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3D Maze / Labyrinth 4.3
★★★ #1 Best Adventure Game in 66 countries! ★★ #1 Best Game in3countries! ★ Top 10 Best Apps in 21 countries! 3D Maze is afreeadventure & puzzle game that brings the classic labyrinthintoa whole new 3D level! Explore and find a way out of 12amazinglabyrinths. It's a little bit scary - there are no maps orguide!Climb to the top of tower, castle or pyramid and look down toseethe exit point. Check how fast you can reach the end. At thelastlabyrinth you have to run fast as hell! You have only 10minutesbefore volcano blows! When you pass the finish line, run totheboat area and escape from the island! 3D Maze game has alsopackwith 5 modern mazes. Start exploration from Blue level to thelastCosmo labyrinth! Additionally we have two bonus levels for youwithbirthday and pixel theme. On the second one you can move boxesanddemolish blocky house! --- Check our new feature - randommazes!Each labyrinth is unique and generated randomly every timeyouplay! You have 3 difficulty levels. Easiest has thesmallestlabyrinth which is great for quick gameplays. --- How toplay: -swipe up, left, right or down to move - jump or go to thetop oftower to see the end of the labyrinth Features: -LeaderboardsLogin to Google+ by clicking on High Scores andchallenge thepeople around the world! If you had previous versionof 3D Mazeyour scores will be automatically updated toLeaderboards. - Enjoyexcellent HD graphics - Cool music and sounds- supports offlinegameplay 3D Maze game is also suitable for kids.Just play and havefun! -------------------------------------- Areyou fan of 3D Mazegames? Subscribe us! Web:
3D Maze 2: Diamonds & Ghosts💎 3.1
★★★ 3D Maze 2 is finally here! ★★★ 3D Maze 2: Diamonds &Ghostsit's a new free version of 3D Maze family adventure andpuzzlegames. First edition of 3D Maze was downloaded 10 milliontimes!Thank you! This time you have 8 big levels designed indifferentways with new features. Are you ready for exploration?Collectgems, avoid ghosts and check how fast you can reach the end!Ourgame is totally free. There are no in-app payments as inothergames. Each item in game you can buy by collecting diamondsduringlevel exploration. If you want to earn diamonds faster Youcansimply watch a video ad for 10 points! ★★★★★ New features ★★★★★★Jump! Now you can jump and see what's happening far away! Justtapthe button on the left-bottom corner. ★ Maps! New levels arenoteasy. To avoid you frustration now you can check where you areinthe 2D map... Prepare your memory :) You can move and zoommapusing swipe and pinch gesture. ★ Collect gems to unlocknewcharacters and features! Yellow Gem - gives you 5 points eachgem.Collect them to unlock features or to save you from theghosts.Violet Gem - gives you shield for 20 seconds which protectsyoufrom the ghosts. Red Diamond - unlocks Super Speed for 8seconds.You will run with fire! Remember - gems are counting toyour endscore only if you reach the end of the level. ★ Newcharacters!Collect proper amount of gems and buy new sweetcharacters. Youhave six new characters to choose: Mazer, Soldier,African,Mazecraft, Doogie and Devil. Characters have differentspeeds. Ifyou run faster you will achieve better times. UnlockSoldier byliking our fanpage! ★ Shield and Super Speed If you earnenoughpoints from gems you can unlock Shield which protects youfrom theghost in entire gameplay. Super Speed gives you unlimitedincreaseof speed to achieve better times! All you need is to earn1000points for Shield or 1200 for Super Speed, press Unlock andturn itON! ★ Ghosts! Be careful, now ghost are wandering in thelabyrinth.Some kids says they are scary! You have three options tohandlewith them: - avoid or jump over them :) - use shield (youneed tofind Violet Gem) - if you bump into ghost use "SaveMe"functionality which you can use if you have at least 20 points(4Yellow Gems). Short cartoon battle will begin and ghost willbedefeated. ★ Achievements Unlock all 7 achievements bybuyingcharacters and features. ★ Gold Stars When you reach the endyouwill see how many gold stars did you get. 3 gold stars? Yourock!In level 4 you will get to the blocky labyrinth. Survivearound theghost in pixelated labyrinth with great 8 bit music.However inthis level you cannot craft anything. Sorry :) ★ BannerAds areannoying you? Thanks to ads you're playing for free with noin-apppayments. But you can simply remove banner ads when you earn100points. Rest of the features: ★ Leaderboards Login to Google+byclicking on Google Play Games icon and challenge the peoplearoundthe world! Become a king of labyrinths! ★ Enjoy excellentHDgraphics and music -------------------------------------- Areyoufan of 3D Maze 2? Like us on facebook or follow us onTwitter:
