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Durga Mata Temple Doors Lock 2.0
APPz Trends
Durga Mata Temple Doors Lock Screen for your mobile homeScreen.Option to set lock screen or live wallpaper. Touch to doorstounlock lock screen.Virtual Durga Mata Temple with animationeffectby touch Puja Items and also option decorate temple,decoratedtemple background option to save or set lock screenbackground orshare.* 10+ different types of Lock screen Durga Matabackground*10+ Different types of Durga Mata live wallpaper's withDepamAnimation* 15 Designer Durga Temple Door Themes for Lockscreen*Doors opening animation for lock screen opens.* Durga MataThemePhoto frames option set lock theme , LWP & Send it.*DurgaColoring Pages & Durga Matha Theme Decoration withStickers andadd text.* Temple Bell Sound for Lock opening door.*Durga PugaMantras, Aarti, Chalisa, 108 Names for Prayer DurgaDevi.This AppEspecially Designer for Indian Hindu Devotes.
Third Eye 1.1.8
Mirage Stacks
Use Third Eye and catch all the mobile snoopers with ease. ThirdEyeapp will ease your task of catching your friends and familywhilethey try to access your mobile. Third Eye will take a photowhilesomeone tries to access your mobile with wrong PIN, PatternorPassword. You can catch the snoopers red handed using this app.Itprovides lot more cool features. Features : 1. The appautomaticallytakes a photo while someone enters the wrong PIN,Pattern orPassword. 2. Notification about wrong attempts while youunlock thelock screen. 3. Last unlock time feature will show youthe previouslock screen unlock time. With that, you can easilyfind if someoneused your mobile without your knowledge. 4. Adetailed photo logs ofthe mobile snoopers. 5. Lot morecustomization settings. Note :“This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission.” This app usesthe "Monitor screen-unlockattempts" device admin permission todetect the wrong attempts inyour mobile lock screen. Without thepermission, the app may notwork properly. Note : To Uninstall theapp, please turn offintruder detection feature in the app anduninstall the app. Else,you can directly use the Uninstall optionavailable inside the app.
Speed Locker Free 1.0.7
Speed Locker is a simple, elegant and efficient lock screenapp.With thousands of free beautiful wallpapers and themes, youcandesign your phone and make it like a new one. NotificationCenter,Weather Forecasts services can make your phone more easy touse.Download Speed Lock and experience its magic NOW! SpeedLockHighlights: ▪ Personalized - Thousands of freebeautifulwallpapers and themes offered to personalize your phone.▪Efficient- Quick access to your apps, cutting down the amount oftime youwaste unlocking your phone. ▪Small but powerful - With lessthan5MB, Speed Locker is smaller than most lock screen apps. ▪Noads -Clean and ad-free. Key Features: 1. Themes ▪Make your lockscreenstylish with free & well-designed themes. Not boringanymore. 2. Daily Wallpaper ▪Personalize your lock screenwiththousands of high-quality wallpapers. ▪Daily wallpaperwillprovide you a new wallpaper and make your phone morefresheveryday. 3. Lock Screen ▪Speed Locker protects your phonewith pincode or pattern. 4. Notification Center ▪Quick access tonewmessages on lock screen.  ▪Select apps that you want toshowon lock screen. 5. Weather Forecasts ▪Conveniently seeweatherforecast information for 24 hourly & future 10days,and add any location you choose. 7. Quick Access ▪ Accesstoyour camera and dialer from the lock screen. Never missthebeautiful moments or important calls again! ▪ Access toyourfavorite apps from your lock screen, saving tons of time. ▪Turnfrequently-used toggles (Wi-Fi, flashlight, brightness…) ON/OFFona panel and set your phone quicker. Contact Us: ✮ Help usimprovethe product: [email protected]
Chronus: Home & Lock Widgets
Welcome to Chronus, a set of flexible and stylish Clock,Weather,News, Tasks, Stocks and Calendar widgets for your Home andLock**screen. All Chronus widgets share the same highlyoptimizedback-end services, making it the perfect, singlereplacement formany of the other stand-alone widgets on yourdevice. This ensuresyour system will use less CPU, data and batterywhile stillproviding you with rich information. Features (Allversions): •Fully functional Flex, Flex (Analog), Clock+, Clock+(Dash), Dash,Pixel+, Pixel2+, News, Tasks and Weather Widgets •Highlycustomizable look and feel of almost all components • Weatherpanelwith Yahoo!, OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground, Dark weather providers • Weather, Calendar and Tasksnotifications• News Feed panel with built-in RSS sources and "Readit later"using Pocket • Tasks widget supports Google Tasks •Calendar panelshowing a scrollable list of upcoming events •Highlight upcomingcalendar events with custom colors and fontbolding • Backup andrestore widget settings • Add any two (2)DashClock Extensions inthe Flex and 'Dash' widgets • Built-inGmail, Missed Calls,Calendar and Text Messages extensions • AndroidWear support and abasic Chronus Wear watchface • Can be used as aweather providerfor CyanogenMod, LineageOS and derived ROMs ProFeatures (In-apppurchase): • Additional Widgets (Forecast,Calendar, Clock+(Forecast) and Stocks) • Additional News providers(Feedly,Twitter, Reddit) • Additional Tasks providers (MicrosoftExchange,Evernote and Todoist) • Many more alignment, style, colorandlayout options for all widgets • Set custom Tap actions tolaunchapps or activities • Stock Alerts • Daydream screensaver•Unlimited DashClock Extensions • Full Chronus Wear watchfacewithGoogle Fit counters and weather forecast Please note: 1)Details onthe Permissions we use are available at 2) Youcan choose to use one or all of thefeatures, those not used arecompletely disabled and use no systemresources 3) **Lock screenwidgets are only supported on Android 4.xand with 3rd party lockscreen apps on Android 5+ Credits: WhileDanny Baumann, JorgeRuesga and I wrote most of the widget, creditalso goes to the manytranslators as well as other contributors suchas Nicolai Ehemannand Matt Booth for the languages and featuresthey havecontributed.
Glimpse Notifications
Nullgrad Apps
NOTE FOR SAMSUNG PHONES Currently this app doesn't work wellwithSamsung Edge lighting. Try to disable Edge lighting. I'mworking ona fix. Using Android 5.0+ lock screen notifications?Tired ofhaving to press the power button to see them? Then this appis foryou! FINGERPRINT SENSORS AND SMARTLOCKS This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission. For some optional featuresGlimpseNotifications can turn off the screen. This happens with adelayimposed by Android and smartlocks such as fingerprint sensorskeepworking. Optionally the app can be registered as adeviceadministrator. The screen is then locked immediatelyandcompletely. FEATURES • Keeps using the default lockscreen •Controlhow long the lockscreen is shown • Double-tap to lock •Choosewhich apps whose notifications should turn on the screen •MultipleQuiet Times to prevent the screen from turning on at a badtime •Supports Lollipop Priority Interruptions and Marshmallow DoNotDisturb (DND) modes • Extensive pocket mode to prevent thescreenfrom turning on in your pocket • Double-tap to lock onthelockscreen • Recurring notifications • Motion detectionnoticeswhen you picket up the phone to check a new notification •Usingmodern Android APIs this app is as compliant and energyefficientas possible • No ads • This is a private pet project - soit'sfree! No data is being collected! MEDIA REVIEWSXDA: DevelopmentThread: on Google+:• BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE: Core permissionto have theapp being informed about new notifications. This isrequired. •WAKE_LOCK: required to turn on the screen •READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:to determine the duration of customnotification sounds. •SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: to implement double-tapto lock and to noticeuser interactions when a customizedlockscreen display time ischosen. • BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: for customlock screen durations ordouble tap to lock, you can chose toregister it as a DeviceAdministrator to fully and immediately lockthe screen. • VIBRATE:recurring notifications can be indicatedusing a vibration patternPERSISTENT NOTIFICATION ON SAMSUNGDEVICES Please read the FAQ postto understand why thisisnecessary: LIABILITY Nullgrad Apps cannot be held responsible fordamageshappening by using this app. This includes, but is notlimited to,notifications being missed or misinterpreted due somefunction ofGlimpse Notifications.
