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Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) 9.0
Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) programme isaspecifically designed package for in-service untrainedteachersworking in primary/ upper primary schools of differentstates ofthe country. The programme has been developed by theAcademicDepartment, NIOS on the initiative of Ministry of HumanResourceDevelopment (MHRD), Govt. of India, keeping in view the NCF2005,RTE 2009 and NCFTE 2010. The Programme aims at enabling thetargetgroup to develop in them skills, competencies, attitudesandunderstanding to make teaching and learning more effective
NIOS DELED Assignment Answer 3.0
About NIOS-D.El.Ed - NIos DEledAssignmentAnswerBlock-501Block-502Block-503original App isHere- un-trained in-service TeacherDiploma in ElementaryEducation(D.El.Ed) programme is a specifically designed packageforin-service untrained teachers working in primary/ upperprimaryschools of different states of the country. The programmehas beendeveloped by the Academic Department, NIOS on theinitiative ofMinistry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt.of India,keeping in view the NCF 2005, RTE 2009 and NCFTE 2010.TheProgramme aims at enabling the target group to develop theskills,competencies, attitudes, and understanding to make teachingandlearning more effective.
NIOS DELED Study Materials 1.0
This application is designed for special NIOS DELED teachers.Inthis app you will be given all kind of material materialstill2019. It's our motive that you get the Important - QualifiedStudyMaterials. DEled Teachers Download And Share This App forYourFriends. This Is Your Friends for 2 Year NIOS DELED. @ Featuresofthis application @ - Daily DELED News And Notification- NIOSDELEDLatest Updates - DELED Study Materials in All Language- Semple-Model Question Papers- DELED MCQs - Question withAnswer-Assignment Question And Answer { Solved }- DELED SchoolBasedActivities Info. - SBA - All Format Free Download. - AllLanguagePDF Document. - Study Materials - PDF,MP3, And Videos. -AllImportent Link For NIOS DELED.- Faqs By DELED Student -WithSolution.- Contact to All State NIOS Nodal Officers. - SubmitYourProblem. - Online Help via Whatsapp Facebook - Mobile andEmail. -Study Materials Social Media Share Option. @ Please AddReviews @Give 5 Star Rates @
Ruangguru - One-stop Learning Solution
Ruangguru is Indonesia's No. 1 Online Learning Solution!Accesslearning videos, practice questions, private lessons,tryouts, andmany more from your smartphone. Available for variouslevelsranging from SD, SMP, to SMA in accordance with thenationalcurriculum and designed specifically by the best andmostexperienced Master Teachers. - ruangbelajar A one-stop solutiontostudy anywhere and anytime with tens of thousands ofanimatedvideos, hundreds of thousands of practice questions,andinfographic summaries prepared and taught by our MasterTeachers.ruangbelajar features: 1) Animated Learning Videos Watchtens ofthousands of animated learning videos taught by ourMasterTeachers. You may also download videos to save your mobiledataquota. 2) Practice Quizzes with Explanation Sharpenyourunderstanding through more than hundreds of thousands ofpracticequizzes and exercises with different levels ofdifficulty(including HOTS) to ensure you are ready to for yourexam. 3)Infographic Summary Download and save visual aid summariesto helpyou review important materials and formulas 4) ruangbelajarforDesktop You also can access ruangbelajar on your computer!Learningis more exciting with Ruangguru! • SmartRecommendationAutomatically detects your weaknesses and recommendslearningmaterial that suits your needs. • Ruangguru Adventure Bethe bestby collecting points from watching videos and working on asmanyquestions as possible! Exchange points with a varietyofinteresting digital items. • Social Learning Interact anddiscussschool lessons with other users! You can also interact withtheteacher from live teaching in Ruangguru app. More interactivewiththe best Ruangguru teachers! - digitalbootcamp Moreintensivelearning with standby tutor through group chat with studypartnersthroughout Indonesia - ruangles Enhance your ability to beanexpert in any field with the best teachers chosen by Ruangguru-Brain Academy Not your ordinary tutoring center, we combineoffline& online learning services with the best teachers-ruanglesonline Discuss your questions within minutes throughlivechat with the best tutors chosen by Ruangguru
Remind: School Communication
Remind is a communication platform that helps every studentsucceed.Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or anywhere inbetween,Remind makes it easy to stay connected to your schoolcommunity. *Send real-time messages to any phone. * Message aclass, a person,or just a small group. * Translate messages intomore than 85languages. * Share photos, handouts, and other files.More than 27million educators, students, and parents use Remind inover 95% ofU.S. public school districts. Hop over to our site tolearn more: (
Quipper 6.0.3
Quipper Ltd.
You can completely change the way you learn with justyoursmartphone or tablet. Whether you’re subscribed to QuipperVideo orQuipper School, you can access your lessons andassignmentsstraight from the app! All lessons are aligned with thenationalcurriculum, and video lessons feature teachers from some ofthecountry’s top institutions! Other features: - Downloadvideos,study guides, and questions for offline viewing andanswering -Open videos and study guides at the same time in onewindow -Receive real-time app notifications for new assignments andexams -Choose your courses and create your weekly study scheduleDownloadQuipper for Android today!
eBooks for IAS 1.0
Akhand Bharat
Selected material from NCERT, NIOS and IGNOU for freedownload.Check it out.
EduPage - application for teachers, students and parentsPremiuminteractive tests for everyone! Even if your school is notusingany of the bellow features, you can still use thisapplication! Itcontains many interactive tests from Math - whereyou have to thinka little, English - where you need to understandthe spoken word,some Geography, Biology and even Music. Try it out!Messages Sendmessages to teachers, classes or parents. Start groupdiscussionswith the whole class or with all its parents. Electronicgrade bookTeachers can input grades on mobile or in web interface,parentsand students will see them in this mobile application.Electronicclass register Input curriculum for each lesson directlyfrom yourmobile. Lesson plans can be used to simply pick the nexttopic.Attendance & absence notes Input absent students.Classteachers can also input absence notes or simply allow parentstosend electronic absence notes directly from their mobilephones.Homework Input the homework. Students and parents can viewand markthem as ready. They will love you! Schedule Download yourtimetablefor offline viewing. (School needs to use aSc TimeTables.There isa free trial at SubstitutionCheckthe daily substitution changes on your mobile. Includespushnotifications. (School needs to use aSc Substitutions).E-learningCreate interactive tests for your students. The resultsareautomatically collected and the assignments are evaluated.SchoolCantina View the weekly menu. It is also possible to orderorcancel the meal for each day. Automatic Anything thatteachersinputs automatically generates notification on your mobile.No needto check webpage now and then. For teachers If your schoolis notusing EduPage, you can still use this application to inputgradesand homework. If you add emails of your parents they will beableto use this same application to check what you have inputted.It isalso possible to invite your colleagues and share the datawiththem! For school administrators: Check formoreinformation how your school can benefit from using EduPage!
TheTeacherApp 4.1.1
TheTeacherApp is a free app to help teachers learn and growanytime,anywhere at zero cost. There are 250 million children inIndia, inthe age group of 6-14 years in India. Of this, 97% go toschool butthey are not learning. Over 50% children in 5th standardcannot readand over 74% cannot do basic division. We are goingthrough a stateof crisis. We believe that teachers matter andtheir development isthe only hope in solving this problem. We knowthat teachers ingovernment schools and budget private schoolsdon't get timelytraining and support to improve their practice. Ifdoctors haveaccess to networking opportunities and research onwhat's latest inmedicine, why isn't it the same for a teacher? TheTeacher App is aplatform where every teacher in India can accesshigh qualitycontent to learn and grow anytime, anywhere, at zerocost using asmart phone. With TheTeacherApp, you get access tocourses,educational resources, stories and conversations fromdifferentparts of India. What does The Teacher App offer: -Free,easy-to-use, downloadable course content aligned with whatyouteach in class - Access to experts from the Indian educationsystem- Share your classroom stories, and read about what teachersallover India are experiencing - Learn from best-practiceclassroominnovations, methods and resources adopted by teachers alloverIndia - Contests to share your classroom ideas and win prizes!
