Top 49 Games Similar to Simulator for Segway

FoxOne Free
A free version of the action flightsimulatorthat offers the ★best value formoney★ in the category.This free version has 7 flyable airplanes (★F-5E Tiger, F-5ETigerPatrouille Suisse,Jaguar GR3, Mirage 2000, F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Strike Eagle andtheChengdu J-20★) and now giving whatplayers always have asked: more stages! Now with ★7 completelyfreeNEWstages★, with 2 NEW GAME MODES (Survival and Free Flight) withmoreto come in the future - stay tuned!Buy the full version to get all the available airplanes! And★22action-packed stages★.FoxOne is an action flight simulator where the entire worldisyourbattlefield. Take part in a battle against terrorist powers,flyingmoderncombat aircraft for a secret mercenary squadron. Get paid foryourkills, tounlock and buy increasingly advanced aircraft, and rankyourselfmissionafter mission against fierce enemies.◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆■■■Features:■■■★★★★★ Unparalleled sense of speed: feel the thrill ofblastingthroughthe skies in several different supersonic jets, based onrealaircraft models,each one having its place and use in the game.★★★★★ Incredible small file size (<50MB) with HDgraphicsquality.★★★★★ Easy controls: unlike other action flight sims,FoxOnehasintuitive and very responsive controls, so you can focus inthebattleinstead of trying to stay airborne.★★★★★ Range of different weapons to equip your jet: fromthebuilt-incannons to guided air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles,bombsandunguided rockets.★★★★★ Fly through several different stages, with challengingand varied missions in different places of the world, inanon-linear way.★★★★★ Destroy reactors and bases hidden deep inside canyons.★★★★★ Protect allied aircraft such as the US Air Force One,ordefend entire cities from enemy bombers.★★★★★ Gritty and visceral: no cartoony visuals andsillycharacters,this is the real deal: flying several types of fighter jets asamercenaryfighter pilot is a serious business, and FoxOne's atmosphereistense andchilling. Fly to live, kill or be killed.■■■Related links:■■■◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆■■■Interview with the developers:■■■◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆■■■Support:■■■■■■Contact Email:■■■[email protected]
Wings on Fire - Endless Flight 1.35
Soner Kara
Are you ready to burn your wings? Your mission is simple: Bombtheenemy base with your airplane! But do you have what it takestoreach there? Wings on Fire invites you to an endless challengeyouhave never seen before! FEATURES: - Play for free - Fly instunningendless 3D environments - Choose among various planes -Completemissions, level up and promote ranks - Challenge yourfriends andbeat their high scores - Fight against powerful bosses -Upgradeyour plane and abilities - Climb online leaderboards - Newcontentsand features with ongoing updates Wings on Fire - EndlessFlightbrings new aspects to endless flight runner games byintroducingrole playing elements and flying a plane. Come join toour worldand confront the enemy right now! If you like flight gamesyou willenjoy this! Please rate and give your feedback forfurtherimprovement of Wings on Fire - Endless Flight FOLLOW US:* *
FoxOne Advanced Free 1.5.18
FoxOne Advanced Edition is a special release of the actionflightsimulator FoxOne, released last year by SkyFox Games. ThisFreeversion contains many of the features of the full version, likethe★Cockpit View★ feature, ★7 free to play stages★, and 5flyableplanes (★MiG-21, F-4 Phantom, F-18 Super Hornet, TornadoandRafale★).This release also includes improved graphicsandperformance.■■■Features:■■■★★★★★ Unparalleled sense of speed:feelthe thrill of blasting throughthe skies in 5 differentsupersonicjets, based on real aircraft models,each one having itsplace anduse in the game.★★★★★ Incredible small file size(<40MB) with HDgraphics quality.★★★★★ Easy controls: unlikeother action flightsims, FoxOne hasintuitive and very responsivecontrols, so you canfocus in the battleinstead of trying to stayairborne.★★★★★ Rangeof different weapons to equip your jet: fromthe built-incannons toguided air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles,bombs andunguidedrockets.★★★★★ Fly through 15 stages (★7 in thisfree version★),with challengingand varied missions in differentplaces of theworld, in a non-linear way.★★★★★ Destroy reactors andbases hiddendeep inside canyons.★★★★★ Gritty and visceral: nocartoony visualsand silly characters,this is the real deal: flyingseveral types offighter jets as a mercenaryfighter pilot is aserious business, andFoxOne's atmosphere is tense andchilling. Flyto live, kill orbekilled.■■■Relatedlinks:■■■◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆■■■Interviewwiththedevelopers:■■■◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆■■■Support:■■■■■■ContactEmail:■■■[email protected]
Helicopter Simulator 3D Gunship Battle Air Attack 3.9
InfoSoft NI
ARE YOU READY FOR AIR ATTACK??? With 4.3(☆☆☆☆) stars rating andover2M users, Helicopter Simulator 3D: Gunship Battle Air Attackis thebest shooting game you are going to find! Welcome to worldwar .Rivals forces are threatening to invade the country from thesea andtake over the shoreline. Warships and helicopters aregetting closerand closer to land, putting the nation into realdanger. The stakesare getting higher with every passing second!You are a frontlineair force special commando forces heli pilot.Your mission is tostop the invaders by targeting them, fire bombsand shoot them downfrom the air. Will you be able to navigate theheli well enough? Howwell will you target the war ship? Will youfire the RPG on time?Are you REALLY fit for the air force? 🔥Thereis not much time!Download Helicopter Simulator 3D: Gunship BattleAir Attack NOW andbecome the hero of world war 2!!!🔥 FEATURES: 🚁Real life simulator 🚁Phone motion controls 🚁 Realistic models:Apache, Chopper, Gun ship,war ship and more... 🚁 3 Difficultylevels 🚁 Real physics aircraftcontrols 🚁 Multiple weapons: shootRPG, machine gun, sniper, andmore… 🚁 Extreme war environment! HOWTO PLAY? 1. Control thehelicopter by tilting your phone 2.Navigate the heli and get closerto your enemies shown on the radar3. Target the enemy 4. Attackeverything that moves: kill yourrivals - shoot machine gun, RPGmissiles and bombs 5. Sink ships,gun boats, and other enemy apache& chopper helicopters to passlevels 6. Be careful! Your rivalscan fire back! Do your best toescape their attacks 🔥Are you readyto be the new nations hero???Download Helicopter Simulator 3D:Gunship Battle Air Attack NOW andlet’s see what you’ve got!!!🔥 🚁Real Life Simulator With tons ofexcitement, HD graphics, exquisitecontrols, and thrilling enemybattle, this is easily one of the bestwar shooting games you’llever play. Fight with other helicopters,navigate, follow, strikeand kill. Only one can be the winner inthis 3D army helicopterpilot game! 💥 Wide Variety of Weapons Yourheli is well equippedwith 3 different types of ammunition (machinegun, air to groundmissile, RPG and anti-aircraft sidewindermissile). You need towisely control the weapons as this is a warchaos simulator,meaning there will be intense moments and superiorenemies thatwill need your best shooting skills. 💣 Watch out!Danger iseverywhere! Check the radar in this strike countershooting game totry and predict the battles. In this gunship solobattle game youneed to strike enemy's war ship artillery, tanks,soldiers, turretsand base camp to win the battle. Only the oneswith sharp precisionand reaction will dominate the helicopterspecial commando forces!💠 Multiple challenging levels! Very longand engaging levels. Eachlevel takes several minutes to completesome are over 10 minutes ofgame play long. This is why we are surethat this will be one ofthe most enjoyable helicopter pilot gamesyou’ll ever play. Everysecond is a pure mobile gamingentertainment. 🔥Only the best pilotscan survive the toughestmoments of the world war! Are you one ofthem? Don’t wait, downloadnow, join the air force special commandoforces and let’s see if youhave it in you!!!🔥
Interstellar Pilot 1.62
Learn to fly at the flight school and then head out into thestarsin this fully-fledged space sim.Features - • Earn your fortunein apersistent world with hundreds of roaming ships.• Huge universetoexplore• Pilot different ships from small shuttles to hugecapitalships• Build up your own fleet• Construct your ownfactories•Scripted scenarios• Detailed spaceships and environment•Accuratedamage model• Tutorial system• Cinematic visuals• Highquality 3Daudio* The game was designed for best play on a screensize ofaround 5"* The game is currently in EnglishlanguageonlyRecommended Hardware- 800mhz Processor- Adreno 200 GPUorequivalent- Minimum 1024x600screenresolution>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pleasesendyour improvement suggestions and bug [email protected] see instructions belowforconstructingstations:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Version<1.3.9users:Saved games will not load with the latest update ofthe gameor future versions. Sorry for the pain but we wanted to beable tomake a larger number of improvements to the savefileformat>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toconstructa station...- Dock at shipyard and click on trade button.You'llneed a ship with a lot of space.- Buy the parts to thestation.- Flythe ship to a place where u want the station.- Openthe ship cargoscreen- Click the deploy buttonTutorials / Videoscoming soon...
