Top 49 Apps Similar to Dillard ACE

Pharmacology By Dr. Gobind Rai Garg 1.0.56
Dr. Gobind Rai Garg MBBS, MD (Pharmacology) from UCMS Delhi, istheauthor of best selling Pharmacology book “Review ofPharmacology”.In his 15 years of teaching experience, he has helpedthousands ofUG and PG aspirants. With the launch of this app heaims to makesure you never cram Pharmacology again, understand theconcepts andfall in love with the subject. App includes videolectures coveringthe entire Pharmacology, Tests with VideoDiscussion, QuestionBank, Free daily updates and much more.
Official AFEIAS App for serious UPSC IAS Civil ServicesaspirantsAFEIAS has been established with the aim of providingproperguidance to youths preparing for Indian Civil Services.Theimportant point to note here for IAS aspirants is all ofourUPSC/IAS exam preparation Classes are conducted by formercivilservant and renowned author, Dr.Vijay Agrawal himself who isonmission to provide right and proper guidance to studentspreparingfor Civil Services Examination. Continuing with thisendeavor Dr.Agrawal's book, "HOW TO BECOME AN IAS" is a greatmilestone in thisregard. The website is alreadyextremely popularamong all IAS aspirants across the country. Thesections- Dailyaudio lecture, Life management audio, Importantnewspaperclippings, current content, Mock Tests and videos are someof ourmost visited and popular categories. This app has beencreated onspecial demand from our existing users to enhance theiruserexperience. As 75 percent of our users are on mobile, thisappwould serve as a fast and handy companion in theiraspirationaljourney. Almost every content from the website isaccessible fromthe app, making it easier, faster and economic modeto surf thecontent regularly. Our vision is to spread knowledge andrightguidance to even the remotest area of the nation so thatthecountry gets its talent from every sphere and part of thesociety.
iClicker Reef (REEF Polling) 5.6.1
iClicker Reef allows you to answer questions using yourAndroiddevice. Tap to answer and receive instant feedback. Compareyourvote to the rest of the class. After class, access the savedReefquestions to study for a quiz or exam. All data is stored tothecloud so you can access it anywhere from any device. KEYFEATURES:• Free 14-day trial subscription with account creation •View yourinstructor’s questions as high resolution screenshots •Compareyour response to the class results • Session history isstored tothe cloud so you can access it anywhere • Multiple Choice,ShortAnswer, Numeric, and Target question types •Receivecorrect/incorrect feedback when your instructor grades thequestion• Review the questions and answers to study after class •Worksalongside all i>clicker remotes
com.micm.edusprintplus 4.6
EduSprint+ A Mobile application which provide helpful informationtoparents. Edusprint+ Feature - Information on Academics,Activitiesand Attendance in one touch - Get Details of paid feesand payonline fees. - Updates of Timetable / Events on the go. -Circular/Schedule / Messages / Photo Gallery and much more. Note :Pleas askyour School to register with MICM Net Solution PVT LTD togetbenefits of Edusprint+ App (App Credentials will provided byschoolauthorities only)
Bloomz 3.18
Bloomz is the FREE award-winning app that saves teachers lotsoftime in all parent communications, while creating asupportiveclassroom community. “Make your life easier byconsolidating all ofyour communications and coordination withparents.” – WeAreTeachers“If you’re looking for ways to buildrelationships with and betweenfamilies, check out Bloomz!” – TheCornerstone for Teachers Bloomzmakes it easy for teachers tosecurely share photos, classroomupdates and reach parents instantlythrough messaging, as well asto coordinate events (like PTConferences) and sign up forvolunteers. With Bloomz teachers can: -Post class updates andshare pictures, and see who’s viewing them -Manage events andcalendar, with built-in reminders - ScheduleParent-TeacherConferences in seconds - Sign up volunteers in a feweasy steps -Message one or more parents, without sharing their cellphonenumber - Send alerts notifications for urgent matters, tobothphone and email in one click. - Invite parents via email orclasscode for privacy With Bloomz parents can: - Sign up FREE andbenotified via SMS/TEXT messaging - Choose between push andemailnotifications, as well as their frequency - Read posts intheirpreferred language with one-click translations (80languagesavailable) - Communicate with other parents for playdates,carpooling and more Awards: - New Education Product of 2016–EdTech Digest - 2015 Awards of Excellence – Tech & Learning-The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval - Top 20MostPromising K12 Technology – CIO Review - People’s Choice Award–Stevie Awards
Hyakunin Isshu - Wasuramoti 1.1.9
Hyakunin-Isshu audio player for Competitive Karuta (a.k.a.KyogiKaruta) ----- "Hyakunin-Isshu", which means 100 poems by 100poets,is a set of Japanese classic poetry. "Kyogi Karuta" is aJapanesesport which uses the set. ----- This software recites eachpoemrandomly or in shuffled order. You can use it for trainingorplaying Kyogi Karuta. Also it can display poem text inJapanese,Romaji or English, which is suited for learningHyakunin-Isshu.----- Usage: * Hold down the poem text to show thedescription. *Swipe left/right to navigate to previous/next poem.
PuStack 2.2.0
At PuStack we believe that it is our responsibility to buildqualitytools and generate flawless content to help studentsglobally. Weare humbled by the response we got on our YouTubechannel and arehappy to see students coming on-board with ourvision. This AndroidApp is built to serve our students in ways wecould not previously.From providing solutions to the backexercises, to providing qualitynotes - our team is working hard tomake it easier for students toaccess quality education.
Mission UPSC 1.23
IAS Kumar
Find all UPSC related books and notes: Previous Year QuestionsQuizNCERT Books Political Science Shubhra Ranjan Mam NotesOptionalNotes- Anthropology, Economics,Geography, History,Philosophy,Physics, Political Science, Public Administration,SociologyMagazines- Yojana, EPW, World Focus, Down to Earth,KurukshetraStandard Books: Freedom Struggle- Bipin Chandra ModernIndia-Spectrum Indian Polity- Laxmikant Indian Economy- RameshSinghPhysical Geography- GC Leong Environment- Shankar IASAcademyInternal Security- Ashok Kumar Singh InternationalRelations- RajivSikri Toppers Answer Booklet Tamilnadu BoardHistory Books IGNOUNotes Vision IAS Notes BJYU Notes EconomicSurvey Budget ARCReports CAG Reports Census 2011 Previous YearQuestion PapersResponsive Design Multilingual app Unique app forUPSC preparation,
MPSC Thokla - 18,000 Questions FREE (MPSC ठोकळा) 6.0
Introducing MPSC Thokala (MPSC ठोकळा) app in Marathi Language(MPSCmeans Maharashtra Public Service Commission). This applicationisdesigned by Mahesh Tambe for the students who are preparingforvarious exams which are conducted by MPSC orMaharashtraAdministrative service in Marathi Language. This Appcontains MPSCquestion paper and answer. It has 18,000 MPSCQuestions. This Appis Marathi App. The MPSC Thokala (MPSC ठोकळा)MPSC is an app thatprovides 18,000 questions for Maharashtra StateServicespreparation, with a huge set of questions and tests on widerangeof subjects, set by professionals of respective fields.
