Top 49 Apps Similar to Al Qur'an ( juz Amma )

Sheikh Sudais Quran MP3 1-09 3.0
This app lets you listen to the recitation of surah 1-09, fromtheHoly Quran by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais. Requires no downloadsorstreaming just install the app and select the surah tolisten.Ifyour hearts are purified, you will never tire of recitingthe koranand listening to its recitation.Hazrat Uthman(radhiyallahu anhu)
Sheikh Sudais Quran MP3 36-77 1.0
This app lets you listen to the recitation of surah 36-77, fromtheHoly Quran by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais. Requires no downloadsorstreaming just install the app and select the surah tolisten.Ifyour hearts are purified, you will never tire of recitingthe koranand listening to its recitation.Hazrat Uthman(radhiyallahu anhu)
Sudais Yaseen Kahf Mulk 2.0
FREE Offline Quran Recitations, no streaming or data usagejustdownload and playSurah YaseenSurah KahfSurah Mulkfrom the QuranbySheikh Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as SudaisSurah e Yaseen isthe36th surah of the Holy Quran and it is called the heart ofQuran.They are so many benefits of reciting or listening thisamazingsurah. App is 36th chapter in Islamic Book: The Holy Quranalongwith offline audio. This Surah Yasin is recited by Abdul AzizasSudais in his beautiful voice. It cures thousands typesofillnesses, reduces punishment for dead ones, protects fromsatanand so much more!“Yaseen ” is a gift for every Muslim whowants tolisten Quran audio or surah Yasin audio. You can get theblessingsof this holy surat Yasin sharif anywhere and anytime evenin theoffline mode. “Yaseen ” is free to download yet its benefitsarepriceless. Included feature of surah Yasin audio offline makesit agreat and must have app for your Android device.
myQuran - Quran with Tafsir 2.2
Gatafan Ltd.
myQuran application is your universal assistant, which allows youtobenefit from reading and listening to the Quran. myQuran willalwaysbe at your fingertips, wherever you are.The applicationallows youto listen to Quran recitation with the voices of thebest recitersin the world. Such as: Abdul Baset Abdus Samad; AbdulRahmanal-Sudais; Abdullah Awad al-Juhani; Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar;AbuBakr ash-Shatri; Ahmad bin Ali al-Ajmi; Emad al-Mansary;Haniar-Rifai; Maher al-Muaiqly; Mahmood al-Rifai; MahmoudKhalilal-Hussary; Mishari Rashid al-Afasy; Muhammad al-Luhaidan;Muhammadal-Minshawi; Nasser al-Qatami; Saad al-Ghamdi; Salah AbdulRahmanBukhatir; Salah al-Budair; Salah al-Hashim; Saudal-Shuraim;Tawfeeq al-Sayegh; Yasser al-Dosari.Features:● Originaltext of theQuran and translation to main languages;● Tafsir -interpretationof the Quran al-Saad (only Russian language);●Detailed informationfor each surah;● Simple and user-friendlyinterface;● Ability toadjust font size;● Interface localized tomain languages;● Abilityto search surah by number or title;●Extended search for ayahs;●Ability to add ayahs to favourites;●Ability to set bookmark;●Functional audio player;● Ability tochange recitation;● Ability tocache audio files and to clean thecache;● Ability to share ayahsusing mail, message, Facebook,Twitter, VK and WhatsApp.Pleasewrite your reviews and suggestions.We appreciate your opinion!Ifyou have faced any problems or you anyinteresting idea, pleaseemail us at [email protected]
Quran Explorer
"" now comes to Android platform.If youlikethe app please take the time to give us a 5 star review: itreallyhelps. Jazak Allah.Latest Quran software for iPhone and iPad.Freeversion features: ● Complete Quran Arabic text ● Option todisplayside by side English translation by Mufti Taqi Usmani ●BeautifulMushaf and Uthmanic script font ● Complete audiorecitation offamous Qari (Sheikh Mishari Rashid) ● Bookmarking(upto 3bookmarks) ● Portrait and landscape mode ● Scalable fontsizes ●Sura and Juz index ● High quality audio recitation withayahhighlighting ● Pinch/zoom feature for changing font size ●Fastaudio playback through robust download method with progressicon ●Goto aya feature QuranExplorer free version has completescalableQuran Text in Uthmanic font with all diacritical marks.Englishtranslation by Mufti Taqi Usmani is also included. QuranExploreris compatible with both phone and tablets in allorientations. Itsupports pinch/zoom feature for changing font size.Englishtranslation appears side by side. Complete Arabic text andEnglishtranslation has been proof-read by a Muslim scholar('alim).Paidversion contain many translations, many reciters,English and Urdutranslation audio, unlimited bookmarks, backgroundaudio, disablestandby feature, bulk download and many morefeatures.
Al Quran MP3 - Quran Reading® 4.4
Quran Reading
Quran Reading® is an Android App, which comprises the entire QuraneKareem with translation, transliteration, and audio recitationofeach chapter and verse of Quran. The App teaches you how tolearnQuran with Tajweed with the help of audio recitationandtransliteration of each word of Quran.It entailsfollowingsignificant features including:• It incorporates all the114 Surahsof Quran within order and proper settings• Translation ofQuran inalmost all languages to facilitate the Muslims around theworld.Quran fully translated to: Bahasa Indonesia, Deutsch,English,Español, Français, Italiano, اردو, 简体中文, فارسی.•Transliterationfeature of the Quran makes you able to read andrecite the correctpronunciation of Quran in no time• MP3 Audio ofeach verse andchapter can be downloaded for the usefulness andabundance ofrecitation at any time and any where• GoTo Option foraccess to anyspecific Surah of Quran or Ayat of Quran• SajdaSection to let thereader know about the 14 significant places ofwhen to bow down•Any Surah of Quran can be searched by searchingoption which makesit convenient for the users to have hands ontheir required Surahof Quran• Bookmark of the Ayah to restore therecitation from wherethe user has left lastly• Change of Font Styleand size for uservisibilityAdditional New Feature:Additionalfeature of LearnTajweed has incorporated for the users to help themin the learningof Quran accurately. The new feature includesfurther sections,which entails:• Introduction to the Tajweed andwhy it is importantto learn• Mukhraj ul Haroof are all thosealphabets which makes thebasics to pronounce Arabic alphabets•Components of Tajweedincludes all those essential signs which areimportant to learn forproper pronunciation of Quran• Rules ofTajweed to shield youagainst the mistake which most of the Muslimscommit whilstrecitation as they are not aware of the basics ofTajweed of Qurane Hakeem.Download this best Quran for Android Appand learn TajweedRules to grasp the divine virtues! Jazak’Allah!
The Holy Quran with Tafsir 1.6
A unique quranic application to read & listen to Al quranAlKarim, without the need to connect to the Internet, withnumerousfeatures...Features: • High-quality text• Night mode:Changes thebackground color and verses• Bookmark pages and verseswhere youstopped reading• Surah & Juz’ Index• An elegant andsimpleinterface • Listento to your favorite reciters (Quran MP3):AbdulBasit Abdus Samad, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Maher AlMueaqly,Mishary Rashid Alafasy, Abu Bakr Al-Shatri, Nasser AlQatami,Yasser Al-Dosari, Saad Al Ghamidi, ...• Choose whichlanguageinterface you would like to use (Arabic or English)• Searchfullholy quran• Write and save your own notes on any verse intheQur'an• Share verses on social media• Download and display alargecollection of translations and interpretations• If you closetheapplication while reading, it will automatically be saved, andyoucan resume from there next timeNotes:• If you find any errors,oryou want to inquire about something considering thisapplication,please notify us to fix the error as soon as possibleand to answeryour questions.If you have any further questions, orif there areany content that may infringe upon anyone's copyrights,please feelfree to contact us at: [email protected]
Read Listen Quran Coran Koran Mp3 Free قرآن كريم 2.30.0 Read Listen Holy Quran Mp3 Free Quran Recitationwithoutinternet Madani MousHaf HafS Read the Holy Quran. MushafcompleteQuran. free Quran mp3 application Listen to recitations ofseveralrecognized Sunni reciters: Minchawi, Housari, `AbdoulBaaSiTAudiomp3 of Quran available offline after downloading. Quran mp3withoutinternet Repeat audio by verse.Tajwid of Quran Surat, Jouz'Hizb,Bookmark, Favorite to resume recitation Quick search by keywordsin the verses of Quran Copy the verses of Quran and shareTafsirExegesis of great Sunni scholars (Tafsir content has notbeenverified): Qurtubi, Tahrir wa t-Tanwir Tahir Ibn `Ashur,Tabari,Baghawi Receive regular Islamic information in theapplication inArabic, French, English Prayer Times and Qibla citiesworldwideQibla Locator Salat Islamic Prayer Times Islamic PrayerTimes QiblaLocator The prayer times and Qibla cities worldwide. Themethod ofcalculation most consistent with religion. From numerousvisualobservations were made to adopt a reliable method ofcalculation.Imsak: abstinence Schedule for fasters. Tracing thedirection ofQiblah on Google Maps. The compass number with thecalculation ofthe magnetic deflection. Detecting the position.Geolocation Widgetfor Prayer Times Beautiful Adhan for prayerstimes ProtectionInvocations and Evocations Dua Possibility ofmoving the marker onthe map and having the direction of the Qiblahas well as thenumber of the compass Search prayer times and qiblawithoutinternet Free App without Ads. Please download it and rateit fivestars and share it المصحف المدني رواية حفص إقرأ واستمعلتلاوةالقرآن الكريم البحث السريع في آيات القرآن المصحف كاملا عدةقرّاءمشهورين: المنشاوي، الحصري، عبد الباسط التلاوة تبقى بعدتحميلهاتكرار القراءة. ترتيل القرآن سورة، حزب، جزء، مفضلة لإكمالالقراءةنسخ نص الآيت تفسير كامل للقرآن (لم يحصل التأكد من محتوىالتفاسير)تفاسير لكبار علماء سنيين: تفسير القرطبي، الطبري، البغوي،التحريروالتنوير للطّاهر بن عاشور تلقي المعلومات الإسلامية باستمرارفيالتطبيق باللغة العربية والفرنسية والإنجليزية أوقات الصلاةواتجاهالقبلة لمدن العالم وقت الإمساك خط القبلة على الخريطة رقمالبوصلة معحساب الانحراف المغناطيسي ودجات أوقات الصلاة أذان جميلالبحث عنأوقات الصلاة والقبلة دون الإنترنت أدعيـة وأذكار للحفظإمكانية نقلالعلامة على الخريطة والحصول على اتجاه القبلة وكذلك عددالبوصلةبرنامج مجاني ومن دون إشهار. الرجاء تنزيل البرنامج وضع خمسةنجومونشره
Hafizi Quran 15 lines per page 1.1.4
