Top 47 Apps Similar to Auburn Mountainview

PupilPath 2.4.0
If your school is currently using PupilPath as their parentandstudent portal, the PupilPath mobile application allowsparents,teachers, and students to have instant access to theirchild’sclass performance information on the go, including: •Up-to-dateclassroom progress • Attendance live as it is taken •Grades andstatus of assignments and exams • Assignment due datesanddescriptions • Student GPA and averages in class gradingcategories• Report card grades • Daily schedule We believe you willfind thisapp to be a great compliment to our online portal.**REQUIREMENTSYour school must be using the Skedula and PupilPathplatforms touse this app. If you are unsure, contact your school tofind outbefore you download this app. To find out more aboutPupilPath, orto get PupilPath in your school, pleasevisit: The PupilPath app requires awirelessconnection or a data plan.
CampusCare 4.2
CampusCare -Mobile Apps are designed to work with schoolERPsoftware. It will give desired output only when these featuresareopted and used by the school. The URL used should be the URLofyour ward's school parent portal ( andlogincredentials are same as parent portal login credentials. Thereis acustomer support available during working hours and you maywriteat '' or call at +91-11-43193333 and choosetodial 5 to reach to parent desk for assistance This enablestheschool, teachers and management to come to the same platformandthe students education gets strengthened as a collectiveeffort.This helps us to view the daily assignments, school andclass news,fee detail, online fee payment, exam relatedinformation, reportcards etc. There is a customer support availableat'' or dial +91-11-43193333, choose to dial 5toreach to parent help desk.
AAS Vidyalaya-Anytime Anywhere School (Grade 6-10) 3.1.6
Kya aapko school ki padhai samaj nahi aati? Kya aap roz schoolnahija patein Abh Tuitions mein hazaron mat karcho, AAS VidyalayaAppmein padho AAS Vidyalaya app, ek regular school jaise kaamkartahai. Yaha aapko class teacher assign hotein hain, jo aapkedailyprogress par dhyan dete hain; subject teachers apko videolectureske through padhatein hain, har chapter ke badh appko testdene kamauka milta hain, aur iske sath aap kabhi bhi apne teacherse doubtpuch saktein hain. Features •Syllabus of the entire yeardividedinto recorded class sessions •A dedicated class teacher tohandhold and guide students in their native language •Students cantaketest after each chapter and measure their performance •Studentscanask their doubts to teachers through chat or video calls•Parentsor sponsors can monitor progress of the students andconnect withtheir teachers •Students can attend from anywhere andTeachers canwork from home What’s new •Launch of CBSE grade 9th& 10thsyllabus •AAS Vidyalaya is now FREE •Now view entireyear’slectures and test at once For support, you can contact usonwhatsapp at 9137574459.
Remind: School Communication
Remind is a communication platform that helps every studentsucceed.Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or anywhere inbetween,Remind makes it easy to stay connected to your schoolcommunity. *Send real-time messages to any phone. * Message aclass, a person,or just a small group. * Translate messages intomore than 85languages. * Share photos, handouts, and other files.More than 27million educators, students, and parents use Remind inover 95% ofU.S. public school districts. Hop over to our site tolearn more: (
School Planner 3.14.23
School Planner is a handy app for students of all ages thatwasdesigned to help you organize your career as a student andhaveeverything under control. Whether you are attendingelementaryschool, high school or college, this is the app for you!Writingdown homework, assignments, exams and reminders is simpleand fastand daily notifications will help you never forgetanything. Thebuilt-in calendar is highly optimized for the needs ofstudents andallows you to manage your events and activities moreeasily. Keepyour timetable and daily schedule always at hand andplan yourstudies accordingly. The timetable is highly customizable:you canassign different colors to each subject and view eventssaved inthe calendar. Manage your grades and subjects and stay upto dateon your progress thanks to the automatic calculation ofaverage.Record your lectures and organize them automatically. Saveyourteachers’ contact info and organize their phone numbers,officehours and email addresses. Sync your agendas with all yourdevicesand back up your data on Google Drive. The beautiful andmoderndesign, inspired by Google’s Material Design, makes theuserexperience intuitive and rewarding in its every aspect.KEYFEATURES - Simple, fast and intuitive - Agenda for homework,exams,reminders - Timetable - Calendar - Beautiful, colorful themes-Backup on Google Drive - Notifications for assignments,tests,reminders - Management of grades, marks, subjects - Recordyourlectures
Teno – School app for ICSE, CBSE & more 22.0.0
Teno is India’s leading free to use mobile appforschool-administration, academic management,e-learning,parent-teacher communication and much more. It isdesigned aftercollecting feedback from India’s leading educators,principals andparents to facilitate better schooling and improvelearning outcomefor the children, thus delivering happiness to all.Teno is theofficial school application of Top Schools of India.Dear schools,teachers and parents, join Teno to deliver excellenceand happinessfor your children from the tap of your finger forfree. Featuresoffered: Instant Communication Online School Feespayment DigitalAttendance Digital Diary Exam Mark-sheet DigitalTimetable TenoPrime features include unlimited access to: ● AllIndia Test Series– Compete with students from your school and allover the country ●Performance Analytics – Track your child’sprogress for differentsubjects ● Online Worksheets – Practice toget better in specificchapters ● Remedies uniquely customised foreach child – Bridgeyour child’s learning deficit ● Videos – Learn ●Math Gym ● GK Quiz● Many more E-learning solutions Teno Primeprovides wholesomee-learning solutions for students and enablesparents to deriveinsights on their child’s performance. Teno Primeis aligned withchild’s school syllabus and requires just one-timeannualsubscription.---------------------------------------------------------We'realways excited to hear from you! If you have feedback,questions,or concerns, please email us at support@tenoapp.comFAQs/Queries:If you are not able to download the app, Please trybelow settings.⚙️ Clear the cache & data of the Play Store Thisgives the appa fresh start and can help fix issues. 1. Open yourdevice'sSettings app . 2.Tap Apps & notifications > See allapps.3.Scroll down and tap Google Play Store . 4.Tap Storage >ClearCache. 5.Next, tap Clear data. 6.Re-open the Play Store &tryyour download again.
