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Mental Hospital III Lite 1.01.02
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years, according to manygamers.4Pda★ ★ ★ ★ ★Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survivalhorrorwith astonishing graphics and a really frighteningatmosphere.Ourstory started quite ordinary. The main character gotan offer torecord a video of a special forces raid in one of thepsychiatrichospitals where secret experiments were supposed to becarried out.Sounds easy enough… That was what he thought.But hewill foreverremember that night. The night everything went wrongfrom the verybeginning: Horrible weather, problems on the news, andthe carbreaking down appeared to be inevitable, as was missing thestartof the clinic capture operation. Having arrived at hisdestinationlate, the main character decides to find LieutenantSidorov as soonas possible, hoping to film at least something.After the maincharacter gets inside of the hospital and isintroduced to it'sinhabitants he understands that it will be nearlyimpossible todescribe what he saw there. You can of course erasethe footage,but there is no option to erase your memories.This isreality. Willthe main character emerge from this fateful hospitalalive, or willhe too, like it's residents, be trapped here for theremainder ofhis life.
Mental Hospital:EB 2 Lite 1.0
Are you ready to accept the gift of madness and understandthesecrets of the deep? If yes — “Mental Hospital” is waiting foryou.Mental Hospital: Eastern Block II – is a sequel to the firstpartof the game that has already been played by a huge amount ofgamersall over the world. It has driven mad dozens of people. TheEasternBlock II story starts with the death of the main character’sfriendwho dies under mysterious circumstances. He had taken hiscameraand gone to a secluded mental hospital looking for sensation.Thepolice investigated the case reluctantly without even tryingtofind David’s camera. And the camera could certainly give hintsasto what had happened in the sinister hospital. And now youhavedecided to do what you can to find this fateful camera sothatDavid’s death did not go unpunished. An incredibly powerfulandcreepy atmosphere will hold you in suspense so that you willnothave a moment’s rest. Only nerves of steel and swift reflexeswillhelp you to get out of the hospital. Mental Hospital: EasternBlockII allows to record Let's play’s and to save them on theEveryplayserver that is gaining popularity and also in the popularsocialnetworks.
Mental Hospital V Lite 1.00
Mental Hospital V - first person survivor horror withbeautifullgraphics and terribly frightening atmosphere. The storyof MentalHospital V begins with small investigation in the mentalhospitalmade by journalist Mark. In strange circumstances , hewasdissapeared and all his group was found dead. His brother startstosearch the truth.While trying to understand what'sactuallyhappened and who are Elise, you encounter difficultdecision: tryto save your brother, or to stay alive. Difficult taskis waitingfor your solution. Exit is always possible to find! Tryto findyour own in such delicate situation.
Mental Hospital III 1.01.02
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years, according to many gamers4Pda.★ ★ ★ ★ ★Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survivalhorror withastonishing graphics and a really frighteningatmosphere.Our storystarted quite ordinary. The main character gotan offer to record avideo of a special forces raid in one of thepsychiatric hospitalswhere secret experiments were supposed to becarried out. Soundseasy enough… That was what he thought.But hewill forever rememberthat night. The night everything went wrongfrom the very beginning:Horrible weather, problems on the news,and the car breaking downappeared to be inevitable, as was missingthe start of the cliniccapture operation. Having arrived at hisdestination late, the maincharacter decides to find LieutenantSidorov as soon as possible,hoping to film at least something.After the main character getsinside of the hospital and isintroduced to it's inhabitants heunderstands that it will benearly impossible to describe what hesaw there. You can of courseerase the footage, but there is nooption to erase yourmemories.This is reality. Will the maincharacter emerge from thisfateful hospital alive, or will he too,like it's residents, betrapped here for the remainder of his life.
Mental Hospital III HD 1.01.02
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years, according to many gamers4Pda.★ ★ ★ ★ ★Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survivalhorror withastonishing graphics and a really frighteningatmosphere.Our storystarted quite ordinary. The main character gotan offer to record avideo of a special forces raid in one of thepsychiatric hospitalswhere secret experiments were supposed to becarried out. Soundseasy enough… That was what he thought.But hewill forever rememberthat night. The night everything went wrongfrom the very beginning:Horrible weather, problems on the news,and the car breaking downappeared to be inevitable, as was missingthe start of the cliniccapture operation. Having arrived at hisdestination late, the maincharacter decides to find LieutenantSidorov as soon as possible,hoping to film at least something.After the main character getsinside of the hospital and isintroduced to it's inhabitants heunderstands that it will benearly impossible to describe what hesaw there. You can of courseerase the footage, but there is nooption to erase yourmemories.This is reality. Will the maincharacter emerge from thisfateful hospital alive, or will he too,like it's residents, betrapped here for the remainder of his life.
Haunted Hospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game 2.5
Experience the dread of the haunted hospital! Enter thedemolishedasylum and search for hidden objects scattered all overthe place.Watch out, anything can be found in the hospital room ofterror! Ifhorror in the hospital is what you're looking for, and ifyou'regood at escape the hospital games, you're at the rightplace!Haunted Hospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game is waitingforyou! Free hidden object games are here! 💉 Haunted HospitalAsylumEscape Hidden Objects Game features: 🔍 Brand new levelswithfantastic mini games inside! 💊 Mystery hospital game freelocalizedin 15 languages! 🔍 More than 1000 hidden objects to findin thisghost train! 💊 Multiple levels of scary hospital full ofcursedhidden objects! 🔍 Fantastic train 3D game design that willleaveyou speechless! 💊 Find the hidden object from the card below&click on it! 🔍 Click on the magnifying glass button to usehelp youfind items! 💊 For mobile phones only! Zoom in the pictureto findthe objects! 🔍 Move the picture when it is zoomed to findthehidden object! 💊 Zoom out at any moment you like to see themysteryscene again! 💉 Additional mystery adventure hidden objectgamefeatures: 🏥 Picture search for finding hidden objects quicklyandeasily! 🔍 Silhouette hidden object – a challenging levelforfinding items! 🏥 Word scramble game level – find figuresinanagrams! 🔍 Flashlight or a night mode level – use the lighttoseek for items! 🏥 Match Pairs – a memory game with colorfulcardsto pair! 🔍 Find the Difference – spot the difference betweenthetwo pictures! 🏥 Time limit game - bonus level to train yourbrainand concentration! 🔍 Tile puzzle game – put the puzzlepiecestogether to make a picture! If you're a fan of enchantedhospitalgames, enjoy your visit to the haunted house of fear, aformermental hospital! Can you escape horrors of the heart andstartplaying the best horror game? Find all hidden objects andescapefrom the asylum. Let your escape become your favoriteadventurewhile you're looking at hidden scenes and finding hiddenobjects inpictures of the haunted asylum. Creepy mysteries arewaiting to besolved in the scream house – the scariest room of thehauntedhospital. Play mystery hidden object game 2018 HauntedHospitalAsylum Escape Hidden Objects Game and rest assured thatthishospital horror game will make their blood run cold! Bloodysceneswill make the asylum night look like impossible mission tofind allhospital hidden objects. Hospital games free with elementsofhorror, mystery, and fantasy! If haunted house games areyourfavorite horror games, you probably wonder can you escapehauntedroom in the hospital. Do the hospital clean up as soon aspossible!Enter the mental hospital and feel the hospital fear!DownloadHaunted Hospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game and feeltotalterror! Adventure of the escape from the mental asylum willput youinto a dash mode – you will enjoy time playing this hospitalroomhidden object game. Haunted asylum is filled with mysteryghosts!Enter the haunted rooms and try to look for the hiddenobjects –syringes, pillows, bloody clothes, and other creepythings. Playthis mystery adventure game, the best seek and findgames ever!Have you ever wondered how the haunted house looks like?Welcome tothe haunted asylum – the screams of the imprisonedpatients stillfill up the hallways. Feel the emergency of thesituation and findall hidden objects as soon as possible! Escapethe usual adventuregames hidden objects and download this freemystery game HauntedHospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game! Youwill feel thehorror coming from the hospital which hid the secretexperimentshidden from the society! So, hurry up and start solvingthe hauntedhouse mysteries. This paranormal asylum is waiting foryou and ifyou like visiting haunted places, you'll definitivelyenjoy solvingthis mystery case!
