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com.mlhuillier.mlwallet 7.31
The ML Wallet is a smart and convenient stored-value cardsystemthat allows drawing and sending cash and paying bills withjust afew taps on your smartphone. It also lets you reload valueontoyour Sun and Smart pre-paid mobile devices. 1.6.7
Bangla Keyboard is an English to Bengali keyboard app thatmakestyping Bangla faster than ever before. - Type in English togetBangla letters. - Works inside all apps on your phone - aBangalikeyboard app for all social media and messaging apps - Savestimecompared to handwriting input or other Indic Bangla inputtools. -Chat with your friends and family with this BengalikeyboardInstallation and set up is easy. - Download the app andopen it. -Enable Bangla Keyboard in Step 1 and choose it in Step 2.- Changesettings and choose from colourful Bangla keyboard themes.- That'sall! You can type Bangali everywhere now. - To changekeyboardeasily, press and hold the space key. Built in India.Amazingfeatures. - Type in Bangla faster. Start typing the lettersandchoose Bengali predictions from the list. This is the easiestappfor English to Bengali typing - Top words are available offlineinthe fast keyboard. Turn on internet for additional words. -Aphonetic Bangla transliteration keyboard that works onAndroidphones and tablets. Bangla text typing made faster. - Noneed tolearn Bangla keypad and layout. - The best rated Bengalityping appthat works as Bangali English keyboard - This English toBengalikeyboard is easier to use than any other keyboard Simple andeasyto use. - Use the language button to switch between EnglishandBangla. English word suggestions are also available. - For GIFsandemojis, click the button on top left side of the keyboard.Makeyour conversations even more amazing with popular animated GIFs-Press and hold the emoji key to view all emojis from theBanglaemoji keyboard - Bengali GIF keyboard lets you shareinterestinggood morning messages, funny animations and more. -Color themescan be changed from settings. Choose from 21interesting colorcombinations. Love it? Choose Premium. - BuyPremium on this BanglaKeyboard for Android for a small one timecost for a fully ad freeexperience. - Your purchase supports thedevelopers and helpsimprove the app even more. We respect yourprivacy. - No personalinformation or credit card details arecollected. A standardwarning is shown by Android for all keyboardsthat you download. -Anonymous statistics may be collected toimprove your experience.Share your suggestions by emailing us Pleaseleave great feedback - it helps us keepgoing! 57.1.3
Code Monkey
Bangla Speaking Clock is a utility app for Bangla speakingpeopleall around the word that tells time in Bangla (বাংলা). Youcan setannouncement every 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hourinterval. Theapp doesn't take much ram and runs on very low powermode. Just setthe interval time and forget, it will announce timeautomatically.Special notes: If you set 15 minutes interval thenyou have to waitat maximum 15 minutes to hear the announcement.Known Issue: 1. Appdoesn't work properly if you have any powersaving mode on. Pleaseturn off battery saving mode of your phone.For example on SymphonyXplorer w65i, after install gotoSetting>>Battery>>Aligned Wakeup>>(off) andyouare good to go. 2. Don't use any memory cleaner app orwhite-listspeaking clock before using it. Please use the latestversionbefore reporting any issue with the app. 1.23
Gujarat Land Record Using AnyRoR View,Save,Print And Share :- 1)7/12 2 ) 8/A 3 ) 135 D Notice 4 ) VF6 Entry Details 5)UNITCONVERTER 6) IMPORTANT SERVICE STATUSPANCARD,ADHARCARD,PASSPORTAND TRAIN ENQUIRY Notes :- 1)The landrecord provided here is onlyfor general information. 2)If you wantoriginal copy ,Pleasecontact mamlatdar office or collector office.
