Top 20 Games Similar to Temple Monkey Run

Jungle Temple Run 1.15
Jungle Temple Run is a game templerunadventure and legendary games temple run! Jump (jungles) andrunrun through 110 pretty levels and Castles with increasinghardness!Players will play as a man running through adventurejourney toexplore the beautiful jungle world and you need to crossdifferentobstacles.★★★★ is a great game for all ages★★★★ Is Easy to Play But Hard to FeelHeart-throbbing Jungle Temples Run Game Features -+ 100 challenging levels+ unique and facile gameplay+ amazing 2D graphics+ magnificent music and soundsSo what are you waiting for..just go and download your copyofthe Jungle Temple Run game and score better than your friends!
Temple Dash Run 1.10.4
Run and escape from evilWelcome to a Classic fast runner adventure game !You are an adventurer and in constant look for hiddentreasures,after long search you are lucky to find this temple fullof goldand treasures. What you didn't know is that the temple isalso ahome for a giant creature. Dash down the temple rocks toescapefrom the giant monkey in the temple jungle !!!In this Temple jungle adventure there are power-ups to freezetime& to make you run fast, you will also find rushingobstacles& danger coming your way fast. Collect gold coins,jump offrocks, slide cliff and run for your life! Sprint throughthestunning world of secret island lair, avoiding fiendish traps&pitfalls. Collapsing buildings, lazers, lava and more willblockyour path, but they're no match for Dash! Rush past wildobstaclesin a super-fast dash, jump over columns or broken trees,and slidefast under dangerous traps!.Temple Dash is a fantastic advance infinite runner game for2017.Key Features of Temple Dash Run 2017• Simple swipe controls!• Amazing environment!• Realistic physics!• Dangerous obstacles!• Amazing temple design!• Infinite run mode!• Full of fun & adventure!• Time freeze & fast run power-ups!• Twisting levels with dramatic ups & downs• Next-gen graphics• Lightweight Game to reduce your data costs• Endless Runner with great graphics and fun animations• Infinite runner with new logics• Magnets can help you collect more coins• Swipe to Move & JumpTemple Dash Run game is made only for real runners who arenotafraid of pushing their speed to the limit in a dangeroustempledash to victory. Do you have what it takes to be a RealAdventurer?Run and prove it in the temple jungle 3Denvironment!
Subway Temple Guardian Games 1.0
Intic Jo
Subway Temple Guardian Soni Ninja frozengamesIn super Adventure's world,Tap buttons to move and jump and runner! Subway Temple GuardianSoniNinja frozen is a very funny puzzle monster like zombieonAndroidthe Best games target amazing adventure for your Android. Enjoytheplatform castle Awesome levels that we made for you! The littlemanhas to pass various tests and beat Demon to save theprincesshalloween finally.The lovely scenes vary very fast. So you must get ready to dealwithtt buy fireballs, lightning weight throws and other items intheshop .Subway Temple Guardian Soni Ninja frozen Amazing this funandadventure game is better than ever and will surely be what youarelooking for. Like games cars and trains like Fish and likegamesmonkey and flowers and like moto .and super Your goal is toovercomeall difficulties and defeat all enemies to rescuetheprincess.Attention:Long press the bullet button to jump higher and farther.FEATURES:* Classic platform game style.* Cute characters and many different enemies to defeat.* Well-designed graphics and cool sound effects.* Many worlds and levels to explore.* Collect coins and other valuables along the way to increaseyourscore.* Easy to control.40+ different enemies- 2 different characters Monster- Character Upgradable- Achievements- And many more features!halloween is lost in the adventurous world. Help you get outofthere!But beware: There are many problems waiting for his girl runningandcharacter to jump.Explore different worlds, collect Money and starfall and tap tojumpover the obstacles!Download the game Subway Runner : Rush For Android ! AndChallengeyour friends to beat a high score as your runner at therailroadtracks at top speed while .That's simple and addictive gamesExtremely smooth controlsEnjoy this new game super frozen adventure freeAll this completely free, so you should at least try.We expect all players Super ninja and super adventure have agreattime playing it, please rate and thanks for playing
Temple Princess Jungle Run 2.0
This is the thrilling and exhilaratingTemplePrincess running game. Enjoy the run through the mysteriousjunglewith Temple princess.You will be faced with unknown dangers, obstacles and fear...So what are you waiting for?The temple princess jungle run game will have you playing forhours.The princess runs, the princess races and you have to ensureshegets through all those obstacles! So are you gamed?All your friends will be playing our temple run game.There are many levels and you will graduate to higher levels asyouget better. We guarantee that this jungle run game will keepyoubusy for hours regardless if you are a casual or anexpertplayer.The game has tense rhythm, amazing graphics, and smoothcontrolfeelings.Are you itching to find out how to play with Temple princess?-Simply install and open Temple Princess Jungle Run game app.-Click the start button and enjoy a quick fun game.Help the Temple princess reach her goals now.We welcome all comments and idea on how to improve our junglegame,so please feel free to contact us via our developer contactbuttonand share your ideas.
