Top 49 Games Similar to Air Combat 3D:Thunder War

Call of Thunder War- Air Shooting Game 1.1.3
Jet, speed forward, spin in the air to escape the enemy'sattack!Siege the enemy, launch a missile to give them a fatal blow!Winthe battle to be the king of air combat! Game features:***Realistic air combat scene&special sound effects!***Multiplefightersto select at your will *** Unique fighterlevel-upsystem.Each fighter has its own characteristics and thepowers ofauto missiles are different! Make your exclusive fighterNOW! ***Variouslevel choices. Come and play BOSS challenginglevels!Moregenerous rewards waiting for you to come! *** Smoothgame control*** Drive a fighterin the sky and experience the thrillof chasingand shooting! What are you waiting for! Download the CallofThunder War and become the real king of air combat!
Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat 2.06
Parsis Games
Got bored of traditional flight simulation and airplane games?Needsome real challenge? Try "Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat"andBecome the supreme leader of the skies! Feel the power ofModerncombat in 3D sky dogfight! Unleash the might of yourplane'sarsenal on enemy jets and light up the skies withblazingexplosions. Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat transfers you totheworld of modern war planes and supersonic jet fighters.Joinplayers from around the globe in an ultimate multiplayer PvPcombatfor air force domination. Military aeronautics at it’sfinestbrings you huge variety of aircrafts and air planes. GAMEFEATURES:-> Complete Airforce contains 20+ fighters based on therealmodern prototyped aircrafts for your action-packeddogfighting.-> A set of 15+ Unique Missiles and Anti-Missiles!-> BrandNew Immersive Dogfight System! -> Call Air Support tocrush yourenemies! -> Console Quality AAA Graphics: Immersiveyourself inthe full 3D, 360-degree environment: cityscape, desert,mountainand more. -> Easy and smooth controls -> Designed forplayersof all generations and skill levels -> Exciting VFXeffect!-> Cinematic Kill Camera Jump into your Modern warplaneand fireuntil the skies are clear of enemies! You will be able tofight onall the best known pursuit planes and airborne interceptorsof ourgeneration, as well as war prototypes of leading air forces.Don'twait Pilot! just get it now in no time, the game is free! PlayAceFighters and rule the skies! Having any problems? Anysuggestions?We would love to hear from you! Do not hesitate toreach us atsupport at [email protected]
Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight 1.3.2
Grab the control yoke of a warplane and jump into thebattlefieldsof World War 2 in this thrilling combat flight actiongame. In eachof the campaigns for Great Britain, USSR and Germanyyou willassume the role of pilot and squadron leader of an eliteair forceunit, established for the most dangerous and strategicmissionsthat can turn the tide of war. In Warplanes: WW2 Dogfightyou takecontrol of over 30 historical airplanes – from classicfighters tolight and heavy bombers. Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster,Il-2“Shturmovik”, La-5FN, Ju-87 “Stuka”, and Fw 200 “Condor” areonlyseveral of the beautiful machines that you can fly,repaint,customize and upgrade. Gather a squadron of the best pilotsandtrain them to assist you in the most risky missions. If you needanadditional adrenaline rush, you can go on a mission by yourselfandrule the sky. Build your base – construct additional hangarsandstructures for your pilotes and crew. Ensure its safety bybuildinganti-aircraft artillery and barrage balloons. Developyourmanagement skills to cut costs and manage your unitmoreefficiently, and become the ultimate squadron leader. Playthroughvaried missions in each of the available campaigns –experiencedeadly encounters with enemy fighters, protect groundstructuresfrom bombers, fight on the see to weaken enemy navy,pilot bombersand destroy targets of strategic value. These are onlya fewexamples of a dozen mission types you will experience inthebeautiful landscapes of Europe, Africa and Asia. Pick thebestplanes and pilots for the job and fly over the cold Russiantundraor sunny deserts of Egypt. EXPERIENCE WW2 FLIGHT COMBAT ONMOBILELIKE NEVER BEFORE ● The best WW2 air combat game on mobiledeviceswith intuitive controls and user-friendly flight mechanics.● Over30 historical planes from RAF, Luftwaffe and Soviet AirForces,with various customization, paint and upgrade options. ●Assquadron leader, you are tasked with more than piloting yourplane– you also manage the base. Buy planes, recruit and trainpilots,and keep building additional structures. ● Detailed 3Dgraphicswith awesome special effects. ● English, Russian and Germanradiochatter to give you the full experience of a World War IIdogfight.
Air Combat VR 0.0.1
Picat Studio
This game will give you the most realistic feeling of an ModernAirCombat with new experiences in Virtual Reality environment.Aircombat VR simulates realistic space using 3D jet andcockpitfighter models, come with by sound and visual effects fromrealdogfight. NOTE: support DAYDREAM platform only!!! GAME MODES ✓Playwith bots: This is an infinity air battle where the playerwillfight against the enemy until his plane is destroyed. Eachenemyaircraft shot down will be rewarded with some coins, howeveraftereach air combat the enemy aircraft will be stronger and fastertoincrease the challenge. ✓ Multiplayer with 1 vs 1: In thisdogfightVR, players will have to use all the weapons they have toshootdown the enemy's jet fighter, who kills the other 3 times willbethe winner and each kill will be rewarded with some coins.FEATURES✓ Coins will be accumulated through each battle and usedtopurchase and upgrade jet fighter. ✓ The weapons used in anaircombat vr include machine guns, missiles and flare defensesystems.✓ The player controls the jet fighter easily with theController.To change the speed of the aircraft or weapon, you canswipeleft/right or up/down in touchpad. ✓ Environment is almostinfinityspace brings true feelings for the air combats. CONTACT USIf youhave any questions or suggestions? We would love to hear fromyou!Please contact us at [email protected] Visit ourofficialwebsite at PrivacyPolicy:
Shadow Fighter 1.30.1
TOH Games
Shadow Fighter is an excelent action games, an excellentfightinggames. This is also one of the best offline Role-playinggame (RPG)Shadow Fighter will bring you through series levels withamazingexperiences. There are series of zombie battle and monsterbattlein levels. In each level, you will experience a fiercebattle. Inthis, you will be hero to fight the dark forces: zombies,monsters.Your skill will be upgraded after each level In thisfightinggames, you can use a variety of weapons, equipments toattackenemies. There are five different heroes characters foryourchoosing. After every 5 levels there is a powerfull monsterboss,to destroy this enemy, requires you to be clever, skillful...Thisbattle will give you the fun feeling and wonderful feeling.*Features of Shadow Fighter - Characters: 5 heroes characters-Levels: 50+ - Mode: normal, hard, extremely hard -Amazinggraphics, effects and sounds - More weapons, equipments toattackzombies, monsters, devil - Daily quest - Shop... * How toplay inshadow fight: - Tap running button to run - Tap jumpingbutton tojump - Tap slashing button to slash - More special attackskillsComing soon: - More maps continue to be updated Let'sdownload andexperience this fighting games share your with friendsright now!This fighting game will bring you to the most awesomeadventuresand I believe that it will give you more good time andamazingexperiences. You will be addicting this action games.Fanpage: -Facebook: Give mesomefeedbacks for Shadow Fighter to help us to improve this!Email:[email protected]
Ninja Games - Fighting Club Legacy
NINJA WARRIOR CHALLENGE The warrior defense of mortal warbegan!Fighting people like Japanese ninjas and Chinese monks arereadyfor the new challenge. Plunge into the action-packedfightingadventure of this warrior game with brutal andunforgettablebrawlers. Save the world playing as a fighting hero ofthe mortalage. Like in other warrior battle games you’ll have toplay as acombat ninja who is fighting for freedom and glory.FIGHTING KINGOF RING Join the fighting club of warrior legends andbattlingmasters to be an enemy nightmare in epic fight againstninjawarriors and Shaolin monks! Make a warrior rush with combostrikein a fighting arena! Roar a battle cry and harden warriorspirit ofthe soul to get fighting fames of a battle tournament.Brawlingwith another ninja masters will force you to use tactics ofamortal clash, devastating weapons and battle magic in thefightingchallenge. FIGHTING CHAMPS OF TOURNAMENT Choose a warriorand fightwith rivals to become an unbeatable combatant in thisfast-pacedaction fighting game! Make decisive blow, mortal strikeandcritical annihilation against every fighting ninja warrior inafighting list to be the champion of the brutal fighting game!THEREAL FIGHTING MADNESS Act like a mortal warrior shadow todefeatall of the opponents on a combat arena. Burst in the fightingfeverof combat heroes of the mortal tournament playing as afighting manor warrior girl. Prove your skills in Chinese warriorvs warriorninja hero duels and leave a legacy as a combat legend ofwarriortales! Show off powerful street fighting skills in the storymodeand knockout opponents from your list to fight. Join thebattlearena with famous characters and be the most skilled fightingmanin a warrior game. MASTER YOUR SKILLS TO BE HIGHER Study allthesecret fighting techniques in the training mode. Master newcombosof melee attacks and sword techniques to crush opponents intherevolution of the best fighting games. Improve and upgradecombatkarate skills in the liberal fighting ring. Earn points toget theelite pack of brutal warriors of the fighting club. Upgradeyourwarrior with special powers to transform him into a realsuperhero!This groundbreaking fighting game will thrill you bystunning combohits of ghost fight masters in warrior king battles.SWORD WARRIORFIGHT SIMULATOR Join the club of mortal legends: getclose to thefighting edge, pull out samurai blade of a mighty magicsword andparticipate in the fighting tournament of ninja warriorclan! Be asword master of ninja fighting game! Transform thefighter utopiainto the realm and become the fighting championplaying as a bravewarrior! Enjoy ultimate lethal and heavy weaponsounds of ninjawarriors and Shaolin fight masters in the battlesimulator! FIGHTLIKE A GOD TO GET FIGHTING GLORY Stand in front ofthe enemyfighting list that totally consists of battling mastersfromvarious nations. Duel with warrior bots using combo fightingforceand unlimited weapon attacks in a mortal battle! Keep fightinginthe combat battle challenge to meet the great warrior king.Unlockthe fatal warrior duel with the boss and win the valuablefightingcup of a slash arena! Resist demon warrior rage attacks andshowhim a ninja fighting fury to be the champion of thetournament.Enjoy this revolution of the classic fighting ninjagames where youcan get the experience of ultimate kung fu fightbetween the realsuperheroes.
