Top 29 Games Similar to Towards

New levitation Game 1.0
The Levitation Game is a game that needs intenseconcentrationinorder to overcome obstacles in the way.So I adviseyou toleaveeverything around you and focus in the box swing in theairandhelp him to go up and progress and achieve thegreatestpossibleachievements.The way of playing:All you have to dois touchthescreen every time you want to make the box risetothetop.Levitation Game features:high-definitionpicturesGreatsoundeffectsLevitation is a game suitable for all agesand can beplayedanywhere, but you have to be very careful not toskip becauseyouare in the wrong situation will return to thebeginning
DeathShots 1.10
★ DeathShots - Take the feel of killer ★ Your city got attackofpartially dead people. Your responsibility to save the countrybybecoming a killing machine. Hit all the threats and level up.Gunwith infinite bullets. Just reload it and becomeunstoppablekiller. You will be Monster Killer. Take head shot andkill theZombie and show him way of Hell. Interactive UI Easy toplayInfinite Levels Unlimited Fun Effective sound
Digital Invaders 1.6
PA Labs
A classic 80's calculator game. Shoot down theinvaders.DigitalInvaders originally appeared on the CasioMG-880calculator.This isa fast paced action game that will putyourfingers to thetest.Invader SpeedCompared to the originalcalculatorgame, thisgame is almost identical but with a fewslightmodifications asdescribed below. The time given for eachstage isthe time it takesfor one invader to travel all the wayacross thedisplay and causeone life to be lost. Digital InvadersAndroidApp:stage 1 - 6.6secstage 9 - 2.2 secinterval (scoreshowing) -1.8secCalculator:stage 1 - 7 secstage 9 - 2.3secinterval(scoreshowing) - 2 secSince the early stages of the gameare quiteslow,I decided to increase the speed a little bit (0.4 secfasteratstage 1). This is quite negligible. Stage 9 isvirtuallythesame.INSTRUCTIONSThe aim is to score the most amount ofpointsbydestroying the invaders approaching from the right.UsetheAIMbutton to match the leftmost digit on the display with anyoftheapproaching invaders. Press the FIRE button todestroytheinvader.If the sum of the shot down invaders is amultiple of10,the next invader will be a UFO (shaped like an 'n')unlessthestage is completed.The defence lines next to the AimDigitindicatethe number of lives the player has left.There are 2levelsand eachlevel has 9 stages. In each stage you must shoot downall16invaders with 30 shots or less. The speed of theinvadersincreaseswith each successive stage. In level 2 theinvaders startattackingfrom one position closer. After completinglevel 2 thegame willreturn to level 1.When the game is over, thedisplay showsthestage that the player reached and thescore.SCORINGThe highscoreis shown at the start of the game.Thepoints awarded forshootingdown an invader depend on the invader'sposition. Startingfrom therightmost position, the points are asfollows:Level 160,50, 40,30, 20, 10Level 2100, 80, 60, 40, 20Anextra 300 points isawardedfor shooting down a UFO.To share yourscores online and seetheleaderboard, sign in to Google Play Games.
Starbear: Taxi 14
Funktronic Labs
TAXI BEARS - Taxi bears around town before the clockrunsout!AVOID& CLEAR OBSTACLES - Watch out for sneakybanditraccoons!EARNTHE HIGHEST SCORE - Collect the most honey moneytowin!* ImmersiveVR gameplay - Built natively/exclusively forVR,this action-packedfast-paced taxi gameplay will keep anygamerengaged!* Fun VRcontrols - natural physics-based RC flightcontrolswith both 6DOF& 3DOF input* Charming art design -featuringcustom cartoonygraphics technology* Replayable - Funreplayable“arcade”experience is always fresh during every “run” andkeeps youcomingback for more!* ♫ Dynamic soundtrack ♫ - Musicsuited toyourplaystyle
Galactic Planet Spin 1
Uni X Games
Enter the galactic planet!Challenge yourself in a funanduniqueexperience.Dodge spikes as the speed gets fasterandfaster.Theonly objective is to get a higher score and beat yourownlimits!
Shipper Cow 3.1
Do yout think the game is to hard? Try the new easy mode,trainyourShipper Cow flights and become the best!How to play:1.Touchthescreen and make Shipper Cow fly through the pipes. 2. Getasfar asyou can!3. Have fun!
