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Mental Hospital III Lite 1.01.02
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years, according to manygamers.4Pda★ ★ ★ ★ ★Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survivalhorrorwith astonishing graphics and a really frighteningatmosphere.Ourstory started quite ordinary. The main character gotan offer torecord a video of a special forces raid in one of thepsychiatrichospitals where secret experiments were supposed to becarried out.Sounds easy enough… That was what he thought.But hewill foreverremember that night. The night everything went wrongfrom the verybeginning: Horrible weather, problems on the news, andthe carbreaking down appeared to be inevitable, as was missing thestartof the clinic capture operation. Having arrived at hisdestinationlate, the main character decides to find LieutenantSidorov as soonas possible, hoping to film at least something.After the maincharacter gets inside of the hospital and isintroduced to it'sinhabitants he understands that it will be nearlyimpossible todescribe what he saw there. You can of course erasethe footage,but there is no option to erase your memories.This isreality. Willthe main character emerge from this fateful hospitalalive, or willhe too, like it's residents, be trapped here for theremainder ofhis life.
Mental Hospital V Lite 1.00
Mental Hospital V - first person survivor horror withbeautifullgraphics and terribly frightening atmosphere. The storyof MentalHospital V begins with small investigation in the mentalhospitalmade by journalist Mark. In strange circumstances , hewasdissapeared and all his group was found dead. His brother startstosearch the truth.While trying to understand what'sactuallyhappened and who are Elise, you encounter difficultdecision: tryto save your brother, or to stay alive. Difficult taskis waitingfor your solution. Exit is always possible to find! Tryto findyour own in such delicate situation.
Scary Craft: Five Nights of Survival Horror Games 1.2
Discover the monster world! Begin crafting your weapon at dayandbuilding defenses at night! Can you survive five nights andholdoff a living dead army of zombies, ghosts and othermonsters?Horror adventure begins! Jump into a blocky cube cityinvaded byevil scary monsters! Prepare to fight off hordes of suchspookycreatures like a zombie, ghost, mummy and undead clown! It’sa truehorror adventure game. Survive a night! You’d like to closeyoureyes but crafting weapons and upgrades is a better way tohandle anight fear! Build a blocky cube wall and other defenses.Make surethat every zombie, ghost, mummy or clown will be dead bydawnlight! How long can you survive? One, two or five nights? Testyoursurvival skills in our brand new horror adventure game! Nofear!Chat with other NPCs (not real people!). You can even findagirlfriend or boyfriend! What’s better than love in thezombieapocalypse times? Craft, build & explore a scary world atdayYou won’t see any dreadful monster at day - enjoy freeexplorationexperience! Craft & mine resources! Look forsupplies in avast, sandbox blocky world. Pay a visit to the scaryhospital,haunted mansion or forgotten mine. Search a spooky oldcemetery anda city garden - you can set plants there! Gatherresources to craftbetter weapons and upgrades! Prepare for thenight! Before zombies,mummies and other living dead will storm off,you have to enhanceyour fortress! Build wall and other defensesfrom blocks. It’s nota game for little boys and girls! Scary horroradventure for realmen, who won’t run away seeing such a spookynight monster like azombie, ghost or clown! Best zombie apocalypsesurvival game withexploration mode for boys and girls! For free!Hold back anymonster and survive another night! You’ve beenexploring, craftingand building all day long - hopefully you’reprepared for thenight! A true battle begins! Blocky cube zombies,ghost, mummiesand any other living dead will try to break intoevery building.Don’t hide in a dark room of a hospital, hauntedmansion. Undeadstupid monsters have their eyes on you! Unload yourblocky cubeweapon and shoot any monster zombie or ghost you see!This scarybattle won’t end until the dawn - prove you’re skillednot only atcrafting & building, but also as a spooky zombiehunter! Everydead target must be dead by dawn light - for good!Fight evil &fear for five nights or even longer! This survivalhorror adventuregame never ends! CORE FEATURES: Exploration of aworld with terrorslike the living dead, zombie or ghost! Builddefenses from blocksand survive another day! Craft and upgradeweapons! Crafting &building at day, hunting monsters at night!Blocky cube horroradventure for boys and girls! UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer mode!(multicraft) Co-op mode! More scary environmentsto explore! Moreresources to mine for crafting & building!(design craft) Moremonsters to fight with!
The Fear : Creepy Scream House 2.0.9
Our new game The Fear 3: Creepy Scream House has been released,youcan find it at our store or at google play ! “Something hadstartedhappening to Marta. She was acting strangely. A couplemonthslater, it was diagnosed that she was psychopath and its curehadnot been existed. She was performing scary behaviors. Shehadstarted damaging herself. The only choice was taking her totheasylum and breaking up with her. I was so desperate but it wasthebest thing for our family. I met with Serena after taking hertothe asylum and I married with her to forget Marta. Me andmydaughter have been happy, but its like I feel something atnights.I have dreamt suicide of my ex-wife for a couple days. Isometimeshear some weird sounds and all of these make me scared. Idon’ttalk about that with my girl and daughter because I don’t wanttomake them worried. I don’t know what to do. The only thing thatIknow is I can’t stand all of these anymore... Mike”Suddenlyeverything started going wrong. Someone is following youand yourfamily is in threat. You should come back home quickly andsee ifyour wife and daughter are fine. Don’t let your fear beat youandarrive your home before getting late for everything. -Deeplyaffecting story - High graphics - Fearful and tensionatmosphere -8 different languages Turkish , English , Russian ,Chinese ,German , French , Japaniese , Spanish - Plug in yourheadphones forthe best - Do you have phobia like horror games andwant to lurchbecause of horror sounds - The Fear is a paranormalhorror andcreepy game - Live in the horrific horror stories andfeel thescream sounds - If you are a fearless player, you will facewithyour phobias in a terrible and haunted house - Do not lookscaredin front of your demon enemy. Because she is like a satan -Youwill feel the terror in your bones - That devil slender enemygivethe creeps - Your evil enemy fled out. Find her or she willcomeback to haunt you. Because there is no inner angst in her eyeslikehell
Mental Hospital:Eastern Bloc 2 1.0
Are you ready to accept the gift of madness and understandthesecrets of the deep? If yes — “Mental Hospital” is waiting foryou.Mental Hospital: Eastern Block II – is a sequel to the firstpartof the game that has already been played by a huge amount ofgamersall over the world. It has driven mad dozens of people. TheEasternBlock II story starts with the death of the main character’sfriendwho dies under mysterious circumstances. He had taken hiscameraand gone to a secluded mental hospital looking for sensation.Thepolice investigated the case reluctantly without even tryingtofind David’s camera. And the camera could certainly give hintsasto what had happened in the sinister hospital. And now youhavedecided to do what you can to find this fateful camera sothatDavid’s death did not go unpunished. An incredibly powerfulandcreepy atmosphere will hold you in suspense so that you willnothave a moment’s rest. Only nerves of steel and swift reflexeswillhelp you to get out of the hospital. Mental Hospital: EasternBlockII allows to record Let's play’s and to save them on theEveryplayserver that is gaining popularity and also in the popularsocialnetworks.