iTranslator - free translator for all 1.1.2
World TravelX
VERY EASY TO USE : iTranslator is very easy to use, Voicetranslatoropen enter data in box click translate button You willsee answer.You will see translate sentences. same as cameratranslator in photoscan via camera or gallery then crop translateclick result display.FEATURES : ✔ All languages supported incamera, voice, texttranslator(All Language Translator). ✔ Clean UI& matrial designapp. ✔ Easy to use every person. ✔ Cameratranslator for photo totext scanning words and sentences. ✔ Voicetranslator for speak andwritten for translate any words andsentences. ✔ Voice translatedata are delete and offline user savebefore. ✔ Translate your voiceusing (Voice translator). ✔ Copy andpaste source and translatetext. ✔ almost support Up to 150languages translation ✔ TranslateShare your text (Social Media orother) ✔ Translate Historyautomatic save ✔ Learn languages quicklytranslate languages ✔communication any languages
Telugu Calendar 2019 1.0.11
######### Advanced happy new year 2019 ######### Telugucalendar2018 & Telugu calendar 2019 allows you to view maasam,vaaram,thithi, and nakshatram information for all days in December2018& for all days in the year 2019 in Telugu. Features: -Supportsyear 2019 Telugu calendar - Supports Dec 2018 Telugucalendar -Provides an option to choose a date in 2019 to getvaaram, thithi,nakshatram, raahu kalam, and durmuhoorthaminformation - Providesan option to navigate through the months in2019 - Highlights fullmoon day and no moon day for each month -Displays the list offestivals in Telugu for the currently selectedmonth - Supports allscreen types
hahu.amharic.keyboard 5.9.6
ሀሁ አማርኛ ኪቦርድ (HaHu Amharic keyboard) Enables you to easilytypeAmharic(አማርኛ) on your Android smart phones by makes it simplertocommunicate in Amharic while using Message Facebook, Skype,Viber,Twitter etc... በቀላሉ በምቾት እና በፍጥነት ይፃፉ!!! Requirements:Android 4.0and above ***For Android Version less than 3.0 userssince thoseandroid versions do not support Ethiopic Font(Amharic/አማርኛ) youmust upgrade your phone to the latest AndroidVersion so you canuse ሀሁ አማርኛ ኪቦርድ/HaHu Amharic keyboard.MULTI-LANGUAGE -Amharic(አማርኛ) - English MULTIPLE LAYOUTS - Has bothAmharic &English Keyboard layouts. - Innovative HaHu(ሀሁ)keyboard layout forAmharic and modes for a better and fastexperiences. EASY ACCESS -Type Amharic words easily using Englishalphabets. - Fast WordPrediction & Suggestions - 10 Keyboardthemes - Hassetup/configure section that is so simple. - Allows useof smileson the keyboard. - More than 300 Amharic(አማርኛ) alphabetsareincluded. - Quick touch reflects what you see on the keyboard.-For example to type “ የ ” :- A quick touch on a basic key "የ"andyou can see all the families of the pressed key "የ ዩ ዪ ያ ዬ ይ ዮ"soyou can choose a sub-alphabet from the alphabets keyboardpreview.QUICK SWITCH - Lets you quickly switch betweenAmharic(አማርኛ) &English keyboards to enable multi-language textentry with a pushof a button. BEAUTIFUL THEMES - Based on yourpreference you canchoose a theme from the available 10 themes andapply it as yourdefault keyboard theme. * PRIVACY We will NEVERaccess your files& NEVER collect your personal informationincluding credit cardinformation and so on. However, you mayreceive a warning whenactivating HaHu Amharic Keyboard saying “Thiskeyboard may collectyour personal data.” The warning message is astandard message inAndroid for ANY third-party keyboard app, sodon’t worry. FAQ 1.How to enable HaHuAmharickeyboard (ሀሁ አማርኛኪቦርድ)? **1st Step: Afterdownloading HaHuAmharickeyboard, go intothe Apps Menu click theHaHuAmharickeyboard. **2nd Step: Follow the3 step instructionunder the settings. **3rd Step: Enjoy!!! Keep intouch withHaHuAmharickeyboard (ሀሁ አማርኛ ኪቦርድ): Visit our Facebook page fortipsvideos support and muchmore: (ሀሁ አማርኛ ኪቦርድ) enjoy writingAmharic(አማርኛ)& English on your Android phone.