Temple Scary Castle - Run End 1.5
Temple Scary Castle - Run Endless - Inspired by classic TempleRun,a running game which introduced scrolling type of games into3Dworld.The mega-hit, attractive, dangerous and addictive TempleScaryCastle - Run Endless, is now out for Android!Temple Scary Castle - Run Endless is a endless running 3Dgame.Discover the mysterious temple castle and run and survivethroughthe scary demons and face stunning adventures. Lots of lotsofdangers awaiting you to face and win through the scary templeandacquire the treasure. Acquire treasure by collecting gold coinsandspend them to purchase to power up the capabilitiesandpossibilities in the game. 5 characters to choose fromwithdifferent animations.Are you a legend, prove it to become one.★★★★★ Face the demons or hordes★★★★★ Face Fire Balls★★★★★ Face narrow paths★★★★★ Face the bumpy paths★★★★★ Face the moving paths.★★★★★ 5 different characters★★★★★ Realistic animations★★★★★ Stunning lighting★★★★★ Gorgeous 3D Graphics★★★★★ Endless Fun★★★★★ Scary, attractive and addictiveCan you beat your friends high scores?! All of them areplayingit.
Running Temple Adventure 1.0
3D Run Game
Running Temple Adventure 2015 is a runninggamewhere you need to cross different obstacles, overcome dangerswhilecollecting as many coins as you can to score the highest..Feature of Running 2015 Adventure- Beautiful graphics in Temple Run Adventure- New worlds to discover- New powers to unlock- Captivating music with Run Game- Smooth touch-based controls- Exclusive wallpapers to unlock for your deviceRunning Temple 2015 Adventure Run is easy for all ages to pickupand play, but challenging for the longtime Rayman, Fred fanstomaster. Unlock the Land of the Livid Dead levels if you havetheskills!So what are you waiting for..just go and download RunningTempleyour copy of the super duper addictive hit game - RunningTemple2015 & score better than your friends !
Jungle Frozen Temple Running 1.0
Jungle Frozen TempleRunning isanadventurer’s thrilling jump and run arcadegame!Explore and run through 100 smooth challenging levels!+ challenging adventure running gameplay+ addictive, simple and fast game+ one-touch controlsDownload Jungle Frozen Temple Running to enjoy thesimplestyetexciting jump and run endless escape game. A beautifulgirl,Alnais trapped in a Frozen Motu Temple deep in the southjungle.Shewas trying to look for the answer to her mysterious cursebyawitch when she was a baby. Help Alna to escape from theFrozenMotuTemple which is full of evil obstacles andchallenges.Are you ready for the adventure temple running game? Collectasmanygold coins as possible to beat your friends’ high scores!Jungle Frozen Temple Running:+ 100 amazing endless running levels+ beautiful, stunning and smooth graphics+ HD music and intense sound effects+ simple and unique one-tap control gameplay
Jungle Adventures Cowboy 1.0
God Of Games
Jungle Adventures – free is achallengingandadventurous game. You will definitely enjoy thebeauty ofnaturaljungle environment on this app. This game iscompletely freeandeasy to use. All you need to do is to run in thejungle andescapefrom obstacles and hurdles. Get high scores bycrossinghurdles. Bea part of this unique jungle adventure.Free can be from the boy. She must pass a great dealmonstersgetto histarget subway and save the earth. Mario must collect enoughcoinsbutnevertheless chase with small amount of time.The best way to Play super adventure- Tap left, right button to move left, right- Tap fire button to shoot.- Tap jump button to dash over subway.- Get coins to buy items.- Jump to flower to acquire energy Super JungleTedAdventures.Features :- Addictive action.- Greatly moments (subway, jungle, frozen, ...) to feed.- So nice graphic and appear.The Most awaited version of Jungle Castle Run series isoutnowfor Android & moreover its still Free!Jungle Adventures Cowboy is packed with loads offeaturesfrommultiple power boosters to many different worldswithchallenginglevels, hidden paths,bonus coin levels & enemybossclashes atend of each world..Jaw Dropping Game Features -★★★★★ Multiple Worlds & Theme - Homeland, SkyHigh,Underground..