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Dub Music Player - Audio Player & Music Equalizer 3.0
Ξ Play songs & listen to good music with Dub FREE musicplayernow! Get stereo quality sounds with our audio enhancerfeaturessuch as eq and bass booster. Moreover, Dub MP3 Player forAndroidhas a stunning interface. Dub is an OFFLINE music player!You don’thave to be connected to the internet to enjoy downloadedsongs orsoundtracks in your phone’s music library. All around theworld,Android users have voted us as the best sound music &MP3Player for Android. You can try to Google Music player and ournamewill consistently come on top! Here are some featuresthatdistinguish us from other MP3 player for Android: ☆ CrossfadeandCrossfader Use this awesome features to mix mp3 files andyoursound music to enjoy in gapless playback. ☆ Audio EnhancersWant toenjoy good music & play songs with stereo qualitysounds?Adjust your sound music volume with a five-band musicequalizer and9 professional music genres presets for your choice.The presetsinclude Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal,Classical etc. Ouraudio enhancers are what set us apart from otherfree musicplayers. ☆ Audio player for all music formats in yourmusic libraryEnjoy various sound tracks & format! Our Androidmp3 playersupports all popular sound tracks such as MP3, WAV, AAC,FLAC, 3GP,OGG, MIDI etc ☆ Beautiful Visual & Stunning InterfaceAsidefrom advanced & powerful features, we make sure tocreateawesome interface & visual for you. You will be amazed byoursound spectrum graphic equalizer bars, analog VU meter,circularsound bars and vinyl records turntable. All the musicspectrumsbars move according to the audio rhythm when our app playsongs ofyour choice. ☆ Offline music player Listen to yourdownloaded songsin your Music Library easily. There is no need towaste data chargejust to listen to good music. ☆ Dub Share FeatureDo you want toshare your playlist, songs, albums, or artists? Nowyou can! DubShare is a cross-platform music sharing feature poweredby SendAnywhere. This feature enables you to share your favoritemusic andsongs with anyone in the world! Now you don’t have toGoogle Musicplayer that allows you to share music with your friendsand familybecause you can use Dub Share! ☆ Other Features of DubFree MusicPlayer for Android: ✔ Create and edit playlist ✔ Browseand playsongs by title, artists, albums, playlists, folders, andgenres ✔9themes (Classic, Material, Studio, Genesis, Gold, StudioOrange,Studio Green, Studio Red, Silver) ✔ Easy search function:Searchmusic by songs, artists, and album ✔ Simple andeffectiveinterface, faithfully showing the visualization of yourmusicplayed. ✔ Background music play (to keep play songs while youuseother apps, or while your device is in standby mode) ✔ 9predefinedpresets, based on different music genres ✔ Save anddelete custompresets ✔ Music progress bar for an easy navigationwithin the songyou're listening to ✔ Repeat function to keeplistening to yoursong over and over ✔ Shuffle function to playsongs in a randomorder ✔ Media volume control ✔ Home screen widget✔ Lock screenwidget ✔ Supports headset / Bluetooth controls foreasy listening.✔ Material design interface ✔ Edit tags ✔ SleepTimer ✔ Set song asa ringtone ✔ Volume Balance control ✔ Loudnessenhancer (Only forAndroid version 4.4 and higher) ✔ Speed control(Only for Androidversion 6.0 and higher) ✔ Pitch control (Only forAndroid version6.0 and higher) Music equalizer presets include: ✔Hip Hop ✔ Rock ✔Dance ✔ Pop ✔ Latin ✔ Metal ✔ Classical ✔ Flat ✔Normal So, youdon’t have to Google music player to find other appsto satisfyyour needs for an awesome offline music player forAndroid. Playyour downloaded songs and share songs with Dub MusicPlayer. (^_^♪)
jetAudio HD Music Player 9.6.3
Team Jet
jetAudio is a free mp3 music player with 10 bands graphicequalizerand various sound effects. -- Sound Effects plugins --*Crystalizer * AM3D Audio Enhancer ( *BongioviDPS ( (Sound effectplugins willbe sold separately through in-app purchase.) (Someplugins can bepurchased in Plus version only.) jetAudio is thehighest rated andmost downloaded media player on CNET.COM and nowyou can listen tosame high-quality sound on your Android phoneusing jetAudio. Itplays almost any type of digital music files youhave (.wav, .mp3,.ogg, .flac, .m4a, .mpc, .tta, .wv, .ape, .mod,.spx, .opus, .wma*and more) and, it provides a very high qualitysound with variouseffects and enhancements such as Wide, Reverb,X-Bass. It comeswith 32 equalizer presets that will provide a widearray oflistening experience. For those who would like to customizetheirown sound experience, it also allows 10/20 bands graphicequalizerand other advanced playback functions including playbackspeedcontrol, crossfading, AGC and much more. It can play musicviaWi-Fi from shared folders on local home network. It workswithshared folders from Windows, USB drive attached to routerorNetwork drives (NAS). Free Basic version provides samefeatureswith Plus version except advertisements and some features.To enjoyfull features of jetAudio, please purchase Plus version.--Features for Plus version only -- * 20-bands graphic equalizer*Tag Editor (MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A) * Display lyrics intag(Unsynchronized lyrics) * 2 lock screens * 14 app widgets :4x1(#2), 4x2 (#3), 4x3 (#3), 4x4 (#3), 3x3, 2x2, 2x3 * Pitchshifter *Precise playback speed control (50% ~ 200%) * LightGray/Whitetheme for browser (Plus only) * Grid modeforArtist/Song/Folder/Genre browser * Adjust FF/REW interval*Expanded notification bar (for JB) * MIDI playback (usingjetAudioWaveTable MIDI synthesizer engine) -- Features forBasic/Plusversion -- * Play music via Wi-Fi from shared folders onlocal homenetwork * Can choose between 3 List modes or 10 Gridmodes forlayout style (In Basic version, layout style can be chosenin Albumbrowser only) * Find on YouTube * ( app) * X-Wide, Reverb, X-Bass sound effects *AGC(automatic gain control) to avoid volume fluctuationsbetweentracks * Speed control from 50% to 200% (pitch adjusted)*Crossfading, Gap-less playback * Fade-in/Fade-out *RepeatA<->B * Browser and play music by artits, albums,songs,playlists, genres and folders * Balance/Volume control *Sleeptimer up to 24 hours * Flick up to post what you're listeningto onFacebook/Twitter * Flick down to show Now Playing *Flickleft/right to play next/previous * Lock screens * Headsetbuttoncontrol (Bluetooth headset) - press to pause/resume -double/triplepress to play next/prev - long press to mute or TTS(time, title) *Bluetooth headphone button control * Send trackinformation viaBluetooth AVRCP 1.3 * Multi-select function(Delete/Add toplaylist) * Keep screen on, Lock orientation options* Shake toplay next/previous track * Supporting formats: MP3, WAV,OGG, FLAC,M4A, MPC, TTA, WV, APE, MOD (module formats S3M, IT),SPX, OPUS,AIFF (WMA may not be supported on some devices. Pleasecheck yourdevice specification for WMA support) (If you want tolocalizejetAudio for your language, [email protected] for more information)
Bass Booster & Equalizer 1.3.8
Improve the sound quality of your android device with theBassBoost, Virtualizer and Equalizer. Make your music and videosoundslike never before. Bass Booster lets you adjust sound effectlevelsso that you get the best out of your Music, Audio or Videocomingout of your device. Main Features: * Bass Boost effect *Stereosurround sound effect * Five bands Equalizer * 10presetequalizations(Normal, Classic, Dance, Flat, Folk, HeavyMetal, HipHop, Jazz, Pop, Rock) * Customizable preset * 16 ColorfulThemes *Notification control * Cool Spectrum * 3 Widgets(1x1, 1x1,2x2)Works with most Music and Video players. Simple Installationandusage: 1. Effect for Music or Audio * Turn on the Music playerandplay your music * Turn on the Bass Booster application andadjustsound level and frequency. * Put headphones for a bestresults * Toclose application and revmove from Status Bar press theclosebutton of notification. 2. Effect for video * Just like effectforMusic or Audio, adjust the sound level and frequency, than, letitrun in background. * Turn on the Video player and play your video*You must get a good effect sound results for video
Bass Boost + EQ 1.4.4
Effect of BassBosster + the Equalizer Enhances the soundqualitycoming out of your android.This application recommendationfor youwho like the sound of optimal volume level sounds muchlouder.BassBooster effect and Equalizer making media files producequalitysound in a Digital DTS surround support.Features:♒ BassEnhancer♒Five band equalizer♒ DTS Digital surround♒Spectral Effects♒ WidgetdesktopAll compatible media players like Google Play music,Mp3player, music player, Radio, Video Player, JOOX, SpotifyMusic,SoundCloud etc.♒♒♒ Use with headphones for best results ♒♒♒♒♒
Bass Equalizer & Pod Music 2.2.4
Dreams Room
Not only a Professional pod style music player, but also aIntuitiveEqualizer and Bass Booster to improve your music soundquality.Built-in powerful Bass Booster and Equalizer, Lets youadjust soundeffect levels so that you get the best out of yourMusic or Audiocoming out of your device. The New InteractiveExperience you havenever had before. Use with headphones for abest results. Features:* Real Ipod style music player * Play yourmusic by track, artist,album, folder or playlist * HD RotationVinyl style playbackinterface * Multiple dynamic visualization ofthe spectrum * BassBoost sound effect * Virtualizer 3d stereosurround sound effect *Intuitive five bands Equalizer * 10Equalizer presets (Classical,Dance, Flat, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Folketc.) * Media volume control *Stereo led VU meter * Lyric support,Automatic scanning all thelyric files, and matching the mostappropriate lyrics file for yoursongs. * Notification STATUSsupport: display title and artist,play/pause, equalizer, next songand stop CONTROLS in notificationstatus.
