Top 17 Apps Similar to Elite HD

IPKO TVim 1.1.3
TVim is a great new way of watching selected channelsviatheinternet, from the comforts of any room of your home, whichyoucaneasily access from your smart phone or a tablet. It willenableallyour family members to watch their favorite shows, anytime,byproviding them with this new multi-screen experience. TouseTVimyou will have to be an active subscriber of IPKO’sbundledservices(DUO, TRIO or QUATRO) and you will be able to useTVim withyourcurrent username and password.
Shkabaj 6.0.5
Shkabaj Inc.
Aplikacioni Shkabaj ju mundëson të: • Dëgjoni topradiotshqiptarenga Kosova, Shqipëria, Maqedonia, dhe diaspora. •Lexoni,dëgjoni,apo shikoni lajmet dhe ndani ato me miqtë tuaj •Shikonimijëravideo on-demand • Informohuni me të dhënat e funditpër motinnëKosovë, Shqipëri dhe Maqedoni • Lexoni Horoskopin • Eshumëtëtjera!!!! Pëlqeni Shkabaj? Na vlersoni në App Store. Nëqoftesekeni ndonje pyetje apo sugjerim, ju lutem nashkruaninë! Mos harroni të : ✪ Shpërdanikëtëaplikacionme miqtë tuaj ✪ Na pelqeni në ✪Na ndiqni në you: • Listen to top Albanian radios fromKosovo,Albania,Macedonia, and Diaspora. • Read, listen or watch thenewsand shareit with friends • Watch thousands of on-demand videos•Get up todate weather information for Kosovo, Albania,andMacedonia • Readyour horoscope • And much more!!! LoveShkabaj?Rate us on AppStore. If you have questions or suggestions,pleaseshare them withus at!! Don't forget to :✪Share this app withyour friends ✪ Like us ✪Follow us Të gjitha me një vend:Radio Shqip,VideoShqip, Lajme Shqip, TV shqip, Moti në Kosove,Moti nëShqipëri,Moti në Maqedoni, e shumë tjera....
Elite Dangerous TradePad Pro 3.121
ED Trade Pad is a comprehensive trading notepad for thegameElite:Dangerous. Access to over 3 million prices and data forover1 million systems and 69,000+ stations. **This is the AdFreeversion** Search for system info, station info, commodityprices,ships, modules and more. Powerful route calculator makes iteasy tofind the best routes. You can also take notes and easilysearch forany notes that you have entered. **Instant price,commodity, moduleand ship updates for every station.** How totransfer your datafrom the free app to the ad-free app: 1. Open thefree app on yourphone 2. Go to Settings -> Backup Data to SDCard 3. Now openthis ad-free Pro version on your phone 4. Go toSettings ->Restore Data from SD Card 5. You are done. You cannow uninstallthe free app after checking the data has beentransferred ok. Theapp also contains Galnet news feed. Hope ithelps you conquer thegalaxy. Features - powerful route calculatorshows you whichcommodities to trade at which station - calculateloop routes -calculate multi-hop routes - save routes for offlineuse - viewsystem info - view station info - view module data -calculateroutes to/from a certain location allows you to specifymax.distance, max. landing pad size, max. distance from star etc.-sort routes by highest profit, distance, last updated - pinyourfavourite top 5 routes to the homepage - commodity search -shipsearch - module search - material search - take notesforeverything you have encountered - search notes - contributetokeeping prices up-to-date by updating and submitting new pricesforeach station - Galnet news feed - store and search notes foreachstation or system - look up body information - new materialdesign- supported languages: English, Russian, German - instantupdateson prices, commodities, modules and ships for everystationDisclaimer: This app uses data from a 3rd party source,which isupdated by the player community. Some data may not beupdated in awhile and so may become out of date. We endeavour toprovide themost up-to-date data at all times.
