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Jesus Christian Theme
We are very excited to present our latest release: JesusChristianlauncher love holy god theme! DOWNLOAD Jesus Christianlaunchertheme and enjoy your favorite love holy god style and Biblepraycolor.Jesus Christian (icon packs) (theme) have love holygodbackgrounds, Jesus Christian app icons, love holy godfashionwallpapers and Bible pray digital effect. This JesusChristianlauncher (icon packs) theme is specially designed for loveholy godpeople who love Bible pray theme.Download and apply JesusChristiantheme for free and stylize your Android phone. JesusChristian canbe used for different IM apps, like Instagram,Messenger, BeeTalk,Facebook Lite and so on. Jesus Christian themeruns fast with thoseapps on your phones.Jesus Christian is alsocompatible withdifferent brands of phones like Samsung (SamsungGalaxy S7 Edge,Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, SamsungGalaxy J7,Samsung Galaxy Note7), Huawei (Huawei P9, Huawei P8,Huawei Mate 9,Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 8), Sony (Sony Xperia Z5,Sony XperiaZ4, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia XZ) and HTC (HTC 10, HTCOne A9,HTC One X9, HTC Desire 10 Pro). Jesus Christian launchertheme isdesigned to let you enjoy love holy god feeling, a fasterandsmoother mobile and Bible pray operating experience.★How toapplyJesus Christian launcher theme?Note: This theme supportsourlauncher (icon packs) only.1) Download Jesus Christian theme,tapthe INSTALL button.2) Download our launcher (icon packs)fromGoogle Play Store. If you already have it installed, please taptheAPPLY button directly.★Why our launcher?【Different launcher(iconpacks) themes】Cool and colorful themes are provided. Finddifferenttheme categories, including tech, skull, Jesus Christian,cool,crystal (krystal), Bible pray, golden, love holy god, pink,skull,neon, shiny and many more. 【Customized Wallpapers】 We offeryouwallpapers of Bible pray style, so you could enjoy afullexperience of your chosen love holy god theme. More Biblepray,skull, dark, puppy, pink, neon styles will be available inthefuture.【Personalized Locker】 We offer a smart locker toprotectyour phone and personalized love holy god Bible pray lockscreenper your preference, making your phone look amazing everytime youflip it on.【DIY Themes】 Create your own DIY themes! ShareBiblepray Jesus Christian themes, love holy god wallpapers and appiconswith your friends. Give them a surprise!【Animated Effect】Makeyourphone unique with all sorts of cool love holy god animatedeffects.
The Church International App
The Church App is a powerful tool used to help disciple people tobeconformed to the image of Jesus Christ: His life, His mind,Hismission, and His promises. There are many features such aspastsermons, our daily devotional, upcoming events, a link toTheChurch Online and much more!The Church International appwasdeveloped with the Subsplash App Platform.
Sprinkle of Jesus
Sprinkle of Jesus is a Christian publication that not only showsyouhow to have a closer relationship with Christ, but teaches youhowto live a life full of financial abundance. Through ouronlineministries we are committed to being agents of change. Webridgethe gap between innovation and biblical principles! ThroughChristwe want to inspire and motivate those seeking healing in allareasof their life. In Christ we are strong. Come step out onfaith,download Sprinkle of Jesus mobile app today.
yourway: is an app made by the Compassion To Action team tohelpdisciple new Christian believers to follow Jesus Christ. Ituses aseries of seven devotionals to introduce some of the largerandmore foundational concepts core to the Christian faith. Italsoallows users of the app to share their story and connect withtherest of the CTA team.
Memory Game Disciples Jesus
Memory Game Disciples of Jesus, is a great entertainment andwithoutage restriction, for you to interact and play with thewholefamily.Its goal: Awakening in the child's interest in theBible.Besides stimulating learning. Develop intelligence.Stimulate andincrease visual memory capacity in a playful manner,working logicalreasoning, visual and motor. The attention, visualdiscrimination.They can also develop different abilities ofthought as: observe,compare, analyze and summarize.GameFeatures:You will find picturesof the Disciples of Jesus andcolorful, facilitating theirmemorization.The game is formed bylevels 96Difficulty:Easy(4x4)Normal(4x5)Hard(5x6)Verydifficult(6x6)You should goplaying to unlock each stage. The goalof the game and you find allthe pairs to the end, with the lowestnumber of possible moves andwin the 3 stars.You can use the 3 tipswithout losing any points.The higher the number of hits, plus thechance to reach the 3 stars.Forming all pairs of illustratedfigures, with the lowest number ofmoves possible.You have theoption to play with or withoutinternet.Good luck and have fun withthe whole family andplaymates!Also check out the otherapplications we have, you willnot regret it."Jesus Christ is thesame yesterday, today andforever"Hebrews 13:8"Train up a child inthe way he should go: andwhen he is old he will not depart fromit."Proverbs 22:6
A Journey Towards Jesus
Play for free to 'A Journey Towards Jesus' and enjoy learningmoreabout the Bible with this new Christian game for youngallages!STORYEliab's sister, Sara, is sick and after spendingalltheir savings on medicines and doctors, their only hope is tofinda preacher named Jesus. Some believe he is the expectedMessiah.Others think he is only a fake. For Eliab, the maincharacter ofthis game, the clock is ticking. Will he overcome hisfears and beable to find HIM before is too late? Does Jesus knowabout Eliab?Discover and chills with the story behind this excitingChristiangame for smartphones and tablets.FEATURES‘A Journeytowards Jesus’has 5 worlds full of surprises, characters tointeract and speakwith and challenges that the main character willhave to completewith your help to find Jesus.• Travel the pathswhere Jesus was(Galilee, Samaria, etc.).• More than 2.000 questionsand excitingchallenges that will test your knowledge of the Bible.• Mini-gameswith hundreds of categories will put you to the test. •Don'tforget to grab the items needed for this journey, as they willhelpyou when you need them the most.• Obtain Stars with eachlevelcompleted according to your skills and exchange them forvaluableitems in the market. A wise choice of your items can make abigdifference.#AJTJ: Prove everyone that you are the master oftheBible in this new and free Christian game for smartphonesandtablets in which you will learn more about Jesus while youwalkthrough different levels in this great adventure in ajourneytowards Jesus. Download it for free!Many thanks to those whoplay'A Journey Towards Jesus' (a.k.a 'En Busca de Jesús'). Thankstoyour comments we will keep creating new Christians game likethisone. We would love to read your opinion about this game.Please,contact us through our website: www.kupina.meJoin now ourcommunityon Facebook! ► has beencreated with the support of
EGW Writings
Ellen G. White is the most widely published Seventh-dayAdventistauthor. Her ministry spanned 70 years, from 1844 until1915. Guidedby the Holy Spirit, she exalted Jesus and pointed toScripture asthe basis of one's faith. Ellen White wrote on a widevariety ofspiritual and practical topics, from spiritual, tohealth,education, ministry, financial and marital advice. Her bestknownmost translated work is Steps to Christ, followed by the 5conflictof the ages series: Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets andKings,Desire of Ages, Acts of the Apostles, and The GreatControversy.Ellen G. White is also credited as the co-founder oftheSeventh-day Adventist ChurchEGW Writings for Android enables youtodownload The Complete Published Writings of Ellen G. White.Thisfree app is available for Android v.2.2 through v.4.4. TheEGWWritings app allows users to download the books individually orasa collection. It is available in 9 languages: Chinese,English,French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,andSpanish. The App is great for reading EGW Writings or for wordandphrase searches within an individual book or your entirelibrary.The Study Center allows you to create topical foldersforbookmarks, highlights, and for creating your own notes. Theappalso includes 7 Bible versions in English for direct linkingtoBible references within Ellen White's writings. The app includesacontemporary dictionary of Ellen White: Noah Webster’s1828American Dictionary. A special feature of this app islivestreaming of available MP3 audio books in all website. It also has Text-To-Speech (TTS)audioplayer for listening to audiobooks of any content in theEGWWritings app.