10th result 2018 app SSC board exam results matric 7.3
This app provides you fastest way to check your 10th / SSLCResult2018 . Also get alerts and latest updates about expectedresultdate and time. 10th Result 2018 app provides you thecompletedetails of study materials, Previous Year QuestionPapers,Syllabus, Blue Print, Time Table / Date Sheet and Resultsfor allsubjects which includes English, Maths, Science, Hindi,SocialScience for all board 10th / SSLC . Features: - Fast ResultCheck -10th Board Exam Result 2018 - Time table 2018 / Exam Datesheet /Routine - 10th Previous year Question papers - Syllabus -BluePrint - Model and Sample Papers - For all state board,CBSE,ICSE/ISC and NIOS List of 10th Board result 2018 AP BoardSSCResult 2018 Assam HSLC Result 2018 Bihar Board 10th ExamResult2018 CBSE 10th Result 2018 CG Board 10th Result 2018 ICSEExamResult 2018 ISC Exam Result 2018 GOA Board SSC Result 2018 GSEBSSCResult 2018 HBSE 10th Result 2018 HP Board 10th Result 2018JAC10th Result 2018 Karnataka SSLC Result 2018 Kerala SSLC Result2018PSEB 10th Result 2018 Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2018 MPBoard10th Result 2018 BSE Odisha Board HSC Result 2018 RajasthanBoard10th Result 2018 Telangana SSC Result 2018 (TS Board)TamilnaduSSLC Result 2018 UP Board 10th Result 2018 WB MadhyamikResult 2018
Preschool learning games for kids: shapes & colors 5.25
Enjoy and learn the shapes, colors, counting games, andbasicskills. With “Dino Tim” kids in preschool age (3, 4, 5 and 6yearsold), primary school and kindergarten will learn with noeffortwhile having fun. ****Over three million children arealreadyplaying with Dino Tim!**** The educational games areentirelytranslated into English but, if you wish so, you can alsouse Timthe Dino to learn Spanish, French, Italian... You only needtoswitch languages! It suits perfectly to every age althoughit’sspecifically suggested for kindergarten, preschool andprimaryschool (3-8 years) and adults of all ages. The game hasvoiceoverto help children learning their first words. The game isperfectfor the entire family! Enjoy the adventure! Some funnywitches haveabducted Tim’s family. Become a superhero and help himrescuingthem! Thanks to the good witch, you will be able to fly andcollectfigures that will allow you to do magic and turn the witchesintoanimals!! Children and adults will experience anexcitingadventure, solving puzzle games with colors and geometricshapes,running, counting, flying, learning, jumping and doing magictounblock all the dino-characters and all game modes.EDUCATIONALTARGETS: - Learn to recognise geometric shapes: square,circle,rectangle, triangle, pentagon and diamond. - Learn to countnumbers(1-10) with counting games for kids - Enhance speed,attention andpsychomotoricity with the color recognizing game: red,green, blue,yellow, etc. - Learn first words, letters, consonantsand vowels(literacy -abc-) in a fun manner in his native language(English).- Start learning a foreign language (Spanish, French,Italian…) forkindergarten, preschool and primary school children(3-12 yearsold). - Resolve educational puzzles about differentgeometricshapes and numbers: squares, circles, rectangles,triangles,trapeziums and rhombuses. - Learn and enhancecoordination and finemotor skill in youngsters. - Develop visualperception of differentshapes, numbers and objects in motion. -Develop attention andconcentration in kids in preschool age andelementary school. Ourdevelopment studio, Didactoons, has wideexperience in developingeducational games and apps that combinelearning and fun. Are youlooking for free educational games foryour children to learn andenjoy at the same time? So don’t miss itand download the freeeducational games: Dino Tim! Parents can tryout the game for free.We recommend purchasing the full version forchildren. Web: GooglePlus:
High School Cheating Boy Cheater Bob School Games 1.3.3
WARNING: Hey Kids! Do not try this at your High School. Sam isthemost wicked and spoiled brat caught of high school who lovetocheat and get top position without studying in high schoolcheatingcaught game! He can cheat answers of best students in classroom ofbiology, history, art, science and sports at high schoolgame!Being the number one cheater and top positioned best studentofhigh school in class, don’t get caught by angry teachers!Masterthe art of cheating with Sam in this high school cheatingsinistergame! His outsmarted cheating tactics helps him to get toppositionwithout studying in high school cheating sinister game.MischievousSam got evil mind for cheating so try not to get bustedby highschool angry teachers during cheating in high school.Somethingsinister seems to be going on at high school, so survivethecraziness to get A grade! Play as naughty Sam to cheat andcopyanswers of best students to get good grade before you getbusted inhigh school cheating game! Avoid angry teachers and nerdstudentsin science lab, so outsmart mad teachers to receive highscores inhigh school game! Beat Sam’s nemesis, in an epic evil mindcheatingrivalry to become the top best student of class! Finalquizzes arehere, so for master sinister the art of cheating andbecome thebest cheater in classroom, each subject of high schoolgame. Noneed to study and memorize difficult science and biologysubjectsin high school! Cheat like a pro in high school cheatinggame! Thistime nasty teachers are more stringent and observant sobe careful!Achieve minimum grades on time and save yourself fromangry teacherand nasty principal in high school cheating game!Wicked geniuskid! Don’t get caught or else you will be busted inhigh schoolcheating game! This fun addicting cheating game is forall highschool students, use evil mind and cheat exams from beststudentsof high school class mate. Cheat and copy answers fromgenius kidsas you are the most mischievous student of high schoolcheating!After cheating from best students notes in science lab,get back onyour seat before angry teacher caught you in quiz andgrade youwith F in high school cheating game! Master the art ofcheating inclass is not easy as it seems, so prepare yourself touse evil mindand cheat in quiz like wicked naughty brat of highschool cheatinggame! Avoid nerdy high school students, cheat onceor else theywill let angry teacher know about your cheating game!High schoolcheating boy cheater bob school games features:•Multiplechallenging cheating game levels for high school students•Help Samin mastering the art of cheating game and get good grades•Saveyourself from nasty teachers & nerdy students in thischeatinggame• Surprising reactions from nerdy students & angryteachersin high school cheating game!• 10 different classroom andhighschool cheating game settings• Simple, challenging andfunaddicting game play for high school students• Attractivegraphicsand sound of high school cheating game!Get ready to faceallchallenges of cheating game in high school. Download highschoolcheating boy cheater bob school games and give us yourfeedback, sowe can make more cheating game and high school game foryou.
Al-Zahraa High School App 1.0.6
Are a student in Al-Zahraa High School (Lebanon/BekaaValley).Areyou tired of writing your daily homework on yourcalendar andlosing your school schedule.Have you lost your souvenirphotos inour school.No problem.DOWNLOAD AL-ZAHRAA SCHOOLAPPLICATION.IT'STHE FIRST APPLICATION IN LEBANON FOR ELEMENTARY ANDSECONDARYSCHOOLS.With our application you will be able to receiveyour dailyhomework and to take a look at your school schedule,thesouvenirphotos and our activities and news.
