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Glitter Zipper Lock 1.1
Abso Fun
Glitter is made and used as adecoration.Glitter shines by reflection with many small flashes ofbrilliantlight or to shine with strong emotion to be brilliantlyattractive,lavish, or spectacular. It is a free zipper lock app foryourquality android device. If you love the Glitter shine, thenyousurely want to decorate your home screen with Glitter ZipperLockScreen. Young girls and guys will really like it.A free screen locker made for the people who aren't reallyconcernedwith screen lock security or passwords.**Zipper Lock Screen Features**- Battery Status- Date and Time- Easy and simple to unlock your phone- HD Graphics with beautiful wallpaper showing a nice, colorfulandshining Glitter- Easy to Enable / Disable the lock from settings menu.- Layout of Zipper lock is compatible with almost everySmartphonescreen displayThis Zipper Lock App does not require any password or Pin codetounlock your smartphone. Enjoy the best and free android zipperlockscreen****How to unlock or unzip ****Drag the zipper to unlock your device. Touch and hold theZipperdown until the Glitter zipper is unlocked.Please don’t forget to rate us, feel free to write us yourfeedbackto improve the quality of this app
Diamond Zip Lock Screen Prank 2
ATTENTION!!! : This applicationsimulatesthelocked screen and simulates the lock screen. This lockscreenappcontains zipper that is not real, this is anapplicationthatsimulates zipper. The main purpose of a zipper lockscreen istoprovide fun and to make your screen look beautifulandattractive.Diamond Zip Lock Screen Prank is free lock screenapplicationandits purpose is to entertain and to provide anattractiveandbeautiful screen. Provide to your device and yourselfonlytheluxury and fancy stuff. We are offering to you luxuryandshinybackground for your device, and that can be found indiamondzipperlock screen simulator. Download now and enjoy inpopular lockappfor Android for free. The biggest advantage ofdiamond zipperlockis that it can be lock screen for deviceswithdifferentresolutions.Pull the zipper to the end of your screen to unlockthephonedecorated with diamond wallpaper. Cool zipperlockscreenapplication is waiting for you to install it, just pressthebuttonand prepare yourself for the best lock screen applicationonthemarket. One of the best things about Diamond Zipper LockSimisthat the missed calls and received messages displays onthescreenand also, you can answer to the any call withoutunlockingthedevice first! You will love popular zipperlockscreenapplication!Diamond Zip Lock Screen Prank Features:* missed calls and recieved messages are shown onthescreen* compatible with almost every smartphone and tablet* shows the time* easy to turn on / of zipper sound fro the menu* beautiful backgrounds* easy to enable and disable zipper* easy to unlock the phone !An announcement: When you install zipper lock screenapplication,itwill be set up a default lock screen. By default, wemean thatyouwill have a zipper lock screen set instead of SLIDER,SWIPE orotherlock screen which does not provide protection. If youhaveaPASSWORD, PIN, PATTERN or other lock screen with highersecurityaslock screen protection and if install ours zipperlockscreenapplication, PASSWORD, PIN, PATTERN or other lockscreenwithhigher security will not be turned off. They willappearafterunlocking screen decorated with zipper lock.
Glitter Zipper Lock Screen 1.1
Beautifully decorated screen waiting for ifyoudownload Glitter Zipper Lock Screen app. This is the popularlockapp that contains glitter lock screen wallpaper and it is madeto bean excellent glitter lock screen. Download now, for free, oneof themost popular zipper lock screen application in the store,and thatis for sure glitter zipper lock screen. Drag zipper to thebottom ofthe device and unlock the screen decorated with shinywallpapers.Missed calls and received messages are shown on thedisplay and youdon't have to pull the zipper to see if you haveany of them. Youwill be very satisfied with the glitter lockscreenapplication.Glitter Zipper Lock Screen Features:- beautiful lock screen wallpapers- enable and disable zipper lock from the menu- show the missed calls and received messages- show the time- compatible with almost every smartphone and tablet
Cute glitter zipper lockscreen 1.0
Cute glitter zipper lock screenCute glitter zipper lock screen is a beautiful andfreeapplicationfor entertainment purposes. You can use theapplicationto lockyour phone screen. Slider lock screen is veryeasy to use.All youhave to: drag the slider down and the phonescreen isunlocked.Inside of the application you will findbeautifulbackgrounds inhigh definition.Zipper Lock Screen is a stylized lock screen application.Aglitterphoto zip displays on your lock screen while your phoneislockedand you can unzip the image to unlock your phone. Itcomeswithcute glitter HD wallpapers and beautifulbackgrounds.Hope you like many beautiful glitter zipper...Let takeitnow!!
