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Myth Playlist Maker 1.7
Random generated playlists just for you! Random generatedplaylistsjust for you!
Rainbow Cube 1.0.16
Fun to play, click on the cube to crush them, solve allthepuzzlesMatch the same cube and turn it into a powerful boosterthathelps you through hundreds of levels!Countless kinds ofmatchingpuzzles that need to be played with your smart talent tomaster thekey to completion+500 easy and fun game points!Staraward: Amazingrewards when your level improvesDaily Turntable forfreeprizesNumerous boosters and powerful combinations to help yousolveall the problems.The rankings compete with friends and playersfromall over the world! 2.0.7
This app includes a lot of free stickers of "Mischief". Youcouldsend them to SNS and other message services. New stickersareavailable from GACHA, a capsule toy. Powered by ARTSPLANET
OOF! Phone Drop Scream 2.7.1
OpenGate Apps
Not for intentional phone dropping! Your phone will scream whenyoudrop your phone. An app you never knew you needed.Availablesounds: - OOF sound from Roblox - Roblox Death Scream -Minecraftoof (minecraft death sound) - I've fallen and I can't getup! -iDubbbz - Wilhelm Scream - Windows XP Shut down sound -ScreenCrack - Yeet - Sad Violin - REEEEEEEE - GTA 5 Wasted Sound -NowThats a lot of damage! - I can't believe you've done this -WTFRichard - Peter Griffin hurting his knee More sounds coming inthefuture! Note: - the sensor recognizes the drop best if youdon'ttwist / rotate the phone mid-air while falling. Disclaimer:Thissoftware does not encourage any other than normal using ofyourdevice. You are not to cause damage to your or other'spossessionsby including, but not limited to throwing your phone inthe air,intentionally dropping it on any surface that could damagethedevice etc. By installing this application, you agree to useitsafely and responsibly. OpenGate Apps is in no way responsibleforany damage you may cause by intentionally throwing your phone.Thisapplication is not meant for this and we do not urge users todroptheir devices on purpose.
com.ashvindalwadi.picturedictionary 3.1
Picture Book is for Kids to learn spelling as well aspronouncingwords. More than 600+ spellings to learn with pictures.We havedesigned especially for kids so they can understand easily.Kidswill also learn how to pronounce words as we have included texttospeech engine. Features 1.Thirteen picture books are included.2.Learning Alphabets spellings. 3. Learning Animals spellings.4.Learning Fruits spellings. 5. Learning Vegetables spellings.6.Learning Body Parts spellings. 7. Learning Flowers spellings.8.Learning Birds Spelling. 9. Learning Numbers Spelling. 10.LearningColors Spelling. 11. Learning Shapes Spelling. 12.LearningTransports Spelling. 13. Learning Cartoon CharactersSpelling. 14.Learning Insects Spellings. 15. Learning Three letterswords. 16.Learning Four letters words. 17. Learning Five letterswords. 18.Learning Six letters words. 19. All ten categories ofspellings arefree. 20. All categories have high quality images. 21.On touch itwill speak the spelling. 22. Settings to enable ordisable text tospeech.
KIKY - Magic Book 1.2.1
Get ready for magic!With this application you will be abletobreathe life into the characters depicted on specialnotebooks,drawing books, pencil case, paper bag, diary, notepads,and manymore. If you see the "KIKY MAGIC BOOK"logo on the productcover, itmeans its magical and characters on it come tolife!Remember, youhave a great magical power in your hands now! Itspurpose is tomake the world more fun by adding magic!
com.narvii.amino.x22620227 2.4.28683
Amino Apps
Les fans d’Anime et Manga s'unissent! Rejoignez la communautédeplus en plus forte croissance pour les fans d’Anime etManga.Discutez de vos théories, rencontrez d'autres fans, partagezL'artdu fan, et même le role-play. Anime et Manga Amino est commeunforum, un chat et une communauté de supporters intégrés dans un!-CHAT avec d'autres fans d’anime et manga et faites de nouveauxamis- DÉCOUVRIR les nouvelles curiosités et l'art - OBTENIRlesdernières nouvelles et actualités de manga et anime -PARTAGERvotre art et vos créations originales - APPRENDRE etCONTRIBUER ànotre wiki d’anime et manga - une encyclopédie detoutes les chosesanime et manga! Fans of Anime and Manga unite!Join the communityof increasingly strong growth for fans of Animeand Manga. Discussyour theories, meet other fans, share the FanArt, and evenrole-play. Anime and Manga Amino is like a forum, achat and acommunity of fans integrated into one!   - Chat withotherfans of anime and manga, and make new friends - DISCOVERnewcuriosities and art - GET the latest news and manga newsandanimates - SHARE your art and your original creations - LEARNandCONTRIBUTE to our wiki anime and manga - an encyclopedia ofallthings anime and manga!