Hello Bully Teacher 3D 1.1
The story is about a naught boy who is bullying teachers&students for fun!You are a new bully boy in town & hasbeentransferred to High school. You have to play many naughtytricks totease everyone. Do different evil & mad activities andbe abully boy in school. You are not good at studies & alwaystryto find shortcuts by copying & stealing otherstudent’shomework. Teacher of the school put students like you indetention& punish them. Now it is challenging for you to hidein theHigh school to do super crazy things.Activities that youperformare like puncturing your school teacher car tire,changingchemicals in science lab before teacher perform scienceexperiment,throw paper balls at class teacher, steal assignmentsfromteacher’s locker & from class monitor and many more. Youmusthave to complete missions without getting caught in this funfreegame. Hello Bully Teacher 3D is a High school story gamewhichmakes you feel amazing & amuse.Are you ready to recallyourschool time naughtiness? So Download it now!Hello Bully Teacher3DFeatures:• High Quality 3D Graphics & High SchoolEnvironment•Interesting & Engaging Bullying Activities• Smooth,Easy &Intuitive Controls• Amazing sounds effects and voicehovers.•Interesting Game-play • Fun & Easy to Play
Kids math kindergarten 1.0.0
Children in kindergarten or primary school mathematicslearningthrough simple game. Calculate the positive number negativenumber,multiply the number divide the number for learning bothpreschoolKindergarten children in elementary school grade 1st grade2ndgrade 3rd 4th they learn arithmetic mathematic. Just dragyouranswer to in the answer. By choosing an answer from practicemathtest prepared problems behind. To practice arithmetic tomakechildren have a better score. Good at math education.Calculationmath calculator quickly in the faster train internsnursery helpchildren become familiar with mathematics. And the likeinmathematics and a foreign language or English withbeautifulillustrations cartoon love. And the sound practice both inEnglishlistening to simultaneously. Children learn English wordsorvocabulary read numbers to listen, read and write better infuturewhen listening to the English words about the numbers. TodevelopEnglish conversation or spoken english better in the future.Inaddition to learning English. Course of study arithmeticarenecessary for children equally. If parents enhancingdevelopmentboth mathematics and English grammar simultaneously,children willgradually learn and absorb to automatically. Acrossthe screen onmobile phone or tablet. Let's have a simple funplaying it. Kidsgirls boys with a simple game. The brain trainingdevelopment doesnot have to rely on cunning calculation calculatoronly the singlepractice thinking This change is easy, if a goodfoundation. Don'tgo to class in institution or school alone. Don'trely on only cramschool alone. We can only use simple materialsfree of touch screenthe kids have fun on the application containsimages and soundlearning at home. Learning a language and learningarithmeticsimultaneously. Drag your finger simple answer to thechannel inthe middle. If the answer is a sound English tell aboutnumbers.And there are prizes in a star shape when the answer iscorrect.Learn well not bored easily surf together. count orcalculate 1 and2 3 other numbers
AAS Vidyalaya-Anytime Anywhere School (Grade 6-10) 3.1.7
Kya aapko school ki padhai samaj nahi aati? Kya aap roz schoolnahija patein Abh Tuitions mein hazaron mat karcho, AAS VidyalayaAppmein padho AAS Vidyalaya app, ek regular school jaise kaamkartahai. Yaha aapko class teacher assign hotein hain, jo aapkedailyprogress par dhyan dete hain; subject teachers apko videolectureske through padhatein hain, har chapter ke badh appko testdene kamauka milta hain, aur iske sath aap kabhi bhi apne teacherse doubtpuch saktein hain. Features •Syllabus of the entire yeardividedinto recorded class sessions •A dedicated class teacher tohandhold and guide students in their native language •Students cantaketest after each chapter and measure their performance •Studentscanask their doubts to teachers through chat or video calls•Parentsor sponsors can monitor progress of the students andconnect withtheir teachers •Students can attend from anywhere andTeachers canwork from home What’s new •Launch of CBSE grade 9th& 10thsyllabus •AAS Vidyalaya is now FREE •Now view entireyear’slectures and test at once For support, you can contact usonwhatsapp at 9137574459.
Sadhu Vaswani High School 9.0
Sadhu Vaswani High School App for Parents & teachers
Educational Psychology Hindi शिक्षा मनोविज्ञान 8.2
Educational Psychology in Hindi App useful for School Teacher1st,2nd, 3rd Grade, School PTI 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade, Lecturer,HeadMaster Jobs, CTET, State TET, UGC NET, SET, Pri.M.ed, M.ed,M.P.ED,B.ed, B.P.ED, B.El.ED, D.ed, BSTC. Exam. खोलो पढ़ो ओर पासकरोShiksha Manovigyan, Contants:शिक्षा मनोविज्ञान शिक्षा क्याहै?शिक्षा का अर्थ मनोविज्ञान क्या है? मनोविज्ञान की उत्पत्तिमस्तिष्कका विज्ञान चेतना का विज्ञान व्यवहार का विज्ञान शिक्षामनोविज्ञान काशाब्दिक अर्थ है शिक्षा मनोविज्ञान शिक्षा मनोविज्ञान केउद्देश्यशिक्षा मनोविज्ञान का क्षेत्र शिक्षा मनोविज्ञान की उपयोगिताशिक्षाके क्षेत्र में मनोविज्ञान का योगदान मनोविज्ञान केमहत्त्वपूर्ण तथ्यव्यक्तित्व : अर्थ व परिभाषा व्यक्तित्व मापन केसिद्धांत व्यक्तित्वके प्रमुख सिद्धान्त शरीर रचना सिद्धान्त विशेषकसिद्धान्त माँगसिद्धान्त व्यक्तित्व के प्रकार व्यक्तित्व को प्रभावितकरने वालेकारक अतिमहत्त्वपूर्ण सुपर-40 प्रश्नोत्तरी अधिगम का अर्थअधिगम कोप्रभावित करने वाले कारक अधिगम के सिद्धांत थार्नडाइक काप्रयोग :-बुद्धि का अर्थ बुद्धि के सिद्धांत अभिप्रेरणा का अर्थअभिप्रेरणा कीपरिभाषायें प्रतिपादक By Surendra Tetarwalfind alsonametetarwalsurenEducational Psychology in Hindi App useful forSchoolTeacher 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade, School PTI 1st, 2nd, 3rdGrade,lecturer, headmaster jobs, Ctet State Tet, UGC NET,, , Nfed,, Bfed,,, Bshtc. Exam.Open Womenhave read the Shiksha Manovigyan,Contnts:EducationalPsychologyWhatis education?Meaning of EducationWhat isPsychology?Origin ofPsychologyScience of BrainScience ofConsciousnessBehavioralScienceEducation is the literal meaning ofPsychologyEducationalPsychologyThe purpose of educationalpsychologyField of educationalpsychologyUtilization of EducationalPsychologyThe contribution ofpsychology in educationImportantly,psychologyPersonality: Meaningand DefinitionPersonality measurementprincipleMajor Theories ofPersonalityAnatomy theoryDiscriminativeprinciplesDemandtheoryPersonality typesFactors affecting thepersonalityCRUCIAL -40Super QuizMeans of learningFactors affectinglearningTheory oflearningUse Tharndaik: -IntellectTheory ofintelligenceMeaning ofMotivationMotivation DefinitionsExponentBySurendra Tetarwalfindalso name tetarwalsuren
High School Cash Register: Cashier Games For Girls 2.0.3
Hey high school students and teachers! It’s time to get back tohighschool cashier games but first receive your salary,scholarship andsubmit fee at high school cashier games accountoffice. A perfecthigh school cashier girl and manager high schoolgames to improveeducational and time management skills. Beforegoing back to highschool games learn high school account officecashier games skillsand happily serve customers in high schoolcash register cashiergames for girls. This is an awesome highschool account officecashier games with high school student lifefun for boys and girls.A perfect time management high schoolcashier games for girls andboys where they will learn to serve atcash counter and handle highschool cash register cashier games. Dosome speedy math and countingto get an unlimited high school gamesstudent life fun as highschool cashier and play role of highschool cashier account officer.High School cash register cashiergames for girls and boys will helpthem do some speedy math andcalculation in account office highschool games. Enjoy ultimatehigh school cashier games for girls funin handling cash register,calculate student fee, fine,scholarships, teacher salary, funds inhigh school cashier games.Time to prove yourself as best highschool girl cashier games ofaccount office in time management highschool games to test yourhigh school cashier games skills. Highschool is opening soon soit’s going to be a busy day at accountoffice for cashier & cashmanager in high school games. Thisamazing cashier girl manager highschool games is a combination ofcashier games with ATM machinewhere cashier girl is all set fordoing an amazing job at highschool games cash counter. High Schoolcash register cashier gamesfor girls have variety of high schoolgirl cashier games activitiesto perform! High School boys canequally enjoy cash manager incashier games as there are amazingcash manger fun activities forhigh school games students. So boysand girls are you ready for realcash manager fun before going backto high school games. It’s agolden opportunity for high schoolstudents to become best highschool girl cashier and manager inhigh school cashier games. Ashigh school girl cashier games youneed to calculate student fee orteacher salary in speedy mathcalculation in this best educationalgames. Stand at cash registercounter, greet your high school girlsand boys with smile andprovide girl cashier manager services inthis high school cashiergames High School Cash Register: CashierGames for Girls Features:• Challenging levels to play as highschool games cashier &manager! • Engaging high school cashregister cashier gamessimulation based levels! • Time managementand high school gamescash register handling skills! • Amazingsounds & graphics ofhigh school cashier games! • Serve highschool students and makebest cashier story in high school cashiergames! The time is now toshow off your cash register and cashmanager skills in high schoolgames! Download high school cashregister: cashier games for girlsand give us your feedback so wecan make more high school cashiergames and cashier girl games foryou!