Battle of Warplanes: Airplane Games War Simulator 2.80
AIR BATTLES 3D ONLINE!Feel the power of a combat planeinaction!Jump into the cockpit of your plane and keep your fingeronthe firing button until the skies are clear of enemies!Dominatethesky and improve your battle plane!✈ Features:> Players fromallover the world playing in real time> Modern 3Dgraphics!>Lots of warplanes – upgrade them and unlock themall!>Possibility to upgrade and customize your plane to turn itinto a“superior weapon of war ".> Intuitive controls that willbeappreciated by novices and hardcore gamers alike✈ Battles:-Dynamicbattles full of non-stop action. - Battle quests for thosewhodon’t mind making some extra cash. - Pick bonuses wisely andkeepmoving: “The longer you stay alive, the more of them you’llshootdown”.Who are you? One of thousands of pilots, or someonewhoterrifies enemies? You won’t know until you entercombat...INTERNETCONNECTION REQUIRED.Facebook-
Plane Simulator 3D 1.0.6
Ever wanted to be a pilot and fly a real plane? PlaneSimulatoroffers you the most realistic flying experience with 3Dgraphicsand animations!Start the engine, unleash your innercourage, andfeels the power of realistic planes while flyingthrough variousstunning locations. Plane Simulator lets you explorethe world offlying in a quality never seen before. The gamefeatures massivehighly detailed planes with ultra realisticphysics. Take your seatin the cockpit and conquer the sky now!GameFeatures:- 24+real-life planes including supersonic jets andmilitary aircrafts-10+ mission types from pilot training to masterclass- Realisticflight physics and 3D graphics
Modern Air Combat: Team Match 4.0.2
Ten Minutes
THIS IS THE ULTIMATE AIR COMBAT GAME! Become the supreme lord oftheskies in the latest Modern Modern Air Combat: TeamMatch!GAMEMODES:√ Career Mode - Unrivaled collection of dogfightmissions:Devil Regiment Challenge, Cannon Only, Duel and Free forAll!√Survival Mode - Train and master your piloting skills asyouprevail against endless waves of enemy attacks!√ Versus Mode -Faceoff against friends and enemies alike in fast paced,one-on-oneduel or two-on-two challenge!√ Mission Mode - Completethechallenging missions and earn rich bonus to strengthen yourforces.FEATURES:√ Polished Aircraft Fleets: 50+ fighters based onthe realmodern prototyped aircrafts for your action-packeddogfighting. √Deep Tech Tree: 16+ unique upgradable tech system foreach aircraftto elevate your skills.√ Customized Equipment System:Equipadvanced wings, engines, armor, and powerful missiles, cannonsforpeak performance.√ Console Quality Graphics: Immersive yourselfinthe full 3D, 360-degree environment: cityscape, harbor,icemountain and more.√ Intuitive Maneuvers: Perform barrel rollsandbackflip to evade enemy fires by swiping differentdirections.√Easy and smooth controls: With Accelerometer or AnalogVirtual Padfor selection!√ Designed for players of all generationsand skilllevels, and available in 11 languages. ACO Agent Edition -ModernAir Combat: Team Match is shared and supported with the useofprior Air Combat: Online versions. Synced by Google Playaccount,the game data can be transmitted and restored on anyAndroiddevices. Join the global arena and fight for your honor!Having anyproblems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear fromyou! You canreach us at support at [email protected] us onFacebook: us onTwitter: Modern Air Combat:Team Matchrequires an Internet connection to play (3G/4G or WIFI).
FoxOne Special Missions Free
FoxOne: Special Missions is a new release in the Fox One gameserieswith a entirely new campaign, new objectives, new enemiesand newsceneries. All that while keeping the original gameplaythatconsolidated our game as a success with the public, with veryhighreview ratings in all app stores where it has been published.Alongwith all the features found in our previous games, FoxOneSpecialMissions contains: ◆ New and highly detailed sceneries,such as thePortstown city with very tall skyscrapers ◆ NewAirplanes: F-35ALightning II, A-10 Thunderbolt II, among 8 new andvaried airplanes◆ New paint schemes ("skins") for existingaircraft ◆ Graphicsettings button (low, med, high) ◆ Free FlightMode with 10increasingly difficult stages, to practice your flightskillswithout being attacked ◆ 2 Survival Stages withincreasinglydifficult attack waves with dynamically randomizedenemies(fighters, bombers, helicopters), changing each time youre-playit. ◆ Surgical strikes in urban areas - destroy invadingtanks inthe city streets using high precision weapons ◆ Newthreats, suchas the SA-9 Gaskin Mobile Anti-Aircraft Missile System◆ Newtargets such as radar stations and enemy aircraft carrier◆Improved visuals and performance ■■■Original features oftheprevious FoxOne games that are maintained in this newrelease:■■■★★★★★F-15 Strike Eagle, Mirage 2000, F-22 Raptor, andmany otherexciting fighter jets, in a total of 25 models fromaround theworld. ★★★★★Each aircraft has its own Unique andAuthentic looking3D Cockpit. ★★★★★Incredibly small file size(<100MB) while stilloffering HD Graphics Quality.★★★★★Unparalleled sense of speed:Feel the thrill of blastingthrough the skies in 25 differentsupersonic jets, based on realaircraft models, each one having itsown unique place and use in thegame. ★★★★★Easy to pick upcontrols: Unlike other action flightsims, FoxOne has an extremelyintuitive and responsive controllayout, which enables you to focuson the battle, instead of tryingto stay airborne. ★★★★★A widerange of different weapons to equipyour jet awaits you. Theseinclude built-in cannons, guidedair-to-air and air-to-groundmissiles, bombs and unguided rockets.★★★★★Fly through 15increasingly challenging and varied missions(non-linear) locatedin different parts of the world. ★★★★★No WiFiconnection required,play offline, anytime and anywhere you want.★★★★★Destroy reactorsand bases hidden deep inside canyons andunderground installations.★★★★★Protect allied facilities, or defendentire cities from enemybombers. ★★★★★Gritty and visceral: Nocartoony visuals and sillycharacters, this is the real deal.★★★★★Are you ready to take onthe role of a mercenary fighter pilot?Are you ready for intenseand chilling missions? If so...becomeFoxOne! Fly to live...kill orbe killed. ■■■Related links:■■■◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ ■■■Review at FlightSim dotCom:■■■■■■Interviewwith thedevelopers:■■■■■■Support:■■■ ■■■ContactEmail:■■■[email protected]
Jet Fighter Flight Simulator 1.0.11
Amazing Gamez
Fly the F-18 fighter jet in this amazing flight simulator airattackgame, the war has just started with Russian naval warfare.Airstrikes against the navy gunship battle at its best in the opensea.Combating the Russian navy warship enemies, jet fighter planesanddrones to fight till the end. War is in the air, fight for thegloryand lead your fighter jets to take on the enemies in thisepic wargame. Ship carriers, jet fighters, navy gunship battleattack,destroyers and much more download and enjoy!!Features:- F18FighterJets- Navy destroyers- Ship carriers- Naval war shipsgunshipbattle- Amazing 3D environments- Drone attacks- FlightSimulatorgame
World of Gunships Online Game 1.4.4
World of Gunships is the most immersiveonlinehelicopterbattleaction game has arrived on Google Play!Takecontrol ofthepowerful combat helicopters in this free-to-playPVPactiongame.Featuring stunning 3D graphics combinedwithintuitivecontrols andunforgettable flying experience!More than20battlehelicopterswith a high variety of weapons andequipment.Highlycustomizablegunship with machine guns, guidedmissiles, heattraps,camouflageand decal types.Visit the world wellknownlocations toplayinstant PVP gunship battles with other playersfromall overtheworld! Up to 8 players online per battle in‘Deathmatch’and‘TeamDeathmatch’ game modes.Features ★ Completemissions inEpisodemodeinspired by real-life conflicts.★ RealtimemultiplayerPVPnon-stopaction.★ Realistic 3D graphics andstunningvisualeffects.★ Only55 MB with no additional download!★ 5uniqueworldarenas.★ 22 warbirds to pilot.★ Lots of equipmentandcoolcamouflages.★ Controlsoptimized for 3D flight on mobilephoneortablet.★ Tilt controlsand Gamepad support.★ Bonus SurvivalModeforpractice against AI.★Originalsoundtrack!Internetconnectionrequired!If you enjoy FPS,shooting, orracing games, thisis theperfect game for you.You'llfind yourselfwhirling through theskiesacross intensecrossfire.Here is promo codefor freereward:XXXYYZZZLike usonFacebook:
