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Minesweeper for Android is Classical minesweeper ( mines ). Thegoalof the game is to uncover all the squares that do notcontainmines.To mark a mine use long tap.Minesweeper features: -Variableminefield. - Classical gameplay. - its a real OldSchoolminesweeper. - adapted to the screen.If you likeWindowsminesweeper, you're going to love this game! Just try.
Minesweeper Classic
Minesweeper is a single-player puzzle video game. The objectiveofthe game is to clear a rectangular board containing hidden"mines"or bombs without detonating any of them, with help fromclues aboutthe number of neighboring mines in each field. The gameis playedin two modes: mine mode, where you can click to opentiles, andflag mode where you can flag tiles.DIFFICULTIES: •Beginner 9x9with 10 mines • Intermediate 16x16 with 40 mines •Expert 16x30with 99 mines • CustomFEATURES: • Multi-touch zoom •Game pauseduring a phone call • Offline high score • Enable/disable fullscreen mode • Autosave function (you can interrupt thegame anytimeand continue later) • Flag tiles with long click •Switch betweenmine mode and flag mode with volume button
Classic Minesweeper game
Android version of classic Minesweeper video game. If Youarefamiliar with the Windows Minesweeper game, then you no longerneedfurther guidance.The objective of the game is to cleararectangular board containing hidden "mines" or bombswithoutdetonating any of them, with help from clues about thenumber ofneighboring mines in each field. The game originates fromthe1960s, and has been written for many computing platforms inusetoday.Features• You can change difficulty (mines on map).•Zoomablemap (go to Settings -> Cells size)Controls:• Tap onclosed cellto reveal it• Tap and hold on closed cell to flag it•Tap on openedcell to reveal possible mines (hint)
Minesweeper King
Easy difficulty for everyone and can paly getting difficult bynextstage. You can compete with gamers around theworldmultiplayer.Enjoy anytime the best minesweeper intheworld.[Features]- Stage mode have 1000 Levels- Master modehavehardcore Stage offers- Mission for have to find 600 bomb inMastermode- Multiplayer: Online 1:1 Minesweeper match- Specialsystem ofopening the map when press number- Hints items dailyattendancecompensation- leaderboards, achievements support- TabletdevicessupportHomepage:
Minesweeper Pro
Enjoy the classic look and feel of the Minesweeper game as youtryto mark the mines without uncovering one. You use the numbers ofarevealed square to tell you how many mines are next to thatsquare.Using logic, you figure out where the mines are and markthem.Watch out! If you make a mistake, a mine will explode!Therearethree themes available: Classic, Light, and Dark.
Minesweeper Classic
Minesweeper is a logic game where mines are hidden in a gridofsquares. Our goal is to open all safe squares in the quickesttimepossible!Minesweeper offers a classic blue theme and a lotoffeatures. Check World Leaderboards to see how you stack upagainstother Minesweeper players around the world. UnlockspecialMinesweeper achievements throughout the game. The more youplayMinesweeper, the more achievements you willunlock!Minesweeperoffers various levels of difficulties (Noob,Beginner,Intermediate, Expert, Custom) to keep you entertained forhours. Ifyou are new to Minesweeper, click the “Help” menu to learnto play!Progress your way through Minesweeper to become an expertamongstyour friends.Enjoy Minesweeper, the classic game of the90sMinesweeper Features * Original blue Minesweeper theme* 4 levelsofdifficulties (Noob with 8 mines, Beginner with 15mines,Intermediate with 40 mines and Expert with 99 mines)* Customlevelto define width, height and mines * Touch or long touch cellstoreveal, flag or mark them* Move on board to use zoom window*Localbest times* Help menu to learn how to play Minesweeper*Preferencesmenu to customize the Minesweeper* Sound effects thatcan beenabled in preferences* Google Play Games integration to havemorefun with the game* World Leaderboards* AchievementsFor fastandfriendly support, please email contact@maplemedia.ioCheckoutMinesweeper Pro for an ad-free experience:
Minesweeper Battle: Free Landmine Game for Android
Minesweeper Battle is a single-player bomb game where minesarehidden in a grid of squares. The object of the game is to clearanabstract minefield without detonating a mine. Excitingbombdefuser, block battles here will exercise your mind power andquickwits while having fun along the way!If you like exciting bombgame,you're going to love this free classical game! Welcome to our2018minesweeper mania. You win by clearing all the safe squaresandlose if you click on a landmine. So, go forit!MinesweeperFEATURES: ★Classic minesweeper gameplay★Primary,middle, senior,master, hell★Well-designed difficulty levels toplay★Variableminefield, clear flags marks★Cool solo gameplay,unique brainteasers★Variable minefield, set number oflandmines★Lively sounds,music effect, cool atmosphere★Avoid themines and join theleaderboard★Variable zoom levels to help dodgemines★The originalMinesweeper for Android★Accurate game timerexcites youraptitude★Select the difficulty by clicking "Menu"5kinds ofminefield can be chosen: Primary: 9 × 9, 10 mines, 81blocksMiddle:12 × 9, 20 mines, 108 blocksSenior: 16 × 9, 30 mines,144blocksMaster: 16 × 16, 50 mines, 256 blocksHell: 30 × 16, 99mines,480 blocksMinesweeper rules and tips: Mark: observe numberedtilesand mark flag tilesOpen: click a square to open a tile andgetinfoZoom: help you recognize mine tiles more clearMines:noticerest of mines to mark possible bombMenu: choose thedifficulty youwant to challengeExplore: click the middle area toavoiddetonatingDouble click: double click number can open blockinone-timeHighlights of minesweeper: *Intelligent puzzle gameforadults*Zoom function greatly help clear board*No bomb timer,bringyou supreme pleasure*Advanced algorithms help you becomelogicpro*No countdown time limit brings you endless joy*Stepwiselevelsfrom minesweeper beginner to expert*Auto saved function cankeepyour highscores records*Variable minefield opens excitingblockminesweeper adventure*Free reasoning aptitude test make youaminesweeper king*Perfect gameplay change you become a superminecollecterCool retro minesweeper is rolling in! Do youstillremember old classic game - minesweeper? The classic cool mathgamefor leisure and entertainment? Today, the redesignedminesweeper isre-rising. The magic numbered cell, unexpected bombswill test yourinductive reasoning and challenge yourbrainpower.Offline braingame free to challenge! Play with yourfriends, challenge themultiple difficulty levels. Mark a flag youthink is a mine, oropen it. Whenever, wherever, no wifi, offlinefree unlimitedminesweeper game can improve your memory, bring youmind puzzlesmania. Abundant brain booster which lead you into bombsmania!Minesweeper is brain puzzles game which needs logicalreasoning andstrong memory. When you click on “start”, you areentering intomine world. Be careful! Or you may detonate a bomb ora grebade.Opening a square which doesn't have a bomb reveals thenumber ofadjacent tiles contain bombs. Minesweeper - one of themostchallenging games you ever played! If you don’t want to bebombedout, watch out! May be the landmines are hidden underfoot.Usingyour wisdom and critical thinking, eliminate nuclear bombthreat,stop bomb simulator explosion, have fun in blast mania,winminesweeper victory! Hope you have fun and enjoy it!