Night adventure in the hospital map for MCPE Craft 1.0
Map for MCPE Craft «Night adventure in the hospital» – is arealhorror movie, where the hero is in total darkness in anabandonedhospital and where even the silence frightens. To surviveis yourmain goal. Do you think that you will not be afraid ofanything?Play MCPE map, Prove your fearlessness.Please note that weuse theMinecraft Pocket Edition and MCPE trademarks with thepublicpermission:"Terms")"BrandGuidelines"), we are a third-party developer and do notinfringe onthe intellectual property of the author Mojang AB.Few ofus likehospitals, but imagine that you opened your eyes - andaround istwilight. Only because of the moon light you realize thatyou werein a hospital, but it does calm ypu. Darkness, deathlysilence andhospital smell on the maps pe scare you. You're tryingto find away out. To be able to see something to see in the maps pesandbox,a flashlight is given. Switch it on if you are not afraidto becomeeven more frightened. Behind the darkness sometimessomething thatwe don’t want to see is hidden . But the battery inflashlights inmaps pe has the ability to be uncharges, so spend itwisely. Payspecial attention to the chests. In the chests on themaps pe thanMCPE there is always something interesting.
Crazy Doctor 1.5
Can you SAVE the lives of your patients? Crazy Doctor is atotallynew medical simulation game with smooth gestural controlslovinglyhandcrafted for your Android phones and tablets.Play CrazyDoctorand make a name for yourself by curing very ill ordinarypeople atthe fictional hospital. This game is a unique mix ofhumorousgame-play and terrifyingly realistic simulation. By usingall kindsof crazy tools to treat various patients, you willgradually evolvefrom surgical interns to seasoned doctors.GameFeatures:- Stunninggraphics with a highly polished interface- 27different patientswith radically different ways to save- Easy, funtouch gesturesthat mimic real surgery activitiesNotes: For level 3,you need torecharge the patient first and then give him severalinjections.
Pony Pregnancy Maternity 2.0
Woofie Games
The hospitals are full and this pony needs emergencyattention.Become a crazy vet doctor and perform this awesomeoperation. Newborn pony is on the way and it’s up to you to saveher by playingthis amazing surgery simulator game. You are theleader in thissurgery team and doctors want you to lead. Use thelatest surgerytools and learn what doctors feel like in anoperationtheatre.Using these surgical kits is hard and you can showwhatkind of a doctor you are. This operation will test your skillsandshow what kind of a doctor you can becomePregnancy is a hardthingto operate nowadays and you need special skills as a doctor togetyourself a chance of having to see a newborn cute pony. Playthisamazing surgery game which beats all doctor games by far.Becomethe ultimate doctor and show your horse and pony youcare.What todo- Pick from various patients and show what you cando- Getfamiliar with the medical and surgical kit - Become a reallive vetdoctor, who’s performing a virtual surgery simulator- Thisgame isnothing short of reality. - Save horse and pony, show themyoucare- The best virtual game you would play
Kids Doctor: Scientist 1.1.1
It is very interesting to visit a laboratory. Hereimportantresearches and scientific experiments take place. It iseven moreinteresting to visit science medical laboratory in thehospital.Here you can do analysis, study viruses and microbesthrough themicroscope, and then prepare medicines, which you canlater buy inthe drugstore in the hospital. You can also grow upbacteria here,which will help to fight different diseases. Have yougot a virusor just a cold? Don't worry! Senior lab assistant Hippywill helpyou to become healthy. Hippy science Medical Laboratory iswaitingfor you!Kids science Medical Laboratory is a wonderful game,wherechildren could learn about the world through game. About theworld,you can see only under the microscope. Today we will mixdifferentmedical mixtures, search for bad viruses and fight badbacteria.What's more, we will grow biological patches and put themon thedamaged organ. But before going to the needed department, youneedto walk through different corridors of the hospital andmeetpatients, who need help. Let's go! Let's study analysis ofthepatient more closely and find a bad virus.Hippo KidsscienceMedical Laboratory is made especially for boys and girls.You don'tneed to be afraid of the hospital anymore! Try to fight abad virusor to grow up bacteria, it will be very interesting.Exciting worldwith bad viruses and funny bacteria is waiting foryou. Thisnovelty, like all our games for boys and girls isabsolutely forfree! Stay tuned, follow Hippo and make your childrenhappy,playing with them our games.
Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor - free app 1.0.2
Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor - free app, the BESTandroideducational and learning fun app for kids!Hi kids,Thiseducationalfun game 'Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor' willteach how youcan be a great kids doctor and will get you familiarwith theentire doctor's visit experience. So that you will learnhow totreat kids in a little children's emergencyhospital.Features:★Tons of different levels to play.★ includesdozens of awesomemini-games.★ lots of Dr. tools commonly seen in aclinic.★ superbgameplay with kid friendly interface.★ enjoyablekids sounds,animations, expressions and beautiful high quality HDgraphics.★includes lots of kids with colorful clothes, differentbandages,arm plasters, syrups and much more.Team is continuouslyworking forimprovements of this game, please feel free to send usyourfeedbacks and suggestions.