AppLock 1.88.5
★The best FREE lock software which was downloaded over tenmilliontimes★ AppLock is a smarter and safer android app locker&cleaner, which guards your privacy securitywith privatevault, safe lock screen, hide icon. AppLock canlock Facebook,Snapchat, Whats app, SMS and any other applicationsyou want tolock and have much free wallpapers! Provide you aprivacy safetyguard! Highlight features ◆ Smart App Lock > Lockyour socialapps privacy: Facebook, Snapchat, Ins, WhatsApp,prevents otherschecking your message, email and contacts! > Lockphoto &video, hiding your personal pictures ◆ Safe lock screen> AppLock secure your phone from intruders with PIN and patternlocksecurity. ◆ Calculator Hide Icon > Change AppLock iconintoCalculator icon. Hide applock icon to others. ◆ Privacy Scan>Scan for protecting your privacy information andpreventdisclosure. Daily Privacy Report help you manage privacybetter.Other optimization features ◆ Break-in alert Automaticallytake apicture of the guy input wrong password, privacy defense. ◆Messageprotection App lock protect message details, never worryotherspeeking your chat or picture. ◆ Disguise Disguise offers asaferand unbroken lock for you to protect privacy in public. Therewillbe ad content shown in certain scenes in our app. For moredetails,visit This app usestheDevice Administrator permission. Open this permission canpreventothers from uninstalling AppLock easily. Thanks for usingourproduct! Keep in touch Email: [email protected] with thescreenshotFacebook: [email protected]
Lock 1.1.0
It is an ultra small app for locking screen. No ads init!Note:1.Ifyou want to uninstall, first deactivate the proceduresin "Settings-> Security -> Device Manager", then uninstallit.2.The appis currently not suitable for use with "FingerprintUnlock".3.Thisapplication uses the administrator's privilege of theterminal
1000 Solid Color Wallpaper 37.0
Droid Cook
Features: ★ More than 1000 (1178) solid colors with each name ★Justtouch any color and your wallpaper is set! ★ Set Home Screen,LockScreen or Both Wallpaper ★ Set Automatic Wallpaper Change! Noneedto open app. ★ Cool nice colors ★ Simple and clean wallpaper ★Saveyour favorite color for quick access ★ Cool animation ★ Smallfilesize (just 2 MB) ★ No special permission ★ Free! ★ Make yourmobile/Tablet wallpaper looks simple, nice and clean ★ Tabletsupport
I Remember 1.7.14
Did you remember that you forgot to make to-do list? Now, trytomanage through I Remember my ideas and things on the lock screen.Iwill always remind you to do it so you can't forget even ifyouwant to forget it!When you are walking the road and suddenlyanidea comes up,When you want to keep your promise to yourimportantfriend,When you make a list before going to a store,Whenyou arecreating a bucket list,Try to use me as a notepad,vocabulary,scheduler, to-do list, checklist and more!Notes, plans,goals,reminders, etc.I will help you with pretty wallpaperandeasy-to-use features!What features do I support?○ Main screenㆍEasytask management (swipe to done / remove) ㆍ View list of tasksbydate ㆍ Categories the task with colors ㆍ Set the due dateandDisplay remaining period ㆍ Various quotes○ Lock screen ㆍ Easytasksmanagement (swipe to done / remove) ㆍ Security lock(PIN /pattern)ㆍ Preview of push notifications ㆍ Quick Launcher ㆍ Variousandbeautiful wallpaper ** To use the lock screen feature, pleasesetthe I Remember - menu - lockscreen settings - lock type.**Pleasedo not hesitate to contact us if you have any bugs orimprovements.** Banner ads are included at the bottom of lockscreento providefull functionality for a lifetime free. I always rememberthatbetter features are available for free! ** Anyone who can helpwiththe translation your language, please contact us.----Permissions*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Get user image forwallpaper*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Save newly set wallpaper*READ_PHONE_STATE- Unlock screen when receiving a call*DISABLE_KEYGUARD - Controlthe default lock screen*SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW - Show app lock screen
Smart AppLock (App Protect)
★ The elegant, light and professional App Lock - Smart AppLock ★--Unlock with Fingerprint (Samsung or Android 6.0 devices) --SmartAppLock is a tool to lock apps you like, protect you fromprivacyleak! It is your great privacy guard and app lock! WithAppLock,you are able to ☆ Lock privacy - lock apps containingprivacycontent, such as photos, videos(Gallery), short messages(SMSorMMS) and call logs ☆ Lock apps - lock SNS apps, such asFacebook,Whatsapp, Twitter ☆ Lock Incoming Calls ☆ Lock systemtoggles -lock Wi-Fi toggle & Bluetooth toggle ☆ Lock settings -locksystem settings, install/uninstall apps to keep phone awayfrombeing messed up by others or kids ☆ Lock markets - lock gamesandmarkets to prevent your kids from addicting in games orpurchasingin markets without your knowing Special Features ofAppLock: •Disguise your lock screen to prevent from breaking intoyourpassword • Protect apps with multiple lock types, such asPatternLock, PIN lock and Password Lock • With AppLock home screenwidget,one click to toggle lock status • Custom lock screen style,customlock screen background • Light, less memory usage • Adviceyou tolock related apps smartly, privacy has never been so safe•Beautiful UI and easy to use • No delay auto start afterdevicereboots • Lock recent history, prevent app screenshot beingleaked• Hide and encrypt pictures and videos with GalleryVault •Launchlocked app within AppLock without password • Break-in Alerts:Takea photo when someone tries to enter your locked app with aninvalidpassword • DelayLock: Once unlock any app, no password isrequiredwithin a delay time • Unlock with Fingerprint, only forSamsungdevices with Fingerprint scanner ----------- FAQ --------- ►How toprevent AppLock being uninstalled by others? Open AppLock andgo to"System Lock" page, then enable "Set as Device Admin". Withthisfeature on, password is required to uninstall or force stopSmartAppLock, your privacy is safer now. ► How to uninstallAppLock? Ifyou do not have "Set as Device Admin" enabled, you canuninstallAppLock like you do to any other apps. If you enabled "SetasDevice Admin", please disable it first, then uninstall itnormally.► I forgot my password, how to retrieve it? When you setupthepassword/pattern the first time, AppLock will ask you to setupaPassword Retrieve method: "Email Authentication" or "QuestionandAnswer". To retrieve password, try to unlock 3 times in anylockingscreen, then the "Forgot?" button will show. Tap the buttonto showRetrieve Password panel. - a. For Email Authentication Tap"RequestAuthentication Number" button, the Auth Number will be sentto yourauth mail address. Input the Auth Number to resetPassword/Pattern.- b. For Question and Answer Input the answer tothe question yousetup before. ► Dose Smart AppLock support iOSplatform? Yes, wehave an iOS version "iAppLock" for iOS users, youcan visit to get the download orsearch"iapplock" in Cydia to install.(requires Jailbreaked iOS)---- Anyissue or suggest for AppLock, welcome to send mail [email protected] We focus on Privacy Protect, providetheprofessional AppLock to protect your privacy!website: Google+: Supported languages:English,Russian, Spanish, Turkish, German, Portuguese, French,Japanese,Korean, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
Best Free AppLock- US Mobile Security myDeviceLock
"It's Your Time" for Mobile APPLOCK Security &Antivirus-MalwareProtection (FireScan) - Fast, Easy & Reliableand it'sFREE!myDeviceLock-APPLOCK+ is the all-in-one best freesmart mobilesecurity and privacy protection AppLocker, for allApps, Photos, andVideos. Best free way to secure all your appsusing a Pin,FingerPrint, Pattern, Gesture & Signature orPassword on yourAndroid mobile device. Fast and ReliableAntivirus/Malwareprotection “Set it & Forget it”More lockingmethods than anyother Android AppLocker in the Google Play Store& Award-WinningMobile Security and Gesture Technology★ FREEAPPLOCK WITH PIN,FINGERPRINT, PATTERN & GESTURE &SIGNATURE BIOMETRICVERIFICATION★ FULL FEATURE MOBILE SECURITYAPPLOCK FOR All APPS,PHOTOS & VIDEOS, INC: A COOL HD GALLERY!★INTRUDER SELFIE – Forthe "COOL" GOT-YOU! PHOTOS★"KEEP - OUT"GF/BF, STRANGERS, FRIENDS,FAMILY & KIDS★FREE “FIRESCAN”TECHNOLOGY ★ ONE TOUCH – EASYUNINSTALL!It's "YOUR" Time to Reclaimtrue Mobile Security: INSTALLAPPLOCK FREE NOW!All the Mobile AppLock Security Protection thatyou may need, student, parent &businessperson alike; Mobile AppLock Security is not just cool,but necessary, whatever you do orwherever you go, especially asyou surf the web. That’s why we areintroducing FireScanTechnology, which protects you as you use theweb.You may need orwant to secure all apps or hide Photos orVideosIncluding:Facebook/Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram,Twitter,Snapchat - Lock all your Apps, Photos & Videos, it's soeasy,FREE, and even Includes an HD Gallery APPLOCKER VAULT.It’s theBestMobile Security tool to keep everything Private & Secure -It’sthe PERFECT APPLOCKER!Install Free Now! The best AppLock,anddiscover more locking methods than any other AppLocker fromPIN,PATTERN, FINGERPRINT, GESTURE, and SIGNATUREBIOMETRICVERIFICATION.Ask Yourself ?!?Are all my Apps secure?Areall myPhotos secure?Are all my Videos secure?Are all the Websites Ivisitsafe?Is this APPLOCK developed by a REAL MOBILE SECURITY TEAM,or___________?; WHO do they work for REALLY? ;-/You know who weareand what we do, even our company has been verified on ourwebsiteby Sym..tec.With myDeviceLock APPLOCK, The answer isYES!Developedby U.S. based mobile IT-Security company NeurologixSecurityGroup's R&D Team; a technology based on Best-of-ClassMOBILEdevice APPLOCKER security.The app features the Signature&Gesture APP LOCK biometric algorithm, which won a spot:Top5Finalists in the Global Security Challenge - London►Five applockscreens: PIN, FingerPrint, Lock Pattern, Signature or Gesture(VeryCool)(Req. Android 6.0+ Finger Print Sensor -Reader)►Built-InFireScan Wall for Malware/Virus Protection► Secure:Important Apps,Pictures, and Videos utilizing a Gesture Lock Screenfor highest,easiest and quickest security►HD Security Vaults: ForPhotos andVideos Gallery, it does more than just hide them and keepthemsafe!►Best Protection: Against Guessing or Brute ForceAttack!►Simplified: Lock Manager for fast navigation, and ease ofuse!►Customizable: levels of LockScreen, Layout, and coolthemes!►Protect all your Social-Privacy apps' like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and ContactsQuickly &Easilylock or hide All apps & photosQuick Start forAPPLOCK1.DOWNLOAD2. VIEW the SPLASH SCREEN EXPLAINER3. ATTN: SET"YOUR" 4digit PIN as an “Emergency PIN”4. In settings, discover alllockingmethods5. Go to Lock Manager and LOCK APPS, some or ALL6.CustomizeYOUR APP LOCK and make it YOURS :-)If necessary, use“EmergencySecurity Pin”, or the (?) on the top right of thescreenUNHIDINGICON: For further Info HELLO!:-)We love to hear from [email protected]
Direction to UnLock - Wave to Unlock 1.0
Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen By Direction is theapplicationthat show screenlock uses your finger to swipe to thephone screento turn the lockscreen the Protect the power button onyourphone.with Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen By Direction.Justslide your finger on the screen of your phone to turn thescreenlock. This is called multi-touch recognition mode on thesettingsscreen to prevent your screen transition.With the DirectionLockScreen – Lock Screen By Direction. You can set a passwordbyswiping your gestures with your finger on the screen to setapassword, something you have not done with the appbefore.Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen By Direction will allowyou toset different passwords in different directions so that noone canknow the password you have installed.Also with the DirectionLockScreen – Lock Screen By Direction you can set a backuppasswordwith numbers unless you forget your current password so youcanreset the password you set earlier. Key features available intheDirection Lock Screen – Lock Screen By DirectionSecurepasswordsettings quickly+ Install backup password+ Easily changethe lockscreen wallpaper+ Change background coloreasilyUser-friendlyinterface, easy to useDirection Lock Screen –Lock Screen ByDirection is a free and easy-to-use application. Whento use theapp if you issue any errors, please reply to me. Set andenjoy!Ifyou like the Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen ByDirection app,do not forget about the five star rating ★★★★★ orreview. Thank youvery much
Face ID Lock Screen - Screen Lock Plugin
Face ID Lock Screen is a plugin that only works inside Screen Lock-Fingerprint Lock Screen App, Fun & Safe. You can useitspowerful screen lock and screen unlock features to protectyourmobile phone with your face!Face ID Lock Screen is ahighlyadvanced technology for phone screen locking. Face unlock isone ofthe perfect ways to secure your mobile phone. It is quitesimple toprotect your phone using Face ID Lock Screen.
