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9th class maths solution in hindi 2.1
9th class maths solution in hindincert book solution of maths of 9th class in hindiWorks without internet connection.This app for help of students. This is digital medium to helpofstudent inspired by Modi ji's digital india program. ThisappPowerd and Auntheticated by LAKSHYA COACHING CLASSES,Udaipur9th class maths solution app Included :Chapters Included :1. वैदिक गणित2. संख्या पद्धति3. बहुपद4. दो चरो वाले रैखिक समीकरण5. समतल ज्यामिति परिचय एवं रेखाएं व कोण6. सरल रेखीय आकृतियां7. त्रिभुजों की सर्वांगसमता एवं असमिकाएं8. त्रिभुज की रचनाएं9. चतुर्भुज10. त्रिभुजों एवं चतुर्भुजों के क्षेत्रफल11. समतलीय आकृतियों का क्षेत्रफल12. घन और घनाभ का पृष्ठीय क्षेत्रफल और आयतन13. कोण एवं उनके माप14. न्यून कोणों के त्रिकोणमितीय अनुपात15. सांख्यिकी
بغیر انٹرنیٹ کے ٹیلی ویژن 1.0
کسی بھی وقت اور کہیں بھی بہترین ٹی ویچینلزکالطف اٹھائیں.
Hindi Good Morning 4.1
---Hindi Good MorningHindi Good Morning :A collection of Good Morning Image, GoodMorningWishes, Good Morning Messages, Good Morning Poems, GoodMorningQuotes collection here. These Romantic Good Morning SMS arein manylanguages like Good Morning SMS in Hindi, Good Morning SMSin Hindi.Pick a message you like most and text it to your friendsforgreeting / wishing them to have a beautiful good morning &thewhole day.Hindi Good Morning :Beautiful Hindi Good Morning Image MessagesinHindi Font, Hindi Good Morning Wallpapers, Best Hindi GoodMorningPhotos, Latest Hindi Good Morning Quotes, Hindi Latest GoodMorningImages, Best Hindi Shayari Good Morning MessagesPictureHindi Good Morning :Hindi Good Morning Image is Collection ofGoodMorning image with Good quotes this app is develop speciallyforshareHindi Good Morning ImageviaWhatsapp,Facebook,Line,Instagram,Twitter,Google Plus etc....Hindi Good Morning :Hindi Good Morning Image App is give youmostbeautifull image with good quotes for shareHindi Good Morning :good mornign images,good morningpictures,goodmorning,goodmorning,morning app,good morninginspiration,good nightimages,morning quotes,morninginspirational,Hindi Good Morning Shayari,Hindi Good Morning Message,GoodMorningWishes,Good Mornig Messages Wishes SMS Collection,goodmorningeveryday,good morning quotesHindi Good Morning :Hindi Good Morning Images,Good morning,hdgoodmorning,Hindi Good Morning Image is known as Good Morning,BestGood Morning image,Good Morning status and Good Morning quotesetc...-feature of Good Morning image-Swipe for next image-next and previos button-you can share image-download image-set image as wallpaperRequest- Internet connection to get more and more images regularly.Note:- Application contains advertisement to fill cost to make usupdatedregularly.Legal:- Images may copyright to their respective owners.- Any legal owner person found any violence of your rights,pleasewrite us to with imageforwithdrawing image immediately.
khmer dictionary
khmer win
English-Khmer Dictionary is the latestEnglishto Khmer dictionary for Tablet and Android Phones deviceswhich isbuilt from scratch based on the data from popular EnglishKhmerDictionary book, 9th edition released in 2012 and the use ofitsdata in under licensed from the author.Features:- There are 3 sources, English to Khmer, Khmer to English, KhmertoKhmer.- Beautiful design, fast and easy to uses.- 1255,000 word and meanings- 198,000 examples and 185,000 technical words- Synonyms and Antonyms.- Easy to using.- English and Khmer Phonetic.- Font Style and text size comfortable.- Words can pronunciation.- Portrait or Landscape support- Universal Application- Free one Application and use it on Tablet andAndroidPhones.Note: Can pronunciation words with this Dictionary, Pleaseinstalltogether, it is so comfortable.