★★★★★ Multiple Challenging Levels to cross in each world★★★★★ Achievements & Abilities to Learn - Fly & Swim★★★★★ Lightweight Game to reduce your data costs :-)★★★★★ Amazing game control★★★★★ Good Quality GraphicsAll your friends are playing it - can you beattheirtopscores?Like side scrolling adventure that will rock you through50levelsof challenging running and jumping.This retro-gaming classic will turn your Jungle adventurejump-loving heart on end!To play you simple touch the screen to jump and touchquicklytwiceto double jump.You can jump over your enemies to avoid them and your goalistoguide Jungle pirate to the end.Download Jungle adventure jump now! It is a fun gameforeveryone.Try it out and enjoy!Jungle Adventures Cowboy is an adventurous platform gamewhereyouneed to gain power-ups,collect coins,cross differentobstacles,fightenemies & conquer worlds by defeating the enemyworldbosses.
Super Jungle Monkey running 1.1
"Super Jungle Monkey running World" is asuperadventure and legendary platformer game!Jump and run through 100 beautiful levels withincreasingdifficulty!Features of Super Jungle Monkey kong running:★ Multiple Islands to conquer with Many levels ineachIsland..★ 5 different and colorful worlds to unlock★ Google Leader boards integrated for easy comparison of scoreswithall your friends & the whole Land★ HD Quality Graphics★ Awesome & interesting Farm background game music★ Many unknown enemies to tackle & hidden paths to find.★ easy to play with your Naughty - but hard to master★ Facebook Share ability so you can quickly share yourexperiencewith your friends..★ Amazing game controlSuper Jungle Monkey banana running World is lost injunglesadventurer luigi. Help him to collect Castle and to get outofthere!But be careful: There are many troubles waiting for your Sheepherocharacter.Be the super lep's , save the Warriors islands & bringpeaceback in this challenging free banana kong casual game..Lastly, if you enjoy the game, don't forget to let us knowyourfeedback ..Enjoy this brand new super jungle mario adventureplatformergame!Download now and experience the joy of flying along thevinesthrough various environments!
Jungle Monkey Run 1.0
Would you like to join in Jungle MonkeyRuntostart A Super jungle monkey Adventure game ? GO.Monkey Banana Run is an amazing running andjumpingadventuregameMonkey is going on a new Jungle run adventure and heneedyourhelp!let's monkey jump and run to get coins and don'ttouchtheMonsters , you win one point for any coin you get- Whenever you get a coin whenever gain more points- Just tap the screen to To control running and jumping- Collect more coins as many as you can- If you touch any Monsters, your energy will decrease- Run to the end of the level to pass the next.- try to enter the castle and kill the big monster** Game Features : -# Multiple XXXX Levels# Bullet firing capability# Awesome and interesting background game music# Amazing HD High quality graphicsEnjoy the Monkey Panda Run game & do leave a feedbackthatwillhelp us improve...!Hurry'up Download now
Jungle Monkey Run 1.0
Yusuf Apps
Jungle monkey run!!! is a simpleandreallyadventurous run game with good graphics and soundeffects.Ourlittle monkey runs and escapes from its cruel circusmastertoreach its parents in the jungle. Help the monkey torunthroughjungle without be caught by its old master in circus.Justclickthe screen to make our little monkey to jump all obstaclesandrunto its parents in jungle. This jungle monkey run is one ofthebestadventure game with best graphics and control and music.Jungle Monkey Run is a cool running andjumpingadventuregame.Monkey is a brave, agile and lovely monkey, on a beautifuldayhewent into the jungle to pick up banana the jungle isfullofdanger,he needs your help !Would you like to join him to start the excitingadventureinjungle?Enjoy It :)
monkey happy run 1.2