A complete app for students under APJ Abdul KalamKeralaTechnological University. FEATURES ➡ Instant Notifications➡Syllabus ➡ Lecture Notes ➡ Question Papers ➡ Textbooks ➡CGPACalculator ➡ KTU anouncements ➡ Academic Calender
RITeSchool 1.3.7
Regulus IT
RITeSchool product is built on the state of the art platformwithsimple, efficient & effective User Interface. It hasevolvedover the years of association with the schools andcontinuousimprovement in the product and services. School softwareis similarto ERP. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is anenterprise-wideinformation system designed to coordinate all theresources,information, and activities needed to complete businessprocesses.RITeSchool is very simple web based school software whichprovidesvarious features for Parent, Teachers and other staff ofschool.Important information related to school is available on thisschoolsoftware. Benefits of RITeSchool school web based software •Easyto use • Effective and simple user interface • Easier access toallnecessary information from anywhere • Easy to communicationwithschool • Monitor progress of child • Get notification ofimportantactivity from school Important features of RITeSchoolmobile app •Attendance • Progress Report • Holidays • Fee Payment •Events •Exam Schedule • Homework • Teacher information • Parentteacherassociation (PTA) • Messages and SMS • Time-Table • SchoolNoticesRITeSchool mobile app is developed by Regulus IT. RITeSchoolisproduct of Regulus IT. Regulus IT provides School Software inPuneand other areas. Regulus IT is a professional web andapplicationdevelopment company from Pune.
Quick Schedule 5.1
School lessons time table creation and management with simpleandintuitive navigation. Customise your own colourful scheduleforeach day. Easy to define and re-use your settings. Quickschedule -time table is here for your school days.Features:-widget- even/oddweek- hours scalability- predefined lessons-language support-backup & restore- notes and classroom for eachlesson- send aspicture- own colorsKeywords: Time table, timetable,lessons,school, student, schedule, pupil, class, lectures
com.blackberry.hub 2.1906.0.17296
Keep organized with BlackBerry® Hub+ Inbox. Inbox consolidatesallyour emails and calendar events in one unified app, andInboxseamlessly integrates social notifications from Facebook,WeChat,Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and more. BlackBerry Hub+ Inboxisalso available for Android Wear. Major Features: • Managemultipleemail accounts without switching between apps. TheBlackBerry Hub+Inbox supports Gmail, Yahoo!,, MicrosoftExchangeaccounts, and many other IMAP and POP3 email providers! •Quicklyselect recipients for email messages using suggestedcontacts andrespond directly to messages and calendar invitations •Snoozeitems so that you can view them at a later date, time, orlocation• Create custom views to organize, filter, and group yourmessagesbased on your needs • Dark theme option gives yourBlackBerry Hub+Inbox a fresh new look and feel • Rich formattingtoolbar lets youhighlight important items and capture the reader’sattention •Fully supports Android Enterprise deployment and, whenallowed byyour administrator, supports unifying your personal andwork emailaccounts while maintaining strict data storage separationOnBlackBerry devices only: • Quickly identify unread messages viathered BlackBerry spark indicator • Launch BlackBerry Hub+ Inboxwiththe familiar bottom-to-right Swipe Gesture BlackBerry Hub+Inboxrequires the BlackBerry® Hub+ Services app to deliver aconsistentexperience across all BlackBerry® applications, and tomanage yoursubscriptions Enjoy Inbox for free on your BlackBerry®device! Ifyou don't have a BlackBerry device: • Enjoy fullfunctionality ofthe app for 30 days • After 30 days, use the appwith fullfunctionality and some ads • Purchase a monthlysubscription toenjoy BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox without ads. This grantsyou access toall the BlackBerry Hub+ apps, including Calendar,Contacts, Notes,Tasks, and Launcher • Enterprise Customers, pleasevisit: For support,
Mobito Group
Description – STUNNECT is FREE Online Attendance Trackerappavailable for android smartphone.There are two sections inthisSTUNNECT . One is for teacher and other is for student/parent.ThisSTUNNECT can use by any teacher or student (i.e. Primaryschool,college, private institute). STUNNECT is for teacher whowants tointeract with their student/parent, keep daily onlineattendancerecord for monitoring student performance. Features –TEACHER PANEL It is helpful to communicate with teacher – studentor teacher –parent  Create multiple classroom for attendance. Instant“Absent Remark” notification to student/parent onceattendance istaken.  Daily online attendance with pushnotification send tostudent/parent to acknowledge them.  Filemanager for attendancerecord. Can able to see complete statistic ofattendance withintime period.  Able to store student name one thefly.(can scan QRCode to save student details)  Directly chat withstudent/parent Assignment/Exam manager - save mark/grade of eachstudent forparticular assignment. Can create multiple assignment.Assignment/Exam notification.  Instant “assignmentincomplete”notification to student/parent  File manager  Export“all studentdetails” to memory card  Share All Student detailsonWhats-app/gmail  Export “Attendance Details” to memory cardandshare on gmail/whats-app STUDENT/PARENT PANEL  DailyAttendancePerformance report  Notification of absent remark Attendanceperformance statistic  Instant delivery of messages fromteacher Can link with any number of teachers(student can link withprivatecoaching also)
Gil Castro
Oh no! Your phone is ringing in the middle of the class! Evenworse!You forgot this important assignment! 😱 School Assistantwill makeyour school life easier and help you plan your life. Yournewclassmate fits in your pocket and is fully customizable,growingevery month with new features and possibilities so that itworksjust right for you. See the right information when you needit Openthe app to see your day and upcoming tasks at a glance.Getnotifications so you don't forget your assignments. Use widgetstosee what you're looking for without even opening the app.Auto-muteDon't worry, if you're at a class or in a presentationyour phonewill mute automatically. Fully customizable Made to workeverywherein the world, School Assistant lets you change manydetails so thatit works right for you. Better control of yourgrades andattendance Tap your classes to learn what's changing yourfinalgrade and check your attendance. If you are satisfied withSchoolAssistant, you should try School Assistant + which offersthefollowing advantages: • Main screen customization • Unlimitedclassand evaluation types • Google Calendar sync (one way) •GoogleDrive sync • Multi-user support • Custom icons • Use emojisasicons • App access protection (fingerprint support) • Extrawidgets• No ads • Many more features coming soon