Glitter Zipper Lock Prank 1.0.3
Go AppStack
Glitter Zipper Lock Screen prank is LockScreenapplication. Have you ever imagined to lock your smartphonewith azip as you lock your bags.Try this new app and experience this effect on yoursmartphone.Glitter Zipper Lock Screen prank is an application tolock yourphone with zip.if you are a Glitter lover this lock screen prank applicationisbest for your smartphone. you can select background ofglitterwhich you wantto unzip.How To Unlock?you just have to drag it downwards to unzip the glitter andyourphone will be unlocked.Features :* Free to use* Highly simulate and Best Glitter theme.* Support enable/disable Lock screen function.* Multiple HD Zipper Theme.* Simple and easy to useDon't forget to rate and give us your feedback.DISCLAIMERGlitter Zipper Screen Lock Prank is just for entertainmentpurposeand is a prank app.This application complies with USCopyright lawguidelines of "fair use". If you feel there is adirect copyrightor trademark violation that doesn't follow withinthe "fair use"guidelines, please contact us
Paris Zipper Lock Screen 1.0.6
Paris Zipper Lock Screen Paris Zipper Lock Screen is averybeautiful zipper lock. There are number of screen locksavailablein different android play stores,But here is one of thesecure andmost efficient screen lock. Unzip the cuteness with thisadorableParis Zipper Lock Screen for lockers.Pull down the hook tounlockscreen with amazing unzip effect. Zip to lock the screen andunzipto unlock the screen. Paris Zipper Lock Screen is a fancyandinteresting lock screen for you. ••••Features•••• ■ Beautiful&stylish interface. ■ Missed Call notifications. ■SMSnotifications. ■ Option to Enable/Disable Paris Zipper LockScreen.■ Beautiful and heart touching Zipper Lock. ■ FREE foreveryone.••••How it Works•••• ■ Download and install the ParisZipper LockScreen. ■ Go in setting and enable the lock. ■ Zip tolock thescreen and unzip to unlock the screen. Hope you will enjoythisParis Zipper Lock Screen - Romantic Paris Lock Theme. Thisscreenlock is the best available for you on play store.
Glitter Lock Screen 2.6
Finally you've found a glamorous way to lock and unlock yourmobiledevice. We give you Glitter Lock Screen, a girly app forsecuringyour favorite gadget with a passcode. Match yourcheerfulpersonality with cute glitter wallpapers and let your phonesparkleand shine! Attract attention anywhere you go with this newandstylish app for girls and protect your device with one of akindand powerful screen locker free of charge. Swipe and enterthepasscode to unlock the screen and you are ready to go. Restassuredthat this lock screen app won't let your secrets out in theopen.Let a glitter bomb explode and feel the screen lock magic!DownloadGlitter Lock Screen for free and sparkle up your phone ortabletnow! ⁛⁚ ⁙⁘*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*⁘ ⁙ ⁚ ⁛ How to set yournew“lock screen”: 1. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box; 2. Enteryourpassword and then and reenter the same password forconfirmation;3. Now you can customize your cute lock screen theme:➤ Set yourbackground (choose among 6 images)! ➤ Choose am/pm or 24htimesetting! ➤ Turn date on/off! ➤ Choose the date format ondisplay! ➤Show or hide battery! ⁛⁚ ⁙⁘*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*⁘ ⁙ ⁚⁛ Prepareto be amazed with the sparkly glow your device will emitthanks tothe glitter effects we've added just for your convenience.Beenchanted with Glitter Lock Screen, one and only app lockscreenthat is not only trendy and chic, but also very reliable whenitcomes to mobile phone privacy protection. The keypad lockisbeautifully adorned and the protection app itself is equippedwitha powerful phone password security system that no one will beableto breach. Keep your device safe from nosy parents andannoyingfriends with this “screen lock” and at the same time feelgorgeousand beautiful every day. Only “cute wallpapers andbackgrounds” canbe found here and they are waiting just for you sodownload thisstylish app screen locker with passcode for free! Letthat shininglight make your day and show everyone how stylish andclassy youreally are! Embellish your smartphone or tablet withgirly“wallpapers lock screen” that will sparkle and shine wheneveryouunlock your device. Slide in any direction, enter the passcodeandlet glitter dust reveal the contents