The Fear 2 : Creepy Scream House Horror Game 2018 2.4.0
Our new game The Fear 3: Creepy Scream House has been released,youcan find it at our store or at google play ! "Was it allanightmare or is it just the beginning? I need to end thismadness.My new wife and daughter are kidnapped by a ghost. Thisghost is myex-wife Martha. Because what I did to her in the past,she is nowtorturing my family. But, what could I possibly do? Shegone madand she was hurting herself and my daughter. Now I see, shewillnot stop until she avenge and she will keep haunting us. I needtofind a way to get rid of her. I need to keep this demon awayfrommy family. My wife and daughter are innocent. It is all myfault,why is she doing this to them? I am ready to face thisdemon."Everything until now was a nightmare. It is all startingnow. It istime to face your fears. This demon still has yourfamily. Can yousave them? Be aware, it will not be easy, you haveto face the mostcruel demon ever. Are you ready for this scaryadventure? Scaring 5million people to the bone, the second game ofthe series is hereand it is even more terrifying! Are you braveenough to outrun anddefeat this demon? - Fearful , psychopath thebabadook hauntsterror in haunted house. - Abhorrance and angstcreatingcatastrophical atmosphere with blood-curdling satan andboogeyman !- Do you like horror , horror game , horror games ,haunting andsurviving game ? - Run through the gloomy corridor ,from thehorrible and sinister evil! - In this scary game , you willlivegehenna with freaky and ominous daemon. - Forsaken possessionanddesolate house will be simulacrum of life. - Save yourkidnappedfamily from lunacy , insanity and derelict babadook. -Weeping girl, evil devil , scary games , astounding and hauntedhouse.. Are youinterested with this ? - Are you ready for fightwith lurch andloathing monster ? - Staggering and ineluctableend... - Thedeathless hades brings despair in necropolis. -Executioner makesyou a frightful and imperishable evil attack. -Devilish bugaboostab you and you cried
UNDEAD RESIDENCE : terror game 1.2
UNDEAD RESIDENCE:Survival horror GameFeel the horror and suspenseinthis new gameback to the Student Residence, survive the zombiesandescape the evil mansion for clues and objects in the darktocomplete your adventure in this survival horror game10 yearsago,the zombie apocalypse was declared.The Zarolinska Institutewasresearching in Europea new type of biological weapon when thelabexploded. This became a worldwide pandemic.There werezombieseverywhere.Now, ten years later, society has beenrestoredbut thereare still many zombies out must lookingfor a vaccine forthis terrible disease. Now you must return aloneto the evilresidence
Slendrina:The Cellar (Free) 1.8.1
This is the story of Slendrina The Cellar. Now she has becomemoreevil than before and hates it when someone intruding onherterritory. She will do anything to stop you. Whatever you not look back!Try to find 8 missing old books in the darkcellarand then run to the exit.You also need to find keys to opencertaindoors.Look everywhere, for they could be anywhere.If youlikeSlender Man, then you will love this horror game.If you wanttosend an email to me, please write in English or SwedishThankyouall for your kind ratings you have given me! You are thebest!Thegame is free but it Contains advertising.It is now possibletounlock all levels with STC-points, which you can earn in thegameabsolutely free.Have fun!
Mental Hospital III 1.01.02
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years, according to many gamers4Pda.★ ★ ★ ★ ★Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survivalhorror withastonishing graphics and a really frighteningatmosphere.Our storystarted quite ordinary. The main character gotan offer to record avideo of a special forces raid in one of thepsychiatric hospitalswhere secret experiments were supposed to becarried out. Soundseasy enough… That was what he thought.But hewill forever rememberthat night. The night everything went wrongfrom the very beginning:Horrible weather, problems on the news,and the car breaking downappeared to be inevitable, as was missingthe start of the cliniccapture operation. Having arrived at hisdestination late, the maincharacter decides to find LieutenantSidorov as soon as possible,hoping to film at least something.After the main character getsinside of the hospital and isintroduced to it's inhabitants heunderstands that it will benearly impossible to describe what hesaw there. You can of courseerase the footage, but there is nooption to erase yourmemories.This is reality. Will the maincharacter emerge from thisfateful hospital alive, or will he too,like it's residents, betrapped here for the remainder of his life.
Mental Hospital:EB 2 Lite 1.0
Are you ready to accept the gift of madness and understandthesecrets of the deep? If yes — “Mental Hospital” is waiting foryou.Mental Hospital: Eastern Block II – is a sequel to the firstpartof the game that has already been played by a huge amount ofgamersall over the world. It has driven mad dozens of people. TheEasternBlock II story starts with the death of the main character’sfriendwho dies under mysterious circumstances. He had taken hiscameraand gone to a secluded mental hospital looking for sensation.Thepolice investigated the case reluctantly without even tryingtofind David’s camera. And the camera could certainly give hintsasto what had happened in the sinister hospital. And now youhavedecided to do what you can to find this fateful camera sothatDavid’s death did not go unpunished. An incredibly powerfulandcreepy atmosphere will hold you in suspense so that you willnothave a moment’s rest. Only nerves of steel and swift reflexeswillhelp you to get out of the hospital. Mental Hospital: EasternBlockII allows to record Let's play’s and to save them on theEveryplayserver that is gaining popularity and also in the popularsocialnetworks.
Hall Horror Game 3
Are you ready best horror game experience ? Join Elena's adventure.
Asylum (Horror game) 1.2.2
[Notice!!!]You can got Tabomsoft game news from FacebookandTwitter!Facebook:[Story]Thechild who cured from closedward, 'Uzur' had a dream about murderedpatient in the ruinedhospital.When the child open their eyes, herealized that the sceneis correspondent with moment which hedreamed about.So, he decidedto escape from hospital, with avoidingfrom fear death which comingto attack him....▼ This summer, thefifth horror RPG fromTabomsoft! The horror game which made youbecome cliffhanger withmore upgraded version!▼ More upgragedstory!Truth which you canknow with proceeding storyWhat is theinside story in the Asylum?▼Various monster and trap whichparticipated in horror game.Hastydecision means death...Grotesquemonster and trap which we can notknow when they appear.▼ Endingwhich can be swayed fromselection!Tension which made us not tocareless condition.The storywhich can be differed from eachselection.Can you achieve with thisend of the game?※Caution : Datewill not stored if you delete thegame.
Malachai: Horror Jumpscare 1.2.1
Experience one of the hottest new jumpscare games in thePlayStore...What our players are saying:- "I love it . It gave meaheart attack when I saw Malachai in front of me!"- "I willneversleep so afraid of this game!"- "I've only started playingthis andI've jumped twice and my heart is pounding"A perfect familyfrom aperfect community are missing.The Police are drawing blanksintheir investigation and in desperation they recruit you, alocalpsychiatrist who has worked with the family since thedisappearanceof their first child.When you enter the house yourealise thingsare not as they seem, as you try to hold back yourfear and realisesomething is leading you on a terrifyingsupernatural adventure,full of excitement and discovery.All youneed is your sense ofsound, a good sense of direction and yourtrusty journal to keeptrack of all the creepy goings on.Can yousurvive a night of fearand horrific jumpscares in the Aldersonhousehold? Can you collectthe mysterious drawings and crack thesafe code? Can you solve themystery of the perfect family and theirdark secret?Not suitablefor the faint hearted!**To enhance theexperience, we recommendplaying this game with headphones**
Horror Craft Scary Exploration 1.34
Feel like a square head ghost buster! Free survival craftinggamebased in cube world with scary monsters & ghosts! OpenyourEyes -The haunt is on! Build & craft during day, survivethenight! Monsters, zombies and ghosts come when the daylight isgone!Create scary maze, horror hospital or haunted house! Play oneofthe best scary free robots games for teenage boys &girls!Spooky Horror House Exploration! No dungeons and dragons !Justyou, the haunted mansion & halloween exploration. Thislitepocket mine block game for boys and girls, inspired by thepopularcube & voxel based pocket edition creative games, letsyoucraft & build spooky world! Experience fear and deephorrifyingatmosphere. Survive in a world of monsters, skeletons,ghouls,vampires and other creepy creatures! Craft & build aperfectcube horror haunt story! Search an old, abandoned house andcollectany valuables but be careful - there are rumors of a ghosthauntingthe buildings! Exploration world craft is here! Constructhauntedmansion, halloween decorations or haunted abandoned cemeteryfullof skeletons! Play in a creative mode with unlimited resourcesormine deep into the cube scary haunted world. Craft andexplore!Become a ghostbuster! Exploration of randomly generatedcubeabandoned, terrifying robots terrains, build and createamazing& perfect things from the simplest of creepy homes tothegrandest of cube fortresses, haunted castles and mine to theearthcore finding the hell! Become an adventurer! This game willnotbring you only joy and relax! This game for boys and girlsscarethe heck out of you! Adults are welcome to! Dragons, monstersandsurvival world craft mode. Cube robots world and yourinfinitecreativity! This lite game for boys and girls contains:blockplacing, cube world, real time world craft generation. Build acubehorror story world! Craft & Explore the cube world - buildahorror maze! In this incredible and totally free game youcandestroy all the blocks, collect resources, survive andbuildterrifying & scary Buildings. This pocket edition game(PE)contains a large number of different blocks with which youcancraft your own cube horror world!Craft & explore!Highresolution textures, very convenient and thoughtful gamecontrol,High FPS, without compromise! So plunge into the fantasticworld of‘Horror Craft: Scary Building Exploration’ - with new cubespookyworlds and adventures! Place blocks / cubes move voxels, digandmine! Go beyond your wildest dreams, make your own cubescaryrobots world, castle or city! Transform the surface in a3Denvironment! Build shelter, fight, grow and use block craft.Theonly limit is your imagination! Start a cube world craft!Comingsoon:MultiplayerCrafting itemsBuilding craftmodeSurvivalexploration modeCube Block CraftWorld CraftStorySkyblock freemodeStory mode Weather (rain, snow)Moving carsStats andinventoryDifferent worlds (hell, heaven, lair)If you areinterestedin similar games such as our cube girls craft world gameplease seeour other games.1. Explore the haunted house!2. Build& craftduring the day3. Survive the night!
