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FolderMount [ROOT] v2.9.13
ROOT is required. Without it, the app will not launch.Problems?Usethe EMAIL DEVELOPER link in the Play Store. Today someappsstorebig files over the internal SD card (e.g. games,podcasts,offlineRSS content, pictures, videos, offlinenavigationsoftware).Typically users have a small internal sd cardsize(~16GB) while theexternal SD is a lot bigger (~32-64GB). Mostofthese apps usersdownload from the Play Store savetheirapplication data in theinternal sdcard by default and don'thavean option to use theexternal SD card to store data so theystarveyour internal SD cardmemory. FolderMount is the solution tothisissue. This app has theability to link folders in yourinternalsdcard to folders in yourexternal sdcard thereby populatingtheinternal sdcard folders withcontent that really exists intheexternal card. This helps us freespace and havemultiplegames/apps with big data storedsimultaneously without theneed touninstall. For Nexus devices withno external sdcard,thisapplication should help link folders to ausb flash driveforexample. Features of FolderMount: * Mountinternal SD cardfoldersto external SD folders. * Move content frominternal toexternalwhen a pair is added. (Dialog prompt) * Supportfor Android2.3 -6.0. * Holo themed throughout and an intuitive GUIdesign. *Itwill check SDCARD mount status and remount ifnecessary.Limitationof the free app: * Only 3 mount pairs allowed* FileExplorer doesnot list the sizes of the displayed folders *Somerestrictionsapply on the on the type/path of source folderPurchase"pro" fromwithin the app to unlock these limitations.Howto * Add afolderpair. Source is the internal sdcard anddestination isyourextSdCard * After adding, FM will offer to movethe files foryou.Click yes. * Wait until the move operation isdone then clickonthe PIN. If PIN turns green, you're all set. *The files willexistin both the source and destination aftermounting. This isexpectedand is normal. The files you see in yourinternal sdcardactuallyreside in your external sdcard now and ifyou "unpin" thepair,you'll see that your internal sdcard is emptyagain. Thereareother apps that do the same functionality but thisis the firsttobring you support for Android 4.2 with a Holo themedapp andanintuitive interface. Special thanks goes toAndroidizenforcreating the video promo of this app. Have fun :-)Disclaimer:Thisapp does not guarantee functionality in any way,shape, orform. Itis not my responsibility if this app does notwork, breaksyoursdcard or eats your kittens. User discretion isadvised.
APK Installer 8.6.2
APK Installer - the best app manager for Android. TheredesignedAPKInstaller makes it easier to manage your AndroidApps.●AppInstaller Batch install .APK files from internalstorageorSecondary SD card. ●APK Installer for PC Version APKInstallerforPC is Now Available that allow install .APK files fromWindowsXP,Vista, 7, 8, 10. learn more●AppUninstaller Batch uninstall unwantedapps easily. ●App BackupBatchexport .APK files to SD Card. ●APKShare Share the app withyourfriends easily. (APK File or Play URL)●Security Scanner Keepyoursystem away from the latest threats.In-app Advertising,AnalyticsAdd-ons Detector and APK SignatureVerification. ●CreateShortcutCreate any application shortcuts youwant and put them onyour homescreens. ●Cache Cleaner One Tap toclean up app cacheeasily. ●AppInfo Viewer APK Installer allows youto view PackageName , APKfiles location and installation date, APKfile MD5,SHA-1signature, Permission, UID, Shared UID, Minimum APILevel,TargetAPI Level, Component Info(Activity, Service,ReceiverandProvider). ●App2SD Move apps to SD Card. ●ADB ToggleADBDebuggingUSB switch. ●App Ops App permission control.●UpdaterUpdaterprovides you with the most up-to-date changelogsaboutinstalledapps.
