Top 48 Apps Similar to Book Review

Arivu Kadhaigal 1.0
This app contains collection of knowledge moral stories.Thisappprovide a lot of fun and entertainment and also teach value oflifefor your kids.
com.yolobookstories.secretsofsuccess 1.0.18
Book: 200 Secrets of Success - Offline What’s the secret tosuccess?How to Be Successful and Satisfied Always be positive.ThinkSuccess, not Failure. Beware of a negative environment. Howmanytimes have you heard somebody claim they know ‘the secretofsuccess’ only to find out somebody else has anothersecretcompletely different from the last secret you heard?! Whichsecretis right?! Who knows THE REAL secret?! … is there ‘a real’secret?!If so, just how many secrets are out there?! But mostimportantly,who’s secret advice do we follow to ensure our personalsuccess??The Top Secrets of Success is a wonderful list ofpractical ideasthat you can incorporate into your own daily life..Collection ofbooks for secrets helps you answer through thecontents of theapplication : - 200 Secrets of Success - Think andGrow Rich - 100Things That Will Make You Successful - How To BeSuccessful In Life- Steps To Success And Power - Things ThatSuccessful People Do -Thoughts Of Successful People All our storiesare from opensources. If you have rights for a story and you rightwasn’tindicated or you are against its using in our applicationpleasecontact us. We will correct data or delete it as soon aspossible.
Tenzi Za Rohoni 1.1
*Nyimbo za Tenzi za Rohoni
solveraapps.chronicbrowser 2.90
Chronological presentation of historical topics and events.Travelthrough the fascinating history of mankind from theearliestcivilizations to the present. The full versions 'WorldHistory' and'World History Atlas' are also available in english inGoogle PlayStore. ▶ Trial Version This trial version contains onlythe 17thand 18th century. An exciting time of enlightenment,revolutions,religious conflicts and groundbreaking discoveries. Thefullversion starts from the first cultures till present. Seedetailsbelow. ▶ Content from the full version ◼️ historicalperiods: ◾Prehistory: Stone Age, Copper Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age◾antiquity: Ancient Orient, Egyptology, Greek Antiquity,Rome,Ancient Egypt, Sumer, Elam, Akkad, Babylonia, Hurrian,Hittite,Meder, Assyria, Israel, Phenicia, Persia, Ancient SouthArabia,Urartian Empire, Phrygians, Lydians, Luwier, Minoan Culture,Celts,Ancient Greece, Etruscans, Carthage, Roman Empire, LateAntiquity,Germanic tribes, migration of peoples etc ... ◾ MiddleAges:Frankish Empire, Byzantine Empire, Vikings, Crusades,OttomanEmpire, Hundred Years' War, Manorial, serfdom, Sengoku time,etc... ◾ Early modern times Renaissance, European Expansion,HolyRoman Empire, Reformation, Counter Reformation, Wars ofReligion,Enlightenment, Absolutism, Cabinet Wars, FrenchRevolution,American Revolution etc ... ◾ modern times FarmerLiberation,Industrial Revolution, Liberalism, Communism,Biedermeier, SocialIssue Imperialism, World War I, World War II,colonialism, OctoberRevolution, interwar period, Holocaust,expulsion ◾ 20th century:Soviet Union, GDR, United Nations, ColdWar, Eastern Bloc, proxywar, arms race, turnaround, Middle Eastconflict, nuclear age ◾21st century: Climate policy, terrorism,financial crisis,renewable energy, robotics, AI ▶ Several thousandhistorical eventson the following topics: ◾ Military events /conflicts: battle,war, siege, naval battle, aerial combat,religious wars. ◾ Famoushistorical figures: emperors, kings,dictators, authors, doctor,hero, music, composer, inventor,explorer, explorer, geographer,navigator, general, poet,philosopher, botanist, actor, director,revolutionary, astronomer,pope, bishop, Politician, architect,enlightener, terrorist, martyr,prophet. ◾ Historical naturalevents: Thunderstorm, flood,earthquake, storm, blizzard, volcaniceruption, avalanches, solarflare ◾ Astronomical events: comet,meteor, solar eclipse,supernovae ◾ Technical achievements from themilitary, medicine,astronomy, chemistry, physics, biology,transportation, energy,architecture, space. ◾ Disasters /accidents: transport (plane,ship, train, etc.), power stations,etc ... ◾ Historical societies:anarchism, absolutism, monarchism,fascism, communism, socialism andothers. ◾ Art Styles / Works ofPainting, Music and Literature:Gregorian, Impressionism,Orientalism, Baroque, Realism,Romanticism, Expressionism, Dadaism,Surrealism, Naturalism,Neoclassicism, Classicism, Pop Art etc ...◾ Historical sportsevents: World Championships, Olympics ◾Religious events fromChristianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam,Buddhism, Shinto, Sikhism,Bahaitism, Jainism. ◾ Historicalbuildings from different erasrelated to religion, military,economy, education, etc ... ▶Technical Information The applicationis automatically installed onthe SD card (if possible), to saveinternal memory. An initial datadownload of about 50 MB isrequired. No internet connectionnecessary afterwards. The contentis constantly being expanded..Sources from: Wikipedia, specializedliterature, atlases, historicalliterature, historical maps. Seealso: History4geeks For questionsor suggestions please Thank you for theinterest.