Vampire Castle Hidden Object Horror Game 2.5
If you’re searching for Dracula’s Castle, you’ve come to therightplace! You don't have to walk across Transylvania to learnaboutterrifying stories about the evil emperor. Download VampireCastleHidden Object Horror Game for free and reveal the ugly truthaboutVlad Dracula's terrible deeds. Find all the missing items andsolvethe puzzle to reveal the secrets. Your detective skills andsharpeye is more than needed for this investigation. Play seek andfindhidden figures game and have fun all day with this fantasticbrainteaser game with multiple levels. Vampire Castle HiddenObjectHorror Game features: 🔍 Horror vampire game free localizedinto 15languages! 🏆 More than 1000 hidden objects to find in thishauntedcastle! 🔍 Multiple levels with mystery places full ofhiddenobjects! 🏆 Scary vampire 3D game design that will leaveyouspeechless! 🔍 Find the hidden figure from the card below&click on it! 🏆 Click on the magnifying glass button to usehelp! 🔍For mobile phones only! - Zoom in the picture to find theobjects!🏆 Move the picture when it is zoomed to find the hiddenobjects! 🔍Zoom out at any moment to see the mystery scene again! 🧛Additionalmystery hidden object game features: 🔍 Picture search forfindingmissing objects quickly and easily! 🏆 Silhouette hiddenobject – achallenging level for finding items! 🔍 Word scramble gamelevel – ahard level to find hidden figures! 🏆 Flashlight or a nightmodelevel – use the light to find items! 🔍 Match Pairs – a newbrainteaser memory game with cards! 🏆 Find the Difference – avampiregame to spot the difference between pics! 🔍 Time limit game- bonuslevel to train your brain and concentration! 🏆 Puzzle game –putthe puzzle pieces together to make a picture! Follow usonFacebook: us onVK: Spot the hiddenobjects inpictures and exercise your concentration all day. Escapefromeveryday problems and feel completely relaxed and satisfied.PlayVampire Castle Hidden Object Horror Game and find the diarywithimportant information or their journals and chronicles inorder tofind missing objects that will help you in your secretquest. If youare a fan of spooky vampire and zombie games and youlike mysteryadventures and werewolf stories with other scarycreatures andmonsters, you are in the right place. Become afearless vampireslayer, pass all the levels and escape the castlehorrors. Fantasticobject searching game full version 2018! VampireCastle HiddenObject Horror Game free download is finally here, forall the horrormovie lovers. Walk through the enchanted castle andfind hiddenobjects that will help you survive. Act like you are onvampire'sside, like you want to help them, but instead be aninvinciblevampire hunter, extinct them and free the world fromevil. This isdefinitely not a vampire romance story, it is one ofthe mostpopular horror games for adults you can find on themarket. Findmissing objects and enjoy the unforgettable adventurethrough themessy rooms of the castle. Try not to become a vampireyourself!Play vampire castle escape hidden objects game 2018!Enter thevampire world and explore the mystery society that hidesfrom thesunlight. This is one of the most popular mystery gameswith vampiretheme you can find on the market. Check up yourconcentration andtest your focus while you try to spot the hiddenobjects. Amazingscary sound effects will make a fantastic eerieatmosphere that willmake your new gaming experience unforgettable.So don't hesitate,download this thrilling Vampire Castle HiddenObject Horror Game forfree and start the mission of a lifetime.
Goosebumps Night of Scares 1.1.7
Cosmic Forces
VR compatible! - Featuring Jack Black as the Voice ofR.L.Stine***GOOSEBUMPS’ GREATEST MONSTERS COME TO LIFE! WILLYOUSURVIVE?***The bestselling horror series comes to life onmobilefor the first time and features Goosebumps mostfrighteningmonsters, including Slappy the Dummy, evil gnomes,werewolves, andmore. Can you survive a night in R.L. Stine’s house- a living trapfilled with his most famous monsters? Mystery,madness, andfrightening moments await!****HIGHLIGHTS****Thefirst-everGoosebumps game for Smart Phones and Tablets.Goosebumps’greatestmonsters come to life, including Slappy the Dummy, evilgnomes,werewolves, and more.Jump scares galore! Play a terrifyingsurvivalgame of hide-n-seek with Goosebumps’ most fearedvillains.Hide tosurvive! Learn the secrets of R.L. Stine’smysterious house toavoid being detected.Solve the mysteries!Collect pages from R.L.Stine’s most famous books to trap monsters.Virtual Reality mode:Place your phone in a VR-compatible headset toget even closer tothe action! Compatible with any SmartPhone-compatible VRheadset.Stop Slappy from unleashing havoc, butbeware of the TWISTthat may lead to your doom. *** READ THE BOOKS.SEE THE MOVIE. PLAYTHE GAME!***Goosebumps TM Scholastic. Movie ©2016 CPII. Game code© 2016 Cosmic Forces, Inc. All RightsReserved.Game Developer &Publisher: Cosmic ForcesGameDeveloper: Free Range Games
Horror Survival 3D VR 1.2
Horror Survival is Horror game with complete realistic graphicsandfearful sounds.Game is Completely with a task to collect fuelcansto start a boat and escape from the Island.Game looks indarkhaunting house atmosphere please increase the brightness andvolumefor good game experience.The game is free but itContainsadvertising.Experience fear and deep horrifyingatmosphere.HorrorSurvival Project is a mix of Adventure Game withreal paranormalscanning, so if you meet Mary and succeed to invokeher using thisapp there's a high chance that your place ishaunted.The HorrorSurvival Project presents a new way ofentertainment, creatingexperience for each user. Imagine being partof a story and, withyour own perceptions and choices, write theirend.Can you escapethis place, it will not be easy I assure you! Areyou up for thechallenge?An addictive and scary adventure game! Wehope you willlove it!Can You Escape from Island- Holidays - OutNow!Dare toenter the abandoned asylum full of scary locations? Ifyou thinkyou are smart enough to face this challenge and solve allthepuzzles and riddles the game has to offer then download thisgamenow!Welcome to the world of nightmares! Scary Escape is aplacewhere all your worst dreams become real. You are trapped inyourdreams and you’ll have to escape by overcoming your fears,findingclues and hidden objects, waiting for you. Escape your fearsnow!↗Super scary atmosphere!↗ Innovative brain teasers!↗Amazinggraphics!↗ It's free!↗ ...and much more!So, as if possessed,I passthe bridge to Scary Island and survive from evilsandGhosts.FEATURES:===========- Stunning 3D/Hand DrawingGraphics-Dynamic Events Based on Real Time- EMF Sensor thatcollects dataand transform in events- Constantly UpdatesThe peoplein Island aredead and became evils and ghosts, They will kill youto stopescaping from Island. Whatever you do .... do not lookback!Try tofind 8 fuel cans to start the boat for escaping.Lookeverywhere,for they could be anywhere.If you want to send an emailto me,please write in EnglishThank you all for your kind ratingsyou havegiven me! This is a scary game!Scare your friends! Veryeasy,you're looking for butterflies in a quiet forest and then willfacea cry of horror and the scare exorcist.A horror game!There isanRemove Ads button for ads free.With this free application mayscareeveryone!Have Horror fun!NEWS&EVENTSfacebook:
Haunted Circus 3D 1.0.4
Mouse Games
Welcome to Haunted Clown Circus, the #1 first-person survivalhorrorwrapped inside a realistic 3D world. Discover what happenedin thecircus 25 years ago!Our story started quite ordinary. Yougot anoffer to visit a legend circus but you will forever rememberthattrip! The exploration went wrong from the very beginning:horribleatmosphere, broken lights, and insufficient cell-phonebattery tomake a call. But with full region over the entirecircus, you canutilize monitors, elevators, Christmas trees andanything else toward off the dreadful creatures such as clowns,rabbits, orangutansand other killers.This is reality. Will youemerge from this fatefulcircus alive, or will you too, likeprevious visitors in the past 25years, be chased and trapped herefor the remainder of yourlife.Game Features:- Unsettling realistic3D graphics and eeriemusic- Intuitive and simple two fingercontrols- Multiple gameendings including both good and bad
Zomboy Survival Horror 1.0.2
RG España
Oh no! Los zombis han robado los discos de Zomboy, yhansecuestrados a tus amigos. Recupera los discos y ayuda a escaparatus amigos.Oh no! Zombies have stolen Zomboy disks, andhavekidnapped your friends. Recovers disks and help yourfriendsescape.