Mine Maze 3D 2.72.4
Cubic labyrinth nobody has managed to get to the end, if you candoit? The game is a classic maze, but in a cubic style. The gamehasover 20 levels of varying difficulty.Features:● Unique Levels●Easyoperation● Easy and challenging levels
3D Maze (The Labyrinth) 0.33
RAM Games
*** The game has a level that randomly generates a new mazeeverytime you play (i.e. unlimited mazes). look for the maze underthename "Random Maze" ****** New -- Multiplayer****You can nowplayonline with your family, friends or other players around theworld.*****Amazing 3D maze game is now a available for FREE forandroiddevices and is suitable for everyone. Enjoy unlimited funwith aself generated 3D maze. Every time you play, you will have aunique3D maze that has not been created before. You will enjoy anewchallenge every time you play.3D Maze features beautifulgraphicsand a lot of challenge.How to play:* Easy controls: walk,right,and left buttons* To jump tap in the middle of the screen* Ifyouget stuck, use the hint button (left top corner of the screen).Thejump function also helps (tap in the middle of the screen tojump)-Google Play Leaderboards was added to share your score andcompetewith others----------------------------Likeuson: MacLeod (
3D Maze Retro 1.9
"3D Maze Retro" is another free version of "3D Maze" puzzlegame,designed in a old fashioned style. Find a way out of 5retrolooking labyrinths! You need to know that there is one hitch -nomaps! But don't be scary because you can climb on a tower orjumpto see where is the end of labyrinth.In last labyrinth find awayout in less than 10 minutes or volcano will blow!If you areretrogames fan and you like 8 bit sounds, cheap midi music,retro-pixelgraphics - try it!Classic console look will bring youback to thegood old times!How to play:● steering and view from 3rdpersoncamera● left joystick: tap to jump● right joystick: slide andholdto move● jump or go to the top of tower to see the end of themaze●all levels beside first one are locked. Finish first leveltounlock next labyrinth.I would like to thanks Eric Skiff for agreat8 bit music! ♪♪However if you'd like to play in a modernlookinglabyrinth, check out "3D Maze" in myapps!-------------------Likeour Labyrinth game seriesonfacebook: follow usonTwitter:
3D Maze: War of Gold 🔥 1.23
Mission Objectives Find gold stolen by thugs! Don’t let themgetaway with that. Our contact tells that they are hiding somewhereinAfghanistan territory. Your special skills and choose out of5deadly weapons will make it easier for you! Collect gold hiddeninsecret areas to unlock better weapons and kill enemiesfasterwithout a scratch. To make it more interesting you need togetthrough complicated mazes as fast as you can. Be careful -insidethe maze you can fall into enemies, so check your radar andmapoften. You're fighting in the desert labyrinth location?Weardesert camo to blend more into environment. Tired of wagingwar?Try our special uniform - pink one! Watch out for the greenspotshidden in the ground - those are deadly land mines! You canalsofall into them inside the labyrinth. 3D Maze: WAR OF GOLDfeatures● explore open-world areas and complicated labyrinths in6different locations ● kill 5 different kind ofzombie-enemieswanted to stop you from finding The Gold ● choosebetween 5 weaponsincluding Minigun and RPG Rocket Launcher ●collect dynamites! Youwill need them later ● marvel at stunningplaces full of mountains,trees, cliffs and middle-east buildings ●fight during day andnight. It's too dark? Use a flashlight! ● findsecret areas formore hidden gold ● buy new stuff and lives in shopfor gold youhave found or bought ● use map if you get lost in oneof fivelabyrinths ● jump to avoid landmines and get quickorientationinside the labyrinth ● use help of your fellow companionJoey ●unlock new achievements and compare your scores onLeaderboardswith your friends ● radar! You can see where yourenemies arehiding in the open area as well as inside the maze! ●change youruniform! There are five different types of camo! ● findThe Vault!● at the end fight with Boss! Good luck soldier! Checkalso ourVirtual Reality demo version (for Cardboard) of 3D Maze:War ofGold in our apps! Follow us on:http://www.mobadu.pl
Princess Juliet : Kids Escape Adventure 1.1