Kung Fu Attack:Offline Action RPG
Hs Soft
KUNG FU SUPERHERO CHALLENGE The "Kung Fu Attack:Offline ActionRPG"war began! Plunge into the action-packed fighting adventure ofthiswarrior game with brutal and unforgettable brawlers. Save theworldplaying as a fighting hero of the mortal age. Like in otherwarriorbattle games you’ll have to play as a combat Kung FuChampions whois fighting for freedom and glory. FIGHTING KING OFRING Join thefighting club of Kung Fu Attack and battling mastersto be an enemynightmare in epic fight against kung fu Champions !Make a kung fuChampions rush with combo strike in a fighting arena!Quickness iskey to win the hand to hand fight. Brawling will forceyou to usetactics of a mortal clash, devastating weapons and battlemagic inthe Kung Fu challenge. FIGHTING CHAMPIONS Choose rivals tobecomean unbeatable combatant in this fast-paced action fightinggame!Make decisive blow, mortal strike and critical annihilationagainstevery fighting Kung Fu superhero in a fighting list to bethechampion of the fighting game! THE REAL FIGHTING MADNESS Actlike aKung Fu Champions shadow to defeat all of the opponents on acombatarena. Prove your skills in Chinese warrior vs Kung Fu heroduelsand leave a legacy as a combat legend of warrior tales! Showoffpowerful street fighting skills in the story mode andknockoutopponents from your list to fight. Join the "Kung FuAttack:OfflineAction RPG " battle arena with famous characters andbe the mostskilled fighting man in a warrior game. MASTER YOURSKILLS TO BEHIGHER Study all the secret fighting techniques in thetrainingmode. Master new combos of melee attacks and weapontechniques tocrush opponents in the revolution of the best fightinggames. Allyou have to do is to choose your fighter and opponent andhit themas much as you can.A lso fighting style is in your control.You cantry to act faster than your rival or you can use yourguardingabilities to exhaust your enemy. Keep an eye on every moveof yourenemy that is fighting against you. Use punches and kickswithaccuracy and quickly. Take timely decision, attack on enemywithpunches and kicks on proper time and block enemy attackusingaccuracy and speed in your actions. Use enemy poweragainsthimself. In the sense of real combat game, fighting coherentactionis strong, you are presented a visual and sensory doubleenjoyment,continued passion and blood at the same time. Upgradeyour warriorwith special powers to transform him into a real KungFu superhero! FIGHT LIKE A Master TO GET FIGHTING GLORY Enjoy thisrevolutionof the classic fighting Kung Fu Attack games where youcan get theexperience of ultimate kung fu fight between therealsuperheroes.If you like action games, you should never missthisone!
World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game 2.1.0
Join real-time 3D multiplayer battles on the high sea, commandyournaval vessel and team-up to shoot and destroy your enemiesinintense and realistic PVP gunship battle royale. World ofWarshipsBlitz is a free-to-play mobile MMO action navy battleshipstrategywar and third person shooter game by Wargaming and is basedon thetop award winning online multiplayer PC version of WorldofWarships Blitz. World of Warships Blitz MMO online multiplayergamebrings the World War 2 naval strategy war and action gameplayofthe PC gun ship battlefield to the highly immersive, quick andfastpaced action on your mobile and tablet like a real boatwarsimulator. If you like war ship, gun ship combat games orthirdperson shooters, join this MMO naval action 3d multiplayergamewith a fleet of battleships. Jump straight into quickonlineaction-packed 7vs7 epic warships battles, enter thebattlefield nomatter where you are and sink enemy vessels! World ofWarshipsBlitz is the ultimate 3D PVP shooter and strategy war gameand navybattle simulator. Battle online and offline, on the highsea or ina bay, fight on real marine battlefields, authenticbattles ofwarships with awesome weapons like guns and missilesawait you! -Master the WWII steel boat juggernauts from a varietyofBattleships, Cruisers, Destroyers and even Aircraft carriers-Choose from 130 unique classes of ships from Japan, theU.S.A.,U.S.S.R or Germany and battle for ocean dominance - Take onyourenemies in real world locations of the Atlantic, Pacific andArcticoceans in massive world battlefield areas - Choose fromdifferentlevels and missions with different battle of warshipsdifficulty -Switch between various types of combat weapons such asmissiles,torpedos and guns - Play single-player solo missions orteam upwith friends to shoot enemy gun ships. Get supplies,equipment, warupgrades and new navy ships - Get rewards and medalsfor yoursuccesses as a fleet commander and a chamption in thegreatest gunbattles of the sea! A truly free-to-play action 3Dmultiplayerstrategy war game. No timers, energy bars, fuel—play asmuch as youwant and whenever you want in this sea battle simulator.Whetherfighting against random players around the world in solobattles orteam matches, or in ranked battles, campaigns or co-opbattles,World of Warships Blitz gives you the ultimate realistichistoricalnavy boat battle experience along with amazing 3D actionshooter.Are you ready to compete in the most realistic onlinebattle shipgame? Guide your battleship fleet to victory and gloryin thistotal war now!
Sea Battle 2 1.8.4
Sea Battle 2 is the game we’ve all known since childhood, nowwithnew features and an extended arsenal! Millions of people aroundtheworld play this game. You will have ships, planes,submarines,mines, radars and much more at your disposal. Place yourships onthe board, attack the opponent’s positions, and use yourvastarsenal to sink the opponent’s ships. Create your own strategyanddon’t leave your opponents a single chance! Face opponents fromallcorners of the world online and in real time! Take part inbattlesbetween platforms! Sea Battle offers eye-catchingnotepad-stylegraphics and special effects that add to the game’soriginality andan unforgettable atmosphere! Game features: ONLINEBATTLES Confrontopponents from all over the world! Defend yourplatform! Eachplayer can define the final result! RANKS Win battlesto earn newranks – from a recruit to an admiral! CONFRONTARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCE Pick the most appropriate difficulty leveland try todefeat the AI (artificial intelligence). Earn points andgrow yourrank! PLAY OVER BLUETOOTH Engage into battles with yourfriends,colleagues and random players over Bluetooth. PLAY WITHYOUR FRIENDON A SINGLE PHONE Play with your friend on a singlephone (tablet),set your ships on the board in turns, select weaponsand share theexcitement of a battle! CHAT AND PROFILE Stay in touchwith youropponents during battles using a built-in chat. Pickanawe-inspiring name and a flag for your fleet. SELECT ANDCONFIGUREGAME MODES Select the classic or advanced game mode.Modify yourarsenal as needed. GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS Become the bestplayer onthe global leaderboards by the number of general victoriesandvictories for your platform! Victories are only counted forbattleswith random opponents. ***** It’s time to find the strongestSeaBattle player!
The Astoria Land:War of Summoners 1.0.0
People Games
Here comes the super strategic MOBA game at the end of 2018!Savetheworld with tens of thousands of worldwide players!Summonerswithdifferent skills gather around, pick their weapons,and defeattheplots of the evil scientists! Come create a team ofsupersummonersand battle in the continent of Astraea! Along withyourfavoritesummoners in War of Summoners, let's fight together!Inthe rich andmysterious continent of Astraea, the evilscientistGilras used theGora Amethyst to control Evelia, the elfwho hasthe ability tocontrol the storm, and built a base in theforbiddenland andsummoned a ferocious beast to occupy Astraea!Come jointhenine-tailed fox Nida and create an unexpected teamofsummonersagainst Gilras to save the world in an epicstrategicbattle! TheWar of Summoners is a popular game ofstrategicconfrontation. Themysterious power of Gora Amethyst andthe hungerfor power havemade the evil scientists even more crazy!Whiledefending the city,please stop the evil plan of Gilras andsave thecontinent ofAstraea! War of Summoners’ Features: √ Recruittalentedsummonersand fight the battles wisely with SLG strategies;√ Havefun withdifferent tactics using different combinations ofdifferentheroes;√ Defend the attack in the solo mode; √ Joinlike-mindedplayersand team up to challenge multiplayer instancedungeons andleaguebattles; √ Real-time control, a fair competitionthat isalwaysready to start. Revert the battle in a second, fightfor thearenaglory, and take your own crown; √ A great map systemofmissionsthat allows you to experience new challenges all thetime;Beststrategy game of 2018! Join War of Summoners now tofightagainstthe evil forces and save the world with tens ofmillions ofplayersaround the world!
Stickman Zombie Shooter - Epic Stickman Games 1.1.1
Enjoy epic stickman fights against zombies in this epicplatformershooting game full of guns and destruction! A free andaddictivegame in which you play as John, a tough and good fightingstickmanwho walked the field when a zombie epidemic began. ⭐ STICKFIGUREFEATURES ⭐ ▪ Run, run, run! ▪ Awesome Parkour moves:climbplatforms and hang on high places! ▪ Incredible meleefightingcombos! ▪ Epic stickman fights and massive zombie hordes! ▪Manyplatformer levels and a lot of waves to play! ▪ Many kindofweapons and strategies to shoot all the zombies! ▪ Be thebeststickman warrior! ▪Climb walls, survive the apocalypse, breakandkill some zombies. ▪Run, trap and kill them within epic battles!⭐GAME FEATURES ⭐ ▪ Save your progress online. ▪ Reach the top oftheonline leaderboards! ▪ The game can be played offline! ▪Areallychallenging game with simple controls and hardcoregameplay!▪Amazing perfomance: Play this game on any device and bethe bestzombie killer ever! ▪Did you run out of internet? Noproblem, itcan be played offline! ▪This game is really addictive!⭐HOW TO PLAY⭐ ▪ Use virtual analog controls to walk around the map;▪ Run toavoid crazy zombies from biting you; ▪ Jump through manyplatformsand different levels! ▪ Use many weapons and upgrade themto geteven more powerful ▪ Collect coins to upgrade your weapons tokillzombies faster! ▪ Kill as many zombies as you can! ⭐AVAILABLEGUNS⭐▪ Sniper Rifle; ▪ SMG ; ▪ Shotgun; ▪ Pistol; ▪ Land Mines; ▪SentryGun; ▪ Rocket Launcher (Bazooka); ▪ Baseball Bat with Nails;▪Chainsaw; ⭐POWERUPS⭐ ▪ Super Speed; ▪ Shield ; ▪ ExtraLife;Download this game now for free, kill many zombies and be themostepic stickman ever! Now!