Dr.Slenderman Episode 1 1.1
Fix all bugsEnter Chris Arknikelle skin, and tries to escapefromthe asylum of Dr.SlenderYou will search for 4 Documentstoescape.Find the keys and objects needed to emerge unscathedfromthe asylum.Be careful with the spiritsLooking kits help assomeenemies will hit you on your adventure.Hide the Dr.Slendersince itwill follow you anywhere.Be careful when you meet Celder,as itopens the doors, and often strikeveryhard
Horror Sniper - Clown Ghost In The Dead 1.2.2
Blockot Games
Horror sniper clown in the dead is a jungle survival horror game,itis a first-person survival horror in a realistic 3D world. Thestoryis nerve breaking and you got to conquer your fears to playthisterrifying game. So it all started when Sam went to the jungleforhunting, he kept on hunting till it got late in theevening.Realizing it pretty late, he jumped into his jeep and droveitpretty fast that he couldn't see what was in front of him. Hisjeepcrashed and when he wake up, he finds himself caught in a trap.Itwas all dark and he couldn't see a thing. The only way toescapefrom trap was to cut it but it wasn't an easy job as whenhestarted cutting the trap, he found himself in the middle ofhauntedarea filled with creatures and paranormal activities. NowSam hasonly one option to survive this horrific night, to cut thetrap andrun towards the nearest hut, but reaching to that hut isn'teasyeither as he has to fight with cursed creatures, monstersandghosts. One thing Sam isn't aware of is that this setup wascreatedby the scary clown who has so many victims in the past. Heis ablood hungry clown and he'll be merciless if he catches you, heisa serial killers so beware. Once you set yourself free fromthetrap, there is a haunted house which might be a place you wanttogo in order to survive the night and wait for the day light.Thedoor is closed and you need to be careful as you don't knowwhat'sinside waiting for you. Your mission involves freeingyourself fromthe trap and getting rid of the evil ghosts. You arehero escapefrom blood killer with magical powers. An all newsurvival escapesimulator game for the survival game lovers filledwith horror andparanormal activities. If he catches you, he willkill you. Thereare many horror, frightful activities at evilmansion of rivals.There are houses haunted by a resident devil.Survival in thiswilderness is a tough. Breakout from thismysterious evil villageof horror residence and neighbors withmonster assassin. If youlike horror games with unexpected twistsyou will love this pointadventure game. This hero escape bloodkiller battle adventure isvery challenging and engaging. You can'tdetermine who is angel whois devil. Extraordinary atmosphere,nervous scenario andblood-curdling flow. Experience deep, darkatmosphere of horror andterror with unsettling ambient music andfreaky, unearthly ghostvoices and sounds. Special Features Amazing3D Haunted JungleInteresting Game Play Smooth and intuitivecontrols Thrilling andchallenging Missions Horror music &sounds Fearful and tensionatmosphere Paranormal horror and creepygame Live in the horrifichorror stories and feel the scream soundsIf you are a fearlessplayer, you will face with your phobias in aterrible and hauntedhouse Do not look scared in front of your demonenemy
Demonic Manor- Horror survival game 1.15
Serkan Bakar
Grabs your camera and get into the paranormal seekers Youmustcollect diaries and keys, to escape the manor. You areajournalist. Search all manor and escape from there. Lots ofhorrorand paranormal activity. There is a evil in the manor. Ifshecatches you, she will kill you. Run away from that hauntedhousewithout losing time. There were many paranormal andfrightfulincidents at home. It can not be said to be a very uncannyplace.Manor has been haunted by a devil. And he does not thinkgoodthings. Diary from Jessica "My father is reading books aboutdemonsall day. He brought an another psychic to our house, the nameisDavid. He put charms everywhere. I'm scared as hell. It's toohardto sleep at night times. Sometimes I catch my mother watchingmewhile I am sleeping. Her face got even uglier. She doesn'teatmuch, drink water much. I don't want to lose her." beware oftheevil spirit of a woman who was killed in the manor Your quest istoescape and finally find a way to banish the ghost. Solvethemysteries! Collect pages
Dr Slandrine Night of Horror Asylum 1.0
Dr Slandrine Night of Horror Asylum is a first-personsurvivalhorror with astonishing graphics and a reallyfrighteningatmosphere.Are you ready to face your fears?You are in ahospitalcorridor which fear and horror in nested.You are feelingwhich fearand death pester to you in every step.In a mental asylumwhichcontains supranatural activities and Dr Slandrine waiting foryou,it is very difficult to survive if your nerves is not hardassteel.
Slender Man Origins 1 Lost Kids. Best horror game. 1.14
The Best Real Slender Man Game. Collect 8 pages / Save 8kids.TheMost Recommended Slender ManGameEver!*********************************************Install allourSlenderman games:Slender Man Origins 1(LostKids): 2 Saga(HorrorQuest): 3(AbandonedSchool) & Seek OnlineMultiplayerGame:*********************************************SlenderManOrigins Free - Immerse yourself into the thick atmosphere ofmysteryand horror! Follow the Slender Man's trail, become awitness to hishorrific deeds and save the children from theirinevitable doom.Explore, listen and look closely, travel throughthe dark corridors,damp halls, dense forests and empty streets,among the ancienttombs, old looming trees and abandoned houses.But beware! SlenderMan is near! In your journey you will encountermany things withoutexplanation, some even seeking to harm you.Always remember thatevery step you take may well be your last -for the Slender Manwatches you...- Four different, atmosphericlocationsEach of thelocations is unique, complete with a certaintheme and filled withdetail.- Variable ambienceExplore whileexperiencing differentweather conditions, adding a certain feel toeach of your journey.-EnviromentThe Slender Man isn't the onlything you shall notice outthere. While some events may simply be apart of unexplainable, manyof them mean danger, some may bar yourway, while few others caneven prove lethal. Be ready forsurprises!- Easy and quick-to-learncontrolsMove around and explorethe way you are most used to - youcan always choose a morefamiliar control scheme from the optionsmenu. Run away fromSlender Man easily!- Use the headphones!3D soundmakes theatmosphere even more mysterious, while listening to thedirectionsof noises you can often geta feel of where you should go,or evenavoid a hazard.- Smooth, pleasant graphicsFine detail, softlightand lots of objects, as well as shadows from every tree, stoneandiron bar in a fence - you are sure to itch for a fewscreenshotsalong the way.Best Slender Man Game for Android withover 3Mregistered players worldwide! Join ourCommunity!
