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Subway Rush Run 1.0
Megus Games
Running games are so much fun andbestrunnergames are addictive. If you are the fan of endlessSubwaygame,runner games, and endless running games, then downloadnewgamesfor free Subway rush run with crazy naughty boyAddictive subway escapes endless running game withuniquescenedesign, the perfect rush runner in a beautifulsnowsubwaytracks.Free Subway run rush is a free endless running game for girlsandkidandroidRun Subway Rush Features:- Surfing in snow subway- Rush, surf in subway game- Different characters to choose- Train coming, be careful and avoid obstacles- Run in the game like a subway girl- Upgrade to get endless power- hoverboard rush far the perfect running experienceShow your love to the runner games, rush in the subwaygames,youwill surely enjoy running subway free casual game. Run,jump&surf to bounce on Railway paths throughout the crazyrunninginrunner subway game. Escape from tricky paths and look outforanoncoming train to avoid an accident in subway game forkidsandgirls.How to play subway running game?- Tap the screen to surf in subway running track- Swipe to slide, run and jump over hurdles- Strike coins, gems & boost powers to score high- Don't hit obstacles & barriers in subway running gamessurfs in the subway and begin this exploringfrenzy!subwaytrains.escape from a subway, to be the best game subway surfrun,funkyrunner. Slide the screen to rush in the subway escapefromSantaClaus.There will be a surprise to run along the way in the trainrail,cityroad, and special gift to earn if you're lucky. Magnetscanhelp youcollect more coins. Rush, surf, run in theunknownsubwayescapeTired of temple games, castle, dash, rush and princessrunninggames?Yes then beat the temple heat on a beautiful frozensubwaytrack, runand jump games for girls and kids, enjoy crazy runin asubway runcityGet ready for a fun run endless running challenge inthethrillingsubway running games for free.Good Luck!
Cat Rush - Subway & Bus Run 1.0.7
Subway & bus cat run game!Cat rush with more fun time, endless or racing mode.More cats to choose, different designed for all ages, Tom, Kittyorother characters you like. Jump, slide, roll and rush left orrightto avoid obstacles. Coming bus or subway trains, Jump with 3foot.It is a very fun adventures runner game, make your cat keepingfastspeed, jump, surf as fast as you can through the city, parkandsubway scenery!It is very excited to run with your friends in the racingmode,speed up or down in the special road, fast dashing aftercollectenergy. Enhance the skill with your loved cat. Exerciseyourdriving skill in the endless mode, avoid the obstacle, speed uptorun.How to use props is very important: High scores, more goldcoins,Farther distance. Common props, such as Score booster,Magnet,Coins booster or Jetpack. Hoverboard protect yourself fromcrashingfor 30 seconds, double tap to activate when running. thereare moreboards to choose, some only use after buying gifts.Cat Rush Features:.Subway & Bus scenery.Cat endless run.Rush, jump, move left or right to avoid.Speed up to get fast.Use more props to get high score, and coins.Endless or Athletics mode.Hoverboard to protect you.Collect coins and get gems to upgrade.Daily prize.More gifts to buyJoin the most daring cat chase!
Fun Kid Racing
One of the best simple and fun racing gamesforkids! This free game is made for everyone, so feel free toplayyourself and invite your kids or family to watch or playtogether.Choose your ride and guide it to the finish line! Controlyour carwith just one finger and see how it flips, jumps and rollson it'sway. Use tilt control for better results and more excitingjumps.Other racing kids games become boring because of hard levelsorcontrols? This is what you were looking for! Fast, simpleandexciting fast car racing kids game!Use the game at kindergardenFeel free to teach kids about professions and jobs, Parentingandlife events, what is good and what is bad. We do our best toaddsituations that helps kids to expand their fantasy andunderstandthe world better. Every game for kid that we launchcovers adifferent theme and real world problems. By playing themkids arelearning and preparing for things that they will face inreal life.We strongly recommend playing any games together withkids as thenyou can explain for kids anything they don't understandand answerall natural questions that they come up with.Racing car games for familiesFun Kid Racing is a large series of racing games for family.Everykid game is different and entertaining enough to be playedbyadults, but at the same time kids loves to watch thefunnyadventure. If you want to get the best of our boys games - youcanencourage your children to play together. If you wantmorechallenge - try collecting all the coins (you will need themtounlock new worlds and cars)! Overall Tiny Lab Kids Gameshaslaunched over 70 boy games! So go ahead and try any other gameforkids made by Tiny Lab Kids!Prepare for a race by picking one of the fast sports cars, Jeeporeven a motorcycle! Gain enough speed to jump over the rampsorclimb to the stiff hill. Show off all the cars that you unlockandhow you play with them - also everyone loves surprises ineachlevel! Anyone can play Fun Kid Racing, this game has lotsofworlds, levels and cars to explore! Even any preschool childrenortoddlers can play this game without any problems!The tracks are designed so that you would do many stunts on therun,the car will spin doing front flips, backflips or even both -butwatch out not to land on the roof! The comic cars are funnyandcartoon soundtrack makes the mood perfect for the awesomeride!Tiny Lab is also creating kids educational games - so thisgamewill also help with hand-eye coordination! What more can youexpectfrom kid games?
