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WedShoots - Wedding Photo Sharing 2.3.18
On your big day, your wedding guests will take hundreds ofphotoswith their phones that you'll probably never see. Instead oftryingto contact your guests for photos after the wedding,WedShootshelps you easily collect wedding guest photos in onewedding app -all while making your wedding fun and engaging. WithWedShoots, youcan:   - Capture every memory with our easywedding photosharing app - Encourage wedding guests to share photosduring yourevents by uploading them into an album for all yourguests to see -Enhance pictures with photo filters to adddistinctive style toyour wedding photo stream - Manage privacysettings of your photosto have control over who can add picturesand view the weddingphoto album - Keep photos of your special dayprivate. #Hashtagscan be too public. - All in one free wedding app!WedShoots byWeddingWire is the free and fun way to include all yourfriends,family, and wedding party in the magic of your special day.Justhave them install the app, find your wedding and startsharingpictures. It’s that easy. Now your wedding memories can liveonforever in the palm of your hand. Use WedShoots by WeddingWireforall your wedding events, from your engagement party to yourweddingshower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and evenyourhoneymoon. Managing your wedding has never been easier! Formorewedding planning help, check out the WeddingWire app. We arehappyto offer you this app totally free, just like the varioususefultools that will help you plan your special celebration.Downloadthe wedding app and enjoy your big day with WedShoots!
Belot 1.9.6
MIddle Hut
Bridge-Belot with Bulgarian rules! ♣ Play against computerplayers(AI) ♣ Natural and simple gameplay ♣ Different game rulesoptions ♣Optimized for standard and high resolution smartphonesBelot is thename of a French trick-taking card game very popular inBulgaria,in some parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia,Macedonia(Especially Bitola), and in Saudi Arabia. It is also verypopularin Armenia and extensively played by the Armenian Diaspora,informer USSR area (Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova) andbyJewish communities worldwide. In this game you are playingwiththree computer players (AI). You play South, your partner isNorthand the opponents are East and West. The names of the playerscanbe configured inside the game. If you want to help us improvethegame, please send us scenarios that are wrongfully played bythecomputer players, or just write us any ideas for improvementsthatyou may have! Write us for recommendations, questions anderrors [email protected]
Tranca Jogatina 1.7.34
Tranca is a very popular card game in Brazil, originatedfromBuraco. It is also known as Canastra Argentina, CanastraChilenaand Canastra Uruguaia. The difference from other card gamesis thatTranca is based on 3 cards and how you make sets of threecards!You must use them strategically to get more points or to beatyouropponent. Play Tranca with a group of 2 or 4 players againstourbots or play online with other people. If you like to playBuracoor other card games, you are going to love playing TrancaJogatina.Features: - Practice by yourself against bots or playonline withothers - Chat with other players online and make newfriends -Cards, decks and tables can be customised - Tables with 2or 4players - Invite your friends - Train your memory andconcentrationwith a fun hobby! Get ready to make tons of set ofthree cards andcanastas. Download Tranca Jogatina, one ofJogatina's amazinggames!
FBC Murfreesboro
Stay up to date with the latest sermons, bulletins, calendareventsand more at First Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, TN
Ouedkniss 1.5.2
Trouvez plus de 800.000 annonces sur le 1er site des annoncesenAlgerie | Immobilier , Automobiles , Emploi , Informatique,Téléphonie , Maison , Vêtements , Voyages . Restez connectésetutilisez les fonctionalitées de chat de à partirdevotre mobile , et recevez les messages des visiteurs du siteentout moment . Find more than 800,000 ads on the first siteinAlgeria ads | Real Estate, Automobiles, Jobs, Computers,Phones,Home, Clothing, Travel. Stay connected and use thechatfonctionalitées of from your mobile, andreceivemessages from site visitors any time. 3.2.1
En encuentras noticias que resaltan los buenosactos,la agenda más completa de eventos, guías con recomendaciones,notasde cultura general, deportes y un directorio conrestaurantes,hoteles, comercios y mucho más. you findnews that highlight the good deeds, the mostcomprehensive calendarof events, guides, recommendations, notesgeneral culture, sportsand a directory with restaurants, hotels,shops and much more.#Let's go
Tiendeo - Deals and Stores 5.0.18