Hero Hop 1.1
Tap your hero carefully through each obstacle and collectasmanypoints as you can. Use your points to unlock newcharacterssuch asghosts, pumpkins, animals and more!Collect enoughpoints andunlockHARD MODE ! Put your skills to the test as you hoprapidlythroughmany different obstacles. Watch out! If you hit anobstacleyouwill restart If you see a purple flare don't be afraidas itwillshoot you through the level giving you a boost andcollectingmorepoints!Jump , Hop and switch your heroes throughmanydifferentobstacles.Warning this game is highly addictive !
Fidget Spinner Battle 2.9.8
Multiplayer Fidget Spinner Game Released!Best io gameconcept!===About ===- Easy manipulation- Various kinds of FidgetSpinner-Online combat with many people- Upgrade to your own style
3D Snake . io 3.1
Timuz Games
Play against real people from around the world! Can you becomethelongest slither snake? The larger snakes move slowly and aremoredifficult to turn and maneuver. If you are small then you havetomove carefully as the bigger ones are waiting for theopportunityto trap and eat you up! Slither left or right to consumedots, asyou wriggle fast, you get more stronger. The trick is touse theaccelerator key that can make it easier to win. 1. Consumeas muchfood as possible to grow longer 2. Play offline in singleplayeragainst AI when offline or Multiplayer online 3. No Lag.Noperformance issues 4. You can control the slithering easily
Smashy Bugs 1.0.8
Perfect Play
Smashy Bugs Have you ever noticed the poor bugs that smashed byyourfeet? Now, in Smashy Bugs, you can not only closely noticetheselovely bugs, but also can have a terrific experience of beingthesebugs. In this game, you will have a unique eye view of bugsand allyou need to do is to dodge the upcoming feet. When you trytosurvive among these feet, don’t forget to collect coins, thesecoinscan help you unlock new adorable bug characters! Watch out!Don’t besquashed! Friendly reminder: you’d better bring your bugsto oneside of one foot, otherwise you will probably be trappedbetween twofeet and cannot escape. :) Game feature: - Creativebugs eye view -Variety of scene: City, Beach, Desert and TheJurassic Park - Morethan 20 bug species - Your score will bestored on the leaderboardand will compete with other globalplayers 3D : Fidget Spinner .io Tops Wars 1.1
Are you ready for the fidget spinner wars online game , bestiogames ? Diep War producer the new io game 3D:Fidget Spinner .io Tops Wars out now. 3D :FidgetSpinner .io Tops Wars inspired by io type games popularisedby agar, slither. Unlock All figet spiner. Increase your speedbyeating,collect cells or hitting other fidget spinner. Youbecomethe most powerful. Collect Coins for extra bonus. Try tosurvivefor a long time . How fast can you spin the fidgetspinner,SpinTops,Spin Blade ? Are you ready battle ? PLAY 3D : Fidget Spinner .io Tops Wars , optimizedformobile and don't lag never . MOBILE TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLS TheGamecontrols fully compatible mobile and very simple . Anenjoyablegame with virtual joystick is waiting for you . INCREASESPEEDIncrease your speed by eating,collect cells or hitting otherfidgetspinner,Spin Tops,Spin Blade. Be faster. TELEPORT THROUGHPORTALGet out of other spinner by entering the portals.MULTIPLAYERBATTLE Battle other players. Online multiplayer gameplay now. BEFIRST IN THE RANKING You make highest score and you befirst in therankings. 11 LANGUAGEOPTIONSEnglish,Turkish,Chinese,Spanish,German,Korean,French,Russian,Japanese,Italian,Portuguese50+SKIN OPTIONS 35+ FONT OPTIONS Like Jointsoft onFacebook: In the game, ProblemsandSuggestions Mail to you ; [email protected]
Power Warriors 5.0
Prepare for a 2D fast paced team fighting game in the palm ofyourhand Features: -Up to 3 VS 3 combat -Create your dream teamoffighters -Fun and easy to play -Unlock new characters-Eachcharacter has unique stats -Story mode -Arcade mode -Freebattlemode -Training mode Thank you for playing
Crazy AA 1.0
MIA Game
The game play is simple, a rotation ball in the center, someradiantballs surrounding it, players need to shoot radiant ball totherotation ball one by one, but must not touch others. As thegamegoing, the balls will be more and more, the rotation ball maybequickly or slowly, this game become harder. The Crazy AA has1200levels.You will be relaxed, don't miss it.Let's us know if youhaveany feedback.