Best Vr Games Horror House Ghost Simulator 2018 1.0
Apps Hut
Best vr games horror house ghost simulator 2018Welcome to a neweraof extremely VR horror games. Play this horror game which isveryscary and and enjoy VR game in horror house scary visit 2018whichis a located is a very haunted VR house game and you likehorrorsounds in scary environment. It is a horror game of 2018 andyouare studying in a hospital and you have to escape from a VRhauntedhouse and enjoy haunted games 2018. latest house of horrorvradventure game 2018 is the best horror game for girls and boysandyou are not included so do not afraid of the tariff of the nightinthis crazy haunted house 2018 game. There are zombies so youhaveto scare them in this VR horror game 2018 and in the horrorescapegames because this is the terror and you have to mosthauntedplaces in the world in this best horror game 2018 and enjoyplayingthis VR cardboard horror game 2018 and listen to crazy soundandenjoy crazy zombie 2018 escape in top place. Avoid encounterwithghost in newest vr escape horror house 3d fearful free 2018becomea scary rider in this town of ghost that give you goose bumpsandhunt for the even in the house and remember that this is thebestof haunted games 2018 so enjoy hot and horror game free in ahoteland escape from wood in this haunted area of forest and junglebyplaying amazing scary haunted house vr games 2017Enjoy new vrgameswithout controller haunted house sim that is best of VRhorroradventure 2018 game and enjoy horror escape in this best ofallescape games free and this is the best of horror game so it isnotfor kids so be a mentally strong and big heart person inthishorror games of year 2018.You are stranded in anabandonhospital inmodern house of horror vr simulation game fear night sothis is notlike a movie so enjoy it in the night of terror andsolve thepuzzle. Play that horror puzzle game of 2018 and play thebest ofVR horror game with VR adventure 2018 game and completeyourresearch in this haunted scary house game and there are evilsfromthe hell so use your spiritual power to defeat enemies inthismagical game of VR.You have to find the killer because theyarehidden in the house and hiding from you because they know thatyouare the best detective in the entire jungle area. Find yourlostkeys of the door and become a runner to complete his ways inthemidnight VR horror game.Struck in mysterious house and solvethemystery by finding objects like a real detective in this veryscarygame. best Vr scary horror room game is the best of scarygames. Wehave to find a scary ghost in the scary maze adventuregame of VR.This is the scariest game of ever made so make sure yoursurvivalin this horror game of VR because this is the best survivalhorrorgame 2018 we are with the hunt of scary sound and this is thebestgame of virtual reality horror so play this game in VRcardboardand enjoy VR horror game free.Watch this beautifullydesigned andmind blowing game and select the camera angle of yourchoice inthis best VR horror games in the world to show and explainmadnessand remember that you are a trained officer who is appointedtosolve the unsolved mystery of a murder in jungle environment.Theymay be a ghost house, from all the mystery in this difficulthorrorgame and because it is a difficult puzzle to solve no escapehorsein this mystery game and find your way out in minimum timepossibleto win the game. There is nothing for your protection soopen youreyes and enjoy modern house of horror vr simulation gamefear nightand remember that this is not a Christmasor Halloweengame so youare your own and this is not a prank. This is the bestof difficultgames so I have fear in this fearful game but fear iswhat motivateyou to find and seek your redemption in this nightforest game.Sowhat are you waiting for? Download Best vr gameshorror house ghostsimulator 2018now
Haunted Hospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game 2.5
Experience the dread of the haunted hospital! Enter thedemolishedasylum and search for hidden objects scattered all overthe place.Watch out, anything can be found in the hospital room ofterror! Ifhorror in the hospital is what you're looking for, and ifyou'regood at escape the hospital games, you're at the rightplace!Haunted Hospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game is waitingforyou! Free hidden object games are here! 💉 Haunted HospitalAsylumEscape Hidden Objects Game features: 🔍 Brand new levelswithfantastic mini games inside! 💊 Mystery hospital game freelocalizedin 15 languages! 🔍 More than 1000 hidden objects to findin thisghost train! 💊 Multiple levels of scary hospital full ofcursedhidden objects! 🔍 Fantastic train 3D game design that willleaveyou speechless! 💊 Find the hidden object from the card below&click on it! 🔍 Click on the magnifying glass button to usehelp youfind items! 💊 For mobile phones only! Zoom in the pictureto findthe objects! 🔍 Move the picture when it is zoomed to findthehidden object! 💊 Zoom out at any moment you like to see themysteryscene again! 💉 Additional mystery adventure hidden objectgamefeatures: 🏥 Picture search for finding hidden objects quicklyandeasily! 🔍 Silhouette hidden object – a challenging levelforfinding items! 🏥 Word scramble game level – find figuresinanagrams! 🔍 Flashlight or a night mode level – use the lighttoseek for items! 🏥 Match Pairs – a memory game with colorfulcardsto pair! 🔍 Find the Difference – spot the difference betweenthetwo pictures! 🏥 Time limit game - bonus level to train yourbrainand concentration! 🔍 Tile puzzle game – put the puzzlepiecestogether to make a picture! If you're a fan of enchantedhospitalgames, enjoy your visit to the haunted house of fear, aformermental hospital! Can you escape horrors of the heart andstartplaying the best horror game? Find all hidden objects andescapefrom the asylum. Let your escape become your favoriteadventurewhile you're looking at hidden scenes and finding hiddenobjects inpictures of the haunted asylum. Creepy mysteries arewaiting to besolved in the scream house – the scariest room of thehauntedhospital. Play mystery hidden object game 2018 HauntedHospitalAsylum Escape Hidden Objects Game and rest assured thatthishospital horror game will make their blood run cold! Bloodysceneswill make the asylum night look like impossible mission tofind allhospital hidden objects. Hospital games free with elementsofhorror, mystery, and fantasy! If haunted house games areyourfavorite horror games, you probably wonder can you escapehauntedroom in the hospital. Do the hospital clean up as soon aspossible!Enter the mental hospital and feel the hospital fear!DownloadHaunted Hospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game and feeltotalterror! Adventure of the escape from the mental asylum willput youinto a dash mode – you will enjoy time playing this hospitalroomhidden object game. Haunted asylum is filled with mysteryghosts!Enter the haunted rooms and try to look for the hiddenobjects –syringes, pillows, bloody clothes, and other creepythings. Playthis mystery adventure game, the best seek and findgames ever!Have you ever wondered how the haunted house looks like?Welcome tothe haunted asylum – the screams of the imprisonedpatients stillfill up the hallways. Feel the emergency of thesituation and findall hidden objects as soon as possible! Escapethe usual adventuregames hidden objects and download this freemystery game HauntedHospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game! Youwill feel thehorror coming from the hospital which hid the secretexperimentshidden from the society! So, hurry up and start solvingthe hauntedhouse mysteries. This paranormal asylum is waiting foryou and ifyou like visiting haunted places, you'll definitivelyenjoy solvingthis mystery case!
Office Horror Story 1.3
Poison Games
Office Horror Story - Arrival of the Chainsaw Killer ExploreOffice,Stairs and Basement. Find out the horrifying story aboutChainsawKiller. - 16 levels to play - 2 melee weapons - Puzzles tosolve andobjects to find. - If you like Horror Games, this one isfor you.
Slendrina (Free) 2.0
**This is the free version and it contains advertisingSlendrina isanew horror game where you have to find items to get you outofdifferent places, but someone is following you all the time. Andifyou look at her for too long ..... well, then she will getyou.....If you like this game, so please rate it and write acomment.I appreciate it very much and it will help me in myfutureprojects.Thank you ALL for your kind ratings!Enjoy this game!
Mrityu - The Terrifying Maze 1
Mrityu – The Terrifying Maze brings you one of the scariesthorrorsurvival games of the year. With ultra-exciting premise,amazinggraphic effects and creative enemies and challenges, you’llbescared like you’ve never been scared before in anothermysteryscary games to play on your smartphones. It’s anunforgettableexperience that you’ll want to repeat on and on. Justdon’t getlost in the dark & horror mazes! 😱SCARY HORRORSURVIVALSTORYLINEThree best friends found about hidden treasure inanancient dungeon. They are trying to find the treasure andthinkthat this would be an easy job. However, they don’t know thatthedungeons are cursed and haunted by scariest ghosts that havetheability to kill. Help the three friends survive anddefendthemselves in this first person survival game.USE THESPECIALABILITIES TO SURVIVEIn this first person horror survivalgame youwill have tons of items and help to defend from the deadlyghosts.Use the 'mrityunjay mantra' to protect yourself when ghostsarecoming. Run, jump and constantly explore through the mazes,butwatch out, ghosts can come from anywhere! It’s an excitingandunmatchable gaming experience! Dodge, run and defend, just trytosurvive. Mrityu - The Terrifying Maze FEATURES:- horrorsurvivalgame- astounding HD graphics- easy controls- mystery &horrorsound effects- scary 3D gameplay- treasure hunt horrorgame-special abilities to defend------------------Mrityu (death)willdefinitely satisfy the needs of every true free scary games&free horror games fans!Experience real scary &captivatingfirst person horror survival game!Explore the deadlydungeons andget to the treasure!Download Mrityu - The TerrifyingMaze for FREE.