HD Equalizer Video Player 2.5.4
Video Equalizer is a smart and convenient video playerforandroid.Let you feel the unprecedented audition enjoy! Withtheequalizerto improve you video sound quality. Make you feel likeinthecinema! It is a highly efficient and convenientvideoplaybacktool. Using your device default decoder for decoding,thusensuringyour video file is played in the originalresolution,through theoptimization of the encoding format fileplayback speedandeffectiveness to achieve the best results for youto enjoysmootherbetter quality videos. Also with EQ equalizatio, asyouadjust outtheir own Sound effects. Simple and easy touse,withoutconversion, directly copy the video on your PC tothephoneanytime, anywhere viewing. Please enjoy smooth playbackofthevideo player experience! Features: * Professional EQequalizer,adjust a variety of video audio * Bass Boot andvirtualizer*Reverb: SMALL ROOM, MEDIUM ROOM, LARGEROOM, MEDIUMHALL,LARGEHALL,PLATE * Play the local video * Play the given URLnetworkvideo *Show the all videos witch on your mobile devicesasthumbnails tohelp you browse and watch the video easily andquickly* provide asimple and intuitive controler, the originalresolutionandfull-screen playback mode is easy to be changed, andthe soundiscontroled fast and intuitive * Can lock the screentopreventmisuse when the video is playing * The pause positionwillbe savedautomatically before the program exit, then next timecanwatch thevideo continue
Equalizer: Bass Booster & Volume Booster 1.3.0
Bass Equalizer is a easy-to-use Equalizer with Bass Booster,Volumebooster and 3D Virtualizer effects ,can improve the soundqualityof your Android device, Implying unprecedented soundquality! 🎊 🎉💯🚀 Improve the sound of your music on a whole newinterface evensimpler and elegant. Perfect for maximizing soundvolume, listeningto your favorite songs and playlists andrevisiting your music! 🚀Use professional audio, video decodingtechnology that allowshigh-fidelity music and video playback. Inaddition, mostProfessional EQ will help you manually set the musicfor yourexclusive property. 🔊Features for Equalizer: ----- ★★★★★----- ♪Media volume control ♪ 10 Equalizer presets ♪ Bass Boosteffect ♪Lock media volume ♪ Stereo led VU meter ♪ Home screenwidget ♪Equalizer sound booster ♪ Five bands Music Equalizer ♪Musicvisualization Spectrum ♪ Bass booster for headphones 💎 4Reasons toIncrease Equalizer & Bass Booster for Android: 🚀AmazingEqualizer is an all-in-one bass booster - volume booster,thatoffers brilliant sound quality 🚀 Increase volume of anyaudiodevice with just one touch. 🚀 Sound Booster really perfectyourmusic listening experience with EQ 🚀 Music Visualizer playsmusicand renders beautiful visualized effects 💿 Bass Booster letsyouadjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out ofyourMusic or Audio coming out of your phone. 💿 Volume Booster isanexcellent volume control app that controls Android phone volumeforall sound streams. 💿 Virtualizer making media files producequalitysound in a Digital Surround Support! ❤️ Customize musiclisteningexperience with Equalizer & Bass Booster and feel likeneverbefore!🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻
Bass Booster For Tube 1.0
This app is designed specifically for audio effects on youtubeapps,producing amazing player You will get optimalsoundby activating the effect of Bass Booster andEqualizer.features:userfriendlyThemeEqualizerBass Booster3dVirtualizerVU meterThis app iscompatible with all other streamingmedia players.It is recommendedto use the best quality headphones.
Bass Booster &EQ Music Player 1.6.3
Music Player with powerful music equalizer, bass booster andgreatsound virtualizer, Quick search all music files, free to getthisperfect audio player and media player. Tune yourself withrealaudio effects and enjoy your favorite tracks on this all-in-oneMP3music and audio player. Music player can quick to show youtracksby artists, albums, genre, playlist and the music folderstructure.Access your music library directly from the app. Improveyour musiclistening experience easily thanks to the easy to use UIand theBass Booster option. You are free to control the music stylenow.Key Features: * Browse and play your music by albums,artists,genre songs, playlists, folders. * Powerful equalizer. Morethan22+ pre-set music tone styles for your choice(Normal,Classic,Dance, Folk, Heavy, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock...) * Customtonemusic style and manually adjust the equalizer. * A powerfulbassamplifier. * Home screen WIDGETS Player. * Support Lyricfiles.Automatic scanning and matching. * Sleep time setting. * Freetore-edit album and artist name. * Add to queue feature. *Customyour Playlist * Headset/Bluetooth Controls Bass Booster&EQMusic Player makes it possible for you to mix, edit andcustomizethe sound of your tracks to ensure an optimal musiclisteningexperience.
Music Player - Audio Player & Music Equalizer 1.6.8
Dreams Room
Music Player is a perfect audio player and media playerwithBeautiful background skins, Its powerful equalizer &bassbooster, can fulfill all your musical needs! 🎊💯 MusicPlayerbuilt-in edge player, switch seamlessly anytime, anywhere! 🎉🎉 🎉 🔊Features : ♪ High-Quality MP3 Player ♪ Easy to play songs ♪Headsetcontrols ♪ Desktop lyrics ♪ Lock screen music play ♪DesktopWidgets ♪ Edge Music Player ♪ Set as play next song ♪ Playssong byfolder ♪ Drag to sort the playlist ♪ Music Alarm, Sleeptimesetting ♪ HD Vinyl style, Gorgeous Themes ♪ Auto-Scan&Importing songs/audios files ♪ Automatic scanning all thelyricfiles, and matching ♪ Browses and Play your music byplaylists,songs, albums, artists, folders 💿Support all the MostPopular MusicFile Formats - Support all music and audio formats:like MP3, WAV,FLAC, AAC, APE, etc. 🚀 Powerful Equalizer & GreatSound - 10band graphic equalizer: Presets Includes Normal,Classical,Hip-Hop, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Pop &Rock ❤️Free download this perfect music player & audio player!Thepowerful equalizer makes your music sounds more professional,Youare free to control the music style now! 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻
Music Player - Colorful Themes & Equalizer 1.9.9
A audio player with gorgeous playback, local music searchandpowerful equalizer. Stylish, Stable, Efficient and FastMusicPlayer with elegant design. Easily and High-quality to play,enjoyand manage all your music files. Auto-Scan & Importingsongs /audios files Automatic adds all local songs/ music filesfrom yourSD card and phone memory. Category Classification Browsesand Playyour music by playlists, songs, albums, artists, folders,Recentlyplayed and favorites. Local Music Search Powerful searchengine forsearching the local music by albums, artists, songs. HighQualitySound Effect 5 band graphical equalizer with presets(Normal,Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip hop, Jazz,Pop andRock), Bass boost and Virtualizer, enjoy your high-qualityplaymusic experience. Multiple Playback A Powerful music playerwithmultiple beautiful playback interfaces for you choice.ColorfulTheme Customize your exclusive theme Abundant AdvancedFeatures: -Lyric Support - Support Notification Status - DesktopWidget -Music Lock Screen When Playing - Sleep timer - HeadsetSupport -Magic playing bar - Headset / Bluetooth Controls - ShuffleandRepeat mode - Tag editor support - Plays song by folder
Music Player - Mp3 Player v3.5
Best of 2018 🔥Top Rated App 🌟Stylish Design 🎧Free Music App 🎵Listento your favorite music with #1 Music Player App. Audio Beatsis Thebest music player for android with tons of features andbeautifuldesign. This mp3 player built-in top quality equalizertakes yourmusic listening experience to next level. Beats app letsyou easilymanage all your offline music at one place, browsethrough quicksearch and supports playing in all music format. ItsStylish,Powerful and Fast Music Player, It takes very less memoryandprovides perfect music experience. Its the most useful eqmusicplayer for android. ★ Fashion Design - 30+ Best MusicThemesReplaceable background picture. Choose your own picturefromgallery. Gorgeous free background skins. Customise with tonsofcolors. ★ Powerful Beats Equalizer Boost your music experiencewith10 amazing presets, 5 bands, bass booster, music virtualizer&3D reverb effects adjustments and much more. ★ Built-in Mp3cutter- Ringtone Maker Easily cut the best part of the audio songsandsave it as Ringtone/Alarm/Notification/Music file etc. KeyFeature:⭐Supports all music file format - MP3, MP4, WAV, M4A, FLAC,3GP,OGC etc. ⭐Browse and play your music by Albums, Artists,Playlists,Genres, Folders etc. ⭐Playlist Auto/Manual Backup - Neverlooseyour playlist. ⭐Music player with Lyrics Support(embeddedlyrics).⭐Headset/Bluetooth support. ⭐Music Duration Filter.⭐IntelligentSleep Timer. ⭐Smart Shake to Change Song. ⭐BothPortrait/LandscapeMode Support. ⭐Background Picture - Choose yourown pictures.⭐Built-in free JAudio Tag editor support. ⭐WidgetsSupport(4x4,4x2,4x1,4x1) ⭐Playing queue with reorder - Easily addtracks& drag up/down to sort. ⭐Track all your listening smarterwithSuggested Dashboard at one place. ⭐Smart Auto Playlists -Recentlyplayed/Top Played/History Fully playlist support &Build yourown playlist on the go. ⭐Mark Favorite songs option ongo. ⭐Choosefrom Multiple Player Designs. ⭐Powerful search - searchquickly bysongs, artist, album etc. ⭐Beautiful Lockscreen controlswith fullscreen album art support (enable/disable). ⭐Last.fmIntegrationAutomatically fetch artist information such as artistart orbiography. ⭐ Scrobber support. ⭐Powerful Mp3 Cutter&Ringtone Cutter. ⭐Folder support - Play song by folder.⭐PartyShuffle Music - shuffle all your tracks. ⭐Genius Drag toSortPlaylist & Play Queue. ⭐Play now screen Swipe to changesongs⭐Easily customisable best themes -light/dark/black/color/picturethemes. ⭐Download missing album art& artist image. ⭐Wearablesupport. ⭐Perfect workout music app.⭐Play songs in shuffle,repeat, loop & order. ⭐Easy Navigation& Minimalisticdesign. ⭐Beats guide to find all your songs andmusic. ⭐The bestfree music offline app and media player. ⭐Sharesongs easily.⭐Notification control - control track fromnotifications. ⭐Morethan 35+ languages support. This free mp3player with eq and highvolume app allows you to play music withbest sound and minimalusage without draining battery. Itsoutstanding features make itTop Mp3 Player of 2018. Perfectalternative for default musicplayer. If you are confused to choosereplacement for default musicapp, Audio beats is here for you. Itstons of amazing musicfeatures with free equalizer, makes it perfectchoice. Please note:Beats media player is offline local mp3 playerapp. It dont supportonline music download or music streaming. Welisten to our usersPlease feel free to reach out to us for anysuggestions/queries [email protected] We appreciate yourkind support andpatience. Please feel free to download and have atry.