app lock new version 2018 latest pattern pin 7.4.9
app lock new version 2018 latest pattern pin is an AppLocker orAppProtector that will lock and protect apps using a password orhiderpattern and fingerprint.Lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery appswithhider password and prevent the apps from being exposedbysnooper!Lock by pattern, password, keypad applock-fingerprint&pin many types for lock apps. very interestingYou havecustomizeyour lock, eg: change lock passcode for whatsapp type,changebackgroundLock app with senha aplicativos patternLock appwithpassword- Social apps: AppLock can lock Facebook, hiderWhatsApp,Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat andso on. Noapplock-fingerprint & pin one can peep at your privatechat anymore. - System apps: AppLock can lock Contacts, SMS,passcode forwhatsapp Gallery, Videos, Email and so on. No one canmess up senhano zap your settings for system apps.- Android payapps: AppLockcan lock hider Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypal and soon. No onecan use your wallet to applock-fingerprint & pinpurchase anyitem. With App Lock ,you can :- Lock anyapps(message,applock-fingerprint & pin Game, Photos, Videos...)- Lock appsusing Fake senha aplicativos Forced Close pop-up-Lock apps usingsenha no zap multiple password- Lock incoming calls-Lock systemsettings to prevent a hider mess by kids- Lock GooglePlay toprevent buy passcode for whatsapp games, movies, books-Lockmessage, Lock call applock-fingerprint & pin ...- LockphonesettingWith AppLock, you will:- Never worry about parentscheckhider your Snapchat,!- Never worry aboutfriendsapplock-fingerprint & pin borrow your phone to playgames withmobile data again!- Never worry about a workmate getsyour passcodefor whatsapp phone to look the gallery again!- Neverworry senha nozap about someone reads hider private data in yourapps again!-Never worry about kids mess up Settings, passcode forwhatsapp sendwrong messages, paying games again!Feature- PatternLock: simpleand fresh interface, passcode for whatsapp unlockfaster!- PIN lock(keypad lock):Much applock-fingerprint & pinsafer for you tolock apps- App Lock can lock your photos , gallerypasscode forwhatsapp and messages from prying eyes and nosy friends. To besenha no zap your privacy guard !- Application lock, bestapp lock& privacy guard applock-fingerprint & pin , is themostsmart Application lock !- Full protection for passcode forwhatsappyour phone.- Support multiple language- Lock your app senhano zapaccurately and smartly- Good at performanceapplock-fingerprint& pin and power-saving- Kinds of beautifullock types-passcodefor whatsapp Customize: change type, changebutton, changewallpaper- Lock app very effective- Lock app veryhigh security-Easy to use applock-fingerprint & pin and fast.-Lowercapacity, less passcode for whatsapp memory.- Power savingmode tosave battery.
Files To Other Devices 1.160
Regular use of app Files To Other Devices gives you oneclicksolution to share your files with your family, friendsorcolleagues. You can quickly copy your photos, videos, documentsordownloads from your internal memory or SD Card to anotherdevicevia Wifi. This app Files To Other Devices is a one clickfastsolution to copy your files from internal memory or SD cardtoanother device via Wi-Fi. ✔️ Copy files to another device ✔️ From/to Internal memory or SD Card ✔️ Via Wifi, one clicksolution,without wires, fast, save and easy ✔️ Select just specificfiles byfile extension Just pair device you want to copy to, selectfilesyou want to copy, click big button and that’s all, fast andeasysave, without wires, without stress. You can choose if you wanttocopy FROM internal memory or SD Card or TO internal memory orSDCard of paired device. App displays large previews of fileswithmore details which appear after a long touch of the selectedfile.You can also select specific files to move / copy by fileextensionand move or backup your files faster. By first install andby everyrestart you must enable access to SD card.
Thanthi TV Tamil News Live 2.5
Thanthi TV app is the best place to catch the news inTamil,wherever you are. You can watch Live TV, get instant newsupdatesand watch videos on demand. Our new design raises the barwithfeatures like reminders for your favorite shows, commentingandsharing options. From hot politics to cinema and global events–Thanthi TV app provides all the updates for the Tamil news viewer.
GIF Maker 2.1
Using GIF Maker you can easily create funny GIF image fromvideosand multi images and share created GIF to everyone byFACEBOOK,TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP, TELEGRAM and many otherapps.Createanimated GIF and funny GIF• Select a video from galleryand trimselected video before creating GIF.• Multiple frames willbegenerated from video, to make an excellent GIF.• Control GIFframesspeed before saving.• select multiple photos from gallery tocreateGIF image.• You can easily manage created GIF file and viewthemwhen you want.• One click to share created GIF Images.•Savecreated GIF in device storageUsing Gif maker you cancreatevideo togif, images to gif , selfie to gif , create funny gif, gif forwhatsapp, gif for facebook gif for twitter.UpcomingfeaturesEditcreated GIF.To create GIF capture video and imagesusing camera.Addtext and animated images to GIFWe're always excitedto hear fromyou! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns,please emailus at
Genius Quiz Memes 1.0.1
Features:-50 unique questions-Sometimes the answers are not inthealternatives-Only 2% of people finish this game
Melomania – Russian style! 1.4.12
Hatch Cover
Melomania - Russian style!Best russian songs, famousrussianartists, russian heart and soul. For those, who loves MotherRussiaor want to understand her. No more Matreshka, Balalayka andVodka.Only true russian music, real russian living. In this gameyou willfind:- Many levels for every music style;- Dozens ofwell-knownrussian artists;- Hundreds of popular songs;-User-friendlyinterface;- The original hints system.But first of allyou willfind Russia itself! Download, play, love berezka!
Arcade:Classic 2 5.0
wang guantu
Arcade simulator games, enduring horizontal version of thegamemakes the game fun to relive childhood!The game includes avarietyof classic games. Each game is your favorite, I believe youwillhave fun.
Ghosts & Spirits analyzes the readings of several sensors.Thecomplete equipment includes: - Magnetophone: converts thesensorreadings into sounds - Paranormal Detector: detects levelofparanormal activity - Radar Map: draw in the city map theexactpoint of the detected energy - Ghost Finder: help to locatefocusof energy using gauss field (only in PRO versión) - GhostCamera:converts sensor readings into images (only in PRO versión)We don'toffer guarantees of accuracy or any warranties, therefore,sinceresults from this application cannot be verifiedscientifically theapp should be used for entertainment purposes.