Beelinguapp: Learn Languages Music & Audiobooks 2.390
Learn Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Korean, French,Hindi,Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Swedish andJapanese byreading text side by side! Language learning is fun andfree withBeelinguapp! Learn a new language with Beelinguapp, theapp thatlets you read and listen to stories in different languagesside byside. Read text and hear audio in the language you arelearning,and read the same text in your language to use as areference.Learn at your own pace with this fun and free languagelearningapp. If you are familiar with language learning audiobooks, youwill love Beelinguapp’s innovative method to learn a newlanguage.Ditch the flashcards and pick what languages you want tolearn byreading your favorite children’s stories, short stories,novels andmore side by side. From Spanish to German and more,Beelinguappteaches you through fun and familiar text. Beelinguappis fun andeasy to use for anyone that wants to learn a newlanguage. Use yournative language as a guide and start learningtoday! BeelinguappFeatures: Language Learning Made Easy • Learn anew language byreading different stories in a language of yourchoosing!  •Beelinguapp gives you the option to read the storyin YOUR languageto reference what a word or phrase means. AudioBook Reader •Spanish, German, French and more languages on easy tolisten audiobooks. • Audio book in any language can be listened toeven if yourphone is sleeping. • Learn languages by following thereader of theaudio book with a karaoke style animation to knowexactly what theyare saying. • Spanish audio books combinedwith English,French audio books combined with German – the choiceand whatlanguage audio book you want to read is yours! GreatStories inDifferent Languages • Side by side readings of yourfavorite fairytale stories, novels and more. • Learn languages atyour own paceand choose only the stories you want to read. •Languages, genreand learning level can be sorted make learninglanguages easy.Learn new languages by reading different storiesside by side withBeelinguapp! No memorization and no flashcardsneeded. Learnlanguages at your own pace by reading your favoritestories onBeelinguapp! Download Beelinguapp now and start learninglanguagesfor free!
phyphox 1.1.3
Did you know that you are carrying a 3D magnetometer? That youcanuse your phone as a pendulum to measure earth's localgravitationalacceleration? That you can turn your phone into asonar? phyphoxgives you access to the sensors of your phone eitherdirectly orthrough ready-to-play experiments which analyze yourdata and letyou export raw data along with the results for furtheranalysis.You can even define your own experiments on phyphox.organd sharethem with colleagues, students and friends. SelectedFeatures: - Aselection of pre-defined experiments. Just press playto start. -Export your data to a range of widely used formats -Remote-controlyour experiment through a web interface from any PCon the samenetwork as your phone. No need to install anything onthose PCs -all you need is a modern web browser. - Define your ownexperimentsby selecting sensor inputs, defining analysis steps andcreatingviews as an interface using ourweb-editor( The analysis can consists ofjustadding two values or using advanced methods like Fouriertransformsand crosscorrelation. We offer a whole toolbox ofanalysisfunctions. Sensors supported: - Accelerometer -Magnetometer -Gyroscope - Light intensity - Pressure - Microphone -Proximity -GPS *some sensors are not present on every phone. Exportformats -CSV (Comma separated values) - CSV (Tab-separated values)- Excel(if you need other formats, please let us know) This app hasbeendeveloped at the 2nd Institute of Physics A at the RWTHAachenUniversity. -- Explanation for the permissions requested Ifyouhave Android 6.0 or newer, some permissions will only be askedforwhen needed. Internet: This grants phyphox network access, whichisrequired to load experiments from online ressources or whenusingthe remote access. Both are only done when requested by theuserand no other data is transmitted. Bluetooth: Used toaccessexternal sensors. Read external storage: This is may beneccessarywhen opening an experiment stored on the device. Recordaudio:Required to use the microphone in experiments. Location: Usedtoaccess GPS for location-based experiments. Camera: Used to scanQRcodes for external experiment configurations.
eBooks for IAS 1.0
Akhand Bharat
Selected material from NCERT, NIOS and IGNOU for freedownload.Check it out.
Der Die Das
Looking up the article ('der', 'die' or 'das') of a German nounhasnever been easier. Just type the first few letters of a nounandsee the article immediately. Besides the quick lookup ofthearticles form a dictionary of more than 17,000 nouns, the appwillhelp you in learning (memorizing) the articles in two ways: ★Addto favorites the words for which you want to memorize thearticlesthe most. ★ Play a game to select/guess the articles ofrandomnouns. The app also contains a most complete summary of rulesandguidelines for determining the articles of German nouns.
Spell and Pronounce Words Right 4.8
This application is for them who have hard timerememberingspellings and don’t know how to pronounce word inEnglish. Thebasic concept of this application is to convert voiceto text whichresult in giving you Right spellings, and to pronouncea word intext box which gives you idea about how to pronounce aword. Mostof the times we cannot type a word because we don’t knowspellingand if we don’t know spelling then we cannot search aboutit tooand using wrong spelling can be embarrassing specially ifworkingwith professional so use this app click Mic button Pronouncea wordand you get a spelling copy the Spelling and Paste :-) . Ifyoudon’t know how to pronounce a word properly then you can usethisapp too type a text in text box and press Speaker button andvoilaShe Speaks. Have Fun!!!.