3D Surround Music Player 1.7.01
Tamal Basak
Enjoy Exceptional Sound Clarity with Virtual3D SurroundEffects,Dynamic BassBoost, TrebleBoost and 10-BandEqualiser....FollowingPermissions are required to use the appproperly...1. Microphone /RECORD_AUDIO: When you use air tightheadphone you will not be ableto hear the ambient sound properlywhich is very dangerous when youare on the road or while driving.For that reason I haveimplemented a feature called "Awareness"which can be turned on/offby pressing the left button on the mediaplayer app. If you turn onthis button, the app will start themicrophone and capture theambient sound and then add it to themusic. In that way you canhear the ambient sound. This feature isimplemented only for yoursafety purpose.2. Contacts / GET_ACCOUNTS:This permission isrequired to find the google account names in yourdevice. Accountnames are required to register your app in ourserver to activatethe trial period. If I do not do this, the appcan be easily hackedto bypass the trial period.If you still haveany questions,suggestions or feedback please don't hesitate tocontact me. Youcan email me at [email protected]
Best Music Player 5.0 Orangish
Best music player - exactly what you've been looking for!Featuringa powerful equalizer that is based on solid foundationsand supportfor thousands of themes, this is the top music playerexperience! 🎶The best music experience is here! Get this perfectaudio and mediaplayer today and enjoy the best music playerexperience with theleast amount of ads of any other top musicplayer out there. Wevalue you, as a customer, greatly and we wantyou to have the bestaudio player experience there is, and that iswhy we introduced theLoyalty Program - the more you use our bestmusic player to listento your favorite offline music, the less adsyou will see. 🎶 Notethat this app is an audio player with highsound quality foroffline listening that allows you to play localmusic, this is nota music downloader! 🎶 A music player withequalizer, bass boost,headset support and thousands of playerskins, FairPlayer is alight yet powerful audio player that is readyfor any gym workoutroutine. Best music player supports most commonmusic formatsincluding mp3 and wav etc. 🎶 Group songs in playlists.Weautomatically add the songs you enjoy most in the"favorites"playlist. 🎶 Make it your own. Enjoy your music more withthousandsof themes that match your mood. Set yourself apart withthe bestmusic player animated themes. 🎶 Get the best music player2018 andyou will enjoy: - the most customizable top music player -supportfor all common audio formats including mp3, wav, flac, aacetc. - apowerful equalizer with lots of presets - bass booster,widgets,themes and more... 🎶 Why settle for less when you canenjoyeverything the best music player has to offer plus access tothebest high quality animated themes? 🎶 You get full access to allthecurrent features and future updates to your top music playerforfree. Enjoy the best audio player for Android with bestequalizerand heavy bass. Play more!
Free Music Player – Online & Offline MP3 Player 1.5.3
The best online & offline music player! Millions oftrendingmusic, top music. ALL FREE! Download this powerful musicplayer andenjoy NOW! Free Music Player – Online & Offline MP3Player is apopular free music player & song app which lets youplay yourfavorite music, audio files and YouTube music video.Listening toyour favorite and new trending music, free songs andwatching hotmusic videos have never been easier. With this freemusic player,mp3 player, music fm, you can listen free unlimitedsongs, searchyour favorite artists, create your own musicplaylists, anddiscover new music genres. Want to play free musicanytime,anywhere? Download Free Music Player – Online & OfflineMP3Player and enjoy endless music. Free Music Player – Online&Offline MP3 Player knows what you want to listen! ♬FreeMusicPlayer – Online & Offline MP3 Player Features: ♬Listen toFreeOnline Music: Discover New & Trending music,automaticallypersonalized according to your preference. ♬LocalOffline MusicLibrary: Manage your favorite songs in one place,listen to musicfiles from your SD card or phone memory. Great wayto enjoy offlinemusic. ♬Auto-Scan & Import Local Songs/AudioFiles: AuroraMusic automatically add all local songs, music audiofiles fromyour SD card and phone memory. You can browse and playyour songsand music by playlists, songs, album, artists or folders.♬PowerfulMusic Search: Easily find online music from bestresourcesincluding YouTube or Soundcloud. ♬Background Play Mode:Enjoy yourfavorite songs with superb background play mode feature.No moreinterrupt when listening to your favorite music when phonelocked.♬Customize Music Theme: Choose music player theme based onmusicgenre and your current mood. Customize Music Equalizer:IncludesNormal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip hop,Jazz,Pop and Rock. It provide you powerful equalizer anddifferenttones. DEAR USERS ♬PLEASE NOTE:♬ 1. Free Music Player –Online& Offline MP3 Player is using the third-party API sourcefromSoundCloud®, YouTube and SHOUTcast. All the free music isprovidedby SoundCloud services and YouTube services. By the way,you cansearch and play the songs on SoundCloud or YouTube. 2.AURORA MusicPlayer is not an online music downloader. We do notsupport cacheor download songs. 3. For more details aboutSoundCloud, pleaserefer to details about YouTube, please referto in this Free Music Player – Online & Offline MP3Playeris provided by the third-party. If you find any infringementrelatedissues, please contact us via [email protected] We willfix itas soon as possible. Thanks for your support! Feel free tosendmessage to us on Facebook or Twitter:Facebook:
Volume Booster and Bass Booster 1.18
MegaFX Tool
Ξ Volume Booster PRO helps you to control all the sounds inyourphone !! It can increase your volume to the maximum! VolumeBoosteris an attractive looking app with a user-friendly interface.Itdoesn’t show huge improvement but it slightly boosts yourphone’soverall volume. You get three separate options to choosefrom:Music, System and Alarm. There is also a slider for stoppingboostif you want to. You get option to keep it in your notificationbarand you can also set app reminder if you want to. The app isquiteheavy comparing to other volume boosters I have reviewed. TheSoundBooster application pushes the volume up higher than thesystemdefaults, making the sound of every application bigger.Whetheryou're listening to music with your favorite player, playinggames,watching movies or watching videos online in your browser,SoundBooster can interact with the program and output audio.Inaddition, Sound Booster Pro supports keyboard shortcuts toincreasevolume (this feature is really useful when you do not wantto exitthe game or other applications running in full screen mode).Sound- Speaker Booster application runs underground in the systemtray,allowing you to Increase volume at any time. The sound canbeamplified up to five times, but before using it you need tomakesure that your speakers can handle it at a safe level. Ξ 5Reasonsto Increase Volume Booster Sound Equalizer for Android ♪Increasevolume of any audio device with just one touch. ♪ Boostvolumesettings for ringing tones, notifications, call volume,media,alarms and other sound systems. ♪ Sound Booster reallyperfect yourmusic listening experience with EQ ♪ Music Equalizer+is anall-in-one music player - equalizer - bass booster thatoffersbrilliant sound quality ♪ Music Visualizer plays music andrendersbeautiful visualized effects. 🚀 Music Player EqualizerEqualizerMusic player is a music and video player which withEqualizer, BassBooster, Visualizer and Visualizer. Improve soundquality on yourAndroid device 🚀 Visualizer Sound Booster SpeakerBooster -Increase Amplifier Sound is modern designed musicvisualizer, whichcan be used as fully-featured music player at thesame time. SoundBooster support about 20 templates visualizer 🚀Audio Boost VolumeIncrease volume of any audio device with just onetouch include :ringing tones, notifications, call volume, media,alarms and othersound systems... Music sound increaser with musicequalizer volumeboost 🚀 Lock Screen with Media Session for VolumeBooster Pro MusicPlayer Lock Screen make easier music playing,freely switch themusic you want without unlocking your screen. 🚀Head Phone VolumeBooster Support all device Volume Booster appworks on most Androiddevices. Ξ Summary for Speaker Booster Pro ♪Head Phone VolumeBooster Support all device ♪ Music sound increaserwith musicequalizer boost Increase Volume. ♪ Enhance bass boost andspeakerbooster loud and other sound effects. ♪ Volume Increasercancustomize sound for many applications in the phone. ♪ Musicplayervolume booster for headphones Ξ Volume booster is also MP3Louderis a free mobile service that allows you to increase volumelevelof MP3 audio files , tweak the volume level to make the MP3louder.If you are looking for an application that helps youincreasevolume of the gadget and more intelligent, so they canadjust thesound of the device easily and quickly, without affectingthe air.Surrounding, Volume Booster will become a useful tool /applicationand stay with you wherever you are Rate 5 stars if youlike it andenjoy your enhanced device with louder volume. Ξ Tks forUsed MusicEqualizer and Volume Booster Pro for Android
Volume Booster Sound Equalizer 1.4.8
VOLUME BOOSTER 2018 Your phone volume is too low, are youstilllooking for a solution that can solve this situation toboostvolume up?So, welcome you to our volume booster and soundequalizerapplication. With friendly interface, ultra-small size,this volumecontrol app will help you make sound increaser formaximum phonevolume with just 1 touchThe main features: - 1-clicksound louderand sound enhancer for phone without distorting tone:sound boosterfor phone, ringtone, alarm- Music player, MP3 playerwith equalizerand color visualizer effect - Increase speakerphone-Equalizer -enhance bass, music booster volume loud and other soundeffects.-Music sound increaser with music equalizer volume boost.-Supportalmost all models, include equalizer sound booster fortablet.-Simple, compact, free to volume increaserformusic.HIGHLIGHTDedicated sound modes are made for specific usingineach situationMusic: better listening music with livelysoundGame:play the game with true-to-life sound when turn on the"Game"modeMeeting: turns off all of the sounds, set your devicetovibrate mode, suitable for use in meetings or publicplaces.Sleep:when this mode is turned on, the entire sound systemis switchedoff and only turn on alarm sounds.Message: this modehelps increasethe volume of incoming messageWith this volumeenhancerapplication, audio equalizer and sound booster to makemusic volumebooster, MP3 amplifier sound booster, MP3 soundenhancer andincrease volume for calls and music player withequalizer andvisualizer. You can enjoy the sound booster andequaliser withadvanced equalizer bar without sound distortion. Soyou can enhancesound suit your requirements.Download our play musiclouder app nowto experience sound booster. Do not forget to rate 5*to supportthe developer!
