Top 10 Games Similar to Drop the Ball!

Drop The Ball 2.0
Drop The Ball - simple game that will help you have fun. Oneachlevel you have to throw the ball in the box. Also, you can usethetips. In the span of 90 levels you'll find a lot ofdifferentblocks and other things that would interfere or, on thecontrary,help you pass the level. Want to quickly complete thegame? Look inthe shop, where you will find interesting offersspecial for you!For more information about Fruit Apps Company,check this links: *Official Fruit Apps website: * Google+: * YouTube: * VK:
Dropping Balls 1.0.7
Dropping Balls is a simple addictive game.Youmust match the color by swap the ball position.
Drop the ball (LITE) 1.6
The game is still in development, so ifyoufindbugs or something you can report them.At the moment there are 40 levels available, but don'tworrytherecomes a lot of more levels!Also soundtracks and unlocking characters.Control:Tilt your phone quietly back and forth to control theball,tip:roll the ball really slow in to the hole.Good luck with unlocking your levels!
Ball Drop Dash 1.0
Tomasz Bucko
Drop Ball is about dropping as far asyoucan.Tap to jump over red spikes. Avoid falling to fast. Timeyourjumpsand get the highest score!• TAP to jump at the right time• Avoid red Spikes!• Don’t fall too fast• Challenge your friends and family with gamecenterleaderboardsHow far down can you drop?
Egg Catcher 2.0
Anyone remember the egg catching gameyouplayed in the 90's. Well thing have changed now a days, peopleneedmore realistic games. So here we present you with Don't DroptheBall. It make make you remember the Egg Catching gameHow to Play-----------------Just tap any where to make the ball jumpMake the ball reach far as it couldIf the ball drops then its gameoverSimple game, Hard to master!!So get started and master the best arcade gameRemember!! Don't drop the ball ever - Egg will break******GAME FEATURES********- Google play games leader board- Google play games achievements- One touch gameplay- Share to social networks- Challenge your friendsTry to make the high score by just tapping at the right time.Always remember the theory!!!Egg Catcher----------------------------