Genius Quiz 15 1.0
Features:-50 unique questions-Sometimes the answers are not inthealternatives-Only 2% of people finish this game
Tower Slash 1
Tower Slash is an action pixel art game that will push you toyourlimits!Only the fastest finger will survive!In a retrostyleenvironment, you must take the challenge of climbingtheEverlasting Tower.Only a special kind of runner, fast enoughtobreak the chains of gravity, can climb it, and defeat thetowerguardian knights.Swipe to match the arrows directions todefeatenemies, and climb your way through! Use your memory andreflexesto defeat a horde of enemies and creatures that roam theskies!Haveyou got the necessary skills to beat your friends scoresand becomethe ultimate tower slasher?Unlock all the gamecharacters, eachwith unique special abilities that will enhanceyour gameexperience.Level up to gain bonus scores!This difficultgame willpush you to the limits!Fight your way to thetop!FEATURES-Lots ofunlockable playable characters-Level up system- win score bonusbased on your character level!-Special abilitiesand superpowers-Colorful retro graphics-Different backgroundandweatherNOMINATIONSNominee for best upcoming game at IMGAAwards2015Moreinfo:http://www.towerslash.com
Holi Photo Frame - Holi DP Maker v1.8
Celebrate Holi Festival with our application Holi Photo Framesandmake your Holi Photos. Holi Photo Frames have a manydifferentbeautiful photo bokeh to make your Holi Festival Photos.CreateHoli DP with many Holi Photo Frames and also it have aPhotoFilters and effects. Holi Photo Frames is the most importantdayfor all Indian people with to wish each other by makingbeautifulphotos in Holi Photo Frames. By adding Text on photos youcan alsomake text on photo as you want to write in Holi PhotoFrames 2019app. You can add the text on your photo and colorizethat font andfont style. Holi Photo Frames is totally free for allthe users whowant to make Holi Photos Frames. This is the Best Holiphoto Editorto make your Beautiful Photos. Features:--------------- 1. Neatand clean material design Holi Photo Framesapp. 2. Use your cameraor gallery to make your blur backgroundphoto. 3. Holi Photo Frameshave a many Bokeh Effects & PhotoFilter Effects. 4. Our Apphave many different filters to make yourphoto with special effectslike a prisma effects. 5. Add yourfavorite text on your photo andchange font color and font styles 6.Set your photo with yourfingers or zoom in/zoom out. 7. Share appand created photo framesto your friends and family. How to Use:------------------ 1.Choose your picture from your image gallery ortake a photo byusing camera 2. Choose your suitable Frame to yourimage 3. Doeffect with different bokeh to your image 4. Also giveeffects withbeautiful image filters to your photo to make yourphoto eyecatching 5. Add text on Image and change font color andstyle 6.Now click on done button to create your Indian DP Image 7.Previewof your Photo Frame or Image and Share it to your friendsShareHoli Photo Frames with your friends to take advantage ofourapplication. App Related Keywords > Holi Photo Editor >HoliPhoto Frame > Photo Eraser > Background Eraser >ImageEraser > Holi Photo Frames > Holi Photo Background>Background Changer > Cut Paste Photo Editor >HoliPhotography > Holi Photo HD > Holi Photo > HoliPhotoBackground Image > Holi Wallpaper > Holi Photo Editors>Holi Photos > Holi Photo Effects 2019 > HoliPhotoEditor  > Holi Photo Editor 2019 > HoliPhotoFrames  > Holi Photo Frames 2019 > Holi DP Maker>Holi Greetings > Holi Background If you have any suggestionsorquestions please contact us on: for using our Holi Photo Frames application.
Stickman Turbo Destruction Warriors 1.2
Stickman Destruction Warriors is a sequel to the legendary gameofsurvival, where to make incredible tricks, drivingdifferenttransport and getting into different crash! The game ismade in thebest traditions of simulator games with ragdoll physicselements.Make incredible jumps and tricks and destroy the enemy!Your taskis make the finish alive or dead!
Genius Quiz Heroes 1.0.7
Genius Quiz Heroes is a special edition of our series of games asatheme behind much requested by our users. In response torequests,we launched 50 new and unique questions for GenioQuizHeroes.Remember that not all the answers are in thealternative!
com.enjoyvalley.popstar 2.5.4
Pops!2019 Free– A must-have mobile causal game! Pops!2019 Free –Themost necessary game accompany your toilet time! Pops!2019 Free– Themost fun puzzle game in the world! Pops!2019 Free – The best“timekiller” causal game! This is the newest version of theclassicpopstar game,are you ready to see something new? Newitems,newsociety,new effects,new modes.And these are all free.Challengeyourself now. ★ Pops!2019 Once you pop, you can't stop!Tap on twoor more adjacent blocks to destroy them. An excitinggame with cool. Pops!2019 is a good choice to kill time andtraining brain.★Pops!2019 features - Auto Save game level -Leaderboards fromGoogle Play Games ★ How to play this puzzle: -Just tap two or moreblocks of the same color popping. - There isno time limit, but eachstage has target points to proceed to nextstage ★ Tips on Scoring:- The more blocks you popping, the morescore you will get. - Try toclear all blocks, you will get a lotof bonus! Google+:
Gutenberg Books 0.8.5
Live from Project Gutenberg, with more than 50,000 collectionsofall timeless classics and top hits, it features all theimportantbooks ever published in history. It consists of all thedigitisedcultural e-books that allow you to carve your way tomagical andperfect reading experience.Our app has finally openedthe portal ofall the riches of Project Gutenberg in all your appledevices. Comealong and embark your long and beautiful journey withso much easeand comfort. The entire text is represented in asophisticated bookformat with elegant design, dainty user interfaceand graceful pageturning. Now, you can carry your books libraryalong with you inyour pocket, escaping into your favorite masterpiecesanytime.Note: Project Gutenberg books are in the open domain.Weare not associated in any way with Project Gutenberg.
Truck Simulator 3D: Sand Transport 1.1
Jansen Games
Welcome to Truck Simulator 3D: Sand Transport!In this SandTransportedition of Truck Simulator 3D you'll learn how totransport sandwith a truck and trailer. In 18 levels you'll facerealisticsituations such as driving reverse into tiny spots. Tofinish alevel you first have to attach the trailer, to do thatfollow thered arrows. After you've attached the trailer, you haveto park yourtruck and trailer, to do that follow the yellowarrows.TruckSimulator 3D: Sand Transport features:- Cityenvironment- Easy truckdriving controls- Google Play Games- 18levelsWhen you enjoyed TruckSimulator 3D: Sand Transport pleasesupport us by following us onTwitter:
com.ztx.darush 16
صدای داریوش صدای آرامش دلها بیوگرافی داریوش صدای آرامش دلها تقدیمبهتمام جهان
Genius Quiz Craft 1.1
Features:-50 unique questions-Sometimes the answers are not inthealternatives-Only 2% of people finish this game
Channel for DisneyCARS 3.3.7
This app provides all the Lightning McQueen and Car parodyvideosespecially but you may find Hulk, Turtles Ninja (TMNT),Dinoco andmany others!In this channel you will find video (gameplaymovie)from Lightning McQueen and his friends like Toy StoryWoody,Spiderman, Hulk, Frozen Elsa and Anna, Mickey Mouse,SpongeBob.