The best among you is he who learns the Quran and teaches toothers(Bukhari) Recite Holy Quran القرآن with actual experience,feelsjust like an actual Quran in your hand. Holy Quran has anelegantstyle, Don't bother yourself by scrolling up and down; noweasilyrecite as actual Color printed Quran page by page. This Koranappis best companion for you anywhere, During Travel, or if you areinMasjid after say pray (Namaz) you can read Quran in youandroiddevice and read daily azkar and Dua's. Ramadan is the knownasmonth of blessing in Islam and its a strong believe of allMuslims,All Muslim wants to read Quran most of the time in Ramadan.Thisapp will help you to get more blessing in Ramadan .Features:Beautiful Color Print Quran Word by Word Full pagereadability. 15Lines per page Resume option to get start readingfrom which pageyou left Surah Index for Directly go to any Surah Goto Page Optionfor Directly go to any Page of Koran Can Save andShare any PageSwipe for next or previous Page. Surah List (Table ofContent) :Al-Fatihah (The Opening) Al-Baqarah (The Cow) Al-'Imran(The Familyof Amran) An-Nisa' (The Women) Al-Ma'idah (The Food)Al-An'am (TheCattle) Al-A'raf (The Elevated Places) Al-Anfal(Voluntary Gifts)Al-Bara'at / At-Taubah(The Immunity) Yunus (Jonah)Hud (Hud) Yusuf(Joseph) Ar-Ra'd (The Thunder) Ibrahim (Abraham)Al-Hijr (The Rock)An-Nahl (The Bee) Bani Isra'il (The Israelites)Al-Kahf (The Cave)Maryam (Mary) Ta Ha (Ta Ha) Al-Anbiya' (TheProphets) Al-Hajj (ThePilgrimage) Al-Mu'minun (The Believers)An-Nur (The Light)Al-Furqan (The Discrimination) Ash-Shu'ara' (ThePoets) An-Naml(The Naml) Al-Qasas (The Narrative) Al-'Ankabut (TheSpider) Ar-Rum(The Romans) Luqman (Luqman) As-Sajdah (TheAdoration) Al-Ahzab(The Allies) Al-Saba' (The Saba') Al-Fatir (TheOriginator) Ya Sin(Ya Sin) As-Saffat (Those Ranging in Ranks) Sad(Sad) Az-Zumar (TheCompanies) Al-Mu'min (The Believer) Ha Mim (HaMim) Ash-Shura(Counsel) Az-Zukhruf (Gold) Ad-Dukhan (The Drought)Al-Jathiyah(The Kneeling) Al-Ahqaf (The Sandhills) Muhammad(Muhammad) Al-Fath(The Victory) Al-Hujurat (The Apartments) Qaf(Qaf) Ad-Dhariyat(The Scatterers) At-Tur (The Mountain) An-Najm(The Star) Al-Qamar(The Moon) Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent) Al-Waqi'ah(The Event)Al-Hadid (Iron) Al-Mujadilah (The Pleading Woman)Al-Hashr (TheBanishment) Al-Mumtahanah (The Woman who is Examined)As-Saff (TheRanks) Al-Jumu'ah (The Congregation) Al-Munafiqun (TheHypocrites)At-Taghabun (The Manifestation of Losses) At-Talaq(Divorce)At-Tahrim (The Prohibition) Al-Mulk (The Kingdom) Al-Qalam(ThePen) Al-Haqqah (The Sure Truth) Al-Ma'arij (The Ways of Ascent)Nuh(Noah) Al-Jinn (The Jinn) Al-Muzzammil (The One CoveringHimself)Al-Muddaththir (The One Wrapping Himself Up) Al-Qiyamah(TheResurrection) Al-Insan (The Man) Al-Mursalat (Those SentForth)An-Naba' (The Announcement) An-Nazi'at (Those Who Yearn)'Abasa (HeFrowned) At-Takwir (The Folding Up) Al-Infitar (TheCleaving)At-Tatfif (Default in Duty) Al-Inshiqaq (The BurstingAsunder)Al-Buruj (The Stars) At-Tariq (The Comer by Night) Al-A'la(TheMost High) Al-Ghashiyah (The Overwhelming Event) Al-Fajr(TheDaybreak) Al-Balad (The City) Ash-Shams (The Sun) Al-Lail(TheNight) Ad-Duha (The Brightness of the Day) Al-Inshirah(TheExpansion) At-Tin (The Fig) Al-'Alaq (The Clot) Al-Qadr(TheMajesty) Al-Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence) Al-Zilzal (TheShaking)Al-'Adiyat (The Assaulters) Al-Qari'ah (The Calamity)At-Takathur(The Abundance of Wealth) Al-'Asr (The Time) Al-Humazah(TheSlanderer) Al-Fil (The Elephant) Al-Quraish (The Quraish)Al-Ma'un(Acts of Kindness) Al-Kauthar (The Abundance of Good)Al-Kafirun(The Disbelievers) An-Nasr (The Help) Al-Lahab (TheFlame)Al-Ikhlas (The Unity) Al-Falaq (The Dawn) An-Nas (The Men)Thanksfor choosing our App. May Allah bless all of us and grantusGoodness and Jannah, Ameen
Sheikh Sudais Quran MP3 2.2
This app lets you listen to the recitation of Juz Amma, fromtheHoly Quran by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais. Requires no downloadsorstreaming just install the app and select the surah tolisten.Ifyour hearts are purified, you will never tire of recitingthe koranand listening to its recitation.Hazrat Uthman(radhiyallahu anhu)
Al Quran : Holy Quran Mp3 & Quran Book in Arabic 4.2
Ealim Quran: Quran english translations and many otherslanguagewith quran audio offline. The Holy Quran is most importantandauthentic religious book for Muslim in the world. The Quran bookisin Arabic by Almighty ALLAH. We have presented this Quran bookinArabic and English in the Quran app. This is Al Quran bookinArabic free download. The holy Quran free download in Arabicbookis available for free Quran Sharif in English as well asotherlanguages. Quran Kareem as Quran Karim is Quran readingfreeapplication for Muslim. Muslim Ummah can Quran read andlistenoffline. This is Quran reading in English & Quran readinginArabic. Quran in English recital free download available forall.Listen The Quran recitation with Quran English translationfree.The Quran translation in English audio is also the holy QuraninArabic text and English translation. Holy Quran free downloadinArabic is free. Quran urdu tafseer Holy Quran free in Arabicaudiois also Quran in English free. The Tilawat e Quran audioQuranMajeed with Urdu tarjuma full also with other 26 languages.This isQuran for free Quran download free for mobile. Quran forandroid isaudio Quran offline as holy Quraan al Quran. This is freeQuran orAlQuran for Islamic world. Quran translations are freeQuranavailable. Al Quran or al- Qur’an or alquran is free book forall.The Quran explorer is as AlQuran with translation. The holyQuranlite or qoran is holy Quran android free as Quran online. AlQuranal Karim also Quraan is Quran 1 in world as Al-Quran kareem.VoiceQuran Offline Now download Quran audio offline mp3 and listenanytime. You can Holy Quran free download in Arabic audio indifferentQari voices. Al Quran audio full mp3 offline is nowavailable. AlQuran or AlQuran is religious book of Islam. Koran isbook forMuslim. Do Daily Quran recitation and listen Al Quran mp3allMuslim in this Quran android. This Quraan is Quran app tolistenQuran and Quran reading. Holy Quran is Quran online. AlQuranonline is also the Quran offline to read and listen. The holyQuranincludes Quran audio in different Qari sounds. Quran inEnglish andArabic also contains famous Quran verses. Read the Quranword byword and learn online Quran teaching by e Quran. This QuraneKareem app teaches like iQuran or i Quran. Al Quran Digital isAlQuran mp3 for recite or listen after all Muslim Prayer.Thisincludes Al Quran 30 JUZ and mp3 alquran full. The famousAyatQuran and other famous Surah indicates occasional recitation.Thisversion also contains Tajwid al Quran with best Englishtranslationof Quran. Al Quran android is free Alquran tajwid andtartil al quran. Best Qari Voice : Qari List 1- Ahmed Al Ajmi (Saudi Imam &Qari of the holy Quran) 2- Ali Al-Hothaify ( chiefimam and thekhateeb of the Great mosque of Medina) 3- Maher Moeqali(Lead atMasjid al-Haram & Masjid al-Nabawi) 4- Mohammad Ayoub(Imam ofAl-Masjid an-Nabawi) 5- Saad Al-Ghamdi ( Saudi Imaam &bestquraan in arabic reciter) 6- Sheikh Sudais ( Imam of theGrandMosque in Mecca) 7- Waheed Zafar Qasmi (With Urdu Audio)Otherlanguages Translation List: Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian,Chinese,Czech English – Dr Mohsin, English – picktahll, English –Yousuf,Finnish, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese,Korean,Malay, Marano, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian,Somali,Spanish, Swedish, Tatar, Thai, Transliteration, Turkish,Urdu,Uzbek Famous surah List Surah Al-Fatiha, Surah Al-Baqarah,SurahAl-Kahaf, Surah Al-Noor, Surah Al-Yaseen, Surah Al-Rahman,SurahAl-Waqiah, Surah Al-Mulk, Surah Al-Muzammil, Surah Al-Qadr,SurahAl-Kausar, Surah Al-Nasr. Contact us: We are always tryingtoimprove our work. Feature updates, recommendations,opinions,suggestions and improvement ideas are always welcomed.Email:[email protected]
AlQuran-Murottal 30 Juz 3.0
Queenza dev
AlQuran is The Holy Book for all Muslims, It has been sent downasthe light and guidance for Muslim's daily life through theTruePath. In AlQuran there are verses of Commandment of Allah,TheProhibitions of Allah, and the story of the Previous Ummah. So,itis the time for us, listening these verses for Our dailylife.InThis App, we preserve murattal-style of the 14 famous Qari'in theworld, They Are:1. Imam Abdurrahman AsSudais2. ImamMaherAlMuaiqli3. Imam Sa'd Al Ghamidi4. Imam Misyari Rashid5. ImamSu'udAs Syuraim6. Imam Ali Abdurrahman Al Hudaify7. Imam YasserAlDosari8. Imam Abdul Basit Abdu Shamad9. Imam BandarBaleela10.ImamHani Ar Rifai11.Imam Abdullah Al Juhany12.Imam AliJabir13.Imam AliAbu Hasan14.Imam Fahad Al KandariWe too provide themushaf of 30juz AlQuran in pdf, in order that it helps you to readAlQuran
Sheikh Sudais Quran MP3 20-35 1.0
This app lets you listen to the recitation of surah 20-35, fromtheHoly Quran by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais. Requires no downloadsorstreaming just install the app and select the surah tolisten.Ifyour hearts are purified, you will never tire of recitingthe koranand listening to its recitation.Hazrat Uthman(radhiyallahu anhu)
Quran with Urdu Translation 1.11
Happy Ramadan 2017 In this Ramadan read and listen audio mp3QuranSharif to Download Al Quran App - Holy Quran with UrduTranslationby Sarah names or Juzz names with Urdu translation /tarjuma.Listen & Read all 114 Al-Qurah Surah including: SurahYaseen -يس Surah Ar-Rahmaan - الرحمن Surah Al-Waaqia - الواقعةSurahAl-Mulk - الملك Surah Al-Muzzammil - المزمل Features: • Youcan addbookmarks while reading. With go to page number option youcan jumpto a page instantly. • Listen Surah in Audio MP3 byfollowing topreciters: - Mishary Rashid Alafasy - Abdul RahmanAl-Sudais - AbdulRahman Al-Sudais - Qari Abdul Basit Abdus Samad -Ali Jaber APPFEATURES: • The Quran Transliteration in EnglishOfline • QuranMajeed Sajajah Information with Ayat Selection •Bookmark orFavorite any Noble Quran Ayat at the of Quran Reading •SetNotification for Quran Reading • Upgrade to Premium YouCanPurchase to Remove Ads to Read Quran Sharif with UrduTranslation •Learn Quran Stop Signs • Share Arabic Quran Ayat andEnglish QuranAyat with Your Friends • Quran Recitation DownloadPlease rememberus in your prayers specially in this Ramzan.
