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An Ad Free version of the app is now available for purchase!!!Alightweight PDF utility dedicated for Mobile. It is very easytouse and provides multiple ways for modifying and creatingPDFsApplication provides below options • Merge PDF or Images intoasingle PDF • Image to PDF using the merge option • ReorderPDFpages in any order • Rotate PDP pages • Remove any PDF pageandrecreate the PDF • Split PDF into multiple PDFs • Extractimagesfrom PDF • Add Text or Image watermarks to PDF • Encrypt orLockPDF • Remove write protection from PDF • Compress PDF • Webpage toPDF • Cut PDF page • Add Page Numbers to PDF Tutorial VideosMergePDF : Reorder, Delete and RotatePDF : Cut PDF: Image: Split PDF: Application also supportsreading fromGoogle Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Long clicking onthe PDF pagewould allow you to delete the page. Currently mergeoption onlyallows selecting multiple PDFs and Images from a singlefolder.Please provide constructive feedback! If you do haveanysuggestions for the app, please reach out on the email listed.Ifyou like the App, please purchase the Ad free version tosupportthe Developer! Tags: PDF Editor PDF Utils PDF Tools PDFUtility PDFReorder PDF Delete Pages PDF Split PDF Merge PDFwatermark ExtractPDF Images PDF Reordering PDF Merging Merge PDFMerge PDF files PDFMerge App PDF Merger PDF Combiner PDF offlinetools PDF Lite PDFSplitting PDF Splitter PDF move pages PDF ImageWatermark Removewrite protection Encrypt PDF Lock PDF PDF textwatermark MultipleImages into a single PDF PDFs and Images togetherin a single PDFImages to PDF Converter PDF Lock Image to PDF toolsImage to PDFPhoto to PDF PDF Utilities PDF Compression Compress PDFReduce PDFSize Web to PDF Webpage to PDF Cut Page PDF Cut PDF PageAdd PageNumbers to PDF Web page to PDF Web to PDF converter 2.18
MVTrail Tech
Photo Watermark is an app for personal use that can adddigitalwatermarks to all your images, photos and pictures withthetransparency you decide. Ideal for users who want tocapture,watermark and share their photographs quickly and easily.With thisapp you can simply create your own watermark. Feature: *Takingpictures with camera * Fonts, color and other effects in textmode* Build-in hundreds of text and png sticker as watermark * Easytomove, rotate, reverse and change transparency of watermark asyouwant. * Clone and edit watermark. * Easy reusing ofrecentwatermark texts * Quick sharing to Instagram, Facebook, emailandmany more The best watermarking app for creating watermarksandwatermarking photos. Brand your images before sharing themonline.Digitally sign your photos/artwork with logo,signature,trademarks, copyright to claim, secure and maintainyourintellectual property and reputation. Adding of timestamp,hashtagsand other properties as text watermark. Originalphotographs arenever altered. It let you create a new photographwith watermark onit. Photo Watermark is easy to use: 1. Select aphoto on which youwant to add watermark. 2. Add signature or textor stickers, phototo create watermark on your photos. 3. Adjustyour watermark onyour photos; pinch it, drag it and rotate it.Adjust its opacityprecisely with the slider. 4. Save and sharewatermarked photoswith friends and family. Templates can be createdand saved forfuture use. Tips: Don't delete original images afterwatermarking,because you can't remove watermarks from processedimages.
SALT Watermark: Add Watermark & Add Logo to Photos
SALT WATERMARK APP MAKES IT EASY FOR BUSINESSES TO TAKE PHOTOSWHILEAUTOMATICALLY ADDING THEIR LOGO, WATERMARK OR TEXT ADD TEXTTOPHOTOS Easily add text to photos, and choose your font out ofaverity of free fonts - handwriting fonts, fancy fonts, girlyfonts,stylish fonts and many other cool fonts CROP AND RESIZEPHOTOSResize and crop photos in a wide verity of sizes: 1:1, 3:4,4:3,9:16, 16:9, Facebook Ads, Facebook Cover, Facebook PagePost,Pinterest Ads & Youtube Art TELL PEOPLE WHO YOU ARE Addingyourlogo or watermark & text to the photos you share onsocialmedia will help potential customers easily recognize you andbecomeloyal customers HELP PEOPLE CONNECT WITH YOU Adding contactdetailsto your photos will help people reach out to you. Easily addyourwebsite, phone number, email or any other detail to yourphotosPROTECT YOUR PHOTOS Automatically mark all your photos withaunique watermark. This will prevent illegal miss-use of yourphotosEasily get great brand awareness throughout all socialnetworksMake your day to day activity count by connecting people toyourproducts and experiences. For the first time ever, you caneasilyadd your logo and brand to any photo you take, and instantlysharethem on social media. Help potential customers easily findyouSocial networks are a jungle. Millions of pictures andproductscontinually flood the minds of users across the web. Makeit easyfor potential customers to find you and buy your products.Add yourwebsite, email, phone number or any other details to yourphotos,and make this a no brainer for them. Want us to feature youonInstagram? just follow @salt_app, and we will chose the bestphotosto feature. The future is here... - There is way more tocome, andyou can help us shape it! Have an idea for a cool feature?submitit to If you encounter any issues, or want toshareyour feedback and ideas, just contact us at,Followus on Facebook- on Instagram -
ShotOn for Honor: Auto Add Shot on Photo Watermark 1.3
Shot On Stamp
Shot on for Honor application automatically adds a“ShotOn”watermark to your Photographs captured for Honor smartphonewithit’s built-in camera. ◇ Editable Device Brand Logo ◇ EditableShoton Text◇ Editable Shot by TextSimply activate the shotOn toggleONfrom the application and stamps will be added automatically onyourPhotographs at the same moment. You might be thinking that shotonwatermark tag is available only with the phones which offerthatdual camera functionality but by having this application, youdon'tneed to buy those expensive phones for inserting a ShotOnwatermarksignature for Honor. Just follow these easy steps below:➺DownloadApplication➺ Toggle shot on stamp ➺ Choose your phone brandlogo➺Add your “Shot on and Shot by” text➺ Apply changes as peryourrequirementsThat's all! You are up to snap and add A ShotOn tagonthat photograph.Honor, being sub-brand for Huawei, hasbeenmanufacturing mobile phones since late 2013, yet in short whileitis up with different series including V, N, X, lite, Holly andmanymore. This app allows you to opt your device for adding ShotOnwatermark on pictures captured by you.Favorable reasonsforchoosing us:✌ Completely free to access✌ No loss of imagequality✌Series of all Honor Mobile devices covered✌ Editable ShotBy tagwith shot on✌ Adjustable position as per image picture✌ Listofchoices to select size✌ Wide range of font formats ✌ Previewoptionbefore clicking shotThis application is extremely beneficialforpeople involved in:✔ Professional PhotographyShot on and shotbytag for Honor will be a great boost up forprofessionalphotographers. Using the tag, they can precisely add asignature ontheir photographs before sharing it to their followersandaudiences. ➺ Shot on for Honor lets you expose your productsandservices pictures like never before. Rather than a hashtag, letyousignature make a name for you!✔ BrandingShotOn can be aperfectdeal for everyone seeking some brand exposure throughtheirwonderful captures regularly or occasionally on socialmediaplatforms. This will help your work get recognition when itgetsshared among your followers. ➺ When you are sure that you workis aGem then why not utilize it for your Brand exposure? ✔ ArtsandDesignsYou have worked a heck to get something reallyawestruckingand now you want to let everyone take a note of yourmasterpiece.But, in the hindsight, you are a little bit hazyrelated to yourmasterpiece being stolen. Using the Shotonapplication, at a timeyou have the luxury to add 3 copyrightsignatures on your Imagesand protect it from any fussy misuse ofuse without your priorpermission. ➺ Now what are you waiting for?Showcase your skillsefficiently with less efforts and more output.All concluded youwon’t have a better application other than “Shoton” functionalityfor Honor Devices. Download the app now and makethe most out withshoot the “ShotOn” :)
Add Watermark on Photos 2.1
Try it for Free! Watermark your photos, right from yourphone.Create and Apply Fully customizable watermarks (We aren'tkidding).Watermark your content to Protect from unauthorized use(Copyright)OR Apply digital signature to create your Brand. Addwatermark onphotos provides a complete watermarking solution righton yourphone FEATURES - Create and Save Watermarks Save yourwatermarks astemplates. Choose from preset templates or use yourown logo. -Batch Processing Watermark hundreds of files at once. -Preview& Adjust Preview Photos before applying Watermarks,ChangePatern, position style on individual photos before processinginbatch. - Custom Text Watermarks Create fully customizedwatermarksin seconds. Edit text, color, font, size, rotation,background andmore. - Watermark Patterns Choose one of ourpre-built pattern toquickly add style to your watermark. - Use YourCompany Logo OrCreate One Watermarks can also be imported in theform of an imagesuch as a company logo - Copyright Symbols Makeyour watermarkofficial with a copyright, trademark or a registeredsymbol. -Pixel-perfect Positioning Position your watermarks withprecision.All photos in batch are updated simultaneously. - FontsGalloreChoose from hundreds of integrated fonts - Automatic TilingForultimate protection, your custom watermarks can beautomaticallytiled across the whole photo. - Cross Pattern Forultimateprotection, your custom watermarks can be crossed withyourwatermark in the middle. - Digital Signature Digitally signyourpictures and create your own brand. Start protecting yourcontenttoday!
ShotOn for Motorola: Auto Add Shot on Photo Stamp 1.2
Shot On Stamp
Shot on for Motorola app automatically adds a ShotOn watermarktagfor Motorola Devices on photographs captured using thebuilt-incamera. ◇ In the ShotOn signature, you can edit the logoforMotorola device along with Texts for “Shot on and Shot by” Shotonapp is particularly developed for Motorola users who lovetocapture beautiful moments from their smartphone camera andarewilling to add a ShotOn watermarking tag on it butunfortunately,they can’t.⌚ Why choose Shot on for Motorola?✌ AllFeaturesPre-unlocked (Free)✌ ShotOn and Shot By Tags can becustomized. ✌Customizable Position of Shot on Tags ✌ Classy FontFormatsMotorolais one of the staple smartphone brands which maywell beresponsible for making Android what it is today and inrecenttimes, they have produced some great high-end qualitycamerasmartphones which are awesome for photography.The app allowsyou toadd Shot on watermark logo in 2 ways, default logo and thecustomlogo (Choose from Gallery). There is also an option in theappwhere you can choose a brand logo to show up in an imagetoo.Afterwhich, you can also add a custom brand name to a picturefor (Shoton ____) as well as the person name who have clicked itfor (Shotby ______) which is shown next to the logo. ✨ ShotOn forMotorolaApp Features:➺ Over 20+ different smartphone brand logos➺Customizeand Add your own Logo➺ Changeable position for Shot onwatermarkingtag➺ Editable size for ShotOn watermark➺ Customizedtext for Shoton _______.➺ Customized text for Shot by _______.➺Cool fontformats for Shot on and Shot by text. ➺ Usage ofbuilt-insmartphone camera ShotOn app for Motorola contains a listofdifferent brands Logo available from which you can choose anyofthem and add it as a logo in the Shot onsignaturewatermark.Another feature of an app is that you can addtext tophoto as a smartphone brand and model name as well as yourownsignature. You can choose different font formats, style, sizeandpositions as per your background.✰ How does ShotOn Motorolaappwork?1) Switch the toggle to on2) Select the appropriate BrandLogofrom the app or from the Gallery3) Select your Device or add anewone for Shot on _______4) Add a text signature as name ofcompanyto represent Shot by ________5) Select convenient FontFormats andSize6) Preview the Shot on tag you have created That’sit!⌚ Now,all the Images that you will capture with the built-incamera forMotorola will have a ShotOn watermark tag on it. Shot onforMotorola app is a great way to show up your creativity inyourphoto with brand, logo and classy text. ✔ Download the App nowandlet everyone know about your photography talent!