Kids Escape Adventure with Princess Juliet is the newest braingamefor kids with ages between 4 and 10 years old. Princess Julietwasso scared that the Troll will follow her, that she run intheforest to make sure she escaped him for good. The good news isthatthe Troll does not follow her, but the bad news is that sheislost. Help Juliet find her way to her castle in this kidsescapeadventure.The magical forest is full of hidden signs and youneedto discover all of them, in order to get Juliet out of there.Watchcarefully for each clue in this find objects game, completeeachtask and Juliet is almost home. Feed the bear with somesweethoney, water a thorny bush so Princess Juliet can cross itwithoutgetting injured. Here nice voice will help you find itemsand solvethe kids game. Don't get fooled by the cute and fuzzyscenery, moreadventures are yet to come. Juliet reaches the river,but she findsa boat without the paddle. Help Juliet find the paddleso she cancross the river; find the golden coins for the Goblin inexchangefor the paddle. Watch carefully and search each rock, treeand bushto find the items that will lead you to the coins. Keep inmindthat you can always use the hints to ease your search in thisKidsescape adventure.Juliet is almost home, she has another trickytaskthat she needs to complete. She needs to go through a braingamefor kids in order to reach her castle. Use the arrows toguideJuliet on the right path out of the great maze game.Completethisadventure and there will be more to come! Enjoy playing thissuperKids escape adventure with Princess Juliet!
Maze Mania 3D Labyrinth Runner
Maze Mania 3D is one of the best looking free maze runnergamesavailable. Solve 17 amazing labyrinths. Find the exit andescapethe Labyrinth or be lost forever.Can you escape? Or do yougetlost? Try it and find out.- 17 levels in 3 differentsettings.-Levels with increasing difficulty.- Easy mode makes iteasier tofind the exit. Note: Leaderboards and some Achievementsaredisabled in easy mode.- Amazing 3D HD graphics.- Atmosphericmusicand sound effects.- Switch Graphics settings to low ifperformanceruns slow. Medium and High settings for more powerfulandroiddevices.- It's absolutely free.Have fun :)Please remembertosupport the game by rating it, if you enjoy it ;)Thankyou.FollowDaveS:-Google+:
Climb Craft – Maze Run 3D 1.5
You are invited to take a part in a really dangerous challenge–explore some strange deserted labyrinth. You'll find here a lotoftrials and traps. Overcome all the severities find yourreward,find the exit! Climb Craft – Maze Run 3D – check yourcourage!Canyou escape the maze? Explore the labyrinth, jump overabysses,overcome difficulties. For the best understanding you cantrytutorial first.Climb Craft – Maze Run 3D game features:•Reallabyrinth made from blocks to explore;• Different dangersandobsctacles;• Amazing graphics;• You can complete tutorialbeforestarting a real game.Do you feel strong and brave enough tostepinto this horror maze? Anyway, Climb Craft – Maze Run 3D isreadyto take you in. Let's start the challenge!
The Maze Adventure 1.1
Expo Apps
Maze Run Adventure is a free adventure&puzzle game that brings the classic maze puzzles into a wholenew3D level! Explore and find a way out of 10 amazing maze levels.You are trapped in a maze puzzle, find a way out by locatingexitdoor but be aware of armed guards on petrol; they shootatsight.How to play:- Touch screen any where to navigate joystick to move- Run across the maze tracks to find exit door- Be-aware from guards petrolling on the track, they will shootatsightGame Features:- Excellent HD graphics- Cool music and sounds- 10 exciting levels to play
Castle of Illusion 1.2.0
Mickey Mouse returns to star in Castle of Illusion, afantasticalreimagining of the Sega Genesis classic. When the evilwitchMizrabel kidnaps Minnie, it’s up to Mickey to brave thedangers ofthe Castle of Illusions to rescue Minnie. Gather yourcourage andtraverse enchanted forests, take on hordes of rebellioustoys andnavigate mazes of living books. Play as Mickey and saveMinnie fromMizrabel’s evil clutches!GAME FEATURES – - Play asMickey Mouse inthis reimagining of the classic Sega Genesis/MegaDrive game!-Experience a world of wonder, brought to life withall-new graphicsand magical adventures!- Journey across fivemagical worlds filledwith Mizrabel’s powerful minions!- Completehidden challenges tocustomize Mickey with classic costumes!You canupload and savecontent from this app to your device.Privacy Policy- Children’s Privacy Policy- - https://disneytermsofuse.comFor additional informationaboutour practices in the United States and Latin Americaregardingchildren’s personal information, please read ourChildren’s PrivacyPolicyat
Evil Labyrinth 1.0.6
In this scary game all you know is that you don't have anyideiawhere you are, and you need to be hurry to find the exit andscapefrom this scary place! Be careful with the criatures, they'rethereto catch you!