Link2SD Plus (New) 1.1
Bülent Akpinar
✚✚✚✚ Plus key for Link2SD ✚✚✚✚ This app is a licensekeyonly,requeries the Link2SD (free) app and turns it intoPlusedition,removes ads and unlocks additional features. You willsee"Link2SDPlus" on the title in Link2SD (free) app. Plusfeaturesadded ✔Links internal data directory of apps to SD card Youneed touse anon-FAT file system (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) onyour2ndpartition. Because the FAT file system (FAT16, FAT32 orexFAT)doesnot support UNIX file ownership or permissions andcausesasecurity breakdown of app's private files. ✔ Linksexternaldataand obb folders of apps and games to SD card ✔ Linksdex filesofthe system apps to SD card ✔ Auto clear cache service ✔Removesadsfrom Link2SD **** Note for old Link2SD Plus users ****Due toaproblem with Google Play the package name of the apphaschangedand published as a new app. It is the same as the oldone,you cancontinue to use old version. You can reinstall theoldversion from"Play Store -> My apps -> ALL". ****Support& Upgrades /Reinstalls **** ● Keep "Link2SD Plus"installed anddo not freeze(disable) it. ● Link2SD Plus purchase isper Googleaccount forpurchases on Play Store, all upgrades andreinstalls arefree. ●You can install Link2SD Plus on any device forfree as longas youuse the same Google account you bought it with.Note thatforGoogle Play Store purchases if you have multiple Googleaccountsonthe device, your "original" Google account should beselectedinPlay Store (side menu => top-right white arrow nexttoyouraccount). If you're getting license error This is reportedinthefollowing cases: ● Play Store app not loaded. PleasestartPlayStore app and wait until it fully loads start page. PlayStoreappcan fail to load, for example, during itsself-updating.Pleasewait until it fully loads, then start Link2SDagain ●internetconnection is not available/unstable or PlayStoreapp/services areblocked from internet. It requires anetworkconnection for thefirst license check. But then you can goofflinefor a period oftime before requiring another license check.Cachingis enabled forlicense check. ● Link2SD Plus is in factnotlicensed/order isincomplete/refunded/canceled. Please openyourtransactions in"" and check your Link2SDPlusstatus is"Complete" ● invalid Google account on the device.GooglePlay appsare bound to the Google account, if you change it,PlayStore can'trecognize your purchase anymore. Please re-addthatGoogle accountback to your device and/or select this accountinGoogle Play Storeapp (side menu => top right arrow next toyourGoogle account) ●too much requests from apps to Play serversforlicense check.Please try again later (in 10 minutes) ●(Android2.x) backgrounddata is disabled To resolve this issue: 1.uninstallLink2SD andLink2SD Plus then reboot 2. ensure you haveinternetconnection onthe device up and stable 3. install Link2SDandLink2SD Plus fromGoogle Play Store app. Reinstalls to thesameaccount are free.(Installing from the APK won't resolve theissue)4. you may needstart/wait a bit/exit Link2SD Plus a fewtimes toreload licensestate. 5. if it didn't help, clear data ofGooglePlay Store andGoogle Play services and reboot If you'regetting“insufficientstorage available” error when installingLink2SD Pluseven you haveenough free space To resolve this issue:1. "Clear allapp cache"within Link2SD 2. set "install location" toautomaticwithinLink2SD settings and reboot 3. if it didn't help,clear dataofGoogle Play Store and Google Play Services and reboot
Sd Card Apk Installer 1.1.1
jubo co
Quick and easy tool to install apk files on your sd card.Searchyoursd card for all apps to install. Feature App filesearchofdirectory. Search all apk files at once.
Apk Extractor
APK Extractor will extracts APK thatareinstalled on your android device and copies them to yourSDcard.★ Fast and easy to use.★ Extracts almost all application,includingsystemapplications.★ No ROOT access required.★ By Default Apk's will be savedin/sdcard/ExtractedApks/.★ Provided Search option to search applications.★ Compatible with latest version of Android 7.0★ Saved apkformatAppName_AppPackage_AppVersionName_AppVersionCode.apk.★ Can extract multiple/all APK's by holding long click onanyitem.Interested in translating the application in your local language?Strings are available inGitHub me translated strings
APK Installer
Easy APK Installer allows to easily install applications(APKfiles)☆ This APK Installer is the most easy to use ☆ BecauseEasyAPKInstaller displays all your APK files directly! ManageyourAPKfiles at a glance with color: • Gray: Application notinstalled•Green: Installed application • Orange: Installedapplicationbutoutdated Features: • Compatible with any storage:internalmemory,SD card… • App installer & uninstaller •Deleting APKfile •Bluetooth sharing • App details • App Manager •File Explorer• 3themes available
Apk Installer (Paid Version) 1.0
Apk Installer are easy and quick way toinstallapk filesFeature:• Sort apk files by date• Scan apk files from External Storage and SD Card• Batch install apk files by single click• Batch delete apk files from External Storage and SD Card• Search apk file by name• Apk file installed statusTags: setup,install,sdcard,fast,apk,installer,app,rapid,application,external storage
System APK Installer 1.0
Finally install system apk files without afilebrowser or complicated script - use this app instead!Use this app to install SYSTEM apps only (the ones you can'tinstallusing Android's native package installer)Requires a rooted device.Tested on: Galaxy Note 2, Huawei P6I accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage on your phoneorfilesystem.If you want to support my work please click the ads, thanks!
Apk Manager Plus 1.0.1
Apk Manager Plus is a ligthweight free apk installeranduninstaller.Simple ui, no ads, no third party and sdcardsupport.With this toolyou can manage your apps easily and quickly.Filter,sort, delete,backup, share apk with your friends andmore...