Live Virtual Surgery Multi Surgery Hospital 1.0.7
Do you ever know how to use the medical equipment? GameiCreategivesyou chance to see what kind of a doctor you can become. Thereare somany patients are suffering in this Live Virtual SurgeryMultiSurgery Hospital game. Become a professional doctor in thissurgerygame and show your patient that you can take care of themproperly.Here in this Hospital game, you can perform tons ofdifferentvirtual surgeries like Knee Surgery, Brain Surgery,Stomach Surgery,Toe nail surgery and much more. Select yourfavourite surgery andcheck what's wrong with your patient andtreat him properly usingreal doctor tools like clamps, occluders,choppers, cast cutters,cutters, injection, elevators, guides,impactors and much more. Soperform each and every surgery onpatients to make them happy andperfect again. Play this SurgeryHospital game and share it withyour friends and family members.KeyFeatures:- Take care of pregnantwoman by playing this surgerysimulator game - Call 911 and get yourpatients in the ambulance -Emergency treatment in the ambulance-Beautiful nurse assisting youwhile you treat- Do surgery withproper guidance- Fun andEducational gameAbout GameiCreateGameiCreate brings you the latestcreations of most loved categoriesof games and apps which are allhugely loved by kids. We areentirely devoted to build userfriendly games related to fun andlearning for better educationalfamiliarities and enjoyment forkids. Stay with us for the latestupdates of GameiCreate on Googleplay and get more of educationalgames. Follow us on Googleplus: Followus: Watch our gamevideos: Wewill beglad with your response. Contact us anytime for anyquestions andsuggestions at [email protected]
Happy Clinic 1.4
The greatest wealth is health! Pursue an exciting medical careerinthis fun time-management game with an inspiring story. Willyouhelp Holly move from an internship to a prestigious hospital,witha diploma to ensure her bright future? Assist doctors totreatvarious diseases and illnesses, prepare medicine and tools,assignpatients to treatment or diagnostics, research samplesatlaboratories, and engage in other exciting activities. Dozensofexciting challenges await in quirky hospitals across theworld,where the equipment is as unique as the climate. It's up toyou toimprove each hospital and guarantee the best care possible!-Hoursof entertainment in the time-management genre- Improve anddecorateunique hospitals worldwide- Treat patients with a widevariety ofmedicine and equipment- Follow Holly's story along theroad tomedical success- Test your matching skills in a fun DNAminigame
ER Injection Simulator: Blood Test Doctor Hospital 2.6.4
ER Injection Simulator: Blood Test Doctor Hospital is a bloodtestinjection & er injection simulator game with virtual nurseandvirtual doctor giving vaccine injection at little bum.Enjoyvaccine injection doctor games with fun of blood testsimulator,polio injection games & checkup injection nurse drawbloodgames. Crazy ER Injection Simulator: Blood Test DoctorHospitalcontains fun blood test simulator to perform vaccineinjectionblood test such as bum measles injection, polio hepatitisnurseinjection, polio injection games, pox injection and realinjectionfind doctors injection doctor games. Give blood testinjection onbum and then take samples for er injection nurse tomake checkupinjection for polio hepatitis measles injection, poxinjection,polio injection games, real injection doctor games &finddoctors nurse injection games. In this er injection bloodtestsimulator the virtual injection nurse creates samples forbloodtest injection to produce polio hepatitis measles injection,poxinjection and checkup injection to draw blood entailing goodiesofpolio injection games, real injection doctor games and bumfinddoctors nurse injection games.ER surgery games allows you toplayER emergency games, become a bone doctor. This surgerysimulator& operation games have an ambulance doctor arrive& performas bone doctor. You can learn how to become a familydoctor firstlyand then take patient to ER emergency room. Finally,you willbecome a hospital manager game. Play operation games inemergencyroom games hospital games of surgeon simulator. You haveto manageall patient like a hospital manager game. You’ve to be anexpertlike a bone doctor in free play medical simulation game. Whynotyou try this ER Injection Simulator: Blood Test DoctorHospital?What’s inside:A family doctor is like being in a realsurgeryclinic where surgery done by nurse ER emergency games. ThisERsurgery games are one of the best in surgery simulator&operation games. Emergency room is full of patients and youneed totake care like a family doctor in operate now hospital. Thisis afree play medical simulation game. Hospital room is fullwithinjured victim and you’ve to operate now like a surgeonsimulatorin operate now hospital games. FEATURES:- Use blood testinjectionand draw blood for injection nurse- Give vaccine injectionwithpolio hepatitis measles injection and pox injection- Usecheckupinjection in blood test simulator and Injection Simulator-Putvaccine injection on little bum after blood draw by nurseinjectiontest- Amazing HD Graphics- Free to play forever with superfuninjection simulator gameplay- No Wi-Fi required and nointernetrequired to play We Love to hear:ER Injection Simulator:Blood TestDoctor Hospital liked and recommended for teen mom &reallyhelpful for medical simulation, ER surgery games & ERemergencygames lover, but some might take it as hospital managergame. Thisfree game especially for Real Surgery games, VaccineInjectionDoctor games, Hospital Operation games, Blood TestMedicalSimulation games lovers but it contains third party ads.
My Hospital - Baby Dr. Panda 1.1.0
Dream Games
My Hospital - Baby Dr. PandaHi Kids, what will you do ifcuteanimals get hurt or Sick? We are sure you will immediatelythink'how can I help these helpless animals, Correct?'This time youwillbecome their doctor in your own hospital and cure someunusualanimal patients. They are 7 cute animals patients whorequired yourlove and care!In this free kids game --- My Hospital -Baby Dr.Panda, you can use many different kinds of medicalinstruments totreat animals' sickness.Select your adorablecharacter and take onthe role of great panda doctor by playingthese free games cleaninganimals, lower temperature, stitch thewounds, check patientheartbeat and more!Panda Doctor, please helpcure these cute animalpatients and make them recover.FEATURES:★ 7different animalpatients lion,giraffe, monkey, panda, turtle, pony& a kitten★Animal friendly caring tools★ Lots of doctor gamesand activities★Check temperature, clean your baby animals★ Drag theX-ray machineonto the patient to find out the fracture parts★ Dragthe band-aidto cover the patient’s scratches★ Dress up your babyanimals withlots of costumes★ Snapshots of your cute characters canbe saved inyour photo album★ Funny animal soundsTeam iscontinuously workingfor improvements of this game, please feel freeto send us yourfeedbacks and suggestions.
PLAYMOBIL Children's Hospital 1.0
Welcome to the friendly Children's Hospital!Would you like tomanageyour own clinic and help the little patients gettingbetter?Great,this is the right place!Your task is to keep track ofthe patientsand send the doctors straight away where they areneeded.Prove yourmedical skills in 12 easy minigames, and upgradeyour hospital as areward with new equipment and additional staff.•measure height andweight of your patients• check the heartbeat andmeasure the bloodpressure• apply bandages and treat broken bones•take blood samplesand put on drips• sort medical files and preparethe X-ray• anddon't forget to disinfect your handsHere comes theambulance – openthe doors and let's go!
🚑 Hospital Lobby - Doctor Games 2.1
One of the most complex doctor games free, Hospital Lobby,invitesyou to join it's specialist doctor team and take care ofpatientsthat suffer from a simple flu to more important caseslikeaccidents or even play a dentist game to take care of thepatient'steeth.In these doctor game, Hospital Lobby for free yousimulatebeing a hospital doctor and you can unlock all emergencystationsexcepting the dentist game which is unlocked by default.Youhave avariety of patients and you must be all kinds of doctorsfromdentist game to eye doctor or heart doctor depending onthedisease.The first station that it's unlocked for you is thedentistgame in which you have to treat the teeth for tartrum ,toothbrushing or even replacing some of the teeth.In this dentistgameyou have to move as fast as you can and try to buy upgradesforyour dentist tools to make people happier and also earn asmuchcoins as possible.With the money earned in our dentist gameyouwill unlock the doctor games stations and also surgerysimulatorwhere we will treat bones , fractures and more.Inside thefludoctor games we have to check the temperature , use ice to loweritand give some pills to the patient and try to beat thataggresivecold.Everyone is delighted by the doctor games stationbecause thecolds are very frequent and we have lots of customersthat we needto treat so those stations are very important in ahospital.Anotherinteresting level is the eye doctor care where wemust treat theeye problems.Try to found what dioptries people haveand find theright eye glasses with the perfect lens for them.Thebones doctorgames will also come in help when some people have handfracturesthat you need to heal using surgery simulator games.Allpeople thatcame to our clinic will benefit from the highest qualityofhospital services going to x-ray for surgery simulator ,puttingthe bones in place , bandage them and also use the gypsum attheend to stabilize their fractures.We need to move fast onsurgerydoctor game and dentist so that the hospital reputationbecomes aprestigious one.We really hope that you will love ourdoctor gamesfree , dentist and surgery simulator games but alsospend time inour hospital by receiving patients and emergencies butalso solveall the cases in the quickest time and become the bestdoctor inour hospital.You must apply bandage to any injury for yourpatientsand heal them as fast as possible to save theirlives.Removesplinters or any other foreign objects from their arms, legs oreven their face.Use disinfectant for the wounds to be thebest inthese cool doctor games !
ER Hospital Simulator 4.0
Unit M Games
The hospital is SERIOUSLY understaffed today! After a rough dayofbrain surgery and heart surgery back to back, you play as Dr.Clarkand now have to handle the duties of your fellow who are notintoday! Every different duty will let you play an interactivegamewhile you’re doing your duty, so no job is ever boring! Youwillhave to act as the foot doctor to take care of a patient withverydirty feet and help him walk again. As the ER Attendant, youhaveMANY patients waiting to be treated for their Flu. Administereyetests for your patients in the ER hospital, give them new eyecolorand glasses to help finish off their brand new look. Thecosmeticsurgeon isn’t back from his vacation yet, so you have tohelp makepeople look beautiful again by removing gross ugly zitsoff theirface! It isn’t over yet! Your top patient, a PregnantPrincess, iswaiting for her check up too, so you mustn’t keep herwaiting fortoo long. Let’s hope you don’t have to operate now! Thehospitalneeds your talents today to save the day! Are you up forthechallenge? The game offers the following features: ->Operatenow on a number of people who need your help!-> Act astheresident foot surgeon to fix disgusting feet problems. ->Takecare of a Pregnant Princess visiting you! -> As the fludoctor,you need to treat a lot of patients waiting for you. ->Do yourbest as an eye doctor to help improve people’s sight andmake themlook good!-> Be a cosmetic surgeon and make all yourpatientslook amazing! -> Unlock more characters for free withinthegame! -> Share your work with your friends onFacebook,Instagram, and Twitter!