Gallery ICS (classic version) 1.0
Gallery ICS is a version of the Gallery app included on IceCreamSandwich (Android 4.0).If you prefer you can download thenewestversion "Gallery KK" based on the latest version of Android4.4galleryapp: to allow any Android phone or tablet can enjoy thisgreatgallery! We are working on improving the compatibility.If youwantto help us to continue working on this project you canpurchase"Clock JB+", "Camera ICS+" or "Camera JB+"app.Unfortunately,integrated photo editor requires Android4.0+Please contact us if you have anyproblem. We are delighted toreceive any feedback.Thanks for yoursupport!--- NOTES ---● Androidis a trademark of Google Inc.● Thisapp is not affiliated orendorsed by Google Inc.
Videos For CID Fan 7.0
Hilaire Apps
"CID Drama" is very nice app for CID play. Beauty of this appisthat you just install it and forget about update, youllautomatically get the latest episodes.
Medicinal herbs 8.4.2
The annex contains a description of medicinal plants. Asimplementedin the application easy search.
Psychology Book 2.0
E-Book Psychology for education
Love Stories and Tips 2019 10.2
Blog Inc.
People likes hearing great love stories as it bring joyandhappiness. These stories will inspire so many people whohaven'tyet found love . Love stories will differ throughgenerations asthe culture changes, but still love stories nevergets old as itnot only inspire hope but, to educate and teach.Below are some ofthe stories this app covers; 1. A Feeling thatwill last forever.2. The first love, which lasted lifetime 3. Lovewith best friend.4. Secret love and many other stories are coveredin this app.Please do rate the application and leave your valuablecomments, wewould be happy to hear from you all to improve this.
Jan Sevak
Our great indian freedom fighter mahtma gandhi.Biography of him.
Windguru Old 1.1.12
This app is just a reincarnation of the old 1.x version oftheWindguru app for those who prefer it to the newer WindguruLitethat is also available at Google Play.This old app will notbedevelopped further, it's simply too difficult to maintain theoldand outdated code...WARNING! If you do not know anythingaboutWindguru and you are looking for classic weather app withanimatedweather pictograms, this is NOT FOR YOU! :-)Please notethat theoriginal Windguru website is made as a Progressive web app,whichmeans it can work just like an app on your Android deviceandoffers full functionality. It's recommended to use it likethat.More info at This WindguruLiteversion is only a simple alternative available from GooglePlay.
Quotes Creator 2.9.9
Quotes Creator has collection of 2000+ quotes with 25+ category.Soyou can find variety of quotes into different category. Wealsoadded new category for Christmas Quotes for this Christmas!Latestupdate also has many new background specially for Christmasand aNew Year! Now write text on photo using our quotes creator!You cansave the quote design template that you have made bycustomizing.You can later change the text and create images fromthat templateand use them for your social network like facebook,twitter,instagram, etc. We also categories quotes in the app, youcan copyand share this quote with your friends and family. You canalsocreate Quote Image with this quote using our Quotes Creatorstudio.We added a new feature to this quote generator app. We addedmanynew fonts(70+) and backgrounds(50+) to the app. You needtodownload these fonts and backgrounds to use them in your quote.Wealso add many new fonts and background at regular interval soyoucan download them and use them to write your quotes. You canaddfollowing things to your Square Quote Image - Text: You canaddtext with 70+ different types of fonts for different kind ofquotesand occasions. You can also add background color tofont,add/change stroke and shadow to your text. You can alsochangeopacity, size, color and alignment of your text. You can alsoaddunderline to your text and rotate it. - Image: You can alsoaddimage from your gallery to your quote. This helps in manycaselike, you can add your logo to the quote, add watermark toyourquote or add instagram twitter handle to the quote. You canalsorotate, resize, crop the image. - Sticker: Stickers andemojisincrease the charm of your quote so we added few stickersandemojis for your special need. This app is best app tocreateinstaquote. It allows you to create an image with quotewritten onit. So you can add more than one text to the backgroundimage, youcan add other images to the background image. You canalso addstickers provided in the app. You can also change thebackground ofthe quote. This app has some of the great backgroundthat suitsyour quote. You can also add your own background fromgallery. Wealso added many new categories background for differentkind ofquotes like business, Christmas, Happy New Year, creativewriting,for love quotes, nature and some miscellaneous