PowerAudio Music Player 5.5.4
PowerAudio music player brings you the all new music experience.Itfeatures an easy to use interface and best in class audioquality.You can browse songs by albums, artists or playlists.PowerAudiomusic player has a separate tab for all your favoritetracks, youcan add songs to your favorites from any tab. PowerAudiomusicplayer supports playlists, you can create you own playlistswiththe tracks you want. This music player features apowerfulequalizer with BassBoost and Virtualizer. You can choosefrom avariety of music presets or create your custom preset. Keyfeatures- - Supports all major audio formats (mp3, m4a, wav, aac,amr, oggetc) - Equalizer with various presets - BassBoost andVirtualizer -Browse songs by albums, artists, favorites orplaylists -Multi-select - Custom queue - Add songs to favorites -Detectsheadphones (auto pause on disconnect) - Create your ownplaylists -Repeat or shuffle tracks - Set phone ringtone - Sharemedia files -Codec details (bitrate, sample frequency, channelsetc) - Deletesongs, playlists - Sort songs by name or date - Playnext option -Sort songs by date added - Sleeptimer PowerAudio musicplayer iscompletely free to use. Please note that this is notPoweramp.PowerAudio is not related to Poweramp music player in anyway.Poweramp music player is another software from anotherdeveloper.Permissions : READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : required byPowerAudio musicplayer to find songs on storage.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : requiredby PowerAudio music player todelete or modify playlists and songs.INTERNET : required byPowerAudio music player to check forupdates. WAKE_LOCK : requiredby PowerAudio music player to playmusic in background.WRITE_SETTINGS : required by PowerAudio musicplayer to setRingtone.
Bass Booster For Streaming 1.1.2
This app is designed for Android devices supporting SmartphoneorTv, You will feel a very high quality sound quality with ourbassbooster app.Sound Effects Equalizer & bass booster willproducegreat sound quality and sound when you play music streamingoroffline music.Features:User FriendlyDark theme & colorfulUIDTSDigital surroundBass BoosterFive bandEqualizerSpectralEffectsDesktop widgetOur apps are compatible withthe music player,video player and the rest running on streamingapps like Spotify,Youtube, Joox, TuneIn, Soundcloud, Google PlayMusic, Amazon Music,Apple Music, Pandora and more Note: If theEqualizer Effects cannot work normally, please turn off other MusicOr Equalizer appsand try again.
EQ Music Player Super Fx Visualizer 1.1
Feel the sensation of our music player, making your lifestylemorevigorous.This is a very simple Music Player that is easy to useandcan change theme and visualization to your taste.This MusicPlayerhas a lot of cool visualization effects and you organizeyourfavorite music into playlists easier and neatly organized.Foryourconvenience, our application provides features, Effectequalizerand bass booster will produce more sound quality, morereal soundbecause it is supported by DTSsurroundtechnology.Features:ThemeVisualizerEqualizerBassBoosterAccelerometerShakeLanguages3D surroundManage Tabs
Subwoofer Bass 3.1.1
Subwoofer Bass increases the low frequencies of your devicesnativeequalizer and actives bass booster . Features : * BassBooster *Clearer, stronger, punchy bass sound * Runs on background*Supports platforms such as Spotify, Google Play Music,Soundcloud,Apple Music * Supports all audio formats of your MusicPlayer. *Cool and user friendly interface Please use externalspeakers orheadphones for a better performance. ** Note : Anyotherapplication which uses an Equalizer at the same time, caneffect orblock Subwoofer Bass. We suggest you to STOP all othersound effectapps before using Subwoofer Bass.
Extreme Bass Booster + EQ 1.4.1
Dev Masterz
Extreme Bass Booster and the Effect of BassBosster + theEqualizerEnhances the sound quality coming out of your android.Ofcourse youwant to experiance high quality sound and Music but mostsoundbooster, volume of phone speakers and headphones seems low andwithlow quality especially when you try to increase it so, howtoincrease volume? equalizer 2 and without losing quality? ThisisExtreme Bass Booster + EQ App with our new algorithm we'vecreatedan Audio Eq , sound booster, and music player at the sametime ,This is one of the best Equalizer & Bass Booster playeronAndroid, that can improve the sound quality of your Androiddevice,implying unprecedented sound quality.Improve the sound ofyourmusic on a whole new interface even simpler and elegant.Perfectfor maximizing sound volume, listening to your favoritesongs andplaylists and revisiting your music.Bass Booster,Virtualizerimprove sound quality on your Android device. Make yourmusicsounds like never before.Support folder player.Equalizer isavolume slider with live music stereo led VU meter and fivebandequalizer with Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects.Use ExtremeBassBooster + EQ x3 professional audio, video decoding technologythatallows high-fidelity music and video playback. In addition,mostProfessional Equalizer & Sound Booster will help youmanuallyset the music for your exclusive property.Extreme BassBooster + EQis a ten-band music player. Play your favorite songswith ultimateadjuster available in this player. To give extra basseffect useExtreme Bass Booster + EQ system. Tune yourself with realaudioeffects and balance sound with Left-Right stereo adjuster.Became amaster of music to control everything on your fingertips insingleapps. Adjust 10 band extreme bass booster equalizer toenhancesound quality and save your bands to listen same anytimeanywhere.With Equalizer & Sound Booster You can select soundeffectinstantly by default presets. UI and swipe feature of BassBoosterand Equalizer allow you to easy control of music player.Easilylisten vocal only of songs with vocal tuner with Equalizer&Sound Booster.Bass Booster effect and Equalizer making mediafilesproduce quality sound in a Digital DTS surroundsupport.Features ofthe App and how to increase volume : - Play andBrowse your musicby artists, albums, songs, playlists, folders...-Very easy tomodify sounds frequencies with 10 band equalizer.- Easyto UseMedia volume control- Very strong song search tool to playsongquickly, the bass booster tuner enhance bass effect onheadphoneand woofer.- Five band equalizer- Power Boost button allowyou toboost bass instantly, Vocal allow you listen only vocal.-ExtremeBass Booster effect- Equalizer 3D Surround Sound- BalanceL/R(Left-Right) and use mono also to perfect sound, Selectdefaultpresets to switch sound type easily.- Turn off and turnonequalizer effect- Shuffle/repeat-- Bass Enhancer-- Fivebandequalizer-- DTS Digital surround-- Spectral Effects --Widgetdesktop- . Free music player app have sleep timer feature.Songsautomatically stop after some time set by you.- Editplayinglistand increase volume android using the extreme bassboosterequalizer 2 - Now playing allow you to drag drop songs andarrangeto play in order one by one. - Delete Song from sdcardIf youlikeour Extreme Bass Booster + EQ App give us some encouragementformore creativity in our next works, Enjoy The new quality ofthesoundsThis application recommendation for you who like the soundofoptimal volume level sounds much louder.
Mp3 player - Qamp 1.1.061
Qamp is a powerful music player and mp3 player for Android. 10Bandequalizer equalizer Mp3 player The equalizer allows you to getthebest sound effects levels from your music or voice from yourphone.Apply Equalizer Presets based on the Music Tap or quicklycreateyour own custom preset with the 10-band Equalizercontroller.Features: - mp3, mp4 / m4a (including alac), ogg, wma,flac, wav,ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff player 10-band, optimized visualstabilizerfor all supported formats, preloads and special loads -SeparateBass setting - stereo, mono mixing, balance - replay -ShufflePlayback - play tracks from folders and your own library -dynamicrange - song search - headphone support, automatic playbackwithheadphones on - stop playing music on the phone call, keepplayingthe phone automatically after the phone call / conversation- settheme - sleep timer - can be customized at high level throughthesettings
Equalizer, Bass Booster & Volume Booster - EQ 1.5.3
The most profession Equalizer app for Metal Style, Improve thesoundquality for your android device with the true globalEqualizer, Bassbooster ,Volume booster and Surround Sound.Use withheadphones forbest results, Implying unprecedented sound quality.🎧Features ofEqualizer App 🎧——★★★★★——• Volume EQ - Five bandsEqualizer lets youadjust sound effect levels so that you get thebest out of yourMusic or Audio coming out of your phone.•Equalizer presets -Includes Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk,Heavy Metal, Hip hop,Jazz, Pop and Rock . It provide you powerfulEQ and differenttones.Can Save and Edit EQ preset.• Volume booster- Mediasound(music, video); notification sound; ringtone; alarm,bothheadphone volume booster and earphone volume booster• Bassbooster -The most professional Bass, Thanks to the professionalaudiodecoding technology, the bass booster will improve yoursoundquality to led you enjoy the best music free.• Sound spectrum-Youcan watch the wonderful visual sound spectrum at the same timeyoulistening to songs. All the sound spectrums move according totheaudio rhythm.• Shortcut of EQ - Create widgets, just one touchtoon/off the equalizer for your phone.• More Highlights-Virtualizer, Stereo led VU meter, Works with most Music andVideoPlayers.Equalizer App Installation and usage:🎛️ 1. Effect OnMusicOr Audio▪️ Runing your Music player and play your music▪️Runingthe Equalizer & Bass Booster app then adjust sound levelandfrequency.▪️ Put on headphones for a best results🎛️ 2. EffectOnVideo▪️ Just like effect on Music or Audio, adjust the soundleveland frequency, then, let it run in background.▪️ Runing yourVideoplayer and play your video▪️ You must get a good effectsoundresults for video❤️ If you have any feedback about Musicequalizerwith volume boost app, please comment below or email todeveloper.We always keep track of your feedback to improve andcreate betterBass and volume booster loud app.💯
KX Music Player 1.7.1
KX Music Equalizer, Not only a Professional music player, but alsoaIntuitive Equalizer to improve your music sound quality. Whatthesound effect you want, just slide your finger! Simple, UsefulandInnovative Controls. The most professional Music Playerdesignedfor music enthusiasts Using the professional audiodecodingtechnology to make the music be played perfect realizationofhigh-fidelity playback. And, The most professionalinnovativeequalizer to help you adjust your own music exclusive.Use withheadphones for a best results(stereo effect, surroundeffect, andso on) Support formats: MP3, MP4, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV,AIFF, MIDI,AAC, 3GP, XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX, MO3, MP4, M4A, OTAKeyFeatures: * quickly browse and play your music by artists,albums,songs, playlists, folder * Five bands Equalizer * Bass Boosteffect* Virtualizer effect * Reverberation (Small Room, MediumRoom,Large Room, Medium Hall, Large Hall, Plate) * Media volumecontrol* Stereo led VU meter * 3D Surround Sound * 17 types ofpre-setmusic tone for your choice (Normal, Classic, Dance, Flat,Folk,Heavy, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, Latin, Acoustic,Piano,Electronic, Vocal Booster, Deep). Or you can manually adjusttheequalizer. * Turn off and turn on the sound effect * Musicsurroundleft and right * Notification Status support: displayalbumartwork, title and artist, play/pause, next, previous CONTROLSinnotification status. * Headset Support, Support one buttonormultiple buttons headsets. Leave your phones in the pocket.*Shuffle/repeat * Delete Song from sdcard * Edit playinglistJustshare it with your friends via facebook,e-mail,SMS...