Modern Warplanes: Combat Aces PvP Skies Warfare 1.8.8
Modern Warplanes: Combat Aces PvP Skies Warfare transfers you totheworld of modern war planes and supersonic jet fighters.Joinmillions of players from around the globe in anultimatemultiplayer PvP combat for air force domination.Militaryaeronautics at it’s finest brings you huge variety ofaircrafts andair planes. ✈️ Modern Warplanes: Combat Aces PvP SkiesWarfare isabsolutely FREE to download! 💥💥💥 You will be able tofight on allthe best known pursuit planes and airborne interceptorsof ourgeneration, as well as war prototypes of leading air forces.One ofthe best flying games presents you a jet fighter sim filledwithlit action. Take-off from a carrier to meet your squadronandengage in dogfights with furious team and solo PvP. Ourwargameflight simulator features both multiplayer and solo campaignwithdifferent missions and survival. A war thunder is roaring,spreadyour wings, commander! The game is one of the best shootingactionsimulators of 2018 Features: ✈️ Stunning Graphics -Magnificentgraphics, as in PC games seen on steam: full 3drealistic models ofmilitary jet airplanes ✈️ Online Multiplayer -Online gaming andfights against pilots from all around the world:US, GB, Germany,Russia, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Iraq, Turkey,Pakistan and manyothers ✈️ Tons of jets and warplanes - 19 types ofcombataircrafts: real-world models used in real operations and3prototypes of the 6th generation capable of almost starspacecraftaerobatics (like x-wing and tie-fighter): Falcon, Raptor,SU, Mig,Raven, Blackbird, Nighthawk and many more ✈️ Military skycombat -Each plane has the own secondary weapon and uniquecharacteristicsand capabilities ✈️ Equip your plane - More than 30variouscollectables, from rockets, missiles, to machine guns andheatflares ✈️ Air combats as you like - Both Online and Offlinegamemodes: Solo Campaign, Survival, battles with enemies on thegroundin in the sky ✈️ Amazing battlefields - Stunninglocations:mountains and hot deserts filled with iron birds,supersonicfighters and crossfire of bullets ✈️ Easy controls - Fulljetcontrol: in our simulator you can control the speed,missiles,guns, heat flares. Perform landings and take-off from acarrier,become a wargame ace ✈️ Online ranking - Battle ranks: fromarookie dogfighter to a general of military Air Force.Thinkstrategically and equip your plane with a best weapon:tacticalatomic missiles, swarm missiles, guiding rockets and more✈️Customization - Customize your warplane: camo suitable for anygamemode and map: snow, pixel or bright as explosion ✈️ Actionwithfriends - Non-stop action: select a deathmatch or team battle,gofor a solo operation or create your own game to battlewithfriends! A great flying game if you like shooters, speedorwargames! From the time of cold war and pearl harbornationsimprove their Air Forces: modern warplanes are the warmachines onany battlefield! Take control of the fast and deadlyaircraft todestroy opponents in a direct warfare conflict! Be likea thunderin a war with rival pilots, it’s time for a blitzkrieg! Wecreateda next-level airplane wargame batalla shooter. Regularupdates andnew elements are waiting for you in online multiplayergames of2018. Still not sure what to play? Choose Modern Warplanes:CombatAces PvP Skies Warfare Want to ask about the game or findfriendsand allies? Facebook:[email protected]
Monster Simulator Trigger City 1.0.4
Monster simulator is action, casual adventure game, where youplayas a crazy, angry, frenzy and stupid monster in city. Your aimisto cause destruction, mess, wreck, demolish, ram, smasheverythinginteractive and also annoy citizens. In your mission yougainpoints and experience, the faster you get them the more bonusyourecieve. Town environment contains a lot of obstacles suchasexplosive cars, pixel fence, barrels, block lawns,streetlights,street hydrants, cube dustbins and many other.-Possibility toDemolish buildings- Stunning 3D mountain park ( hill) graphics-Hours of fun gameplay with this great jurassicsimulator- 35monsters to pick ( undead, zombie warlord, evilwatcher, stonegolems,assasin ghul, blade goblin, harpy,strong orc,cyclopbreaker, ogre,dead elf, kobolt mercenary, vampire, chaoswerewolf,mysterious chimera, manticore, troll, skeleton knight,demons,dragon hunter, shadow beast, dinosaur etc)- 6 levels, moreto come
F18vF16 Fighter Jet Simulator 1.1
F18vF16 Fighter Jet Simulator is an extreme air-to-air dogfightairattack jet airplane simulator games, indulge into therealbattlefield and horrific dogfight attack to claim the supremacyofthe skies. Be the best jetfighter and modern jetwarplanessimulator.Prepare your F18 and F16 for immense air strikeover themilitary and army secret bunkers and installations over thehiddenislands. It’s typically jet fighters, no commercialairliners, noBoeings, airbuses and Cessna. Face the world’s bestjet fightersand jet airplanes the fierce dogfighter between F18 andF16inducing navy frigates, armed vessels and submarines &gunsfactories. Become a military skilled fighter Pilot selectedfordeadly air attack missions. The most advanced simulation offighterairplanes. F18vF16 Fighter Jet Simulator jets are anintense,action-packed, fighter jet flying mission simulation game,fly inhyper realistic military F-18 fighter jet planes and take offfromthe navy aircraft carrier, you've been assigned the objectiveoftaking out enemy army bases sited on remote islands It is uptoyou, the jet fighter pilot and complete the task and returnsafelyafter mission accomplished, don’t go behind the enemy linesor yourwill be shot with the heavy antiaircraft guns.In F18vF16FighterJet Simulator and dogfight air attack hunt down the enemy’sF16& F18 Hornets and Fighting Falcons, engage into air toairstrike and dogfight simulation and air strike missionseliminatingthe objectives with exotic controls, simulate over thered canyon,hill climb mountains, deserts and oceans and hunt downyour enemieshiding in military bases with sharp shooters andsnipers all overthe bases. F18vF16 Fighter Jet Simulator is themost addictiverealistic game with great controls, take advantageover theenemies, you are an ace expert army and navy fighter jetair strikeand air to air dogfight specialist, simulate and getready to takethe fight in strike combat. Gear up for the bestflight in F18vF16Fighter Jet Simulator fully equipped with longrange guidedmissiles, air to air combat, supersonic speeds, andflying likeeagles on the pacific oceans in war.F18 and F16 FighterJets arefully equipped with assault gunner machine guns, ARM,SARM,missiles and other powerful air war fare weapons to take uptheenemy’s Migs, SU27, F14 Tomcat, F/A-18 Super Hornet, GreenHornet,Stealth jet fighters and drones air crafts and jet fightersas theyare the master assassins and sharp shooter within the aircombatand dogfight, your jet fighters planes F16 and F18aresophisticated machines with military war craft combat air forcejetfighter air strikers with no competition in supersonic speedandmaneuverability, your jet fighters with dogfight capabilitieslikeF16 & F18 air warrior.All eyes are on you for the ultimateskywars in this F18vF16 Fighter Jet Simulator jets 3D game. Buckleupand engage into your dogfight and air strike missions and holdyourcockpit tight; your jet is fully loaded with ammunitionsupply.Burn these tank machines into rubble and return backvictorious.
