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GSEB All MCQ 2.9
- Covers Gujarati and English Medium.- Covers Previous YearBoardPaper in All 10,11,12 Sci & Commerce in PDF format fordownloadin your mobile. - Covers All Subjects in GSEB Std. 10i.e.Maths,Science,Social Study,English(FL & SL),Gujarati(FL&SL),Sanskrit,Hindi,Computer- Covers GSEB Std 11,12 Science,i.e.Maths,Physics,Chemistry,Biology- Covers All Subject in Std12Commerde i.e. Account,CommerceandManagement,Economics,S.P.,Statistics,Computer etc.-Havingquestionbank of morethan 25000 questions for both eng&gujarati medium.- It covers both Texbook MCQ as well asPerviousYear Question Paper MCQ and MCQs by Experts.- GSEB 2017 SSC, HSC ,COMMERCE Results- It has two modes , i.e. Learning Modes andExamModes- At End Result will be displayed along with Right andWrongAnswer.The Gujarat Smart Education App helps the students tosecuremore marks who are studying in SSC and 11 & 12 Science&Commerce Stream in GSEB. This app covers both English andGujaratiMedium GSEB Students along with GSEB Results. In this Appwe havetried to give students to improve their educationalknowledge. Byusing this App, Students can improve their educationalknowledgeand secure more marks in their finalexaminations.Currently thisApp provides MCQs of textbook, MCQs ofprevious year question paperand MCQs of extra practice and all thesubject details of Standard10 i.e. Maths, Science,SocialScience,English,Gujarati,Sanskrit Aswell as in Standard 11,12Physics, chemistry , Biology and Maths.Inthis App, for morepractice for students, we are adding questionson regular basis. Sothe student can study maximum questionsanswers. The App have twomodes...1) Learn Mode : In this modestudents can do practice ofdifferent subjects as per theirrequirement2) Exam Mode : In ExamMode the students can selectNumber of Questions for the QuestionBank and can do exampractice.At the end of practice student can getthe summary also.They can update their knowledge by getting thecurrent answers oftheir wrong answers.Overall the “Gujarat SmartEducation” is agreat App for the GSEB Students who wants to securemaximum marksin their examinations for Gujarat EducationBoardPlease send yourvaluable [email protected] Std-10March 2018 Result willbe published by GSEB Board
NCERT Solutions - 1.5
Free NCERT Solutions from providedNCERTSolutions of the NCERT Books, RD Sharma solutions for Class 6to 10and RS aggarwal Solutons for Class 6 to 10.We have alsoincludedSolved CBSE sample Papers for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12. ThesesamplePapers are solved inaccordance with the CBSEmarkingscheme.Download NCERT Solutions for offline viewing.Oncedownloaded, you can access NCERT Solutions, RD SharmaSolutions,and RS aggarwal Solutoins without internet access. Hereare thelist of NCERT Books covered in App.NCERTSolutions -Class 12CBSE Class 12 MathsCBSE Class 12 PhysicsCBSEClass 12ChemistryCBSE Class 12 BiologyCBSE Class 12 VistasEnglishCBSEClass 12th Flamingo EnglishCBSE Class 12 BusinessStudiesCBSE class12 AccountancyCBSE Class 12 PsychologyCBSE Class12 SociologyCBSEClass 12 HistoryCBSE Class 12 EntrepreneurshipCBSEClass 12Political ScienceCBSE Class 12 Macro EconomicsCBSE Class 12MicroEconomicsNCERT Solutions - Class 11CBSE Class 11 MathsCBSEClass 11PhysicsCBSE Class 11 ChemistryCBSE Class 11 BiologyCBSEClass 11English Woven Words Short StoriesCBSE Class 11 EnglishWoven WordsEssayCBSE Class 11 English Woven Words PoetryCBSE Class11 EnglishSnapshotsCBSE Class 11th English HornbillCBSE Class 11BusinessStudiesCBSE class 11 AccountancyCBSE Class 11PsychologyCBSE Class11 EntrepreneurshipClass 11 Indian EconomicDevelopmentNCERTSolutions - Class 10CBSE Class 10 MathsCBSE Class10 ScienceCBSEClass 10 SocialCBSE Class 10 EnglishCBSE Class 10HindiSanchyanCBSE Class 10 Hindi SparshCBSE Class 10 HindiKshitizCBSEClass 10 Hindi KritikaCBSE Class 10 SanskritNCERTSolutions - Class9CBSE Class 9 MathsCBSE Class 9 ScienceCBSE Class9 SocialScienceCBSE Class 9 English MomentsCBSE Class 9 EnglishBeehiveCBSEClass 9 English Main CourseCBSE Class 9 EnglishLiteratureReaderCBSE Class 9 Hindi SparshCBSE Class 9 HindiSanchyanCBSEClass 9 Hindi KritikaCBSE Class 9 Hindi kshitizCBSEClass 9SanskritNCERT Solutions - Class 8CBSE Class 8 MathsCBSEClass 8ScienceCBSE Class 8 SociaCBSE Class 8 English It SoHappenedCBSEclass 8 English HoneydewCBSE Class 8 HindiCBSE Class8SanskritNCERT Solutions - Class 7CBSE Class 7 MathsCBSE Class7ScienceCBSE Class 7 SocialCBSE Class 7 EnglishCBSE Class7SanskritCBSE Class 7 HindiCBSE Class 7 English An AlienHandSupplementary ReaderCBSE Class 7 English HoneycombNCERTSolutions -Class 6CBSE Class 6 MathsCBSE Class 6 ScienceCBSE Class6SocialCBSE Class 6 EnglishCBSE Class 6 HindiCBSE Class 6 Sanskrit 1.0
کسی بھی وقت اور کہیں بھی بہترین ٹی وی چینلز کا لطف اٹھائیں.
Class 11 Chemistry Notes 7.4
Key Notes for Chemistry Subject for Class 11 Students aregivenhere. Important topics of 11th Chemistry are covered. Thesenoteswill provide you overview of all the chapters and importantpointsto remember. These are very useful summary notes withneatlyexplained examples for best revision of the Chemistry book.