mobile multiply
This is self described as “a simple, practical, biblical,helpful,and personal tool for disciples of Jesus who want to makedisciplesof Jesus.” Multiply is written by Francis Chan andendorsed byDavid Platt. The Multiply Material is a 24-sessiondiscipleshipexperience where one person helps another understandwhat it meansto follow Jesus, study scripture, and be thechurch.Features-displays all the content for each session in afriendly format formobile devices- for each session there are linksto the pdfcontent, audio content and coaching videos to assist youas youstudy through the course- provides links to other shortmultiplyclips as well as the multiply gathering videos- weeklyBiblereading plan- swipe from the left of screen to open up themenu; orpress the button on the top left- can move app to SD Card-basicpinch to zoom----Official Multiply Movement site can be foundhere:http://www.multiplymovement.comBefore the official siteupdated tobe mobile friendly I had made thissite:http://multiply.ampers.x10.mxI am in no way associated toMultiplyMovement, I am grateful they have given their content outforfree.----
Identity in Christ Daily
This app delivers an affirming short bible verse every dayrelatingto your identity in Christ.You can choose betweendifferentversions of the text, and even have it read-aloud toyou!The appalso allows you to share the scripture with friends viaemail, textmessage and popular social media sites.
Words of Jesus Each Day
This app delivers short scriptures containing the words ofJesusfrom the bible, delivered to you daily.You can choosebetweendifferent versions of the text, and even have it read-aloudtoyou!The app also allows you to share the scripture with friendsviaemail, text message and popular social media sites.
ONE 2 ONE Discipleship App
ONE 2 ONE is a seven-lesson discipleship guide to helpfacilitateconversations to jumpstartyour walk with God. Written bySteveMurrell, the founding pastor of Victory in Manila,Philippines,andthe cofounder and president of Every Nation, ONE 2ONE is anideal tool for those of us who would liketo understandwhat itreally means to walk with Jesus. Learned best with a mentor,itwill help us getthe right start by guiding us through thefirstessential steps as we follow Christ.
Bible Videos
The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos will strengthen your faithinthe Savior while you experience His ministry and understandHispurpose through sight, sound, and touch.A good internetconnectionis required for streaming the videos.
Christian Songs: Music Holy Bible App of God 2018
Christian Songs: Music Holy Bible App of God 2018 is your apptolisten to Christian songs for free, evangelical and worshipsongs.Jesus loves us and also sings to us with the Sung Bible app!100%FREE! not to download mp3, but to listen to Christian musiconline(YouTube) like a gospel. There are no ringtones, for now!Amen,catholic God and Jesus Christ.The best Christian database ofsongsfor everyone; Catholic music to pray and have a good timewithfriends and family. Here you will find the best praises totheLord! Your Christian music app, AMEN the Bible for Kids! ListentoChristian Worship from Heaven.Psalm 98:4“Shout for joy to theLord,all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music”Sing withGodand Jesus Christ and the best Christian app!Features ofChristianSongs: Music Holy Bible App of God 2018- The best praisesforchildren, women and Christian men. Hallelujah for Catholic musiconradio!- The bible sung for kids in a musical way: WorshipJesusChrist, hymns, children's songs, spiritual songs andcatholicmelodies- Catholic music player (YouTube) so you are closerto theword of God our Lord. It is updated daily- If you are aChristianand you like music, here you will find a multitude ofmusicalgenres: bachata, ballads, contemporary, country,electronic,Christian funk, gospel, hip hop, children's, jazz,metal, pop,Christian punk, R&B , rap, reggae, reggaeton,Christian rockand Christian salsa. All times until 2018!- 100% freeApp withoutin-app purchases. Lord's words from the Bible appradio!- Easy touse app. You will love catholic music!- Share thebest Christiansongs with your friends and family on Facebook,WhatsApp, Snapchat,Twitter, Telegram, Google+, etc. and show thatyou are a faithfulbeliever- AMEN! Believe in God? Hallelujah!FeelGod inside of youwith this magnificent sung bible app for kids andenjoy yourdevotion to our Lord. Jesus Christ!Brothers and sisters,we findourselves before the app that will bring us closer to heavenandfurther away from hell. Praise its celestial songs andgospel!Whatare you waiting for to download Christian Songs - MusicBible Appfor God 2018? It's free! We want to share the biblicalmusic of themoment, so that we are all in harmony. Listen to JesusChrist!Wehave many Catholic songs and we add new melodies andreligiousballads from the Bible constantly! We're sure you'll loveit: songsand more gospel, for us, children of God.This is your appto pray,meditate and know more about our God! Live Christian andreligiousmusic! DOWNLOAD NOW!We really appreciate your comments,they helpus improve this app for you and foreveryone.IMPORTANT-ThisCatholic music song app does not allow youto download ringtones,just listen to music online on streaming,like a gospel radio.-Christian Songs and Evangelical Music 2018doesn’t own theintellectual property of the songs that appear inthe Bible app forkids (feat. Jesus Christ)-All the content includedin the app(songs, ballads, prayers, videos, etc.) is hosted onYouTube-Youcan’t download songs and music in MP3 format, this appworks like aradio.We thank all the people that download the app of"ChristianSongs and Evangelical Music 2018". We want to create agreatcommunity of Catholic music and it will be possible thanks toyou.Do you believe in Bible and Jesus Christ? Enjoy theGospel!Asbrothers and sisters, we should be united and Catholicmusic fillsus with peace and harmony. Feel Jesus inside of you withthisapp!Thank God, our Lord, help us to remember that it doesnotmatter how dark the night is.This app has been developedbybelievers in "God" and the passionate religion of "Christianmusic"and evangelical and worship songs in this "bible app". AMEN!JesusChrist came to save us with his gospel! This app is ideal forkidsand catholic radio lovers.
M28 Global Discipleship
M28 Global Discipleship (for Matthew 28) is a Biblical, simpleandreproducible strategy that equips spiritual seekers tobecomedisciple-makers in their spheres of impact. This simplemodeleliminates the need for trained professionals and puts thepower ofGod's Word into the hands of any truth seeker allowing themtodiscover and apply God's truths in their lives.
Jesus Wallpapers HD
Jesus Wallpapers, the holy app witch will guide you the holeyear.The most beautiful, carefully hand picked free wallpapers ofJesusChrist.Jesus from Nazareth wallpapers, is very easy to use,maryand jesus christmas wallpaper, easy to surf between yourfavoritewallpapers, and after you chose your jesus wallpaper, justholdyour finger 1 second on the wallpaper and here you go.Wallpaperjesus lock screen, on you phone everywhere you go!