USSR Simulator 1.33
USSR Simulator - upgrade communism and build your own brightfuture!Imagine yourself as a Soviet official - develop yourcountry,collect taxes, fulfill 5-year plans and fight againstenemy of thepeople by means of repressions! ► earn money andupgrade more than50 activities ► perform five-year plans for thenational economy ►repress traitors and everybody who disagree withyour course ►complete tasks and unlock achievements ► compete withyour friendsin game ratings
Squirrel Simulator 2.03
Feel like a real squirrel living in the oak forest. Exploretheworld.You can climb trees, and flying from tree to tree, andnotonly!You can find a secluded tree hollow, to create there a nestofbranches, collect mushrooms, acorns and berries in thetreehollow.On a 10 level, you will be able to find your futurespouseon the trees and have a child. Walk with your child, teachhim!Prepare stocks for the winter! Survive the winter!Followthe"Achievements" and get a reward in the form of skins forsquirrelthat will give you improvements. Fight with various animalslikesnakes, badgers or mice ... and beware of wolves! Show onthe"Leaderboard" who are the best squirrel in theworld!Attention:1)All purchases are perfect for real money will beautomaticallyrestored if you uninstall an application or delete thesavedapplication data.2) If you find an error (bug) in theapplication,please write to us.
Hydraulic Press Pocket 1.054
This official Hydraulic Press Channel tuber simulator fits overtwohundred unique items and a Hydraulic Press into yourpocket!Whether you're bored or stressed, crushing everythinghelps!Findand crush all the items! Upgrade your press to crush thetoughestitems in the game! Receive imaginary hate comments aboutyour weakpress! Crush, collect, manage; there is something foreveryone inthis tuber simulator!* Make videos, gain views andsubscribers toupgrade your Hydraulic Press!* Over two hundred itemsto crush!*Real voice acting by the Hydraulic Press Channel!*Makecollaborations with other popular YouTube channels, forexamplePewDiePie!Hydraulic Press Pocket is a free-to-play game anditoffers optional in-app purchases.If you notice any malfunctionsinyour Hydraulic Press, feel free to contact!Tags: pocket,tuber,simulator, videos, views, subs
Drive Simulator 3.6
App Holdings
Drive over 15 vehicles, operate large cranes and machines,completeeasy and complex objectives and explore a large detailedopen worldenvironment. Drive simulator 2016 is like no othersimulator, it'sthe complete simulation package packed with varietyof objectivebased levels such as: - Airport: Tow airplane, unloadluggage andpassengers, refuel plane etc.. - Construction: Demolishand build,transport machinery, operate large cranes etc.. - Depot:Remove andreplace vents, transport light goods etc.. - Dockyard:Unloadcontainers, operate large cranes, transport heavy cargo etc..-Recovery: Recover broken down vehicles Features: - Detailed3Denvironment - Over 15 Vehicles to drive - 5 different Modestochoose from - Operate cranes, machines, large trucks, trailersandtrolleys - easy controls Minimum Requirements: dual core 1.0ghz-1GB RAM
Subway Simulator 3D 2.16.0
Bullet train games 2018 are so fascinating! Subway Simulator 3Dappis an amazing chance to control an underground train.Railroadgames offer you to feel like a true passenger train driverand toexplore various train station routes on the metro map. Playone ofthe greatest railway apps and feel like a passengertraincontroller. NOW SUBWAY GAME NEW TRAIN SIMULATOR LETS YOU:upgradeyour train driver and make an illustrious career; chooseoneunderground train from 4 subway trains and customize them;discovermetro map with intricate train controller routes and visiteachtrain station; switch between the views of your metro express:fromcab view to car view. No doubt that it is one of the mostamazingrailroad games with an opportunity to choose an undergroundtrainand feel like a true train controller. This one of bullettraingames 2018 is a perfect opportunity explore each undergroundtrainstation. Play one of the greatest railway apps. ONE OF RAILWAYAPPSWITH SUBWAY TRAIN DRIVER CAREER In this train simulator youcanupgrade your passenger train driver. Collect authority pointsandget a promotion to unlock more metro rail routes and trains.Reachthe highest rank to unlock all of them. Points are given toyou foreach completed route, but also for the total number ofpassengersyou delivered. Become the greatest passenger traincontroller inthese metro train games. HOW TO OPERATE IN THIS SUBWAYGAME NEWChoose a route and an underground train: you can drive upto 3cars; Make doors open/close using the “door” button; Use theleverto speed up/slow down; Track the number of passengers: deliverasmany as you can; Change the camera view to see how manypassengersthere are in a car; Track your speed or get fined –follow thespeed limit instructions; Use the metro express warningsignal whennecessary. Be careful and try to avoid accidents Try thenewautopilot function Follow metro rail routes andtransportpassengers between stations In this one of the realisticmetrotrain games you have to be very careful to avoid trainaccidents.Drive and watch the speed limit and metro map. SubwaySimulator 3Dtrain driver app key features: 1) Breathtaking subwaygame new forexploring underground; 2) Passenger train simulatorwith a chanceto be a train controller; 3) Several metro expresstrains and lotsof metro rail routes to explore; 4) Greatest ofrailroad games withthe autopilot; 5) Opportunity to control ahigh-speed undergroundtrain; 6) One of the best bullet train games2018. Enjoy therenovated, reinvented Subway Simulator 3D with itsnew metroexpress trains, metro map with routes and possibilities -one ofthe best metro train games!
Tram Driver Simulator 2018 3.0.1
Do you like trams or trains? Do you like to transport passengersorwant to drive real tram? Then this game is for you!TramDriverSimulator 2018 - is one of the best tram simulators, whichoffersyou a unique gaming experience to feel like a real tramdriver.Realistic physics and challenging gameplay are waiting foryou!Pick up all passengers at each station and drive your cooltramfast and carefully across traffic in the live Big City to thefinalstation of your route. Explore City, earn money, unlock alltrams,but also do not forget to follow traffic laws to avoidfines.Become the best tram driver in Real City!Game Features:-Fivedifferent trams to drive from old to modern- The cycles of dayandnight- Randomly generated routes- A Real City with livingpeople-Perfectly detailed passengers/pedestrians withrealisticanimations- Intelligent Transport System of Traffic- Arealisticsystem of traffic lights - Different types of cameras,includingrear view camera and camera from salon- Incredible 3Dgraphics -Radio with three radio stations - Rock, Pop and Rap-Payrollsystem- Addictive gameplay!Want to feel like a real tramdriver?Then Tram Driver Simulator 2018 is your choice!
Air Control Lite 3.86
In this simple yet surprisingly addictive drawing game you takeonthe role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job todirectairplanes to runways while avoiding collisions. FEATURES ★Classicgame mode as well as the unique puzzle game mode ★Onlinehighscores ★ Countless hours of addictive gameplay ★ #1Android airtraffic controller game Permissions: Location: To usewithhighscores. Internet: To submit highscores. Phone StateandIdentity: Used by offers provider to award miles forcompletingoffers. SD Card: To cache video offers.