US Robot Bike Transform Shooting Game
Being a super robot rider of moto bike battling in afuturisticmonster speed hero who is capable of battling such kindof us armyrobot street comfort. incredible flying moto bike ofsuper will cover accept all challenging mission andshoot oneby one enemies robots and upgrade your moto robot bike andweapons.Get ready for real us battle of robot bike transform andpolicebike warriors. Your city is being attack by monster robotsand nowthey are trying to take control of your city. terroristrobots arebusy in destroy houses and they have the ability totransform theirself into different motor bikes and robo due towhich the local uspolice failed to destroy them. You as an powerspeed Robot Infinitebike ride City warrior have a job to do. youare a special rider ofmoto robot bike and have a ability to fightwith them and save yourcity for them. You have to challenge themand you have to show themthat who is the real boss of world city ofrobots. Grand power ofFuturistic robot moto police bike on Highwayroads and your city isunder attack by monster criminals robots whoare causing troubleand have made city anti speed robot warrior.Impossible rider ofmotocross robot bike Infinite Robots war hasbegun creatingdestruction in the city as Super Shooting ,Flyingmoto robotTransform and Ultra Robot Bike transform has attacked thecity. Inthis grand super moto robot us Transforming superbikeImpossiblegame 2019, transform your Real Futuristic shooting bikeHighwayCity Robot warrior into flying bike that is equipped withmodernweapons. Hero Robot hero bike chasing enemies will take youto aflight adventure where shooting and firing will add extrathrill intransformation games. Have you ever been in a robotbattle? If not,then prepare yourself for action packed FlyingAdventure SuperTransforming Ultimate Robot Legitimate Super HighwayUltra CityInfinite 3d Fighting game 2018 that will be fought withmodernweapons. Take a charge and destroy every robots who aretrying todemolish your city. Aim and fire and destroy flyingenemies to winthis intense air battle Look up! Enemy Super FlyingImpossibleCrazy Ultimate bike is shooting in sky to destroy citypeace. USRobot Bike Transform Shooting Game Features: • AmazingGraphics andStunning Animations • Stunning Game-Play • EasyOn-Screen Controls• Addictive 3d environment • Dynamic battleCombats •Transformation bike battle and Mech Robots! • Smooth anduserfriendly controls! • HD graphics and amazing animations! •Smoothand user friendly controls! • Choose your speed car for grandwar •Fun driving and flying controls • Real time transform robotheroflying experience! • Advanced robotic steel guns and shooting•High Quality 3d Graphics and engaging sound effects •Challengingmissions • State to the art transformation of robottransforminggames.
Cinemaware's Wings 1.7.0
Cinemaware's classic Wings! gets re-mastered in high definitionwithall its original missions, dogfights, story andgameplay!Relive theaction, glory and seat of the pants daring of aWWI Allied fighterpilot! You'll strafe Hun armies, bomb enemyaerodromes and matchwits against deadly Aces in heart-stoppingdogfights, the losergoing down in flames...without a parachute!More than just asimulator, Wings! features genuine arcade actionand anemotion-packed role-playing experience. Wings is the easy toplayair combat simulation you've been waiting for... nocomplicatedkeyboard commands. Just fly and shoot!Wings!(tm), theclassicflight-combat action game from the Amiga generation isback! With"Wings! Remastered Edition“ Cinemaware brings you backto anexperience full of blasting action, drama and emotions. GetyourSopwith Camel started and dive deep into this amazing story ofa WWIcombat pilot's life experience. Fight your foes in one-on-oneaircombat, bomb enemy installations and strafe enemysupplylines!Wings! Remastered Edition is the great comeback of theAmigahit-game from 1990. The game has been completely reproducedinstunning HD graphics, high-quality sound effects and amasterfulsoundtrack re-scored with real instruments. Jump into thecockpitand enjoy this remastered classic gameexperience!*Experience adramatic World War I storyline from theperspective of a combatpilot unveiling right before youreyes!*Re-live the horrors andglories of the 56th Squadron as itstrives to survive to the end ofthe war*Dogfight, bomb & strafeenemies in a variety ofdramatic missions!*Play through over 230diverse missions takingplace between 1916 and 1918*Enjoy acompletely re-scored orchestralsoundtrack by Sound of Games, theleading game music productionteam!
Tank Raid Online Premium - 3v3 Battles 2.67
Tank Raid Online – a new and unique mini MOBA has come toPlayStore! Get this Premium version with NO ADs and 6 tanksunlocked!(!) Please note that you can't have both free and premiumversionof Tank Raid Online installed on your phone at the sametime. Joinup with friends, plan your tactics and get ready for anintensereal-time PvP battle! Unlock more than 20 fast-paced tanksofexclusive skills, own the best arsenal of weapons and putyourstrategy into action in 4 different multiplayer game modes: -3v3Football: capture the crystal ball from the center of themap,holding and “shooting” it to opposing team’s goal whilefightingwith them. A game of true football competitive style! - 3v3TeamDeath-match: Gain scores for your team by eliminatingopponents,fight to absorb the ultimate power of the galaxy stonewhichappears at last 1 minute of the battle. The team with mostscoresat the end of the match wins! - 1v4 Solo Death-match: 5playersbattle in the same arena. Upgrade your tank’s damage and HPby 10%in the middle of the fight by owning the galaxy stone orstealingit from others. The player with most kills wins. - 1v4SoloSurvival: (Coming soon) FEATURES: - More than 7 stunning arenasforall players regardless of level - Be creative as much as youwantwith your tactics: more than 20 tanks, each with signatureattackand unique skill, together with 15 cool weapons (and more tocome).- Battle solo with world-wide players or play with friends-Upgrade your tanks and weapons to max levels - Communicate andteamup with other tank heroes with in-game chat functionality -Across-platform game: play it on your phone or PC - Free towin:equal chance to win and equal access to all in-game elementsforeveryone. - Constant update on game content every month - Dailyandweekly champion system where you compete with only other 20peoplefor juicy rewards Collect cards to upgrade your favoritetanks andskills. Compete for higher ranking in your country andworldleaderboards. Play it now and be the star of allbattles!PERMISSION NEED - Since you can share your victory in thegame, weneed your external storage permission as below, pleaseaccept: •READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Need anytroublesolved? Contact our social pages for
WOT Victory - Extreme Battle 1.10
Are you ready for war? Download this explosive tank game, it'sFREE!Choose your tank and clash with your opponents in fastpacedrealtime combat. Fire up in this fast-paced action game!DEFENDYOUR COUNTRY Defend the honor of your country against yourenemies.ICONIC TANKS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD VARIOUS BATTLEFIELDSTOEXPLORE AND MASTER Download now while it's free!
Grancrest War: QuartetConflict 1.2.8
From acclaimed author, Ryo Mizuno, comes an epic fantasy taleofswords and sorcery, Record of Grancrest War: QuartetConflict!Experience an all new 3D hack & slash action RPG basedoff thepopular Japanese anime and novels! To save a kingdom dividedbychaos and war, join Teo and friends on an fantasy RPG campaigntobattle enemy hordes and form the Grancrest to bring peace totheland! Turn the tides of war, end the chaos, and unitethecontinent! ANIME HACK & SLASH RPG ACTION Battle and Conquerthewaves of enemies! Switch team members on the battlefield inrealtime Choose different character classes, from Mages to LordsENDTHE CHAOS WITH “QUARTET MODE“ All team members join the actiononthe battlefield to fight together! Fill the gauge toactivate"Quartet Mode" during battle Tip the battle in your favor,justlike the anime! SAVE THE LAND DIVIDED BY WAR Experience RPGstorymoments from the original anime and novels! Bring togetherfamouscharacters such as Teo, Irvin, Siluca, and Aishela! Explorenew andunique stories exclusive to Record of Grancrest War:QuartetConflict! Meet all-new characters and enjoy their story!FIERCEFACTION WARFARE! Faction Battles take place every weekendbetween"Fantasia Union" and "Factory Alliance". Pick a side and aimfor aglorious victory by defeating the enemyfortress!-----------------------------------SUPPORT: BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Inc. Website: Bydownloading or installingthis app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCOEntertainment Terms ofService. Terms of Service: Policy: Note: Thisgame containssome items available for in-app purchase that canenhance gameplayand speed up your progress. In-app purchases can bedisabled inyour device settings,see formoredetails. ©2017 Ryo Mizuno, Miyuu / KADOKAWA / Eramu MageAcademy©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. This application isdistributedunder the official rights from the license holder.
Battle of Vicksburg 1.01
Fight on the vast battlefields in a strategic FPS set inVicksburgand its fortifications. Command infantry & cavalry tofollow,stay or charge. Operate cannons & artillery, or giveorders tothe crews. Improve the forts and defenses, or build new toprotectyour soldiers. Make strategic battlefield decisions tooutflank theenemy. Experience the American Civil War in an originalhybrid offirst person shooter and strategy game! Offline game, nointernetrequired.
Hovercraft: Battle Arena 1.1.1
The #1 combat racing, custom vehicle building, totallyaddicting,action game of the year is back! Hovercraft: Battle Arenapitscustom Hovercrafts from around the world against each other in3v3,open arena, PvP combat! INTENSE 3V3 MULTIPLAYER MATCHES Workwithyour team to dominate the arena. Watch your shields, manageyourboost and ammo reserves, collect powerups, and blast the enemyteamto pieces! BUILD ANYTHING Build a completely customHovercraft,brick by brick, and customize your weapon loadout withmachineguns, sniper rifles, tracking lasers, triple rocket swarms,andmore! Choose from thousands of possible weaponcombinations!COLLECT, UPGRADE, & EVOLVE UNIQUE HOVERCRAFTSUpgradeHovercrafts to increase shields, speed, ammo, and damage.EachHovercraft has their own special combat perk. EvolveHovercrafts tounlock new skins, additional weapon slots, and hugeupgrades totheir combat perk. EPIC REAL-TIME PHYSICS-BASED GAMEPLAYInsanereal-time physics and damage! Blast Hovercrafts into hundredsofpieces, bash them into walls, destroy weapons and thrustersandwatch them explode! Endless ways to take out thecompetition!AWESOME BATTLE ARENAS Battle on the Neon Grid, weavethrough iconicStonehenge, or hydroplane through Crater Lake.Explore all of theunique Battle Arenas. Experience insanemultiplayer arena combat,like nothing you've played before!