Minesweeper AdFree
Minesweeper for Android is Classical minesweeper ( mines ). Thegoalof the game is to uncover all the squares that do notcontainmines.To mark a mine use long tap.Minesweeper Old Schoolfeatures:- Variable minefield. - Classical gameplay. - its a realOld Schoolminesweeper. - adapted to the screen.If you likeWindowsminesweeper, you're going to love this game! Just try.
Minesweeper with the ability to customize the playing fieldforthemselves.Key features of Minesweeper:  - With thefirstclick opens the free space around the cell down - Expand cellsbyclicking on an open cell with a number, provided that thereareflags around this cell.  - There are three standard levelsofdifficulty  - A random level (width, height and the numberofmines selected at random order)  - Level withcompletecustomization of the playing field  - The game allowsyou torestart the current playing field with the old locationmines - By long pressing put flag  - Countdown -Statistics -BuybackTry and be cleared :)
Minesweeper Classic (Mines)
Classic Minesweeper game for your Android (also known asMines).Exercise your strategic and logical thinking while havingfun alongthe way! The goal is to uncover all cells that are notcontainingmines.TIP: Use volume buttons to toggle mode Opencell/Put flagMainfeatures:• Online highscores• Large scrollable andzoomable gamearea• Nice, clean and easy to use interfacePaidversion is alsoavailable. See Minesweeper Professional.Advantages:• No ads!•Board Difficulty Control (3BV)• Countdowntimer• Zoom tuningGermantranslation by CaBi TranslationPlease feelfree to contact me byemail.
Minesweeper for Android - Free Mines Landmine Game
Minesweeper for Android is the bestversionof the classic mines game! Play minesweeper free on yourAndroiddevice! The classic game, just like you rememberforfree!Version 2 of the game brings you a significantly betterclassicminesweeper game experience, now with global high scores andmoremines & landmines! Challenge strangers and your friendsforfastest times. Set the level of mines for a higher difficultyandgive yourself a challenge!Minesweeper for Android Features:* Classic minesweeper gameplay* Set number of landmines* 5 difficulty levels: beginner, easy, intermediate, expertandcustom games for more mines* Increase or decrease the number of mines* Advanced gameplay designed for accuracy and fast times* Tablet support for larger screen games* Avoid the mines and join the leaderboard* Global high scores, both weekly and all-time high* Variable zoom levels to help dodge mines* The original Minesweeper for AndroidChallenge your friends to see if they can beat your score, findoutwho will become a minesweeper king!Enjoy the game and avoid the mines!
Minesweeper GO - classic mines game
Minesweeper easily trains your brain and increase the speed ofyourthinking. At the same time it is fun and challenginglogicpuzzle.The objective of the minesweeper game is to demineminefieldwithout detonating any of the land mines. Use flags tomark minesand tap numbers to open safe squares.📌 Game controls arehighlyoptimized for android touch screens. You will get bestclassicminesweeper experience on android devices comparable to oldschoolminesweeper on Windows XP.Why choose this Minesweeper app? –Highprecision timer – Multi-touch zoom and smooth scrolling – 3classiclevels of difficulty – Create custom minefields. Changeboard sizeand number of mines including 3BV control of the board. –Offlinescore board including personal records history – 🌏 OnlineWorld andLive player rankings – Deeply customizable and superiorcontrols(Tap to flag or tap to explore, etc.) – Recursive chords –Gameplayvideo playback – Application themes and minefield skins –Built-ingame help contains best minesweeper patterns and practices–Designed with NF (playing without flags) players in mind–Minimalistic UI – Facebook integration – Cheats (undo offailedmove, play again, etc.)And a lot more!Minesweeper GO isanimplementation of classic old-school Minesweeper for Windows.Youcan choose from three classic minesweeper boards to play:★Beginner: 8x8 board with 10 mines ★ Intermediate: 16x16 boardwith40 mines ★ Expert: 30x16 board with 99 mines Are youadvancedplayer and want to beat minesweeper records? Then you canleveragechord recursion options game gives to you.Can you win allthreeclassic minesweeper game levels? Then you are good enough tobelisted in World Ranking and to join MinesweeperCommunity.Minesweeper GO is free to play on android. This game hasa lot ofadvanced features for the sake of seasoned minesweeperplayers justfor free.Download minesweeper now and becamesmarter!Happyminesweepіng!