Sky Viper Flight Simulator 1.1
The Sky Viper Flight Simulator gives you access to the entirefleetof Sky Viper drones! Learn and practice how to control and flySkyViper drones in the simulator and then apply your new skillsinreal life. No drone required.FEATURES • Features the full fleetofSky Viper Drones • Each drone has dozens of challenges to helpyouachieve mastery • 3 custom camera-views including First PersonView• Free Flight mode offers 3 unique environments to explore. •Fullspecs and flying options for each drone.
Real RC Flight Sim 2016 Free 2.0.3
Real RC Flight Sim 2016 Free now for mobiles! Be amazed bytherealism and controls of this Remote Control FlightSimulator2016!You will fly with 15 different aircrafts in more than14 highdetailed scenarios! We included the virtual RC Controller onthescreen fully configurable and a physics algorithm very closetowhat you can do with your real RC plane. With more then150missions to play, master all the maneuvers you can do witharc!MAIN FEATURES:- 15 airplanes (trainers, WWII planes,FighterJets and commercial Jets)- 14 scenarios, in differentcountries,like USA, Germany and more!- Maneuver checks in realtime!- 150missions- Special controls for jet wings, Corsair wings(fold andunfold wings) on RC controller.Feel free to contact us atFlyWingsStudios to give your feedback, have a niceflight!Credits:Photoscenes by Harald Bendschneider
Call of Infinite Air Warfare 1.0.2
Feel the power of Modern combat warplanes in 3D sky dogfight!Jumpinto your Modern warplane and fire until the skies are clearofenemies!In this air combat game,you could show your cleverfightingway to your enemy but also you got varied weapons to fightin anysituation.Don't wait,just get it now in no time,the gameisfree!Features:-Top quality 3D graphics!-Varied and powerfulweaponsfor your aircrafts & jet!-Realistic modern warplanes inrealhistory!-Modern aircraft,jet and warplane battle in3D!-Beautifulenvironments!-Smooth and simple aircraft controlsystem!-Easy tolearn hard to master!-Exciting VFX effect!
Flying Fury Dragon Simulator 2
GT Race Games
#1 free flying dragon simulator of 2016. Fly your dreamfirebreathing fury dragon, master your dragon riding skills. Startthegame from dragon nest and flap your dragon wings through the skytofly. Discover exciting islands and mountains. Fly insubmarine,explore a huge underwater terrain. Blaze fire to raptors,smashvillage houses enjoy being a fury dragon!You can do whateveryouwant in magical world of dragons! Flying Fury Dragon Simulatorismade for all fans of flying dragon games, Simulation gamesandDinosaur gamesDownload and play for free!Flying FuryDragonSimulator - GAME FEATURES:✔ Realistic Mountains &Islands✔Incredible flying fire dragon model✔ Stunning HDGraphics✔Realistic dragon animations✔ Beautiful Landscapes✔ Easyand Free touse✔ No WiFi? No Problem.✔ Offline PlayEnjoy ツ
Train Jump Impossible Mega Ramp
Train Jump Impossible Mega Ramp isyetanothersimulation game from MTS Free Games.Are you eager to drive simulation trains on rampsanddestroyeverything?Then enjoy playing train simulators from the bestcollectionofracing game simulators.Take charge to get ready to perform stunts on rampsanddestroycities, vehicles like buses, cars and heavy trucks.In this gameplay, the tracks are beautifully designed just foryoutohave a smooth control on trains.Have fun and get ready to take challenges in the Impossiblemegarampto drive trains, perform the stunt, jumps and becomethemasters ofthe trains on ramps.This is the craziest drift racing game to play onimpossibletracksand yet dangerous game while driving the trainsonramps.Be a furious driver and be careful on the edges when youspeedupyour train and destroy every obstacle on the ramp.It's an amazing simulation gameplay where all the levelsareuniquewith lots of surprises waiting just for you.Hurry up and download the game to play.Train Jump Impossible Mega Ramp: features:It's FREE game to playAmazing collection of simulator trainsCreative EnvironmentsRealistic stunts performedSmooth controls and effectsCrazy graphical and sound effectsSocial Media:-Like us on Facebook & Twitter!Facebook Link:- Link:- our Youtube Channel to get new game notifications!Youtube Link:-
Space Agency 1.9.5
Do you want to build and fly your own space rockets? Of courseyoudo! Are you a billionaire? No...that makes it tricky.Fortunately,there is a way for us non-billionaires to run our ownspaceprogramme...Space Agency! * Build rockets * Launch satellites*Create a space station * Explore the solar system This is ahighlychallenging and complex game. Only the most talentedastronautsshould attempt it. Have you got the right stuff?
Airport City 6.16.12
Game Insight
✔ Create the airport of your dreams in this city buildingsimulator.✔ Assemble a fleet of cool planes: from private jetstotranscontinental airplanes. ✔ Bring back rare artifacts fromyourflights and complete collections! ✔ Take part inlimited-timeadventures and get special rewards. ✔ Team up with yourfriends andform an alliance! Playing together is always more fun. ✔Sendmissions to space after taking control of the skies. A truetycoonknows no limits! Take the reins of power and turn a smalltown intoa prosperous megalopolis with the best airport in theworld! Createone of the busiest transport hubs ever: constructinfrastructuressuch as air traffic control towers, runways, andhangars, assemblea fleet of planes, and send flights all around theworld! Watchyour town blossom into a great city as you improve andupgradeunique buildings, attract additional passengers, and connectyourairport to the most distant locations on the globe!FacebookCommunity: PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: Discover newtitles fromGameInsight: Join our communityonFacebook: Join our community onYouTubechannel: Read the latest news onTwitter: Follow us onInstagram:
Flying Unicorn Simulator Free 2
GT Race Games
Control a Flying Unicorn and master your unicorn riding skillsandbecome the unstoppable flying unicorn.Start the game fromunicornnest and flap your unicorn wings through the sky tofly.Discoverexciting islands and mountains. Fly in submarine,explore a hugeunderwater terrain. Blaze fire to raptors, smashvillage houses,create ultimate rampage, enjoy being a flyingunicorn!In this freeto play game, you can do whatever youwant!Flying Unicorn SimulatorFree is made for all fans of unicorngames, flying dragon games,Simulation games and Dinosaurgames.Flying Unicorn Simulator FreeGAME FEATURES:✔ RealisticMountains & Islands✔ Incredibleflying unicorn model✔ Stunning3D HD Graphics✔ Realistic unicornanimations✔ Joystick simulatorcontrols✔ Easy and Free to use✔ NoWiFi? No Problem.✔ OfflinePlayInstall! Play! And become a FlyingUnicorn forDestruction!!Enjoy ツ
Airplane Car Transport Simulator Drive 1.0
Get ready for some all in one simulation driving, if you lovebikes,cars, aeroplanes and even fond of trucks then you can haveall theenjoyment experience in one place. Yes you heard it right,downloadairplane car transport simulator drive now and see theexperiencefor yourself. Car bike games are very popular becauseeveryone wantsa car bike and so heavy bike simulation drive gamesare very popularbecause they heavy bikes which seem real to drivejust like in thisbike racing transport game but in this bikeracing transport gameyou will not only driving car bike but alsoflying bike towardsdestination and of course flying bike will bethrough a pilot gamesflight simulator airplane transport.Goaviones and in enjoy ourflight games, our developers have beenkeen upon the fact that theplayer should have the ultimate planesimulator plane games in fly aplane pilot games. Also enjoy planeracing and see how excitingplane racing feels as there would beother planes in the sky so doplane racing and beat them in planeracing in airplane transportgames. This game will not only giveyou fun in cargo transport butalso the simulation drive of asports car. And we all know thateveryone loves sports cars so inthis city car games you can havecar games for free as city cargames are always free and we areproviding you airplane cartransport simulator drive so that you canhave all the fun of beinga pilot, a transporter, a biker and cartransporter at oneplace.Cargo truck transport is not an easy job sokeep your eyes onthe road at all times also for your personalassistance the gameplay is very much user friendly so that you willnot face anyproblem in your commute. Feel like a proper airplanetransporter inairplane 2017 as in this pilot games we have the bestpilotsimulator of all times so you can have best pilot gamesexperienceand know how cool it is to transport plane and also cargoplane ina very challenging thing to do because cargo planes arevery bigbut we have such a smooth control of every cargo trucktransportand cargo plane that even children can also play this cartruckheavyweight cargo transport with very easily.If you haveeverwondered about being a pilot and surprisingly owning a planethenyou will surely love our game because we are providingthesimulation of all these wishes under one common environment.Feellike mega transporter and drive wherever your heart desires inthefree mode but also build a career by crossing the leveloftransport game airplane car transport simulator drive andunlocknew achievements and yes there are plenty of cargo truckcargoplane bikes and cars to be unlock so have fun driving newvehiclesand heavyweight stuff in car and bike games airplane cartransportsimulator drive. All this fun is absolutely free sodownload nowand enjoy being a pilot, cargo transporter, bike riderand carracer all in one place.Airplane Car Transport SimulatorDriveoffers:Realistic graphical 3D environmentAmazing smooth gameplayand controlsMany kinds of vehicles to driveAchievementsunlockafter crossing levels and pointsAll driving simulation inoneenvironment
Milking Cow Simulator 1.6
Are you live in city and do not have to milked a cow? Are younoworse than rural men and prove it in practice? Then do it!Justlearn to milk a cow or a goat. Youll know how to do it withtheMilking Cow / Goat Simulator. Do milking animals and fillingthebucket on the speed. Play more and upgrade your result. Youwillhave the chance to climb in the top of super milkers rankings.