background.We alsoadd few plain background for simple quotes and fewbackground withdifferent pattern texture. You can change theappearances of thetext and image that you added to the quote. Youcan change textcolor or change its font style. You can rotate, dragand drop tomove its position. You can also apply stroke and shadowto thetext. You can also do many operation with images that you addtothe quote. You can crop, rotate, flip the image for itsperfectlook. You can also drag and drop it to change the position.We madethis app specially for the people who creates their ownquotes.People with lot of imagination and creativity can justdownload theapp and start creating their quotes. We made it simplefor them sothey don't need to worry about creating great quote. Ifyou haveany suggestion or find a bug, please let us
Survival MoneyBook 4
■ Housekeeping book for survival believes the purpose ofthehousekeeping book is survival. ■ Unlike other housekeepingbooks,the Survival Housekeeping Book does not have complex listsorgraphs. Yes. We only think of survival. ■ ‘Remaining moneyis100,000 won, 20 days left until the next allowance!’SurvivalHousekeeping Book is a housekeeping book that helps yousurvive fora set time with the given money. ■ 'Know the enemy, knowthyself’.ㅤSurvival Housekeeping Book lets see your financial statusㅤwithoutturning on the application. ㅤAlways check. You need toknowyourself to survive. We think of ‘before spending the money’whenthe other housekeeping books think of ‘after spending themoney’‘Prevention’ is the key to ‘saving’ ■ ‘Mr. Money Treeiswithering…” The more you spend the money, the thinner Mr.MoneyTree becomes. Save up to spend the money efficiently! SurvivewithMr. Money Tree! We walk our own path. Housekeeping bookforsurvival, Our name is 'Survival Money Book’.
Honorific Bear Stickers Free 2.1.5
This app includes a lot of free stickers. You could send them toSNSand other message services. New stickers are available fromGACHA, acapsule toy. This was created by "Miho Kurosu". If you donot have"Fame Stickers Free" yet, get it hereat
Geulgram - Text on Photo, quote maker 2.7.8
Geulgram is a writing app on photo Geulgram is anoptimizedapplication that makes a variety of photo captions such asquote,emotional, love, greeting, and cheer. Geulgram features :*Geulgramprovide beautiful photos that match your writing. You canfindbeautiful high quality photos that match my writing and usethem asa background. You can also write on your photos. * Geulgramis aperfectly built with good design and user experience. *Geulgramprovide 66+ amazing fonts. You can use free fonts withoutanyrestrictions. * You can add your own signature It also freefeaturewithout any restrictions. Not App WaterMark! * You can addmultiplestyles of date text. All of these features are free.VisitInstagram :
AutoApps 1.8
AutoApps allows you to unlock (as individual purchases) alltheTasker plugins by the same developer, known as the AutoApps.Hereyou'll find a great collection of apps that will make yourlifeeasier than ever before! More info here:http://joaoapps.comPurchases made in this app will be made with theaccount thatinstalled the app from Google Play. If you more thatone account onyour device, please check here: the question with the title"I have multiple accountson my device. How can I buy stuff inAutoApps with the account Iwant?". You can buy each app separately.You can also choose tosubscribe to AutoApps. The AutoAppssubscription provides access toall 20+ Auto-plugins for $1.35/mo aswell as exclusive access toAlpha apps not yet ready for primetime,like AutoXBMC andAutoYouTube. Alpha apps are apps that I starteddeveloping but areoften very incomplete or may not work at all, soplease don'texpect to get fully functional apps from these. Theyare just aperk that I make available for subscribers instead ofkeeping themon my hard-drive like I have done until now :) TheAutoApps aretypically available to purchase separately for between$.99 and$3.99, and as you start to expand your Tasker automation,you'llcertainly be coming across more of them. Each AutoApppluginprovides extended access to APIs offered by Android andvarioussoftware platforms, directly in to Tasker. There is agrowingGoogle+ community of thousands of members that providesupport andhow-to guides to help you when you need it. Subscribingto AutoAppsis entirely optional, each Auto-plugin is stillavailable forpurchase with a free trial in Google Play. As well asbeing anaffordable way to try out multiple Auto-plugins atonce,subscription to AutoApps is another way to say thank youandsupport further development. If you have a problem regardinganypurchase you have made within AutoApps, please contact medirectlyso I can quickly figure out what's wrong and try to fix itASAP. :)Thanks in advance. Special thank to Simon Hoffman forcreating theGoogle Play video. Check his YouTube channelhere: Life!