brightwheel: Preschool & Child Care Management App
Brightwheel is the #1 software solution for preschools, childcare,daycare, camps, and after school programs. Brightwheel is theonlyapp that integrates everything you need: sign in/out,messaging,learning assessments, daily sheet reports, photos,videos,calendars, online bill pay for parents, and much more.Brightwheellets you manage your center, streamline workflows, andengage withparents, so you can save time and money, make lifeeasier for yourstaff, and improve satisfaction for your parents.Join thethousands of preschools, child care, and daycare programsacrossthe globe that have fallen in love with brightwheel!PRESCHOOLS /CHILD CARE / DAYCARE / CAMPS: Manage your students andclassrooms,track attendance and room ratios, share photos andvideos, assesslearning milestones, communicate with parents, sendpaperlessinvoices and payments, review daily sheets, and managestaff.Brightwheel is your all-in-one child care and daycaremanagementapp! PARENTS: Engage in your child’s day with a real-timefeed ofphotos, videos, reminders, and updates. Use brightwheel’sdigitalcheck-in to securely sign in and out, pay tuition online,and eveninvite grandparents, nannies, and friends to join in thefun!Features include: • Central Database: Store everything relatedtokids and families in one secure place. • Student Check-In:Multipledigital check-in options available including digitalsignatures, 4digit check-in codes, and a kiosk mode - all alignedwith childcare licensing requirements. • Staff Check-In &Ratios: Makeadministrative tasks easier by managing staff check-into see yourratios across all your rooms in real time. • Attendance:Easily logattendance and absences for your school-age students,infants, andtoddlers. Use our attendance tracking system to keeptrack of yourtoddlers. • Photo and video sharing: Snap photos,record videos andtag students with one click. Automatically savedto your accountand shared with parents (with no extra work!). •Daily SheetReports: Log naps, meals, bathroom, and otheractivities. Parentsget a feed and daily summary. Daily sheetreports are a breeze withbrightwheel. • Assessment &Observations: Make note ofprogress, achievements, and activitieswith pre-loaded statestandards and a DRDP tool. Share with parentsor privately amongstteachers. • Student Feed: Parents get apersonalized feedthroughout the day. Save time – no more papertracking sheets orsending individual photos. • ParentCommunication: Manage parentcommunication from one central hub(notices, calls, texts, etc.). •Calendar: Share events, holidays,and important dates with bothfamilies and staff. • PaperlessBilling: Seamless electronicbilling and payments for tuition andfees. Use brightwheel for allyour child care accounting needs. •Reporting: Detailed reports ofevery brightwheel feature for billingand licensing requirements. •Seamless Sync: Brightwheel stays up todate across all phones andtablets – so teachers can use their owndevice or a school device.• Web Portal: Easy management and greatfunctionality available onthe web, too. • Affordable. Both free andpremium plans availableto fit your needs. And... much more coming!Brightwheel is the #1early education platform for preschools, childcare, and daycares,and we’re always committed to innovation withfrequent improvementsand new features.
Pathwaysian 5.3
Pathways App is the official mobile application forParents,Students, Teachers and Alumni of Pathways group of Schools.ThisApp is designed to enhance the experience of all Pathwaysiansandkeep them connected to the Pathways ecosystem on the go.KeyFeatures: · Take a virtual tour of your school · See new&noteworthy stories/ latest image and video gallery/ presscoverage· Check weekly food menu and upcoming events · Explore‘PathwaysPriviledges’ · Track your child’s bus in real time ·Browse throughthe school directory · Digitalize your fee paymentprocess · AcessVeracross & Manageback · Connect through varioussocial mediaplatforms · Register with our Alumni network · Receivereal-timeAlerts, including push notifications · And more…
mShikshaMitra - m-Governance Platform - Education 8.9
mShikshaMitra has been designed and developed by NIC to facilitateam-Governance platform for School Education Sector in MadhyaPradeshIndia. It encourage mobile-first approach. It facilitatemobilebased services to Teachers, Students, Parents, School,Block,District and State level administrators. It has been builtonEducation Portal ( and ShikshaPortal( Services and facilities availableonthese portals are being facilitated to the stakeholdersusingm-Shiksha Mitra App. You can Credentials. If you are not abletologin, Please try to resetpassword are not able reset your password that is because your havenotupdated your mobile number on educationportal, Please contactyourSankul to update your mobile number. Get your attendancedetails on MarkPresence (Check In & Check Out) Send 200 FreeSMS View PayslipView Birthday Register Grievance Register OOSC& CWSN ViewBugdet Allocation to your School ViewCirculars,Orders,Alerts ViewGPF Details View Attendance Apply forleave Supports Hindi &English Languages View Near By SchoolsSchoolPerformance......................................................morefeatureswill be available soon.....stay updated... FacebookPage: Our Visionis toprovide easy access of information and services to Teachers&staff We are Open to your suggestions & Feedback...Pleasedropa mail to
Vidyalaya 2.0.23
Vidyalaya is fully integrated school management system.Vidyalayaappis useful for those parents/students/employees whose schoolsareregistered for Online Vidyalaya Portal. For more info you canvisitour website ( or you can mailus
