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Live 4D Results ! (MY & SG) 7.5
The BEST 4D Results App for Malaysia & Singapore! + Magnum4D,Toto 4D/5D/6D/Jackpot, Damacai 1+3D (Da Ma Cai / PMP),Sabah3D/4D/Lotto, Sandakan 4D, Sarawak Cash Sweep, Singapore 4D&Toto, Grand Dragon Lotto (GDLotto) + Small & lightweight(ANDFREE!) + Fastest results + FREE live notifications when newresultsarrive + Past resuls + Number winning history + Lucky numberforthe day + Dream search + Favourite numbers + Share resultswithfriends!
This app will help you to Scan the SINGAPORE TOTO 4D numbersandCheck the last 10 years results (Including new TOTO 6/49 ruleand4D iBet). Never worry about losing money by mistake again!!!Italso has following features: - TOTO keyboard and 4D/SWEEPsmartmanual input can help you to type faster than ever! -QuickPickgenerator for TOTO and 4D. - Frequency tables andstatisticalcharts. - TOTO common Triplets. - New resultnotifications.
Live 4D Singapore 5.4.12
This is the Ultimate Live 4D App for Singapore Pools fans. Youcanwatch the result Live at 6:33pm on draws dates. This is alsothemost feature rich Application for 4D in the whole ofSingapore.Features include 1) 4D result checks Past result 2) MoneyBox 4Dprediction. 3) Number history search More than 10 years ofpasthistory. 4) Reading out of result in various language(Hokkien,English, Mandarin) 5) Best of all it is still free In apppurchase,allow live result, (free from 6:45pm onwards) Unlimitedfavoritenumber and dream analysis *** This app is developed andprovidedindependent of the involvement of Singapore Pools. To theextentthat the reporting of 4D and Toto results may be inaccurate,pleasenote that such inaccuracies are not the responsibility ofandshould not be attributed to Singapore Pools. ***
Live 4D Malaysia 5.4.2
Malaysia Live 4D results. Results from All 3 West Malaysia4Dproviders, Magnum, Sport Toto, DaMaCai. This is the mostfeaturerich application for 4D punters in Malaysia. 1) Live resultasearly as 7:10pm 2) Highly *accurate* MoneyBox predictions 3)Pastdraws results since 1985 4) Number check including Singapore5)Human voice in English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Malay.6)Number prediction, number forecast Best of all this is a FreeApp!
Live Toto Singapore 5.4.9
This is our Live Toto App, We bring you the results Live at6:33pmevery Monday and Thursday. It is the fastest alternative tofindout the Toto Result Features Include 1) Past history search 2)PastStats of hit number sorted into 1,3,6, 9 and 12 Months. 3)Readoutusing of winning number, in English , Mandarin or Hokkien Inapppurchase (premium member) required for live result from 6:33pmto6:45pm. *** This app is developed and provided independent oftheinvolvement of Singapore Pools. To the extent that the reportingof4D and Toto results may be inaccurate, please note thatsuchinaccuracies are not the responsibility of and should notbeattributed to Singapore Pools. ***
4D Lucky Number 1.0.5
Nature Droid
Generate 4D lucky number for Magnum 4D, Sports ToTo, PanMalaysia1+3D,5D, 6D (Da Ma Cai). You may also use for Sabah Lotto4D88,Sarawak Cash Sweep,Sandakan 4D and Singapore Pools. 4D LuckyNumberwill generate random number for your day. The numbergenerated arepure random number. It works like lucky pick when userno idea whatnumber to buy. Wish this number generator will bringwealth andluck to you. Features: Magnum 4D game, 4D Jackpot, 4Dpower ball,4D jackpot gold, mGold, Sports Toto 4D, 4D Jackpot,StarToto 6/50,Supreme Toto 6/58, Power Toto 6/55, Toto 5D &Toto 6D. Damacai1+3D, 1+3D Jackpot,3D,3D Jackpot,DMC Jackpot, STC4D, Sabah 88 4D& 3D, Sabah lotto 6/45, Sarawak special cashsweep, Singapore4D & Singapore Lotto 6/49 . Gong Xi Fa Cai.Disclaimer: Allbrands and product names referenced herein are thetrademarks orregistered trademarks of their respective holders.This app is notaffiliated to any of the organisations linked ordescribed. Theinformation contained on this app is for referencepurposes only.The numbers generated are random number. We make noguarantee orrepresentation as to the accuracy and/or reliability.