Banana all there, ready to trip the jungleofthe most exciting ever! If you enjoy playing Monkey collectionandoperation of the games, you will certainly like the BananaIslandRace Temple! Bobo is our friend, the monkey in the rescuemission,and you must run, jump and swing on vines through 5 levelsto savethe love bananas! Enjoy the race is endless, and make asmallmonkey happy! Download Banana Island race temple and be aquestthrough the island monkeys!* A rocking fast paced adventure* A one-touch control - intuitive controls and a better responsetothe game experience* Amazing run through the jungle, which is packed with surprisesandsecrets difficult environments and obstacles* Jump and swinguez chromium to avoid deadly obstacles* Amazing music with the theme of the jungle and monkeysoundsfunny- Banana Island- Jungle Island- Volcano Island* Use and collect blobs dress monkey with the heaviest garbLeap Authority - Click to jump, press and hold your finger tothelong jump too!Mega hovering - in the air, tap and hold for a trip Megaglidethrough the clouds!Super parachute - in the air, and slip to get faster andbaboonskill enemies around!* Dangerous nails that prevent you from saving the bananas!Focus on the quest for banana!Keep running like hell and large groups in this excitingadventureand scrolling fun for kids! All blobsGo hunting with bananas and join our party in the woods. Monkeysagacrazy! Run and browse the entire island to kill themaximum!With the monkey and fly like a bird in the forest village!Willbecome crazy in this journey that does not end in the woods!Thisgame monkey baby is also fun for adults because of thedifficulttasks!Run, monkey, run! Get bananas and enter the world of gamesandjump Monkey Island loading bananas: Bananas quest for megaawaits!Competition Aviation baboons, more wicked monkey in theforest! Getthis side-scrolling game fun for kids and adults, andsave yourgirl monkey temple!This arcade classic is the best girl games. They are alsogamesfor children. If you like monkey games, adventure games thesearethe best of new and funny games in 2015 and create the bestfreemobile games with monkeys and bananas5. Please evaluate the starletsThank you very much...Plátano Isla todo allí, listo para disparar la selva de losmásemocionantes jamás! Si te gusta jugar colección del mono yelfuncionamiento de los juegos, que sin duda, como la CarreradeBanana Island templo! Bobo es nuestro* Una mecedora aventura trepidante* Un control de un solo toque - controles intuitivos y unamejorrespuesta a la experiencia de juego* Increíble carrera a través de la selva, que está llenodesorpresas y secretos entornos difíciles y obstáculos* Ir y cromo swinguez para evitar obstáculos mortales* Música increíble con el tema de la selva y el monosuenagracioso- Banana Island- Jungle Island- Isla Volcán* Uso y recoger manchas mono vestido con el atuendo más pesadaalrededor!* Uñas peligrosas que le impiden el ahorro de los plátanos!island para matar al máximo!Con el mono y volar como un pájaro en el bosque pueblo!Seconvertirá en una locura en este viaje que no termina bebéjuegotambién es muy divertido para los adultos debido a lasdifícilestareas!Ejecutar, mono, corre! Obtener los plátanos y entrar en elmundode los juegos y saltar Monkey Island bananas carga:Plátanosbúsqueda de los mega aguarda! Babuinos Competencia deAviación, elmono más travieso en el bosque! Obtener este divertidojuego dedesplazamiento lateral para niños y adultos, y guardar tuchicatemplo de los monos!Este clásico de arcade son los mejores juegos parachicas.También son juegos para niños. Si te gustan los juegos demono,juegos de aventura se trata de lo mejor de los juegos nuevosydivertidos en 2015 y crear los mejores juegos móviles libresconlos monos y los plátanos5. Por favor, evaluar los aspirantes a estrellasMuchas gracias...
Run Monkey Run 1.0
Run Monkey Run is one of the bestrunningandcatching money of can enjoy your time by passing levels of this game ,it appear harder in every level especially after level 50butbyusing your smartest and playing hard you will finally winthelevel.but don't get angry and think about your mindhappinessafterpassing levels.Best action and entertaining Run Monkey Run Game.