Mini Movie Video Slideshow 1.5
Pulpy Apps
Mini Movie Video Slideshow Mini Movie Video Slideshow is thebestfree slideshow and video editor. This application is easy touseand collect your photo and make awesome video. You addbackgroundmusic, give different photo effect. Mini Movie VideoSlideshow youcan create amazing videos, as birthday or weddingsurprises or forother special occasions, celebrations, andfestivals to share yourvideo.
TextO Pro - Write on Photos 1.8
TextO is a Text editing app to write beautiful and impactful‘Textson Photos’. Modify individual word’s formats and highlighttheimportant words of sentences (Punch Words) to create alastingimpact. With an easy to use User Interface that allowsminimaleffort in placing texts on photo, TextO gives theflexibility tomodify Fonts, Formats, Colors, Shaders, Shadow,Stroke and Texturesof entire text or individual words. TextO comeswith presettemplates with beautiful backgrounds and fonts. You canalso createyour own Templates and reuse it. You can use your ownphotos andadd marvelous Text Effects with little effort. Text'Ouserinterface is inspired by professional word software’swithfunctionalities of professional Text Typography software’s.TextOintelligently remembers your last punched word Text Effectsanduses it. With Intuitive design you can easily writesimplemessages, quotes or make professional magazine covers. TextOisbest used for - Writing Quotes: Create impressive quotes onphotosand easy share - Writing Messages: Create Captivatingmessages forsocial media posts - Creating Watermarks: Personalizeyour photosby creating nice watermarks - Creating Albums/Photos andMemories:Write on pictures and convey your thoughts - CreateBrands: CreateViral Ideas, Thoughts, Themes of yourproducts/services to get toyour potential customers. - Draftdesigns: Write and designgreat-looking magazines covers - Havingfun – Create meme’s or addyour own comments on pictures. 2.7.0
The best way to read The Economist on your Android device. Theappis free to download and includes free access to the Editor'spicks– a weekly selection of articles from each week’s edition ofTheEconomist. Digital and print subscribers to The Economistreceiveunrestricted access to each week’s full print edition.FEATURES •Each week’s issue available from 9pm London time eachThursday •Download each issue to your device to read without aninternetconnection • Switch easily between reading and listeningwith TheEconomist in audio • Store and access back issues •Purchase singleissues in app • Subscribe from within the app forfull access toThe Economist on Android tablets, Androidsmartphones, the ChromeWeb store and • Share articlesvia e-mail, Twitterand Facebook • The World in 2018 is nowavailable within TheEconomist app. Install the app and scroll downthrough the issuesto The World in 2018. Find out how big thinkers,industry leadersand Economist journalists predict 2018 will unfoldABOUT THEECONOMIST The Economist is a weekly international news andbusinesspublication, offering clear reporting, commentary andanalysis onworld current affairs, business, finance, science andtechnology,culture, society, media and the arts. SUPPORT Should yourequireany assistance using our app pleasevisit for answers tofrequentlyasked questions as well as ways to contact customersupport.
com.novateam.textart.textstyle 1.1.5-standard
Want to get rid of the boring text message, we provide you withanunique and extremely fascinating tool to generate stylishtext.Along with a friendly way to copy and paste your text, weguaranteethat you will have a great experience with ourapplication. - Ahuge number of creative emotional face and emoji -Lots of coolshapes are available to insert into your message -Transform anddecorate your text into striking character with newgrace and style- A thumb up for your friend or a heart for yourlove, you can alsoexplore many other interesting arts - Not tomention aboutcountless smile, animal and food emoji With thesupport ofBIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE, you can convert your textinto favoriteformat at anytime and anywhere. So don't hesitate totry ourapplication and have more fun while text your friend.Keywords:Text style, Text art, Text decoration, Text stylish, ...
ToJPG - Convert PDF to JPG or PNG 1.6.0
Great tool for converting PDF files to JPG or PNG.Also you canusethis to manage the converted images.Preview PDF file, PreviewEPUBFile , Preview XPS file, Preview CBZ filePreview file andselectsome pages to convert to image.Support Convert other filetoImages:Convert PDF to JPGConvert CBZ to JPGConvert EPUBtoJPGConvert XPS to JPG
Onet Fruit Paradise 1.0
TinyHero Game
Onet Fruit Paradise The best classic version of onet game(kawai2003) with original icon graphic Onet classic fruits forandroidphone andtablet.***************************************************************FEATURES:***************************************************************-Support multi screen for android devices. - Support HDScreenresolution. - Support android version 2.3 to android version6 -Marshmallow - 50+ levels - All directions of transction: Movetoleft, right, up, down, middle andreverse.***************************************************************HOWTO PLAY ONET FRUITSPARADISE?***************************************************************✓The main objective of this game is to remove all icon tiles. ✓Tapthe icon tiles to select it. ✓ Remove 2 fruits with the samekindwhich can be connected within 3 lines. ✓ Remove all animalsbeforetime up. Please enjoy this game
Qiroah Mp3 Merdu 3.9
Primex Mobile
#qiroah merdu tunable #qiroah
گوگوش 16
گوگوش صدایی جاویدان.... بیوگرافی گوگوش صدایی جاویدان تقدیم بهتماممردم جهان.
