16) -Morning Prayers- (22) - Motherhood - (5) - Offering - (16) - Other- (90) - Peace- (47) - Perseverance - (9) - Pope - (46) - Pope LeoXIII - (7) -Pope Pius XII - (24) - Praise - (30) - Prayers asBlessings - (49)- Prayers by Pope John Paul II - (6) - Prayers bySt. Francis deSales - (4) - Prayers for the Pope - (2) - Prayers inSPANISH - (5)- Prayers of the Church - (14) - Prayers of the Cross- (10) -Priests - (41) - Pro Life - (4) - Prosperity - (5) -Protection -(31) - Purgatory - (26) - Repentance - (11) - Requests- (4) -prayers about Saint - (132) - Salvation - (12) - Service -(4) -Sick - (38) - about Special Intentions - (3) - St. Anthony ofPaduaPrayers - (23) - St. Gregory the Great - (1) - St. JosephPrayers -(39) - St. Patrick - (13) - St. Valentine - (18) -Stewardship -(2) - Strength - (3) - Study - (5) - Thanks - (1) -The Rosary inCroation - (1) - The Rosary in Dutch - (1) - TheRosary in English- (5) - The Rosary in French - (1) - The Rosary inGerman - (1) -The Rosary in Irish-Gaelic - (1) - The Rosary inItalian - (1) -The Rosary in Latin - (1) - The Rosary in Polish -(1) - Travel -(9) - Trust - (4) - Virtue - (24) - Vocation - (19) -Wedding - (5)- Wisdom - (2)
Baha’i Prayers
Sina Tabrizi
Baha’i Prayers is your portable Bahá’í prayer book. It containsalarge selection of prayers from the Bahá’í Faith. PrayersfromBahá’u’lláh, the Báb and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá are offered inEnglish,Deutsch, Español, Français, Gourmanché, Italiano, Kiribati,Magyar,Polski, Português, Română, Svenska, Русский, 简体中文, 日本語,فارسی andعربي. Please note, by changing the prayer book languagewithin theapp, you will not be changing the language of the app -just thelanguage of the currently opened prayer book. If youhavesuggestions or questions, please send an email to BahaiPrayersFeedback at Features: - Search -Bookmark/ recent prayers - Light and Dark reading themes - Easilyfindspecific prayers in other languages - Select prayer font sizeandstyle - Prayer reminder notifications - Share prayers - Lockscreenorientation - Keep screen on while reading prayer
Tamil Catholic Prayer Book 9.8
Tamil Prayer Book is the first Android application forTamilPrayers. You can see most of the prayers in Tamil language.Now youcan do the prayer in Tamil language wherever you are andwheneveryou want. It has prayers used in Mass, Novena prayers,Rosary(Jesus, Mary and Divine Mercy), Prayer for Work, Prayer bySpouseand Prayer for the Sick etc. It has 150+ prayers. ] Sharewith allyour friends and families. If you like to add any newprayersplease contact the developer. God Bless you…
Prayer Book 1.5
Look for applications with the Prayer Book? Our application -thisis a great collection of prayers on the theme "Prayer Book".Wehave collected prayers in one place. Help us toimproveapplication. We will try to implement the desired featuresandadditions. We hope that our application "Prayer Book" enjoy you.
Prayer Book 2.0.1
Arash Payan
Prayer Book contains hundreds of prayers from the sacred writingsofthe Bahá’í Faith in Czech, Dutch, English, Fijian, French,German,Persian, Spanish and Slovak. You can: + Browse prayers bycategory +Search for prayers by keywords + Bookmark your favoriteprayers forquick access in the future + View a list of yourrecently accessedprayers + View prayers with the modern styling orwith the classicstyling from the original release of the app +Even share and printprayers directly from the app!