ShotOn for Mi: Auto Add Shot on Watermark on Photo 1.8
Shot On Stamp
◇ Shot on for Mi is a simple app that provides you thefunctionalityto auto add “ShotOn” tags watermark for Mi on yourphotographscaptured from the built-in camera. It facilitates youto choose anybrand logo as per your preference along with thefunctionality toedit signature text e.g “Shot on (Phone’s Name)”and “Shot by (YourName)”. You just have to capture photos as yougenerally do i.e.with your built-in camera app and at the samemoment ShotOnwatermark tags will be added on them. ⌚ Why youshould count on us?✌ An Absolute Freebie Package for Mi Users ✌Only App that allowsyou to add your custom Shot on logo. ✌Editable Shot on & ShotBy Signature Text. ✌ Editable Positionfor ShotOn tags. Simplydownload the APP > CHOOSE BRAND LOGO> EDIT Shot on Tag >EDIT Shot by Tag > You’re good to go.Often times you may havecame across ShotOn tags like “Shot On Mi 6Mi Dual Camera” overimages taken from Dual camera sensor capableand high end Mismartphones. No we ain’t telling you to buy thatphone, instead justDownload this simple app that will provide youthe same ability onall the devices for Mi. ✔ Features you wishedfor, delivered! ➺ WideVariety of Brand Logos to Choose from. ➺Shot on Tag Stamp PositionChangeable. ➺ Shot on Tag SignatureFields Editable. ➺ Functionalityto add custom shot on logo. ➺Choose your phone model according tobrand. ➺ ShotOn Watermark TextSize Resizable. ➺ Expansive FontFormats. No need to downloadseparate apps for individual featureslike before, Shot onwatermark for Mi sums up all the requiredfeatures for addingShotOn tag. Just point your inbuilt camera onthe subject andyou’re done. ✔ How you can use Shot on for Mi? Thelist is endless,still we have listed the most popular ones below, ❋EnhanceOpportunities for Freelancers As a freelancer photographeryou canuse Shot By tag to let the digital world know where thephotoexactly came from. ❋ Showing off your brand new phone. Boughta newphone? Doesn’t have ShotOn feature inbuilt? No worries,justdownload the app and customize the shot on tags as per yourneedand deed. ➺ So show off your phone brand and model with everyimageyou capture and share socially. ❋ Professional MobilePhotographersfor Sharing Their Work. Mobiles phone photography isgetting famousday-by-day due to the fact manufacturer providingDSLR like camerafunctionality and quality even on budget phones.People areactively sharing their work on different social mediaplatforms andphotography related sites. ➺ With Shot on Tag youdon’t have tospecify your handset name and brand everytime youshare photosonline. ❋ Securing your photographs while sharingonline. ShotOntag also play’s the role of copyright and trademarkmarker for allyour photographs protecting it from any misuse. 🌟Accumulatingevery single aspect of Shot on watermarking for Mi, wecan concludethat it provides the best features in the market packedin a solepackage. Without any second thought Download theapplicationstraight away from Play Store and start adding Shot onTags!
Video Watermark 2017 1.6
New Shine
Video Watermark 2017 is the easy and quick solution to add yourowntext, logo and watermark to your images and videos. VideoWatermark2017 is a very useful app for professional who uploadvideo toInstagram, business and personal use.FOR HELP AND SUPPORTPleasecontact me via email (see below)UNIQUE FEATURE✔ Takingpictures andvideos with camera✔ cropping your images without losingresolution✔Upload your own logo to the photos and Videos (nosizerestrictions)✔ Supports .jpg, .png and .gif files inphotos.✔Supports MP4 and major format in Videos✔ Add Multiple logostoImages/Videos✔ Rotate, crop your logo or text 360º✔Changetransparency of your added text and logo✔ Choose differentfonts✔Easy sharing to Instagram, Whats App, Facebook etc.✔ Idealforadding logo, Watermark and text to your images and Videos. ADDTEXTTO PHOTOS / VIDEOSCan easily add text to photos/videos, changefontcolor, change font weight and choose free fonts. You canalsochange the transparency of the text. CROP, ROTATE ANDRESIZEPHOTOSEasily Crop and resize photos in a wide verity ofsizes: 1:1,3:4, 3:2 and 16:9 also rotate and resize photosaccording to yourrequirement.HELP PEOPLE TO CONNECT WITHYOUEveryone is using socialnetworks. Billions of pictures andvideos are transfer across theweb. Every professional wants no-bodycan theft this own createdcontent for example if you are a creatorthis will help you protectyour Videos/Images by addingwatermark.HOW TO ADD WATERMARK INVIDEO1. Select a Video fromgallery to be edit.2. Choose a Logo orWatermark.3. Add text toVideo.4. Choose mode of Converting(Slow/Fast).5. Save it to Galleryor Share it.Feel free to contactus:
Screen Recorder - No Ads
Screen Recorder is an app help you easy Record Screen andTakeScreenshot anywhere. Betaversion: Why the app doesn't support record internal sound? A:Androiddoesn't public API to support 3rd party app so the MIC isthe onlyway. Q: Why the app can't record a call, Whatapps, PUGB orotherapps that use the MIC? A: Two apps can't use the MIC at thesametime. It will conflict hardware so you need to turn off thefeature"Record sound" in the settings this app. NOTE: If you areusingXIAOMI device, please do the following: You must go tosecurity->choose permission -> permission -> ScreenRecorder andturn on pop up window. Follow up, you go to security->Permission -> AutoStart -> turn on Screen Recorder.Pressrecently app button and look at Screen Recorder, if Recorderhasn'tlocked (lock icon over Screen Recorder), please pull down it->OK [Main Feature] + Support multiple languages: English,French,Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese(Brazil), Italian... + Supportsave avideo in SD Card or anything location which you want. +Recordscreen + Take screenshot + Support facecam (both front andback)while recording. You can double tap the preview to change. +SupportMagic Button help stop, pause and show recording time (forSimpleMagic button) + Edit overlay feature - you can draw notesonto thescreen while recording. + Trim video after finishrecording or anyvideo has format MP4 available on devices + Recordsound of MIC whenrecord screen video + Insert logo text, logoimage + SupportDay/Night theme + Support quick tiles (shortcutsfor thenotification panel) for Android 7.0 and greater + Internalsound forgames from Android Q - Android 10. [User Guide] 1. Clickthe bluebutton 2. Allow all permissions 3. Click the blue buttonagain tostart using You can use quick tiles (screen recorder,capturescreenshot)on the notification panel (From Android 7.0 andhigher)[Note] + For device running Android 6.0. You need mustallowOVERLAY_PERMISSION and other permission If you like, ScreenRecorderapp don't forget rate five stars ★★★★★ or review. Theyareappreciated for me. Thank you so much Help me translate intoyourlanguage.Thanks translators: oliviermario13 - French mobile46 -Turkishjcdelacruz15 - Spanish Alison Souza - Portuguese(Brazil)zannilorenzo - Italian iPlayRadio Networks - Greek EnglishFrenchTurkish Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) Italian ChineseTraditionalBengali Polish Indonesian Simplified Chinese (Kurdish)کوردیCroatian Arabic Swedish Dutch (Netherlands) Persian RussianKoreanGerman Uyghur Hindi (India) Norwegian Greek HungarianRomanianPortuguese (Portugal) Ukrainian Czech Albanian JapaneseThai UrduBulgarian (Bulgaria) P/s: Communicate withme
Add your own logo, watermark, and text to photos 2018.07.06.1
LogoLicious is the easiest solution to quickly add your ownlogo,watermark, and text to your images. It's the perfect tooltopersonalize, promote and protect your pictures. Especiallycreatedfor the 'quick let me post this' situations: Simply loadyour logostraight from your phone into the app; drag & drop iton top ofyour photo; and post your watermarked images online, onthe go!✔ Noloss of quality ✔ No annoying ads ✔ No placementlimitations ✔ Drag'n drop ✔ Transparency (watermarking)functionality ✔ Add logo(s) ✔Add text ✔ Easy interface ✔ Great userexperience ✔ Super Fast ✔Protective X-Grid *Updated July 2018 * -Hustle without thehassle!It's a free premium, useful, time-savingand productivityapp built and designed for small business owners,entrepreneurs,artists, designers, photographers, tattoo artists,social mediamanagers and influencers.• NOTE: Advertising free atall times -Voluntary in-app payment requested after 30x times ofusage, but nofeature restrictions whatsoever before, or after(!)this period •Simply load it, drag it, and drop it on top: Createdfor the 'onthe road' situations. LogoLicious is the #1 mobilebranding tool. Aphoto watermarking app, 'logo adder' and 'text overphoto' all inone - that allows you to customize your photos on thefly. Applyyour branding on the fly.It's efficient, user-friendly,fast andsimple; This app is made by creatives, for creatives: Nofuss, nomuss: Add your own logo (png/gif/jpg), hashtag or handle toyourimages in a matter of seconds. You can add your handle orurl,rotate items and change transparency. We also built atemplatefunction so you can save your previous setup as a templateto speedup your process the next time! Primary features✔ Uploadyour ownlogo to the app (no size restrictions)✔ Supports .png .gifand .jpg(logo)files ✔ EXIF data embedded! ✔ Take pictures withcamera✔ Noresolution downgrade! LogoLicious matches your logo totheresolution of your photo ✔ Crop your images✔ Quick sharingviasocial channels✔ 'Open with LogoLicious' function ✔ Add yourtext,change color✔ Choose from a variety of fonts ✔ Createtemplates!Save your previous setup (logo + text) as template forfutureimages ✔ Add a protective snap-on X-grid on top of any imagewithjust 1 click✔ Change the transparency of your logo, to createyourown watermark✔ Rename your image✔ Add multiple logos✔ Easyaccessto your auto-saved logos✔ Perfect Alignment > Level yourlogo ortext to horizon (+0º )✔ Rotate your logo or text 90º✔ Saveas highresolution .png; high quality .jpg or opt for a lowerquality .jpgUseful tips:• Before you start, make sure your logo isavailable onyour device. TIP: email it to yourself and save to yourdevice ordownload it from a cloud service• Placing your logo:Simply drag itwherever, scale it up or down with a 2 fingerpinch/zoommotion• Hit the 'Save current as template' button >Next timeyou use the LogoLicious app, no need to add your logofirst, justload your previous template with one click(!) hasslefree! • Torotate your logo use fingers or hit the rotate button.(To undorotation and align: hit the +0º button!)• Use the slider atthebottom of the screen to change the opacity (transparency) ofyourphoto watermark, logo or text.Purely a logo and watermarkfocussedapp (no distractions or hidden costs, like apps as Canva orSalt)and especially made for fast paced needs of smallbusinesses,photographers, artists and influencersCredit wherecredit is due!Add text and photo watermarks to images and protectyour copyrightby adding your own logo to your photos. Getrecognized! Visit Find/Tag us onInstagram @addyourlogoapp
Auto Add Logo Copyright with Text on Camera Photos 1.7.2
Auto Stamper
Auto Logo Copyright app is a quick fix solution to auto AddaCopyright Logo on your Photos captured using your Phone’sBuilt-incamera. It facilitates you to Watermark your images in twodistinctways. ◇ Image Watermarking - Add Logo to photo ◇CombinedWatermarking- Add Text along with Logo Get the setup doneat onceand your desired watermark image is ready to roll out! 👉 Howto addLogo to Photos? 1) Just Open the Application 2) Add /UploadWatermark Logo 3) Add a Text (Optional) 4) AdjustWatermarktransparency 5) Choose Watermark Logo size ( S - XXL) Andyou arefit to go! 👉 ADD A LOGO WITH TEXT The best part is you cancustomSignature text in dual variants i.e Line 1 and Line 2 atfourdifferent positions around your Watermark Logo. Turn the toggleOnwhich you wish to add text to, add it with both the line spacesoronly with the single one. It is definitely going to make yourimagelook enticing. Taking your watermark images a level up, itevenoffers you to custom your signature watermark with varietiesofoptions like ➺ Adjustable Font Size ➺ Changeable Font Colours➺Varieties of Font Style ➺ Flexible Font Position ✌ With alltheedits and customizations done, In case if you are not sureabouthow your watermark will look you can “Preview” your stampbeforeadding it permanently to your pictures. ✨ Why Pick Us ? ✔Only Appto facilitate dual text alignment ✔ Quick and Handy CustomSettings✔ Auto processes after One-Time Setup ✔ Simple andElegantUser-Interface ✍ Watermark is a kind of image or text onaparticular photograph which is used as a part of identificationorsecurity of a particular thing. It can be in various forms suchastext, logos, images etc which has distinct shades of lightnessanddarkness No matter which profession or field youbelongto,watermarking your images is the most convenient way toauthorizeyour pictures. As you can easily protect, secure as wellas frameup photos elegantly with just few clicks. 👉 Why toWatermarkImages? We've gathered a tiny catalog of uses making upyour workas simple as ABC! Have a look below: ➺ To CopyrightProtect: Thereare numerous ways to get your image copied to reuseand claim to betheirs. In this case adding a copyright watermark toyour imagewill protect your image as well as showcase your identityamongeveryone. ➺ To Enhance your Brand: Another major concernofwatermarking photos is branding, photos are usuallyWatermarkstamped with company name behind for the purpose ofcreating theirbrand awareness among everyone. ➺ To Protect ImageTheft: Anythingwhich goes viral online can easily be stolen andused without yourpermission. Watermarking your photos in thissituation secure yourimages will be a indirect indication that thisphoto cannot beused. ➺ To Grab the Credits Many times photographersjust don’tdemand financial recognition, but all they need isappreciation andcredits for their work. Watermarking their imageswith their ownlogo with signature text can grab the credits theywish. ✍ Comingup to the conclusion, all the above features and usesare summed upto give you maximum perks in a single download. So ifyou arelooking markup your photographs elegantly, there can’t be abetterWatermarking Application than Watermark Live. ◇ Download itnow towatermark stamp your photos enticingly!