3D Water Effects Photo Editor 1.6
=> 3D water effects photo editor app contains lots of coolwatereffects with natural sea look. Just like whole beautiful seaworldunder your feet. => 3D water effects photo editor app canhelpyou to give an unexpected beautiful gift for your belovedones.Water effect photo editor is ideal for you to frame yourmemoriesand make them unforgettable photo frames with water effectphotoeditor images. We have created many water effect photoeditor,those you can use for create awesome photo with Photo Frame.=>Water effect photo editor gives you different live water onyourphoto with grows reflection in water and different photoeffectlike natural look. Make your photo more creative and give ita lookof nature by using our water effect photo editor. Features:-Collection of beautiful sea world water effect frames. - Takephotofrom camera or gallery. - Set your image zoom-in as you like.-Change opacity, contrast and background erase what you want. -Settext and emoji on your image. - Adjust and crop the image. -Edityour photo in any way. - All edited images save in folder. -Shareand upload your photo in any social media. 3D water effectsphotoeditor app is completely free to download.
Vijayavani 0.9.3
Vijayavani (Kannada: ವಿಜಯವಾಣಿ) is a Kannada-language dailynewspaperdistributed in the Indian state of Karnataka. It ispublished by VRLGroup owned by logistics tycoon VijaySankeshwar.Having launched on1 April 2011, Vijayavani started withmerely three editions. Todayit has editions in several places likeBengaluru, Mangaluru,Hubballi, Mysuru, Vijayapura, Gangavathi,Chitradurga, Shivamoggaand Kalaburgi.Vijayavani the flagshipentity of the VRL Group is thelargest circulated newspaper inKarnataka. Vijayavani created mediafrenzy by being the onlyKannada newspaper to launch 9 editions injust 90 days from its 1stlaunch. Vijayavani is an all colour paperin all Karnataka. Withgrowth rate of 262% in 3 years, Vijayavanitoday has a certifiedcirculation of 8,03,738 copies.Vijayavani hasan unmatched reachwhich covers 28 districts out of almost 30districts in entireKarnataka.Apart from the regular content, afour-page
Name Art - Focus N Filter 1.1
Lizza Tech
Name Art - Focus N FilterChoose photo from your gallery anddecorateit with focus filter (focusnfilter): signature effect,handwritingfont, art background, gradient color background,fingertipart,...Name Art - Focus n Filter 2017 - Name Art -Createprofessional name art with Name Art app. Create art profilepicturefor you with beautiful and unique. Add more than 170heartstickers, change text font, text color and more.Createawesome,amazing and beautiful love card with Name Art - Focus nFilter.With this app you can decorate and stylize any text youwrite suchas your name, your dear name, your mother name, fathername, friendname, your nick name,... With text you can choose yourlove font,color, edit size text, drag, rotate your text. After thatyou candecorate it with different decorative item as feathers, loveitems,art item, love stickers, color brush, color filter,heartshapes.Make Name art Profile Pic and enjoy latest trend likefiltern focus on Instagram.Using Signature Maker you can make yournamelike your signature. Easily convert Text to signature.FeaturesofName Art - Focus N Filter☘ Choose from different options tonameout the image and make a customized image.☘ Add fancy texts tothename using stylish name maker or my name art.☘ Decorate500+templates using stylish text fonts and stylish name trends.☘500+different symbols used to decorate your name art.☘ More than200+lovely templates to text on.☘ Set Different type of backgroundandgradients.☘ Provide 100+ unique heart emojis of different colortoexpress my name art.☘ Add snap cool, hearts, couple, feathers,dotart and Strokes emojis to make a cool art picture☘ Use 200+stylishfonts for making stylish quotes art.☘ Resize the text ofyour namein this free name generator app.☘ Draw & Paint yourown Namewith text to signature.☘ Focus handwriting My Name Art withColors& Backgrounds.☘ Add magic brush effect with snap,stickers,love emoji, heart emoji .☘ Cool,Hearts,Couple,Feathers,DotandStrokes Emojis to make a cool art picture☘ Add stickers foryourtextgram - write on photos.☘ Save your name as a image onyourmemory.☘ Share your beautiful name with your friend.To make itBestName Card As Below Categories.[1] Name on Love Pic[2] Name ArtonAttitude pic.[3] Add Text on Sand Pic[4] Name Art onBeachFrames[5] Name on Birthday Cake Pics[6] Name on AnniversaryCakePics[7] Name Art on Congratulation Pic[8] Name on Get WellSoonPic[9] Name on Festival Pic[10] Name on RomanticCoupleTemplates[11] Stylish Name Art on Jewellery Pic[12] Name onGoodMorning Pics[13] Name on Good Evening Pics[14] Name on GoodNightPics[15] Name Art on Valentine Day Greeting Card[16] Name ArtonInvitation Card[17] Name on Friendship Day Pics[18] Name onBestQuotes Pics[19] Name on Best of Luck Pic[20] Name on I amSorryTemplates[21] Name on Teddy Bear Pics[22] Name Art on DollProfilePic[23] Name on Thanks for Wishes Pic[24] Name on I Miss YouQuotesPic[25] Name on have a good day greeting Quotes Pics[26]AlphabetLetter on CardExpress your feelings by making beautifullove cards& sharing it with your love, you can also write yourname withyour love name & decorate with beautiful arts. I hopeyou enjoyusing this Name Art – Focus N Filter Photo Editor Effectapp andencourage me for further apps.♫ Thanks for Installing “NameArt -Focus N Filter” Application. Have More Fun Using It andpleaseRemember that if you Have Any Suggestions for improvement,justSend us a Message. We read every Email and are Happy to reply…♫Ifyou like this Lighting Text Photo Frame then please rate us★★★★★and give your valuable feedback and share this app withyourfriends and family.