Al Quran Mp3 ( Full 30 Juz) 1.0
Afiq Creative
Al Quran Mp3 Murottal ( Full 30 Juz)This application for alltheMuslims of the world to allow anyone who wants to learn andalsolistening to chant verses from the Holy Quran.Listen and ReadMp3Quran with multiple quran qaris and multiple languages. Over55reciters or Qaris and mp3 Quran translation in over 50worldlanguages.Features Al Quran MP3 Full 30 Juz :1. Read Alquran2.PlayAlquran MP33. Download Alquran audio4. Create playlist (you canaddfavorite surah)5. Share surah6. Daily NotificationAl QuranAudioMP3 Translation Languages :Arabic, Albanian, Azeri,Azerbaijan,Bangla, Brazilian, Burmese, Bosnian, Chichewa,Tamazight, Tamil,Thai, Turkish, Telugu, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek,Vietnamese, Yoruba andZulu.Chinese, Dutch, English, Filipino,French, Gujarati, German,Greek, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian,Kashmiri, Kanada, Korean,Kurdish, Maranao, Maranao Arabic, Mexico,Malyalam, Marathi,Punjabi, Pashto, Persian, Portuguese, Russian,Sindhi, Somali,Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Reciters :Abdul RahmanAlsudaes, AbdulBasit Abdul Samad, Abdur Rashid Sufi, Ahmed Al Ajmi,Abdulaziz AlAhmad, Abdul Wadood Haneef, Abdulbari Ath Thubaity,Abdulmohsin AlObaikhan, Ali Alhuthaifi, Abdullah Basfer, Ahmad AlHawashy, AhmedSaber, Abdullah Khayyat, Al Qari Yassen, AleyoonAlkoshi, Abu BakerShatri, Ali Jaber, Abdulmohsen Alqasim, EmadZuhair Hafth, FaresAbbaf, Hani Arrifai, Ibrahim Alakhdar, JamalShaker Abdullah,Khalid Abdulkhafi, Khalid Alqahtani, Khalifah AlTonaeijy, MahmoudKhalil, Muhammed Al Tablawi, Mahmood Al Sheimy,Mishary Al Afasy,Mustafa Ismail, Mustafa Al Lahoni, Mahmood AliAlbana, MohammadAyyub, Maher Al Muaiqly, Mohammed Al Minshawi,Mohammad jibreel,Mohammed Al Muhasny, Mohammed Siddiq Al Minshawl,Mohammad AlAbdullah, Mustafa Raad Al Azawi, Nabil Ar Rifai, SauddAl Shuraim,Shirazad Taher, Salah Alhashim, Salah Bukatir, Salah AlBudair,Saad Al ghamdi, Saud Al Shuraim, Sahl Yaaseen, Awfeeq AsSayegh,Yasser Al Mazroyee, Yahya Hawa and Zaki Daghistani.Downloadnow
Al-Quran Mp3 (Full 30 Juz) 1.1
The Most Popular Quran Application that introduce allIslamicreligion.Al Quran Audio for Android is a free, open sourceQuranapplication for Android devices. There are many featuresunderdevelopment.All the Quran audio on this app are in highquality andare free for download and streaming as mp3.Thisapplicationcontains recitation of the Holy Quran by most popularQori'samongothers :1. Saad al - Ghamdi2. Maher Al Muaiqly3. Ahmedibn Ali al -Ajmy4. Hani ar - Rifai5. Idrees Abkar6. Fares Abbad7.MisharyRashid Al Afasy8. Nasser Al Qatami9. Abdur Rahman as-Sudais10.Sa'ud Ash - ShuraymFeatures :1. Play audio Qur'an2. Createaplaylist3. Download the Qur'an Audio4. Sharing* To listen totheQuran audio , App must be connected to the internet via WiFi /3G /4G .
Quran Urdu 2.6.25
Andi Unpam
This application is Digital Quran / Koran with Urdutranslation,arabic style with IndoPak and Utsmani, and audio mp3murattal fullQuran 114 surah or 30 juz without limitation download.CurrentFeatures : - User friendly design, slide the screen to moveSurahor Juz. - Reading with mode portrait or landscape. - ReadingwithIndoPak or Uthmani script style. - Surah Index (Surah list). -JuzIndex (Juz list). - Urdu translation (translator by Ahmed AliandAbul A'ala Maududi). - Audio mp3 murattal 30 Juz (Reciteroptionsby Sheikh Hani Ar Rifai, Sheikh Mishary Rashid, Sheikh FaresAbbad,Sheikh Mahmud Khalil Al Husary, Sheikh Maher Al Muaiqly,SheikhSaad Al-Ghamdi,Sheikh Muhammad Jebril and Sheikh AbdulRahmanAl-Sudais). - Audio control (play, pause, stop, next,prev,repeater). - Audio Manager (download and delete audio murattalwithmulti select with single click). - Copy the ayahs. - Sharetheayahs. - Bookmark ayahs. - Mark ayahs as last read.-Backup-restore bookmark and marked last read to the Cloud. -Searchthe word from translation. - Prayer Times and Imsak (mealeatenbefore starting fasting in ramadan). - Qibla direction fromyourlocation. - Hijri calendar. - All feature supports offline(Quranoffline). * And next features that are in development. Thisapp hasseveral ads, but the placement is not in a position whilereadingthe Quran, although there are ads but all of its featuresare Freewithout restrictions, which the revenue from ads to helpthedevelopment of this application, such as: • Fee monthly rentalof 3(three) servers for the needs of this application. •Feeconsumption of programmers and designers in developing featuresandbug fixes that exist in this application. But if you do notwantany ads appear, you can make a donation from this app.Yourdonation will automatically go to Google system, and Googlewillsend user donated money each month to our Bank account, andthemoney we receive from Google entirely (100%) will be donatedtoorphans and dhuafa (less able) in 3 (three) places, namely:•Yayasan Griya Kafil Yatim, Gunung Sindur, Kab. Bogor -Indonesia,web • Jln. Cabe III Dalam andaround, PondokCabe Ilir, Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan - Indonesia. •Jln. Talas IIand around, Pondok Cabe Ilir, Pamulang, TangerangSelatan -Indonesia.