QKDoc - Hospital appointments made easy 1.1.3
Your favourite doctor appointment app in Kerala has a fresh look.Wehave improved the layout and improved the navigation.QKDoc canmakeDoctor Appointment Booking easy and convenient inErnakulam,Kottayam,Trivandrum, Idukki, Malappuram, PathanamthittaandKozhikode.You can check real time availability of doctors andmakebookings 24/7 for a nominal fee. With the latest update youcan1.Search with Specialisation, Hospital/Clinic and Doctor searchpagewith district filter.2. Find your doctor withspecifiedspeciality.3. Pay and double confirm your Doctorappointmentbookings.4. Manage your Doctor appointment booking.5.Visit andbooking history for quick re-booking and information.6.Makepayment using Credit / Debit cards, Net Banking or Vouchers
Picabu Hospital: Story Games 1.09
Would you like to explore your own hospital and help thepatients?Then you can do everything in Picabu Hospital. It is greatfor kidsof all ages and especially those that family kids games,dollhousegames and role playing! Make your own story!INTERACTIVEENVIRONMENT Not to mention many objects that can beeasilytransferred through floors using elevator. also all ofcharacterscan grab draggable objects! IPicabu Hospital is fun forlittle oneswho love exploring a fun, you will never be bored.VARIOUS MEDICALROOMS Check into the operating room! Explore thisroom area of thehospital full of magical machines, tools, medicinesand more! Theoutdoor garden let you play on skateboard, taking atruck, evengetting in to an ambulance! Hungry and craving a snack?Head overto the convenience store on first floor or go to thekitchen roomon second floor to grab some fries, dessert and starteating! Checkout the playroom with various toys and rides.EDUCATIONAL This gameencourages to play together and help them byexplaining nature anduse of item. While playing kids can explorevarious medical rooms,learn basic hospital routines, the names anduse of differentequipment. There are hundreds of items withinPicabu Hospital, mostof them can be mixed and matched for awesomeresults! FEATURE - NewCharacters such as surgeon, doctor, nurse -Various rooms(7 roomsspread out on 2 floors) - Many characters tochoose - No rulesmeans no stress! - Use the elevator to move itemsand charactersbetween different floors. NEXT UPDATE COMING SOONSecret room andfun accessories on 2nd floor! New features andfurther games playimprovements. Sound by:
Mental Disorders 1.1
The application helps to boost your knowledge aboutmentaldisorders. Millions of people all over the world are affectedby awide variety of mental problems. Therefore, this app may beusefulfor everyone, both professionals and people who are justinterestedin good reading.
Ada - Your Health Guide 2.33.0
Ada Health
Understand what could be wrong if you or someone you care aboutisnot feeling well. Developed by over 100 doctors &scientists,Ada knows thousands of symptoms and conditions, from acommon coldto rare diseases. Given a 5-star rating by over 90,000users, Adahelps thousands of people every day to live a healthierlife. HowAda can help you: 1. Tell Ada what's troubling you 2.Answerpersonalized, simple questions 3. Understand what could bewrong 4.Get instant information relevant to you • 100% Private –Firstnames only and your data is always safe • Share Health Data –Shareinfo about your health and activity with your doctor •Personalized– Unlike a WebMD search, Ada gets to know you and giveshealthinformation specific to you No topic is off the table. AskAdaabout: • Skin Problems like Rashes, Acne, Bites •UrinaryComplaints • Sexual Health Problems • Pregnancy-relatedProblems •Infectious Diseases • Pediatric Concerns, Children’sHealth •Neurologic Disorders • Mental Health Issues • ProblemsSleeping •Indigestion Problems • Vomiting, Diarrhea • Flu, Cold,Fever, SoreThroat • Persistent Coughs • Chronic Diseases • ColdSores • PinkEye, Eye Infections • Rheumatic Diseases You speak, welisten! Yourfeedback helps us to improve Ada. Just send an [email protected]
Marbel - Hospital Adventure 2.0.1
Educa Studio
This application could develop kids' empathy with others byplayingas a doctor and curing patient in hospital. Be a good doctorandget the adventure. Create lovely healthy hospitalityhospital.FEATURES: - Heal the burn injury caused by cooking - Helpcuteanimal who has fever - Be a good doctor by fixing the brokenbone -A good dentist must be able to cure toothache - Check thepatient'sear - Using eyedropper to get clear vision. - Don't forgetto bathethe patient - Be careful, someone is allergic, let's curehim. - Bebest of the best nurse in the world. ABOUT MARBEL &FRIENDSMarbel & Friends is a special game for kids aged 6-12yearsold. Unlike the previous Marbel series which focus onlearningapplication, Marbel & Friends focus on game. However,thisapplication still has learning value for kids. For example,Sasalearn about professions through simulation game, learn lovingpetsand other animals, learn creativity, and many more. SUPPORTTHEAPPLICATION DEVELOPMENT We appreciate your suggestion, so don'tbehesitate to send it to: # Email: [email protected] about Marbel: # Website: #Facebook: # Twitter:@educastudio #Instagram: Educa Studio For moms who love playingwith kids, give atry to play Marbel. Besides happines, kids willalso get knowledge.Learn while playing? Why not? Let's accompanyour kids studying withMarbel.
Medanta eCLINIC - Consult Medanta Doctors Online 1.3.4
Medanta eCLINIC app allows you to virtually consult a Medantadoctor(through video conference, phone call or by posting a queryon theapp), book a hospital appointment and access all yourmedicalrecords. You can search for Medanta doctors by specialty,treatmentor disease, or let the app recommend a relevant doctor toyou basedon your requirement. The comprehensive app also allowsyou to viewyour previous health records – reports, prescriptionsand dischargenotes, and track your current lab and radiologyreports. This alsoallows you to link your family members with yourown account so thatyou can book an appointment for them or evenaccess their healthrecords. If you are consulting a Medanta doctorfor the first time,the app registers you and creates your UniqueHospitalIdentification Digit (UHID). This allows you to skiptheregistration queue when you visit the hospital for aconsultation.