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The Soy Luna Quiz 3.2.6z
Gioca e divertiti a scoprire quali sono i personaggi di soylunanascosti!! Buon divertimento ed in bocca al lupoPlay and havefundiscovering what are the soy moon hidden characters !! Have funandgood luck
Princess Coloring Book for Kids 3.0
Princess Coloring Book Girls is the best game for kids drawingbook.Kids can easily paint and draw pages with beautifulbrushes.You candraw your own drawing. Colouring pages help yourkids boys or girlsto learn more things and how they can usebrushes and pencil inlife. Also saving pictures are available.Princess coloring pages isalso an adulte coloring books to drawand color. Features:- Developyour child skills now.- Kids coloringbook with beautiful colors.-Share your pictures with yourfriends.Develop your skills with ourapp and Download it now.
rudra.apps.boysphotoeditor 4.8
Rudra Apps7
Boys photo editor app give stylish and attractive look to yourcoolphoto. Use Boys Photo Editor App for making your photo awesomeorcreating fantastic montage with many style and surpriseyourfriends showing your cool photos. Boys Photo Editor appcontainslatest and new trendy stylish hair style design, tattoo,mustache,cap, beard, turbans and goggles. It is specially for thosewho areregularly interested in stylish look. Boys Photo Editor Newapp letyou try different stylish look . Beautify your photo withBoysphoto editing app. It will give you very smart and handsomelook toyour pic and give yourself a glorious look ever. *TheMostAdvantage of Boys Photo Editor App is that your photo looklikereal. Whenever you use Boys Photo Editor New app, it helpstodecide which boys photo editor 2019 stickers suits to your faceandbody. Boy Photo Editor Pro allows you to edit and apply anystyleto your face and body. *Boys Photo Editor App contain morethen250+ different stickers. *Boys Photo Editor App containdifferenttypes of categories like beard, cap, goggles, hair,mustache,tattoos, turban and many other cool latest trendingstickers.*Using Boys Photo Editor App You can adjust brightness ofyourphoto, apply different photo effect to your cool photo. *UsingBoysPhoto Editor App You can also view all your saved photos,youcandelete them also. *Using Boys Photo Editor App You can ShareYourphoto to any social networking app like facebook,whatsapp,instagram and many more. *Using boy photo editor you canmakestylish and attractive look of your photo. if you wantmanhairstyle, mustache, beard, cap, sunglasses, turban, tattooandsuit photo editor all in one app? Here we have complete packofboys photo editor. Category: > Hair style PhotoEditor.>Mustache style Photo Editor. >Beard style PhotoEditor.>Punjabi Turbans style Photo Editor. >RajasthaniTurbansstyle Photo Editor. >Goggles style Photo Editor.>Tattoosstyle Photo Editor. >Cap style Photo Editor KeyFeatures:- *Apply 50+ stylish trendy beard Style. * Apply 35+stylish trendycap Style. * Apply 30+ stylish trendy goggles Style.* Apply 65+stylish trendy hair Style. * Apply 40+ stylish trendymustacheStyle. * Apply 45+ stylish trendy Tatoo. * Apply 28+stylish trendyRajasthani, Punjabi Turbans. How To Use:- -Open BoysPhoto Editorapp. -Choose photo from gallery or take a fresh picturefromcamera. -Now select your sticker you want to paste on yourphoto.-You can add many stickers on a single image. -Youcanremove,rotate and resize selected sticker. -Tap effect icontoapply effect to your photo. -Tap brightness icon toadjustbrightness of your photo. -Select save icon to save yourawesomephoto. App can be used as Boys Photo Editor, Boys PhotoEditor New,Boys Photo Suit Editor, Mans Photo Editor, Kids PhotoEditor, CoolBoys Photo Editor, Boys Photo Editor Pro, Boys PhotoEditor New2019. *** If You Like Boys Photo Editor App then ShareApp ElseTell Us for Improvement. *** - Thank You
Linear Art 2.7
::: What is ? :::• Linear Art is a highly complex, kinetic,andinteractive visualizer yet it is also an amazingly beautifulworkof art. • Linear Art was designed to help people who want tothinkmore creatively or who need a change of pace.• Linear Art isanexcellent game/toy/party entertainment/interior design elementforanyone who loves fireworks, whirlwinds, firefly lights,aurora,rainbow, wave, mobius strip, heart or atomic symbol.• LinearArthas additional features that will remind you of the featuresaboveand more all while being intensely dynamic, plus it containstheoption to control each design parameter and characteristic.•Youwill also see Fireworks, Tornado, Nuke, Atom, Nuclear bomb,VoltLightning, Midnight falling star, Black hole, Dark meter,Tsunami,Gravity, Halo, Earthquake, Gun fire, Ice, Space,Universe,Aurora, Fluid, Alien, Laser, Fish, Fly, Blue Sky, Wave,Surfing,Jupiter, Moon, Earth, Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Comet,Pluto,Saturn and so on.• Technically, Linear Art was madewithmathematics, physics, and 3D graphic technics; its renderingsystemwas optimized using neon assembly codes for mobilecomputingenvironments. ::: Features :::• 10-Finger Multi-touchDisplay!• 5Music choices by Aden Ray (On/Off available)!• FastestSpeed (60FPS) emits 5,000 particles!• Customize Particle Length,Number,& Size!::: Support :::If you have any problems,questions, orideas related to this app, please feel free to contactme. I wouldreally like to
Genius Quiz Royale 2 1.0.1
Features:-50 unique questions-Sometimes the answers are not inthealternatives-Only 2% of people finish this game
Logo Maker 3.2.1
What if your logo could look exactly like what you envisioned?Withthe Logo Maker App, you can create your dream logo even if youhaveno design experience. The app is packed with lots of freefonts& icons that you can use entirely for free. And best ofall,you can download your new logo in high-resolution and withatransparent background. USE FREE FONTS & CHANGE TEXT ASYOULIKE: We offer hundreds of 100% royalty-free fonts that you canusewithout worrying about licenses or commercial limitations.WORKWITH THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMISABLE ICONS: Make your logo uniquewithcustomizable stickers, icons and shapes. A LOGO YOU CANUSEANYWHERE: • Download your logo with a transparent background.•Apply your logo anywhere with no white boxes around it. • Yourlogowill look sharp even if it’s enlarged. Plus, the Logo Makerappcomes packed with Desygner functionality as covered byForbes,Product Hunt, Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur and Terra.Join 4million+ people using Desygner to create beautiful contentquicklyand for free. CREATE EASILY: ALL the powerful andeasy-to-useediting tools you need such as resize, font change,color change,resize, align, layer order & much more. Editimages, text &icons in any way you want. FREE IMAGES, ICONS& FONTS: No morepaying for packs like other apps, sometimes upto $10 an image oricon. Logo Maker app comes with beautifulroyalty-free content touse for free without worrying aboutlicenses! IMPORT YOUR OWNIMAGES: Add content from your camera roll,social media &storage drives. DOWNLOAD & SHARE FOR FREEWITH NO WATERMARKS:There is no catch! Anything you create using theLogo Maker app isyours to use as you wish. – SHARE designs throughemail, Instagram,Facebook, Twitter & more. – DOWNLOAD as JPEG,PNG or PDF. –PRINT from your phone in seconds. AUTOMAGICALLYRESIZE: You don'thave to upgrade to resize & repurpose yourLogos. Resize yourfiles as many times as you want for free. RESTOREPREVIOUSVERSIONS: “Hum... I think it looked better yesterday”. Noworries,simply access and restore the best version of your Logos.STORE& EDIT AT ANY TIME: Create as many Logos as you like andstorethem all for free. They will always be editable from yourcomputer& mobile device with your Desygner account. Looking tocreatemore than just Logos? Try the Desygner App. It offers 1000sofprofessionally designed templates already perfectly sizedforeverything you will ever need, including social media posts,ads,presentations, cards, flyers & more. LOOKING FOR ACORPORATESOLUTION? Check out our Enterprise Marketing Hub atWeBrand.comused by the largest blue chips in the World.