Al-Quran Ahmad Saud Offline 1.0
Listen to the beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran recitedbyAhmad SaudThis juz amma Ahmad Saud Quran MP3 app workofflineListenthe Ahmad Saud murottal offline without streaming mp3or downloadmp3 High quality soundSimple and easy to use
Al Quran Audio (Full 30 Juz) 4.2
All the Quran recitations on this site are in high quality andarefree for download and streaming as mp3s. Please enjoy yourstay,contact us with your suggestions, tell your friends about theapp,and don't forget us in your prayers! Al Quran Audio for Androidisa free, open source Quran application for Android devices.Thereare many features under development. Features Al Quran Audio :1.Play Alquran audio 2. Download Alquran audio 3. Createplaylist(you can add favorite surah) 4. Share surah 24996b441b
Full Quran Reading (Offline) 119.0
Mahfuz Rahman
Now listen holy quran with beautiful voice.- Listen Quranofflinewithout internet and wifi connection.- Full audio quranwithoutinternet- Arabic & English pronunciation- Full QuranTafsir .-signification
Quran audio by Yousuf Kalo 1.0.2
Holy Quran by Yousuf Kalo (offline) need no internet I hope youwilllike itplay in background in cloud Juz'a Amma , Alfatiha,Alkahf andsora yousufI hope you will like this appfeel free toshare it andyou can support us by rating thanks
AlQuran 30 Juz Offline Mp3 1.0
The max's dev
This AlQuran 30 Juz Offline Mp3 application contains recitationofthe Holy Quran by most popular Qori'samong others :1. Saad al-Ghamdi2. Maher Al Muaiqly3. Ahmed ibn Ali al - Ajmy4. Hani ar-Rifai5. Idrees Abkar6. Fares Abbad7. Mishary Rashid AlAfasy8.Nasser Al Qatami9. Abdur Rahman as- Sudais10. Sa'ud Ash-ShuraymAlQuran 30 Juz Offline Mp3 Translation* Indonesia*English*Urdu* German* France* India* Spanish* Etc.AlQuran 30 JuzOfflineMp3 Featured:- Full Offline Aplication- Listen in backgrund-Set asringtone, notification, and alarm.- This also murottal AlQuran 30juz or al quran mp3 reciting- Touch only to play or opennext surah/ surah listAlQuran 30 Juz Offline Mp3 Table of ContentAl QuranMP3 Full Offline:Al-Fatihah (The Opening)Al-Baqarah(TheCow)Al-'Imran (The Family of Amran)An-Nisa' (TheWomen)Al-Ma'idah(The Food)Al-An'am (The Cattle)Al-A'raf (TheElevatedPlaces)Al-Anfal (Voluntary Gifts)Al-Bara'at /At-Taubah(TheImmunity)Yunus (Jonah)Hud (Hud)Yusuf (Joseph)Ar-Ra'd(TheThunder)Ibrahim (Abraham)Al-Hijr (The Rock)An-Nahl (TheBee)BaniIsra'il (The Israelites)Al-Kahf (The Cave)Maryam (Mary)TaHa (TaHa)Al-Anbiya' (The Prophets)Al-Hajj (ThePilgrimage)Al-Mu'minun(The Believers)An-Nur (The Light)Al-Furqan(TheDiscrimination)Ash-Shu'ara' (The Poets)An-Naml (TheNaml)Al-Qasas(The Narrative)Al-'Ankabut (The Spider)Ar-Rum (TheRomans)Luqman(Luqman)As-Sajdah (The Adoration)Al-Ahzab (TheAllies)Al-Saba' (TheSaba')Al-Fatir (The Originator)Ya Sin (YaSin)As-Saffat (ThoseRanging in Ranks)Sad (Sad)Az-Zumar (TheCompanies)Al-Mu'min (TheBeliever)Ha Mim (Ha Mim)Ash-Shura(Counsel)Az-Zukhruf(Gold)Ad-Dukhan (The Drought)Al-Jathiyah (TheKneeling)Al-Ahqaf(The Sandhills)Muhammad (Muhammad)Al-Fath (TheVictory)Al-Hujurat(The Apartments)Qaf (Qaf)Ad-Dhariyat (TheScatterers)At-Tur (TheMountain)An-Najm (The Star)Al-Qamar (TheMoon)Ar-Rahman (TheBeneficent)Al-Waqi'ah (The Event)Al-Hadid(Iron)Al-Mujadilah (ThePleading Woman)Al-Hashr (TheBanishment)Al-Mumtahanah (The Womanwho is Examined)As-Saff (TheRanks)Al-Jumu'ah (TheCongregation)Al-Munafiqun (TheHypocrites)At-Taghabun (TheManifestation of Losses)At-Talaq(Divorce)At-Tahrim (TheProhibition)Al-Mulk (The Kingdom)Al-Qalam(The Pen)Al-Haqqah (TheSure Truth)Al-Ma'arij (The Ways ofAscent)Nuh (Noah)Al-Jinn (TheJinn)Al-Muzzammil (The One CoveringHimself)Al-Muddaththir (The OneWrapping Himself Up)Al-Qiyamah (TheResurrection)Al-Insan (TheMan)Al-Mursalat (Those SentForth)An-Naba' (TheAnnouncement)An-Nazi'at (Those Who Yearn)'Abasa(HeFrowned)At-Takwir (The Folding Up)Al-Infitar(TheCleaving)At-Tatfif (Default in Duty)Al-Inshiqaq (TheBurstingAsunder)Al-Buruj (The Stars)At-Tariq (The Comer byNight)Al-A'la(The Most High)Al-Ghashiyah (The OverwhelmingEvent)Al-Fajr (TheDaybreak)Al-Balad (The City)Ash-Shams (TheSun)Al-Lail (TheNight)Ad-Duha (The Brightness of theDay)Al-Inshirah (TheExpansion)At-Tin (The Fig)Al-'Alaq (TheClot)Al-Qadr (TheMajesty)Al-Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence)Al-Zilzal(TheShaking)Al-'Adiyat (The Assaulters)Al-Qari'ah(TheCalamity)At-Takathur (The Abundance of Wealth)Al-'Asr(TheTime)Al-Humazah (The Slanderer)Al-Fil (The Elephant)Al-Quraish(TheQuraish)Al-Ma'un (Acts of Kindness)Al-Kauthar (The AbundanceofGood)Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers)An-Nasr (The Help)Al-Lahab(TheFlame)Al-Ikhlas (The Unity)Al-Falaq (The Dawn)An-Nas (The Men)
Surah Yaseen With Urdu Translation 1.3
Listen verse by verse recitation of Surah Yaseen Mp3 ( يسٓ )inArabic and Urdu اردو. Beautiful voices of manyInternationalreciters along with Urdu recitation. Surah Yasin isone of theQurani Surahs that Muslims love to read, listen, andmemorize toget the blessings of Allah Almighty. Through thisapplication, youcan read and memorize the verses of Surah Yasin,and refresh yoursoul with heart touching recitations of the Surah.•Al-Afasy -العفاسي•Saood & Shuraim - سعود الشريم•Abu BakrAsh-Shatree -أبو بكر الشاطري•Mahir Al-Muayqali - الشيخ ماهر بنحمدالمعيقلي•Minshawi (Mujawwad) - المنشاوي‎•Muhammad al Tablaway-محمد الطبلاوي•Abdur Rahman As Sudais - عبد الرحمنالسديسDownloadthe app now and utilize the blessing of Ramadan withthe recitationof Holy Qurans Chapters. Like it? Share thisbeautiful app withyour friends and family.
Listen Quran - Misyari Rasyid 6.0
For those of you who want to listen to the Qur'an, this appisperfect for you. This application you can open anywhere becauseitdoes not require internet connection. Simply once downloadedandyou can listen to it many times. This application bringsthemelodious voice of reading Quran which is brought by thefamousQari 'Syaikh Misyari Rashid complete 114 letters. MurottalQur'anMisyari Rashid (Mishary Rashid) is one of the most easilyfoundQur'an murottals on the internet, for the Qur'an recitationbroughtby him is very popular and well liked by many people aroundtheworld, people who like and spread kalamullah rebuke thatwasbrought by him. Murottal Misyari Rashid (Mishary Rashid) hasitsown distinctive features of clear voice, long and calm reading.Inaddition, the recording of the voice of Shaykh MisyariRashid(Mishary Rashid) al-Afasy can be said to be quite goodqualitycompared to the other qari '.
Surah Ar-Rahman With Urdu Translation 1.2
Surah Rahman is an Islamic Smartphone application that letsMuslimsthroughout the globe attain enormous blessings of Allah SWTbyreciting extraordinary Chapter of the Holy Quran, i.e.SurahAr-Rahman. Besides Audio Narration, it also offers TranslationandTransliteration of sacred verses for user`sincreasedunderstanding.Complete Recitation / Tilawatof SurahAr-Rahman(Arabic: سورةالرحمن). If you are searching of QuranicSurah(s)inAudio MP3 versions(سورۃرحمن) then all Muslims arerequested toplease kindly download this App and listen toSuratArRahman fromthe QuranReciters (Qurra) Names: - SaadAl-Ghamdi- Mashary BinRashid- Ahmad Bin Ali Ajmi- Abdul Basit AbdulSamad- Qari SyedSadaqat Ali- Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi- AbdurRehmanAs-Sudais - AliAbdur-Rahman al-Huthaify - Abu Bakar Shatri -Muhammad Ayyum-Abdullah BasfarGet this at no cost andcomprehensible mobileapplication of Surah Rahman to benefit fromthe countless blessingsof narrating this heavenly Chapter of QuranKreem.
Murottal Juz 1-30 Complette 1.7
Tali Pacul
Murottal Al Qur an 30 Juz , from letter to letter Annas.AlFatikhahused as a ringtone smart phone is very easy theletteryou want and then select set as ringtone .This app consistsof 2types of offline and online . Downloadmoreapps,example:adzan,sholawat nabi,sholawathabib,sholawatmayada,sholawat wafiq azizah,murottal quran,kiddquran,juz ammaanak,belajar qiroah,maghfirah m hussein mp3quran,abdurahman assudais mp3 quran,muhammad thaha mp3 quran,fatihsaferagic,muzammilhasballah,suara adzan merdu,lantunan ayat-ayatAllah,juz amma ahmadsaud,lagu religi,hadad alwi feat sulis,etc
Al Quran Juz 1-30 1.2
Many fortune
This application presents a murottal Al Quran recitationfromseveral Qori's in world. In this application we offer youMurottalOffline Juz amma, Juz Tabarak, Kids recitation, andMurottal Online30 Juz full. This application can also be used as aringtone,notification tone, alarm tone, and so on. Hopefullythisapplication useful for all.