Flash Locker Pro
Flashlight Locker - the smartest screen locker provides youwithprivacy protection, beautiful free wallpapers & themesandweather info on the lock screen! 👉 Less than 5MB, FlashlightScreenlocker is smaller than most lock screen apps, but it providesyourbetter protections and smoother experience! 👉 DownloadFlashlightLocker and experience its security and efficiency NOW!FlashlightScreen Locker Highlights: ✨ Security – Enhance your phonesecuritywith powerful intruder shot, prevents your phone frombeingunlocked by others. ✨ Efficiency – Unlock your phone quicklywithquick access to your apps! ✨ Personalization – Customize yourphonewith thousands of free beautiful wallpapers and themes.✨Smallsize, powerful functions - Less than 5MB, Flashlight lockerissmaller than most lock screen apps, but it provides yourbetterprotections and smoother experience! Flashlight Screen LockermainFEATURES: 💥️ Stylish Themes: Free well-designed themes makeyourphone stylish and unique. 💥 Daily Wallpaper: Personalize yourlockscreen with thousands of high-quality DAILY wallpapers. 💥IntruderSelfie: Snap photos of intruders who tries to unlock inyour phone.💥 Lock Screen: PIN code and pattern are supported toprotect yourphone. 💥 Weather Forecasts: Weather forecastinformation for 24hourly & future 10 days. 💥 Quick Access:Quick access to anyapps from the lock screen. Save tons of time.
AppLock version18.3.33
ElfMobi Ltd.
AppLock, best app protector, privacy guard & apps locker,issafest app password lock!The most powerful & smartapplock.Easy and fast password for apps!AppLock, protect privateapps, hideand lock sensitive photos and videos with PIN and patternpasswordlock!AppLock, best apps lock and gallery lock for free,supportsApp Locker, Photo Vault, Video Vault, PIN & PatternLock,Intruder Selfie, Fake Cover, Lock Disguise. The best applockandphoto vault can lock private apps, sensitive and hot photos&videos, private messages with PIN password lock andpatternpassword lock, giving your phone privacy all-around and360°security protection.🔒 With AppLock, you will never worryaboutparents check your Facebook and Snapchat messages🔒 WithAppLock,you will never worry about colleagues get your phone snooparoundgallery🔒 With AppLock, you will never worry about friendsborrowyour phone to play games with mobile data🔒 With AppLock, youwillnever worry about kids mess up phone settings, buyingunnecessarygames & apps🔒 With AppLock, you will never worryaboutgirlfriend/boyfriend pick up your private callsWithAppLocksecurity protection, your privacy is well protected withPINpassword lock, pattern password lock!AppLock Highlights:AppLockLock PrivacyAppLock can lock SMS, Gallery, Calls, Settings,Gmail,and Contacts with password lock. Giving your phoneall-aroundprivacy protection, keeping snooper away from phoneprivatecontents!AppLock Lock AppsApplock can lock social appslikeFacebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Messenger; Applockcanlock system apps like Contacts, SMS, Email, Google Chrome,andGallery; AppLock can Android pay apps like Android Pay,SamsungPay, Paypal etc. Prevent unauthorized access and protectphoneprivacy!AppLock by PIN & Pattern LockAppLock hasrandomkeyboard and invisible pattern lock. No more worry aboutpeoplepeep your PIN code or pattern! Ensure security!AppLockPhotoVaultAppLock can hide private and sensitive photos &videos.Hidden pictures and videos will vanished from gallery andcan beonly checked in private photo and video vault. AppLockCatchIntruderTake a picture of someone who try to unlock privateappsand record the date and time in AppLock for check!AppLock FakeLockScreenDisguise app lock screen to prevent snoopers frombreakinginto private apps. “Fake force close dialogue” &“FingerprintScanner” will hide real lock screen. No more worryabout phoneprivacy be checked!AppLock is the most powerful privacyguard, appprotector and applocker free password lock for apps.Still lookingfor applock for Android to lock apps, hide privatephotos &secret videos? Try Applock and protect privacy insafest way!Email:[email protected]
AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock 1.0.5
App Lock designed by Cheetah MobileWe can support fingerprintunlockonly if your Samsung device or the Android 6.0 device hasthefingerprint sensor. ★ Android 6.0 is supported★ Fingerprintlockpassword is supported on specific devices ★ Snap the snooperwhotried to unlock your apps★ Customized lock mode. You don't needtounlock apps every time.★ No Ads and for FREEWhat CM AppLock canlockfor you?★ Wi-Fi★ Bluetooth★ Incoming Calls★ Installing/Uninstalling apps★ Play Store★ Browser★ Settings★ Any apps youwantto protect from being snooped---- Lock Everything (AppsandSwitches) ----★ For young men and womenYou just need tolockprivate browsing histories, Video, Photos, Selfie, Album,Gallery,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and any apps you wantNever worry aboutyourparents or friends snooping on your secrets.★ For parentsYoujustneed to lock Settings, Contacts, SMS, Incoming Calls,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, Browser, messaging apps. Never worry about yourkidschange your important settings.★ For workerYou just need tolockyour Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Incoming Calls, texts, SMS, Shareit,Photos,Video, browser.Never worry about other people touching yourphone.You can just put your phone on the table with noworries.----Intruder Selfie ----Protect your apps all the time. Noone cansnoop on your apps without your permission.★ Take a photo ofwhotried to unlock your app immediately★ Email the snooper's phototoyou immediately★ The photo will record the date and thetime----Password Type ----CM App Lock provides you the differentpasswordtypes.★ Set your Fingerprint as the password★ Use Pattern(drawgesture)★ Use PIN code (numbers)---- Customized Lock Mode(Locktiming) ----CM App Lock provides the temporary unlock. Youdon'tneed to unlock apps every time.★ Lock your app at the devicescreenoff★ Lock your app after the device screen has been off for 3mins★Lock your app after you minimize it immediately----Fingerprintlock supported on Android 6.0 or SAMSUNG devices-------- Comingsoon ----★ Holi Festival / Easter Festival /Christmas /Valentine's Day / Halloween theme★ Amazing theme /wallpaper /background★ Customized theme / wallpaper / backgroundwith your ownphotos★ Hide apps / photos / videos in the privatevault★ Applocker and manager★ Device screen lockerTerms ofservice: usedACCESSIBILITY SERVICE.Please contact us [email protected] ifyou have any questions or suggestions. Yoursupport is ourmotivation to move on. :-)
PS Lock Screen - Lockscreen for Parallel Space 1.0.3059
LBE Tech
PS Lock Screen is a convenient tool for lock screen messagesandnotifications which perfectly matches with Parallel Space.Youcansimply click on the notification and quick access to ParallelSpaceor recently used cloned apps. And it shows messagesandnotifications from cloned apps separately from original ones.KeyFeatures:- Perfectly matches with Parallel Space- Instantmessages& notifications- Customized background for lock screenContactusAny problem or suggestion please send us emailat:[email protected]
OFF+ (Screen Off / Fingerprint unlock support) 1.8.20
Protecting the Power Button of mobile phones from intensive usebyreducing the frequency of pressing physical button.If yourphonedoesn’t have the double click lock built-in soft screen lockbuttonor the leather cover lock, then you may consider using thisAppThisApp is focused on the solution of Nexus Imprint (HTC 10 ormost ofthe fingerprint unlock) issues, it is unlikely our previousversionused a screen lock mechanism which will cause fingerprintunlockfail.OFF+ is a 10 sec soft screen lock, it tries to disablealltouch and button keys events and turns off the backlight thenwaitfor 0-10 sec (depends on your hardware and firmware) untilhardwarelock is activated, it will exit automatically and releaseallpre-occupied RAM and CPU resources.Please don't forget to rateandgive your valuable comments. Your satisfaction is important tous,this encourage us to work harder and better.Improvementsuggestionsare most welcome, let us know what you need and we willprovideupdates as and when ready. :-D
Solo Locker (DIY Locker)
The DIY Locker has changed into Solo Locker now! The product ofSoloSystem by NewBornTown(Newborn-Town). The world’s first DIYscreenlocker, allowing you to lock your phone with photos. Smooth,lite,and ready to increase your privacy security. The world’sfirst DIYpattern locker in the style of material design. SoloLocker(DIYLocker) adds fun and personality to your unlockingpatterns. SoloLocker(DIY Locker) provides you with spectacularwallpapers and lockscreen themes with unique unlocking styles, aswell as applicationshortcuts to make your phone easy to use. Youcan even set youridols as your screen lock, so make your celllocker different rightnow! ★Highlights: Photo Passcode You can usea photo as part of thephone's passcode Pattern Passcode You canuse cute or cool cartoonpictures as your passcode Passcode StyleYou can customize your ownpasscode interface Widgets Notifier,music player, and app quickstart Beautiful Wallpapers Moreselection of wallpapers ★Styles: 1.【Photo Lockscreen\9-PhotosStyle\Custom】edit photos of yourself aswell as your idol into thecode of your lock. 2. 【9 Box Style】usethe cute app recommended 9box style to customize your unlockpattern 3. 【Slide Style】DIY thetext in the slide lock screen. 4.【Love Style】photo styleheart-shaped lock screen. 5. 【My Name】useyour name as your ownunique lock screen. 6. 【Family】make a screenlock from your familyand friends. 7. 【My Love】DIY photo screen lockof your darling. 8.【Number Style】custom the color of your numberstyle lock screen★Functions: 1. 【Widgets】lock screen widgetsincluding date andtime, quotes, timing and countdown. 2.【Wallpapers】set wallpapersfrom your gallery and camera, easilychoose unlock background andmanage your wallpapers. 3.【Music】automatically search local musicfiles, and sort play list byyourself. 4. 【App Shortcuts】quickaccess to your frequent apps onthe right of your lock screen. 5.【Message Notification】shownotifications on the lock screen and letyou control it by yourself.6. 【Lite】saves your battery andstorage. ★Notice: 1.【Disable】disable your system lock screen incase you have to unlockyour phone twice. 2. 【Notice】please set thesecurity question andthe back up code. 3. 【Important】in order toensure well functioningplease add Solo Locker to the white list ofyour clean applications.4. 【Importan】Solo Locker can onlyfunctioning in Android 4.0 orabove. 5. 【Importan】please restartbefore using Solo Locker.★Authority: 1. 【Authorize the popupwindows】mi users please turn onthe popup windows functionbefore use Solo Locker 3. 【Authorizethe Contacts/Messages】to showyou missed calls, messages and evenmore notifications on your lockscreen. Please feel free to let usknow if you have encountered anyproblem, or have advice over SoloLocker, Thank you for yoursupport! E-mail:[email protected]★Follow us: Facebook: LINE ID:diylocker Wechat ID:diylocker
Incoming Call Lock 1.5
Approids Tech
Incoming Call Lock is the best security app for lockingincomingcall available on play store. This is a must haveapplication. Thisapplication will protect your phone's Incomingcall to be picked bysome one else. This application will not allowany one to see thecaller's number, name or any other details as thepassword inputscreen will be up on the screen. Incoming Call Lockgives youflexibility to use it as per yourinstruction.Features:-**Enable/Disable Incoming Call Lock**Enable/Disable Sound**Enable/Disable Vibration** You can selectpattern lock or passwordlock as a lock screen.** No one can talk toyour incoming calls bypicking the calls using earphones.** AutoDisconnect Setting iftried with wrong password three times.**Caller Type Lock Settings: All, Known, Unknown, Selected** ShowName Setting** CallBlocking** Call Lock Prevention to be killed bythe processor.**Lock Screen Background can be chosen from galleryor given 6backgrounds.** Pattern visibility settings.Note:- DefaultPasswordis 1234.