Monkey Run In Jungle Bananas 1.0
Get on the Banana Island and enter the worldoffast-paced 2D platform monkey racing and jumping game.Extremely fun filled journey. Get ready to run and jump withourmonkey on a beautiful island. This super fun monkey joyridewilltake you on the floor of banana adventure where you will havetoeat the bananas and avoid the obstacles comes on the way.This endless Banana Island will become your favourite of allarcade2d platform games for kids!Simple and Addictive tap controlsSimple one touch tap and slide control give greatgameexperienceNever-ending island adventure!Fast paced 2d platform banana adventure gameContinuously run through astonishing island with full ofexcitinglevels, secrets and deadly obstaclesAvoid tricky obstacles(crazy enemies)Funny monkey sounds and incredible island musicGet more powers and fly like a bird through the Mountain View!Youwill get crazy entertainment in this endless running andjumpinggame.If you are addicted to free monkey running games, you willinstantlyget a jump on this addictive banana island!
Super Jungle World Run 1.0.3
Dragon Warrior Adventures is a superaddictivegame available for android now similar to super mario!Temple Train Motu Patlu Run discovered an ancient junglewhilevisiting the great world , yet finding such an old artefactgot herinto trouble and now Viking needs your help to put an endthe thecurse. Keep in mind that many enemies will try to stop youcompletethis mission. monsters, zombies, pocoyo , carnivore plantsand lotsof dangerous obstacles so great care must be taken when youstartthis adventure.yet I'm positive that all of you will have great timewhileplaying.About the game :Temple Train Motu Patlu Run is a jump , run and shot game whereyouhave to navigate your umizoomi character through differentlevelsof the jungle castle. You can collect coins and othervaluablesalong the way to increase your score. It has 8 levels ofincreasingdifficulty. it combines the classical gameplay of retrogamesinspired from and some new skills of the mobile gameplaywithawesome levels that we made for you!Game Features :*Beautiful design and High quality graphics*Simple and easy control and play*8 different challenging Levels of increasing difficulty*Lightweight GameHow to play:it's easy to play just jump to avoid obstacles and shotyourenemies.So what are you waiting for ! just go and download your copyofthe super ultra modern addictive hit game like scooby doo&show the real gamer in you!Enjoy !
Temple Jurassic Run 1.1
Temple Jurassic Run, is a fun dazzlingandrunning game. The main aim of the game is to fly and makejurassicrun as far as you can. Collect various powerups run and flyas faras you can .Collect the beautiful jewel jems to upgradetheJurassic Worlds.Overcome the obstacles and avoid hitting the roamingflyingdragon. Unlock Survival Mode to fly freely no jems, noflyingTemple Jurassic. Enjoy the play. Get your Lego Jurassic Worldtothe highest levelPowerups in Temple Jurassic Run 2:+ Magnet Circle- Take magnet to collect thejemsautomatically+ Doodle Doo- Take Doodle Doo to ride on a fast moving Doodle+ Big Bite:- Doubles the jewel jems when you collect withJurassicCraft+ Shield- Shield protects from obstacles CraftFeatures in Temple Fun Game:- Simple touch controls- Nice Japanese background Island- Smooth Gameplay With Craft Builder Style- Challenge gameForget the temple, jungles and subway stations - the citiesofNew York and Rome await you! Run 2Watch out for ALIENS, DINOSAURS, Jurassic and otherINSANEstuff!If you love to play temple run 2, Jurassic Park Builder andLegoJurassic World. This game also make you Fun and More RelaxTemple Jurassic Run is the best free 3D running game! If youlovegrandma games then you will love this cool FREE runninggame!
Krishna Murari Run 2.3.1
Ace Games
Run with your favorite cute friendKrishna,it'san adventure that you can't miss out.enjoy collectionpeacockfeathers and score big to unlock different skills featuredKrishna.This is not about defeating kansa and other villains ,justa fungame.Avoid all incoming obstacles in the game ,and become WORLD for free right wise its one of the topgamefor little Krishna game out there ,and we support every mobileandtablet.*****************************FEATURES*************************************- Touch game play – swipe the screen and help him to avoid themanydangers that await on the road.- Freedom of movement! Dodge! Jump! Roll! FLY!!- Many power ups help him on his escape- Get one power up for each things you break :)- Fly through the skies with your magic carpet- No one can stop you ,because you have plenty ofvishuchakras- Burn up the road dodging the traffic and other dangers onthejourney!- Stay alert! There are thousands of obstacles you’ll havetododge!- Competitive play - run past your buddies' high scores in thegameand become the top runner!- This game is optimized for tablets