Surah Yasin 3.9
Quran Reading
Surah Yasin is an Android App, which is designed to facilitatetheusers with the imperative Surahs of Quran all together in oneApp.App comes with a distinctive feature of Surahs withtranslation,transliteration, and audio recitation of each Surah ofQuran.Surahsof Quran included:1. Surah Yaseen, which is the heartof Quran andhas divine virtues associated with it, which awardsinnumerablevirtues to the one who recite it daily.2. Surah Rahman,which isthe adornment of Quran, soothes the hearts of thebelievers.3.Surah Mulk the reverend Surah of Quran e Hakeem, whichshieldsagainst the afflictions and punishment of grave4. Surah Kahfis onethat significant Surah which will help from the pugnacitiesof AntiChrist (Dajal)5. Surah Waqiya the divinity of which isproven withthe authentic Hadith that it alleviates poverty andmakes youenrich by heartApp Features:The detailed features of thisAppentail:• Translation in almost every language for each verse ofthechapters included in Application to enhance the understandingofQuran teachings• Recitation in the soulful voices ofrenownedRecitors Mishray Al-Afsay and Abdur Rahman asSudais•Transliteration to help user in correct pronunciation ofeachArabic Alphabet (Tajweed) for authentic recitation of thisdivinebook of Allah Almighty• GoTo option to search any particularverseof the Surahs mentioned in this App• Change of font style andfontsize for the clear visibility of text on your smart Phonescreens•Play and pause option helps to take the hold of recitalprocess forthe usersBenefits and Blessings Section:This bonusfeature hasadded in this App to enlighten the users with theblessings ofthese aforementioned Surahs of Quran. It furtherconsist sections,which separately are covering the virtues of eachSurah enlisted inthe App.Rate and download this imperative free ofcost App to graspthe divine bounties of Quran e Pak. Jazak’Allah!
Al Quran MP3 with Translation 1.6
Quran e Kareem with Translation in English, Urdu, Malay,Indonesian,French, Italian, Bangali, Chinese, Persian, Dutch,Persian, Turkish,Spanish, Hindi, German, Japanese, Korean,Portuguese, Russian, &Swedish.Quran Kareem MP3 is latestAndroid App, which features theentire Quran e Kareem withtranslation, transliteration, and audiorecitation (mp3 tilawat) ofeach chapter surah by surah and ayah byayah of the Holy Quran.Here are the features of Quran Kareem MP3app:1 - Translaion in 19Languages. The best feature is that thetranslation of entire inthis Al Quran al Kareem App is given for 19popular languages. Youcan read Quran in English, Urdu, Malay (QuranBahasa Melayu),Indonesian (Terjemahan Al Quran Bahasa Indonesia),French (Coran enFrançais), Italian, Bangali (Quran Bangla) ,Chinese, Persian,Dutch, Persian, Turkish, Spanish (Corán enEspañol), Hindi, German,Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian,& Swedish. Further QuranEnglish Translation is Given in 6Different versions i.e. QuranInternational English Translation,Quran English Daryabandi, QuranEnglish Maududi, Quran EnglishPickthal, Quran English Shakir, andQuran English Yousaf Alitranslation. 2 - Audio Recitation - Youcan listen audio recitationof complete Quran in voice of Qari AlSudais, Qari Mishari RashidAlafsay, and Qari Abdul Basid AbdusSamad3 – Video Quran Majeed –Besides the simple text, there isalso option to listen and view thefull Quran recitation with AudioUrdu Translation. The voice andreciter in Video Quran is Qari SyedSadaqat Husain. Listen thatheart trembling recitation of Quran eKareem.4 – Transliteration –Transliteration enables you to readQuran Pak in Arabic by simplyits Transliteration in English.5 -Settings - Settings tab enablesyou to customize applicationaccording to your choice in which youcan change font style andsize. In setting, you can also change theReciter among threepopular Qaris of World.This is a beautiful Quranwith Translationand all of you are requested to install and sharethe Message ofQuran whenever you receive Notification. Jaza k Allahand spreadthe word of Allah especially Ayah oh the day
Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word) 1.6.5
Alhamdulillah. Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word) isaQuranstudytoolfor all. It provides verse by verseaudioplaybackwithrepeatfunctions, Tafsir ibn kathir, ColorCodedTajweed, wordbywordAnalysis and Translations, Index ofQuran,notetaking,custombookmarks with sync, basic Noteswithsync,powerfulsearch,several simultaneous translations,multiplethemesand fontsandmuch more.You can enjoy:• Verse indexedTafsirIbnKathirinEnglish with embedded Arabic, Taqiuddinhilalicommentary•8ArabicTafsirs (including Ibn Kathir, Tabarietc.)•ColorCodedTajweedwith the same color implementation asiquran(ForKitkat andup)•Word by Word Rendering,RootInformation,Translation, WordDetailsand Verb Forms• Bookmarks/Favoritesseparated into usermadecategories• Quran Index•Takingnotes ineach ayah•Bookmarks/Notes Import/export to online,filefeature•Apowerfulfull-text search engine withhighlights•Robustaudiosystem withrepeat, group playback of versesfunction toaidinmemorization•Various fonts, pinch-zoom featureandmultipleThemeswith nightview• Autoscroll feature•DifferentQuranTranslationsviewablesimultaneously: Bengali,Chinese,English,French, Hindi,German,Indonesian, Italian, Malay,Russian,Spanish,Urdu, Telgeu,Tamiland many more• Severaldownloadablerecitationsfor verse byverserecital (supports gapless /continuousrecitation)includingQariMishary Al-Afasy, Qari Husari(muallim),Qari AbdurRahmanAsSudais and many other Qaris• ApptranslatedtoEnglish,Bangla,German, French, Indonesia,Malay,Russian,Arabic,SpanishShare andrecommend this beautifulapplicationtoyourfriends and relatives.May Allah bless us inthisworldandhereafter."Whoever callspeople to right guidance willhavearewardlike that of those whofollow him..." -SahihMuslim,Hadith2674Made with Love byGreentech AppsFoundationLikeusonFacebook: Forustocontributemore to theUmmah with new apps and features,ourteamneeds regularfunds tosupport the progress.Here’s yourchancetomake adifference,benefit the Ummah andsharetherewards.Donategenerously thisRamadan to support ourprojects andbepart ofSadaqah Jariyah insha Allah,visitthelinkbelow:,Quran,مصحف,قرآن,Holy Quran, Quran e Kareem, QuranPak,QuranMajeed,Religion,Religious, Islamic Book, Quran WordbyWord,QuranTafseer, Tafsiribn Katheer, Word by Word Quran,ColoredQuran,مصحف,قرآن, Quranwith Color coded tajweed,AutoscrollingQuran,Quranapp, مصحف,قرآن
AL QURAN AUDIO MP3 30 JUZ OFFLINE FULL with Beautiful Sound BySaadAl-Ghamidi with Best Audio Quality
Hafizi Quran 15 Lines Per Page 1.0.1
Qalam Pro
Holy Quran القرآن الكريم has an elegant style, Don't botheryourselfby scrolling up and down; now easily recite as actualColor printedQuran page by page. This Koran app is best companionfor youanywhere, During Travel, or if you are in Masjid after saypray(Namaz) you can read Quran in you android device and readdailyazkar and Dua's. Enhance your recitation and spiritualexperiencewith the real feel of actual printed Quran anytimeanywhere. HolyQuran has a real page turning effect, elegant style,smooth Nastaliqfont and different modes for better readability.Offline Quran ForMalaysia. Read Quran for Indonesia. Russain QuranOffline. GermanQuran Reader offline freeRecite Holy Quran forAndroid القرآن withactual experience, feels just like an actualQuran in yourhand.Features:Beautiful Color Print Quran Word byWordFull pagereadability.15 Lines per pageBookmark Option Resumeoption to getstart reading from which page you leftSurah Index forDirectly go toany Surah Go to Page Option for Directly go to anyPage of KoranCanSave and Share any Page Swipe for next or previousPage.Surah List(Table of Content) :Al-Fatihah (TheOpening)Al-Baqarah (TheCow)Al-'Imran An-Nisa' (TheWomen)Al-Ma'idah (The Food)Al-An'am (TheCattle)Al-A'raf (TheElevated Places)Al-Anfal (VoluntaryGifts)Al-Bara'at /At-TaubahYunus (Jonah)Hud (Hud)Yusuf(Joseph)Ar-Ra'd (TheThunder)Ibrahim (Abraham)Al-Hijr (TheRock)An-Nahl (The Bee)BaniIsra'il (The Israelites)Al-Kahf (TheCave)Maryam (Mary)Ta Ha (TaHa)Al-Anbiya' (The Prophets)Al-Hajj (ThePilgrimage)Al-Mu'minun(The Believers)An-Nur (The Light)Al-Furqan(TheDiscrimination)Ash-Shu'ara' (The Poets)An-Naml (TheNaml)Al-Qasas(The Narrative)Al-'Ankabut (The Spider)Ar-Rum (TheRomans)Luqman(Luqman)As-Sajdah (The Adoration)Al-Ahzab (TheAllies)Al-Saba' (TheSaba')Al-Fatir (The Originator)Ya Sin (YaSin)As-Saffat (ThoseRanging in Ranks)Sad (Sad)Az-Zumar (TheCompanies)Al-Mu'min (TheBeliever)Ha Mim (Ha Mim)Ash-Shura(Counsel)Az-Zukhruf(Gold)Ad-Dukhan (The Drought)Al-Jathiyah (TheKneeling)Al-Ahqaf(The Sandhills)Muhammad (Muhammad)Al-Fath (TheVictory)Al-Hujurat(The Apartments)Qaf (Qaf)Ad-Dhariyat (TheScatterers)At-Tur (TheMountain)An-Najm (The Star)Al-Qamar (TheMoon)Ar-Rahman (TheBeneficent)Al-Waqi'ah (The Event)Al-Hadid(Iron)Al-Mujadilah (ThePleading Woman)Al-Hashr (TheBanishment)Al-Mumtahanah (The Womanwho is Examined)As-Saff (TheRanks)Al-Jumu'ah (TheCongregation)Al-Munafiqun (TheHypocrites)At-Taghabun (TheManifestation of Losses)At-Talaq(Divorce)At-Tahrim (TheProhibition)Al-Mulk (The Kingdom)Al-Qalam(The Pen)Al-Haqqah (TheSure Truth)Al-Ma'arij (The Ways ofAscent)Nuh (Noah)Al-Jinn (TheJinn)Al-Muzzammil (The One CoveringHimself)Al-Muddaththir (The OneWrapping Himself Up)Al-Qiyamah (TheResurrection)Al-Insan (TheMan)Al-Mursalat (Those SentForth)An-Naba' (TheAnnouncement)An-Nazi'at (Those Who Yearn)'Abasa(HeFrowned)At-Takwir (The Folding Up)Al-Infitar(TheCleaving)At-Tatfif (Default in Duty)Al-Inshiqaq (TheBurstingAsunder)Al-Buruj (The Stars)At-Tariq (The Comer byNight)Al-A'la(The Most High)Al-Ghashiyah (The OverwhelmingEvent)Al-Fajr (TheDaybreak)Al-Balad (The City)Ash-Shams (TheSun)Al-Lail (TheNight)Ad-Duha (The Brightness of theDay)Al-Inshirah (TheExpansion)At-Tin (The Fig)Al-'Alaq (TheClot)Al-Qadr (TheMajesty)Al-Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence)Al-Zilzal(TheShaking)Al-'Adiyat (The Assaulters)Al-Qari'ah(TheCalamity)At-Takathur (The Abundance of Wealth)Al-'Asr(TheTime)Al-Humazah (The Slanderer)Al-Fil (The Elephant)Al-Quraish(TheQuraish)Al-Ma'un (Acts of Kindness)Al-Kauthar (The AbundanceofGood)Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers)An-Nasr (The Help)Al-Lahab(TheFlame)Al-Ikhlas (The Unity)Al-Falaq (The Dawn)An-Nas (The Men)