Face Screen lock Prank 1.0
This is basically prank face lock app . It simulates theexperienceof face lock can be open with pressing the button forwhile.You canfool your friend that your phones lock open with yourface.However, it is the prank app in which lock opening is dependon thepressing the button for some time.Notes/ Disclaimer: This appisnot the real face lock app. This app is developed for fun, thisisnot real face lock app. It is made to fool your friends.
Shin-Chan cool Wallpapers 2.0
Shin-Chan cute and cool Wallpapers are HD wallpapers can be usedinsetting mobile lock-screen and home-screen. It alsosuitablefor-your profile picture.Shin-Chan cute Wallpapers isapersonalized app that contained a lot of Shin-Chanwallpapers.Usethese images as wallpaper for your mobile screen byjust one clickon the plus button and select set as a wallpaperbutton then enjoythis feature.
Hanuman Ji Door Lock Screen 2.3
A Most Secure Hanuman Ji Door Lock Screen available in market.Nowget an instant free security screen lock for your smartphones.Doorlock screen is completely free and newly designed door lockforandroid devices Hanuman Ji door lock screen looks like a realdoorlock and contain sounds for unlocking and opening door,TaponCentre of Door handle to unlock. Best Features: ☆DIYLocker:Hanuman Ji Door Lock ✔ Enable/Disable Hanuman Ji Door LockonOne-Click. ✔ You can enable/disable visibility &Customizationto change text color style of DATE,TIME,BATTERY %,NETWORK SIGNALetc. ✔ Enable/Disable Vibration & Sound. ☆HDWallpapersBackground with Own Photo Support ✔ You can easily changeyourbackground of behind the Door Wallpaper from Built incollection ofHD Wallpapers or You can also set as your own photo tobackground.✔ Also you can enable/disable background to show yourphone homescreen. ☆Multiple Stylish Doors ✔ Choose from variety ofStylishDoor to set as Your Door Lock Screen. ☆Secure Pattern andKeypadDIY Lock Screen ✔ You can set a 4 digits pin or Passcode /Patternfor LockScreen via your keypad. ✔ Compare to others our Doorlockerwill disable your home and back button to make your phonemoresecure. ☆Random Passcode Secure ✔ You can enable RandomPasscode tohide your passcode from prying eyes. ☆Efficient ✔ Lessmemory andbattery usage. It is quick and smart with Highly Secure&Trusted. Download this versatile Hanuman Ji Door LockScreenApplication and show your friends an attractive look ofyoursmartphone If you like it please share with your friendsandremember to rate us 5 stars.
Screen Lock & Unlock Screen 3.7
Slight Studio
You have trouble with your Lock/Unlock button? Pressing thebuttontoo many time may cause damage to it. As the result,yourLock/Unlock button is hard to press or even malfunctioned.Withthis app you can Lock/Unlock your phone without touchingthebutton. This is the best app to lock screen with consumelessresources and save battery power. **To Deactivate the app,pleaseopen app and click the "Inactive/Uninstall" button**Afterinstalling this free app, your phone has become smarter withthefollowing superior functions: ★ Turn Off Screen + Screen offvianotification with one touch. You can turn off screen in theLockscreen + Double-Click HOME button to lock quickly + AddshortcutsScreen Off Button on the screen + Widget and Shortcut toeasy lockyour phone + Or you can set to Unlock when you open theapp + Easyto use + Support Android 8+ ★ Turn On Screen + Turn onscreen bypressing the volume keys up or down + Shake to unlockdevice. Allowyou to customize the shake strength + Double tap toturn on screen★ Note + This app uses the Device Administratorpermission + Touninstall app, open and click uninstall button + Ifyou settingunlock with Fingerpint, Iris Scanner or FaceRecognition. When youuse this to lock, may be take a short time toyour phone turn off ★Feel free to contact or give [email protected]
UltraCleaner -- Cleaner, Booster 1.0.28
UltraCleaner is a free mobile phone Application with keyfeatures:Junk Cleaner, Booster, Application Management and Smartlockscreen. Liked by more and more users worldwide. Smart CleanerWhenyour phone get many junk files after long-term run,UltraCleanernotify you to clear it to keep your phone running underits bestcondition. RAM Management Free up unused memory to speed upyourphone. Better experience for some important apps required moreRAM:video and games. App Management Manage all your mobilephoneapplications, support a quick uninstallation of single andmultipleapplications at the same time, save mobile hard disk space;Set apassword and lock for the specified application to protecttheapplication from privacy leaks. Smart lock screen Provideswithbeautiful user interface for screen locking, quickly free theRAMwhen your phone is unlocked. Smart Utilities Display phone'sdetailinformation; CPU temperature; traffic data usage; BatteryChecking.
Smart Lockscreen protector 2.4.2
nez droid
Ram cleaners must exclude my app Android M introduced doze andmayaffect the app from running on background, some users added tothe"whitelist" or not optimize for better performance The first apptofix a security flag from your android, prevent to unwantedusersturn off, mute or set airplane your device when they are inthelockscreen and bypassing the code. *This app will not blockforLong press power button (10 seconds) since its hardwarerelated.*"Ideal for avoiding shut down the device in the pocket"*This appcan block status bar (it may not work on all devices) onlyin thelockscreen * Battery Friendly *Small and compact * Usefulforsecurity apps like Cerberus or find your phone from Google,youdon't want people can turn off the device so easily This Appmaywork or may NOT work (working on 90% of devices includinglollipopand marshmallow) . *No root *Free
Mosque Door Lock 1.9
Apps Flow
The word mosque comes from the Arabic word masjid. A mosque isaplace where Muslims worship. In Quran Allah says “The mosquesofAllah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allahandthe Last Day and establish prayer and give zakat and do notfearexcept Allah, for it is expected that those will be oftheguided”Mosque Door Lock contains a door lock look like arealmosques door. If you are a Muslim and love with Mosques andyourreligion is Islam, then you surely want to decorate yourhomescreen with Islamic Door Lock. Mostly Muslims forget to readmosqueentrance prayer while they enter into the mosque fortheirconvenience we have added the mosque entrance prayer so thatMuslimremember it and implement it while entering into the mosque.Wehope all the Muslim users would download it and decoratetheirsmart phone screen with Mosque Door Screen Lock.Features:*Date andTime* Battery Status* Missed Call & SMS Notifications*MosqueEntering prayer* Masjid Door Entrance Dua sound* BeautifulHDGraphics* Enable / Disable the locker from setting menu.* LayoutofDoor lock is compatible with almost every AndroidSmartphonescreen* Dua sound can be on and off manually.**** HowtoUnlock****Enable the lock app from settings. Touch the door intothe center circle & let the door be opened.PLEASE RATE USTOSHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!
Islamic Door Lock Screen 2.3
A Most Secure Islamic Door Lock Screen available in market. Nowgetan instant free security screen lock for your smartphones.Doorlock screen is completely free and newly designed door lockforandroid devices Islamic door lock screen looks like a realdoorlock and contain sounds for unlocking and opening door,TaponCentre of Door handle to unlock. Best Features: ☆DIYLocker:Islamic Door Lock ✔ Enable/Disable Islamic Door Lock onOne-Click.✔ You can enable/disable visibility & Customizationto changetext color style of DATE,TIME,BATTERY % ,NETWORK SIGNALetc. ✔Enable/Disable Vibration & Sound. ☆HD WallpapersBackgroundwith Own Photo Support ✔ You can easily change yourbackground ofbehind the Door Wallpaper from Built in collection ofHD Wallpapersor You can also set as your own photo to background. ✔Also you canenable/disable background to show your phone homescreen. ☆MultipleStylish Doors ✔ Choose from variety of StylishDoor to set as YourDoor Lock Screen. ☆Secure Pattern and Keypad DIYLock Screen ✔ Youcan set a 4 digits pin or Passcode / Pattern forLockScreen viayour keypad. ✔ Compare to others our Door locker willdisable yourhome and back button to make your phone more secure.☆RandomPasscode Secure ✔ You can enable Random Passcode to hideyourpasscode from prying eyes. ☆Efficient ✔ Less memory andbatteryusage. It is quick and smart with Highly Secure &Trusted.Download this versatile Islamic Door Lock ScreenApplication andshow your friends an attractive look of yoursmartphone If you likeit please share with your friends andremember to rate us 5 stars.
God Door Lock Screen 1.3
And Roid Apps
Secure your mobile screen with God Door Lock Screen. A unique waytolock your mobile screen.God Door lock screen will open uponclicking home button or mobile navigation button.How itworks.:Itsa God door lock screen where on waking up your mobilescreen, youjust need to tap the handle of your door to unlock themobilescreen and get darshan of different hindu gods. AppFeatures:1.Keep " Lock Enable " on "ON" to use the app. 2. You cankeep Soundand vibrate on "ON" or "OFF" status as per your likes. 3.You canselect different hindu God and Goddess as background of lockscreenfrom with in the app.3. The look screen will display youTime, Dateand Battery indication on the screen.You can easilybypass the appby pressing the home button.Hindu Indian god like,Ganpati Ganesh,Mahadev, Shiv Shankar, Radhe Krishna, Laxmi Mata andmuch more.