Find the best deals, catalogs and coupons from stores in yourarea!Walmart, Target, Sears, Kroger, Aaron’s, GAP and many more:all thelatest deals from your favorite stores in the palm of yourhand.Download the Tiendeo App for free and never miss a good deal!Mainfeatures: - Flip through the latest catalogs from stores inyourarea. - Find stores, addresses, telephone numbers andopeninghours. - Create shopping lists, save and use coupons byshowingyour phone in-store. - Choose your favorite stores: we willadviseyou when they update their offers. Some of the stores onTiendeo:Walmart, Target, Aldi, Safeway, Kohl’s, RadioShack, FootLocker,Modell’s, Big5, Aaron’s, Crate&Barrel, Toys R Us.---------Recent Awards: - Best application in the ""Consumer""category -Tab Innovation 2013 - Best ""Multichannel Consumerapplication"" -ExpoRetail Futurshop --------- Tiendeo in the media:- El País:""The idea of making a website with catalogs of mailshotdeals andbringing nearby stores to the mobile is both simpleandinnovative"" - El Mundo: ""Tiendeo is among the best apps aroundatthe moment. Gathers together current brochures."" 🌐 You canalsovisit our website: Day by day we continue towork tomake Tiendeo the best app possible. Thanks to all foryoursuggestions.. If you have any further suggestions please donothesitate to contact us at: 📩[email protected] Thank you!
LUN.COM 1.5.3
Install this app to your device for quick and easy access toLUN.COM 6.0
Web site number 1 for car classifieds in Bulgaria is nowaccessableanytime, anywhere with your Android smartphone. Browseover 120,000listings in 11 categories to find exactly what you'relooking for.From cars and SUVs, trailers and boats, to specializedequipment,you're sure to find a perfect match for your needs. Savelistingsfor future reference and quick access. Detailed informationandpictures + contact information received right away. Or justbrowsethrough the latest news.
Sueca 2.7
Hugo Rosário
The classic sueca game, on your cellphone.Sueca is a cardgameplayed by 4 players.You can play solo or online with yourfriends.
Status Saver for Whats
Easily save or share the status of your WhatsApp friends thatyouhave already seen in that messagingapplication.     This application allowsyou to: *Save the status of your friends that you have alreadyseen. * Sharethe statuses in your social networks, or save them inthe cloud. *Delete the images that are occupying memory in yourphoneindefinitely. * Optionally edit the images withthird-partyapplications before savingthem.     Permissions requested: * Accesstophone storage   If you need to authorize accesstostorage again you can slide your finger on the screendown.     It is well known that sometimesweare interested in a meme, or photograph of friends orfamilymembers, as well as videos that seem funny to us. This istheopportunity to get hold of that content that otherwise notallusers would be able to.      Italsohappens that this content remains in the memory of our devicesforan indefinite time occupying the capacity that sometimes we needtouse our applications, so this app allows you to eliminate allthecontent of WhatsApp that is no longer useful. You can also jointheBeta testers team and try the latest features before anyoneelse.     Questions and suggestionsto:[email protected]
Frases de Dios Bendiciones 1.1
Sfo Apps
Start your day with the best motivation that only the bestGodSentences Blessings can give you. The best phrases to downloadtheapp completely FREE, and you can share the phrases in yourfavoritesocial networks.
BeVerisure 1.16.21
Partagez nos offres d’emploi, nos valeurs, notre actualitéetdevenez le meilleur coopteur de notre Groupe, lemeilleurambassadeur de notre Marque. Parce que la réussite dechacun estune chance pour tous au sein de Verisure, il suffit d’unclic pourpartager et recruter ensemble les talents de demain.Cumulez despoints et remportez chaque mois les challenges qui voussontproposés.Share our jobs, our values, our news and become thebestcoopteur our Group, the best ambassador for our brand. Becausethesuccess of each is an opportunity for all within Verisure, justaclick to share and recruit all the talent of tomorrow.Collectpoints and win monthly challenges that are on offer.
Virgen de Guadalupe Fina 1.1
Sfo Apps
Start your day with the best motivation that only the bestVirginMary of Guadalupe images can give you. The best images of ourlady,that you wait to download the app are completely FREE, and youwillbe able to share the images in your favorite social networks.
Moving Intelligence 3.4
The free Moving Intelligence app allows you, the user ofMovingIntelligence, to have insight of your tripadministration andof thecurrent location of your object (s). In addition, the appoffersseveral convenient options for using your immobilizer. RealTime: -Live tracking and tracing of your vehicles. - Currenttrip.Insights: - Ignition on / off - Current speed - Display thelast orcurrent trip on the map Tripadministration: - Start time andEndtime of the trip - Start Address and End Address of the trip-Distance - Assign classification pertrip(private/business/unknown/commuting) - Display the trip on themap- Edit the description of the trip Security SCM VVS BasicPlus:This security requirement ensures that a vehicle must beequippedwith an immobilizer (MiBlock) with jamming detection.Therefor wehave some convenient features: - Alarm blockage, if youwant