Minesweeper Professional
Classic Minesweeper game for your Android (also known asMines).Exercise your strategic and logical thinking while havingfun alongthe way! The goal is to uncover all cells that are notcontainingmines.You can try our free version first: (orsee 'More form developer' section). Paidversion features:• Noads!• Board Difficulty Control (3BV)•Countdown timer• ZoomtuningCommon features:• Online highscores•Large scrollable andzoomable game area• Nice, clean and easy to useinterfaceTIP: Usevolume buttons to toggle mode Open cell/PutflagGerman translationby CaBi TranslationPlease feel free tocontact me by email.
The classic game of Minesweeper is here for Android. Usestrategyand critical thinking to win. The goal is to reveal allcells thataren't mines. Minesweeper is also known asMines.FEATURES: • Simpleto use ( Volume button change mode, Swiftopen, Swift change mode,Smooth scrolling, etc ) • First tap, nomines • Google GamesSupport ( Leaderboards & Achievements ) •Local Game Statistics• 3 classic difficulties • Custom mode (Configurable game settings) • Auto save • 3BV Minesweeper BoardDifficultyRatingCONTROLS:Normal: • Tap a cell to reveal it • Tapand hold acell to flag it • Tap a numbered cell that has that manyflags nearit to clear near unflagged cells ( Swift Open ) • Tap aempty cellto change your control mode swiftly ( Swift Change )Flag:• Tap acell to flag it • Tap and hold a cell to reveal it • Tap anumberedcell that has that many flags near it to clear nearunflagged cells( Swift Open ) • Tap a empty cell to change yourcontrol modeswiftly ( Swift Change )ADS:Minesweeper isad-supported, but theycan be removed with the in-app purchase insettings.PERMISSIONS: •Vibration: To vibrate when an event occursin the game. • Internet& Network State: For Google Games &Ads. • Accounts: ForGoogle Games. • Wake Lock: To keep screen on inthe game screen(Optional). • Billing & Receive: Forin-apppurchases.SUPPORT:Please email the for any concerns or feedback.CREDIT: •IconDesign: Callum Rudd -
Minesweeper: Collector - Online mode is here!
Tired of boring common square levels? Finaly there is a brandnewminesweeper with different game modes! Each level is a partofcollection. Complete collections to obtain keys and gain accessformore episodes. Achieve higher levels to unlock new items,chests,pets and much more! Try it now for free!Important! If you’reanexperienced player disable "begginer" game mode in optionsandreach the hardest levels.Features:• Online mode!• 15 episodes,101collection, 909 unique levels!• 30 pets. Would you be abletocollect all additional evolutions at 180 levels?• Paidadd-on"Puzzles". 42 puzzles and 714 levels available!• Two types ofgamefields: square and hexagon.• Treasure chests and usefulitemshidden at game field.• And of course coins, which will behandfulto buy these items!• Quests - a great opportunity to earncoins andchallenge yourself.• Play classic 3 different difficultiesofMinesweeper or throw your skills in Custom mode, in which youcandesign width, height, types and difficulty of the minefieldbyyourself.• Scale the screen smoothly using buttons forcomfortableone-hand gameplay.• Progress always autosaves whereveryou'vestopped and also saves in cloud if using "Google PlayGames".•Challenge yourself by getting 24 achievements and compareyoursuccesses with other players.• Developer worked veryhardespecially for all Minesweeper fans =)Online mode is released!Allnews about the game on twitter and facebookpages
Android version of well known logic game with option ofgeneratingonly guess-free boards. Your goal is to clear whole boardwithoutdetonating any single mine. FEATURES:- option ofgeneratingguess-free boards- 3 predefined difficulties - creatingcustomboards - smooth zoom & scrolling- achievements andonlineleaderboards (via Google Play Games Services)- variousstatisticspresented in chart form- 4 predefined themes- a lot oftile skinsto choose from- two control modes designed to fit yourplaystyle-option of examining game board after finishing the game-sounds-low CPU & battery usageDIFFICULTIES:- Beginner (board9x9, 10mines, guess-free only option)- Advanced (board 16x16,40mines,guess-free only option)- Expert (board 16x30, 99 mines,guess-freeonly option)- Custom
Minesweeper classic free - The famous windows 98game!MinesweeperClassic Free (mines) is a famous game fromwindows(minesweeper) .This game has no ads. We design minesweeperfree version just forthe memories, and we also have restored theone of old schoolwindows games. This puzzle game is suitable foreverybody. ole! Doyou want dominate all the levels?The goal of thegame is to uncoverall the squares that do not contain mines. Putall the flags on themines use long tap(button), and need to clearall theminefield.★Minesweeper Classic features:- SmoothestMinesweeperfree version(classic), one of the classic windowsgames.- Variableminefield. You can customize the number of minesand the size ofthe minefield (More mines mining hard to play, lessmines miningeasy to play).- Three kinds of difficulty (easy,middle, hard)- Oldschool classic windows original game.- adapted tothe screen.Tablet support.- We add some sound effects in thispuzzle game.-Increase the difficulty of mines clearance just likethe windowsgames. - More phone models support.- It’s a minesweeperfreeversion.★How to Play Minesweeper ClassicPut flags on alltheminefield button where you think mines may be located.Flags canbeplaced by clicking on the flag button located at the top ofthescreen or by holding down on the screen.★Guide for minesweeperfreeversionClear the level by leaving only the tiles(button)thatcontain mines button untouched and don't use any flags. It’sverysuitable for new player.Recommended for the people that havehonedtheir concentration and perception skills and want arealchallenge.If you like classic windows games, I think youshouldchoice the old school Minesweeper Classic Free, you're goingtolove this puzzle game! Ole!Ole!This game is a very suitable typeoforiginal games for kids, for the exercise ofchildren'sintelligence.Do you remember the Minesweeper classic freeversiongame for Windows? It’s a real old school puzzle game. Well,it isback and better than every with a new minimalisticmonochromestyle! You probably know the rules but here is some helpfor thosewho have born. Yeah, it’s very suitable for you. Ole!Theworldfamous Minesweeper classic free game (windows game) has beenturnedinto an easy to play app! Can you dominate all the levels?Don’tforget use flags to mark all the minefield. Ole!Take your timeandenjoy playing the worldwide famous old school windows game!Enjoythe minesweeper free game! To be minesweeper!