Elite Dangerous TradePad 3.121
ED Trade Pad is a comprehensive trading notepad for thegameElite:Dangerous. **Ad Free version now available! Search forEliteDangerous TradePad Pro in the Play Store** Access to over 4millionprices and data for over 2 million systems and 69,000+stations.Search for system info, station info, commodity prices,ships,modules and more. Powerful route calculator makes it easy tofindthe best routes. You can also take notes and easily search foranynotes that you have entered. **Instant price, commodity, moduleandship updates for every station.** The app also contains Galnetnewsfeed. Hope it helps you conquer the galaxy. Features -powerfulroute calculator shows you which commodities to trade atwhichstation - calculate loop routes - calculate multi-hop routes -saveroutes for offline use - view system info - view station info-view module data - calculate routes to/from a certainlocationallows you to specify max. distance, max. landing pad size,max.distance from star etc. - sort routes by highest profit,distance,last updated - pin your favourite top 5 routes to thehomepage -commodity search - ship search - module search - materialsearch -take notes for everything you have encountered - searchnotes -contribute to keeping prices up-to-date by updating andsubmittingnew prices for each station - Galnet news feed - storeand searchnotes for each station or system - look up bodyinformation - newmaterial design - supported languages: English,Russian, German -instant updates on prices, commodities, modulesand ships for everystation This app uses data from a 3rd partysource, which isupdated by the player community. Some data may notbe updated in awhile and so may become out of date. We endeavour toprovide themost up-to-date data at all times.
Watch or listen to ALBANIAN TV programs,Radiosand TV channels.Users can access TV programs, live radio stations & liveTVchannels from anywhere anytime.Don't miss your favourite shows from now. Just put this ALL INONEapp in your device and enjoy !Featured Channels:• RTSH• RTSH 2• RTSH 3• RTSH Sport• RTSH Muzik• RTSH Art• RTSH Sat• TVA• Albanian Screen• Klan Kosova• Alsat M• Agon Channel• Digi Gold• Film Autor• Film Hits• Film Hits +1• Film Thriller• Film Dramë• Film Aksion• Film Komedi• Film Një HD• Film Dy HD• Plus HD• T HD• Stinët• Tring Super• Tring Max• Tring Life• Tring Comedy• Tring Fantasy• Tring Shqip• 3 Plus• Jolly HD• Sky Family• Sky Hits• Sky Dramë• Sky Aksion• Sky Komedi• Sky Thriller• Sky Shqip• Sky Novela• Alb Film• Alb Humor• Comedy Central• Explorer Shkencë• Explorer Histori• Explorer Natyra• Tring Planet• Tring World• Tring History• Sky Shkencë• Sky Planet• Sky Histori• Investigation Discovery• TLC Discovery• Outdoor Channel• Bang Bang• Çufo TV• Junior TV• Tring Tring• Tring Kids• Tip TV• Sofia Channel• Alb Kids• Orlando Kids• Boomerang• Baby TV• Duck• Tele Sport• RTSH Sport• Eurosport• Motors TV• MAD Albania• My Music• MusicAL• BBF Music TV• Folk Plus• CliCk TV• Supersonic TV• STV Folk• Tirana TV• Club TV• Alb Music• Alb Hits• Alb Koncert• Alb Folk• Alb Çifteli• Globe Music• Real TV• Televizioni 3+ HDSHOW• ABC News• Top News• Kanali 7• Ora News• News 24• Scan TV• Channel One• A1 Report• Euronews• DW-TV• CCTV News• Al Jazeera Balkans• Big Brother 1• Big Brother 2• Living• Smile• Muse• Shop TV• BCTV• Fashion TV•• Entertainment!• Food Network• 24Kitchen• Digit-Alb• Tring Digital TV• SuperSport Albania• TV5Monde Europe• Rai Italia• ANT1 Greece• Albania TV• Albania RadioAnd more channels available...Our developer teams with you. Kindly send any issues related toourapp.
Elite dangerous quick refer 1.0
A simple tool to let you know what typesofstations are looking for what kinds of goods. Also Appliesformining, but not ships or combat.
