Top 6 Apps Similar to Tutorial Sony Vegas

Tutorial After Effect 6.2
Aplikasi ini menyediakankumpulantutorialpembelajaran membuat dan menambahkan efek-efekkhususdalampembuatan video. Selamat mencoba.This appprovidesacollection of instructional tutorials to create andaddspecialeffects in the video. Good luck.
Frame Fighter: TTT2 Demo
NOTE: Android 4.1+ devices may have some issues with this build.Weare working on it! update 3/28/2013 I think my roomate solvedtheproblem but he's in the middle potentially starting a new jobandmoving so he will use that as an excuse I'm sure. When he's abletoupdate i'll be able to also publish some updates oncharactersnamely Angel and Kunimitsu.It's been a long road as I'vepersonallyrecorded and counted by hand all of the frame data inthis appinstead of relying on years old data translated fromjapan.Method:I used a gamer edition Hauppauge to record 60fps videofrom my xboxand recorded to an SSD drive to minimize framecaptureskipping/doubling. I stepped through each frame in sonyvegas andcounted everything manually. I used the in game hitanalysis tojudge the startup and frame advantage. Moves thatstunned wereproblematic since the dummy character could "act"immediately aftera stun to shorten it thus making it hard to get anaccurate framecount for those so take stun frame data with a grainof salt.Stances do not have startup data at the moment since that'salsosort of wishy washy since it's rare that a stance is aneffectivepunish for blocked moves. I also recorded the gaps betweenmovesbut need to clean that data up so it is not included as ofyet.More features will probably be added to the paid version.Somecharacters are missing data and I'll have to make newrecordings toremedy that.The best players don’t play purely oninstinct. Theyexplore the mathematical advantage of comparing framedata betweencharacters, and exploit the weaknesses they find. FrameFighter:TTT2 edition is a professional's tool, designed to elevateyourTekken Tag Tournament 2 fighting game to the next level.Selectyourteam and swipe up and down to view move lists. Move listsoftenhave multiple branches so tap to reveal the next step in acomboand the final savable result will be displayed at thebottom.Movelists include frame data, commands, special propertiesand willsoon have the gaps between each move in order to best findaweakness/strength of moves.Find out which moves you can punish,andwhich moves will be punished!What is frame data?Moves infightinggames are measured very specifically using frames. TTT2runs at 60frames per second, meaning that each frame is 1/60th of asecond. Amove that takes 10 frames to execute, will take 10/60ths(1/6th) ofa second to activate and deal damage.Advantage on Block -thenumber of frames you or your opponents are locked once theattackis blocked. Sometimes this number is long enough whereyouropponent can attack you before you can even block again!Startup-the time it takes for a move to become active (able todealdamage)Gaps - since the game is mostly made up of strings ofmoves,there are bound to be gaps in between them that can beexploited.Sometimes it just isn't worth trying to block a wholecombo string.(This feature is slated for the near) future.Note:Email beforewriting a negative review please :/ it doesn't helpanyone if youjust say "it does't work."
Tutorial Camtasia Studio 6.4
Aplikasi ini berisi tutorialpembelajarancaramenggunakan camtasia. Selamat mencobaThis applicationcontainsatutorial learning how to use Camtasia. good luck
Learn Video Editing 2.0
* * * * * GoLearningBus: A quality product from WAG Mobile Inc !!!** * * *Focus of GoLearningBus is to make educationenjoyable,entertaining, and exciting for everyone.GoLearningBusbrings yousimpleNeasy, on-the-go learning app for "Learn VideoEditing usingPremiere and Camtasia".You have limited access to thecontentprovided.In this mode you can access first chapter forfree.Loginfurther to access second chapter of each app.For fullaccess to thecontent, please login and purchase thisapplication.You can purchase"Premiere" and "Camtasia" applicationfrom within this app just for$1.99 each.You can purchase "LearnVideo Editing using Premiere andCamtasia" just for $2.99.The appprovides:1. Snack sized chaptersfor easy learning.2. Simple andeasy quizzes for self-assessment.3.Code Samples for Practice.4.Embedded videos for betterunderstanding.This app provides a quicksummary of essentialconcepts in Premiere and Camtasia via easy tograsp snack sizedchapters:"Premiere" includes:Introduction toAdobePremiere,Installing the Software,Starting Premiere withProjectSetting,Workspace,Tools Panel,How to Add Images andVideos,CreatingTitles,Keyframes,Video Transitions,Types ofEdit,SpecialFeatures,Exporting Files as Video(Rendering)."Camtasia"includes:Introduction to Camtasia,Installingthe Software,How toRecord Screen,How to Record PowerPointPresentation,Tools,How toedit Videos and add Effects,Add Calloutsand use Zoom Effects,Addand Edit Sound File,Importing Files,How toProduce Video,SpecialFeature.Disclaimer: This is not a product ofPremiere andCamtasia.It is only a learning and educational app.Premiere andCamtasia are the trademarks and this app is just areference forthem.About GoLearningBus Apps:1) A companion app foron-the-go,bite-sized learning.2) Over Three million payingcustomers from 175+countries.Why GoLearningBus apps:1) Beautifullysimple, Amazinglyeasy, Massive selection of apps.2) Effective,Engaging andEntertaining apps.3) An incredible value for money.Lifetime of freeupdates!★ ★ ★ GoLearningBus Vision : simpleNeasyApps for a lifetimeof on-the-go learning.★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ GoLearningBusMission : AsimpleNeasy GoLearningBus App in every hand.★ ★ ★Visitus :www.GoLearningBus.comPlease write to us at Wewouldlove to improve this App.
Free Sony Vegas Pro Shortcuts
The perform editor music becomes harder and harder and youwouldlike to optimize your work in Sony Vegas Pro. This applicationisdesigned to support you with a list of useful Sony VegasProkeyboard shortcuts. You can quickly learn the hotkey thatwilloptimize your work and save your time. To find thekeyboardshortcuts for common commands, look in the menus. Tocomplete anaction, press the hotkey indicated. I am sure your workwill beimproved much after using these keyboard shortcuts. NOTE: Iamprogrammer who is passionate about android and interestedinproviding android users. If you find any problems, please mailmeat instead of giving bad feedback.Thankyou.
Belajar Menggambar Autocad 6.3
Aplikasi ini menyediakankumpulanpembelajaranmenggambar bangun 2d atau 3d. Selamatmencoba.This appprovidesacollection of learning to draw wake 2d or 3d. Goodluck.