com.kmcoder.rorup 1.18
Uttar Pradesh Land Record :- View,Save,Print and Share :- 1)Bhulekh2) IMPORTANT SERVICE STATUS ADHARCARD,PANCARD,PASSPORT ANDTRAINENQUIRY Notes :- 1) The land record provided here is onlyforgeneral information. 2)If you want original copy ,Pleasecontactyour goverment office. 2.0.7
This app includes a lot of free stickers of "Mischief". Youcouldsend them to SNS and other message services. New stickersareavailable from GACHA, a capsule toy. Powered by ARTSPLANET
Best Status Quote for 2019 13.0
Best Status And Quotes for 2019 is Application of status andquotesbest suitable for various social site ,, In this ApplicationYoucan share your favorite status on various social site.. Youcancopy quotes .. You can add your favorite quotes infavoritecategory.. Main benefit of Best Status Quotes for 2019 appis it iscompletely free and working offline.. So enjoy withThisapplication. If you have new status collection then send usweupdate it in this application What is New Then Other :- 1) NotJustText status But Images too 2) you can use good background forgoodtext quote 3) Whatsapp Status Saver- to save your seenwhatsappstatus in your phone 4) Daily Database Update You can shareyourfavorite quotes with your loved ones and save your favoritequotesfor instance access. List of cayegory:: - Fathers Day Status-Music Status - Funny Status - Good Morning Status - Holi Status-New Year Status - Christmas Status - Kiss Status - Miss YouStatus- Mother Day Status - Rude Status - Valentines Status CrushStatusCute Status Cool SMS Daring Status Decent Status EmotionalStatusEngagement Status Exam Status Flirt Status Girls & BoysStatusGood Luck Status Good morning Status Good night Status HelloStatusInsult Status and many more just download and view it if likethenplease give good feedback here so we can know anyimprovementneeded..
Boo WalS
Boo WalS is perfect App Wallpaper free. The application givesyouthe best and highest quality wallpapers, making your phonetrulyvivid.
Sai Baba Ringtones 1.2
This application is collection of shri sai baba ringtonesandwallpapers. free download and access all following feature:->Offline Work -> Collection of ringtones and wallpapers-> SetRingtone in your device -> Download Ringtones ->Sharerigntones with your friends via social media Jay Sai Baba..
Agrowon 1.0.4
The objective of equipping farmers with factual information onthelatest technology to make them globally competitive and helpthemincrease their per capita income. Agrowon has achieved awhoppingreadership in print as well as on the web platform. Thebrandpopularity is growing with huge response from farmers. Welookforward to growing with the mobile app medium. This popularityisattributed to Agrowon’s sensible and in-depth reportingofagricultural issues and rural development. It is theauthoritativemedium pertaining to all aspects of Agriculture. Newtrends, betterpractices and application of futuristic technologiesare presentedlucidly. The coverage includes core farming as well asAgro basedactivities like dairy, poultry, fisheries.
Sakshi Epaper 1.6
Sakshi is Telugu language daily newspaper in India and world.Sakshiis published in 23 editions by Jagati Publication.