Knights and Glory - Tactical Battle Simulator 1.2.92
★★★ Recruit Legendary Heroes and Command Mythical SoldiersintoBattles ★★★ Welcome to Knights and Glory, a place to showcaseyourstrategic and tactical abilities in a war to claim yourvictoryamong millions of people in a battle of clans and alliances.March2019: ★ Clan Boss Battle Events (Co-Op) ★ ★ Single PlayerCampaignChapter 7 ★ ★ New Unit ★ ★ Daily Missions ★ ★ ImprovedClanFeatures ★ GAME FEATURES: ● Collect new powerful cards orupgradeexisting ones. ● Build an ultimate army of legendary heroestoconquer your opponents. ● Vanquish enemy's troops to earnCrownsand Treasure Chest. ● Defend your kingdom's caravan to secureyourclan's treasure. ● Fight through single player campaign andmightybosses. ● Two difficulty war mode in single player campaign●Enlist the service of powerful generals and soldiers. ● Buildanalliance or clan to share cards and join clan events. ●Friendlybattles and special events, strike early and rise to thetop of theleaderboards. ● Shape your skills at the Training area.AWESOMEREWARDS ● Mini Archery game for coins and even new units. ●Earnmultiple free treasure chests to get awesome rewards. ●Weeklyevent to participate and compete! ● Adventure Mode Challengetoearn more cards, diamonds and gold. Collect and upgrade dozensofcards featuring a series of historical generals, mythicalheroesand advisors such as Arthur the Lionheart and Leonardo DaVinci.Command legendary troops from great civilisations such asmedievalEurope and Asia, like The Knight Templar and The JapaneseSamurai.Enlist the help of the wisest tactician, Zhuge Liang, fromtheThree Kingdoms era. Huang Zhong is another recruitablebravewarrior from the Three Kingdoms era that can help you fightagainstthe enemies' onslaught. Build an army to plunder yourenemy'streasure and create strong defensive lines to protect yourowntreasure. Join and form an alliance or clan to share cardsandfight for bigger rewards and rise to become the greatest kingdominthe empire. Take your army to victory and be prepared for anepicmedieval battle! Grow your empire and master the art of wartostrike hard against your enemies. Win battles, win the wargamesand be remembered as a true warrior in the whole empire!SupportAre you having problems? Emails us [email protected] orcontact us in game by going to Settings> FAQ and Support.Facebook: PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: A networkconnectionis also required. NOTE: Knights and Glory is free todownload andplay, however, some game items can also be purchasedfor realmoney. If you do not want to use this feature, please setuppassword protection for purchases in the settings of yourGooglePlay Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service andPrivacyPolicy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play ordownloadKnights and Glory. Tactical battle simulator card game newbestdeck Build Collect empire civilization rise empirestrategyconquest kingdom war fight turn based medieval strikekingdomsthree
World Beast War: Destroy the World in an Idle RPG 1.050
Clegames Inc.
🔥🔥🔥Rampage through a destroyed world and create the ultimate teamofbeasts!🔥🔥🔥 World Beast War is an idle RPG where your monstersarecreated, merged, evolved and sent to battle in a war to reclaimtheEarth. Merge monsters to build the ultimate rampaging team!Beastsrage and battle across the screen, including classicmonsters likeKing Gorilla, Lizard God and more! Tap your beast tosend it intobattle or drag it onto another to combine them into anew, uniquemonster. Collect monsters and their lost articles toupgrade yourbeasts and defeat stronger foes. Idle RPG mechanicslet your beastsbattle and level up even when you’re away, andauto-battle featuresallow you to manage the team while themonsters fight. Mergemonsters to create powerful beasts, thenmerge those to create theultimate monster! Pixel graphics create aretro gaming atmospherewith all new gameplay and clicker gamemechanics. Beast battles andapocalyptic action await in WorldBeast War! Download now! WORLDBEAST WAR FEATURES: 🔥Monster Game –Beasts Battle!🔥 - Battlemonsters throughout the ruined city -Combine beasts into new,powerful monsters - Evolution Game of epicproportions! Evolve &upgrade to become more fearsome - Levelup your beasts by feedingthem tasty meat (just don’t ask where itcomes from) - Collectmonsters, including rare mutant beasts withspecial powers! 🔥IdleRPG with Monster Merge Mechanics🔥 - Level upyour beasts, even whenyou’re not rampaging - Destroy the city withyour beasts – youchoose the formation, they do the smashing! -Idle clicker mechanicsuse simple drag-and-drop tools to create andupgrade your team ofbeasts - Merge dragons, krakens, robots &raccoons – has sciencegone too far?! 🔥Beastly Buffs – Powerups& Upgrades!🔥 Power upyour beasts with diabolical inventions,epic equipment and rarerelics! - Attack Activation Drinks -Mutated DNA - Iron Fists -Muscle Rebuilding Vitamins - Wreak havocto find more! 🔥MonsterSimulator – Be the Beast!🔥 Beasts from filmand game history unitewith unique creatures of carnage! - LizardGods - King Gorillas -Rampaging Robots - Battle Toads - MetalDragons - Boxing Werewolves- Flying Manta Rays - Locomotives ofDoom - And TONS more! 🔥Destroythe World, City by City!🔥 - Rampagethrough an apocalyptic world -Battle monsters and defeat your foes- Pulverize 8-bit cities acrossdifferent landscapes into pixelpowder! - Beat em up with yourMonster team and take back theEarth! Battle monsters, collectbeasts and upgrade your team in anidle game of epic proportions.Download World Beast War today!Contact us
Warhammer Combat Cards - 40K Edition 20.1
The eternal galactic conflict of Warhammer 40,000 takes a newturnin Combat Cards, a card battle game featuring all yourfavouriteCitadel miniatures from the Warhammer universe. InWarhammer CombatCards you can choose one of eight diverse factionsor buildcross-faction alliances, collect the skulls of your enemiesto opencard packs and upgrade your cards to improve their stats andunlockunique traits. Will you don the mighty power armour of theSpaceMarines, lead the mysterious Mechanicum or defend theAeldariempire? Lead Orks into war, or reawaken the Necrons?Overwhelmworlds with the Tyranids, or fight for the Greater Goodwith theT’au? Serve the immortal Emperor of Mankind, or simplyserve theChaos Gods? In the grim darkness of the far future thereis onlywar! FEATURES: • Tactical Combat: Build your deck of CombatCardsand battle other players in tactical duels. Will you take outtheirbodyguards or go straight for the Warlord? • Create Your Deck:Useyour points to build a deck around your Warlord and challengeotherplayers in turn-based battles. • Use your cards’ special rulesandteam up with allies to create cunning combos and dominatethebattlefield. • There is Only War: Take part in campaigns basedoniconic Warhammer 40,000 battles and win great prizes. Standagainstthe AI and rise to the top of the leaderboards. • BuildtheUltimate Collection: Every card features an ‘EavyMetal-paintedWarhammer 40,000 miniature, each with its own upgradepath. • Rankup to unlock new cards and take a larger deck intobattle. • ChooseYour Allegiance: Collect every Warhammer 40,000army - each withtheir own Warlords, special rules and uniquefighting style. InWarhammer Combat Cards - 40K Edition you cancollect everyWarhammer 40,000 hero to compile the ultimateWarhammer miniaturescollection. This mobile game is full ofStrategy, Action andTrading. Join Alliances to trade cards withyour clan friends duelplayers in real time, battle friends andenemies. Pre-registerWarhammer Combat Cards now! Terms of ServiceWarhammer Combat Cardsis free to download and play, however somegame items can also bepurchased for real money. If you don’t wantto use these features,please disable in-app purchases in yourdevice settings. Accordingto our Terms of Service, Warhammer CombatCards is allowed fordownload and play only for persons 16 years ormore of age, or withexplicit parental consent. You can read morehere: By accessing or usingaflaregames product, you're agreeing to our Terms ofService(
Axe Legends: io Games Offline & Online 1.2.5
Axe Legends: Battle Royale Games Online is a mobile battleroyalegame where you have to compete other players online oroffline indifferent game modes. You can play casual battle royalemode ordeath matches in online io games style. 🎯 Axe Legends:BattleRoyale Games Online Features: - Play Online or Offline -Real-timebattles with real players! - Super simple controll - 2minutesbattles - Up to 40 weapons with different abilities - Up to20heroes with different styles - Different game modes - 4differentmaps with unique game play You will love Axe Legends:Battle RoyaleGames Online if you love other online io games orbattle royalegames. .io games online - is a casual MMO games whereyou have tofight with other players online or offline to survive aslong aspossiable. It is very fun to play solo or cooperate withfriends.Stay alive, make as many kills as possiable, collect gemsand growup! battle royale games - is a very fun to play game modewhere youhave to survive inside the ring. You must be the lastalive playeron the map to win the game! Our battle royale games arevery quickand fun. You can spend here a few minutes or a few hours.You canalso play .io games offline and battle royale games offline,if youdon't have a good intertent connection. You will havecompletefunctional in offline mode. 🔥 Battle Royale Games withaxes,knives, daggers and shurikens. DOWNLOAD NOW! Online andOffline!
Shadow of Death: All of Heroes Are Unlocked
A Brand New Dark Fantasy Epic Plunge into the darknessandexperience the greatest pocket sized fantasy RPG of the ages.Whipout that shadow blade and select a customizable dark knight togoon a side scroller adventure anywhere at anytime. Freelyexperimentwith multiple gameplay styles, wicked rare armor sets,and robustskill trees to create the best shadow knight possible. Anofflinefighting game with the soul of a console RPG is not whatthisgeneration of gamers deserves, but needs! The shadow of warisrising, will you accept the challenge? Choice to the PlayersChoosefrom a cast of four unique shadow knights each representingavastly different play style. Whether players want to slash orforceprojectile their way to victory is in their hands, quiteliterally!Delve into a robust skill tree and deep inventory systemthatencourages endless combat experimentation and customization.Weeven have a young boy's soul in a hulking suit of armor, whatothergame can top that? Conquer the Darkness in Style Inspiredbyclassic fighting games and modern action RPGs, combat isahigh-octane blend of magic and weapons based hack andslashgameplay. An intuitive touch screen interface providesdifferentoptions to strategize combat and devastate enemies. Theuniquebattle system is accessible for any player yet deep enoughtosatisfy the most hardcore action RPG fans. What are youwaitingfor? Grab that mystical dark sword and plunge into darkness!ABeautiful Ruined World Driven by an all new animation systemandgraphics engine, players are going to be saying, "I can'tbelieveit's not a console game." That's right, the game looks thatgood!Optimized for mobile gaming, the gothic fantasy world ofAurora isuniquely cel shaded to deliver jaw dropping magicaleffects andepic combat sequences to life. Play Anywhere, Anytime Weput the“pocket” in pocket sized RPGs! Experience the thrill ofcombatanywhere, anytime as Shadow of Death is an offline game. Noneed tobe online to defeat the shadows. Challenge the UniverseWhenbeating down shadow monsters just does not cut it anymore,takeyour game online! Vie for ultimate supremacy as you battlewithother players in the Arena. Unlock the Dream Team Tired ofgrindingto unlock the next character? The paid version of Shadow ofDeathhas all four shadow warriors unlocked from the start. Nowplayerscan conquer the darkness like never before and get to thegoodstuff way faster. Story: A Dark Knight's Journey Aurora, onceaprosperous kingdom has fallen. An ancient darkness rebornsavagesthe land with brute force. Crops decay, winds scream withrage, andthe dead stir. In his lust for power and forbiddenknowledge, aking has forsaken his people to ruin. The people cryfor hope. Alone knight, cleansed of memory but driven by convictionis allthat stands between utter annihilation. Marked by destiny, hewalksalone towards the whispering shadows. Take your game furtherandlevel up with us! Engage our team on social media for thelatestevents to get gift codes, rare armor sets, loads of crystals,andother juicy prizes. VISIT US: Shadow of Death – Dark Knight–Stickman Fighting Gamefanpage: LIKEUS:group: Twitter: GRAM WITHUS:
Dead Rain : New zombie virus 1.5.94
Tiny Devbox
An independent and ambitious game developer has created one ofthebest platform games of this year you will never forget! "Theworldis infected with an unknown virus and plagued by unendingrain.Infected people behave like zombies, and trees are growingfromtheir bodies. It seems that these trees sprouting from zombiesaregrowing fast as a result of the endless rain. You must findyourdaughter who got lost during the hurried escape." - A storyofsurvivors in a zombified world infected by an unknown virus. -Youcan enjoy the game and story without dialogue. - Numerousstageswith various zombies. - Customize your own fighting stylewith acombination of various items. - Action play with greatcontrol andinteractive experiences.