tostay at the emergency center your vehicle for a short time -Yourvehicle (once) have asked to show the transponderpas. (Whenparkingin an unsafe place) - In addition, the app includes acalendarfunction where you can set when the MiBlock to ask for apass (forexample, every day from 23.00 to 07.00). MiSwitch: -Remote on-,and off various functions such as the heater yourboatTripadministration overview: This function allows you toquicklyand easily at a glance look at your tripadministrationperclassification (business, commuter traffic, private andunknown)are clearly displayed. Do you keep your Tripadministraionfor thetax authorities, you can keep a close eye on whether allrides areproperly classified. This app is available to every userMovingIntelligence. To receive these services, you need to useMovingIntelligence hardware and services. These services connectafterinstalling the hardware via the Moving Intelligence webshop.TheApp is available in multiple languages; Dutch, English,German,French and Italian. The app will choose the language of yourphoneor tablet.
hala Celta! PLUS
Nap Studio
Be informed of today news from Celta de Vigo with this versionofhala Celta WITHOUT ADS AND WITH A BRAND NEW DESIGN! Allthecoverage of the first team, plus the latest news of transfermarketand scores. With a weightless and simple design. Try out thebestapp for the supporters of Celta.
Хто у горах? 1.6.1
Nravo Kids
“Хто у горах?” ("Who’s in the Mountains?") - application forearlydevelopment of the smallest players. An exciting journey tothemountains, where Grandpa John together with his domesticanimalshelps toddlers explore the world: remember animal names andsounds,learn how to count, answer questions logically.CONSISTSOF:●interactive story “Who’s in the Mountains?”;● mini game“AnimalPuzzle”;● mini game “Count us!”;● mini game“FeedingTime”.FEATURES:● very simple controls and UI adapted fortoddlers;●original graphics and animations, all characters areanimated withsound;● Carpathian story is presented as a dialogbetween motherand child;● some phrases are voiced by children;●“parentalcontrol” feature - ability to limit the play time, allcharactersgo to sleep when the time is out;● possibility todownload andprint different creative materials with gamecharacters: "Who’s in theMountains?", enjoyplaying and learning!ABOUT US.Nravo Kids is acooperative projectof Nravo company (international mobile gamedeveloper) and activeUkrainian parents, who feel the lack ofhigh-quality learningprograms for early child development.LIKEUS:
Orvis T.V Costa Rica 7.61
The best open Costa Rica TV Stations on a single place, youcanwatch the following channels: - Channel 2 HD - Channel 4 HD-Channel 6 HD - Channel 7 HD - Channel 11 HD - Channel 13 HD-Channel 42 HD - Channel 33 HD - Channel TD+ HD If any tv stationisnot working properly you can report it and we will fix it assoonas possible. If you would like to add any TV station pleaseleaveits name on the comments box and we will add it to theapplicationIf you have any problem with the application please letus know andour team will contact you in order to provide you abetter usageexperience. This application requires an activeinternetconnection. -- We do not own any of the content streamed bythe TVstations listed on this aplication, we just provide a singleaccesspoint for the user to watch the tv stations. --
Competiciones FARBM 1.0.2
Aplicación oficial de la Federación Aragonesa de Balonmano.Semuestran todas las competiciones activas de latemporadaorganizadas según los criterios de la Federación. Cuentaconinformación de cada partido, resultados porjornadas,clasificaciones y ficha de cada equipo. Te alertamediantenotificaciones sobre los resultados actualizados detuscompeticiones y equipos favoritos. Official application oftheAragonese Federation of Handball. all season competitionsorganizedby the Federation criteria are displayed. It hasinformation ofeach party by days results, standings and record ofeach team.Notifications alerting you updated on your favoriteteamscompetitions and results. 3.4.2
Entérate de las noticias de última hora y el acontecer enElSalvador y el mundo con la nueva app de y ElDiariode Hoy. Podrás personalizar la app para crear tu feed denoticiascon tus secciones favoritas, para informarte más rápido y atumanera. Catch the breaking news and events in El Salvador andtheworld with the new app and El Diario de Hoy. Youcancustomize the app to create your news feed with yourfavoritesections, to inform you and your way faster.
fluig is a platform that unites all of your company's worktools.Now you can access processes (BPM) and documents (ECM) fromasingle login, completely integrated with you company'smanagementsystem. Therefore, with fluig you can quickly manage andapproverequests of processes, send and view documents and relate toothercollaborators in a simples and cooperative way, usingcommunities.With the fluig app for Android, you have access to yourcompany'sentire universe in the palm of your hands, even when youare farfrom the office. Know more about fluig in
Chuvitiba 2.1