Classic Minesweeper for Android (Mines weeper or Mines).Androidversion of well known logic game. Your goal is to clearwhole boardwithout detonating any single mine. Features:- Smoothzoom &scrolling- Simple and classic minesweeper gameplay- 4difficultylevels - Game pause - High score - You will neverdetonate with thefirst click- Two control modes designed to fityour playstyle -Supports any screen resolution and tablets- Soundeffects andvibration (can be disabled in preferences)TIP: There aretwocontrol modes (button with flag or bomb). First mode: a longpressputs the flag and short press opens the cell, second: longpressopens the cell and short press puts the flag. Also you canplaywithout using a long press - select second mode, with shortpressfor planting flags and open cells by touching the numbers.
MamonoSweeper: Minesweeper&RPG
This is a cross between Minesweeper and an RPG.You gain levelsbykilling weak monsters and win when you defeat them all.It's abitdifferent than Minesweeper in that the number you reveal whenyouclick on a square is the total of the levels of the monstersinadjacent squares.
Minesweeper Multiplayer Mina2
Mina2 (Minesweeper multiplayer flags) is the evolution oftheclassic game Minesweeper. Play against your friends oragainstopponents from all over the world. Find more mines thananybody,show your skill and concentration. Again enjoy this greatgame,this time shared with your friends.Start games as you wantagainstyour friends or against random opponents from all over theworld.Make points and status in the world ranking, earn coinswinninggames and make more money with the special achievementsfinishinggames with extraordinary ratings. Spend your coins to usetheperks, they will provide you to win new games and then to gouppositions in the ranking. There is no limits, as you play moreyouget bigger.Mina2 Features: - multi-player game, plays againstasmany users as you want and open the games that you want.-cross-platform play from the phone or from facebook. -worldranking, look your position in the world ranking.- live chatwithyour opponents. Mina2 is free. You can also play gameorfollow on Facebook: and Twitter:@mina2game
Minesweeper-Pro classic mines puzzle free game
Minesweeper Pro for Android is an attractive version of theoldclassical minesweeper (mines) puzzle game. The goal oftheminesweeper puzzle game is to uncover all the square cellsthatdoes not contain mines in them. There are two playing modes intheMinesweeper old classic game.To mark a mine you can use theflagmode and to clear a cell you can use mine mode. The simpledesignand sound effects make the minesweeper gamemorefun.Minesweeper-Pro classic old school puzzle game features: -newminefield in every game. - classical and simple game play. -verysimilar to the old school Minesweeper puzzle game. - attractiveandsimple design for the minesweepers to enjoy.Featuresminesweeperforandroidminesweeper prominesweeper gamesflashlight speedgamegamesfor all age grouphot gameinsta game playkeyboardlessgameplaybetter than other puzzle gamesnew gameupdatedgamepuzzlegame for adultspuzzle game for girlspuzzle game forboyspuzzle gamefor all age groupspuzzle gamesbrain gamesbrain gamesfor adultsmindgamesbe the detective and solve thegameAdditionalFeaturesminesweeper games minesweeperminesweeper forandroid1.8minesweeper classic 1.5minesweeperadventureminesweeperaceminesweeper puzzleminesweepercollectorminesweeper classic2017minesweeper classic 2018minesweeperclassic 2minesweeperclassic freeminesweeper deluxeminesweepereasyminesweeperflagsminesweeper games freeminesweepergoinfiniteminesweeperminesweeper kingminesweeper masterminesweepernoadsminesweeper offlineminesweeper pro1.0minesweeperprofessionalminesweeper 2018bhim gameif you are a fanof the oldwindows Minesweeper puzzle game then you will definitelyenjoy thissimple and attractive Minesweeper-Pro classic old schoolpuzzlegame.
Mines (Minesweeper)
Mines brings the classic Minesweeper game to theAndroidplatform.Highlights: color themes, many levels and boardsizes,small code size, completely free, open sourceNo Ads,nopermissions, just Minesweeper!Not available in yourlanguage?Please help translate!