World History Offline 12.0.8
World History offline is completely offline history book appwithall the events in history from -137,00,000,000800 B.C - tilldate ,ideal for preparation of competitive exams like IAS , UPSCand alsouseful for knowing about history of the world Thecategories of thehistory are the following 1. Ancient History(Before 800 B.C) 2.Ancient World (Before 0 B.C) 3. Ancient World(0-500 A.D) 4.Medieval World (500-1000 A.D) 5. Medieval World(1000-1600 A.D) 6.Enlightened World (1600-1800 A.D) 7. 19th Century(1800-1900 A.D)8. Modern World (1900-till date) Now No internetRequired forknowing about history . You have your historybook everytime withyou now as all the knowlege is are offline Features -Lists allevents in chronological order - Read Page by Page - Gothrough allat glance - Daily History Fact of the day - RegularUpdates Writeus at for suggestions andfeedback forimprovements. Follow us on twitter @gamesnapps4u
Dybala Wallpapers New 1.0.0
Dybala Wallpapers New an amazing application withamazingbackgrounds for the fans of Paulo Dybala Dybala WallpaperstakesOnly few minutes to change the background of your phoneintowallpaper of P.DybalaWhat are you waiting for Get Bestwallpapersof Dybala Right now Keyword :- Dybala Wallpapers HD-DybalaWallpapers 4k- Paulo Dybala Wallpapers- Paulo Dybalaphoto-P.Dybala Wallpapers- Wallpapers Dybala - Wallpapers of PauloDybala- New Wallpapers Dybala- Best Wallpapers DybalaDybalaWallpapersNew Features :- Great Hd wallpapers of Dybala !- Easy wayto saveany pictures of Dybala you like !This app has this followingthingson it :- Dybala photos- Dybala wallpaperDISCLAIMER:This appis madeby Paulo Dybala fans, and it is unofficial. The content inthis appis not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, orspecificallyapproved by any company.All copyright and trademarksare owned bytheir respective owners. The images in this applicationarecollected from around the web, 2.2.4
Mali TV Radio
INSTALLEZ LA NOUVELLE APPLICATION TM2 MALI TV, PLUS RAPIDE,PLUSSIMPLE ! [version actualisée pour les grands écrans] RegarderTM2Mali en direct partout dans le monde. L'application est100%gratuite. En déplacement, en transport, sur votre lieu detravail,à la maison, suivez le journal de... et tout le reste.Téléchargezla meilleure application TM2 MALI et regardezgratuitement lachaîne publique et restez connecté à l’actualitémalienne sanspasser par Africable, ortm ou les sites d'actualitéscomme malijet,maliweb,bamada,maliactu,koulouba,bamako,etc.. Ladeuxième chaîne TVnationale du Mali, TM2 TV en application mobilesmartphone androidL’application TM2 mobile, permet principalementde • Regarder leDirect de TM2 TV en direct live streaming •Recevoir des alertesquand vos programmes préférés sur TM2 commence• Regarder lesmeilleurs programmes TV (Emissions ; Journaux TV ;Documentaires ;Reportages; Magazines et débats) en Replay,gratuitement en toutlieu et en tout temps. S'il vous plaît notezcette application etlaisser des commentaires ou des suggestions quevous pourriez avoirafin que nous améliorions le service. Vouspouvez nous contacter à ou sur notre site web pour toutcommentaire sur l’application, vos avisnous sont précieux. Nosconditions générales d'utilisation sur celien: INSTALLNEWAPPLICATION TM2 MALI TV, FASTER, EASIER! [Updated version forlargescreens] Watch Live TM2 Mali worldwide. The application is100%free. Traveling, transportation, your workplace, at home,followthe newspaper ... and everything else. Download thebestapplication TM2 MALI and watch for free the public channel andstayconnected to the Malian news bypassing Africable ORTM or newssitesas malijet, mALIWEB, Bamada, maliactu, Koulouba, Bamako, etc.. Thesecond national TV channel of Mali, TM2 TV androidsmartphoneapplication TM2 The mobile application allows mainly •Direct ViewTV TM2 live streaming Direct • Receive alerts when yourfavoriteprograms on TM2 begins • Watch the best TV programs(Emissions; TVNewspapers; Documentaries; Reports; Magazines anddebates) byReplay for free anywhere and anytime. Please note thisapp andleave comments or suggestions you may have so that weimprove theservice. You can contact us or on ourcontact@ortm.tv website to comment on theapplication, your opinionis valuable to us. Our terms andconditions on thislink:
Audiobooks in German 10.8.5
Audiobooks in German contains thousands of best audiobooksavailableby subscription. Learning German is easy now! Get fullaccess to ourcatalog with on the following subscriptions: -€9,99/week -€19,99/month These subscriptions are renewedautomatically untilcancelled by user. You can manage yoursubscriptions in your accountsettings.
