Top 17 Games Similar to FunGames

High Burger: Cooking Game 1.9.5
You think that you’ve got what it takestobecome the ultimate burger maker? Prove your cooking skillsbymaking the tallest burger tower that reaches the sky andbeyondwith this yummy cooking game for kids.The goal is very simple - collect the ingredients that fall fromthesky, stacking them together into an insanely tall burger Tower.Youalso have to keep an eye on the recipes - stack the ingredientsinthe order in which the customer originally placed them. Onceyouhave all the ingredients, simply finish the burger off withtopbun. All of the hungry customers out there will thank you forthisand you will receive a larger tip.How To Play:You start your career as a “Beginner” , but if you work hardandprove you are good enough you can become a “LEGEND”.You have three lives which will help you fulfil your order. Bewaryof the rotten ingredients!The bug and the fish will cost you one life. No one wants deadbugsin their burger. Cats, however, are the most dangerous! Theywilltry to grab your burger and ruin your order.If you fail the order, don’t worry! You can use “Save Me” andkeepyour progress. Try to catch the falling chilli pepper -itskyrockets you high into the sky and beyond!Complete the goals to increase your tip multiplier!Brand New Extra - KIDS MODE for our little fans! Parents, besureyour kids have fun without worrying about ads orpurchases!What is Kids Mode:- Easy gameplay for toddlers - easy gameplay, no badingredients,progress will be saved when your child fails anorder- No ads- No in-app purchases
VR Planet for Cardboard 1.2
**Requires Google Cardboard**In a galaxy... not that far away, a little cute planet hasbeenliving for millions of years. However, the planet is in dangernow.Meteorites are coming. Quick, grab your Cardboard anddefend!Features:+ Destroy meteorites and enemies by just looking at them.+ Capture health kit and heal the planet.Follow us on:+ Website: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: Google+: Instagram: would like to thank you all for playing our second game! Ifyouare feeling generous with your time, please take a moment andleavea review on the Google Play. Your feedback is aninvaluabletreasure for us.^__^
Tower Box
Build the highest tower which has everbeenbuilt!Did you ever tried to put boxes on each other at home... Well2-3maybe but after that it gets pretty difficult. Tower Boxchallengesyou to do it more.Tower Box is really simple but difficult game because ofitsvery realistic physics. Goal of the game is buildingthehighest box tower by tapping on the screen and making theboxesjump.✔ Lock your boxes or turn them into stone blocks.✔ Start high go even higher Reach the limbo stick togetpermanent stone blocks. You start the next game already higherthanbefore.✔ Check out the Google Leader-boards to compare yourtowerwith other people around the world✔ Share your scores with your friends onFacebook,Twitter and Google+Tags: Building Tower, City Building, Build City, SimCity,TowerBlocks, Tap,
Rolling Planet 1.3
Dejo Studio
Help this Little Newly Angel collect all ofhisplanets and the sun before his mom gets back home. By movingall theplanets and the sun into the black hole but tilting yourmobiledevice, with the sun last to go in. In each unique chaptershavetheir own story which contains 15 levels to challenge you.How to play:• Tilt your deviceFeatures:• Easy to play• Fun and addictive game
Coaster 2.0
Kelvin Huang
A funny pocket game of RollerCoaster.Youcandraw a perfet path collecting all the coins in orderto passingthestage.Hope you can enjoy it.How to play?1.Draw a path from the start point to destination.2.Get across all coins in the screen.3.Funny passedHope you will enjoy itPlease make sure your devise had installed flash playerorswfplayer first
Tower Blocks Mania