Battery Saver - Power Doctor 3.6.4
Battery Saver - Power Doctor isapowerful Android Battery Saver & Power Optimizer.Functionsinclude (1) One-tap Battery Optimizer (2) Battery SavingMode (DeepSleep) (3) Battery consuming App Tracker (4) Batterypercentagewidget (5) Activity remaining time estimator (6) BoostchargeScreen saver!Battery Saver - Power Doctor is a powerful phone doctor, helpstosave your battery up to 2x-4x longer! Use this super simpleyetpowerful Battery Saver to optimize your battery power!* FEATURES *1. One-tap Battery OptimizerSaving your battery is just one tap away. Battery Saver willcloseyour background running apps and recommends you functions toturnoff in order to save even more. This function serves asmemorycleaner/booster as well to speed up your android phone.Optimizerwill also indicate you how many hours you have / can savefromphone draining.2. Battery Saving Mode (Deep Sleep)Even if you are not using the phone, lots of activities are goingonthat will drain your battery life. Deep Sleep Mode is set tosolvethis problem, such as disabling Wi-Fi, Auto-Sync while thephone isnot in use. Various modes are available for yourconvenience.3. Battery consuming App TrackerBattery Saver - Power Doctor - tracks application usage andshowsyou which app drains the battery the most. Uninstall/or/ForceStopoption available to keep your battery percentage!4. Activity remaining time EstimatorIndicates the remaining/limit time for Talktime, Game,Standby,AudioPlayback, MoviePlayback, WebSurfing, and Reading. Alsoshowsbattery percentage in status bar.5. Power Doctor WidgetAccess and turn on/off various functions from HomescreenWidget.6. Boost Charge Screen SaverKills unnecessary apps during charge to help speed up yourbatterycharging time.Disclaimer : Results on saving may vary. The numbers 2x-4x onthescreenshot, app detail is a result of our various tests thatismade in-house.Battery Saver – Power Doctor - Development Team is dedicated tomakeyour Android life better! Give us your feedback
Game Booster - Speed Up Phone 1.1.1
Game Booster - Speed Up Phone isanextremely powerful tool to play your Android game in anoptimalperformance. Game Booster frees up your phone memory &closeunused apps/tasks to boost best environment for your AndroidGameplay. This app also features "Game Mode" where you can choosetoapply specified phone environment for your game.Game Booster will unleash your phone potential and bringyourgame play experience to the next level! Download Game BoosterforFREE!* FEATURES *1. Boost Game by One-TapKills unnecessary tasks and apps and frees up memory, boostsyourphone for your best game play experience ever!2. Game Play Mode- Assign your favorite play style for each game and boost theappwithin that game play mode!- Long Play (Save battery), Power Play (Optimal experience),OfflinePlay (Mobile-data-OFF) available by default.3. Create your own Custom Mode!- Create your own Boost Mode and assign that mode to yourfavoritegame!- Configure Mobile-Data, Bluetooth, Brightness, ScreenRotation,Data Auto-Sync, and SoundsGame Booster – Speed up Phone - Development Team is dedicatedtomake your Android life better! Give us your feedback
Maths XI Solutions for NCERT 1.9
Easify Apps
Chapterwise and Exercisewise solutions ofMathsTextbook for Class 11 ( CBSE Board)Easier navigation using Chapter number and Exercise number.Total number of pages : 624 .Works without internet connection.Solution to Chapters :1. Sets2. Relations and Functions3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables4. Principle of Mathematical Induction5. Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations6. Linear Inequalities7. Permutations and Combinations8. Binomial Theorem9. Sequences and Series10. Straight Lines11. Conic Sections12. Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry13. Limits and Derivatives14. Mathematical Reasoning15. Statistics16. Probability
Photo Pe Naam Likhe 1.2
Text on Photo/ImageTexts on Photo/Image application through you write name ormessageon your photo with different style of font also differentcolor oftext or more.अब फोटो पर अपना या अपने प्रेमिका या दोस्तों का नाम आसानी से लिखिएऔरशेयर कीजिये | इस एप्प में संपूर्ण और सरल हिंदी कीबोर्ड दियागयाहैं|There are hundreds of stickers in various categories that youcanuse to make your image beautiful. There are many fonts that youcanuse to make your writing stylish.एप्प में दिए गए स्टाइलिश हिंदी फोंट्स का उपयोग करके आप आकर्षकतरीकेसे किसी का भी नाम या कोई message लिख सकते हैं.एप्प में दिए गए इमोजी , स्टिकेर्स, बैकग्राउंडस के इस्तेमाल सेआपअपने फोटो को और रोचक और आकर्षक बना सकते हैंThis app allows you to write Hindi on pictures. Write yourownshayari, poetry, message, status etc on pictures and sharethemwith your friends. This app has a full and easy to useHindikeyboard to write romantic, quotes, dialogs, jokes or statusonpictures.This app has many shayaris, hindi poetries that you can pasteonyour photo. There are many background image for your use too.Youcan also use your own image.हिन्दी का संपूर्ण , और आसान कीबोर्ड भी हैं जिससे आप हिन्दी मेंटाइपकर सकते हैं. Stylish हिन्दी fonts के द्वारा आप अपनी मैसेज कोऔरसुन्दर और रोचक बना सकते हैं.Best FeaturesCustamized graphical fontsVarious focus & filters30+ various types of fontsPhotos in text option with your name50+ Hd colorful backgroundsDifferent of texture pattern to create your textmorebeautifulAdd stickers such as love,birthday,smiley,emoji and etc..Draw and Paint your own creation on photosAdd photo from gallery and decorate it different text stylesMagic brush effects with touch interactionHigh speed performance and easy interfaceFeaturesHundreds of shayaris, status message and kavitasCustom and full Hindi keyboard with easy type.Many stylish Hindi fonts.Multiple lines of text to write your messages.Hundreds of stickers.Easily share your photo.Single finger zoom, rotate, delete stickerअब अपने चित्रों पर हिंदी कविता या शेर लिखे और शेयर करे अपनेदोस्तॉके साथ।यह अप्प के माध्यम से आप दिए गए कविता या शेर पेस्ट कर सकते हैं याखुदअपनी कविता , स्टेटस मैसेज , ऐटिटूड , शायरी लिख सकते हैं. Appमें दिएगए बैकग्राउंड तस्वीरों पर लिखे या अपनी फ़ोन में storedतस्वीरों परलिखे.Thanks for download our app. Please give rate and comment ifyoulike this Name editing application.