Al Quran with Tafseer (Explanation) 1.1.9
Application Features----------------------------------1).AdvanceSearchUser can search by selecting any one of thefollowingcategories:• By Quran• By Translation (Tarjuma)• ByInterpretation(Tafseer)For Arabic search you have to write inArabic and inTarjuma and Tafseer you have to write in Urdu.Word byWord Search:By selecting the Tarjuma or Tafseer if you search wordby word bytyping 2 words so you can view it in a single verse(Ayah) or alsoin the complete Quran. E.g. Rasool Allah2). LastReading PointItwill help you to view your previous reading page.With the help ofthis option user can resume reading from theprevious readingpoint.3). Go to OptionIt will help the user to godirectly on hisdesired page. By typing the number you can go to anyparticularpart (Parah) or chapter (Surah).4). Reading ScreenRotateOptionUser can view the content in landscape mode and thiswillhelp him to read with ease.5). Show Parah No.The name of ParahandSurah with number will be shown on the title bar.6). SharewithHTMLUser can share the content as HTML through Whatsapp.7).AllMenus in English, Urdu and RomanMenu is available invariouslanguages i.e. English, Urdu and Roman. 8). SurahIntroductionScreen Zoom FunctionFor the ease of our users the zoomoption onthe Surah introduction screen has been added.9). Bookmark(WithTopic)When you are saving any bookmark you can named the titleortopic of your choice andsaveit.DESCRIPTION-----------------------Quran is the last andmostexalted book of ALLAH which is a treasure of knowledge forallmankind. Keeping in mind the importance of this prominent bookandto facilitate the Muslim Umah, the I.T department ofDawat-e-Islamiis launching a prestigious app namely “Al QuranTranslation”. Nowwith the recitation of Quran user can also readTarjuma(Translation) and Tafseer (Interpretation). You can installthisapp in your smartphone and earn bundles of rewards byrecitingQuran even when travelling. Al Quran Translation is agorgeouslydesigned app with an eye-catching UI.ProminentFeatures:1) MultipleTranslations: User can read two translationsi.e. Kanz-ul-Imaan andKanz-ul-Irfan.2) Interpretation: Apart fromtranslations app hasalso a Tafseer (Interpretation) i.e.Siraat-ul-Jinan. 3) Audios:User can listen audios in the voice ofmultiple Qaris.4) SurahIntroduction: In this app user will also getto know the completeintroduction of each Surah (Chapter). 5) SearchBar: For a moreadvance search it has been categorized intosections: a) Quran b)Tarjuma (Translation) c) Tafseer(Interpretation) User can selectany desired section and can findany particular surah (Chapter) orayah (Verse). 6) Bookmarking: Alist of bookmarks will be shown inthe bookmark section.7) BrilliantIndexing: App has a separateindex for both Paras (Parts) and Surahs(Chapters).8) Sharing: Withthis feature user can share the app linkthrough Facebook, Twitter,Skype and other social sites.Use thismarvelous app and persuadeothers for making use of it. You can sendus your valuablesuggestions and feedback [email protected]
Quran in Urdu Translation MP3 with Audio Tafsir 2.7
Quran with Urdu Translation (Tarjuma), Audio Recitation(Tilawat),and Audio Urdu Tafsir..Install Quran Urdu and do not missreadingthe Quran with Tafsir in the holy month of Ramadan 2018.HappyRamadan 2018.Urdu Quran (اردو قرآن الکریم) is a speciallydesignedapplication for Muslims who love to read, recite, andlisten theQuran with urdu translation and Tafseer e Quran.Launching thisapplication for all Muslims to ensure they have thebest pocketQuran with Urdu translation and Tafsir. Following arethe mainfeatures of Quran in Urdu:1 - Read Quran/Textual Quran –Tapingupon the Quran in main tab opens the full Quran with Fulllist of114 Surahs of Quran. You can Surah by Surah read QuranwithTranslation in Urdu and transliteration. Along the swipe ofthis,you can see Sajdahs and Stopping Signs section to viewrelevantinformation.2 - Audio Quran / MP3 - Audio Quran sectionenables theusers to listen the Holy Verses of Quran in voice ofImam e KaabaQari Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais with Audio UrduTarjuma/Translation.Besides, you can change the reciter fromSettings tab, and chooseother Qaris that include, Qari MishariRashid Al Afsay and QariAbdul Basit Abdul Samad.3 - Audio Tafsir AlQuran - Tafsir e Quransection enables you to listen Surah by SurahTafsir of all Quran.Simply play the Tafsir of Surahs, and startgetting to know themeanings, context, and stories behind each verseof Quran e Majeed.(This is by Dr Israr Ahmed)4 – Video Quran –Besides the simpletext, there is also option to listen and view thefull Quranrecitation with Audio Urdu Translation. The voice andreciter inVideo Quran is Qari Syed Sadaqat Husain. Listen thathearttrembling recitation of Quran e Kareem.5 – Translation –Besidesthe translation in Urdu, you can also read Quran e Kareemwithtranslation in English also.6 – Transliteration –Transliterationenables you to read Quran in Arabic by simply itsTransliterationin English.7 - Settings - Settings tab enables youto customizeapplication according to your choice in which you canchange fontstyle and size. In setting, you can also change theReciter amongthree popular Qaris of World.This is a beautiful Quranwith UrduTranslation & Tafsir and all of you are requested toinstalland share the Message of Quran whenever you receiveNotification.Jaza k Allah and spread the word of Allah especiallyAyah oh theday
Quran Pro Muslim: MP3 Audio offline & Read Tafsir 1.7.86
Quran app is a concentrate of the best Quran reciters in theworld,an amazing user interface design and the best set offeatures.Quran app is a FREE without any limitation. ● World famousrecitersincluding Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Sheikh Mishary RashidAlafasy,Cheikh Saad al Ghamedi. and more. ● English translationsand manyother language translations ● Option to display anytranslationalong with full Arabic text in hi-resolution With Quranapp you canalso: + Read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside itstranslation (French, English or even have explanation and meaning)+ Bookmarkyour favorites surat and reciters + Download recitationsto listenoffline + Download all or one by one surat + Downloadrecitationsof more than 23 reciters + Share with your family andfriends +Quranic Supplications + Duaa + Rouqaya + Repeat andshufflefunctions are included + Play audio in the background whileyou'reusing your Android Device The app has been: + Redesigned:nowfaster, simpler, snappier UI, and more beautiful. + OptimizedforHD display REQUIREMENTS - The application requires aninternetconnection with WiFi or 3G/4G for use in case you have notdownloadsurat. you have any feedback, comments or issues? Pleasecontact usdirectly
Juz Amma Audio and Translation 1.6.2
Juz Amma (Juz no-30 from Al-Qur'an mushaf Madinah) completewithaudio and translation. Juz Amma supports 3 languagesandtranslations: English, Indonesian, Malay. Touch on thelanguagetext to change the language. Displayed interactively withcleartext that allows users to learn Juz Amma. This application canbeset to display Arabic text, latin text, or translation only.
Al-Quran Juz 30 Complete 6.0
Aditya App
Application of Al-Quran Juz 30 this is a Digital version oftheQuran that can be Open on Android phones Need to install PDFReader(Adobe Reader, etc.) to use in this application QuranMushaf.Complete 30 chapters containing 114 letters Stay tuned forfurtherupdates Also download Mp3 Download Al-Quran and Doa Daily inOtherApplications
Juz Amma For Kids 2.12b
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ... An educative application formoslemkids helping them to Learn reading Quran, Juz Amma andmemorize theShort Surah from the holy Al-Quran. Our Juz Amma forKids isdivided into 3 application to minimize its size. PleasedownloadJuz Amma For Kids Part 2 and Part 3 also to get thecomplete JuzAmma application. » there are 14 surah from juz Amma,includingAl-Fatihah, An-Naas, up to At-takatsur. » differentillustration(background image) for each surah, and a very clear andcolorizedarabic image with its text and meaning (in BahasaIndonesia). » theillustration is replacable with own pic/photosgallery, to attractand stimulate the learning process. » includethe pre-recordedvoice. It is also replacable with own soundgallery. It can be usedto give a kind of reward to the kids afterthey can memorize eachsurah. » Small file size, best choice for allsmartphone. » able toplay all surah continuosly. Check thisblog to get the detailinformationabout replacing the background image/illustration andvoice. Imagesare copied from any source from internet. Please donot hesitate tocontact us to give any comment or feedback aboutthis apps. ACI,Aku Cinta Indonesia Aku Cinta Ibu-Bapak Annisa CiptaInformatikaAYO CERDASKAN INDONESIA Hope it is usefull for us,barokah,fid-dunya-wal-akhiroh, aamiin ...