Tower Block Mania Games or tower bloxxgames.Is a game thst looks like a tower, build a townsimulationconstruction of tall buildings. A game in which theplayermust.Per blocks square into buildings blocks or high-risebuildings,similar to the one for the building or to build high-risebuildingsby using blocks at the top. To continue building avertically likea tower bloxx.The player must per blocks for the finish line. Without tothehigh-rise buildings from falling to the box, color blockssquarewood brown. And the box will continue to change, when thedefensemore difficult.Games tower blocks, or games per box. An easy game to playandpractice the accuracy of the sight.Can play at home or anywhere without using the Internet, playfreecreate enjoyment to you.Suitable for all ages. Is a game for the tower bloxx fun.Practiceon building tower, even if a building, as thebuilding.DownLoad now.Your goal is to build tower the tallest building and stable.Don'tfell, similar to tower building blocks.The properties of the tower blocks games.1. An easy game to play.2. A game on tower bloxx fun. Enjoy can play at any time.3. A game that trained eye and skill training accuracy.4. A game that practice problem. Because the back have woodenboxthat looks different.Such as the 8 square box, you will think of a plan to dealwithareas which don't box down from the base.5. A game with many checkpoint. Each game will be more difficult.Isa challenging and fun.6. A game playing all ages.7. A free play games, do not use the Internet toplayanywhere.8. A game with interface bright to play even more.9. This game has all 12 checkpoint.10. Each side to 3 stars, you will have to 3 stars.11. You can come back to playing defense ever play. To collectstarsto the most.12. Per blocks as building on each side. Then the next stagewillunlock immediately.13. Supports box, a small size.You have to put on the base.don'tbox down from the base.14. A game that train the ability to balance used in buildboxconstruction to the highest place.15. You must put the box pieces first. Provide stablefoundation.For the next box won't down from the base.How to play the game.1. Press play button.2. The game will all 12 checkpoint. By you will need tostartplaying in phase 1.But if you play next time, you can choose whether to playdefensegrid.Or will play the same game. So more stars. Stars have all 3stars,if you lost, you will get a star. And don't pass them.3. When you play the end of each level. The next stage willbeunlocked immediately.4. In the game have box for top box to move left and right.Movearound.You click the box to blocks falls. The need to agree on boxbasesupport.If not in the base of the box will drop. You will lose.5. Per blocks indefinitely, like the building town, even high,untilthe line designated by the box.Must not fall. If you fall down, you will lose, the game willendimmediately.6. If you continue to tall bloxx blocks success until thelinedesignated by a time 3 seconds.To keep the box until 3 seconds. If fully 3 seconds. The boxwillnot fall down,you will win and pass the next, if not 3 seconds. Box towerblocksfall first. You will lose.7. This game, no time limit, but the time per box. There will be3seconds to prop up a box. don't box down from the base.8. game saves to play every time. You can play in the nextstage.Without having to start over.9. In each stage of the borderline vary lines is rising. Youwillneed to new tall building box is, makes the gamemoredifficult.10. It will look different;10.1 rectangular box plain.10.2 box vertically.10.3 box horizontally.10.1 box 8 clover.10.2 triangular box, for it will be harder because the boxisrolling back and forth.11. The next checkpoint box move left - right to move fasterandfaster.
Pile Up The Ice Blocks 1.5
All you need to do is pile up the iceblocksone on another! Sounds simple? :) Then go ahead and try toscore a100 in this seemingly simple yet a very challenging game!Caution: This game is very very addictive. So please don'tplaythis game if you preparing for an exam or something :)
Truck Bloxx 1.3
Hello Fish
Very Addictive!Enter in the wonderful world of the Truck Bloxx! Buildontheground, in the sky and in the space.• Retina graphics• Amazing physics• Great controls• Excellent music and sound effects• Hours Of Fun!Build the tallest box tower in the world to reach the skywithapower of one-tap gameplay!Playing with friends now and beat your friends on leaderboard.
Лунтик. Пирог 1.0.1
Развивающая игра для детей от 3 до 5 летпомотивам мультфильма "Пирог" из сериала "Лунтик и егодрузья"В бесплатной версии доступны первые 3 уровня игры.После активации полной версии становятся доступны все уровни игры,атакже раздел "мини-игры" и "загадки".Educational gameforchildren from 3 to 5 years based on the cartoon "Pie" fromtheseries "Luntik and his friends"The free version is available the first 3 levels of play.After activating the full version are available at all levels ofthegame, but also "mini-games" and "mysteries."