iWatermark Free Add Watermark Text Logo Pic TM © 1.3.6
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★The essential Watermarking App for Photo Pros, BusinessandPersonal Use★ iWatermark, is the only watermarking toolavailablefor all 4 platforms Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac andWindows.iWatermark is the most advanced utility for creatingwatermarks andwatermarking photos. Easily secure and protect yourphotos/art witha visible text or graphic or QR watermark. Onceadded to a photothis visible watermark displays your creation andownership.Watermarking is increasingly important and like signingyour nameto a photo to subtly display, no matter where your photogoes, thatits your property. Watermarking can also be used to add apersonalmessage or fun graphics to any photo. iWatermark Free alsoincludesa small watermark that says 'Created with iWatermark'. Ifyouprefer to not have this watermark upgrade to the regularversion.Thanks to all iWatermark users for the great reviews,feedback andsuggestions. We promise as Android evolves iWatermarkwill evolve.Touch is what Android is all about. With iWatermark youcan: ♦ Withyour finger click on the watermark to move it around onthe page ♦Create your own text or graphic watermarks or select fromtheincluded example watermarks (both text and graphics) ♦ Singleorbatch process many photos at a time ♦ Choose from the 157 fonts♦Use pinch/zoom to expand/contract the size of the watermark ♦Touchwith two fingers at once and rotate to rotate the watermark ♦Bytouch easily adjust the watermarks scale, opacity, font, colorandangle Create your own watermark or use our includedexamples.Examples are both text (names, dates, etc) and graphic(signatures,logos, etc.) watermarks which can be used immediately.Create yourown text watermarks using any the Android fonts directlyiniWatermark. Or you can import your own graphic watermarks toexpandthe range of possibilities. These can be signatures or logoswhichare made on your computer (which has more fonts and abilities,seeFAQ below for more details) and then synched over via emailandsaved to the photo library. A newer type of graphic watermarkyoucan make directly in iWatermark is a QR code which is likeabarcode. QR codes are very familiar to most Android users. QRcodescan contain up to 4000 chars of information. QR codes can thenberead with a scanner or smartphone with the right app revealingtheinfo you encoded. Using QR codes as watermarks is oneofiWatermarks unique and useful features. Why Watermark?Digitallysign your photos/artwork with iWatermark to claim, secureandmaintain your intellectual property and reputation. ✔ Buildyourcompany brand, by having your company logo on all your images.✔Promote your company, name and website by using QR codesaswatermarks. ✔ Avoid the surprise of seeing your photosand/orartwork elsewhere on the web or in an ad. ✔ Avoid theconflicts andheadaches with plagiarists who claim they didn't knowthat youcreated it. ✔ Avoid the costly litigation that can beinvolved inthese cases of misuse of ip. ✔ Avoid intellectualpropertysquabbles. Q: How do I add graphic signature like theexamples byPicasso, Ben Franklin, etc.? A: To do that you need tomake the.png graphics on your computer, save the png graphicsdirect to thephone storage it to yourself, open the emailon your phoneand save to your photo album. In iWatermark create agraphicwatermark and choose the graphic from your photo album toadd it asa new watermark. More details are in themanual: signatures of John Hancock, Ben Franklin, Galileoare justexamples of graphic watermarks. They are the realsignatures ofthese historic people. They are included for fun andas examples toshow what is possible. We recommend you create yourown text, grapicsignature, logo or QR code watermark for yourphotos. Contact us ifyou need help or have a suggestion.
Quick Video Recorder is a camera app which helps you record videobyone click easily with the option to enable/disable camerashuttersounds and camera previews. Useful functions includecontinuousrecording when your screen is off, scheduled recording,an easy touse one-click Video Recorder shortcut/widget &support formultiple languages. [Note] + On Android 6.0 Marshmallowpleaseselect “allow all permissions” + Beta versionhere[FQA]Q: Why does recording stop when a video file size reached 4GB(about30 minutes)? A: The default, Android system will stop arecordingwhen a file size reached 4GB or duration is 30 minutes.You canenable "Limit time and Repeat recording" feature to try.You shouldset max time is 30 minutes or shorter(the best choice istheduration of video on your device when a video file reached 4GB)toavoid crash file. Or if you are saving file on SD Card youshouldformat SD Card is exFAT instead of FAT so the app can recordvideolong time (more 30 minutes). [Main Features] + Supportsmultiplelanguages (English, Czech, French, Brazilian Portuguese,Italian,Swedish, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese,Arabic,Turkish, Dutch, Polish) + Trim videos after you record them+Enable/disable preview views + Enable/disable shutter sounds+Supports “Night mode” + Supports auto white balancing withmultipleadvanced options + Schedule your camera to record video atspecifictimes + Supports widget icon changes + Supports back andfrontcameras + Supports Dash Camera mode + Easy storage locationoption+ Unlimited video duration. Easily set the time duration youwantto record + Supports “auto stop recording” when device storageislow + Multiple video resolutions (HD-720p, Full HD-1080p,480p...)+ Secure well-coded app + Beautiful material design GUI[UserGuide] + Click the pink floating button in the app or clicktheVideo Recorder shortcut/widget to start and stop recording.QuickVideo Recorder is a free app. Simply install, set it up andenjoy!.If you like the app please rate it 5 stars ★★★★★ & giveit asmashing review. I would highly appreciate it! [NOTE] + Toappworks best if you update to google play services 9.0 Helpmetranslate into yourlanguage our translators: Čabrádek Jiří - Czech Arthur Souza -Portugueseof Brasil Jonathan Jon - French mattiavolpe - ItalianMiguel AngelCarrasco Bacab, tgarrido67 - Spanish Dukenukemf,Пилифф Пупкин -Russian Peyam Maroufi - Swedish RaphaelKoppensteiner - German ChrisWang, 2wcheng1314 - Simplified ChineseNikola Assad - Arabic CuneytO. - Turkish Peterbastiaan - DutchŁukasz Wysocki - Polish Shadow -Hebrew Many users - Greek Manyusers - Catalan My fan page here:
Add watermarks to your pictures. Put your property text or alogoimage into your picture, adjust its size, transparency,rotation,alignment, then save and share it. Lots of settings andfeatures,also auto processing and batch mode. FOR SUPPORT AND HELPpleasecontact me via email or website (see below)! Primary featuresofthe Full version: • Batch mode for processing multiple imagesatonce • Auto processing through sharing images from otherapps• Fonts, color and other effects in text mode • 72 built-infonts,upto 20 custom fonts can be imported • Built-in stickercollection• Support of transparent .png images as watermark • Quicksharingto Instagram, Facebook, Flickr etc. • Easy selecting ofrecentlyused watermarks • Adding of timestamp, filename, GPS tagsand otherproperties as text watermark • Full support of EXIF andXMPmetadata • Support of 360° panoramas • Saving format .jpg or.png• Rename and resize by saving Limitations of the Freeversion:• User defined image-watermarks are disabled • Saving onlyas .jpg,downsized to 1024 px on the long side • No auto mode whilesharingimages from other apps, no batch mode Please noticefollowingAndroid limitation: On Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above youcan'tanymore save images to any folder on the external SD card duetosecurity restrictions. Use device's internal memory instead ortheapp's private folder on the external storage. Useful tips:• Don'tdelete original images after watermarking, because you can'tremovewatermarks from processed images. • To add watermarkautomaticallyselect photos in Gallery, then "Share" them to >"AddWatermark". • To import custom fonts copy up to 20 TrueTypeorOpenType fonts to folder "addwatermark/custom_fonts" onyourdevice. • To place a date stamp on photo insert placeholder%date%in watermark text in "Settings". Many thanks to: Ben (forSamia)for translation in Portuguese! MarcyArtistic for translationinDutch! Renek for translation in Czech! Muchamad Mahrusfortranslation in Indonesian! TomoS for translation in Polish!ene49(CepTeam) for turkish translation Milly Zecchinato fortranslationin Italian! Tristan Lyonnet for translation in French!MartinLehmann Madsen for translation in Norwegian! Magichannelfortranslation in Chinese! Martin Sotelano for translation inSpanish!Feel free to contact me: Or visit myblog:
Shot on Watermark on Photo - Like Shot On one plus 4.4
Yogesh Dama
Shot on Watermark on Photo is app to Auto Add Shot on WatermarkonPhoto with photo courtesy custom logo stamp like "shot on mi a1midual camera" or "shot on one plus camera" Its new trend nowdays,Often times you may have came across photos with watermarkatbottom with shot on logo like “shot on mi a1 mi dual camera”overimages taken from Dual camera capable high end smartphoneslikeShotOn for Mi. Download freeversion: app exactly do the same, its like a Dual Camera watermarkeditor,our app auto adds Shot On watermark on photos taken fromcamera. ◇Main features of Shoton Watermarking logo maker App: ✌Auto add ShotOn watermark on photos taken from camera ✌ Make yourwatermark shoton logo, save it and use it later ✌ Choose shot onwatermark fromthe list (App provides many inbuilt Shot onwatermarks with stylistfonts and brand names and logos) ✌ Providesmost of the brand logosand beautiful fonts to make your shot onlogo. ✌ Logoalignments(center, top, bottom, left, right), size,color, fonts-complete flexibility to create the shot on logo ✌Choose the brandname-phone model name or provide any of your textfor brand name ✌Provide Photo courtesy Signature text with stylistfonts andadjustable size options. ✌ Option to save image with shotonwatermark by same quality of actual image or you can reducethequality to save the space. ✌ No internet required, no ads ✌Installthe app and explore the more features.. ➺ App provides alltherequired features for adding Shot On watermark. ➺ Yourphonedoesn’t have Shot On feature inbuilt? No worries, justdownload theapp and create your own shot on watermark logo. ➺ Showoff your newphone brand by sharing shot on watermarked photossocially. ➺ It'sefficient, user-friendly, fast and simple. Usefultips: • Fromsetting you can add image from your sd card for logo.(TransparentPNG image files recommanded) • Use images taken byphone camera forshot on watermark, low resolution images on yourphone from web orwhatsup are not good candidate for shot on. •Satisfied with yourShot on logo watermark? Save it to use it infuture. you can setthis layout as your default layout from setting.• To quick share apicture to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Whatsapp, Flickr etc. Justhit the SHARE button in the Menu. (Note:The third party app mustbe already installed on the device.) Creditwhere credit is due!Protect your copyright by adding your own logoto your images.Brand your images before sharing them online &get recognized!Visit our website Enjoywatermark withShot on Watermark on Photo App. If you like the appplease reviewand rate it on playstore, If you have any issue, bugsor suggestionplease contact me at
Super Screen Recorder–No Root REC & Screenshot
Super Screen Recorder is one of the best professionalscreenrecorder & screenshot apps. All FREE, NO root required,NO timelimit, NO watermark. In this user-friendly app, you can usetheexcellent video editing features to make the beautiful FullHDvideos, and all the features are FREE. ★ Full HD Screen Recording-Highest Quality supplied: 1080P, 12Mbps, 60FPS - Manyresolutions,frame rates, and bit rates available - Pause / resumescreenrecording through floating window or notification bar - Shakephoneto stop recording and hide floating window - Record longtimevideos with SD card (External Memory) - Facecam Recorder,enablefront camera to capture your reactions while screenrecording, veryuseful for game recorder - Support portrait,landscape and autoscreen record mode - Show touches: display clickoperations in thescreen recording - Watermark: show your brand,default is off ★Brush Tool - Touch screen to draw: you can draw asymbol or markson the screen when recording or screenshot ★ VideoEditor - VideoCut / Trim: Remove any part of videos freely - Mergevideos:Combine multiple videos into one - Add background music fromyoudevice to make a personalized video - Compress video: Easiertoshare with friends - Video Rotate ★ GIF Maker - Convertyourfavorite part of the recorded video into animated GIF file,andshare your GIF by one click Tips: To prevent screenrecordinginterruption, we suggest you freeze some big apps in thebackgroundprocess and authorize the super screen recorder to obtainthepermission ”Whitelist”. Check your phone's battery saverdoesn'trestrict app's activity. And open the phone backgroundprocess,lock the recorder to prevent the process of recorder frombeinginterrupted by the android system. If you have any feedback,bugreports, suggestions or you can help with the translations,pleasecontact us at Follow us:Facebook: changed our PRO upgrade plan, 4.0 and future versionsdefault tosubscription mode (If you have upgraded to PRO beforeversion 4.0,you will still have permanent PRO qualification).