of your mobile phone.Thiscute lock screen saves your battery life and doesn't drain itandthe free screensavers will help you keep intruders away fromyourdevice. Your job is just to customize your phone and setyourfavorite color of the new sparkling “lock screen wallpaper”.Glamup your smartphone with a glitter “lock screen background”themesof your liking, be a trend setter among your bffs and feellike aprincess everyday with sparkly wallpapers on your lockedphone ortablet. Glitter Lock Screen is one of the best lock screenappsaround, so don't hesitate to download it for free! Join allofthose girls and ladies who go crazy over cute pics for lockscreen.Everyone will turn their heads around to see the mostbeautifulgirl with a sparkly phone. Adorn your device withluxurious nuancesof colors and super sparkle “keypad lock screenfor girls”. Youwill fall for these “lockscreen wallpapers” causethey are soglittery and shiny, just like fairy dust! Impressivetwinkle lightsdecorate every glitter wallpaper for your amusementand joy!Moreover, if your best friends tend to snoop around yourdevice andyou want to keep you text messages and photos privatethen you needa high quality secure lockscreen app that is easy touse. If youcare about mobile phone security and at the same timeyou want astylish keypad on your screensaver, then download“Glitter LockScreen” for free and be careless!
Glitter Zipper Lock Screen 1.3.1
Shiny! Sparkly! Glossy! That’s what yournewzipper lock screens free with picture of glitter will be! Pickyourfavorite color of glitter wallpapers free and let your deviceshinelike a star! Zipper lock screens free for girls have neverbeenthis fun! Pretty glitter wallpapers come in 6 colors. Youronlytrouble will be to pick a glitter lock screen wallpaper youlikethe most.Let some glossy magic into your device! Zipper lock screensfreewith picture of colorful glitter will do just that for you!Befabulous! Be fantastic! Your glitter live wallpaper for lockscreenwill make every head turn! Put some spotlight on your deviceandget these glitter wallpapers free! Download now zipper lockscreensfree for girls!Glitter Zipper Lock Screen features:- A set of glitter images!- Easy to use software that sets glitter wallpaper on zipperscreenlock for you!- Time and date over your lock screen wallpaper!- Preview screen option that allows you to see how yourglitterzipper screen lock will look!- No internet needed to set new zipper lock screen!How to use:- Download Glitter Zipper Lock Screen!- Enable this zipper lock screen immediately when you enterthismobile app!- Previously disable any other lock screen on your device- Choose a glitter live wallpaper!- Set time and date to be visible over your zipper screen lockbyclicking on the settings button and choosing time or date!- Look at the preview to see how your home screen will lookbyclicking on any picture from the gallery!- Press SET button and enjoy your phone’s new lookIf you have any questions contact
Diamond lock screen.
Diamond lock screen with animated shining diamonds! Diamondlockscreen is a fun and free application for entertainmentpurposes.You can use the application to lock your phone screen.Diamond lockscreen is very easy to use. Inside of the applicationyou will findbeautiful backgrounds with animated diamonds. You canchoose from azip lock or PIN. How to use the application: - PINlock screen: Seta PIN containing a maximum of four numbers in thesettings sectionof the application. To unlock your phone, enter thePIN. - Zipperlock screen: All you have to: drag the slider down andthe phonescreen is unlocked. Lock screen features: - 16 coloredsliders, -40 fantastic pendants to choose from: roses, leaves,stars,lightning, dragon, dollar, diamond heart, skull and manyothers, -2 diamond keyboard to enter a PIN, - As background, youcan set oneof 8 backgrounds with animated shining diamonds. In caseof anyproblems with the effect of Diamond lock screen, instead ofgivingus the negative opinion, please send us an e-mail andreviewbriefly the problem. It will help us to solve it in thenextupdates of lock screen application with animated diamonds.Diamondlock screen is free but contains ads inside application.Revenuefrom advertising will help us to create new attractivewallpapersand applications. All permissions are required only foradvertisingand are supported by trusted vendors.