Fun Hospital – Tycoon is back 2.18.0
You are invited to build a fantastic theme hospital! Buildahospital with your smart strategy NOW! And expand it to themostfamous and supreme hospital in the world! ▶ BUILD A HOSPITALFREELYThere are plenty of rooms with different functions, as theboss youneed to decide which, where and when to build these to savemorepatients. Building, placing and upgrading your roomsstrategicallywill keep the treatment going and your profit growing.▶ CREATEYOUR MEDICAL TEAM Hire doctors, nurses and cleanersaccording totheir capabilities, place them in work positions totreat patients!Train, equip and upgrade them to improve their workperformance,and manage their work and rest policy to keep them in agoodcondition. ▶ CURE VARIOUS PATIENTS Enjoy your leisure timewatchinghundreds of cute little patients walking, sitting andreceivingmedical treatment in your hospital! Each of them hasuniqueappearances before and after treatment. More importantly,therooms, facilities and staff members will have a real-timeinfluenceon patient’s behavior, in other words, your decision andstrategydetermine their treatment results! ▶ CHALLENGE HUNDREDS OFDISEASESUpgrade your technology to unlock more diseases. You willbe ableto save patients from the pain of fever, baldness, OCD,pregnancy,fart, zombie curse, blood phobia, pig head, muscleinjury, smokingaddict, game addict … ▶ COMPETE TO EARN REWARDSCreate or join aunion. Help your union mates and complete uniontasks to increaseyour union ranking in the weekly MedicalTournament! The TopHospital Unions will earn great rewards andtrophies every week! ▶PLAYER REVIEWS: “I have been waiting for agame like this on IOSdevices for ages. Take me back to the oldtheme hospital games!Hilarious characters, funny dialogues andclever game design whichbrings me tons of fun. “ “An excellent fungame. Unlike many otherbuild it & management games, this oneafford you many hours ofcontinuous enjoyment. Very interesting andaddictive“ “Great timekiller! Classic theme & tycoon gamestyle. Funny as hell! “Tycoon’s back! Fun Hospital is the greatesthospital simulator everon mobile! Play with people all over theworld in this amazingonline building & simulation game!Requires iOS7 or later.Compatible with iPhone 4 or later, iPadmini. This app is optimizedfor iPhone 5, iPad mini 2, and iPad 2 orlater. Fun Hospital isfree to download and play. However somein-app items can bepurchased for real money. Like [email protected]
My Hospital: Build. Farm. Heal 1.1.80
Kuu Hubb Oy
Cure your way through the quirkiest and funniest diseases inMyHospital - the ultimate simulation game where you design,manageand maintain your very own medical centre! Create elixirs,farm andharvest your own medical plants and produce cures forhundreds ofpatients that need your help. It’s a world where Panacearules andevery treatment is available at your fingertips! ◉ BUILDYOURHOSPITAL Construct and manage your own hospital. Builddoctor’soffices, diagnostic rooms, the treatment centre andlaboratories.Expand and upgrade your hospital and share it withfriends! ◉CREATE UNIQUE CURES Farm and harvest plants withhealingproperties, produce dozens of elixirs, and blend syrups totreatmore than 80 funny diseases. Whether it’s a chillithroatcondition, frozen hands or slimey lungs, you’ll be sure tofind thecure! Unlock new remedies, treatment rooms and newconditions withevery level and complete fun challenges! ◉ DECORATEYOUR HOSPITALCustomize each area of your health center to make yourpatientsfeel at home. You have tons of decorations to choose fromand whenyou finally manage to make it look as pretty as a picture,show itoff in front of your friends! ◉ PLAY WITH FRIENDS Connectwith yourFacebook account to access your friends’ Hospitals aroundtheworld. Buy, sell cures and compete with other Hospitalmanagers.Tell them about your achievements via Google Play GamesandFacebook. Please note that My Hospital is free to downloadandplay. However, some in-game items are available and canbepurchased for real money. Like us onFacebook Having problems? Gotanysuggestion? We’d love to hear your feedback! Reach usat:[email protected]
Kitty & Puppy Doctor Checkup Hospital 1.0.1
Hello Kids, Do you want to open your own pet clinic? If yes,Kitty& Puppy Doctor Checkup Hospital is the right game foryou.There are some cute pets are waiting for you. So treat them inthisPet Hospital game and experienced the joy after saving thelifelittle animals. In this pet care game, firstly you have toselectyour favourite character and start to cure little pets. Firstofall, clean its ears and giving it some medical attention.We willbeglad with your response. Contact us anytime for any questionsandsuggestions at [email protected]
Crazy Children's Dentist Simulation Fun Adventure 1.0.4
Crazy Children's Dentist Simulation Fun Adventure Free App!Heykidswe all love when people around us like our friends andfamilysmile. But for beautiful smile you need strong and cleanteeth. Didyou ever dreamed of becoming a super crazy dentist doctorinchildren's hospital? Make your dreams come true and you needtotake good care of patients teeth.In this crazy dentistclinichospital entertaining app, you need to take the role of bestcrazydentist. Use all your dental skills to perform the funtreatment ofdecayed teeth. Your duty is help those poor patientsand tobringing them back from shock and distress.Features:★ Selectfrom 4adorable patients! ★ Tons of different levels and activitiestoplay.★ Includes dozens of awesome mini-games.★ Fight bacteriatoprevent tooth decay! ★ lots of Dental tools commonly seen inaclinic.★ Select ingredients to make your own toothpaste! ★Superbgameplay with kid friendly interface.★ Enjoyable kidssounds,animations, expressions and beautiful high quality HDgraphics.Teamis continuously working for improvements of this game,please feelfree to send us your feedbacks and suggestions.
Medicamentos Enfermagem 10.0
So Enfermagem
Os principais medicamentos utilizados no ambientehospitalar,indicações, vias de administração e cuidados deenfermagemThe majordrugs used in the hospital environment,directions, routes ofadministration and nursing care
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast
Battle the legions of darkness across time and space asotherworldlyanti-hero 'Eddie', in an epic turn-based fantasyRPG.Collect, powerup and evolve incredible champions to form theultimate fightingteam - battle through multiple worlds, defeatgiant bosses, rebuildEddie's shattered soul and save theuniverse!COLLECT ANDCOMMANDWarrior, Magus, Sentinel, Gunner orAssassin. 5 differentclasses and 100's of characters to collect.Defeat corruptedenemies, turn them to your side and createincredible teams!UNLEASHINCREDIBLE POWEREddies come in many shapesand forms, each featuringtheir own unique set of powers andabilities, including; Cyborg,Mummy, Trooper, Vampire, Viking,Samurai, Bounty Hunter and manymore!ENTER THE PvP BATTLEARENAPrepare for Eddie Vs Eddie in theultimate face-off! Put yourstrongest teams to the test againstother players and fight fordeath or glory as you duke it out togain valuable prizes andsupplies.STRATEGIC GAMEPLAYCollect uniqueresources to upgrade andevolve your team, enabling strategicgameplay to counter the enemy.Over 40 different 'Talisman' sets topick and choose additionalabilities for your characters!TRAVELTHROUGH TIME AND SPACEExplorethe furthest reaches of a sprawlinguniverse, from the depths ofunderworld to ancient Egypt, pastbattlefields, an enchanted forestand beyond, all set in stunning 3Denvironments.HALLOWED BE THYGAMEFeatures the incredible sound ofIron Maiden, with an epicsoundtrack especially prepared for thegame.NOTES:- IMPORTANTMinimum requirement: 768MB Ram, 1GB+recommended- Minimum AndroidOS: 4.1 or newer- Minimum screenresolution: 800x480- Recommended:Android device manufactured in2014 or newer- Requires onlineconnection to playWhy is Iron Maiden:Legacy of the Beast free toplay?We want every Iron Maiden fan andevery mobile gamer to beable to enjoy our game! You can fully enjoythe game without everspending a penny! You can battle it out,earning every piece of ofthe game through sheer victory on thebattlefield, or you can speedup your progress by purchasing Ironitein the Vault.Having trouble?Contact [email protected]:// WEBSITE FOR MOREIN-GAMESCREENSHOTS©2017 Iron MaidenHoldingsand ©2017 Nodding Frog Limited
Soul of Heroes : Empire Wars 2.9.3
UNITE THE SOULS! An all-new mobile EPIC RPG experiencewithimmersive tactical strategies alongside fast paced hero growthtokeep you going! Play as memorable hero characters fromdifferentcultures from around the world and history! An immenselyengagingstoryline that will take you into an epic battle for theAlliance!■■■■■ GAME FEATURES ■■■■■ ▶▶ Graphics and Gameplay◀◀Stunning 3Dgraphics combined with intense battle gameplay that willkeep theaction endless! ▶▶Multitude of Collectable Heroes ◀◀ Createyourown party by collecting exclusive heroes from various culturalandhistorical backgrounds from a Tanker, Gladiator, Magician,Hunter,Conqueror, and more! ▶▶ Fast Paced Hero Growth ◀◀ Never besloweddown by tactically placing your heroes into battle as theyrapidlygrow! ▶▶Immense Variety of Battle Styles ◀◀ Challengeablecontentswhere you can experience diversifying patterns of battlewithinvarious backgrounds and scenarios ▶▶ Strategic AllianceBattle ◀◀Unite with powerful Alliance members and join together tocreatethe world’s Greatest Alliance!