com.camerasideas.trimmer 1.322.80
InShot Inc.
YouCut is the best Video Editor and Video Maker, free VideoTrimmerand Joiner app for YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and othersocialmedia. FREE & No Watermark! Features: Free Video Editor&Video Maker YouCut has the most useful features that other topproYouTube video editor, or Tik Tok editor, slideshow maker apphave,but Youcut is free and has no banner ads : ) Video Merger&Video Joiner Merge video clips into one video. It is aprofessionalvideo maker for YouTube, also the pro video cutter andvideojoiner, helps rotate video and crop video, compress andcombinevideos without losing quality. Video Cutter & VideoTrimmer Cutand trim video to the length you need. Edit videos withmusic androtate video. Export video in HD quality. Easy-to-usevideo maker,and the best video cutter and YouTube video editor.Video Splitter& Video Slicer Slice and split video into twoseparate videoclips. Edit videos with music like a pro, totallyfree video editorand video maker for android. Video Speed ControlFast/slow motion,crop video and adjust video speed with videofilters and effects.Speed up your video in a fun way. Slow downyour video for specialmoments. Photo Slideshow Maker Free videomaker with music andphotos, pro video combiner app, merge photos tocreate slideshow.Combine videos with photos, add custom photo coverfor video, editvideos with music like a pro. Slideshow maker, helpscreateslideshow in minutes(easy and fast). No Watermark As a freevideoeditor for YouTube and video maker with music, YouCut willneveradd Watermark to your video. No ads when editing videos Thereis nobanner ads on the screen when you are editing videos. AddMusic toVideo It is a pro video combiner and slideshow maker thatmeetsyour need in every way. 1. Add free featured music by YouCut.2.Add your own music. 3. Adjust the original video volume. AddTextto Video Add text to video, many fonts & stylessupported.Video Filters and FX Effects Add beautiful movie stylevideofilters and FX effects to video. Video merger and videocombinerwithout watermark. Video Color Adjust Adjust videobrightness,contrast, saturation, etc. Customize video filters andeffects.Best movie cutter and video crop app. Change Video AspectRatio Fityour video in any Aspect Ratios like 1:1, 16:9, 3:2, etc.No cropvideo maker free and video cutter app. Change VideoBackground Adddifferent borders and no crop to your video. 1.Change thebackground color of your video. 2. White background canmostassimilate into social media app like Instagram. 3.Blackbackground make your video feel like a professional movie. 4.Don’tlike flat color? You can use blur background. VideoCompressor& Converter 1. Choose resolution to compress andconvert yourvideo.Best HD video maker free and video editing app.2. YouCut -Pro Tik Tok editor and mp4 editor supports resolution upto 4K. 3.YouCut use an advanced technology to improve the videoquality, itsaves more than 90% size without losing much quality.Rotate VideoRotate video by 90 degree. Flip Video 1. Flip video upto down. 2.Flip video left to right. Video Cropper Crop video toany ratio youwant. Zoom in/out your video. Share Video Share videoto socialmedia like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Videomerger, Cut,Trim, Split, Compress, Fast/Slow motion (Adjust videospeed from0.5× to 2.0×), Photo Slideshow Maker, Add music, Apply FXvideofilters, Add text to video, Rotate video, No crop video,Sharevideos to YouTube... Without losing quality! If you haveanyquestion about YouCut (video editor free, video cutter &TikTok editor, photo slideshow maker), please send
Screen recorder 1.1
Screen recorder provides an easy way to record screen videos,likegame videos, video calls and morerecorder screen for game,createclip guide use phone or applications for friend oruserScreenRecorder is the best app to record the screen of yourAndroid. Itdoes NOT require root access, no time limit, nowatermark and veryeasy to use with one action to start and stoprecording. What doyou need phone screen video recording for? ★You're playing a gameand want to share your outstanding resultswith friends – what doyou need? Right! Video recording makes gamingmore attractive!Record mobile game videos on screen and get likesfor gamescreenrec with this gamescreen recorder app.★ You had avideo call withbusiness partners and want to send the video screenrecord to yourboss. And again the video screen capture app willright the ship.★You've got an urgent matter to attend to, and someimportantwebinar starts in a few minutes. From now on you don'tneed to betied to your device. Web recorder makes video screenrecording, andyou become a master of free time.★ You want to recorda video ofyourself? Easy with our screen recorder with hd facecam!★ You needto something secretly? Do it with a secret and invisiblevideorecorder.★ Like to chat with friends and share some fundialogs?Use this screen recorder for example for shapchat app.★Examples ofuse of a display recorder app are numerous. The onlything you mustremember is that Screen Recorder will always help youwith itsoutstanding display recording option.Everything is evidentwithvideo recorder appYou don’t need special skills and knowledgetorecord screen video. Here you can find an absolutelyuser-friendlyinterface and fully customizable phone screenrecording app. Allnecessary functions within one reach!Minimalistic and functionalcontrol of screen capture video app isclear on the first try.Record, edit and save all your video screencapture. Replay videosmade by high-quality video recorder unlimitedtimes.As we stateabove there is no limit for our video recorder.Video screenrecorder app has no watermark and root. Number ofrecordings arelimited only by the device memory size. Soon we’lladd more optionsnot only to record video of mobile screen but alsoto edit it asyou want.Screen Recorder advantages:- video recorderprovides aneasy way to record screen videos, like game videos,video calls andmore- video recorder on phone allows to displayrecords and sortthem out- this is a totally free phone screenrecorder withoutlimits- crop your screenshots- trim your videos-you may usescreenrecorder offline- share your videos andscreenshots to yourfriends and family What do you need to makehigh-quality videoscreen capture? Almost nothing! Just download ourvideo screenrecorder and video editor for Android. Make sure thatthe best andquick video display recorder for Android is here!If youhave anyquestion or anything you want to improve in ourapplication, feelfree to email me. I am happy to answer all of yourrelatedquestions.5 stars rating from you will support us to createanddevelop more and more free and useful applications.
Recorder 4 in 1 3.5
Unique Recorder with 4 amazing functions: Call Recorder,VoiceRecorder, Video Recorder, Screen Recorder. * Call recorder-Automatic call recorder. incoming call recorder, outgoingcallrecorder, also selected contacts, * Voice recorder – Soundrecorderwith extremely high quality. * Video recorder - Records viafrontor back cameras with 3 types of qualities (high, mid or low).*Screen recorder –The screen recorder is extremelymulti-functional.It can be activated with both (front and back)cameras, alsoavailable to record with or without sound. Inaddition, therecorder has "Show Touches " and "Timer" functions. *Can be usedas a hidden recorder, with the availability to planworking time. *Your records can be saved and protected withpassword. * Availablein 8 languages. * Preference to Call recorder- Any time callrecords are prioritized, i.e. if any of other 3(voice, video,screen) recorders are active and you are getting acall, it willautomatically switch to call recorder. * Storage - Youcan saveyour records on your mobile phone as well as on SD card.*Vibration - Via vibration it’s giving signal that it’s switchedon.* Help - “Help” section will easily guide you to contact us. *Buy- The app will work without ads if you buy the full package.*Bubble – This is simply the same app on your screen withfourfunctions ready to be activated with one touch making youractionseasier. *During calls, if you have forgotten to switch on“CallRecorder” you can do it on spot using “Bubble”. * Via“Planning”(for all recorders), you can set time beforehand tostartrecording.