--THIS GAME IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE--Chuvitibaisa compilation of minigames based on the culture and charactersofthe city of Curitiba, each minigame having it's owndifferentgameplay mechanic, but always being short and funny.Thegame wasdeveloped by freshman of the Digital Games course ofCentroTecnológico Positivo (Positivo Tech Center) in Curitiba astheirfirst project. The game was part of a game expo and wasselected asone of the best in the event.We're grateful for allcomments!Questions, ideas, suggestions and complaints are welcome!
Agricultural Compendium 5.0.0
Agrimind Apps
The Agricultural Compendium Agrimind was developed in ordertoassist agronomists and farmers to protect their crops. Withmorethan 1800 pesticides and 900 pests recorded in itsconsultationbase, brings a wide range of information which includesgrowingcereals, vegetables and fruit. This information is recordedin thememory of your smartphone, making it completely offline,withoutthe need to connect to the Internet or mobilenetworks. On theQuick Access menu you can filter your searchesby defensiveproduct, active ingredient, manufacturer and culture.Indicatingwhich pesticides are designed with a particular activeingredientor which of them are recommended for particularculture.Besides thesearch for defensive, you can perform the searchby pests, whichare divided into categories such as insects,diseases and weeds.The presence of images helps visualidentification of pests in thefield, comparing the offending pestcharacteristics of the cropwith the images in your smartphonescreen. The filtering culturehas only pests particular culture andthe indication of pesticidesis already fixed in the selectedculture when queried furtherinformation on the pest.Informationsharing can send to others theinformation on a crop protection ordosage indications andapplication for particular pests andculture.Important: Theinformation in this application are takenfrom bulls manufacturersand based on indications from the Ministryof Agriculture,Livestock and Supply. Before taking any decision onapplication ofpesticides in agriculture consult an agronomist orexpert on thesubject for more precise details. The main purpose ofthisapplication is to assist the information query, as a compendiumofreferences.For more details go to: [email protected]
Pericos Online 1.2.1
Mantente al dia de las opiniones y noticias de los seguidoresdelRCD Espanyol a través de la app de "" y escuchasuprograma en directo.Keep track of the opinions and newsEspanyolfans through the app "" and listen to hisliveprogram.
Desde su fundación en 2016, Radio "La voz del Custodio" brindalamejor compañía musical, y la mas completa informacion paraelpersonal de seguridad privada en Argentina y el mundo. Teinvitamosa ser parte de este espacio. Since its founding in 2016,Radio"Voice of the Custodian" offers the best music company, andthemost comprehensive information for private security personnelinArgentina and the world. We invite you to be part of this space.
Box Check-In 6.6.1
Designed to facilitate the booking in fitness classes, thesystemalso acts as a motivational agent, because it allows thescoresregistration on workouts and personal records, such as thenumberof repetitions, time and max weight. Also, it allows you toseeyour physical evolution with charts and reports. There arefourtypes of timers to help you to workout when you are out of gym.Thetimers are: countdown, stopwatch, stopwatch with time capandTabata. Gym´s administrators must have an account in BoxCheck-Inwebsite and they are responsible to generate the usernameandpassword of the athletes.
La Naranjera de Sibers 16.0
Señal generada desde el ejido más grande y próspero delestadopotosino. El refugio ciudad Fernández SLP México Nuestraweb: Nuestroblog: Keywords:musicagrupera,la naranjera de sibers Signal generated from thelargestand most prosperous state of San Luis ejido. The shelterFernándezSLP Mexico City Our web: blog: Keywords:conjunto music,the naranjera of Sibers
Teurama Estereo 1.5
Teurama Estereo Emisora Comunitaria Fundada El 8 De Marzo De1999,Transmitiendo Desde El Municipio De Teorama Norte De SantanderConUna Excelente Calidad De Audio Para Colombia Y ElMundo.TeuramaEstereo Station Community Founded on 8 March 1999,broadcastingfrom De Norte De Santander Teorema municipality withexcellentaudio quality for Colombia and the world.
Bogr Donate 2.8.3 Donate
Roman Kazantsev
!!!Support of the application is no longer!!!Use Smiler Reborn=) reading some funny sites. Such as polniyp.meFor Export(Launch Bogr > Favorites >Export to XML > Launch Smiler> Favorites > ImportfromBogr)Smilerreview:
Avamet 2.4
Download the application and, with a single click, be aware ofallthe news of the AVAMET, to have immediate accesstoMeteoXarxaOnline, our forum or our news, among otherfeatures.Sections of the app: - MeteoXarxaOnline - Webcams - Forum- News -Avapred competition - Become Partner - Association'sFacebook pages- Association's Twitter profiles - Wikipedia'sarticles - Rainradar for Murcia and Valencia - Rain echotop forMurcia andValencia - Sat24 images (HD and IR) - HR modelisation andGFSEnsembles - Configuration - Link to our widget - LinksAvametWidget:
