Top 24 Games Similar to Duty Army Sniper

Border Army Sniper: Real army free new games 2021 1.2.1
Border Army Sniper: Real army free new games 2021 is aboutthemilitary war in mountain border Offense environments. ArmyCounterterrorism force opens new career opportunity for the modernsnipershooter who wants to become an integral part of newcounterterrorist duty. These days, counter attack operation hasturnedinto severe counter battle where the player has to performcounterfire activities of counter games. Avail this chance tobecome acounter hero and prove your rooftop snipers shooting skillascounter king. Border Army Sniper: Real army free new games2021helps you to become counter Killer and carry out thecountershooting in the best possible manner and facilitatecounterterrorist force in this newly developed counter terror warof freesniper games. For this advance sniper shooting, you have allkindsof backup of us sniper assassin under your belt to executesniperbattle in practically and effectively freegames. Moderncombat ormodern warfare new game is a revolution in new games ofbloodwarwhich has a lot of wonderful features but some arehighlightedbelow. Army Counter Terrorist Sniper Shooter features:✨Aim andshoot Tank quickly with a Rocket launcher. ✨Shoot headshotwithrealistic zoom able aim. ✨Customization of gun equipment. ✨BestHDcamera angles for better views to kill shot. ✨Genuine thrillsofactual shooting. ✨Realistic and smooth battle field.✨Challengingcampaign for new shooters. ✨Guidelines for effectivegame play tokill criminal underworld. Unknown US military shootingand usmilitary attack games as well as us combat warfare strikeagainstcounter terrorism shooter with skills of critical commandoops arein army Critical Strike. The US Army Counter terrorist forceandcritical force are busy in us military strike and counterterroristAttack. The new phase of us military sniper 3d games iswith thereal call of far battle cry which has turned into war ofcry and ispresent before the eyes of the player as military basegame. Jointhis far of cry and be live in gunfights to be the livepartner ofarmy counter terrorism department of battleground mobilegames. Thegun fights of military war games are now in counterterrorism gamewhere you have an open opportunity to be the part ofus armycounter terrorist with walk through from critical strike offpsshooting games. This is a critical attack in which huge andheavymachinery is taking part like us military truck of us armyshootinggames with the totaling of the counter fps of terroristattackgames and sniper shooting games. The terrorist games usuallylackthe counter terrorism attack of terrorist shooting games whichtheplayer confronts in this Swat shooter killing game ofroyalsurvival games. The Swat shooter games and Swat games arewithcombined and complete actions of military assault shooting gameandcounter attack game in which the player avails double dualofterrorist hunting games, PVP shooting games, us army fightinggamesand multiplayer fps shooting games with the brilliant tinctureofterrorist sniper shooting of cover strike games. Taketheresponsibility of the futuristic concerns of us commando gamesasarmy sniper shootout and cover all the requirements ofthisfrontline shooting game by skillfully clearing the criticalattackof army commando games and battleground pc games. Either,becomesniper killer or sniper shooter, the choice is open for youin thissniper war where double tangs of swat sniper and armysnipershooting keep you engaged for long periods in sniper strike3d.Initiate anti-terrorist movement for the safety of your owncountryas military shooting of military attack games is already onspecialarmy critical strike. There is dire need for some boldcontender inBorder Army Sniper: Real army free new games 2021 whocan take theresponsibility of lately tuned military strike in listof modernsniper games in list of free games.