Connect with students and parents on Classting! Classting isaglobal educational platform that powers effectiveschoolcommunication and adaptive learning. [Classting Service] ◈Thesafest way to communicate ㆍCreate your classroom and sendaninvitation code or URL with a single click. ㆍOnly classmembershave access to the class and what is posted inside. ㆍYourprivacyis important to us. All personal information of each classmember,including the teacher, is protected. ◈ Easier classmanagementㆍMake class announcements on the noticeboard. ㆍSave andshareclassroom photos in the class album. ㆍCreate assignments andseesubmission and grading status at a single glance. ㆍGiveprivatecounseling to your student in need. ◈ Flipped learning,Blendedlearning ㆍShare instructional materials such as videos withyourclass. ㆍEngage everyone to express their opinions and debateinreal time. ㆍCategorize and search contents ◈ Mobile Schoolforms(Available on Web) ㆍTurn any document into digitalizedmobileforms. ㆍGet responses and E-signatures directly on mobilephones.ㆍGet automatically generated analytics report for eachform.Classting is open to everyone. Create your classroom communityonClassting and start a new way of communicating in theclassroom!Website:ㆍWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:To save photos and videosㆍREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To upload picturesinto posts directly fromthe gallery ㆍRECEIVE_SMS: For theconfirmation codes to be sent viatext message ㆍREAD_CONTACTS: Toinvite people into the class fromthe contacts listㆍREAD_PHONE_STATE: Phone number automaticallyshown when registeringwith a phone number ㆍGET_ACCOUNTS: Toautomatically fill in theuser’s e-mail in the input box whenregistering with an e-mail
Edmodo 10.3.1
Edmodo, Inc
Edmodo gives teachers the tools to share engaging lessons,keepparents updated, and build a vibrant classroom community.Theall-new Edmodo app has been redesigned from the ground up tofocuson how YOU communicate with your students, parents, andfellowteachers. TOOLS THAT TEACHERS NEED A home stream forfollowing anddiscovering resources from teachers across the globe.All yourclasses and assignments organized in one place. Sendmessagesdirectly to students and parents. Discover content thatempowersyour students and encourages mindfulness. ENGAGE YOURSTUDENTS WithEdmodo, you can reach every student in your class.Students canlogin and participate from any phone, tablet, orcomputer.Facilitate discussions with your entire class or checkinindividually with direct messages. Help your studentsstayorganized with an automatically-updated planner. RESOURCESFORTEACHERS Share and discover new lessons and resources fromacrossyour school, district, or a global community. Edmodo makes iteasyfor you to explore professional content and teacher trends. Andtheimproved home stream means you can find dozens ofeducationalresources for your classroom all at once. EdTech DigestAwardWinner – Best Product For more information,
Maharshi Sandipani School 2.11
About Maharhi Sandipani“Maharshi Sandipani” – the name itselfreviveour rich heritage of Guru – Shishya (Teacher – Disciple)tradition.Here at “Maharshi Sandipani “ – we will try to relivethat glorywith the blending of Modern Concepts & Technologies.At“Maharshi Sandipani”, we have Spacious designed school buildingwithwell ventilated Classrooms. The building is fully equippedwith allModern Facilities & technologies with latest computerLab, Smarttheatre with latest Audio-Visual facilities, richlibrary and wellequipped Science labs. School has qualified &trained staff thatis capable to bring out the best from thechildren without givingthem any extra mental & Physicalburden. When learning willreally be a “Learning without Burden”.
ClassTune 3.4
The easiest and quickest way for Students, Parents & Teacherstoconnect with each other. School Administrators can connect witheachindividual under one single platform. ClassTune makesinstitutionalmonitoring and management of school activity easy andeffective.Students, Parents, Teachers and School Admin can bridgewith eachother and progress together. Get the app that bringslearningmanagement solution to your Android device. Manage yourclassroom,create and submit assignments, perform assessments andmore! Starttoday by registering for a free ClassTune account.
Meghshala 3.2.4
Meghshala empowers teachers to be instructional leaders intheclassroom. The app turns classrooms into fun and engaginglearningspaces by improving teachers’ instruction skills, andstudents’critical thinking capabilities. This app containsTeachkits whichare exemplary multimedia lessons designed byeducational experts.Meghshala Teachkits contextualize world classpedagogy intoeveryday classroom teaching. These lessons containimages, videos,activities, and strategies to convert the classroominto an activelearning space. These Teachkits also provide detailedteachinginstructions/ideas for the teachers to effectively executetheselessons in class. Features:Subjects: Math, Science, English,andSocial Studies.Grades: 1-8.Languages: English, Kannada, Hindiandmore languages coming soon.Offline mode: download a TK once,anduse it any number of times.Contact formoreassistance.Detailed Description:This app contains Teachkits(TK’s)which are multimedia lessons that are divided into twoprimarycomponents- student slides and teacher instructions. Thestudentslides are what appear on the screen for the entire class.Theyinclude the necessary text, images, videos, and questionsthatstudents need to directly engage with. However, there arealsoadditional teacher instruction (TIs) slides that are visibleonlyto teachers, which will provide the detailed support toimplementthe lesson. This includes suggestions on how to conducteach partof the lesson, the rationale for certain pedagogicpractices, andadditional information that could be used by theteacher to enhancethe lesson further.
China Plus 1.6.9
China Plus focuses on the Middle Kingdom, bringing you breakingnewsand the stories that matter to you, from both inside andoutside ofthe country. Also, gain access to a comprehensive seriesof Chineselessons and a host of information that will make yourvisit to Chinaeasier and more enjoyable. What you can expect fromChina Plus: - Adaily digest of what matters to China today - Livestreaming audionews and a variety of other programs - Ni Hao:Chinese lessons,featuring audio and video options - Insightfulop-ed pieces onChina-related issues - My China: Original videosplus visa, traveland other information that will make your visitand stay in Chinaeasier and more enjoyable. - My News: modify tagsto personalizeyour news - Sign in to save links to your favoritestories, leavecomments and send us stories - Find the most popularstories in MostRead
SSP Shikshan Sanstha 1.9
S.S.P. Shikshan Sanstha in association with LeenivTechnologies( has launched android app forthe school.This is very helpful app for parents, students, teachers&management to get or upload information about student. Oncethe appis installed on the mobile phone, any student, parent,teacher ormanagement starts getting or can upload information ofstudentattendance, homework, results, circulars, calendar, feedues,library transactions, etc. This mobile APP is tightly coupledandintegrated with ERP system using web services. The best partis,push notification is implemented into the app for fast andbettercommunication thus system allows the app users to receivemessagesand updates from the school using push notification. TheApp isvery simple and easy to use. All the information in thesystem issecure.