ICSE Class 9 & 10 Solved Paper 2.2.2
FREE Solved Sample Question Papers, Question Banks, SolvedPreviousYear Question Papers ICSE - For Class 9 & Class 10Afterdownloading and installing Select Class 9 or Class 10 todownloadin your mobile or tablet.List of subjects for Class9:Biology,Chemistry, Geography, History and Civics, Mathematics,Physics,English, Maths, Science, Social ScienceFor Class10:Chemistry,Biology, Physics, English, Geography, History andCivics, Hindi,Mathematics, Sanskrit, Economics, Computer-Science,ComputerApplications, English-Literature,Environmental-Science,Physical-EducationAlso find Solved PreviousYears Question Papersfor Class 10 for these subjects:Geographyincludes 2013, 2014,2015, 2016, and 2017,Hindi includes 2012, 2013,2014, 2015, 2016,and 2017,Biology includes 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,2011, 2012, 2013,2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017,History & Civicsincludes 2013,2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, Chemistry includes 2007,2008, 2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017,Mathsincludes2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017,EconomicApplicationsincludes 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017,Economicsincludes 2014and 2015,Physics includes 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,2011, 2012, 2013,2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017,Computer Applicationsincludes 2007,2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014,Englishincludes 2014,2015, 2016, and 2017This app will help students inpreparing fortheir exams and completely FREE!You download thepapers on yourmobile/tablets and read it offline. You can also readit offline athttp://icse.kopykitab.comWe will be adding morequestions andsolutions. If you like our app, please remember torate it.
Safe11 My Dream Team 11 PrivateCode Free Giveaway 15.0
Features:-1) Provides Best possible Safe team2) We providesteamsfor all ODI's , Tests and T20's3) We gather news from allpossiblesources 4) Expert in providing teams for Premier Leagueslike ipl ,bpl ,tnpl ,bbl , cpl,natwest ,KPL5) We provide possibleSafe teamsfor Kabaddi pro6) Get notified with News about playersSowith ourDream Safe 11 team, you will have better chances of winningHead toHead leagues We Provide teams for Aussie ODI Cup, ind vs AusT20,SA vs Ban,bpl, global t20,super smash,big bash league bbl,womenT20Pakistan super league players teamsUPCOMING MATCHESCsk vs SrhCskvsRcb Csk vs Mi Csk vs Dd Csk vs KKR Csk vs KXIPCsk vs RrSrh vsRcbSrh vs Mi Srh vs Dd Srh vs KKR Srh vs KXIPSrh vs RrRcb vs Mi RcbvsDd Rcb vs KKR Rcb vs KXIPRcb vs RrMi vs Dd Mi vs KKR Mi vsKXIPMivs RrDd vs KKrDd vs KXIPDd vs RrKkr vs KXIPKkr vs RrKXIP vsRRRR vsDdRR vs KXIP RR vs KKR RR vs srh RR vs csk RR vs rcb RR vsMiKXIPvs DdKXIP vs KKRKXIP vs mi KXIP vs rcb KXIP vs csk KXIP vssrhDd vsKKR Dd vs mi Dd vs rcb Dd vs csk Dd vs srhKKR vs mi KKR vsrcb KKRvs csk KKR vs srhMi vs rcb Mi vs csk Mi vs srhRcb vs csk Rcbvs srh
Dream Meanings 2.3.3
Dreaming is the human connection to the universe. Whilst adream'scontent may be in response to external factors, it'sinfluenced bynone, and therefore is THE true reality.You will havethisapplication always with you, whenever you go. Checkingdreammeanings during your holidays could not be easier!Really easytouse application, you can browse through the keywords or usetheintelligent search facility. Give it a go.Have you ever wantedtocheck the meaning of your dream from your bedroom? Is yourcomputertaking too long to boot up? This won't be a problem anylonger...Download this Dream Dictionary today and learn more aboutyourdreams.This Dream Meanings Book App will help understandmeaningeach of your dream according to Miller DreamInterpretation.MainFeatures:- Nice Design- Intuitive Controls-Browse all dreams withtheir meanings and interpretations- Searchyour desired dream- Addto favorite & bookmark feature- Viewyour browse and searchhistory- More than 10,000 dreams and theirmeanings- Totallyoffline dreams dictionary book
Battery Saver - Power Doctor 3.6.4
Battery Saver - Power Doctor is a powerful Android BatterySaver& Power Optimizer. Functions include (1) One-tapBatteryOptimizer (2) Battery Saving Mode (Deep Sleep) (3)Batteryconsuming App Tracker (4) Battery percentage widget (5)Activityremaining time estimator (6) Boost charge Screensaver!BatterySaver - Power Doctor is a powerful phone doctor, helpsto save yourbattery up to 2x-4x longer! Use this super simple yetpowerfulBattery Saver to optimize your battery power!* FEATURES *1.One-tapBattery OptimizerSaving your battery is just one tap away.BatterySaver will close your background running apps and recommendsyoufunctions to turn off in order to save even more. Thisfunctionserves as memory cleaner/booster as well to speed up yourandroidphone. Optimizer will also indicate you how many hours youhave /can save from phone draining.2. Battery Saving Mode (DeepSleep)Even if you are not using the phone, lots of activities aregoingon that will drain your battery life. Deep Sleep Mode is settosolve this problem, such as disabling Wi-Fi, Auto-Sync whilethephone is not in use. Various modes are available foryourconvenience.3. Battery consuming App Tracker Battery Saver -PowerDoctor - tracks application usage and shows you which appdrainsthe battery the most. Uninstall/or/Force Stop optionavailable tokeep your battery percentage!4. Activity remainingtimeEstimatorIndicates the remaining/limit time for Talktime,Game,Standby, AudioPlayback, MoviePlayback, WebSurfing, andReading.Also shows battery percentage in status bar.5. PowerDoctorWidgetAccess and turn on/off various functions from HomescreenWidget.6. Boost Charge Screen SaverKills unnecessary appsduringcharge to help speed up your battery charging time.Disclaimer:Results on saving may vary. The numbers 2x-4x on thescreenshot,app detail is a result of our various tests that ismadein-house.Battery Saver – Power Doctor - Development Teamisdedicated to make your Android life better! Give us yourfeedbackanytime at [email protected]
TimesJobs 10.4