Purple Diamond Zipper Screen 1.0.5
Have you ever imagined to apply Purple Diamond zipper toyourscreen.Try this new app and experience this effect on and use Purple Diamond zipper screen to enjoy theeffects.Unzip your screen using Purple Diamond zipper screen App .ThisApplication includes HD Graphics and colorful background.Youwilllove it. FEATURES @ Show Battery Status @ Show Missed CallAlerts @Show SMS Notifications @ Show Current Date and Time @ Easyandsimple @ Easy to Enable / Disable the default look fromsettingsmenu. @ Layout of Zipper screen is compatible with almosteverySmart phone screen display HOW TO USE % Drag the zip to unzipyourdevice screen. % Touch and hold the Zip down until the zipisunzipped. % This Zipper App does not require any password orPincode. % Enjoy the best and free android App.
Diamond Zipper Lock Screen 1.2
How you ever imagined your Smartphonelockingwith a zip?Try this new app and experience Zip effect on your phone.Diamond Zipper Lock Screen is an application to lockyourmobilephone through a zip with a cute Teddy image.An attractive & adorable Diamond Zipper Lock Screen.ThisDiamond in the title refers to a beautiful stud embeddedwithcrystals. Diamond Zipper Screen lock is actually a Zipperscreenlock and is made for the people who are not much concernedwith thehigh lock security for their phone as it is very simple touse anddoes not require pass code to unlock. It includes cutesthighdefinition graphics with user friendly interface. This zipperlockapp doesn't require any password or pin code to unlockyoursmartphone. You just have to drag down the Diamond. Childrenwouldespecially love the vivid and beautiful Diamond backgroundandwould love using this Zipper Diamond lock Screen. . Parentscaneven teach their kids how to zip up different things throughanadvanced technology.- Simple and easy to use- User can enable and disable this screen lock fromgivensettings- Enable and disable Vibration from the settings option- Digital Time and date showing on lock screen- Diamond Zipper Screen Lock works with Android mobilesandtablets- You have an option to enable and disable the zip lock- HD graphics of Diamond Zipper Lock Screen- Cute and Lovely Diamond.- You will love this app in such a way that you will notresistyourself to tell your friends regarding this app.- Home Button disable on lock screen- Enjoy new Diamond zipper screen lock instead of otherfingerprintlock, pattern lock, zip, transparent and keypadlocks.Diamond Zipper Lock Screen is totally free of cost. DiamondZipperScreen Lock is compatible with almost every android device.Itsalso tested on various android devices i.e android tabletsandandroid based mobiles phones. All the actions can be performedveryeasily without any confusion. Reliability is guaranteed ofDiamondZipper Lock Screen.Enjoy new Diamond zipper screen lock instead of otherfingerprintlock, pattern lock, zip, transparent and keypad locks.DiamondZipper Screen Lock is specially designed in a way that itwilldefinitely work with all new devices and androidversionstoo.Do not forget to rate us and give your feedback of yourexperienceto use Diamond Zipper Lock Screen or if in case of aproblem pleasewrite an email. We would love to resolve out yourproblem and wewill try our level best to make it better and moreuser friendlyapplication. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.Thankyou.Enjoy Diamond Zipper Lock Screen!
Angel Zipper Lock Screen 1.4
Angel!! Angel of love. Feel you live in heaven with AngelZipperLock Screen. There are may cute and beautiful angel wallpaperforyou. Cute baby with awesome wings. Set love angel theme onyourhome screen. Zipper Lock Screen is a beautiful and awesomelockapplication for your smartphone & tablet. You can decorateyourscreen with lovely backgrounds, pendents and zippy chains. Thisisslider zipper lock screen is a free zip app for Smartphonescreenlock for all lovers and couples. It is very easy to use. Youcanfind HD Angel backgrounds with different zipper pendent&chain. This is a totally manipulate application. In this youcanmake your type of locker screen. Love couple lock screen isuserfriendly lock screen. You can change each part of locker screeninapp. ————————— Features:- ** Enable or disable lock screen **Hideor shown photos on screen ** Hide or shown time & date **Userfriendly interface ** It is quick, simple and easy way tounlockyour phone ** Good variety of angel love wallpapers. Therearelarge collection of HD backgrounds. ** There are lots ofdifferentpendents in this app. Pendents are available in differentshapeslike wings, rose, star, heart, round, teddy bear, skull,flower,diamond, kitten(kitty), puppy etc. ** Good collection ofzippychain theme for making of zipper screen. ** You can set yourphotoson zipper screen. You can convert your pictures in manydifferentshapes like heart, oval, star, pip style, water drop,flower, etc.Set your couple photo or lover photo on zipper screen.** Time anddate are shown on screen. Also change color and fontstyle of date& time.