Strong signal (simulator) 2.0
Make a prank and pretend that you can improve network signalandincrease 3g/4g/lte connection strength. You can tell friendsthatit can make your network signal stronger and more stable.Howtofool your friends?1. Tell them that this app is a realsignalnetwork booster and it can improve network signal strength2.Click'boost' and pretend that this app is really working!
Construction Sim 2017 1.3.1
Ovidiu Pop
Do you like heavy Construction Simulator? Try thelatestconstruction simulator where you can feel what's like totakecontrol of Extreme Vehicles such as Construction Excavators,DumperTrucks, Bulldozers, Haulers, Construction Cranes, GarbageTrucksand many more!Extreme Trucks Simulator features manyscenarios:country roads, quarry mine, deserts, mountains, citiesetc...Easyand intuitive controls will let you experience and feeltheseextreme trucks!Play with your friends in the multiplayer mode,loadthem with the excavator, transport rocks, logs, palletsotherconstruction stuff!More than 8 modes with a total of 80differentlevels waiting for you. Show off your construction skills,provethat you're the best! Play Extreme Trucks Simulator!All GamesinOne:-Construction Simulator-Tow TruckSimulator-ForkliftSimulator-Snow Truck SimulatorFeatures• More than8 modes-Construction Excavator And Dumper Truck -Bulldozer and HaulTruck-Log Crane Truck -Forklift and Flatbed -Crane -GarbageTruck-Cement Truck -Tow Truck -Snow Plow• Smooth and realisticphysics•Different locations to explore• More than 80 challenginglevels•Free Ride mode• Multiplayer mode• Detailed vehicleinteriors•Automatic and Manual Transmission (with Clutch)• Tiltsteering,buttons and touch steering wheel• Optional Slider Pedals•OnlineLeaderboards and Achievements• Multiplayer ConstructionSimulator•Real engine sounds• New awesome weather conditions •Request newmaps and modes on our social media pages!
Pak vs Indian Train Race Simulator 1.0.1
Entertainment riders bring you a new version of Pak vsIndianrivalry game. Welcome highly anticipated train simulationgame of2018 in your big city. Us trains & euro simulators arenolonger in style. Play this extreme Pak vs Indian train raceseries& test your driving skills. Win the trophy for yourcountry inthis exclusive train game simulator. Pakistani and Indianfans cannow compete in a friendly way & instead of fightingandbullying, can race to their heart’s content. The pride ofyourcountry depends on you. Crazy Indian & Pakistani fans haveatreat for them. The clash of trains is imminent inthishurricane-ish train race simulator. Both drivers are going tohaveto smash the other train racer to win this xtreme hot Pak vsIndiantrain race simulation game. No need to download cricketgamesanymore, trains are the new cool. We give you anentertaininggameplay, different than Euro simulations. The railroadenvironmentis one of a kind. Take your train on the railyard,through excitinghurdles & difficult tracks to win the trophyand make yourcountry proud of your winnings. Railroad games areusually boringand not much fun. But adding a dash of pak indianrivalry can dothe trick. So, get your racer spirit in check, bigcity drivingskills on full throttle & get ready for the racingmadness totake you places. Railyard tracks will guide you for howmany lapsyou have to race, and how long before you beat & servedefeatto your competitor, be it Pakistani train driver or Indiantrainracer. Get this Pak vs Indian train race simulation game 3drightnow & be best driver of big city.
Flying Yacht Simulator 2
GT Race Games
Are you fan of ship games like boat, yacht or sailboat? Everwantedto fly a Yacht? Now its possible with Flying Yacht Simulator.Sailin the open sea with your epic yacht or fly in the sky withyouryacht like an airplane.You are free in a world that you can dowhatyou want.Flying Yacht Simulator is made for all fans of shipgames,Simulation games and Airplane Flight gamesFlying YachtSimulator -GAME FEATURES:✔ Realistic Yacht physics✔ Improve PlaneFlightAbility✔ Stunning HD Graphics✔ Advanced airplane flightphysics✔Easy and Free to use✔ No WiFi? No Problem.✔ OfflinePlayInstall nowand feel the best airplane flight experience!
Bus Simulator 3D 1.9.1
Ovidiu Pop
Do you like driving big vehicles? Then you have to try thisBusDriving game! Smooth controls, realistic vehicle physicsandchallenging gameplay. Try to be the best Bus Driver on theplanetwith the online ranking features and achievements. BusSimulator 3Dis the first free bus game for Android! Bus parking isnothing, tryout the bus simulator! The best between theBusGames!Features:-Realistic bus physics-Traffic carssystem-Differentbuses to drive-Locations of any kind: city,countryside, mountain,desert and snow-Realistic damage-Tilinting,buttons and steeringwheel controls.-Interior Camera-Cool and smoothgraphics-Challengeyour friends with online rankings-Bus Simulator3D now officiallysupports MOGA controllers!
Weapons Simulator 1.7
Do you like playing of war, but not find a stick to make a toygun?Forget it! This is the last century! Its time for the moderngames.Look at the warrior with the friends in a completely new waywiththe phone and Weapons Simulator app. The most incredibleweaponrylike in fantastic movies is In the hands. The virtualweapons inthe virtual world are cool. Shoot from virtual weapons asif itwere in the real. Realistic sounds and effects will make thegameexciting adding emotions. Download and install theWeaponsSimulator app. Choose weapons and play with the friends.Connectthe virtual and real worlds. Please note. The WeaponsSimulator appis the joke created for fun and games. The app is nota real weaponand cant harm others.