App Studio Issue Previewer 3.6.3
App Studio Issue Previewer lets you testAppStudio issues that are live in the App Studio PublishingPortal.App Studio is the leading cloud-based HTML5 solution thatturnsprint into interactive award-winning tablet andsmartphoneexperiences. Using HTML5, App Studio translates contenteasily toAndroid tablets and smartphones using the software youalreadyknow: QuarkXPress and InDesign.With App Studio, you can:- Create all your content with familiar design toolsincludingadding rich, engaging interactive features. You can evenuse XML asyour source content for enterprise automation.- Upload your content to the App Studio Publishing Portal, whereitis automatically transformed into fully interactive HTML5content,ready to embed into your app.- Once you are happy with your content, you can test it onyourdevice, create your branded app, then publish and sell the appandcontent via online marketplaces such as the Apple AppStore.Issue Previewer Features:- Displays documents in HTML5 App Studio format- Supports multi-touch, swipe, and zoom gestures, as well asbothportrait and landscape mode- Lets you go to any page instantly using a dedicatedpagescroller- Provides full-text search, selection, and bookmarking
After 10th, What Next ? 1.1
Courses, Colleges, Careers, Jobs,Scholarships& Training's after 10th / SSLC / SSCEvery year in India more than 3 crore students appear for the10thstd board exams. Each student is unique and aspires for agreatcareer. It's here the our App - After 10th, what next ? comesas acareer guide for all students and parents who are confused onWhatnext ? after 10th.After 10th, What Next ? app gives each user the complete detailson...Career Planning1. Career Planning - A must for students and Parents.2. Role of Parents in Career Guidance.3. The What's, Who's & Why's of Career Counseling.4. Intelligence & Career Choice5. Career Myths & RealitiesCourses1. Class 11 / Pre-University Courses.2. Polytechnic Diploma Courses.3. Job Oriented Courses.4. Paramedical Courses.5. Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Courses.6. Vocational Courses.7. Apprenticeship Programs.8. Distance Education & Correspondence Courses.9. Short Term Courses10. Jobs in Defense & Government for 10th Pass.Entrance Exams1. AIEEA - The Indian Council of Agricultural Research2. AIEED - All India Entrance Examination for Design3. AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences4. AIPVT - All India Pre- Veterinary Test5. AIT - Applied Information Technology6. BITSAT - Birla Institute of Technology and ScienceAptitudeTest7. CLAT - Common Law Admission Test8. CMI - Chennai Mathematical Institute9. CUCET - Central Universities Common Entrance Test10. DAT - Dental Admission Test11. FDDI - Footwear Design & Development Institute12. HSEE - Humanities and Social Sciences EntranceExamination13. IICD - Indian Institute of Craft and Design14. IISAT - Indian Institute of Space Science And Technology15. IISER - Indian Institutes of Science EducationandResearch16. IITJEE - Indian Institute of Technology JointEntranceExamination17. IMUCET - Indian Maritime University Common EntranceTest18. IPMAT - Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test19. ISI - Indian Statistical Institute20. NATA - National Aptitude Test in Architecture21. NCHMCT - National Council for Hotel Management andCateringTechnology22. NDA - National Defence Academy23. NEET- National Eligibility and Entrance Test24. NIFT - National Institute of Fashion Technology25. VITEEE - Vellore Institute of Technology EngineeringEntranceExamScholarships for Higher Education1. Scholarships by NGOs2. Scholarships by Government of India for Higher Studies.3. Scholarships by State Governments4. Scholarships by Corporate World
Soccerbook- Live Score, Soccer News, Videos 2.11.1
Enjoy all the football highlights andlivescores from countries all over the world. Receive live sportscoresand results from your phone! You’ll never miss out goal,matches orentire league. Consult all the football ranking in thisamazinglive sport football app.This is the most comprehensive soccer news app.You can followallleagues and tournaments from all countries. Receive fastpushnotifications of tons of statistics, images, and videos fromyourfavorite players/teams. Join millions of user to get livefootballnews and football highlights. This live sport app consistsof allfootball competitions worldwide. Find out your favoriteteamstatistics, players, and teams in this real time scoring app.Sodon’t miss out another match and any news related topremiership,Fifa and all other important tournaments around theglobe. Just asingle click will keep you updated with all footballmatches indetail. Dream of every kind of video off all in thisfootballhighlights app.Soccerbook Live scores- Soccer News & HighlightsFeatures:1. Latest Soccer news2. HD Video & Football Highlights, Funny Videos,FootballSkills3. Football Ranking4. New design of the form statistics on match reviews.5. Instant push notifications6. FOOTBALL TABLES You will be able to see instantly how manypointsyour club has in the competition.Delight yourself by download this Soccerbook Live scores-SoccerNews & Highlights and enjoy each and every update on thislivesport.