Islam: The Noble Quran 4.7
With millions of downloads, "Islam: The Noble Qur'an" is one ofthemost Quranic application used by muslims over the world. Itwasmade with the aim to make it simple for everyone to readand/orlearn al-Quran al-Kareem (القرآن الكريم) anywhere (hafiz).MAINFEATURES • Listen to Quran recitation among famous reciters(Qari)like Mishary Alafasy, Saad Al-Ghamidi, As-sudais, ...withdifferent styles (Murattal, Mujawwad). • You can chooseamongdifferent phonetic transcription in order tohelpnon-Arabic-speaking people to correctly pronounce theverses(Ayats). You can choose either the standard transcription oreventhe arabic chat style (e.g. "ra7man" for "rahman" or "3alayhim"for"aalayhim"). • Tajweed colors to help you improvepronunciationwhen reading with the ability to customize the colors.• Addbookmarks with notes • Create playlist of Surah/Ayats • Repeatarange of Ayats to help Quran learning • Share the arabic,thetranscription or translation • Use the automatic bookmark tofindthe last verse you opened and many more other features! • Thewholeapplication and the verses (Ayats) are translated inEnglish,Deutsch, Español, Français, हिन्दी, Bahasa Indonesia,Italiano,Bahasa Melayu, Nederlands, русский, Türk, Bosanski, اردو,Svenska,中文, Kiswahili, Shqip, বাংলা, Čeština, فارسی. IMPORTANTNOTEInternet Connection is not required so that you can read anySurahand/or listen to your favorite Reciter no matter where youare.Please, if you find a dysfunction, contact us directly byemail([email protected]) with all the details that made thebug(device model, what did you do before having the bug, doesitappear anytime, ...) ANDROID PERMISSIONS → In-app purchases Ifyoudecide to upgrade to the Premium version it will allow you touseyour existing Google Play Store account to make a securepayment. →Phone To be able to pause the audio when receiving anincomingphone call → Storage / Photos / Media / Files It isrequired tosave the downloaded audio files (mp3) onto the internalmemory ofyour device. → Device ID & Call Information It isrequired tosecure your purchase. This device identifier isanonymous. FEATURESREQUEST Alhamdulillah many muslims are happywith this app. But ifyou feel it still missing some features,please feel free tocontact us by email: [email protected]'Allah we'll doour best to improve it. You can also contact usthrough our websiteor our Facebook page →→ Sura 7 Ayat 204Andwhen the Quran is recited, then listen to it and remainsilent,that mercy may be shown to you. (وَإِذَا قُرِئَالْقُرْآنُفَاسْتَمِعُوا لَهُ وَأَنصِتُوا لَعَلَّكُمْ تُرْحَمُونَ)
Quran Downloader - MP3 1.1.0
DevApp Inc.
by this app you can download or listen full quran online foranyreciter that you like his quran proapkdownloadquran project indonesiadownload quran for ps vitapspqurandownloaddownload ptk quran hadits mtsdownload ptvqurandownload ptkquran hadits miquran punjabi downloadquran pashtotranslationdownloaddownload quran in punjabi pdfquran sharif inpunjabidownloadpunjabi quran download freepura qurandownloaddownloadquran qaidaquran mp3 download qari sadaqat alimp3quran downloadqari sudaisquran pak download qari sudaisfull qurandownload qariabdul basitfree quran download qari sadaqataliyassarnal quranqaida downloaddownload quran tilawat qari abdulbasitbeautifulquran qirat downloadal quran qirat downloadislamicquran qiratdownloadbest quran qirat downloaddownload qiroahqurandownloadqiroatul quran pernikahantilawat e quran qiratdownloaddownloadqiroatil quran h muamarquran.sql downloaddownloadquran forqmobiledownload quran cordobadownload quran qoriindonesiadownloadquran qoridownload qori quran mp3download qolbuqurandownloadqolbul qurandownload qoriatul qurandownload tamilqurandownloadqolbul quran mp3download qoriah qurandownload qproqurandownloadquran qiratqtv quran downloaddownload quran rasmuthmaniquran radiodownloadquran mp3 download rarquran mp3 downloadrashidquran surahrahman downloaddownload quran 3d rardownload quranabdul rashid alisufihafiz quran rcti downloaddownload quranrecitation with englishtranslationdownload rhoma quran dankorandownload rhoma quranquranringtone downloadquran ridingdownloaddownload quran riwayatwarshquran mp3 download ringtonequrantilawat ringtonedownloaddownload quran nabil ar rifaiquran rmdownloaddownloadquran roman transliterationdownload quran in romanhindiscriptdownload quran with roman english translationdownloadquranin roman urdudownload quran in romanian languagequran inromanadownloaddownload quran in romanromanian qurandownloaddownloadquran surat ar rahmandownload rpp quran haditsmtsdownload rppquran hadits midownload rpp quran haditsberkarakterdownload rppquran hadits ma kurtilasdownload rpp quranhadits kurikulum2013download rpp quran hadits madownload rpp quranhaditsdownloadrpp quran hadistdownload rpp quran hadist mtsdownloadrpp kurikulum2013 quran haditsdownload quran ruqyahquran ruqyadownloaddownloadquran rumial quran rumi downloaddownload quran withrukudownloadquran in russian languagequran with tajweed rulesdownloadqurandownload sadaqat aliquran sharif downloaddownloadquran salman alutaybidownload quran saud shuraim mp3quran surahdownloaddownloadquran salah al budairquran script downloaddownloadquran scannedpagesquran text download scholarisquran touch screendownloadquranurdu script downloaddownload quran in romanscriptdownload quran inenglish scriptdownload quran fatih seferagicmp3quran downloadsheikh sudaisquran download sheikh mahirqurandownload shiaquranshareef downloadquran sharif download pdfquransharif downloadmp3download quran sharif for reading
Ayat - Al Quran 2.9.1
Ayat : Al Quran : KSU-Electronic Mosshaf project.Features:Viewingscanned(soft) copy of real printed Mosshaf.Providing copyofMosshaf Al-Madina, copy of Mosshaf Al-Tajweed (colored accordingtoTajweed rules) and copy of Mosshaf Warsh (RewayatWarshAn-Nafei').Al Quran recitations by many famous reciters (twoofthem are by Rewayat Warsh an-Nafei').Repeating each Aya asmanytimes as desired with time interval in between.Search throughAlQuran text.Direct browsing the Mosshaf by Sura/Aya(Chapter/Verse),Juz(Part) or Page number.Six Arabic Tafsir(Commentary)"Al-Saa'di,Ibn-Katheer, Al-Baghawy, Al-Qortoby, Al-Tabary andAl-Waseet".OneEnglish Tafsir(Commentary) "Tafheem Al-QuranbyAl-Maududi".E'rab(Grammar) Al-Quran by QasimDa'aas.TextTranslation of the A; Quran meanings for more than20languages.Voice Translation of the Al Quran meanings fortwolanguages (English and Urdu).Sync between recitaion andAyaposition in the Page (highlighting Aya while recited).Syncbetweenrecitaion and voice translation (repeat the translationafter therecitation).Program Interface in both Arabic andEnglish.livepreview (example) :**ِ Apppermissions **-the app needs the "read phone status" permission soit can stop theaudio playback (the recitation) when a phone callcomes in.- theapp needs internet access so that it can downloadrequired contents(recitations, translations and Quran pagesimages).- the app needsto access to file storage so that it canstore downloaded contents(recitations, translations and Quran pagesimages).
Sheikh Sudais Quran MP3 Full Offline 7.0
In the Name of Allah the most Beneficial and mostMercifulSheikhSudais Quran MP3 Full Offline 30 Juz is an IslamicMuslimapplication for android smartphone that contains a collectionofrecitation of Surah of the Holy Quran by International QariSheikhSudais which can be heard offline and online. This Al SudaisFullQuran Offline lets you listen to the recitation of Juz Amma,fromthe Holy Quran by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais. Requires no downloadsorstreaming just install the Al Sudais Full Quran Offline andselectthe surah to listen. If your hearts are purified, you willnevertire of reciting the koran and listening to its recitation.HazratUthman (radhiyallahu anhu). This is a FREE Al Sudais FullQuranOffline to bring you Complete Offline Holy Quran AbdulRahmanAlSudais. نت انتر بدون السديس الشيخ بصوت يم الكر ان القر.With thisHoly Quran - Al Sudais, you can listen to your SheikhAbdul RahmanAl Sudais Quran Full version without the need ofInternetConnection. Listen to Al Quran Kareem Offline Recited by AsSudaisFrom Your Smartphone. You don't wifi or internet connectionto playthis Holy Quran - Al Sudais all are included on theAPKinstaller.This Application works perfectly Offline. No needofwifi/mobile data Connection. Just download Holy Quran - AlSudaisand start listening to any Surah right away. Once youdownload it,then at anytime you can listen to the Complete HloyQuran -Abdelrahman Sodes at anytime without data or wifi and don'tworrythe Audio Quality is also great for reasonable listening.ThisSheikh Sudais Quran Full MP3 is unique because it is not ashuge asthe others, it is less than 15MB! App Features: Sudais FullQuranMP3 Offline Listen while in background. Sudais Full QuranMP3Offline Shuffle Surahs. Sudais Full Quran MP3 Offline No needofInternet Connection!. Sheikh Sudais Quran Full MP3 versioncompleteQuran offline. Share with anyone family and/or friend viayourfavorite social media. Sheikh Sudais Quran Full MP3 isIncrediblysmall in size and Audio quality is Great!. Repeat trackas manytimes as you want. Holy Quran - sheikh abdulrahman alsodes.BriefAbout him: AbdurRahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais (Arabic:السديس حمنالر عبد ‎ (ʻAbd ar-Rahman ibn ʻAbd al-Aziz as-SudaisHanbali), born1960 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) is the imam of theGrand mosque inMecca, Saudi Arabia, a renowned qāriʾ (reciter ofthe Qur'an),andwas the Dubai International Holy Qur'an Award’s"IslamicPersonality Of the Year" in 2005. He obtained a degree inShariafrom Riyadh University in 1983, his Master's inIslamicfundamentals from the Sharia College of Imam Muhammad binSaudIslamic University in 1987 and received his Ph.D. in IslamicShariafrom Umm al-Qura University in 1995 while working there asanassistant professor after serving at Riyadh University.Heconducted his first sermon at the Grand Mosque in Mecca inJuly1984, other than this Sheikh Saud Al-Shuraim - has been hispartnerin Taraweeh Prayers from 1991 till 2006, and again in 2014.FreeAbdul Rahman alSudais Holy Quran. Holy Quran - sheikhabdulrahmanalsodes. Islamic MP3 - Muslim Quran - Islam Sura. Wehope that wehave been successful in providing useful content.Looking forwardto hearing your Criticism and OpinionsBefore theholy month ofRamadan in 2018 / 1439 H and Eid Al-Fitr 2018 / 1439 Hor Eidal-Adha in 2018 / 1439 H, of course, a lot of Muslims whowant tolisten to Quran in Ramadan in 2018 / 1439 H, such as :SheikhSudais Quran MP3 Full Offline. Happy Ramadan in 2018 / 1439H. Wehave tried our best to provide with the most accurateinformationSheikh Sudais Quran MP3 Full Offline within the smallestpossiblesize for android cell phones. We are dedicating this to allMuslimworld. Allahu Akbar. Disclaimer :The copyright of the songsin thisapplication is fully owned by the creators, musicians andmusiclabels are concerned.