com.natewren.glasspackfree 3.1.3
Glass Pack (Free Version) is an icon pack with shiny, glossyandglass-ified shapes of the most popular apps. Included withthehand-crafted glass icons are matching wallpapers, and amatchinganalog clock widget. Over 200 dark themed wallpapers areincluded.The icons are also transparent, letting you show off yourwallpaperbeneath the icons. The glossy glass icons are xxxhdpiwhich meansthey're HD or high enough resolution to get cool lookingglassicons on any device out there. QUICK TIPS You can manuallyediticons in most launchers by long-pressing the icon you'd liketoedit. Widgets: If your widget stops updating, check your systemorbattery settings to make sure the app is exempt frombatteryoptimization. DISCLAIMER You may need a 3rd party launcherto applythe icon pack. If your stock launcher doesn't support iconpacks,you can use apps like Awesome Icons or Unicon to change youriconswithout using a 3rd party launcher. FREE VERSION This is thefreeversion of the app. Get the pro versionhere: FEATURES • 2,500+ handcraftedglossy, clean & simple glass flat HD Icons. Fullversion has3,800 icons • 100+ modern dark glass themed wallpapersthat show offthe glass icons nicely. All wallpapers shown areincluded! • XXXHDPIhigh definition shiny glass icons included forsuper large HDscreens. All Icons are 192x192. • Analog ClockWidget • Customizedshiny glass themed wallpapers created andincluded to go along withthe pack. Wallpapers have been edited toshow off the glossy iconsnicely • Some parts of the flat glassicons are transparent lettingeach show the providedscenic/landscape backgrounds or to your ownbackgrounds. • Containsover 2,500 different clean, flat and simpleglossy icons with manyvariations of default glass icons such asphone, contacts, camera,etc. • Wallpaper chooser comes installed •Clean, glossy icons workbest with dark wallpapers. • Muzei supportfor rotating wallpapers• New glass icons added regularly COMPATIBLELAUNCHERS • NovaLauncher (Recommended) • ADW Launcher • YandexLauncher • ActionLauncher • Apex Launcher • Atom Launcher • AviateLauncher • EvieLauncher • Go Launcher • Holo Launcher • InspireLauncher • KKLauncher • LG Home • Lucid Launcher • Next Launcher •Nine Launcher• Solo Launcher • Smart Launcher • Themer • TSF HOW TOAPPLY ICONSVIA ICON PACK 1. Open the app after installing 2.Navigate to"Apply" tab 3. Select your Launcher HOW TO APPLY ICONSVIA LAUNCHER1. Open Launcher settings by tapping + holding on anempty area ofhome screen 2. Select personalization options 3.Select icon packFOLLOW ME Google+: QUESTIONS/COMMENTS ABOUT 1.63.2
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3D Cube Photo Frames 1.0
3D cube photo frames maker is 3d art photo frames which givesyouthe 3d look of your photos3D photo frames maker is stylish3dframes maker app.3D Photo Collage Editor you can combineordinaryphotos into fabulous & amazing photo collages. Also yousharethis photo cube creation with your friends or familiesthroughsocial app.3D photo frames maker is good app to attractyourfriends by making beautiful lovable photo 3d cube3D CollageMakeris a simple and easy-to-use app, just select the frame andpictureand get a whole new 3D PictureWant to make 3d photo framesandmemorable by making latest 3d art photo frames makerWould youlikeyour pictures to be appearing in the beautiful cube frameaswallpaper?Decorates your pictures with these 3d you can give your friend a great gift and make themfeelspecial.3D photo frames maker has many 3d frames shapesanddesigns.