Animatronic Horror Doors 2.10
MakSton Play
The night, in the darkness of which lies the incredible horror,iscoming... Are you afraid? However, you have a reason forthis!Welcome to the horror room, a 1000 scary doors game withbrainteasers, where you have to check how brave you are. Be readytoescape the room in a horror story game that we want to tellyouabout. Features of the find the clues game with 100 doorsandfloors: • One of the most frightening escape games free •Horrificpuzzles for kids can be download on your smartphone ortablet • 100doors horror for all ages • Thrilling ambiance, darkdesign andover 100 rooms to escape in best traditions of horrorgames Checkyourself for durability in a scary games with secretdoors Do youlike horror house games involving animatronics dollsand findingobjects? Then we are happy to greet you in our roomescape game,filled with 100 puzzle rooms, horrors and darkness!Solve all thelogic puzzles that we have prepared for you. Meet withpirate foxand the other frebb’s friends, feel the real fear,playing the 100doors game 2017. Meet the best quest games freeCannot live withoutthrills and horrors and adore brain traininggames? Don't miss yourchance to go through the horror house’s roomsand open the secretdoor in a terrific 100 doors game 2018 thatpromises you real fearand at the same time delight! Become the onewho will challenge thefate and unlock all 100 doors. Solve themystery of the horror gameand get as many rewards as possible,solving terror games problems,and passing through horror roomescape. Try once the puzzle gamesfor kids and you will never beable to forget the magnificentgamehoror that will leave you thehorror of escape for a long time. Youwill not play other horroradventure games. Feel the real paranoiain the doors and rooms gamesFear, anger, paranoia... Theunchangeable attributes of the questgames offline. All this iswaiting for you in one of the best braingame for adults and kids.The unique atmosphere of horror in thedarkness that makes youafraid was specially created for playingescape games free, do youfeel goosebumps run down your spine? Tickyour nerves, playinghorror stories app, go through all the 100challenge door and finda way out of this nightmare. Make your brainwork with this one ofthe cool doors escape games for free Acceptthe brain challenge andtry to escape rooms, running away from thehorror in the house.Testyour mind, unlock the doors, playing newhorror puzzle games. Theinstinct of self-survival will make youthink about 100 doorsescape faster and more efficiently during thepuzzles games. Thehorror games free will just blow your brain!Still in search of thebest brain game for kids for a smartphone ortablet? Then try Funnights with 100 doors and immerse yourself inthe world of scarystories!
Survival Horror 1.0
Joey Sellers
"The floor is cold. You wake up, trapped in a school, surroundedbythe infected. You cannot remember what happened. It is notsafehere. You need to get back home."Survival Horror:InteractiveFiction is a text adventure game, ruthless and creepy,best playedin the dark. Tap key words to explore. Choose wisely, oryour storymay end in your bloody slaughter. This game may be toodisturbingfor some readers.• The words in this text adventure gameareinteractive. Tap key words to explore.• Every new game isadifferent experience, with several solutions for eachsituation.•Ambient music and sound create an immersive atmosphere.•Engagingmoral dilemmas and brutal consequences.• This game may betoodisturbing for some players.
House of Slendrina (Free) 1.4.4
The game is free but it contains advertising.Slendrina isback!Thistime you need to find out the secret of Slendrina. Youmust exploreher house and find out who she really is. But becareful. She ismore evil than usual.Try to find 8 pieces of apicture to open akey cabinet. Then go down to the cellar and findout the secret...You also need to find keys to open certaindoors.Lookeverywhere, for they could be anywhere.Thank you all foryour kindratings you have given me! You are the best!If you want tosend anemail to me, please write in English or Swedish.Have fun!
Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival
Are you ready to experience the next level of Horror on yourmobilephone through Augmented Reality? Get ready for theHalloweensurprise. Introducing Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival theultimate ARCamera App to allow you to experience ultimate horrorscenes whileyou are moving in the real world. This horror mobile ARapp takeshorror to the next level. Use the camera to move aroundand make itseem like you are moving in a horror scene, at nighttime. Are youlooking for the next thrill for yourself?With thisapp, your hometurns into a Halloween horror scene and you are rightin themiddle. With the Ghost Snap app, you can experience reallifehorror through the AR Camera and snap pictures while you aremovingaround your house. This is a high tense augmented reality appthatgets your tensed amidst the horror scene. It might seem likeabattle of survival while you trying to get out of the scaryhorrorexperience. But, the path is endless, you continue toexperiencemore and more horror as you advance. You cannot run away,therewill be no escape.“Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival” has thescariestgaming experience on the mobile market. The game hasamazinglysimple controls to get started. It also includes horrorsoundswhile you are moving through your house which is a horrorscene.TheGhost Snap app is available for free! So, get ready tostart usingthe most powerful horror in augmented reality usingthisapp.************************How To Play:1. Get ready and plugyourheadphones in. You have to hear what happens arround you!2.Lookaround and take photos of abnormalities in yoursurrounding.3."Dont let him come close"************************###while playing,please check your surroundings.###************************Become aFanonFacebook:************************Weareconstantly working hard on making the “Ghost Snap ARHorrorSurvival” app better and more entertaining for you. We needyourconstant support to get going. Please feel free to email us foranyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say helloandgive us a pat on the back. We would love to hear from you. Ifyouhave enjoyed any feature of the “Ghost Snap AR HorrorSurvival”app,do not forget to rate us on play store.
The Phenomenon Lite 1.7.6
2 Fly Dreams
First trailer: Secondtrailer: Fullversion: is an episodic survival horror game withgreatre-playability. The main character is Barry Nellan, aparanormalresearcher whose work is known worldwide. Many casesconnected withunexplained activity were investigated. Most gave noreal results,but the last one… "Hospital Sinister" is the namepeople have givento this abandoned hospital. Many people try toavoid this hospitalas when they are near it, they start feelingbad; it seems asthough real fear and panic are stalking you here.There are rumorsthat a curse was put on the hospital and that evilinhabits it. Itappears as a ghost, and it is called Sophie. Littlegirl Sophie wasstruggling with an unknown type of amnesia, and herparents tookher to the hospital where her granny, Annabelle, was anurse. Shewas not getting better, and the girl was a resident ofanothercountry, undertaking expensive treatment. These eventsforcedAnnabelle to resort to non-traditional methods of treatment.Afterthe death of her granddaughter, Annabelle could not sleepproperly,she always had nightmares in which she was walking amongSophie,her grandpa, and dead people. Not intending to sound trite,it wasFriday the 13th when the old woman decided to settle a scorewithher own life in the forest. Shortly before the closure ofthehospital, sinkholes began to appear around it, and thewindowsstarted turning black, preventing daylight from passingthrough.The hospital security guards Charlie and Alan call thesesillystories, blaming the abandoned mine, Outlast, which ispartiallylocated under the hospital. It causes the ground tocollapse anddue to coal dust there is always a constant mist andwindows turndark. In addition, the security guards don't believe inthe hole,Devil eye, inside the mine that is deeper than the KolaSuperdeepBorehole and leads directly to Hell, where a demon voiceor thescream of someone’s sinful soul can be heard. Charlie andAlan saythat ufologist Oliver Wake recently began to explore thehospital.In his youth, he was inspired by The X-Files , and sincethen hehas been blogging, mostly on topics like Bigfoot, vampiresandwerewolves, UFO hunting, and the conjuring spell. Many peopleknowhim from the article about the Lazarus serum within thesecretgovernment program. Currently, communication with Oliver islost.You can find far more absurd legends about this hospital thatcomefrom internet videos and PC games, right up to those thatpeoplecan find Rake, Slender here or, unbelievably, Baldi and Momo.Butall those are just rumors, right? In the EPISODE 1, youwillexplore map of 3 square kilometers with over 500 spawns ofobjects,use devices for paranormal research, fight againstcreatures withsmart and tricky AI, and find out a lot of otherthings that makeeach new game unique. Compete with other players totake the firstplace in the global leaderboards. Besides touchinput, you can usethe gamepad and a keyboard with a mouse. The mainlanguage isEnglish, but Spanish and Russian are supported too.Please contactus if you need any assistance, have a proposal forfuture updates,or found a bug. Contactform:
Reporter 2 Lite 1.02
The continuation of the popular action-horror game - "Reporter"from"AGaming +" studio, will shock you to the core! Turn off thelights,connect headphones and be careful, because only theattentive andcautious person can finally unravel this darkhistory! You somehowmiraculously survived in the hospital! Do youthink it is over? Andwhat about that strange call about 7 days?The time is running out!Carefree dreams are left behind: now youare hostage of nightmaresand wake up in a cold sweat everymorning. And nightmares arebecoming more realistic and eerie everyday. That's why you aretrying to find out something about thatmysterious girl, who isfollowing you in nightmares. One of yourfriends found out somethinginteresting and you need to start youraction, immediately! It'stime to go!Warning: System requirementsto play on Ultra settings.Recommended: processors Exynos 8890 orQualcomm Snapdragon 820 andhigher.