Leadership course 1.09
FREE LEADERSHIP COURSE Would you like to have the bestLeadershipAPP? ... this FREE Leadership Course APP is for you! Agood leaderhas to manage his social skills, his communicativeskills and aboveall his soft skills ... Leadership Course is anapplicationexplained of the whole topic of organizationalleadership, teamleadership, tools and values ​​that a 21st centuryleader must haveto manage groups of people in any area of ​​theirlives. LearningLeadership is of vital importance for all businessmanagers or forevery young person aspiring to lead their own lives,the skillsthey must develop to be competitive in the new age ofknowledge,leadership for life ... Leadership course is wellexplained indetail with very simple words and chords for notexperts in thesubject since this way can develop their skills andpotentialities.If you put into practice all the knowledge that youare going tolearn here above all I want to congratulate you aredoing yourMasters in leadership In the content of this App you willfindtopics related and selected All about leadership and humanbehaviorand especially the application of it in real lifesituations. Thetopic of leadership is very sound in recent years,which is whymany people handle different concepts of the subject,but the mostimportant thing is that you and I have a need to be aleader withvalues ​​and ethics You would like to be a Leader, herewe have foryou this application where you provide many leadershiptools whichwill be very useful during your professional andpersonal career.Speaking and leadership course for your personalgrowth and in thisway you can achieve greater results in yourpersonal life and inbusiness, this course will give you the basictools to be a goodspeaker and that way you will be able to speak inpublic withsecurity. This App will teach you everything related tofreeleadership and you can share with your fellow students, forgreaterease of access to information and practical toolsoftransformational leadership. Learning leadership is a simpletaskbecause we are going to give you examples of real situationswhereyou can apply once you have read the course, your commitmenthas tobe with yourself. Since the way to develop your maximumpotentialhas to become a habit and as a consequence your leadershipwill beof great dimension. The application will be constantlyupdatingwith new content, as our commitment to you is to provideyou withvaluable and useful information on to help you improveyourleadership skills. What are you waiting for? ... click onDOWNLOADand develop your skills with Free Leadership Course.
Entrenap 4.11
Reserva de clasesHistorial depagosMyFitBookingclassPaymenthistoryMyFit
Real Estate Calculator 1.87
The application only supports French real estate investmentrulesfor now and is able to calculate the real net return oninvestment.« Rendement Locatif » makes it very simple foranyone toquickly evaluate wether a real estate investment is worthit ornot. It provides a very accurate, simple and completefinancialreport about your real estate return on investment.
Радио Югомания - Слушай Сръбска Музика Онлайн 2.0
Yugo Media
Свали приложението на Радио Югомания БЕЗПЛАТНО и слушайсръбскапопфолк и народна музика през своя смартфон! Включванай-добритепопфолк радиа от всички югославски републики: Сърбия,Босна иХерцеговина, Хърватска, Словения, Черна гора,Македония.Изберисръбско радио и слушай:1. Radio Belami / РадиоБелами2. Radio BN /Радио БН3. Radio Bum Bum / Радио Бум Бум4. RadioČaršija / РадиоЧаршия5. Radio Glas Drine / Радио Глас Дрине6. RadioJugomanija /Радио Югомания7. Radio Južni Vetar / Радио Южни Ветар8.Radio NaxiBoem / Радио Накси Боем9. OK Radio / ОК Радио10. RadioPingvin /Радио Пингвин11. Pink Radio / Пинк Радио12. VIP Radio /ВИПРадио13. Zam Radio / Зам РадиоDownload the application ofRadioYugomaniya free and listen Serbian pop-folk and folk musicthroughyour smartphone! It includes best folk radio stations fromallYugoslav republics: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Croatia,Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia.Choose Serbian radio andlisten:1.Belami Radio / Radio Bellamy2. Radio BN / Radio BN3. RadioBum Bum/ Radio Boom Boom4. Radio Čaršija / Radio Charshia5. RadioGlasDrine / Radio Voice Drina6. Radio Jugomanija / RadioYugomaniya7.Radio Južni Vetar / Radio Southern Vetar8. Radio NaxiBoem / RadioNaxi Boem9. OK Radio / Radio October10. Radio Pingvin /RadioPenguin11. Pink Radio / Pink Radio12. VIP Radio / VIP Radio13.ZamRadio / Radio Zam
Trip N’ Touch 1.0.14