Army Sniper Shooter Assassin 1.1
A real FPS combat calls for black ops ondutyrevenant sniper guard to save civilians from terrorist attack.Playas brave soldier in this Army sniper shooter assassin. Theinnocentcivilians are at the mercenary of elite swat force. Waraction hastriggered between the army force and dangerous criminals.With yourmodern sniper vision; Hunt down the terrorists at warzonewith akiller shot. Fight to defend SWAT army base camp locatedatmountaintop. Deploy and Infiltrate the enemy convoy forces;Unleashyour unstoppable rage attack to ambush in war. Leadtheanti-terrorist counter attack and aspire to become the bravocadetin the best sniper strike game.Join the ultimate FPS game with Army sniper shooterassassin.Start hunting hideout terrorists in the arctic mountainthat hasturned into rage battle field. As secret agent; Breach theenemyterritory and take revenge with multiple killing tactics.Usemountain sniper training tricks and stick shooting your enemiesinsnow mountains terrain. Don’t let terrorist escape; Hijacktheenemy satellite and track their hiding location.Use the modern weapons like rifle, war machine gun, ak47&mp4 guns. Be disparate as steady furious killer and carriedoutelite army shooter 3D. Destroy and demolish your enemy camp.Beprepared for the terrorist counter attack; grab your ak47 &mp4from your wide ammo collection at military arsenal. Stickshootingenemy terrorists at snow mountain and defeat your opponentsin theblack ops assassin. The biggest challenge for gunner inthisshooting game is to aim precise the target in the heavysnowfall.Avoid shooting civilians at the mountain village and dosomeprecise target killing in the winter snow.Features:• Realistic 3D snow mountain environment• 10 Anti-terrorist counter strike duty missions• Thrilling First Person Shooter Game• Multiple modern weapons like ak47 & mp4 gunEnjoy shooting terrorists guard and dangerous Russian gangsters asatrained sniper school cadet. With the best first personshootinggame; enjoy realistic war action. With the thrill ofanti-terroristattack mission, play as lone sniper commando till thelast stand.Take headshot of enemy and eliminate terrorism throughthis furycombat. Use SWAT target shooting skills to become the bestshooterof the modern elite force with the last snipersimulator.
Sniper in Real Action 1.0.1
Soldier,As a well trained sniper, you have been assigned a specialmission.Your target is to assassinate the enemies and clear thearea.We have come to know about several locations in which we seeenemiesin action. They have occupied our cities and building theircampsthere. You are appointed to raid and kill them all. Clear thearea.Select suitable location as sniping position. Take cover.Invadethe enemy base. Kill them allGood luck soldierNote:- If some developer / team / company find any asset used hereistheir trademark, please contact the developer.
Killer Shooter Crime 1.5.4
Killer Shooter Crime is the most thrillinganddangerous first person shooter sniper shooting game. Unitedwithother elite SWAT sniper force to infiltrate a mob ofevilsyndicates and high-profile targets. Sniper, it’s time to loadoutyour weapons.You are a well-trained elite member of special weapon andtacticsteam. Arm yourself with machine guns, sniper rifles andother deadlyweapons, you will navigate secret missions across theglobe toeliminate terrorists and syndicates that get the way ofworld peace.In this challenging FPS Killer Shooter Crime, we putsome newfeatures such as the laser shooting, zoom in and identifyterroristsand realistic weather condition add the new challengesto completemissions. Hold your breath, pull the trigger and letthe bulletsfly!CHALLENGING FPS FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISTS WORLDWIDE-Numerous action missions to complete-Stunning optimized HD graphics brings you an insane feelingofshooting experience-SWAT forces, elite snipers, armored vehicles and many moreenemyclasses-CHALLENGES and SURVIVAL tournament capture you very excitingandthrilling sniper headshotsADVANCED WEAPON SYSTEM-Shoot sniper rifles, railguns, assault refiles andtop-secretweapons to choose from-Gather components to expand your sniper team-Optional and full customize weapons and equipmentEASY TO PLAY, HARD TO LEARN-Each enemy unique and challenging to shoot and kill due toitsvaried AI behavior-Join in the special events to get extra rewardsKiller Shooter Crime Features:-action packed sniper shooting game-free FPS gameplay-boasting spectacular graphics and cool animation-breathtaking music and sound effects-realistic weather conditions and new challenges added toyourmissions-complicated situation, hijacked buildings and cross firing-intense battle scene and challenging missions-play as elite SWAT killer to save the world-each level with different missions to completeShow no mercy and use deadly force on criminalsandterrorists!
