Top 49 Games Similar to Duke Dashington FREE

Super Dangerous Dungeons 1.2.4
Pocket Gamer Silver Award "A super sharp-edged, but superenjoyableretro platforming challenge " – Pocket Gamer, 8/10 "SuperDangerousDungeons is just a good, solid platformer" – TouchArcade,4 starsHop into a challenging platforming adventure with thelittletreasure hunter Timmy! Run and jump your way through trapandpuzzle filled corridors, but watch out: the rooms are fullofspikes, pits, and other deadly dangers. Do you have what ittakesto conquer the dangerous dungeons and reach the legendarytreasure?GAME FEATURES: - Over 50 challenging levels, includingbosses andsecret stages! - Stylish and retro pixel art graphics! -SNESinspired retro soundtrack by KungFuFurby!
Treasure Hunt Cleopatra 1.3
Join Cleopatra for the best puzzle & start winning pyramidsoftreasure!Start your diamonds and jewels ancient treasurecrushstory now! Enjoy a variety of mysterious levels; each levelhas adifferent and dedicated set of game rules such as limitedmoves,time and much more!Match 3 or more jewels and earnincrediblelightnings to crush stunning ancient totems atrophies.TopFeatures:- This diamonds Cleopatra game is completelyfree!- Thegame becomes more mysterious and addictive as you go on.-When youare stuck, wait for a hint to help you.- Easy to play butachallenge to master!- Designed for all ages.- Amazingspecialeffects.- Beautiful golden totems, jewels and Egyptiantrophiesvisuals
Treasure Hunters: free match3 gems Merry Christmas 2.6.7
JEWELS! JEWELS! JEWELS! Your pirate team has found it! Use jewelstobuild the Town on your island. Travel through the ocean andsolvesacred puzzles. Be calm and happy when returning to home.Yourisland needs jewels to repair the old town. Match the 3s ofjewelsand you will receive the great treasures! Every mach3 levelhas itsown unrepeatable style and unbelievable rewards: + diamonds+sapphires + brilliants + rubies... and sacred jewelry! You needjustcombine jewels to make 3s or more similar gems in a row. Newfreematch game: - Lots of interesting puzzles! And each 2 weekstherewill be more! - Beautiful and calm island, where you canbuild yourown Town. - Use a sacred Portal to find the newterritories! - Nicepirates! Master the difficulties making supercombinations withgems! - Lots of bonuses and daily rewards willhelp you to solve allpuzzles and collect all diamonds-jewels. -You can play offline! -It’s absolutely free match 3 game, but youcan buy some additionalmoves or other game features. - No ads."Treasure hunters" - theworld of match 3 adventures in yoursmartphone. Play match-3 gameabout pirates and treasures. At the"mach 3" levels you will find alot of puzzles, beautifulanimations, and useful bonuses. Join thefan page and find out theupdates first!Facebook:
Treasure Hunt Hidden Objects Adventure Game 2.2
Become the best treasure hunter! Start the quest for hiddenobjectsright now and let this be the greatest adventure of yourlife.Download Treasure Hunt Hidden Objects Adventure Game for freeandthe expedition can begin. Explore the ancient temple, lostisland,secret garden and other mystery places. Be a pirate and findthetreasure chests, gold, jewelry and other hidden figures that canbevaluable! If you love hidden mystery treasure hunt games free,youare in the right place to have the best fun in yourlife!TreasureHunt Hidden Objects Adventure Game features:🔍 Mysterygameadventure free localized into 15 languages!💎 More than 1000hiddenobjects to find in a mystery venue!🔍 Multiple levels withmysteryplaces full with hidden objects!💎 Fantastic 3D game designthatwill leave you speechless!🔍 Find the hidden object from themenubelow & click on it!💎 Click on the magnifying glass buttontouse the hint for help!🔍 For mobile phones only! Zoom in thepictureto find the hidden item!💎 Move the picture when it is zoomedtosearch for hidden figure!🔍 Zoom out at any moment you like toseethe mystery scene again!🌟 MORE ADDITIONAL MYSTERY HIDDENOBJECTGAME FEATURES:💎 Picture search - for finding hidden objectsquicklyand easily!🌟 Silhouette hidden object – a challenging levelforfinding items!💎 Word scramble game level – a hard level tofindhidden figures!🌟 Flashlight or a night mode level – use thelightto seek for items!💎 Match Pairs – a memory game with colorfulcardsto pair!🌟 Find the Difference – a mini game placed among thehiddenobjects!💎 Time limit game - Bonus level to train your brainandconcentration!Pack your things for desert treasure huntadventure!Start the expedition through the enchanted castle or thelosttemple of the doom and search hidden objects scattered allaroundthat will help you discover many secrets they hide. Act likea realarchaeologist when you enter the secret room of an ancientMayanpyramids full priceless gold figures and sarcophagus. If youlovetreasure hunting games and temple games, Treasure HuntHiddenObjects Adventure Game will certainly be one of yourfavoritesearch and find hidden treasure games!Best treasure huntgames forboys and girls!This is a long mystery journey, you'dbetter beprepared for adventure. The secret caves and the enchantedtemplesare full of hidden treasure, but also full of traps. Thepirates ofthe secret society wanted to be sure that no one willsteal theirtreasure. So pick the map and bring the magnifying glassto detectsmaller valuable hidden objects. This is the only way tobe a goodfortune hunter, concentrate well to find hidden figuresand have agreat time exploring lost worlds. Be careful! Some of themysteryplaces can be a crime scene, be sure you can solve themystery caseby picking the right hidden objects from the treasurehunt list ofthings to find.Download hidden object 2018adventuregames!Fantastic treasure hunt action game for adults isfinallyhere! Treasure Hunt Hidden Objects Adventure Game is perfectforall the people around the world who love pirate stories andactionmovies about the expeditions in the lost world. Searchobjects inthis mystery venue secret society hidden object game freeand lurkthrough the ghost town with no fear. The horror scenes canreallychill your blood, but you have to stay focused and go throughthelost empire to search and find hidden objects scatteredeverywhere.The hunt for the lost treasure can begin, get ready forthe bestseek and find game!Hidden object treasure hunt story isready to betold. But first, you have to experience this treasurehunteradventure in order to tell everybody all the details fromtheexpedition. Pick all the hidden items from the treasure islandandescape the cursed temple as soon as possible. DownloadTreasureHunt Hidden Objects Adventure Game, the best seek and findhiddenfigures mystery game!