Bubble Action Rush
Get ready for an action-packed bubbleshooterpuzzle. Don’t miss out this fun game! In this amazing gameyou willneed to aim & shoot, to drop & burst all bubbles.Aim,match and smash all the balls in this relaxingcolor-matchingadventure. This incredible shooter is simple and easyto learn,perfect for both adults and kids to enjoy!Ready to start the action?Put your strategy skills to the test! Compete against friendsandfamily and see who can reach the highest score and get 3 starsonevery level. Earn coins while you play and use them to getcoolboosters. Use your logic and puzzle solving skills to completethefun missions and clear the board.FUN FEATURES:★ 800+ Exciting levels, with more added all the time.★ New elements and great prizes.★ Brand new effects and sounds.★ Clear obstacles and beat the challenges.★ Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the fireball.★ Drop 10+ bubbles at once to get a bomb.★ Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi connection is required!Tap on the screen to drag the laser aim and lift it to take ashot.It’s important to form a strategy according to thedifferentbubbles layout in each level. Shoot and pop all thecolored ballsin this fun free game, aim carefully and hit thetarget! Work yourway through all the different challenges andpuzzles, solve thebrain teasers and win levels.Shoot the colorful balls to advance to the next amazingpuzzlelevel, train your brain and test your matching skills whileplayingthis addictive, casual game for free.Hurry up and join the balloon crushing mania, but be careful -onceyou start popping bubbles you simply can’t stop!
Blocky Taxi Driver: City Rush 1.1
Hey there driver, ready for your newjob?Blocky Taxi Driver: City Rush is the taxi game you will wanttoplay!Drive around in a massive blocky city with lots of peoplewhoneedsyour quick driving skills to get to their destination!Areyou ableto go as quick as possible from A to B? We only hirethebest of thebest! Take your quick driving games skills to thetestand become aexperienced taxi games driver!Can you work with a tight time limit?Race against the clock and bring your customers as quickaspossibleto their destination and maybe they will give you atip!Unlock allthe available cabs and upgrade & customize yourtaxigamesvehicles to your own likings! If you like taxi games thenyouwilllove this massive simulator! Where are you waitingfor,download ourchallenging taxi games right now!Taxi Games Key Features:✔ Everything in our simulator is blocky✔ Challenging taxi games missions to accomplish✔ Upgrade and customize your taxi games vehicles✔ Become the best taxi driver of the city✔ Don’t forget to rate and give our taxi games some feedbackWe’re on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us onyourfavoritenetworks to hear about our newest games andothernewsupdates:▶ Website |▶ Facebook |▶ Twitter |▶ YouTube |
Circle Rush 1.0
Rotate a shape with a ball in itarounditsaxis. It's bouncing off the walls of the shape. Help theballavoidspikes. Train your reaction speed and attentivenessinthisaddictive game for Android. Your task is to get the balltojumpinside the shape for as long as possible. It's notthatsimple,because the inner walls of the figure have spikes.Rotatethe playfield so that the ball doesn't touch spikes.Inspired by 360 Degree game
Train Surfers 3D 9.3
Train Surfers 3D : Subway Train SurfFunis the newest in the running game style.You will get many challenge and fun with in this game. TheStarstart a new journey in the road to collect coin and more items.Thepolice chase her and she rush over road cross many obstaclethebus, subway & metro.Train Surfers 3D : Subway Train Surf Fun features :-A addictive subway escape endless running game-Beautiful snow subway or bus combined scene!-Unique scene design, perfect rush runner!-Be your loved runner, rush in the subway!