Christ Community
Download the CCCLife app for relevant Bible teaching videos,eventannouncements, and more.The official Christ Community Churchappfeatures relevant and practical teaching from the Bible byseniorPastor Jim Nicodem and other speakers from Christ Communityin thewestern suburbs of Chicago. Watch/listen to sermons ondemand, takenotes on messages, keep up on announcements andupcoming events,and learn about our campuses and service times. Ourapp allows youto choose your campus and designate whatnotifications andinformation is of interest.Christ CommunityChurch, with campusesin Aurora, Bartlett, DeKalb, and St. Charles,is passionate aboutloving God and loving people. Our mission is tomake passionatedisciples who are belonging, growing, serving, andreaching. Formore information about Christ Community Church,
Psalms Bible Verses & Jesus wallpapers from Bible
Daily Holy Bible verses free app will giveyouone Bible inspirational quotes daily in the morning. You willgetBible verse for encouragement and inspirational Bible quotesdaily.You can make daily Bible reading plans based in these HolyBiblequotes. Christian Bible verses and quotes can help you to makeyourBible reading schedule. Feel the presence of Jesus ChristthroughHoly Bible daily verses. Words of jesus daily can change youlife.NASB old testament stories from Holy Bible book can give youbasicteachings about christian life.Features of this Christian devotional Bible app- Holy Bible with daily reading from Psalms.- Jesus daily verses in the morning with Pentecostalpreaching- Holy Bible offline free app with Christian preaching- Catholic daily readings with Bible verse about loveandknowledge.We refer different Holy Bible in English to develop thisCatholicBible offline app. These Christian quotations are takenfrom BibleNKJV and Bible NIV. We also read Holy Bible New KingJames versionNKJV and Bible KJV. So this Bible hub is the perfectapp forCatholic Bible daily readings. You will love all Christianquotesand Bible reading plan. You can use this as offline NIVversion ora Holy Bible with no internet. Jesus daily words cantaught a lotof lessons in life. Holy Bible English standard versionESV canhelp you to get Jesus messages. Inspiring Bible verses dailycanbring positive energy to your life and people around you. Youcanuse this Bible study and preaching trivia to motivate others.HolyBible every day quotes can help you to do it. Roman Catholicchurchand the Pentecostal mission can use this Bible wisdomverses.Holy Bible good news version and Christian books will give a lotofJesus prayer. Bible verses about faith are taken from BibleKingJames Version. Inspirational Bible verses and saying aboutJesusquotes can give you a perfect start to your day. We read HolyBiblethe new international version and different Jesus book to makethisHoly Bible Catholic edition. You will love this new dailyscripturefrom Bible. We promises that. enjoy Jesus sayings and HolyBiblestandard version free book through these Christian prayers. Wealsorefer new revised standard version Holy Bible RSV andcatholiccommunity Bible. Jesus bible words and Jesus news arewaiting foryour in this POC Holy Bible for women free.Enjoy this app in this X Mas holiday season. Merry Christmas&Happy New Year. Enjoy your XMas.
Live with Christ - Easter App
Read the bible in a new way. The app presents Bible textsduringEaster week, from all four gospels, and lets you follow Jesusinreal time. More than one hundred texts are used during theweek.These are God's words; nothing more - nothing less!Theappautomatically presents the Bible texts based on the actual dateofEaster. It is also possible to manually select the dateofResurrection Sunday, so any week can be EasterWeek.Thisapplication is created by Reach Beyond Sweden, and isintended tohelp you fully understand God's love for you, and thesacrifice onthe cross.It happens a lot during the night to GoodFriday in Jesuslife. If you rather sleep than follow the text inreal time, youshould better set the phone to silent.Hint: To changethenotification sound, use the menu from the start page, andselectSettings.Keywords: Easter, Passion, Holy Week, Jesus, Christ,God,Chruch, Christian, Bible
Joyce Meyer's Sermons
Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bibleteachers.A New York Times bestselling author, her books have helpedmillionsof people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.ThroughJoyce Meyer Ministries, she teaches on a number of topicswith aparticular focus on the mind, mouth, moods and attitudes.Hercandid communication style allows her to share openlyandpractically about her experiences so others can apply what shehaslearned to their lives. The app is fresh every day: Newmessages,new daily devotional, new sermons, new EEL broadcast, andnew EELradio.Sometimes, the broadcast is available here before itevenairs on TV!NOTE: Internet or WiFi connection is required inorderfor the app to access the audio messages, video and audiopodcastsand sermons.DISCLAIMER:The developer of this app (MTSOFT)is not arepresentative, affiliate or subsidiary of the JoyceMeyerMinistries, but believes in what God is doing through herministry(which is transforming lives with the gospel of JesusChrist thatis being preached and taught). Therefore any enquiry orrequest asregards the Bible teachings accessible through this appshould besent to the Joyce Meyer Ministries.
Creemos en Jesús como nuestro Señor y Salvador. Dios creó alhombrepara amarlo y tener una relación personal con Él. Es por esoquemandó a Su Hijo Jesucristo a morir en la Cruz delCalvario.SPECIALFEATURES:* Podcast: Listen to the latest sermon orlookup aprevious one in the podcast library.* Digital Bible: Enterin thepassage you want or use quick keys to go directly to thepassageyou desire to read.* Free Audio Bible: Click listen and youareinstantly listening to the daily devotional plan. You can alsolookup any passage you want, the listen tab is in the bottom righthandcorner at all times.SOCIAL INTEGRATION:Share content withyourfriends via Twitter, Facebook, or email.* Facebook: You canshare aBible passage, journal entry or anything in the app withoneclick.* Twitter: You can tweet a Bible passage, readingplan,journal entry or just a note with easy.PURSUE JOURNAL:* DailyBibleReading Plan: The Pursue Bible reading plan takes you throughtheOld Testament once a year and through the New Testament twiceayear. Average reading or listening time is 15 minutes a day.*FreeCustomizable Journal: The Pursue Journal is designed to giveyouthe freedom to journal whenever and however you desire. Entriesarefully secure for your privacy, yet at any time you can sharethemvia Facebook, twitter or email.* Cloud Based Journal: YourPursueJournal is accessible online anytime Thisallows you to be able to add entriesanywhere, anytime and they areautomatically linked to your G316app.WiFi Internet is required foriPod touch.For more informationabout G316, pleasevisit:http://g316.orgFor more information aboutPursue Journal,please visit: http://www.pursuegod.comThe G316 appwas created by“Custom Church Apps TM”
This New Life
MAKING JESUS KNOWN through the power oftheWord, the presence of the Holy Spirit, changingpeople'slives.SPECIAL FEATURES:* Podcast: Listen to the latest sermon or lookup a previous oneinthe podcast library.* Digital Bible: Enter in the passage you want or use quick keystogo directly to the passage you desire to read.* Free Audio Bible: Click listen and you are instantly listeningtothe daily devotional plan. You can also look up any passageyouwant, the listen tab is in the bottom right hand corner atalltimes.SOCIAL INTEGRATION:Share content with your friends via Twitter, Facebook,oremail.* Facebook: You can share a Bible passage, journal entry oranythingin the app with one click.* Twitter: You can tweet a Bible passage, reading plan,journalentry or just a note with easy.PURSUE JOURNAL:* Daily Bible Reading Plan: The Pursue Bible reading plan takesyouthrough the Old Testament once a year and through the NewTestamenttwice a year. Average reading or listening time is 15minutes aday.* Free Customizable Journal: The Pursue Journal is designed togiveyou the freedom to journal whenever and however you desire.Entriesare fully secure for your privacy, yet at any time you cansharethem via Facebook, twitter or email.* Cloud Based Journal: Your Pursue Journal is accessibleonlineanytime at This allows you to be ableto addentries anywhere, anytime and they are automatically linkedto yourThis New Life app.For more information about This New Life, please visit:http://www.newlife.phFor more information about Pursue Journal, pleasevisit:http://www.pursuegod.comThe This New Life app was created by “Custom Church Apps TM”Web: www.customchurchapps.comEmail:
Next Steps
This FREE 30-day guide will teach you how to talk to God (pray)andread His Word (Bible). You can even connect with a caringChristianwho will answer your questions and pray with you. Let NextStepsguide you through a powerful series of life lessons and helpyougrow in your journey with Jesus Christ today.