Equalizer FX 3.3.2
The Equalizer FX allows you to improve sound quality of yourandroiddevice to get more to enjoy of listening music.TheapplicationEqualizer FX lets you adjust the sound effect levels soyou can getthe better out of your music.Application includes: -Equalizer.Audio filter to change the frequency envelope of thesound. - Bassboost. Audio effect to boost or amplify lowfrequencies of thesound. - Virtualization. Audio effect tovirtualize audio channels.Allow you to enhance stereo effect. -Loudness Enhancer. LoudnessEnhancer is an audio effect forincreasing music loudness. (Only forAndroid 4.4 and higher) - 12presets. Also you able to create yourown presets.The applicationworks with music players and audiostreaming services like Pandora,Spotify, TuneIn Radio, VK, etc. -Equalizer Widgets for your homescreen. - Automatically on/off whenmusic player starts/stopsplaying music. - Flexibleconfiguration.Note: Equalizer FX is notworking with FM radio.SinceAndroid Oreo you can hide icon viaAndroid settings.To get equalizerwork on Lollipop go toapplications settings and select allapplications. Find the MusicFXapplication clear the Applicationdata for this application andthen install Equalizer FX. After thatwhen you start music playerand select equalizer option newequalizer fx will be available.
Bass Booster - Equalizer 1.1.5
Bass Booster with the best five band Equalizer, Bass BoostandVirtualizer effects, adjust and amplify sound quality withbuilt-inequalizer. Easily improved your music and audiolisteningexperience.Easy to control your sound effects from now on.And getlive audio readings of your current music volume level. Arealmusic booster.Key Features:* Media volume control* Fivebandequalizer* Bass boost effect* Virtualizer effect* 20+professionalmusic genres presets* Save customize presets* ReverbPresets*Delete, Edit, Rename Presets* Dynamic audio map* Homescreenwidget* Customize UI themes* 3D Surround Sound* EasycontrolEqualizer effect on and off * Works with streaming musiclikePandora, Spotify, etc* Notification shortcut available forquickaccess* Fully optimized for phones and tablets* NorootrequiredBass Booster does not work with all music players.Somehave equalizers of their own, and others are just notcompatible.If you have issues with your music player, please turnoff theother equalizer music app or restart your device, then tryagain..We recommend using Google Play Music.
HD Music Player 2.0.1
HD Music Player is the 2017 new best music player for yourAndroidphone.If you want to listen and feel the beat of music likemusicvideos of EDM - dance music - club music, this is thebestchoice.HD Music Player has so many gorgeous visualizerscreensavailable for downloading and will be updated frequently.Ifyou area music lover you should try it once!KEY FEATURES:✪ Supportallkinds of music as other music player (Mp3 , Wav , Aiff , M4a ,Ogg, Acc , Flac … etc)✪ Have more than awesome 17 visualizerscreenfor downloading and will be updated(try it!!!)✪ HavepowerfulEqualizer that supports so many presets: Dance, Pop,Classic, Jazz,Hip-hop,Flat...✪ Have perfect Bass Booster andVirtualizer.✪ Canedit the information of track(ID3 Tag).✪ an changethe backgroundof application depend on album art.✪ Have 3 gorgeousskins:Default, Dark,Light. ✪ Can play hidden songs in your device✪Suportmore than25languages:English,Arabic,French,German,Czech,Chinese,Bengali...Specialthanksto: - By Burhan 2010 for Turkish language support. - MajidaWhalefor chinese language support.
JBL Music 3.0
The JBL Music App is the best companion software for all yourJBLspeakers! With it you can:- Stream music from your mobile devicetoany JBL speaker using Bluetooth. - Tweak and tune soundperformanceto suit your taste by adjusting audio equalization andenablingenhancement of compressed audio (with select speakers). -Takecontrol, switching audio sources or EQ modes and evenchangingthemes of lighting modes remotely (for JBL Pulse). - FindFAQs andowners manuals.Download now and HEAR THE TRUTH.
Volume Booster - Bass Booster with Equalizer 1.10
Office tool
🎧 🎧 Volume Booster - Bass Booster with Equalizer 🎧 🎧 willincreasevolume when you want to make the speakers on my phone soundlouder,when you want louder music volume boost and bass booster.VolumeBooster - Bass Booster with Equalizer is an excellentvolumecontrol app that controls Android phone volume for allsoundstreams (music player, voice, alarm, system). You can easilyboostyour phone sound to maximum by just one key. This applicationcanboost volume on phone with only one tap without distortingthesound. With Volume Booster - Bass Booster with Equalizer youcancreate great sound booster, speaker booster when listeningtomusic, music player, watching movies. 🎧 🎧 Features of tomakeVolume Booster - Bass Booster with Equalizer work for volumelouder🎧 🎧 🔊 Equalizer sound booster, bass booster. 🔊 Turn on / offmusicplayer with volume boost 🔊 Boost bass and volume booster loud🔊Bass boost - sound booster effect 🔊 Media volume controlwithvolume booster 🔊 Stereo surround sound booster effect 🔊Bassbooster for headphones 🔊 Playing music with speaker boostereffect🔊 The "System Sound" in this Speaker Booster includeringtonesound, notification sound, DTMF and other system speakerbooster,sound booster. 🔊 Adjust and amplify sound quality withbuilt-insound equalizer, bass boost and get live visual audioreadings ofyour current music level. 🔊 Music Equalizer EQ: VolumeBooster -Bass Booster with Equalizer enables music booster, speakerboosterand you can adjust your sound booster with a five-bandequalizer. 🔊Amazing Equalizer is an all-in-one bass booster -volume booster -sound booster, that offers brilliant sound quality🔊 Bass boost ofany audio device with just one touch. 🔊 SoundBooster reallyperfect your music listening experience with EQVolume Booster1-tap can booster sound to super louder in threemodes: ♪ Speakerbooster of phone ♪ Headphone volume booster ♪Bluetooth Headset andvolume boost ♪ Alarm sound booster VolumeBooster - Bass Boosterwith Sound Booster is an excellent volumecontrol app that controlsAndroid phone volume for all soundstreams(music, voice, alarm,system). 🔹 Volume Booster - BassBooster with Equalizer isabsolutely the most amazing sound boosterand music booster in2018. You can not only boost your volume andcontrol volume, butalso play music with equalizer and bass booster,volume boost likemegaboom. You can use all these professionalfunctions free inVolume Booster - Bass Booster with Equalizer. 🔹Volume Booster forAndroid Sound Louder will volume boost to max andincrease soundquality according to your android device. 🔹 SoundBooster SoundBooster will let you adjust sound booster effectlevels in order toget the best music and audio megaboom coming outof your androidSmartphone or tablet. 🔹 Speaker Booster ControlSpeaker Boosterlite from your android device with Volume boosterStart yourfavorite music player directly from speaker booster. 🔹MusicEqualizer EQ Music booster enables you to adjust your soundtrackswith a five-band equalizer. There are 10 professional musicgenrespresets for your choice; they are Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop,Latin,Metal, Classical, Flat, Normal, and Custom. 🔹 Bass BoosterThanksto the professional audio decoding technology, the bass tunerandvirtualizer will improve your sound quality to let you enjoythebest music free. 🔹 Music Player - MP3 Player You have no needtodownload a music player and equalizer separately from nowon.Embedded music player allow you to play all your music andusingthe EQ and music spectrum at the same time. Volume SoundBooster isfree. Let’s download Volume Booster - Bass Booster withEqualizerand share the way how to make your phone volume louder tofriends.
equalizer & bass amplifier high quality 2018 2.1.1
have you ever wanted an extra bass booster in your favouritetracks? equalizer & bass amplifier is your best choice . withhighquality bass booster and equalizer visualizer you can add asmanyeffects to enhance your music and enjoy extra bass in yousongs.using headphons to listen to you music can not allwayspreform agood bass effect , with equalizer sound booster likeptions you canlisten to your tracks with high quality subwooferboost effectsmake it possible for you to mix, edit and customizethe sound ofyour tracks to ensure an optimal music listeningexperience. , howawesome is that can be. Equalizer HQ features:*Equalizer the newstandard when it comes to music player! * Boostand improve yourbass booster sound quality and volume thanks toEqualizer player !* equalizer volume app is both a music trackplayer and a frequencyequalizer. Access your own music library.*Music Equalizer enablesyou to control 4 different band frequencies.Adjust each ¡lter tobring out the* bass amplifier and soundequilizer for Androidwithout distorting tone. * Both increase bassa for headphones orearphone volume eq. * Customize sound for manyapplications in thephone. * Enhance bass, music bass equalizer andother sound e×ects.* Bass increaser app with music equalizervertializer. * Supportalmost all models, include equalizer bassbooster for Androidtablet. * Simple, compact, free to boost bassequalizer for music.Exclusive options to discover: - BASS BOOST: toboost the volume ofyour bass like never before! - You can saveoption to record yourcustomized frequency presets - “DUALSCREEN”option to display yourequalizer on a second screen - Visualizer togive birth to yoursound: watch the sound move directly from yourmobile, the way oneused to with Windows Media Playereq equalizer HQcomes with awesomewidget for more controlling your music bass andequalize yourtracks and vertialize your sounds.equalizer & bassamplifierhigh quality is a 3 in 1 music app: Vertializer, MusicEqualizerand Bass Booster. Finally, you’ll be able to visualizeyour soundthanks to a spectrum analyser, directly available fromtheapp.THANK YOU .