Japji Sahib Path Audio 4.2
'Japji Sahib Path' app let you read and listen to 'JapjiSahibAudio' on your mobile. You can read 'Japji Sahib Path' inHindi orPunjabi and can read meaning of path while reading orlistening to'Japji Sahib Audio'. Purpose of this app is to let busyand mobileyoung generation reconnect with Sikhism and Gurubani byreadingpath on mobile. We hope that you will find this app usefuland andwill use it daily. Japji Sahib Path app - key features: - #Selectlanguage of your preference:- 'Japji Sahib in Hindi', 'JapjiSahibin Punjabi' (Gurmukhi) or 'Japji Sahib in English' # Listento'Japji Sahib Audio': - - Seek bar to control audio - move backandforward - Pause button will stop audio and let you play pathfromwhere you left - Stop button will stop path completely. If youplayagain, path will start from current page - You can go to pageofyour choice using GO button on top-right corner # Select from5themes - Sepia, Classic, White, Black, Silver # Select textsizesof your choice # 'Read meaning' of each page using Translateoption# Rate and provide your feedback using Feedback option # Readinportrait or landscape mode # All controls are 'in English' #'JapjiSahib Audio with Lyrics' Ads: - # Please note that this appis adsupported # We show ad in non-intrusive manner so as to nottodisturb you during path Like and share on social media: - #OurGooglePage: # Likeuson Facebook: - # Formoreinfo: - About 'Japji Sahib' Ji: -JapjiSahib Path, which appears at the beginning of Sikh Holy Book,ismost recited path in Gurbani/ Nitnem and is recited everymorningby Sikhs all over the world. It's sacred hymn of Godcomposed byGuru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Sikh guru. It is written insutra ormantra form and consists of Mool Mantra as the beginningfollowedby 38 hymns and a final Salok and elaborates all the basicteachingof Guru Nanak i.e. basic concept of Sikhism: devotionalworship,the concept of creation.
Banna Attitude Status 1.8.7
#This App Have Grand Collection Of Banna Attitude Status ForAllBanna's... #Very easy and attractive user-interface. #Totallyfreeand offline available. #JAY BHAVANI #JAY RAJPUTANA
HiMommy - Pregnancy Tracker App 2.3.0
HiMommy helps future mothers during pregnancy, a wonderfuljourneyto experience. After entering your due date, you willreceive dailyinformation about your little one with beautifulgraphics,different every week. The application gives mothers asimple touse, clickable list: - 39 most important things to take tothehospital for mom - 15 most important things to take to thehospitalfor baby - 54 most important things to have at home Joinour groupand enjoy your adventure. HiMommy Team
Lovely Ring Photo Frame 1.3
Photo Art
Create beautiful and lovely pictures with multiple frames. Sendthephoto to your friends and family from within the application.Usingthis app you can make photos more beautiful by decorating themwithfantastic free Lovely Ring Photo Frames. You can also sharethelink of this app with your friends.How to Use:• Select a photofromthe gallery or take photos using camera.• Multiple stylishLovelyRing Photo Frames for any picture.• Adjust position, size,angle ofyour photo by just finger gestures.• Save your image toyourdevice• Share your creations via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,email,and other social networks.FEATURES:• Easy to use.• HD RingFramesavailable.• Capture Photo from Camera .• Browse yourexistingpictures.• Crop and cut any part of your photo.• Addcaption foryour Photos.• Share your creations social networks.KeyWords:LovelyRing Photo FrameRing Photo FramePhoto on Ring If youlike this appthan don’t forget to give rate & review forfurtherupdate…Thank you…
Name on Pics - Name Art 6.0
Generate cool pics with your favorite name with My Name Picstool.You can choose pics from a wide range of templates. With coolfontsand designs. Now Greet your friends with cards with your andtheirnames. Wish someone with some cool and beautiful pics and yournameon their pic, Download My name pic - Name Art App now. Createyourown card and send it to your loved ones.=>StartApplication=> Crate Beautiful card from variousthemes=>Insert your name to it and save it=> SharewithfriendsFeatures:- High quality card images with message- Usefulforeveryone- Attractive decoration materials- Available free toall-Awesome for greeting cards- Write your name on that selectedcardpic- Add Categories such as Alphabets, Anniversary,AnniversaryCakes, Attitude, Beach, Birthday Cake, Couple, DayWishes, Doll,Friendship, Get Well soon, Good morning, Good nightpics.- All thecategory contains 15+ Pics with HD pics.- DownloadFavorited picsand write name on that pics.- Add font facility withfont style aswell as font color choose by user.- Add Font Sizefacility so thatuser can re size font according to used.- Name onPics image youcan set as wallpaper.- Online image loading processmakesfaster.Name on Pics - Name Art provide online category such as:1.Name on Alphabets Pics, 2. Name on Anniversary Pics, 3. NameonAnniversary Cakes Pics, 4. Name on Attitude Pics, 5. Name onBeachPics, 6. Name on Birthday Cake Pics, 7. Name on Couple Pics,8.Nameon Day Wishes Pics, 9. Name on Doll Pics, 10. Name onFriendshipPics, 11. Name on Get Well Soon Pics, 12. Name on GoodMorningPics, 13. Name on Good Night pics.New Features Name Art:1.AddStylish Name Art functionality to name your name.2. Add Stylish3DFonts Style, Cursive Fonts Style, Calligraphy Fonts, BrushFontsfor name art.3. Add Magic Paint Facility for Make NameArtSpecial.4. Add Beautiful Pattern for background in Name Art.5.AddNew Stickers for Name Art.