Join the world’s largest treasurehuntingcommunity with the official app for geocaching. Whether youare offto find your first geocache or your ten-thousandth, this appisyour ultimate geocaching toolbox. There are millions ofcleverlyhidden containers called geocaches scattered throughoutmore than185 countries, just waiting to be found—there are probablyevensome near you right now.Just getting started? This app walks you through the adventureoffinding your first few geocaches. There are tips, hintsandinstructions for geocaching as well as using the app.- Live Search continuously updates nearby geocaches asyoumove- Find all easy Traditional geocaches and geocaching events- Message other players for tips, hints and more- Learn about the world of trackables: geocaching game piecesthattravel from geocache to geocache- Search for and log trackables you find in the wildUnlock even more adventure with Geocaching Premium:- Find any geocache in the world, including Premium MemberOnlycaches- Access a search tool to sort through them all- Enjoy new and improved tools for finding advancedgeocachetypes- Create lists of geocaches and save them for offline use- Gain access to all Premium features on Geocaching.comWatch this video to learn more about the making-oftheGeocaching® app: us on Instagram: us on Facebook:
Mermaid Mystery Hidden Secrets
Find your treasure hunting shoes, time for a puzzle adventurefullof mermaid mysteries! Mermaid Mystery - Hidden Object presentsyoua fun and challenging seek and find objects game that takesplacein a mysterious undersea world. Enjoy high quality sceneswhilemeeting beautiful mermaids and dolphins. Explore coral gardensandmore as you solve the puzzles to find hidden items andtreasures!Tocomplete the ocean puzzles in Mermaid Mystery- HiddenSecrets, allyou need to do is find the items listed at the bottomof thescreen. Each scene is filled with a clutter of items thatdon'tbelong, all you have to do is sort them out! There are threemainmodes to try out, each one more challenging than the last.Picturemode is great for kids and gives you a series of images tocomparewith items on the screen. Silhouette mode keeps pictureoutlinesbut doesn't show you what to find. Traditional mode keepsitemnames and challenges you to solve the puzzle and find thetreasureon your own!Features:- Dive under the ocean for afantasticitem-finding adventure.- Challenging hidden objectgameplay withtreasures, puzzles and more.- Three types of hiddenobject levels:item, silhouette, and lists.How to Play:- Lookcarefully at eachscreen as you try to locate the items on thelist.- Tap an item tocollect it.- Explore the ocean caverns on yournew adventure!Wannahave more games? We would love to hear fromyou!Find us on Facebookat on Twitterat more information aboutBigBear Entertainment, please visit
Pharaoh Treasures Blast 1.1
a new match 3 jewels puzzle adventure in ancient EgyptThebrilliant"match 3" puzzle game for everybody who loves a magicatmosphere,ancient mysteries jewels.If you really like the jewelstype ofgame, but also very love of Egyptian culture, the treasuresblastis your first choice.Match the magic diamonds in the questtounlock the secrets of the jewel world. Complete more than1000+quests and levels to win the ultimate quest with swapping,hittingand exploding the jewels and power-ups.
Pirate Treasure Blast 1.5
☀ ⚓ ☀ Pirate Treasure Blast ☀ ⚓ ☀Play and discover anever-endingmatch-3 fun!Welcome to the tropical trip through thejewel gamesduring this pirate treasure blast. You might get into anaddictivetreasure blast while surviving in this match 3 puzzleadventure.Achieve millions and win all jewel games on yourway!amazing,beautiful and colorful tropical islandmatch 3 puzzleadventurechallengesexplore hundreds of adventurous levels, completethemissions and solve the puzzlesUse bombs to gain more starsandbecome the best fortune hunter that has been playing in thelasttime. Win the pirate treasure hunt with amazing and veryaddictivegameplay!
The Hunt for the Lost Treasure 1.9
Continue the adventure of the The Lost Ship in this longer questasyou hunt for the pirate’s lost treasure in thisbeautifullydesigned classic point and click adventure puzzle game.Explore apirate’s cove, ancient temple, and structures of past treedwellinginhabitants. Discover hidden passageways, clues and puzzlesalongthe way! Uncle Henry has been hunting lost treasures for aslong asyou can remember. His legendary stories of adventure excitedyourimagination as you were a child growing up. Now with yournewlyacquired archeology skills, he has been reaching out from timetotime for your help in tracking down some of these difficult tofindtreasures. In his latest quest, he has used the map youdiscoveredin the lost ship and tracked down the location of thepirate’scove. You must explore the island, find clues, and solvepuzzlesleft behind by the pirates to discover the location of thelosttreasure! This captivating adventure game has: - Customdesignedbeautiful HD graphics! - Custom composed soundtrack andsoundeffects! - A built-in hint system for when you get stumped -Adynamic map to show the screens you have visited andcurrentlocation - A camera that takes photos of clues and symbolsas youdiscover them - Dozens of puzzles, clues, and items - Autosavesyour progress - Available for phones and tablets! Visit ourwebsiteto sign up for our newsletter and learn about upcominggames! Desperately stuck in the game? Watch thefullgame walkthrough video:
Geo Detector - treasure hunter 1.6
Geo Detector, an application made for people who own metaldetector,numismatist, archaeologist, and treasure hunter, golddigger.Forlovers of archeology and history.This object geolocationapplicationis used to locate its treasures and discoveries, if youhave a metaldetector, this application is great because thanks toGPS andlocation you will learn and view on the map all yourdiscoveries,locate the old ones way, the old houses and villagesand thus todiscover even more ...Save the latitude, the longitudeof yourdiscoveries, its image and description in your database,classifyyour detection to be more efficient.Practice you can shareyourdiscoveries with other users and see their discoveries too,theirtreasures, coins, military objects, archeology etc ... andthuslearn new things.For numismatists, look at the rare coinsfound bytreasure hunters!FUN, the ranking of the best treasurehunters.(Ispecify that no GPS coordinates are shared or published,the contactdetails remain confidential)to try simply good treasurehunt withyour metal detector
Duck Life: Treasure Hunt 170322
The most popular ducklings on Earth are back in the spin off tothe#1 best selling game, Duck Life.After the Fire Duck wasdefeated,the erupted volcano revealed an ancient cave, and treasureisinside! Are you ready to take the challenge and explore thecave?Are you swift enough to survive in this fast pacedactionadventure! In fact, this is the most epic adventure in theDuckLifeworld yet!Wait a second, don’t tell me you haven’t taken ontheFire Duck yet? You may want to check out our first app, DuckLife.Become a part of the history!KEY FEATURES:• Run, jump andflythrough the ancient cave as you try and collect as much treasureaspossible• Complete special challenges and become the ultimatecaveexplorer• Fast paced action! Are you swift enough tosurvive?•Dress your duck in crazy hats and give them awesomeclothing!•Adorable pets• Adorable characters• Outstandinggraphics•Captivating music• Upgrade your duck with crazy gadgets tohelp youexplore further• Race against other ducks all over theworld! Willyou be the best treasure hunter? (Coming soon)
Dig a Way - Treasure Mine Dash 2.3
Digi Ten
Dig a Way is a beautifully animated cartoon puzzle adventurethatwill challenge your brain and reflexes! Embark on an epictreasurehunting adventure with Grandpa Digger and his trusty Dogandexplore exotic caves to find gold, gems, and ancienttreasuresburied down deep.Move, Dig, Dash, and Rewind Time to solvecleverpuzzles, avoid deadly traps and crush pesky enemies. But becarefuland think ahead, because once you move down, you can't gobackup!!MAINFEATURES------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------**Easyto Play - Dig, Move, Dash, and Crush enemies with 3buttons,designed to be played with one hand anytime, anywhere!Controls arefast, intuitive, and responsive!** Rewind Time – Made amistake? NoProblem!! Use the Undo button to rewind time and go backas far asyou want!** Over 100 Levels – Dig, Dash, and Explore over100 handcrafted puzzles that will challenge your brain, timing,andreflexes! Find Bonus caves fill with Coins, Race againsttime,Escape collapsing caves, and more!** 4 Unique Worlds - Findnewtreasure maps and travel to 4 unique worlds, each filledwithharder puzzles, new challenges, traps, and enemies! And don’tworry- Grandpa Digger’s sidekick, Dog, will be there to explaineach newmechanic.** Unlock Amazing Outfits – Use your gold tounlock newoutfits in the shop for Grandpa Digger! Be a Ninja,Viking,Football player, Knight, or even a Pirate King!** CompleteyourTreasure Collection – Find all the Artifacts hidden in theminesand put them in your Museum to start earning Gold. The moreyoufind, the more gold you can earn!** Intelligent Fun - Are yousmartenough to find all the treasure chests and gold hidden inthemines? Give it a shot, and see how many stars and crowns youwillearn!** Beautiful Cartoon Visuals – Dig a Way is filledwithbeautiful art and animations, making it one of the bestlookingCartoon games out there! From the way Grandpa Digger sleepsinbetween levels, to the way Dog flies the plane whenchangingworlds, Dig a Way is all about the attention to detail! Diga Wayis Free, so what are you waiting for? Grab your shovel, put onyourMining Hat, and come join Grandpa Digger and Dog on anamazingadventure!