This mobile application is offered to travel agenciesexclusively.It is integrated to TravelWorks-PC Voyages managementsoftware fordata transfer*. It simplifies passengers’ trips andenhance theirstays. An excellent way to offer a unique and funmobile experienceto travelers. Allows travel agency to: - Improvebrand loyalty withcustomers - Generate new sales opportunities -Increase travelagency brand awareness It works OFFLINE andincludes: - Tripdetails: transportation, accommodation, activities,tours etc. -Flight info and status in real-time - Detailed travelguides withthousands of places including pictures, descriptions,openinghours, prices… - Local maps - Trip journal to share textorpictures through Facebook - Augmented reality and other featurestodiscover nearby hot spots - Postcards, currency converter, etc.Areyou a travel agency? Contact us at [email protected] video toknowmore about our mobile solutions. * TravelWorks-PCVoyagesmanagement software license is necessary to activate themobile appmodule. Consult for moreinfo.
Sprut 2.0.3
Sprut - is your new generation personal assistant for orderingataxi and it’s available 24/7. Need to go somewhere? Maybe yourcargot broken and you need help? Just use Sprut, and in fewminutescar will arrive to you. No more calls to taxi services andwaitingon the line. At the moment, Sprut is available in fewUkrainiancities, but it's presence is gradually increasing! Why youwouldlove Sprut? - Order a car in only one click. Your currentlocationis determined automatically using GPS - You will knowimmediatelyafter a car took your order information about it, suchas make,model, color and plate number - You will know exactly whenyour carwill arrive, because in addition to the estimated time ofarrival,you can also track its current location - Do you need to beon timeat the airport, and you are worried that there might beproblemswith ordering a car in the early morning? Do a preorder andbe calm- your car will be just in time and Sprut will remind youaboutthat - Are you going not alone? You can choose a bigger carwhencreating an order - In some cases, you don’t need to gosomewhere,but you need a help here. Maybe to bring something, or tofix yourcar, and Sprut can help you too - Did you forget somethingin thecar? Order is saved in the history after its completion - Youcanadd your favorite places as a template for a quick order infuture- And much more If you have any comments or suggestions,pleasecontact us: [email protected]
Philosophy Course 1.05
Philosophy Course Would you like to have the best philosophyAPP?... this FREE philosophy course APP is for you! CourseofPhilosophy is an application with theoretical foundationsandcontributions of all the great philosophers, of all timeshighlyrecommended for students, educators and for the whole publicwhowants to learn the fundamentals of behavior and why? of thingsFreephilosophy course, it is fundamental to know to be abletounderstand our peers as it mentions the subjects ofemotionalintelligence, to better manage our interpersonal emotions.Courseof philosophy is well explained in detail with very simplewordsand chords for non-experts on the subject of Spanishphilosophy Ifyou put into practice all the knowledge that you willlearn herefirst of all I want to congratulate you are doing yourMasters inPhilosophy In the content of this App you will findrelated andselected topics All about Spanish philosophy and humanbehavior,there were things and many questions about everythingaround us.Course of philosophy is also with information valid forteachers asit is explained in detail for a good understanding ofit. Where youcan find answers to the following questions: Why isthere a lot ofcorruption in our society? What has happened to moraland ethicalvalues? Where is our society headed? Does God reallyexist? Whereis it located? Why does man seek life in marriage? Whatis love?You would like to be a Philosopher, here we have for youthisapplication of free Spanish philosophy course which will beveryuseful during your career This App will teach you a freephilosophycourse you can share with your study partners, forgreater ease ofaccess to valuable information of your career. Theapplication willbe constantly updating with new content, as ourcommitment to youis to provide you with valuable and usefulinformation about thephilosophy. What are you waiting for? on DOWNLOAD andlearn history Free Philosophy.
TV Guide BR Gold
Brazilian TV Guide with 610 channels ATTENTION : Thisapplicationdoes not allow you to watch TV or anything else!!!ATTENTION : Thisapplication does not allow you to watch TV oranything else!!!ATTENTION : This application does not allow you towatch TV oranything else!!! Reviews:Techtudo: Tablet's Design - Sharing option - Comment shows ontwitter -Search - Channel filtering - Movies Description - Seriessynopses -What's Now? - What's Now by Category? - What's Good thisweek - NoAds - Alarms - Daylight saving - Cache for offline usageNow youcan see in only one place the schedule of the best movies oftheweek! For sugestions, bugs visit thesite( Thanks for all the usersthatpointed bugs helping me make a better app for everyone.Caution:Loading cache may take a while if it is too big. ATENTION2: If youthink you found a bug or there is something wrong with theapp, thebest thing to do is send me a email so I can fix theproblem. Givea low score wont´t help fix the bug or solve yourproblem. InDevelopment: - better search options - more channels
SoCal Jet Boats 7.1.78