Screen Recorder 4.0.1
Our app provides 100% free options to record the best videosfromscreen! We’d like to offer you fully-featured video recordingapp.screen recorder with no time limits, no watermarks, no root.That’sall about new video screen recorder for Android. Perfect webvideorecorder for those who appreciate top quality, smart designandresponsive control. What do you need phone screen videorecordingfor? Imagine: ★ You're playing a game and want to shareyouroutstanding results with friends – what do you need? Right!Videorecording makes gaming more attractive! Record mobile gamevideoson screen and get likes for gamescreen rec with thisgamescreenrecorder app. ★ You had a video call with businesspartners andwant to send the video screen record to your boss. Andagain thevideo screen capture app will right the ship. ★ You've gotanurgent matter to attend to, and some important webinar starts inafew minutes. From now on you don't need to be tied to yourdevice.Web recorder makes video screen recording, and you become amasterof free time. ★ You want to record a video of yourself? Easywithour screen recorder with hd facecam! ★ You need tosomethingsecretly? Do it with a secret and invisible videorecorder. ★ Liketo chat with friends and share some fun dialogs?Use this screenrecorder for example for shapchat app. ★ Examples ofuse of adisplay recorder app are numerous. The only thing you mustrememberis that Screen Recorder will always help you with itsoutstandingdisplay recording option. Everything is evident withvideo recorderapp You don’t need special skills and knowledge torecord screenvideo. Here you can find an absolutely user-friendlyinterface andfully customizable phone screen recording app. Allnecessaryfunctions within one reach! Minimalistic and functionalcontrol ofscreen capture video app is clear on the first try.Record, editand save all your video screen capture. Replay videosmade byhigh-quality video recorder unlimited times. Infinite phonescreenrecords As we state above there is no limit for our videorecorder.Video screen recorder app has no watermark and root.Number ofrecordings are limited only by the device memory size.Soon we’lladd more options not only to record video of mobilescreen but alsoto edit it as you want. Screen Recorder advantages:- Videorecorder provides an easy way to record screen videos, likegamevideos, video calls and more - Video recorder on phone allowstodisplay records and sort them out - This is a totally freephonescreen recorder without limits - Take a screenshot with onetouch -Trim part of the video - Easily crop your screenshot - Youmay usescreen recorder offline - Share your videos and screenshotsto yourfriends and family What do you need to make high-qualityvideoscreen capture? Almost nothing! Just download our videoscreenrecorder and video editor for Android. Make sure that thebest andquick video display recorder for Android is here!
Screen Recorder With Facecam And Audio & Editor 2.0.3
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This is a modern screen and voice recorder. You can recordscreenand audio with our recorder screen recorder. You can recordonscreen with the floating button on main screen and takescreenshotwithout button press. Things you'll love about our screenrecordingwith internal audio app: ✔ Screen recording with soundappabsolutely FREE, NO in-app-purchase ✔ NO LOGIN required, NOlimitedtime with game recording apps ✔ Screen camera recorderwithout root✔ Edit video title after saving with recording screenapp ✔ Nowonder how to record your screen with HD quality ✔ Simpleinterfaceof screen recorder and editor app, EASY to record videocalls forbeginners ✔ High quality screen recorder app supportsmultiplemodels and languages Features of the recording onscreenapplication: 1.Screen recorder with facecam and audio andeditorScreen recorder with audio and editor & screenshot isextremelysmooth on the mobile platform. Use this video callrecording app torecord games on your phone or video call video withthe followingunique features: - Control video screen capturethrough thenotification bar or floating button - Pause / resumescreenrecording no root - Turn off / on external audio - Displayclickoperations in the hd game screen recorder - Shake your phonetostop game recording screen 2. Screenshot captures with onebuttonand edit photos You can take screen shot captures easily evenwhenyou're recording screen video via 1 touch. You can takescreenshotsand edit photos in 3 seconds with the followingfeatures: -Screenshot button on screen. Or you can use thenotification bar -Crop photos: After taking screenshots, you cancrop photo to getthe best picture - Mosaic effect: to blur theimage and mask areasyou do not want to display - Draw on the photoeasily in your style- Merge photos into one 3. Video recorder andeditor - VideoCutter: Choose the best part of the video afterrecord your screenand gameplay and face - Add background music tovideo - Addsubtitles to videos - Change the speed of video fastvideo/slowvideo - Add a photo at the beginning/end of the video -Merge video- Edit title/delete/preview video - Invert color video4. Setting acamera that can record your face and screen and sharevideos -Share your videos on popular social networks - Setresolution,video quality, countdown time Everything will be mucheasier andfaster with our game screen recorder with facecam. Agreat camerarecorder with facecam application will help you keepevery moment.So, download this game recorder with facecam app for alot of funexperiences! Our development team strives to create thisno rootrecord screen to video & game recorder hd app. If youhave anyrequests about face cam and recorder screen recording,pleasecomment below. We appreciate your contribution to thescreenrecorder no root application. Please rate 5* a videorecording thatwill record while you re playing games with facecamera toencourage us! Sincerely thank.
The Screen Recorder you were looking for! ▶Recepient ofGoogle's‘Best of 2016 Apps’ Award. ▶The Screen Recorder Chosen by100million users worldwide. ▶Featured by GooglePlaystore-----Featured in many markets, such as Korea, USA, Europe,Japan,North America, South America, etc. How to Make the PerfectFirstVideo? ㆍClear Screen Recording in FULL HD! ※ HighestQualitysupplied ▷ 1080P(2k) Resolution, 12.0Mbps Quality, 60 FPSㆍCaptureyour reactions freely while recording game sound and yourvoicewith Facecam! ㆍYou can record long videos without worryingwhilesaving onExternal Memory (SD Card)! ㆍ(Trim, Cut, Images,etc.)Raise the quality of your video with a Variety of VideoEditingFeatures! ㆍPut in your favorite BGM and an Intro & OutroVideoto make a personalized video! ㆍRecord a clean screen WithoutaWatermark with Clean Recording Mode! Available Only withMobizenㆍAnyone can use it with No rooting starting from OS 4.4!ㆍUseScreen Recording, Capture, and Editing all for FREE! ㆍYoucanRemove the Watermark for FREE! Have Any Question whileUsingMobizen? You can keep up-to-date with Mobizen Features, News,andthe continually growing Mobizen Community through thefollowingsites! ㆍHelp Center: support.mobizen.comㆍㆍCommunity: UsBetter the App Have you seen any weird words in Mobizen?ㆍLanguageVolunteer☞ ※ Note -Storerecorded file: screen recorded with Mobizen will be saved ontheuser device only. - To experience all the features ofMobizenScreen Recorder, you must agree to Storage, Camera, Mic, andDrawover Apps Permissions. Don't hesitate and download Mobizen now!
HD Screen Recorder - No Root 1.4.0
VDG Soft
HD Screen Recorder is free ,no require root, no ads, very easytouse, and recording high quality videos. App Features : - Nolimitedtime recording . - Password protection of screen recordingvideos.- Delete screen recording videos. - Share, send record videoviaemail, social... - Enable, disable audio recording. -Orientationsettings (portrait, landscape and auto ). - Resolutionsettings. -Bit rate settings. - Frames per second (FPS) settings. -And moresettings. Note: - If you encounter any problems with HDScreenRecorder Please contact us for support.
The Screen Recorder you were looking for! ▶Recipient ofGoogle's‘Best of 2016 Apps’ Award. ▶The Screen Recorder Chosen by100million users worldwide. ▶Featured by GooglePlaystore-----Featured in many markets, such as Korea, USA, Europe,Japan,North America, South America, etc. over 5,300 times ▶Mobizenhasadded features our users wanted! Make your own personalwatermarkand put it on your recording! Download the easy-to-use,fast, highquality Mobizen Screen Recorder and start recordingtoday! How toMake the Perfect First Video? ㆍ Use Internal SoundRecording toeliminate the need for editing! ㆍClear Screen Recordingin FULL HD!※ Highest Quality supplied ▷ 1080zP Resolution, 12.0MbpsQuality,60 FPS ㆍCapture your reactions freely while recording gamesoundand your voice with Facecam! ㆍYou can record long videoswithoutworrying while saving onExternal Memory (SD Card)! ㆍ(Trim,Cut,Images, etc.) Raise the quality of your video with a VarietyofVideo Editing Features! ㆍPut in your favorite BGM and anIntro& Outro Video to make a personalized video! ㆍRecord acleanscreen Without a Watermark with Clean Recording Mode!AvailableOnly with Mobizen ㆍAnyone can use it with No rootingstarting fromOS 4.4! ㆍUse Screen Recording, Capture, and Editingall for FREE!ㆍYou can Remove the Watermark for FREE! Have AnyQuestion whileUsing Mobizen? You can keep up-to-date with MobizenFeatures, News,and the continually growing Mobizen Communitythrough the followingsites! ㆍHelp Center: support.mobizen.comㆍㆍCommunity: UsBetter the App Have you seen any weird words in Mobizen?ㆍLanguageVolunteer☞ ※ Note -Storerecorded file: screen recorded with Mobizen will be saved ontheuser device only. - To experience all the features ofMobizenScreen Recorder, you must agree to Storage, Camera, Mic, andDrawover Apps Permissions. Don't hesitate and download Mobizen now!
SaveStory 2.3
This app lets you take screenshot of any app. You can alsorecordvideo with this app. Some of the features of this apps are:--Works on non - rooted devices - No notification when screenshotiscaptured - Continuous screenshotting -Screenshot/Screenrecordingworking simultaneously - Super Fast - HQRecording - Grab Imagefrom recorded video - Trim Video - Works onchat screen - Recordvideo with audio - No login/registrationrequired - Simple and easyto use Please note that: This app mightnot work as expected onolder devices. Make sure that you've freeram before starting thisapp. Don't run any background apps whileusing this app. Screen-Recording might crash on certain devices.Future improvements arein proceeds. Disclaimer: "This app is notsponsored or endorsed by,or affiliated with, Snap Inc."
SVR - Secret Video Recorder 1.5.5
Secret Video Recorder.Secret Video Recorder doesbackgroundrecording, NO camera preview, No shutter sound, so youcan use yourphone as normal and NO ONE can tell you are recordingvideo.Justone touch for instant recording, schedule recording, SMSrecording,or auto recording. HD video. Continue recording whenscreen off.Many useful features.Secret Video Recorder is a hiddencamerarecorder for professional video recording and is the bestappavailable in the Android market for hidden mobilerecorder.MainFeatures:★ Unlimited number video recording.★Unlimited videoduration.★ No camera shutter sound.★ No preview.★Clean materialdesign.★ One touch to start/stop recording.★ Supportvideoorientation★ Can record during phone call.★ Turn screen offandcontinue recording in background mode.★ Schedule to record videoatspecific time.★ Supports front and back camera.★ Full HDvideo(1920x1080) recording.★ Easy to config duration, camera, andvideoquality.★ Enable/disable notification, screen messagewhenstart/stop recording.★ Check free storage before recording.★Easyto open folder containing recorded videos.★ Auto sync videowithGoogle drive... to help you find your videos when you lostyourphone.★ Protect videos by passcode locks creen.★ Show/Hidevideofrom Gallery.This app has been tested successfully onthesedevices:❀ Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung GalaxyS4,Samsung Galaxy S6❀ Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3❀ HTC One,HTCM8❀ LG LTE, LG2, LG3❀ Google Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7Allfeedbackand feature requests related to the operation of theapplication,as well as many other questions can be send thefollowing email ofsupport team: youlike our app,please take a minute to rate it on Google Play market.