Trinus CBVR 2.2.2
Odd Sheep
Play your favourite PC games in virtual reality withouttheexpensivehardware. ★ Featured in Gizmodo, IGN, MicrosoftInsider ★Winner:ZEISS VR One App Contest ★ Over 1,000,000downloads ►IMPORTANTPlease try Trinus Cardboard VR FREE versionfirst.Despite lots ofhard work there are still some systems thatrefuseto play nicelywith Trinus! Thank you! You can eitherpurchase thispaid app, or buya Trinus PC license (via TrinusPurchase tab) at adiscounted price(it will remove the timerestriction on Trinus VRFREE). ► HOW ITWORKS Trinus Cardboard VRconnects your Androidphone to your PC, soyou can play yourfavourite PC games invirtual reality (VR). We usethe sensors inyour phone for headtracking to give you an awesome VRgamingexperience with a walletfriendly price tag. So strap on yourVRheadset and enter theTrinus! ► FEATURES ★ Works with all PCgamesincluding GTA, EliteDangerous and Minecraft. ★ SteamVR support(forgames without VRcontrollers). ★ Compatible with allheadsetsincluding GoogleCardboard, Homido, FreeFly, VR One, GearVR,DurovisDive. ★Wireless gameplay (or turbocharge performance withUSBconnection).★ Unlimited VR gameplay ► WHAT YOU NEED • Headmountofchoice (e.g.Google Cardboard, Homido, Freefly, VR One, etc.) •YourAndroidphone (mid to high end device with gyroscope) • YourWindowsPC •Free Trinus Cardboard VR PC Server application ►GETTINGSTARTEDStep 1: On your Android phone download the TrinusVRapp.Step 2:Grab the free Trinus Cardboard VRPCapp: the super simple Setup Guide. Step 4: Strap onyourheadsetand start playing! ► NEED SOME HELP? • Pop along totheforum: •
TiBO Mobile TV
TIBO mobile TV ofrohet Falas për të gjithë abonentët në TIBO boxapoTIBO Smart TV. TIBO Mobile është për të gjithë shqiptarëtdheshqipfolësit, në të gjitha territoret me internet Wi-Fi apo3G/4G.ÇFARË SHIKON ME TIBO MOBILE? Merreni TV shqip me vete, kudodhekurdo! Tashmë nuk të duhet të zgjedhësh mes programevetelevizivedhe impenjimeve të tjera sepse me TIBO Mobile mund t’ishikosh atokudo që të jesh, brenda apo jashtë shtëpisë, në rrugë,autobus,restorant, plazh, etj. Në çdo çast dhe me një klikim jushikoni“LIVE” kanalin tuaj të preferuar. Çfarë përmban paketa eabonimit:• 25 Kanale origjinale TIBO dedikuar filmave,serialeve,dokumentarëve dhe programeve për fëmijë. • Transmetimekskluziv OTTi Serisë A Italiane në partneritet me platformënsportiveOversport, së bashku me kampionatet dhe eventet më tëndjekura. •100 kanale shqiptare dhe të huaja Live TV me njëpërmbajtje tëpanumërt filmash, serialesh, dokumentarësh,emisionesh, programeshpër fëmijë dhe kampionatesh e eventeshsportive. • Video On Demandnë TIBO FLIX me mbi 3000 filma për tëgjithë familjen, shfaqje tëndryshme, koncerte, etj... Ju mund tëndaloni, ktheni mbrapa apo tëpërshpejtoni çdo event si dhe tëpërzgjidhni nëntitujt në shqip osenë anglisht për filmat on demand.