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Airplane 3D Live Wallpaper 3.0
✈ Airplane 3D Live Wallpaper. Set real video as a livewallpaper!✈This free video live wallpaper was optimized to consumelowresources and also to not drain your battery. Do you haverequests,issues or suggestions? Please contact us. Features: -Unique 3dengine based on open-source video codec - Efficient usageof memoryand battery - Live wallpaper with real video - Compatiblewithcustom launchers that support Live Wallpapers - Advancedsettings -Free Enjoy my free Airplane 3D Live Wallpaper.
Live Airplanes Wallpaper 1.10
This is a simple Live Wallpaper of planes flying in the clouds.Ifyou would like to request features, feel free to do so.Thanksfortaking the time to give me feedback and rating.NOTEABOUTPERMISSIONS:----------------------------------------------NETWORK/INTERNETrequiredto display ads in preference panel (There is NO OTHERPLACE thatdisplays anad).VERSION1.10:---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Addedads to settings panel - A dev's got to eat :-)VERSION1.09:---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Addedfrench labels for settingspanelVERSION1.08:---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Backgroundscaling on larger screens isfixedVERSION1.07:---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Addedsupport for screen orientationchangeVERSION1.06:---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Crashwhen setting as wallpaper on tablets should be fixed (Pleasegive mefeedback about this as I cannot test it)* Enabledbackground scalingfor largerscreensVERSION1.05:---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Crashafter changing number of airplanes on Nexus 7 should befixed(Please give me feedback about this as I cannot testit)VERSION1.04:---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Fixeda crash on devices running Android versions 4.2 andupVERSION1.03:---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Fixeda bug where it would crash after pressing"Setwallpaper"VERSION1.02:---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Fixeda bug where changing number of planes in settings would notupdatethe wallpaper* Direction and horizontal start point forplanes arenowrandomVERSION1.01:---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Addedability to choose number of planes to display* Fixed somebugscausing crashes* Larger screen sizes should now be fixed
Airplane Video Live Wallpaper 2.0
Hubert Apps
Airplane Live WallpaperEnjoy airplanes flying on the desktop ofyourphone or tablet.This is a free video live wallpaper forAndroiddevices.We've created most efficient, energy-saving videolivewallpapers based on latest versions of Android and OpenGL.Thebestcollection of wallpapers and backgrounds to highlight youruniquestyle!Features:- It's free!- Unique appearance for yoursmartphoneor tablet- Our wallpapers do not affect battery lifetime- Createdfrom real HD and/or 4K video- Real-time videoprocessing- Compatiblewith 99% of smatrphones and tablets- Supportadditionalcustomization- Tested on latest devices (contact us ifyour deviceis not supported)- Regular updates and constantlyimprovingqualityAfter the download you don't need internetconnection toenjoy the application.This application will notdownload videos fromthe internet. Download once and enjoy forever.Please, contact us ifyou have any questions.We will beappreciated if you leave commentsand suggestions!
Aircrafts Video Live Wallpaper 2.0
Hubert Apps
Aircrafts Video Live WallpaperEnjoy airplanes fly in the sky onthedesktop of your phone or tablet.This is a free video livewallpaperfor Android devices.We've created most efficient,energy-savingvideo live wallpapers based on latest versions ofAndroid andOpenGL.The best collection of wallpapers and backgroundstohighlight your unique style!Features:- It's free!-Uniqueappearance for your smartphone or tablet- Our wallpapers donotaffect battery life time- Created from real HD and/or 4Kvideo-Real-time video processing- Compatible with 99% ofsmartphones andtablets- Support additional customization- Tested onlatest devices(contact us if your device is not supported)- Regularupdates andconstantly improving qualityAfter the download you don'tneedinternet connection to enjoy the application.This applicationwillnot download videos from the internet. Download once and enjoyforever.Please, contact us if you have any questions.We willbeappreciated if you leave comments and suggestions!
Comic Wallpapers 1.0
Choose your favorite comic character among many pictures andchangeyour wallpaper
Solid Color Wallpapers 21.0
tardy apps
Plain simple colors. No customizations.Black, White, Grey,Red,Blue, Green, Yellow
Aircraft Wallpapers 3.0
Amazing collection of ✈️ Aircraft Wallpapers, Home ScreenandBackgrounds ✈️ to set the picture as wallpaper on your phoneingood quality. Also include beautiful images of airplanesandplanes. *Quick interface with high resolution images (HD).*Fastcharging speed. *Application works offline. Nointernetconnectivity is required. *Ability to share the image andthe appwith your friends. *Set as wallpaper option. *Easy to use...andalways FREE! *If I had to choose, I would rather have birdsthanairplanes. NOTE: If you like the app, do not forget to press+1button, leave a comment and qualify ★★★★★ us positively, thanks.