Quran English 2.6.25
Andi Unpam
Digital Quran / Koran with English translation, which has a wordbyword translation in English and audio mp3 murattal full Quran114Surah or 30 Juz without limitation. Current Features : -Userfriendly design, slide the screen to move Surah or Juz. -ReadingQuran / Koran with mode portrait or landscape. - Availablelightand dark themes. - Surah Index (Surah list). - Juz Index(Juzlist). - Reading with Uthmani or IndoPak script style. -Readingtransliteration with English text. - Englishtranslation(translator by Saheeh International and TafsirAl-Jalalayn). - Wordby word english translation based on Quran. -Audio mp3 murattal 30Juz (Reciter options by Sheikh Hani Ar Rifai,Sheikh MisharyRashid, Sheikh Fares Abbad, Sheikh Mahmud Khalil AlHusary, SheikhMaher Al Muaiqly, Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi, SheikhMuhammad Jebril andSheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais). - Audio Control(play, pause, stop,next verse, previous verse, repeat). - AudioManager (download anddelete audio murattal with multi select withsingle click). - Copythe verses. - Share the verses. - Bookmarkverses. - Mark verses tolast read. - Backup-restore bookmark andmarked last read to theCloud. - Search the word from translation. -Prayer Times andImsak, also support athan (adzan) alarm. - Qibladirection fromyour location. - Hijri calendar. - All featuresupports offline(Quran offline). * And next features that are indevelopment. Thisapp has several ads, but the placement is not in aposition whilereading the Quran, although there are ads but all ofits featuresare Free without restrictions, which the revenue fromads to helpthe development of this application, such as: • Feemonthly rentalof 3 (three) servers for the needs of thisapplication. • Feeconsumption of programmers and designers indeveloping features andbug fixes that exist in this application.But if you do not wantany ads appear, you can make a donation fromthis app. Yourdonation will automatically go to Google system, andGoogle willsend user donated money each month to our Bank account,and themoney we receive from Google entirely (100%) will be donatedtoorphans and dhuafa (less able) in 3 (three) places, namely:•Yayasan Griya Kafil Yatim, Gunung Sindur, Kab. Bogor -Indonesia,web • Jln. Cabe III Dalam andaround, PondokCabe Ilir, Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan - Indonesia. •Jln. Talas IIand around, Pondok Cabe Ilir, Pamulang, TangerangSelatan -Indonesia. * Special thanks to Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh &Ms. KausarKhatri ( for compiled "Word ByWordTranslation".
MP3 Quran - V 1.0 1.1
Please download thelatestversion: App (MP3Quran) aims to provide Quran internet audioportalfor Android users.First version of this app was published inJune2012. We will be releasing updates going forward. Yoursuggestionsin this matter is highly appreciated. May Allah blessyou all. MP3Quran Family
AbdurRahman Al Ausy Holy Quran MP3 3
Download and listen Holy Quran Sheikh AbdulRahman al ausy.AbdurRahman al Ossi Quran mp3. This app works online. AbdelrahmanJamalAloosi Holy Quran قرآن كريم كامل بالانترنت بصوت القارئ عبدالرحمنالعوسي العوسي قرأن كاملاً بالانترنت قراءة جميلة و نقيةللقرانالكريم بصوت عبد الرحمن العوسي بالانترنت القرآن الكريم عبدالرحمنالعوسي حفص عن عاصم قرأن كريم عبد الرحمن العوسي بالانترنتالقرأنالكريم بصوت القارئ عبد الرحمن العوسي عبد الرحمن العوسي بدونانترنتmp3 القرأن الكريم بصوت عبد الرحمن العوسي بدون انترنت القرآنالكريمالقارئ عبد الرحمن العوسي Abdulrahman aloosi full quran mp3“What Ilove the most about my life is reading the holy Quran andpraisingit, and I hope the Almighty Allah will make it an argumentfor meand not against me in the judgment day”. This is howSheikhAbdulrahman Bin Jamal Bin Abdulrahman Aloosi describedhimself, andhe is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding Quranreaders inSaudi Arabia. Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Jamal Aloosi wasborn onWednesday, the fifth August 1981, in Saudi Arabia. Andbecause ofhis immense love and appreciation for the holy book“Quran”, hestudied the sciences of the Quran “Tilawat” or“recitation”, and hereceived a certification according to Hafs A'nAssem’s recitationmethod. In the same context, Sheikh AbdulrahmanBin Jamal Aloosiworked as a professor and as an Imam in “AlIkhlass” mosque, in “AlKhabar” city, in “Al Kournich” district, inSaudi Arabia.
Quran MP3 Sans Internet Free 2.2.3
Quran MP3 Sans Internet , the Quran mp3 audio applicationwhichincludes numerous features, quran com contains 60 party voice50months Mqrii reciter of the coran mp3 arabic holy quranmp3full.From the application of the Koran from quran compropertiesfull voice- Choose the best reader you have between 50and reciterof the Quran MP3 Sans Internet and listen to him withhigh quality-Choose any Surah verses from quran com among all theimages byreading any reader likes- Easy to use application QuranMP3 SansInternet voice to the abundance of its properties- Thepresence ofload Holy Quran MP3 full voice to any reader wantproperty fot bestquran app- The presence of identifying anddownload certain Surcertain recitation voice reader favoriteproperty- A specialsection on the application manages the downloadto control thedownloaded files contain- The application on aspecial section ofKoranic fence that have been downloaded for theuse of the qurancom without loading containment- Application to theproposalexacerbations Holy coran mp3 readers and contain property-You cancreate your own playlists combines the best recitations thatyoulike best quran app- Availability on two Arabic andEnglishlanguages ​​for ease of use even for those who are notfluent inArabic- Easy to navigate between application Holy coranmp3partitions without any problems, and the owning applicationspeedin responding to orders look at the best quran app- Theexistenceof the application evaluation of this property and weinvite you toplease Astmrraritna- Application property with friendson socialnetworks and means of communication PostChieftains of themostfamous readers in the application of the Koran is the bestquranappWe will remind you of some readers that are contained intheapplication and some information about them:- Humbled recitationofthe Holy Quran MP3 Sans Internet voice Maher Almaikulai is themostfamous readers in the world, and I Aktar people from thereaders myparents listened to them Almaikulai Maher, one of SaudiArabia wasborn January 7, 1969. HTH most important informationabout MaherAlmaikulai.- The application also contains a Holy QuranMP3 voiceof Abdel Basset Abdel Samad, quran com a 1988 God's mercyhad died,one of Egypt regaining very popular and wonderfulheartfelt forrecitation. id the best quran app- Recitation AbdulRahmanAl-Sudais and nicknamed Balsdes a general president oftheProphet's Mosque and Masjid al-Haram, who is also the imam oftheHaram al-Sharif, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais months of readers intheworld was born in the year 1382, is one of Saudi Arabia.-ReaderAhmed Ali Al-Ajmi, who is also renowned Mahvod of readers ofthebook from Saudi Arabia quran com increased in 1968, you canhearthe voice of the Holy Quran MP3 Ahmed Ali Al Ajmi ofHeddaapplication without Internet from best quran app- Mashary Hewasborn in 1976, his full name Mishari Bin Rashid bin GharibbinMohammed bin Rashid Aallasi was born in Kuwait and isanaccomplished reader of the Koran is the best quran app -SaudAl-Shuraim- Yahya contained- Ibrahim green- Zaki Daghestani-AbdulBari Althbyta- Akram Alaqma- Tariq Daob- Mohammed Tablaoi-AbdullahAl-Juhani- Saad Al-Ghamdi- Shirzad Tahir- Nabil Rifai-MustafaAgona- Abdul Rashid Sophie- Khalid Al Qahtani- Mishari BinRashidAallasi- Ahmed Notes- Tawfiq Sayegh- Abdul Wali Arkani-SaberAbdel-Hakam- Abdul Basit Abdul Samad- The benefit of thereaderBukhatir- Abu Bakr Al Shatri- Mustafa al-Azzawi- MahmoudEl-Shimi-Easy Yassin- Hani Al-Rifai- Naser Al Katamy- Abdullahexpelled-Mahmoud exclusive- Jamal Shaker- Musa Bilal- Royal Key-MaherAlmaikulai- Salah Budair- Salah Hashem- Salah AlsahodThis listtothe reader in the application Holy Quran MP3 Sans Internetofexisting Koran full voice mp3 and without the Internet doesnotTansu assessment to 5 stars with prayers for you and me pay.
Sadaaqat Short Quran Audio Mp3 1.5
This is the excellent app in the Voice Qari Sadaqat AudioMp3Tilawat. This app is free and it is perfectly running in alltypeof mobiles. No Need of internet to Run this app , So run thisappeverywhere without internet.
Holy Quran - Abdulbasit 2.0
Listen To Quran karim MP3 recited by : AbdulbasitAbdulsamadThisApplication is free to use withinternetconnection_______________________________________
Quran for Kids
Smarter Soft
The advantages of the application: 1) Show each sora separately2)Start from any page 3) Follow the reading by highlighting theaya4) Trace finished sora by marking it using checkbox