TimesJobs is a platform to help professionals make smartercareerdecisions.We have the largest collection of jobs in themarket toensure that whenever and wherever there is a greatopportunity foryou, you will discover it on TimesJobs.Successfulcareers are notjust about switching jobs. One needs to make theright careerdecisions at the right time, but making those decisionsrequiresproper information and insights. We provide thatinformation andinsights with our unique product offerings likeratings and reviewsof companies, salary and skill benchmarking,interview crackingtips and company & job recommendations basedon your profile.So download our new android app and make your firstmove towards asuccessful career with TimesJobs. New Features:-Make SmarterCareer Decisions with Company Insights- Get Jobrecommendationsbased on your profile- Search for Jobs and Apply ina single swipe-Add your Skills and lots more on My TimesJobs- Checkout jobs basedon your location- Discover the jobs applied bysimilar candidates-Receive Job Alerts as notifications- Sendresponses to theRecruiter Messages- Know about the recruiters whoviewed yourresume- Profile Photo: Uploading a professional photogives morecredibility to your profileGet all this with:- Simple2-stepRegistration- Easily edit your TimesJobs profile - uploadResume,update Contact, Function, Education, Experience, ChangeProfilePhoto and much more at My Profile- Make a Perfect ResumewithStepAhead career services and impress recruitersWe will needyourhelp to serve you better. Please send your suggestions orqueriesto [email protected]
iCamera OS 10 11 1.0.1
Poka Levy
Hi Everyoneicamera OS 11 is pro app with style like icamera os10,11 or i7 phone. Easy useWe created this application to helpthosewho are fans of apple products, extremely wonderfulapplicationwith friendly interface and easy to use. Even those whouse theandroid operating system have never used the os 11 operatingsystemwill be very happy when using this application.We createdthis freeapp so you do not have to use os 10 or os 11 to experiencethe samethings as using apple products.However, you can use ourapplicationfor free, in return we can show ads in the app so thatwe have thefunds to maintain and continue to make new products foryou.Featurefor icamera☀️ Auto flash has on/off option for user☀️Take photo asapple camera, front camera, back camera☀️ CapturePHOTO with alarm3s and 5s and ... ☀️ Photo with 9 filter camera asos 9 or os 10style of ip camera ☀️ Size photo height quality, youwill can takephoto hd☀️ Record video square, video hd☀️ Recordvideo with 1button simple.☀️ Square photo so beautiful☀️ Design ofbrand newIP7 or IP8 camera with flat style☀️ Stylist, beautifulandprofessional filter camera like mono, fade, White, chrome,blue,transfer, negative same camera on os 10 and 11☀️ Flash has onoroff option for user depend on the condition of capturepicture☀️Selfie with front icamera, camera hd and capture withcamera hd soyou can have best to share online to friend.☀️ icameraIP cameraSetting filter camera for photo, video and more ☀️ See thelatestphoto right away. Go to album to see other in os 11 icameraofus.☀️ Change Save photo like Camera OS 11☀️ Turn on - Turnoffsound in íphonẻ camera☀️ Enjoy the ápple camera features inyourandroid phoneThank you for using icamera style OS 11!
iNoty OS 11 3.8
🚀 iNoty OS 11iNoty OS 10 is notification center with phone 8,8snotification bar and status bar iNoty OS 11 is theperfectcombination of inoty (lock screen notification of os 11,ilauncher,control panel, control center) and iControl (ControlPanel os 10theme phone). You will have the experience to be usingOS10 withinoty. You can control everything and show all iNoty styleOS 11 inyour android phone with new style, theme phone, smooth anddesignfrom ilauncher, iNotify, control panel, control center willbringyou to a new experience. iNoty OS 11 , You do not have todoanything else to upgrade Notification Bar of your android phonetoOS 11 like Phone 7 , just install iNoty OS 11 then we willbringall OS11 things to your phone 7🚀 Inoty Settings – ÁppleSettings ΔTurn on/off notify by access to admin permission ofsystem androidΔChange background inoty panel Δ Custom colorstatusbar and showstatus bar style íos 10Δ Display menu iphonesetting, carrier’ssignal strength, battery percent.🚀 ExperienceiNoty – íPhoneNotifierΔ Touch and swipe bottom from status barΔSwipe right, leftthat show notification informationΔ Clicknotification item seedetail inoty íos 11Δ iNoty clear all notifiwith notifications notimportance🚀 Smart Control – Control PanelΔCentar Adjust brightnessΔ Smart Toggles for Airplane Mode style iOS11Δ íos controller forPortrait Orientation Lock Δ Smart IọSController for Silent mode ΔControl Center Toggles for DataConnection Δ Smart os Controllerfor Screen Timeout OS11Δ SmartTeggles for Vibration Mode like os11Δ Control Center for bluetooth, data use, settingandroid..********** Feature iNoty OS 11- phonenotifier***********⊹ Phone 8 notifier is easy to show todayinformation andnotifications information like OS 11.⊹ Touch tochoose any info onthe notification bar to show in full screen andopen application.⊹You can set Stylish Text with color change withdifferent stylesand phone notification bar theme⊹ Phone 8 designnotificationsettings+ Ápple iNoty UI styles big⊹ Fully smartControl Panel -Control center View.⊹ Show Battery percentage andnetworker styleIOS 11.⊹ Phọne 8 notification panel : bluettooth,splash, wifi..⊹Show icon charging battery and time like phone 8⊹iNoty OS 11 -iNotify OS11 is an amazing and new styled notificationstyleapplication. ⊹ Show all control panel tools likebluetooth,carrier, signal strength and wifi signal like Phone 7s⊹Very smoothapplication look like phone 8 theme.⊹ OS 11 notificationbartheme⊹You can easily customize iNotify information onnotificationbar, you can change status bar color easily. ⊹Notifications centerto show the notify you received like style íOS11⊹ Customnotification bar with iNoty style OS 11. ⊹ Display newinotyinformation ( title , description , icon, inoti events ... )⊹Phone 8 notification bar theme⊹ Support Control Panel ,Smartcontrol OS 11⊹ Setting what notification you want to showwithiNotify os 11⊹ Customize your own inoty os11 ⊹ Ápple iNotyplaymusic with service in windown manager⊹ iNoty – inotify iOS11showtomorrow event to remind you of what to do tomorrow.⊹ iNoty–inotify OS 10 support quick setting with Turn on/off wifi,mobiledata, bluetooth, flash light, orientation, control panel,controlcenter style ÍOS 11 notification bar⊹ Swipe down toopennotification to check notify daily like Phone 8 notifier.⊹Phone 8notification bar and status bar Tks for used iNoty íos 11–ÁppleiNoty
