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Chocolate Recipes 1.0.1
Welcome to the sumptuous world of‘ILoveChocolate’ With its enticing aroma, its brilliantsheen,itssensuous melt, there is nothing quite like chocolate.This collection of 85 detailed, easy to follow recipes,forcakes,confectionery, desserts, pastries and teatime treats,fromMasterChocolatiers, award-winning chefs, and experiencedtrainers,bringsyou a world of seduction: a delicate mousse, ameltingcookie, aclassic gateau, a dark truffle, a spicy hotchocolate,and so muchmore.Unleash your inner chocolatier, master theprofessionaltechniquesand, with these tried and tested recipes,you’llexperience pleasureand praise time and again.Please note that the app will download for free, but youwillneedto buy the recipe book if you wish to view it insidetheapplication.We did it this way in order to allow us to addmorerecipes to theapplication over time.