Solitaire Treasure Hunt 2.0.003
Qublix Games
Don't expect a fairway! Treasure hunting is wild. Dream ofpyramidsand paradise as you blast cards and reach the peak ofadventure.Make your own saga and become a legendary explorer! TakeSolitaireto new depths by facing off against opposition from allover theworld. Live for the hunt as you race to beat your opponentsto thegreatest treasures in history. This is Classic Solitaire withanexciting new twist. Travel through history and exploreiconiclocations while taking on all other treasure hunters andtombraiders to claim the title of the best treasure hunter theworldhas ever seen. Top features: ◆ 4v4 and 8v8 Tournaments ◆ExcitingSolitaire gameplay ◆ Head to Head battle ◆ Hundreds ofamazinghandcrafted levels ◆ Beautiful treasures ◆ Country andGlobalLeaderboards
Sea Pirate: Match-3
4Enjoy Game
You will join to the adventures of thepiratethe Black beard. He is looking for the lost treasures inallcorners of the earth. You and the pirate should become thebesttreasure hunters. You should find the pearls of the Edward,thecrown of the king Arthur and other costly treasures.You will visit a lot of islands to find the treasures.ExploreHawaii, Bora Bora, Japan, Caribbean islands, Bali. Eachisland hastraps and mysterious obstacles.During all your adventures you will have an opponent. Her nameispirate the Green eye. She will compete with you to becomethefamous pirate in the world. You should find the treasuresfasterthan your opponent, to become the most famous hunter.You may invite your friends to play together and to findthetreasures faster. If you have better scores, than your friends,youwill get the winner cup.Enjoy the game. Your journey is starting now!
Temple Hunt Match 3 1.5
temple hunt match 3temple adventure journey swap blastlosttreasuretemple hunt match 3 is an addictive and deliciousadventurefilled with colorful gem crunching effects and welldesignedpuzzles for you to play in subway time! With crystal stylejewelsto smash and eliminate in each level, temple gems is twicethe funbut familiar to play. So let's get started to crush thelegendnow!game features:* diamond temple quest is FREE to play with900+amazing levels* many levels of different diamond templejewelsChallenges* suitable for all ages to enjoy the game and match3diamonds or more of the same color* beautiful graphics and boostupeffect ( mega bombs, lightning, blocks, and many more).*amazingmusic and game sounds for different challenges and gamematchesThissparkling puzzle adventure will instantly sate yourwanderlust andcraving for diamonds treasure.
Space Treasure Hunters #2 1.1
After the Third Galactic War, many worlds were left in ruins.Thereare treasures of great value hidden in those ruins. Hundredsoftreasure hunters are flying through the Galaxy searching forthem.One of them is David Fox. This time he managedsomethingincredible...Follow the footsteps of scientists whodiscovered theprecious T-gems, which are full of energy. Find outwhere theirHyperspace ship is and head to the place where thegreatest cosmictreasure of all time is hidden.Classic hand-drawnadventure game(point and click)New from the GameStylus.comteamSuperHelp forquick help in the gameAutoSave feature saves yourpositionsHint: Inthe menu you can get information about anylocation, you'll alsofind all collected items there and you canturn the sounds on/offor restart the game.
Pirate Caribbean Treasure 1.1
pirate caribbean treasurethe ultimate match 3 treasurehunt!Sailinto the heart of the Caribbean in the Age ofPiracy!UltimateMatch-3 game in the jewel world with addictive andexcitingadventures! This jewel game has well designed puzzles foryou toplay in anytime and anywhere! easy and fun play★ easy tocontrol,fun to play, great graphics!★ just swap & match withyoursingle finger!★ easy and fun to play, challenging to master.★morethan 880 addictive jewel quest levels - more addedregularly.★helpful magical boosters to win jewel stars.Downloadthisincredible free game today, and play hundreds of excitinglevels!Immerse yourself in fun and adventure
Xcavate: Chess Treasure Hunt 2.2
Go on an epic treasure hunt to find all treasures with as fewmovesas possible, in this fun, addictive and fast-growing game!Getcluesfrom chess pieces, triangulate the treasure location, windyour waythrough tricks and traps, and build your loot.Then, findtheleaderboards and see how you compare with the world championsofXcavate!Features of the game include:1. ZERO ads2. Campaignmodewith 27 levels3. Puzzle mode for endless fun, just setup theboardas you want, and keep solving Xcavate game andthrowingbricks at us until we got it right! We love you all! Manymoreupdates to come! :)
Persist - A Tale of Redemption 1.4
Persist is the tale of a small spirit trying to reach amysteriousGoddess to seek for forgiveness for his past sins, so hecan moveon to the higher plane of existence. Unfortunately, theGoddess istrying her hardest to stop him, stealing parts of hisbody andvarious skills with them, making his quest more and moredangerousthe further he travels.Can you reach salvation? Or are youdoomedto lose all hope, and your whole existence, in the Goddess'deepand dark sanctuary?FEATURES- Completely free game, no ads,noin-app purchases- 10 levels of sweet platforming action.-Simplerun and jump controls.- Retro pixel art graphics.- Touchingstory
Treasure Puzzle Egypt Pyramid 1.1
treasure puzzle egypt pyramidOne of the best Egyptian games.appearin ancient Egypt!Enter the Great Pyramid of Giza, explore thetombsin the valley of the kings and find the lost treasure.Canyouescape Egypt pyramid? Explore the ancient ruins of the LibraryofAlexandria to find the maps of secret passages andtombs.features:- free match 3 puzzle game- enormous amount ofuniquelevels- beautiful empire with colorful surrounding- match 3or morejewels in the jewel world- classic matching puzzle game withatwist- ancient Egypt jewel world full of jewels and gems-pyramidadventure with Egypt gamesPlay this ancient Egypt game andhavefun!
Treasure Pirate 1.4
treasure pirateyou must find real treasuresA pirate’s life isthebest life! You can play Pirate Match Adventure for free. Apirategame! awesome puzzle with charming gemsIf you want to becomeafearsome pirate, you need to collect three matching diamonds,solvepuzzles, find maps, unlock chest brimming with gold. But itwon’tbe that easy, you’ll have to conquer enemies to find thetreasure.Always look for the best match 3! Download it free today!We hopeyou enjoy our Treasure Pirate game!
Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game 2.5
Prepare for the treasure hunt! Pack all your things, the shipisleaving the harbor soon! Play Treasure Island Hidden ObjectMysteryGame free and start the unforgettable adventure. Joincaptain Flinton his quest and try to find lost treasure chests witha lot ofgold and jewelry in the caves of a mystery island. Bewarethemutiny of the notorious pirates on a ghost ship, try to stayalive,read the old maps and get rich!Treasure Island HiddenObjectMystery Game features:🔍 Treasure island adventure gamelocalizedinto 15 languages!💎 More than 1000 hidden objects to findon ashutter island!🔍 Multiple levels with mystery places full ofhiddenobjects!💎 Fantastic 3D game design that will leave youspeechless!🔍Find the hidden object from the menu below and click onit!💎 Clickon the magnifying glass button to use help!🔍 For mobilephonesonly! Zoom in the picture to find the hidden item!💎 Movethepicture when it is zoomed to search for hidden figures!🔍 Zoomoutat any moment you like to see the mystery scene again!🌟ADDITIONALMYSTERY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURES:💎 Picture search –use picturesto find hidden objects on treasure island! 🌟 Silhouettehiddenobject – a challenging level for finding objects!💎 Wordscramblegame level – a hard level to find hidden figures!🌟Flashlight or anight mode level – use the light to seek for items!💎Match Pairs –a fantastic memory game with cards to pair!🌟 Find theDifference –a mini game to spot the difference!💎 Time limit game -Bonus levelto train your brain and concentration!🌟 Magic puzzlegame – put thepuzzle pieces together to make a picture!Join thisthrilling storyof the pirate ship, begin a mission to exploremysterious islandand try to find the hidden treasure of the famouslost city.Download the Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game,collectall the hidden items and discover if the legend about thecursedpirate treasure! Collect all the hidden items and revealthemystery of the last survivors of Pirate Island - play now thebestisland escape games and have fun.Best adventure island newgamefree download for all generations!If you are a fan of pirategamesand you like the search for lost treasure on a mysteriousisland,you will love this object finding game. Help Captain Flinttodiscover hidden treasure, get rich and escape from thispirateisland. Download Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Gameandplay the best of free adventure games! Immerse yourself in themostcaptivating story about a mysterious world, full of hiddenthingsthat you have to find to survive on the desert island.Followus ofFacebook: of theisland heroes. Fight evil pirates and save thenatives!The notoriouspirate ship, on its search expedition of thehidden treasure, hassunk near the shores of this mysterious islandin the Caribbean Sea.If you want to survive on the lost island,explore the remains ofthe ghost ship, collect the hidden thingsthat will help you findthe famous lost city and discover themystery of the secret societythat inhabited this island that hashidden their treasure in thedark caves, deep in the tropicaljungle. Become one of the mostfamous treasure hunters, play thebest of new escape games andisland survival games to find hiddenfigures.Explore the islandparadise and get rich overnight! Thismystery hidden object game forwomen will take you through thetreasure island, the rooms of thepirate ship, the lost temple inthe tropical forest in your searchfor hidden treasure. Inaddition, this search and find game is oneof the most fun braingames and the real challenge for your mind.There are many miniconcentration games, check your memory byfinding a match for eachcard, sharpen your eyesight – spot thedifference between two pics.Download Treasure Island Hidden ObjectMystery Game, the best ofthe new games 2018!
Piste et Trésor 2.8.5
Furet Company
Looking for an adventure ? You’d like unusual discoveries ?You’rean intrigues, mysteries and enigmas amateur ? Whether you’reabudding investigator or an experienced inspector, use PisteetTrésor to lift the veil from the Heritage’s hidden face. PisteetTrésor application is : - Fun visits circuits - Paper chase-Investigations - Enigmas - Treasure hunts… to carry out on thespot! With Piste et Trésor, you will discover cultural places withavariety of game features : image recognition, enhancedreality,puzzles, MCQ, game of spot the difference, timed stages,etc.Become the hero of your own adventure and carry outaninvestigation on numerous heritages : a city, a castle, a park,amuseum. More than 200 online games with a huge numberofdestinations : - Paris, - Versailles Palace - Grenoble, -L'Hérault(Montpellier) - Perpignan, - Issy les Moulineaux,-Plougastel-Daoulas (Brest), - Saint-Raphael, Fayence’s Country,-Saint-Ouen, - Brest, - Lyon, - Poitiers, - 6 adventures ontheSources du Lac d'Annecy, Faverges’ Country, - Dinant (Belgium),-The Corderie Royale of Rochefort, - Grasse’s Country, -TheSappey-en-chartreuse - Châlucet’s Castle - Alsace (more than20treasure hunts) - Niort Marais-Poitevin, - Sète, -Avesnois’Regional and Natural Park (3 paper chases), - The Arve, -… We areconstantly looking for new partnerships to satisfy youinvestigatorsoul craving for intrigues. By accepting the push mode,you’ll beinformed of the new courses online (no intrusiveadvertising).Piste et Trésor : the fun circuits application : paperchase,treasure hunt, fun course to PLAY OUTDOOR. Take up thechallenge !
WIND runner adventure 1.11
Come, join the adventure!A brand new running adventure game fromthemakers of WIND runnerthe legendary game with over 25Milliondownloads!Follow the treasure map you get form the Crow andenjoythe fun filled adventure!FEATURES:-Experience and customizediversecharacters like Chloe, Ryan and Popo.-Ride the tornado andupdraftand fly in the sky!-Use the walls, hooks and ropes tomovefreely.-Transform into a Giant and become invincible.Multilanguagesupport! Enjoy the game in English, German,simplified/traditionalChinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean! IMPORTANTNOTICE WIND runneradventure is completely free to play but containsoptional in-apppurchases. You can turn off this feature in thesettings menu ofyour device. A persistent Internet connection isrequired (networkfees may apply); requires acceptance of Joymax’sPrivacy &Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA includes in-gameadvertising; collectsdata through third party analytics technology(see Privacy &Cookie Policy for details); contains direct linksto the Internetand social networking sites intended for an audienceover 13.
Hello Kitty Friends - Tap & Pop, Adorable Puzzles 1.3.50
World-famous HELLO KITTY, MY MELODY, POMPOMPURIN, BADBADTZ-MARU,KERO KERO KEROPPI, TUXEDOSAM go to the puzzle world!Excitingpuzzle game adventure with cute Sanrio characters! Matchtwo ormore Friends block and pop ‘em up! Match multiple Friendstogetherand turn them into special blocks! Explore Hello KittyFriends’world with cute obstacles in your way! What should I weartoday?Collect a variety of costumes for the Friends. GUDETAMAandCINNAMOROLL also visited the Hello Kitty Friends world!CharmingFriends will help you play the game! Decorate your ownhouse andinvite friends over! Fill your dream house with adorableitems!Combine and get new Friends! Meet a new Friend by combiningthreeFriends! Collect all your lovely friends and completeyourcollection! Meet Hello Kitty Friends right now! KeyFeaturesDelightful graphics and super easy to play! It is easy andfun toplay but difficult to master. There are many differentlevelsavailable. Get amazing rewards by exploring the HelloKittyFriends’ World! Share the fun with friends through theFacebooksharing feature. Boost items such as Cupid’s Arrows, ToyHammers,Mirrorballs, Magic Wands, Firecracker , and Bombs will makeyourgameplay more enjoyable. What's even better is that you canenjoyall of this completely for free! *In-app-purchase optionsareavailable.