Sports Toto
Whats new in this version: Estimated Jackpot Recent BigWinningsLocator Statistics How To Play Number Dictionary SportsTotoResults, Winnings and more to your mobile - Live Result:StreamsLive Draw result in real-time - Draw Results : Check drawresults -Did I Win? : Check if you have won - Events &Promotions : Ourlatest events and promotion - Lucky Numbers :Generate your luckynumber for the day - My Favourite No: Save andcheck your favouritenumbers on all game - Recent Big Winnings :Keep you updated withthe latest big winnings - Locator : Find ournearest outlet. - News: Our latest news. - Number Dictionary:Incident/Numberstransaltion - Share this : Share our events &promotion withand more …
Malaysia & Singapore - 4D Live Result 2.1.3
M-Mobi Studio
Malaysia & Singapore Live 4D results. Malaysia Live 4DResultinclude : 1. Magnum 4D , Magnum Life , Gold Jackpot 2. SportToto4D , Sport Toto 5D & 6D , Sport Toto Jackpot 3. DaMaCai1+3D 4.Sabah Lotto 88 5. Sarawah Cash Sweep 6. Sandakan TurfClubSingapore Live 4D Result include : 1. Singapore Pool 4D2.Singapore Pool Toto Feature: - Live result as early as 7:10pm-Pass History Result Version 2.0 - New Feature : Lucky NumberBestof all this is a Free App!
Lucky4D 1.56
Best view in Mobile and Tablet . TheBEST3D/4D/5D/6D/TOTO/LOTTO/JACKPOT Results App for Malaysia&Singapore! + Magnum 4D, Toto 4D/5D/6D/Jackpot, Damacai 1+3D(Da MaCai / PMP), Sabah 3D/4D/Lotto, Sandakan 4D, Sarawak CashSweep,Singapore 4D & Toto, Big Sweep & Big Sweep Super 7 +FreeSmall & lightweight + Fastest results + JackpotAccumulatedPrize As per Vendor website + Past results + Beautifuldesign andUser friendly for reading + Printing and Sharing function+ AllLive + Best in 4d result + Toto 4d , Magnum 4d , Damacai 3d 4d,Sabah Lotto 3d 4d , Sarawak 3d , 4d , Stc 4d , Singapore 4d lotto
Live 4D MY SG
Best View in Mobile and Tablet TheBEST3D/4D/5D/6D/TOTO/LOTTO/JACKPOT Results App for Malaysia&Singapore! + Magnum 4D, Toto 4D/5D/6D/Jackpot, Damacai 1+3D(Da MaCai / PMP), Sabah 3D/4D/Lotto, Sandakan 4D, Sarawak CashSweep,Singapore 4D & Toto, Big Sweep & Big Sweep Super 7 +FreeSmall & lightweight + Fastest results + JackpotAccumulatedPrize As per Vendor website + Past results + Beautifuldesign andUser friendly for reading + More than 10 years PastResults + BestLive 4d esult + Toto 4d , Magnum 4d , Damacai 3d 4d ,Sabah Lotto3d 4d , Sarawak 3d , 4d , Stc 4d , Singapore 4d lotto
Toto Results Live 89
You can easily make predictions, and analysis as it is enoughwiththis one application you can see the results of the draw inthepast even years until nowMade with a variety of conveniences.Inone screen everything there is needed already available. Justdotap and choose what you wantImprovements with stable andfastperformance. With trusted credibility since 2014 variouscustomerfeedbacks, and our loyal users provide on-demandupdates,And inthat vulnerable time some users have good luck, andare lucky, andhopefully you become one of the lucky ones later inthe day thatcomePlease enjoy and always support us in giving thebest for you.thank you
4D King Live 4D Results
4D King
IMPORTANT! : 【BLACK SCREEN】【Unable to Open App】ForSamsungNote2/Note3/ ,Huawei Mate7 & other Android 4.4 System,Pleaseuninstall and reinstall version (3.501) from Playstore.Versionabove V3.501 will not work in android 4.4. Fast & RealTimeupdate , Number by Number Update! Malaysia Fastest Live 4DResultsApp for all 4D( Magnum,Damacai,Sports Toto, Cash Sweep,SabahLotto, STC 4D ) All Live! New ! 4D King Now With Voice on LiveDraw! Free Fastest Notification !! - Received notification whendrawStart and draw Finished, all for free! Check Live 4D Results&Jackpot Results in Malaysia & Singapore! All Resultsareupdated Live (Real Time) during Draw Start at 7:00PM -7:30PM.-FREE Notification ! 4D Results & Jackpot -Instant LiveMode(Real-Time Result Update) -Share First Hand 4D Results WithFriends-My Numbers Highlight your favorite 4D Number -Past DrawsResultHistory -4D Numbers History -Added Tablet Mode -Support 4D&Jackpot Results For Malaysia & Singapore-Multi-LanguageSupported 4D Results Supported: Live Mode : +Magnum4D +SportsToto+Damacai 1+3D +Cash Sweep +Sabah Lotto 88 +SandakanTurf Club+Singapore Pool (Beta) +Grand Dragon Lotto JackpotResultsSupported: Live Mode : +Magnum Gold, Power Ball +SportsTotoJackpot +Sabah 88 Lotto Jackpot +Singapore Pool TotoNotice:Version 2.42 and below is not supported, please update yourandroidsystem to 4.4 or above for new update. Give us a rating ifyou likeour app!