Prayers Book 2.0
The Prayers book is several things. It is a guide to salvationforthose who have not been born again. It teaches relationshipwiththe Lord, verses just being good or religious. It also teachesonwhat to expect as a Christian, how to pray, drawing near toGod,and how you can and should grow as a Christian.This is followedbyprayers on many various topics which are written fromtheperspective that God is all powerful, that the scripturesareinerrant, and that the Word of God is alive and powerful.Webelieve that those who have faith in God and have been saved bytheblood of Jesus can pray these prayers and expect to have whattheyhave prayed for, whether it be forgiveness of sin,healing,deliverance from bondage, or any prayer that is in linewith thetruth of God’s word.Thousands of people have testified totheblessings they have received from this book. To date we havemailedout over 2 million copies, have had 280,000 copies downloadedfromthe internet, and have had over 500,000 hits on our mobiledownloadsite. You may visit us at for moreinformation onprinted copies.
Divine Mercy Prayers 1.3
This app contains various Divine Mercy Prayers:*Chaplet ofDivineMercy*Novena to the Divine Mercy*Three O'Clock Prayer*Prayersatthe Hour of Mercy
Angel Prayers 1.3
This is an angel prayer book containing various prayerssuchas:*Prayer to St. Michael*Prayer to St. Gabriel*Prayer toSt.Raphael*Prayer to Our Guardian Angel*Prayer to OurFriend'sGuardian Angel*Prayer of a Mom to her child's GuardianAngel*DailyPrayer to the Guardian Angel
Kol Yaakob Siddur 1.0
Kol Yaakob Siddur is the official Sephardic Daily Prayer Bookbasedon the customs from Aleppo, Syria.Concept by Bert I Dweck&Adam Dweck and developed by United Holdings Group on behalf oftheSephardic Heritage Foundation. The Kol Yaakob Siddur Appfeatures afull Table of Contents and is complete with all prayersfor theentire year including prayers for Weekdays, Holidays,MarriageCeremony as well as many other Special Occasions andVariousBlessings. It is strictly forbidden to pray from, operateorreference the Kol Yaakob Siddur App on Shabbat and all theotherreligious observant Holidays.
Life Changing Bible Prayers 2.6
Life Changing Bible Prayers is a prayerbook app for Christians,whoknow that God will answer their prayers, only if they ask Himto.Ask our Holy Father for health, protection, prosperity andyou’llsee that positive changes are inevitable. Here you’ll findprayersfor: - Health, Healing and Change - Protection - Strength-Relationships - Children - Holidays Prayers are a great formofmeditation—they relieve anxiety and help you get inspiredandrelaxed. Pray daily to connect with our Lord Jesus Christ andtomove you forward toward spiritual growth. The app is suitableforkids, teens and adults. It also works offline so no connectiontothe internet is required. We appreciate your feedback sopleasefeel free to contact us if you have any suggestion orquestion.Thank you.
Tamil Rosary 0.1.5
Mother Mary
Praise the LORD!Free Tamil Rosary Prayer BookThe Rosary(Latin:rosarium, in the sense of "crown of roses" or "garland ofroses"),The Rosary(Power full prayer) is a Scripture-based prayer.Itbegins with the Apostles' Creed, which summarizes thegreatmysteries of the Catholic faith. The Our Father, whichintroduceseach mystery, is from the Gospels. The first part of theHail Maryis the angel's words announcing Jesus Christ's birthandElizabeth's greeting to Mary. St. Pius V officially addedthesecond part of the Hail Mary. The Mysteries of the Rosary centeronthe events of Christ's life. There are four sets ofMysteries:Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and––added by Pope John PaulII in2002––the Luminous.The repetition in the Rosary is meant toleadone into restful and contemplative prayer related to eachMystery.The gentle repetition of the words helps us to enter intothesilence of our hearts, where Christ's spirit dwells. The Rosarycanbe said privately or with a group.Archbishop Fulton Sheensaid,"The rosary is the book of the blind, where souls see andthereenact the greatest drama of love the world has ever known; itisthe book of the simple, which initiates them into mysteriesandknowledge more satisfying than the education of other men; itisthe book of the aged, whose eyes close upon the shadow ofthisworld, and open on the substance of the next. The power oftherosary is beyond description."Please contact if you have issues and mistake, I'll behappyto help.Greater Glory of GOD...Ave Maria...