Food Dictionary 2.5
Food Dictionary is your encyclopedia offoodItems, ingredients, glossary, photos and more.Food Dictionary contains information about food andfoodingredients. The Dictionary is divided into categorieslikeVegetables, fruits, spices, cereals, meat, greens, etc.Eachcategory lists the related food items. These entries give abriefoverview of the item and provides links to explorefurther.The App contains a useful search feature where you can searchforentries across all categories.Nutrition Information added.*** Food Dictionary now contains more than 2000 + entries,spreadacross 24 categories***Food Categories include Breads, Buns, Cereals, Cheese,Condiments,Dairy Products, Dips, Fish Sauces, Fruits, greens,Ingredients,Kitchen ware, Meat & Meat Products, Nuts, Oils,RootVegetables, Sauces, Sausages, Sea Food, Spices,Vegetables,Nutrition, Food Additives & Cooking Terms /Glossary.
Girls Cap Photo Editor 1.0
This is a very amazing and interstingGIRLSCAPPHOTO EDITOR apps contains latest and new stylish caps andhatsherea lot of huge gallery.GIRLS CAP PHOTO EDITER givesyouspeciallywhich are regularly interested in beautiful look.GirlsCAP PhotoEditor app lets you try on differentbeautifulcollection.Beautify your photo with Girls CAP photo editing app,andgiveyourself a glorious look ever.GIRLS Cap Photo Editor yourself choose your own photoswithbeststyle photo collection.GIRLS Cap Photo Editor is all you need to give yourbeautifullpicsan absolutely fresh and new look.Select our Cap andHats withPHOTOEDITOR or photo montage gallary and make your choiceamongvarioushat and cap patterns designs.This app include girl/woman police caps, winter caps,valentinescap,pink caps, Printed caps etc. GIRLS Cap Photo Editoris makefantasticHat maker enables you to convert your beautyselfiesintoextraordinary pics with Hat and cap picture effect inanewlooks.How to use :- Start editing image from gallery or capture from camera.- Edit image like cap and hat with your choice.- Change the size according to pic face shape.- Save your pic in gallery,sd card or other device- Share your selfie/dp on social media & friendsandfamilymembers.Features:Just select your own photo from camera, gallery or otherdevicesforStylish caps.Choose your choice Hats or caps from wide stylish Hats&stylishcaps photo editor gallery.Adjust Hats by different features: Zoom in, Zoom Out, Rotateinanydirections.40+ layouts of image frames to choose from!You can save all your photos in storage and also directlyviewinGallery.Save the pic/dp of your new stylemakeover and make yourphotoprettyalbum.You created amazing photos and also share these picswithyourfriends on social media.Try different national and International Hats/Caps withmostpopularCaps/Hats Photo montage from all over the world. It isthetopfashion App for girls, boys and womans.Now is the time to enrich your style with hats/caps editorofallkinds!Easy and very simple application.More than 40 woman caps and hats available for GIRLSCAPPHOTOEDITOR.All the user can easily used and simple steps follows with onebyoneto make more easy. Give us best rating and review if youlikethisapp and share to your friends.