Mermaid High School: Princess Dream Love Story 1.2
Atina is a cute and naughty little mermaid princess. Herparentshope she can study in the mermaid high school to learn howto be areal mermaid princess!Gigi is a teacher at mermaid high. Shewillteach Atina 7 classes about how to spa, makeup and dressup…Samuelis a mermaid prince from another country. He falls in lovewithAtina at the first sight. Will they have a romantic ending?You’rethe Atina, you’re the mermaid princess! Features:CLASS 1:APrincesswould never be in a mess!CLASS 2: Acne is never allowed toappearon a princess’s face!CLASS 3: How to put on makeup inroyalstyle。CLASS 4: Don't be so surprised! This is a closet foraprincess!CLASS 5: A Princess should be perfect for hairtotoe.CLASS 6: Don’t ignore your nails. Detail is what makesyoustand out!CLASS 7: Now, the last step to be a REALmermaidprincess!And so much more are waiting for you to find outatMERMAID HIGH - TO BE A REAL PRINCESS!
RPS - Rajkot Public School 1.47.0
Jitesh Ukani
RPS Mobile App helps to deliver school information in realtime,directly to parents and students of Rajkot Public School ontheirmobile devices. It's free to download and easy to use. RPSMobileApp has been carefully designed for students and parents ofRPS toget information they want and need via their mobile devices.Fromstudent attendance to time table, event calendar, homework,result,fees and school news & events, RPS Mobile Appdeliversimportant everyday school information to student andparents.Instant notifications will keep parents and studentsinformed andengaged with day to day updates about attendance,homework,important school/class announcements and reminders. Bothparentsand students have their own individual login access to RPSMobileApp, which allows them to view their dashboard from anywherein theworld. About RPS (Rajkot Public School) Rajkot Public Schoolis aK-12 school with world-class infrastructure and facilitiesinRajkot. Operational from June 12th, 2014 it offers classesfromPre-Primary Section to 8, 9, 10 & 11, 12 (SCIENCE&COMMERCE). RPS is affiliated to Gujarat Secondary andHigherSecondary Education Board (GSEB). Rajkot Public School isanEnglish/Gujarati medium co-educational school committedtoexcellence in the areas of education and the pursuit of learningasa lifelong experience. Reflecting critical stages in the life ofachild, our school structure includes Pre-PrimarySection(Babysitting, Playhouse, Nursery, LKG & HKG) , LowerPrimarySchool (1-5), Upper Primary School (6-8), Secondary School(9-10)& Higher Secondary School (11-12) as distinct communitiesoflearning, relationship and care. School follows CBSE curriculumforPre-Primary Section to Std. 8 and GSEB curriculum for Std. 9toStd. 12. At Rajkot Public School, we're committed tobringingindividualized learning to all kinds of minds, andremovingbarriers that keep children from reaching their truepotential. Ourparents and students have the right to expect thatour schoolprovides a high-quality education endorsed by theeducation world.App Developer: KAL STUDIOS | +91 281 2482656 |
ABC deutsch lernen Grundschule 2.1
Mit dieser App können Sie ihrem Kind spielerisch erste Wörterunddas ABC beibringen.Das Spiel ist für Kinder im Grundschulalterbzw.Vorschulalter geeignet.Lernen von deutschen Wörtern durchfarblichgruppierte Buchstaben.Die Wörter werden zusammengesetztindem dieBuchstaben auf die farblich passenden Felder gezogenwerden.ÜberVerbesserungsvorschläge würde ich mich sehr freuen.Bitte an dieeMail-Adresse: SonnenwaldApps@gmail.comTags:Vorschule,Grundschule, Schule, Kinder, Deutsch, lernen,With thisapp you canteach your child playfully first words and the ABC.Thegame issuitable for children of primary school age andpreschoolage.Learning of German words grouped by color letters.Thewords areput together by the letters are drawn to the colormatchingfields.About suggestions I would be very happy. Pleasecontact theemail address: SonnenwaldApps@gmail.comTags: preschool,elementaryschool, school kids, German, learn,
Seesaw: The Learning Journal 6.2.6
Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that inspiresyourstudents to do their best work and saves you time. ∙ Anydevice,shared or one-to-one ∙ Always free for teachers ∙ Used inover200,000 classrooms and 1 out of 2 schools in the US AwardsInclude:∙ 2018 Top Pick for Learning by Common Sense Education ∙BestWebsite of 2016 by American Association of School Librarians∙Richard Byrne's Free Tech for Teachers How Does SeesawHelpTeachers? Seesaw’s creative tools encourage student engagement∙Students express themselves, reflect on their learning and createaportfolio they're proud to show others. Get ideas and savepreptime ∙ Browse thousands of great activities ready to use inyourclassroom today. ∙ Collect student responses digitally and lughomefewer papers. Focus even more on your students ∙ Seesaw helpsyousee and hear what each student knows so you can betterunderstandtheir progress ∙ Give more differentiated support throughcommentsand feedback. Other Seesaw Features ∙ Compatible with 100sof otherapps, including Apple and Google apps. ∙ Translate notes,commentsand captions into 50+ languages, including Spanish,French,Chinese, Japanese and more! ∙ Seesaw is COPPA, FERPA andGDPRcompliant. Learn more at
J.B Pri. School (Parents App) 1.1
The app features contains:Attendance : Track your childdailyattendance throughout the academic year in anattractivecalendar.Homework : Receive daily,project,assignmenthomeworks sentby the teachers.Remarks : See academic remarks givenby theteachers.Calendar Events: Visit School Calendar and eventswell inadvance.Announcements: Receive urgent announcements fromtheteachers and school.Gallery : See events images and otherimportantnotices images.Timetable : Check your child timetabledaily. 1.9.6
*** Educational activities developed by early education experts***So learning is boring, huh? Phonics, counting, colors, andmusicalpuzzles will help kids get ready for school. With Leo theCat,learning becomes a colorful and exciting adventure. Installthefree IntellectoKids app, and teaching your child will become afungame! Why should I install IntellectoKids PreschoolAcademy?Preschool Academy is an educational game developedbyIntellectoKids with the direct involvement of teachers whohaveextensive experience teaching logical thinking and memory tosmallchildren and inspiring a love for reading, learning, andcountingin them. This app also gives children their firstintroduction tomusical instruments. Fun facts from the world of artand sciencewill also be added to the program in the near future.The teachingprocess is based on a game-like method that serves asthefoundation for the most modern and effective techniquesforteaching preschoolers. Your child’s guide to the world oflearningwill be an adorable tabby named Leo the Cat. Leo makeslearningeven more engaging and fun. He’s the conductor of acolorful train,each car of which is a new stage on the path toadvancing yourchild’s intellectual growth. The educational gamesare built on thenuances of children’s mental development and factorin theircapabilities. IntellectoKids is perfect for children inthefollowing age groups: – 3-4 years old – 4-5 years old – 5-6yearsold Work is underway to implement individualized lesson plansbasedon the child's age and achievements or the parents’preferences.Large selection of educational games for kids: -Alphabet for kidsInteractive Alphabet Cartoon: this is a funeducational game thatteaches kids the alphabet in a fun, casualway. - Logic and mathfor kids Safari School is a light-hearted,playful way to learnabout colors, sorting, numbers, and counting.-Music and musicalinstruments Animated Music Puzzles is aneducational game thathelps kids learn about what various musicalinstruments sound like.- Numbers and counting for kids AnEducational Fairy Tale about aHedgehog immerses children in afascinating, magical story wherethey learn about numbers and theirsequence while traveling withCarl the Hedgehog. - Logic for kidsBamboo Class helps childrendevelop logical and conceptual thinkingskills. Over 50 fun gamesdesigned to help preschoolers develop awide range of skills: –learning the alphabet – getting introducedto musical instrumentswith animated musical puzzles for kids –logical and conceptualthinking – learning about counting – sortingand recognizing colorsCompleting the exercises one after anotherallows children tocomprehensively expand their intellectualcapabilities and broadentheir horizons. After completing thesepractical exercises on aregular basis your little one will becompletely ready to startschool, where they will amaze theirteachers with their abilitiesand the depth of their knowledge andbecome an example to theirfellow students. Safe This educationalapp by IntellectoKids doesnot require the user to enter anypersonal information about thechild. Features of IntellectoKidsPreschool Academy – regularlyupdated with new content & games –fun game-like environment –factors in the nuances of children’sdevelopment in each age groupInspiring a love of learning in kidsis easy — just download andinstall the free IntellectoKids app!Make your child’s worldspecial — play and learn with Leo the Cat!
com.varsitytutors.learningtools.hsmath 1.7.0