icamera OS 10 11 1.6
You like ápple camera for i phone 7 plus or new i phone8(calledicamera app), you are finding camera hd for your androidphone,wanna your phone like ápplè camera. Do you know ápple cameraforandroid device? Do you used icamera style oS 10 or 11? With"icamera style os 10 or 11" will bring all features of them. Youcanshare photo from camera after take shot photo with new style,newfilter of os 10 or 11. So cute your photo of you. With featuresinicamera new have bring to you something same í Phone camera.Design like os 11 you can take photo same one phone 7pluscameraboth front and back cameraWith icamera will bring allfeatures ofiCamera phone 7 plus and phone 8, style, layout andcolor of newcamera is something you can see is the highlight oficamera. Somefunction is added just like camera phone 8. Swipe leftor right tochange mode like video recording, photo and square photoand more.Try Camera for phone8 - icamera OS 11 now!!Like phone os10and os11Camera , our icamera app have 3 kinds of shooting modesarecurrently available: Camera, video, and square with filterlayoutand color.? Camera HD OS 10: Take impressive photos and savethemoment at any time, any place. Let you experience camera OS10filters on your Android device too!? Video: Like Camera OS11,icamera can easy RECORD videos fluently and easily. You canalsoshoot photos while taking a video.? Square: icamera arealsoproviding a quick square photo taking function. Square photosobeautiful. Customized mirror mode selfie camera…all functionslikeon the Camera OS 10.* Auto flash has on/off option for user*Takephoto as os10, os9* Capture PHOTO with alarm 3s and 5s and ...*Photo with 9 filter as os 10 style of phone 6s * Size photoHEIGHTQUALYTY * RECORD VIDEO with 1 button simple.* SQUARE photosobeautyful* Design of brand new Phone8 with flat style*Stylist,beautiful and professional filter like mono, fade, White,chrome,blue, transfer, negative same same camera on íOS10, íOS9*Flash hason or off option for user depend on the condition ofcapturepicture* Selfie with front icamera and capture with backcamera soyou can have best to share online to friend.* icame raíOS10Setting height qualyti for photo, video and more * See thelastestphoto right away. Go to album to see other in ìos11 cameraof us.*Setting LOCATION for take photo * Change Save photo not asìos10*Turn on - Turn off sound in icameraOur app is 100% free andwithexperience design, you easy to useDownload icamera now and jointhefun! More interesting functions will be coming soon!Pleaserateicamera Style OS 11 5* if you love it to support us. Thankyou!!!!
ExamFear 3.0.0
ExamFear is a one stop platform that provides FREEQualityeducation. We have a huge number of educational videolessons onPhysics, Mathematics, Biology & Chemistry withconcepts &tricks never explained so well before. We upload newvideo lessonseveryday.Currently we have educational content forClass 6, 7, 8,9, 10, 11 & 12
Food Dictionary 2.5
Food Dictionary is your encyclopedia of food Items,ingredients,glossary, photos and more.Food Dictionary containsinformationabout food and food ingredients. The Dictionary isdivided intocategories like Vegetables, fruits, spices, cereals,meat, greens,etc. Each category lists the related food items. Theseentries givea brief overview of the item and provides links toexplore further.The App contains a useful search feature where youcan search forentries across all categories.Nutrition Informationadded.*** FoodDictionary now contains more than 2000 + entries,spread across 24categories***Food Categories include Breads, Buns,Cereals, Cheese,Condiments, Dairy Products, Dips, Fish Sauces,Fruits, greens,Ingredients, Kitchen ware, Meat & Meat Products,Nuts, Oils,Root Vegetables, Sauces, Sausages, Sea Food, Spices,Vegetables,Nutrition, Food Additives & Cooking Terms /Glossary.
Jordan Sneakerz 1.0.2
Appswiz W.V
Jordan Sneakerz. Find the newest jordans for the latest jordans? Get the latestjordans at yourfinger tips. Never lose track of jordans. Stay intouch, stay instyle. Download jordan sneakers app today.
Hindi Good Morning 42
---Hindi Good Morning Hindi Good Morning :A collection ofGoodMorning Image, Good Morning Wishes, Good Morning Messages,GoodMorning Poems, Good Morning Quotes collection here. TheseRomanticGood Morning SMS are in many languages like Good MorningSMS inHindi, Good Morning SMS in Hindi. Pick a message you likemost andtext it to your friends for greeting / wishing them to haveabeautiful good morning & the whole day.Hindi GoodMorning:Beautiful Hindi Good Morning Image Messages in Hindi Font,HindiGood Morning Wallpapers, Best Hindi Good Morning Photos,LatestHindi Good Morning Quotes, Hindi Latest Good Morning Images,BestHindi Shayari Good Morning Messages PictureHindi GoodMorning:Hindi Good Morning Image is Collection of Good Morningimage withGood quotes this app is develop specially for share HindiGoodMorning Imagevia Whatsapp,Facebook,Line,Instagram,Twitter,GooglePlus etc....Hindi GoodMorning :Hindi Good Morning Image App isgive you most beautifullimage with good quotes for share HindiGood Morning :good mornignimages,good morning pictures,goodmorning,goodmorning,morningapp,good morning inspiration,good nightimages,morningquotes,morning inspirational ,Hindi Good MorningShayari,Hindi GoodMorning Message,Good Morning Wishes,Good MornigMessages Wishes SMSCollection,good morning everyday,good morningquotesHindi GoodMorning :Hindi Good Morning Images,Good morning,hdgoodmorning,Hindi Good Morning Image is known as Good Morning,Best GoodMorning image,Good Morning status and Good Morningquotes etc...-feature of Good Morning image-Swipe for next image-next andprevios button -you can share image -download image -setimage aswallpaperRequest- Internet connection to get more and moreimagesregularly.Note:- Application contains advertisement to fillcost tomake us updated regularly.Legal:- Images may copyright totheirrespective owners.- Any legal owner person found any violenceofyour rights, please write us [email protected] image for withdrawing imageimmediately.
Ghana Lotto Results 2.2
Install for Accurate Lotto ResultsThe Ghana LottoResultsapplication supports the following games:MondaySpecialresults.Lucky Tuesday results.Wednsdey MidWeek MidWeekresults.Fortune Thursday results.Friday Bonanzaresults.NationalWeekly Lotto results.national lotto.NationalLottery Authority.NLA.