Stickman Meme Fight 1.002
Meme fighting has arrived! Your rage will never end - kill allthestick man memes and become the meme fighting champion! Atruefighter mustkill.Sounds:freesound.orgMusic:Bosa-The_Forest_Girl_darthmarus-madness_epic_1_DreyLand-Battle-2-More-Rock
Memes Wars 3.9.9
- Open world, do what you want - It’s a multiplayer game, playwithfriends and other players around the world - More than 30cars,tanks, motorcycles, helicopters - Inventory with hundredsofobjects - Different maps - 3 modes in multiplayer:Teamfight,Dogfight, Sandbox - No limits, it’s a real sandbox game,have fun!
G-Switch 3 1.1.7
Serius Games
The new long-awaited G-Switch sequel is finally here! Run andflipgravity at lightning-speed through twisted levels thatwillchallenge your timing and reflexes. Featuring: -Challengingsingle-player mode with 30 checkpoints throughout 3differentworlds. - Simple single-tap controls. - Localmultiplayertournaments for up to 4 players on one device. - Playtournamentswith computer opponents, up to 6 total. - Try to beatyour highestscore in Endless mode. - Control 2 characters at oncein the newclone mode. - Collect 12 secret orbs that unlock newcharacters.The G-Switch series has been played by millions sinceits first webrelease in 2010. Try out the latest version - forexperiencedplayers and newcomers alike!
Astro Party 2.0.2
Astro party is the ultimate casual party game. Up to fourplayerscan play this game on one device!Control the hilariousspaceshipsin a competitive deathmatch.- Two button controls- Threegamemodes- Dynamic arenas- YOUR SHIP A SPLODE
Power Level Warrior 2 1.2.0d
From the maker of Legends Within and Power Level Warrior. Fightyourway trough challenges! Collect power point balls and for yourdragonwarrior to customize your stats and unlock supertransformationswhich will further increase your power level. Havea ball whileplaying and training your dragon warrior!NEW GAMETheFinal PowerLevelWarrior system- Number of moves to unlock and master- Numberoftransformations to unlock- Number of energy attacks to unlockandmaster
Samurai Warrior – Kingdom Hero 1.7
Samurai Warrior sends on a quest for revenge across thewar-scorchedcountryside. In this war rpg, the fearful samuraiheroes need todominate the journey filled with tons of samuraibattles, countlesschallenges and missions. This great rpgadventure featuresexcitement, from a seafaring village to a flyingfortress to thelegendary Isle of the Dead, the samurai will stopat nothing to huntdown his arch-enemy musashi. ⚔️🔝UPGRADE THESAMURAI WARRIORS ⚔️Takeyour favorite Samurai to the next level byrewarding and upgradinghis weapons, skills and attack combos. Makethe Samurai Warriorsunbeatable beasts that will make the game mucheasier! Search,battle and truly experience a real samurairpg!💠LOVELY ILLUSTRATIONOF THE SAMURAI’S TALE ⚔️The SamuraiWarriors have a special reasonwhy they are going in this samuraibattle! Read the tale for eachquest in an impressive anime-stylecomic panels, unseen in othersimilar samurai rpg war games! ✔️UNIQUE GAMEPLAY, ENHANCED RPGGAMING ⚔️The gameplay is not blankand pointless RPG. Instead itgoes further in the role playinggames gameplay adding variety withsolving environmental puzzles,discovering and exploring usefulthings, traps and much more. Trustus, in this combination of roleplaying and samurai rpg games youwill enjoy something trulyunique!🎥 DYNAMIC CAMERA & THRILINGVARIETY ⚔️The battles in thefree rpg game inspired by the samuraiand their quests featuresimpressive graphics, gameplay, and moreimportantly a dynamic camerathat will search for the bestperspective in each battle andencounter. Experience the quickbattle sequences in the mostthrilling way possible, as the dynamiccamera is enhanced bystunning HD graphics and impressiveartwork!SAMURAI WARRIORFEATURES★ Use virtual joystick ensuresyou’re slicing up enemybaddies.★ camera finds the best perspectivefor each encounter gamescene, adding varieties while keepingfocused on the action.★ Veryquick and glory kingdom battle areas!★Solve amazing environmentalpuzzles, avoid dangerous traps, anddiscover useful things tocomplete chapters.★ The fight is start ,not to worry, the combatnever takes a back seat and tofetch-quests.★ RPG elements rewardskilled players – upgrade theSamurai’s health, buy new attackcombos and upgrade them to amazinglevels.★ New survival mode pitsthe samurai against waves ofenemies, giving hardcore players ascore-attack mode to hone theirskills. ★ Advanced AI system on parwith console gameslikePc,Xbox,ps4.--------------------------------------------Thesamurairpg adventure you will not want to miss this year!Get itFREE nowand become the kingdom’s hero.Follow theGAMEon:
Play with Cats
Heal yourself by playing with cute cats!You can see cute cats and play with them every timeandeverywhere!-How to Play-Cats will come close to you, if you put your finger onthescreen.If cats are tamed, they drop coins and kittens.If cats are tamed or not, It's depends on how your fingerisattractive.If you want your finger to be more attractive, you need toplayside-scrolling action Mini-Game and level-up your finger.Playing Mini-Game, your finger and cats level-up.If cats level-up, they drop more coins.Get many coins and upgrade lures to attempt rare cats!You can live with kittens in some rooms, if you get kittenswhichcats drop.You can get coins by stroking kittens in rooms, so collectmanykittens!See all kinds of cats, and make friends with them, and see allkindsof kittens, and complete the game!Now, let's start the 'Play with Cats' life.Here we go!