This is the mobile application for Postnewthreads, reply to threads, and easily upload photos. Best of all-its is Southern California's PremierJetBoat Forum & Online Community. This JetBoat Forumfeaturesarticles, forums, boats and boat parts classifieds andgalleries ofraces, events, and other random happenings. This is acommunity ofboaters that isn't just exclusive to SoCal or even JetBoats whichmakes it a great place for the discussion of thelifestyle or justfor some good old tech support.
Fórmula Fun 1.1
Fórmula Fun Galicia, es la radio positiva de la provincia deACoruña, con emisoras, en Ferrol- 90.30, A Coruña-88.20,Bergantiños- 91.90 y Xallas- 107.50 FM.Fórmula Fun es unamarcaregistrada, que nace el año 2012, fruto de la evolución delaemisora local Ártabra FM.Fórmula Fun ofrece la programaciónmáscercana, fresca e interactiva ,durante las 24 horas, conprogramaspropios y locutores de la zona.Formula Fun Galicia, ispositivewithin the province of A Coruña, with stations at 90.30Ferrol, ACoruña, 88.20, 91.90 and Xallas- Bergantiños- 107.50FM.Formula Funis a registered trademark, born in 2012, the resultof theevolution of local FM station Ártabra.Fun Formula offerstheclosest, fresh and interactive programming, 24 hours, withownprograms and broadcasters in the area.
Ingred 4.7
Check with a photo of the label for ingredients of cosmetics orfoodcan be harmful to your health. Query the database of foodadditivesand ingredients in cosmetics.List of cosmetic ingredientsinpersonal care products, harmful to health, taken from sourcessuchas the Red Ecoestética,,, http://,, and others. Listof suspected food additivesbased on data collected from variousentities such as the EU, WHO,FAO, JECFA. Technical Service of theNational Consumer Institute,Joint Expert Committee on FoodAdditives, the Joint Committee ofFAO / WHO Expert Committee on FoodAdditives ... etc. Taken from, and Names ofingredients derived from palmoil extracted
UNI Financial cooperation 4.11.3
Make your standard business and personal financialtransactionssecurely and get financial information on yoursmartphone ortablet, no matter where you are. Your onlinetransactions will beeasier than ever and just as secure. Certainfunctions alsoavailable on Android Watch. Use AccèsD mobile to: •deposit chequesby taking a photo of them, without having to go toyour businesslocation or an ATM; • make Interac e-Transfers™; • Usethefingerprint unlock feature to log on to UNI mobile serviceswithyour fingerprint instead of your username and password. •checkyour business location and credit card account balanceswithouthaving to log on to InstaBalance, whether you are anindividual orbusiness member; • search transactions made in thelast 12 monthsin your various caisse accounts by type and period; •pay yourbills, credit card accounts and Accord D financing plan andpayyour line of credit; • transfer funds between your accountsandbetween individuals (including transfers to the account of aVisacardholder). Add or delete recipients; • select a monthly planorchange your current one; • open a High Interest [email protected] Accountorinvest inTerm [email protected]; • use the Hop'n [email protected] instant savingstooland receive notifications to help you reach your goals; •addorganizations for bill payments; • use the My budget tool tomanageyour budget; • make an RRSP contribution to your RS RRSPaccount; •see, modify or delete pending transactions; • registerfor AccèsD;• reactivate your AccèsD password; • contact an advisorby securemessage, whether at your business location or othercomponents; •make purchases with Google Pay; • turn on and receiveUNInotifications; • renew your market-linked guaranteedinvestmentsand Term Savings deposits; • create, track, modify aproject aspart of My Savings Plan or support a loved one’s savingsplan; •get access to credit card cash advances; • apply for acredit card.You can also use UNI mobile services to: • manage yourfavouritesand personalize your home page; • access new content likefinancialtips and information about various products and services;• find abusiness location, Financial Business Centre or ATM; • getthephone numbers to reach us; • use the currency converter; •checkrates; • open an account and become a member. N.B.:Featuresavailable on AccèsD mobile and AccèsD Affaires mobile mayvary. ™Trademark of Interac Inc. Used underlicence.************************************** We thank you foryourloyalty and interest in our mobile services. You can be surethatnew features will follow in 2016. We always take your commentsintoaccount when developing new services. Keep sending usyoursuggestions! You can write to us [email protected]**************************************
Radio 24 5.8
Somos los mismos de siempre no cambiamos seguimos #IgualQueVosWeare the same as always we do not change we #IgualQueVos
APRIL Easy Claim 3.2.3
Wherever you are in the world, APRIL International Care EasyClaimapp allows you to easily send your claim for reimbursementofhealthcare expenses. To use this app, all you need is yourCustomerZone login information and your invoices. And to makethings evensimpler, you will then be able to use thefingerprintauthentication feature.

