Top 2 Games Similar to Super Jumper Circle

Super Jumper
Oh no! Evil flying squirrels have captured the princess! Useyoursuper jumping abilities to climb your way up to the castleandrescue the princess from the wretched Flying Squirrel Kingdom.
Jump up! 1.2
Jump up! - It is a simple and casual game that is easy to enticeyoufor a long time. The essence of the game is simple: tojump ashigh as possible, running away from the saw thatyouintended. Along the way, collect crystals for which youcanpurchase a variety of masks. Transforming your hero you makeitmysterious, and the game more interesting. Easy tocontrol,allowing you to enjoy the game, a large assortment of masksfromthe first seconds, which is constantly updated, as well astheminimalist style - that's what makes the gameunique. Choosedifferent characters, put your records, competewith friends andenjoy the game!Keywords:cube. вверх, geometry,jump, up, прыжки,маска, минимализм, mask, run, беги, убить время,бесконечный бег,endless run, куб.