AppLock Master
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ The best free App Lock ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Feature 🔒Lockapps with PIN, Pattern # Fingerprint (Only for Samsung deviceswithfingerprint sensor and Android 6.0 devices with fingerprintsensor)# Random keyboard # Time Password # Show Passwordtransformation #Invisible Pattern # Pattern size 🔒 Lock Incomingcall, Recenttasks, Switch lock ( Wi-Fi , Bluetooth),Install/Uninstall and 3rdparty apps. 🔒 Temporary unlock. You don'tneed to unlock apps everytime # Delay lock at time # Lock your appat the device screen off# Enter password once to unlock all 🔒 Cover(Disguise your App Lockscreen to prevent from breaking into yourpassword. fakeFingerprint scanner and fake Force close dialog willhide the reallock screen) 🔒 Lock screen orientation (Systemsettings,Auto-rotate, Portrait, Landscape) 🔒 Hide AppLock Mastericon 🔒Intruder selfie # Take a photo of who tried to unlock yourdevice 🔒Theme, background # Background (Choose from gallery,Systemwallpaper, Transparent, Blur) # Theme # Theme customize (Showthemeicon, show app name, hint message) 🔒 Animation lock screen#Animation type (Fade, Zoom, Slide left, Slide right, Slideup,Slide down) ----------------FAQ---------------- 1. How toopenAppLock Master after hide AppLock Master icon - You can using 3waybelow to open AppLock Master again + Open Phone application->Dial ##12345 (this is default dial code of AppLock Master) +Visitweb out widget icon of AppLock Master and click to open 2. Howtouninstall AppLock? After you turn on uninstall prevention,nobodycan uninstall AppLock without password. If you want touninstall it,please turn off uninstall prevention first. 3. How touse time PIN?- Device's time will combine with your PIN at end.Ex: If the timeis 19:02, ***1902 would be your PIN (*** is yourPIN) AppLock usesthe Device Administrator permission. (only usedto prevent AppLockbeing uninstalled) Any issues or suggest forAppLock Master, welcometo send email to us! Email:[email protected]:
Jet Locker (IOS 9, Parallax) 1.17.3
Jet Team
Jet Locker is the best lockscreen replacement. The firstlockscreenwith parallax 3D effect! It makes your screen smooth andbeautifuljust like silk. Jet locker is a lock screen that wasdevelopedbased on the mix of classical “lock screen” on the olderversionsof Android, with the modern of android Lollipop, includecontrolpanel and notification system on lock screen, and Materialdesignstyle. Jet Locker will bring you an experience that is bothnew andfamiliar, actually useful to you.What's new?ControlPanelMusicPlayer SupportLock Screen FlashlightMultilanguageSupportLiveWallpaper daily updateFluency notificationPinpasscodeFeatures:★Jet Locker is your lock screen, you can customizeeverything withyour own style.★ Automatically change your wallpaperdaily★ MusicPlayer built in the control panel, Access to yourfavourite songwith a single click.★ Change the color of your screentext★ Jetlocker displays notification on lock screen, you can easyto view,or delete notification by swiping left or right.★ Blureffect whenyou swipe left or right.★ Attach your favorite app intothe controlpanel.★ Wallpaper: Easy to change, add or deletewallpaper.Automatically change wallpaper after a period oftimeSecure LockScreen:★ Jet Locker built with incredible smartsecurity locking,no one can access the phone, must get a passwordin order to accessit. Even home or recent app button cannot closethe lock screen.★Consume LESS memory and battery than otherlockerIf you have anyissue with the app, please do email us &we will solve it assoon as possible.This App Uses AccessibilityServices
Goku Lock Screen HD 1
super goku lock screen for DragonBall super and ball Z is ascreenlock application with special design that similar to os11lockscreen and phone X and has good securitygoku super saiyanlockscreen provide many Dragon Ball super Wallpapers : Goku, Jiren,Hit , Vegeta, Gohan, Freeza, Majin Buu, Piccolo,bardockKuririn…and all characters with super Ultra instinct , andeverything aboutDragon Ball Super . With many style of DragonBallWallpaper to lockyour screen with ,This app was designed for easyusing andOptimized battery usage.How to Use:1. Open the appsettings, andtick the Enable Screen check box to enable it.j2.Create passwordand confirm this password3. Click the Disable SystemLock in caseyou use the system lock.4. Click the Set themeWallpaper to switchto different awesome backgrounds of super GokuSuper Saiyanssj4FEATURES:✔ many Wallpapers for DBZ.✔ Super SaiyanGoku Fan Artwallpapers✔ Optimized battery usage.✔ 6 digit security✔HDWallpaper for anime dragonball super and ball Z full HD✔ Setpasscode to protect your privacy.✔ You can Download any Wallpaperyouwant.✔ You can Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Pinterest,Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram… with yourfriends.what is thebest for you ? vegeta, Goku Super Saiyan orsuper goku with superultra instintct , black Goku Super Saiyan ,and others? You willfind one of their beautiful keyboard in thislock screen.this applock screen was created with much love of GokuSuper Saiyan superGoku Super Saiyan and JiraiyaDownload and Enjoythe amazing Heroesyou like best.Share this app with your friendswho love Dragon Balllike you.We look forward to hearing yourfeedback.DISCLAIMER:Thisapp is made by DBZ fans, and it isunofficial. The content in thisapp is not affiliated with,endorsed, sponsored, or specificallyapproved by any company. Thisapp is mainly for entertainment andfor all DBZ fans to enjoy theseDBZ Wallpapers.
Picturesque Lock Screen
Wallpaper, Notifications, Quick launch camera, Cricket, TopNews,Weather, Tools, Search web, Call/message frequent contactsandLaunch favourite apps from your lock screen ✔ Rewards:Referralprogram in India market has ended. Eligible users cancontinue toredeem their FreeCharge coupons✔ Wallpaper: Choose yourown imageor receive beautiful wallpaper for your lock screenbackground fromBing by Microsoft everyday ✔ Notifications: Viewmissed calls, textmessages, and other notifications. Customize andcategorizenotifications based on type and priority on your lockscreen✔Contacts: One click access to WhatsApp, call and messagefrequentcontacts. Search frequent contacts from lock screendirectly✔Favorite apps: Launch favorite applications right fromlock screen✔Security: Custom unlock features like enable pin,password andpattern unlock screen to secure your phone✔ News: Readlatest newsin categories like business, sports, politics, topstories,national news and more, right from the lock screen✔ Sports:Getlive Cricket scores on your locker and stay up-to-date ✔Search:Search contacts, applications and web without unlocking yourphone✔Tools: Quick access to tools like camera, flashlight,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, ringer and more✔ Camera: Get access to Camera insingletouch right from your locker, now don’t miss any moment tocapture✔Music: Control music from your locker✔ Weather: Getup-to-dateweather and temperature for your current locationdirectly on yourlock screen✔ Rewards: Earn Bing rewards (in USmarket) for yoursearchesPicturesque Lock Screen by Microsoft is onestop solutionto all your lock screen problems. Now secure yourandroid devicewith a beautiful background integrated with featureslike BingSearch and app shortcuts to increase your productivity.★ ★★ ★ Whatothers are telling about us★ Microsoft has been hard atworkbringing in a new update to give users more to love –AndroidHeadlines ★ Picturesque is undoubtedly one of thebest-lookinglockscreen replacement apps available for Android -BusinessInsider★ Yet another sign that Microsoft under CEO SatyaNadella isa proudly cross-platform company –Gigaom★ if you'relooking foradditional ways to spice up your locked device, it maybe worthadding Microsoft's Picturesque Lock Screen to your list –AndroidPolice ★ Gizmodo Top app of the week – Gizmodo★ Business ETCtop 5app of the week – Business ETC★ Picturesque may beexperimental,but it’s also a workaround, putting Microsoft’s searchengine frontand center from the moment users turn on their phones –Green Bot★★ ★ ★ Check out our videos made by Picturesque lockscreenlovers1. help us intranslating Picturesque locker? Please visit
Emoji Locker 2018 1.0.4
Phone Locker 2018- FREE easy-to-use screen locker with tonsofwell-designed wallpapers and themes. Increase your privacysecuritywith smiley and funny emojis! Phone LockerHighlights:✨Security -Enhance your phone security with powerfulintruder shot, preventsyour phone from being unlocked byothers.✨Efficiency - Unlock yourphone quickly with quick access toyour apps!✨Personalization -Customize your phone with thousands offree beautiful wallpapersand themes.✨Small size, powerful functions- Less than 5MB, SmartLocker is smaller than most lock screen apps,but it provides youwith better protections and smootherexperience!Phone Locker KeyFeatures:1. Stylish Themes- Packed withtons of awesome HDwallpapers, themes, Emoji Locker makes your phonestylish andunique.2. Daily Wallpapers- Personalize your lock screenwiththousands of high-quality wallpapers.- Provide you a dailynewwallpaper and bring you surprise every day!3. Lock Screen-Secureyour phone from intruders with PIN code and patternpassword.- Snapphotos of intruders who enters with wrong lockscreen password.4.Quick Access- Quickly access to camera and dialerfrom the lockscreen. - Quickly access to frequently-used favoriteapps from thelock screen. Contact Us: Please feel free to let usknow if youhave encountered any problems or if you have any adviceover EmojiLocker at [email protected] Thanksfor yoursupport!