Block Gun: FPS PvP War - Online Gun Shooting Games 2.0
Block Gun: FPS PvP War-Online gun shooting games Fightcriticalbattles & strike enemies in this modern online FPSarenashooter Here is for you ! If you like Online Shooter ,MultiplayerPVP , Single Player FPS and to be a snipers, so ThisMultiplayerShooting game is for you Annihilate the completion inreal-timePVP, face off against your opponents in blast mode orcheck out ourterrifying single player mode! Block Gun: FPS PvPWar-Online gunshooting games is coming at you with a brand newversion and lotsof new additions to keep the action going at ablazing pace! Withnew maps, awesome weapons and a new elitecompetition system;Special Ops: FPS PvP War-Online gun shootinggames - Multiplayerwill blow you away! Features: Intense, immersivereal-time FPSaction - Awesome tactical movement system withconsole-likeshooting experience - Different real-world guns tochoose fromAddictive multiplayer gameplay - Work together withfriends toannihilate your enemies in Team Mode - Experience theterror offighting off teammates once they’ve become the living dead- Leapover the heads of your adversaries in space mode. Variedandrealistic scenarios - Fair matches with no upgradingsystemsavailable for guns - Sniper style - Be MVP Are you a fan oftheextreme counter terrorists battles? Here is a good FPSmultiplayershooter game for you. We are ready to change everythingof freeonline pvp Android multiplayer shooters ( FPS -First PersonShooter). Perfect strike graphics and high quality optimization foreveryFPS lovers. Take the part at the battlefield of Block Gun: FPSPvPWar-Online gun shooting games ! DOWNLOAD now for Free!===GameFeatures=== ★100% Action FPS Maps★ 8 maps to get Best FPSShootingExperience Ever. Ranked Game Mode to get rank and get morecoins.Custom Game Mode to create your own game with its rules foryourfriends Single Player mode to play offline against to monstersGoodMaps for Snipers ★ Login to Get Daily Free Gifts★ Login toGetDaily Free Gifts, Login to get Free Daily Quests! Login togetdaily free items. Don’t also miss the bonus EXP and Creditstime!  ★20+ Weapons, Customize Your Exclusive Weapons and Skins!★21 typesof weapons: Glock 18 , USP tactical , P228, Desert Eagle.50AE, FNFive-seveN, Dual 96G Elite Berettas,MAC10,TMP,MP5 navy,UMP,P90,Galil, FAMAS, AK47, M4A1,SG-552, AUG,M249-SAW,Scout,G3/SG-1,SG-550 commando,AWP ! Detailed Snipers for shooterswholike to be a sniper. Customize your weapon and get a uniqueskinsto be cool Multiplayer FPS player. ★Upgrade Weapon andArmorSystem★ Upgrade your weapons and armor! Claim first place atFPSBattleground Arena! Snipers for shooters who love to be Sniper★TheGameplay★ - Deathmatch: It's kill or be killed. - TeamDeathmatch:Team vs Team fight - Create your own games (create anygamemaps/rules) -Single Player - Campaign Mode -AWP Maps forshooterswho love to be sniper ★Up to 5vs5 multiplayers online PvPbattlemode, fair fight!★ Have a fun with Block Gun: FPS PvPWar-Onlinegun shooting games
Monster Legends 7.8.3
Social Point
Battle with the ultimate legends and lead them into action inthisonline strategy RPG game! Breed, feed, raise and trainLegendaryand Epic monsters, then start fighting in the arena.CollectMonster Legends to uncover their fighting skills and boostyourstrategy in action packed RPG battles. Build a world in thegamefor monsters to live, fill it with habitats and breed newspecies!Take your monsters on exciting quests and arena battlesfull ofstrategy. Only then will you be able to prove yourself aMaster ofMonster Legends! If you’re all about multiplayer games,you’ll loveTeam Wars, where you’ll be able to duel other MonsterMasters andwin magnificent rewards and War Coins you can use tocollect theexclusive monsters in the Team Shop. Join your friendsand connectwith a Monster Community of over 60 million players.Start today!MONSTER LEGENDS FEATURES BREED & COLLECT – UNIQUEMONSTERSAWAIT - Collect over 400 monsters: New monsters are addedto thegame every week! - Breed monsters of different elementsandrarities to create cool new species! DISCOVER NEW LEGENDS -Collectincredible monsters of all types in limited-time events! -Fight inspecial events made of wonders and dangers packed with roleplayingaction and unknown monster adversaries. Be a hero! -Collecttreasures and rewards in your quest to glory. RPGPROGRESSION &STRATEGY - Level up your monsters and give themboosts for thebattles ahead. - Your monsters will become strongeras you rankthem up in the Monster Lab and equip them with runes! -Set yourmonster teams strategically, combining the attackers, tanksandcontrol monsters that work best together. - Battles willrequirestrategy and tactics if you want to rise to the top oftherankings! MULTIPLAYER BATTLES! - Fight PvP battles intheMultiplayer Mode each season for trophies, rewards, and a chancetoreach the Legendary Leagues and become the Legendary Leader! -Themonsters in your Defense Team will need to be strong toprotectyour trophies from being stolen by other Monster Masters. -TeamWars is the ultimate Multiplayer experience: Join or start ateam,build a strategy with other players and obtain exclusivemonstersfrom the Team Shop! - Team up with your friends, fight andmeasureyour battle strategy and strength against other players.BUILD AMONSTER PARADISE! - Build a Monster Paradise and fill itwitheverything you need: A Breeding Mountain, Habitats, Temples,andmore! - Unlock special spots in the islands, like the Library,theTemples of the Guardians, and the Monster Lab! Are you braveandskillful enough to fight for your chance to become the #1MonsterMaster in the world? Find out with Monster Legends, theaction RPGthat will put you in charge of a fantasy monster empire!Downloadtoday and start training your monsters! Check MonsterLegends outon: Facebook: Other greattitles bySocial Point: Dragon City, World Chef and Dragon Land.Check themout! Monster Legends is FREE to download and FREE toplay. However,you can purchase in-app items with real money. If youwish todisable this feature, please turn off the in-app purchasesin yourphone or tablet’s Settings. If you love your monsters, makethemsmile. Drop us a nice review here!
Zombies Boss Vs Panda 1.4
Now Game
Zombies Boss vs Panda's Plans ✯ Our most successful isShoottheplane with high quality graphics and smooth gameplay, idealforallfans of 3D airplane shooting games with intensebossfights!Download this popular shooter for easily for children. ✯andenterthe intense and exciting world of military games,shootinggames,plane games Fight and become the greatest battle bosswiththisbest flying plane game! Features ✈: ➤ boss endless polefight!➤beautiful interfaces and role-playing environment! ➤HDgraphicscolorful and lively characters! ➤ Upgrade shields,guns,missilesand bombs on your jet! ➤ Buy power-ups cause muchdamage toenemyfighters in the plane fight! ➤ start mooshmoolandsave airraidfrom Zombies Boss ! ➤ Follow the Rikuto-sensei guidefor you towinthe air battle! ➤ Increase your metal jet fighters tobecomethebest plane shooter! ✯ If you are bored with all thefreeshootinggames with military helicopter action in WWII aircombatyou willbe glad when you participate in a jet fight. Epicwith ourawesomeand thrilling shooting game fighter - you willenjoythisincredible airplane combat game! ✯ No matter whetheryouarelooking for some fun free games for boys and girls,kidsandadults, or even seniors love to play retro arcade shooterandflythe plane. game, airattack battle "flight simulator" thisgamewillcompletely blow your mind! You will have a blast asacourageousair force combat and pilot plane warfare, shootinganddodgingmissiles, bombs, laser beams and enemy airplanes! Whatareyouwaiting for? Download epic simulator fighter game ✯ if youareagamer, download and embark on a fierce battle "shoottheplane"mission to save the world in jet fight game Playthis!Zombies Bossvs. Panda's Plans ✯ most most most most Sh Sh ShSh ShSh ShSh,,,,,,,,,,,,, ✯ ✯! Download this popular shooter foreasilyforchildren. Enter enter enter enter exciting world of of ofof F FFF F F F F F F F F F F F F F F!! Features ✈: ➤ bossendlesspolefight! ➤ beautiful interfaces and role-playingenvironment! ➤HDcolorful graphics and lively characters! ➤ Upgradeshields,guns,missiles and bombs on your jet! ➤ Buy power-ups causemuchdamageto enemy fighters in the plane fight! ➤ startmooshmoolandsave airraid from Boss Zombies! ➤ Follow theRikuto-sensei guidefor you towin the air battle! ➤ Increase yourmetal jet fighters tobecomethe best plane shooter! ✯ you✯ you WW WWWW WW WW WW WW WW WWWW WWWW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WWWW WW WW. Epic withourawesome and thrilling shooting game fighter -you will enjoythisincredible airplane fighting game! ✯ mattermatter ✯ ✯ ✯......Arcarc arc arc arc arc arc arc.... Arc. Arc arcarc arc arcgame,airattack battle "flight simulator" this game willcompletelyblowyour mind! You will have a missile, bombs, laserbeams andenemyairplanes! What are you waiting for? Downloadepicsimulatorfighter game If you are a gamer, download and embarkon afiercebattle "shoot the plane"
Stick Fight Classic 1.02
This is the lost version of our first game Stick Fight. Wearebringing it back without any changes except some bug fixes. Easytolearn. You have stickman running at you and you will hit rightorleft to beat them up. Really basic but sweet animations, lotsofweapons to have fun with, a challenge to survive waves and doyourbest score. This is one of those games you get better more youplayit. We hope you'll like it, we had a lot of fun making this!
