Top 2 Games Similar to Big Machines 3D

Scrap Dungeon Explorer Beta 1.03
A Classic Action Adventure game with exciting bosses andweaponcrafting-Collect scrap from killing monsters and lootingchests anduse it to power up.-Smooth retro feeling controlsystem-Changelingbosses-new and frequent updates
Steely 1.0
Steely is a 2D platform game, where the mission is tofindNakamasta, an evil scientist that created the cute, butbadassrobot in his laboratory. But, Steely didn’t work likeNakamastathought, actually Steely didn’t work at all, so he endedup at thejunkyard. Steely only wants one thing - to meet Nakamastaagain.Your mission is to guide Steely through his journey toNakamasta.What happens when he catches Nakamasta is up for youtodiscover…Brought to you by Project STEELY.