My Pretend Hospital - Kids Hospital Town Life 1.6
Do you love Dollhouse games like Pretend preschool, PretendGrocery& Family Life Games? Then you will LOVE My PretendHospital -Kids Hospital Town & Doctor's Life Story! Explore thelocalHospital & Clinics as a nurse or patient, and start off inthelobby! Fiddle and play with everything from the lobby TV,Aquarium,Front Check-in Desk & More! Take a seat or grab asnack, andhead over to the various rooms inside this hospital!Check into theMRI, and X-Ray room at Radiology, and take MRI's andXray's of yourbody! Scan your body, and look at your bones! Play asa Radiologistor patient & explore this fun room! Check out thepatient roomwith double occupancy, and tend to patient's needs suchas changingIV bags, linens, throwing away trash and more! Check theheartmonitor, and take care of the patients! Play in the sereneandpretty Hospital Gardens! Explore this lovely area of thehospitalfull of flowers, birds, a water fountain and more! Hungryandcraving a snack? Head over to the cafeteria and throw someburgerson the grill! Make your burger, and grab some fries, adrink,dessert, and start eating! Play with the TV at the hospital,andchange the channels until you see what you like! Last butnotleast, play outside with the chopper and ambulance! Explore andtapthe chopper to make it fly away! Explore the ambulance, and allthetools & accessories as patient and doctor! My PretendHospital- Kids Hospital Town & Doctor and Nurse Life is greatfor kidsof all ages, and especially those that love kids games,familygames, role playing, and dollhouse games! Make your ownstory!
Furry Pet Hospital 1.0
Little doctor, Furry Pet Hospital needs you right now!Thesepoorpets are in trouble. The bunny caught a cold because shekeptkicking off the blanket at night. The panda fell off the treeandgot a broken leg. The dog is such a foodie that he hasdentalproblems. Come on! The animals are waiting to be treated.With yoursuperb medical skills and love for them, it's sure thatthey'll getfully recovered very soon!Features:- 6 adorable animalsand 12treatment tasksEach furry pet with two tasks adds more fun tothegame. Try your best to help them, doctor!- Vivid animationshowsthe patient's conditionYou need to figure out how the patientgethurt and how terrible the condition is before you treat it.-Keepworking to complete the random tasksCheck how many patientsyou'vegot today and you can start a new day to skip it. - Earnmoreloving hearts to upgrade the hospitalAfter the treatment,you'll beawarded with loving hearts with which you can exchangefordecorations to make the hospital a better place.AboutLibiiGame:With over 600 million downloads and growing, Libiiiscommitted to creating innovative games for kids. We'll keepworkingon establishing a good relationship with both parents andtheirchildren and bringing a healthy, happy atmosphere forthem.Visitus: us: Got anyideas?Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feel free tocontact us24/7 at [email protected] You Know:This app is totallyfree todownload and play, some basic items are also free to use,but someadditional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock.Therefore,if you do not want to use these items, please turn offthe in-apppurchase in your settings. Thanks.
Blade Crafter 3.70
Studio Drill
Are you bored? Craft the Legendary Blade right now! Your weaponwillmove around and fight on its own, as if it's alive. Are youworriedthat the game might be too complicated? Don't worry! BladeCrafteris a simple, automatic game that doesn't need anytutorials. BladeCrafter uses a dynamic combat system that isunlike any otherautomatic games. Relieve some stress by defeatingenemies withpowerful and impressive skills. Been looking for a fungame? BladeCrafter is your best choice. - Complete your codex ofweapons as amaster of sword crafting! - Defeat strong bosses thatappear every100 stages. - Get special magical stats by enchantingyour weapons.- Clear stages to get various rewards. - Completein-gameachievements to get various rewards.
Don't get fired! 1.0.31
Viral sensation in Korea! 1 Million downloaded indiegame!Jobseekers destroyed their cell phones, and contract workerscriedlike little girls after they played this game!Hardcorecompanysurvival…‘Don’t get fired!’ has finally arrived!For alljobseekers!!‘Don’t get fired!’, is a survival game where you gettoplay a character who has no money, no connections whatsoever.Youneed to make him climb up the company ladder from an ‘intern’tothe ‘president’.You can play ‘Don’t get fired!’ forfree!Experience the extremely harsh working conditions in Koreawithsimple control!How many companies will you have to go throughtobecome the president?To all tired, and frustrated job seekersandcontract workers! Make your dream come true in this game!Untilyouget to the top of the ladder… Don’t. get. fired![No matter whatyouexpect, you will seemoreXD]-----------------------------------------------Thisgamerequires the following privileges for smooth gameplay.-GET_ACCOUNTSTo use the Google Play service, requestinformationabout your Google account.-WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEUsed to store and loaddata needed for thegame.These permissions are used only for thefunctions required forgame play, and are not used for storinginformation or forotherpurposes.-----------------------------------------------If youhaveany questions or requests, please send [email protected]
Kids Doctor: Dentist 1.2.4
Everybody likes when people smile to each other. Smiles makeushappy. Person need to take care of teeth regularly, to makeoursmiles beautiful. You need to brush teeth few times a day.Whenyour teeth get ill, you need to visit a special doctor.Dentisttakes care of teeth. Today our beloved Hippy will get toknow withyou what tasks has dentist every day. Kids Hippo hospitalis opento everybody! Let’s meet adventures. Our kids hospital iswaitingfor its dentist. It waits for you! Every person knows thatdentistworks with problems connected with teeth. How many toothproblemsdo you know? Today we will learn about it. Kids HippoHospitalexplains to you, what dentist has to do. Today we willlearn how todrill teeth, remove unhealthy caries, set filling,fight a badbreath, give a shot, fight bad microbes and just how tobrushteeth. Don’t think that setting a filling is such an easytask.There are a lot of preparatory and exciting tasks before. OurkidsHippo Hospital will tell you about it and about manyotherinteresting facts. Help Hippo to become a dentist. Have funandlearn a bit, playing our kids educational games. This newgame,like all our games for boys and girls is absolutely for free!Staytuned, follow Hippo and make your children happy playing withthemour kids educational games!
Infinite Hero : Idle RPG 1.9.0
★ Events ★- If you connect now, you will receive [Sapphire],[Ruby],[3-star items] as open events!■ Game Features ■- Easyoperationwithout complex controls- Various item combinations withrandom itemoptions- The fun of growing stronger throughreincarnation- Rankingcompetition to compete where you can go-cute 3D voxel graphics■Contact us and report errors■[email protected] writedown your nickname and contactus by email above.
Rebirth King : IDLE RPG 1.182
■ Endless Idle RPG You can make heroes level more than 10,000.■Automatically Easy Growth!  Easy Idle RPG. Even if youareoffline, heroes continue to fight and grow.  ■ Many Heroesofthe Camp! Meet the heroes of Graxia, Nyx, Terra. Heroeshavepowerful skills. Use fancy skills of heroes. ■ InfiniteGrowththrough Rebirth! Don’t give up on the attacks of enemies. Youcanenhance heroes by rebirth and defeat them. ■ Get heroes andmakeyour deck! Strategically grow 12 elite heroes. you can makespecialown deck. ■ Continuous battle! Defeat the invaders. You canseeenemies of various type. ■ Get hundreds of relics and symbols!Youcan get relics by defeating the dungeon boss. if you getsymbols,you will become stronger. ■ Various contents! Kill goblingangs anddungeon boss!