Volcanoes & Earthquakes 2.5.1
Volcanoes & Earthquakes shows the latest world-wideearthquakes(or only quakes near you), as well as earthquake"I-felt-it"reports, in near real-time and active volcanoes on a mapand aslist, as well as volcano news from all the world. You canfilterthe data shown in various ways, e.g. by magnitude or ageofearthquakes, the distance from your location, the statusofvolcanoes and so on. !*****! Write a nice 5-star review to keepthedeveloper motivated to continue working on this app;-) Features:-See currently erupting volcanoes on a map (more than 1600activeand dormant volcanoes) - Get most recent volcano news,includingvolcanic ash advisories (since v.1.4) - See the mostrecentearthquakes around the world - based on one of the mostcompleteand accurate earthquake data sets on the net; earthquakesworldwideup to 7 days old - Notifications: near-real timeearthquake &volcano alerts - Custom alerts for user-setlocations / areas -Optional background update at custom interval -Alert ifearthquakes might have been felt at your location -Largerearthquakes (above magnitude 6) available for up to 1 year-Listing of earthquakes near active volcanoes (could beindicationsof volcanic unrest) - Complete volcano listing worldwideA-Z / bycountry / by activity level (since v. 1.4.) - Multiple datasources(more than 40 international and national data sources) -Filterearthquakes according to magnitude, age and distance -Filterquakes by continent, country or state (since 2.3.0) - Sortquakesby time (latest) or size (magnitude) - Earthquakecatalogue(archive) since 2012 - probably the most completeavailable on theweb (since 2.3.0) - Earthquake stats (magnitude /energy / depth vstime or magnitude) (since 2.4.0) - Submit / read /view (on map)experience reports ("I-felt-an-earthquake") - Detailinformationabout each earthquake - Detail information about eachvolcano(incl. eruption list, eruption style) -"I-felt-an-earthquake"reports shown on map - Tectonic plateboundaries - Highlycompressed data format to save bandwidth -Optional automaticbackground loading of data - You can submit us afeature requestthrough comments! Planned features: - Automaticcustom alerts - Addmore data sources - Earthquake news Earthquakedata sources (oftenupdated) currently in use: - BGS: BritishGeological Survey - CEIC:China Earthquake Information Centre -EMSD: Камчатский филиалГеофизической службы (Russian Academy ofScience) - EMSC:European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre -IGEPN: InstitutoGeofísico - EPN - IGN: Instituto GeográficoNacional - IMO:Icelandic Met Office - IGP: Instituto Geofísico delPerú -INGEOMINAS: Red Sismológica Nacional de Colombia - INGV:IstitutoNazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - IRSC: IranianSeismologicalCenter - LGRB: Landesamt für Geologie, Rohstoffe undBergbau -GeoAu: Geoscience Australia - GEONET (NZ): New ZealandEarthquakeCommission and GNS Science - GFZ: DeutschesGeoForschungsZentrumPotzdam - GUG (U. Chile): Centro SismológicoNacional, Universidadde Chile - KOERI-RETMC: BOUN KOERI RegionalEarthquake-TsunamiMonitoring Center - NOA_HL: Institute ofGeodynamics - NationalObservatory of Athens - NRCAN: EarthquakesCanada - PHILVOLCS:Philippine Institute of Volcanology andSeismology - SED:Schweizerischer Erdbebendienst - SSN: ServicioSismológico Nacional- Univ. Helsinki: University of Helsinki -Institute of Seismology- USGS: Earthquake Hazards Program / USGSDisclaimer: Although wecollect data carefully and maintain theapplication as well aspossible, there is no warranty forcorrectness or completeness ofthe information and the functionalityof the app. The app has nogovernmental affiliation and should notbe used for disasterprevention, planning and other seriousbusinesses.
Learn Languages | LingQ Language App with SRS 4.9.8
Learn languages by immersing yourself in a world ofinteresting,authentic content! Learn with LingQ, the smart languageapp thatcan teach you: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian,German,Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Dutch,Polish,Greek, Norwegian, Latin, Esperanto, Ukrainian, Czech,Romanian,Arabic, Finnish, Hebrew, and Turkish. You can learn alanguagestarting today! Start with easy beginner (A1) lessons butquicklyprogress into learning languages from interesting,authenticcontent. Start your language learning journey today!Ouraccelerated reader for language learners contains 1000s of hoursoflessons, podcasts, books, interviews and more, all withtranscript.Our language app even lets you import and learnlanguages from anycontent you find on the web! Use LingQ as anaudiobook player andread along to learn a new language. Listen topodcasts and readalong. Listen to lessons and follow along in thetext. Look up andlearn new words and phrases. Track which words youknow and whichwords are new to you. Watch your vocabulary grow!Track all yourlanguage learning activities including listeningtime, words ofreading and more. You will learn a language in notime! Review andlearn vocabulary in context and using SRS (spacedrepetitionsystem) review tools. Register your account and have yourdatasynced to our web application so you can start learninglanguageson the web along with on mobile. The LingQ app also letsyou learnlanguages offline and syncs up when you get back online.This letsyou take advantage of dead time and short breaksthroughout the dayto spend more time learning your new language. Noother app willhelp you learn languages faster.. LingQ will take youall the wayto fluency! Features: * Study all available languages:English,French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian,Chinese,Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Dutch, Polish and Greek.(Activateadditional beta languages through our web version:Norwegian,Latin, Esperanto, Ukrainian, Czech, Romanian, Arabic,Finnish,Hebrew, Turkish. These languages will then be accessible ontheapp.) * Learn a new language with 1000’s of hours ofdownloadableaudio mp3 files all with transcript. Podcasts,audiobooks and more* Look up and learn new vocabulary usingintegrated dictionaryresources * Review and learn vocabulary usingSRS (spacedrepetition system) * Learn new words: Track how manywords youknow, which words are new & which you are learning *Keep allyour language app statistics including listening andreading time *Use Playlist to learn a new language: easily play andshuffle allyour current lessons * Sync word data, playlist data andlessondata to the web and across devices * Start learninglanguagesoffline and update data when back online *Receivenotifications forall LingQ learning activities from web or mobileincluding forumand tutor activities from the web * Manage and learnall your savedvocab * See your language learning targets andmeasure yourprogress * Watch your avatar grow as you learn newwords and learnlanguages “Built by language learners for languagelearners!” LingQCo-Founder, Steve Kaufmann, one of the world’sleading polyglots,has learned 15 languages using this approach.Steve is the“Godfather of language learning” Get language learningtips fromSteve at his: Blog: ACCELERATE YOUR LEARNINGWITH LINGQPREMIUM • Unlimited LingQs - Look up & save all newwords andphrases in our reader • Word Tracking - Track known words,newwords to accelerate your learning • Unlimited Vocab Review:SRS(spaced repetition system) • Unlimited Imports - Import &studytext from the web • 50% off Tutoring on the web -------Feedback?Let us know. Send suggestions and feedback Youcan also visit us on
IELTS Prep App - 8.5.0
Prepare for your test with help from British Council, theEnglishlanguage experts. Prepare with confidence for your upcomingIELTSAcademic or General Training test. The IELTS Prep App givesyouinstant, unlimited access to all the right tools you needtoprepare for your test – anytime, anywhere. Developed by theBritishCouncil, the world’s English experts, who have helped morethan 100million people improve their English, the easy-to-use applets youpractice on questions similar to the ones you’ll face inthe test.When the day arrives, you’ll know exactly what to expect.TOPFEATURES: 1. Comprehensive overview of the IELTS tests •Practiceyour Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills withourexpert tools 2. Free practice tests • Prepare for the typesofquestions you’ll find in the test 3. Grammar exercises •Improveyour understanding of tenses and other key English grammar,trackyour progress with quizzes OTHER FEATURES: - Videos ofIELTSspeaking interviews - Useful tips and hints for the IELTS test-Assessment criteria explained - Vocabulary exercises - Createacountdown for your test date - Quizzes to test your knowledgeofthe IELTS test - Track your progress - Preparation checklist -Blogposts Download the IELTS Prep App and start practicing foryourtest today! Boost your chances of getting the IELTS scoreyoudeserve.
Plickers lets you poll your class for free, without the needforstudent devices. Just give each student a card (a “paperclicker”),and use your Android smartphone or tablet to scan them todoinstant checks-for-understanding, exit tickets, andimpromptupolls. Best of all, your data is automaticallysaved,student-by-student, at Happy teaching!