Best Daily Christian Prayers - Offline Prayers
Best Daily Christian Prayers follows the pattern of prayingthescripture.Prayer is the key, prayer is the key, prayer isthemaster key. Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer,prayeris the master key.This is a song most of us know from SundaySchoolwhich tells us the importance of prayer. As believers, we gettoconnect with God through prayer. In the Bible there aredifferenttypes of prayer. When talking to God, it is considered asprayer.In some pages the Bible used the "I pray" thee when one ofthedisciples was talking to his fellow disciple.Prayer is notaformula that we should follow. It is one of the ways to connecttoGod. There are different types of prayers and we as children ofGodhave the liberty to pray depending on the situation we are in.Whenyou are sick, you pray for your healing, when you are in debt,youpray that God helps you to get the means to pay off yourdebt.Ourlife is a life of prayer. What determines us from all otherpeopleis the God we pray to. We as Christians, we don't pray to thesun,nor moon or other graven images. We pray to God the FatherthroughHis One and Only Son Jesus Christ.Jesus Christ died for usall toremove our sins and to restore us to our created value. Whoyouwere is not what you are today. You are a new creation, acreaturethat never existed. You are born of God and as such a childof theMost High God. Children of God love to talk to their Fatherandthat is why we pray.Don’t make prayer only about pleadingforsomething. Learn to spend time with God and enjoy His presence.Hecan give you whatever you need but don’t seek Him because youwantthose things. He loves you more than the present you are goinginfor from Him.We should let our prayer life speak volume. Itshouldspeak of the fragrance of heaven. It should let us walk inthenewness of life. Prayer should refresh us and cause us towalkboldly in whatever situation we encounter. A praying man isnever adefeated man. We are called to house of prayer. Prayer worksevenif you believe it not. Don’t be deceived by the devil thatitdoesn’t work.By popular request, we have a complete offlineofpraying the scripture app. In our opinion the online version isthebest but since not all users have internet all the time, wethoughtit wise to develop an offline version.Hopefully we willupdate itwith more prayers as time goes by.Enjoy the best dailyprayers forChristians.
Church of God and The Passover
“ ‘The Teacher says: My appointed time is near. I am goingtocelebrate the Passover with my disciples at your house’ ”(Matthew26:18). The World Mission Society Church of God is the onlyChurchin the world that keeps the New Covenant Passover accordingto theteachings of Jesus Christ. The Passover, which wasestablishedthrough Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, is the promise togive usthe forgiveness of sins and eternal life. And also, thePassover isJesus’ promise to allow us to escape disasters. Throughall ages,those who kept the Passover escaped disasters, and thosewho didnot perished. We hope that you will receive the forgivenessofsins, eternal life and salvation by keeping the NewCovenantPassover.
Christian Live Wallpaper
The vast majority of people all over the world believe inJesusChrist. If you are one of them download “Christian LiveWallpaper”which contains beautiful, inspiring pictures andphotosillustrating Christianity and scripture from the Bible. Thisisamazing collection of pictures including symbols ofChristianity.Follow the installation instructions: Home ➤ Menu ➤Wallpapers ➤Live WallpapersTap once to preview the background imageand hold toset the live wallpaper.Set as wallpaper or asscreensaver.Horizontal orientation is fully supported for allHDwallpapers.Free wallpapers compatible with 99%mobiledevices.Optimized battery usage, supported sleep mode.Are youareligious person? This free app is for all Christians and forallpeople who believe in Jesus Christ. Christianity is areligionbased upon the teachings and miracles of Jesus. Jesus istheChrist. He founded Christianity, one of the world’smostinfluential religions. Download ✞Christian Live Wallpaper✞andenjoy in Jesus picture on your background. Spiritual“Christianphotos” are a click away from you.Christianity teachesthat thereis only one God in all existence and that God made theuniverse,the Earth, and created Adam and Eve. Put wonderful“Christianpictures” on your screen and have inspirationalreligiouswallpaper. Christianity teaches that God is a Trinity -Father,Son, and Holy Spirit. Those teachings and life are recordedin theBible’s New Testament and emulated by Christians all overtheworld. Set spiritual “Christian images” and feel peace everytimeyou look at your phone screen. Decorate your phone withnicereligious “live wallpaper”.Spread Christianity withmiraculous“Christian wallpaper”. ✞Christian Live Wallpaper✞ is aclick awayfrom you. Download the latest app for your mobile. Getinspiringand powerful Christian pictures, religious images, andspiritualwallpapers. If you truly believe in Jesus put beautifulimages ofGod on your phone screen. Check this adorable wallpaperforAndroid™ device.Wondering are there any good Christianwallpapers?The Christian wallpaper collection provides beautifulimages thatyou can use to decorate your screens. The images areinspired withChristian symbols and Biblical quotes. DiscoverChristian religionand history of Christianity, learn how to prayand everything aboutJesus. Gorgeous 3D wallpapers and animatedwallpapers are designedto beautify your screen.*Android™ is atrademark of Google Inc.
Daystar Church
Daystar Church exists to transform the community through theLoveand Power of Jesus Christ. We offer REAL worship experiencesforREAL people to connect with a REAL God. We realize that mostpeoplehave REAL needs, and in His presence they’ll findREALsolutions.SPECIAL FEATURES:* Podcast: Listen to the latestsermonor lookup a previous one in the podcast library.* DigitalBible:Enter in the passage you want or use quick keys to godirectly tothe passage you desire to read. * Free Audio Bible:Click listenand you are instantly listening to the daily devotionalplan. Youcan also look up any passage you want, the listen tab isin thebottom right hand corner at all times.SOCIALINTEGRATION:Sharecontent with your friends via Twitter, Facebook,or email.*Facebook: You can share a Bible passage, journal entry oranythingin the app with one click.* Twitter: You can tweet a Biblepassage,reading plan, journal entry or just a note witheasy.PURSUEJOURNAL: * Daily Bible Reading Plan: The Pursue Biblereading plantakes you through the Old Testament once a year andthrough the NewTestament twice a year. Average reading or listeningtime is 15minutes a day.* Free Customizable Journal: The PursueJournal isdesigned to give you the freedom to journal whenever andhoweveryou desire. Entries are fully secure for your privacy, yetat anytime you can share them via Facebook, twitter or email.*CloudBased Journal: Your Pursue Journal is accessible onlineanytime This allows you to be able to addentriesanywhere, anytime and they are automatically linked to yourDaystarChurch app.For more information about Daystar Church,pleasevisit:http://www.daystarchurch.tvFor more information aboutPursueJournal, please visit: http://www.PursueGod.comCreated by“CustomChurch Apps LLC”Web:
Catholic Prayers & Bible
Collection of the best catholic prayers and songs. Usethisapplication as your prayers book or your songsbook.Thisapplication contains these sections :- The Bible- AudioBible- TheStations of the Cross- Documents of the Vatican- Catholicwebsitesdirectory- The Prayers * Basic Prayers * Blessing prayers *Prayersto Jesus * Marian prayers * Prayers of the Saints- The Songs*Christmas Songs * Marian Songs - The Rosory- The Saints of theday-Readings of the day- Access prayers shared by othres- Shareyourown prayers to the community- Catholic online Radio station(60Radio Maria stations) * Radio Maria Uganda * Radio Maria Burundi*Radio Maria Canada (English) * Radio Maria India * RadioMariaMalawi * Radio Maria Malta * Radio Maria Papua New Guinea *RadioMaria Uganda * Radio Maria Burundi * Radio Maria Canada(English) *Radio Maria India * Radio Maria Malawi * Radio MariaMalta * RadioMaria Papua New Guinea
Gospel - Evangelium
This app provides both Gospel of the day as well as some prayers.Ifyou prefer you can also listen to the texts.Gospel is taken page i.e. text of the Gospel of the dayaccording tothe liturgical calendars fixed by the Roman CatholicChurch. Thelecture is cached so you can read it offline. You canalso share itwith your friends and family.You can also readvarious prayers.Recently added famous prayer of Father DolindoRuotolo: Jesus, youtake over!Taping on the image of the Jesustakes you to the page ofthe Saint Sister Faustina where you canread origin and explanationof the famous painting of MercifulJesus.Supported languages:-English- Arabic- Dutch- Portuguese-Spanish- German- French-Italian- Polish- Greek- Malagasy- Irish-KoreanRequiredpermissions:* Boot permission is required to showSundaynotifications ** Help us but doing translation and sharingyouropinions *This application was inspired by Evangelizo is the source of the Gospel.