Dirsane Michael 0.2
Amharic Ethiopian Orthodox prayer to st Michael
How To Pray 1.0
Paul Webb
There is no better way to learn how to pray, than to study thewordsof the original Teacher, Jesus Himself. Who else to give youadirect line to the Father, than from the Son? When asked byadisciple on how to pray, Jesus taught his disciples what wenowcall The Lord's Prayer. How To Pray is now available in printandon Kindle. Visit the website for details.Nowavailable in audio. How To Pray
Siddur and Tehilim 1.3.7
New!!! Hebrew watch face, now you can get jewish date onyourwearable device!Handy jewish prayer book that contains:1.Siddurfor both Ashkenaz & Sfarad community2. Tehilim3.Tanah4.SlihotThe application is eye friendly! the font can getbigger andbigger so reading the morning prayer never been that easyandconfort (better than the common Siddur you have!).Lookingforspecial blessing? for special chapter? no problem, just hitthesearch and find it in no time.Inside you can find: Slihot,Hanuka,Hagada pesah , kadish and moreWe will give you usefulinformationabout the upcomming Shabat (Parashat Hashavua and moretocome....)Include hebrew calendar.
Exorcism and Deliverance 1.2
Exorcism and Deliverance is a FREE android app that contains:·TheRite of Exorcism for delegated Catholic exorcist priests·Variousdeliverance prayers that priests and the laity (ordinarypeople)can use to defend themselves and others against evil·Informationabout the kinds of demonic attacks· Information aboutthesigns/symptoms of demonic attacks· Tips and reminders on howtoprepare for the spiritual battle· Quotes about spiritual warfare
Litanies 2.0
Catholic prayer book containing following litanies:Litany oftheHoly Name of Jesus,Litany of the Blessed VirginMary(Loreto),Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Christ,Litany oftheSacred Heart of Jesus,Litany to The Divine MercyLitany ofSt.Joseph.Supported languages:- Polish,- English.
Saint Charbel Paolo.Lawo
Paolo 23
This app includes a Daily Prayer and a 9 Day Novena toSaintcharbel.
ws.ebs.stjosemaria 9.9
This application will help you live your Christian faith inyourordinary occupations and follow a personalized spiritualprogramwith the hand of St. Josemaría. Available in English,Spanish,German, Portuguese, French, Italian and Polish Includesthefollowing: • Books by St. Josemaria (The Way, Furrow, TheForge,Friends of God, Christ is Passing By, Conversations, Way oftheCross, love the Church and Holy Rosary). With a Chapter listandsearch capability. • Novenas (Novena for Work, Novena fortheFamily, Novena For the sick) • Missal with Latintranslation(Initial rites, Creed, Eucharistic Prayer, Communionrites,Conclusion rites) • New Testament with Latin translation •Listingof Piety Practices you want to live each day (Mass,prayer,spiritual reading, gospel, Angelus ... and practices ofpiety). •You can modify our Plan of Life, erase or add. • Downloadthemonthly letter of the Prelate of Opus Dei (6 languages). •Prayersto saints, blessed and people in the process of canonizationwiththeir biographies. • Includes many prayers in Latin. •Available aselection of videos about St. Josemaria and gatheringswith him. •Prayer of the Holy Rosary with easy controls. • Way ofthe Crosswith 14 stations and acceptance prayer of death,illustrated withimages and colorful images. • Adjust font size andstyle throughoutthe application to accommodate your visualpreferences. The StudiumFoundation who has the copyright rights ofall St. Josemaria’swritings granted EBS permission to include hiswritings in thisapplication.
Catholic Prayer 2.13.5
Yurii Galavai
Have your personal Prayer every day every where. Easy to use,alltime updates of content without updates from Play Market.
Your Little Prayer Book 3.7
A Collection of Catholic Prayers to Keep With you Wherever youmayTravel. To Share and use With Family and Friends.