9k to 99k 1.1
magic team
9k to 99k If you are bored of getting low liks, you are atrightplace to get more liks safely.
com.familyfayhan 5.0
تطبيق خاص بقناة عائلة فيحانThe application of a specialchannelFaihan family
Mahadev 1.4
Rathod Jeet
This Application is About Mahadev Mahadev HD Wallpapers andStatusChange Wallpaper Smoothly Easily Swipe The Images EasilySwipestatus and Share Status with your Friends and Family EasilyShareThe Application Set Image As Home Screen Wallpaper Disclaimer:AllCopyright and trademarks are Owned by their respectiveowners.Theimages in this Application are Collected from around theweb,if weare in breach of copyright,please let us know and it willberemoved as soon as possible.
Live Toto Singapore 5.4.6
This is our Live Toto App, We bring you the results Live at6:33pmevery Monday and Thursday. It is the fastest alternative tofindout the Toto Result Features Include 1) Past history search 2)PastStats of hit number sorted into 1,3,6, 9 and 12 Months. 3)Readoutusing of winning number, in English , Mandarin or Hokkien Inapppurchase (premium member) required for live result from 6:33pmto6:45pm. *** This app is developed and provided independent oftheinvolvement of Singapore Pools. To the extent that the reportingof4D and Toto results may be inaccurate, please note thatsuchinaccuracies are not the responsibility of and should notbeattributed to Singapore Pools. ***
an.IndoTranslate 7.1
GK Apps
This free app is able to translate words and texts from englishtoindonesian, and from indonesian to english. - very useful appforeasy and fast translations, which can be used like a dictionary-voice input for text available - you can translate offline,withoutinternet conntection - share translations with your friendsandcontacts - if you are a student, tourist or traveler, it willhelpsyou to learn the language!
Legends 1.8.1
Is soccer your life? Would you like to have a player card withyourstatistics so they can follow your evolution from anywhere intheworld? Download Legends and start creating your legend in veryfewsteps, to share experiences, show your talent and, who knows?thatsome scout will notice you and you can become the new star thatallteams want. Also to make a team, connecting withyourcolleagues.Legends is the first global app specializing inyouthsoccer. Quickly and easily you can customize and share yourplayercard in your favorite social network and also interactdirectlywith other users of the app. Matches played, won, goals,assists,steals, stops ... the best photos and videos of yourteam'svictories. Spread your sports career and follow that ofyourfriends and reference players. No other interference,justsoccer.The player card is your profile and it works like asocialnetwork: you can give and receive supports with "likes",commentingand sharing the publications, with total transparency andat anytime. On the back are the statistics that you are updatingaftereach day of the league, so that they can comment on matches,plays,training, details about other teams. To be followed by yourfamilyand friends or, simply, to talk about what you likemost:soccer.Making players shine!
Bible Quotes Wallpapers 1.4
Collection of Great Inspirational Bible Quotes Wallpapers andHomescreens Use app without internet connection - SetFavoriteInspirational Bible Quotes Wallpapers in your device homescreen -Share Inspirational Bible Quotes wallpapers on socialnetworks andyour friends and family - Save Inspirational BibleQuotes wallpaperinto your device locale storage(SD Card) - Pinch tozoom-in andzoom-out images - Supports all screen resolutions anddevices
Bad Boy Attitude Status - हिंदी DP शायरी 3.4.42
This app have Large Collection of Bad Boy Attitude Status. Thisappis totally offline and free. Very great user-friendly interface.
Free Books - Spirit Fanfiction and Stories 2.1.048
In Spirit Fanfictions and Stories you can find, read and fallinlove with thousands of books (Original Stories and Fanfiction)FORFREE. The Spirit Fanfictions and Stories Application wasspeciallydesigned to provide the best reading and bookpublishingexperience, fully optimized and much lighter than thesite itself.* Read offline * Publish your books * Organize yourfavoritestories in your Library * Write your opinion in thecomments andparticipate in the stories * Select font types andcolors for amore comfortable reading * Follow stories / authors andalways benotified of new chapters and stories Take your bookswherever youare, through your Offline Library. Customize yourreading settings,such as changing the font size and backgroundcolor, for anindividual experience. Write and publish your stories,so peoplecan read and fall in love. Conquer thousands of fans!Follow us toreceive news and updates •Facebook: •Instagram: •Twitter: •Google+: •Youtube: If theapplicationshows any error click inform and describe what you weredoing, sowe can try to reproduce and correct the problem. If youfind anytranslation error, please contact us!