GD Lotto 1.5.6
We at GD Lotto is committed to be the only Live 4 Digit numbersgameprovider in Cambodia. We will be live streaming our lotterymachinefrom a casino building, locating at Chreythom, KandalProvince. Ourlottery machines will be locating at the central ofour casinolobby, and it’s transparent to the public in ensure ourgamingresponsibilities. So, everyone, with or without internetorsmartphone can live preview our result from the machine. Withthecontinuously development of information and technology, wehavebeen taken the advantages in modernizing the convention typeoflottery business in more innovative way, as well as to meetthehigher demand of entertainment from our players.
Live 4D Prediction ! ( SG & HK ) 1.4.7
The Best 4D prediction app for Singapore & HongkongFeaturedincludes: 1. New results 2. Prediction Machine (Free) 3a.Updatemaximum Singapore Live Prediction at 15:00 (UTC +07.00)b.Updatemaximum Hongkong Live Prediction at 20:00 (UTC +07.00) 4.SharePredictions with friends 5. Past results 6. Past Prediction7.Dream book in Bahasa 8. Language in Bahasa & English9.Notification for all Good luck !!
4D Result 2019 1.3.12
Malaysia Live 4D Result: -Magnum 4D -DaMaCai 1+3D -Sports Toto4D,5D & 6D, Sports Toto Jackpot -Sabah Lotto 88 -SandakanTurfClub -Sarawak Cash Sweep Singapore Live 4D: -Singapore Pool4D-Singapore Pool Toto Features: 1) Latest Results 2)Livenotifications when have new results 3) Past draw results 4)Numberdraws history
Check4D - Live 4D Results 1.1.3 App - Get live results for all the 4D games inMalaysiaand Singapore. Instant results for Magnum, Sports Toto,Damacai,Singapore Pools, Sabah88 4D, Sandakan 4D, Sarawak SpecialCashSweepand as well as Toto games. Features : - Prize calculatorto checkyour winning amount - Archive Past Results to checkspecific drawday - Winning Number History to check your favoritenumberperformance - Special Draw Date so you will not miss anyspecialdraw - Additional BigSweep results Light & simple touseinterface with auto refresh function!
4D Number Machine 1.0.0
Nature Droid
Draw 4D number for 4D, Pick 4 lottery using physic machine. Thisappwill select one number (from 0 through 9) from each machine foratotal of four digits. So it will pick a four digit number from0000through 9999 each time you run the machine. You can save up to100numbers for timely review purpose. Disclaimer: This app isnotaffiliated to any of the organisations linked ordescribed.Thenumbers generated are random number.