Rucoy Online - MMORPG - MMO 1.15.18
Rucoy Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role PlayingGamewhere you can fight monsters with your friends in it’s realtimeopen world. Features: √ Player vs Player (PvP) √ Play as aKnight,Archer or Mage √ You can change your character class anytime√ Usespells to deal more damage √ Ally with other players and formateam to defeat strong monsters and get extra experience √Huntdozens of different monsters √ Find the best equipment √Increaseyour level and skills without limitations √ Ever growingopen world√ Chat with other players √ Customize your character √ Noaccountregistration, just link your character to your Googleaccount andthat's it Features coming soon: - Minimap - Friends list- Lots ofnew areas, monsters and items How to play: - To move touchwhereyou want to go - To attack simply select a target - Use thebuttonson the left side to restore health, mana or use a specialability -Use the buttons on the right to change weapons - To pickup lootfrom the ground just touch on the desired item - Eachlevelincreases your health points, mana points, moving speed,attack anddefense PvP system: - Attacking and/or killing innocentplayerswill mark you as cursed - Killing innocent players willreduce yourstats temporarily - Attacking and/or killing cursedplayers won'tmark you as cursed - Standing on a PvP zone willreduce theduration of your curse at normal speed - Standing on aNon-PvP zonewill reduce the duration of your curse at 10 timesslower speed -Please note death penalties and logout block will beadded onfuture updates - All feedback is very much appreciatedTwitter:
Orcs X 1.2.98
David Zobrist
“We're ship-wrecked. Stranded on a deserted island. Us Orcsarefrightened, we won't survive if no one takes the lead...” Helpus!Lead us! We will follow you to fortune and glory, and togetherweWILL conquer this dangerous new territory! Strength andhonour!GAMEPLAY: Orcs is based on the loved incremental / idlegameconcept and extends it with fortress building and quests. Orcsissimple fun, specially if your into tapping. FEATURES: +Tapforwood, the faster you tap the more boni you get. +Upgrade youraxeand orcs, and increase your revenue stream. +Build yourfortress,unlock new features as you go. +Level up your Orc squad,to becomestronger. +Send them on quests to conquer, make newfriends anddrive the story along. If you were looking for a wellcrafted idlegame with that extra touch, look no longer you foundit. Do youhave a burning question? Leave us amessage! Emojiiconssupplied by EmojiOne
My Surgery Hospital: Disaster Emergency Hero 2.0.5
Your hometown has been struck by an apocalyptic disaster, becomethereal hero who saves his patients in emergency My SurgeryHospital.People are going crazy and the hospital is full ofpatients who needBrain, Elbow, Finger, Leg, Lungs, Neck, Sole,Knee, Spinal, and SkinGrafting surgeries.Experience the emergencyof an apocalypsedisaster in your hometown and you’re the realsurgeon who has tosave the people by performing Brain, Elbow,Finger, Leg, Lungs,Neck, Sole, Knee, Spinal, Skin Graftingsurgeries using realisticmedical tools in operationtheatre.FEATURES:• Massive levelselection map• Two game modes:Intern and Expert• Show off yourskills in emergency as a surgeon•Purchase or earn coins to get morelives• Operation theatre tools•Wide range of surgeries to perform•Amazing HD Graphics• Free game•Medical tools sound effects• NoWi-Fi requiredand much more…JOIN USON SOCIAL NETWORKS:- OXO 3DStudio Website: our Facebook Page: OXO 3DStudio on Twitter: @Oxo3dWELOVE TO HEAR:* If you like this MySurgery Hospital: Hero DisasterER Emergency, then Rate and Reviewand if something went wicked oryou have any recommendation thenplease give your valued feedback atmailto:[email protected]SAGE FOR CUSTOMERS:* This is freegame especially for Hospital,Surgery and Doctor game lovers but itcontains third party ads.
Devil Twins: VIP 2.7.4
Free version ▶ - VIP mode Effect - (1)Soulorb obtained +20% forever (2) Diamond obtained +50 in labor(150 →200) (3) Admission obtained +5 in PVP duel (5 → 10)Destroyeverything in Makai! Hell Armpit Warrior! [HellBoy]! "If Icomessleepiness, then you'll come to death." Hell YawnWizard![YawnGirl]! 's Infinite Makai conquest story! - GoogleplayFeatured Games! - - Game Features - (1) Infinite KillingactionRPG! that it can be enjoyed only by a simple touch! (2)Automaticcombat and high hitting feeling skills! (3) Exhilaratingbattlewith the time limit boss monsters! (4) Always become strongerheroof infinite evolution and power-ups! (5) Faster than anyone!Makaiconquest ranking system! (6) Summon demons and collecting! (7)Whois the strongest in whole world! World Boss dungeon with alltheallies! - Please a good rating and Google + 1 for us! xD -PleaseIntroduction to friends! xD - Facebook page: - socialcommunity:
Love & Diaries : Duncan - Romance Interactive 3.1.19
When was the last time you had a fresh start in the mostexcitingcity in the world? 
When was the last time you have pursueyourdreams and made them actually happen? When was the last timeyoumet your true love and fought in order to get him? 
 Now you candoall of that! With this special new game - Love & Diaries:Duncan, you can start an amazing adventure and make lifechoicesthat can take you to places you’ve never been to! Love&Diaries : Duncan is a new interactive stories game that givesyouthe opportunity to create your own story! It doesn't matter ifyouare a man or woman, boy or girl, gay or straight, every one ofyougets the opportunity to make choices by your own personaljudgementand create a story just for you - an individual lifestory. 👨💓Don'twaste a minute longer! DOWNLOAD NOW this newinteractive storiesgame: Love & Diaries : Duncan -, startmanage your career, lovelife, and make new positive choices everyday!💓👨 In this new gameyou will have to find balance between twocentral components ofyour daily life: love and career. It is knownthat people have ahard time managing these two areas successfully,and this is one ofthe reasons that make this game so great - it canactually helpyou. By playing the game on a daily basis, you canlearn more aboutyourself through the choices you make. You canwatch your choicesmaking process in the game and see how itreflects on your reallife outside the game. You can find out thingslike how much timeand energy you spend with your loved one, how youbalance differentlife areas, how you handle work, how you handleyour boss and manymore important aspects in your life. 👨‍💻Don'tunderestimate theimportance of making good choices!, DOWNLOAD NOWthis interactivestories game: Love & Diaries : Duncan and learnmore aboutyourself and and your choices!👨‍💻 Love & Diaries:Duncan, newinteractive stories game, starts on a plan. You are nowflying toNew York city, a city where dreams come true. You willstart yourjob in a firm called Bates & Neuman, big successfulNew Yorkfirm. You will later meet your boss - Duncan. Are youdeterminedand smart enough to handle a firm as big as Bates &Neuman andDuncan as a boss? You're not going only to work in agreat office,you are also going to meet many different interestingcharacters!make friends and meet your true love! It doesn't matterwhat isyour Sexual orientation- straight, gay, bi, every person canenjoythis game and make his own story! Love & Diaries :Duncanfeatures: - You have full control of the story - your choiceswillmake an impact. - Multiple different characters you caninteractwith in different ways. - Create your dream romance andlove story.- Find the right balance between love and career. -Enchantingrealistic graphics, colors and sounds. ✈️💑Don't miss thischance.This story is waiting for you to tell it!! DOWNLOAD NOW:Love &Diaries : Duncan features - and make life changingchoices!💑✈️
Pregnant Operation Triplet Baby Mom Care Hospital 1.1.6