Survival MoneyBook 4
■ Housekeeping book for survival believes the purpose ofthehousekeeping book is survival. ■ Unlike other housekeepingbooks,the Survival Housekeeping Book does not have complex listsorgraphs. Yes. We only think of survival. ■ ‘Remaining moneyis100,000 won, 20 days left until the next allowance!’SurvivalHousekeeping Book is a housekeeping book that helps yousurvive fora set time with the given money. ■ 'Know the enemy, knowthyself’.ㅤSurvival Housekeeping Book lets see your financial statusㅤwithoutturning on the application. ㅤAlways check. You need toknowyourself to survive. We think of ‘before spending the money’whenthe other housekeeping books think of ‘after spending themoney’‘Prevention’ is the key to ‘saving’ ■ ‘Mr. Money Treeiswithering…” The more you spend the money, the thinner Mr.MoneyTree becomes. Save up to spend the money efficiently! SurvivewithMr. Money Tree! We walk our own path. Housekeeping bookforsurvival, Our name is 'Survival Money Book’.
This is a direct login app to excess your account easy.Safeshopindia login app for all safe shop associates, we arepeople'scompany, By the people for the people, of the people, witha visionof turning their dreams into reality by securing theirlives andfamily with our progressive programs and businessopportunitiesblended with international quality products.Thiscompany secureyour life and your family life.
VEarn is a truly what we call as an NextGen Application. It is5level earning app where you can earn points or we may call asVEarnpoints completing simple tasks. The most important part aboutthepoints which you earn is the way in which you can redeemthosepoints.There are multiple options made available for userssuch asPaypal, paytm, bitcoin and many types of gift cards.ToUnderstandthe process and the redemptions method, click the belowyoutubelink. contact us : [email protected]
Quran Only In Urdu
This application contain Quran Translationo in Urdu Only.NoArabicwords only in urdu.All ayat in Urdu translated.Free forallMuslim....
Vestige 4.7
Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., started its operations in theyear2004, is a leading direct selling company dealing in worldclasshealth and personal care products. Vestige is constantlygrowing atthe rate of 100% every year. This growth pattern initself speaksvolumes about the quality of the products, themarketing plan andthe management that has been able to accomplishsuch a rewardingand sustainable system.This Android App is to helpits network ofover a million distributors worldwide to do theirday-to-day tasksfrom the palm of their hands. The app features thefollowing:-Bonus & Points Calculations- Downline Details-Vestige Branchesworldwide- Company Details- Complete Product range-News &Events- Notifications about latest happenings- List ofTrainingsavailable- Feedback & Contact Information
Ezy Gas 4.1.3
HPCL Ezy Gas is going to be a one-stop solution for allHPCLDelivery boys or you can say for all HPCL Distributors.Basically,it’s a Digital Delivery confirmation app. Ezy Gas appgives youaccess to your account on your mobile phone. Acceptspayments usingBHIM UPI, Bharat QR, Aadhaar, Credit or Debit Cards,Internetbanking, e-wallets. Payment can also be done at the timeofdelivery using cash.You can avail following facilities fromthepalm of your hand anytime, anywhere:• Delivery•Non-Delivery•Refill Booking• Delivery Man Report• Issue Ezy GasCard• Sync CashMemo• DBC Request• RewardsIf you insist, here's theapp description– Delivery: You can easily find right consumer andeasily deliverto the right person who orders HPCL Cylinder.Non-Delivery: If theconsumer not available for accept delivery choose areason andsubmit.Refill Booking: Now you do Refill booking inyourfingertips.Delivery Man Report: No need to do Tally orPaperworknow you can send your Report through Ezy Gas.Issue Ezy GasCard:Issue Ezy Gas Card to the consumer to avail more benefits.SyncCashMemo: Offline delivery also available.DBC Request: CheckDoubleCylinder request from the consumer.Rewards: As per offers togoon.Our app will request access to several mobile features,kindlyallow access for Delivery without any hassles. For anyqueriesrelated to compatibility with the device and other appoperations,please visit our website, or write to [email protected] withus:Website-pushpamcomputers.inFacebook-Link: more details Subscribe ourYouTubeChannel & followbelowlink:
Spin & Win - Real Money King 1.4
GioApp Studio
Spin & Win - Real Money KingThis is Application for EarnFreeCash Unlimited.If you have mobile phone you can EarnFREEUNLIMITEDCash in your time.Download From PlayStore And EarnFREEThis is aListed app for EARN Free Cash and Gift Voucher andFREE Talk timeIN THIS APP :-) Daily New Awesome Task-) CompleteTask And EarnMoney-) Complete Daily Extra Task And Earn ExtraIncome-) Share AndEarn -) Complete Instant Task And Earn InstantIncomeThis isapplication for only earn cash FREE time withEntertainment
SocialDiabetes 4.5.9
Tired of your paper logbook? SocialDiabetes App can help youimproveyour diabetes with its easy to use interface and awesomefeatures.With SocialDiabetes you can manage your type 1 or type 2diabetesright from your phone: keep track of your diet, adjustyour insulindose based on what you eat and test your glucoselevels afterwards.All of this information is kept at a digitallogbook, that can beaccessed and shared at any moment. ★SocialDiabetes App is licensedby Abbott Diabetes Care to use thereadings of the FreeStyle Libre™sensor. ★ SocialDiabetes is a EChealthcare device, Directive93/42/EEC, that complies with the mostdemanding security andquality requirements.★ SocialDiabetes App islicensed by MenariniDiagnostics to use the measurements from it’sGlucoCard SM andGlucomen Areo 2K glucometers. ★ SocialDiabetes hasbeen recognizedby UNESCO-WSA as the best health App and won theInternationalMobile Premier Award at the Mobile World CongressinBarcelona.FEATURES:-HbA1c estimation-Bolus calculator toadjustrapid insulin doses before every meal (only available intheEU)-Automatic readings of blood glucose levels whenusingintegrated meters -Carbohydratecalculator-Fooddatabase-Charts-Digital Diary - that storeshistorical dataincluding food pictures!-Exportable reports (pdf,csv)-Alerts andrecommendations-Connection with your physician ornursepractitioner (premium users)-Invite your physician to manageyourdiabetes remotely and keep track of your evolution in realtime.Your HCP can adjust your insulin and carb needs online andgetautomatic notifications. -SocialDiabetes App works inmultipledevices. Access your account from the comfort of your PCthroughour web platform.INTEGRATIONS- Compatibility with Accu-CheckAvivaConnect, Freestyle Libre, Contour Next ONE, Glucocard SM,CareSensDual, GlucoMen AREO 2k- Steps, blood pressure, weight ,Apple Watchnotifications, Fitbit.OUR USERS“Amazing.The best app formonitoringyour diabetes. At first you have to provide some info,but thenusing it is extremely simple. Congrats to thedeveloper.”