MultiConverter-Unit Converter
** Old Users Must Upgrade to 2.0.42+ ToPlaywith Downloading Currenies.Multi-converter is a fully featured unit converter &calculatoroffering various units conversions on android phones&Tablets.Key Features:1. Easy to use Interface2. More than 90 Categoryes with more than 1200 Units.* Acceleration (11)* Acceleration - Angular (8)* Angle (14)* Area (31)* Astronomical (13)* Charge (14)* Clothing Size - Women (1)* Concentration - Molar (12)* Concentration - Solution (8)* Cooking (31)* Currency Exchange Rate (87)* Data Storage (20)* Density (25)* Efficiency - HVAC (2)* Electric Capacitance (22)* Electric Conductance (12)* Electric Conductivity (8)* Electric Current (10)* Electric Field Strength (12)* Electric Potential (8)* Electric Resistance (10)* Electric Resistivity (8)* Energy / Work (39)* Energy Flux (12)* Enthalpy (8)* Entropy (11)* Flow - Mass (13)* Flow - Molar (12)* Flow - Volume (42)* Force (16)* Frequency - Wavelength (34)* Fuel Efficiency - Mass (9)* Fuel Efficiency - Volume (8)* Gas Constant (2)* Heat Capacity (4)* Heat Density (5)* Heat Flow Rate (12)* Heat Flux Density (26)* Heat Rate (3)* Heat Transfer Coefficient (8)* Henrys Law (6)* Hex./Dec./Bin. (1)* Illumination (12)* Image Resolution (5)* Inductance (22)* Length / Distance (46)* Linear Charge Density (6)* Linear Current Density (8)* Lumber - Volume (17)* Luminance (19)* Luminous Intensity (9)* Magnetic Field Strength (4)* Magnetic Flux (12)* Magnetic Flux Density (11)* Magnetomotive Force (5)* Mass Flux Density (7)* Moment of Force (10)* Moment of Inertia (13)* Permeability (5)* Power (31)* Power Density (6)* Prefixes (21)* Pressure (34)* Radiation (8)* Radiation Absorbed Dose (9)* Radiation Activity (10)* Radiation Exposure (6)* Sound (3)* Specific Heat (4)* Specific Power (7)* Specific Volume (8)* Steam Tables (1)* Surface Charge Density (6)* Surface Current Density (6)* Surface Tension (8)* TOEFL Scores (1)* Temperature Interval (5)* Thermal Conductivity (13)* Thermal Expansion (5)* Thermal Resistance (5)* Time (33)* Torque (13)* Typography (15)* Velocity - Angular (12)* Viscosity - Dynamic (12)* Viscosity - Kinematic (10)* Volume - Dry (15)* Volume / Capacity (38)* Volume Charge Density (6)* Weight / Mass (31)3. Full Feature Editor* Create / Edit Custom Units* Create / Edit Custom Units4. User Is able to Create Favorite Conversions for laterquickuse5. Favorite Categories6. SupportedLanguages(English,Greek,Spanish,French,Italian,Russian,Soonmore...).** Bug Reports and requests for additional featuresare welcome.** Please leave your comments for Multiconverter on will encourage the developer to continue the try.ADDFREE Version:
Alt Worklife 4.9
When you can manage everything else intaps& swipes; why leave your Worklife in clicks? TrythePeopleStrong Alt Worklife App, a simple, secure and engaging waytotake control of your lifecycle transactions on the go!You could be an individual contributor, a manager or anHRprofessional; the app delivers on its promise to simplifyyourworklife by providing anytime, anywhere access. That’s notall,users of the App receive unparalled deals which make every dayallthe more exciting.Try it out! Its an APPortunity you can’t afford to miss.What all can you do?• View your profile details• View and complete all assigned tasks• Record your attendance on the go• Apply, approve leaves anytime, anywhere• Check your Pay Slips in two taps• Refer your friends in just 10 seconds• Send Birthday, Anniversary wishes without fail• Share Interview feedback in just 15 seconds• View , apply and approve reimbursements anytime• Enjoy and avail unmatched deals everydayNote: The " PeopleStrong Alt Worklife " app is designed for usebyPeopleStrong Alt customers and requires authorized PeopleStrongAltcredentials.
inloyal - mobile cards wallet 3.1.0
You have multiple loyalty cards but don'tcarrythem because they are useless and just make your walletfat?Do you have trouble keeping a track of your reward points acrossallyour cards?Are you too dependent on your brand for your loyalty membershipwiththe brand?Presenting to you a new and improvised inloyal, a mobileloyaltywallet for customers like you where you can carry and manageallyour loyalty cards and rewards on your phone.With inloyal, you can always carry your loyalty cardswithoutcausing inconvenience to yourself, choose to get your rewardpointsacross all your loyalty cards without breaking a sweat, nevermissa deal again at your favourite brands and most importantly,getyour rewards redeemed on the phone by paying for them withyourpoints.1. My Pocket: Shun plastic. Carry all your loyalty cards onyourphone and make your wallet thin. Add all your cards to yourinloyalpocket; all in one single loyalty wallet calledinloyal.2. Membership: Get membership details and information aboutyouraccount and loyalty program.3. Offers: Follow the offers and messages from your favouritebrandsand never again miss a deal.4. Shop: Wherever available, we will enable you to buy yourrewardsby paying with your points.5. Get points: For select merchants, you will be able to fetchyourreward points balance in real time and always have them handyoninloyal. We are adding more merchants as we speak.6. Feedback: Engage with your loyalty programs and send themyourfeedback with the tap of a button.7. Store Locator: Find your brand's stores nearbyyourlocation.8. Profile: Stay in control of your profile information andupdatechanges immediately as they happen.9. Mall loyalty customers can submit their shopping bills onthemall inApp to get their reward points.A lot of exciting stuff is on the way. We shall make sure thatyoucan get the most out of your loyalty programs and can actuallygetthings done, all through a inloyal's loyalty wallet on yourphone.Keep watching this space!Happy pocketing your rewards!Team inloyal
Mojump 1.2.1
Fun and addictive game.To jump, tap the yellow area when the pointer hits thegreenarea.If the area is red, it means that you cannot jump.You lose 1 life if you miss the green area. If you have less than3lives, you can win 1 after 10 points.You have special habilities to use: 1 Additional Jump andPausePlatforms for 2 seconds. Both of these habilities takes 7secondsto reuse.If you hit the bottom, you die.Hope you enjoy.