Apk Manager 1.0.5
Apk manager is a lightweiht free apk installeranduninstaller.Simple ui, no ads, no third party and sdcardsupport.With thistool you can manage your apps easily and quickly.
Bluetooth App Sender APK Share 15.7
Looking for an app to send or share APK of apps withyourfriendsover Bluetooth? Try this amazing Bluetooth based sharingapp-Bluetooth App Sender to share apps with your friends. It isaverysimple to use and smart tool to share your applicationswithyourfriends. The app also allows you to manage your appsanduninstallundesired apps. On this app, you can view a list ofallinstalledapps on your device along with their details. Detailsthatyou canview for the app include the device permissions that theappisusing. With these app manager features, you canalsouninstallunwanted apps when you are not using them. The appnotonly letsyou share the app over Bluetooth, but you can alsosharethese appsthrough email, Facebook or any other socialmedianetworks. Appsharing becomes really easy with this BluetoothAPKSender app.This Bluetooth Sender app includes amazing features –✓View allinstalled apps and view details of each app ✓ Send anyappfromyour phone to another phone through Bluetooth, emailorothersharing methods ✓ Share apps using Facebook or anyothersocialnetwork ✓ View app details such as app permissions onyourdevice ✓Uninstall unwanted apps in just one click ✓ Runanyapplicationfrom the list to preview Are you ready to experiencethepower ofthis smart application sharing app to share apps fromonedevice toanother? Downloads this app now to get started. It isfreeto use!************************ SAY HELLO************************We areconstantly working hard on making the“Bluetooth App SenderAPKShare” app better and more useful for you.We need yourconstantsupport to get going. Please feel free to emailus foranyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to sayhello.Wewould love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed anyfeature ofthe“Bluetooth App Sender APK Share” app, do not forget torate usonplay store.
System Apps Installer [ROOT] 2.3.1
** IM NOT RESPONSABLE OF DAMAGES CAUSED TOYOURDEVICE DUE TO AN INCORRECT USE OF MY APPLICATION **Requirements: A Rooted phone, Superuser and Busybox.Tested on:- LG GW620- Sony Ericsson Xpheria Neo V- HTC Desire HDTired of using hard-to-remember commands on terminal consoletoinstall apps in system partition? Do you want to keep yourstockapps updated without waste space? Do you want to delete stockappsand clean your system from useless apps? This is you app!With System Apps Installer, you'll be able to, easilly,installyour favourite apps into the system partition.System Apps Installer integrates with system as a packageinstaller,but wich will install apps directly in the systempartition. To doit, only browse with your favourite file manager,select your app,and open it with System Apps Installer; the appwill do therest.* Notice: Not every app installed in system partitionworkscorrectly. Is not recomended to install antivirus programsonsystem partition.
Lollipop App Installer 1.0
App Installer - Apk Installer App Installer or Apk installerisatool to install apps from apk files onSDcard========================================================Highlightedfunctions:★Easy and fastest tool to install apps(.apk)from SDcard. ★CompleteMaterial Design ★6 Color theme ★Light andDark theme★App installerfrom memory card. ★Batch Apk installer.★EasyInstaller app. ★Installapps from SD card ★Easy interface andeasyinstaller for android.Innovative Feature: ❤show free andtotalinternal and sdcard storage.❤Auto backup of apps when a newapp isinstalled(pro only). ❤Deleteapps from SD card ❤Apkinstaller frommemory card. ❤Batch install anddelete ❤Filter appsby name ❤sort byname,size and date,installed.❤Send apps tofriends by email ❤Sendlinks to friends. ❤View detailsof app.❤Search apps in GoogleMarket ❤Caching mechanism to avoideverytimescanning. ❤Support forcustom scan path. ❤easy installer aswell asgood apkinstallerandroid****************************************************************ANDROIDROCKERS,MakeSmartphone ExperienceEvenBetter!****************************************************************Anyproblem,it is better to send feedback to us to get help then1star! To helpme translate this app to your native language,pleasemail me, thankyou very much!