oops.lottomachine2 4.0
It is the machine simulator used to draw the winning numbers foralottery. It is the random number picker with 2D physics engine.Youcan make your own lottery rules. And you can add 5 phases. Itiseasy to use. NOTE: Technical problems may occur regarding tothespecification of your mobile. Powered by JBox2D
SG Live 4D 0.451
Singapore Live 4D , Toto & Sweep Results Start at6:30PM.All-in-One App that you need. Feature : - Free NotificationWhenDraw Start & Completed. - Live 4D Results - Live TotoResults -Sweep Results - 4D Meaning & History Results - MyWinningNumber ( Number Will Be highlighted)
4dCombo: Live 4D Results 4.2.7
Free instant Malaysia 4D, Singapore 4D and related results: -Magnum- Da Ma Cai 1+3D - Sports Toto 4D, 5D, 6D, Supreme Toto6/58, PowerToto 6/55, Star Toto 6/50 - Big Sweep Result - BigSweep Super 7 -Live Result - Past Result - Free 4D Winning HistorySearch Engine -Free instant notifications - Share result via SMS,email, Facebook,WhatsApp, Wechat, Line, and others social appSingapore PoolsResults: - Singapore 4D - Singapore Toto -Singapore Sweep Sabah& Sarawak 4D Results: - Sandakan 4D -Sabah 88 4D - SpecialCashSweep Facebook: Join our betatesting community toget an early version of 4dCombo app with newfeature: Step 1:Become atester 2:Click below link to download beta version ifavailable update information related to beta version in Facebookpage.4c72099b59
Lucky Draw 4D Result 1.8
Malaysia Live 4D Result: -Sandakan Turf Club -Magnum 4D -SabahLotto88 -DaMaCai 1+3D -Sports Toto 4D, 5D & 6D, Sports TotoJackpot-Sarawak Cash Sweep Singapore Live 4D: -Singapore Pool 4D-SingaporePool Toto Features: 1) Latest Results & Super Fast!2) Include>> Past Results, Statistic and Draw Date! 3) SmartNew Menu!3) Enlarge Preview / Zoom!
4D Results: Toto, Magnum & More 5.1.1
4D Results will deliver you the latest Malaysia and Singapore4D,5D, 6D lottery results for FREE everyday! This 4D app allow youtocheck the 4D results with fast and reliable speed! ✓ 100% FREE✓Fast and Reliable ✓ Lightweight ✓ New result notification!Weprovide following lottery results at the moment: 1. Magnum 4D2.Damacai 1+3D 3. Sports Toto 4D 4. Sports Toto 5D, 6D (Supreme6D,Power 6D, Grand 6D) 4. Singapore Pools 4D 5. Singapore PoolsToto6. Sandakan Turf Club 4D 7. Special Cash Sweep 8. Lotto 88(Sabah3D, Sabah 4D, Sabah Lotto) 9. Magnum Jackpot REVIEWS: Pleaserate4D Results and leave your review! We are glad to hear anyfeedbackfrom you and we are ready to upgrade our service for you.Cheers!WEBSITE: FACEBOOKPAGE: 4.22
4D, TOTO, Singapore Sweep Live Free - 4D, TOTO, Singapore SweepDrawResult up to past 10 draws - Pick your lucky numbers easily -Myfavourite check easily - Full stats of the last 20 draws,andanalysis including odd/even and high/low - Toto Hit numberanalyst- Fortune Pick lets you draw 6 lucky numbers with just a tapandSHAKE!!! - Check results quickly - Real-time draw results -Checkon prizes instantly - Offline Draws Results ***We do notwarrantthe accuracy, completeness of the information contained inthisApps,The official results from Singapore Pools
Tio! Toto 1.10.3
Hosay Studios
TOTO is a legalized form of lottery sold in Singapore. Tomanyresidents here, buying TOTO is like a buying a hope.Usinglight-hearted graphics, this app serves as a trusted companioninyour journey to win the BIG one. * Check latest results *Viewcurrent winning and additional numbers. Also available is thenextdraw date and jackpot prize so that you can prepare for thenextbattle. =) * View previous draw results * (New) View thepreviousdraw results if you have missed them. * Generate luckynumbers *Not sure what numbers to buy? Use the app to generate someluckynumbers for you. The numbers generated is based on yourChineseZodiac and the time of the day. So be sure to choose therightZodiac before starting! Good luck and hope you TIO the BIGone!Huat Ah! Disclaimer: The generation of lucky numbers is purelyforentertainment purposes. We are not responsible for any lossesdueto buying of the lucky numbers. =) This app is developedwithoutany involvement of the Singapore Pools. Any inaccuraciesfound arenot the responsibility of and should not be attributed toSingaporePools.