Minesweeper Master
Minesweeper Master is an implementation of the classicMinesweepergame for Android with additional difficulty levels.Gamegoal – findall cells not containing mines.Features:- 6 difficultylevels and acustom mode- Create your own game up to 200x200 cells-Auto savingfor all levels and custom games- Best time saving-Animation andvibration on mine marked- Control switching betweenclick and longclick- Full screen mode- Screen zooming andscrolling- Adapt todifferent Android’s screen sizesIn MinesweeperMaster are availablenext difficulty levels:- Classic game:Beginner, Intermediate,Expert- Additional levels: Master, King,God- Custom game: anyboard size (max. 200x200)
Minesweeper Classic
Minesweeper Classic is part of the great family of classicpuzzlegames. Easy, free, with a modern style (no more old grayboxes...)and in english this game for android includes :★ Bombs,flags,question mark, etc... ★All ingredients of the classicminesweepergame are present in this version dusted and up to date!★ 2 147 483647 grids to solve ★For hours and hours of fun, all forfree !★Avoid the millions of bombs ★Beware of the explosions !★Discover 3level of difficulty ★Easy, medium, hard : to adapt to thelevel ofchildren as to adults !★ A grid minesweeper thatautomaticallyadapts to your android device ★Phone, phablet or eventablet, it isalways perfectly adapted to your device in portraitmode as inlandscape mode !★ 3 world leaderboards ★Compare your besttimeswith friends and other players around the world !★ 42achievementsto discover ★Collect the games and unlock the 42achievementsavailable in the game !★ Minimum 71 582 788hours ofplaying ★Download quickly ! And you will never be boredagain !
Minesweeper Classic - Logic Game
Minesweeper is the best brain trainer. The objective of the gameisto clear a rectangular board containing hidden "mines"withoutdetonating any of them, with help from clues about thenumber ofneighboring mines in each field. Play it every day andyou'llprotect your brain from Alzheimer's and dementia. Don't dreamaboutit. Download it.KEY FEATURES- Google Play Gamessupport(leaderboards, achievements)- Fake scores protection- Firsttapluck- Pinch gesture to zoom in/out AND drag scroll a gameboard-Quick flag mode- 3 classic board size + customizable board(up to30x24)- Sound and vibration assist- High resolution support
Minesweeper - Classic Games
Clear the minefield without detonating any bombs! Minesweeper isaclassic of strategy and concentration that became super famouswithPCs and portable consoles. Now those original retro graphicandsounds are cooler than ever on your device! With anadditionalstylish theme, exclusive for Minesweeper - Classic BoardGames:)What Minesweeper - Classic Board Games gives you:-Pan-and-zoom(zoom in/zoom out) perfect for smaller screens- 3difficulty levelsfor your single player matches---Easy: 9 x 9 fieldwith 10bombs---Medium: 16 x 16 field with 32 bombs---Hard: 30 x 16fieldwith 60 bombs.- Retro style themes like in the computers fromthe90s- Global High-Score! Try your best and beat yourfriends’score!Do not read further! Download it NOW, free and startplayingthe classic Minesweeper, better thenever! @outofthebit
Minesweeper GeckoMinesweeper for Android is a logic game whereminesare hidden in a grid of squares. The object is to open allsafesquares in the quickest time possible.How To Play : - The goalofthe game is to uncover all the squares that do not containmines. -First click opens the free space around the space. -Expand cells byclicking on an open cell with a number, providedthat there areflags.around this cell. - Mark the space with flagby long press onthe space. - There are four difficulty levels :Beginner, Easy,Medium, Advance. - The field can be chosen to havea classic themeor a modern clean theme.
Minesweeper - Mine Games
Enjoy the classic look and feel of the Minesweeper game as youtryto mark the mines without uncovering one. You use the numbers ofarevealed square to tell you how many mines are next to thatsquare.Using logic, you figure out where the mines are and markthem.Watch out! If you make a mistake, a mine will explode!Therearethree themes available: Classic, Light and Dark.
To win the game you should reveal all the cells containing nominesusing numbers in revealed cells. Number in the cell means howmuchmines neighboring it. You lose when you get onto the mine.Forbestresults you may play in “Set Flag” mode. In this mode, cellsareopening when you touch revealed cell around which thecorrectnumber of mines have been flagged. You lose if minesareincorrectly flagged.- Interface language: English;- 3classiclevels and 1 custom;- Changing cell size;- Hint at the endof thegame. It may be helpful if you have several possiblesolutions atthe end of the game;- When touching revealed cellaround whichcorrect number of mines is flagged all adjacent squaresreveal;-Leaderboards (Google Play Game);- Achievements (Google PlayGame);
Minesweeper for Windows XP
Minesweeper is a logic game where mines are hidden in a gridofsquares. The object is to open all safe squares in thequickesttime possible.
Minesweeper is one of the classical pc game also supportandroiddevices now, just for fun, for free!The goal of the game istouncover all the squares that do not contain mines. Clear theBoardof all the mines to prove your strategic skills and quickwits. Howto Play:1,You are presented with a board of squares, eachwith acover. Some squares contain bombs under the covers.2,Openingasquare which doesn't have a bomb reveals the number ofneighboringsquares(9 squares) contain bombs. Use this informationplus someguess work to avoid the bombs.To open a square, point atthe squareand click on it. To mark a square you think is a bomb,then notopen it.3, If you open a square containing a bomb, youloose. Ifyou open all squares without bombs, you win.MinesweeperFEATURES:-3 difficulty levels: 9x9, 16x16, 22x22.- Variableminefield.-During a phone call, the game will pause.- Offline highscore-Screen zoom: adapted to the screen.- Classical gameplay.Cleareachlevel in record time and boast your high score!
Temple Minesweeper - Free Minefield Game
Don’t just bet on luck, use your brain and master theminesweepingstrategy!Hidden bombs are spread all over the lostMayan temple.Now it is your task to uncover all tiles withoutgetting trapped!To help you, bricks with numbers indicate how manymines areneighbouring it.FREE TO PLAYEnjoy this themed version oftheclassic minefield game! There are three difficulty levels andtheextra custom mode; a game for beginners and experts alike!Inciteyour inner competitor with the all new winning streakrankingsystem!HIGHLIGHTS• Thematic illustrations, animations andgraphiceffects • 3 difficulty levels plus a custom mode (createyour ownboard) • Winning streak ranking system • Easy controls andexcitinggameplay • Hints to unveil mysterious blocksPlease note!This gameis free to play, but it contains items that can bepurchased forreal money. Some features and extras mentioned in thedescriptionmay also have to be purchased for real money.