“WonderfulI love this app. Easy to use. I like the factI can keep track ofmy sugars with just a click. I can also send myreading to my Docso without having an appointment we can makeadjustments.”“Goodthing I like this app because it's really been agreat help withkeeping me on track and disciplined in tracking mynumbers. Makesmanaging my diabetes a lot lessstressful.”SUPPORTForproduct-related questions, issues orsuggestions please contact usat [email protected] Yourfeedback is very important sowe can keep improving our product! ★SocialDiabetes Premium: 15-daytrial period. When upgrading toSocialDiabetes Premium you will notbe charged until the 15 dayperiod is up. In the event that youdon’t cancel your plan duringthis trial period, once exhausted,the fee will be chargedautomatically and will not be reimbursed.Your plan will stay activefor one year and is renewedautomatically. Your auto-renewal andcancellation options can bemanaged in your Account Settings in PlayStore at any time afterthe upgrade.★ SocialDiabetes has to be usedwith responsibility. Inorder for SocialDiabetes to be 100%effective and fit your needs asa person with diabetes, don't forgetto always use it under yourhealthcare professional’
IPTV Shqip 5.3
Albanian App
Aplikacioni me i kompletuar dhe me i besueshmi nga te gjithe
German English Translator Free 7.0.6
Translate from/to German and EnglishIncludes offlinedictionaryWordof the daySpeak an English sentence and hear Germantranslation orspeak German sentence and hear English translation!-voicerecognition for English and German- post translation toFacebook-copy to other apps- send as SMS or eMail- HearpronunciationGermanyÜbersetzer Wörterbuch Lexikon Diktionär
My Day Reminder
One Enger
A short list of the main functions:1. Voice input of plansandnotes2. Synchronization with Google Calendar (available inpaidversion)3. Up to five sound reminders for each plan4.Flexiblerepeat settings5. Convenient calendar for each month6.Notes forwriting anything7. Widget for your launcher8. Set apassword toprotect your data 9. Creating backup copies (availablein paidversion)My Day is a modern scheduler, designed to make it aseasyas possible for daily task planning. For this purpose, you canusevoice memo input, which allows you to talk to the application,justas if your phone was a real person. Simply say somethinglike"Remind me to buy bread in an hour" or "An importantmeetingtomorrow at noon." Thus, you can add reminders and saveanyimportant information faster than using aregularkeyboard.Scheduler My Day allows you to create plans withsignals(up to five reminders for each event) or without them. Evenif youdo not add a reminder, you will not forget about theessentialplan, since we have a widget for the launcher that willshow youthe agenda. Plans can contain recurrence with aconfigurableinterval, from 1 minute to several years. All plans arevisuallyrepresented in the calendar, which allows you to see busystatusfor each day and plan your time more efficiently.In addition,youcan add notes, so as not to lose important information foryou.Change the color of the notes to make them more expressiveandnoticeable.My Day offers a wide range of remindersettings,starting with the sound of alerts, ending with theduration of thesignal. Take control of the application appearance -a dark themewill make your eyes say thank you in the dark. Also,manage theprivacy of your data - use a four-digit password orfingerprintscanner (only in the paid version). Moreover, users ofthe paidversion have such useful features as synchronization withGoogleCalendar and back up with the ability to share them.Downloadfreeversion: do not work, then check if third-party applications(likebattery savers) are blocking them. In addition, if youusethird-party lock screens, My Day may behave incorrectly.Appusesicons8 (
myCigna 3.18.0
Your health has met its app℠. The myCigna app gives you an easywayto personalize, organize and access your importanthealthinformation--on the go. A must-have for Cigna customers.Featuresavailable are based on plan design (ie. Medical, Dental,Pharmacy,Vision, Behavioral, Disability, Accident…).little app.BIGFEATURES.ID Cards • Quickly view ID cards (front and back)forentire family • Easily print, email, fax or scan right fromyourmobile deviceClaims• View and search recent and pastclaims•Bookmark and group claims for easy referenceAccountBalances•Access and view health fund balances• Review plandeductibles andmaximumsHome Delivery Pharmacy• View and refill yourprescriptionsright from your mobile device• Update billing andshippingpreferences Drug Search• Look up and compare actual costsat 60,000pharmacies nationwide• Find closest pharmacy locationusing GPS•Speed-dial Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy (SM)HealthCareProfessional Directory • Search for a doctor, dentist, pharmacyorhealth care facility, from Cigna's national network andcomparequality-of-care ratings and costsProcedure Search• Searchamonghundreds of common medical procedures and compare costs fordoctorsand facilities• Make choices based on costs personalized toyou –we do the math for you including your deductible, coinsurance,andhealth care accounts (if available) Coverage• View plancoverageand authorizations• Find what’s covered under yourplanIncentives•View goal activity and awardsHealth Wallet •Organize and manageall the health information you use most• Storeyour biometricinformation (cholesterol, blood pressure, allergiesandmedications)• Save contact information and build yourpersonalcontact list with the doctors, hospitals, pharmacies,emergencyrooms, and other health care professionals and facilitiesyou maycall frequentlyLanguages Supported• Spanish and EnglishSafe&Secure• We use the latest technology in secure mobileapplicationsto protect your personal health info while online oroff *You mustbe a Cigna customer to use the secure myCigna mobileapp. Featuresavailable are based on coverage you have with Cigna.AboutCignaMore than just a health insurance company, Cigna is aglobalhealth service company--dedicated to helping the people weserveimprove their health, well-being and sense of security. Wemakethis happen through a broad range of integrated health careandrelated plans and services, and proven health andwell-beingprograms that are targeted to the unique needs of ourcustomers,clients and partners.
Loto Online 1.7.3
R-Soft LLC
Loto online - it's online bingo game with classical Russianrules.Game can be played up to 6 people. At the beginning of thegame allplayers receive three cards with numbers from 1 to 90.During thegame the barrels with numbers are getting out of the bagrandomly.Players are closing numbers, if they are on the card. Thewinner isthe first one who close one of their cards. The firstplayer whocollect one or two rows on the card will also getadvantage.