*** From the Makers of Varsity Learning Tools - Best Education App-2016 Appy Awards *** Varsity Tutors' High School Math Androidappoffers powerful free tools for High School Mathincludingfull-length diagnostic tests, flashcards, questions of theday, andmore that can significantly aid you in your studying. -Choose asubject and start taking quizzes or full-length diagnostictests. -Create your own flashcards to study. - See detailed resultsandanalysis in an easy-to-understand format and share your scoreswithfriends or instructors. - Explore and learn by individualconceptusing our well-organized practice problems. - Browsethroughcurated flashcards organized by subject and learn at yourown pace.- Find the best private tutor for your specifics needs outofthousands of the top tutors.
SG School (Parents App) 2.0
The app features contains:Attendance : Track your childdailyattendance throughout the academic year in anattractivecalendar.Homework : Receive daily,project,assignmenthomeworks sentby the teachers.Remarks : See academic remarks givenby theteachers.Calendar Events: Visit School Calendar and eventswell inadvance.Announcements: Receive urgent announcements fromtheteachers and school.Gallery : See events images and otherimportantnotices images.Timetable : Check your child timetabledaily.This isthe new initiative undertaken by SG English MediumPrimarySchool,Gandhinagar.
Child Development and Pedagogy 1.0.0
Educational Psychology in Hindi App useful for School Teacher1st,2nd, 3rd Grade, School PTI 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade, Lecturer,HeadMaster Jobs, CTET, State TET, UGC NET, SET, Pri.M.ed, M.ed,M.P.ED,B.ed, B.P.ED, B.El.ED, D.ed, BSTC. Exam. खोलो पढ़ो ओर पासकरोShiksha Manovigyan
Vawsum - Making Learning Awesome 2.0093
Vawsum has revolutionized Learning across 1000+ institutes.4primary Areas of focus are: 1. Digital Learning 2. Securedandinstant Communication 3. Child Safety 4. Institute BrandingNow,schools can share notes, class updates and educational videosat aclick of a button to enrich students’ learning. Teachers canreachout to individual parents to give personal feedback and makeapositive impact in the student's growth. Besides, realtimeattendance updates, in app fees payments and bus trackingenhancechild’s safety. Vawsum's hardware free, easy to useapplicationwith regional language support and integrated SMS hasreceivepositive feedback from across schools. Schools have seenanincrease in admissions and enjoyed favorable coverage inlocalmedia. Vawsum has been recognized By Niti Ayog, DepartmentofIndustrial Policy & Promotion, IIMC Innovation Park,Universityof Delhi, TATA and TIE among others.
online.eseva.schoolmitr 2.0.2
'School Mitr' helps you to practice and manage your day todaylearning. This app is developed as per Gujarat GovernmentPrimarySchools Curriculum, however, this app is not affiliated withGSEBin any way. Added new NCERT Books of STD 10 & STD 12. –Science– Maths – Biology + Practical – Physics + Practical –Chemistry +Practical Features – GSEB / GHSEB News(Paripatro/Notifications) –New 2019 NCERT (GCERT) Books – GSEB ExamSchedule (Time Table)& Rules – Textbooks For Standard 1 to 12 –MCQ For Std 5 to 12(currently adding) – MCQ Provided As PerCurriculum – Old QuestionPaper – Essay Section – Balsrushti Section– Material Design – EasyTo Navigate – Gujarat Board Textbook inGujarati – Videos For AudioVisual Learning – Download Text BooksOffline – Std 10 all subjectbook in Gujarati – Std 12 all subjectbook in Gujarati – Std 10MCQs in Gujarati – Std 12 MCQs in GujaratiFollowing Books AreProvided Gujarati, Hindi, English, Maths,Sanskrit, Social Science,Science as well as other such as Sangeet,Yoga, Computer, Tabla,Jiv vigyan(Biology), BhautikShastra(Physics), RasayanShashtra(Chemistry) etc... This Gujaratimedium study app helps youto achieve success.
High School Girl Virtual Sports Day Game For Girls 1.4
Welcome to summer high school girl sports day tournament!Highschool girl athletes are warming up at high school gamesstadium!Are you going to win? Practice summer sports baseball inarealistic 3D environment in high school sports day games! Doyourbest in high school sports day athletic events & have funwithathletics high school sports girl in sports day games forgirls.Sports co-curricular activity week is about to start in girlshighschool and all school girls are pumped up and ready to takepart insports day games for girls! Prepare yourself for thebiggestupcoming sports day games event. Play high school girlsports daygames for girls in high school of New York City! Steppinginto roleof high school girl sports that could be tough, so getready forhigh school sports day games event! Make high school girlsportsday full of fun and memorable!!! Take part in basketballswipe,archery, sack race, rope climbing and hurdle race and becometheunbeatable winner in high school sports day games!The highschoolgames sports day activities are interesting to keep highschoolstudents occupied with sports day activities in this highschoolgames. Face high school basketball challenges to make it besthighschool girl sports day games for girls! Perform high schoolgirlsports activities and play like a pro in sports basketball,sackand hurdle race, archery and rope climbing! Dribble, shoot,scoreand win! Grab the ball and take on the world with sportsbasketballpro players in high school sports games. Test archeryskills andplay in one of the most competitive archery high schoolsportsgames. Master all targets and discover pro archery secrets.Be thebest archer and rule the rankings in high school sportsgames!Shoot arrows at target generally set at various distance tounlocknext intense challenging levels in high school girl virtualsportsday games for girls Take a breath, aim the target, shootarrow andhit the bull's eye now! Will you be the best archer orbowmanagainst opponent high school sports game team? Feel like areal prosports girl athlete and jump over the barriers and avoidfallingsin highs school sports games! Try try again until yoursportsmangets to the top! Develop sack race running speed andbecomeultimate racer as you progress through sports girl athletecareerin high school sports games. Defeat high school sportsgirlopponent athletes and climb the ranks to become theultimatehurdling and rope climbing world champion in high schoolsportsgames.Race, run and play challenging hurdle sack race withhighschool sports girl athletes. Accept all high school sportsdaychallenging activities and become the unbeatable winner inhighschool girl sports day game.High school girl virtual sportsdaygames for girls features: • Challenging high school sportsgirlgames activities!• Complete sports day activities in highschoolsports games to unlock next level!• Addictive gameplay andsmoothcontrols of high school sports games!Download high schoolsportsgirl, sports day game and give us your feedback, so we canmakemore high school sports girl games and sports day games foryou.