yesHEis: Christian Videos Worth Sharing
How it works:Our relatable videos about God and faith aredesignedfor sharing with friends who don’t know Jesus. Choose oneto sendwhen you want to start a conversation, or when you arealready inone!If your friend then decides they want to know more,ourfriendly chat bot is a fresh way for them to discover the answertothe most important question of all: Who Is Jesus? — Features—Weekly Featured VideosA new video, specific to your location,isfeatured every week! Searchable Video LibraryOur videos areeasilysearchable by category and theme. Faith Sharing TipsandRemindersWho doesn’t love a good tip? These have been voted asafavourite feature by other users. Live Chat If you’re ever stuckina faith sharing rut, we are here to help! ‘Who Is Jesus?’ BotThisbot is an agile, friendly, and self-paced way for your friendstolearn about Jesus. Share a video from the app to experience itforyourself. Join the movement! Share a video today.
Mon Mariage
Cette application vous aide à réussir votre mariage enJésusChrist,This application helps you succeed in your marriage inJésusChrist,
Laudate - #1 Free Catholic App
The most comprehensive Catholic App . Available in English,Español,Português, Française, Deutsch, Nederlands, Slovenský,Italiano,Bahasa, Polski, Slovenski, Hrvatski, Việt, 简体, 繁體 andRomânesc.Daily Mass Readings, Order of Mass, Liturgy of Hours, NewAmericanBible, Latin Mass, Latin Liturgy of Hours, Rosary andLatin Rosary,Chaplet of Divine Mercy (on Rosary screen), SevenSorrows Rosary,Chaplet of St. Michael, Holy Wounds Chaplet, StJude Chaplet,Franciscan Crown Rosary, Stations of the Cross, Saintof the Day,Catechism of Catholic Church, Sacrament ofReconciliation(Confession), Daily Examination of Conscience,various prayers andprayers in Latin with English translation.Daily Prayer. Podcast forRosary and Stations. Daily Meditations.Podcasts of Daily Readingswith read-along text and meditations.Ability to bookmark prayersand create own categorized prayers.Export/Import for prayers. Editprayers on your Mac or PC andImport into Laudate. Daily Bible Verseon Daily Readings screen.Douay-Rheims Bible for offline use. SecondVatican documents, Codeof Canon Law and papal encyclicalletters.Laudate app does readphone state but we don't read or keepany of the phone data.(Please read Laudate privacy policy) Thisfeature , to check phonestate, is enabled to interrupt playing oninternal podcast playerso you can answer the phone without podcastplaying.Also, we readSD card to save and import files for [MyPrayers] section.If you'rerunning into more issues please email usfrom application using:Menu->Email Developer or send us email toayckasoft@gmail.comwith problems,and check ayckasoft.blogspot.comfor release notesand how to use it.
Christian Images of Jesus Christ
Christian Images of Jesus Christ. Gallery of 240 free cardswithbible verses to share with friends and family onsocialnetworks.Full color designs with beautiful Bible texts toshare onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and other socialnetworks.Morning isalways a great time to send wishes and greetingto friends. Makethis morning a wonderful day when you send one ofgood morningChristian images to your loved one.Start your day withthe bestmotivation that only The Best Christian Images for Sharingcan giveyou. The best Pictures to download the app completely FREE,and youcan share the Images on your favorite social networks.Areyoulooking for beautiful Christian images to share with yourfriendsand / or feed your spirit every day? Christian Images ofLoveDo youwant to fall in love with beautiful messages every day?This app isfor you!This application of Christian images of lovebrings to you,we have images where you can express to others yourmost sincerefeelings, in a beautiful image every day.The Bible iscomfort tomillions of people around the world. Download this App onyourdevice and you can share the Bible with friends and peoplearoundyou.These good morning pictures not only have morninggreeting butalso include sacred images of Jesus Christ to start upyour day.This is the best good morning wishes for Christian appsbecause ita feeling of a blessed day when you received such ablessed morninggreeting.Christian images to share have Christianimages for eachday of the month, so you can share 1 a day. Includesimages ofJesus Christ and beautiful images of God. You can sharethem toyourself and use them as Christian wallpapers.In addition weaddedChristian radios with preaching and praises so that youlistenwhile you look at the images with that spiritual food thatyou needevery dayEnjoy Christian Images of Jesus Christ. EnjoybeautifulChristian images, Christian phrases of love, Christianimages withmessages, evangelical Christian images, and the bestlove phrasesfor your lover or in love.It is great in a single imagehow you cantransmit messages of love, messages of reflection, shortsentencesof love, beautiful phrases of love, words of love withimages.Eachday you can share with your family and friends thehappiness ofGod's love in your life and be able to reflect othersand blessyour day each time you send Christian images of love,loveverses.In this application of beautiful images of love, youcanencourage a friend or brother who is going through difficulttimesin his life, with a single verse of love you can remind him ofthebeautiful love of God for each of their lives.Christians alloverthe world find hope in the Bible every day!Blessed Morningimagesand wishes is designed with high quality graphic images andit isable to became you phone wallpaper. Other features thatincluded inthis application is that there is a game for you toplay. I mustsay that, this bonus feature will surely make youaddicted to play.Enjoy playing game and cheering someone with thisGood morningInspiring Images.They are free Christian images.Download the freeChristian images app to share with your lovedones. christianinspirational app.We hope you like our Christianapp. God blessyou.Download Christian Images of Jesus Christ now,it's free! Ifyou like, please rate our app!Also with Christianimages of love,you can conquer that person who has become specialand important inyour life and reach your heart with the word of Godand thebeautiful verses of the Bible that will make a perfect loveandwith the blessing of God , you can share cute love phrases,lovephrases to fall in love with.This app will help you if perhapsyouare very short in your words and do not know how to expressyourfeelings with love dedications, who will make of you every dayapoet with the best love phrases, Christian images of love ishereto help you.