RC Helicopter Flight SIM 2 1.1
RC helicopter is a helicopter flight simulator 2018 which willtakeyou back to your days as a kid. This helicopter simulatorgameallows you to be helicopter pilot and fulfill exciting tasksset ashelicopter mission.Experience helicopter flying unlike anyotherflight simulator 2018 games. with the smooth controlsandinteresting public service missions, RC helicopter is the bestRCsimulator game of the year. be a responsible helicopter pilotas,in this game helicopter flying his made use of byassigningimportant tasks such as cleaning the activity park for thekids tohave a great time around, delivering important documentsanddelivering toys to some little joy-less toy-less kids intheactivity area of the park with rc helicopter simulator2018.Unlikeother drone simulator games, you are the favorite guyeverybodylooks up to in this drone helicopter simulator 2018 game.There isfire in the park, you have to put out the fire, save theday and bea helicopter rescue hero!If you were fond of RC plane,RCmotorbike, RC car and RC drone in your childhood then this istheright place you have landed at. You have the best RChelicoptersimulator game that will bring the RC plane toy frenzyback, rightat your fingertips. Special features of RC HelicopterFlight SIM 2:• Best helicopter flight simulator game of 2017•Amazing controlsof the drone flight unlike any other dronehelicopter game• RCsimulator that has been specially designed totake you back to yourchildhood• Helicopter rescue and otherimportant helicoptermission• Multiple RC drone levels to enjoydrone flight with dronesimulator
High Speed Trains 1.4.5
Become a cab driver and drive through the well-known countriesofthe world by passenger train with High Speed Trains amazingtrainrun game! It is one of the greatest train games with yourownpocket trains. Start your journey from the train station.Control apassenger train, be a cab driver and drive through livelycitiesand lonely country territories. Try your hand as a trainconductorand train driver with this one of the greatest railwayapps.RULESOF A PASSENGER TRAIN CONTROL: Arrive at a railroad empiretrainstation and make the doors open; Wait for the passengers toentereach carriage; Close the doors and start your rail rush trainrun;Become both, train conductor and train driver Change cameraview toobserve each passenger train carriage; Drive carefully andobserverail rush traffic regulations; Try to arrive at the othertrainstation on time.Play this amazing rail rush train simulator,feellike a cab driver and control a railroad empire passengertrain.Feel like a true train conductor and train driver. Admirewonderfullandscapes with one of the most wonderful train games.Togain thehighest score in this one of the railway apps, take asmanypassengers to each carriage as possible. Wait and watcheachcarriage with a special camera. But remember that notallpassengers are punctual. It is only for you to decide whetherwaitfor the late or leave in due time. Drive the traincarefully.Remember, you are an experienced train conductor in thisone of thegreatest train simulator games. Change the train speedwith thehelp of the control panel. Avoid speed limits breaking notto get afine. This is one of the true realistic train games withvarioustraffic rules.High Speed Trains train run appFEATURES:Amazingpocket trains simulator: full control over thetrain;Wonderfulhigh-quality 3D graphics of a trainsimulator;Opportunity to admirecountry landscapes;Various cameraviews to observe railway and eachcarriageVarious railways speedlimits and fines forviolations;Chance to become a train conductorand traindriver;Timetable of a train run and arrival to thetrainstation;One of the greatest railroad empire train games.Be atraindriver and train conductor at once with High Speed Trains 3D -oneof the greatest rail rush train games!
Flight Alert Simulator 3D Free 1.0.4
The BEST Landing flight simulator game for AndroidFrom thecreatorsof Flight Pilot Simulator 3D, the best flight simulator of2016!Now, be the pilot HERO that will save all the passengers: landyourairplane safely despite the dangerous conditions!+Immersivescenarios: bad weather, aircraft failures and extremeconditions.+Fun and challenging missions+ Beautiful scenarios withincrediblegraphics.+ Many realistic planes: try planes like theBoeing 747 orAirbus 320+ Simple but realistic controlsDownload nowand don'tmiss amazing updates!Play OfflineFinally an awesome gamethatdoesn't need wifi!
Spaceflight Simulator 1.4 1.4.06
This is a game about building your own rocket from partsandlaunching it to explore space! • Realistically scaled planets,withsome up to hundreds to kilometers in size, and millionofkilometers of space between them. • Realistic orbital mechanics•Open universe, if you see something in the distance, you cangothere, no limits, no invisible walls. Current planets and moons:•Mercury • Venus ( A planet with a extremely dense andhotatmosphere) • Earth ( Our home, our pale blue dot :) ) • Moon (Ourcelestial neighbour) • Mars ( The red planet with athinatmosphere) • Phobos ( Mars inner moon, with rough terrain andlowgravity) • Deimos ( Mars outer moon, with a extremely lowgravityand a smooth surface) We have a really active discordcommunity! Video tutorials: Orbittutorial: Moonlanding:
Leo's RC Simulator 1.75
With more than 3.7 million's downloads, Leo’s RC Simulator isareally addictive flight simulator for airplane fanatics,realfanatics. If you are searching for an accurate flyingexperiencewithout the risk of crashing your real RC plane, this RCflightsimulator is for you.You will get 20 aircrafts when youinstallLeo's RC Simulator, and the rest you can download for freein the"Extras" option in the main menu.In other RC Simulators youwillobtain one aircraft and one scenery, and you will have to payifyou want to fly with another airplane or in another field.WithLeo's RC Simulator you can choose for free between more than60different airplanes and helicopters, and 5 sceneries, and ofcourseall of them with extremely realistic features.You will gethookedon the experience of flying in the various realistic 3Dscenarioswith a 360 degree vision of the world around.Features:• Afullfeatured radio control models simulator.• Photorealisticsceneries•Soaring, glider trainer, glider aerobatic and helicopter.• Manageall the RC simulator controls through a very simple andintuitiveinterface• Choose between different airplanes, helicoptersandscenarios• Customise the aerodynamic parameters of yourairplane(ailerons, elevator, rudder, inerce, power, lift, weightand size)•Get extra contents from internet (new airplanes,helicopters,scenarios, etc.). Please, note that the user experiencecan varysignificantly depending on hardware.
Airplane Pilot Cabin – Flight Simulator 3D 1.93
Do you like flight simulators and flying games? This time youshouldtake a role of airplane transport pilot – hold the plane’ssteeringwheel, lead the flight of your passenger plane throughstorms andclouds over the lands, and transport people betweentowns, citiesand even states like a real aviator with thisrealistic flight pilotsimulator!Check this airbus’s captainsimulator and have fun! Flyover mountains, forests, lakes, andseas, deliver your passengers ontime! Love free airplane games oraircraft games? Try to avoidcrashes and catastrophes with our newpassenger plane 3dsimulator!With our city pilot plane simulation,you can not onlytest your pilot skills by flying over the Americasand Europe! Hereyou also have to make a successful landing to theairstrip withoutaccidents or catastrophe, and you can check yourabilities byperforming the takeoff – reach the maximum of speedand start theflight – or start a new try enjoying the work ofpilots!Fly betweendestination points, from depo to depo, and setnew records of therange of flight! Look down through the cockpit’swindow, and raiseup your skills with our airbus captain trainsimulation! Learn thewhole set of actions at the criticalsituation, catastrophicsituation, or emergency situation on boardthe airplane with ouravion plane simulation!Have you ever dream tobecome a captain ofthe passenger liner? Your Dream can come truewith our flight pilotplane simulator game! Look down from thewindow of pilot’s cabina,appraise the plane landing distance andstart the landing with ourflight simulation! If you love blimpsimulator games, zeppelinsimulators or flight simulator airbus,you’d love this app!