Super School: Educational Kids Games & Rhymes 5.3.11
Nazara Games
Do you want the best educational kids games, nursery rhymes,songs& voiced books lovingly created by expert teachers andtaughtby delightful animated characters? We are creating theONLYearly-learning app you will need on your phone with 100+ kidsgames& activities to cover every topic your preschooler ortoddlerneeds to learn along with their favorite rhymes!93% parentssaidtheir children enhanced their language skills after playingourvocabulary games for kids while 91% said their littletoddlerimproved their math knowledge by playing our kids numbergames. Allthis while children had fun!Co-created withearly-learningeducators with 22+ years of experience, we constantlyadd new kidsgames as well as rhymes and stories to help your childkeepgrowing. Try it and fall in love!★ 100+ Educational KidsGames& Activities covering the foundational knowledge a toddlerorpreschooler needs including topics like -• Bubble Phonics Pop–This fun game for toddlers teaches them all the basic phonicswitheach level having a different phonic sound.• Spell It Right –Gamefor preschoolers and primary school children to help thempracticethe spellings of the most common 1000 words in theEnglishlanguage.• Odd Even Ninja – Jump from side to side to hitthe rightnumber in this frantic kids game to help preschoolerslearn aboutodd and even numbers!• Wizard Math – Zap the wrongnumbers in thisexciting game for children to learn addition andsubtraction! •Caterpillar Skip – Our take on the classic kids game,Snake, tohelp children do skip counting.• Color Catch – Meet Mr.Brown andhis family in this adorable children’s game to learn aboutcolors!•Match the Fruits and Vegetables – In this game fortoddlers, matchfruits and veggies and learn what each one of themis useful for.•Dot Connect Vehicles – Connect the dots in thischarming kids gameto learn about different types of vehicles whilepracticingcounting.• Shape Catch – Frantic whack-a-mole type kidsgame tohelp toddlers distinguish between different shapes!• GrammarFlight– Fly around and catch the right balloons in this gameforpreschoolers to learn about nouns, verbs & adjectives.• BankIt– Designed to help children learn the place value of numbers,inthis game kids play a bank teller helping customers withdrawtheirmoney.• Gigi’s Piano – Kids can play along to their favoriterhymesin Gigi’s Piano game and get an understanding of differentmusicalnotes!• Get the Helpers – Recognize the right helpers forthedifferent problems in this delightful game where toddlersandpreschoolers can learn about various professions.• Food Run –Afast-paced running game where kids have to eat the healthy foodandavoid unhealthy food!• Planet Catch – Wonderful space gameforchildren to discover the planets in our solar system!• PocketFlags– Toddlers will learn to identify flags of differentcountriesafter playing this lovely air hockey style kids game! •Farm Maze –Learn about farm animals and the names of theiroffspring in thisfun maze game for children.Never go hunting foreducational contentfor your kids again! Try Super School today andmeet abetterchildhood.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wedorequire a few additional Permissions tofunction:1.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThesepermissionsare needed to serve you educational games & videosthat you canplayoffline.2.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION/READ_PHONE_STATE/ACCESS_FINE_LOCATIONThesepermissionsare needed to serve you loacalized games.
All text book Gujarati medium Std 1 gujarati medium Std 2gujaratimedium Std 3 gujarati medium std 4 gujarati medium std 5gujaratimedium std 6 gujarati medium std 7 gujarati medium std 8gujaratimedium std 9 gujarati medium std 10gujarati medium std11gujaratimedium std 12 gujarati medium All new Corce in GujaratBord 2018Gujarat Bord Gseb Ghseb All Result Gseb ResultSaurashtraUniversity Best flip Book Reading Experience
Teno – School app for ICSE, CBSE & more 22.0.0
Teno is India’s leading free to use mobile appforschool-administration, academic management,e-learning,parent-teacher communication and much more. It isdesigned aftercollecting feedback from India’s leading educators,principals andparents to facilitate better schooling and improvelearning outcomefor the children, thus delivering happiness to all.Teno is theofficial school application of Top Schools of India.Dear schools,teachers and parents, join Teno to deliver excellenceand happinessfor your children from the tap of your finger forfree. Featuresoffered: Instant Communication Online School Feespayment DigitalAttendance Digital Diary Exam Mark-sheet DigitalTimetable TenoPrime features include unlimited access to: ● AllIndia Test Series– Compete with students from your school and allover the country ●Performance Analytics – Track your child’sprogress for differentsubjects ● Online Worksheets – Practice toget better in specificchapters ● Remedies uniquely customised foreach child – Bridgeyour child’s learning deficit ● Videos – Learn ●Math Gym ● GK Quiz● Many more E-learning solutions Teno Primeprovides wholesomee-learning solutions for students and enablesparents to deriveinsights on their child’s performance. Teno Primeis aligned withchild’s school syllabus and requires just one-timeannualsubscription.---------------------------------------------------------We'realways excited to hear from you! If you have feedback,questions,or concerns, please email us at support@tenoapp.comFAQs/Queries:If you are not able to download the app, Please trybelow settings.⚙️ Clear the cache & data of the Play Store Thisgives the appa fresh start and can help fix issues. 1. Open yourdevice'sSettings app . 2.Tap Apps & notifications > See allapps.3.Scroll down and tap Google Play Store . 4.Tap Storage >ClearCache. 5.Next, tap Clear data. 6.Re-open the Play Store &tryyour download again.
Shule Direct 4.6.0
Learn, Revise and Discuss with friends, Anytime, Anywhere.ShuleDirect gives you the freedom to learn from qualifiedlearningcontent that is prepared by experienced and dedicatedteachers. TheTanzania Institute of Education (TIE) reviews thecontent ensuringquality and standards are met. Shule Direct androidapp gives youaccess to comprehensive learning content for Physics,Chemistry,Biology, Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Geography,History,Civics, Bookkeeping, and Commerce and Life skills forSecondarySchool. Shule Direct's genius teacher, 'Ticha Kidevu' isalwaysavailable to assist you! Ticha Kidevu also made sure thatotherbrilliant teachers around the world, who just like TichaKidevu,wish to impart their knowledge to children beyond theirphysicalclassrooms, will now be able to use Shule Direct androidapp toreach millions of students across Africa. Shule Directandroid apphas a built in platform for content creationspecifically forteachers. As a teacher you can now create andpublish your contentthat can be accessed by millions of studentsacross Africa.Students from Tanzania and Africa will now be able tolearn fromcontent of created by the best teachers around the worldwho createand publish their learning content on Shule Direct app.Make sureyou that you check out Ticha Kidevu's in-app tutorial tolearn howto learn effectively on Shule Direct android app. Learnfrom theBest. Be the Best! ABOUT SHULE DIRECT: Shule Direct is asocialenterprise that provides local, relevant, digital study toolsforlearners. We are working with the best teachers in Tanzaniatocreate digitized notes, tutorials, quizzes and multimediacontent.We are also developing technological solutions to deliverthesecontent to students and teachers. Our cloud based repositorystoresall the resources, with an advanced data management systemandApplication Programming Interface (API), which allowmobileapplications, the Shule Direct web portal (online andoffline) andour SMS service to pull the right content for studentsand deliverit to them through whatever technology they can access.