Encouraging Bible Verses & Motivation Jesus images
This Holy Bible app free will give youoneencouraging and inspiring Bible Verses daily in themorning.Tomorrow morning you will get another Bible quote of theday.Motivational quotes are taken from Old Testament and NewTestamentchapters. This Bible Book have an ease and simple to usedesign foreasy navigation capabilities. This app provides dailyBible readingnotification with encouraging Bible verses of the day.This is afree service app to spread Jesus words and messages. Startyour daywith Bible offline book app with your favorite Bibleverses. Ouraim is to keep you motivated and nourished everyday withGod words.This Bible app book will keep you inspired and will helpyou toachieve your life goals. Holy Bible reading are taken fromNKJVBible and NIV Bible. This daily Bible reading app will help youtoenlighten before confession and will help you in preparingfordaily saint prayers with family. This Bible study app can alsousein Holy Mass book and in liturgy.Simple design and clean font will be very helpful duringdailyChristian prayers and evening prayer like Novena and HolyRosary.We put special interest in the UI design for easily usingthisOffline Bible app. Read and study the New International VersionandEnglish Standard Version when you have time. These are Bibleforcouples and for all Roman Catholic Christians governed byPopeFrancis across globe. This pocket Bible will helps you tostartyour day thanking God for this wonderful life with prayers.TheHoly Bible will always give answers to your life problems.DownloadBible and daily Christian prayers into your mobile and toyourtablet. Free Bible with international standards is waiting foryouin this Offline Bible free app. The Bible online facility inthisthis app will give you Jesus wallpapers and Bible Versepictures.You can set Bible quotes and Jesus pictures as yourmobilewallpapers and as your lock screen pic. You can set the Jesuswordsof the day to your daily Bible reading schedule. This BibleDivineapp with Jesus images and Holy Cross pictures along withBiblechapter is the best devotionals Bible app for women. DailyBibleverse with images are taken from KJV Bible, ASV Bible andESVBible.Features on daily Holy Bible offline devotion app- This Bible trivia app is compatible with all screen sizesoftablets and smart phones from Android 2.3 onward- Notification with daily Bible reading plans.- Share daily quotes to with your friends and family.- Multi – Language support with English Bible, French Bible,SpanishBible, German and other language Bible Verses.- Jesus gallery with Mother Mary pictures andChristmasWallpapers- Quote are taken from Bible King James version free downloadandAmplified Bible.- Read Bible words even without network access.The Daily devotional Bible app can help you to understand therightmeaning of your life and act wisely to bring happiness toyourlife. The enlighten faith in this app can be used foryouthfulpraise and can be used as a youth ministry resources. Biblepoemsin this Bible gateway for youth are taken from popularBibleversions like NASB Bible and MST Bible. Add this rosaries apptothe favorite Bible verse list. You can use this as yourCatholicBible with Jesus words from RSV Bible and NLT Bible. Makeourprayer book Bible as your best companion. Wising you all thebestand Jesus grace in your life.
Jesus Youth
Dear Friends,After much reflection and prayer, to unite ourmovementin prayer and in the word of God, we started selecting averse fromscripture and preparing reflections from Jan 2014onwards. The'daily prayer of a Jesus Youth' was introduced in May2015. For thefirst two years, we had scripture verses based on our6 pillars. Wecompleted it in Dec 2015 and started the reflectionsbased on thetheme of 'Mercy of God' from Jan 2016. We havecompleted 12reflections now. As we move into 2017, we will becontinuing withthe reflections on the pillars. We will have 4sections for eachreflection - 'Scripture', 'Reflection', 'Saint'squote' and 'ToDo’We will also be preparing an audio version of thereflections foreasy listening. We urge you to be faithful to thislittle commitmentto be united in prayer and word with the rest ofthe Jesus Youthmembers around the world and also encourage the JYsaround you to besteadfast in this edifying habit.Hope thesereflections will help usto continue our journey more intimatelywith Him.Jesus YouthInternational Formation Team
Jesus Clock
Jesus Clock...Merry Christmas 2017.
Jesus Photo Frames
Decorate your favourite photos & special moments throughJesusPhoto Frames 2017.Features:* Select your favourite photo fromthegallery or snap a picture using camera.* 10 amazing frames.*Inthese frames select your favourite frame to pin yourlovablepicture.* Save your picture on Storage device.* Shareyourcreations via Email, Facebook, Twitter and otherSocialnetworks.Happy Christmas 2017.
Jesus HD Wallpapers 2018
HD Wallpapers in HD quality on Jesus and alsoselectedmanually,images in HD quality set it as a background.. Weoffer youthousands of high quality pictures, which in a few clicksyou canfind and set it as a background image to the home screen.Theapplication also allows you to download wallpapers Full HDonmemory card. We hand-selected for you only thebestpicture.Features:- Only the best wallpapers, selectedmanually.-Tens of thousands of images in HD quality.- Dailyupdate.- Abilityto download images to a memory card.- Installationon thebackground in a few clicks.- Turning changer favourite imagesonthe main screen.- SharingwithWhatsApp,Bluetooth,LAN,Picasa,Facebook etc.
Telugu Bible Answers
*Telugu Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry isNon-profitorganization dedicated to the glory of the Lord JesusChrist anddefense of the Christian Gospel, doctrine, and theology.*Godcommanded us in 1 peter 3: 15 "Always be prepared to give ananswerto everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope thatyouhave".*The Bible has answers that no book on this entire planet,wewill help you to find them.
Tamil Bible Stories for Kids Videos
Tamil Bible Stories for Kids VideosA collection of BibleStoryVideos For Kids in Tamil, all included the message and valuesofChristianityBible stories and messages narrated in a languagethatchildren can understand easilyEvery child must watch totheseVideos for understanding the God, Jesus, Christianity,morality andethicsThese lessons are a great way to dig a littledeeper into atopic that interests you These videos are suitable forthe use inyour ministry, ideal for kids church, Sunday school, orhome schoolBible study lessons Kids will surely enjoy theseChristian basedBible stories while learning Biblical valuesGet thisApp toinculcate the values of Christianity in the young minds
Bible App for Kids
The Bible App for Kids is the newest memberofthe YouVersion family of apps. Available now forAndroidsmartphones and tablets, the Bible App for Kids isalwayscompletely free!Through interactive adventures and beautiful animations,kidsexplore the big stories of the Bible. The Bible App for Kids isadelight-filled experience designed to encourage kids toreturnagain and again. It’s the beginning of a lifelong love ofGod’sWord.* Easy, kid-friendly navigation* Colorful illustrations* Touch-activated animations* Engaging, interactive content that brings the Bible to life* Fun facts and activities designed to help kids remember whattheylearn* Special challenges that let kids earn rewardsIncludes Bible Stories about:* Creation of the world* Adam and Eve* Noah’s ark* Abraham is called by God* Abraham and Isaac* Joseph and the coat of many colors* The plagues of Egypt* Moses and the burning bush* Moses and the 10 commandments* The parting of the Red Sea* The Walls of Jericho* Samson and Delilah* Ruth* Samuel is called by God* David and Goliath* Elijah* Daniel and the lions’ den* Esther* Nehemia and Ezra* The birth of Jesus Christ* The baptism of Jesus Christ* Jesus’ tempatation in the desert* The Sermon on the Mount* Jesus healing a paralyzed man* Jesus casting out evil spirits* Jesus healing a sick girl* Jesus feeding the 5000* The prodigal son* Palm Sunday* The Last Supper* The Crucifixion - Jesus on the cross* The empty tomb* Jesus’ ascension* The Holy Spirit comes to the early Church* The disciples healing a crippled man* Saul* Paul’s journey and trials* The new heaven and new earthFrom YouVersion in partnership with OneHope.YOUR PRIVACY ON ANDROID* The Bible App for Kids requests read/write access to your SDcardbecause that's where the app stores the stories you choosetodownload to your device.* The Bible App requests access to a device's account list to aidinsending Push Notifications to older versions of Android.*Location: Our analytics package uses approximate location tohelpus learn where our app is popular. The information is only usedonan aggregate level, not on an individual level.* We do not sell any personal information you provide us, norwillwe share it without your consent. You can read our privacypolicyat WITH YOUVERSION* Like us on Facebook:* Follow us on Twitter:* Catch up on the latest on ourblog:* Sunday School Curriculum, Church Resources, andactivities: Bible App for Kids is available in English,Afrikaans,Indonesian, German, Spanish, Filipino (Tagalog), French,Italian,Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Russian,Vietnamese,Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Thai, Korean, SimplifiedChinese,Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.