Clash of Glory 2.35.0130
Clash of Glory devotes to bring a Middle age magic epic War toallplayers. With innovation strategies, Chariots, Brand newRTSbuilder strategy, Mysterious solders, Lion brings you a crazyfunof War game. Build your Civilization, trained your troopsandgathered all your allies, fight with the worldwide enemy to betheking of the world. Download Clash of Glory to the great WarSLG.The war of glory is coming! [FEATURES] 1. Global war: Wariseverywhere. Training you and your allies troops, get stronganddefense enemy! 2. Ancient: Lion strategy evolution, no matteryouwant to self-upgrade or battle, he will help and protectyoualways. 3. RTS Builder: Brand new RTS build strategy, fun,andstrategy, come and try it. 4. Magic Mine: A crucial part ofeveryplayer, a number of resources, new battle mode brings youanincredible experience! 5. Mysterious solders: Brings youbattlestrategies you never know. My lord, get ready and start! 6.FreeGold Mine: Great Bonus! You don't have to top-up. There isalways afree Gold Mine for you, get free gold whatever you need.Anyproblems please feel free to contactus.
Deadly Zombie Strike 1.8
***Take your defense and fight for mankind survival in thisevolvingzombie apocalypse***Download Deadly Zombie Strike now, andraise tobe the hero in this vital combat against the endless wavesoffearless zombies. Pick up your special battle bullet weaponsandfocus on your dead target in this epic zombie shooting games.Onlythe wise shooter with great shooting fighting and defensestrategywill survive this thrilling zombies insanity. The virusoutbreakhas been wildly spread out within the city, that transformsnormalmankind to a super evil zombies killers with no emotionorwhatsoever. This town desperately in need of a hero to leadthehuman survivors and find a way for the ultimate safetysurvival.Immerse yourself in this realistic zombie shooting gamesand headyour survival fighting team now with these great gamefeatures:-Different hero characters to suit your fighting mood inthiszombies war battleground- Kill those brutal zombies withmultipleawesome fighting weapons with various shooting damage,etc-Upgradable fighting combat skills during your survival inthefrontline of this zombies apocalypse- Challenge yourself in tonsofepic zombie battle daily missions quests- FREE addicting andfunzombie shooting war games- High quality unique graphic designsandthrilling real-life sound effectsHurry, it is time to bravelyfacethis zombie apocalypse world and shoot to strike and kill thewholegeneration of these deadly zombies. Download the FREE DeadlyZombieStrike now and survive this zombies war combat now. DownloadDeadlyZombie Strike for FREE now and lead away to survive thiszombieswar combat now. Hurry, your leadership and amazing shootinganddefense skills are greatly needed for these lasthumankindsurvival.
Armajet 1.4.4
Welcome to the future, Pilot! Armajet is a real-timemultiplayercombat game with fast-paced jetpack action! Join yourfriends or gosolo in this cutting edge, free to play, PvP platformshooterfilled with breathtaking customizations. 100% SKILL-BASEDNever payto win! Armajet’s game mechanics are easy to learn, hardto masterand bridge the gap for ultra-competitive, cross-platformgameplay.Intuitive twin stick mobile controls make flying andshootingeasy—surviving is the challenge. 4v4 TEAM DEATHMATCHBATTLES Playsolo or create custom matches and party with yourfriends. Immerseyourself in team deathmatch arenas as you fight forair supremacy!700+ WEAPON MODS Do you prefer close range PvP combator beinglethal from a distance? Choose an all-purpose automaticrifle,secure defensive positions with long-range sniper rifles, orwreakhavoc with exotic flamethrowers. With 700+ weapon mods to keepyouin action, you’ll never be out of options! HIGH QUALITYGRAPHICS& AUDIO Blaze through out of this world arenas withincredibleflightsuit and weapon details, experience SONIC ECSTASYwith 32Channel sound and planet shaking 5D Sound Effects that willmeltyour earholes! UNLIMITED CUSTOMIZATION Craft your way tolegendaryPrimary and Secondary weapon mods, diversify your weaponloadoutswith earth-shattering ultimate abilities and customize yourPilotwith thousands of flightsuit models and skin combinations!CLANSYSTEM Create your clan, recruit pilots or join an existingclan toorganize, socialize and compete together. CLIMB THELEADERBOARDSGlobal individual and clan leaderboards withseasonality! Do youhave the skills to climb the learderboards andclaim an end ofseason Champion badge? If you like like Action, PvPor FPS games,you’ll love Armajet! You won’t find more high flyingjetpackshooter fun in a free real-time multiplayer game anywhere.Wepoured our heart and soul into this game and hope you enjoyplayingit as much as we did making it! If you enjoy this freeplatformshooter, or have any questions or concerns, please jointhediscussion: ⇢Armajet on Facebook:⇢Armajet on Twitter: ⇢Armajet onDiscord: ⇢Official SBMReddit: ⇢OfficialARMAJET: ⇢Official Super BitMachine: 3...2...1...FIGHT!!
Star Trek™ Fleet Command 0.543.9608
You have the conn! Summon your skills in strategy,combat,diplomacy, and leadership to master the dangerous universeof StarTrek Fleet Command. Enter a galaxy on the brink of warasFederation, Klingon, and Romulan forces vie for control oftheAlpha and Beta quadrants. Discover an ancient secret that couldtipthe scales of power forever. As the commander of a starbase ontheedge of civilized space, you will recruit iconic officerslikeJames T. Kirk, Spock, and Nero -- and build powerfulshipsincluding the Enterprise, the Romulan Warbird, and KlingonBird ofPrey. Join Millions of players -- forge alliances, defeatyourenemies, and build an epic fleet to secure, or dominate,thegalaxy. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life andnewcivilizations, boldly go where no one has gone before! Bepreparedto: - Experience epic conflict in a vast, dynamic galaxy -Collect,build, and upgrade iconic ships - Take the conn and controlshipsin star system and galaxy views - Encounter famous StarTrek™characters in an epic, galaxy-spanning storyline - Helplocals,fight pirates, or negotiate peace in hundreds of uniquemissions -Recruit famous officers with unique, tactical abilities -Allyyourself with Federation, Klingon, or Romulan forces - Workwithand against thousands of other players in real-time -Build,upgrade, and defend your starbase - Discover newtechnologies, shipupgrades, and resources - Create or join powerfulplayer Alliancesto dominate star systems and become the mostpowerful players inthe galaxy Key Features: - An open world,strategy MMO - Free toplay - Stunning graphics - Iconic Star Trek™characters, ships andtech - Fierce battles with players all overthe world - A New,immersive Star Trek™ story in the Kelvin TimelineBecome the leaderor member of a mighty Alliance - Multiple languageoptions DownloadStar Trek - Fleet Command today and join Millionsall over theworld. © 2018 Scopely, Inc. All rights reserved. TM& © 2018CBS Studios Inc. © 2018 Paramount Pictures Corp. STARTREK™ andrelated marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.AllRights Reserved.
Tanki Online – multiplayer tank action 2.255.0-22839-g8e6eba6
Play Tanki Online — a legendary, quick PvP 3D action game,nowavailable on Android mobile devices! Crush enemies inPvPbattles,solo or in team battles. Use a wide range of weaponsandarmor, and use helper-drones and power-ups for maximumdeadliness!Features: - Fast pvp fights — play with friends in teambattles of8v8 or in intense solo battles! - Lots of customizationoptions — 7hulls, 13 turrets and 50+ other ways to build a tankthat will fityour unique playing style! - Upgrades — each tankelement isupgradable. Create the ultimate battle machine! - Loadsof gamelevels — 30 maps to master, each presenting differenttacticalchallenges. - Cosmetic elements — cool skins and a hugevariety ofpaints (including animated ones) for your tank to standout! -Unique physics system — the game uses a customized physicsenginethat allows for amazing stunts (how about parkour withtanks?) -Ranking battles — Play with friends and against enemies,and proveyourself in ranking battles. The game is highly optimizedand showshigh FPS even on the most affordable smartphones andtablets. TankiOnline Mobile — a free game, with optional in-gamepurchases forreal money. Download and jump into thrilling tank teambattles andfast pvp fights. Let the adrenaline hit begin!Website: Technical support:[email protected]:
Battle siege warfare
☆ Game IntroductionHuanglongong Corps with the evilandpowerfulpower of the second generation thatinvadedMiddle-earthChocoLong's warriors fight against theHuangryongLegion for the peaceof Middle-earthLet's enjoy the epicpoem of theHwangryong War asan abandoned game!☆ Game Features- Aneglectedgame that does notrequire one finger- Stronger charactergrowththroughreinforcement, expansion, transcendence,upgrade,andreincarnation- Over 100 characters / characters- Thenumberofbattle participants increased five times by the enlargementoftheunit- Hundreds of powerful treasure gear- Exciting PvPwithotherusers- Infinite Dungeon that changes every day- Wide rangeofmagicspells- A lightweight 25MB game- Energy saving mode,worryaboutbattery----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------※Detailsof required accessrights- Other: You can use power savingmode,vibration, internetfunction.* You can deny access tounnecessaryprivileges andfunctions through the function ofwithdrawingauthorization of theterminal or removing the app.* Ifyou are usingAndroid OS version6.0 or lower, you will not be ableto access itseparately.If thisis the case, check that you canupgrade theoperating system to 6.0or later, and reinstall the appafterupgrading.