Music Player 3D Pro 1.3.8 - AudioTrack - O
**The best mp3 player for your Android phone**Note:This isofflinemp3 player,it only support play the tracks that areavailable onyour device!!!*KEY FEATURES:-Supports files : MP3, AAC,WAV, AIFFand more.-Supports sound effects : - Equalizer with 5bands - Bassboost can up to 1000 strengths. - Virtualizer can up to1000 too. -3D effects with full settings like : decay time,reflection levels,diffusion... - Speed settings : help you canadjust speed when playmusic. - Visualizer : supported for landscapebackgrounds.-Haveawesome widget.-Have sleep timer.-Havenotification mediacontroller, can access directly songs list onnotification mediacontrol box.-Play music in background mode.-Sortssongs by Folder ,Albums , Artist , Playlist , Genres...-Can createyour ownplaylist.-Can create your own audio headsets.-10audioheadsets(include:"cartoon" and "cartoon 3D" audio headset,haveyoutried it?) and 5 themes (1 album art view and 4landscapebackgrounds)available.*CONTACT:-Facebook:[email protected]:Ifyou have any problem dont beshy,let's contacts me :).
Volume Booster 1.0
Without music, Life is colorless. If you are Music Lover thanyouwant to listen music Loud Sound with Extra sound Effect likeBass,Virtualizer and 3D Sound Effects.We will provide your deviceHighQuality of sound effects. Install it and Enjoy.>>VolumeBooster + Bass Booster>> 10 bandEqualizer>>Visualizer>> Visualizer>> Stereo MonoLeft RightBalance Control>> Surround Effect>> 3dReverbControl>> Treble effect>> LoudnessEnhancer>>Many Reverb Presets>> 12 EqualizerPresets>> Play musicin Floating Mode>> Shake to NextSong>> Excellent Musiclibrary with all FeaturesIf you thinkany problem occurs duringplaying :please Report :[email protected]> Please plusHeadphone for listen Highquality of Sound Effects.
The equalizer : Bass Booster - sounds booster 2018 1.6.3
alex xwan
🔊 Welcome to the best equalize and bass booster 🎧🚀 The mostperfectand professional music equalizer app for you to enjoy yourfavoritemusic. 🚀 Music Equalizer Booster allows you to adjust yoursoundtracks with a five-band equalizer and enjoy a powerfulbassamplifier. This Equalizer for Android will play your music withastereo sound of live music LED VU meter and variouswonderfulvisual sound spectrum. You will absolutely enjoy thisfestival ofsound and vision. 🚀 Application increase the volume ofthe phonewhen you listen to music or when you want a louder volumeformusic. This app can increase system volume with a singletapwithout sound distortion. This way, you can create great soundwhenlistening to music, watching movies, making phone calls onlinewithfriends.🚀 Improve the sound quality of your Android device withtheBass Boost, Virtualizer and Equalizer. Make your music andvideosound booster like never before.Bass Booster allows you toadjustthe sound effects levels so that you get the best musicequalizeout of your music, audio or video coming out of yourdevice. 🔊 7Reasons to Increase Volume Booster and music Equalizerfor Android♪ Increase volume of any audio device with just onetouch ♪ soundlouder – speaker booster – music eq ♪ the equalizer 2is anall-in-one music player - equalize - bass booster thatoffersbrilliant sound quality♪ Music Visualizer plays music andrendersbeautiful visualized effects.♪ Boost sounds settings forringingtones, notifications, call volume, media, alarms and othersoundsystems.♪ Sound Booster really perfect your musiclisteningexperience with EQ♪ Equalizer movies, video, music andaudioΞimprove volume quality - Bass boost & VirtualizereffectsThanksto the professional audio decoding technology, thebass amplifierand virtualizer will enhance your sound qualitydirected you enjoythe best free music.🔊 Main function:Ξ Systemvolume amplifierΞ Doesnot distort the sound while increasingΞFlexible control volume anddu speed booster Ξ Customize the sounfor many applicationsΞActivate / deactivate quicklyΞ amplifier thevolume of an audiovolume increaserΞletasoft sound boosterΞ Severalpreset Eqs ansbooster soundΞ Increase the bass - bass booster proΞVirtual effectand sound enhancerΞspeakerboosterapps----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------🔊Thanksfor Used Equalizer and Volume Booster Pro for your Android🔊 If youhave questions you can send as a message. You can find ouremailaddress below. Our support team will try to answer everyoneas soonas possible.
Storm Mp3 Player 3D 4 Android 1.2.1 + Optimization
*****************Note:If you get crashes,plzgo solution forthat!!!!!!!!!!!*****************************Youshould take a goodheadphone to take better effects!You can playall your songs in 3Deffect with my player. Let's try it to enjoynew feelings.This Storm3D Mp3 Player support:+Audio type: supportsall types that otheraudio players supportedas:Mp3,WAV,OGG,MID....+Audio manager: it canhelp you createplaylist,add songs to playlist, delete playlist,deletesongs...+Equalizer: this audio player support 5 bandsfrequency.You can also use EQ( equalizer ) presets like : Pop ,Classic, Rock...+Bass boost effect: you can change the bass boosteffect withthis function. It will be useful for peoples who likelisteningbass.+Virtualizer: using this function will make you songsbecomemore virtual. Try it!+3D Effect: This function use audioreverb tomake sounds become more like 3D sounds. I think you willlike thiseffect. Let try it at night when you are being in the bedbeforeyou get sleep or you can also try it in a quiet environmentto getbest experiences.+Visualizer: this player also have somevisualizereffect to show you what the sound look like. I bet youwill feelit's very beautiful. I'll update more to give youamazingvisualizers.You can make a settings on your own and use it.If youdont understand to settings your own audio effect. Don'tworry! Youcan choose between audio effect presets: strong bass,normal bass,thin bass, 3d effect, fusion effect 1 , 2, 3 and puresound with noeffect. I'll update and fix bugs. If you have anyproblems withStorm 3D Mp3 Player you can contact to Email:[email protected]: Thank forreading and goodluck have fun and dont forget to rate my app ifyou like it!
Volume Booster - Amplifier Volume 1.2
Dream Apps.
Volume Booster - Amplifier Volume is Simple, small, free apptoboost your speaker or headphone sound volume. Useful formovies,audio books and music. Volume Booster - Amplifier Volume isanexcellent volume control app that controls Android phone volumeforall sound streams(music, voice, alarm, system). Volume Booster-Amplifier Volume is a volume slider with live music stereo ledVUmeter, and five band Equalizer, with Bass Booster and3DVirtualizer effects. You are unable to independently adjustthemusic volume, alarm volume, call voice volume and othersystemvolumes. Thanks to this Phone Sound Booster, you can easilyadjustall these in few seconds. Volume Booster will increaseyourspeakers volume up to 70-80%. Your phone is not onlyamplifiedmusic and volume louder but also the quality of sound isbetterthan the original. The sound booster for android does notdistortwhen the amplifying sound to its highest level byeffectivemonitoring functions. Improve the sound quality of yourandroiddevice with the first true global Equalizer, Bass BoostandSurround Sound. Equalizer & Bass Booster lets you adjustsoundeffect levels so that you get the best out of your Music orAudiocoming out of your phone. Free Live Music Player is astunningMusic Player, beautifully crafted with Material Design inmindSupport formats: MP3, MP4, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, AIFF, MIDI,AAC,3GP, XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX, MO3, MP4, M4A, OTA MainFeature:Media Volume control ✔ Five band music Equalizer ✔ BassBoosteffect - speaker booster ✔ Virtualizer effect ✔ Speaker ofphone ✔Bluetooth Headset ✔ Headphone volume booster ✔ 9 Equalizerpresets✔ Stereo led VU meter ✔ Loudness enhancer - Volume boostamplifier(Only for Android version 4.4 and higher) ✔ Bass boosterforheadphones ✔ Ringtones MP3 Play your local songs ✔ Amplifierforheadphones ✔ Sound equalizer ✔ Music Amplifier ✔Musicvisualization ✔ Equalizer sound booster ✔ Audible soundspectrumFeature: 1. Increase all sound stream volume to maximum, noneed toindependently louder speaker volume, loud alarm clock,loudringtones, or louder music volume etc. 2. Turn your phoneintosilent mode, it is so convenient when you are on a meeting orgoingto bed. 3. Music sound Increaser with music equalizer volumeboost.5. Improve Sound Quality - Bass boost & Virtualizereffect,Stunning visual sound spectrum 6. Sound louder and soundenhancerfor android without distorting tone. 7. Enhance bass, musicboostervolume loud and other sound effects. 8. The "System Sound"in thisSpeaker Booster include ringtone sound, notification sound,DTMFand other system sounds. You can choose three types of Volumeto beboosted: * Media player volume * Ringer volume * Alarm volume*Notification Volume * System Volume * Enable or disableVolumeBoost from active notification * Control Volume Booster fromyourandroid device. * Start your favorite music player directlyfromVolume Booster. Amplifier Volume and Bass Booster MusicPlayerallows you to adjust your sound volume with a five-bandequalizer.Volume Booster provides 9 professional music genrespresets foryour choice, They are Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin,Metal,Classical etc. Equalizer presets based on music genres Thereare 10professional music genres presets for your choice, theyareHip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal, Classical, Flat,Normal,Custom. Volume Booster with music stereo LED VU meter Themusicstereo LED VU meter will let you enjoy the vision and sound ofmp3music in the same time. Improve Sound Quality - Bass boost&Virtualizer effect Thanks to the professional audiodecodingtechnology, the bass booster and virtualizer will improveyoursound quality to led you enjoy the best music free. VolumeSoundBooster is free and will always be like that.