ApkShare is a versatile appliedmanagementsoftware for managing Apk uninstalled and Apk installed.We support:* Support App installation, uninstall, backup, sharing andsettingup the shortcut,* Support silent installation and uninstall after ROOTpermissionconferred, and uninstall system App* Support all kinds of models from Android1.5 toAndroid6.0system* Support Android device screens of various resolution* Support multiple-languages: English, SimplifiedChinese,Traditional Chinese, Arabic.* Support dual SD card models* Support via WiFi hotspots, realize face-to-facesharingfunction.* Support RTL layout and the Arabic region.Main functions:* Installation: The App files on the storage card can bescannedautomatically. The third-party App used for installation canbeeasily going with installation or batch installation.* Silent installation: After opening ROOT lab function,withoutintervention, it can complete the installationautomatically.* Uninstall: Program installed in the phones can bescannedautomatically. Uninstall or batch uninstall can be expectedto becompleted in a button.* Silent uninstall: After opening ROOT lab function,withoutintervention, it can complete the uninstallautomatically.* Start: For the programs installed or the App built-in, it canbelaunched in a button.* Backup: Support installation package backup of App programs.Appprograms package installed can be backup in the storage card.Thedefault location is / sdcard / apkshare / backup. Backuplocationcan be modified by setting. Documents backup can be sent toyourfriends through various ways or other devicesforinstallation.*Documents share: You can send the App to your friends bye-mail,Bluetooth, etc. Sending email through GMAIL, the maximumattachmentcan be 25M. It is therefore suggested that you had betteruse it ina good network environment.*Documents connection: The App link on GooglePlay can be sharedinvarious ways, convenient for good friends to view theAppinformation. It supports batch operations.*A shortcut creation: Support establishing an App quick entranceonthe desktop in launcher .*Details: Opening the detailed interface of App managementisconvenient for the cleanup of the App cache and movement of theApplocation.*Electronics market search: Jumping to the App details intheelectronic market directly is convenient for you to get thebestand latest App.*Status bar staying: Supporting the App staying in the statusbarcan be convenient to start the App directly.*Information copy to the clipboard: Copy the information totheclipboard is convenient to apply in a variety of places.* Sort: A sorting function is added, executing thesequenceaccording to the rank, the package name, the size andthelocation.* Transmit via WiFi: Via WiFi hotspots, realize face-to-facesharingfunction.We need your support:* Give us the score and your feedback, tell us whether you likeordislike it, and tell us why?* Give us the better advice and tell us what kind of functionsyouneed.* Help us translate our software, so that we can supportmorelanguages (such as Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese,French,etc.). In "Settings" - "Translation and Acknowledgments"function,through which you can present to me your translationContact:Email: pjuneye@gmail.comWelcome to contact us directly at any time.Notice!!!!If you use Android6.0 , Please set "trust this application".Operational Approach :OpenSettings-->Apps-->ApkShare-->Permissions-->Setindividualpermissions-->Trust this application. After thisoperate ,Restart Apkshare !I will upload new version to support Android6.0 as soonaspossible.
Apk Manager 3.6.1
Easy & fastest tool to manager app&apk,install,uninstall,share,delete,app2sd,app backup,cacheclean ~^_^*Batch install & delete & uninstall & share*Various sort mode,name date size path*Share apps to friends by email & bluetooth & etc.*Efficient cache mechanism* app2sd save storage space*cache clean optimize your devices*app backup save the apk file.*Support froyo & Gingerbread & Ice Cream Sandwich
ROM Installer
JRummy Apps
ROM Installer, by JRummy Apps, is the bestwayto find and install custom ROMs and ZIPs. It is a must have appforany root user.You will find more ROMs available in ROM Installer than anyotherapp on the Google Play Store. It has many of the same featuresthatyou will find in Goo Manager, ROM Manager, ZipInstaller,Flashifyand other similar products.Features:★ Many ROMs and ZIPs to download and install for hundredsofdevices★ 1-Click install of the latest TWRP, ClockworkMod andClockworkModTouch Recovery★ Backup and restore your current ROM (nandroid), kernel,andrecovery★ Install queue to flash multiple ZIP files and send commandstorecovery★ View ROM details, socialize with other users, download,andinstall popular ROMs★ Built-in GooManager that has all the same features as theoriginalapp★ Receive notifications and OTA updates for updated ROMsandrecoveries★ Flash .img files to the boot and recovery partition★ Options to wipe data, cache, dalvik, etc.★ Extract files and apps from nandroid backups.With ROM installer you can always be up-to-date with yourfavoriteROM and recovery. Popular ROMs available for installincludeCyanogenMod (cyngn), Android Open Kang Project (AOKP),ParanoidAndroid, OMNI, Carbon, Slim, Vanir, PAC-man and others. Inorderfor a particular ROM to be visible your device must besupported bythe ROM.ROM Installer also offers the fastest way to install the mostrecentrecovery. All TWRP recoveries are hosted on our fast serverandupdated on a constant basis. No other app offers an easierway.Supported recoveries: Team Win Open Recovery (TWRP),ClockworkModRecovery (CWMR).WarningROM Installer requires superuser permission. ROM Installer doesnottake any responsibility for any damage it may cause to yourdevice.You should always know how to restore your device and befamiliarwith what you are doing before proceeding to make changesto yoursystem.Premium UpgradesROM Installer is free but does contain optional in-app purchasesforadditional features and support.Contact UsG+Community: you have any questions or need help please contact before rating the app poorly.