Sports Toto Live 4.10
Malaysia Sports Toto Live Free 4D,5D,6D, 6/58,6/55,6/50LotteryResult Free - 4D,5D,6D, 6/58,6/55,6/50 Draw Result up topast 10draws - Pick your lucky numbers easily - My favourite checkeasily- Full stats of the last 20 draws, and analysis includingodd/evenand high/low - Fortune Pick lets you draw 6 lucky numberswith justa tap and SHAKE!!! - Check results quickly - Real-timedraw results- Check on prizes instantly - Offline Draws Results***We do notwarrant the accuracy, completeness of the informationcontained inthis Apps,The official results from SPORTS TOTOMALAYSIA SDN BHD
New version Availablehere 4D BIG SWEEP Results. We bring you the results LIVEfromSingapore pools website. It is the fastest alternative to findoutthe Toto 4D Big Sweep Results. Its totally free with NoIn-Apppurchase. Notification when new results released.
TOTO, 4D Lottery Live Free 3.90
- 4D, TOTO, Singapore Sweep Draw Result up to past 10 draws -Pickyour lucky numbers easily - My favourite check easily - Fullstatsof the last 20 draws, and analysis including odd/even andhigh/low- Fortune Pick lets you draw 6 lucky numbers with just atap andSHAKE!!! - Check results quickly - Real-time draw results -Checkon prizes instantly - Offline Draws Results ***We do notwarrantthe accuracy, completeness of the information contained inthisApps,The official results from Singapore Pools
4D Lucky Number 1.2.4
Out of ideas on what number to buy?This app is the right appforyou!Also known as 4D LuckyGen, this app generates your luckynumberfor 4D, 5D and even 6D to stand a chance to win theLotto,Powerball, Toto, MAGNUM & DAMACAI lottery!Features:-generateyour lucky number from 1 digit to 6 digit (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D,5D &6D)- simple and nice app design- interesting generatoranimation tocreate the suspense- generate lucky number base on yourpreferrednumbers with or without sequence- generate lottery(lotto,powerball) numbers (draw 6 balls)- save lucky number- shareluckynumber with your friendsBring this app to Powerball, Lotto, DAMACAI and TOTO stores and get inspired!I wish you all the best!发财!Huat ah! Hope 万能,多多,大马彩 can reward you!Download 4DLuckyGentoday!Good luck and have fun!Disclaimer:I am not inanywayaffiliated with lottery companies such as Jackpot, TOTO andMAGNUM,nor do I encourage any form of gambling. This app serves asautility tool to help users in any way possible.
4D LUCK 1.7
The 4D LUCK treasure chest is equivalent to a speciallittleclandestine chinese book called “Chifa”, one with Tua PekKong (TaiPak Koong) on the cover which correlates numbers tocertain objectsand actions. You can translate your dreams,incidents, encountersand inspirations into lucky 4D numbers. Thisis also 4-digit luckynumber generator for your favorite Lotterybelow, designed to befast and easy to use. You can also use the 4DLUCK without internetconnection.Lottery Game:Magnum , TOTO , 1+3D ,SG Pools 4D , NorthCarolina (NC) Pick 4 , Texas Two Step , TexasDaily 4 Day ,Washington (WA) Match 4 , Oregon (OR) Pick 4 ,California (CA)Daily 4 , Oklahoma (OK) Pick 4 , Iowa (IA) Pick 4 ,Missouri (MO)Pick 4 , Arkansas (AR) Cash 4 , Louisiana (LA) Pick 4, Wisconsin(WI) Pick 4 , Illinois (IL) Pick 4 , Michigan (MI) Daily4 ,Indiana (IN) Daily 4 , Kentucky (KY) Pick 4 , Tennessee (TN)Cash 4, Ohio (OH) Pick 4 , West Virginia (WV) Daily 4 , New York(NY) Win4 , Pennsylvania (PA) Big 4 , Virginia (VA) Pick 4 , SouthCarolina(SC) Pick 4 , Georgia (GA) Cash 4 , Florida (FL) Play 4,Connecticut (CT) Play 4 , New Jersey (NJ) Pick 4 , Delaware(DE)Play 4 , Maryland (MD) Pick 4 , Washington, D.C. (DC) DC-4,Tri-State Pick 4 , Massachusetts (MA) Numbers Game , RhodeIsland(RI) Numbers Game , Puerto Rico (PR) Pega 4 , Ontario (ON)Pick 4 ,Quebec (QC) La Quotidienne 4.Good Luck & Happy Gaming!