Course Schedule 1.5
Online features are presentented for the first time. Pleasereportus the problems you have faced so far.(Beta Phase)Soon, therewillbe a promotional video explaining newly added features.DearStudents, Esteemed Teachers,We have developed a very handyandpractical application for you. Hope, you like it and use itduringyour whole educational life. Main features of theStudent’sSchedule:- Save your weekly course schedule on theapplication-Track your courses easily via the notification bar. -Add ExamDates and Exam Grades.- Add Homeworks and Projectswithcorresponding due dates.- Note any noteworthy informationsaboutyour courses.- Enter a teacher's code you want to follow liveandsee your teacher’s posts (exams, homeworks, notifications,notesetc.) instantaneously, chat with your teacher and classmatesaboutrelated posts. Main features of the Teacher’s Schedule:- Saveyourweekly course schedule on the application- Track yourcourseseasily via the notification bar. - Add scheduled Exam Datesfor anyclass.- Note any noteworthy informations about yourclasses.- Shareyour code with your class and assign homeworks,inform exam datesand send notifications to your followers i.e.students. (No need toshare your phone number)- The online Wall ofthe class in fullyunder your control. You may allow student'sparents to follow ClassWall. Scheduled features to be added withfuture updates:-Reminders/Notifications for start and end times ofthe courses,homework and exam dates.- Annual plans for theachers-For teachersto note previously studied chapters in class.- Forteachers to makeclass list and save required/desired informationsabout students.-For students, a perfect time counter of importantexams.- And manymore desired features… The app will be constanlyupdated and becomea perfect personal digital assistant for studentsand teachers.Enjoy it.
eTrotter 2.6.0
Découvrez la nouvelle application d’ENACO : eTrotter.Exclusivementréservée aux étudiants d’ENACO, cette application vousdonne accèsau campus numérique de l’école afin d’étudier anytime,anywhere.Profitez de multiples services et d’une expérienceutilisateurinnovante et personnalisée, fondée sur les codes desréseauxsociaux et le partage collaboratif. *Votre campus numériqueà toutmoment* Le campus numérique eTrotter est directementaccessible surl’application pour permettre aux étudiants de suivreleurs cours etde consulter leur agenda, leurs résultats et lesdisponibilités deleurs professeurs ou et quand ils le veulent.*Newsfeedpersonnalisé* Le flux d’actualités personnalisé vouspermet deretrouver toutes les informations pédagogiques liées àuneformation ainsi que les rendez-vous des classesvirtuelles.Retrouvez dans votre newsfeed les publications desautres étudiantsqui suivent le même cursus que vous afin d’échanger! *Messenger*Profitez d’une messagerie instantanée afin dedialoguer en tempsréel avec les étudiants figurant dans votre listed’amis. Idéalepour développer son réseau, créer des groupes detravail ou toutsimplement rester connecté ! *Notifications* Grâceau système denotifications ne manquez plus les nouvelles actualitésde l’école,les prochaines classes virtuelles ou encore lesinformationsrelatives à votre scolarité. *Portfolio administratif*Consultez ettéléchargez directement depuis l’application lesdocumentsadministratifs et comptables associés à votre parcours.Réglezdirectement en ligne sur l’application vos frais descolarité.*Recherche d’emploi* Depuis l’application, générez votreCV àpartir d’une bibliothèque de modèles et consulter lesoffresd’emploi disponibles chez nos partenaires. ** On reste encontact ?/ Keep in touch ! ** Retrouvez-nous sur Facebook etTwitter pourdécouvrir notre école et les actualités : Facebook: Twitter :@GroupeEnacoDiscover the new application ENACO: eTrotter.Exclusively reservedfor ENACO students, this app gives you accessto digital campusschool to study anytime, anywhere. Enjoy multipleservices andinnovative and personalized user experience, based onthe codes ofsocial networks and collaborative sharing. Your digitalcampus atany time * The eTrotter digital campus is directlyaccessible onthe application to allow students to take courses andcheck theircalendar, their results and the availability of teacherswhen andwhere they want. * Custom * Newsfeed The custom news feedsallowsyou to find all the educational information related totraining andthe appointment of virtual classrooms. Find in yournewsfeedpublications of other students taking the same course asyou toshare! * Messenger * Enjoy instant messaging to chat in realtimewith students on your list of friends. Ideal to developitsnetwork, create working groups or just stay connected!*Notifications * With the notification system never miss thenewsevents of the school, the next virtual classes or informationaboutyour school. * Administrative Portfolio * View anddownloaddirectly from the application of the administrative andaccountingdocuments associated with your course. Set directly online on theapplication your tuition. * Job Search * Since theapplication,build your resume from a template library and view joboffersavailable from our partners.   ** We keep in touch ? /Keep intouch! **   Find us on Facebook and Twitter to discoverourschool and news: Facebook: @GroupeEnaco
mySkoolApp is the future smart way school toparents/studentsmultipurpose communication tool. With this mobileapplicationschool can update to parents or caretakers in real timeeverythingthey need to know about school and their child. Thisapplicationhas great communication features at your smart touchscreen.Updating parents by mobile SMS and in parents meeting,takingregister attendance, writing homework in students’ diariesetc. arenow old ways. Using this application teacher can markclassattendance, post homework to all students in a single click,sendpersonal or group message to parents and can also receivemessagefrom parents. With this tool school principle, teaching andnonteaching staff can send the official messages to each others.Thereare great benefits for parents, e.g. they can get childabsencenotification real time, can keep track of child home work,schoolactivities and exam results. Parents can directly communicatetoschool staff without personal visit and phone calls. Alsostudentscan have details of their class work, school yearscalendar, photogallery, exam results, and class/school messagesetc.
com.sia.mountain_view_cluster 6.6.18
The Mountain View Cluster app by SchoolInfoApp enablesparents,students, teachers and administrators to quickly accesstheresources, tools, news and information to stay connectedandinformed with the Mountain View Cluster schools of GwinnettCountyPublic Schools! The Mountain View Cluster app bySchoolInfoAppfeatures: • Important news and announcements •Teachernotifications • Interactive resources including eventcalendars,maps, a contact directory and more • Student toolsincluding My ID,My Assignments, Hall Pass & Tip Line • Languagetranslation tomore than 15 languages • Quick access to online andsocial mediaresources About SchoolInfoApp: We build great apps forgreatschools and school districts and have published apps servingmorethan 600 schools and districts throughout the US, UK andCanada.All we do is develop and manage mobile apps for schools andschooldistricts, so our focus is 100% on doing that incrediblywell. Theresult is apps that are highly rated with features thatstudents,parents, teachers and administrators find to betime-saving, simpleand useful. Features listed may or may not beincluded depending onyour school or district’s policies andpreferences.