Weapon of Prayer 12.0.0
Zavarise Apps
Weapon of Prayer - Edward M Bounds - Free E-book - KJV Bible -ShareBible Verses - Offline - Easy Zoom - Prayer Request Andmore!!!! WhyPray? In his book, The Weapon of Prayer, Edward Boundsstates: "Thelife of the individual believer, his personalsalvation, andpersonal Christian graces have their being, bloom,and fruitage inprayer." As a chaplain in the Confederate StatesArmy during theCivil War, Bounds initiated weekly prayer sessionsto strengthen thespiritual state of his local area. His wisdom hasimpactedChrist-seekers for decades, and his words are as powerfulnow asthey were in the 1800's. Bounds reminds us that throughoutBiblicalhistory, many of God's greatest movements were incited bytheprayers of God's people. According to Bounds, prayer must beapriority. Other Christian duties, such as sacred works,communion,and church activities, cannot and should not take theplace ofprayer. To eliminate prayer from our daily lives is toabandoncommunication with God. It is through prayer that we havetheopportunity to share our deepest sorrows, joys, and desireswiththe only one who can truly comfort us. To remind readers thatGod'spresence steadfastly endures, Bounds concludes his piecebyproviding modern examples of the power of prayer. SHAREBLESSINGS!APPLICATIONS THAT MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER - Zavarise Apps Aselectionof the great Classics of Christian literature. Specialcollectionof prayer books by Edward M. Bounds. Books that willchange yourlife and your relationship with our Lord . Only forAndroid!Totally Free! This book is part of the collection ofclassic bookson prayer by Edward M. Bounds. Among them are: -WEAPON OF PRAYER -PRAYER AND PRAYING MEN - THE ESSENTIALS OF PRAYER- PURPOSE INPRAYER - POWER THROUGH PRAYER - NECESSITY OF PRAYER -THE REALITYOF PRAYER James 5:16 ´Confess your faults one toanother, and prayone for another, that ye may be healed. Theeffectual ferventprayer of a righteous man availeth much.´
Greek Orthodox Prayer Book 1.45
Greek Orthodox Prayer Book( Ελληνική Ορθόδοξη προσευχητάρι)Προσευχήκατάλογος περιλαμβάνει:* Η Προσευχή της Αγάπης* Ευχή πριντο γεύμα *Ευχή μετά το γεύμα * Πρίν τον ύπνο* Χριστέ το Φως τοΑληθινόν* Ειςτον Κύριο Ιησού Χριστό* Κύριε και Δέσποτα* Προσευχήτου Οσίου Ιωσήφτου Ησυχαστή* Προσευχή της Όπτινα* Ἡ εὐχὴ τοῦ ὉσίουἘφραὶμ τοῦΣύρου* Προσευχη υπερ της εσωτερικης γαληνης* ΑγνήΠαρθένεΔέσποινα* Προσευχή προς τον Υιό* Δέσποτα Παντοκράτωρα*Ψαλμός 50*Ψαλμός 142* Δοξολογία Μικρά* Μικρό Απόδειπνο* ΣτηνΠαναγιά* Καιπολλά άλλα...Αν κάνετε λήψη αυτής της εφαρμογής και,όπως αυτό,παρακαλώ γράψτε μια κριτική του είδους και τηςδιαβάθμισης.Ευχαριστώ.Είμαι ανοιχτός σε προτάσεις γι 'αυτό μηνδιστάσετε να μουστείλετε ένα e-mail αν βρείτε κάτι λείπει.ΤοAndroid έχει έναπρόβλημα με το ελληνικό Polytonic κείμενο, έτσιώστε τα κείμενα δενείναι απόλυτα σωστή. Αν κάποιος έχει μιαπροσευχή που δεν είναι σεUnicode ή ξέρει πώς να λύσει αυτό τοπρόβλημα ας μου στείλειe-mail.If you speak English and want tohelp feel free to contactme.