3D Labyrinth 1.5.1
Games WeDev
3D Maze game with high quality graphics.Includes threedifficultieswith multiple levels.Get the hidden stars in thelabyrinths toachieve sufficient stars to unlock higher levels. Thegame iscurrently in development.Waiting to develop:TrapsSoundsUI
The maze of Pipo 2.2.1
Pipo is a dog that loves to play Pipo helps to go through aseriesof mazes and go picking your items to put them in your house,helpyour friends Pipo and Suso, and Dingo Greky carry objectsPipo,bone , the bowl to eat, the toy, a tennis ball or a newspapertoyour house before the time runs out, and all this knowingthatevery time you bump into the wall and you'll lose 2 seconds atthebeginning of the maze.If you make it through the level willtellyou how fast you did it, as well as the times I've crashed andanumber of stars depending on the seconds it takes you to get tothebooth.Fancy Pipo help in this adventure?You have 9 levels, Canyouget 3 stars on all of them?.Game is intended for children, canplayany age, and especially people who like animals* Contato ontheblog** I would liketoknow that you like or do not like about the app, and what youwouldlike to have, what you would like that was not allowed and hasnopositive reviews, as critics for improvement.Game ***made​​exclusively in flash with actionscript 3.
Jack Adventures 1.9.8
This story is about an ordinary guy named Jack, who loves allkindsof adventures. He constantly reveals something new forhimself. Andone day Jack's thirst for adventures throw him into theheart ofthe severe and dangerous maze. The moment he came down intothemaze, he realized that human foot has never set herebefore.Fearless guy decided to go away, when he realized that hegot lost.What to do now? How not to get lost in the maze? Where tolook fora way out? This game will appeal to a variety of levels.There areboth logical and arcade mazes, as in the good old 8-bitgames! Inthe best traditions of diamond rush!
Squirrel's Maze - Labyrinth 2D 1.1.1
Inspired by love to mazes/labyrinths, we created а gameforresolving easy to very hard mazes/labyrinths, which are eachtimedifferent. There are also enemies in some levels, which makesthegame more difficult. You can collect acorns and attack theenemies.The goal is to escape the squirrel by finding the key andthe exit.Meanwhile, if you collect 3 starts you go to the nextlevel. Canyou escape the squirrel? The game is supporting differentplayinglevels as well as more other features, like: 1. High scores- keepstrack of your best result. 2. Supports different colorpalettes fordifferent tastes. 3. Supports tablets and phones. 4.Increasingdifficulties and sizes of mazes/labyrinths. 5. Each timedifferentmazes/labyrinths. Your feedback and/or review is more thanwelcome.
3D Maze Labyrinth 1.1.2
Walk around on your own and find items around the REAL 3D worldwitha first person view! The maze is not an easy place to getoutof.Find your way out of the labyrinth .You will need to findthehidden keys in order to unlock the doors andescape.*Features*-High quality 3D environment graphics- REAL 3DEnvironment with theability to walk around in a First Person View!- Stone balls.-Intuitive controlsControls.Left side - motionforward-back, to theleft-to the right.Right side - turn right-left,upwards-downward.
Maze VR - Cardboard 1.6
Maze VR is a free 3D adventure game.Did you think about, whatwillyou do if you will be in real labyrinth ? This amazing gamegivesyou a chance to be in real maze and check your power infindingexit from maze.Use Google Cardboard or any other VRglassesHow toplay*You can use Cardboards Magnet for moving forwardand for stop.You can control direction by turning your head:)Different objectin the maze will help you to orientate.