SEEK - Jobs
SEEK Limited
Search for your next job on the SEEKapp,Australia and New Zealand’s largest jobs andemploymentmarketplace.You can search for jobs, save them and apply within seconds. Oryoucan take your time - import a cover letter and a resume togiveyourself the best chance of getting the gig.FIND THE RIGHT JOBS FOR YOU● Job search by keyword, industry or location. Save the searchandcome back to it daily for new jobs.● Get new jobs for a preferred search delivered straight toyourinbox● We’ll recommend jobs just for you. Let us do the work andfindjobs we think you might like● [NEW] Read real reviews by real employees.APPLY EFFICIENTLY● Sign in and all the important details are pre-filled readytogo.● Take your time and apply by uploading a resume and acoverletter
Latest Kid Dress Design 1.0
In this App you can find more than100KidsDress Designs - and some of them like kids dress designs2017,kidsdress designs app, Latest Kid Dress Design, kidsdressindiandesigns app, Kid Dress Design Ideas.Of course, in choosing an ideal and beautiful lookingchilddresssuit is quite difficult. Actually it is very easy if youfindachild's clothes in accordance with their needs, suchasPartyEvents, Formal, play and more. In addition you alsomustdeterminea suitable color based on favorite color ofyourbaby.With such a simple problem, then this Kind ChildClothesDesignApplications can be the best solution in facilitatingyou tofind asuitable child clothing design. Some excellent featuresthatyoucan use in this Child Clothes Design Application istomakeWallpapers, Save and share your friends to varioussocialnetworksvery easily and quickly. Please use for variousdesignneeds ofyour child clothes.
Girlfriend Photo Editor 1.0
Girlfriend photo editor appprovidesbackgroundfor world's best natural photos and famousplaces.selfie withgirlfriend Awesome photo stickers for phones andamazeeveryone withyour cool photograph editing skills ongirlfriendboyfriend photoeditor.This Girlfriend Photo Editor is for every single guy who needsagirlin his life. This app gives you a virtual Girlfriend foryourphotos.You can see girlfriend in your pictures only.Girlfriend photo editorGirlfriend photo editor app provides background forworld'sbestnatural photos and famous places. You can try thisbesteditor,best photo background, different emoji faces, beautifultexteditorin different bubbles etc.Selfie with girlfriendapp have some new and stylish Collection of Photoeditorforgirlfriend photo frame. This Photo Editor presentsournewestboyfriend and girlfriend photo edit photo editorgirls photo editor has 50+ collection girl with photo youcansetgirls photo frame in yourgallery image with use of our girlfriend maker appsFollowing steps for changing the girlfriend'sphotobackgroundchanger:1. Select your photo from the camera or galleryforbackgroundchange. You can choose multiple photo forediting.2. Cut your photo using eraser. If you wish to be smallerorlargereraser size accordingly.3. If you want to take many photos in one photo anderasetheirbackground then you can use it.4. Cursor changed for cutting the image, it must be nearerorfaraway from the image.5. After cutting the image, choose your backgroundforyourphoto.6. Different effects of the photo applied on image.7. You have three options for different effects onimage,opacity,brightness and contrast for photo backgroundchange.8. Set your image properly on different background.9. Set different emoji upon beautiful photo editor.10. You can set text with beautiful bubbles also.11. At last save your image and share with yourfriendsandfamily.Similar WordMan-Woman Girlfriend Photo EditorGirlfriend photo editorSelfie with girlfriendgf photo editorLovely GF Photo EditorRomantic Girlfriend FrameCute Girlfriend editorGirlfriend Photo Editor New Verson 2017My photo with GirlCamera Girlfriend Selfie editorSelfy with GirlsPhoto with GirlfriendDownload this app to find more features and lotsofready-madeGirlfriend Photo Editor.Thanks for using this app, leave us your feedback andwewillconsider them for future updates!Thank You…
Khmer Phone Number Horoscope 1.1
Khmer Phone Number Horoscope isanapplicationthat let you choose the phone number that give youthegoodfortune. This application has horoscope history andyoucanminimize list of great phone numbers you want to choosewhenyoudeciding for getting a new one.Currently this app has the following features:- Work Offline- Save and Manage Horoscope History- Has both Khmer and English Result- Easy to use.
Maths Daily 2.0
Maths Daily is an application with richGUIthatmakes solving mathematical problems easy and fun.Who can use our app?-School students-College students-Research students-Entrance Exam PreparationYou name it....Anyone who needs help with following topics :1)Simultaneos Equations2)Linear Equations3)Quadratic Equations4)Matrix Addition5)Matrix Substraction6)Matrix Multiplication7)Matrix Determinant Calculation8)Matrix Inverse Calculation9)Permutation & Combinations10)Vector Product11)Vector Projection12)Log Calculation13)Anti-Log Calculation14)Trignometric CalculationAnd each of the above topics with extra features and fun.So what are you waiting for..Install Now...