Multi Robot Transforming : Wild Horse Police Car 1.0.6
Have you ever played as real fighting robot, Police cop andwildhorse? Get in the battleground to wipe out criminals byutilizingyour transformation powers! A city is under attack by evilpowers!A city is occupied by mob of evil robotics; there isshooting,fighting and lot of criminal activities happening in thebig moderncity. Police cop is needed to be there in time to vanishout thebad robotics as soon as possible in this city that showsthepicture of warriors battlefield. Real evil robotics aredemolishingthe peaceful state by showing their futuristic fightingpowers,attacking the innocent people and their property, usingmodernweapons to become the realistic warriors of the history. Inthisrobotic battle, there is need of a police cop and police robotthatcan stop the evil entities from such activities and transformthebig city into a peaceful state. Wipe out the crime mafiautilizingyour transformation powers! Show your superhero powers toshowrobot transformation, wild horse transformation and police copcarto chase the criminals as US police officer in thistransformingrobot games of a 3D simulator. Show your abilities toshoot withmodern weapons in this crime war, robot transformation ofa policecop will let you experience various fighting and shootingcontrolsas a real roboter. Attack the shooting robots in thisfuturisticbattle with your transforming powers in this one ofthebest-transforming robot games of a 3D simulator. This is therealMiami war where robot machines are fighting with each othertoinvade the big modern city, you have to perform your duty asapolice robotic, police horse and police car cop to defeattherivals in this extremely tough robot transformation of a3Dsimulator. Fly as a police robot to catch the flyingshootingrobots in no time, chase the robotic cars like a criminalhorsechase US police, be at the crime place to shoot the shootingrobotsby transforming into robot transformation, attack with fullforcesto robotic enemies in this Miami war. Transform into a wildhorsefor the criminal horse chase, fly as the police robot justlike USpolice robots to defeat the evil robotics in thiswarriorsbattlefield of best robot games of 2018 in an excellent3Dsimulator. Enjoy thrill in this transforming robot gamesbyutilizing your real superhero powers in this 3D simulator.MultiRobot Transforming : Wild Horse Police Car is one ofthebest-transforming robot games of robot transformation policecarcop in this crime battlefield. Become popular Robot for kidsinthese best robot games of transformation! This robottransformationfeature will attract many users to play this uniquepiece of fun,robotic games are already favorite among kids, so thispolice robotwill become a famous robot for kids, they will enjoykillingmultiple shooting robots to accomplish thrilling challengeswithrealistic fighting controls and superhero powers. Utilizemodernweapons in this best robot games, become a police warrior inthispolice horse futuristic battle of 2018 in this 3D game. ThisMultiRobot Transforming : Wild Horse Police Car is speciallydesignedfor users who love to play shooting robots game with realrobottransformation. Transforming robot games of warriorsbattlefield.You might have played robotic games with exhilaratingchallengesbut you may not have played criminal horse chase typegame in whicha strong robot can be transformed into a police robotscop, wildhorse and real robotic shooting roboter to frighten thecriminals.Win this real war by defeating all the criminals in thiswarriorsbattlefield! *Key features* • Real robotic battle missionsto play• Multiple transformation abilities to frighten the robots •Realbattlefield to kill shooting robots • One of the bestrobottransformation game • Wild horse transformation that can beatallenemies • Modern weapons to explore and best audio effects •Policerobot to kill the criminals
Wings of Steel 0.3.2
Wings of Steel is an action-packed World War II air combatflightsimulator. Combining beautiful 3D graphics, realisticphysics,diverse and engaging gameplay, and intuitive controlsoptimized formobile devices, It's an immersive and fun air combatgame for yourphone and tablet! Features: * Detailed and accurateWWII planes,ships and vehicles from both the Allies and the Axis. *Vast andbeautiful environments with weather and time-of-dayvariation. *Wide variety of playable planes and weapons each withunique andupgradable characteristics. * Diverse and challengingmissionsincluding carrier landing, dogfight, dive bombing, torpedobombing,escort, and much more. * Advanced flight physics tuned tobe bothrealistic and fun. * Intuitive controls optimized formobiledevices. * Cinematic Replay Mode let you relive the gloryorexamine what went wrong after every mission. * Small downloadsize(<75MB) and performance efficient. Runs very smooth at 60fpsonaverage devices. Visit our Facebook pageat:
Little Panda's Hero Battle Game
Search for "BabyBus" for even more free panda games for you totry!Danger is upon us, and world peace is being destroyed byfourpowerful enemies. Our superheroes are preparing for battle! Youcanchoose from four heroes: Super Panda, Wonderwoman, Elf ofNature,and Robot Warrior. They have different skills with whichthey canwithstand the attacks of the enemy. The enemy can only bedefeatedwith consecutive attacks. Run! You must keep your herorunning pastthe forest and the tunnels all the way to thebattlefield; Collectenergy! Don't miss out on the coins, which canbe used to buy evenmore powerful and cool equipment for your hero.Stock up on EnergyHearts so that your hero can fall back on plentyduring battle;Dodge attacks! The enemy will launch its attacks, andso you haveto drag your hero in order to dodge. Only this way willyou havechances of winning; The battle Charge! Your hero will usehis orher skills to attack the enemy repeatedly. You win when theenemy'senergy level hits zero! This is a game that is speciallydesignedfor children. It helps children to summon up their courageand bebrave enough to face and challenge the difficulties that cropup ineveryday life. About BabyBus ————— At BabyBus, wededicateourselves to sparking kids' creativity, imaginationandcuriosity,and designing our products through the kids'perspectiveto help them explore the world on their own. Now BabyBusoffers awide variety of products, videos and other educationalcontent forover 250 million fans from ages 0-8 around the world! Wehaveproduced more than 150 children's educational games, 700children'ssongs, and animations of various themes spanning thearts, health,and science. ————— Contact us: [email protected] Visitus:
Bloons Supermonkey 2 1.8.1
ninja kiwi
Endless legions of colorful bloons in outlandish shapes andpatternsare invading Monkey Town and only Super Monkey can stopthem! Equipdozens of powerful weapons, unlock never-before-seenSuper Monkeys,and use dozens of screen-clearing powerups to popevery bloon andachieve a perfect diamond ranking. * Fast-action,pop everythingfun-fest * 90+ vibrant levels, each with uniquebloon waves *Colorful, easy to control family fun for new gamers *Intenseskill-based diamond challenges for hardcore players * 90+weaponsincluding epic powers like Doom Gauntlets, Sidewinder Ace,and Yeti* 40+ bloon shredding powerups like Explosive Shots,ParallelUniverse Monkey, and the Sun God * Compare level rankswith yourfriends Take to the skies and get popping! -----------Permissions:Bloons Supermonkey 2 may request permission to accessyour "Photos,Media, and Files" but the game has no interactionwith your Photosor Media at all; this permission is only to readand write to yourexternal storage (Files) to buffer rewarded videoads. If there areever any problems with the amount of data stored,please contact usat [email protected] In-App Purchases:Bloons Super Monkey 2contains in-game items can be purchased withreal money. You candisable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings, or reach us [email protected] for help. Yourpurchases fund our developmentupdates and new games, and wesincerely appreciate every vote ofconfidence you give us with yourpurchases. Ninja Kiwi Community: Welove hearing from our players,so please get in touch with anyfeedback, positive or negative, [email protected] If it'sstuff you want the whole communityto talk about, then join us onFacebook, Twitter, orInstagram: and Streamers:Ninja Kiwi is actively developing,supporting, and promotingchannel creators on YouTube, Twitch,Kamcord, and Mobcrush. If youare not already working with us, keepmaking videos and tell usabout your channel [email protected]
FRAG Pro Shooter 1.3.3
Oh BiBi
Get ready to play the BEST EVER HERO SHOOTER! DESIGNED formobiledevices, FRAG is the perfect FPS experience for your phoneortablet! REAL-TIME TEAM DUELS!! o Challenge thousands of playersinSHORT BUT EPIC real-time 1v1 matches! o Control your characterinFirst-Person View - they will shoot AUTOMATICALLY! o SWITCHRAPIDLYbetween your heroes and get the advantage! o Dying isn’tthat bad:RESPAWN INSTANTLY as another character! ASSEMBLE THEMIGHTIESTTEAM!! o Build your BATTLE DECK to fit your game style:offensive,defensive or balanced! o Over 40 UNIQUE CHARACTERS tochoose fromto make your Battle deck! o Each character has a UNIQUEPOWER toturn the tides of a fight: try them all to find combos! oUPGRADEyour character to make them even more awesome! MAKEFRIENDS,RIVALS, AND BECOME A SUPER STAR!! o Expand your FAN BASE tobecomePOPULAR!! o Join a CLUB or create your own to become a famousteam!o RECORD AND SHARE your games and decks, and check others tobecomebetter! TIPS - Every character has their strengths andweaknesses:try them all to see which are best for you! - Attack theenemyshields to get a lot of points, but beware of ambushes! -Checkyour missions for amazing rewards! Follow us to get newsandupdates: policy: Terms ofService:
Civil War Battles - Peninsula 1.01
This is a release in the touch Civil War Battles series.Thisrelease includes 17 scenarios from the battles on the Peninsulain1862 including Fair Oaks, Gaines Mill, and Malvern Hill withbothhistorical and hypothetical scenarios included. You play12scenarios as the Confederate commander and 5 scenarios asUnioncommander. You should first install and play the free CivilWarBattles app to test the game engine on your device andbecomefamiliar with the interface.Civil War Battles is adetailedturn-based simulation of combat from the American CivilWar. Unittypes include infantry, cavalry, artillery, gunboats, andsupplywagons as well as leaders which can significantly determinetheoutcome of a battle just based on their own personal leadershipandcommand abilities. Scenarios in each release generally coveracombination of both historical and “what-if” scenarios allowingyouto make decisions as commander of the forces involved thatcoulddramatically affect the outcome.While this version of CivilWarBattles will run on large-screen Android phones, it is best onanAndroid tablet with screen size of 7 inches or more.