Master Sniper : Crime City 1.6
Master Sniper : Crime City is the citybasedgame set in the urban landscape, rooftops and sidewalks ofyourcity where terrorists have wreaked havoc and created chaosbymaking citizens their target. Master Sniper : Crime City is the3Dgame where you get to play the assassin, killer and shootertobattle,kill and eliminate the terrorists and destroy thetargetgiven to you and ensuring no terrorist is able to kill ormaketarget a simple citizen of your city. Master Sniper : CrimeCityenables you to display and showcase your sniper skills withthelevel of expertise that a professional assassin, killer andashooter can have. Master Sniper : Crime City provides an amazingindepth view of your city by giving details on where theterroristsare hiding, holding citizens on gun point, creating chaosor arebusy in breaking law and order of your city. Master Sniper :CrimeCity is your chance to shine as a responsible citizen ofyourcountry by eliminating the terrorists and theirterrororganizations. Be the best assassin for your country and showallother criminal assassins that you are the best of the bestassassinout there.You are a retired sniper who has worked with government onseveralmissions to target terrorist organizations around the worldandmaking this world a safer place to live. With the rise of thesenewterrorist organizations in your area and city, government hasaskedyou to come back to duty and help them get rid of theterroristorganizations who are breaking law and killing innocentcivilians.With Master Sniper : Crime City your job is again to bethe killer,shooter and assassin and clean the street, rooftops andsidewalksof your city from these terrorist organizations and theirkillerterrorists and keep them in your target all the time anddon’t letone single target get away without getting a bullet intheir headas a headshot from you. Master Sniper : Crime City is thegamewhere you get to play the hero by getting rid of theterroristorganizations and their terrorist killers and be the heroof yourcity. Master Sniper : Crime City is the game to kill, targetandeliminate the terrorist organizations in your city by becomingthebest shooter in the country. Being the best shooter is nowpossiblewith Master Sniper : Crime City 3D game that gives youtheopportunity to point, target, shoot and kill theterroristorganizations and their terrorist criminals who kill theinnocentcivilians of the city and who don’t think twice before thekill andtheir shooter and other killers are destroying the peace inthecity. Master Sniper : Crime City is the stage to showcaseyourassassin like skills, show the mastery of the art that a killerandan assassin must have and must possess if they want to thebestassassin, killer, shooter in the city.Master Sniper : Crime City is the best 3D game availablewithamazing graphical details of your city where crime is on theriseand terrorist organizations are wreaking havoc but you are theheroof the city and you will play the best shooter, sniper, killerforthese terrorist organizations and their law breakingterrorists.Master Sniper : Crime City is for the brave users whowant to bethe best shooter, assassin, killer and marksmen byensuring theykill, kill, and only kill the terrorist organizationsand theirkillers who are breaking law one day after another in yourbelovedcity.
American Sniper Assassin 7.7.1
American sniper assassin is a FPSactionpackedshooting war game.Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons, longdistanceshotrifles with fatal damage, machine guns andlatestmilitaryequipment.American Sniper Assassin is one of the most thrillingfirstpersonshooter sniper shooting game. With other elite swatsniperforce,infiltrate a mob of evil syndicates andhigh-profiletargets.As a well-trained elite sniper from special weapon andtacticsteam,take secret dangerous missions, eliminate terrorists.IntheAmerican Sniper Assassin World, experience the lasershooting,zoomin and identify terrorists and realistic weatherconditionsduringdifferent missions. Hold your breath, pull thetrigger andlet thebullets blow them all up!BREATHTAKING FPS WAR AGAINST TERRORIST-real fire and sniper scene-Stunning optimized HD graphics brings you an insanefeelingofshooting experience-search, aim and shoot escaped prisoners, save hostagesHigh Quality Weapons-Various sniper rifles, real guns, assault rifles andsecretweaponsto select-Collect components to expand your sniper teamTrain yourself well. Go search, aim and shootescapedprisoners.Save hostages! To be a real sniper hero
SWAT SNIPER Aim and shoot, shoot to killSWAT SNIPER FPS is a challenging shooting game!If you want to become a SWAT SNIPER terrorism, SWAT SNIPER FPSistheonly one you need to play shooting game!SAVEterroristhostage-taking as an elite SWAT team, ready for arealcrime policesimulator game tasks, such as from theundergroundmetro stationrescue the hostages. Your mission is torescue all thehostages whowere kidnapped, because there are a lotof shooters,you can notshoot the hostages, you must be careful.Glare sniperhunt andkill! Although he did not get you or yourcomrades! Thiswill killyou just need to find him, and will followshot sniperrifle aftertouching a finger!AS eliminate known terroristsThe task is a good set up to deal with each of their peoplearecruelway. This threat is real, your training will only bringdeathanddestruction to stop terrorist groups in the world, as weknowit.Governments know this, you are assigned to a specialmissiontoeliminate the threat, SWAT team members. Other policegameswillnot have this amount of depth, because the threeForceshooterWitter. Scene waiting for you, so enter thespecialpolicecommando!Game features:- Become a legendary SWAT team!- One of the most addictive shooting game on Android! youwilllikeit!- Realistic weather effects add a new challenge to your task.- Better targeting optimization control!- You want to become a sniper master? Let's see, let your guntomoveit!- The shooter is 100% free! Addictive game!- Aim and shoot, shoot to kill.As a professional sniper, you need to perform more tasks,bestofyour ability!