Bubble Toad 1.4.7
Help Bubble Toad to climb up the 18 levels created by adiabolicalmind.Catch the bubbles with your tongue and climb higherandhigher. But be careful, some bubbles will not be as easy astheother ones.Each level disposes of its own atmosphere and itsowntraps aswell as an evergrowing difficulty matchingyourprogression.Discover and master new bubbles all alongyouradventure.Unlock outfits and gather gold to dress up yourtoad.Turn it into a princess, a ninja or even a dragon.Possibilites areendless thanks to the advanced equipment systemdisposing of morethan 100 different pieces of outfit.Confront yourfriends andcompete with other players around the world on GooglePlay. Improveyour score thanks to the Time Attack mode whichrecords anddisplays your best time.Bubble Toad is a very addictiveaction gamethat is played with only one finger. Its concept issimple but hardto master.Will you accept this challenge ?
gunzer io 5.2
Summon units with various types of firearms, both old and new.Havefun shooting groups in your battle to win the battle. Intheultimate full-scale war, 18 teams play in online mode. No lessthan10 players, cute 2D characters with guns. Choose to build intheteam. It can unlock better characters. Do not missthisopportunity! The player must accumulate the power of the BOXPOWERto build your own military team to form a gun to play. Eachgun isdifferent in speed. Function - Build up to 18 teams. -25characters - Guns 20+ - Play online
Onet Fruit - Fruit Smash 1.0.6
You are the type who likes to play the puzzle game, pleaseintroducethe latest version of the game Onet Fruit -Fruit Smash.This is afun new game, you will attract from the first look, withnew stylecombined with the game has been changed to suit theplayer, you willeasily get acquainted quickly. Enjoy this game,rich gameplay youwill not feel bored when joining. 👑 Options andhow to play 👑 - mainobjective of this game is to remove all icontiles. - Tap the icontiles to select it. - You have to find twoidentical tiles iconsthat can be connected with up to 3 straightlines where there is noother tiles blocking the connecting path. -Animated graphics, funnysound This is a very impressive game, agenre you will never feelboring. The game is extremely lightweightand you can easilydownload and install it anytime, anywhere, forany age. Withextremely rich and attractive gameplay, there will bemany levels.And different ways to play for you to choose. Notonlyentertainment, games help you increase your ability to think,besensitive. Quickly download the game right away to enjoy. ️🏆Oneofthe best new category puzzle games🏆 We would be very gratefulifyou could send us feedback, please contact us at the emailaddressbelow to be able to improve the game more perfectly. Contactus at:[email protected] Thank you for downloading the gameOnetFruit, have fun playing the game
Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir - The Official Game 1.1.6
The OFFICIAL Miraculous Ladybug app - don’t let any old redwithblack polkadot games fool you! This game is the real deal!JoinMiraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir on their Paris rescue mission,inthis challenging, addictive & super fun runner! Paris,yourbeloved city, is in trouble, and only you can save itfromdestruction! Turn into awesome superheroes Miraculous LadybugandCat Noir, enter the Miraculous universe and run through thestreetsof Paris as you avoid obstacles and defeat villains.Everyonethinks you’re just an awkward teenager. But you’ve got aSECRET.You may be a run-of-the-mill teen by day, but by night youbecome asuperhero. The city of love is in danger of being takenover by themysterious supervillain Hawk Moth and his evil Akumas,and it’s upto you to save it. * Leap over rooftops & runthrough alleywaysto save the day * Dodge obstacles in your path *Play as Marinette& Ladybug, Adrien & Cat Noir * Collecttokens & othersurprises as you explore Paris * Collect awesomepower-ups * Faceoff with dangerous villains Dark