Lock Screen Phone X Style OS 11 8.8
【 Lock Screen Phone X with OS 11 style. Notifications, musicplayerand security passcode bring you Experience like on real PhoneX】ThePhone X saw a big change to the long-established Phoneformula. Andif you are a fan of Phone X, you want to experience onthe newphone x. Lock Screen Style Phone X will give your phonethegreatest user interface and user experience of Phone XExperience,surely when someone takes your phone, it just looklikesuper-awesome new phone X.Lock Screen Phone X: Os 11 LockScreenwith the main options you can activate and deactivate the OS11lock screen. You can turn it on whenever you need and againcanturn it off from here. You can get the notifications right onyourlock screen in the similar way that is available in the PhoneXlocker. You can open notifications from yourlockscreen. Phone X Lock Screen also once you activate thePhone Xlock screen style, you will have access to control center onthetop of screen (Control Center OS 11). You can control a lotofthings here, like flashlight, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,settings,brightness and a lot more.Lock Screen Phone X: Os 11 LockScreenfeatures a lot of other varieties of the lock screen similartothat of the OS 11 locker. You can also set a pin here, whichisasked every time you unlock your phone and this will increasetheprivacy of your phone. You can activate and deactivate thepinprotection with the security options in the app.This is newamazingversion of Phone Lock Screen style! And try it now.Phonexlockscreen –highlightsfeature:_________________________________________________________✦LockScreen Style Phone X – Os 11Os 11 Locker will display whenyoureceive a new message or notification like using a new Phone X!Getall the important notifications delivered straight to yourlockscreen – even select from a few styles!✦ NEW OS 11 ControlCenter –OS 11 SettingOS 11 Lock Screen Control Center contain mostusedswitches and looks amazing! Phone x Lockscreen control yourDevicewith only ONE Panel with the New OS 11 Style.✦ Music Controls- OS11 Lock Screen music playerPhone X Lock Screen Control yourmusicdirectly from your lockscreen using our OS 11 style musiccontrolsfor a convenient, seamless music experience. New fresh lookof OS11 lock screen music player. It looks exactly like on phone xLockScreen.✦ Intruder SelfieOs 11 Locker – Phone X Lock Screenprotectyour Device from Snoopers by Intruder Selfie ✦ OS 11 LockScreen HDWallpaperLockscreen for Phone X bring for you experienceall thesame great design features from OS 11 on your Androiddevice. Withour lock screen wallpaper, you’ll never know thedifference! If youwant to customize your wallpaper, you can selectan image from yourgallery and use it as a background picture! ✦Quick reply likePhone XLock screen style Phone X help youreply on SMS and chatmessages directly from lock screen like onreal OS 11 lock screenof phone x. Without unlocking screen! ✦FaceID Phone XLockScreen style Phone X is NOT support faceID on newPhone X. We stilldevelop and update feature FaceID Phone X soon.Andmuch moreamazing function…Want an OS 11 Lock screen on yourAndroid? GetOS11 Locker and experience new Phone Lock Screenwithnotifications, keypad lock screen, and more greatfeatures. And don’t forget rate Phone X Lockscreen 5* in storeto support us.Thank for support.
Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock v4.3.3
Mobiloucos 2
Do you fear that your phone is taken while you are distracted?Orthat someone look at your personal information? Alarm AntiTheftthe application is right for you, if someone get your phonewhileAlarm Anti Theft is enabled, it will sound a loud alarm, fireapolice siren, starts to vibrate and blink effects on thescreen,thus making the person desist from taking your phone, orbetter youknow someone is with him.Make your video taking a nosytrying topry your mobile and send it to us enjoyed your fun withthe PegaLadrão.For moreinformation:
Smart Phone Lock - Lock screen 1.2.5
Mirage Stacks
IMPORTANT NOTE : The application will not work on encrypteddevices.*** Reviewed as the most intelligent lock *** Are you worried about exposing your PINandPattern while you unlock your phone? Here comes Smart PhoneLockfor the rescue. Smart Phone Lock will set the current phonetime asyour unlock PIN for the lock screen. It will change thePINmagically on every minute! So, each time you unlock the device,thePIN will vary and you need not worry about prying eyes aroundyou.The best part is, you need not memorise anything to rememberthePIN. The modifiers will allow you to enhance the security tothenext level. Modifiers : 1) Offset PIN - You can set anumber(Positive/Negative) and that number will be added/Subtractedfromthe current time. Lets say the time is 03:30 and the offset is+10,then the current unlock code will be 0340. 2) Reverse PIN - Ifyouenable this modifier, then the PIN is reversed number ofthecurrent time. Lets say the time is 03:50 and the PIN to unlockthelock screen is 0530. Also, Smart Phone Lock provides Date PIN asanalternative way to change the PIN. If you use Date PIN , thenthePIN to unlock your lock screen will be changed based on yourphonedate. FAIL SAFE : If you forget the PIN , Don't worry.At anypointof time, you can use your default PIN which you have enteredduringthe app installation. Default PIN will act as backup code tounlockyour phone. So, you can log in with default PIN. Even if youforgetthe default PIN, after entering 3 wrong default PIN , thereis anoption to get the default PIN through SMS to the registeredphonenumber You can also hide Smart Phone Lock app icon from theApplist by selecting hide icon option under settings. If you hidetheicon, it will be tough to find you are using Smart Phone Lock.Youcan launch the app by dialling/calling 1234 in the phone.Theapplication provides various options like : 1. Swipe to unlock-Optionally you can enable the swipe to unlock screen in theappsettings. 2. Widget Support - Optionally you can add any widgettothe swipe screen. So you can control your music player ,seeweather details or any statistics by adding appropriate widgettothe swipe screen. 3. Unlocker Protection - Once, you enabletheunlocker protection, if anyone tries to unlock your mobilewithwrong password, the application will take photo using frontcamera(if available) without showing the preview and notify youafterunlocking the device. 4. Lockscreen Background - You canselect anybackground image as per you wish for the lock screen 5.Batterysaving mode - This application is designed to consume veryveryless amount of battery. If you wish, you can enable thebatterysaving mode in the application settings to increase thebatterylife further. The app is password protected, you can accessthe apponly after entering the default pin which you have setduringinstallation. New Features: * Support for 24 hour timePIN *Optionchange your custom lock screen pictures * In-app purchase toremoveads * Hiding the application Icon from the app list IF YOUCAN’TLOGIN WITH DEFAULT PIN ALSO, PLEASE RESTART YOUR PHONE ANDTRYAGAIN. IF YOUR PHONE BATTERY IS NOT REMOVABLE THEN LONGPRESSINGTHE POWER BUTTON WILL FORCE RESTART THE PHONE. IF YOU FACEANYISSUES WHILE UNLOCKING THE PHONE CONTACT US [email protected] OR BY FILLING THE DETAILS IN THIS FORM—> Note : This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission. We use "Change the screen unlock passwordand SetPassword rules" device admin permissions to create customlockscreen based on TimePIN and DatePIN. We are providing AppLockbased on this concept. If you would like to try that pleasecheckit at
Display Clock On Lockscreen, Clock On Sleep Screen 1.0.9
This is the clock display on lock screen. You'll get a digitalclockon lock screen that always shows up on your phone or tablet.Thedigital clock show always on screen after lock screen.Theapplication of the digital clock for lock screen provides theuserwith information of time, date, notifications and more and theuserdoesn't need to touch the phone. You just look at digitalclocklockscreen. When do you want the large clock display forlockscreen to be active? - Disable clock for lock screen withsecond -Set the time to display clock on screen - Disable the clocklivewallpaper for lock screen while charging Main features of thisappof display clock on lockscreen: ✔ Gestures & Behavior * Turnonthe screen by double tap, swipe up, swipe down *Screenorientation: horizontal or vertical * Customize thebrightness whenscreen off * Clock display at screen off mode: lockscreen offclock on display ✔ Customize the watch on lock screen *Choosethemes clock lock screen * Choose the date style you want tosee *Choose a favorite live clock wallpaper lock screen * Set thefontcolor and select the display font * Write your own memo text *Setthe size of the clock wallpaper for lock screen * Show the dateonthe alarm clock on lock screen * Show the simulated touchbuttonsat the bottom of the s8 lock screen clock * Displaysplay/pause/skip buttons when music is playing ✔ Notificationsettings * Shownotifications from other applications when received.* Show aflashing icon at the top when receiving importantnotifications. *Wake up the screen when you receive a notification✔ Battery SavingMode: Reduces battery consumption when overheating✔ Clock NightMode Display: Dim the screen when in a darkenvironment. ✔Proximity Sensor (Pocket Mode): Lock the device inthe pocket tosave battery ✔ Move the clock widget for lock screenautomaticallyThe digital clock with date and time display wascreated to makelife easier and easier. Download the FREE clock lockscreen appsfor android now! If there are any requirements about thelive clocklockscreen, please feel free to comment below or emailthedeveloper. Sincerely thank you, and do not forget to rate 5 *tosupport us.