Asian Talking Translator 7.1.2
Asian Talking Translator/Dictionary!Supports major Asianlanguages.You can translate between any of these languages- Chineseincludingfrom and to pinyin!- Japanese- Korean- Thai-Vietnamese-Indonesian- Filipino- Malay- Lao- Khmer- and ofcourse,EnglishFeatures:- Supports major Asian languages- Includesofflinedictionary- Word of the day for foreign languages -Spanish,Italian, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, andRussian.-Sentence correction!Speak a sentence and hear thetranslation!-pinyin translation- voice recognition for manylanguages- eMail orSMS the translation- copy to paste in otherapps- fetch incomingSMS to auto translate! (trial for 50 uses inthis free version)-Word of the day for many languages- translationhistory
Dictionary - M-W Premium
Get America’s most useful and respected dictionary, optimizedforyour Android device. This is the best Android app forEnglishlanguage reference, education, and vocabulary building.Andnowwe’ve added new word games! It’s never been more fun to learnnewwords and test your vocabulary for everyone from Englishlearnersto total word nerds. Hundreds of words to test yourskills.Offlineaccess: You’ll have complete access to definitionsand synonymswhether or not you’re connected. You will need aconnection to viewillustrations, hear audio pronunciations, and usevoicesearch.Features:* No ads* Full Thesaurus: more than 200,000wordchoices, examples, and explanations* NewVocabulary-BuildingQuizzes: fun, fast quizzes to learn new words ortest yourvocabulary* Voice Search: look up a word without having tospellit* Word of the Day: learn a new word every day.*ExampleSentences: understand how a word is used in context*QuickDefinitions: perfect for on-the-go lookups* AudioPronunciations:voiced by real English speakers, not text-to-speechrobots*Favorite Words and Search History: Keep track of the wordsthat aremost important to you* Premium Content: over 1000graphicalillustrations, and over 20,000 additional entries coveringpeople,places, and foreign terms* For Tablets: Scrolling Index:browse theentire dictionary
Water Photo Frame 1.4
Water Photo Frame is a greeting application that is able to takeasnap shot and merge it with the greeting photo frame.WaterPhotoFrame is application which is going to give an unexpectedsurprisefor your beloved ones- Effective user interface- You canchoosefrom multiple creative frames.- Pick images from gallery ortakephoto from camera.- Give Awesome effects to make your photomorebeautiful and realistic.- Add text on frames with differentcolorsand styles.- Use wide range of smiley and stickers to makeyour picclassic.- Share your photo with social media.- Save imageswithhigh resolution - Give photo effect like grey scale, hue,contrast,many color effects and more..- Adjust your photo, drag,rotate,pinch zoom in, zoom out- You can add text on frames withdifferentstyles and colors.- Use classic collection of smiley andstickersto make your pic wonderful.Any Feedback and suggestions aremostWelcome And Appreciated
ABN AndhraJyothy 3.5.3
ABN AndhraJyothy Android App - AndhraJyothy App is an onepointinterface for EPaper, ABN Live TV, Telugu News portal, EnglishNewsportal and Navya Weekly. Watch breaking news of TelanganaandAndhra Pradesh. ABN AndhraJyothy is a Telugu news channel whichwaslaunched on 15 October 2009 from the stable of the Telugu daily–AndhraJyothy.AndhraJyothy (Telugu: ఆంధ్రజ్యోతి) is a Telugudailynewspaper in Telangana and AndhraPradesh, India.
Hearts Free 1.32
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★Hearts Free bringsthisclassic and popular 4-player trick-taking card game to theAndroidmarket. Created to the same high standard as the rest of ourgames,Hearts Free provides classy graphics, super smooth gameplay,highlyscalable difficulty & much more. Hearts has never beensogood!Hearts is also known under a number of different namesaroundthe world, including Chase the Lady and Rickety Kate, andissimilar to the game Black Lady. In Turkey the game is calledQueenof Spades, and in India it is known as Black Queen.Featuring:-FullHearts play, with optional Jack of Diamonds rule- Cardpassingoptions, including alternating (Left, Right, Across, NoPass)- 18CPU Hearts players of varying skill (beginner to expert)-Choosewhich characters to play against!- 5 Backgrounds to choosefrom (oruse your own photo!)- User and CPU player stats!- Undo& Hints-Hearts Rules & Help- Designed for both Tablet andPhoneThisfree version is supported by 3rd party ads. Ads may useinternetconnectivity, and therefore subsequent data charges mayapply. Thephotos/media/files permission is required to allow thegame to savegame data to external storage, and is sometimes used tocache ads.
Euchre Free 1.37
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★ Euchre Free – thepopularcontract trick-taking card game for 4 players, brought totheAndroid market by AI Factory – is developed to the samehighstandard as the rest of our apps with an easy-to-useinterface,smooth gameplay on all handsets, clear stylish graphicsandindividual CPU player “styles”. All you’ll ever need forEuchre!Featuring: - 18 CPU Euchre players of varying skills andstyles(beginner to expert)- Choose who to partner with and who toplayagainst- Stick the Dealer, Turn it Up to Dealer, Canadian Lonerandtarget score options- 3 different decks of cards available-Choiceof backgrounds, or use your own photos!- User stats withandagainst all players- Undo & Hints- Euchre Rules &Help-Designed for both Tablet and Phone This free version issupportedby 3rd party ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, andthereforesubsequent data charges may apply. Thephotos/media/filespermission is required to allow the game to savegame data toexternal storage, and is sometimes used to cache ads.
My Surah Rahman Mp3 Urdu Sudes 1.3
This is the best app of Surah Rahman with urdu tarjumah inSudaesVoice which play Audio Mp3 Tilawat without internet. This appisfree for All Android Mobile Phones & it is working very fast.
Booster - Master Speed Cleaner 1.0.3
Speed Booster - Master Cleaner - is a super easy AndroidSpeedBooster & Phone Cleaner. With this app, you can boostyourphone speed by cleaning memory of your Android phone andsavebattery! This app includes Memory Cleaner (SpeedBooster),Junk/Cache Cleaner, Game Speed Booster, Browser and GooglePlaySearch History Cleaner, Call & SMS History cleaner, andAppManager to manage installed/pre-installed apps. This SpeedBoostercan boost up your phone by 60-80% if propery used. Enjoythisbeautifully designed app, it's super easy!FEATURES★ 1.SPEEDBOOSTERCleans up Memory & Junk files to boost your phoneinaverage of 60-80% faster. Simply tap "OPTIMIZE" button toboostyour phone and it can even save battery! Indicates yourmemoryspeed with percentage.★ 2. GAME BOOSTERBy finishing unrelatedapps& processes for playing game, your phone will be optimizedforyour gameplay. By average we are able to boost your game by20%!★3. JUNK/CACHE CLEANERApps will clean up your junk and cachefilesfor better phone performance & disk space!★ 4. SEARCHHISTORYCLEANERClean up your Google Play Search History &Browserhistory! Downloaded files manager included as we ll todeleteobsolete files.★ 5. CALL & SMS CLEANERClean up anydesired Call& SMS history one by one, or delete all of theCall/SMS/Texthistory in one-tap★ 6. APP MANAGERManageyourinstalled/pre-installed apps with very easy app manager.★ 7.GAMEBOOSTER WIDGETAccess your game booster function from homescreenwidget.7-in-1 application! Includes Speed Booster, GameBooster,Junk/Cache Cleaner, Search History Cleaner, Call & SMSTextCleaner, App Manager, and Game Booster Widget! Speed Booster-Master Cleaner - will be perfect for every day use and boostupyour phone & save battery!