Prarthanamanjari : Official 12
പ്രാർത്ഥനാമഞ്ജരി is a complete, light weight and reliableresourcefor personal Christian Prayers in Malayalam. It gathers adiverseselection of prayers from the rich traditions of theCatholicChurch. This treasury of Catholic worship includespersonal,family, and liturgical prayers. It includes a greatcollection ofdaily prayers which can be used in different occasionsin our life.† Features † • Daily prayers • Common prayers •Japangal •Japamaalakal • Songs • Madhyastha Praarthanakal † Greatways toread † • Scroll through your prayers. • Colorization to thetextfor better understanding. • Dynamic UI with respect toimportantdates. • Simple and Elegant UI. • Share the prayers toyour friendsand family. Copyrights: All copyright, trade marks,design rights,patents and other intellectual property rights(registered andunregistered) in and on Prarthanamanjari may beextracted fromdifferent sources and books. Courtesy: To differentonline prayersources and christian prayer books. Thank you for yourinspiration- Prarthana!, Catholic Prayer Book, Daily Prayers etcPrivacyPolicy: Prarthanamanjari is not collecting any of theuserinformation with our their prior knowledge. The app doesn'tshareor misuse any of the information collected from the user.Thesoftware, materials and assistance provided byPrarthanamanjarihave the only purpose of sharing prayers to itsusers. If you haveany questions or suggestions don't hesitate todrop us a line - that's what we're herefor!
Pray For Your Husband: 31 Day 3.0.0
This is an app for Mike Leake's "Pray For Your Husband: 31DayChallenge" seen on Facebook and This is achallengefor wives to pray for their husbands for 31 days and willhelp youput a FACE on praying for your husband: * Focus — I need toknowwhat specifically to pray for my husband or I’ll just keepprayingthe same things over and over again. * Accountability — Ineedothers to keep me accountable and remind me daily topassionatelypray for my husband. * Challenge — I need to bechallenged to godeeper in the way that I pray for my husband. Acommunity of otherspraying will help shape my prayers. *Encouragement — Sometimes wepray for things and God’s answer isslower than we like. We needencouragement to keep praying. Shareyour progress and encourageothers on Facebook and Twitter with#p4h31
St. Joseph Novena Prayers 1.0.3
NewJ Apps
St. Joseph Novena Prayers has the following options : *Novenaprayer for 9 consecutive days * Litany prayer to St. Josephwithall the prayers. * Prayers to St. Joseph for variousintentions. *30 days prayer to St. Joseph with special intention. *Awesome userinterface with option to enlarge text and selectingcustom fonts.
Divine Mercy Audio Prayers 1.0.5
NewJ Apps
The Divine Mercy Audio Chaplets App have the features including :*Easy to follow the prayers in audible format * Text versionforprayer reference * Customisation option in setting screen *Includeall the prayers of 3'o clock devotion
Orthodox Prayer Book 1.5
The Orthodox Prayer Book is an application on Macedonianlanguagethat contains: Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers, Akathistto theMost Holy Mother of God and otherprayers.-------------------------------------------Православниотмолитвеник на македонски јазик ги има следнивемолитви: Утринскимолитви, Вечерни молитви, молитви за разнипотреби, Aкатист конПресвета Богородица, Пасхално молитвено правилои други.