AppLock & Emoji Lock Screen 1.2.7
The most powerful emoji lock screen with live wallpaper themes,addsnew feature AppLock, your best AppLocker & security guard,lockapps with pass code.Classic Lock Screen keeps your Androidlockscreen beautiful & customized and shows youimportantnotifications at a glance. Add AppLock Security, easy foryou toprotect your privacy, gives your phone all-round protection.WithAppLock Security, nobody can check your photos, messages andappsexcept yourself. It’s easier to protect your launcher andAppLockSecurity themes can make your launchermorebeautiful.-----------MAIN FEATURE-----------▶DIY lockscreeneditorYou can not only use DIY locker to DIY your lockscreen, butalso choose PIN/Pass Code or pattern lock themes .-※Hand DrawingLock Screen: You can customize your own pass codepatterninterface.-※ Custom Wallpapers: Choose an image from yourown photogallery to create wallpapers and decorate your launcher .-※ CustomPhoto password: Just select the photo from gallery andmake apersonalized password pass code screen.-※ Classic password:Easy toget clean and beautiful password page with LockScreen.▶AppLockSecurity One-tap to lock apps . Lock takes justseconds, fasterthan other Android applocker. Very easy andconvenient to use tolock your privacy.Prevent your SMS, Contacts,Gallery, or any otherapps from checking by others without yourpermission. Give yourphone all-round protection.-※ Choose AndroidAPP Lock, you don'tneed to worry about your friends borrowing yourphone to playgames-※ Choose Android APP Lock, never worry aboutyour privatedata be read by some other apps.-※ Choose Android APPLock, yourcolleagues cannot check your privacy with your phoneanymore.▶Well-Designed Wallpaper ThemesWonderful wallpaper themestoredecorate your Android devices’ launcher. We provide numeroushighresolution wallpaper themes to make your launcher morebeautiful.You can switch different live wallpaper themes fromsetting.▶EasyNotification Cut down on the number of times you needto unlockyour phone with notifications at a glance. App Lock, thebest AppLocker and security guard, gives your phone all-roundprotection.What Permissions Do We Ask ForandWhy?-Photos/Media/Files:customize your wallpapers & shortcuttosnap photos-Wi-Fi connection information: update thedailywallpapers-Phone/Location:display calls and messages onyourlockscreen -----------FAQ---------1)How to avoid doublelockscreen?Go to DIY Lock Screen homepage - "Setting" - "TurnoffSystem Lock".2)Why System Lock always starts before DIY LockScreenwhen restarting my device?Please turn off System Lock toavoid thisproblem. Go to DIY Lock Screen homepage - "Setting" -"Turn offSystem Lock".3)How can I unlock my device if I forgotthepassword?Connect your device to your computer using a USB cableandreinstall DIY Lock Screen to the default setting when youforgetthe password. 4)How to display notification of other apps onlockscreen?Go to DIY Lock Screen homepage - Setting - Notification-App Selection - Enable the apps that you want toshownotifications. If the problem cannot be solved after theabovesteps,please try to restart your device. ContactUS:Facebook:[email protected]
Smart Lock (App/Photo) 5.3.0
Smart Lock provides your privacy in mobile phone from others.Youcanmeet here the most essential App which hidesApps/Pictures/MediaFiles by managing password.Do you mind somebodyexecuting Apps ortaking a look to pictures and media files on yourmobile phone?SmartLock provides you lots of features such aslocking App, stayingawake and locking auto screen-rotate.No onecan see lockedApps/Pictures/Media Files!!!Main Features :- LockingApp- Lockingeach Picture/Media File- Staying awake (Executinglocked App)-Locking auto screen-rotate (Executing locked App)-Changenotification of mobile phone number- Screen Lock Type :PINs,Password, Pattern, Fingerprint- Supported GIF(Animated)- Canusead-free App. for a while through playing the reward ads.[ Tip]- Becareful when deleting unlocked media files. If you do that,you willlost media files. Steps to recover it : Smart LockReinstall >Setting > Lock Media Recovery- If you delete".SmartLock" folderin SDcard, locked files will be deleted.- Ifyou choose "Clear data"menu(path : Settings > Applicationsmanager > Smart Lock(Free)), information of locked files willbe deleted.- App which hasfunction like cleaning up storage(ex.Clean Master) might be able todelete locked media, so do notdelete any relative files of SmartLock while cleaning up yoursmartphone.- Do not forget to unlock andback up locked mediasbefore upgrading firmware or formattinginternal/external SDcard Ifnot, all locked medias might be able tobe deleted.- Beforedeleting Smart Lock, do not forget to unlock alllocked medias andthen delete Smart Lock. If not, all locked mediasmight be able tobe deleted.- Please back up important locked mediain extrastorage. All locked medias might be able to be deleted inotherApps or outbreak situation.- App Hide : If "it is notinstalledapplication" or is not running in the launcher, because itischecked "App Hide Mode" at Set up. Please use dial #789 inyourphone and press call.- When not execute calling to dial :RunGallery(Default) on the phone > Select and share photos>Select Smart Lock and lock > call to dial #789- Settings ofapp> Recovering media file : it can recover disappearedorinvisible locked media files.
Messenger and Chat Lock 4.5.3
Bunny Labs
This app lets you protect most popular messaging andchatapplications You can lock WhatsApp, Facebook and many more byusinga PIN. Keep you privacy and maintain secure! You can alsoconfigureit to hide images and videos from your device gallery byenteringthe password. After installation it will ask you to set a 4digitPIN, and will show the configuration options to lock theseapps.You can customize auto-lock time, so you don't need to enterthePIN every time you change task on your device. If you enter awrongpin and your phone has front camera, it will take a picture oftheintruder and save it inside the application. Have fun indetectingthe intruder! (Only devices with front camera) Features ★It's freeand has no limitations. ★ Best Whatsapp Lock on market ★Keep yourmessages safe ★ Protect uninstallation and settings formoresecurity ★ Capture intruders when wrong PIN entered. Have Fun:) ★Customize autolock time ★ It is ultra lightweight. Useslowresources and space. ★ Minimun special permissions required★Design attractive and simple user interface. Remember: If youlikeour work, please don't forget the stars :) Thank you NOTE:Thisapplication is not related to Whatsapp company in anyway
Password Screen Lock 1.5
Password Lock Screen is one of the best lock screen to enhanceyourphone's security. it is easy to control wifi,brightness,volumeandbluetooth and quickly open flash light and camera from screenlock.Main Features: 1. Control Center Support 2. Music ControlSupport3. IOS Keypad password 4. IPhone Lock Screen style 5.Support lockscreen Phone 6,Phone 6s theme 6. Slide to unlock withanimation andsound 7. Plenty of beautiful OS8,OS9 and OS10wallpapers to choose8. Keypad Lock Screen also allows to usewallpaper from Yourgallery 9. Display mobile signal,moblieoperator,wifi status andbattery status 10. Set Pin or Password toenhance the security Lockof your phone
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank 1.1
Fingerprint Lock Screen PrankThis Fingerprint Lock Screen is justasimulated fingerprint app, it's not real. It's impossible todetectyour touch id by screen. It just a funny Lockscreen simulatesthefingerprint lock screen to unlock your phone. We hope you likethewonderful High-tech design and use it to prank yourfriends.Besides, it's also a real lock screen which uses a cool waytounlock your phone.Get the best customizable fingerprint lockscreento lock your Android phone and now this free app works likeafingerprint screen locker. You can also fit this lock scannerwithyour own wallpaper! Your friends will never know the trickandleave them wondering. You can change the number of beeps tounlockthe settings screen.This Fingerprint Lock Screen cannotreallyidentify your fingerprint, it's just a simulated app usedforfun. Finger Print Lock Screen is highly customizable;itprovides several cool hi-tech wallpapers for you and allows youtoset the time & date format. You can also set the pressingtime(the default time is 2 seconds) of unlock.Thumbprint LockScreenPrank is an awesome screen lock app which simulates tounlockyour phone by scanning your fingerprint. The amazingfingerprintgraphics and wonderful scan animation make itprofessional andfunny.Digital Fingerprint Lock ScreenPrank neither scans yourfingerprint nor uses biometric and isnot for security purposes.You can have fun with your friends usingthis Fingerprint LockScreen . We have added some adds to supportour developer team insetting.STEPS TO USE:1. First you need to“Disable System Lock”from app settings, to turn off system lock ofyour phone if you areusing it.2. Now click on “Enable Screen lock”option to start thelockscreen services. 3. Turn ON“Fingerprint Lock” to usefingerprint simulator and for backup youcan set 4 or 6 digit PINor PATTERN lock style.Feature of ThumbprintLock Screen AppPrank ★ Realistic fingerprint scanner, greatgraphics.★Wonderful fingerprint scanning animation.★ Support slideto unlockscreen.★ Shows digital clock, date and time.★ Multiplesettingslike background wallpaper, vibrate, sound, date format,slidingtext etc.★ Professional design and works with all HDdevices, it’sa great fingerprint app lock free download★ Supportcustomizedtheme by changing the biometric security lock screen'swallpaper.★Realistic fingerprint scanner that simulates fingerprintreader toidentify your identity, it’s the perfect fingerprint lockscreensimulator.★ Thumbprint lock screen.★ Desbloqueo de pantallaconhuella dactilar ★ Passwort fingerabdruck. ★ Can be setasa screen locker with fingerprint scanner.★ Display the dateandtime as iPhone iOS lock screen style.★ Support home screenwidget!Long touch on your home screen to add the "FingerprintLock"ThisFingerprint lock screen is designed for entertainmentpurposesonly.DISCLAIMER: This Fingerprint Lock Screen Prankdoes notprovide bio-metric fingerprint scan, so this is not usedforsecurity purpose. It is a cool trick to unlock your phone andbeused to make fool of friends. This screen lock is usedforentertainment purpose only.Enjoy this wonderful and coolFingerPrint Lock Screen Prank which is secure,customizable and freewithvarious Themes HD Wallpaper and more. If you like itpleaseshare with your friends and remember to rate us ★★★★★ Stars.
lock screen droplet water 1.9.3
Lock screen OS9Lock screen - water dropletSlide to unlockKeypadlockscreenLock screen keypad waterLock screen OS9 water droplet,soapbubblesLock screen by passcode, keypad with water dropletsandbubbles effects.Slide to unlock.Very nice, easy to useanduseful.Feature:- Slide to unlock- Lock screen by keypad,password-Set Password with number- Show message, missed call inlock screen-Show state of mobile as network, wifi, battery ...-Display readtime lock and date in lock screen- Change text "Slideto unlock"-Change text color- Change wallpaper- Multiplewallpaperbeautiful*** We support many types of lock screen:- Lockscreenpattern- Lock screen password- Lock screen keypad- Lockscreenslider
Lock Screen IOS 10 - Phone7 1.18
Iphone 7 upcoming, you'd be the first to experience right onyouriphone 7 my android phone? Lock Screen IOS 10 - Phone7 willhelpyou do it! Lock Screen IOS 10 - Phone7 with Phone7 andOS10launcher will help your phone lunh spiritual beauty as a iphone7.Features: * Support set wallpaper from gallery and camera *Supportset pin password * Provide multiple Iphone X, Phone6 plus,Phone6s, Iphone 7, IOS 11 and IOS 9, OS10 HD wallpapers with blur*Support unlock sound and vibrate * Support 12-Hour and24-Hourformat * Support setting wallpaper * Support multiple lockstyle *Support customized unlock sentence(default is "> Slidetounlock"), you can design any thing you want, just like"HelloEveryday", "SunShine", “My Love!"… * Optimized Battery UsageHow touse app? 1. Open this app, then this app will start towork.Application is tested and works well on a variety of thelatestphones like: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S8 Plus, Note 9,LGV30, Sony Xperia XA, Galaxy Note 8, Nexus 7, Nexus 5, HTCOne,Xperia M and Xperia S, Galaxy S9… Please contact us by emailifyour device is not supported! Thank you!