Lucky Ladder 2.10
FREE now!!! Best Random Game - Lucky Ladder This app isladderbetting game. How about 'lottery ladders' for lunch, coffeeorsnack! Our app is easiest lottery ladders ever. You can enjoythisgame very easily through convenient UI After enter participantandbetting, Start game. [FEATURES] - This is a easy ladder game.-Touch your Screen to draw a Labber! - Control speed. Good lucktoyou.
Mega Millions & Powerball Lottery in US
My Lottos LLC
Mega Millions and Powerball are the two biggest lotteryjackpotgames in the US. The Mega Millions & Powerball appprovides thelatest jackpot information and drawing results. If youneed statelottery games, please download our free Lotto Resultsapp. Featuresinclude: * Jackpot information and current winningnumbers *Payout/prize levels and game information * Drawing historywithsearch * My numbers to save your(favorite,subscription/multi-draw, quick pick) ticket numbers andcalculatewinnings * Quick pick/number generator to pick one or allyournumbers * Notifications and home screen widgets (new inversion2.1) This app does not sell Mega Millions and Powerballlotterytickets. You can play Mega Millions and Powerball lottogames inArizona (AZ), Arkansas (AR), California (CA), Colorado(CO),Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), District of Columbia (DC),Florida(FL), Georgia (GA), Idaho (ID), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN),Iowa(IA), Kansas (KS), Kentucky (KY), Louisiana (LA), Maine(ME),Maryland (MD), Massachusetts (MA), Michigan (MI), Minnesota(MN),Mississippi (MS), Missouri (MO), Montana (MT), Nebraska (NE),NewHampshire (NH), New Jersey (NJ), New Mexico (NM), New York(NY),North Carolina (NC), North Dakota (ND), Ohio (OH), Oklahoma(OK),Oregon (OR), Pennsylvania (PA), Rhode Island (RI), SouthCarolina(SC), South Dakota (SD), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), USVirginIslands (VI), Vermont (VT), Virginia (VA), Washington (WA),WestVirginia (WV), Wisconsin (WI) and Wyoming (WY). Puerto Rico(PR)has Powerball only. This is a free app with ad-supported.Pleasesend questions/comments/requests to orvisitus at
oops.lottomachine 11.0
This application is the machine simulation used to draw thewinningnumbers for a lottery. It is transparent so the balls arevisiblethroughout the entire process. And you can make your owndraw.Besides the simple design, this random number generator isusefulbecause of its 2D physics engine. NOTE: Technical problemsmayoccur regarding to the specification of your mobile. PoweredbyJBox2D
Slingo Adventure Bingo & Slots
Bingo, slots and puzzles unite in Slingo Adventure! EnjoyclassicSlingo gameplay (slots meets bingo) in a new FREE puzzleadventure!Get ready for a bingo like no bingo before! Join TheJoker, TheCherub, and other classic Slingo characters on a bingoquestthrough the world of Fair Chance! It’s up to you to recoverKingDiamond’s stolen scepter and rescue the Queen fromeveryone’sfavorite Slingo nemesis, The Devil. Good luck! SlingoAdventurecombines the best classic slot machine gameplay with thebest Bingoand Keno style number matching. Play for free throughover 1000(and counting) big, fun, fast paced levels by spinning,daubing,and wagering your way to success. Don’t forget! The fasteryoumatch, the bigger the bonus! Use Power Ups to overcomechallenges!Invite your friends via Facebook and keep track on eachother’sprogress and big scores! Enjoy a variety of skill andluckminigames that let you gamble your score! Take on theALL-NEWChar's Challenge and face-off against other player's scorestobecome one of thousands to earn huge rewards. This is Slingolikeyou’ve never seen before! **Game Features** Over 1000 levelsofSlingo number matching fun with more on the way! A whole newworldof Slingo to explore for free! The best of Slots and Bingowith abit of Keno number style gameplay! Unlock 12 new andreturningPower Ups! New Daily Quests! Earn rewards by completingnewchallenges every day!  New Daily Scratch 'n' Win Tickets!Login everyday for a chance to win prizes! New Char's Challenge!Pityour Slingo skills against other player's scores to winGoldenSpinners. Test your luck and gamble your score inminigames!Connect on Facebook to challenge and help friends intheiradventure! Show that you’re a Slingo fan by liking us onFacebook! The games are intended foran adultaudience. The games do not offer "real money gambling" oranopportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or successatsocial casino gaming does not imply future success at "realmoneygambling." If you encounter issues with Slingo Adventurepleasecontact our customer support team through the in-gamecustomerservice button or