Teacher Gradebook FREE 4.1.7
Fran Meneu
100% FREE. NO LIMITATIONS. With ads to fund my work. You canremoveads by going to premium. I am a teacher that develops the appin myspare time. WHAT IS TEACHER GRADEBOOK? Teacher Gradebook isafriendly, powerful and great Android app for teachers tomanagestudents grades. It is a digital notebook for teachers. Keepyourstudents and grades organized and auto calculate the finalgrade.Teacher Gradebook is a grades notebook that will SAVE you lotofTIME. Teacher Gradebook is 100% free with no limitations andfundedwith ads. It has ads to pay my work. You can remove themgoing topremium. FEATURES: - Manage grades - Powerful andcustomizableteacher notebook - Different types of grades: * Numericgrades *Counter grades * Free text grades * Icon grades *Calculated grades* List of values * Rubrics - Rubrics assessement -Authomatic finalgrade calculation - Attendance list - Attendancestatistics - Autosync between devices - Class map with quickattendance - Managestudents and their info - PDF and CSV export -Schedule/Timetable -Charts - Encrypted database. - Conditionalgrade colors -Configurable grade symbols: A, A+, F, etc... - Icons- Managegroups. - Manage terms/trimesters - Manage different tabs -Reports- Backups: manual, auto, cloud backups. - Import studentsfrom aCSV file. - Classroom diary - Specially designed for Tablets- ....much more... Translated to 14 languages! Teacher Gradebook isagood complement to other teacher's apps like:ClassDojo,Classcraft, Kahoot!, Moodle, Edmodo, Socrative,Schoology, Remindor Google Classroom. Feel free to try teachergradebook, I ampretty sure it will save you time. APP PERMISSIONS -In-apppurchases: to remove the ads. - Location: to show locatedads. -Phone: to call student's parents from the student's card.-Wifi/Network connection: to make auto backups in Dropbox orGoogleDrive and for auto sync ** Web: Social:-Twitter: -Facebook:
Live Plus
The official app of best app forIPTVThisapplication contains a chromecast featureFor more detailsandfeatures about the application please visit
Seesaw Parent & Family 6.2.6
Seesaw is a digital portfolio that gives you real-time glimpsesintoyour child’s school day. Seesaw helps you stay in the loop andgivesyou an opportunity to support your child's learning at home.Used inover 200,000 classrooms, 1 in 4 schools in the US, and over100countries! **Named Best Website of 2016 by American AssociationofSchool Librarians, 2016 Top Pick for Education by CommonSenseMedia, and featured in by Apple as "Perfect for EveryClassroom"for 9 months.** +REQUIRES A SEESAW SIGNUP CODE FROM YOURCHILD'STEACHER TO USE+ When your child adds a new post to theirjournal,like a photo, video or drawing, you'll automatically getnotified.Follow the notification to view the new addition to yourchild’sjournal and support their learning. FEATURES Simple Sign Up∙ Scanthe QR code on the handout you received from your child'steacherto create an account Automatic Notifications About New Posts∙Check out what your child is doing at school, wherever you are!∙Customize your notification preferences. Receive allnotificationsor a daily digest ∙ Leave a text or voice comment toencourage yourchild! Easily Message Teachers ∙ Message privatelywith yourchild’s teacher ∙ Receive class-wide announcements All ofYourStudent’s Work in One Place! ∙ Browse your child’s journalfromeach class ∙ View posts on a calendar or sort by folders∙Translate notes, comments and captions into 50+languages,including Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and more! ∙Saveanything to your device's camera roll All Content is PrivateandSecure ∙ Student content is secure, and is never shared with3rdparties. ∙ Check out our Privacy Principlesat Export a Zip Archive of YourChild'sWork ∙ Available anytime on the web anytime Needhelp? Visit our Help Center at
Tezkids 131
Hot Features of » SMS, App Message andEmailCommunication with Parents at any time. » Increase youradmissionswith online inquiries » Students, Parents and Stafflogin. » ManageFees and schedule automatic reminders to remindparents about dues.» Upload Assignments and circulars and sendautomatic email, SMSand App messages to students and parents. »Access from PC browseror Mobile app » No IT Investment! ** Pleasenote: For School Id,please check with your school, usually theportion of your school portal is the school id.So if yourschool portal url is thenyourschool id would be morwadi.snbp
Canvas Student 6.6.1
Access your Canvas courses on the go with the Canvas Studentmobileapp! From any device, students can now: • View grades andcoursecontent • Submit assignments • Keep track of course work withto dolist and calendar • Send and receive messages • Post todiscussions• Watch videos • Take quizzes • Receive pushnotifications for newgrades and course updates, and much more!