Hipster Zipper Lock Screen 1.0
Hipster Zipper Lock Screen is ascreenlockapplication that could help you to lock and unlockyourphonescreenIt provides convenience to the user when they'reunlockingtheirphone user just have to drag it down wards to unzipthehipsterwallpaper and your phone will be unlocked.Features- Enable or Disable Zipper Lock Screen- Time,Date and Battery Shown- Cool Zipper lock Sound Effect- Simple and Easy to Use- Beautiful Backgrounds and Custom PicturesDownload Hipster Zipper Lock Screen on your android phoneandmakeyour phone look like funny
Monster Zipper Lock Screen 1.0.6
Monster Zipper Lock Screen Monster Zipper Lock Screen is averybeautiful zipper lock. There are number of screen locksavailablein different android play stores,But here is one of thesecure andmost efficient screen lock. Zip to lock the screen andunzip tounlock the screen. Just hold the zipper and take it rightto unlockmobile. Monster Zipper Lock Screen is a fancy andinteresting lockscreen for you. ••••Features•••• ■ Beautiful &stylishinterface. ■ Missed Call notifications. ■ SMS notifications.■Option to Enable/Disable Monster Zipper Lock Screen. ■Beautifuland heart touching Zipper Lock. ■ FREE for everyone.••••How itWorks•••• ■ Download and install the Monster Zipper LockScreen. ■Go in setting and enable the lock. ■ Zip to lock thescreen andunzip to unlock the screen. Hope you will enjoy thisMonster ZipperLock Screen - Monster Zipper Lock Theme. This screenlock is thebest available for you on play store.
Glitter zipper lock screen 1.0
RP infosoft
a lock screen with glitter wallpapersforyourdevice to unlock the phone.features:- the zipper for glitter theme won't appear whenincomingcall.- glitter zipper lock screen makes your home screenadditionalstudlook.- zipper can appear when screen is locked.- you'll be able to enable or disable the zipper.- impressive zippers to choose.more features:- creative design- once you restart the zipper will work.- it's free.very handy way to unlock your phone, simply drag thezipperdownand done.this glitter zipper lock screen is intendedforentertainmentpurposes only.
Fluffy Zipper Screen Lock 1.2
Red Bird Apps
Your phone look like boring??-thisappisforyou!The awesome cuteness shows up on Fluffy Zipper Screen Lock!Set Cute Fluffy Zipper Screen Lock on your phoneandimpressyourlover or friends.. Fluffy Zipper Screen Lock is oneofthebestzipper lock screen in store.There are many love and sweet themes to customizeyourlockscreen.There are lots of lover wallpapers to make yourphonelooklikewonderful, cute like minions..Just scroll down zip to down and unlocked your phone.InsideoftheFluffy Zipper Screen Lock application you willfindbeautifulandromantic backgrounds in high definition.Funny and Cool Zipper Lock Screen is free butcontainsadsinsideapplication.- Many fluffy zipper themes to change your phonelooksinsmilyzipper lock screen- Display time and date on funny zipper lock screen- Easy to useThis is very easy to use and access!Set password to increase your security. There arecoolwallpaperslikehearts, minions love, etc.Those sweet lock screen help you to change your mood.{FREE Personalization HOME App}Personalize your wallpaper, lock screen, date and time!Themes of fluffy lock screen!Make your smartphone truly YOURS!It is very fast, simple and easy way to unzip your phone!
Butterfly Zipper Lock Screen 1.6.2
Have you ever imagined to lock yourphonewithazip as you lock your bags.Try this new app and experience this effect on your phone.Butterfly Zipper Lock Screen is an application tolockyourmobileusing a zip with beautiful butterfly images.Butterfly Zipper Lock Screen is as easy to lock yourmobilejustbyzipping and unzipping.Lock your mobile by zipping and unlock by unzipping.Pull down the hook on the screen to unlock the screen andpullitupto lock the screen and feel the zip effect.Butterfly Zipper Lock Screen is an app which provides alocktoyourmobile screen with a beautiful butterfly images onthelockscreen.Features:--Simple and easy to use--Butterfly Zipper Screen Lock works withAndroidmobilesandtablets--You have an option to enable and disable the zip lock--You will love this app in such a way that youwillnotresistyourself to tell your friends regarding this app.Download the app and have fun with your mobile.