Timestamp Camera ENT Free 1.127
Yubin Chen
This app can add non-forged date, time, location and GPSwatermarkon photo and video. By getting the current time from thenetwork,the photo and video will still have a real time watermarkeven ifthe user changes the phone time. This app can be used in avarietyof occasions which need real time and location, such as theworkreport of the construction site , traffic accident scene,goodstransfer, private detective work, evidence of borrowed itemsand soon. The main features: ● Add the current date, time, GPSandaddress watermark when taking photo or video. - Supportschangefont, font color, font size. - Supports set timestamp in7positions: top left, top center, top right, bottom left,bottomcenter, bottom right,center. - Supports auto add address andGPS. -Supports input and display custom text on camera. - Supportschangeopacity of text and text background. ● Supports import logoimageto display on the camera. Can change the position, size,marginsand transparency of the logo. ● Supports change videoresolution. ●Supports power saving mode of black screen. ● Supportsrecord videowithout audio. ● Can pause and continue recordfragments to onevideo. ● Can toggle camera when recording. ●Supports portrait andlandscape. If you have any questions orsuggestions, please emailto Thank you.
com.vnnewsolutions.screenrecorder 6.0.0
Screen Recorder, recording your android screen does not needROOTdevice This appp can recording screen your phone (Lollipopabove)
REC: Screen Recorder, Video Editor & Screenshot 9.8
【REC: Screen Recorder, Video Editor & Screenshot The bestscreenrecorder free, no-root with facecam, audio and & videoeditor tocapture high-quality videos! 】Why is the best?TotallyFREE, WITHOUTany in-app purchaseNO root needed, NO recordingtimelimitHIGH-QUALITY video: 1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPSProvidesinterfaces inMORE THAN 20 LANGUAGESREC: Screen Recorder, VideoEditor &Screenshot is a free, stable, high-quality screenrecorder forAndroid that helps you record smooth and clear screenvideos. Witha variety of features such as screen capture, videorecorder,display recorder, video editor and no rooting needed, Recappprovides an easy way to record screen videos, like gamevideos,video calls, live shows, and more - making everythingsimple!KeyFeatures of REC: Screen Recorder★ Full HD ScreenRecording withFace cam and audioScreen Recorder provides stable andfluid screenrecording. With this screen recorder, you can easilyrecord popularmobile game videos; you can record video calls withfamily andfriends; you can also record popular programs on liveapps likePeriscope and Bigo Live! Display recorder is designed withthefollowing free features:- HD screen recorder highestqualitysupplied: 1080P, 12Mbps, 60FPS- Many resolutions, framerates, andbit rates available- Pause / resume screen recordingthroughfloating window or notification bar- Shake phone to stoprecordingand hide floating window- Record long time videos with SDcard(External Memory)- Facecam Recorder, rec movie enable frontcamerato capture your reactions while screen recording, very usefulforgame recorder- Rec screen recorder app support portrait,landscapeand auto screen record mode- Show touches: REC app displayclickoperations in the screen recording★ Video Editor and Managevideoscreen captureRec screen recorder Pro has lots of videoeditingfunctions that can help you create better videos. You caneasilymake the following video editing operations with thescreenrecorder:- Video Cut / Trim: Rec movie app can remove anypart ofvideos freely - Merge videos: Combine multiple videos intoone- Addbackground music from you device to make a personalizedvideo-Compress video: Rec is easier to share with friends- Changespeedof video- Rotate video- Crop video- Convert video toGIF★Screenshots captures and Image EditingREC - is not only ascreenrecorder for videos, but also an app to capture screenshotsandedit images. With screen capture app, you can take a screenshotinjust one click. With just one hand. No more double-press andhold.Quick and easy! You can also share your screenshots or usein-appimage editing tools to stitch and crop local images. - Takeascreenshot of your phone with a single touch- Supporteditorscreenshot app with blur, cutting or grafting.- Usenotificationbar or floating window to take a one-click screenshot.-StitchImages: Smartly combine several images into one. - BlurImage:Pixelate the image to cover areas you do not want to show.-CropImage: Keep only the part of the image you want.★ LiveCreatorWithScreen Recorder’s screen broadcast, you can stream yourscreen toYouTube, Facebook and Twitch. You can stream gameplay toshow yourskills, or stream films, TV shows, and sports events toshare thethings you like with more people! Youtube screen recorderprovidesthe following features to help you livestream easily:-Broadcastresolution settings, stream with high-quality- Livestreamprivacylevel settings- Real-time audience comments- You can use thefrontcamera when livestreamingTake screen and voice recorderandscreenshot app all in one, can you believe it?Download and trythebest REC app: Screen Recorder, Video Editor & ScreenshotAnddonot forget to rate 5 * for game recording screen app to supportthedeveloper!. Thank you.
com.kts.draw 1.4.4
Draw on screen allows you to draw anywhere (other app or game)onyour device screen during run-time. Whatever you are doing onthescreen, you can always turn on or off the drawing mode easilywithnotification Draw on screen reverses the way you would usuallydoto draw on a screenshot: draw on target screen > takescreenshot> share Draw on screen will support those who usevideorecording (or screen recording) when they want tohighlightsomething ** usage ** - Supplementary tutorial screenshot(draw andcapture) - Supplementary tutorial video (draw whilerecording) -Draw with different colors (ARGB color space) - Drawwith differentsizes - undo/redo draw - erase whatever drawn onscreen
Hidden Video Recorder 1.21
Convert your Smartphone into a Secret HD Video Recorder ! Noshuttersound,No camera preview and the screen doesn’t even have tobe ‘ON’. So, no one will be able to know about your recording.Video,Audiorecord everything you need without any hint ofsuspicion. You caneven schedule the recording too. ⦁ Cleanmaterial GUI. ⦁ No camerashutter sound while you switch on therecording button. ⦁ No previewwhile you are recording. ⦁ SimpleOne touch to start/stop recording.⦁ Support video orientation ⦁You can record while you are on phonecall. ⦁ Turn screen off andcontinue recording in background mode. ⦁Unlimited number videorecording. ⦁ Unlimited video duration.
Screen Recorder with Audio and Facecam, Screenshot 9.8
Are you looking for an app Screen Recorder Pro:✔ Record yourscreenand gameplay and face ✔ Simple interface of screen recorderandeditor app, EASY to record video calls for beginners✔Screenrecorder with facecam ✔ No wonder how to record your screenwith HDquality✔ Screen recording with sound app absolutely FREE,NOin-app-purchase✔ No root record screen to video✔Screenshotcaptures with one touch✔ Game recorder with facecam✔AbsolutelyFree game recording appsWelcome to REC: Screen Recorderwith Audioand Facecam Screenshot, you're coming up to a videorecording thatwill record while you're playing games with facecamera. You willget the high quality screen recorder at no cost.You can recordgames while you play, record screen and audio orrecord videocalls.With REC our application, everything will becomepossible.Now, you can take screenshots with a single touch.Moreover, youwill have a video recording that will record while youre playinggames with face camera. On the other hand, it is a camerathat canrecord your face and screenTo start to record on screen viaRECapp, open a camera that can record your face and screen and usethefloating bar on the home screen. The button that controlsyourrecording will not show up when recording screen video. Also,youcan set the countdown timer with the screencamerarecorder. With REC: Screen Recorder pro is simpleandintuitive to do game recording screen and screen recordingwithsound at the same time. Especially with one touch, you cantakescreenshots quickly.Key features of Screen recorder andEditorapp: ★ Screen Recorder and Editor ✔ Screenrecording withinternal audio✔ Record games on your phone inunlimited time✔ Recapp can customize the size of video and framerate✔ Video Cutter:Choose the best part of the video for the mostimpressive footage✔Set the countdown timer for the recorder screenrecorder✔ Draw onthe screen while recording✔ Cut video intosegments ✔ Convert videoto GIF format✔ Add effects to fast / slowvideo★ Capture Screenshot& Video screen capture ✔ REC appis Take screenshotwithout button press✔ Screen Recorder pro Supportphoto editingtools✔ Screen recorder with audio and editor &screenshot★Gallery for Video & Photo ✔ REC app can choosetheresolution for the video✔ Screen Recorder pro can customizevideotitle when saving★ Share video through social networks ✔HDquality video capture, you can share it on social networkslikefacebook, youtube…If you want to know how to record your screenorshoot great part of movies, record games while you play,ourapplication will help you. Let our application - ScreenRecorderhelp you keep your most impressive moments.Do not forget tosharewith your friends this great app so they can record the screenaseasily as you.
Game Screen Recorder 1.2.9
Game Screen Recorder is a premium recorder app for gameandscreen.You can record your game video without root and easilyshareto your friends.What can Game Screen Recorder do? 1.Automaticallyidentify the game on your phone without anytimelimit!2. It doesNOT require root access on your Lollipop!3.Prologue Editor : Youcan edit the prologue and add it to yourvideo. 4. Record ButtonOption : You can set the transparency of therecord button inrecording, you can even upload your own picture tocustomize theRecord Button, More interesting, right? 5. Stop bynotification bar: if you don't want to show the Record Button, justturn off the"Stop by Record Button". 6. You can pause and resumerecording anytime you want.(Need Advanced Engine)7. Our screenrecorder iscompletely FREE!FAQ :I can’t record using my tablet?Forsystemreasons, some old-version (default OS is 4.0 or even older)tabletcan not make a record even it has re-installed a 5.0+systemthrough third-party Rom. We kindly suggest you to make therecordvia the mobile phone.Learn more or feedback,please vist thehelpcenter in the app.We will appreciate if you can help us addnewlanguages to our apps.If you are interested in it,please
com.blogspot.byterevapps.lollipopscreenrecorder 3.7.2
Featured on Android Community, TuttoAndroid and!Need to record your screen in a easy way and without a menuthatcovers your whole screen? ADV Screen recorder was designed tobefully featured, without any kind of restritions andwithoutrequiring root. ADV Screen Recorder lets you: - Recordingwith 2engines (Default and Advanced) - Pause Recording (RequiresAdvancedEngine) - Draw on the fly with your favorite color - UseFront orBack Camera while recording - Set your Text with fullcustomization- Set your Banner with full customization - Trim Video- And muchmore!... Feel free to let us know of any sugestions! Iwould tolike to say thank you to the following people forhelpingtranslating the app: Italian - Vasc Nizz PortugueseBrazilian -Celso Fernandes German - Yellowbear007 Arabic - JetSubSpanish -TBandroid
Apowersoft Screen Recorder
Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a free app that enables you torecordscreen activities without any hassles and save as HD videos.Asidefrom recording screen, it can also record audio from micandsynchronize with screencast videos. Utilizing it, you caneasilymake video tutorials and record gameplays, live shows, videocalls,etc. After recording, it gives you quick access to trimvideos oreven share via Email, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. 👍 Keyfeatures ➤Record screen with audio It supports recording screenwith audio ofinternal sound via phone speaker which makes it easyto makeinstructional videos or add commentary to gameplayrecording. ➤Front camera recording Besides recording phone screen,it can alsorecord your front camera, which will be very useful inadding yourface to game recordings. ➤ Flexible overlay icon Thisfree screenrecorder provides you easy access to start, pause andstoprecording conveniently. Simply enable overlay icon so that youcanstart recording in any apps at any time. Plus, you’re alsocapableof adjusting opacity and enabling shortcuts to controlrecordingeasily from the overlay icon. ➤ Trim videos easily In casethat youwant to trim unnecessary scenes at the beginning or the endofrecorded videos, you can make use of the built-in trimmer todothis trick. ➤ Share videos instantly After recording screen,youcan directly share the recorded videos via other apps on yourphonewith your friends or family members. 💖 OTHER HIGHLIGHTFEATURES 1.Cast phone screen to Computer This screen recordersupportsdisplaying phone screen on PC and Mac for better viewingexperienceon condition that you have a receiver on computer. 2.Multiplerecording preferences You can set the right quality foryourvideos. Resolution: 360P, 720P, 1080P, etc. Bit-rate: 1 Mbps to12Mbps. Frame rate: 24 FPS ~ 60 FPS. It also provides optionstocustomize aspect ratio, size, opacity and rectangular of camerainorder to create a personalize video. 3. Show touches inrecordingTo make videos more instructive, just enable "Showtouches" inSettings before capturing and then you can see touchpoints clearlyin recording. 4. Countdown before recording To get abetterpreparation for recording, you can configure countdown basedonyour needs in settings. This will create a 3s or 5s countdownandthen recording will begin. 5. Shake to record This screenrecorderallows you to shake your phone screen to start and stoprecording.6. Privacy Protection To prevent from leaking theprivateinformation in apps when recording, you can enable"PrivacyProtection". In this way, the recording will pauseautomatically ifyou open the protected app and resume when you exitit. SUPPORTSPECIFICATION This app supports Android 5.0 and higher.If you haveany problems of using this app, please submit them viaFeedback inthe app or contact us at We willfix themASAP.