Azur Lane 1.2.209
An ideal Naval Warfare game like you always imagined! ・A uniquemixof RPG, 2D shooter and tactical genres combined in abeautifullydesigned anime game ・Easy and intuitive gameplay, builton theconcept of 2D side-scroller, is the main feature of AzurLane・Organize up to six ships into flotilla, break throughenemygunfire and defeat them! ・Both AI and manually controlledbattlesare available, choose whatever you like! ・Build your ownfleet.Azur Lane has a wide range of warships from all over theworld.・More than 300 ships, each with its unique stats andrepresented bya beautiful character! ・Live2D interaction technologyis availablefor selected characters Azur Lane OfficialHomepage: Official DiscordServer: Official TwitterAccount: Official FacebookPage:
European War 6: 1804 1.2.2
After the end of the American War of Independence, theFrenchRevolution broke out in Europe in 1789. The world is abouttochange ! Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Blucher,Kutuzov,Washington, Davout and other military geniuses willbecomeprotagonists in changing this world. 【CAMPAIGN】 *** More than90famous battles in 10 chapters 『Declaration ofIndependence』『Dominion of Canada』『French Eagle』『Holy RomanEmpire』『Overlord inEastern Europe』 『Ottoman Empire』『BritishEmpire』『Liberation ofSouth America』『The Birth of the Empire』『RomanUnification』 ***Choose your generals and promote their ranks andtitles *** Trainthe special units, such as the old guards,highlanders, death'shead hussars, etc. *** Build a palace and getthe princess of eachcountry *** Train your army and improve theirskills 【CONQUEST】 ***Build military facilities and train the units*** Develop cities toincrease income, upgrade the nationaltechnology *** Build amilitary academy to study various militarytactics *** Historicalevents will affect the situation on thebattlefield *** Buildingwonders will bring various advantages tothe entire country *** Thediplomatic system can allow allies tojoin the war as soon aspossible, or delay the enemy’s declarationof war on us Declare waron any country or assist allies at any time*** Choose strong orweak countries to challenge differentdifficulties Win with lesstime to get higher scores, rank withother players in Google PlayGames If you reach 『A』you can get aspecial reward, and when youreach 『S』, you can unlock hiddencontent 【CHALLENGE】 *** Win thevictory within the specifiedconditions, which will test yourcommanding skills *** Complete thebattles of famous generals tounlock and get them *** Use thegeneral's specific abilities tocomplete missions around the world【Features】 *** Cloud archivessupport users to change their deviceswithout losing archives ***Using a new engine to improve the gamegraphics *** 160 portraitsof generals were redrawn andintroductions were added *** 90historical battles in 45 countries,including the Battle ofSaratoga, Battle of Austerlitz, etc. ***More than 200 units fromdifferent countries and various styles ofbuildings *** 39technology and more than 120 items *** Conquestmode supportsranking on Google Play Games http://www.ieasytech.comMail tous:[email protected]://
Blast Action 1.1.4
Join the fun and solve intriguing puzzles in this brand-newblastingTap 2 game! If you love exciting brain teasers, you aredefinitelygoing to enjoy this free and amazing blast game! BlastAction is afree and addictive Tap 2 puzzle with hundreds ofexciting levels andthrilling boosters! Rush on a journey and enjoythe blastingadventure! Play the best matching game available andmaster thechallenges by matching 2 or more adjacent cubes of thesame color tocrush and clear the board. Compete with family andfriends and seewho can complete all the blasting missions andclear levels.Download this incredible blast game today to yourandroid and jointhe block crushing fun! HOW TO PLAY BLAST ACTION -Click on any 2adjacent blocks of the same color to blast. - Playthrough hundredsof challenging and action-packed levels. -Overcome obstacles andachieve high scores. - Clear the board andwin points. - Usepowerful boosts to advance through the fun actiongame. - Pop, burstand explode the tiles and win super awesomerewards. - Play onlineor offline - no wifi and no internetrequired to crash in thisrelaxing game! Can tapping 2 or morebricks get even more fun? Playthe new and free action game now andfind out! BLAST FUN FEATURES -The best colorful graphics anddesigns. - An ultimate gameplay fullof excitement and action. -Tons of exciting blasting puzzles andtapping challenges. - Easyand fun to learn. - Completely FREE toplay! **Get amazing boostersthat will help you crush the cubes andreach the level target.**Match, burst and explode 5 or 6 tiles toget a rocket. Match,crash, and smash 7 or 8 blocks to get a bomb.Match, crush and pop9 cubes to earn a color wheel Combine boosts toget bigger effectsthat so you can solve the tapping puzzle in notime! Play throughhundreds of incredible, action-packed levels,beat the obstacles,and achieve high scores. Crushing cubes isabsolutely free andtotally addictive! Tap, burst, and smash thebricks, clear theobstacles and win levels in your awesome journey.It’s a fun andsuper addictive stress relief tap 2 game!
Free Mock Test for Airforce Airmen Y- Group 1.2
Free Mock Test for Air-force Airmen Y- Group, download freemocktestfor iaf, mock test for y group my study dost free mocktestpaper,Air-force y group online mock test air-force y grouponlinemock testAir-force y group practice paper, casb. free mocktestpaper
Battle of Berlin 1945
Joni Nuutinen
Battle of Berlin 1945 is a turn based strategy game whichtakesplace during the last months of the Second World War inEurope. Youare in the command of the ragtag German WWII armedforces trying todefend the capital of the Third Reich as long aspossible againstthe massive offensive launched by the Soviet RedArmy in April1945. FEATURES: + Historical accuracy: Campaignmirrors thehistorical setup. + Thanks to in-built variation and thegame'ssmart AI technology, each game provides a unique wargamingexperience. + Competitive: Measure your strategy gameskillsagainst others fighting for the Hall of Fame top spots. +Supportscasual play: Easy to pick up, leave off, continue later.+Challenging: Crush your enemy quickly and earn the braggingrightson the forum. + Settings: Various options are available toalterthe look of the gaming experience: Change difficulty level,hexagonsize, Animation speed, choose icon set for units (NATO orREAL) andcities (Round, Shield, Square, block of hourses), decidewhat isdrawn on the map, and much more. + Tablet friendly strategygame:Automatically scales the map for any physicalscreensize/resolution from small smartphones to HD tablets,whilesettings allow you to fine tune hexagon and font sizes. + GoodAI:Instead of just attacking on direct line towards the target, theAIopponent balances between strategic goals and smaller taskslikeencircling nearby units. + Inexpensive: Battle of Berlin 1945forthe price of a coffee! In order to be a victorious general,youmust learn to coordinate your attacks in two ways. First,asadjacent units give support to an attacking unit, keep yourunitsin groups in order to gain local superiority. Secondly, itisrarely the best idea to use brute force when it is possibletoencircle the enemy and cut off its supply lines instead. Ifyouwant to test this WWII game, a free 15-turn version isavailableJoin your fellow strategy gamers in changing the course oftheSecond World War! Privacy Policy (full text on website andappmenu): No account creation is possible, the made-up usernameusedin the Hall of Fame listings is not tied to any account anddoesnot have password. Location, personal, or device identifierdata isnot used in any way. In the case of crash thefollowingnon-personal data is sent (vie web-form using ACRAlibrary) toallow quick fix: Stack trace (code which failed), Nameof the App,Version number of the App, and Version number of theAndroid OS.The app only requests the permissions it needs tofunction.Conflict-Series by Joni Nuutinen has offered highlyratedAndroid-only strategy board games since 2011, and even thefirstscenarios are still actively updated. The campaigns are basedonthe time-tested gaming mechanics TBS (turn-basedstrategy)enthusiasts are familiar with from both the classic PC wargamesand legendary tabletop board games. I want to thank the fansforall the well thought-out suggestions over the years whichhaveallowed these campaigns to improve at a much higher rate thanwhatany solo indie developer could dream of. If you have feedbackaboutthis board game series please use email, this way we can haveaconstructive back and forth chat without the limits of thestore'scomment system. In addition, because I have huge number ofprojectson multiple stores, it’s just not sensible to spend handfulofhours each day going through hundreds of pages spread all overtheInternet to see if there is a question somewhere -- just send meanemail and I will get back to you. Thanks for understanding!
Free Skins for Battle Royale (Get Free Skins) 1.0
Want to get free Fortnite skings? Download the new app forfreeskinsbattle royale. If you play skins battle royale withyourfriends, tryour app to get items from the store withoutspendingvbucks. You canget free skins every day and show off infront ofyour friends.Caractetísticas: 😎 100% safe without bans! 🔥FortniteFree skins forXbox One, PS4 and free skins for PC 🔥 Easyto use,just need yournickname without password. Simple 🔥 Free 🔥freeskins Fortnite battleroyale + pico + skins skins skinsparagliderbackpack + + Fortnitedances Easy to use; complete simpletasks forFortnite skins andadded to your account Fortnite gamebattleroyale free skins. It maybe one of the few users wholeverageaccess to beta tests for skinsbattle royale. You can getthe newskin, both season 6 season 7 asearlier, before anybodyelse. Ifyou can buy with Vbuck in supplystore, you can download itusingour system. Consider: ● This is notan application to hackormanipulate the real game Fortnite! ● Youcan not transfer skinsorother securities from this application toFortnite! ● This isajoke to your friends think they are real.Resignation Thiscontentis not affiliated, endorsed, sponsored, orspecificallyapproved byEpic Games is not responsible for it.
DAZN Live Fight Sports: Boxing, MMA & More
DAZN is the new way to watch fight sports. You get over 100fightnights a year without the pain of PPV, streamed live andon-demandto almost any device. Just $9.99 and your first month isfree.STACKED LINEUP OF FIGHTS • A stacked lineup of fight nightsfromGolden Boy, Matchroom, Bellator, World Boxing Super Series&Combate Americas • Exclusive rights to Canelo Alvarez •Originalprogramming ft. some of the sports’ heaviest hitters •Access toall the action - from fight week to the first undercard tothe mainevent. WAYS TO WATCH • DAZN works on smart TVs,smartphones,tablets, computer & gaming consoles • Everythingstreams at thebest quality your device can handle, up to full HD1080p • Watch onup to two devices at the same time • Set reminders,pause andrewind live events so you never miss a punch NONE OF THEB.S. • NoPay-per-views • First month free • $9.99 a month aftertrial Termsof Use: PrivacyPolicy:
Bubbles Empire Champions 2.3.1
Discover the new and addicting bubble shooter game! Take part inthelegendary adventure, go to war against the colorful bubblestodefend your empire and win the fight. Try it out today andgetready for a clash in the epic shooting battle! Popping bubbleswasnever so exciting! Play the action bubble pop game BubbleEmpireChampions, work on your strategy, practice your balloonmatchingskills, and get ready to become the war hero! Join thebubblesempires game, conquer hundreds of challenging levels andwinpoints. Hit the target, blast and pop all the colorful ballsandclear the board. Get it now for FREE and enjoy the most funshootergame. You can play this bubbles game anywhere and anytimeyou’dlike - no wifi and no internet required to become thepuzzlefighter champion league. Why You’ll Like this Bubble ShooterGame?* Play hundreds of addicting game levels, packed withfunchampionship puzzles. * Explore the empire kingdom bubbleshootinglegend, and enjoy the classic smooth gameplay. * Completepuzzlequests and collect awesome rewards. * Reach the epic gameleveltarget and win. * Fight alongside the bravest warriors ofthekingdom and conquer all the amazing challenges. * Boostyourexperience with awesome power-ups and boosters and pop allthecolorful balloons. * Shoot and explode 7 blaster balls in a rowtounlock the FIREBALL that will burn every bubble on the way. *Drop10+ bubbles at once to get a BOMB that will take outsurroundingbubbles. * See which color you are getting next and workout astrategy to smash all bubbles using fewer shots. * Less movesyoupass a level, the higher score you'll get. * Overcomethechallenges and break all the bubbles to win boosters andpower-ups.* Play offline! Aim, Hit the Target and Pop Bubbles!Solve puzzlesin this fun bubble shooter and enjoy hundreds ofaddictive levelsfilled with fun and intriguing challenges. Come upwith killergaming tactics and win coins! Bubble Empire Champions isa relaxingfree game, perfect for families and friends to play andhave agreat time. Don’t miss out this epic legend! Are you readytobegin? Warm up your fingers and prepare for the great blastgamebattle. Join the hero adventure and blast your way to victory.Ifyou love online puzzle games and can’t get enough of excitingbrainteasers, this app is simply perfect for you. Conquer theempire ofbubbles and win big! All rights of Bubble Shooter ™ areowned byIlyon Dynamics Ltd.
Shaw Air Force Base
Shaw is the home to three F-16 squadrons: the 55th FighterSquadron,77th Fighter Squadron and the 79th Fighter Squadron. Shawis alsohome to the Ninth Air Force headquarters, Air ForcesCentralCommand, and U.S. Army Central Command.