German Verb Conjugator 3.3.2
Ian Tipton
View over 1500 German verbs in 16 tenses. With simple navigationandbuilt in search, you can find the verb you need in seconds. Nowwithaudio!! Not sure how to pronounce a verb? You can now hear howeveryverb is pronounced. Just tap on the button next to theconjugation.Verbs with audio have a speaker symbol next to them.Note: thisfunctionality requires an Internet connection. ● Save alist of yourfavourite verbs. ● View verbs that you have recentlylooked at. ●Includes the ability to copy, email and print verbs.✔︎ "Wunderbar!Really useful and practical app" ✔︎ "Very good appindeed!" ✔︎"Amazing. Simply amazing! Can't live without it!" ✔︎"Great! Irecommend for all who study german."
FinApp - The CA Students App 4.2.0
FinApp is the largest network of CA Students in India.FinAppprovides latest News, Articles, Editorials etc. CA IPCC MCQ,CAFinal MCQ were provided as part of the Self Assessment Test,forfree of cost. CA IPCC, CA Final, CA Students can getregularupdates and can test their knowledge with our free SelfAssessmentTest. On FinApp, Students can have interactivediscussions on ourForum Section. CA IPCC Video Lectures and GSTClasses AvailableNow. Students can Practice MCQ for CA IPCC, CAInter MCQ, CA FinalMCQ and also CA CPT MCQ for free of cost. Userscan also chat oneanother online. Vacancies for Jobs, Articleship,IndustrialTraining have been listed. CA Final Notes, CA FinalAmendments, CAFinal Video Lectures, CA Final Announcements andmore. GST VideoLectures coming soon.
Qaida Noorania with sound 1.4
Qaida Noorania Learning Arabic letters and words with sound
Picture Book 3.5
Picture Book is for Kids to learn spelling as well aspronouncingwords. More than 600+ spellings to learn with pictures.We havedesigned especially for kids so they can understand easily.Kidswill also learn how to pronounce words as we have included texttospeech engine. Features 1.Thirteen picture books are included.2.Learning Alphabets spellings. 3. Learning Animals spellings.4.Learning Fruits spellings. 5. Learning Vegetables spellings.6.Learning Body Parts spellings. 7. Learning Flowers spellings.8.Learning Birds Spelling. 9. Learning Numbers Spelling. 10.LearningColors Spelling. 11. Learning Shapes Spelling. 12.LearningTransports Spelling. 13. Learning Cartoon CharactersSpelling. 14.Learning Insects Spellings. 15. Learning Three letterswords. 16.Learning Four letters words. 17. Learning Five letterswords. 18.Learning Six letters words. 19. All ten categories ofspellings arefree. 20. All categories have high quality images. 21.On touch itwill speak the spelling. 22. Settings to enable ordisable text tospeech.
Msceia objective 1.5
Maharashtra State Commerce Educational Institute is entering into50th year, for this purpose MSCEIA is launching app forobjectivepreparation app with the idea of President Mr. KaraleSir.Anapplication designed for MSCEIA students to practiceobjectiveexam. This app will help students to get prepared for theobjectiveexam of MSCEIA.Features:1. Student will get knowledgeaboutcomputer.2. Student will get Knowledge about applications likeMSWord, MS Excel, MS Power Point etc.3. App provides questionswithanswers in practice mode.4. Provides instant resultafterexamination.
Insights On India IAS Helper 3.1.0
Free android application to help you simplify yourIAS/CivilServices Exam preparation.••••• Please read thisDeclaration beforeinstallation : ••••• Thisapp helps you totry Insights on India's ( andCurrent Events Quiz, easily in their android devices,thereby learnand measure their knowledge. The content is availableon a dailybasis starting from 2017 January.This also helps to readthe DailyCurrent Affairs and Insights Into Editorial on your mobilemorecomfortably.Currently Available Features:* InsightsEditorialGists* Daily Online Current Events Quiz* Daily CurrentAffairs*Quiz Archive* Feedback* Easy Links to other articles Note :Youneed a working internet connection to do the daily quiz.Offlinequiz will be available soon.
Kids A-Z 5.15.0
Learning A-Z
Have fun learning with Raz-Kids, Science A-Z, and Headsprout ontheKids A-Z app! With Kids A-Z, students can completevariousinteractive activities from the Raz-Kids, Science A-Z,andHeadsprout products and update their robot avatars onmobiledevices. Students using the app can: • Access hundredsofdevelopmentally-appropriate books, exercises, and other resources•Complete corresponding quizzes that ensure comprehension •Utilizeinteractive annotation tools that support close readingskills •Have their work scored and reported to their teacherautomatically• Customize their personalized robot avatar and spacerocket usingthe stars earned from completing activities The KidsA-Z app isfree to download, but access to Raz-Kids, Science A-Z,andHeadsprout content requires subscriptions to therespectiveproduct. For more info about our products andsubscriptions, pleasevisit our website:
myanmar music myanmar song myanmar mp3 1.6
Hornbill Team
This is Myanmar song those who love myanmar music and myanmarsongburmese music myanmar mp3 myanmar song burmese song
It's AumSum Time 1.32
It's AumSum Time : We try our level best to create highlycreativeand refreshing educational videos. This channel can proveto beuseful for students studying in schools, colleges as well asforpeople of all ages who have a curious scientific mind.
Science Journal
Google LLC
Science Journal is the free digital science notebook brought toyouby Google. Whether you're a science educator or a hobbyistdoingscience at home, you can keep your notes, photos andobservationsall in one convenient place. Use the sensors in yourphone tomeasure and graph phenomena such as light, sound andmotion, orconnect to external sensors via Bluetooth to conductexperiments onthe world around you. With the Science Journal app,you can: •Measure light, sound, acceleration, air pressure and moreusingyour phone's built-in sensors. • Take notes and photos todocumentyour science experiments. More note types coming soon! •Connect toexternal sensors using selected Bluetooth-enabled ArduinoandVernier devices. • Access your experiments across yourdevicesusing Google Drive. • Export recorded sensor data as CSVfiles. •Create automated triggers for recording data and takingnotes. •Use sonification to hear the movement of your graphs.ScienceJournal is available for free on Android, iPhone, iPadandcompatible Chromebook devices. Educational activities byourpartners:!forum/sciencejournalOpen-sourcecode available: notice: •Location: Needed to scan for Bluetooth sensordevices. • Camera:Needed to take pictures to document experiments.• Microphone:Needed for sound intensity sensor. • Storage: Neededto accessphotos to insert into experiments.