Gangs Prison Yard: Sniper Duty 2.0
Sablo Games
In this shooting game the main characteristhe sniper who has a mission to shoot some wild prisonerswithshotgun and rifle .Those prisoner belong to a crime city andtheyare doing crime in yard too.You will play as a role of sniper,yoursniper mission in this shooting game is to kill thekillingsubject. As a professional sniper you need to completemoremissions to the best of your ability.In this criminal game your mission is to shoot all thekillingsubjects who are in the playground of the prison you mustbecareful because there are many shooters and have weapons withthem.These killing subjects’ wants to break the jail and go out inthecrime city they want to ruin the crime city. Sniper’s duty isonlyto stop them and shoot them with gun and rifles. This criminalGameinvolving jail break tactics and real simulation ofcommandoshooting though Jail break is not an easy task but theseprisonersare very criminal they want to escape prison as soon aspossibleand they have weapons with them too. You are playing aswardensniper duty and your duty is as a jail keeper. Your snipermissionin to protect the jail and Halloween defense. You as awardensniper duty need to play wisely in dead zone prison yard.Hold yourbreath & pull the sniping silencers’ trigger in thisshootinggame and save the dead zone prison yard. the criminal gamegives anexhilarating experience to complete this mission of prisonbreakrun with the help of sniping silencers. Use your weaponswisely andkill the insane prisoners at a distance in prisoners’yard beforethey get a chance to aim at you.Complete each challenge of this criminal game and test yourskillswith your dedication.Gangs Prison Yard: Sniper Duty Features:◆ Slow motion camera effect.◆ Different and unique missions.◆ Console like realistic sniper controls.Gangs Prison Yard: Sniper Duty game is waiting foryou:< /u>You will be challenged different shapes and devastating barragesinthis real life experience Gangs Prison Yard: Sniper Duty game.Italso makes the game more interesting, more colorful picture.Easygame operation will enable you to calmly face the challengesandcomplete unique levels. Everything will show you a perfectMegagamer.Download this new game created by Sablo Games andkillthe prisoners of crime city and enjoy thecompetition!Rate our game and give feedback as your comments are valuableforus.