Girly Lock Screen Wallpaper with Quotes 2.7
Welcome to an amazing collection of wallpapers for screenlockers!Girly Lock Screen Wallpaper with Quotes is one of thecutest appsfor girls on the market and has all the backgrounds foryour lockedscreen that you need. Set a wallpaper with quote on yourlockedphone and let the quote inspire you to do amazing things.Protectyour device by setting a password or passcode that only youwillknow and enjoy watching incredible backgrounds with quotesbehindthe keypad while you are typing your secret passcode. Thisfree appfor stylish girls is just what every young lady needs toprotecther privacy and have an amazing smartphone or tablet all thetime.Sparkle and shine with Girly Lock Screen Wallpaper withQuotes, getthe free download here! 💠 💜 💠 💜 💠 💜 💠 💜 💠 How to setyour new “cutegirly lock screen”: 1. Check the 'Enable lock screen'box; 2. Enteryour password and then reenter the same password forconfirmation;3. Now you can customize your lock screen theme:Features: 💠 Setyour favourite wallpaper for girls with quotes,choose amongvarious beautiful images! 💠 Choose am/pm or 24h timesetting! 💠Turn date on/off! 💠 Choose the date format on display! 💠Show orhide battery! 💠 Show or hide missed call and newmessagenotifications! 💠 Download this “cute screen locker” forfree! 💠 💜 💠💜 💠 💜 💠 💜 💠 Keep the intruders away from your phone! Getthis “lockscreen with quotes” that has many humorous quotes andcute messagesthat will appear on your locked display. Try out our“pretty lockscreen for girls” and customize your phone the wayyou've alwayswanted. Every time someone tries to slide to unlockyour phone,they will be stopped right away because your cutepassword for lockscreen for girls will be there to protect yoursmartphone. Set ahilarious locker screen wallpaper! You can chooseone of many fromour fantastic collection of “girly wallpapers forlock screen”, andbrag about the new awesome look of your phone ortablet to all yourfriends! Change your screen lock every day with“Girly Lock ScreenWallpaper with Quotes”! Discover lots of awesomescreen lockerthemes and choose the prettiest background for yourlocked phone!We guarantee that this is one of the best “girly lockscreen apps”on the market because it has all the trendy and stylishwallpapersand backgrounds for screen locker that every teen girlneeds. Youdon't have to hide your device from friends and familywho want togo through your sms messages, now with this “locker withpassword”you can protect your phone and your privacy using apasscode orpassword to lock your phone. Enjoy all the cute andfunny quotesand awesome messages on your display and select a newlock screendecoration every day. Download Girly Lock ScreenWallpaper withQuotes free of charge and feel safe all the time! Youwant to knowhow to put a lock on your phone? Easy! With the screenlocker appyou can type a password or a passcode on the “keypad lockscreenfor girls” that only you will know and in that way you willkeepyour personal data and information safe and beautify you phoneatthe same time with cute images with quotes. Your photos andsecretlove messages will stay hidden under this strong locker! Wearecertain that you will fall in love with this “cute screen lockapp”with the best wallpaper with quotes because it is one ofthecoolest apps lock screen for stylish girls. Personalize yourphoneto your own liking with Girly Lock Screen Wallpaper withQuotes!Get it for free!
Next Lock Screen 3.11.6
Winner of "Best lock screen app for Android" award --AndroidPIT,Best Android apps of2016( Lock Screenisthe ultimate lock screen for busy professionals. Next helpsprotectyour phone from unwanted access by others, and you areinstantlymore productive. It is an excellent productivity lockerapp andcompanion for your everyday life.Perform the followingfunctions,directly on your lock screen:- Custom unlock: protectyour phonewith a PIN or pattern code. Fingerprint unlock isavailable onhardware-supported devices. Smart lock based onlocation (homeand/or work).- Notifications: view missed calls, textmessages, andmessage notifications from apps like Facebook, Gmailand WhatsApp.-People: easily call or text your favorite contactsfrom the lockscreen.- Apps: launch your favorite apps with ourbuilt-in applauncher.- Tools: quick access to the Camera,Flashlight, Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, and more.- Weather: check the localweather withautomatic updates.- Calendar: view your upcomingevents, completewith time and location. Receive summaries on themeetings you havefor today and tomorrow.- Music player: controlyour favorite songsand playlists. Next supports the most popularmusic apps such asSpotify, Audible and Pandora.-Wallpapers: choose your ownimage or from our gallery ofphotos. Select the Bing Wallpaper ofthe day to receive a beautifulnew image on your screen everyday.Next Lock Screen is availableworldwide and supports theEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, and "Microsoft this weekend updatedits Next LockScreen app for Android, a personalized lock screenreplacement thatlets you see your calendar, missed calls, email andtext messagesat a glance, and then act on them without unlockingyourdevice....This really doeslooksweet."("Microsoft'snew philosophy of going cross-platform and cross-OSwith itssoftware has been paying dividends, and Next Lock Screenis anotherfine example of Microsoft's design acumen complementingtheAndroidecosystem."("Next Lock Screen does a great job adding productivity toyour lockscreen. It is an app that anyone who wants morefunctionality shouldplace at the top oftheirlists."("Nextputs important info—like your upcoming meetings, missedcalls, andtext messages on your lock screen for instant access.You can swipenotifications away to dismiss them (similar to thenotificationdropdown), and swipe down to unlockthescreen."( Screen is a Microsoft Garage project brought to youby thecreators of Arrow Launcher, the simple, personal launcherforAndroid. The Microsoft Garage turns fresh ideas into realprojects.Learn more about The Garage at: iscommunity-driven!Join ourvibrant Beta community at: on the bestfeature areas at: installingthis app, youagree to the Terms ofUse( and PrivacyPolicy(
pattern lock screen 8.3.5
Lock screen pattern with photo in button Easy to use, fast,simple,and very beautiful Provide turn off screen feature for powerbuttonderanged, hard to press or if you want protect powerbuttonfeatures of lockscreen: - support 2 types of lock screen:photopattern lock screen, pattern lock screen - change image forbutton- you can set lock screen for Samsung galaxy S8 style - SupercoolOS 11 lock screen for android. - simply slide to unlock OS 11styledevice. - it's a perfect lock screen on Play store. -support"Slide to unlock" on your lock screen - Set lock patternwith yourfavourite photos, images from gallery - Create a separateimage foreach lock button, set your photos into buttons - Setcustombackground, theme, wallpaper for your lockscreen - Setpatternphoto/avatar with your own photo (your lover, your baby,friends,etc…) - you can custom shape button by heart, star,diamond, apple,circle, etc... - Crop or re-size the photo youchoose to haveincluded. - Personalize your lock screen - createwidget homescreen for easy settings - create live wallpaper HD -set patternlock screen to enhance the security lock of your phone.- showbattery health on screen lock - consume less battery - canchangecolor and fonts of time, date - multiple HD Wallpaperbeautiful -dynamic wallpaper from our repository - many beautifulgirls to setwallpaper - display real time clock and date. - changebackgroundwith wallpapers - support over 50 languages - custombackgroundfrom gallery. - optimized battery usage and battery saver- workwell on phone, tablet device - style to Slide to unlock -Lockscreen slider how to use: 1. open the app, and tick the"EnableLockscreen" check box to enable it. 2. click the DisableSystemLock in case you use the system lock. 3. click theLockscreenWallpaper to switch to different beautiful backgrounds.4. Forscreen off option: you must activate system admin to enablescreenoff feature. 5. you can change button pictures. You can placeyourphoto (baby, friends, parents, lover, etc...) ★ For screenoffoption: you must activate system admin to enable screenofffeature. please email us if your device is not supported, wewilltry our best to support it. if you love this photo lovelockerapplication, please give 5 stars to encourage developers.
Calculator Vault Hide Photo Video Gallery Lock App 1.5
If you want to hide secretly photos, videos, audio, contacts,andany files then calculator vault hide photo video gallery lockappis the best stuff for hiding data in MyCalculator app.Incalculator vault hide photo video gallery lock app there aremanyfunctionalities like hiding picture, video, audio, contact,hideany other file stores in your SD-Card and app icon, Internalmemoryor cloud. MyCalculator has much more functionalities like setpinpasscode, security question for forgetting passcode,intruderselfie, fake pin and uninstall protection. Calculator vaulthidephoto video gallery lock app is a private photo lock app&photo hider app that lets you hide pictures and personalpicturelock and photos hider albums or secret videos vault looks like the simple calculator with thenaked eyebut has a secret gallery vault behind it, it is alsouseful forfreeing up space on your device by storing your photosand videosin your secure app storage. Try this amazing functionalhidepictures so that hidden pictures not visible in the photosgallery.Features of MyCalculator • Best Calculator - Thecalculatorprovides simple and advanced mathematical functions inabeautifully designed with addition, subtraction,multiplication,and division operations. • Hide everything - A usercan hideeverything like the photo, video, audio, contact and anytype offiles • Lock screen setup - A user can choose Pin passcodeand alsofingerprint as open private space from calculator andaccessprivate stuff. • Face down to lock - In a tight situation?HaveMyCalculator itself when your device faces downward and openthecalculator. • Intruder selfie (Back In alerts) - If someonetriesto open the private vault with the wrong passcode then itcapturesan intruder selfie (Back In alerts) like him / her photossecretly.• Fack Pin - A user can set a fake pin for fake space. Itmeans ifsome user knows its vault then you can write fake passcodeandredirect to fake space. • Uninstall protection - If someonetriesto uninstall application then it will protect theunistallapplication. • Hide app icon - A user can hide the iconfromlauncher so no one can see the icon of a vault and you canopenvault using system dialer or manage space. • Gallery -Inbuiltgallery of all hidden file so you can check individuallycheck itfrom an app. • No storage limitations - There are nolimitations ofstorage as your phone memory and sd card storage. Itmeans you canhide everything with your storage capacity • Best UXand UI - Weimplement perfect user interface and user experience foreverything• Excluded from recants - it does not show in ‘recentapps’ listfor user privacy. We used BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN Only used topreventaccidentally uninstall of your device. FAQs of calculatorvaulthide photo video gallery lock app 1> What is Fake PIN? -FakePIN allows you to add a secondary space to disguise yourrealspace, you can access Fake space using separate PIN. This isveryhelpful and keeps your real space even more secure if anyonemakesyou open your space and you have no other way to out ofthesituation. 2> How do I recover items after uninstall? -YourFiles are locked and stored inside application internalmemory.Before uninstall application unhide all files afteruninstallapplication will erase all hide files and will be lostforever. Donot Factory reset your phone, It will remove theapplication andit's all data forever. 3> How do I recover thepassword? - Incase you forget your passcode you can reset it byentering123456789 and press % button 4> How to unhide my appicon? -Please dial ##YOUR_PIN on system dial-pad or go to settings>apps > MyCalculator> Manage space it will beautomaticallyopen MyCalculator and disable hide app icon features