Best Horror Haunted House Solve Murder Case Game 2 1.0
Do you love to solve the scary puzzles? Then downloadthebesthaunted games in the world and enjoy adventure escape inthehorrordark forest games 2018 environment.Solve the mystery ofthehauntedhouse that is adventure games mystery and enjoy thisbesthorrorgame for girls and boys. Be a part of this besthorroradventuregames mystery by solving the clues in the hauntedforestgame 2018.If you love horror games 2018 and want thescaryadventures thendownload Horror games simulator 2018If youlovescary best game ofvirtual reality horror games 2018 and youlovescary adventurehorror games 2018 puzzles then you are atrightplace. Seek andfind the b 612 horror clues in the adventurous50rooms escapehorror game 2018 to solve the haunted mystery.Becareful whilemoving in the haunted forest games 2018 as you canseethe scaryghosts in the haunted scary house game 2018.BestHorrorgames forgirls is the scary doors haunted game 2018 that isthebest horrorgames 2018 and is full of adventurous best VRhorrorgames 2018best survival horror game 2018 clues. Solve all thebuilda hauntedhouse clues and don’t be afraid of the ghostswhilesolving thecrazy haunted house vr clues in the haunted forestthatis full ofcreepy monster. New horror games: scary ghost town isfunandaction best horror escape games for girls including aseriesofpuzzles and can you escape 100 rooms horror clues. Findallthebuild your own haunted house clues in the forest byplayingthebest horror games in the world and escape the hauntedhouse. Trytosolve the escape haunted house puzzle and find the cluetocompletethe adventurous escape horror house 2018 mission.Horrorhousescary attack game Game Play This is the horror escapemysterygames2018 full of adventures in the dark hauntedforestenvironment. Youhave to find the clues in escape house forestandhave to clear theescape old scary abandoned house game 2018level.So start theescape scary house mission to find the clues andsolvethe puzzle.Don’t be scared of the scary evil dead ghosts inthescary escapehd forest and keep moving to find the clues inescapethe roomhorror 4 game 2018.You have to find the fantastichorror 3Dgames2018 documents while moving in the haunted darkforest inthishorror find and seek game 2018. You have to collectall thepagesand find difference houses clues to complete each fivenightathaunted house 3d mission. In Ghost killer horrorhauntedhousegames you have to cross the scary freaky games 2018paths inthehaunted area of forest and jungle to complete thefreehiddenobject game 2018 level. You will cross the hauntedbhootrivers,the haunted house in the middle of the haunted forestescapewhereyou can hear the haunted house sounds. Don’t be afraidif youhaveto enter in the haunted house td to find the lasthauntedmysteryclue in escape haunted house fear games If you thinkthelast clueis in the haunted house vr games 2018 then enterthehaunted islandhouse without any fear to solve the puzzle.Therearemanychallenging haunted house adventure games 2018 levels. Soclearallthe levels by finding all the clues in the dark nightforestgame2018. Horror games simulator 2018 Features /* Amazinggraphicsofhorror house games 3d./* Fantastic horror sounds./*Mysteryhiddenobject games 2018.So what are you waiting for?? If youlovemysteryhidden story puzzles in the mystery house then downloadBestHorrorgames for girls for free and enjoy the mysterioushouseadventures.
Dungeon Nightmares Free 1.635
K Monkey
***Dungeon Nightmares IINOWOUT!*** benchmark in horror games on mobile in DungeonNightmaresFree! and find out what makes it scarier than any othergame outthere.NOTE: Please make sure you adjust your sensitivitysettings onthe title screen by tapping on the options icon (topright).DungeonNightmares has been called the SCARIEST game on iOSby players.Every night you go to bed, you find yourself in anendless nightmarethat you must escape from. The dungeon islittered with items foryou to collect, including Candles that helplight up your path. Butbe warned, you will not be alone in there.You must survive eachnight and progress to another to find moreclues about thisnightmare. What do these nightmares mean? Who isthat girl? this issomething for you to find out... ==========DUNGEON NIGHTMARESFEATURES - Intense scary atmosphere -Combat-less gameplay - Diverserange of "horrors" in the dungeon -Dynamic AI for enemies thatchanges based on how you play - Fully3D level design - Rich 3Dsurround sound (headphones recommended) -Graphical special effects(fog, bokeh particles) - Traditional dualstick controls - Intuitivetouch controls for interaction========== Follow our [email protected]
Forest 2 2.1
Forest 2 is the remake of my first game I've made in 2012calledForest. It includes a new AI, upgraded graphics, bettercontrolsand a bit more content. This game is basically a hauntinggame butthe difference is that the evil one is a white ghost withlongblack hair. Your quest is to escape and finally find a waytobanish the ghost.Be careful and quiet. You can hear her breathwhenshe approaches.
Escape From The Dark demo 3.4
EscapeFromTheDark is a video game of the genre survival horror.Ahorror adventure, with terrifying images, sounds and music,thatyou will handle in the third person through a virtualjoystick.Johncowans, returns home after a long time living in thecity, in themiddle of the road the road is cut and has to continuewalkingalong a path to a village, night creek in which somethingstrangeis happening.Puzzles, sinister creatures and the need toescapefrom the dark is the challenge that awaits you if you embarkonthis adventure.You have to take John to the exit, not only ofthattown, but also of the darkness that lurks. It is up to you tosolvethe riddles, before the creatures that emerge from the densefogand darkness kill you.
Retro Five Nights Survival 1.2
A retro 8-bit survival horror game! Can you survive five nightsof80's retro gaming?Watch your security cameras. Use the trackerstopinpoint the whereabouts of the retro baddies. Close the doorstostop the enemies attacking you!Welcome to the most scary retrogameever created!Can you survive five retro night shifts and reachtheend of the week!Featuring:8-bit retro pixel art.Four retrobaddiesto keep you on your toes!Classic 8-bit retro sound effectsand chiptune music.
Horror Hospital 6.0
Heisen Games
Only chance to survive from the hospital with ghosts isacellphone.Are you ready to risk your life for saving yourfriendsto hospital.In a darkness enviroment, you should find yourway onlyusing a cellphone light.Consider messages which comesyourcellphone and reach your friendNote: We recommend that playthegame with headset.★ Twitter:★Instagram:★Facebook:★Web:★ Horror Hospital
Slendrina: The Forest 1.02
It's time again with a new scary adventure with Slendrina.Thistimeit will be your mission to find out the dark secret that hidesinthe dark forest.You need to find some keys and tools tosucceed.Andas always, watch out for Slendrina and turn around assoon as yousee her.You must also be careful so you do not faceSlendrinasmother.If you want to send an email to me, please writein Englishor Swedish.Thank you all for your kind ratings you havegiven me!You are the best!The game is free but it Containsadvertising.Goodluck!