-Surfs in the subway and begin this exploring frenzy! Swipe toturn,jump and slide to avoid hitting obstacles, barrier andsubwaytrains. Swing to avoid the cliff, drag the princess to escapefromsubway beast and dead zombies, to be the best subway runner.Slidethe screen to rush in subway, escape from Santa Claus.Train Surfers 3D : Subway Train Surf Fun is a freeendlessrunning game for android. Rush, run, surf in unknownsubway,explore the exit to escape from inspectors. Magnets can helpyoucollect more coins. Beautiful graphics, smooth run to control,dragleft & right to avoid to rush far! Train Surfers 3D :SubwayTrain Surf Fun is also the perfect runningexperience!There will be a surprise to run along the way in the trainrail,city road and special gift to earn if you're lucky! You canalsoequip your props in order to become the ultimate explore!Train Surfers 3D : Subway Train Surf Fun Features:-Running in snow subway themed-Top 3D beautiful scenes-Rush, surf in train rail-Bus coming, careful to avoid-More scenes to run in the game-Protect your princess-Different characters to choose-Smooth run control-Amazing game rhythm-Upgrade properties to get endless power-Drag left & right to avoidSome more cool features of Train Surfers 3D : Subway TrainSurfFun :+Nice graphics.+Funny game play.+More challenge.+New subway road.+More bonus and new items.+Ease to play.If you face any problems while installation or while playing,pleasereport to us. We will try to fix it at the earliest.ENJOY!
Trail Rush - Valentine Blush
Can you use both parts of your brain atthesame time?Trail Rush is a very challenging casual game where you have topayclose attention to the colour of the approaching rails andchangethe colour of the spinning ball accordingly so that itbouncestowards the next rail.It's fairly simple, if the colour of the spinning fidget andtherail will not match, you will lose a life.The solid rails are a lot easier than the magical ones thatbreakand create more confusion.Play with your friends and compete with your score in thegloballeaderboards.Unlock new fidgets and spinners all along the way with thepointsyou earn. And, don't forget to check other gameplay modes,eachcreates a whole new level of confusion.Rush through an infinite space, smash into new shades withTrailRush!
Amazing Racing : Rush Italy 11.2
Amazing Race : Rush Italy ,the BestHighwayGame.Download NOW!NFS Traffic Racer- Italy- Italy Venice- street racing game atcityroad with traffic cars at Venice-Italy. Ride powerfull musclecarand drive on the city road overtaking hard car traffic.Overtakecars at Venice-Italy!Features:- 3D perfect graphics;- 30 levels City road with traffic cars;- Realistic car physics;- Powerfull muscle car;- Dynamic change the time of day;- View from cockpit of the car for perfect scores.- Leaderboards
Blocky Army City Rush Racer 1.1
THERE HAS BEEN A MAJOR PRISON BREAK ANDTHECRIMINALS ARE ON THE RUN !!A lot of criminals are on the loose and the police forcecannothandle it anymore. This prison break is so huge that the USArmyneeds to contain the situation and take the robbers back tojail.These robbers have stolen some cute cartoony cars and are ontherun trying to escape. Soldiers are needed for this nextcommandoadventure. Race the traffic and your ultimate challenge isto bringthe criminals back to prison.AWESOME COMBO OF BOTH ARMY CHASE GAMES AND BLOCK PIXEL TRAFFICRACERGAMESThe combination of both army chase games and block pixeltrafficraces will keep you entertained for many hours. Doing somehighspeed driving in a blocky craft world in cute cartoony carssoundpretty epic right… This stuff you will not find anywhere elseonthe google play store. Be the city hero in this army chase gameandrace these cute cartoony cars around the big city.Blocky Army City Rush Racer – Key FeaturesPursuit the criminals in this ultimate challengeRace the traffic in army styleBeautiful blocky craft world and cute cartoony carsHigh speed driving during city traffic rushawesome graphics and extra features in these army chase gamesmany hours of exciting gameplay as an army soldierbe the army hero soldier in these army chase gameslots of blocky craft world game missions in blockpixeltrafficGET READY FOR MANY HOURS OF MOBILE GAME FUN AND EXCITINGGAMEMISSIONSCan you handle the biggest commando adventure ever? Do you havewhatit takes to be the hero of the city and gets all the cop androbbersand other criminals. Make sure the little big city getssaveagain.*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER ***We’re on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us on yourfavouritenetworks to hear about our newest games and othernewsupdates.Facebook - - -