Seesaw: The Learning Journal 6.2.6
Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that inspiresyourstudents to do their best work and saves you time. ∙ Anydevice,shared or one-to-one ∙ Always free for teachers ∙ Used inover200,000 classrooms and 1 out of 2 schools in the US AwardsInclude:∙ 2018 Top Pick for Learning by Common Sense Education ∙BestWebsite of 2016 by American Association of School Librarians∙Richard Byrne's Free Tech for Teachers How Does SeesawHelpTeachers? Seesaw’s creative tools encourage student engagement∙Students express themselves, reflect on their learning and createaportfolio they're proud to show others. Get ideas and savepreptime ∙ Browse thousands of great activities ready to use inyourclassroom today. ∙ Collect student responses digitally and lughomefewer papers. Focus even more on your students ∙ Seesaw helpsyousee and hear what each student knows so you can betterunderstandtheir progress ∙ Give more differentiated support throughcommentsand feedback. Other Seesaw Features ∙ Compatible with 100sof otherapps, including Apple and Google apps. ∙ Translate notes,commentsand captions into 50+ languages, including Spanish,French,Chinese, Japanese and more! ∙ Seesaw is COPPA, FERPA andGDPRcompliant. Learn more at
Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite 4.4.0
Add unlimited countdowns for events with Countdown PlusWidgetCalendar (also known as Countdown+) the top countdown app onGooglePlay! Countdown to birthdays, weddings, spring break,graduation,cruise, trips, retirement, concerts, any memorableevents in yourCalendar and even Facebook. Also countdown toholidays such asChristmas, Easter, New Years, Valentines, you nameit. Featuringbeautiful widgets with your own images andbackgrounds, keepingtrack of events has never been more fun! Withthe countdown clockdisplay, you can tell the time to or from anyevent in years,months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and evenseconds. Want morenotifications closer to an event? With the smartreminder feature,you configure your countdown event and getnotifications morefrequently as the event approaches. Never forgetan event again!Countdown Plus Widget Calendar also features acountdown calendarfor Facebook events and birthdays. Countdown Plusintegratesseamlessly with your Calendar and Facebook events toshowcountdowns for events and friend's birthdays. You can pickyourmost important Calendar events track and add to yourCountdownswith a single click. This makes Countdown Plus a greatBirthdayCalendar. Each calendar entry is a countdown clock so yousee theexact time left to each event. The Countdown Plus appdoesn’t stopthere. Configure your countdown widget to see yourevents directlyon your home screen. From a single countdown displaywidget, tocountdown collection widgets, you can view multiplecountdowns in astack, grid, or a simple list of countdowns. Itdoesn't stop there.See the time left to your events customized withyour own images.Keeping track of your events has never been easier.You can alsoshare your event countdowns by text message, email,Facebook, andTwitter with a snapshot of the countdown backgroundand a link thatallows family and friends to join in your countdown.Its not allabout features either. Countdown Plus Widgets does thisall withstyle. With a colorful fun interface, the Countdown Plusapp letsyou use your own photos or custom backgrounds. Configureyour font,color, and position of your countdown and select fromseveral alarmand sound options to further customize your countdownexperience.With many settings and custom options to choose from,you have totry to experience it all. Try it today for free! Followus Features: -Track an unlimitedcountdowns for events - View your countdowns onyour homescreenwith widgets - Receive notifications more frequentlyas the eventapproaches - Use photos from your album, or use one ofthe custombackgrounds included - Ever wonder how old you really areto thesecond? Count up from your actual date of birth - Integrateswithyour Calendar. See time remaining to events in your Calendar inamonthly view. - Integrates with your Facebook events andfriendsbirthdays. Monthly display of birthday and events with oneclickquick add to your Countdowns list. - Auto imports yourfriend’sprofile picture or the event image to your countdownbackground -Select time units to count in years, months, weeks,days, hours,minutes, and seconds - Multiple widgets and customdisplays tofurther customize your Countdown - Add sticky notes toyourcountdown events - Customize the countdown font, color andposition- Multiple alarm and alert sounds to choose from -Sharescreenshots of countdown events with Friends! - Facebookcommunityof users sharing in their experience with Countdown+Widgetsapplication
BetweenUs 29
BetweenUs is a Parent - School Communication App which will letaparent view messages,attendance, behavior,feesinformation,resources and much more. It is a two way communicationapp where ateacher/school and parent can exchange messages.
com.blackberry.infrastructure 2.1906.0.56587
BlackBerry Hub+ Services is the foundation upon which all ofyourfavorite BlackBerry applications are built. It providesbothenhanced security and improved productivity. Key Features: •Findout about all BlackBerry Hub+ applications • Enjoy amoreconsistent experience across your BlackBerryapplications,including common menus that allow you to open items inotherBlackBerry applications. • Manages the data for all BlackBerryHub+applications, providing secure and efficient access to yourmostcritical data. This includes the sync logic that obtains yourdatafrom the Internet, seamlessly keeping your device up-to-date. •Befirst to find out what’s coming next in Inside BlackBerry •Fullysupports Android for Work deployment and, when enabled byyouradministrator, supports unifying your personal and work viewswhilemaintaining strict data storage separation. 2.1
As technology updates, educational institutions too haveimprovedtheir management system by introducing some latestmanagementapplication to make things easier as never before. Theschoolmanagement software, system and mobile app, application isone ofthe best examples of latest software solutions that enablestheadministrative department of the school to administer andmanagetheir management system to enhance their system. It alsohelpsadministrative people in managing the school’s overallsystemwithout putting much effort. The management software andmobileapp. becomes popular and must-have software for everyschool,parents, teachers, admin today for its remarkableperformance. Manyschools have already started working with thissoftware to get ridof the manual task which takes lots of time tocomplete the task.Also, it helps management people of the school toget rid of thephysical and mental frustration.
VMS Teacher 21
Use This app to update daily class activities, homework,holidaylist or any alerts to parents.
CampusPro 1.6.8
CampusPro a School App for parents, teacher and administrator oftheschool. ---Campus Pro---
The Newtown School 2.2.74
It acts as digital diary, with rich communication featuresandfacility to share images and videos. It enablesbi-directionalcommunication between students/parents &educators. Parents& Students benefit from The Newtown Schoolapp as it allowsthem to: 1. Stay connected with school anywhere,anytime 2. Get allinfo about institute in one place 3. See info formore than onechild in same app 4. Send leave requests and specialrequests toinstitute 5. Get information about academics on the appKeyfeatures of The Newtown School App include: 1. MultimediaMessaging2. Coursework 3. Attendance notifications 4. Academicsinformation5. Time-table 6. Club/Houses information 7. Newsletter8. Exam& Results 9. Settings section to change password etc. Ifyouhave not received your login details, please contact the school.Ifyou have received it, but are having trouble logging in,pleasecontact
com.nursery2career.progressreport3 3.7
Progress Report is an application specially designs forInstitutes,Schools and Coaching Institutes which will help parentsto get theexams/attendance report in their phone – anytime –anywhere. Thisfeature is available for the institute who are for progress report service. It has alsothedifferent services which will surely help Institutes owners togetmore into the techno world. Motto of this Application – doesnotask the result to your child, just open the Application andknowthe result. This Application is working as a bridgebetweeninstitute and parents to have better connectivity.