org.ethiccoders.jyp 4.0
Jesus Youth
We bring the Jesus Youth Prayer book @ your fingertips! Features*Each prayer day jeweled with particular saint images *Uniquehorizontal saints menu to choose from * Auto selection ofprayerbased on current date of month * Tween animation for textswitching* Pinch to zoom out & in. ~ An Initiative of JesusYouthInternational in collaboration with EthicCoders @CoverFlowModule -Courtesy Neil Davies( is wondering what Jesus Youth Prayer is all about, then readon:Prayer is a stepping out into the presence of the Divine,goingbeyond the here and now, but, at the same time, opening up thehereand now to the grace and action of the Lord. The DivineMasterspoke of the fine mixing of the two dimensions of the lifeofanyone committed to the Call. “Every scribe who has beentrainedfor the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who bringsout ofhis treasure what is new and what is old” (Mt. 13:52). TheJesusYouth Prayer combines the rich heritage of Christian prayerwiththe contemporary modes of spontaneity and Spirit-led dynamismOurmanner of prayer will surely determine the quality and style ofourlife. This is true of the individual, but more so of a movement.Inthe Jesus Youth Prayer there are very traditional as wellascreative and dynamic elements. Entering into the serenity anddepthof the time-tested traditional patterns of prayer willgraduallyform a person rooted in the spiritual heritage of the agesandensure faithfulness to the little things of life (Mt. 25:21).Atthe same time the joyful spontaneity and a Spirit evokedlivelyparticipation will stir up a new zeal for the Lord and leadone toa creative commitment to the Kingdom. A wholesome prayerresults inwholesome Christian life, balancing our commitment to thelove ofGod and commitment to be present in the world today. In theJesusYouth movement there are prayer meetings which followtheCharismatic style of fully spontaneous leadershipandparticipation, but in a small group gathering, in the meeting ofaJesus Youth Team or other fellowship gatherings, the JesusYouthPrayer will be quite appropriate. For a person new tofellowshipprayer, the present mode will be helpful for easyparticipation. Onthe other hand, for those experienced inparticipative prayer, theJesus Youth Prayer will open up new depthsof inner life andspiritual discipline. Seven Steps The presentprayer formatinspired by the traditional patterns of communityprayers in theChurch has the following steps: 1. Introductory: Theprayer beginswith the sign of the cross and the community renewsitsparticipation in the life of the Trinity. This is followed byashort time of singing and spontaneous praising. 2. Psalter:Thepsalm is prayed alternating between two sections. This couldbefollowed by a longer time of songs, free praise andlivelyspontaneous prayers. Its duration could depend on thetimeavailable and the occasion. 3. Word of God: A suitable passagefromthe Bible is read. A time of silent recollection for a fewminutescould follow. 4. Reflection on the Word of God: Many couldsharetheir insights during this time. But in a more formal settingoneperson could be asked to share the reflection. 5. Response:Aprayer of response using the meditations or prayers of a saintwillsurely lead us towards greater depth in spiritual life.6.Intercession: The group, at this stage, spontaneouslyarticulatesvarious needs and all join in interceding for theseintentions. 7.Conclusion: With the Lord’s Prayer and blessing theprayer comes toa close.
Prarthana Manjari 2.0.1
1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 “Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing.Inall circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God foryouin Christ Jesus”Prarthana Manjari is a collection ofcommonMalayalam Catholic prayers and devotional Songs. Since theseareavailable on the mobile phone, one can have a prayerfultimeanywhere, anytime. The songs section also will be usefulwhileleading a prayer or during personal prayer time.We offer thisas asmall contribution for the World evangelization. While this isafree application, requesting your prayer for those peopleinvolvedin World evangelization - as a small token ofappreciation,whenever you use this app. Our sincere thanks to Rev.Fr. XavierKhan Vattayil and Sehion ministries, since most of theseprayersare taken from the Sehion prayer book.If you like to see anyothercommon prayer in this app, please send the scanned version oftheprayer to If you have any suggestionsforimprovements, please do not hesitate to write tous.PraiseGodDevelopers of Prarthana Manjari
Pray For Your Daughter: 31 Day 3.0.0
This is an app for Mike Leake's "Pray For Your Son: 31DayChallenge" seen on Facebook and This is achallengefor parents to pray for their daughter for 31 days andwill helpyou put a FACE on praying for your daughter: * Focus — Ineed toknow what specifically to pray for my daughter or I’ll justkeeppraying the same things over and over again. * Accountability —Ineed others to keep me accountable and remind me dailytopassionately pray for my daughter. * Challenge — I need tobechallenged to go deeper in the way that I pray for my daughter.Acommunity of others praying will help shape my prayers.*Encouragement — Sometimes we pray for things and God’s answerisslower than we like. We need encouragement to keep praying.Shareyour progress and encourage others on Facebook and Twitterwith#p4d31