Bible Passages Live Wallpaper
Wallpaper qHD
Recall the most wonderful thoughts fromtheworld’s most famous book and enjoy the bliss and tranquilitywiththe brand new Bible Passages Live Wallpaper. Thisreligiousbackground app will strengthen your faith in God, JesusChrist andChristianity in general. Read the most beautiful versesfrom theHoly Bible and learn about the importance of faith,humility,charity and love. These inspirational quotes are here toremind youto do good and be a better person. This Bible app is atrue giftfrom God and you shouldn’t miss this chance to get itright now,since it’s available for free download.- Cool 3D live wallpaper for smartphones- Amazing Bible passages HD images for your screen- Social share button and more- Incredible HD graphics with full support for home -screenswitching and landscape mode- Motion of light and flashes changes with time- There are several fantastic religious background themeswaitingfor you!- Best Bible Passages Live Background fits perfectly on bothtabletdevices and smartphones and it fully supportshorizontalorientation- This live wallpaper app has optimized Battery Usage and itwillsleep when you phone is inactive, so it won’t drainyourbattery- Compatible with 99% mobile phone and tablet devices- Choose your favorite background wallpaper for free!Express your faith and devotion to Christianity and celebrateChristthe savior and God almighty with brand new, marvelousChristiananimated pictures. The good shepherd will remind youdaily of themost beautiful stories from the Holly Bible. Awakenyour spiritualside and show everyone how religious you are! Don’thesitate anddownload your new religious app right now, free ofcharge! If youare a true believer, you simply must have this greatBible quotebackground app! Bible Passages Live Wallpaper is thebest way toexpress your faith in our Creator and Savior, AlmightyGod.Christianity, as one of the greatest religions, teaches usabout theimportance of faith, humility and love. This Bible app isa giftfrom God every time you need to restore your faith sodownload itright now, for free.Prepare for a unique religious experience with this beautifulnewBible Passages Live Wallpaper! In Holy Bible’s gospels, welearnabout the birth of God’s son, Jesus Christ, his mother VirginMary,his life, and finally about crucifixion, and his ultimatesacrificefor the humanity. This religious background app is thereto remindyou of the most sacred things in life: love, humility andcharity!Bible Passages Live Wallpaper is the perfect background appto helpyou express your strong religious beliefs and praise theLord oursavior!This miraculous Live Wallpaper brings us high resolutionpicturesthat illustrate these events in the most beautiful way.Christianspraise only one God, but he exists in three forms - holytrinity,God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. ThisnewBible Wallpaper unites the three and represents the perfectionofour Savior, the Lord! God Almighty is omnipresent and as longasyou have God’s picture on your Android™ and Samsung Galaxy,you’llnever be alone. High resolution images of Good Shepherd willguideyou through the hardest times and show you the way tosalvation, sodon’t hesitate and get this amazing app right nowsince it isavailable for free download!* Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.* This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.
Community Bible Church
Online Church
Now experience Community Bible Churchanytime,anywhere . . . Engage in the community and experience CBCin awhole new way as we Reach, Teach, and Help people in Jesus'namethrough the power of mobile technology!Yes, put all this at your fingertips—with thestate-of-art,custom-designed app for Android. This app is free andgives youunlimited access to these prime features:· Sermons—watch and listen from home or anywhere across theglobe!Instantly access past favorites and the most recentmessagesavailable on demand to boost your faith journey.· Online Church— You can join the community now worshippingtogetheronline 24/7 whether you’re at home in your pajamas orwalking thebeach.· Interactive Prayer Wall—an incredible way to connect withapowerful prayer community: share prayer needs, your ownrequests,and praises; get instant prayer updates, keep your prayerlist “inyour pocket” to check often, and let others know you’repraying forthem—a prayer warrior’s paradise!· News and Events—stay up-to-date on church happenings. Addeventsto your calendar, set reminders, get directions, and sharewithfriends!· Take Sermon Notes—and experience the effective, enriching waytofollow along with the pastor. As you take insightful notes onthesermon, finding referenced Bible passages becomes quick and easyasyou simply click on their links in your notes! No more missingkeypoints as you flip through your Bible. For added convenienceandclarity, you can also print or convert your notes intoe-mail—allgreat benefits!· Discover Our Staff, History, Vision, Mission, and More—it’s likea“church leader photo album” in your pocket, with added bios,churchbackground, future goals, and more—all ready to enrich andedifyyour church experience!· Maps, Directions, Contact Info.—conveniently displayedtode-stress your day.· Now, Truly Innovative: Give Online Easily—with just twoclicks!Completely secure, keeps your tithe “on track,”eliminatespaperwork, and helps you stay mission-minded.· Photo and Image Galleries, Videos, and More—a favorite featureforall ages. When the church posts exciting content—videos andphotosfrom mission trips and church events, personal testimonies,andmore—you can watch, share, and impact others with theGospel.· Invite Friends and Help Transform Lives—as you sharecontenteffortlessly on your favorite socialsite: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and e-mail. “Go viral” withanythingand everything, and help reach the world with thegospel!Why wait? Download this free app today . . . and get yourfaithmoving on a remarkable mobile adventure! and
Holy Bible Stories
**The Bible is filled with stories from it's first page toit'slast. From Genesis to Revelation, from creation until thereturn ofJesus. Most of the Bible stories contained in the Bibleispresented, both from the Old Testament, and the New Testament, inaformat that all can understand.The Bible stories is divided into4parts : Old Testament, New Testament, The Apostles andYoungerKids.**THE OLD TESTAMENT is the account of God's dealingwith theJews as his chosen people. From Genesis to Malachi - fromcreationto the last of the Old Testament prophets - the history ofthe Jewsare told. The Old Testament, like all of the Bible, isGod's Word,inspired by the Holy Spirit, and written down by man asthey wereinspired. It is our hope that these stories from the Biblewill beenjoyable to you, and will teach you many things about God,and howHe is important in your life. Titles of the storyincludeCreation-How the World Was Made, Eden-The First Earth-Home,Cainand Abel-The First Children, Noah's Ark-And Why It Was Built,TheTower of Babel-And Why It Was Never Finished, Abraham-A ManWhoHeard And Obeyed God's Call, How Abraham Ended a Quarrel,Lot'sChoice, And How It Brought Trouble, Hagar, Ishmael, AndGod'sPromise To Abraham, Abraham Gets Strange Visitors**THENEWTESTAMENT contains the story of Jesus, and the early Church.TheseStories of Jesus are taken from the four Gospels of Matthew,Mark,Luke, and John, which were written down as they were inspiredbythe Holy Spirit. It is our hope that these Bible stories willgiveyou a better understanding of the life of Jesus, and help youdrawcloser to Him, and to know Him as your own Lord andSavior.Titlesof the story includes An Angel Visits Zacharias, AHeavenlyMessenger Visits Mary, Zacharias and Elizabeth Name TheirChild,The Birth of Jesus, The Wise Men Who Followed a Star, Jesusin theTemple at Twelve Years Old, John the Baptist-The Preacher intheWilderness, Jesus' First Disciples-Five Men Meet Jesus, TheWeddingIn Cana - Jesus' First Miracle, Jesus in Jerusalem forthePassover**THE APOSTLES stories deal with the early Church, andweretaken mainly from the Book of Acts. These Stories of theApostleswere written down as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit.We hopethat you will enjoy these stories, helping you to understandtheBible better, which is the Word of God.Titles of the storyincludesThe Coming of the Holy Spirit, Peter Heals The CrippledBeggar,Ananias and Sapphira, Two Hypocrites in the Early Church,TheApotles Are Imprisoned, The Stoning of Stephen, Simon-A ManWhoTried To Buy the Holy Spirit, The Ethiopian Eunuch-PhilipPreachesto a Stranger on a Lonely Road, Saul Persecuting theChristians,and His Dramatic Conversion, Paul in Damascus - Let Downin aBasket and Rescued**Bible Stories For YOUNGER KIDS is one ofthetwo or three oldest books in the world, and its many storiesgraspand hold the attention of little children. Happy is that childwhohas heard, over and over again, the Bible stories until theyhavebecome fixed in their mind and memory, to become thefoundations ofa noble life. It is with the desire in telling thesestories, andaiding children to understand them, that a few amongthe manyinteresting stories in the Bible have been chosen, broughttogetherand as far as necessary simplified to meet the minds oftheyoung.Titles of the story includes The Story of Adam And Eve,TheStory of Noah's Ark, The Story Of Hagar and Ishmael, The StoryOfAbraham And Issac, Jacob And The Sale Of A Birthright, JacobAndThe Ladder That Reached To Heaven...**Function :ー Workwithoutwi-fi (bible offline)ー Bookmark stories.ー Function search inbiblestories collectionー C.H. Spurgeon - Morning and Evening:DailyDevotional Readings**Follow usonFacebook it !Andnever forget rate app and feedback you !