• Shërbimin Catch-up, i cilimundëson shikimin e programeve paspërfundimit të tyre falëregjistrimit automatik 7 ditor të kanalevemë të ndjekura.Vëmendje: • TIBO mobile TV mundësohet me çfarëdolidhje internetime shpejtësi mbi 1mbps 3G, 4G apo Wi-Fi. Nekëshillojmë të përdoretnjë lidhje Wi-Fi për të mos konsumuar tëdhëna nga paketa eoperatorit telefonik përkatës. • Abonimi përmobile është njëshërbim lehtësisht i transferueshëm nga një pajisje“small screen”në tjetrën duke bërë më parë “log out” (dalje) ngapajisjafillestare. KUJDESI NDAJ KLIENTIT PËR ÇDO PAQARTËSI OSEPROBLEMKUJDESI I KLIENTIT TIBO ËSHTË NË DISPOZICION PËR T’JUNDIHMUAR 24/7FB / Twitter / Instagram / Skype: TIBOiptv Mob: (355)676006767 |Viber/Whatsapp (355) 689082244 | Email: info@TIBO.tvEUROPË,AUSTRALI, AZI, AFRIKË: Tel: (355) 44 31 4444 AMERIKË,KANADA: Tel:(844) 842-6872 | Mob: (917) 775-5003 / (917) 775-5012
Filma Shqip 2.2
Endrit Pano
Shikoni te gjith filmat shqiptare jashteedhebrenda shqiperise nga Tableta/Smartfon juaj..Ne program ndodhen 50+ filma shqiptar plus cdo dite shtohenakomaedhe me teper pasi vete aplikacioni ben lidhjeme serverin tone ku merr te dhenat mbi playlist dhe i shtonatoautomatikisht ne celularin tuaj
Kosovo Radios 2.3
Kosovo Radios and News brings collection of your favoriteradiosandFM stations from Kosovo streaming live on yourandroiddevices.Nowenjoy listening to the online radio broadcastsandmusic from Kosovolive on your android phones and tabletdeviceswith just tap of abutton, no matter where you are. You canalsoaccess the latest newsand read your daily horoscopes throughthisapp. Best of all, youget to access all this for free !!Radiosinclude, RTK Radio KosovoRadio Drenasi,KosovoRadioPrizreni,Kosovo Radio Sharri,Kosovo RadioKosova.Net Radiokontactplus Me ju Radio K4 Radio Blue sky RadioBesa Kosovo RadioVizioniKiss radio KM Radio Kosova 91.9 Sa VamaRadio k4 PS: All theradiosstreams are live streams and thereforewill only be available24hours if the radio stations broadcast 24hours. Those stationsthatbroadcast limited hours will be availableonly when itisbroadcasting live in local time. Please rate thisapp and leaveanycomments or suggestion you may have.
Trinus CBVR Lite 2.2.2
Odd Sheep
Play your favourite PC games in virtual reality withouttheexpensivehardware. ★ Featured in Gizmodo, IGN, MicrosoftInsider ★Winner:ZEISS VR One App Contest ★ Over 1,000,000downloads ★ Freetastersessions (as many sessions as you want) ►HOW IT WORKSTrinusCardboard VR connects your Android phone to yourPC, so youcan playyour favourite PC games in virtual reality (VR).It usesthe sensorsin your phone for head tracking to give you agreat VRgamingexperience with a wallet friendly price tag. Sostrap onyour VRheadset and enter the Trinus! Trinus CBVR is freeto try,with timerestricted sessions. If you want to remove thetimerestriction, youcan purchase full access via the Purchase tabinthe Trinus PC serverapplication. ► FEATURES ★ Works with allPCgames including GTA,Elite Dangerous and Minecraft. ★SupportsSteamVR (and Oculus gamesvia ReVive) ★ Compatible withallheadsets including GoogleCardboard, Homido, FreeFly, VROne,GearVR, Durovis Dive. ★ Wirelessgameplay (orturbochargeperformance with USB connection). ★ Unlockthe fullversion with notime restrictions for even more awesomeness.