 With Easy Claim, yourreimbursementsare only one click away! 

# Sign in and accessthe Easy Claimservice to: 

• send a claim for reimbursement ofhealthcareexpenses, up to €1,000 per invoice, 

• check yourlatestreimbursements,

 • access your claims history, • See anddownloadyour insurance card, • Access to your APRIL contacts.

 #Send aclaim for reimbursement by:

 • selecting the beneficiaryandentering the date of treatment,

 • writing the anti-fraud codeonyour original documents,

 • attaching pictures of yourinvoicesand medical prescriptions,

 • submitting your claim with asimpleclick!

 # Stay informed!

 Once your claim has beenprocessed,you will receive a notification. You will be able to viewthedetails of your latest reimbursements in the « Reimbursed»section.

You can also view your pending claims in the « Claims»section.

 # Need help?

 Take a look at the Easy Claimuserguide in the « Help » or « General terms and conditions»sections.

 # And also…

 Use the « Manage my account »sectionto change the app’s language. Easy Claim is available inEnglish,French, Spanish and German.

 # Try the Easy Claim app!

Youdon’t have your Customer Zone username yet or you simply wouldliketo see what the app is like? Use Easy Claim with the Login:“demo”and Password : “demo”: this will allow you to take a closerlook atthe app’s features.
Oliva de la Frontera 17.0.0
Oliva de la FronteraGuía turística de Oliva de laFronteraAplicaciónoficial del Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Oliva de laFronteraOliva de laFronteraTravel guide Oliva de laFronteraOfficial application ofHon. City of Oliva de la Frontera 1.5
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Canales de Guate 8.2
Canales 3 y 7 / TN23 / Guatevision / Canal 27 Canal de laEsperanza/ Radio NacionesChannels 3 and 7 / TN23 / Guatevision /Channel 27Channel of Hope / Radio Nations
habitaclia - rent and sale of flats and houses 4.9.6
Buy or rent? Flat, attic, duplex or house? The largest offer ofrealestate always updated you can find it in habitaclia. Why usetheapp: • Find an apartment, a house, a penthouse, a duplex, anewoffice, local, ... for rent or sale, you choose We show you alltheavailable properties in the place you select or in the placewhereyou are. Filter the maximum price, the minimum meters, thenumberof rooms and more criteria, such as houses with pool,newconstruction flats, floors with lift... the information isalwaysupdated. • Detailed information of the announcements Largephotosand videos, so you can get the most realistic idea of ​​thehouse.The price, the number of rooms, the surface, the descriptionof theapartment, the location... • Quickly contact the advertiserIf youare interested in a home, tell the advertiser as soon aspossible.Inform your data, send the request and you willimmediately seehis/her phone. • We inform you when there is newannouncements Getnotifications about new properties or those thatchange price. Wewarn you Save your favorite ads and check themeasily. We can alsonotify you by email if they change the price. •Quickly access yourlatest search We take you directly to your lastsearch made tooptimize your time. • Share the announcements withyour family andfriends Show the flat you have found, ask theiropinion, send theone you are going to visit or the one you areabout to buy orrent... you can do it by email or WhatsApp and evenpost them onTwitter and Facebook. • Discard an ad if it does notfit yourpreferences Very old? Do not like the distribution? Discardit! Wedo not show it in your searches anymore. And if you changeyourmind you can always get it back. • Do you know exactly whereyouwant to live? Search by map Visualize the properties in amoreinteractive way on the map of the area you are looking for.•Thinking renting or selling your home? Publish your ad andchangeit whenever you want. Manage requests received from usersdirectlyinterested in the app. We say “Quan t’ajuden és més fàcil”,thatmeans “when you get help, it's easier!” If you have anyfurtherquestion or suggestion, you can do it from the app or bysending usan email to [email protected]