ShotOn for Motorola: Add Shot on to Gallery Photos 1.2
Shot On Stamp
Shot on for Motorola is an application that automatically addsaShotOn watermark tag for Motorola Devices onpre-recordedphotographs selected from phone gallery.👉 What willmake you chooseus?✌ Absolute freebie✌ Editable ShotOn and Shot ByTags✌ AdjustableSize options✌ Modifiable Shot on Tag Position✌Classy FontFormatsShotOn has been developed for users who wants orprefers toshowcase their work and their brand logo when picturesare shared.So Shot on for Motorola is a perfect way to go!➺ Why tobuy thoseexpensive phones to utilize the Shot On watermark tag whenyou aregetting it with an application that provides you so manyexcitingfeatures, isn’t it? Have a look to the exciting perksmentionedbelow.Appealing Shot On features:✎Shot OnWatermark:Customizableshot on logo is up for you to access from theapplication which canbe as per your feasibility. List of all brandlogos are availablefrom which you need to opt for use and you canalso add your ownShot On watermark by ‘+’ from the application.✎Shot By Text orwords:Specify your name, trademark, personalizedsignature and muchmore in the Shot by field which will appear nextto Shot on tagonly. This will help you get credits when your postshare appearson the internet. ✎Customize formats:Look and feel isvery importantwith respect to photo layout for which Shot on forMotorolafacilitates you to make adjustments to shot on format. Soadjustthe position, size and font type from wide range of list andmakedifferent variationsLooking over all these, Shot on forMotorolahas been developed which will help you add Shot On tagalong withShot by text to your selected Gallery Photos.✨ AdditionalExcitingfeatures:➺ Large set of different smartphone brand logos➺Add yourown Shot on Logo➺ Edit Shot by text➺ Adjust and setposition ofShot on watermarking➺ Adjust size for ShotOn watermarkas per imagetheme➺ Wide range of font formats for Shot on and Shotby text➺Like Preview Option➺ No running down of imageQualitySumming upeverything, you won’t have any better option otherthan Shot on forMotorola which can watermark your photos soappropriately at zerocost. So download application right now andhappy stamping :) 2.00
Featuring in Game Live Streaming, Screenshot Capture,VideoRecorder, Editor and no root needed, GO Recorder is the bestfreeHD screen recorder for games, videos, live, video chats andappdemonstrations as YouTube tutorials. You can also polish urvideoswith various editing tools. It is a video recorder as wellasscreenshot capturer. Many YouTube video recorders use ourscreenrecorder for capturing screenshots and videos daily! Why isGORecorder the best screen capturing & recording app onAndroid?★GO Recorder Highlights:★ 🌟Smooth & clear screenrecord🌟Popular game live streaming 🌟Instant share to Youtube,Facebook,etc 🌟Low memory usage 🌟FULL HD quality ★Features:★★ScreenRecorder★ With smooth screen recording, you can easilyrecord &screenshot popular game videos, video calls withfamilies andfriends. Also interesting moments on live apps!------One tap tostart recording videos and screenshots duringplaying games.------Record & screenshot your reactions withFacecam to makebetter tutorial videos on YouTube. ------Start/stoprecording inquick notification bar/floating window easily.------Create highquality videos and screenshots with FUll HDgraphics in 1080 p.★Video Editor★ GO Recorder offers your amazingediting toolsr topolish videos and screenshots. You can easily usethe followingediting tools to make better videos with screenrecorder:------Trim redundant beginning/ending parts of the clipsto makeperfect videos. ------Cut the unnecessary middle parts ofvideos.------ Add your favourite background music to videos. ★PlayandShare Videos★ ------Play the recorded videos in the floatingwindowor the notification bar. ------Share ur videos on socialnetworkingsites/apps such as YouTube or Facebook or Snapchat andget theLIKEs! ★User guide★ ------Click the icon of our screenrecorder toturn on the control panel in the floating window &notificationbar, where record, manage, screenshot & facecam 4buttons canbe found. ------Press the record button to start/stoprecordingscreen. ------Tap the screenshot button to make quickscreenshots,even in the process of recording videos. ------Enterthevideos/screenshots editing page by the manage button. ------Toeditur screen videos, enter our app and you'll find editing toolsin3rd tab bar. ------Share ur videos/screenshots to socialnetworkingapps / PC via WiFi connections. Download the best screenrecordernow and create your amazing videos and screenshots! Thebest videorecorder & editor ever! You can also upload videos onYoutube.If you have any comments or suggestions on GO Recorder,pleasecontact us at We appreciateyourfeedback! And do not forget to rate 5★ if you love ourapplicationfor screen recorder. Thank you! Follow us onFacebook: GO Recorder VIPoffers you torecord with 1080P/ 720P, custom watermark, add magiceffects,popular music, cute emojis, and an ad-free experience.Subscriptioncontent will be updated regularly and you can enjoy theupdatingcontent during an active period of subscription. It isanauto-renewing subscription after your 3-day free trial. Ifyouchoose to purchase GO Recorder VIP, payment will be charged toyourGoogle Play account, and your account will be charged forrenewalwithin 24-hours prior to the end of the currentperiod.Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going toyoursettings in the Play Store after purchase. The currentsubscriptionprice starts at $11.99/month, $95.88/year. Prices arein U.S.dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and aresubjectto change without notice. If you don’t choose to purchaseGORecorder VIP, you can simply continue using it for free.
Ez Screen Recorder (no ad) 2.1.4
Ez Screen Recorder help you get your screen recorded moreeasilythan ever before. You could record your game screen, livechat,live streaming, live broadcast, and everything you like withjustone click. Most importantly, all of the functions are totallyfreeand with no ads.★ no Root needed★ free and with no ads★supportandroid 6.0 ★ light weight sizeMain features:➤ FrontCameraRecording Customizable front camera preview window that canbeplace at anywhere, you could even enable/disable itduringrecording➤ Mic Recording Record your speech in realtime ➤HighQuality Recording/Screenshot Record with HD quality (720P,1080P),multiple bit rates and fps are supported➤ Customized MenuHighlycustomizable menu that you can decide it's transparency andsize➤Instant Start/Stop Control your record with drop-downnotificationwith just a simple click➤ Video Manager Built in videomanager thatmanages all your clips, playback and edit them with nopain➤ TrimVideo Trim the videos you recorded with this app ➤Instant SharingShare your clips instantly to other platforms likeYoutube,twitter, and whatsapp
Lollipop Screen Recorder 2.1.3
Lollipop Screen Recorder is a simple and easy to use screenrecorderfor devices running Android 5.0+It uses official APIsadded inAndroid Lollipop+ so it requires no rooting.Videos arestored in aneasy to find folder, so you can use your favoriteapplications toview, edit, and share them.Features:• Use camerasaspicture-in-picture• Store recordings on SD card• Record atfullscreen resolution• Set resolution, orientation, andbitrate•Recording start delay• Stop recording on screen off•Recordaudio"... aptly named..." - Android Police:)
ScreenShot - Capture Screen 1.0
ScreenShoot - Capture Screen for Android with onetouch!!ScreenShoot- Capture screen, Screen recorder , video screenis the simplest andeasiest way to capture, share and edit yourdevice's screen withfriends very fast.Capture screen -ScreenShootRecorder ScreenvideoOne touch button widgetCapturescreen gameCapture screenfacebookCapture screen application andScreen recorderRecorderscreen video ,clip with one touchFloatingwindow / Floating gadgetalways remain on top so that you can startthe recording any time,and even stop too. Also you can pressrecord button from the widgetitself to see the recorded videos.Doyou want to know how youperformed during a particular stage of agame? Then start recordingthe game using Screen Recorder No Rootapplication.
Ace Screen Recorder w facecam 1.19
Ace Screen Recorder is a slick, fully loaded, easy to usescreenrecorder for Android 5 (Lollipop) and above.There are no ads,nowatermarks, and no time limits. No root needed, too.• Screenrecord from 360p SD to 1080p Full HD videos.•  Invisible HotCorner(magic button) for seamless user experience.•  Pausescreenrecorder.•  Draw on the screen while recording.•  Camera(facecam)overlay, with both Front and Back camera support. Toactivate,press the Camera button on the main control interface.• Recordaudio from microphone for sound.•  Video editor with TrimSides,Cut Middle and Extract Frames options.•  Small app size:~2MB•  andmuch more!Use it make demos or presentations, record gamescreen,screen record for YouTube, etc.
Screen Recorder 9.7.9
Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder no root app to recordandcapture your mobile screen in video formats with or withoutfrontcamera. ★Livestream Games, live shows and more to YouTube,Facebookand Twitch. ★ Using the front camera (facecam) will helpyoucapture your own video and also the mobile screen recording atthesame time. This option is best for recording the tutorials ofanyapp. This feature is helpful for app developers to record thevideoto explain the usage of their applications. ★ Now draw andcreatetutorials with a whiteboard screen. ★ This mobile appscreenrecording feature is helpful for the users/ quality testers/apptesters to explain the problem they are facing in a particularapp.★ Screen recording of any app available on your mobile devicecanbe done in live application usage mode, like typing anymessage,record video calls, viewing any video or listening to anyaudio oranything available on the mobile screen can be recorded. ★Thishigh-quality screen recorder for Android can be useful totheparents for monitoring the usage of mobile by kids by mobilescreenrecording. ★Draw text on screen while recording and trimvideoswith in-built video editor and recorder. ★ Screen recorder HDappdoesn’t use any data/ internet, as we don’t upload any recordingtoany cloud network or server. All the videos are recorded andsavedlocally on phone/SD card memory. ★ Users can create storytellingpresentations, videography of still pictures with help ofthisScreen Recorder tool and can upload it on video streamingcloud. ★App user has the choice to share it through Facebookvideo,youtube, email, Bluetooth or any other sharing mode. ★ Gameuserscan record their gaming round while playing with ScreenRecordingvideo option in our app. ★Screen recorder for Youtubevideorecorders, content creators and App Reviewers/ Recorders canusethis easy free tool for creating high-quality HD videos andlaterupload and monetize the content on their own video channels.Uploadthe captured videos as Youtube tutorials on your youtubeaccount.It's FREE to upload videos to your youtube account. ★ ThisScreenrecorder no root app uses Video compression algorithm forsharingto reduce your data bill and internet use. ★ This is theFREE appwithout any restriction to record screen and capturescreenshots ofyour mobile screen. We allow the recorders to choosethe options •Quality of resolution of the Video format • Option toset the Framerate of the video to be recorded • Option to set theBit rate •Option to choose the orientation as Portrait or Landscapevideo •Option to choose whether the Audio recording to be done ornot •Option to enable or disable video compression ★ You can recordlongvideos without worrying while saving on External Memory (SDCard)!★ Home screen navigation shortcuts allow you to easilystartrecording and capturing screen. ★ App Marketers andDigitalMarketing can use this tool to create the videopresentations,tutorials. The front camera can make it really muchmoreinteractive. ★ Recording of Mobile screen can be done withfrontcamera feature which allows you to capture your expression foraperfect tutorial. ★ This app allows screen recording withaudioeven without the front camera or with the front camera ofyourmobile as per your choice. ★ Easy & Fast access toscreenrecording controls from Notification bar to ensure thescreenrecording is fast and quick for users. We are here to viewyourrecorded stories on how this app is helpful to you. You canrecord& share your feedback from the Websitelink: Connect with us onFacebook: Subscribe toourYouTubechannel:
Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) 1.5
This is the automatic call recorder pro with 2 ways recording,bestphone call recorder free for android.By downloading autocallrecorder pro free now, you can record any incoming callsandoutgoing call with high quality. Call recording is automaticandvery reliable.Call recorder is very easy to use, You can setwhichcalls are recorded to white list and which are ignored.Youcanmanage your recording files, listen to the recording, add notesandshare it. Synchronized to the cloud as well. You can also setaconversation is important, save it and it will be stored intheimportant category.Many functions for call recording, all youneedis in this call recording appFeatures: Auto call recorder prowitha lot of features- 2 ways recording call- Recordcallsautomatically with high quality while you in incoming callsoroutgoing calls.- Organize your call records. You can view listoffiles with order by time, by names.- Listen to recordings,viewdetail information of files such as: size, location-Saverecordings to internal & external storage (SD card).-Callcontrol with volume adjustment right inside the call app- Callloghistory- Record all telephony conversations.- Play audiorecordedconversations.- Flag a recordings as an importance- Keepcalling oncall with no affection, the app will run smoothly inthebackground- Confirmation for saving the recorded call. -Supportlots of recording formats (mp3, amr, wav)- Support whitelist, allnumbers or contacts in white list will be recorded.-Support blacklist, number in black list will be ignored- Able toset source(Mic, voice call, a video camera)- Enable/disable recordincomingcall- Enable/disable record outgoing call- Password toprotectprivacy- Lock and protect recorded items to preventfromauto-cleaning- Record a phone call (telephone recorder)-Voicerecorder, audio recorder for both side of call party- Makehiddencall recorder without alerting or notification while in thecall-Record phone calls by a tap, tape a call to start or stopservices,you can also enable automatic call recordar mode- Sharerecordedfiles: Easy to share your recordar file via popularservices likesSMS, Email, Dropbox, … Available very soon:- Fix andrelease newfree phone call recorder for every devices, currently itdoes notwork for some devices, honestly !- Call record with noiseremoval-Scheduler for recorder call- Record phone calls for VOIPapps, notonly for telephone calls- Identify the id caller, find thetruecaller id from the unknown caller & unknown numberidentifier,a way for you to know who call you.Download 2 ways phonerecordingapp right now, the best call recorder for you and hope youwilllove this 2 ways phone recorder app.