Equalizer - Volume Booster & Bass Booster 1.3.6
Improve your Music or Audio quality with the first trueglobalEqualizer, Bass Boost and Virtualizer. Make it your Androiddevicesounds like never before.Equalizer is a volume slider withlivemusic stereo led VU meter and five band Equalizer with BassBoostand Virtualizer effects.Equalizer lets you adjust soundeffectlevels so that you get the best out of your Music or Audiocomingout of your phone.Use with headphones for bestresults.Features:*Media volume control* Five band Equalizer* BassBoost effect*Virtualizer effect* 10 Equalizer presets* Stereo ledVU meterWorkswith most Music and Video players.Simple Installationand usage:1.Effect for Music or Audio* Turn on the Music player andplay yourmusic* Turn on the Equalizer application and adjust soundlevel andfrequency.* Put headphones for a best results*To closeapplicationand remove from Status Bar long press application closebutton.2.Effect for video* Just like effect for Music or Audio,adjust thesound level and frequency, than, let it run inbackground.* Turn onthe Video player and play your video* You mustget a good effectsound results for video
EQ Music Player Equalizer 11
EQ Music Player Equalizer Intuitive player, uses simpleandinnovative controls. The most professional player designedformusic enthusiasts! equalizer Music player is a power musicwhichwith equalizer ,bass booster and Visualizer. Improve 3dsoundquality on your Android device. Make your music and videosoundslike never before. Using the professional audio effects andvideodecoding technology, it will play the music and videoperfectly andrealise high-fidelity playback. Besides, the mostprofessionalequalizer controls will help you manually adjust yourown musicexclusively. Equalizer+ is the most complete music playerenablingyou to adjust your surround sound booster tracks with afive-bandbass equalizer and enjoy a powerful bass amplifier! Accessyourmusic library directly from the app.Play with audio filters togetthe eq bass and sound booster best audio quality out of yourmusic.Amplify even more yoursurrounded bass sounds thanks to thebassbooster option. Rediscover your music thanks to the newfreeequalizer app! We recommend you to use the power subwoofer appwithyour headphones or speakers. Turn up the volume booster 2018eqbassboosterand enjoy a genuine mp3 music booster! Features : EQMusicPlayer Equalizer - bass boost effect - Five bands musicequalizer -Surround equalizer control. - Media volume control -Custom yourPlaylist - Headset/Bluetooth Speaker Controls - Supportbothheadphone and speaker. - Bass Volume Booster - 5 Band stereoMusicequalizer - Virtualizer effect - Compatible with all musicplayers- Support both Android tablet and phone. Effect for Music orAudio- Turn on the Music player and play your music - Turn ontheequalizer & bass booster application and adjust 3d soundleveland frequency. - Put headphones for a best results - Tocloseapplication and revmove from Status Bar long pressapplicationclose button. Improve your phone or tablet's surroundsound qualitywith the best equalizer app. free bass booster andequalizer letsyou adjust surrounding sound effect levels so thatyou get the bestaudio quality sound booster. Music equalizer is avolume sliderwith band equalizer pro with stereo bass boost andVirtualizereffects. Make it your bass equalizer Android sounds likeneverbefore.It's time to improve your music listeningexperience.Download this free "EQ Music Player Equalizer" and enjoyyour Musicsongs.
Equalizer & Bass Booster 1.5.4
Improve the sound quality of your android device with the firsttrueglobal Equalizer, Bass Boost and Surround Sound. Make yourandroiddevice sounds like never before. Equalizer & BassBooster is avolume slider with live music stereo led VU meter andfive bandEqualizer with Bass Booster and Virtualizer effects.Equalizer &Bass Booster lets you adjust sound effect levels sothat you get thebest out of your Music or Audio coming out of yourphone. Use withheadphones for best results. Features: * Five bandEqualizer * BassBoost effect * Virtualizer effect * 10 Equalizerpresets * Mediavolume control * Stereo led VU meter Works withmost music player,video player and radio FM. Simple Installationand usage: 1. Effectfor Music or Audio * Turn on the Music playerand play your music *Turn on the Equalizer & Bass Boosterapplication and adjustsound level and frequency. * Put headphonesfor a best results *Toclose application and revmove from StatusBar long press applicationclose button. 2. Effect for video * Justlike effect for Music orAudio, adjust the sound level andfrequency, than, let it run inbackground. * Turn on the Videoplayer and play your video * Youmust get a good effect soundresults for video
Music Vol Equalizer 5.3
Improve your android device music sound by using this app Youenjoymany types of sounds by adjust different levels. MusicEqualizerhas 5 band equalizer controller with bass effect. **Inbuilt musicplayer. ** Five band equalizer ** 9 equalizer presets** Bass Boosteffects ** Volume boost effects. ** Inbuilt Play PauseSong listand Next Button.
Equalizer - Music Bass Booster
The most perfect and most professional music paradise for youtoenjoy your favorite music. Music Equalizer Sound Boosterenablesyou to adjust your sound tracks with a five-band equalizerandenjoy a powerful bass amplifier. This Equalizer for Androidwillplay your music with live music stereo LED VU meter andvariouswonderful visual sound spectrum. You will absolutely enjoythisfeast of sound and vision.☆You control the sound!Music EQenablesyou to adjust your sound tracks with a five-band equalizer.You canDIY your own music style and save it to local or edit it asyourmusic editor☆ Improve Sound Quality - Bass boost &VirtualizereffectThanks to the professional audio decodingtechnology, thebass booster and virtualizer will improve your soundquality to ledyou enjoy the best music free.☆ Provide 10 equalizerpresets basedon music genresThere are 10 professional music genrespresets foryour choice, they are Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin,Metal,Classical, Flat, Normal, Custom.☆ Volume Booster with musicstereoLED VU meterThe music stereo LED VU meter will let you enjoythevision and sound of mp3 music in the same time.☆ Wonderfulvisualsound spectrumYou can watch the wonderful visual soundspectrum atthe same time you listening to songs. All the soundspectrums moveaccording to the audio rhythm.☆ Music PlayerControlDisplay thesong title and artist, provide play/pause, nextsong, previoussong, and other control of your music player.Tips:Useyourheadphones for a better effect.To completely exit the app,pleaseclick the close button on the notification.You will enjoy allthefunction above totally free, from our Music Hero Studio.
Improve your phone or tablet's sound quality with the firsttrueglobal Equalizer app and home-screen widget! Equalizer letsyouadjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out ofyourMusic or Audio coming out of your phone. Apply EqualizerPresetsbased on Music Genre, or quickly create your own custompreset withthe 5 band Equalizer controller. Additional AudioEffects supportedinclude: Bass Booster, Virtualizer and ReverbPresets. ★Permissions: Requires INTERNET_PERMISSION fordownloadingadditional widget skins. ★ Requires Android 2.3Gingerbread or up.Custom ROMs may not work due to issues with theROM. If your ROMworks please post so that others know. If you haveissues, pleasecontact us and let us know what ROM you are using.Features: ★ 11Stock Presets ★ Preset auto-detection (See list ofsupportedplayers below) ★ 5 Band-level Equalizer Controller ★ Audiosamplerto test your Equalizer settings ★ Bass Booster ★ Virtualizer★Reverb Presets ★ Integrates with stock Android Music player ★Workson both wired and Bluetooth A2DP headsets ★ Works withstreamingmusic like Pandora, Spotify, etc. ★ Power Mode optionstoenable/disable effects ★ Beautiful 4x1 and 2x1 Equalizerwidgetsfor your home-screen ★ Additional widget skins availablefordownload ★ Transparent background mode available for widgets★Notification shortcut available for quick access ★ Fullyoptimizedfor phones and tablets ★ No root required Full featuresinclude:(Requires purchasing Unlock key) ★ Save Custom Presets ★Delete,Edit, Rename Presets ★ Create Home-screen shortcut forPresets ★Backup and Restore Presets from SD card Stock presetsinclude: ★Normal ★ Classical ★ Dance ★ Flat ★ Folk ★ Heavy Metal ★Hip Hop ★Jazz ★ Pop ★ Rock ★ Latin (New) Equalizer does not workwith allmusic players. Some have equalizers of their own, andothers arejust not compatible. If you have issues with your musicplayerplease contact us. We recommend using Google Play Music,MeridianMobile, or Omich player. Installation of Unlock Key: Thisis anunlock key and not a stand-alone application, all you need todo isdownload the key and install it on your device. The first timeyouopen it you will see a dialog and you will then be taken toourEqualizer application, that's all you need to do! Weappreciateyour feedback and encourage you to help us improve ourproducts.Visit our website anddon't forgetto check out our other apps in the market. Known issuewithJellybean devices: Audio is not as loud when equalizer isenabled.See link for moredetails: Apps, LLC
Music Player &Equalizer-Free Download Music Player 1.3.3
Music Player & Equalizer is a powerful Equalizer musicplayerand audio player for Android with bass booster, music eq,musiclibrary, and stylish UI theme. Music Player & Equalizerenablesyou to adjust your sound tracks with a five-band equalizerandenjoy a powerful bass amplifier. If you are looking for anaudioplayer that simple, light weight, giving you perfect soundwithbeautiful graphics and visualizers, this music app may comesyoubest choice. Free download Music Player now. This mp3playersupports all popular sound formats such as: MP3, MP2, MP1,OGG,WAV, AIFF, MIDI, AAC, AAC , 3GP, XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX,MO3,MP4, M4A, OTA etc Key Features: * Browse and play your musicbyalbums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, folders, andalbumartists. * Quick search and play- Search for your musicquickly *Lyric support. Automatic scan and match your loack lyricfiles ,search lyrics file online for your songs. * Home screenWIDGETS(4x1,2x2,4x1). * Notification STATUS play controlstatus. *Lockscreen music play control * Remember most play songs * Adjustyoursound volume with a five-band equalizer. * 20 types ofpre-setmusic tone for your choice, or you can manually adjusttheequalizer. (Normal, Classic, Dance, Folk, Heavy, Hip hop,Jazz,Pop, Rock) * DIY your own music style and save it * Stunningvisualsound spectrum * Visualization * Shake to play next/previoussong *Gorgeous UI skins, 5+ stylish theme for your choice. * Editthesong details, album name or artist name, album picture. *Headsetsupport. Support one button and multiple buttons headsets.Leaveyour device in the pocket! * Headset/Bluetooth music playControlsThanks to the professional audio decoding technology, thebassbooster and virtualizer will improve your sound quality to ledyouenjoy the best music, free downlaod music player now. Notes:Thisnot a online music downloader, we not support free onlinemusicdownload service.