com.eschoolportals.kssdemo.ksseduman 3.6
KSSEDUMan is a app that facilitates communicationbetweenPrinciple-employees and teachers-parents/students. KSSEDUManisbeing globally used by leading schools/education centres toconverthard work into smart work. Benefits of KSSEDUMan includes:⦿Administer Control – School/College/Educational instituteshavingcomplete control over the App and data. ⦿ Ease of access-Principle, Teachers, Parents and Students can accessKSSEDUMananytime on their Mobile, Tablets as well as Desktops andfeel asgood as Facebook and WhatsApp. ⦿ Targeted Communication–Communicate to entire school, a Class or even an individualParentin seconds using Mobile app. ⦿ Track Employees - Trackstaffmember’s activity online from any where. ⦿ Time saving -Feesmanagement to avoid phone calls to parents for fees reminders.⦿Staff Resource Management - Easily assign teachers to classesincase any teacher absent, no need to consult with other teachersforalternative teacher options. ⦿ Reliable Support - 24x7 Livechat,Ticket board system is available in case any helprequired,therefore no need to hire technical person to manageKSSEDUManapplication. Features: Each and every KSSEDUMan featureshas beendesigned to resolve the important pointsofschool/college/educational institutes to convert hard workintosmart work. Here is a look at what KSSEDUMan bring to EmployeeandParents/Students. Value Addition Features for Employee – ⦿LocationBased Daily Attendance ⦿ Leave Management ⦿ Meeting ⦿Events ⦿Document Management ( Personal, Educational, Experience ) ⦿PublicHolidays Timetable ⦿ Time sheet Management ⦿ School &ClassNotifications ⦿ School & Class Gallery ⦿ School &ClassFeedback/Complaints ⦿ Feedback/Complaints ⦿ StaffResourceManagement Value Addition Features for Parents – ⦿ Homework⦿ DailyAttendance ⦿ Leave Request ⦿ Fee management ⦿ Class TimeTable ⦿Study material (Documents, Audio/Video Files) ⦿ School &ClassGallery ⦿ Feedback / Complaints ⦿ Exam schedules ⦿ Exam Result⦿Public Holidays Timetable
MahaStudent 1.0.0
MahaStudent mobile application is developed for SchoolEducation& Sports Department, Govt. of Maharashtra.Teachersassigned toa particular standard and division in a school on SARALportal canregister by using MahaStudent mobile App. The Students incatalogueare made available on mobile for submitting dailyattendance aswell as filling examination marks.Options availableunderMahaStudent App• Submitting daily attendance – The students inacatalogue are listed for the selected standard anddivision.Teacher marks the absent student for the current dateselected andsubmits attendance.The location and time are storedalong with theattendance.• Filling examination marks – Teacherdeclares thestudents absent for examination.Teacher selects thetype ofexamination and by selecting a particular student entersquestionwise marks. Connectivity is not required for marks filling.Aftercompleting the task, sync to server option submits the marksonSARAL.• Reports for attendance and Pragat / Apragat studentsbasedon Pragat Shaikshnik Maharashtra criterion.Features – •Integratedwith SARAL ( ), School Education & Sportsdepartmente-governance project• Daily attendance submitted withinthespecified range from School location, ensuringteacher’sattendance• Connectivity required only at the point ofsync toserver.• Auto refresh of student catalogue on mobile tomatch thestudent count.• Version control enabled.
Aryabhatta International 9.3
Aryabhatta International School, Barnala's official mobile apptokeep yourself more involved as a parent with your child'sprogressat School by getting all your child related updates onyoursmartphone. You can also send messages and discuss yourchildrelated queries with teachers directly through this app.
GreenForest 1.0.85
Ruslan Nynyk
Додаток для студентів школи англійської мови Green Forest. Доступдорозкладу, всіх домашніх завдань, запис на додатковізаняття:спецкурси, клуби, Skype уроки. Application for studentsEnglishSchool Green Forest. Access to the decomposition ofhomework, writeadditional courses, courses, clubs, Skype lessons.
SchoolWay 5.4
Jostens Inc.
SchoolWay™ is a free mobile app that helps parents and studentsstayconnected to their school community. Schools choose theSchoolWay™app as their messaging option for safe, one-waycommunication onmobile devices. Your School will send you updateson schoolactivities, notes from teachers, athletic schedules, andmore. WithSchoolWay™ you can instantly view your school’s updatesandnotifications from your mobile device. Key Features: - Pushcontentincludes dynamic elements such as images, PDF documents andmore -Push content can be translated into multiple languages - Onestepsubscriptions - Managed subscriber lists - Privacy option forallchannels (courses, athletics, etc.) - Bus Route Notificationsthatcan provide subscribers with schedule change - Instant optin/optout messaging selections - Tap screens to call or emailschool stafffrom your mobile device - View grade books - Viewlunch menus - Viewathletic schedules and scores - View schoolcalendars - View schoolvideos Key Benefits: - Free, fast andsecure access to schoolinformation at your fingertips - Simpleinterface for easy sitenavigation - Safe interaction throughone-way messaging from yourschool or district to your mobiledevice - Alerts, homeworkreminders, sports scores and more, sentdirectly to your mobiledevice by district administrators,teachers, club sponsors, andcoaches - Subscribe only to the pagesthat matter to you, ensuringall messaging is relevant What's New:- Newly re-designed interface- Sign-up Wizard - Multi-languagesupport for push messages -Document and image attachments to pushmessages - Cover photosupport for districts, schools and allchannels
I am Rich Premium Plus 1.1
Buy this app! Prove to everyone that you are rich! Thisperfect,elegant diamond only for YOU.With this app you can show theworldthat you can buy everything.Tell yourself - I am rich! Iamsuccessful!