Tèrra Aventura
Take one hiking GPS, the very best of the Terra Aventurauniverse*,200 epic quests and what do you get? New Aquitaine’sofficialGeocaching Mobile App! Main features :• Discover 200 freeandamazing adventures, to be experienced with family, friends, oronyour own. • Explore breathtaking and unexpected places andlearnall about the region’s heritage.• Answer riddles and collectPoï'zbadges.• Enjoy a fun and educational “multi-cache” approach.•Publish your discoveries and photos. Follow our news andotherplayers’ evolution on your mobile phone. • Unlock original andfunsuccess badges as you evolve in the game.Bonus quests (inFrench):•Piece the Wiseman Stone map together. • Find the ninebanners ofTerra Aventura’s lost countries • Unveil the preciousWisemenParchment • Avoid Bad Poï’z trapsNew in 2017 :Eightpricelessobjects have disappeared into thin air !Although the BadPoï’z mayseem like the ideal culprits, something tells us thatsomeone elseis pulling the strings!Your mission : find the stolenObject’z andget rid of « Z », the brains behind the Bad Poi'zorganization !*Tèrra Aventura is a fun spin-off of a world-famousactivity called“geocaching”. An outdoor treasure hunt that willtake you on ajourney to the world of Poï'z : tiny creatures withminds of theirown! Ready to give terra Aventura a try ?Officialwebsite: us onFacebook: us onTwitter:
Pirate Ship Hidden Objects Treasure Island Escape 3.03
The hunt for the lost treasure can finally begin! Gather yourpiratefellows and start the secret quest across the Caribbeansea.Download Pirate Ship Hidden Objects Treasure Island Escapeandenjoy playing one of the most famous seek and find treasurehuntadventure games ever. Search for missing objects and find outhowto get to the caves full of gold. This is one of the mostaddictivebrain teaser games - join this thrilling story of thepirate ship,begin a mission to explore a mysterious island and tryto find thehidden treasure of the lost city.☠ More than a 1000hiddenobjects!☠ Translated into 15 world languages!☠ Treasure huntgameswith levels!☠ Zoom in/out feature for mobile &tablet!☠Fantastic music and sound effects!☠ Mini-games among hiddenitems!✨Hidden object game levels: 🔎 SEARCH BY PICTURE🔎 SEARCHBYSILHOUETTE🔎 OBJECTS IN ANAGRAMS🔎 NIGHT MODE🔎 MATCH PAIRS🔎 FINDTHEDIFFERENCE🔎 TIME LIMIT GAME🔎 PUZZLE GAME☠ HOW TO PLAY PirateShipHidden Objects Treasure Island Escape? ☠Follow Paul'sinstructionsand start a new mission! Find hidden objects in thepicture writtenon the cards below. Click on the “Light bulb” buttonwhen you getstuck to use help. Find hidden figures when you aregiven a pictureor a silhouette and search for missing items hiddenin anagrams.Use a flashlight for a night mode. There is a speciallevel as atime limit game, where the timer brings a dramatic momentto thegame. Play other mini games for brain that will entertain youforhours like find the difference, match pairs and puzzle games.Oneofthe most amazing treasure hunt action games 2018 isfinallyhere!Try to avoid pirate ship attack because there are somanyenemies who want to get your treasure chests and sink yourship.Arrive to the mystery island as soon as possible and prepareforthe jewel hunt! If you are a fan of pirate games for adults andyoulike the search for lost treasure on a mysterious island, youwilllove this object finding game free download. Discover hiddenpiratetreasure, get rich and escape from the cursed island.DownloadPirate Ship Hidden Objects Treasure Island Escape and playone ofthe best of free adventure games for boys and girls, men andwomen.Spot the hidden object in pictures and become anotoriouspirate!This mystery hidden object game with levels willtake youthrough the treasure island, the cabins of the pirate ship,thelost temple in the tropical forest in your search forhiddentreasure. In addition, this search and find game for womenand menis one of the most fun brain games free download and therealchallenge for your mind. There are many mini concentrationgames,check your memory by finding a match for each card, sharpenyoureyesight – spot the difference between two pictures. But that'snotall! Pirate Ship Hidden Objects Treasure Island Escape app isafabulous language learning games. It is localized in 15worldlanguages and gives you the possibility to chose the languageyouwant to learn and exercise vocabulary in the bestpossibleway.Survive the pirate ship battle! Search and find hiddentreasurefor free!Steal pirate treasure and play adventure islandnew game2018! This is one of the best island survival games fullversionfree download that will kill your boredom immediately.Download thebest puzzle hidden object game 2018 and spot themissing items tohave fun all day. Find valuable pearls, jewelry andgold. Pickeverything you need for sailing, find lost treasure andtry not toprovoke the pirate war. Pirate Ship Hidden ObjectsTreasure IslandEscape is finally here – play best treasure huntgames for free andenjoy the unforgettable adventure.
Winter Night Adventure
A free point and click adventure game. Escape your dailyroutinewith this beautiful quest with hand drawn art in a snowycoldwinter city.The story mode takes us back to the USSR oftheeighties. This retro adventure with typical Sovietsettingincluding cars and appartment blocks. The quest for a lostkeybegins. * Cool story graphic novel* Great hand drawngraphics*Free, funny puzzle game* Hard to find hidden objects*Urban theme*Funny hero* Mind relaxing, no time limit* Dark snowynight setting
Bubble Titan 1.8
Bubble Titan is a fun addictive bubble shooter game with hundredsofamazing levels and unique challenges. Join the incredibleadventure!Travel to ancient Greece and solve the puzzles of theTitans usingsome powerful boosters. Go on an exciting journey backin time andshoot and crush all the colored bubbles to level up.How to PlayDrag your finger to move the laser sight and lift it topop bubbles.Match at least three bubbles of the same color to popthegroup.Crush all the bubbles and clear the board.Explorehundreds ofmythical levels. Swap bubbles without limit and planahead.Challenge your brain solving hundreds of awesome puzzles.WhyYou'llLike It * Great puzzles and challenges. * Free to play!*Addictiveand smooth gameplay.* Awesome levels.* Amazing graphicsanddesigns.Can you beat the Titans and pop all bubbles? Downloadtodayand begin the ultimate bubble shooting adventure!All rightsofBubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Jake The Pirates: Adventure 2.1.5
Jake the pirates is the best adventure game and themostinteresting. Lots of action and obstacles waiting for you inthisgame.destroy all opponents there with a pirate sword. Avoidanyobstacles to the equipment of the ship.Your mission jump andclimbon never land, find the Treasure! Complete all missionsandobstacles to reach the ship and go on a ghost island. Collectallthe gold you meet, and get the best score.GAME FEATURES :►Colorfulanimation on your phone and tablet► Collect a map and findthetreasure of pirates along with Jake► Easy gameplay foreveryone►Wonderful design and beautiful pirate world► Nice soundand grapich
Tom 's World Adventure 1.0.2
Game NES
Tom's World Adventure is a Classic platformer adventure videogameon PC, now it is available on Mobile.Tom's World Adventurehaveclassic graphics, classic gameplay with over 100 levels willhelpyou happy with experiences of the adventures.In Tom'sWorldAdventure, you will play with 6 worlds with 20 levelsforeachworld.Enjoin Tom's World Adventure!