Desert Storm Sniper 1.0
The Sniper games are very popular on theAppmarkets because of their interests. Here is on Sniper actiongamefull of addiction, attracting beauty and real 3D Highdefinitiongraphics build in Unity 3D.The war torn area in Eastern Ukraine, there is war betweenRussiaand Ukraine going on. The Russians have destroyed the cityandoccupied the city because of their monster, fiercely attackandoperation delta in the war area.The command and control system of Ukrainian army headquarterhaveassigned a job to a Commando sniper to shoot and clear one byonethe Russian soldiers from the area and make sure the groundforcesof Ukraine come and decontrol the city.As Russian is using the contract killers and their own armytothe war area. So, it's said that Russia is strong and has gotverygood secret services for intelligence purpose in the field. So,theonly option is to use invisible complain with sniper tocounterattack the forces. The forces are spread in modern city, injunglesin the suburb and the sea side of the Island of Crimea inthe southof Ukraine near black sea.The air force, helicopters, war ships and military vehicles arethepart of the operation when Russian forces approached andoccupiedthe city one by one. So, the enemy is big, you have to beattentiveand brave to compete and kill soldiers on frontier.Game Play:There are some Army personals in the different area of wartorncity, A sniper is chasing the soldiers to shoot them one byone.Some are walking, some on military vehicles moving to anotherarea,some on watch towers for security and some are watching theareaaround the Helicopter standing on the helipad.Features of Game: Real 3D HD graphics of all models Very natural sounds effects of Shooting Multiple weapons show in the game Natural war torn city models for real look Very nice bullet effects of camera Simple and easy to play for all ages A positive and creative story base game
Terrorist Sniper Shooter Free 1.20
Our world has been under attackbyterrorists. The super powers have launched a dangerousassaultmission to blast away the gang of enemy with anti-terroristwarguns, steamy explosives, under cover agents, marines,sharpshooters and specialized military snipers. Aim of TerroristSniperShooter mission is to kill each and every terrorist fromthisplanet. Its the Best FPS sniper shooter game!
Story Line
This is the first commando mission of Terrorist Sniper Shooter.Wehave to destroy the swamp basecamp of Terrorists group havinggunsand ammunition storage at the base. Be prepared for the blendofbattle terrain, dust storm and nearby frontier WildfireMountain.Our Agencies, usmc forces and Undercover Agents have foundout thatthis base is the heart of terrorists, so we need to cutthem offfrom their base camp that lies near a mountain. Make surethemarine shooters target for headshots. Pull the trigger; widenthescope of your hunt, aiming for the headshot to kill themwithoutany firing squad. Collect as many clues as you can so thatyou canattack the next base. Cross firing may hurt your snipershooter, sostay focused. Reload your rifle every now and then sincethegunshots are limited. Battle is between the good n bad /evilforces. In Terrorist Sniper Shooter, you have got the bestcommandoanti-terrorist war guns, latest helicopters and trainedtroops withunmatchable skills to destroy the terrorist and theircamps. Enjoyattractive UI and amazing sniper simulator animationsin TerroristSniper Shooter. Once all the enemies are dead in thisbattlefield,the military assault is over.Gun Selection:
You are now weaponized with best RussianandAmerican shooting assault guns & armor. You will be givenanopportunity to choose from 2 high-tech professional gunshavingdifferent specifications. Call the death of your warrior inasmarter way that he couldn’t even hear the gun sound, not eventhedeath sound. 
• Kruger
• DragunovPower ups:
• Health: Tough Call! Wear your special “BulletProofJacket” to save yourself from dangerous attack of thebrutalterrorists in this combat.
• No Reload: Your brutal enemiesare toofast to kill you. Stop wasting your precious time onreloadingRussian Guns”Game Mode:
• Easy: Training Time! Practice your preciseandaccurate targeted shoots
• Medium: You are trained now. Workhardand practice more to be highly trained. 
• Difficult:Yourenemy are ready to attack you with the exotic destructiveweapons.Be a sniper shooter pro. Accept the challenges & fightbyentering in to the difficult mode.More Coins:
• Dead down your enemies to earn coins
• Daily bonus: Play daily to earn coins as a daily reward
• Clear the missions/levels: You will be getting coinsonclearing/completing the missionTraining Mission
 Before you proceed to real sniperterroristshooter mission. You can try aiming your target and firingon theright place. Do not get afraid of the loud boom of gunshots.Top Game Features
√ Perfect game control√ Critical mission terror
√ Stunning 3D graphics√ FPS APP
√ Easy & User Friendly InterfaceHow to Play
√ Touch and Move to aim your deadly enemy in TerroristSniperShooter Free
√ Use your anti-terrorist guns to fire your first gunshot

√ After your first person shooting, your enemy will startfiringtoo
√ Shoot him with fire button
√ Aim the laser dot for a headshotaccuracy before your enemy run away
√ Be careful about thecloseencountersWith this exciting commando shooting gameplay and amazing UI,youwould love to play Terrorist Sniper Shooter, first personshootinggame. This action filled sniper simulator game is veryinterestingto play.