Minesweeper Free
Minesweeper is a single-player video game. The object ofMinesweepergame is to clear an abstract minefield withoutdetonating a mine,with help from clues about the number ofneighboring mines in eachfield. Minesweeper is a deceptivelysimple test of memory andreasoning—and one of the most populargames of all time.MinesweeperGame is played in two modes: minemode, where you can click to opentiles, and flag mode where youcan flag tiles.--------------------------------------------★★★MINESWEEPER GAMEFEATURES ★★★✔ 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium,Hard and custom✔Large scrollable and zoomable game area✔ Gamepause during a phonecall✔ World Leaderboards✔ Analytics forAchievement you have playedin Minesweeper ✔ Tablet support✔ Switchbetween Mine mode and Flagmode with one touch✔ Sound effects thatcan be enabled or disabled✔Absolutely Free Game★★★ HOW TO PLAYMINESWEEPER ★★★▼ The rules inMinesweeper are simple:● Uncover amine, and the game ends.● Uncoveran empty square, and you keepplaying.● Uncover a number, and ittells you how many mines layhidden in the eight surroundingsquares—information you use todeduce which nearby squares are safeto click.☼ Find the emptysquares while avoiding the mines. Thefaster you clear the board,the better your score.★★★ DIFFICULTIES★★★▼ Minesweeper has threestandard boards to choose from, eachprogressively more difficult.●Beginner: 81 tiles, 10 mines●Intermediate: 256 tiles, 40 mines●Expert: 480 tiles, 99 mines●Custom: You can also create a customboard in Minesweeper.Minesweeper supports boards of up to 720squares and668mines.--------------------------------------------Download thefreeMinesweeper for Android and start playing right now onyoursmartphone or tablet! ☺If you like the Minesweeper forAndroid,please rate it. Thank you!
Minesweeper is a single-player video game. The object of the gameisto clear an abstract minefield without detonating amine.FEATURES:-4 difficulty levels- Multi-touch zoom- Game pauseduring a phonecall- Offline and Online high score- Enable/ disablefull screenmode- Autosave function (you can interrupt the gameanytime andcontinue later)- Flag tiles with long click- Switchbetween minemode and flag mode with volume buttonDIFFICULTIES:-Beginner 9x9with 10 mines- Intermediate 16x16 with 40 mines-Expert 16x30 with99 mines- Custom
MINESWEEPER PUZZLE-----------------------------------Welcome tothebest application of the classic game minesweeper.1 - . Has 3boardsizes (for each device)2 - . Has 4 levels of difficultyDo youdare?THE GAME-----------------The minesweeper game is simple, buttosolve it requires a lot of concentration and skill.Is todetecthidden mines on a board , and for that we must uncover thedarkcells . Then, in a cell is uncovered indicates the numberofadjacent mines. Using this information, we may end up deductingthelocation of mines and solve the game .SCORE-----------Finishthegame with the minimum time possible and beat yourbestmarks.INFINITE GAME----------------------Also, if you cannotfinish the game , do not worry, when you get back can choosetostart a new game or continue the game as you left it.ALIGHTAPPLICATION---------------------------------And all this in anapp, simple , versatile and just 1.00 Mb you can store on the SIM !!Are you going to lose?Manresa, 2015 - @Notix Gestión yDesarrollos(Notyx Games)
Modern Minesweeper - Material Design
This is the Minesweeper puzzle game with materialisticdesign.Howmuch can your mind work when it comes to solve thispuzzle. Themain goal of this game is to correctly flag those boxeswhich mayhave mines by long clicking, and open all the other whichmight nothave mines by single click.Features of this game:-Materialisticlook and feel- 4 difficulty levels- 3 game modes-Light anddark(night mode) themes- In-app music- Record your highscore-Learn how to play with minimal instructionsThe three gamemodes ofthe game are:1. Classic Mode- This mode is the sameclassical modeeveryone used to play in their computers. There is notime limit tosolve this puzzle.2. Survival Mode- In this mode, theplayer has tosolve the puzzle within a given time frame.3. CustomMode- In thismode, the player can set all the attributes(number ofrows, numberof columns, number of mines) prior to solving thepuzzle.If youlike solving puzzles, you would surely love this game.
Classic Minesweeper (Online)
Funny classical Minesweeper game with online LiderboardThis isasingle player Minesweeper game to open all boxes but dontclickmine.The numbers in boxes tell you total bomb count ofneighbourboxes- If you win the game wear sunglasses and do betterfor takeplace online Top 100 Liderboard- if you lose, close allopenwindows :)-Classical look and have 3 difficulty level. Firsttwolevel for training but you can take place in top 100liderboardwhen you won any hard level game.