Can You Escape - Hidden Story 1.2
The game is full of puzzles in a scary atmosphere.Can youescapethis place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up forthechallenge?An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope youwilllove it!Game features:- nice graphics- solve addictivepuzzles-find, combine and use items- findsolutionsFacebook: YouEscape - Hidden Story and play for FREE!
TreasureHunter3D 1.6
TreasurHunter3D app is designed to be in perfect syncwithTreasurHunter3D™ metal detector devices that makesundergroundtreasures visible. It enables user to discover andvisualiseobjects that are buried up to 30m below ground withhighestresolution scan ever available. It is able to detectpreciousmetals like gold ore, silver and ancient bronze objects aswell asother non metallic objects like chests, boxes, hidden rooms,gravesand tunnels. KEY FEATURES: • 3 operation modes that enablesuser to- detect the presence of an object - determine the size ofanobject - view the shape or sub-surface view of an object -observeground surface & scan results simultaneously on screenwhileperforming the scanning • high resolution 3Dgraphicalrepresentation • touch controlled responsive zoom androtation of3D object view • sensitivity adjustment • battery statusmonitoring• volume control • ability to store scan data • abilityto storegeographic (GPS) location of scans • easy sharing of groundscansvia e-mail, MMS, FB,.. • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity is usedforcommunication with device to keep power consumption lowduringtreasure hunting TREASURE HUNTING BENEFITS: • health:searching forlost treasures with a metal detector has proven to bea great“stress buster” • entertainment: searching for HiddenHistory withmetal detectors is fun. You never get bored. It’salways excitingnever knowing what you are going to find. •financial: supplementyour income by hunting for treasure. Metaldetecting is one of thefew hobbies that can really “pay for itself” with every day finds• social: you will certainly make morefriends on your search forHidden History. It is also the perfectway to get your friends& family involved in doing an activitytogether. REQUIREMENTS:• TreasureHunter3D metal detector devicethat can be purchasedhere: IMPORTANTNOTICE: Before youdownload, remember that this application onlyworks withTreasureHunter3D metal detector devices
Mahjong Egypt Journey 1.0
mahjong egypt journeynew challenge for mahjong solitaire forPharaohadventureFor your unforgettable gaming experience we spicedit upwith brain teasing puzzles and fun riddles, excitingexpeditions andchallenging quests.Explore an epic mix of originalmahjong andexciting quests across the magic world• regular gameupdates withnew characters, levels, and quests;• special bonuslevels, timedquests, exclusive tile sets;• amazing community andsupport;•ability to play offline without losing your progress.
Incredible Superhero Aquaman : Underwater Hero 1.4
Gamad Studio
A fleet of Spanish ships battled a hurricane and lost, settlingatthe bottom of the sea among the Florida Keys, which wascarryingcopper, silver, gold, tobacco, gems, and jewelry. TheSpanish triedand failed to recover the lost valuables, so the wreckremained inthe deep until 1985, when treasure hunter Mel Fisherwentunderwater, he lost his life in there. The treasure is amountedtomore than 40 tons of silver and gold, including Colombianemeralds,1000 silver bars, artifacts made of precious metals, andmore than100,000 pieces of eight. So far, the spoils have reachedabout 450million dollars—and they’re still excavating.Your shepherdLuna ison the brink of the archaeological breakthrough of alifetime -discovering the mysterious spansih civilization which isrumored tohave the key to eternal life. His plans are foiled whenLarissa, anunscrupulous rival archaeologist, forces her way ontothe scenewith the help of her armed guards. Will you be able tostop Larissabefore she takes the treasures of the Spanishcivilization forherself? Team up with a curious cast of charactersincludingRachel, the daughter of the billionaire who funded theexpedition,Tawa, a trusty local guide, and Peter, a tech geniuswith anunnatural love of drones. Explore the beautiful island &jumpto wooden deck on sea port! Hunt all the water animals.Passthroughthe most difficult levels. Face the perfectly plannedhurdles. SoTreasure hunter let’s jump from your power boatsimulator &swim freely with jumping fish to find glitteringgold in trunk& complete quest of hidden objects underwater.Spread yourdiving and flips to dive in the depth of blue sea water& tryto search for treasure chest which have pearls & goldwithmillions of coins lying somewhere under the beneath of deepocean.Water swimmers & jumper can swim to explore the differentpartsin this sea divers swim simulator. Boat riders! To makethis3Dscuba diving & swimming game more interesting we haveaddedboat riding to ride in the deep sea survival & you have tofindit by diving in the depth of real sea water.You will findmultiplelevels in mysterious and enchanting scenes in this AquamanTreasureHunting game, each level is more challenging than theprevious one.Half Map, Starfishes, Guns, Mermaids all represent themost classicyet never-stop-surprising challenges you can find inthisunderwater treasure hunting games . Download & Playthisadventurous Aquaman- Treasure Hunt. It is the challengingescapegame you've been looking for.
Angry Bob Adventure 1.35
Many years ago, great and greedy magician decided to get rich.Hefound a treasure map, but these treasures were hidden at thebottomof the sea. The magician has decided to create a monsterwhich willobey him and would get the treasure from the bottom. Hespent theritual and created the Angry Bob. Bob was very strong,brave,quick, he loved gold and he was able to do a double jump.Bobglanced at the treasure map and went to search for them.Soadventure begins.Features:- Realistic 3D graphics withdynamicshadows, smooth animation and HD textures.- Simple andconvenientcontrolling.- Realistic physics of running, jumping, theunderwaterworld.- Sly levels with a variety of enemies andobstacles.-Realistic sounds.- Platformer with a story.- Neworiginal levelswill be constantly adding in additions .
Temple Jewellery 1.3
Temple Jewellery, New and improved match 3 puzzle game launchedonandroid market.Match and quest treasure gems jewels indazzlingcombinations in this jewels journey!This sparkling puzzleadventurewill instantly sate your wanderlust and craving for templejewel.You must quest real treasures using old maps in thisjewelsKingdom. To be jewelry king.How to play:- in each level, listofgoals that need to be completed.- match 3 more identicaljewelsquickly and swap colorful jewels.- learn to use specialeffectsjewels. the sharpest brain puzzle game.- if you haveanydifficulties passing a level you can use helpful props.- tryyourbest to make super combinations with super match!- less moves,morestars, higher scores! crush all jewels!- try to get all starsineach level, become jewels legend.Features:- completelyfree.-exquisite gameplay, Best experience, graphics and puzzles.-brainpuzzle game in simple rule, easy to play, hard to master.-variousmission puzzles levels waiting for your adventuring.- brainpuzzlegame with simple rule- no play limit such as heart, play asmuch asyou can!- can play even without network!- game file is aslow as20M, light-weight download!- supports tablet screenEmbark onthistemple jewellery adventure, matching_three and switching yourwayto the kingdom through addictive match gameplay.Downloadtemplejewellery, rate this game and send your feedback, help ustoimprove this jewels game!