Extreme Terror Sniper Hunter 1.1
Locations were identified terroristcampsSoldiers taking sniper rifle, headed to the terror ofThis adventure to be shared and trying to divide our country doyouwant to fight against the terrorist organizationHurry up and take the sniper gun off the right to terrorists totheterror campsWhen there is a terrorist training camp will not be easy toworkbecause they know very well all the terrorists hiding placesintheir respective campsYou have to keep the sniper rifle is always ready to findtheterrorists and the camps should go towards furtherdivisionThe task now is not easy to be prepared for you in the terrorsnipergun is your only friendEnemy soldiers ambushed them at the door.Before thatyou locate the enemy and destroy them.We offer the best 3D sniper game in HD quality.Fear has noplacehere.The smell of blood is going to be your favorite fragrance.A setofbinoculars and the sniper read the lives of the enemysoldiers.Calibration and precision with a handy interface for hoursandhours without getting boredis a sniper game where you can play.-HD quality-Military sniper game-3D sniper game-Destroy enemy camps-Handy gun control and movements-Easy interface-Multiple tasks-Increasing degrees of difficulty-Different map options
Army Sniper Shooting Rescue 3D 6
free army sniper shooting rescue 3D istheultimate shooting game. army sniper shooting rescue 3D is thebestshooter game there get ready for a super fun shooting game where youcan show off your shooting skills or your rescue skills. youwilllearn how to shoot . army sniper shooting rescue 3D isreallyamazing and we are sure you will enjoy thisshooter very much. so if you are a real army sniper shootingloveryou should download this app for free on your mobile phone andonyour sniper shooting rescue 3D game is an android game that letsyoutry what it takes to become a real life army expert and learnhow torescue many humans. ifyou are a army game lover, you are in luck. army snipershootingrescue 3D is the gamefor shooting addicts. this is the game if you are really addictedtoanyaspect of hostage rescue is the most challenging game at your own risk! you can buy alote of diffirent kindofweapons in this games and lots of upgrades make sure you trythemall like granades,guns,armorIf you are a fan of sniper shooting war games, you willabsolutelylove this one!!! Here you will become a top sniper! Youhave toeliminate all your enemies without any hesitation! enjoyit~!History of the most popular most fun sniper game “armysnipershooting rescue 3D” has landed google play platform, whichhasexquisite game screen,simple operation, full of passion, let you can't stopshootinggames. here you will become one of the world's topsniper,you need a cool head anomaly analysis and fast, aggressive,accurateshooting practices. quickly pick up the weapon in yourhands,make your blood boil up, do not let the terrible criminals outofyour sight, do not hesitate to experience the excitement ofthegame and passionate sniper thrill it!Now you have a new mission! A terrorist group has occupied theScity,hijacking innocent passengers as hostages.As a good mercenaryandyour mission is to eliminate all the terrorists and rescuethehostages.Here you need a cool head anomaly analysis and fast,aggressive,accurate shooting techniques, allow your head to calmdown, toenjoy this challenging game now!so is your one and only wish play shooting ? then youshouldabsolutely download this amazing army sniper shooting rescue3Dgame.this shooter!we hope you will enjoy this amazing real hostage game aand giveussome love by liking our MobilePlus facebook page so we can keepyouup to date on our latest games!👉
City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D 2.2
The City Traffic is under threat andcriminalare snatching cars and escaping. Take the best kill shottoeliminate each escaping criminal in the car.This City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D is a realistic FPS FirstPersonShooting Game, in traffic and car sniper shooter game, youhave toplay the role of a deadly marksman and an ex-army SWATcommando andbravo sniper hunter with elite kill shot skills andcollateraldamage to the criminals, don’t let your oppositionrunaway in thesnatched from innocent city people. Remember, you area masterassassin has been hired to infiltrate secure locationsandeliminate high-profile targets with lethal strikes. Take yourbestslingshot.In City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D, your are assigned toeliminatethe terrorist and other enemies of the state, the enemiesandcriminals are using the local cars and transporting in policecars,trucks, taxi