Screen Recorder With Audio And Editor & Screenshot 2.0.7
Take screen and voice recorder and screenshot app all in one,canyou believe it?With our application, everything willbecomepossible. Now, you can take screenshots with a singletouch.Moreover, you will have a video recording that will recordwhileyou re playing games with face camera. On the orther hand, itis acamera that can record your face and screen Key features ofscreenrecorder and editor app: ★ Face cam and recorder screenrecordingwith internal audio- Open the app to start to record onscreen. Ourtoolbar will appear on the screen for you to customizesuch asturning on the camera, drawing to screen or pause at anytime. Itis simple and intuitive to record games on your phone,sound andfacecam at the same time.- After recording, you canoptionally editrecording screen video. We support editing: cutvideo, effects,speed or add music to make your video trulyimpressive &unique.★ Screen shot captures and editscreenshots:- Take ascreenshot of your phone with a single touch-Support editorscreenshot app with blur, cutting or grafting…….★Manage videoscreen capture format settings- You can choose to savevideorecorder and editor in many formats with high qualityresolutionsuch as HD, Full HD ... Special things are waiting foryou in thisscreen recorder with facecam app: ✔ Screen recorder noroot root& no login required✔ Unlimited time to record screenand audio✔HD game screen recorder with facecam✔ Customize videotitle whensaving✔ Sharing video screen recording with sound throughsocialnetworks✔ Simple interface, easy to record video calls orrecordgames while you play✔ Support multiple devices✔ Camerarecordingapps for FREEDo you want to know how to record yourscreen, want tomake mobile video tutorial or have video callrecording? If you arestill struggling for the best solution to highquality screenrecorder, come to our recording screen app no root.Screen recorderwith audio will be much easier and faster. What'smore, a great appthat captures all your lovely moments with yoursmartphone. So,download the screen recording app right now to havea greatexperience! Do not forget to rate 5 * for game recordingscreen appto support the developer!
Malayalam Image Editor - Troll, GIF, Poster 1.918
This app specially designed for Malayalees/Keralites. Using thisappwhich you can easily create : ☆ Trolls ☆ Onam, Bakrid,Chrismas,Marriage, Friendhip, Independence day & 100+ SeasonalGreetingCards ☆ Posters ☆ Notices ☆ WhatsApp Status ☆ Logos(PNG) ☆GIFAnimation Images ► Highlights ◄ - Latest troll feed updatedeveryfew hours. Save favourites to your phone - 10000+ Plainmemes. Canbe searched using Actor/Movie or Dialogue - Add Textswith 20Malayalam & English Fonts - 200+ Downloadable MalayalamAndEnglish Fonts - A huge selection of Stickers, Memes, Cliparts,Frames - Draw layer by layer. Give effects to each layer - Candrawyour own pencil sketch - Adjust text color, size, stroke,shadowand curving - Use patterns for text background - Removebackgroundof images and make it transparent - Imagecropping/blurring support- Duplicate/Copy Layer option available -Text/Pictures can beanimated to create cool GIF Images - Save asTemplate option toreuse your layout - Your own logo can be added toany of the imagesthat you create. - Easy share in WhatsApp,FaceBook, email, andother installed apps You can remove ads for oneyear by paying rs30 using in-app billing You can remove watermarkby paying rs30/300/500 using in-app billing New Images, Memes andtemplateswill added regularly! Please contact us at +91-7736232006viaWhatsApp if you need any support.
com.fbb.malayalam_text_pic_editor_meme_troll_font_comment 4.919
Malayalam Troll and Greetings Maker is a complete imageeditorapplication. Using this app which you can create your ownTrollsand Greetings and share them with all your friends. Thisappspecially designed for Malayalees to create own TrollsandGreetings easily. * Remove Our Watermark (Free And Paid) *PickImages from your Album to Generate Trolls and Greetings *Comeswith 3000 Film scene * 5 Greetings Templates * Add Texts with10Malayalam and 10 English Fonts * 200+ Downloadable MalayalamAndEnglish Fonts * A huge selection of Stickers, Memes, Cliparts,Frames * Can draw your own pencil sketch * Easy share inWhatsApp,FaceBook, email, and other installed apps * Share yourtrolls andgreetings as public * Mark your favorite trolls andgreetings *Water mark option * Adjust text color and size * Easilycreatecomplex Trolls and Greetings easily * Move Images,captionsanywhere you want and add your own * Image Cropping *Choosebackground as Patterns * Add and adjust color of borders fortexts* SEARCH / Filter – you can find you favorite images inseconds *New Images and templates will added regularly! * Easy toUsePermission Details: in-app-billing for removing watermark bypayingrs 30/300/500 read-contacts/profile for inviting friends toremovewatermark for free (optional) Please contact us at+91-7736232006via WhatsApp if you need any support.
Mobizen Screen Recorder - Record, Capture, Edit
Download the most easy to use screen recorder Mobizen now andcreateyour first, amazing video! Mobizen is the mosteasy-to-use,convenient screen recorder that allows you to record,capture andedit. Everyone can use the 100% free features to makethe bestvideos! How to Make the Perfect First Video? ㆍClearScreenRecording in FULL HD! ※ Highest Quality supplied ▷1080pResolution, 12.0Mbps Quality, 60 FPS ㆍCapture your reactionsfreelywhile recording game sound and your voice with Facecam! ㆍYoucanrecord long videos without worrying while saving onExternalMemory(SD Card)! ㆍ(Trim, Cut, Images, etc.) Raise the quality ofyourvideo with a Variety of Video Editing Features! ㆍPut inyourfavorite BGM and an Intro & Outro Video to make apersonalizedvideo! ㆍRecord a clean screen Without a Watermark withCleanRecording Mode! Available Only with Mobizen ㆍAnyone can use itwithNo rooting starting from OS 4.4! ㆍUse Screen Recording,Capture,and Editing all for FREE! ㆍYou can Remove the Watermark forFREE!Have Any Question while Using Mobizen? You can keep up-to-datewithMobizen Features, News, and the continually growingMobizenCommunity through the following sites! ㆍ ㆍYouTube:ㆍCommunity: UsBetter the App Have you seen any weird words in Mobizen?ㆍLanguageVolunteer☞ ※ Note -Storerecorded file: screen recorded with Mobizen will be saved ontheuser device only. - To experience all the features ofMobizenScreen Recorder, you must agree to Storage, Camera, Mic, andDrawover Apps Permissions. Don't hesitate and download Mobizen now!
com.jeyluta.timestampcamerafree 1.152
Yubin Chen
Timestamp Camera is the best(maybe only) app to add timestampstonew videos. ● Add current time and location when recordingvideosor taking photos, you can change time format or select thelocationaround easily. Timestamp Camera is the only App that canrecordvideo with the time watermark accurate tomillisecond(0.001second). - Support 61 timestamp formats - Supportchange font, fontcolor, font size - Support set timestamp in 7positions: top left,top center, top right, bottom left, bottomcenter, bottom right,center - Support auto add location address andGPS - Support changetimestamp opacity and background - Support addaltitude and speedon camera ● Support display custom text and emojion camera. Forexample, you can input "Good day at the zoo" ●Support display map,you can change the map scale, transparency,size, position ●Support display compass on camera ● Support displaycustom logoimage on camera ● Support record video with or withoutaudio ●Support "Battery saver mode", the brightness of screen willbe0%~100% of normal when turn it on. Support double-tap to turnonthe "Battery saver mode" ● Support turn off the shutter soundwhenshooting ● All of the time effects are real-time and can beusedwhen taking photo or video ● Can change effect, toggle camerawhenrecording ● Support portrait and landscape ● Supportchangeresolution ● Support capture photo when recording ● Supportsavephoto and video to SD card directly, enable it in theadvancesetting If you want to upgrade to the pro version, you canpay forthe pro version from Google Play which costs $4.99. And youonlyneed to pay for once and use it forever. Don't trust anybodythatcharge you outsides the Google Play. Please if you have any problem or suggestions.Thankyou.
Screener - Better Screenshots 2.5.4
Screener lets you stick screenshots into device frames andaddbackgrounds and effects in a snap. Promote your app, wallpaperorsimply your homescreen - easier than ever before, without theneedof any PC software. Features • More than 100 handcrafteddeviceframes, and more to come! • Smartwatch frames • Download newdeviceframes as they become available, no update needed. •MaterialDesign • Glare and shadow effects • Custom backgroundcolors •Custom wallpaper background • Blurred background • Liverendering •Easily save and share your screens Become Social Shareyour resultswith the Community: onGoogle+: Toastcode onTwitter: Our device frames / mockupsarelicensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0InternationalLicense. That means that you can use images createdwith Screenerwherever and however you like, for commercial andnon-commercialpurposes. However, we don’t permit modification ofthe deviceframes themselves. This does not apply to the backgroundand yourscreenshot. You need help or have problems? -we're happy to help! Screener lets you stickscreenshots intodevice frames and add backgrounds and effects in asnap. Promoteyour app, wallpaper or simply your home screen -easier than everbefore, without the need of any PC software.Features • More than100 handcrafted device frames, and more tocome! • SmartWatchframes • Download new device frames As Theybecome available, Noupdate needed. • Material Design • glare andshadow effects •Custom background colors • Custom wallpaperbackground • Blurredbackground • Live rendering • Easily save andshare your screensBecome Social Share your results with thecommunity: Toast code onGoogle+: Toast Code onTwitter: Our device frames / mockupsarelicensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0InternationalLicense. That bedeutet, dass you can use imagescreated withscreener wherever and HOWEVER you like, for commercialandnon-commercial purposes. HOWEVER, we do not permit modificationofthe device frames Themselves. This does not apply to thebackgroundand your screenshot. You need help or have problems? - we're happy to help!