Aircraft Free HD LWP 6.4
New, beautiful, animated live aircraft wallpaper for your phoneandtablet! Beautiful landscapes of different cities againstthebackground of six different themes of the sky. Different typesofaircraft flying in the sky and land on the screen of yourphone.Select the desired theme, which is more suitable for yourphone.Change planes, cities, backgrounds. Fly your plane usingtheaccelerometer! Great feature! Aircraft Wallpaper Free HD LWPsomeof the best live wallpapers for phones and tablets. It's justagreat airplane wallpaper.→ Main Feature Aircraft Wallpaper FreeHDLWP:★ Our live wallpapers free and supports a wide range ofdevices(phones, tablets)★ 2 themes: sunset, sunrise★ Automaticchange ofsunset and sunrise★ 15 cities: Vancouver, Shanghai, Paris,Moscow,Sydney, London, Rome, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Madrid,Dubai,Istanbul, New York, Amsterdam, Prague★ 8 color themes★ 4 maintypesof aircraft taking off and landing★ 3 types of aircraftsoaring★Takeoff and landing of aircraft★ The interval change oftake-offand landing of airplane★ Control the speed of clouds★Accelerometerto control★ Superbly crafted design of the airplanewallpaper★Graphics HD quality of live wallpaper★ Double-tap on thescreen forquick access to the settings menu of Aircraft Wallpaper★Simulationscroll for devices that do not work a standardscrollingscreensGreat views of aircraft wallpaper generate dreamsof thegreat capitals and holidays. Let yourself to enjoy thelivewallpaper, it is much better than a static airplanewallpaper.ARPAplus social links (more games):💎Facebook:💎VK:💎 Twitter:
Cockpit LWP simple 1.2.4
This livewallpaper (LWP) displays several informations in aplanecockpit style :-compass-clock-artificial horizon-gps, gsm andwifisignals-battery status-random valueAsked permissions are neededtoaccess sensors (GSM, WIFI, GPS).Sensors (like GPS) are NOTneeded.They are not used if they are not enabled. Sensors are notusedwhen the live wallpaper is not visible, to savebattery.Ancustomizable version is available.
New 3D Engine Live Wallpaper 6.0
Happy Friday
This live wallpaper will show you how the internal combustionenginein a car, motorcycle, train or even plane. Jet livingwallpaper foryou. It will be interesting to you and also yourchildren, showeveryone how your car works. Motor is an engineeringmarvel.Themodern car often driven by an internal combustionengine. Suchengines, there are many. They differ in volume, numberof cylinders,power, speed, use of fuel (diesel, petrol and gasICE).As the engineis running and what is called a four-strokeinternal combustionengine? On the internal combustion clear.Inside the engine burnsfuel. Why 4 cycles engine, what is it?Indeed, there are two-strokeengines. But cars are usedrarely.Four-stroke engine called becausehis work can be dividedinto four levels according to the time of.Piston held four timesin the cylinder - half up and half down. Tactbegins with findingthe piston in the extreme top or bottom point.In thedrivers-mechanics is called top dead center (TDC) and bottomdeadcenter (NMT).First time - time to the inletThe first cycle,he'sintake begins with TDC (top dead center). Moving down thecylinderpiston sucks the fuel-air mixture. The work of this cycleis theopen intake valve. By the way, there are many engines withmultipleintake valves. Their number, size, time spent in the openstate cansignificantly affect engine power. There are engineswhich,according to the press on the gas pedal, there is an increaseinforced residence time of the intake valves open. This is donetoincrease the amount of fuel intake, which, afterignition,increases engine power. The car, in this case, canaccelerate muchfaster.The second time - compression strokeThe nextcycle of theengine - the compression stroke. Once the pistonreaches the lowestpoint, it begins to rise upwards, thuscompressing the mixture inthe cylinder got the beat intake. Thefuel mixture is compressed tothe volume of the combustion chamber.What is this such a camera?The free space between the top of thepiston and the top of thecylinder stroke while in the top deadcenter called a combustionchamber. Valves in this cycle engine shutcompletely. The moretightly they are closed, the compression isbetter. Of greatimportance in this case, the state of the piston,cylinder, pistonrings. If there are large gaps, you do not get goodcompression,and accordingly, the power of the engine will be muchlower.Compression can check special device. The magnitude ofcompressioncan be concluded about the degree of wear of theengine.The thirdtime - strokeThe third time - work begins with TDC.The working hecalled accidental. It is in this cycle the actionthat makes thecar move. In this cycle, the work enters ignitionsystem. Why isthis so-called system? And because it is responsiblefor ignitingthe fuel mixture in the cylinder is compressed in thecombustionchamber. Compatibility is very simple - the system givesthe sparkof a candle. Please note that spark on the spark plug isissued afew degrees to reach the top of the piston. These degreesin modernengine automatically adjusted "intelligence" of the car.Once thefuel is lit, there is an explosion - it dramaticallyincreases involume, causing the piston to move down. Valves in thiscycle ofthe engine, as in the previous year, are closed.