2018 All Day Greetings - Hindi English Wishes 1.0
Now you dont have to search on web forstatusand message wish of all days like happy rose day, happyproposeday, happy chocolate day, happy teddy day, happy promiseday, happyhug day, happy kiss day, happy valentine day. allmessages andawesome quotes, New Year Shayari and meaningfullshayari areincluded in 2018 All Day Greetings - hindi and englishwishapp.All day Wish is best application to share your feelings withyourlove. Its amazing app to create your image with customquote.Every year below days are celebrated everywhere7th Feb : Rose Day8th Feb : Propose Day9th Feb : Chocolate Day10th Feb : Teddy Day11th Feb : Promise Day12th Feb : Hug Day13th Feb : Kiss Day14th Feb : Valentine's DayMake this Rose day and valentine day absolutely unique withthisapp.Lets make 2018 Hug day theme special for you by using quotesfromthis app.You can use quotes from this app to any Chocolate day photo frameofyou and your loved ones.This app have Chocolate day special or we can say Chocolatedayspecial collection of quotes.Greeting Categories:• Happy valentines day 2018• Flirty messages• Valentine's day messages for friends• Love sms in hindi• Happy valentines day sms hindi• Valentine week messages• Latest shayari in hindi• Valentine date sheet• Happy shayari in hindi for love• Valentine day romantic sms• Valentine day sms in hindi for girlfriend• Valentine day sms in english• Valentine sms for husband• Valentine's day shayari for boyfriend• Interesting valentine day wishes• New Year Shayari 2018• All Latest and New Shayari• All Shayari• Good Night Shayari• Good Morning Shayari• Birthday Shayari• Love Shayari• Friends Shayari• Attitude Shayari• Funny Shayari• Romantic Shayari• Best Wishes Shayari• Momories Shayari• God Shayar• Other Shayari• Ganesha Shayari• Navratri Shayari• New Year Shayari• All In One Shayari• All In one Hindi Shayari• English Shayari• English Good Night Shayari• Hindi Good Night Shayari• Whatsapp Shayari• Whatsapp Shayari Status• Whatsapp DP and Status• Dp and Status• Whatsapp Status• FacebookStory• Christmas Status• Kite Shayari• Uttrayan Shayari• Makar sankranti Shayari• Republic Day Shayari• Rose Day Shayari• Proposed Day shayari• Hug Day Shayari• Kiss Day Shayari• Chocolate Day Shayari• Promise Day Shayari• Teddy Day Shayari• Valentine Day Shayari• Christmas SMS• Christmas Quotes• New Year SMS• New Year Quote• Hindi Christmas Shayari• Hindi Kite Shayari• Hindi Uttrayan Shayari• Hindi Makar sankranti Shayari• Hindi Republic Day Shayari• Hindi Rose Day Shayari• Whatsapp Valentine Shayari• Hindi Status• All Latest Status• Hindi Proposed Day shayari• Hindi Hug Day Shayari• Hindi Kiss Day Shayari• New Status• New Year Status• Hindi Chocolate Day Shayari• Hindi Promise Day Shayari• Hindi Teddy Day Shayari• Hindi Valentine Day Shayari• Whatsapp Good Night Shayari• Whatsapp English Shayari• All Latest Shayari 2018• New and latest Shayari 2018• New Shayari 2018• New Year Shayari 2018• Valentine Shayari• All Day Valentine Shayari• Best Wishes and Quotes• Hindi SMS and QuotesFeatures:- Very easy to use this 2018 Chocolate Day Greetings - HindiWishapp.- Wide range of message and whatsapp status to share.- More than 100+ message and Chocolate day subhkamna.- Instantly share message and awesome quotes withwhatsapp,Facebook, social network and other platform.- No internet connection is required.- 2018 Chocolate Day Greetings - English Wish app is completelyfreeto download.- 100% free for uses.- Easily copy paste any message and quotes.- Send shayari as Chocolate day gift on any social media.- Memorable wishes wish you will got.- There's no limit to the number of greetings you can send.- High Quality collection.- Shayari in native Hindi font- Easy to use- Works Offline- Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.- No internet connection is required.