Memorize Quran 6.1.0
Easily memorize Holy Quran through our intuitive and userfriendlyplatform. We understand that just memorization is notenough ,Therefore Easy Quran Memorizer comes up with manyadditionalfeatures to assist revision process. MAIN FEATURES -Ayahwisememorization -Selecting a range of ayahs for memorization.-Repeatsingle ayah -Add Delay between Ayah's -Repeat within RangeofSurah's -Special Page/features targeted for revisionneeds.Memorize Quran has been created with user needs in mind. Allthefeatures are curated to ease the memorization of Quran.APPEALPlease leave us reviews of the application. Five stars wouldbevery helpful. If you have any comments, ideas or feedback,pleaseleave a review or send an email @ Theaudioused are from, while Quran text andQurantranslation files are from
Marathi Kids App 1.33
Urva Apps
Marathi Kids App is a way of learning Marathi for kids or firsttimelearners. This app shows various section like Marathivarnamala,English Alphabets,Marathi Months, English months, Weekdays inMarathi, Marathi Barakhadi, Marathi Numbers, Shapes andColor inMarathi, Birds,Animals,Fruits,Vegetables,Flowers,VehicleDirections, Games forkids. The picture/words having sounds to knowhow to pronouns. Italso helps learners to practice writing on itby tracing the letter.There is fun games for kids to identify thepictures/words alsomemory games for kids. -Marathii varnamala.-English Alphabets.-Marathi Barakhadi. -Marathi Numbers. -EnglishMonths. -Week days inMarathi -Shapes In Marathi - Fruits InMarathi -Vegetables Name InMarathi. -Birds in Marathi. -Animals inMarathi -Flowers In Marathi,-Vehicle In Marathi. -Directions inMarathi. - Games for Learn andFun
Vocabletrainer 4.4.1
Ruben Gees
This Vocabletrainer helps you to learn your Vocables easy andwithfun!With this App learning will be like never before. It isverynear to the Android Design Guidelines and usable for everyone.Tomake learning more easy and fun this App has multiple Modes,whichwill help you to recognize all Vocables: Classic Mode, PairModeand Time Mode. Learning Vocables will be like a Game!Anadditionalfeature is the Reminder which will display a notificationevery day(if you enable it) and make sure you never forget tolearn.
All Nitnem Gurbani 1.0
Sahib Tibba
All Nitnem Gurbani , ApplicationNit-Nem means Daily Naam isacollaboration of different banis that were designated to be readbySikhs on daily basis. The Nitnem bani's usually include thePanjbania (5 bani's below) which are read daily by baptised Sikhsinthe morning between 3:00 am and 6:00 am (this period isconsideredas Amrit Vela or the Ambrosial Hours) and Rehras Sahib intheevening 6pm and Kirtan Sohila at night 9pmAll Nitnem GurbaniHave 3Language ( Punjabi , Hindi, English)Select Color For GurbaniLetterAnd Background * Japji Sahib* Anand Sahib * Rehras Sahib *KirtanSohila * Asa Ki Vaar* Sukhmani Sahib* Aarti Sahib* ShabadHazare*Lawan Suhi Mhala 4* Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Online)*DailyMukhwaak (Hukamnama) Darbar Sahib AmritsarSukhmani SahibSelect ByAsstpdee And Much MoreThe Nitnem Gurbani Application isdesignedvery lite to fit with most of devices,if their is issuewith yourdevice compatibility with our app do mail with your Cellsmodel noand we would look forward to sort out the same in furtherversionof Nitnem App.With improved updates now you can read NitneminGumukhi , Hindi and English or Romanised version.SewaBywww.sahiblive.comIn case you find any spelling mistake kindlymailus at: would like to have yoursuggestionsand feedback
IELTS Listening Preparation-Listen English for TED 4.0
Improve your English by listening conversation, take IELTSpracticetest.Listening is an important part of communication. Ifyou do notunderstand what the other person is saying, then you willnot knowhow to respond.In this IELTS Listening Preparation app, youcanconstantly listen to the audio files provided here. There isalsoquestion and answers to allow students to gauge how theyaredoing.FEATURES• Take IELTS Practice test• 12 IELTS Practicetestswith answers.• English conversation with slow voice.•Listening TEDtalks with multi-subtitles• Commonly-used Englishphrases &vocabularies• Easy to store and manage your favoriteitems • PrettyUI, simple and user-friendly, support multi-language•Huge amountof audio contentThis application of English listeninghas differentlevels of difficulty, with specific vocabulary,differentaccents.*You can download audio to use OFFLINE.NOTE:ThisApp is NOTa TED's official app. TED does not endorse or sponsorthis app inany way. All TED Talks subject to the creative commonslicensefound at
NCERT Solutions - 1.7
Free NCERT Solutions from providedNCERTSolutions of the NCERT Books, RD Sharma solutions for Class 6to 10and RS aggarwal Solutons for Class 6 to 10. We have alsoincludedSolved CBSE sample Papers for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12. ThesesamplePapers are solved inaccordance with the CBSE markingscheme.Download NCERT Solutions for offline viewing. Oncedownloaded, youcan access NCERT Solutions, RD Sharma Solutions, andRS aggarwalSolutoins without internet access. Here are the list ofNCERT Bookscovered in App. NCERT Solutions - Class 12CBSE Class12 Maths CBSE Class 12 Physics CBSE Class 12 ChemistryCBSE Class12 Biology CBSE Class 12 Vistas English CBSE Class 12thFlamingoEnglish CBSE Class 12 Business Studies CBSE class 12AccountancyCBSE Class 12 Psychology CBSE Class 12 Sociology CBSEClass 12History CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship CBSE Class 12PoliticalScience CBSE Class 12 Macro Economics CBSE Class 12 MicroEconomicsNCERT Solutions - Class 11 CBSE Class 11 Maths CBSE Class11Physics CBSE Class 11 Chemistry CBSE Class 11 Biology CBSE Class11English Woven Words Short Stories CBSE Class 11 English WovenWordsEssay CBSE Class 11 English Woven Words Poetry CBSE Class11English Snapshots CBSE Class 11th English Hornbill CBSE Class11Business Studies CBSE class 11 Accountancy CBSE Class 11PsychologyCBSE Class 11 Entrepreneurship Class 11 Indian EconomicDevelopmentNCERT Solutions - Class 10 CBSE Class 10 Maths CBSEClass 10Science CBSE Class 10 Social CBSE Class 10 English CBSEClass 10Hindi Sanchyan CBSE Class 10 Hindi Sparsh CBSE Class 10HindiKshitiz CBSE Class 10 Hindi Kritika CBSE Class 10 SanskritNCERTSolutions - Class 9 CBSE Class 9 Maths CBSE Class 9 ScienceCBSEClass 9 Social Science CBSE Class 9 English Moments CBSE Class9English Beehive CBSE Class 9 English Main Course CBSE Class9English Literature Reader CBSE Class 9 Hindi Sparsh CBSE Class9Hindi Sanchyan CBSE Class 9 Hindi Kritika CBSE Class 9Hindikshitiz CBSE Class 9 Sanskrit NCERT Solutions - Class 8 CBSEClass8 Maths CBSE Class 8 Science CBSE Class 8 Socia CBSE Class8English It So Happened CBSE class 8 English Honeydew CBSE Class8Hindi CBSE Class 8 Sanskrit NCERT Solutions - Class 7 CBSE Class7Maths CBSE Class 7 Science CBSE Class 7 Social CBSE Class 7EnglishCBSE Class 7 Sanskrit CBSE Class 7 Hindi CBSE Class 7English AnAlien Hand Supplementary Reader CBSE Class 7 EnglishHoneycombNCERT Solutions - Class 6 CBSE Class 6 Maths CBSE Class 6ScienceCBSE Class 6 Social CBSE Class 6 English CBSE Class 6 HindiCBSEClass 6 Sanskrit
Babbel – Learn French 20.44.0