and other vehicles, your task is to blow themaway onthe way and don’t let them escape, take the perfect killshot andkill them all, your mission is your top priority, be abravo sniperkill shot skilled traffic hunter and finish your job.Prove thatyou have the best sniper and hunting skills to shoot downthetraffic cars running on the city roads. You are an eliteassassinsniper shooter and traffic hunter with modern snipertechniques,get ready to play your part in hunting down thecriminals indangerous attacks and silent assassin missions.Eliminate cars withenemies at street level or take out the eachsingle high-profiletarget.Aim, Shoot and Kill, be the perfect marksman and rouge army inCityTraffic Modern Sniper Shooter 3D, use your modern sniper gearandrifle to take the extreme headshot, this sniper rifle isespeciallydesigned for assignment like this, it has an extremepowerful zoom,unlimited ammunition with powerful piercing bullets,deadly muzzleand perfect barrel to take the best and extreme realkill shotcriminals and enemies escaping in the cars and hiding inthe citytraffic. This is the perfect way to take the revenge ofyourcountry and proving to be the best marksman to hunt downandinitiate the war of revenge leading in crazy city trafficsniperand eliminating the criminals in killing andhuntingbrutality.Being a hunter and elite SWAT command master sniper assassinandbest criminal traffic hunter, equipped with a sniper rifleengagein stealth mission, long-range targets and a mob of enemycars makethis a perfect traffic sniper hunter 3D and sniper furyassassinshooting game. Snipe, shot & eliminate criminals, cars,jeeps,suv, 4x4 and some escaped prisoners while you watch out thecarsaround the city in search of your targets in this trafficandhighway car shooter and sniper modern combat game thissnipershooting game gives you the opportunity to kill and hunt downcarsin traffic by using the latest Sniper Weapon on the roadwayandhighway passing by the city.This game of traffic and car city hunter and sniper shooter isallabout testing your shooting and sniping marksman skills. Canyoushoot fast moving traffic and other armored vehicles, do youwishto destroy the enemy escaping in cars and armored vehiclesonhighways and city roads? This is city traffic sniper shooterandhunter game gives you the opportunity to hunt down the carsandvehicles by using the latest American rifle with sniper gear onthehighway entering by the city.
Modern Elite Sniper Killer 1.0
Do you love Sniper Shooting in the timesofreal warfare!Situations where most stunning enemies fighting militarybegunvicious war with no dead control !If you love to be best sniper 3d shooter in these viciouswarsituations and want to sniper shot all enemies militaryassetsthrough accuracy and precision . If yes , then Modern EliteSniperKiller 3d is best 3d sniper shooting games for you to sniperkillall waves after waves enemies soldier . your deadly objectivewillbe nothing in these war situations but to vicious fightingagainstenemies commando in their own military base camps .Sniper shooter begun with the objective of 3d sniper killingtheenemies commando in the warfare of stunning fighting war .Enemiesare advancing by crushing our main assault frontier forcesand ourtanks , humvee and other modern army weapons are not gettinggoodsuccess.So, generals decided for using bazooka and machine gunintoaction but still not getting good fury of success . ourcommandoand other forces are not getting good success.Lone commando shooter , you are almost last hope ofnationbecause failure of sniper 3d shooting , sniper 3d shootermissionswill almost end the war in the favor of enemies.Be brave ! Be best shooting champion and shoot shoot andshootuntil blood of last enemies wipeout from their veins .Alsoremember one more thing that enemies are good in shooting andtheirsharp sniper 3d shooter can target you from tower and otherareas .Night times are also more difficult and us army soldier ,you haveto survive and your sniper simulation should be best .carefully give your duty and unleash vicious enemyfightingtroops and get stunning control of dead war fighting bygetting theobjectives . Enemies are using helicopter fighter andparatrooperfor their forces so you have to deal with themproperly*** Modern Elite Sniper Killer ****** best sniper 3d simulation control*** top action game with best shooting experience of 2016modernweaopns*** Lots of action with real 3d graphics and stunning sound ofwarand fighting of modern army*** Real enemies AI for giving best shooting ground 3d in2016*** Lots of weapons to choose*** more then 30 different levels in 3 different regions