Rush To Jump 1.0.1
Lazy Imp
Rush To Jump is a simple but addictivegamewhere you have to squeeze through obstacles and rush to becomeaLegend.Hold and release to jump higher, overcome the obstacles, beatyourfriends best score and reach on the top of theLeaderboard.Rush to jump over the milestones and unlock the achievements,becomethe best player and be a Legend.Game Features:- Endless gameplay- Different background colors- Leaderboards- Achievements
Dragon, Fly! Free
As a newly hatched dragon pup you stillhavetoo tiny wings to fly. That however is not going to stop youfromembarking on your very first adventure. The realms are fullofcurvy hills. Slide along them and time your touches withprecisionto build momentum and take off into the sky. Be quickthough!Dragon mum is anxious about your whereabouts and has headedout toend your journey and bring you back to the nest.Features:★ Super simple: One touch controls. Pick up and play.★ Super complex: Advanced 2D physics engine makes this a gamethatrequires strategy, skill and dexterity to master.★ Super smooth: 60 frames pr second even on mediumleveldevices.★ Many quests to complete. Get your dragon to thehighestlevel!★ New beautiful landscapes generated fresh for you every day.★ Online worldwide leaderboards.PermissionsRead Phone state and identity: Used by offer wall.SD card: Used to cache video offers.Internet and coarse location: Used for ads/offersandhighscores.
Ski Jump Challenge 1.0.8
Get ready for true winter madness!Presenting Ski Jump Challenge, the first mobile ski jumpinggamethat’s so playable, you’ll never want to put your phonedown.It’s so easy anybody can play it and so realistic that youcancontrol all the actions of your ski jumper.- Create your jumper profile and develop their skills!- Level up and improve take-off and landing technique.- Compete on close to 90 ski jumping hills (with more comingsoon)in career mode, unlock new countries and hills, spendyourhard-earned money on fancy ski suits, skis and helmets!- Train before every competition, try your skills in allconditionsand get ready to compete!- Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode! Play with yourfriendson one phone, FB multiplayer coming soon!You can feel like you’re watching a real ski jumpingcompetitionthanks to detailed graphics, advanced physics system andrealisticsounds! Ideal for Winter Olympics!
Scary Bubble Rush
Bubble shooter in an all-new Halloweenscaryproduction!Think you can beat the clock and clear the board from allthecolorful bubbles?Come join the festivities and pop all the bubbles before theceilingcomes crashing down!Play now for free and enjoy hundreds of spooky levels filledwithcool boosts, power-ups and puzzles. Share the fun with familyandfriends and race for the highest score!Game Features:* Awesome Halloween-style graphics and designs.* Easy to play and super addictive.* Shoot and pop bubbles through hundreds of fun andchallenginglevels.* Boost your experience with amazing power-ups andclearlevels.How to Play:- Drag your finger to move the laser aim in the direction ofthebubbles.- Lift your finger to take a shot.- Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color to pop thecombinationand win points.- Act fast and blast all the colorful balls as quickly as youcanbefore they reach the red line and it’s game over.- Enjoy hundreds of spooky levels, solve the puzzles and beatthechallenges.- Swap bubbles without limit, just tap on your bubble to changeitscolor.- Use your logic and matching skills to overcome the obstaclesandpop all the bubbles.Start the thrilling bubble-popping adventure today, solve thetrickypuzzles, clear the board and win levels.Thanks for playing and enjoy the game!