ClassDojo 4.68.0
Ready to build an amazing classroom community? ClassDojo isabeautiful, safe, and simple communication app forteachers,parents, and students. * Teachers can encourage studentsfor anyskill, like “Working hard” and “Teamwork” * Teachers canbringparents into the classroom experience by sharing photos,videos,and announcements * Students can add their classwork easilytotheir own digital portfolios for their parents to see *Teacherscan also safely and instantly message with any parent *Parents seetheir child’s updates at home, as well as a stream ofphotos andvideos from school * All your favorite teacher tools,like GroupMaker and Noise Meter, are now in one place! ClassDojohelpsteachers build a positive classroom culture by encouragingstudentsand communicating with parents. ClassDojo is free foreveryone, andK-12 teachers, parents, students, and school leadersin over 180countries have joined. It works on all devices, liketablets,phones, computers, and smartboards. See how much peopleloveClassDojo at: Join theClassDojocommunity today!
School Trip for Kids 1.1
School trip is very powerful, strong & attractive teachingtoolfor kid’s extracurricular activities enhancement. It isveryexcited and important thing for little kids to travel fromoneplace to another with their school friends & teachers.Schoolkids always demand outside activities for having fun&experience and this little gathering always remembering timeforthem. Visiting & discovering new place of environmentishelpful all the time for unique learning. This will make themhappybecause they always make virtual plan for school trips andfriendsgathering. It will improve self confidence and self esteeminadventurous kids. This is really a good stage of life becausethistime is to cheer up and motivate students to participate intheseactivities to develop behaviour of life far away from school.It isgreat reward for teachers if little kids learn from outsidetheschool. It can reduce the anxiety level in stubborn childrenbyvisiting different places with friends and family. All ofabovekids wants to cherish their life with friends at goodatmosphere toenhance adventures of school trip in bus. Kids canalso learn timemanagement & cashier sense of cash register byplaying this“SCHOOL TRIP FOR KIDS” game.FEATURES:* Amazing &mind blowingbus simulator* Mysterious kid’s cash register simulatortool*Versatile and fantastic swings* Attractive graphics images&colors* Jolly kids fun with friends at park* Download free andplayfor hell fun
My Teacher - Classroom Play 1.1.1
Rise and shine! It’s time to go to school, in one of thefunnestschool games around! You’ll just LOVE being a teacher! Getready toteach at the coolest school ever, packed with super funandcreative activities! Be the kids’ favorite new teacher! Helpthemsolve puzzles & take care of adorable pets! School gamescan beSO awesome. It’s time for the most amazing school gamesadventure!School games have never been this cool and exciting! Onceyou seewhat this fabulous school has in store for you, you’ll neverwantto leave! From pet care to puzzle play, there are endless funandeducational activities! Who knew school games could be SOmuchfun?! Features: > It’s time for school! Dress up in yourbestschool clothes and become the best teacher EVER, in themostamazing of all school games! > It’s cleanup time! Gettheclassroom ready for a fun day of learning! > Meet your cutenewstudents – they just can’t wait for you to teach them! >Useyour artistic side to decorate the classroom in your ownstyle!> Help your students solve tricky puzzles, matching games&more! > Write colorful notes to the students on thechalkboard!> Take a silly school photo with all of your adorablestudents!> Play with and take care of the fuzziest class pets!Hamsters,bunnies, turtles & more! > Teach the kids to playmusicalinstruments in the coolest school band! Rock on! > Paint,drawand get creative in art class! Tons of coloring pages tochoosefrom! > Enjoy delicious meals and yummy treats atlunchtime!Make your own pizza & cupcakes! ABOUT TabTale AGoogle Play TopDeveloper, recognized for its commitment tolaunching high-qualityand innovative apps on Android. With over 1.5billion downloads andgrowing, TabTale has established itself as thecreator ofpioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents love.TabTale’sapps spark children’s imaginations and inspire them tothinkcreatively, while having fun! Search “TabTale” on Google Playanddiscover more incredible apps. Visit us: Plus: Likeus: Follow us:@Tabtale Watchus: CONTACT US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at: FOR PARENTS The app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Yourprivacy matters. The app may enable collection of limited userdataby TabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. adnetworksand analytics) for limited purposes described in ourPrivacy Policy(e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyze andimprove theapp’s features and services; serve contextual ads andmeasure theirperformance). For more information (notably on theproviders),please read our Privacy Policy: By downloading, updating orusing the app you consent (in yourpersonal capacity and for otherusers of your device) to thiscollection and use of limited deviceinformation for ad display andreporting purposes and you accept ourTerms of Use:
Sabbath School 24/7 2.2.3
INFORMATION: - Each QUARTER must update from GOOGLE PLAY - ES7 isafree advertising app, free and without profit. The advertisingyoufind is on websites that we have linked from ourapplicationCARATESRISTICAS: * Download and study Elena G. White'scompanion *Study the lesson material without relying on Internetconnectivity* Highlight text, add daily comments to share yourstudy * Yourcomments can be edited, deleted and shared on yoursocial networks.Requires Internet: * Download the review audio withthe Ptr.Alejandro Bullón while you study your lesson. * Web pageswithlinks to the morning (children, youth, adults, women) andusefulwebsites to complement the study (may contain externaladvertisingto the application) * Maps with Adventist Churches (SendyourChurch and add it) * Songs and music *Among others... Downloadtheapplication and study! Now we will not have excuses!
NKUST AP 3.2.2
The best NKUST Campus App EVER NKUST AP Are you a freshman?Don'tknow some school info, telephone numbers, or up commingevents?Been here a few years? Have checking class schedule, reportcardand reserving bus seats drove you crazy? No more, no moreworries,anymore! NKUST Campus App lets no matter old or new fellow,havecontrol over your life in NKUST! From checking classschedule,report card to your absence records! Plusreserving/canceling busseats and newest school feeds! Much Simple,Many Convenient, Veryinstinct, wow! ☆FABULOUS☆ Donate now to usenew features 2 weeks inadvance ※ Zenfone & Xiaomi users need toadd NKUST AP toautorun(自啟動) list in security centre
Secret High School 2: The Masked Ball, Story Games 1.5
“Bella Olsen used to be a normal high school girl. She foundherselfbecome a vampire after a horrible car accident.She hid hersecretand went back to school. She dated a new student in herclass —— ZacStanwood, but accidently exposed her vampire identityduring theirfirst dinner date. Surprisingly, Zac was not scared atall.He toldBella he has his secret to share with her, too. Heasked Bella outagain on the school masquerade party. While, it'snot Zac who iswaiting for Bella at the party...”You play thecoolest new vampiregirl in this game.You can write the story ofthese high schoolsweethearts with mysterious secrets.You areBella.Features:-Zacasked you to meet him at the masked ball, areyou ready for yoursecond date? -Hide your secret identity! Hurryup!-Design your ownspecial sun protection ring.-Give yourself ahead to toe makeover,DIY lipstick and eyeshadow.-Choose from tonsof stylish makeupitems.-Dress up Zac for the date.-Zac is on hisway to the maskedball. Suddenly his car stopped running, find outwhat happened andhelp Zac to fix his car.-Decorate the partyaccording to yourwonderful taste.-Party time! Oh, no, it is notZac who is waitingfor you, it is your ex-boyfriend Spencer.-Whowill you choosebetween Zac and Spencer? What is Zac’s bigsecret?And so much moreare waiting for you to find out at SECRETHIGH SCHOOL!Wanna havemore fun? We would love to hear fromyou!Find us on Facebookat about Beauty Salon Games, pleasevisit
RNP Pri. School(Parents App) 1.2
The app features contains:Attendance : Track your childdailyattendance throughout the academic year in anattractivecalendar.Homework : Receive daily,project,assignmenthomeworks sentby the teachers.Remarks : See academic remarks givenby theteachers.Calendar Events: Visit School Calendar and eventswell inadvance.Announcements: Receive urgent announcements fromtheteachers and school.Gallery : See events images and otherimportantnotices images.Timetable : Check your child timetabledaily.