The Holy Spirit
Get answers to questions about The Holy Spirit, like who is He,whyis He here and why you absolutely need him. See how youcanexperience God's Love for you through the Gift of His HolySpirit.Watch as He makes Jesus more than just a character in theBible,but someone real and personal to you. Myths surroundingtopics likespeaking in tongues and operating in the gifts aredebunked withscriptural proof. The information here is both freeand priceless.You are encouraged to study through this app inchunks over aperiod of time as opposed to reading through it as abunch ofinteresting stories. This app covers topics like ☞  Who isthe HolySpirit☞  Why do you need the Holy Spirit☞  Myths about theHolySpirit☞  How to receive the Holy Spirit☞  How to hear fromandspeak back to God ☞  How to build a relationship with Him overtime☞  How to how to identify and operate in your spiritualgifts☞ What is good fruit ? How to bear good fruits☞  Why are youNOTreceiving the Holy SpiritIf taken seriously, your life willneverbe the same again and you will become a blessing toyoursurroundings and over time become a vessel through whichheavenflows into the earth. The Holy Bible is used as the absolutesourceof truth and several illustrations and stories from the Biblearepresent throughout the content to show you how the HolySpiritoperates. Real Life stories from many people fromdiversebackgrounds and situations are shared to encourage andmotivateyou. Every topic covered in this App has a Life Applicationthatyou should be able to take and apply in your own life. Acarefullycurated list of videos explaining the various topicscovered in theapp are shared for those who prefer learningvisually. These videossupplement the content and offer insightsfrom men and women of Godwho have fellowshipped with the HolySpirit for years. This tinyapp has more than 50 hours of contentthat can keep you engaged andgets updates both in terms of newfeatures and content. It isdesigned to operate with minimalpermissions and all data exceptvideos are cached so you can use itoffline. It is optimized to useminimum memory and space whilegiving you an experience you cannotforget. Freely have youreceived; freely give.-- Matthew 10:8Theabove verse is the essenceof the efforts that went into buildingthis app. The app itself isand always will be fully Free and OpenSource, it is licensed underthe MIT License so you can view, editand contribute back to thecodebase if you are interested.
Word of God Ministries
Welcome to the official Word of God Ministries app! Word ofGodMinistries, Inc. is a Bible-based, multi-ethnic,Christ-centeredMinistry based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Ourobjective is tominister the Word of God and the saving knowledge ofJesus Christ.We believe that Jesus is the manifested Word of God,God's onlybegotten Son, the Anointed One. We are a Gospel Ministrythatpreaches the power of salvation: eternal redemption,deliverance,healing, success in life and victory by faith - throughJesus, theManifested Word of God!You can use this app to streamservices,connect with us on social media and so much more!Formoreinformation about Word of God Ministries,pleasevisit:http://www.wogm.comThe Word of God Ministries App wascreatedwith the Subsplash App Platform.
Christian Songs Offline
Christian Songs Offline:Free Christian Songs for Children andAdultsfrom Bible Scriptures with offline audio for praise andworship ofLord Jesus. This App includes many different Bible songsfor kidsand toddlers sung in beautiful voice .You can use this appanywhere,even in Church or School, without requirement ofInternetConnection.Features:NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED.FREE ofCostbible prayer songs.Hassle free Streaming.Pause and Playthecatholic songs audio. Free App supported by in-Appadvertisements.Thank you for downloading this app. We hope that youlike it.
Bible de Jésus-Christ
Avec cette application vous pourrez :- lire la Bible deJésus-Christen mode hors-ligne (sans connexion à Internet) ;- lacomparer avecplusieurs autres versions (Martin, Segond, Ostervaldet Darby) ;-consulter les annexes de la BJC (cartes,dictionnaires,commentaires, etc.) ;- sauvegarder un verset pour leretrouver plustard ;- ou le partager ;- etc.Site officiel: d'informations sur: this app you can:- Read the BibleofJesus Christ in offline mode (without internetconnection);-Compare with several other versions (Martin, Segond,King James andDarby);- Refer to the appendices of the BJC (maps,dictionaries,commentaries, etc.);- Save a verse to find it later;-Or share it;-Etc.Official website: on:
Russian Bible and Gospel Songs
Библия, Песнь Bозрождения (800) и молодёжные песни(Тебе пою, омойСпаситель) (Песнь Хвалы)(Держись Христа).Bible:- Bible searchisdisabled by default. To enable go to settings. Enable searchwillonly work on Wi-Fi by default. To search on mobile network gotobible settings and enable it. Each keyword need to be 4 lettersormore and in Russian.- Selected verses can me copied by holdingdownon text for a few seconds and selecting: - Copy text with booknameand chapter - Copy text (only verses)Song Books:- Song canbesearched by number (click on current song number to change).Alsoin the drop down menu(top right) by alphabetandsections.Settings:- Text color, background Color, selectedversecolor, selected verse background color, text size, fonttypeface-Bible search- Bible audioWhat's new in Version 4- Newyouth songbook (Держись Христа)- Song book interface redone- Bibletext andSong text screens will prevent the display to turn off(disable insettings)To ask for more features and bug reports,please clickEmail DeveloperFor help on how to use the applicationgo to songbook hymnbooksongshymns spiritual praise bible youth group Russian BaptistChristianIUCECB МСЦ ЕХБ МСЦ-ЕХБ Тебе Пою Песнь Возрождениеworship,adoration, service, dedication
Jesus Speaks
Receive the word of God through Jesus Speaks. You will receiveonemessage per day, every day of the week, in differenttimes.Messages that will bring guidance to your life.Jesus lovesyou andwants to speak to you, open your heart to Christ.God blessyou!