Jockey Viva Go 2.3.7
"Jockey Viva Go" is a Virtual HorseRacingMobile Game which is multiplayers interactive online game.Being ahorse owner is not a dream and it is FREE!!Player can have satisfaction and enjoyment of managing a stableofvirtual racehorses. In the game, the horses can be obtainedfromthe market, Lucky Draw or breeding.The aim is training horses to perfect condition in order totakepart in the race and win.There are more than 100 races everyday. Besides of this,somespecial and important race events such as Challenge Race,TrophyRace, Betting Race and etc. will be organized by thegame.Email : cs@gamecyber.comFacebook :
Corruption: Welcome to Brazil 1.1.7
Welcome to Corruption! Your missionaspresident will not be to build schools or improve health. Youwillhave to continue a corrupt mandate and a corruption scheme.Butwatch out for Lava Jato and its reputation in front ofthenation!You can:-Employees: This is your biggest source of income, take care ofthemand you will make lots of money;-Upgrading: Increase your profits with several improvementsthatmake everything more efficient !;-Power-ups: Which Arcade game does not have power-ups ?;-Google Play Games: Make achievements and enter the Ranking oftheMost Corrupt !;-Tasks: Some missions must be done to make everything work,completethem !;-Lava Jato: Escape the greatest investigation in the history ofthecountry while there is time!Corruption uses no image of any Physical or Legal Person.Anysimilarity is purely coincidental.Enjoy There Bits on Facebook!
Death Moto Race : Real Traffic Rush 1.0.3
Death Moto Race : Real Traffic Rush isareal,fast-paced motorcycle racing game. This firstpersonmotorbikeracing game will take you to experience the highspeedofadrenaline rush!Detailed environmental interactions, morning, day, eveningandnight.It will let you enjoy the most authentic firstpersonmotorcycleexperience. Drive on a motorway in one-waytrafficduring rush hourto avoid or directly collide in atwo-waymanner.The first person's driver's perspective, the besthighwayenvironmentand the real life record of the motorcycle soundwillmake this gamethe best of its kind. Choose your ownmotorcycleracing car, and thesound of a motor car will make yourbloodpumping. Drive yourmotorcycle as fast as you can, cycle onendlessbusy roads andhighways, and become the fastest racecardriver.Never forget that motorbikes are crazy but adventurous too.Ifyou'renot a good controler, you're going to be knocked out ofthecar bythe oncoming truck or the car. Watch out for theirhighspeedturbines and avoid them. When you hear the roar of aspeedingcar,you need to use nitrogen to accelerate, or to brake.Avoidenemyattacks and keep you at your fastest pace for alongtime.The game supports touch screen and induction mode. Choosetherightway to do it, kill all the new birds and climb to the topoftheranking. You're going to be the best racer on the highway!Pickupyour bike and join the fight!Features:- The faster you drive, the higher the score- Multiple motorcycle with a realistic 3D cockpit view- The battle of tension to make you the king of the track- High definition real environment, feel therealdrivingexcitement
【東方】弾幕遊戯 4.5
【操作方法】・移動 画面内をスライド・ボム 二点タッチ【アップデート予定】・ステージの追加・不具合の修正不具合、要望等なにかありましたら下記メールアドレスまでお願いします。-------Mail--------sora2531@gmail.comこのアプリの画像・効果音(一部除く)はフリー素材を使用させていただいております。[Methodofoperation]· Move the screen in the slideBomb two-point touch[Update schedule]• Adding stage· Bug fixesBug, if you have something demand etc.To the following e-mail address, please.------- Mail --------sora2531@gmail.comThis app images and sound effects (except some) is I am allowedtouse the free materials.