► WHATYOU NEED •Headmount of choice (e.g. Google Cardboard,Homido,Freefly, VROne, etc.) • Your Android phone (mid to high enddevicewithgyroscope) • Your Windows PC • Free Trinus Cardboard VRPC app►GETTING STARTED Step 1: On your Android phone downloadtheTrinusVRLite app. Step 2: Grab the free Trinus Cardboard VRPCapp: the super simple Setup Guide. Step 4: Strap onyourheadsetand start playing! ► NEED SOME HELP? • Pop along totheforum: •Redditat • ► MADE IT THIS FAR? Get a 15% offwiththisdiscount code, when purchasing through the details sometimespays off ;)
قرأن كامل بصوت السديس بدون نت 3.6
⭐ تعريف تطبيق قرأن كامل بصوت السديس بدون نت ⭐ يتيح تطبيقالقرآنالكريم بصوت عبدالرحمن السديس. لك سماع سور القرآن الكريم كافةمنخلال هاتفك المحمول أو جهازك اللوحي بكل سهولة ويسر من خلالبرنامجواحد يحتوي على جميع سور القرآن الكريم، كما يتميز تطبيق تلاوةالقرآنبصوت عبدالرحمن السديس بكونه مجاني كما أنه متاح على المتجرلهواتفالأندرويد. لكي تستمتع بتلاوة القرآن الكريم بصوت الشيخعبدالرحمنالسديس أينما تريد. ⭐ لماذا يحتاج المستخدم لتثبيت تطبيقتحميل القرآنالكريم بصوت عبدالرحمن السديس⭐ وإذا كنت من محبي الاستماعللشيخعبدالرحمن السديس في تلاوة القرآن، فإن تطبيق القرآن الكريمبصوتعبدالرحمن السديس يوفر لك سماع سور القرآن الكريم بصوتعبدالرحمنالسديس mp3 ومجانًا. لن تكون بحاجة لدفع المال لشراءالتطبيق، ولنتكون بحاجة لمساحة كبيرة على جهازك لتثبيت تطبيق القرآنبصوتعبدالرحمن السديس ، وبعد تثبيت التطبيق بكل سهولة من المتجرستستطيعالاستماع إلى القرآن الكريم بصوت الشيخ عبدالرحمن السديس بكلبساطة.إن واجهة برنامج القرآن الكريم بصوت عبدالرحمن السديس بسيطةللغاية مايمكنك من استخدام البرنامج بكل سهولة ويسر؛ فلن تعاني أيصعوبة بدايةمن تحميل البرنامج من المتجر وصولا لنزول برنامج تحميلالقرآن الكريمبصوت عبدالرحمن السديس، واستخدامه في السماع لسور القرآنالكريم. بعدتنزيل التطبيق يمكنك الاستماع إلى سور القرآن الكريم بصوتالشيخعبدالرحمن السديس مجانًا في أي وقت وأي مكان وبكل سهولة ويسر.يمكنكاستخدام برنامج تحميل القرآن الكريم بصوت عبدالرحمن السديسمجانًا بكلبساطة بعد تحميله من خلال الخطوات التالية: • قم بزيارةالمتجر وابحثعن برنامج (قرأن كامل بصوت السديس بدون نت) • حمل التطبيقبالضغط على(تثبيت). بعدها يمكنك الاستمتاع بتجربة فريدة مع الشيخعبدالرحمنالسديس في تلاوة القرآن mp3. كيفية استخدام تطبيق تحميلالقرآن الكريمبصوت عبدالرحمن السديس مجانًا كما ذكرنا فإن واجهة تطبيقالقرآنالكريم بصوت عبدالرحمن السديس واجهة بسيطة تمكن المستخدمينصغارًاكانوا أم كبارًا من الاستماع للقرآن الكريم واستخدام التطبيقبكلسهولة بعيدًا عن التعقيد. يُمكِنك تطبيق القرآن الكريم بصوتعبدالرحمنالسديس من الاستماع لسور القرآن الكريم كافة بعد تحديد اسمالسورةالتي تريد الاستماع لها، التي يتلوها الشيخ عبدالرحمن السديس فيكلسورة. من خلال الضغط على زر (السورة التالية) و(السورة السابقة)يمكنكالاستماع للسور السابقة للسورة التي تستمع إليها وكذلك السورالتالية،كما يظهر لك البرنامج مدة كل سورة حتى تكون على علم بهذا. ⭐مميزاتتطبيق القرآن الكريم عبدالرحمن السديس ⭐ الآن يمكنك استخدامالتطبيقبكل سهولة والاستماع لسور القرآن الكريم بصوت الشيخ عبدالرحمنالسديسوعيش حالة إيمانية رائعة تتعمق فيها في معاني القرآن الكريممستمتعًابصوت الشيخ عبدالرحمن السديس الذي ينقلك لعالم آخر بصوتهالمميز. لاتتردد وحمل التطبيق الآن واستمتع بتجربة إيمانية مختلفة معتطبيقالقرآن الكريم بصوت عبدالرحمن السديس. يمكنك مشاركة رابطالبرنامج معأصدقائك على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي المختلفة حتىيستفيدوا من برنامجالقرآن الكريم بصوت عبدالرحمن السديس ويستمتعوابمميزاته والتي منأهمها أنه تطبيق مجاني بسيط يتناسب مع كافة الهواتفشاغلا مساحة بسيطةمن الجهاز. وإذا كنت من محبي الاستماع للقرآن الكريمبصوت الشيخعبدالرحمن السديس... وغيرهم من كوكبة من الشيوخ، أو إذا كنتتريد تعلمأحكام التجويد أو التعرف على أقوى رقية شرعية صوتية فلاتتردد في أخذنظرة على باقي تطبيقاتنا الموجودة على المتجر والمتاحةللمستخدمينبشكل مجاني ويسير. وفي النهاية، إذا أعجبك تطبيق تحميلالقرآن الكريمبصوت عبدالرحمن السديس فلا تتردد في تقييم البرنامج وبرامجنا الأخرىالتي أعجبتك وشاركنا رأيك لأن رأيك دائمًا هدفنا.ويمكنك تقييم برنامجتحميل القرآن الكريم بصوت عبدالرحمن السديس مجانًاmp3 من خلال خيار(تقييم التطبيق) الموجود بالتطبيق نفسه وسنسعد جدًابذلك.
MobileTV 5.4.1
Vodafone GmbH
Deine Vorteile im Überblick:• Du hast Zugriff auf über 30 TV-Sender*• Empfang Deine Kanäle über UMTS, LTE oder WLAN• Schau kostenlos mit Deinem Vodafone Red, Black oder DataGoTarifMobileTV• Verfolg die Bundesliga und 2. Bundesliga live auf Sky• Buch das Sky Fußball-Bundesliga-Paket für nur 12,95 Euro proMonatdazu. Du kannst das Paket monatlich kündigen• Du hast immer die beste Qualität durch automatische AnpassungdesTV-Streams• Verpass keine Sendung mehr mit der ErinnerungsfunktionDeine Meinung ist uns wichtig, bitte bewerte die MobileTV+App.Danke.Wichtig zu wissen:• Du kannst die App aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen nur inDeutschlandnutzen• Dir können je nach Tarif Zusatzkosten für dieDatenübertragungentstehen• Bitte beachte: Bei einigen älteren Geräten kann es aufgrunddergeringeren Speicherkapazität und der dort eingebauten Chipsätzezueiner eingeschränkten Nutzbarkeit von MobileTV kommen• Nutz die MobileTV+ App mit dem Smartphone oder Tablet*folgende Sender sind enthalten: ARD, ZDF, Sport1, DisneyChannel,KiKA, VIVA/Comedy Central, 3sat, ARTE, NDR, WDR, MDR, BR,SWR, hr,rbb, SR, radio bremen, Phoenix, Nickelodeon, joiz, FamilyTV, RiC,Welt der Wunder, EinsPlus, Einsfestival, tagesschau24,ZDF_neo,ZDFinfo, CNN, ARD-alphaYour benefits ataglance:• You have access to over 30 TV channels *• receive your channels via UMTS, LTE or Wi-Fi• Look for free using your Vodafone Red, Black or DataGotariffMobile TV• pursuance of the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga live on Sky• Book the Sky Bundesliga package for only 12,95 Euro per monthnow.You can advertise the package per month• You always have the best quality by automatically adjusting theTVstreams• Verpass no more postage with the memory functionYour opinion is important to us, please review the Mobile TV +app.Thank you.Important to know:• You can use only in Germany the app for licensing reasons• you can depending on the tariff fees for the datatransfervolumes• Note: Some older devices can lead to a restricted usabilityofmobile TV due to the lower storage capacity and therebuiltchipsets• Nutz the Mobile TV + app with the phone or tablet* The following stations are included: ARD, ZDF, Sport1,DisneyChannel, KiKA, VIVA / Comedy Central, 3sat, ARTE, NDR, WDR,MDR,BR, SWR, hr, rbb, SR, radio bremen, Phoenix, Nickelodeon, joiz,Family TV, Ric, world of wonder EinsPlus,EinsFestivalTagesschau24, ZDF_neo, ZDFinfo, CNN, ARD-alpha