Dead Mist : Zombie Defense Killer Shooter .9
First Person Shooter survival horror game Killer Zombie , basedinenemies waves. Zombie Call of Killing enemies will give youpoints.slender typeAround the Camp you can find "icon weapons"floatingthat will give you weapons or Ammo for points.Zombie,defense,Walking,, residence of evil, Battle royale, multiplayer,dead,shooter, 3D, slender manIf your barrier get destroyed, you canmakeanother one for 1000 points. (you can only rebuild when barrierisdestroyed)Find the health packs to get more chances to survivetheattacks.Features: Creepypasta-10 different zombies.-FirstPersonperspective.-3 different Weapons.-More inclined to survivalhorrorthan Action.You play as a Soldier who have to protect theCamp formHordes of Zombie Undeads. You will have to face Fast onesthat aredeadly agile and slow ones that can get you and arestronger.How towin the game? shoot them in the Head.
Mental Hospital II Lite 1.01.17
Are you ready to accept the gift of madness and understandthesecrets of the deep? If yes — “Mental Hospital” is waiting foryou.The story of Mental Hospital begins with a banal event in thelifeof a young reporter. Agreed to film a special forces raidtaskingat the Psychiatric Hospital, he started his work. But in anabsurdaccident he has been arrested at the office. In order to getatleast something from such a bargain, you (as this reported)stillhesitant to go to the hospital, and shoot for the scene atleastsomething meaningful. Incredibly powerful, creepy atmosphere.Itwill keep you in suspense, not allowing to relax for a minute.Thegame is built on the Unity3D engine, which allows it to issueapicture at the level of modern horror computer games.
Bear Haven Nights Horror Free 1.32
SunRay Games
Welcome to the Bear Haven Motel on you new part timeelectricianjob! There's temporary er... lack of guests at thistime, but thisshouldn't worry you. Also we have some strangeproblems in ourelectrical system at nights, but we're sure you'llmanage to fixthem. Don't forget, if there's something broken by6:00 am you willbe fired! So don't miss a change to get a hugepayment for yourjob. Yes... And about our dear guests. Just try notto get in theirway. Bear Haven is a great indie horror game whereyou have tosurvive scary nights. You don't have just to watch atcameras as anight security guard, but you can freely walk aroundand interactwith the environment. Participate in atmospheric andintriguingnightmare adventure. Fix broken electricity and hide fromangrybears so they couldn't catch you. Run if something goes wrong.Thenclose the door and turn of the light. The phone shouldn't ringandTV shouldn't work while you are hiding. Then you can survivethefirst scary night! Play one of the best free horror games now!
Random Horror Movie 1.7
Random Horror Movie is a game based on old school horrormovies,where you'll see yourself in a random generated film, lockedin aweird place where you need to get out alive!Random monsters-Random places - Random eventsEVERYTHING IS RANDOM!!Creepyambientfeeling, with bats, mices, rats, cats, creepy naked oldguys(WHAT?), and MUCH MORE!Solve puzzle or kill to getoutalive!Goals:10.000 Downloads = New playablecharacters!15.000Downloads = New ways to exit!Contact
100 Doors Horror 1.31
MakSton Play
Do you need some scary stuff tonight? You're welcome to thegamewhere you can experience the most horrible brain challenge inyourlife! Forget all other horror door games and get ready to openallsecret doors in our new horror quiz where you’ve got 100 doorstounlock and find an escape! LET YOUR FEARS GO OUT Do you liketorattle your nerves while playing horror adventure games? Feelthethrill and stay in suspense throughout the whole scary story of100doors 2017 while opening the doors one by one. Imagine aperfecthorror in the darkness where anything can happen wheneveryou wantit! THE MOST POPULAR OF HORROR APPS What kind of horrorgames freedo you prefer to play on your phone or tablet? Maybeabsorbinghorror story games with riddles and brain-teasers ingalore? Nowyou've got a great opportunity to walk through plenty ofexcitinglevels to get out of the horror house alive. Don't miss thechanceto play one of the most desirable horror games for girls andboys.Come here and enjoy the horror on screen of your androiddeviceanywhere you go! This game of 100 doors won’t be an easy gamebutyou won’t mind while it’s so addictive! ATMOSPHERIC HORRORROOMESCAPE Start the unbelievable quest of terror with lots ofpuzzlesand surprises! The sinister interior design of the roomswill makeyou feel lost and damned like in the top horror mysterygames. Andthe fear will never leave you with cool ambient creepysounds inthe horror night within the games location. Get scaredwith our newhorror house games! If you look for 100 doors key, waita bit!Playing in 100 doors with such mind boggling gameplay willbeaddictive and challenging! STRAIN YOUR BRAIN IN THECHALLENGINGDOORS GAME You've got a perfect opportunity to findyourself in theheight of horror detective games. Growing suspense,unexpectedturns and overwhelming curiosity are guaranteed! Testyour skillsto resolve puzzles and brain games in the horror storiesapp. Whatcan be more refreshing for your intellect than unlockingdoors androoms in games of 100 doors locked with no end? So,you'lldefinitely stay involved in the horror puzzle games forever!Openour Horror Doors and you'll get: - frightening horror new gamesfun- perfect training to check your wits and courage -eeriesurroundings for more pleasure Install the most extraordinaryofpuzzle horror games for free! You'll spend your time withgreattrembling and delight with 100 doors free if only download it!
Ghost School - Horror Game 3.0
3D Horror / stealth game in which you'll have to find yourghostfriend (Keta), a key and defuse a bomb if you want to escape.Itseems easy but there are some ghosts in the shadows who will trytomake it hard.Do not make eye contact with them and they'll goawaybut be careful, when you are closer to escape theybecomefaster...Lots of jumpscares included, recommended to playwith yourvolume up to the top. If you like horror games you'lldefinitelylike this one.CONTROLS:Left Pad: WalkRight Pad:RotateCamera----------------------Juego de terror y suspenso en 3D.Debesencontrar a tu amiga fantasma (Keta), una llave yjuntarinformación para desactivar la bomba si quieres escapar. Perolosfantasmas esperan en las sombras para intentar detenerte... ysemultiplicarán cuando estés más cerca de escapar...Serecomiendajugar con el volumen altoControles:Pad de la izquierdainferior:Caminar, desplazarsePad de la derecha: RotarcamaraDesarrollado conUnity3D3D Horror / stealth game in WhichYou'll have to find yourghost friend (Keta), a key and defuse abomb if you want to escape.It Seems easy but there are some ghostsin the shadows who will tryto make it hard.Do not make eye Contactwith them and they'll goaway but be careful, you are closer to WhenThey Become escapefaster ...Lots of jumpscares included,recommended to play withyour volume up to the top. If you likehorror games you'lldefinitely like this one.CONTROLS:Left Pad:WalkRight Pad: RotateCamera----------------------Suspense horrorgame in 3D. You mustfind your friend ghost (Keta), a key and gatherinformation todefuse the bomb if you want to escape.But ghosts arewaiting in theshadows to try to stop ... and multiply when you'recloser toescape ...We recommend playing at high volumeControls:Padthebottom left: Walking, transfersPad Right: RotatecameraDevelopedwith Unity3D
Mental Hospital II 1.02.05
Are you ready to accept the gift of madness and understandthesecrets of the deep? If yes — “Mental Hospital” is waiting foryou.The story of Mental Hospital begins with a banal event in thelifeof a young reporter. Agreed to film a special forces raidtaskingat the Psychiatric Hospital, he started his work. But in anabsurdaccident he has been arrested at the office. In order to getatleast something from such a bargain, you (as this reported)stillhesitant to go to the hospital, and shoot for the scene atleastsomething meaningful. Incredibly powerful, creepy atmosphere.Itwill keep you in suspense, not allowing to relax for a minute.Thegame is built on the Unity3D engine, which allows it to issueapicture at the level of modern horror computer games.