Strawberry Rush 1.1.0
Hop to the top of this StrawberryRushadventure! Join Emma and her friends on an exciting journeytocollect strawberries and rescue their adorable little puppy!Howmany strawberries can you collect???Strawberry Rush is an all new 3D kids adventure game with supereasytap controls for your child. Journey through 5 magical worlds—Fruit Garden, Playground, Water Park, Forest and Wonderland —tosearch for the adorable lost pup and collect strawberries ontheway! Your child can:> Run and leap through 5 enchanting worlds> Choose from 4 adorable characters> Collect strawberries and gems to advance levels andearnstars> Enjoy increasingly challenging endless game play> Help Emma and her friends find the missing puppy> Overcome obstacles to unlock blocked passages> Play fun-filled mini games like the Orange Tossing Game> Have fun with adorable animations and sound effects> Outsmart funny monkeys and buzzing beesStrawberry Rush promotes social development andpositivereinforcement among kids ages 6-12. The game is designedtoencourage problem solving and develop fine-motor, cognitiveandvisual perception skills.ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play Top Developer, recognized for its commitmenttolaunching high-quality and innovative apps on Android,TabTalelovingly produces games, interactive e-books, andeducationalexperiences. With over 850 million downloads andgrowing, TabTalehas established itself as the creator of pioneeringvirtualadventures that kids and parents love. TabTale’s appssparkchildren’s imaginations and inspire them to think creatively,whilehaving fun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discovermoreincredible apps.Visit us: Plus: us: us:@TabtaleWatch us: USLet us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions?TechnicalSupport? Contact us 24/7 at WeCare@TabTale.comIMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PARENTS:* This App is free to play, but certain in-game items mayrequirepayment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling themonyour device.* By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at: andat: consider that this App may include third parties servicesforlimited legally permissible purposes.
Air Attack (Ad)
The full arsenal of modern war equipmentisunleashed upon you in this breathtaking arcade game! Burninnapalm, suffocate in gas or be nailed to the ground withdepleteduranium shells!FEATURES★ 3 different game modes★ Infinite islands to play on★ Destructible terrain★ 9 different enemy aircraft and soldiers★ Power ups★ Nuclear bombs"Air Attack is undeniably fun and offers punchy soundanddistinctive visuals" -knowyourmobile.comIf you are looking for shooting games, Air Attack is an alltimeclassic in the shooting games genre. It has dominated thefreegames lists for years and as shooting games goes Air Attackwilldefinitely not disappoint anyone browsing the free games listforshooting games.
The Limbaugh Letter 32.0
Experience The Limbaugh Letter indigitalformat, now available on your desktop or mobile device.Rush’spublication is the resource you need to arm yourself againsttheleft, with Rush’s exclusive interviews, incisive analysis,andhilarious comment on the news. With Rush’s charts, graphs,andfacts at your fingertips, you’ll be able to skewer liberalanticsas Rush does. Here is on-the-go commentary and humor fromAmerica’sTruth Detector.IMPORTANT: To get full access to the available library ofbackissues with your subscription, BE SURE to click “allow" whenaskedto share your information with the publisher. Aftersubscribing,you should receive access to all back issues within 30days.One-year subscription for $29.99Subscriptions will start from the most current digital issuegoingforward for one year from the date of purchase. Yoursubscriptionwill automatically renew via your iTunes account 24hours prior tothe end of your subscription at the rate of $29.99for one year.You can turn off the auto-renew feature up to 24 hoursbefore theend of your subscription by going to your AccountSettings afterpurchase. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled duringthe activesubscription period.To use this application, you must agree to thisEULA:
Monument Rush 2 : Metro City Illuminati Odyssey 4.4
AppSir, Inc.
Monument Rush 2: Odyssey to the ValleyofDestiny is so easy you don't need instructions. Tap once tojump.Tap again while in the air to double jump.Monument Rush 2: Odyssey to the Valley of Destiny, the latestupdateto the 2nd chapter of the Monument Rush saga. Run throughafuturistic city on an ancient valley filled with monumentsandpillars. Avoid the Illuminati Drones that stand in your way.Pickup power ups and weapons to even the score. Monument Rush2:Odyssey to the Valley of Destiny is the biggest update to theMR2game yet. Download for free!You do a 720 front flip through a targeted mirror, trustingyourreflexes and concentration to survive your jump and anIlluminatidrone chasing you from behind. You then run at terminalvelocity tomake another jump, only to end up colliding with a SkyTrain.Going on a one-man war against the Destiny Illuminati hasalwaysbeen synonymous with suicide. That all changed when in thefirstAppSir Game, Monument Rush, you earned amazing actionparkourpowers that would allow you to flip jump and avoid(sometimeswithin an eyelash) triangular Illuminati drones while yourun 75miles an hour. How far can you trust your parkour flip jumpbeforemaking a last minute double jump to avoid ending up squishygoo ofbroken bone? Is double jump even physically possible? Shouldyoucalculate your parkour jumps precisely or just throw caution tothewind?This Pinoy-made game boasts a super simple one finger controlsystemand a reckless disregard for the laws of physics. Runningthroughtargeted mirrors and jumping over enemies are keys toreaching thecity valley's edge and surviving this insanely funside-scrollingaction packed physics-based challenge. Just tap thescreen to makethe endless running man flip jump, tap again todouble jump. Thisseemingly infinite action runner has obstacles inthe form ofreptilian dinosaurs, Illuminati robots, Illuminatiplanes, blackknight satellites, exploding trains, swordsmen,monuments, andfuturistic hipster tech Philippine city rooftops andcyber valleysto make this game exciting. Fast reflexes, alertness,concentration,good memory and nerves of steel are needed to edgeout competitionand climb the leaderboard ranks with your targetscore. Challengeyour friends to beat your high score in this epic,insanely fun, andaddictive Monument Rush game from AppSir,Inc.Will you chase your destiny? Download Monument Rush 2: Odysseytothe Valley of Destiny by AppSir, Inc. now!