Rags to Riches : Billionaire Simulator 2.9.7
Have you ever envied someone born with a silver spoon in mouth?Noworries, “Rags to Riches: Billionaire Simulator” will let yougofrom Rags to Riches. There is no need for “In-App Purchase”toenjoy “Rags to Riches”. [Game Features] ▶Simple Operation Tap,Tap,Tap!! Want to be a Billionaire fast? Tap as quickly as youcan!“Rags to Riches: Billionaire Simulator” is an “Idle Game”,alsoknown as “Clicker Game”. ▶ Various Contents Scratch lotteryticketsas many as you can! A ‘Cat’ will help you scratch them out.Do parttime jobs in game. Those will help you go from Rags toRiches. Makefriends and let them work hard! Buy items in game toincreaseabilities and decorate your own house! ▶ A Story of Rags toRichesAn unprivileged person starts from the bottom. (Dustspoon)Finally, an unprivileged person reaches out to the top.(Silverspoon) “Rags to Riches: Billionaire Simulator” makes itpossible!!▶ Strong Addictiveness / Stress Relief As you startplaying “Ragsto Riches: Billionaire Simulator”, you can easily finditinteresting. Within a few days, you will be preoccupied withthisgame tapping the cell phone fast. Also, you can relieve yourstressfrom work or school by playing this game. Scratch out thelottery!Win the JACKPOT! Go from Rags to Riches! You MADE it! Manythanksfor those of who play “Rags to Riches: BillionaireSimulator”.Every single review would be a GREAT help fordevelopers. Presentedby LIBRA Systems Inc. (President: JinyoungChoi) E-mail Address
Free Live 4D Draw Result 8.8.8
To All Lucky Drawers here an app "Free Live 4D Draw Result"forfollowing up 4D result.Free Live 4D Draw Result App forMalaysia& Singapore!View all Magnum 4D, Toto 4D/5D/6D/Jackpot,Damacai1+3D (Da Ma Cai / PMP), Sabah 3D/4D/Lotto, Sandakan 4D,SarawakCash Sweep, Singapore 4D & Toto.Just choose any of thetheresult. Fresh result will be feed daily to your phone.
Kerala Lottery Results 1.3.0
The purpose of this Kerala State Lottery Result AndroidApplicationis to provided you real time results of various lotterydrawsconducted under government of Kerala. The application havevariousinnovative features like saving your lottery numbers,searching forresults, notification feature when result is publishedetc toassist you.The app is completely free of cost and easy touse. Nomore need to keep waiting for results to get published.Downloadthe app and it will notify you when the result is live. Theresultsare verified and acknowledged by Kerala State LotteryDepartmentItself.Various results like Karunya results, Onam bumperresults,Christmas new year bumpers etc are available too.Moreexcitingfeatures will be added soon.
Live 4D Results MY & SG 4.0.0
Giant Studio
The Fastest 4d results for Malaysia & Singapore applicationThisapplication made to 4d results Malaysia fan. It easy to useand fastresult. You will know every result with notification.Thank andenjoy it. ★★★ STEP TO CHECK RESULT ★★★ 1. Open thisapplication "4dresults". 2.Waiting for loading data. 3. Theapplication will showmagnum result first. 4. Your can selectDamacai, SportsToTo, Sabah,Sandakan, Cash Sweep, Singapore Poolsin navigativebar. ★★★ HOW TOCHECK OLD RESULT ★★★ You can check old4d results by click date andselect target date. if you enjoy 4dresults rate, please.
com.rstgames.loto 1.7.5
R-Soft LLC
Loto online - it's online bingo game with classical Russianrules.Game can be played up to 6 people. At the beginning of thegame allplayers receive three cards with numbers from 1 to 90.During thegame the barrels with numbers are getting out of the bagrandomly.Players are closing numbers, if they are on the card. Thewinner isthe first one who close one of their cards. The firstplayer whocollect one or two rows on the card will also getadvantage.
Pretty Random - Random Number 1.1
A simple random number generator that is not only a beautifuluxexperience but is pretty with its rotating gradients. Use it asapicker, dice, gambling, lotto, lottery and all other funexcitingthings.