Top 3 Apps Similar to Airbus Press

Campus by Airbus
Airbus Group
Campus is the Airbus app that helps you quickly locate whereyouareand what is around you whilst visiting an Airbus site.Theappprovides easy-to-use site search capabilities, which allowsyoutoswitch from one site to another quickly by either usingthesearchbar menu, settings or by selecting the “world icon” toviewallavailable sites. The app provides informationonbuildinglocations, Airbus shuttle services, links topublicshuttleservices (currently only for Toulouse & Hamburg)anddifferentpoints of interests like entrance points,carparks,defibrillators, restaurants, etc. The information isprovidedon asite basis and new supported site information(Buildings,POIs,etc) will appear over time.
ECAM Resets +
Waterline Software
This application expands andreplacestheprevious application 'ECAM Resets Pro'.This application is an aide-mémoire and cross referenceforthemany computer resets that can be required for theavionicssystemsof the Airbus A319, A320 and A321 series aircraftfollowinga coldstart or unexpected electrical transient. Thisall-newapplicationsadds reference sources for Alpha Call-UpParameters anda (very)long list of abbreviations used by themanufacturer.System Resets: There is a primary reference ofaircraftsystemsdocumenting the control or CB actions required toresetthatsystem.ECAM Warnings: There is an extensive list of ECAMwarningsthatcan be cleared employing a system reset procedure.SelectinganECAM warning from the list takes you directly to thesystemresetprocedure.Circuit Breakers: All CB locations & labels canbedisplayedsorted by name or panel/location. A search functionwillfind allCBs matching a user defined clue.Alpha Parameters: A comprehensive list of AlphaCall-UpParametersmay be viewed sorted by Code, System or ATAchapter,enabling theuser to interrogate the contents of thevarious dataregisters. Thissingle list contains all codes foraircraft thathave diverse engine,APU or avionic fits.Airbus Abbreviations: A decode of abbreviations used byAirbusintechnical documents. The list may be viewed sorted bySubjectAreaor Code.This application requires periodic internet accessforGooglelicence validation purposes.This application is in no way sponsored or connectedwithAirbusSAS. The user takes full responsibility forcorrectprocedures inaccordance with current limitations &procedurescontained inthe manufacturers AMM and FCOM publications.Thesepublicationsshould be considered as the definitive source.Pleaseconsult the'Read-Me' page before using this application.