Race City Delhi- Rickshaw Rush 3.1
Beat the heat and buckle up, hit the gasandhold on tight.! Show off your driving skill, styleandshowmanship.!Dare to compete, show your mettle and race on Delhi track.‘Race City Delhi’ – a highly immerse and quality game.9 parties … 10 auto-rickshaws … one goal … WIN the RACE.FEEL THE RUSHBurn up the street with exhilarating 3D racing action.Experiencethe excitement and competition. It’s all aboutblistering, dizzyingspeed.DRIVE INCREDIBLE AUTO-RICKSHAWA varied collection of auto rickshaw are cobbled together to formasingle globetrotting competition, coupling traditionalcircuitraces with point-to-point cruises through political capitalcityDELHI along-with occasional drifting challenges.OUTSMART YOUR RIVALSThis game seeks your optimal concentration to surpass youropponent.But beware. Your rivals can distract you from gettingahead ofthem.CONCENTRATE ON TARGETYou have to reach Parliament to stake to form new government.Stellar features of the game:★ Racing mode combined with stunning 3D graphics and 3D RealTimerendering★ Sophisticated yet truly realistic driving auto-rickshawmodelswith their favorite political party emblem imprinted onthem.★ Carefully designed 8 levels of difficulties with accessibleandintuitive controls★ Touch or tilt to steer, as you experiencestate-of-the-arthandling★ Simple and effective controls★ Restore option lets you recover after a gruesome crash orbotchedturn★ Pick your favorite political party bearing their electionemblemand auto-rickshaw driver★ Enjoy High action camera mode★ Submit the score and compete in world rankingsthroughleader-boardAttention! The speed will be your ally, only if you master!Be the first to know! Get all information about RCD, itsnewupcoming updates, powerful features, tips & more…FOLLOW US: US:
Crazy Colour Rush Tin Riddle 1.2
Crazy Colour Rush Tin Riddle Fill alltheColour Tin with one color. You start from the top-left cornerandmove deeper changing colors.You select one of the coloredbuttonsat the bottom of the screen, and your "flood" area will growtoinclude that color. As you keep selecting colors, your"flood"areas grow, and pretty soon almost the whole screen will beonecolour!Crazy Colour Rush Tin Riddle is a simple yet addictive strategygamein which you have to flood the whole game board with one colorinless than the allowed steps. Try to flood-it in the least amountofsteps!Sounds simple? Lets see what you can do...Are you smart enough to take this challenge?solve this riddle and prove it.
Monument Rush: Gravity Valley 2.4
In the Impossible Sky dimension, therunningman must run, jump, and double jump his way through an armyofIlluminati sky drones and Illuminati reptilian sky dinosaurstoreturn to Earth in time for the final battle againstEgyptianGoddess Isis. Survival is not a null and void option,tapping atthe right moment might just save you in the mostimpossible ofmoments. Download the next evolution of the one-buttonFlappy,twitchy, hop runner game concept now and try to beattheleaderboard runner record.Gravity flips happen at random in this unstable TRAPPIST-1 Planetsobetter watch out. Enjoy this game. The ancient hipster skytemplesof Illuminati await you!