Pharaoh Quest Puzzle 1.6
treasure pharaoh questlet's start your adventure in PharaohquestjourneyIf you really like the match-3 game, also very loveofEgyptian culture, let's start your journey in treasurePharaohquest!Switch and match diamonds complete the goal in thespecifiedsteps or times. Pass the levels and try to get all starsin eachlevel. Enjoy the full diamond adventure for free!GameFeatures:-mysterious Egypt world, hundreds of well-designed freelevels!-multiple goals, move mode, time mode, collect mode.- easyand funto start but a challenge to fully master.- stunning graphicswith ahighly polished interface.- mysterious ancient Egyptianmusic, letyou fully appreciate the mystery of ancient Egyptian.-leaderboardsto watch your ranking and friends.How to play:Match 3or morejewels (one in a row) of the same color by clicking at onejeweland drag it to other adjacent jewels of the same color and allofthem will be crushed, use the special lost jewels to enhancethedestructive force when you crush them.
Penguin Blast - Barrel Tap Boom 1.0.0
Tux the Treasure Hunting Penguin is looking to collect theLegendaryStars and needs you to help him the only way you firinghim from a barrel cannon!Tap the screen to fire Tux fromone BarrelCannon to the next, collecting colorful loot as younavigate yourway to each level's Legendary Star. Timing is key asyou learn thetricks of each of the many barrel types to solvepuzzles and avoidthe enemies and pitfalls that have foiled themany treasure huntingpenguins that have come before you in thisaddicting barrel blastinggame for kids and adults of all ages. Getyour reflexesready!Features:An adorable penguin who needs yourhelpSuper simpleone button touch control21 core levels per world3SUPER TOUGH bonuschallenge levels per world (for the best of thebest)Newlevels/worlds in free updates (coming soon!)Hours andhours of fun
Super Adventure 6.8.68
Super Adventure is an amazing games running, jumping andadventuregame. Be careful with the obstructions on the way! This isthe mostchallenging adventure. It really is a tough and challengingsuperjump game. It will challenge your focus and jumptimingskills.Features game:- More than 100 colorful levels. Mapcarefullydesigned to make the adventure more enjoyable andaddictive- Superworlds unlock free when play to end of that superworld.- Collectcoins with ease- Tricky monsters: snails, spiders,scorpion,carnivorous flower and so many other enemies...- Great HDgraphicsand animations .How to play:- Move buttons: move right,left, jumpand down the ladder with super simple controllers.- Tapto jump anddouble tap to double jump and escape the pitfalls.Beware of signboards and complete all the levels.- You can jump onyour enemiesto kill them and your goal is to guide boy to end.Inthis SuperAdventure game you have to finish level by level to moveto anotherworld. The higher the level, the more obstacles andenemies youhave to face. You may not know when a obstacle wouldappear or whena enemy would approach you, so you need to be alertall the timeand this is highly exercising for your brain. The gamehelps inrelieving stress and improves the response time as theplayer needsto be quick and attentive to face off thechallenges.Contact withus:Super Adventure game, bring back yourmemory of childhood!
Happyz's Adventures
Curious? Adventurer? Food lover? This bespoke family treasurehuntwas made just for you!From your residence or Pierre &Vacancesholiday village, let Happyz, the mischievous bee andprotector ofthe planet, guide you: You’ll also get a localspeciality toprepare in your apartment and a lot ofinformation.Going step bystep, use Happyz to help you find thevirtual utensils andingredients scattered around the site. Thistreasure hunt will takeyou around both the inside and the outsideof your residence.Readyto take on the challenge? Let's go!Freegame, can be used withoutan internet connection and doesn’t need tobe played in one go.Available on all Pierre & Vacances sites:residences, Premiumresidences, holiday villages, seaside, mountainsandcountryside!Total duration of game: 1 hour/1.5hoursApplicationdeveloped by Pierre & Vacances, their localpartners and FuretCompany.
Wheelie 4 - Time Travel 1.9
Wheelie is now back in his fourth edition and this timehisadventures are trough time and space!Wheelie broke his wheelanddecided to visit his friend at car service, but somethingwentwrong.Can you help our favourite red beetle to visit the carfixingservice?Essential Skills for this Puzzle game:Problem Solving-find a way to move Wheelie through each level Cause and Effect-explore levers and switches and learn how they work Trial andError- be adventurous, keep trying until you succeed
Ghost Ship: Hidden Object Adventure Games 2.2
Explore the long lost haunted ship and find all the secrettreasurespirates have abandoned in one of our latest ''hiddenobject games''.Prepare for a real adventure, investigate everysecret room andsolve the mystery of this cursed ship. Can you findthe hiddenobjects? We believe in you. Discover all the ''hiddenobjects'' andbecome a real detective. But beware! This ''ghostship'' hides manydangerous secrets! Do you think you can becomethe best detectiveever? Try yourself with ☠️ Ghost Ship: HiddenObject AdventureGames. You can further sharpen your skills with amini-game likefind the difference free or a pair memory game. Jointhe besttreasure hunters! Play one of the best mystery hiddenobject gamesin the world and enjoy!☠️ Ghost Ship: Hidden ObjectAdventure Gamesfeatures:💀 Fantastic hidden object games freelocalized into 15languages!💀 More than 1000 fun and secret hiddenobjects to searchand find! 💀 Treasure hunt adventure games withbeautiful multiplelevels!💀 Brilliant 3D game design that willleave anyonespeechless!💀 Find objects hidden object from the menubelow andclick on it!💀 Click on the magnifying glass to use helpif you everget stuck!💀 Zoom in and move the picture to findobjects and clickon them!💀 Zoom out to see the whole amazing sceneand find otherobjects!🔎 Additional treasure hunt games features:☠️Picture searchto find hidden items quickly and easily!☠️ Flashlight or a nightmode - use the light to find items!☠️ Time limitgames - beat thetime and win extra points!☠️ Silhouette hiddenfigures – very hardlevel games!☠️ Word scramble – find hiddenfigures games level! ☠️Match pairs – very amusing pairs memorygame!☠️ Find the difference– spot it out mini games level!🔎 Becomethe best detective ever withour fantastic hidden games!🛳️ Go on atreasure hunt and seek andfind hidden objects in one of our newestmystery games! Discover allthe secrets of these treasure huntgames adventure in ship. Finditems in pictures to discover all thesecret objects old pirateshave left on their cursed ship. Seek andfind hidden objects and tryto run away from all the ghosts andspirits that haunt this ancientship. Resolve the great secret ofhidden objects under the sea andbecome the pirate king. One of themost amazing ''hidden objectsgame'' is here just for you! What areyou waiting for? Get it nowfor free! 🔎 Find hidden objects anddiscover the lost treasure!🛳️Play one of the most brilliantadventure games mystery and explorethe hidden treasures of thishaunted ship. If you like playingdetective games and ghost shipgames, you will adore our hiddenobject games free new fullmystery. This is definitely the best''find the hidden objectgame'' you will ever play. Explore all thesecret rooms, discoverthe great secret of these ghosts and find thehidden itemsscattered across the ship. Our brilliant adventuregames will keepyou entertained for hours! Go through all levels todiscover thetreasure of mystery island the ghost ship free! Seekand find gamesare the best cure for boredom! Try it out and see itfor yourself!🔎Play the best hidden objects games and adventuregames free!🛳️Start a quest, find the object and show everyone whata greatdetective you are! Walk through this ghost ship, lookthrough ourmap and find the items hiding in the pictures. Solve thetreasurehunt puzzle and you will be rewarded well. Play ☠️ GhostShip:Hidden Object Adventure Games, the best ghost detective gameever!This is a fabulous object finding adventure game for girlsandeveryone who loves good detective stories free. Just followthestory and the clues, and you will solve the hidden mystery innotime! Find different objects in a picture with the help ofwords,pics, silhouettes, or find items by picture! Get one of thebestfree games and enjoy!