English Stories Offline 1.0
English Stories Offline app contains the best and largecollectionof Stories for everyone.Top categories areasfollows:==============================☆ Stories for Kids☆MoralStories☆ Panchatantra Tales☆ Horror Stories☆ MotivationalStories☆100 Famous Stories☆ Famous People - India5000 + Stories |Share |Like | Works for Mobile/Tab | Manage Favorite and muchmorefun..Enjoy!!!
Filmes Cristãos 2.0
Olhe para os melhores filmes cristãos em Português semprequequiser.Além de exibir filmes também encontrar vídeoscristãos,elogio, gospel, documentários e muito mais.Nestaaplicação, vocêvai encontrar a palavra do Senhor Jesus Cristo,quando vocêprecisa.Look at the best Christian films in Portuguesewhenever youwant.In addition to viewing films also find Christianvideos,praise, gospel, documentaries and more.In this application,youwill find the word of the Lord Jesus Christ, when you need.
allstatus.killerattitudestatus 3.6.29
This app contains big collection of Killer Attitude Status inHindiand English. New Killer Attitude Status Latest KillerAttitudeStatus Hindi Killer Attitude Status Killer Attitude StatusIn HindiKiller Attitude Status.. Khatarnak Attitude Status BestHindiStatus Hindi Attitude Status Boy Attitude Status.. GirlsAttitudeStatus.. Anniversary Status.. April Fool Status.. LoveStatus..Birthday Status.. Breakup Status.. Crazy Status.. CuteStatus..Dirty Status.. Engagement Status.. Exam Status..FriendshipStatus.. Funny Status.. Girls Boys Status.. Good MorningStatus..Good Night Status.. Kiss Status.. Life Status.. MissingYouStatus.. Romantic Status.. Sad Status.. ** Hindi Status**Anniversary Status.. April Fool Status.. Attitude Status..LoveStatus.. Birthday Status.. Breakup Status.. Crazy Status..CuteStatus.. Dirty Status.. Engagement Status.. ExamStatus..Friendship Status.. Funny Status.. Girls Boys Status.. GoodMorningStatus.. Good Night Status.. Kiss Status.. Life Status..MissingYou Status.. Romantic Status.. Sad Status.. ** MarathiStatus **Marathi Attitude Status.. Marathi Love Status.. MarathiFriendshipStatus.. Marathi Funny Status.. Marathi Life Status..MarathiMotivational Status.. Marathi Humor Status..
Royal Attitude Status 2.5.16
Status Star
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Doraemon Cartoon Stickers 6.4
Presenting the most exciting and cutest Doraemon Stickersforcreating beautiful images with stickers. Make your pic's aheartfelting and melodies experience by adding these stickers andhave agreat time. Our Stickers provides you the sensationalstickers bywhich you can make your images more lovable and specialfor someonespecial.- Lots of fun & entertainment with yourfriends andrelatives with editing their photos!- User friendly userinterfaceand attractive app designs.- Very easy to use! AppFeature:- BlueDrmon Cartoon providing you more than 500+ stickers-Other freestickers are available more than 200+.- Choose a photofrom galleryor take one using camera.- Choose cartoon stickers andset it onyour photo.- Select Text option to added text with variousfonts& color selection option. - Photo with filter effect.-Toolslike caption Integrated within a regular image- Tools likeRemove& Flip are easy to use.- Easy to Zoom in and Zoom outyourbackground.- Easy to use and fits to your resize, rotate,style,save and share it.- Easy to Save As & Replace Images. -Editingimage save in my album.- Share your through any of yourfavoritesocial networking application like Whatsapp, Facebook,Instagram,Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Hangout, Messenger, Hike,Google+,Skype, Line, BBM, WeChat, Email, Viber andmore.Disclaimer:AllImages used in this doraemon cartoon App aretaken from the Web. Ifany image wants to be removed from the App,Please send mail todeveloper id with specific image and We willRemove the image ASAP.Thank you for Downloading. Please Rate &Review the App.
Ertugrul App 2.0
Ertugrul application for resurrection Ertugrul " Dirils Ertugrul"as easy to follow the series ..The last episodes of the seriesanda picture library containing the last pictures and alsoaudiolibrary contains music series all this and more in oneapplication.
DaTuner Beta (Experimental) 3.81
Applaud Apps
This is the "unstable" release of either the Pro or Lite versionsofDaTuner, depending on which one I am currently addingnew"experimental" features to.This Beta contains a huge amountofrefactoring, and the purpose of these betas are to squash bugs,soPLEASE help me squish'em all before these updates get releasedinto the free/pro versions of DaTuner! Your help is appreciated!