Learn French with Babbel, the app that’s helped millions speakwithconfidence. Developed by a team of Europe’s best languageexperts,Babbel makes language lessons CLICK with you and STICK withyou.THE BABBEL PROCESS Babbel makes learning French fun andeffective:1. HIT the ground running with practical conversationskillsLinguistic experts designed the intuitive courses to engageyou inpractical conversation skills from your very first lesson.2.Lessons that CLICK with you - Engaging and easy to useLessonsengross you in a foreign culture while guiding yourlanguagejourney with English-perspective hints, simpleexplanations, andcreative grammar cues that cement fresh concepts.3. Languageskills that STICK with you for life Revolutionary 10-15minutelessons and dynamic review sessions continuously adapt toyourstrengths and weaknesses, recontextualize prior concepts, andsendyour new language straight to long-term memory. Hit. Click.Stick.Speak French. It’s that easy! FEATURES: • 10-15 minutebite-sizedFrench lessons fit in your schedule • Lessons covering awide rangeof topics (including travel, culture, and business) •Speechrecognition technology aids pronunciation • Ideal forbothbeginners and advanced learners • Review Manager keepsFrenchvocabulary in your long term memory • Learningprogresssynchronized across all your devices and on the web WORKSFOR YOURGOALS: After just a month you will be able to handleimportantFrench conversations for: • Transportation • Shopping •Directions• Making friends and socializing • Dining • And muchmore! WHATPEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT US: “Babbel exceedsexpectations,delivering high-quality, self-paced courses.”“Exceptionally good site.” -The Economist “Babbel is oneof thestalwarts of the online language learning sphere.” -TNW**TheWorld’s Highest Grossing Language Learning App** **FastCompany # 1Most Innovative Education Company 2016** **AwardedApple's BestApps of 2014 in 9 countries!** PLEASE NOTE You'll needa Babbelsubscription in order to access courses and features. Thenumber ofcourses offered may vary depending on which displaylanguage youuse. Your subscription will renew automatically unlesscancelledbefore the end of the current payment period. You canmanage orcancel your subscription in your Google Play Storeaccount. Privacypolicy: Termsof use: SUPPORT We’d love to hearfromyou. Write to us with questions and VISIT US FOLLOWUS LIKEUS
Japanese Kanji Study - 漢字学習
Chase Colburn
Kanji Study is my ongoing project that tries to be a helpfulandeasy-to-use tool for learning Japanese kanji. Studywithflashcards, customizable quizzes and writing challenges. Eachkanjihas detailed information and many examples. The app providesapowerful search tool for looking up kanji by radicals, strokecountand more. You can also make custom sets to match yourtextbooks orfocus on the kanji you struggle with the most. The appis NOTentirely free; however, the free version has no ads andoffersunlimited study for hiragana, katakana, radicals andbeginnerkanji. Kanji search and ranking features are alsocompletelyunrestricted. The one-time upgrade unlocks the remainingkanjistudy groups and allows you to create your own custom sets. Italsosupports the continued development of this project. MainFeatures ★Quick kanji lookup • Search over 6000 kanji usingreadings,radicals, stroke counts, levels and more all in one textfield. •Combine any number of radicals and see them highlighted intheresults. • Add search results to a custom group to, forexample,study multiple grade levels. ★ Detailed kanji info • Viewanimatedstrokes, readings and meanings as well as your study timeand quizstats. • See a breakdown of the radicals found within eachkanji. •Check out example words (grouped by the kanji readings),sentencesand names. • Customize to hide meanings, collapsesections, showromaji and more. • Explore the kanji used within eachof theexamples and use the breadcrumbs to navigate back. ★Flashcardstudy • Drill characters in manageable sized sets. • Viewstrokeanimations and toggle the visibility of readings andassociatedmeanings. • Tap a reading to show a list of example wordsthat usethat reading. • Swipe to quickly launch writing practiceand viewadditional information. • Assign study ratings which allowsyou tofilter kanji as you learn them. ★ Multi-choice quizzes •Customizequizzes to show either readings, associated meanings,example wordsor sentences. • Example words can be selected fromJLPT and commonvocab, as well as your favorited examples. • Quiztimer anddistractors adapt based on previous quiz results. •Furthercustomize with options to repeat wrong answers, remove thetimer,pause after answering and more. ★ Writing challenges •Improve yourkanji recognition by challenging yourself to recall anddraw thecharacters. • Learn the correct stroke order using thefinely-tunedstroke detection algorithm. • Strokes will snap intoplace whencorrectly drawn and hints will appear if you arestruggling. • Usethe self-check mode to compare your drawingattempts with thecorrect answer. Additional Features ★ Study kanjigrouped by JLPTlevels, Jouyou grades or Kanji Kentei levels. ★ Sendcustom studyreminders when you haven't studied. ★ Read Japanesetext withtext-to-speech audio support. ★ Add shortcuts to your homescreento study a particular set. ★ Use the rankings screen to makecustomsets based on study stats. ★ Favorite kanji, radicals andexamplesfor referencing later. ★ Save progress using Google Driveor localstorage. ★ Customize MANY additional settings. Permissions- In-appPurchase (purchase upgrade) - External Drive (store backupfiles) -Install Shortcuts (add home screen shortcuts) - Run atstartup(reschedule notifications) - Full network access (sendanalytics)Translations There is a volunteer translation project forthe appinterface and content. If you would like to help, pleasesend me anemail!
Gujarat Asked Questions 13
MCQ Quiz and one linear questions answer application forpreparationof various Gujarat government competitive exams likeRevenue TalatiExam, Police constable, GPSC exam, GSSSB binsachivalay, clerk,senior clerk, etc. Questions of From history,geography, science,psychology, mathematics etc. are included.Gujarati grammar andEnglish grammar questions are also added.Sharing: You can sharequestions with options in text as well asimage format.
GTU Result 2.2.5
Ronak Doshi
GTU Result is an awesome application which allows studentsofGujarat Technological University to check their result withthemost easiest and fastest way. It is an application whichfrequentlychecks the GTU website for new results and notifies whennew resultis declared.GTU Result can also be used to check internalresult aswell as external result. It can store history of checkedresults sothat one can see the result even when offline. Itprovides awesomeand clean user interface with Google's MaterialDesign.Note: Allthe data are fetched from official websites of GTU.If you cannotfind any information or incorrect information isdisplayed thenplease check it on the official website ofGTU.Features:ProfileSetprofile to get your result on home screenand to check resultfaster.HistoryHistory of checked results isstored to check itoffline.Declared ResultsGet notification when thenew result isdeclared on the official website of GTU.Check MyResultCheck resultinstantly without entering enrollment no. if theprofile is set.MidResultCheck result of external exam taken byGTU.ExternalResultCheck result of mid exam taken by college.Note:-If you areusing any task killer application then add GTU Result toWhitelistof that task killer application or uninstall the taskkillerapplication in order to work correctly; or you can go toDeclaredResults and refresh to check for new declared results.- Ifthereare any issues in checking result or in notification thenpleasecontact admin by Report Issue or go to Settings > Contact,writeissue in the email and send to admin.Disclaimer:- Developer donotclaim any rights on any content provided on this application.-Allthe content in this application is providedby Contact Email:ronakdoshi10@gmail.comKeywords: GTU, Result, GTUResult, GTU Result,GTU ResultNotification, Check Result GTU, Result GTU, GTU app.