Secret High School 6 - Library Mystery 1.3
What does it feel like to die? Ashley Collins must have a lot tosayon this question. When fun pool party turned into adrowningaccident, she felt as if she should be dead when she waspulled upfrom the water. While it was true in a way.It never rainsbut itpours. Ashley crashed her car when driving home after thedrowningaccident. A mysterious man showed up but vanished afterfixing hercar.Strange things happened one by one. Ashley foundherselfchanging into a vampire later that day. Just when she had noideawhat is going on, someone knocked at her door and left amysteriousnote.Who is that man? What will Ashley find in a schoollibrary?Youplay the coolest new vampire girl in this game.You canwrite thestory of these high school sweethearts withmysterioussecrets.Features:-Hide your vampire face and go toschool.-Giveyourself a head to toe makeover, DIY lipstick,andeyeshadow.-Choose from tons of stylish makeup items.-Class time!Becareful with your secret!-Clean up school library, find thecluemysterious man leaves to you.-Open the secret chamber andmakeyourself a daylight ring!-The mysterious man finally callyou,hurry up pick up the phone!And so much more are waiting for youtofind out at SECRET HIGH SCHOOL!Wanna have more fun? We wouldloveto hear from you!Find us on Facebookat about Beauty Salon Games, pleasevisit
High School Bus Driving 3D 1.3.2
High School bus driving and parking - Let’s have some fun withcrazyHigh School Bus Driving simulator. If you are crazy aboutdrivingthe school buses and school coaches: Then High School buscoachdriving simulator is a best simulation game for real andenergeticdrivers like you who want to drive long automobiles inbusy roads ofbig city. It doesn’t not give only fun instead schoolbus drivinggame provokes you to help the kids and makes you acultured citizen.Mostly Children are very motivated for going toschools: so InSchool bus driving trainer game you have to go aboutthe big moderncity for picking up the teens from different placesstanding on thebus stops. When you reach at spotted location onthe map then youhave to park the school bus very accurately in thegiven parkingarea to pick the kids. You have to monitor the alltraffic rules;this good rehearsal will make a you good civilian inreal life too.You can notify the traffic by pressing horn buttonwhen you aredriving fast. Must Use indicators while taking theturns so thatbuses, cars and other vehicles are warned and cancarefully drive onthe busy roads of big city environment. The citytraffic vehiclesmight cause you to get late for school but bequick, drive fast butkeep the protection of the kids in notice. Noneed to breakdown thetraffic rules while driving your school bus.Bus driving and parkinggames are loved by kids but driving aschool bus is a veryresponsible task. Don’t go off road or youmight get held in anaccident. School bus driving is perfectdriving simulation to playand have hours of fun. Discover the bigcity environment, take kidsaround the city but don’t be late forhome and school. Features ofHigh School bus driving 3D simulator •HD Graphics and detailed 3DEnvironment • Most modern and advancedcity • Earth breaking schoolbus game physics • Amazing Gameplay •Amazing School Bus DrivingExperience • Smooth controls and fungameplay • Digital speedometer• Pick n Drop School Kids • Drivedifferent types of school buses •Play as a Simulated Bus Driver •A Unique idea for School Going Kids• Realistic 3D City trafficvehicles High school bus driving willlet you enjoy the excitementof going to school because winter iscoming a head and you willhave long holidays duration and you willmiss your school. Sodownload it now and enjoy the driving andparking adventure ofmassive school buses!!!
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Our Motto:- Enable Teachers to send instant updates toParentsEnhance Parent – Teacher Engagement Enrich the child’sgrowthFeatures:- A. Teachers use Paperless Diaries to send realtimeupdates through • Pictures • Poll • Events • SMS B.UsingAttendance module Parents receive • Parents receive InstantUpdates• Parents can Capture reasons for absence in real time •Parentscan Track attendance records on the go C. Now Schools cancreatecustomized Daily Sheets for sending real time standardizedFeedbackon • Activity • Behavior • Academics • Sports • Etc D.Teachers cancreate Question Banks • Classify it into Subjects,Chapters,Difficulty Level, etc • Students practice on the goBenefits:-Parents • Know & Share how your child learns •Easycommunication with Teachers • Real time personalized feedback•Golden moments are never missed • Know To-Do’s for yourchildTeachers • Reduced Paperwork • Spend more time with kids•Comprehensive reporting to Parents • Share your good work Schools•Enable, Engage and Enrich • Paperless School • UniqueSellingProposition for the School • Mutual Exchange of Ideas&Knowledge
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Cambridge Public School envisions to strive for excellenceandproviding an environment which would nurture the pleasuresofdiscovery. The Vidyalaya is a citadel of learning and harbingerofquality education with unique blend of GYAN, VIGYAN andSanskar.Cambridge Public School stands to continue the country longlegacyto prepare each youth self reliant and capable to embracechallengeof 21th Century, find joy and self worth throughachievements.Cambridge Public School is a Co-educational SeniorSecondary schoolaffiliated to the CBSE,New Delhi upto (10+2) andimparting worldclass education with modern facilities. TheVidyalaya is managed byLaxmi Educational & Welfare Trust
1.APPSFEATURES:-================================================(1).OFFICIALWEBSITE(2). ABOUT BOARD(3). NOTICEBOARD/NOTIFICATION(4).RESULTUPDATES(5). EXAMINATION DETAILS(6).CONTACT-US(7). NCRT BOOK CLASS ITO XII PDF FREE DOWNLODE(8).BCECE/DCECE/ITI CAT(9). BIHARSCHOLARSHIP PORTALS(10). 7NISHCHAYPORTALS(11). ONLINE CHAT(12).RTPS ONLINE BIHAR(13).GOOGLESEARCH================================================2.AboutBoardThe Bihar School Examination Board is established forholdingand conducting an examination at the end of the SecondarySchoolstage, for prescribing course of studies for such examinationandfor carrying out such other objects and duties as may beconsiderednecessary for the purpose as stated in the Act, RulesandRegulations of the Board.Normally every year the BiharSchoolExamination Board conducts Annual Secondary SchoolExamination inthe month of February/March and Supplementary SchoolExamination inthe month of August/September on the basis ofcourse/syllabus asprescribed by the state Government.Apart from theaforesaidSecondary School Examination, the Board also conductsdepartmentalexaminations (not on yearly basis) such as Diploma inPhysicalEducation, Certificate in Physical Education and TeachersTrainingExamination on such terms and condition as laid down by theStateGovernment.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.Sr.Secondary0612-2227587Shri ANAND KISHOR,IASChairmanSecondary0612-2225549Sr.Secondary 0612-2227588Shri AnupKumarSinhaSecretarySecondary0612-2226916Sr.Secondary0612-2227587Contact UsHelp Line Contact No.0612-2235161 Time 10.00–5.00P.M-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4.OnlinePartnerINDIARESULT.COMIndia's No.1ResultsPortal-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------