Minesdroid (Minesweeper)
Useless functions and needless effects are not necessary toremovemines.You just do that faster.Minesdroid helps all of youspend thecomfortable "mine-clearance life".A light play by thesimpleinterface and operability.Your clearance is helped by notonlybasic functions such as a "flag" and a "?", but alsozoomingdisplay, scrolling it and the overviewing map.OK, let'sbeginMinesdroid!Minesdroid (Minesweeper, Mines) is asingle-playergame.You can open a block with tapping and put up aflag withtapping and holding. In addition, you can use a questionmark bytapping a flag. After flags and question marks are tappedand held,they return to blocks.When you tap the block to open it,the numberof mines that exist in its surrounding 8 blocks isdisplayed.Iffigures on the open block are equal to the number offlags aroundit, you can tap (and hold) it to open its surroundingblocks onwhich a flag is put at a stretch. In this case, even theblocks aquestion mark is put on open.Moreover you can zoom displaytooperate the seek bar at the bottom. And display can bescrolledwhile you slide your finger keeping to touch thescreen.Zoominglets you play this game much smoothly.If all of theblocks exceptto be mined a mine are opened, you win.In the custommode, you canchoose the width and the height in 10-30 respectivelyand canspecify how many mines from 10% to 80% of the (widthxheight).Pressing the menu button in the score view enables youtoinitialize data.It is necessary to finish the easy mode, themediummode and the hard mode more than 5 times each so that you canplaythe very hard mode.Listing functions・Zooming display with theseekbar・Scrolling display while one's finger is sliding onthescreen・Change of the color of the block・Change of the color ofthebackground・Vibration on tapping and holding・A reductiontooverview・Pause and Save ・Online ranking (half-widthalphanumericand ten or less characters available for thename.)・Sharing scoreusing SNS such as Twitter*Android 4.0 and uprecommended*You maynot be able to register and acquire the onlineranking depending ontime.
Minesweeper Lv99
You can play the maximum number of cells in the smartphoneapp.Sincethis is in universal design, it is possible to play inthe pleasantoperation!Have you were playing solitaire and freecell thateveryone was hooked on Windows PC?It is also recommendedfor thosethey love.******Characteristic******- It has a maximumnumber ofcells in the application of Minesweeper!- It can be crispplay inyour spare time!And interrupted at any time, at any timeyou can beresumed!- It is easy to operate without selecting thedevice withone hand operation and left-handed!It is becauseuniversal design!-The results can be contested beyond thedevice!Please aim the world1!- It is equipped with a shieldfunction to prevent the mine!Thiswill assist when you play a longstage!- It is not the first to openthe cell of mine!- It can sharethe stage clear information onTwitter and Facebook and Line!- Ityou can play for free withoutcharging even!- What happens when youhave to clear theLv99?******rule******It is the same rules asMinesweeper everyoneknows.If you do not know this rule, it haseasy tutorial.This gameCan be enjoyed by allages.iOSver: @the96xmusic : Maoudamashii
Ball Bomb Minesweeper 3D
One large three-dimensional sphere full of mines. Disarm theballwith help comparing adjacent fields (each field shows thenumber ofmined neighbors). Easy rules, addictive entertainment.Great, wellknown, classic minesweeper logic game with modern ideas.New faceof great Planet Mines 3d game.There are three controloptions ingame, try them all.Great music composed by WojtekFedkowiczespecially for Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper) game.The objectof theBall Bomb game is to disarm a minefield without detonatinganymine. Disarmament is uncovering all fields without a mine.Eachfield has about six neighbours. To make disarmament easier,eachfield displays the number adjacent mines. You can mark(flag)fields, which are suspicious of being mined, it will alsodecreasesthe number of remaining mines which appears in the upperleftcorner of the screen.An attempt to uncover mined field willcausean explosion of the ball and you will have to start again.Thefirstreveal is always safe!When you uncover all safe fields, theballwill be disarmed and you will WIN the gameClassic minesweepergame(also known as mines) but on a three-dimensional sphere(planet)minefield and with an easy start mode, which you can turnoff to bemore professional.Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper) offers:-splendidelectronic music- imposing graphic effects- 6 ballminefield sizes(the sixth size will be available soon) - the firstclick is alwayssafe and uncovers convenient area (easy start mode),- saving gamestate every time you close it,- scalable graphic,which look greatin every resolution,- smart and minimalistinterface - just launchand play,- resizing the ball by multitouch,-three control methods(NEW)- game timer,- mines left counter-support landscape,- hoursof fun during exercising your strategicand logical thinking.Pleasefeel free to contact me by email.
Just Minesweeper
Minesweeper is a fun, quick logic game. Unfortunately,everyminesweeper app on the market seems to require internet,location,and pretty much any other access you can think of. Thisversion isfree and free from ridiculous permission requirements.It's JustMinesweeper!That said, it still has some perks such as allthreedifficulty levels, hints, undos, and zooming. Give it a try.
Groping Mines (minesweeper)
This is the unique Minesweeper version you can play online.Gamegraphic and sound was redesigned totally, very beautiful andfunny.Online play rule is very simple:Each player have same flagamount.You win If you pinned all flags to right mine squares beforeyourcompetitor. You lose if timeout (60s for each turn) or you openamine square.Other features:- Customise mine amount&battlefield size- Play online- Multiplay offlineEnjoy thisgame!
Minesweeper 3D
Minesweeper Remake. This is not a clone, it's the bestminesweepereverTWISTOR Taking Minesweeper to a brand-new dimension(3D)Thefantastic original game Twistor, turns you into aminesweeper witha twist.This amazing new game takes all the classicexcitement andchallenge of the classic mine sweeping game and turnsit on edgetime ten. To play this logic/action game, you simply digthe blocksof a 3D cube and avoid the hidden skull-bombs. You willbe giventhe number of safe moves, in three dimensions and you mustfigureout the next safe tap. Simple but challenging. This amazingbrainand puzzle game will blow your mind! The awesome graphicsandexpert design makes this the best 3D mine clearing game inthemarket. This fun for-all-ages logic game offer three levels andafully functional preference menu so you can customize yourgamingexperience. Twistor is a great way to stay mentally sharpbyoffering you a brain stimulating game that is easy to playandunderstand but may take you some time to fully master.• 3DAction•Great graphics• Brain stimulating• Addictive and fun• Userfriendlyinput• Multi-level gaming• Beat your high score•CustomizablepreferencesTwistor takes a new and dramatic twist inthe classicgaming experience. Fun and addictive gaming action.Download tochallenge your sense of logic and to have fun.