Drops: Language learning - learn Spanish and more! 34.12
Drops takes “boring” out of language learning: useful vocabularyisbeamed into your memory via gorgeous minimalist illustrationsandfast paced micro-games. The fun part? It only takes 5 minutesaday. In fact that’s all the time you get! Insane? Yes.Works?Absolutely! "The overall design and gamification elementsmakeDrops one of the most unique language learning apps I've triedsofar." — CNET Pick up the essential words of 37languages!Cornerstones of Drops: 👀 Drops is 100% visual: We usepictures todirectly connect the meaning to - not to your nativelanguage! Nomiddleman. Quicker, better and more fun in learning 36languages!:) 🏎️ 5 minute session limit: limiting learning time maysoundcounterintuitive but it makes Drops incredibly addictive,which isnot a bad thing when we talk about language learning. Thebarrierof entry is nonexistent. No excuses: you ALWAYS have 5minutes! 🕹️Effortless practice: We took a good look at why gamesare so funand addictive and injected the essence into Drops tocreate an appthat is freakishly immersive but in this case youdon’t waste yourtime playing instead you build a valuable asset:knowledge of a newlanguage. ⚡Rapid pace: We believe in quick paceand typing on yourphone’s keyboard is nothing but fast. Say helloto rapid swipes andtaps! You’ll need those extra seconds to get themost out of your 5minutes ;) 🎯 Vocabulary focus: No grammar, onlycurated words withhigh practical value. Drops focuses on one thingand it does itextremely well. Drops also teaches “alphabet” coursesforbeginners. 💁Forge learning habit: Drops wants to convert youinto alanguage learning addict. No matter how effective yourlearningtool is, if you don’t use it on a daily basis, it doesn’treallymatter. Drops tricks your mind and you’ll be better forit!Languages in Drops We are proud of the wide range of languagesthatyou can learn with Drops and we are adding new ones nearlyeverymonth. Besides the usual suspects – plenty of exotic onesareavailable too! 🆕 Planning to visit Estonia soon? Pickourvocabulary, that is designed especially for tourists. Weareextremely proud to our beautiful word pronunciations recordedbyvoice actresses and actors! Drops offer a complete package forfreefor casual learners: 5 minutes of blazingly fast and epicfunlearning per day, more than 2400 words in 99+ topics.Morededicated language learners can subscribe for premium featurestoachieve much faster progress and of course providesunlimitedlearning time. 🌍 Our mission at Drops is to empower peopleof theworld with the gift of language knowledge via a special toolthatuses the universal language we all speak: images.-----------------Have questions? Feel free to contact us
Historical Calendar - Events and Quizzes 5.1.7
Historical Calendar is a "Today in History" app that will showyouvarious history fun facts about every day. That includesvariousinfo, events, births, deaths, and more. FREE FEATURES • Alot ofdata. The app uses only the most up-to-date history factsfromWikipedia, available under CC BY-SA 3.0 license. • Contentinmultiple languages. Choose from more than 50 languages, theeventswill reflect the selected culture. • Offline mode. Enjoy theappwithout internet access, enable the offline mode in theSettings. •Search. Search entire history, works great with offlinemodeenabled. • Filter. Too many events? You can filter them basedonhistorical periods. • Agenda. Create your special collectionofhistorical dates or events by saving them. • Widget. Have aquickview on the historical facts of the day by using the widget.•Tablet support. The app is optimised for both phones andtablets.PREMIUM FEATURES • Quizzes. Test your history knowledgewithquizzes generated from Wikipedia history facts. • GoogleCalendarintegration. Events can be exported to Google Calendar.
NEET Preparation 2020 Offline 3.0
Praveen Yuva
This NEET 2020 Preparation Offline contains all previouslyBiologyPhysics Chemistry MCQ asked in NEET AIPMT till 2018. ThisNEET UG2020 MCQ App can be very helpful for your NEET AIPMTexampreparation. This application has several tests on previousyearpapers. By taking tests you can know your score. This NEET UG2020AIPMT app is an offline app. So you can prepare for theexamwithout internet connection. This NEET UG App size is verysmall soyou install this App without wasting much phone storage.Using thisNEET UG 2020 AIPMT preparation apps offline you canprepare forexam anytime anywhere. *After each Test, summary will bedisplayedindicating your marks and percentage. Start yourpreparation nowfor AIPMT.
Marathi Balgeete 1.1
Maharashtra is a state of India. The region's folk heritageincludesbharuds, gondhals, Lavanis-(Lavani or Lavni is all abouthow muchemotion your face can propagate into. Mastery is differentin thisdance form and is Maharashtra's cherished factors whichisdisappearing rapidly.) Shahiris and Powada. Sharang Dev,a13th-century composer, was from Maharashtra as well.Oneofsemi-classical music forms of Maharashtra is " Natya Sangeet"which is a minor version of Musical Opera in western world.NatyaSangeet or Sangeet Natak has almost a 200-year-old traditioninMaharashtra.Maharashtra has produced more than its fair shareofClassical and popular musicians. D V Paluskar, Bhimsen Joshi,BalGandharva, Kumar Gandharv, C R Vyas, Lata Mangeshkar, AshaBhonsle,Ajay Pohankar, Kishori Amonkar, Dr Vasantrao Deshpande,JitendraAbhisheki, Shubham Bhatt and other luminaries.It is alsowell knownfor the latest bit filmMusic festivals in the areainclude BangangaFestival, the Pune Festival, Ellora Festival atAurangabad, SangeetShankar Darbaar at Nanded, Sawai GandharvFestival at Pune, LaturFestival .