Music Equalizer - Bass Booster 1.1.3
Music Equalizer with the best five band Equalizer, Bass BoostandVirtualizer effects. Easy make your music player has awesomesoundeffects and never been so professional. It is the best audioplayertool.Music Equalizer improve music or audio quality on yourAndroiddevice and get live audio readings of your current musicvolumelevel. Key Features:* Media volume control* Five bandequalizer*Bass boost effect* Virtualizer effect* 22 equalizerpresets* Savecustomize presets* Delete, Edit, Rename Presets*Dynamic audio map*Customize UI themes* 3D Surround Sound* Easycontrol Equalizereffect on and off * Works with streaming musiclike Pandora,Spotify, etc* Notification shortcut available forquick access*Fully optimized for phones and tablets* No rootrequiredEqualizerdoes not work with all music players. Some haveequalizers of theirown, and others are just not compatible. If youhave issues withyour music player, please turn off the otherequalizer music app orrestart your device, then try again.. Werecommend using GooglePlay Music.
Bass Booster and Equalizer 1.1.16
Bass Booster and Equalizer is a ten-band music player. Playyourfavourite songs with ultimate adjuster available in thisplayer. Togive extra bass effect use EQ system. Tune yourself withreal audioeffects and balanced sound with the Left-Right stereoadjuster.Became a master of music to control everything at yourfingertipsin single apps. Adjust 10 band equalizer to enhance soundqualityand save your bands to listen to same anytime anywhere. Youcanselect sound effect instantly by default presets. UI andswipefeature of Bass Booster and Equalizer allow you to easilycontrolthe music player. Easily listen vocal only of songs with avocaltuner.You Love Bass Booster and Equalizer app because:1. Veryeasyto modify sounds frequencies with 10 band equalizer.2. Verystrongsong search tool to play song quickly. 3. The bass boostertunerenhances bass effect on headphone and woofer.4. Power Boostbuttonallows you to boost bass instantly. 5. Vocal allows youlisten onlyvocal.6. Balance L/R (Left-Right) and use mono also toperfectsound.7. Select default presets to switch sound typeeasily.8. Yourplayer available in 3 theme blue like you is rock,lovely as pinkand white to descent. 9. Equalizer system isavailable.10. Volumetuner allows you to boost volume. 11. BassBooster app has amanaged music library which allows you to bettersongs search andcreate the playlist.12. Free music player app hassleep timerfeature. Songs automatically stop after some time set byyou.13.Now playing allow you to drag-drop songs and arrange to playinorder one by one. 14. Famous as bass booster amplifierandequalizer bass booster.All available preset are: 1. Dance2.HeavyMetal3. Jazz4. Flat5. Normal6. Rock7. Pop8. Folk9. LatinUsethisfree sound equalizer for phone.Note: this is free applicationandAd included.Your use of Bass Booster and Equalizer is freeofcharge in exchange for safely using some of your device'sresources(WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only when youare notusing your device. You may turn this off from the settingsmenu.Please see our TOS for furtherinformation.
Music Equalizer & Bass Booster 1.3.6
Music Equalizer & Bass Booster will amplify your bass atamaximum and provide you with a better quality sound whereveryouare! Just turn on your music player and open Music Equalizer&Bass Booster. You immediately get a clearer and strongerbasssound. Bass boost your sound and boost your music volume!EqualizerThere are 8 professional music genres equalizer presetsfor yourchoice(Classic,Dance, Metal, Hip-hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock andFlat),also enables you to adjust your sound tracks with afive-bandequalizer, you can DIY your own music style Bass BoostThanks tothe professional audio decoding technology, the bassbooster boostyour bass volume at a maximum and enhance the qualityof your soundVirtualizer A virtualizer to give you an audio liveconcert feelingin just one click. Visual sound spectrum You canwatch thewonderful visual sound spectrum at the same time youlistening tosongs. The sound spectrum move according to the audiorhythm. MusicPlayer Control Display the song title and artist,provideplay/pause, next song, previous song, and other control ofyourmusic player. Color Themes There are 12 color themes foryourchoice. Sure, This a Music Equalizer & Sound VolumeBooster,More Bass, More Sensations! Tips: Use your headphones for abettereffect. To completely exit the app, please click the switchbuttonon the notification.
DJ Songs Mixer 1.4
Folga Apps
DJ Songs Mixer with Music is an application with features remixesofthe song, the beginning, the loop to create, save and playlists.itseasy for amateur dj lovers, come with many features try it nowyouwill love this dj simulator app and makemusicprofessionally.Features:# complete EQ with gain# songlistnavigation pane# beat lock, beat sync buttons# DJ mixer withthemusic you send# Two dj scratching sounds# displays the waveformofeach mixture# DJ mixer with sound effectsUse mp3 music filessavedinto your device and apply Drums, pad, bass and perc as peryourneed and have fun. Apply scratch, kick, hats, snares, loops andusedifferent key effects to the playing sound effectNOTE: This isNOTa music player, it is a controller which requires computerwithinstalled DJ program jam (like for eg: Traktor, Virtual DJ,Mixxx,UltraMixer, Serato etc). See "Usage" menu item in applicationforrefer.
Equalizer FX. Pro 3.3.2
The Equalizer FX allows you to improve sound quality of yourandroiddevice to get more to enjoy of listening music.TheapplicationEqualizer FX lets you adjust the sound effect levels soyou can getthe better out of your music.Application includes: -Equalizer.Audio filter to change the frequency envelope of thesound. - Bassboost. Audio effect to boost or amplify lowfrequencies of thesound. - Virtualization. Audio effect tovirtualize audio channels.Allow you to enhance stereo effect. -Loudness Enhancer. LoudnessEnhancer is an audio effect forincreasing music loudness. (Only forAndroid 4.4 and higher) - 12presets. Also you able to create yourown presets.The applicationworks with music players and audiostreaming services like Pandora,Spotify, TuneIn Radio, VK, etc. -Equalizer Widgets for your homescreen. - Automatically on/off whenmusic player starts/stopsplaying music. - Flexibleconfiguration.Note: Equalizer FX is notworking with FM radio.SinceAndroid Oreo you can hide icon viaAndroid settings.
Bass Booster, Volume Booster - Music Equalizer🎚️ 2.3.4
Dreams Room
The most perfect Equalizer app for Android , Improve thesoundquality for your android device with the true globalEqualizer,Bass booster ,Volume booster and Surround Sound.🎶 You canselectsound effect instantly by default presets. UI and swipefeature ofBass booster & Volume booster allow you to easycontrol ofmusic player. Use with headphones for bestresults,Implyingunprecedented sound quality.🎼 Features of Musicequalizer App🎚️🎚️🎚️——★★★★★—— ⭐ Volume Eq ▪️ Five bands Equalizerlets you adjust soundeffect levels so that you get the best out ofyour Music or Audiocoming out of your phone. ⭐ Equalizer presets ▪️Includes Normal,Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip hop,Jazz, Pop andRock . It provide you powerful eq and differenttones.Can Save andEdit Equalizer preset. ⭐ Volume booster ▪️ Mediasound(music,video); notification sound; ringtone; alarm, bothheadphone volumebooster and earphone volume booster ⭐ Bass Booster▪️ The mostprofessional Bass, Thanks to the professional audiodecodingtechnology, the bass booster will improve your soundquality to ledyou enjoy the best music free. ⭐ Rich spectrum ▪️ Youcan see thevisualization of your sound or music,All the soundspectrums moveaccording to the audio rhythm. ⭐ Shortcut of VolumeBooster ▪️Create widgets, just one touch to on/off the equalizerfor yourphone. ⭐ More Highlights ▪️ Virtualizer ▪️ Stereo led VUmeter ▪️Works with most Music and Video Players. 🎶 Music equalizerAppInstallation and usage: 🎛️ 1. Effect On Music Or Audio ▪️Runingyour Music player and play your music ▪️ Runing the Equalizer&Bass Booster app then adjust sound level and frequency. ▪️ Putonheadphones for a best results 🎛️ 2. Effect On Video ▪️ Justlikeeffect on Music or Audio, adjust the sound level andfrequency,then, let it run in background. ▪️ Runing your Videoplayer andplay your video ▪️ You must get a good effect soundresults forvideo ❤️ If you have any feedback about Music equalizerwith volumeboost app, please comment below or email to developer.We alwayskeep track of your feedback to improve and create betterBass andvolume booster loud app.💯