Job vacancies in Australia 1.4
Svalu Apps
* You will be able to read all of thelatestjob vacancies from top employers websites andrecruitmentagencies.* Never miss a job with our application.* You can share any vacancy page with your friendsandcolleagues.* You can search within available jobs.* Many more features, find them yourself!Jobs in AUJobs in Australia
Electro Drum Pads 48 1.3
Electro Drum interpretation will makeyourmusic sound as a producer of popular EDM!Playing on the road with signs of professional studioandcollaborate with friends!Now you can record your rhythms created.Simply make beats and music by tapping colorful pads, eventhoughbeginners about music theory can create something sounds likeapopular EDM product with their own hands. In addition, weprovidemany melodies, which makes this drum machine full of strongplayability and endless possibility.To play, simply tap your fingers on the drum. And drum soundsareplayed simultaneously. Choose a weight heavy volume as needed.Itsounds like real drums.Electric Drum Pads to help you design and imagination. Sounddesignor music. Ideal for those who begin to design sound. It canbe easyto use and allows you to evolve in terms of design and styleofmusic.Electro Drum Pads Features:✔ With different types of high-quality samples.✔ Make your own music tracks, train your finger drummingskills.✔ Mix many sounds and melodies in real time.✔ Record the music you created.✔ Support share to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Google+✔ Totally 48 pads.New Feature of Electro Drum Pads✔ Volume control, to diversify your music.✔ Electro Drum Pads works even offline.✔ You can adjust all sounds with different volume as youlike.✔ Fade-in & fade-out effects, to make professional beats.✔ Save all your beats & music with fading effects.✔ Electro Music Drum Pads is free to download.✔ Support share tracks on social network.✔ Share beats, share music, share fun!✔ Most downloaded Electro Drum Pads app for android.Electro Drum Pads music styles* Dubstep* drums* Trap* Hip Hop* Electro* Techno* Jazz* Drum* Bass* Loop* Synth* Percussion* Melodic* Lead* VocalWhat we have inside:- professional studio sounds- new sound packs every month- video and tutorials- pitch slider bar- new fresh designEnjoy Electro sounds Buttons Drum Now you can play ElectricDrums.Make beats and music with fresh High-Quality soundtrack andsounddesign style is like real.drum pads are a free app for android that simulates vintage drumsinyour smart phones. To play it, just drumming your fingers onthedrum and the sound is played. Enjoy Electro sounds ButtonsDrums.Electro Drum is the amazing application to make beatsDownload Electro Music Drum Pads and become a music maker.Thank You….
Photo Collage 1.1.2
♥ Photo Collage is a best photoeditor&collage maker application ,help you have awesome photocollagefrommulti camera photos you took. With Collages EditorCamera, youcancombine your ordinary photos to create beautifulcollages.♥♥ Collages Editor Camera includes over 60+ collageframetemplateswith photo grid, square, heart, star, enough for youtocombine thephotos the way that is the most beautiful.♥ Collages Editor Camera allow you to add text, stickerstoyourcollaged photos.How to use:1. Choose Frame2. Choose Your photo.3. Choose Sticker.4. Add your notes: draw or with text.5. Save and Share your Collection in Social.Features:♥ 60+ photo frame templates♥ Import photo from Gallery or Camera apps.♥ Touch gestures to resize, rotate.♥ Add text, stickers to the photo♥ ♣ Share collaged photo to Instagram, Facebook, Twitterandothersocials.♥♥♥ More beautiful collage templates will be alwaysupdate♥♥♥
Audio Video Mixer 1.7
<----------------------------------------------AudioVideoMixer-------------------------------------------->Audio Video Mixer application through you adds yourfavoritemusic in your video.Audio Video Mixer provides a facilityforchanging Background Music of any video files.Audio Video Mixer provides a facility for changingBackgroundMusic of any video files. Audio video mixer isone type ofvideo editor app, using this app you can add or mixyour favoriteaudio files to video files. This application manageaudio file sizeif the audio file length is larger than videofiles, it will beautomatically trim audio to video'sdurationThis application is to change audio of a video. If theaudio'slength is bigger then it will be trimmed to video'sduration. Ifthe audio's duration is less than video then audio willbeconcatenated to video's length. These operations are done withhighspeed.How to USE?► Select videos from your gallery► Select audios from your gallery► Mix audio and video► Wait for complete process.► Don’t Forget to Click on “Save” Button► Easily Share your Mixer Video With your Friends via allSocialMedia App…Top Feature:► Choose any Audio in your Music list to add music intheVideo► Repeat mode support► Choose the start location of the background music► Audio Editing at its best► Volume control with Audio Mixing► Preview support► Video List support► Share your Music videos & movie creations on SocialMediaApp► Beautiful, Modern and Easiest User InterfaceNew Feature: now you can record your own audio and you can addtherecorded audio to your video.If you like this app than don’t forget to give rate &nicecomment for further update…We are not perfect, but we are we are working hard every day tomakethe app better.Thanks for your support!
Bio-XI 1.0.0
Sanjeev Mehta
1Goalfreeeducation4all allows you tolearnalmost anything for free.- You can learn anything – for free: Explanations at yourfingertipsin science and much, much more- Sharpen your skills: over 400 interactive Common Corealignedpractice questions are included with instant feedbackandstep-by-step hints. Follow along with what you’re learninginschool or practice at your own pace- Quickly find what you need: Redesigned navigation and searchmakeit faster to find what you want- Keep learning even when you’re offline, and download it tokeeplearning even when you’re not connected to the internet.Learn using interactive exercises, and in-depth articles inscience(biology, chemistry, physics)It doesn't matter if you are a student, teacher,home-schooler,principal, adult returning to the classroom1Goalfreeeducation4allmaterials and resources are available to youcompletely free ofcharge.Don't Forget to Rate Us, Bcz your appreciation will encourage ustowork harder and smarter.Thanks to all.