Typing Speed Test - Learn Typing Master 2.9
Typing Speed Test app is useful to test/measure the typing speedofa user. Learn typing and find how fast you can type. The app hasarich set of free typing lessons with options likehard/medium/easytyping to do online typing practice and learn totype. Letters arehighlighted to help you focus on typing. You canbecome a typingmaster with the help of this app or can play typinggames for fun.You need to add the language-specific keyboard totype in thatlanguage. Typing speed practice lessons show you resultwithinformation like: » Number of Correct Characters typed » NumberofWrong Characters typed » Typing Speed in Words Per Minute (WPM)»Typing Accuracy in terms of Percentage (%) Some of the keyfeaturesof the app are: » Character Practice - You can use thispractice tostart learn to type. Get acquainted with the keypad andstart speedtyping. Get the statistics Characters Per Minute (CPM)of the typedcharacter. » Word Practice - Practice word, with typinglessons.Press "space" to get the next word on the screen.Statistics (WPM -Words Per Minute) will show your accuracy in wordsper minute(average WPM). » Sentence Practice - Typing testparagraphs willhelp you increase your typing speed and help youbecome the fastesttyper. Practice the paragraphs by fast typing itand appear fortyping test. » Give A Test - Test timing optionsareone/two/five/ten minutes or you can set custom timing. Thetestwill start after you type the first character of theparagraphshown. Use the typing master test and challenge yourfriend for atyping test game. » Test History - Save the result ofthe test forfuture referral. You can even download and share theresult withyour friends and family members. » Score Board - Appshows topscorer around the world. Take part in typing testchallenge andshow your typing speed to all. » The App shows yourRank in thescoreboard for the test you appeared » User can connectthephysical keyboard with a phone using OTG Cable. » You can sharethefree typing test app with your friends and familymembers.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ThisApp is developed at ASWDC by Kaushalya Mandaliya(150543107015), the7th Sem CE Student. ASWDC is Apps, Software,and Website DevelopmentCenter @ Darshan Institute of Engineering& Technology, Rajkotrun by Students & Staff of ComputerEngineering Department Callus: +91-97277-47317 Write to Visit:http://www.aswdc.in Follow us onFacebook: Followsus onTwitter:
MSBTE Model Answer Paper 2.0.3
Shyam Gupta
MSBTE Model Answer Papers This application consolidates allpreviousyears exam question papers for polytechnic students inMaharashtra.It has facility of branch-wise, subject-wise andsemester-wise ModelAnswer Papers For Diploma Students.
Railway (RRB ) Exams 2018 - ALP : Group D : RPF 9.2
Railway Exam 2018 Preparation Daily Updates - 1. IndianRailwayAssistant Loco Pilot Exam Preparation. 2. Indian RailwayGroup DExam Preparation. 3. Railway Protection Force ( RPF )Constable& Sub Inspector Exam Preparation. Indian Railway IsLargestRequiter In India. Prepare With Us. Railway RecruitmentBoard. 1.Railway Recruitment Board Ahamadabad 2. RailwayRecruitment BoardAjmer 3. Railway Recruitment Board Allahabad 4.Railway RecruitmentBoard Banglore 5. Railway Recruitment BoardBhopal 6. RailwayRecruitment Board Bhuvaneshvar 7. RailwayRecruitment BoardBilaspur 8. Railway Recruitment Board Chennai 9.RailwayRecruitment Board Gorakhpur 10. Railway Recruitment BoardGuwahati11. Railway Recruitment Board Chennai 12. RailwayRecruitment BoardJammu 13. Railway Recruitment Board Kolkata 14.Railway RecruitmentBoard Malda 15. Railway Recruitment Board Mumbai16. RailwayRecruitment Board Muzzafarpur 17. Railway RecruitmentBoard Patna18. Railway Recruitment Board Ranchi 19. RailwayRecruitment BoardSecunderabad 20. Railway Recruitment BoardSiliguri 21. RailwayRecruitment Board Trivendram
Account Class-12 Solutions (D K Goel) Vol-1 3.0
Sanjeev Mehta
Many of the Students find Account the hardest and the timetakingsubject at school. That's not true, indeed, if you know howtoappreciate the beauty of this app and how to use and getgoodresults in this subject. Right now we added the solutions oftheclass 12th Accountancy text book Vol-1 (D.K. Goel) in thisapp,which help you get the answers in on just single click andthroughwhich you get better understanding on the questions.Contents ofthe App: 1. Accounting for Partnership Firms —Fundamentals 2.Change in Profit Sharing Ratio among the ExistingPartners 3.Admission of a Partner 4. Retirement or Death of aPartner 5.Dissolution of a Partnership Firm Please RATE US: 1.Please RATEthis application 5 STARS, if you find this app benefitedyou. 2. Weare always in the look out on how to improve our apps. Ifyou haveany suggestion or question about this app, Once again,Don't Forgetto Rate Us, Bcz your appreciation will encourage us towork harderand smarter. Thanks to all. Please kindly email us at:E-mail Us
Dazzling apps
# Features : 1. This is app designed for NCERT study. 2. Itcontainsall the NCERT books from std 1st to 12th. 3. Books arepresent forHindi and English medium. 4. All the books are properlyarrangedaccording to classes. *Share books with your friends*Download books*Save offline *Print Helpful For Following Exams :1. UPSC Exams 2.MPSC Exams 3. All the state level exams 4. NDA 5.Railway Exams 6.Staff Selection Commition Exams 7. Banking Exams[ex. IBPS, PO] 8.Sales Tax Inspector [STI Exam] 9. PoliceSub-Inspector [PSI Exam]10. Assistant Section Officer[ASO Exam]11. Excise Sub-InspectorThis app is made to distribute the NCERTbooks in free, efficientand fastest way possible. This app isdesigned so that, users caneasily navigate to any books of anyclass and subject they want.When it is about preparation of UPSCexam the study of NCERT booksis must so, along with that there arebooks recommended in app whichare really helpful for thepreparation. * Note : Despite of usingthis application users areinformed to check the NCERT'sofficialwebsite( * Disclaimer : This app isintendedfor educational and informational purpose only. It does notclaimfor any content included in the app. It is not related tooraffiliated with any organization of any kind. If there isanyconcern regarding this application then
Nepal Driving License 30.2
Naba Sansar
Nepal Driving License Exam Preparation practice , containing allthequestion that were asked and possibility to ask in likhitexamconducted by Nepal Traffic and Nepal Yatayat BebesthaKaryalaya.The content in this app are based on the all the questionthatwere asked in the examination.
DailyArt - Your Daily Dose of Art History Stories 2.4.2
Every day get inspired by classic, modern and contemporaryartmasterpieces and read short stories about them. Join thecommunityof over 700.000 art lovers, for whom DailyArt is somethingthatenlightens their day, every day. For free! Furthermore: -Exploreand search the collection of more than 2000 masterpieces, -Read700 artist biographies and information about 500museumcollections, - Add masterpieces to your favorites, - EasilyfindDailyArts which you haven't seen yet, - Share everything amongyourfamily and friends, - Set up your account and use DailyArtonmultiple devices including tablets and smartwatches - Copy thetextof the description - Use a widget! - Set up a morning or aneveningtime for your push notification - And what's the mostimportant -enjoy art <3 Do you want to know why van Gogh cut offhis ear?Or who is the lady on Picasso's portrait? How JacksonPollockcreated his paintings? Open DailyArt and find out. Accordingtomedia and our users, DailyArt is a must-have app for allartlovers, as some journalists wrote about us: - "Even if youalreadyknow the work, you may not know all the fascinating detailsthe appserves up on the backstory of the art." - Victor Luckerson,TimeMagazine - “DailyArt is your daily dose of classicpaintings,serving up a proverbial shot of espresso to awaken theinnerculture vulture in you (...) One of the best 12 educationalapps of2012" - Paul Sawers, The Next Web - "With its superb imagesandinformative biographical blurbs, DailyArt is perfect forthoselooking to add some culture to their day." - Kelly Hodgkins,TUAWLearn something new about art every day - you just needtwominutes. Download your espresso shot of art, for free.