Rooty Pict's a Heart andLOVE&PEACE.It Shines. The Ganja and Peace mark is Rasta colorThis isTrialFull version is chenge background[Setting]Home >Menu >Wallpaper > LiveWallpaper > REGGAELOVE+PEACE--Setting andUpdate--Please try again when becoming anerror. (After settingother wallpapers. )- Landscape mode Doesn'tsupport -
Song Cutter 3.5
Song Cutter is reduce the satisfactory a part of your audio songandsave it as your ringtone/alarm/tune report/notification tone.thecut consequences are stored in "/mnt/sdcard/media/audio".SongCuttermake your personal mp3 ringtones rapid and smooth with thisapp. youmay even document a stay audio and this mp3 editor canedit and trimthe nice parts from it free of charge. helps mp3,wav, aac, amr andmost different track codecs. this app is likewisea trackeditor/alarm tone maker/ ringtone cutter and notificationtonecreator.exceptional utility to apply as ringtone maker orchristmassound modifier and also as track slicer.useful for musiccutter voice editor.specific feature of ringtonemaker♪ you mayalso make small clip from tool’s default audio filesand defaultdevice's music cut and merge also as track cut up.♪there may be nosuch software on play save which offers you thisparticularfunction. so this ringtone maker is an specificandroidapplication.♪ thru baseline set any cutest audio reportasfavorite, it’s simply audio trimmer,ringtone maker,audio cutterandmp3 cutter, track slicer and merger,reverse,use with videoeditorand tabemate.make cutest video clips, christmas tunemixer,songsplit.other salient functions:Song Cutter :-make ringtoneforandroid.♪Song Cutter multi-languages supported withsoundenhancing.set,shorten song to make ringtones.the use of asmusicreduce and paste app,best tune cutter app for android.♪ SongCuttercut any format type music,reduce mp3 music,cut wav music,allcodecssupported.♪ Song Cutter use for ringtonemaker,mp3cutter,creator,editor,christmas waveform,reverse, trackslicer,songsplitter,track merger.use audio parellal to video cutterfortabemate,music cutter and mixer.♪ Song Cutter report andmakebeautiful and cutest tone and set as catering alarm,notificationand set as touch tone attention n filter out.make extraaudio filecollectively.merge also.♪ Song Cutter reduce track andreduce tunedocuments stored on the tool,higher then tone downloadermake acreative tone or edit tune,slice tune.track tageditor,musicmixer,track cutter and mixer.♪Song Cutter helps alltune formatsmp3, wav, aac, amr, 3gpp, 3gp, m4a,ogg.♪ Song Cutteradditionallyuse as track mixer,track cutter and paste,musicseparator.♪SongCutter woks flawlessly as song cutter andmixer,voice editor.♪SongCutter use as nice ringtone maker.♪SongCutter set any songdocument to as default tone or cateringnotification or alarm uptobaseline.♪Song Cutter audio enhancingfeatures filter atmillisecond-level perfect tune reduce, andmerge,two music mixerafter reduce.♪Song Cutter first-class workingas tune cut and pasteapp.just like wiz app.♪Song Cutter option torename the new createdsong whilst saving it,merge it withtabemate,mp3 cutter,use afterringtone ,tune cutter and mixer.♪SongCutter make creative and newchristmas tone to impress your friendsand additionally percentagewith them.track tag edit.use as voicemixer,tune separator.the wayto use:step 1: selectsearch any trackdocument to edit and cut orto make small compact songs.step 2:edit,song cut upnow, contactand drag markers to set proper timingof music. press the playbutton to preview the chosen tone earlierthan saving it.additionally you could manually edit begin and stopfactors ofdesire music report.reduce music.cognizance track andclear outit.ringtone maker,mp3 cutter.great song cut,pasteapp,trackseparator.step three: shopsave the record and you couldconvert itto an alarm or a ringtone or a notification tone. andultimatelyset cutest tone to your beloved,first-class tune reduceand pasteapp for android
Hd Photo Editor New Version 2018 1.113
Hd Photo Editor New Version 2018 is also known as colorsplasheffect , blur background photo editor ,photo maker andcollagemaker,new photo editor.Color Splash Effect Photo providesyou themost easy-to-use enhancements for creating art photos.somany colorfilters to change colors of your photos from a wide rangeof photofilters. background changer , hd , face mackeup , couple ,funny ,photo effects new version photo editor 2018 have allfunction whichhave in new version photo editor 2018color splashphoto editorprovide all functions to black and white photoeditorit's work likesquare photo editor new version 2018you want todo your black facephoto convert white face and clear your photo sophoto editor newversion 2018 provide Whiten.Whiten function useconvert black andnight capture photo to white tone face photo.photoeditor newversion 2018 is provide important function color splasheffectphoto you can give color splash effect by applyanyfunction that time you can zoom your photo easily.Features:*Selectphoto from gallery and Camera.* Paint color photo followfreecolor, smart color and eraser.* Add Text on Photo, Draw onPicture,add fun sticker and lovely icon.* Crop, rotate, resize andadjustpic with simple touch gestures.* Apply effects* photogorgeouseffect so use photo editor new version 2018 application.*Saveimage in JPEG and flexible control JPEG quality* photo editornewversion 2018 is completely free download.* photo editor newversion2018 give your photo effect so beautiful your photo looklike youare celebrity.* free 3d photo effects available so alsoknow as 3deffect photo editor.* free fun stickers and easily editbyfingers.* free text and style.* Share your photo socialmediaDirectly.******** new version photo editor 2018 coversthefollowing. *************Photo Director Photo Editor AppBoysPhotoEditor NewDSLR blur effectphoto editor new version 20182018photoeditor apppic editor app newdslr camera effectphoto editingappmackup photo editorphoto editoradd text on photophoto editornewversion 20173d effect photo editorphoto editing apps infullhdbland me photo editor Amazing Photo Editornew versionphotoeditor 2018instaBeauty -Makeup photo editorlove photoeditorphotoeditingphoto editing appsphoto editor new version 2018have alsoDSLR blur function available so its know as dslr cameraeffectphoto editor new version 2018 have also DSLRblurfunction available know as Blur Image - DSLR focus effect andDSLRCamera Blur Background , Bokeh Effects Photo.Adjust blur levelwiththe blurriness seekbar. You can also adjust brush size.dslrcameraeffect photo editor have one other function thatphotoEditing.color splash effect and blur background photoeditorfunctions are in new version photo editor app.Use ColorFilters toChange Colors of your photos from a Wide range ofPhotoFilters.also give color splash effect so its call Color SplashSnapPhoto Effect take amazing classic Splash effect ,you can createthebest color effect photo.Thank you.