Flying Car Sim 2.4
i6 Games
Like to drive fast down city streets? Fly high in a airplane?Lookno further and get straight into the fun that is the flyingcar!Get in the driver seat of the specially modified sports car,doamazing stunts and drifts in the city city streets or offroadoractivate airplane flight mode and turn your fast sports car intoaunique flying car!! In an instance you went from a top cardrivingexpert to a professional airplane pilot! !!!DOWNLOAD FORFREE!!ONLYON ANDROID!!! -Fly through and amazingly detailed cityenvironment,dodge and weave between skyscrapers! -Perfect theflying car andbecome the world's best pilot -Go to extreme speedswith supercharged nitro boosts Flying Car Simulator 3D is made forall of youflight and driving simulation game fans, with all thebest parts inone game! GAME FEATURES: -Put your driving and flightcontrols tothe test -Incredible HD Graphics -Real life sports carmodified forflight capability -Detailed and immersive city worldenvironment-Fun, realistic driving controls -Dynamic camera angles-Intuitiveairplane flight physics -Free to play and easy to use
Wings Of Duty 3.9.6
Phanotek, Inc
Experience famous air battles of the World War 2. Wings ofDutybrings realistic combat flight simulation experience tomobileplatforms with 360 degrees detail-realistic cockpits,carrieroperation, multi-player battle, arcade/historic/realisticmodes andmore... Features Midway, Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal and NewGuineamap, and the new Europe theater. Flyable aircrafts: * P-35Seversky* P-40 Warhawk * P-39 Airacobra * P-38 Lightning * P-47Thunderbolt* F-4U * F4F Wildcat * F6F Hellcat * SBD Dauntless *Hudson Mk-1 *B-25 * B-26 * A5M4 Claude * Ki-43 Oscar * Ki-61 Hien *A6M2 Zero *B5N1 * BF109E * BF109F * JU-87 Stuka * BF-110 * SpitfireMk-1 *Hurricane Mk-1 * Hampden Mk-1 More aircrafts coming soon...
Euro Train Simulator 3.2.6
"Euro Train Simulator is a very well constructed game forAndroidthat puts players in the front seat of the most popularcommercialtrains around." – AndroidAppsReview.comJoin thiscommunity tobecome a beta-tester for Euro TrainSimulator: is the first in a planned series ofhigh-quality,feature-rich railroad simulation games covering everymajordestination in the world. Featuring an intuitive, easy touseinterface, the game lets users play Career Mode to accomplisheachscenario and unlock new trains and routes. Careeraccomplishmentsare featured on a leader board. On the other hand,Quick Mode letsyou choose the train, route, source and destinationstations,weather and the time of the day for the simulation.FEATURES:- NEW:Tier 3 has been released.1. Weather : Clear,Overcast, Fog, Rainand Thunderstorm2. Time: 9:00, 12:00, 15:00,18:00 and 21:003.Signal: For ease of understanding, Euro TrainSimulator currentlyuses the UK railway signalling, with Green,Single Yellow and Redlights. 4. People: Animated passengers, fromall walks of life,waiting at the station. 5. Stations: The stationswere designedkeeping the authentic modern German railway stationsin mind. Thelikeness is uncanny. 6. Types of trains: Euro TrainSimulatorcurrently features 10 unique types of trains, rangingfromBombardier trains to super fast inter-city expresses. 7.Sounddesign has been carefully created. More realistic sound,producedwith the help of experts, is coming in the one of the nextfewupdates. 8. Camera angles: multiple, interesting camera angleshavebeen provided: Indoor, Overhead, God's Eye, Reverse, SignalCameraAngle and one customisable angle. 9. A Message System is inplaceto notify user of every activity happening within thegame,offering suggestions when deemed necessary to informationaboutpenalty and bonus. Thank you for your continued support.Suggestfeatures in the comments section and the ones getting mostnumberof responses will be made available very soon.If you have anyissuewith the game, feel free to write to us and we assure you wewillresolve them in an update. You do not have to give us a lowratingto get our attention. We are listening!Play our new gameINDIANTRAIN SIMULATORhere:
Coach Bus Parking Simulator 3D 1.0.8
Kool Games
Looking to do 3D Bus Parking and not finding a good CoachBusSimulator. Here is a Coach Bus Simulator that is the best for3DBus Parking Games. Coach Bus Simulator is not a new thing intheworld of games but a coach bus simulator that is also aparkingsimulator is the real deal you are getting here. Yes thisgame isnot only a bus parking game but also a parkingsimulator.Backgroundstory of multi level parking bus driver:Oursoldier is now in themulti level parking bus driver simulator gameas Kool Games waslooking for multi level parking bus driver thistime around for bussimulation so our Man grabbed this opportunityand he is drivingbus in this multi level parking bus driversimulator game. Drivingbus as a bus driver for multi level parking.Driver simulator gamesare now a specialty of our Man as he has beendriving 3D Bus toearn money so he is up for driver simulator gamesnow. Kool Gamesis happy with driver game performance of our Man nowas a driversimulator of 3D bus in simulator games.What is thisdriver bussimulation game all about:This is the 4th driver bus gameby KoolGames. In addition to being a driving bus game this is alsoaparking game. The user will be presented with a number ofdriverbus game missions of parking game in this driving game. Ineachparking game mission the user will have to park the bus toacertain place. For completing the parking game missions theuserswill also need to go to different levels of multi storeyplazaparking in this driving game. There are a number of parkinggamemissions in this simulation game for now but in futuremoremissions shall also be added for multi storey plaza parking.Howtoplay this driving game of multi storey plaza parking?1. First,youneed to download and install our driving game for free onyoursmartphone or tablet.2. Once you launch the simulation game,youneed to select the level that you want to play in thisdrivinggame.3. When you start playing, you will be able to driveyourdriving bus with the controls. You can easily accelerate orbrakeusing the acceleration and breaking buttons in the bottomrightside of the screen in this driving bus game.4. To turn leftorright, you can use the steering wheel in the left side ofthescreen, it's very easy to use and you can use it like youaredriving 3D Bus, playing simulator games.5. While you aresimulatordriving the simulator bus to the parking spot, you need toavoidany collisions so that you don’t lose any life.6. If you parkthebus successfully at the right place and within the given time,youwill complete the level and go to the next one.Why thissimulatorgame of multi storey plaza parking?You are surely going tolovethis simulator bus game over the other simulator driving gamesdueto following salient features:1. Totally Free: Thisdrivingsimulation is totally free2. Delightful graphics: Thisdrivingsimulation has awesome graphics which will make longlastingimpressions on you. The graphics are high quality as well asverysmooth & you are going to have your best drivingsimulationexperience while playing driving games of passengerbus.3.Entertaining music: This driving simulation has a veryentertainingmusic for your pleasure.4. Very realistic soundeffects: The soundeffects in this driving simulation are veryrealistic and they keepyou fully involved in passenger bussimulation games.5. Top Fun:Its great fun to play passenger bussimulation games as the aim isto get better until you havecompleted all bus simulationmissions.Who should play simulator busfor multi storey plazaparking?Anybody who loves driving games andsimulation games shouldplay this driver game.When to simulatorbus?For driving games andsimulation games whenever you have freetime enjoy playing thisdriver game.Don't forget to provide feedbackor rate our drivergame as we always try to bring you the best.ENJOYour simulatorgame & Thank you!
GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D 2.6.92
The world's most powerful combat helicopters are at yourfingertips.★★★ 70 million downloads!!! ★★★ Become a helicopterpilot and engagein combat missions across the world. Select from avariety of rotaryand fixed-wing VTOL aircraft to complete yourmissions. 『GUNSHIPBATTLE』 is a helicopter action game thatcombines stunning 3Dgraphics with flight control simulation andengaging militaryscenarios to pull you into an immersive combatexperience the momentyou start the game. 【 Features 】 ★ Enjoycontrols optimized for 3Dflight. ★ Select from a wide range ofhelicopters, each with uniquecharacteristics. ★ Arm your chopperwith a variety of weapons andequipment. ★ Complete missions inEpisode mode inspired by real-lifeconflicts. ★ Challenge yourselfwith the next mission or replay acustom mission. ★ Also optimizedfor tablet devices. If you enjoyFPS, shooting, or racing games,this is the perfect game for you.You'll find yourself whirlingthrough the skies across intensecrossfire. "Fun and engrossing" -Pocketmeta "Perfectly suited forany action players out there" -Appzoom "Fans of the genre shouldtry this game" - Appgamer Thisgame is free to play, but you canchoose to pay real money for somein-game items. Please note thatsome paid items may not berefundable depending on the type of item.---- Find news onFacebook:
San Francisco Flight Simulator 1.0
Tri One Games
Explore the city of San Francisco by air! Fly past the GoldenGateBridge! Includes 24 aircraft and multiple airports. Fly inwind,rain, at dusk or a on beautiful San Francisco summer day.