Catch the Fly 2.2.0
This is the most anticipated adventure game.Your mission is tocatchthose annoying flies, and save them for dinner.Beware! TheBees willcome to chase you, threatening to hurt you. Don't letthat happen!Use your skills to Run away from them while catchingtheFlies!Features:Simple 1 touch game mechanicAbility to Run awayfromenemies, by consistently tapping.Beautiful Gameplay andartExcellentsoundtrack and sfxAwesome Graphics - You should try itnow !
MIRIAM : The Escape 2.0
In Miriam you will go on an adventure inside a girl'sstrangedreams.Stages of black and white, light and silhouette arewaitingto be challenged by you.Are you ready to solve the puzzlesandescape from the endless lucid dreams?FEATURES•Brilliantcombination of Arcade, Adventure, and Puzzle• Realisticand fluidphysics-based gameplay• Stay in the dark, avoid lightandobstacles• Solve the puzzles, find the key to escape from aroom•Creatively designed 24 stages• Survive through obstacleelementssuch as liquids, stones, boxes, and balls• The art-like,elaborate3D animations created using Unity engine• Intuitiveone-touchcontrols - arrow keys and jump key are all you need•Surreal andimmersive audio-visual gaming experience• Imaginativeandinnovative level designMiriam is one of the bestarcadegames/adventure games available on mobile.Download and playthisone-of-a-kind indie game right now.We welcome you to Miriam'sworldof dream, destiny, horror, darkness and sometimes, evil inone'sinside.
Diamond Temple Quest 1.3
hours and hours of fun for you,best match 3 gamediamondtemplequest, New and improved match 3 puzzle game launched onAndroidMarket.Match and quest treasure gems jewels indazzlingcombinations in this jewels journey!This sparkling puzzleadventurewill instantly sate your wanderlust and craving fordiamondstreasure. You must quest real treasures using old maps inthisjewels Kingdom. Embark on this diamond temple quest,matching_threeand switching your way to the kingdom throughaddictive matchgameplay.Download diamond temple quest, rate thisgame and sendyour feedback, help us to improve this jewelsgame!game features:*diamond temple quest is FREE to play with 700+amazing levels* manylevels of different diamond temple jewelsChallenges * suitable forall ages to enjoy the game and match 3diamonds or more of the samecolor* beautiful graphics and boost upeffect ( mega bombs,lightning, blocks, and many more).* amazingmusic and game soundsfor different challenges and game matches
LightSlinger Heroes: Puzzle RPG 2.5.1
LightSlinger Heroes is a twist on match-3 RPG adventures. Shootandmatch 3 or more bubbles to attack legendary monsters in thisfastpaced puzzle RPG. Collect heroes to create your ultimate team.Duelfriends in tactical puzzle battles. Form Guilds and fightbosses inreal-time multiplayer raids. Join the quest to become thelegendaryLight Slinger! • PUZZLE SHOOTER - Sling and match bubblesto castpowerful magic. Strategically match power ups bubbles, todefeatepic bosses! • EPIC HEROES - Summon heroes and collectpets.Discover powerful skill combos and create the most powerfulteamsfor PvP or Guild events. • PvP ARENA - Compete in multiplayerPvPbattles. Discover tactics to outwit the defending teams in afight.• GUILD ADVENTURES - Invite friends to a guild. Sharegifts,complete guild quests and strategize with team mates to raidguildbosses. • ENDLESS SURPRISE - Every quest is a dynamic puzzle.Notwo boards are the same. Participate in 3 different eventquests:tactical challenge dungeons, procedural puzzle adventure,co-op mmostyle guild raids. • Follow us:
Furry Rascal - match3 1.0.9
Join the Furry Rascal on his adventure in this exciting "match3"puzzle game! Eat candy, complete levels, and explore more andmoreuncharted lands! Where will the road of adventure take you?
Can You Steal It: Secret Thief 3.0.1
Be an amazing “criminal” cases expert! Join the best hiddenobjectadventure game to solve puzzles. Observe rooms, discoverhints,seek and analyze clues, find items! Investigate them as aCSIdetective. Can You Steal It is a free, most popular andaddictivepuzzle adventure game with fresh and colorful graphics. Ifyou likehidden objects games, you must love Can You Steal It. It isfull ofchallenging and entertaining mini puzzles. Are you ready tostartyour thief life and help people to steal the items they neednow?Challenge your brain now! Observe the rooms and search fortheuseful tiny clues, examine and analyze the clues to solveminipuzzles. You also can challenge your friends to find out whoissmarter and can find the hidden items faster. Uncover secrets,getkeys, find the hidden objects in the rooms, then you can findthetarget item. Though you are a thief, but you need to think likeanexpert CSI detective. Stuck on a puzzle? Relax, walkthroughvideoof Can You Steal It is ready to help. Pretty simple, you justneedto tap the “Hint” button in the lower right. Walkthrough videoispart of the Pro features. Upgrade to remove ads, play allstagesand watch walkthroughs. Or you also can tap the “Try with Ads-Free” button to get walkthrough video for free. It displaysthewalkthrough of the current puzzle stage. Are you ready forthechallenging and addictive mini puzzles? Download Can You StealItnow! Show your amazing thief skills! Hide your “crimes”, becomeagreat and fabulous thief! People need your help! Features: ❤Prettysimple, play with ease and great fun! Free, noregistrationrequired. Super easy to get started. No complicatedoperationrequired. Just tap the location or objects to investigateand findclues.❤ Enjoy the fresh and cute graphics, enjoy cozy time!Thecolorful cosy little rooms, cute decoration and furnishingsmakeyou feel comfortable and happy! Start to enjoy your leisuretimenow!❤ Challenge yourself or play with your friends, have allthefun!You can challenge those entertaining mini puzzles alone oryoualso can play with your friends! To find out who is smarter andcanfind the hidden objects faster.❤ Solve thechallenging,entertaining and addictive mini puzzles!Even the tinyclues canhelp you to figure out the tricky and challenging puzzles.Toobserve the room, find the hidden objects, completetheinvestigation, solve puzzles! Become an amazing “criminal”.❤Hints& help, watch video walkthroughs for free!Get stuck? Takeease,we prepare the hint for you. Tap the “Hint” button in thelowerright, press the “Try with Ads – Free” button to getwalkthroughvideo for free!