Longest RollerCoaster MCPE map 1.1
candy chicken
Here is a roller coaster minecraft mcpemapwhich consists of more than 30 minutes of travel time. In themapyou will travel in different areas. Everything fromwormholes,rings of fire to tunnels with hallucinating colorpatterns. Much ofthe travel also takes place on ordinary railsabove ground.The main focus in the building phase of this minecraft mapappearsto have been on creating an as long roller coaster aspossible. Andthere he obviously succeeded as the minecraft mcpe mapis in total32 minutes and 14 seconds long. The creationssurrounding the mapis nothing too special. But it’s definitely afun ride, at leastfor the first five minutes. We’ll admit we didn’tsit through theentire ride!Longest roller coaster map for mcpe!Map for Minecraft PEIts free maps for mcpe!Just click to install!Be sure to see our other mcpe maps !DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for MinecraftPocketEdition. This application is not affiliated in any way withMojangAB. The Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Assets are allpropertyof Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rightsreserved. Inaccordancewith
3D Escape Games-Puzzle Bedroom 1 1.0.11
22nd Escape Game App by QuickSailor3D Escape Games-Puzzle Bedroom 1 has 15 Rooms to Escape!It’s a beautiful rooms which pulls you in, once you are in theroom,the main door closes and you get locked. All you need to dois, gothrough this all five rooms, find all the usefulobjects,diamondsand make use of them to escape easily without anytrouble. Go aheadplay this app and have a cool playtime!Download this free quicksailor escape game app and have asimpleplaytime!How to play Escape Games-Puzzle Bedroom 1:Go through the room, make use of all the objects and escapefromthis diamond bedroom. Have fun!Escape Games-Puzzle Bedroom 1 Features:• 9 Rooms Escape.• New Levels will be Added in the Future Updates• 100% Free to Download.• Cool Graphics.• Room Escape Game App.Join with Quicksailor for New UpdatesFacebook: +:
Christmas Games for Kids 1.4
The application contains 4 games toenjoyChristmas.- Puzzles- Paint and color- Memory- CarolsWith beautiful images. (Christmas & Santa Claus).
Balloon Pop Kids Alphabets 1.0.2
Zabuza Labs
Kids alphabets balloon pop is a smashballoongame where you learn english alphabets by popping balloons.One ofthe best way to teach English alphabets to your kid.Kids & Toddlers learn best through games. They justlovegames.What if we teach them through games? Kids & Toddlers wouldbemore than willing to learn new things.Since they are not 'learning' but instead they are 'playing'thegame.Balloon Pop Kids Alphabets is one of its kind game where youjusthave to pop balloons smash balloons.The gameplay is similar to Balloon Pop or Balloon Smasher. Allyouhave to do is tap on the balloon and they will be popped.Howeversome of the balloon have alphabets written on them.AlphabetBalloons. When you tap on them, an image pops up whichisassociated to that letter.For example, balloon might have A on top of it, and if you popit,an Apple would come out of that balloon.Kid can tap on the falling Apple as well and it'll run abasicanimation along with beautiful sound which helps increaseretentionfor the kids.At the top you can see the alphabet strip. It indicated thecompletealphabet series and when your kid ends up all the balloonswith allthe alphabets, the game gets over.The standard mode contains the following 26 items associatedwiththe alphabets.Apple Ball Cat Drum Elephant Fish Goat Hat Ice Cream Joker KiteLionMouse Nest Octopus Pencil Queen Rabbit Star Turtle UmbrellaVanWheel X box Yak Zebra etc.The game also supports two in-app purchases - Animal Pack&Fruit Pack.Extra Packs -Animal pack - All the items that come out of the balloonareanimals. Animal Balloons.Balloon Animals include the following - Alligator Bear CamelDogElephant Fox Goat Horse Impala Jaguar Kangaroo Lion MonkeyNarwhalOctopus Panda Quokka Rabbit Squirrel Tiger Umbrella BirdVicunaWeasel Xenops Yak Zebra.Fruit pack - All the items that come out of the balloon arefruits.Fruit Balloons.Balloon Fruits include the following - Apple Banana CherryDurianElderberry Grape Fig Honeydew Ita Palm Jackfruit Kiwi LemonMangoNectarine Orange Pineapple Quince Rambuton Star fruit TomatoUglifruit Velvet Apple Watermelons Xigua melon Yuzu Zucchini.There are some balloons which have different funny smiley, somearehappy smiley, some are crying smiley. They are fun to popup,toddlers just love to pop up such balloons.Here are the objects we have used for freeAll the alphabets from A to Z are covered. The game isspecificallymade for kids & toddlers.Balloon Smasher is one of the highly downloaded game on store.Dogive this game to your kids and be tension free as far asteachingalphabets.We are working on some amazing features that would make gameevenmore interesting, stay tuned.