Zen Sweeper (Minesweeper)
Zen Sweeper: Arrange the stones with Feng ShuiThe rules of thegameresemble Minesweeper in Zen style.Your task is to open allemptycells and put the stones to the cells with Yin-Yang symbol(Youshould put a stone before open the cell). However,unlikeMinesweeper, the game does not end on the first mistake, butyouwill get penalty. Wrongly placed stones can't be removed, youalsowill get penalty for them.The number of dots indicates howmanyYin-Yang places on neighboring cells.Lotus safely can be placedonany closed cell and opens all cells around, automaticallyplacingstones.Also Lotus can be used to fix mistakes. UnusedLotuses addedto final score.Features:- Minesweeper based game inZen StoneGarden- Hexagonal cells- Huge game field up to 120x100cells-Perimeter is already opened, so you will not get stuck inthecorners- Meditative gameplay- Mistake is not the end, the winisnot the goal- Relaxing sounds and animations- Zoom andsmoothscrolling
Divehex :New Style Minesweeper
Are you a minesweeper fanatic? Here is a brand new minesweepergamewith mind-blowing transformation of squares intobeautifulhoneycomb-style hexagons. Play Divehex in yourreminiscence of samerules from the classic minesweeper. This gamewill offer you a fullof thrilling tensions and excitements ofpuzzling arcade games. Thereal challenges starts at 2,000m deep! Ifyou're a fan of theclassic minesweeper, you will definitely fall inlove with Divehex:) The checkpoint is placed at every 500 metersdeep, then youcould start from the saved checkpoints. ● More AIRcan be storedwith purchase of AIRSLOTs.● Fill the AIRTANK with AirBubbles todive deeper● Complete an expert level to compete withpeopleglobally● Global ranks are updated in real time● Your recordswillbe shared with your friends
Minesweeper 3D
Minesweeper is a classic game and this 3D version takes it tothenext level. The goal is the same, uncover all fields thatdon'thave any mines, but paying attention on all possibledirections!NOADS AND NO IN-APP PURCHASES, TOTALLY FREE!FEATURES:-12 boards- 3difficulties- 36 google play games leaderboards- 43google playgames achievements- smooth gameplayBOARDS:- Box-Pyramid- Almost2D- Half Box- Cross- Peaks- Drill Box- Holes-Stairs- Diamond-Pluses- Honey Hive
Minesweeper at hexagon
This is an old, classic minesweeper with some peculiarities:*cellsof the field are hexagonal shapes instead of squares like inan oldversion of the game;* Game helper mode, that helps you inno-exitsituations.Minesweeper at hexagon is a single-player videogame.Thegoal is to uncover all cells without mines.Game is playedin twomodes: mine mode, where you can click to open cells, and flagmodewhere you can put flags.FEATURES:- Game helper mode- 3difficultylevels for 7 size of field- Countdown timer from yourbest time-Game pause during a phone call- Offline high score-Autosavefunction (you can interrupt the game anytime and continuelater)-Flag tiles with long click- Switch between mine mode andflag modewith volume button- Nice, clean and easy to useinterfaceEnjoy thisrealization of the classical game 90s.
Zombie Minesweeper
Octo Industries
★★★★ A Gizmodo "Essential App!" ★ "GamingAppof the Day!" on Kotaku ★ GameZebo Best Hidden Gems of 2011★★★★Zombie Minesweeper is a frantic adventure game filledwithsatisfying puzzles and juicy Zombie explosions. Our snarkyheroineis caught up in a Zombie apocalypse and must escape hersuburbanneighbourhood and cross the countryside to safely meetherboyfriend. By using markings on the ground, you must help herflagexplosive mines and outrun hordes of brain-hungry Zombiewildlife.Fortunately, you have an assortment of weapons and toolsto dealwith the pesky Zombies in thismind-blowingsoon-to-be-classic!* Optimized for Phone & Tablets!* Over 30 Zombie EXPLODING levels!* Exciting environments such as a Zombie farm, a spooky forest,andthe pet cemetery!* 14 hungry Zombie animals to destroy* Fight against birds that are angry!* Fun puzzles based on classic minesweeper!----* Gamezebo: 4.5/5 "Zombie Minesweeper is one of those gamesthatsounds like it might be stupid but winds up being stupidlyfun.It's adorable and strange and just violent enough to begoofilyawesome."* iFanzine: (4.5/5) "The threat of moving enemies really upstheante on ye olde Minesweeperformula; stir in a macabre senseofhumor and you’ve got a product that’s ripe for a cultfollowingamong casual and [seasoned] gamers alike."* Touch Arcade: "There's something special in the combinationofzombies and minefields. This top-down action puzzler puts thetwotogether to explosive effect."* BunchOfGamers: (4/5) "A really captivating process of shootingandblowing up zombies, while trying to advance through thelevelwithout blowing up yourself."*JayIsGames: "One of the best efforts to combine logic puzzlesandshotguns we've ever seen!"
omg Minesweeper
The classic Minesweeper you love, rebuilt for one tap play. Yourjob: tap to clear the safe tiles. Clear them all to win the round.Butbe careful! One misstep and BOOM!Playing for time ortaps?Leaderboards track both fast and efficient gameplay. ★★★FEATURES★★★▷ Classic Minesweeper boards▷ Portrait and Landscapemodes▷ Indepth stat tracking▷ Global Leaderboards▷ Big, Hexagon,and Jumbleboard variants▷ Timed and Tap modes▷ Auto-flagging forobviousmines▷ Trophy Room featuring best boards