Cupid, StormyWeather, The Bubbler& more © 2018 ZAGTOON™– METHOD™ – ALLRIGHTS RESERVED. ABOUT USCrazy Labs is a casual games brand, underwhich TabTale developsand publishes fun and addictive games. CrazyLabs partners withindependent development studios across the globeto create engagingmobile content for audiences of all ages. Visitus: GooglePlus: Likeus: Followus:@CrazyLabsGamesWatch us: US Let us knowwhat you think! Questions? Suggestions?Technical Support? Contactus 24/7 at: [email protected]: The app is free to playbut certain in-game items mayrequire payment. The app includes: -advertising for TabTale andsome third parties that redirect usersto our sites, apps orthird-party sites - social networks links toconnect with otherswhile playing - the option to accept pushnotifications to inform ofexciting news (e.g. updates) - anage-gate to prevent access to somefeatures to protect children(e.g. restrict behavioral advertisingor information sharing). Yourprivacy matters. The app may enabledata collection for limitedpurposes (e.g. respond to supportqueries; enable, analyze andimprove the app’s features andservices; personalize contentincluding targeted ads and analysethose ads). For more informationrefer to our Privacy Policy: that referred thirdparties are subject to their own policies.By downloading, updatingor using the app you consent to thiscollection and use of deviceinformation and your data for addisplay and reporting purposes, andto our Terms of Use:
MPG - MonPetitProno ⚽🇷🇺🏆 4.0.10
DÉFIEZ VOS AMIS OU COLLÈGUES AU JEU DE PRONOS LE PLUS COOL DELACOUPE DU M⚽NDE (ET DITES ADIEU A VOS VIEUX FICHIERS EX**L)💶Complètement gratuit 🎢 Nb de participants illimité 🕐 Pronojusqu'à1mn avant chaque match 💄 Personnalisable 🛡​ ​​Badgessurprises 🔑​​Administrable ​et sécurisé Aussi CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES TOGAMEpredictions: THE COOLEST CUP M⚽NDE (AND SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR OLDEXFILES ** L) Completely free 💶 Number of participants unlimited 🎢🕐Prono 1mn up before every game Customizable 💄 🛡 Badges surprises🔑Manageable and Secure  Also available
Franklin Templeton India 1.1.3
Welcome to the official app of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund.Getinformation on our funds, products and services in one go.Theinvestor and partner sections provide access to a range offeaturesand benefits including self-service capabilities andeasytransaction abilities. Now monitoring your investmentswithFranklin Templeton is just a click away.
Mech Wars
Mech Wars is a multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 teambattlesinreal-time!Create your robot army with robot weaponcombinationstofit your game style and join to battles. Capture theenemy baseordestroy all rivals.Main Features:- Light, medium andheavyrobotswith different strengths and abilities.- Manyweaponswithdifferent types.(Laser, energy, missiles etc.)- GameModes:Skirmish, Assault- Stunning Graphics.
112 Suomi
The 112 Suomi application enables theautomaticdelivery of the caller's location information to theemergencyservice dispatcher (in Finland).Continued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.By using this application you agree to the following termsandconditions: extract according to the Personal Information Act:
ChargePoint 5.38.1-201-25
ChargePoint is the world’s largest and most open EV chargingnetworkwith over 52,000 charging spots. Only the ChargePoint appallows youto find these stations, see if they’re available andstart charging.You can also find stations from all other majornetworks. Map: Findstations from ChargePoint and all other majornetworks. Real-timeinformation: See which ChargePoint stations areavailable to charge.Start charging: Just tap your phone on thestation to startcharging. Notifications: Get real-time updatesabout your chargingstatus. Filter: Only see stations that workwith your car. Drivertips: Leave and view tips about stations andtheir locations.ChargePoint Home: Connect to and control your homecharger.