Asan Pardakht 2.7.6
mahdi shahidi
Pay Smarter. Pay Simpler. Pay Anywhere. Conveniently andsecurelyaccess to all payment services you used to utilize via*733# byusing our official app. Access to all services provided inits USSDcounterpart (*733#) and more! in a much easier way, withoutlong,boring waits! Exclusive to our mobile app users:-Use app'sbarcodereader to scan bill barcode carved on your bill (althoughyou canenter bill info manually)-Track and keep history of yourfinancialtransactions-Shake your phone every day to collect extrapointsServices offered in both our mobile app and *733#:-Check yourbankcard balances and let us help you remembering your frequentcardnumbers-Buy cell-phone airtime credit & complementary3G/4Gdata packages directly from within the app. Direct top-up isalsoavailable.-Pay your bills without even reaching an ATM!Ourfascinating system lets you inquire for your cell-phone billamountby only knowing your mobile number! All utility bills can bepaidvia our app and *733#-Donate to charities. Makingblessingdonations is as easy as never before. This app requiresinternetconnectivity.All Internet Communications with servers aresecuredwith standard and up to date encryption algorithms.
Dev Reg I 1.0.17062301
The device registration application allows the distributorstoinstall and configure the biometric device provided bytheoperators
Mighty Networks 5.3
Mighty Networks takes direct aim at ordinary groups with anewsocial network totally re-imagined for deep interestsonmobile.Anyone can create a Mighty Network for free. It’s easytoget started and when you invite members in, you’ll instantlyseepeople near you, by the topics you choose, and the categoriesyoudefine. Everything for your interest is in one place, withcontentand conversations that never get lost.Use the MightyNetworks appto:+ Create your own Mighty Network for free+ Accessyour MightyNetwork from anywhere (mobile and desktop web)+ Connectyourmembers by where they live, the topics they choose andcategoriesyou define+ Enable mobile push notifications to allmembers + Sendhighly relevant notifications to your members+ Sendprivatemessages+ Share photos and tips+ Enable events and groups+Discover trending posts, polls and questionsWithbreakthroughalgorithms and smart technology that dynamicallyconnects members,it’s easy for anyone to create a successful MightyNetwork.Havemore than one Mighty Network? Just log in to each, thenswitchseamlessly between your Mighty Networks in the app.Learn moreandcreate your own Mighty Network at
Big English-Russian Dictionary
Now, a detailed translation of words and their voice areavailableoffline! And it's no need to download anything extra.Theprogramdoesn't require an Internet connection and includes alargecollection of words at once from two dictionaries:* TheBigEnglish-Russian (200 000 words and phrases);* TheBigRussian-English dictionary (55,000 words andphrases).General,business, economic and computer lexicon isavailable. Also you cansee spelling words.40000 pronunciation ofEnglish words by nativespeakers.Features:- Search for word from theclipboard at startupand recovery from background.- The "Favorites"section.- Searchhistory sorted by frequency and time. Sorting byfrequency willallow you to keep track of the most problematicconcepts and studythem better.- Ability to change the font size.-Ability to select atheme: light and dark.
MotoDisplay Handwave 4.2
***This app is targeted for select Motorola devices. For allotherdevices of all other OEMs or for all custom ROMs, this appwillwork in COMPATIBILITY mode.******This app may needDeviceAdministrator permissions.***[Unsupported Moto devices:MotoE3series, M, C, G1, G2 (as they don't have Moto Display)MotoE4series is having some problems. This should be fixed fromVersion4.0 of the app.Moto X1 (unknown reason, probably a fault inMotoDisplay app itself)Moto X2 and up, Moto Z, Z2 series (theyhavethis functionality inbuilt)]This app brings up Moto Displaywhenthe device's proximity sensor detects motion while the screenisoff. Plus there are some more features.Extra features:1)Musiccontrol notification - control music volume directly fromMotoDisplay without touching volume rockers2) Wave-n-hold forscreenoff - switch off the screen with the proximity sensor basedgesturebuilt in the app, no need to use the power button.[This appdoesn'tactivate Moto Display (or lock screen) while the device isin thepocket]Interested in translating the app? The strings.xmlfileisavailablehere: the instructions in README.mdfile.Permissions:Deviceadministrator permission:Required if"Wave-n-hold for screen off"feature is enabled or screen off widgetis used.
English Stories Offline 1.0
English Stories Offline app contains the best and largecollectionof Stories for everyone.Top categories areasfollows:==============================☆ Stories for Kids☆MoralStories☆ Panchatantra Tales☆ Horror Stories☆ MotivationalStories☆100 Famous Stories☆ Famous People - India5000 + Stories |Share |Like | Works for Mobile/Tab | Manage Favorite and muchmorefun..Enjoy!!!
View C R P F. Pay 1.0
इस एप्लीकेशन की सहायता से आप अपनी सैलरी अपने मोबाईल मे देख सकते हैं
RS Aggarwal Maths Class 9 Solution 2.1
Miraj B Jungi
Find RS AGGARWAL CLASS 9 MATHS SOLUTION ON YOUR HAND.No needtosuffer to get answers of your questions. We will help you outinsolving all the questions.Maths Guide for cbse class 9 .Peoplecallour app as :rs aggarwal maths book solution class 9cbsecbseboardmaths book class 9th rs agarwalcbse class 9 mathssolutionmathsclass 9 ncert solutions app free downloadmaths formulabookfreemaths solutions for any questionmathstricksmathsappmathematics formulamathematics formulars aggarwalmaths solutionfor class 9class 9 notes app for all subjectsclass9th maths cbseoffline guiders class 9rs aggarwal class 9rs aggarwalmaths booksolution class 9