You’ve got the amazing opportunity to help save lives and givecareto mommy and baby in this pregnant mom baby care hospitalsurgeryand maternity hospital game! The mommy and baby need yourconstantattention because this is mom care and baby care hospitalgame.Where you have to calm both the mommy and baby frompain!!Thishospital mom care and baby care game has lots of funfeatures andgame play! Simply download this loveable mamma game tounleash alot of new things like baby care, childbirth, caring fornewborntriplet baby and attending to the pregnant mom!The firststep inmommy care hospital game is to give to pregnant mom food.Thepregnant mom can choose from a variety of food items presentedtoher for mom care. After pregnant mom has been given the momcarefood in hospital game the next step is for her rest. Help momcarepregnant mom simulator by helping her sleep. By turning offthelights and putting her to bed. Turn off the lamp and givertheblanket so she can peacefully dream. Oh no! Pregnant mom isincritical condition!! You need to take her to the hospitalforimmediate mom care attention!! For that you call an ambulanceandtake mamma to the hospital! Then immediately give her theoxygenmask! Then it is time for the normal mommy care pregnant mom,momcare check up. First take pregnant mom temperature, then checkherblood test in hospital game and then check ultrasound ofpregnantmom. After all the mom care tests and injection it is timeformaternity surgery.Give pregnant mom anaesthesia and startcaesareansurgery, get the baby out and then get all triplet babiesout thenstart stitching mommy cesarean triplet baby mark. Heal thepregnantmom surgery marks by bandage and give her full mom care!Now it isgoing to become mommy and baby care!Now it’s time forpregnant momtriplet baby care! Give baby a relaxing shower and thenwrap him inhis blanket after putting powder, wiping and cleaninghim up! As alast step of the game you can buy the triplet babiessome toys forextra baby care points. For that you need to keepcolleting coinsduring the game so you can get baby care toys tillthe end!Features of mom care game:• Multiple mom care and babycarematernity characters • Triplet babies characters by the endofgame• Full length maternity surgery procedure • Mini gamesforextra points and coin collections • Hospital settingsurgicalinstruments simulation• Mom care and baby care operationand caretools simulation like oxygen mask machine, blood pressureandultrasound machine • Mom care and baby care caring accessorieslikefeeding items and clothing items
Dungeon Knights 1.10
Hordes of monsters that want to eat you for breakfast floodedtheunderground. Find the coolest heroes and send them toexploreendless dungeons, collect resources, craft new equipment,enhancetheir skills and fight the enemies and their bosses.Withrogue-like elements, cute graphics and extremely easy andintuitivecontrols, Dungeon Knights is the best dungeon crawler youcan findon the store! On your journey you will undertake numerousquestswith awesome rewards, encounter unexpected places andindividuals,and eventually make the king happy again. FEATURES: -Uniqueheroes, with unique abilities and gameplay style. - Evolveyourknights from rookies to masters. - Randomly generated dungeons,newexperience each time. - Crafting heroes' equipment and weapons.-NPCs who deliver quests and special encounters. - Savingyourprogress to the cloud. This game is free to play, andcontainsin-app purchases. Video ads are offered optionally to helpyouprogress. Other than that, there are no ads that will disturbyouradventure! Follow us on Facebook: @Vindiez Our privacypolicy: Hordes ofmonsters whowant to eat you for breakfast have flooded theunderground. Findthe coolest heroes and send them to explore theendless dungeons,collect resources, craft new equipment, enhancetheir skills andfight the enemies and their bosses. With rogue-likeelements, cutegraphics and extremely easy and intuitive controls,Dungeon Knightsis the best dungeon crawler you can find on thestore! On yourjourney you will take many quests with awesomerewards, encounterunexpected places and individuals, and eventuallymake the kinghappy again. FEATURES: - Unique heroes, with uniqueabilities andgameplay style. - Evolve your knights from rookies tomasters. -Randomly generated dungeons, new experience every time. -Craftingheroes' equipment and weapons. - NPCs who deliver questsandspecial encounters. - Saving your progress to the cloud. Thisgameis free to play, and contains in-app purchases. Video adsareoffered optionally to help you progress. Other than that, thereareno ads that will disturb your adventure! Follow us onFacebook:@Vindiez Our privacypolicy:
Anime Gacha! (Simulator & RPG) 2.0.1
Play our new game,GachaWorld! a 100% free gacha simulator that lets you pull charactersas manytimes as you want! Collect 180 anime-styled characters andlevelthem up by pulling duplicates of them. You can form a partyof fivecharacters and battle Raid Bosses! Compete with yourfriends andother players in many different leaderboards! Startyour rollingtoday and form the ultimate team!Visit our website forall thingsAnime and Gacha!«Game Features»★ 180Characters togacha! Collect them all~!!!★ RPG Battle system withelementalstrengths & weaknesses.★ Level up and Quest!★ GooglePlayLeaderboards for all Gacha cases and Raid battles.★ InfiniteGachaPulls/Rolls!★ Achievements!★ Free to play! No need to paymoney topull the best characters ^.^«Notes»- If your internet isslow, tryturning off wi-fi before you start the game- The game maylag on olddevices- If your device starts to lag after playing awhile you mayneed to restart your device- Turn on "Lag Reducer" inoptions toturn animations off- Bugs may occur if you turn wi-fioffThanks forplaying Anime Gacha (アニメ ガチャ)!!Website:http://Lunime.comFacebook:
Pixelmon Craft GO : catch them all 20
Hello Friend! We are glad to welcome you in the wonderful worldofcraft and pixelmons, in which you can learn all the amazinganimals- pixelmons. Collect all pixelmons and become the bestcoach! Youare waiting for the various creatures that will accompanyyou inyour adventure. In this game you will find not only friends,butalso buddies who will help you explore a wonderful open world.Findspecial balls to make your pixelmon rest, as well as theyareneeded to catch them. If it seems to you that you havealreadyexplored the whole world and caught all pixelmons, do notrush,there is a special map in the game that will help you tobetterexplore the sandbox and see all the mininons :) Build yourhome forpocket creatures! Features: Wonderful open world The setofpixelmons and their evolution Ability to craft Map foreasiersearching Soon: Multiplayer the change of night and day Evenmorepixelmons Survival mod Explore our world with new friends inthewonderful game Pixelmon catch craft!
Flirt City 2.6.25
Candy Grill
***NOTE: Flirt City requires Facebook login!In Flirt City youcaneasily become a TV STAR, flirt around and win people’s heartswithyour looks, extraordinary intellect and sense of style!Brightclothes and trendy hairstyles, fashionable accessories andstunninglooks – you can have it all to create your own uniqueimage.***GAMEFEATURES*** - Customize your look with over 1000 itemsof CLOTHESand accessories!- Change the way you look with over 100uniqueHAIRSTYLES and make-ups!- Participate in TV SHOWS, flirt awayandmeet the love of your life!- COMPETE with other players andproveeveryone that you're the best!- Play together with yourFacebookFRIENDS!- Win awesome AWARDS in the Wheel of Fortune!-DECORATEyour house with new furniture!- CREATE your own bonuses atthekitchen!Join us on Facebook:
Warriors' Market Mayhem 1.5.14
Cat Lab
A peaceful kingdom. Mr. Forge King, who owns a near brokeforge,accidentally awakened a dragon. This is how thisstoryunfolds...while the kingdom is in great danger, thesmithingbusiness takes off. - is a secret to the gravethat Ihave awakened the dragon. - Hire a strong warrior for manuallabor.- Some are not good warriors in the battlegrounds. But itisusually the powerful weapons that make a great warrior. - Getinhigher ranks in the competition and get medals. You canpurchasepowerful customs with those medals. - You can play itoffline. Saveyour data. !Caution! - If you delete the game, youwill also losedata. Save data on the cloud for data security. Ifthere is anywrong translation in the game Please email usat'[email protected]' and we will fix it quickly. Thank you!