Albanian Radios Live
Your biggest collection of Albanian radios is here !!Albanianradiosbrings collection of your favorite radios and FMstationsfromAlbania , streaming LIVE on your android devices.Nowenjoylisteningto the online radio broadcasts and music fromAlbania onyour androidphones and tablet devices with just a singletouch, nomatter whereyou are.You can also read the latest newsfrom Albaniaand follow thepopular tweets on the go. Best of allits a FREEdownload. Radiosinclude, Garbeti, Albania Jehona,AlbaniaPrendimi,Albania RadioABC,Albania Radio Bleta, AlbaniaRadioBurimi, Albania Radio FamaRadio Gjakova HiteliveRadiokosovarjaRadiosllatina Radio TiranaRadio Zhelina RanicaTechno Top AlbaniaVicinia Radio Tirana II ClubFM Radio Jug RadioTravel Radio ValeTop Gold Radio Tirana II ClubFM- Albania RadioJug Radio Travel-ALbanian Hits Radio Vale TopGold- Tirana RadioShqip Mergimi PS:All the radios streams are livestreams andtherefore will only beavailable 24 hours if the radiostationsbroadcast 24 hours. Thosestations that broadcast limitedhours willbe available only whenit is broadcasting live in localtime. Radioswon't be availablefor stream when it is offline andoccasionallyduring servermaintenance and other downtimes. If theradios are notworking orresponding please try it again later, thesearetemporaryinactivity.Internet connection is required to streamanyradios.
AIS Live TV 5.44
TheTV is a real-time streaming applicationforwatching a television in Thailand.No need to install flash player.TheTV supports many connection such as WIFI, EDGE andGPRS(2G,2.5G).TheTV is the first application for that supports a mobileconnectionvia GPRS and it's a free application.=======================================TheTVเป็นโปรแกรมสำหรับดูรายการทีวีบนโทรศัพท์มือถือที่ใช้ระบบปฏิบัติการAndroidซึ่งสามารถรับชมได้ด้วยการเชื่อมต่อ WIFI, EDGE และ GPRS(2G,2.5G)ที่สำคัญคือ ไม่ต้องติดตั้ง FlashPlayerทำให้รับชมได้ไม่ว่าจะอยู่ที่ไหน
Qifteli - Instrument Shqipetar 2.5
Me Aplikacionin Qifteli - Luaj Qiftelinë ju kenimundësinëteperformoni këngë të gatshme, por edhe të krijonikëngëttuaja.Qifteli përveç mundësisë për të krijuar këngë kamundësinëpër tëzgjedhur mënyrën me të cilën doni që të performonikëngën.-(Shake) Mënyra me lëkundje të telefonit - (Swipe) Mënyramelëvizjetë gishtit nga e majta në të djathtë dhe nga e djathta nëtëmajtë- (Autoplay) Mënyra me të cilën ju mund të lëshoni këngëntuajpërta ndëgjuar "The (qifteli)çifteli (çiftelia,qifteli,Albanian:"doubled" or "double stringed") is a pluckedstringinstrument,with only two strings, played mainly by the Ghegpeopleof northernand central Albania and Kosovo. (Qifteli)Çiftelivary insize, butare most often tuned to B and E (the same as thetop twostrings ofa guitar). Usually the lower string is played as adrone,with themelody played on the higher string. The(qifteli)çifteli isafretted instrument, but unlike most it is notfretted inachromatic scale (one fret per semitone), but in thediatonicscalewith seven notes to the octave." - source:Wikipedia( )